MIGS vs TWOW 041 – Matt Sydal

Thursday, May 24th

Check out Migs chat with Matt Sydal.  Matt is going to be at Defy’s show at the Hawthorne Theater this Saturday (5/26), and is wrestling Matt Riddle.  Get tix and info at DefyWrestling.com.  Matt and Migs barely talk about wrestling…as they dig deep into the world of augmented reality, life in the digital age, stem cell research, and dropkicks!  It’s a fun listen! 

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It's now time for war. Days vs them. World. What's up and welcome to another edition of mixed vs the world wrestling and Steve makes and if you if you knew two majors the Roman wrestling he just picked it up because summit be treated delaying part of the appearance are treated the linking a listening. And if you haven't subscribe to our high teens face please do so just type in leagues vs the world wrestling finest and I teams that we can get all the episodes that come out in the near future. This Saturday and Portland defy is doing their spring tour and finally making it to the TV acts. And it's a big show man oh man looking at the bill is just nuts you got Mac side out taking on Matt riddle a battle of the mat change Strickland vs Darby Allen. The king of Don style himself. Joey Ryan is going to be going against the we are no hero. Ravenous Randy Myers won a blast that's going to be and so a while back Matt Sydell wrestled for defy wrestling him before his match. We we snuck off into a room. And we closed the dark every turn off the lights. And we out and it really really awesome but are really really different conversation I think we talk about wrestling for a couple seconds in the beginning of the interview. And at the end and then in between it's about stem cells and robots in. Augmented reality and other weird stuff. Just it's it's out there. It's different but I think you can enjoy it it's definitely something that you could tell Matt is very passionate about so let's just jump right into it might chat with former W he's. I ever Boren who now goes by reborn. Mat side out. I Miramax sat down Matt thank you for joining me man. When a tree dead now before we even started recording I realized rather quickly we might not talk at all about wrestling and I never even heard of that. What is wrestling stuff I mean I. I mean you're it's pretty neat green kids like it right here there's no doubt it. I was a kid I would love it. I mean I don't love them and as a kid let we're still do love it otherwise I guess it wouldn't be I wouldn't of flown from Tampa to Seattle today for lettuce. Could you imagine being kid now. With every night with podcast with on demand with you to I don't think it would've ever left my house. The amount of information it the amount of access that people have to wrestling. TD AT of Japanese wrestling. Was a five time double over nothing but static right across the TV and it was you were borrowed your friend who traded to tape and the it was. He eats it truly is amazing in it as a testament to why rest and so good now is because it's all out there everything's on the table. You know it's hard for some of us who who were around when there is a scarcity. To realize that it's a world abundance now can't you see everything yet in you've got to play that. Dean yeah I think about when I was a kid he had no you knew when a good spot was about to happen because that part of the team was you are now more near like halt something good about that my buddy mystery wound. This car and watch it over and over and over. Now I just got those crazy Japanese death matches is the first taste it traded at all I loved debt mattress it's what got me into resident I would go to licking it a death match turn remains. Newsom was amazed I was talking earlier about. Barbed wire exploding ring matches yet I mean that the Tampa wrestling I like is man there's just different types arrest in his call to me throughout my life and it's always been more and usually you know the end of regular person's like. Standard generic dream of when they arrest or just always affected me a different way and I think that's why I wrestled that's why is do this differently than everybody else. You notice your taste evolving Noah has gotten older like things that maybe you weren't a fan of when you were younger now you like OK I can appreciate. I mean I just I didn't watch that much I still lake. As do wrestling now yeah I got you for I watched the shows that I'm on in their incredible live blew me away. But I don't spend much time I've never spent much time watching Russell lean especially other people wrestling. We think you'll just end up more like that men. Coming music a lot of people who best musicians don't listen to a lot of music. I would say he's very similar but. The when they do get a chance to CEO. The good and the bad immediate immediacy. I guess he got he would drop any I think when I worked at WW Wii when I did my tryout. I basically did one dropped into my trap match they just knew that I just. Slower time in Spain men don't ET if you drop it. You prime know how to wrestle the good draft pick not one that it doesn't. But a good track from a. From the eyes of another wrestler you know that's how you you know that. My view or really nerdy question then what constitutes a good drop kick a can you describe what a good drop it would be. Next it's precision yet. It's knowing exactly I was talking about this myself argued earlier today it's full body awareness awareness of where every single square inch of your body is. At that exact moment of contact out in full control and ability to do you adjust and adapt in mid air and just. The Nile like I was saying how you should you should be able to wiggle your toes in the middle of all this and you should be so where her body. You're not just aware like that because it's a lot of big movements. But there's fine movements in it too and let your hands like this are like this this is like somebody who's who's not who's tense in light. Better than somebody who's handling this in Branson is a cut in each candidate. It's a connector piece and so. If you can just tell there's guys that dropped out of people but I'll say that's kinda dropped it. There's guys that dropping out of somebody I think that's a good dropping it I mean I hate to say it's subjective privately if you see a million dropped its. You can tell the difference between again late. And those guys that reached through this green and grabbed the viewers a it's that intangible that we can just. And yet the effect. Latin people to act now before we started obviously we are gonna talk about some wrestling Duff but admit we were talking about stem cell research we're talking about. Old people rich old people being able live hunt and then the rest of us. That did this upward trend of real agreements not care about like recur is real and people are dying. Are you saying that I my body would tell about his great great drew made the moved synthesizer but he's like a brilliant sign and he is saying that people live forever at some point. He just make the moves synthesizer he's invented every measure flatbed scanner so he was the first person this is a guy who set out to late via computer. He set out to let boring people read. That's what pride this what is promoting his technology and he's. Why does technology grow at exponential rate. And he makes all these predictions and then goes back in cover him which predicting anything wrong with the only prediction he's basically been wrong with is the. Advent of self driving cars coming in that's only because it's a mechanical technology combined with a digital but all things that you predicted a digital level. Are exponentially growing. According his calculations I mean he. He's gonna just download is counters this into computer for her. I mean anyway look. I virtual reality the augmented reality at some point those goggles will be what our world is. It starts with kids get used to it and these kids will grow with augmented reality is a given which snack attack. When he sees that had these live in a world of augmented reality and yet that this would have liked. And it's hard for people who didn't grow over the fourteenth or motive in I'd waited that creating. You know it's it's very hard to really but it's really important in this so I wanted to talk about recur throughout but I also think about this guy to emerge from included talks throwing the effects of media. And right. You know they started thinking about the effects of the television when they're only ten million television sets in the US. And all these. The great thinkers in that time thought about the affected it and what TV does it it doesn't just. It's not just something you watch it needs you in the message caress as your I didn't have to eat you lit it. It evolves you and it's just like. Then the way people saw that happening that was when. Electronic circuitry like electric connection started to happen between people and that he thinks that it's an extension of the human central nervous system. So because it is because the Bible myself on in my hand I answers to everything that's an extension my central nervous system that is also connected to use. My Miley might be sent him a central nervous system goes out of that and then so. It's the same thing when you're skiing and you'll wind blowing on an. Digital central nervous system you can heal the wind blowing anywhere you can view you know that's. It's the same way our. Clothing is an extension this can wreck pay and. Would drive went to the Consumer Electronics Show for the first time and Mathieu Haywood I would like wouldn't cool gadgets might look all I got out of that. Is that robots are taking over new and it's scaring me because you like you just sent a soon and that there there will be chips that can be put in knots that can do everything ourself on that solos and now we don't have the cellphone and her hands anymore now we have to chip in our brain like you so we can interact that way and I think about just. The robots and they're saying within. When he 25 or what's we will take a high school exam and not have to. And and reacting have emotions in ways that we have. And we're just letting it happen and that is stare at me ma'am. Matty scares me juicy. Documentary about how that AI computer worn at the Chinese in ago about ago is incredible they taught and AIB people who don't even really comprehend how to play is Chinese game of go. Where it's considered you have to have human intuition to play it. Because it's not about the number permutations and it just sort there's only certain camera movement right this has so many. Options that you couldn't run a computer program you just have to make the hot to play against itself. And made a bunch of crazy created moves this is 2016. In my hook lure with the best co player of all our. In eat essentially the they're making moves to humans we never been to make that end up being more effective or efficient and so you mean to tell me that there's a single problem today. That we cheapened human arms to solve these are putting human minds to computer mines to solve these problems it's a matter what problems are we trying to solve which ones are we looking at. Are we are we see in that we have an abundance of resources and we're looking at making sure everybody has water toilet and. And basically the ability to self sustain her you know or are we like we need more money so we need to build something and in Europe we make more money. That'll be well that's sort of the military industrial complex and that creates under arms deals to people who don't know him. I really positive Arianna a lot uh huh a lot of hardship that we just kinda. Choose to ignore but because a our central nervous system now extends even there we can't pretend these people are people we can't pretend they don't have the same rights as us. Regardless of where their border where they're from what language they speak or who they are late. You sort of in his usually have to recognize every single person as a sovereign person. And so I mean hopefully easiest kind of stuff can lead to the positive effects where. People are as anonymous and that you can just blow them up and get away with it. You're one of the weirdest part is when you walk into one murmurs at all robot right now has this giant robot funds that don't worry. Were always going to need you and Michael hall there exists they're messing with us right now. What I mean like the next left the next terrorist attack or something could be will of course he sat why would any team. Nothing's going from the digital world eat into the rumor everything's going digital currency. But but these attacks like where you know he is really Aaron rant trying to make nuclear power plant try to spin the generators with the Israelis just. Hacked computers that. Instead of heat off valve when they wind generators out of the just sped up and over you every tar. Because they can happen each axis and so you can use the computer networking uses digital nervous is to did you also work things including the air recently. We get into buildings the air conditioning it's his right. Any any do things that happened backs in the real world and so you can literally do real world are from a computer at a cafe in Bogota. Yes cyber terrorism in any way you want an end because of the good. The Internet really is not is extremely in unsecured right now and I think there's going to be every politician is gonna pay a price and I like to think. I beforehand we are also talk about the injuries that even I mean you've been wrestling forever and and obviously takes on the man's body. And you could act as you mentioned that you were looking to use stem cell research and can you tell us a little bit about what's going on with that because. I did I I hear the words I don't understand what's going on with stems shall. Army beyond sound design hasn't beaten or for Robin looking over that way in my neck really hurts especially only guy kinda have to just bounce how you do more to the suicides none of them because this can't. Guy like actually as you must resign as good minutes early to look at her and I didn't like that really bad about anybody else. Look at this style was a whole new and you. Tyler and now you look great okay the fifth so concerned greenhouse. I am yamana lessen the yeah I'm doing. I guess I'm doing some research into it I had a panel members that stem cells done but they were the ones that happen in the US which kind of to my research has. Be kind they're behind in technology. Because there's better versions of stem cells you can do with IVs and cite specific. Lake and these umbilical cord cells called Nez. I know I met. I don't know let's call because until there is losers are those like 25 grand jury get it done but it it's. Is what Ray Kurzweil is gonna do you because he's yes that means you -- keep his body alive for long time I think. And the number one place for this and it exponential growth of technology will yield insane benefits is the bio medicine. And it is work work this this year he stem cells are just gonna keep people younger and younger and live longer and longer and I don't think it's insane it got went to one funny and I've been saying that for a little while when I was thirtieth at all just a quarter life crisis you know nobody below and a late. You know don't worry about it it's okay we got a long time to go because. Medicine advances and I mean I've got a real I've got to. Or shall learn a horrible Clinton now take some rest but don't go always the keeping me from where we're at right to be but I think. There's constant loses themselves to get to. More elevated to marked a 100% went right now a special is that a 100% it's a 75 I put it on Iverson. It still is suddenly five because there's a huge. What was cleared off all sticking out like what. Just. Don't barrel through it yesterday and Madeleine mud that's the that's not from wrestling I don't I got her right basically once or twice Presley is is I mean I'm gonna arrest and how can hurt the and in some people do that not me let in it happens the best citizen but you don't. My shoulders and it has gone out you in in just ended down four but I like to think. Yahoo! is what I can do it myself oh what you do opt. There's easy answers to problems that we were not when we were. It is you couldn't did these were the ease of our dreams that we can do now so this crazy decent record an out like oh my. Some U Jackson and basically getting new shoulder that's why aren't you also have equal the young ones are the world. And be able with the masses in the and I are also well closings will cost them billion dollars from rice 68 don't. Now they're practically free compared to what the do do compared late. The electronic age Z is the solution like technology is the solution because it previews mechanical age that brought us planes in the Pentagon got started. Also. That's nuclear arm went from nobody even flew a plane in 19100 in nineteen if you re dropping atomic weapon. Some people we've never met. Each EC any. In not only bombed Tokyo itself with firebombs. Though it may as well been a nuclear bomb I mean if these did you each other. Through these means however no reach after suffering more because. All that suffering has led to this opportunity of late free clean energy for everybody the ability to communicate for everybody the ability to like. Eight live. High quality of life. Is fair but all people at this at their goals they're focusing in on that not be thinking about the small stupid little. Red team blue team my guys here is they. This there is shared that perspective from which we approach problems has the chance to be as modern as the solutions are and took the you don't like. I think you have giant chains like actually believing in it is not crazy anymore it's literally what's going to happen. And it is happening whether we want to or not with us with technology accelerating out of our hands and that's where it's earth. We're right out from underneath us and I think about what. What is president you type your and I think about what I do motion capture for the video game. I think our power they'll be able to do it where US person will be playing against me is the wrestler. And you'll be able to do a full on you'll just be able to be there. I didn't feel it yet and then you also little prick lets you wanna go back to Wembley Stadium to watch claim Bret Harte gold bug you can like you just sit down and be there to build the whole state and it won't be an out of routes check out and read Peter's yet. It'll happen right here for you like that magic magic lead. You know they have like essentially projected three holograms at a high level that that we hope will be. Augmented reality that movable and then so that will be it won't be augmented its. It's just reality. Because he exists there doesn't who's to say it doesn't exist does exist especially if we both look at it the same lens than we're both gonna see that at least law right here. And then hit somebody else from walking your little heated and he thought too because we're all an act of walking on the same weight linked. As we got an anxious. The good way of playing not right you know it's the one that plays at the dancing slop up along like. And stay away from me yeah I I don't know you so let's. You know break up again to be afraid people you know are you can't keep the way that they don't have to BF freight is also certain parts electronics that are as you know it's not in person so it's kind of a safely get to venture out to fund the safe route to find. The good people so you via talent up. 500 asked and everybody's an eighty everybody thinks he got a drink and smoke cigarettes equal and she deeper something who and you're just think we I don't get it played I'll do it but I don't get it. You can get online pharmacy channel who you know. Resonate at a same frequencies you. And Alison you're not alone even though yours in a town of 500 people you're the one you're not alone occupy only and I know the people who aren't about to be alone any young that's a big difference. You know it's still not easy. Questions I think I got go to I go to flotation tanks and do the isolation chambers and and it always doing one time I had it and I felt I realize that one moment I was just my brain and it's kind of I know it's your price and you're listening but. I felt could you know you don't have any sensation you water your body temperature it completely black and all the sun com existing we're killing them just as Raymond peace. And I can do whatever I want that situation whatever my brain wants me to go and its take off. You know maybe because I've done my I'll send sheriff's police lieutenants in time I happen to that but. There's something really surreal about that then you incorporate technology where. Those thoughts can be something where you can feel it and see it and it is not just. A visual and a vision in your head that's what I do I think while that can be. A whole new world for all of us and that's I think about the recurrent reels and it's like okay we can live it's 200 we might not be living like we're living right now. But we're living with chips and wires or whatever it may people were militants experiencing. A licensees. Yeah I rhetoric Kurt Weill's book called how to create a mind. And. They understand how human neurons work mutation that's how the brain works the neurons operate the brain. They figure out how to neurons were end to end it. Eat the Shia how nervous were after we figure out how to make computers were frightened. After raped her dropping out how to make that flat makes that scanner how to program a computer to read those months. What did they turned out neurons and the way. Computers operate are are basically the same thing and then they use that knowledge of the human neuron today and. Many. The woody the artificial intelligence is based off of the human not it operates an exact same way except the pathways are not bound by. Big drain more from you were here whatever the pathways program to connect with anywhere and seeing what artery can use it can do all the processes simultaneously. And the computer still have to do and we nearly who were brought worst reducing the size of it. So we'll bounce you hold out the side you know the power of human brain and boy. And eat that's just the neurons were lake Italy I think I have this mysticism about me and all this stuff. But there is the way he create a month. And the way the mining deals with things like creativity. The way according to rape occurred while is he uses the words to create new things and that's think. The way we're humor comes from and creativity and it was like whoa that's a very closed box theory I mean. I really like it but I still leave a little bit root for the Wu and I'm most certain that we don't have the scientific. Tools to measure things is he's looking at it through a specific lenses like. And modern western science approach and you know and they're they're just different lenses so to read and then you don't you. Eventually define a metric measure electricity between people heard the beep yeah and and what we refer to as energy or whatever it is. It is is not yes just don't have the tools to make metrics yet. Somebody will science is pretty good legal figure out how to navigate and you know they refer to hyper space it's kind of we're talking about the rotation. Citing Daughtry or dream world who's in either three or pay the aegis is what it is it's let. It just is what it is and the when you do something like. Actor to the other places or during the other places. You have one memory who of it as it you know you're not delirious you know you're somewhere else you but you know where you are. And you know you're very you can operate in that right as so a version of yourself for bizarre and it's to me that's that's about experience and just because we can't measure we don't have a tool to measure. Doesn't mean that's not. Now so we did talk about drop kicks in and we talked about this I feel like that's a very can't Baja about the hotel you understand. Edison didn't take a look like a pro and so does yeah that's I think they like distant than doing it do you do and it you know. I think that's excellent gimmicks are better than the Germans interpret junkie this is closet and then we just ran out there and I love it out in the tournament favorite conversations because that you know I'm I'm I really don't want. Set the CEU foreign fans but I'm working on exit. Examine our pro wrestling. Moon but I would just might take some wrestling and right Miley it's amazing how many eighties when you start looking like. Rather than looking directly at a painting your ideas about if you're looking here dudes are excited that you can. Non Linear connection isn't as opposed to trying to go from eighty CD. You can go off to 123 and back in the scene. Adding back into other things. You may be way better grass and then when there are so I think. I'm someone who I don't I just hope it does include obviously we're talking now I don't this is not a need to have anything work are just like this is just what I think. I believe what I say I don't they. Iraq I do go back in time for when you first started wrestling. Do you remember that first day when you decided T I'm going to become a wrestler I'm gonna get in a ring what was that experience like for you. Well I mean like I got I got only eight billion stories about like our first car I just. Built a room back here but let's make this thing out like he says you got beaten yourself and for me I love President Obama do in our near and immediately. Play play that into tightly yeah you know because then I'm not given it my attention only eats. That's the approach to thinking with the rest is just you yourself like. Do your own way jewel were played decently there's what you guys did did he ran outages backer residue of their own way in my up we only that that's kind of generation I came from and like. We believe in due late. At that don't try to at home stuff is the worst he could ever tell people don't try to start to know do the right to explore go find out cooler ones about the more you do it that close you can relate to it. The right out and under soccer. I had this experience not accuracy I wanna dress like I did my dream is to be the job I went and Indy show my dream is to beat the job or in the three we just once been re poor that's holly incredible I thought wouldn't it be how big of a legal would have been for meat. To be Iraq's leader. And I'll never forget this one day driving home from training is like and in the not so great part of town. And I was driving back pull accelerating in my 88 Munich and the station wagon the silver bullet there celery you know under the highway and like that do you beat your race on some classic rock sounds just last. Windows down and man. That I it was the most euphoria I ever felt in my life and it was the most free I never felt like. It was like he did that was just late. I nagging goosebumps just thinking about it because everything just. No it was one of the first time since. You become a unique and a teenager she it's art and it's challenging and manly you kind of forget what it feels like to feel good and then boy and accelerate on the highway and felt that and I mean that's if you and I am when I finished. That time my time in Peru. But I felt back to those moments like where. Where you got back to we're just like he EU didn't even know what you could even and now analyze your happy you were just pure happiness. It was viewed 88 teachers like that might. I think every chasing that ever since like that can't let its app and that at that moment right there was why I knew it doesn't get any ground smashed her heart crack than eat. He got an and I was barely a hundred point aren't we the need visas back. Lee Andre under big bad Ben in a bunch of guys that like. We're just look me and then nothing that the so that did format pilings just the wind bluntly in it was neat late it was how I felt after. It was just. And we just had my accident Permian whatever brings state that put me in I was like okay. Let's go get that again and I mean each then my former first match is an out of body experience not just you know. We will look up when you coming out another specifically say. My dad it's a Graham is at an AT TS YDAL at that site on instead Graham I'd appreciate it Pete would follow along. I sometimes say this crazy stuff but the more support I get for the more that I'll dish out you know I yanked attended. TT take it easy on these kind of things but I do like to express myself and if you wanna file alarm also on that Twitter it's app find and then at night and the easy and yeah I mean gives this is. The only reason for wrestling obviously a huge area by your shirts do all that fun stuff yet come onto a show that's still wrestle your friend your backyard right now he's just try to sent home turn off your phone stop watching it. It put onto your browser and just beat the trap eye to them just have fun to have fun with it have fun with pro wrestling. Match sent out everybody out peace loving pro wrestling. I told you there without there it was different maybe I should warn you this. Smoke some pot before and I don't know what I hope you enjoyed it Macintosh computer and again because this Saturday. Part of the five spring toward go to the fire wrestling dot com for more information at the Hawthorne theater. I'm Saturday may 26 match I doubt they're taking on Matt riddle. You know broad that's going to be an awesome match five you could fall back on Twitter and other places where this type in the find have been out behind after that his Twitter handle I always appreciate when you let the rest footnote that you enjoyed listening to the Monday vs the world of wrestling I'm on social media at. I'm Steve maids and as always. Thank you for.