MIGS vs TWOW 043 – Chavo Guerrero Jr

Thursday, June 21st

This week Migs got to chat with the great Chavo Guerrero Jr.  Chavo is one of the producers for Lucha Underground, which is back on Wednesday’s on the El Rey Network. Plus, Chavo was the man behind the scenes training the ladies how to wrestle on the Netflix hit series, GLOW…and GLOW returns for season 2 on 6/29!  In addition to chatting about Lucha Underground and GLOW…Chavo gives some great advice for wrestlers in training!

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It's now time for war. Amazed vs them. World. What's up and welcome to another addition of knicks vs the world arm wrestling I apologize my voice is low shot. I've suffering from talking on the microphone molded too much between defiance all the other cent that I do sometimes I've pushed the limits of my paper boy's. But thank you as always for listening to reverse the Roman wrestling this is a very exciting episode you don't close season two is just around the corner. June 29 it's gonna be on Netflix I loved the first season. And also leads underground is back on Wednesday nights on the el Rey network why am I talking about both of them. Could a man behind the scenes arm both of those shows helping train all the wrestlers. Is a man by the name of travel Guerrero. Job both courses had an incredible incredible career in a world wrestling both. In front of the camera and as we now know behind the camera as well just an awesome dude so let's just jump right into it. Mike sat with travel Guerrero a mig vs the world of wrestling. Job well able problem I do agree Mac guy and I'm beyond honored to get to talk to you my man it's great great dad you are fishermen. All right to grab billionaire sir did you guys so much going on I am so happy alludes underground is back for a four season Wednesday nights on the el Rey network. I love to talk to you all got that plus double blow to his coming up soon and I mean. You're just a part of some really cool wrestling stuff right now that it's got to feel good to know that I you have your hand in some pretty awesome things. You have man grow up better we still look flooded along matzo ball directly and and it's really cool to be part at least you. Like I come cutting edge shows man they're good they really are. And we thought it would push underground again you larceny over a network god it was a match recently as about a couple years ago where you are Marie mr. Ariel had a match in the temple and I don't know what and they obviously you could do to review together its magic and then that audience of the temple on the way it's also the that the color commentary. Everything about these underground I love you know running at the C to my favorites and there. It did not disappoint attracted to succeed I think a lot of our expectations. That got a feel really good to know that like you know you could do it in a different world like moves underground in a different environment. And just an engine blow people's minds. Yeah you know lire together I think you can Turco after its magic and we did get the language British dust load. And really just work really well together and I brought them all the world so I never have we need it he. Dealt that would be able turnout around but you know much underground. With the believers that's up. By bill that helped build that he ground on the ground mobile. And be able to get in get rid still there. And then just could give those bands that I mean it was like electric mentally through the courts sometimes sometimes you know them. The oral B arena American guns you're. You're twenty culinary knowledge yeah you're trying to you know could be packed nudist you know some kind of issue Obama and they're not happen you know and sometimes it's it's. It's magic key markets we are hard to explain it but. And actually it wasn't sure remembered just like that tension in the air and yet and we were just like people liked what could not wait for the suspect. Excitement magnitudes it's it's. Are contagious in the lives. And entertainment site obviously you do us a behind the scenes in addition to have a matches up about who's somebody that you would love to have be a part of roots underground to be in that temple do you think. Would be somebody I would just completely sign or somebody that's gonna be in the upcoming season now we're not even yell all crap that's going to be awesome. The big upcoming issue and I can't I can't Nixon who True Blue could have been here Teixeira could be out some Tibetans and pride and surprise you that we do have the every year. Social many good you William looks good out there you don't stay healthy part of the tournament and what's cool that they're all bantam trimmed down because. We should determine which change in game you know I'd also like. You know I did ultimately led to lead. Edged up but they're they're huge and don't let them we want we how do we become part of this awhile where. That's so you know another edition is in a deputy conquering my job here that I want to be part of that you couldn't so. Just get back you know people want a cease use this could create seemed to be there and so it's. Also you know so that's something that's of course that I have been. My peers calmly to our. It must and you know not need to be transcend to talk about school. Allah they mentioned leader and also I love love Alex on the ground and you have these inner gender matches where guys are taken on gals and then with glow also coming up I'm hearing rumors that just did there'd there'd be you're not only going to be doing some behind the scenes. I'll what's your take on in her gender wrestling and some people it's a hot button for a lot of people I personally I'm I'm a fan of just great wrestling thing. So I enjoy if it's a man and a woman putting on a great match that's fine by me I don't. It did yard its offer great entertainment. Yeah I know for sure that you think you're happy about it like you know almost like a coach like that movie she basically. If you aren't you couldn't do eight which they're dying girl on girl are couldn't guide bio on golden girl fight in a movie. And it can be really good or do you really bad college done. It's a shame the north and you know we were on the I think on the cutting edge of energy under Russian know what China that we really empowering women which you told me to move out and all that stuff. Well we were we we. A million how women who want women to be on the same playing level and as the as the man. I and there's ways to do it. And this week not to do you know there's waste Mitchum did change the channel because Lou diamond blue their exchange (%expletive) Persuasion that you train to keeping watch you grow all wolf. You watch as you watch this girl edition what it is but you know right so. There's well there's way to do everything you know and we know we just try to do the right way no I think we have the coast border we have I have a lot of a lot of the action be heard horror. No urge and and you know did knock out slips of the girls are called in the in the industry. Back they called me and it's they're like wow what you got to do with the girls will be part of it because we feel empowered them that we dislike which has grown and I just that would school also doubles. We're empowering these women in. And showing how strong the woman had been what everybody knows that it expects. I like our guy that no cut to hold down at times. But everybody knows almost a quarter and the like are moms out sisters are grab most. Hello longest on this one little one's actually really well you can't look damage so we've got to be true connection to world and got a show mistreat these women's great I loved. And I glow seasons he's going to be happening on I jinx going ninth that's when south on on Netflix on Emery goes he's won a celeb I've been sharing I'm on our show and my journey of Bob a little over a year ago I started training and and learning how to Russell and I had my first match he laid off and Baghdad I was in a tag team match for Mac cross sides know it's an advocate. How is surreal I couldn't even imagine I'm Daryn and an apron getting a tag. Dry hot tag to match Rosalyn what world and I and right now this is some unbelievable but I was training -- on the time that glow came out and it was so many cool similarities like that you talked to my wife. Make all I'm doing that kind of stuff it's crazy how true to the training you were in that shell. I don't must have been a lot of fun for you to be a part of the training part and now you can actually be a character for when I'm reading in season Tim. By cyclone confirm or deny that I read the rumor has it left that's got the it's it's been released out there's blood out of their shell out thirty ideal for sure but. Mean that I really enjoyed being behind the camera and and creating now you know and and work on the loan you have these. Goes I had the actresses than never Russell believe. A lot of morneau each number like well like I played T ball and I would say you know what yeah I did Shakespeare you know so. Yeah of these women and then bringing up their strength. Is that you know I happen to all love trust and no need traditionally we we know. Crazy people really really hard. And you don't mobster that they believe and only those that come to the current state while I know why he's one to love books and I want to know what we're trying to do they're trying to. You know to create a Bill Russell and machine I want them want to look which I mean what do you dread coming here. To get back to that goes on these clothes. In and grow beyond a double starts. We have them you know moon almost you see you're doing the home also little bumps don't want to actually do American and they're the ones in bumped and bruised. And they're actually numbered and they'd love to enjoy I don't want in the eighth woman's life back. I know from from a personal experiences I never felt more alive than when I first started and and it's been something that's just an addictive and I'm gonna matter for those ladies as Wallace's when I. Once you get what's going on and once you have those little moments of success and like I want more wanna do more when all was your biggest worry it. It is what it is predicting right and I April I did actually calling me. And they Halloween this rush when you must complete outlook and we company with you somewhere that's all know the content. Oh yeah Richard Herbert. You can also opt. They tell me froze you know I guess you gotta run and I'm loose underground again is back on now Wednesday nights on the L right now were considered I'm globe June 29 season two starts up. Are selfish and I got to ask you as a guy who restraining what's the biggest words of advice and if you could summon up for somebody had dive a lot of people listen and also are in the world of wrestling. What's the biggest word of advice you give somebody mad I don't know and that any of the jets odd to get to chat with you says is something I gotta be selfish about how. Now that's cool I know you'll allow tell people is to. Know. It's actually get sorted out you learn why you're doing the move knocked it could quote he's doing the most anybody. So when we should bush storytellers in the ring not so we do so what you could do you. If you. He related click a move. Shall explosions in the movies help tell the story but they're not the story. And the shame of the Russian in the resting mood helped tell the story of the movies themselves are not the story. We we use the most of culture stories in their and that give that's what I what I tell bunch underground rosters and guidance. Tell stories has got stories anybody used to hedges are backlit. But there's nobody knows why do they do the right time and not that she had that one we achieve on our new on the trying to grab in the world to be honest. It's finally has planned a match or were mad dog he brought up a lot of that is well on it seems like that seems to be the all the the stories that you think the moves are great but. Remember it's the stories the emotion. And I was like wow so. Thank you because that's what. Back back back crushed because when I first got in he was I wanted to this movie that moved it to the left or on their way follow just do the move could do the move. And he was he was like at first. Q how mad keyed up my tertiary Healy can be doing all those and then we turn into a good guy vindication and then you have good that you really shy and could you guys did credibly not. It's a collective action him. Passing that on that knowledge on this that was passed on me also great. That's got to feel good knowing that your words of wisdom are now becoming words of wisdom for him to pass on to other people yeah that's. That's cool we'll thank you men and I know I gotta let her run I would I can talk to forever but I'll touch on a Guerrero. It's underground Wednesday nights on the L re never the most also hope we see you on glow season two starts on June 29 on Netflix. That's sixty appreciate man everybody out there you've allowed us. Thank you mom and explode or should look. How man that was cool that was cool just to hear that the words I'm listening to in tone that a bowel. The story being important and I can just hear Matt crosses voice from when I got to be a part of that battle mania match which you probably find an eye on YouTube were or are I'm twitch. As loud twitch dot com slash 321 battle the whole battle mania is there is while few are curious to check that out by. That is so cool that. I just love those moments when words of wisdom get passed on from one person to the next to the next and maybe one day if I'm ever in a position that I can share words of wisdom in the world of wrestling. You bet your acid gonna show that because I was so valuable to me when I was having my very first match to keep in the back of my mind that yeah I'm not I'm not at the level where I can do certain moves. But I can share emotion I can share historian and and to hear chop votes say that was pretty damn cool selloff. Again check out travel Guerrero on each underground are glow season to June 29 he's a man who's training married people under sonogram but also all the people and. Lot of fog dudes just a legend and that was awesome and you can find him on Twitter at Max warrior at Max warrior. Hobby Gillette and you enjoy doing them on on the first the world wrestling show me a lot to me. And if you're not already subscribing to make first world wrestling on iTunes if you do the iTunes thing I would really appreciate that and die you can leave her view whatever I don't I don't that's. I know it's important but that it needs more importantly what the wrestlers know that yet. Good time listening to them talk. Wrestling which first truly you can find me on social media at I'm Steve makes. And as always thank you. We're listening.