MIGS vs TWOW 046 – The Return Of Swerve - Shane Strickland

Thursday, July 19th

Migs is once again joined by Shane Strickland! Shane will be wrestling Austin Aires for the Defy Championship this Friday at the Hawthorne Theater in Portland Oregon for DefyPDX2!  Get tickets and info at DefyWrestling.com.  Shane and Migs chat about their last match, where for a brief period of time Shane was both the Defy and the Impact Champion...and the controversy that came after that.  They also chat about Shane recently wrestling Rey Mysterio...Migs having a chance to wrestle in front of a big name in the wrestling world...and they come up with the greatest idea for a wrestling seminar that involves Joey Ryan's dong!  Shane has a brand new podcast that you should check out that he does with Monteasy, it's called Swerve City Podcast!

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It's now time for war. Amazed vs them. World. What's up and welcome to another edition of bigs vs the world wrestling him once again no you not die guy having deja Vu or some kind of weird. Policemen Jenny tripped going on your head we like is he talking machine again yes I am once again on the podcast change Strickland the king of swerved. Kill shot from each underground I always love talking machine every time he comes to town we try and find some time just to chop it up and talk about wrestling and whatever is going on his bro he's got a podcast that's out now. It's called source city him in Monte easy. They both have been on migs vs the world of wrestling in the past and also be feel like watching the video version of this chat or the video version of the chat that idea with him and Monty easy they're both up at defies YouTube page just type in defy wrestling on UT we you'll be able to find their page and be able to watch the videos and a reason why we're going to be talk it would change this Friday. He's gonna be in Portland taking on defies champion Austin Aries big re Max of five PD AX two. It's happening import led the Hawthorne theater I'm going to be making my way down there. By chance you're listening to his right now as you're driving a Portland maybe this is your first time listening to meet vs the world of wrestling. If it is migs vs the world of wrestling is on iTunes lots of great interviews and some of your favorite to fire wrestlers of your favorite WW we wrestlers bring a modern new Japan all types of independent wrestlers have joined beat a migs vs the world arresting I'd really appreciate if you take up past episodes but let's just jump right into this one last MG Strickland was in town he joined me. In studio and here's my chat. And yes we do at some point come up with the most brilliant idea that involves Joey Ryan and his penis so you gonna wanna hear that. A major vs the world of wrestling we've seen Strickland I don't even know how many that we don't even know how many defies we've done we don't even know how many interviews that we you and I have done together. Dude will we just say that a thing we stopped it ten images that we got to defy attend yeah. And there are like analyst upcoming death like wrestle mania just stopped counting at the restaurant and has now it's like Pennsylvania. Play it I like the price for the media. New Orleans. Symbol. There is a war on that little if tonight is our we're recording this is the file loud. In that time Washington all and that's not going to be a great time. And next Friday we have defied pediatrics. Did. The idea right second domino Portland and I you are going to be taking nine Austin Aries are our current champion. Yes. Again did I get to go back to that yeah. Yet a so that's thing. So mama cook so I think we saw Austin Aries is the time that bad match was insane. And it's up on god on modify day undermanned right next week that's on your mind and so perfect time and you try to listen to this. Good to find the man dot com and you can check out the match between new in our series. I legitimately lost my mind at the end of that match like everybody wants you in on you are the only ones for those that were there tell us what happened. So. Near the end of our match which was going like amazing. I back and forth between me and Austin Aries the someone actually looked up to watch in the and it and wrestling. In studying a ring of honor tapes. All sinners and my form a favorite. Out of all the guys on the rosters so I'm going back forth Austin area what was your favorite. He was very unique because he usually doesn't like put everything together use as child. I hard hitting and charismatic as Ohio mom. Like I is Ozzie and match with the cancer. Who is video Tommy Yemen to file blog now Tesoro like archive that is my favorite and the Andes that match rim irons like. In Milwaukee a believer Chicago one of those venues I was talking no matter before. But yet the match was phenomenal I mean you fall over the as work. But. Guess so near the end of the match we have a double count out of which. Com we request. To reset the match. Is granted to us. We go another tale about thirty minutes. And I get the victory on Austin. And the place those blows up becomes unglued. They've bull they leave their feet not a single person and that building is standing does that title vs title match your arm out of defied champion and he was the impact champion I was mpeg champion for like. A good two minutes is the best title or never for impact wrestling in my opinion is a they've got a and I got a they just and noble champion but they never change I like me yeah they're adding bothering me resolve the title so. Also in pregnant champion and the fire or champion and do it in my city yet. Was unreal. I was losing their mind mind so much Mondale he brought it home is like World Cup now he brought it home I got the gun to my guns. Moon this every end here today for you to scream that with a very special moment and then you hear from the city you know is like the reception I got our guy did it certainly. And then. We had this every decision got reversed again if there's isolation or as official guide Benjamin Robert yes. That took a low pounding the face them. So. Of reset the match. Ref turns back on Austin kicks me and she asked him. No pun intended to. Fellow no the wrestler I'm sure Iran moneymaker Kia yeah I thought I was you're trying to situation that's going to be stint he'd ever broken foot yet wouldn't. Or as well at all. Mean you're trying to have a seminar how to make all of our Dong stronger you know like you called on the wrong people for seminar and you're down a we need to do we need Julie Ryan like. Expertise. And people would pay him any better effect to attend so I enjoy Ryan Dong strengthening seminar since gay and AJ styles need to seminars which clearly had a bad thing is won't. Yes it so. Low blow to me I take. What I mean is very whatsoever to Kamal life button and another ring IA take depend on to theory. He takes home the defy world wrestling championship and then tigris and championship right back to him. And als like one the most difficult losses because I is this I think is more difficult when you have something route in your grass. And you lose it immediately. And so that was that was a tough one but. There's a roller coaster for an eye obviously for you would for the fans as well you're high highs and then all losing is like ball. Yeah they eat sucked right away from the man. And like bet and that's definitely on most memorable moments in the fire wrestling. Match in Washington hall but now I'm PDX next weekend. But the author India theater all current theater. You get to see the rematch. Strickland. Swerve. Are there is to mountain. For the defied championship. So that no titles to put up yet to open up the defied championship so impact wrestling title not be on the line. So this is going to be a end and seeing like how old. The Portland audience reacted to. The show last in the product of defy what has to fire wrestling last great get below last time were there. They're going to be on edge of their seats. This never is not going to be not a human is not going to be quite in that building whatsoever. Well what do you know look would you say is the big guy difference between defy wrestling here in Seattle and defy wrestling important because obviously there's. Hopes of more shows having him Portland is it's a different I. Is that's what is right there and is it the they have hope for more events in that building there have hope for more events to come forward sources Seattle yes a little over a year ago yet when we had like go the first one we Q and Cody Cody elect or we need to have this back again so like. Every show after that Leggett maybe we'll come back in like three months maybe you'll come back and former Israeli come back to this building we don't want a one and done her no no they would be needed they did. They won it back so bad I Phillips for less the same way. And we start giving into more and more going to be time to delight let's try another so city another area and the Pacific northwest. Because we've. Already established Washington on Seattle and and and indeed had not lost interest or energy every time we cut step in that building. And it's cool to have some of the Seattle contingent make the trip to Portland that's that's always a bulls maligned the travelling fans yes you know played like the grateful that a wrestling now home. I'm an automatic that's it in the music part I don't doubt they let her back but yeah I have. I've had likes like going to like all these shows like Texas or New Orleans or whatever or. There's times on McGinn translate man I came all the way from Chicago to see this match so I feel great this is is incredible leg of always heard like guys like. Have fans come from like literally across the country easy but like now likes seem like I was I was if you go to that show than they announced your match then elect uncommon. I feel like that's really cool filling. And just to get that worldwide now Leggett not only just in the United States I get in and Ireland while another Russell Conchita yet in OTT. Where were either seeing you wrestle any weekend you wrestled I can remember which show. But it might MI six shows that I write so I know I think when I read it you like among my third shown one day in and cycle might gosh oh that was. Many of them diluted impacts believes that yet and yet but at one point and one of the issues I saw you wrestle and all the sunnier Sonia whose house tell SOS is our. Alice carried all the way over and bacterial or from here yeah all the way to. MLW. In Florida cared in New Orleans right and then carried in New York when I did a show for how some glory. That which turned into a shirt yes you know so like it it's. It's the them the power of the fan base that we have been wrestling is unlike any other one music is a big fan base right now as well. But don't the power just pro wrestling fan bases is incredible. Well music your wrestling have like a similarity in the sense of now with an Internet. You do not need to be well music major label wrestling asked WW week and it back in the day that was the only way somebody across the world can see you wrestle what now with the Internet a band doesn't even need a major label. In a wrestler doesn't need the denim really. They're committed there's Mike and both in both avenues of entertainment. The bull for becoming millionaires on independent yet streams and you know like lake there's an election as the rappers like an. Independent millionaire and frightening grammys he's got a genius management team but had never major label out of yeah Bennett played young bucks millionaire Yahoo! independent you know like those deadly bit the genius behind to a late we control our own destiny we control long careers like with the social network like there's a gift and curse but I feel like they've. Big gifts. Way well I always go the curses from what our social media and on is doing for us I think. And curse could be. But in a weird waited you know why are roundabout way could become a gift as well the curse is over saturation over saturation because with the music. It's hard to find sometimes music because you just inundated with everything from everywhere say we're wrestling as you are defined. Certain wrestlers he'd make a wanna find this new guy but I'm sitting through a bunch of stuff that's over saturating but. I was just screaming prices at the top I was just listen to a podcast actually this morning Marmol Wallace travel over here they are talking about. Some of the problem is lake. There's too much options there's too many options so like they were compared to Netflix like Netflix they love people loved the beloved Netflix but I can spend an hour just searching just searching yet. And then at the end you go into the -- if I would join and watch a video you watch it on his close friend society runs or you just turn off I go do something else because there's so many options right illegal Blake who just like me personally mean and Carly front we look to the harsh action all day all night like and there's so many are selections. And without like a filter to be like oh this is a good horror movie does that matter or movie business indecent is different right like this CNET over and over again. You thought you couldn't miss the craving that you are looking for yet because there's so much popular wrestling is the same way there's like soul much. Contents there's sole many like wrestlers there's so many tell us so much I think there's more talent now than there's ever been in and and generous and I county can argue that you know there's and think there's so much more talent. As you think they'll be cut costs over saturated that it forces guys like yourself. You know guys it Prodi came you're wearing a shirt over right now up. Our guys they get as many Xavier whoever may be. It forces you guys to step up your game because she realizes over saturated so if you want to standout. You've got to prove every single time you're in that ring. You were Zach Goode is is this more difficult alassane. A lot of guys to get more opportunities but there's all there's the top Echelon of the guys it's like. There's only a select few. That make it up to that level. But there is the under car in the mid court is this stacked. Them that's why I feel like it is right now I com. App billing us Wacey like the same champions everywhere you go a little bit. Misery as they're doing to grind him putting nine G attacking her shows yet known but the undercard is always very good there's always a new guy that you haven't seen in this area come off kill. There's a guy that's come from like another part of the country another part of another city come and kill it is always like those. On the younger guys also to credit that. These guys from the the generation before our teaching us. Ready like the Sammy cal hands taught me it taught us one he talked trim ago they taught on the taught Darby Allen they taught. Regain that went and there's Xavier so. Under that one umbrella the though Chris Brothers all them they are others and make offer K they talk all those guys so they then three guys need eight people. Aren't so and then like they are fox is created a shaft they created like all these other guy tale like they're umbrella just webs out. You know like the ricochet created these guys and you know like I think Stanley trees yet none so the tree is getting bigger so that talent is growing. So who's under the family cheering now for you who saw and you're. I'll wrapping your arms around saying here's my knowledge stake what you want from me but I wanna see you grow. If you would've stayed around a little longer Allen said Leo rush yeah US is definitely that guy for so I say Leo was one. I think Brody broke out a little bit. More after I I interacted with them and really like. Eight is what you should do this what we're gonna do and the other thing Bruney came programmer got a little bit more after there. Designee or to a certain extent I've billing me in doesn't match ups and she's W got. Us too they do it in the UK pound PD BG. And now he's the debt or protecting Jamie is actually tonight impede a BG. Tremendous. Pin and Decker wins are having a main emit ten minutes or just the young bucks. The PW would take titles this incredible so I just that little. A little luck interaction between us gotten to that point now Mike and you take off you do what you need to do a great right bureau you like you're not on your own joys in my back. And always have your back. And but. Now you're the man you'd take this and you run with it. And that's only the slain I don't need credit for it I just want you to take that and go with it. Right you don't need that in the northern and needs and some IKI I I'm not guy hello this stuff you know I mean this is nice and see them grow as any wrestler grow and take whatever it is that you given them too. As you how far they can go with it. If I happen to me no like I wanna I always wanted to be in that position to help the next generation the next guy screwing area this like. Yeah like I think. I interact with a a little bit but I wish I went again if you stayed around longer how much. Or he could've done on the independent level but. Bill to teen dream yeah I interact with Pamela little bit. But then he's just like got pulled deferred tough enough and the rest is history from there. But an in house I wish I would have liked and able to relate you know we we can do this this this this is that net and then when you buy time to get there you may. Right he's already he's his own destiny carbonneau for himself that he made himself men's grill yet. It's funny they recently was listening to view it Dodgers Robinson who obviously is is fresh off of an incredible performance over at the G1 yes we huge temper gradually see those on the adolescent matches dude the met his match especially. He had also I mean Cody you know may have for me I. You can't go I don't know what does amazing. Omega is and how he's. And it understandably so but I really think that match. Solidified my thing Cody Rhodes is truly one of the greatest wrestler is that is currently wrestling do you know he just has absolutely everywhere yeah. You know often a lot of people just give this in the high praise of Omega and Mike Walters he's dancing with somebody never imagined somebody else. And it was it was a lot of fun I think you enjoy it but I tortures Robert CEO we did the W we think first kind of got propelled into that world yeah and their realize I need to cut my teeth in the independence and he too I need to grow and mature. And I'm not getting it here. It's kind of cool is everywhere it's on. I guess that's somewhere different group though some do get on independence some people get that make hit that second gear on TV yet so everybody is different. You know so like you gotta go where you feel is the best for you refilling your gonna give the best knowledge and receive the best. Like the best the biggest push not like. Now like in the and on the caller on the show leg management wise but in some ache in eighty. To do on it to be an uncomfortable positions. When you're an uncomfortable positions and you're in lake they pat that's how that's how you prove. The kind of competitor do you going to be the kind of performer you're going to be. How well you perform an uncomfortable positions that don't always benefit you you have an example in your career that was that uncomfortable position that aren't you look back on him realize that that may change Strickland a better wrestler. Definitely will like and he's W I got put in there with guys that like we're well opera outperforming. Mean you know I got open for away with like they are fox were swan and I lucky thirteen then this one paper view. And before that that I think I think that was stacked show our remember this very vividly. I think there's as slick Davey Richards against the side it was after us. Lego crazy tag team match delay owned this car was super stacked. And I you have and then many opportunities but I just don't and then don't with the walls I remember I had aerial assault. As 88 person scramble match for the bill box in the top corner top. And I was in there who are a nation whose Apollo crews now just embargo so is Callista are now I was ready for the opportunities and they were uncomfortable for me. But I had to perform and perform well which got me out other opportunities to perform with other guys that were better than me. So I got pushed yeah you know 1 and I am now when I asked for it. When he did feel like you need to be pushed. You know and that's Witten that's when you find out the kind of performer you have on your roster like. Then when you when you just like he I don't know how we do how well he's gonna do. Boy I union deftly he needs to he needs this opportunity deceit sinker so I mean that's where you can just read challenged. It's I'll bring this up just because they feel like you I've become friends over this past year or so so I don't absolutely is this wouldn't be a one next decade the tournament so. I have recently had an experience in my life that when you're saying this it is exactly mirrors and again as I've told you before I've got to be going to training and learning how to wrestle and we know. Other hopes of being able to do some local shows I I know that I am not in any way going to be anywhere else it's not like I'm delusional. Not trying to ya I wanna be the DD guy you're really Seattle indeed wrestling scene that you are doing an old -- have a real sick right right really is what I wanna be good as good as humanly can be so well whatever every chance to learn from people I it will take it because I just love those opportunities and I recently on gave some holes he was here and you get a big seminar. And music you ought X amount of dollars to go and also there's going to be up to me for people have a tryout in a valuation ball I hit him up into today I wanna come. I have no intention of going to try out or I'm not always your time in our but I wanted to be there to listen and learn. Because I feel like this your brilliant mind. I'd be an idiot not to taken up the good knock him I can play this might work in radio I can apply as entertainment is entertainment you can exactly you can take nuggets of wisdom from wrestling entertainment applied to radio and I feel like you do the same get you know a lot of times they people like you feel natural when you have wrestled in front of people minded because I have. I I've learned how to perform in front of people from doing in radio I know timing I understand not speeding up and not trying to hurry on the microphone and it's. Everything's applicable you know in my opinion yes that's so I go. And he had a great part odd that I thought was pretty awesome he just said straight up he's just like. Everything is an opportunity. And everything is an opportunity to learn as it those are two very different things in my head at that moment I'm taking this is an opportunity to learn. Fast forward twenty minutes later all of a sudden the second part of the everything is an opportunity happen which it I was kind of cool. So he's a look at our abilities a valuation matches we have X amount of people some of them were referees are reduced errors to be evaluated and try as a referee. What were at an odd number of wrestlers and so you he wanted to run a pair off planet matched perform in front of him and he's gonna take notes and tell us what Ebanks. Saw success there might well this is exactly what he said is that Heyman. You're you're low numbers one guy hit me up saying if I would I've you wanna be his partner I know I came in it as it just to come in as a student to learn. But would you be OK if I take this opportunity to be in in in a trial match not trying out a Mormon evaluations I viewed it. And think. Of course take his in his eyes I think in this kid's absurd it's grown man is actually paying attention when I'm saying and seeing this opportunity. So fast forward to a quick four minute match. In my head in my time in the time in my life is like and no way to everything in my life that I would be. Wrestling in front of a guy of his stature right and it didn't matter if I ever hear from him I even if I never hear from them within a valuation at which I don't care I do or don't be awesome if I do. But to me it was like I conquered. That fear. I've put myself and a super uncomfortable position very uncomfortable the army and also while doing it there's twenty something other wrestlers that are at a different level. That are there for that reason to hope that he's going to see something in them and I have to now trying to entertain those guys. And so while this mess is going on and I'm actually getting reaction from people on their reacting to the things under limbs like you want. Had I not done that and I just sat in the corner and been afraid to ask none of that would have happened I don't really had an opportunist shared this with anyone because it's not like you don't. Most people I talk to my wife it's too isn't that sweet yeah yeah I was just got a good job funny cute story he did good that school did you check the mail right it's. A but it was more or does mama six when you're saying I'm thinking I'm listening to what you're saying is is that you're absolutely right thank. There are many times in your life that you just gonna have to put yourself in an uncomfortable position absolutely and if you fail but I thought comic if I fail. Kuerten nobody. You know I mean I'm not. It was is an experience that I will never forget and I I had to and I'm excited share that with you because I don't really have many people like you share that with. Britain without a just kind of going over there had real like that whatever. Over the UP yours left and a feeling of like almost or second happened that's like. Only didn't like this than what a compromise my lifestyle doesn't gonna compromise my word isn't gonna compromise my health. The government got hurt in the middle of the net but. Think we kept it pretty simple exactly I don't have enough you know like you come modular so walked across street and so they you know writer living in a car via yes so glad. In early those are the risks we take. Every day but Michael's looked uncomfortable like me personally. When I was seventeen I had to go to military men you know and I admit went away from home. Think for. Markets like I think only eight months admin home at that time. And doing all the stuff learning how to late literally kill people and learning how to. But I doom medically medical stuff on people learning how to do all the stuff that they teach soldiers. Mom that's uncomfortable a seventeen never having to be able to like only desire you com. Play your way home for vacation if you wanna take it the value. Candle lake the other address this at this rate you gotta make sure this is he getting fill out a will for your lifestyle later several team that's seventeen now become an adult yet like this yeah yeah there's been like to fill out this paperwork. This is insurance if you die where the money go to add seventeen. That's uncomfortable. So I got there early on so after the layoff like I thought it could take on anything else. And here's my life but at worst things the worst thing that dug up more on the worst as the go to my mom's house on 1819 years old right right. You know like and then I you can always rebuild some people are too afraid to like take that extra step. And see what's on that side of the those are the facts c.s is too late. Just take a peek at first blizzard and if you're lake if you filling daring that they jump over. Join over there might be a dog that chases you who knows like or you'll be like a it was a barbecue over here you're invited you never know what happens is going with a little life experience that you can share of people for the rest here exactly yeah that's that takes you to something else that you never knew that to a you can accomplish. They did that those things those barriers that you breakthrough in your mental. State of like. I don't I never thought this was the stuff would be possible and everything like I am I'd be in a room with this person or calling this person my friend from being able to perform in front of these many people all things go away when you actually fit take the step to it accomplished and actually do it moved and once you do do it it opens a door ways to do more. That you never thought be possible Vegas. Being able to travel around the world to meet the people like I'm like good friend Don Morrison and stuff like I was at his dvd in my African collection rides you know like are watching these guys I've just Ross three ministerial last month for the first time a fair Russell Long time. You know I he knows my work hugely exciting new word for me like I knew I was a kid that you're the winnings army in the rain like. Just because I took certain steps that I never thought I'd be able to do non. So I'll make this the kind of stuff now like twenty years old nine years in wrestling and so that is he will sign into the next two years because like I'm wanna continue to take steps forward. That imagine every time you start doubting can I do it is something new bring Greg you doubted that six years ago when you did this yet six months ago when you do yes. So all of a sudden you have this confidence yeah that you and I just have more nervous yeah. We'll burst confidence. Hall Cosmo circle tell us always like wrestling name mister Aleman and. All well I I thought I would have been nervous jitter aha but I never did did you have a leading up to the match no I never edit it was more like just like. All it is a great com. I remember reading Chris Jericho is second book neon talked about Ruslan. And assuming a 25 and yes closed steamboat new child and Blake it was it is childhood dream come true but at the time when you like. About to go other perform with the news like this my job I'm a professional he's a professional does Kobe professionals and warm because that's what we did entered a new. Edit and then afterwards you can kind to go do that. And I just accomplices challenger. That's me and that guy yeah that's what if Foley with rails well I met ray a huge and I think in we've got along very well great guy. He's known my word we he is like and he's like a man like him really sitting in the ring of their senior stuff man I love your stuff socially. I'm really sad actually interact with you on this stuff so let's do some stuff and oh yeah. Hello yeah talk the current tough. Afterwards that ever really did like I took six from non gonna have a dial in I had two of oh he had met up to got to prolong and after two thirds. I was awesome I everything who could have ever wanted to do with the RA in like a career spanned avenue when Mets so you really cool but. I think afterwards like. I really finally got to do think it's awesome and after that it's like anything else is just icing on the cake. You guys take a six on nine from him mr. I was there when you really got to be on the receiving end of a ball and elbow from from LBP. Who's finisher do you wanna take. Is there somebody in your kid and all the girls. Yeah I mean like I thought I had imagined while you're laying down their and you see MVP coming down on you it's gotta be there's got to be like a fifteen seats are version of seeing Strickland going. This is that you I don't know if he'll live with this is freaking cool. I don't really have those moments anymore and lake. He's isn't she is the wrestler now on politics is in the UK was simply didn't like that. Would this play act and I you know I can't wait till 619 delegates will do it out there whatever it is selling that is just lake. After is like almost been like if you're like in the NFL yeah he scored a touchdown on Earl Thomas. It's lake. On man who would you like we do what escorts us on Deion like nice you're no sense Artest scored on the give a safety in the league's athletic. It's been cool Nigeria I mean I get so that's not filled out this point lake. It is almost like these new generation NBA plays well like. Playing as LeBron these kids grow like Jason Stevens nineteen years old he grew up watching Stengel Brian Newton and I'm from 1000 middle school browse coming out of high school and an NBA now so is like wow that's the generation gap that we're in right now. But now he's playing us LeBron in the playoffs. So it's like. That kind of lake surreal moment go away because your best performing you know I don't and I had to step up and do my job yet now you have to Utah right at this point like I can't be gambling yeah. There could be to blame it yet because alias PMI instrument picture of that though legal Polaroid picture he took when he was like. Seven needing LeBron when he was like just going and the NBA draft stuff and they replay that back when they played the sixth the cavs played the Celtics in the playoffs this year. But like you don't see Jason Tatum like. Hugging him like oh my god is legal threat as LeBron dunking over me I don't like this is lost all I gotta I don't go with a solid point go like knowledge and get things like that anymore if you don't know why did you got bad that I had a blocked the crap out of his shot now I got a steal the ball just might be a bad NBA player. I'd I'd like. Now did they really tall you can jump high all do it like I got crossed my Kyra Gergen I'm doing on the floor like. Dude a whole thing play out over and over or did commit printout and I'm more liberal Michael oh my god look admit I'm a football. This is our got a good pitcher. But coach my venue I got mercy you for the next ten game yeah exactly we can't have really been great draft ridiculous. Did you guard I don't you guys among pretty cool stuff besides wrestling now I mean net. I'm happy that you're now jumping into the podcast world. Yet new like com honestly do when I come in G. This the first time when we we do in the swerve returns the Seattle. Yup documentary little short over a year ago and I was the first time guys you got me jump full boring to a radio stations and a little past and literally yachts and it's been a world ever since knocking stay at a radio stations to tossing and Adam microphones. But that's Lou feels like man this is really cool I love this environment like I can literally be in this hall like only every day there's some. I'm cool about being able to bring. Entertainment to somebody who stuck in a car yet when for me I mean like you when you say somebody travels to see you wrestle one of the greatest compliments are human being can ever give you an in my job is an economy sent like. Wasn't for you I lose my mind going to work every day they get to listen to you know come. For them all that work right or doing whatever tests like I think that's really cool because I do the same and unlike. Do stuff around the house you are got a leg he'd take a long drive up from have on the aisle listened like brilliant idiots I was at like I'm strong in the Gaza welfare people media. You know like I look listen those guys. So like innocent. Or Blake read his book to I think to be really cool for somebody. To like pick up a book and read my story and like influenced or inspired to wanna get up and do something that they wanna pursue new because my story influence then give me in my it hardworking grind the sacrifice. He was like inspirational or somebody else to win it. Like breakthrough there burials or mental blocks that they like aunt and I never thought to do this abundant Regis story like until you're talking no green there's Jericho story written. In house like that influenced me when I performed against ray. Like I don't think is so funny or legislate it came through. When I'm even noticing. Really does others say there are times when you are getting life lessons and you don't know Uganda's lifeless until maybe sometimes five years later ten years later exactly and it's those so my fear moments limits again they give immigrants and gave stir even that was in ten years and years twenty minutes later because they. I wrote down on this note and I were in like man I and I underlined and starred X elect that is the best nugget of wisdom I've got an added dissent and yet got so many nuggets of wisdom. But that was the best one to think that it it can apply it later on in the same day. Who's just mind blowing so I yeah. There goes to show you like him well like Alex Smart these guys are yet either why these guys like. With these darn vice meanwhile there in the positions they are because they paid their price means something right it proves correct when it happens to him they have years of of watching bad advice can work exactly communities they make you know many guys like he's pushed forward into like. Big stardom in place is now so lets us worse city podcast source city if your balls on Twitter at source city pod. Three and it's our city podcast wrong payoff media and like even also listen to this this show. With me Monty easy yet so far we have Carolina gore on episode had any kinks in the AC age Cornell Gunter whose leg. Works for E. A. SPORTS hot. So like the Wii title of big multitude of guests that I have lined up. The future marriages just wrestling related he'll he'll know these people. Like from the wrestling industry when they come in sit down you'll and it healed. Again by over them right away but I don't want elect talked wrestling all the time more like I do things people causey. They have stuff on high spots that you can that you probably heard the same story a million times they had they have some fonts Marmara video. Or whatever. Platform we wanna talk about like what's happening in the world now it's influencing us as people rather than these wrestlers because that it people. Need to understand at the end they were more than just wrestle were actually people we're humans you know we. Like like the same things you like we experienced the same things user experience we have troubles and our lives our relationships and our children our marriages our home. Just like you do lose see our experience is a bit from it may be we succeeded from them may be we failed at them. But you can hear our stories. And be like. Well that's why he felt I won't do those things some things grow this is why am failing maybe I should do what he's doing Greg Davis should change their way amount of thinking are living being exactly. And insomnia Montes he hosted every week. We took a vacation week from fourth of July so we're gonna be out back on this week. The guys are good Americans. I can't act so our kids yeah. Ultimately very often in other this stuff was been the beast that is obviously I'm and you don't have an eye spots in the Indies and us were talk. But what is the Big Easy you've learned being on the other side of the microphone this typically you're the one being interviewed him. Or you're the one that you know people are direct in the conversation towards now you're in the position of where you're directing a conversation to get something out of somebody else. Creating good content that's like the toughest part for me I gun. But we can have a conversation. But by and talk amongst us but at the audiences and grasping anything for net what are we really talking about right so that's like a Phil I come. I. Me much either very like free flowing caught the speakers we don't really write down too much we don't like giving him when we got we like mentally like. Alia we we can now at this point I got into us worth talking ever doing a couple of episodes and we just talk on the phone and played two K and talk reach other. We know where the conversations going in he knows how to steer this the right way or get back and there early for royal off he's like the only get back into this and talk about this Mike. We know late or when we have drunk ACH in Kingston. On the podcasts or whatever. They like ramble around ramble ramble are you look I get back here it's like he got to steer the ship did yeah the contents there ya good the juice there could we go too much then it's like. Com. The lip that we I don't want the listeners and like stupid and nor tuner off I'll listen to a later argue delight. Definitely juicy select you hear the whole way through because you went off although. You went up all the flow of the of this show Mike you follow movie or TV shows a TV show goes too far left in the holly my wrestling match via the failure wanted to as I can be overwhelmingly in everything it and we're working Holden also and we're off on the part of life elect we longest press except I lost the groove of the Mets and as you like down the skip ahead once again we get that probably in that thing of there's so much content out there. You can always just go listen some I ask you to listen to Bruce Pritchard even listen in Jericho usenet has busted open you listen you know like. Wait it's gonna keep you I'll I'll I want you to keep listen those guys for their great. And they always have that something different to talk about from me. But what keeps you coming back listening to me because we're different from them. Right right Demi then everyone could share the same gas man as I've always set my whenever I'm done any new radio to make our. This person wants that I guess some for some I don't care who will address goes only give other radius is joined them on first. I know that what I'm hoping to accomplish is that they're gonna have a different experience than they resent and I would hope that whoever is interviewing him before me or after me. It also has that same goal is to not make it just as cookie cutter. Question answered let's get the life story did and I mean it's just kind of I guess I love Al whenever we have our conversation we just turn on microphones. There's where we had no plan of what we're gonna talk about him he's not honest the only thing I wanna make sure we talk about your podcasts out. And also the fact that we're going to be important in the next Friday. As you were gonna be taken on Austin Aries crucified chant ass is as a Hawthorne theater and that's on the twentieth. As of July. Turns almost lost track of what you Montel I'm I'm losing track of where I met. On a weekly basis I wonder why he only traveling to lose all the time huh. I'm her little 1 nail like the morning I was then East Coast time then. Afternoon and another morning housing West Coast time and after Gaza East Coast time then later that evening house line like. You're like UK time. Mean is Evan in the matter of like less than 24 hours. Well I lost all track of Mike what is going on and tell for now I'm moving on tap and I'm moving at all. I remember that and buy it. Yeah I do like the puck has gone really well is growing every week it's on iTunes iTunes sound on and who played okay. Spent off media is like a web site he's literally. Quick on his blue bells nearly could go walking in. Viewing pleasure at any time. Mom but now we're don't work on getting in and video we have audio down remastered and now we got that we had our system regularly come and bush play. We're real or often gone yet but our work going in the video aspect of the Wii on the YouTube views and wanna. Feel like CE. That interactions between us yeah FaceBook the base to the voices from people which are not familiar with late Cornell they'd like. Great guy let I'm pretty sure most the views Ellison Mike I don't know it looks like you know right you know who AC today you know Kingston you know like certain people are by Allen put based. Voice to match you know like. I'll I'll a little undo us. An Iraqi People instantaneously on the way for an email to come in or tweet to come and if you're asking if you have a wait to have comments going. During your live broadcast and you can actually read book reports on my engage what did what would be fine. Arrest exactly I don't want to look like a little highlight video Michael. Like a minute long. Aglow video clips on our Twitter and like all was when they do this we need to do this via future and also are moved us also I listen in pockets all day every day. Com about leg. Instead of like for pre planning. Times when something's about to drop on an they are quickly planning for weeks and we promote promoting it promoting it is sometimes is really quote just. Dropped the and so they episode on the night check it out yet in like business this guest is gonna be on it or find I would guess is gonna be on it some people are really getting into that now make. The element of surprise yes I think ago. Beyoncé daisy ounces dropping boom that's and everybody not voting yes that there's no billboards for it. Like how Eminem or by allowable billboards for weeks and months we knew it was coming knew the day everybody is excited anticipating it. So that expectations are so high command sometimes like India like detriment tees are like off I expected this but we got this right he kept telling me is is going to be awesome did OK but if some news coming out of nowhere you like you have notification he would let up yesterday this is cool yeah absolutely you are just don't have no time to like make any. Like. Yeah I know don't make any leg up anticipation for oil plague any any go high goals is saying thing up for you just like. To give an accountant Allison to a guy like this guy yeah I like the product I was no now. Who's on it's cool I don't think I'm not trying to get a little bit of both. Going on like. Not too much of warn that too much together. But follows onto unrest worsening pod. Nice and follow you attach strict unchanged yup instrument what are. And how we will see you at the Hawthorne theater on 9 July 20 Friday night U verse is Austin Aries plus we array or is taken on not. Great Phoenix that is going to be mind blowing and tell you right now. And out of his mind blowing but maybe the second part seems to be a part of it Joey Ryan. Path and not rabbit is Randy Myers and got out there on the tag team goes on to something blow something yet I will not. Speak marked much further on it that way bring your girls kids don't know and absolutely. Seminar costs seminar on strengthening seminars Jim you have been needs to happen yes in the is that and I don't get just as much from now from the gates of metabolic and act. I think the turnout will be more. Would be if you more than any other and this is a one man show and earlier division seminars is is the bees announcing plates yeah thing and it only some point everybody gets to take a bomb. On the B I pulling his Wiener yet. I mean that's like. I don't know what I was government says they've been the ultimate stroke but that's the worst where you're sounding women would sign up for the suns are. Does it get to meet two oval testing me to avoid like you can't you can't as they need to me. When you knew what the Seminole is about we need to have waivers BI thought there we go certified that I'm completely fine with taking the penis plaques. Yet yeah hmm yeah. Is that what's. Falls like. Content throughout the agreement yeah yeah I do is Chappelle skit. I just I would look forward to seeing everybody social media post of them regularly make boom to fight as a mean greed of VIP bit. He had a slightly irritated though did I was gonna live or pictures of them with their wrestler people comment on it what is a family member gonna say when you post that video. No I don't understand what Joey Ryan is all about that's why should be closed circuit in them is this behind curtains you have talent what's in the whole world implode around dishonesty their family lose they're calling him and I wanna see the world and yet some people just listened. Yes some people like chaos. I hope people but I must really thank this business seminars and things we got to get it done and aren't. Dong. Our was clearly Dong won one so little Oakmont extension on July 20 July 20 sign up for the very first ever Joey Ryan. Don Eminem and asked are we having him as joy for a Jolie's and QB. He will be delving you've been given a much if people are paying Tony thirty bucks is to watch him talk about his Wiener. Boyle a cure zoo warm ups. Whether they're mobile throws in some argue squats. That you like or don't peers push ups everybody down. Again Tenacious D song yeah yeah this has pushups or warm ups. Everybody get oil themselves okay. I look. A went ahead and got everybody. Bottles of baby oil you know we're gonna rub it all our own bodies and help your partner's back if you need do you know there's any doubt they're going up narrowing just kind of open up their pants up escort. Now follow my light 123. Well and really damn office. This is a sketch and others say business is I guess this really until we create like arm wrestling themed sketch comedy show. It has nothing to do with wrestling. All it is is just not doing hasn't gotten on this already right. I mean you could just have somebody like randomly a locker room sketch of like the awkward guy it's a mockery of and the funny thing is he's participated in tons of these like. Parody movies the eagles' short films and on wrestling on YouTube. He knows everybody in the world that didn't cut. A mental a mental I think we're just hit a printing money for him. Does he need more money now does he really need new army was edit all this out they don't need to get an understood his idea yeah. Now mobile hero Don seminar. Sort TV so I twentieth. Shane migs to general work that Dong. Scott weird now and I'm wrestling there's no British wrestling. There's no sense there's no fine line. Dude idea manners has been no crowds always for him last in tonight's going to be a lot of fun Sarah had to be down here before the show yeah I was I don't I got a text and you Sam come and you know Laura Lee won do something many shots of all I didn't make it because Obama played Adelaide. I know I was I used to use really been the airport on my IPC you know the airplane like tennis you know in the morning it's 2 o'clock took off at 1018. Follow through podcasts onto under F source and upon on Twitter the store show on the source who typecast me in my teasing oh yeah we have a hell of a list. Of people coming up on the show is going to be awesome you know learn something you're gonna laugh you're gonna cry. Is gonna be good stories bad stories entertaining stories upon stories things about myself you didn't know. And they'll speak about another interviews that you've seen before going to be stuff from Monty easy in his personal life he goes this and every freaking day every week. Please open it up to share to you our viewers our fan base to make things relatable and it does is and you feel port I Don after episode 23. You start feeling for us a thought process. If you could just ask our city's pot and feel bad for us yet it feels better I'd like a live. Awesome brother all thank you entice him be a blast help rob thank you meant big guns are same for joining us and guy you can find seen on social media acts. Strickland chain you can also find me on social media on NC Graham trader snatch that whatever it is. At I'm Steve made him once again if you're new to meet vs the world of wrestling. Just type it in iTunes or any whereas the other senior podcast he really defined past episodes. From people like Joseph we Ryan COLT cabana Kofi Kingston. Tons of Demi did you these superstars in the near future and. Look the full unedited conversation that I had with the feeling she gonna wanna stick around. For that in the upcoming weeks go to the five wrestling dot com to get all your information about upcoming device shows tickets and things like that and defiant on demand. You can subscribe to their streaming service where you can watch past match is another great stuff as well anyhow even bruiser Brody documentaries up there. Which I can't believe it thirty years ago this week. That we enforcing law bruiser Brody. Check that out that's an incredible documentary that's also available at the fire on demand dot com. As always I thank you for listening.