MigsCast 01/16/18 "The Big Star Wars Debate"

Tuesday, January 16th

We are finally back for 2018...and we get super nerdy about Star Wars!  Plus we debut a new segment:  The Uber Chronicles with Glenn Cannon!  We get through one email, and half of a voicemail...so basically 2018 picked up where 2017 left off.  Also...find out why Steve called someone a "poophead" in a fit of road rage in a Walmart parking lot!


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That's my name is Steve make nine merely derivative way go hello I'm can end some strange to be back. I know that we can all feel like a month gap. Sorry Wyatt. That's after I left. I say that. Every week I let him down here they paid please tell me today's the day that you have a brand new mis cast he's not do we say OK go below important as they grow idle either ideal but I. Really am missing you guys what's happening you know oh brother movie you know will be well the speculation. Why it makes her a hero fired but we're back they rehire us well we heard you guys out I was never. But they didn't care who shows they can't join the non payroll you have to really you have to give me a bucket a multi after reprogrammed some of that slowed us you know for castles on that yeah. I don't like that. Those two guys who got let him go but that glands still he's durable an up paying him it was cute and merely good ER style internship man I'd just like I live here for sixteen hours at time cleaning stuff up you just I had no lag. Eastern Europe take a nap in there your. You know PGA and the lactation room I was so irritated. The diesel like teach in room to put his knee brace on so you'd sneak in the lactation room. Asked to take out his fans first of all what's the lactation room oh there's an actual lactation station it's a little room. For women that are breasts feel yet if this is I guess it's an HR thing my wife I was talking hermit you won't believe we have six -- essentially that's a state. Am a wiser policy they have their own need to have a room where we're making go and pump their milk but the funny part is you gotta love. Are are fine company because still all about the bottom dollar in that room you would assume it is pregnant Dick couch. They some pretty picture a little plastic chair and C clamps right. The ad man allele. Palin America got gets it this is so Luka reminder throughout the believe it doesn't believe they debuted this at Tulsa. City is us dread that down on your pity yeah I'm continue to pulled off Elizardo Ramirez sorry it's a Taylor has been there. Well he's a little. Bit. You would assume that it would be like you know a nice phones relaxing room no. It's like a chair a desk a computer that way you know you can't get away to your hats you need to continue to work as you combat baby. The best part about that room though is the only. Freezer in this. Lol on this floor well I heaters and other freezers in the tiger greater but really not a lock because grass tsunamis like burritos in there and it's locked really. That sounds so if you are they going to lactation. By the way delectation stations sound still illiquid the schoolhouse rock songs like recent station and oh do still do. Put a roof motor wedges to these movies here and I'll read listen and Putin's home brew crown himself what are you know the open it is that like milk milk milk. TV dinner TV dinners that I any applicable merit and now pulled single. Makes you look cares that you have more a ball hit got all you item a few balls in your breast milk Soto like case gestation and from what I gather in view one and only BJ Shea is the only man do well the only person uses electing term I have regularly here. That I mean physique wise me but amend that now I think there's one. War line pregnant woman is there yeah all hard he actress I remember I was like what thousand. She let herself go CNN you're right so she's got pregnant. Yeah good as he can careful about that inside voice at that tight group that's very. I try to solicited I guess trust or rev them trust through at least look at you man. Fair enough but agree with me if you will him he had to bomb his body in all our floor it was great. Is the back of a back and examine a break it's kind of I have it would mean Gwen Stefani no I saw a picture of her the baby bump done. I know what it's yeah I'd dog hates gag quest upon it was like on hotter now than ever no no that's okay yes I gotta go back to just that it was a relief she crude herself. She didn't Rooter sound it's my own issue lies like I've realized it's my only the baby ball in the baby bump it. Doesn't the press go bomb like she was like nine months or something or really close to that. She was on and she did like like maybe Grammy like red carpet walk sort of paying. So there's a bunch of pictures oh yeah they all photos are not president yet and it was just her fully clothed pregnant and I'm like no good I. Drink her bath water he there and Oleg pregnant. I was seeing a pregnant woman I bet there's commercial organization that apparently that's in front dieters have it really yeah yeah yeah but it it. A quick look like. Post baby I would definitely I wouldn't go there she was pregnant that does nothing for me infected sweetie opposites yet ring a woman's talent all god. A look at these man that's going to be expensive. You know I straight home but as well and OK okay. Avalon right yeah so when's the findings really overall yeah. I did think he's gonna drop a vest bomber I thought oh I thought isn't it road manners I'm glad I got a big piece of a decent hour you'll note yeah you guys and all these added that I'm definitely need to do what I thought. Video is great news. I thought you meant that after she had a baby it took permanently donor you we know they know it was just the fact that I had seen her with that and it ruined division division is just there and again when I see every time now. Used to put out a Christmas record. Cool and us government Christmas record it's pretty awesome for voice is still great until I saw a lot of. But Jennifer Lopez. Jingle column back girl I'm wondering if. Welcome to January 28 team where pray at Christmas music. If Obama wins in what this is true. Brazil feel like you're being interior drunk it's god you make it feel like Christmas Bordal bullets holes. I Aerosmith music probably great at like everybody puts out a stupid Christmas and all I can see releasing eight Christmas single especially if it's not necessarily holly song with just take your take Christmas and all knocked. Jingle balls to put it to me when you do a Christmas album. That is basically like look. I want your money I don't care that you know that I want your money and you're gonna give me your money because you're stupid and I'm gonna take your money because I'm a soulless husk. Well am I wrong some people have Chris my daughter in but I don't necessarily disagree with you on that wolf is to put up Christmas dressing me like it's free. You know. I don't have that's not how America works you know it's really not equipped effective medium apple music for me is kind of free yeah pays fourteen bucks a month. I heard delicious treats. It's like this from Gwen Stefani who. I got allies and streets. She's still find policies hotter now than ever and and I guess apparently am one of the three in this room that's. Does find pregnant women you plug for you that you all you have old dude I hope you for me really it's always been my cup I think I even with a bomb. All due I don't know he's talking about when a girl is pregnant while fun right now and tribes and never had that one but I would love to. I mean obviously I'd be awesome with my wife is pregnant and allowing out OK you're gonna get there I don't know fingers crossed you know we still keep trying silicon Demi Moore nude pregnant vote on the cover of the mega lower approval all the all turned you on guzzle too much. I'm talking like second trimester. That's when their bankable. I'm a little bit of a bomb there's a certain glow. To a chick that pregnant for me Newton that I find very sex in a certain glow to a toxic waste dumped him and we'll see I just can't. What lesson have put a little like old gods some guys you can really happy or really miserable. But if he's really happy he's gonna be really miserable later my hair. I might Merry Christmas everybody like they were young they were the vibrant if they were these beautiful exciting people and I deuce Droid. Yeah I did and I was a good kid eluded him look you know all they had so much promise and I just took it all the way and that's the one thing. I've always I don't know well in another my wife sit all the way I don't have kids might melt it's because like I've come to realization if I have a child. My life is over because my life is now dedicated to raising this China allies could be a deadbeat which. Would you apparently get their threat and Hannah are I'm told it's remarkably rewarding actually raise the little room for several years in a while remarkably rewarding but. Now is to bring an email once she just needed a place to stand up. I don't Chris thought. Real birth so it can still up and I think it come off way harsher than actually damage it's really just for the sake of humor I'm trying to say stuff and repeat. As far urge your real quick. You weren't you stated somatic child Eliezer the girl for a raised her daughter for about four years no joke woes have so from what needs to what age. Oh do arm she was really little she was crawling just serving and a at all or her name was alienate our party trainer. To teacher at sleep by herself so I would so I would sit my whole way you know switch you woke up the sort of panic I would be like seat told Joe's right there for likes her a couple weeks I slept hallway outside her bedroom door read two or ninety was marketed. AM and the relationship ended a lost little girls so. And it was rough I imagine they'll try to be back for a little while mind sending you photos and you were the only real match ever had a bad that's nice yeah. It would listen there's some scar tissue that are left. I got to be I really got a taste of of pretty direct fatherhood for appeared about four years and I was really good at it and it was remarkably rewarding it really really cool. I think part of that is having been on the other side of that now. That I've had been able to dip my toe in those waters. This one not necessarily in order to do it is a guy I know what it's all ball and I wonder what I want to track down decade and today. I would your followed you know she's well Leon is she found me on social media kit. Earlier post acute. She's in her early twenties now and there she tracked we got it I always hoped that you'd forget Meeks I didn't want her to be damn I didn't wanna do more things she had lost. More issues and she she tracked me down on social media and we keep in touch and I like her posts install and you know she's doing good and that's really cool today it will school she caught up with me and I kind of explain a little more look I I never wanted to be something that you lost and you know we had a political dialogue. Wow when she tracked me down that was when she was an early eighteenth. Whichever Sally I used to my mom my dad. Kind of a thing you know I mean like OK I. Hello. And hello I go to Cuba yeah yeah she did she you know rom I think I think her mom's doing good now would a mom. Yeah I don't line that's not my place to eat I don't. But there were rough ride. You know we all make mistakes in and have challenges in our lines and in her mom was a really cool chick but. You know. Not exactly the easiest path and choosing you know so but you know then of course got a human moms who really good McMahon I'm so glad to hear that and you know. That's nice to be here from her as opposed to hear from you I mean that we don't I don't mom doesn't really do Leno might act so to speak is doesn't do the social media things it's really kind of that's kind of cool and and so yeah I just I get to see Haley via social media and you know. And she's doing really good she seems really happy and so that's kind of rat but yeah as one of those so yeah that's odd chapter in my life in yes that's literally all of hates kids and like actually I I was raised one man was changing diapers she was used to work to stick shift in my truck had a bounce up and down item to that upon my migrated added I was a really good father did that would. My brother and sister leg basically helping raise them because I was on the you know 1011 years older than them. So I got that sort of stuff in my late teens out of the way you lay it you've tasted it dead and I'm like cool I don't need to worry about that. I hang out with my nieces and nephews especially now that they're starting to get a little bit older I once they are toilet trained. I'm way more cool is having you hanging out with their I catalyst diapers suck. Diapers a whole record the potty outside of his house is that if you can't use this from the you can economy and I can't. I mean a number of times that I got through just. Everywhere yeah I mean everywhere and it's just part of who we know what he's got to do a variety sort of more of a series Glenn does not need children but he does he Christmas I think. I. We do have to talk less of an excellent field before it could well look I know you. Could figure out that we had to have a debate things that plan he podium of this congressional gonna give a quick shot out to our our friends at the boys in Jericho hill Ali man. Because I looked on their FaceBook page is it extra special morning thanks and shout out meteorologist Rhonda elites nor for average Erica hill's favorite meteorologist apparently I can fives whether woman. Rhonda a Lee went to a Jericho hill show. And did this stage announcement. It was what I I watched that clip that they posted it really kind of put a smile my face you know they we get jaded. But what we do for a living that we get to do Steve's announcements quite a bit yeah you know trying to Metallica album I've got to do for bruiser Brody which is on par with. Introducing Metallica and he didn't seem to care rep did I'm just on the yeah. It's really cool goodies here a perspective of whether woman who probably mean it doesn't get many opportunities to introduce a rock band and it was kind of funny here Hearst for perspective of our friends in Jericho hill. Because it's like. It's these two. Knew these people that are very good news people ask trying to talk about our rock band and I refer tournament hair metal band was it is funny because there's not. Yet their hair and he might play medal but that doesn't make up my hair metal fan I but here's the clip and it's on a little clip well I may my mom. I came in this morning I saw that post I watched the net put a big smile on my face I was really happy for Malcolm in the crew over at I Jericho hill. It. A lot of acting I think the page and blood loss and then all weekend long and you like it doesn't I still my friend in Jericho hill but probably not a weight. They're really not even going to see that you have the honor of introducing a rock AN onstage or when they're concerts last night. I hit the home and it lets call it a little hair metal like right it's like a hair man known for his entire middle way. Yeah I kind of rock like it's going to lose you do make abuse and went head to head back I don't while holding Jericho youngster at bats killed her for you know yeah yeah. You know. Me that you play operative that former objects veterans. You know and military guys got together former rock band had just lost a regular folks to get onstage and there's hair and then what if I could I hit it with a. She sounds so stoked to have been able now this. It's clear whether you play jab at her enthusiasm put me in a good mood may be realized I need to really appreciate the opportunity to say hi in front of a crowd before a band plays before legal manner Eric. Because of Sony doesn't typically get to do it you get your hot excited they are going to end men were really lucky. In more. I'm so. After I hit I love it I I don't even LS and I had pictures on Twitter. I'll try to Aladdin put a few mourn their but I have their video of them yeah now I'm loath to hunt. It was great they were very hospitable it's still you can handle right. Sleep in today and what you need to get up into it and I needed to eventually get out of bed you're hill. Seriously if and I don't I'm not wasted 56 degrees right now mostly clear skies and word the rest of the day. As we is that that that. Clipped him out over the weekend a look at some again pretty much sums up the weather right now do yeah pretty nice out there. Let's all say I did I had seen on my news feed a freeze frame of presenting at the law hearts and more but I didn't get a chance to watch the bit yeah it and realize there isn't it but I Saul. You know Google news station she street hold up this Jericho guilty to. I've always ghetto. After they do all you got that shot of the two of them at the desk as they're like handing out ninety you know music did you did you music's playing and stuff like that and I thought so bad Berkus is trying to get the shirt back up to show it off again one last time and choose fumbling with its all you see at the back in its that the plane blacks are more. And we're. Yeah. There's so cozy got a she got some yuck animal which he got to show it but I got cool that's. Nobody really to about the know the back story behind that so far one of the guys in Jericho hill if they're listening Malcolm pedestal obviously it was a voicemail or semi and sent us email at southern I can't read now number you're trying to call my tackles truly applicants the hot like the way you think one cannon. Is Malcolm Williams this interview that he's a pillar of all things fantastic and in Seattle period. And he's a fellow wrestling fan I learned he does. They can tackle the jaded chopper. Twitter. So I'm. That's always cool it sees this war. Milan and announced on morning. I realize and I ask you know mom. Twitter or look or number the and that the guitar thrown Irish castle to work tar owner at lake in Mercer there's outdoor speakers yet. And I would patch in the phones he hears that on. Slick avenue nine dollar 1900 wet but. And you get to Griese he's. How secure online media away under the tall for a minute and then they ask you for your money but he's just pulled that into the street 100 closing earlier hour I was on the do you think go like you know 1800 hot -- like her either sign or a child who we are you know I don't know all the attacks on the Mercer avenue from give it starts at the if you don't forwarded to an. Maybe. They're. To talk of an app I allow you know I'll. Sox who you guys never gonna players talk about you again is just an answer the phones yet detonate you know what it that's fine because we need to get this of the that's very very important right now. Run through this. Q swears in the Star Trek he couldn't do it but I think in that area per billion. Low while we're on vacation. All three of us. Checked out not to gather that would be cool but I am not together but we've all seen the new Star Wars movie. Yes right. Now. Over the weekend myself the land and the boys and grew to birdie we all got together. For a nice dinner at JT's house in south JT and Lynne Dunn and that was awesome honestly I view my licenses like I've met I've been beaten a lot of Thai food not time tying their homey type food a rom to. Any type who we've ever had a Linda rocks why she's she's amazing Amanda Fung glove and JT they put together one of the best meals we've had in a long time and it was just so and also. Quick aside it was also fun because apparently Travis is not like anything that's. Not a hamburger steak. Or potatoes happened in Canada and one of hilarity he's zero going to the spicy. That she tries to give them something to handle the spicy foods like. Federal putting. And even what the hell is this is where you are now. I like taken thrilled to have vegetarian. I mean Travis at half did you he's been so sweet so played the least you just losing his mind is that you have some would Wonder Bread and catch a police. The I think that's the point where I'm looking in terms of like he's my grandfather Robert pack and I'm glad I got like. Like that I wanna try not who I wrote you didn't know poker face at all he's a but it's not us. I'm surge yet I don't want it. There's this thing up the hill as bullying and they're really gonna. That's that's what other things that are delicious Rosenberg on food who you know like sometimes I make a thereafter jobs just sit there like. This thing is all wrinkled up shaken is handle it. Oh. I like the quote servicemen and when women he said can we just talk about dude stuff. Did did stuff not fancy food goes well we're. They gave Tommy this really cool sort of wooden chest for our essential oils on which Tony editors sentiments in his they say the central stratus lost his mind now. That's up. Let cadet grew testy around like this fancy vinegar. By cigarette. I balls on make it different flavors are all to a mall shots out of the the cap and it was delicious it was that's why and then he looks at the price make you pay twelve dollars for this crap half. I got laid off his body with a better. Travis looked at my grandpa yeah I got it needs produce an attitude and I'm yeah. I love about him we were gonna get out there that we we missed settle mister Jericho will set on you know we're really excited for dot. And good men into the meteorite or else who blue pill was playing and I don't pollute there was another band. I can't remember who's in the middle I feel bad about that it was a great bill mobile kind of Wheeling and you know it's late now that we we mr. Kono and let's just a Cisco and at home and Travis GT still went under the Chopra terms like become drug and bloody elbow shot to let her. I. We get all the way to react at. Just would letting go Politico an owner UNAIDS the looks on his face especially to Bret I would think. It was GO putting. Chia seed putting. Just to achieve and don't like fresh pineapple. And mango delicious yeah I put Chia seeds in my shoes put you down and find him and it was like oh it was like four year old Travis was present at table I don't want it the fifth and it sit through this loss of the business lower right corner and they're doing a video series of Travis tries and just all things in his face and cedar. And I feel like this current chip patent elixir defeated duke wins slip off. Well I would do that on our podcast but he'd be here all day editing out all the F bombs are dropping. Out pat on the I want. Are we getting back to what I meant to talk about that is Star Wars so. Were. I dread dinner I've been recommending Star Wars anybody who has ears yeah you've lost your mind about thought twice a month. Full time to four DX sealed once more to meet GAAP. Thoroughly enjoyed so. I pulled Glenn Glenn was telling me that he has a tradition with his lovely wife that on New Year's Day. They went so the last Star Wars that we're gonna do it again this timer all right solid saw Mike or eat ram and a good time in you know medium captain crappy small talk but if I had to pick as small talk about Mike glad. What you think about Star Wars stick it to round. I wouldn't have lost in my mind what I told him honestly what I felt. And it it turned into actually it was kind of fun and there was a fun time you're laughing you know lot of laughs at the table was really fun. You later all but not. I hater it's not like those pre schools which I now call the three had an abortion yeah you can non-GAAP I mean those those were not good they are unacceptable bomb. But. To take that. And spoiler alert we might talk about some stuff and so spoiler spoiler alert it's not anything we want to do that for Colorado or you know we might see some stuff that's not -- it's about the movie and some people get all their pennies in a bunch of its ruler but we're not gonna tell you like console dies I will say it was what you bring to Bobby got syphilis which those things you know me I'm actually here on hall that you got a red rocket needs steamed all time it was really matters really weird yes and Manger afterwards really awkward had to cut the new mats out of his fur was really challenging. Well with the to have visual and bras as a kid doesn't have. It's weird dog but drag your on the bottom. We'll let it out do it alone we don't use the negatives butter out of your excuse. Men all. No I. Nice. The mos Eisley cantina you know a more wretched hive of scum and examine it. I had some serious problems at the film but I don't know alone like I know at this point even JJ Abrams is said. Oh my god you know holy yes I would be writing and directing the last one we're gonna see if we can salvage this I can't believe what was done in my characters. It wasn't. And this guy over and Star Wars is supposed to be damned comedy. On it's you know eight. You have character based comedy like for example Hong always Massimo three PL think this is a moment of lighthearted fun throughout the film. ET occasional good solid laughed because your ball wouldn't care. When my biggest from this film's studio over the tall trying get a joke a minute end. At the expense of the story and the characters I thought that was total BS. I thought the way they handled Luke's character grumpy old man three the Skywalk Kurdish and I come all my act that was irritating. There were some massive massive problems with just the story in general what things are really liked was how the end there was what 300 guys in the that that made it to the surface of the planet knows that true entry to fight. Yeah and the solar or what's left global alliance picks in the final. All of you guys believe they're just a lick the salt dwindling what I have all they do it happened all those guys there's another one. By the way spoiler many coming matches I saw the rooms oh dude you're gonna jump this look. Do the job of the big big big yeah it OK so when the two ships ran out of fuel they just under blown up while when you say hey. Here's what old Luke that you driver out of fuel was evacuated and senator John driver's face and run it through their fleet so wouldn't elect. And about Murray out how I'm pregnant at all the whole Powell rescue the whole page over cal rescue thing in the same data as all kids. No. And then you know we're we're we're finally getting to meet bomb what's his name a supreme leader yes no it. We're finally getting to meet snow boiler room we're gonna finally get some American development on snow we learn about the sky wordy come from all that he's dead. I mean I see this is that. Like your your anger about that I was really angry about as well is it time now for reds counter points eight should be another thing is I courtroom I'm all in the movie and anxious to see you again I think when I see it again I'll be more is row one was so well done. And was treated so correctly were in the wrong John and I say that's our lesser know role as president of brand new hero Warren was done so well and whose true they treated the material so it was like to file in the fans make a movie who wrote one ones. Incredible it's the only one to meet it's on par with empire strikes. And I would taped this C I would take this one as like number three I think he would be empire strikes back new hope and in this point out. Because really yes so you really liked it I really enjoyed it but I was and number one. Depending on your mouse theme I've seen the first three hit a lot of really great news NIC knows that the the last two and then and also the one in the middle. Half. And over the other one by fall asleep on those. So clearly have a huge Star Wars fans in my opinion matters the most. Silicon 1978. Wasn't crawled around the room floor a little through half inch plastic figure actually yes I was. Although if I had all the and I star worksheets. I had Star Wars sleeping bag you like this really bad I national act act. Like yeah I think anyone mad as he's my favorite used to be empire strikes back for a long and now it's alone and yet I would put this one and then empire strikes back but then again I don't care about. Plot holes this. I don't care about. If it gave him being too Joseph -- I just wanna go on a good ride and Greta I was a little bit skewed in a little bit biased because of the four DX experience I don't know why would you pour so immersed into it with right does analog and -- British chuck you know that's what the last time we saw the light Saber. Was when his own father. 'cause handle. So she handed to him and he throws and restore problems that are comparable plan three I mean Cold War but that delicate palate or who left after a cup car. Yeah because isn't that this is Susan trumpets it doesn't. Exactly well yeah I'm on and I don't see this little under the radar bingo yeah. Argues the I guys. Goes over your head but I can't wait for Buck Rogers. Should it matter because I'm a marginal Star Wars fan and I looked as it was about. This movie is. Exactly. Why it. The way the empire strikes back was. In the first trilogy it's the second one that makes you change your perception of what the universe is doing and where they're going with it. Because at the end of that when you find out that Luke is Peter side. Which turns borrowing Brock eight gates thirty year old's entire airline down well alert about the hand cotton belt would revel in that. Hit aesthetic but what it does it change changes your perspective and then you have to look at where are they doing with these characters and you have to sort of realize that. A the air the age visited their their their moving forward with this new story and that the whole. The old doesn't necessarily matter so much anymore. And you have to look at it those perspectives pilot was doing what he's doing because he says bird in the past I and the future. But long that yeah yeah I was actually I'm with. With a all of that and angry Luke is because of what had happened with that and he has given up. So you have to find the reason why he's given up which is because he has lost faith in himself. And he has to learn more about learning the fate within himself and also the force in general C. I'm an I'm with that a 1000% to I think what I would say is I don't have a problem there are different plot holes but let's get it but there's a little gap I don't have a problem of the story I have a problem with the direction. I think the director failed the material. Com if that makes sense because I think. Everything you said is totally on point and I'm within a 1000%. It was the way those characters were handled on screen I think it's a failure of the director. And I don't feel that much like a lunatic is even JJ who kind of reinvigorated the franchise brought mr. what. JJ Abrams Hussein sent in like all my god I did do some damage control he really what he did these characters. Is he enough where these characters are supposed to go. He says that but then on the same point I thought that episode is set in which JJ Abrams wrote and directed. Was more of the failures in this wine and failures remember you know all of the work out you hit it really is there is and it's like hey remember all those cool things that happen and we're gonna do them again and that's really what JJ Abrams does if you watched the the star track has a lot of fans starch or prevent the second one the second one I really. But it was literally just. Eight rehash where they even goes so far as to do would be become strained exactly comments on gala like they're just. Aren't. Competing after he knows how to rehash. And that's all that was in this was not this is moving in a direction that yeah a lot of people have been watching this for a long time aren't necessarily going to be cool wit ya but a lot of new people are going to be enthralled by because it's more about the new were younger characters and trying to push back into the into the. Obvious problems with the force awakens were like OK you got another death star planet yet. Really well okay starts on a desert really in here you know I had a lot of problems of the two and one of my biggest problems was when the blue star killer. But yeah yeah what is arguably shot its giant hyper space laser. Me and then it. It is like the likes all those all those planets are that close together as a minute do what I thought that work yet he that was that was a major major election advocates. Whole. Pallet if you add to the hyper space gave the green shot into the men and opened elsewhere but. They'll wash and Ella did so what these planets Rolex door like what are they even need light speed travel for you can't road America he's planet and a nit picky little being that being there for I mean just. They blow up all of us on the schedule thing. Saw people went there is a lot of people up. But it's also if you look back at that movie and then look at the new movie and again I we were tuchman is put under Hitler it's where it gets to you the fact that. You say that there's no development as some as snow and I was really mad about that as well yeah but then I realized that. He doesn't need it because what it is is he was trying to rehash the past so that's why he was going through it if you look at that he had her. This is nerdy I he had reigns as the network last twenty minutes off club. The original jet I order. He was up and boy. He was the old school he was view the world always you know pro wrestling you're a marked absent with no he was a Smart. Oh Smart you are the guys who you know there's a Smart enough to know. What is supposed to happen like he is his imperial guard were help teens imperial guards a basis top of the total and are more most are no he was a snow yet. Any. Assembling why all accounts sought common and we killed smoke I love that still it's always good deed a whole fight was still open all see the whole thing between him and ray yeah housing manage and fallen law does is I would really embolden their story out that there are great. Hello good little Republican cholera and character only does is whine and complain and and that's when I suppose in an an you'd honesty and I feel like if you look at that guy. Any given moment he looks like he's about to burst into tears he looks like someone's on DK again. I'm losing their mind at all times love him love this character love their story yet anyway that's slocum. Just fun on the sky as but I got to a bottle that played well funnel that was actually cool night. And I like sitting need to see it again now and I've seen it and ornament for a problem we enjoyed a lot more. My problem was stopped with a joke a minute this isn't the DM com EC east. And even with skywalker some of that I thought was done for the sake of of human idle LO which you cut that rock and half and ladies and it. I crackdown that was hilarious but if they would just left it at that just that one thing. Yeah and not every five minutes turgeon who drove it's like man these are serious films a new hope was a Dandridge comes back is and you were blown. I won't tell us that this area is still don't know you're asking dogs are not serious charger okay not Cyril did Georgia doesn't exist that's like. I mean dude there's a lot of common tongue over the years there there it is but it's it's counter and order series territories on its character on me not a good. Mentally you walks but even got my shooting down to get those things dead and roll around with smoke coming off of them okay say that it's still a drama. The unit museums and Star Wars could understand almost smoking skeletons are only America. Oh that's a look nobody felt pinellas blowtorch and civilians in this comedy. There were always light hearted laughs in Star Wars which is why it works they were character based laughs you know what when they implement the best start choose going nuts in the championship but Jack. Early in saint usually get is walking carpet. Out of I don't know if they were there were character based joke situation based. And it worked because your ball with the characters and and that was cool that we all agreed were happy that chewy is now begin. Check back up all your agency Arnold guys out at that other borrowers were great I thought somebody actually complain that they were trying to push to beat him. Our culture be yen. Lifestyle on us with this movie matter how low will let you know what I don't hear that we want our society Yang Yang are currently in code you might believe it. What if someone told me that the reason those little guys even exist is because the actual island where they shop that is infested with like penguins top pop pins. Paulson us just how little bits you're just like little birds like at least beatle speaks in there needs to couldn't get rid of on any cost more money. Digitally remove bump but it would be just to turn them into a different creature so he had big biggest superimpose these things on well with it and other make him bank from the merchandise I'll. Yeah you're does that GAAP. But I just I didn't ease the movie I didn't it wasn't like the prequel which I think Iran forgive a bad mom and made it. But camp for me it was just. Honesty the biggest thing and I thank you said I do have some serious problems with the plot in and of itself but we'll find this master thief can't found him but here's another one. Imagine V I'm kind of interesting idea what they're gonna do win that night he should de toros care here is giving the father of the got a looks now like him that flies the planes which is funny and Pope. Yes meanwhile some of those some up and did you develop code Allen's. Law and I have some issues cannot apprentice live spacewalk now Kamal no no that. Fits perfectly into our all I needed perfectly I got her whole rose a woman public through space go on now because what they don't hole. Point of the entire thing is that bad that. In the end. The entire point of the entire movie entirely is that the forces. Eighteen with in us all when has that potential and why wouldn't you most powerful jet back in the world. His twin also deep powerful and it as well she didn't go into the jet I orders are frozen Liesman knows because I was born in the the forced works in different ways and they showed that they show the fact it. Luke can force travel. And jedi planet far away and didn't insulate down nets you know I mean you get your readers and this and lives it and prepare the sex movie about warm. There isn't it they're showing that the poorest in our team differently I know he'll. On the GM's strong in the force and I got it she's she kinda comes in the consciousness she's in space he should be dead. How much he uses the forced torso part of the bridge again it again probably the director I think that could have been done in such a way to Hewlett whoa I'm not. Go whoa now what. She is why first base wage she should be dead and yet she lives how is that not long it was borderline funny cute how violent our IU Alia sickle man job I have sickle that you changed coaches I had a good stories we're ex. Did I. I Breslow saying and that's exactly what you do I am saying that I'm afraid it wouldn't be here in Columbus that could have fallen apart the podcast when one episode and Tony eighteen and over a day when I Sonnanstine all I could think was. And enemies and with us and I got a I got a problem with the way. It happened I just. I think it could have been done direct orally in such a way. That it was really intense and kind of scary and blow instead it's like she's floating peacefully Gillick openers are frozen corpse. No way this jury should you not then what George always heard Mel I wouldn't be fat women small because I Carrie Fisher passed away any thought that would be the way that they would kind of say I honestly did think that it's only it didn't happen nearly holy crap paid I don't know fifth member of big obviously guys remember this seeing this from talking to hospital that's. Obviously now I see you brought up about the whole fuel and all that when now will win win but it just went to light speed yes. I don't know how I react the reaction happened at your theater. But it was hey it's so stupid because I guess people were complaining because they thought that the movie was broken a desires are no Saturday actually had to put signs up outside the theater saying head about an hour fifty minutes in there's going to be a smooth comfortable silence but that's intended to directors in this book was don't. Well I've when I was cut credibly you know freeze all that was though I'd ever so powerful was really cool one of the best moments happen in my theater. As that happened. I legit heard a man have an orgasm. If that's why it. Well do early got quell shoot silence and norms and. Hot. To people all over me in my Brody Mittal Alaskan. It was via truly cool insane like seeing that happen I was like she's not gonna do she's not to do it all she did it and it just that silence you'll. Security in just. It's it's again I thought that was built but as soon as they did and a again Wessels of well Larry I forgot literally want Laura term personal I was blown away by that but the meal only. Wait a minute why didn't do that earlier they sure does she belong lives in on a mile immediately went all they had to other open to dramatic effects there. Now. And then I think one of the best parts for me I wrote it down to that that is such a powerful line is he's taken notes for a movie that was stuck with me you know Michael we gonna forget this by the time we podcasts are veteran that's not a quote from Thomas or Travis this would be great with ketchup. Yes I. I got a good jokes. But no one of the coolest lines is when why I was at the chick within yeah and she said how would you rather see below the one you love or fight the ones you hate. That's not that's a good line right I like and I I like rose as a character I thought she was awesome touch you scuba but she was crazy for complaining about her to worst they were. The problem her but you know when she stumbles upon thin and friends basically fixing to run again McMahon didn't establish that he's passed all around what. He's gonna fail again but he's Palin as his save his friend Heath got no allegiance. To the rebel alliance because they realize she's in the friend zone. That was easy on the missile was he's put it trying to fight was re waiting to find her to tell her not to come too damn okay I tried it without you because it does attract essentially turning our sellers are. And I need to see the movie again we should all go and I also throw all that I think it was skewed by rode 11 so well. It's I like it's. Whole NASCAR early enthralled by rogue Y it blew me completely away I just thought it went and so I expected it to at least be of that caliber and when it was minority lighthearted comedy with moments of drama and yeah yeah yeah I had I mean that beer movie. So after World War I only god the last gen I dude didn't do Scott Walker's character written to the history all. And I want expecting I went in and expecting. Something and then what I got was sort of a lighthearted comedy with moments of incredible action yet and extend. And so walked out on you know yak your lone rogue one ended that you're definitely not an exact. That's what happened until I don't really want to stay with it without everything I said I need to go see it again oh we have a bunch storm troopers popped protesting outside yet about whether characteristic. America's job. It's full dance Canon's full glass jar jar rules and charge or we'll stop that. Thought that was our Star Wars today on the makes I have tried recently actually tried to watch the pre bulls again why if third they're just terrible I have in my obliterate I won't tell you to tragedies you've got old and I'm really talented actors but again it's complete failure direction like handwriting because Lucas K all right for music and books but you know. So baseball how old guys. Yeah I think baseball's forever. It's a fantastic. Film to hold a little low all god yes we have no further proof that really generally does me I try to go back and watch blazing saddles it. Sort it doesn't hold up doesn't know only. Now I agree. So baseball's fees to still be in good time I heard. That spends wounds. Anyway I like the fact that we are able talk nerdy stuff on the pot scandal attorney yeah I don't like nation in any man I. I need to see it again honesty probably should've said what I summed everything up with first which is due to me rogue one nailed it. So what's it like I said it's what they finally let the fans the new plans make a movie. And I was like only incredible. Aristocrat or through these things and rogue one but it was literally just visual stop seeing CGI Tarkanian CGI Leah. Was a little off putting I'm as she can't attorney who is so well bond it took me minutes ago. What we do and that's going to be CC GI highly GI they warned would show they should have shown her from behind to never return to shore face it and I think at lea. There's less Alia Paris based on Q and well they surely I was like okay thanks well London may be I wouldn't have done that yet but just the way is immaterial was treated. On the ground do which was treated I thought was incredible he still had a couple little chuckles and their written it was character based comedy I just thought it was so on point now here's my ears Michael act or you. After episode. Nine which is they're essentially going to be closing the skywalker story right and they're gonna be branching out beyond that I think the director for the force awakens another force awakens at the last that I Ryan Johnson. It's going to be doing another trilogy. We gee you are you interested in a non skywalker. Absolutely or I salute all sorted my daughter wrote any of the you can anything with a new characters and an end a 1000000% I love the new characters as well. On any of the spin off stuff of yet they go back and do a whole fat Ron I won't told going to go to Los story this year in new on how word all because they'd be behind the guy that did the Lego movie I think it was dumb of Hollywood elect this guy may put money on the Little League let's get him for a console they were turning it into a comedy. And they're like no no no no I don't know they know they fired everybody and Ron Howard came and said I'm a fix this Ron Howard generally does not even will O'Connell rocks Ron Howard does Missouri thank you. REM album with willow I don't willow but Ron Howard and use huge grew up on very except for the solo film because again I think the character and news. The material will be treated correctly. Com. There's going to be a point where you can literally watch lake. Three days worth of just Star Wars movies and it's funny narrow reading about like after like the return of the gen I for how many years went by it would viewers think I just want to sequel mantle of yours is he small why little books ever Timothy Zahn at Tennessee's all the books know that when every year. First things to like December even as a young kid like OK the emperor's dad the second Astaro is gone but there's still the entire imperial. Leaked can it be like at the height of Nazi Germany's power like hey we blob or land it's a well what's great about Berlin Wall. There's still all of Europe brought gamblers spend your glare so all of that was dealt with in the tenth tees on novels he had on the people that graduated into power power and the we're in control of the imperial fleet and it told the continued stories of Lou commonly and to me it's the universe is is interesting enough you don't actually have to have those primary characters yet but I thought those books were fantastic read all the Hans solo spin off small holes about his days. Smuggler. A lot of all that stuff so when I was younger I was like look. I get that you told your story George put these characters are killer these books circular. These people would go and get all and you don't even easier in May world many movie but to the put things into this material go on for these people are too old to do it in this borderline what happened by the time they finally were able to make Star Wars films again Guns 'N Roses and but prosecute even if they went back I read all of beyond the rogue squadron novels with with wedge Antilles yet. Although I read all those tunnels they were killer all galaxy then they'll tell all hot rods and guitarist tune torn I'm Obama and all kinds of. Iron sorry man I have to agreed that the last dom the last time calorie it was in the movie I completely despised back as it goes and then when I first saw him in the new. Did that the last that I as a huge out of the scholars like oh here we go again with this guy and man oh man was I wrong. They did such an incredible job developing Mac character where like you said. I was completely wanting more and more from that guides the dynamic between him and ray that. Do as an actor if you look at his eyes he yelled you have to yell out to cry is a sexy chest at all times he's he's like lead literally looks smelly by his mind a Novella of that perhaps. They see you know they hope it won't know it. Was what midday at the picture him shirtless it was like half of his ads but it was like the old covered his stomach getting another part of this summer in his belly button is like those old school bikinis they just go up higher because like standards and practices same week it will be opened. I didn't pay you Cindy mine yet I don't just basically you like to have this adds it is Nichols. Use a really off putting when we do we know how I tax now I gotta get on that. 25327. Or third in the he's our voice and text line up to an end of these desert gmail.com I do and give a quake. Public service announcement everybody who's listening to the league's cast in that is to you. Get on your Twitter. And follow. Mug shot babies oils. MUGSHOTB. A ES it's up. A Twitter page where they have pictures of hot and F six the just got arrested in their mug shot photo mine's dad. So I I would turn my Twitter on in about seven months is this shocking is the best thing I don't know right now. I do one entices driving without a license and the girls mug shot picture could be the most fantastic thing ever she sticking her tongue out. Yeah yeah I think they're all hot chicks on our idea. And I'll tell you they got like one was for armed robbery Ole. There's one battery like the position of Canada's public possession of artillery vehicle girl she's got nice DSL's are slow and aunt she's the blonde engine Angelina Julie. He's always up for possessing cocaine normal rumors that an armed robbery mean. Nice. On this one do you wide of obviously a lot of moves. If someone has like heroin possession at that and she's like smoking hot she is now you were off five years at this point I. And his car battery on a house member and hurts her out yet you're scared Q he's got that smirk on her face it and I beat her ass. She kind spaghetti and just your make up perfect for mug shot at a possession of heroin girl he's cute smile ads Mac hello I'm comfortable Vietnam. Battery. Knowingly giving false information to a law enforcement. Do you see the opposition of a stolen gunning concealing a buyer RTC that tattoos aren't that look at who. And she's hot fuel is left tackle she wouldn't you bust you during the desert arm didn't grow that I want to go lap deficit looked just like her and get a sister and then it was two of them got into a fight at the strip club because. The sister dot I would hurt costly quote unquote when they fought Aristide. The gap and it it's cool how this picture from Mexico all those tests themselves are taking the main stage is. Year and Allen Lynn Allen Emerson and I like follow ups on these days is that once this trespassing on a property after a warning like what which make. She's hop to the right actually go in the nation will likely at this point friends house or something that he's built stories rises in my closet with a knife leaguer this smoking gun articles were they would get old like the roundups. For all of the uh oh. My best one and others have been four days ago and it's not criminal mischief and then in parentheses attempted to inscribed the words more into oak harbor misspelled it as a war. I. What is the good. Or she's cute that you will always mad at somebody who but you've got the H. So she can't spelled shall keep your car helping to carry a gun through airport security the sailors and Narnia few and fair. A the. I love this fairly low IQ so now firearm airport security what could go wrong well here theater and once that's America marijuana few through very popular. And now. But yet given and given a follow is it's easily the best thing on Twitter makes Twitter worth it it's wanted to few examples of why the unit I would get back on Twitter for I pegged I had to. I tried to order Aussie for the sake of the show and I had to just run screaming from yeah I noticed that you have a link to your FaceBook so whatever you put some face because editor and I know full well you impose that on Twitter no I I I Twitter I got on the Twitter couple times into the occasional post but it was it was so limiting. Yuck can be like having a sandwich. Well the pro Bono had and then even one of the people were reading what others who were putting up was so limited that I was like man this is lights Twitter is really just a lot of com. Meaning now days do I got into it with a guy today I found just I I don't typically respond to trolls but it's got annoyed about look at who's got a name is Steve he's got the troll he was trying to be funny I I'd imagine because we had off yesterday firm Martin Luther King Jr. day because you know our company does believe in giving a day off as opposed to other recess companies that don't quite often go to the cup but. I was bombed Christina that they off with me. Yeah I get that this is Steve writes what do shocked at PGA maids are off again today apparently they've adopted the school holiday countered thus far in 2018. I can't disagree with him. And I wrote arm I'm like yeah we're pushing to have recess at the end of every day and then got some public no big deal things are going well clearly the guy is a fans are not going to be equal rights to guy because he's upset that we're not working that's awesome that somebody wants us to be on the air all the time. Totally but then somebody if the comment on it a joke he goes big guys because talk about me BJ who got. Black stop listening to them a few years ago I guess they got too old for their juvenile brand of humor satellite is where it's act. So my response. Could I just finally a thank you know what I'm not who I have a great day and you're Jack guess Colin must take off the leash I try to be nice. I write joke. What's the point of your tweet must try to be rude but seriously. Or excuse you've got to catch that was a microphone here is a bad. But he just do that on command congratulations. Bodily functions just in check and others is awe of the here aren't giving I handed to a whale. I call it an army because you can have to wrap both arms around and sort of hugged that maybe just today. Hello Mary Joseph what's the point of U three that's hundred but seriously that's good you don't listen. You say we're good guys they take a shot at us I guess you're aren't you all to be a troll on Twitter. Ideal reply no yes and they're very well there's been three give response was from JT were Barack Obama drops the might. Next what is Matthew Mark hazing got Jack in the in the Johnson you know one where he's like would. That's. Just I don't get away like nobody included you on this thread like the guy I was writing us. And then you gotta jump you get a slide into our at vengeance as the kids would say you know like why you reciting it on that but nobody ask for your opinion joke if you don't listen. Cole don't listen yeah but you gotta write him you gotta make it a point yet I don't like their juvenile humorous all listen to satellite which has plenty of juvenile humor on. Here's the thing I just looked at this guy's tweets yeah everything is negative. Every single thing is negative person that follows via Twitter of course to make you follow me. It doesn't well I'll get to know if he blurted it's good you are now block you know it's you're. It's just like it's. Right yeah when your regular what I'm too old for that but you're not old enough to be a Dick on Twitter I didn't keep our resolve keyboard cowboys that's what I call until he worked cowboy. If he met you faced facing them the ball says now we've got to go low on you Barack Obama would go on parity right there were callow yeah. Joe's own ego or oil foul ball iron you can hear a room full face you with the big. Three I'll pay tribute to. Two. The loss of the world careers and oh yeah hilarious and Arnold Palmer 4686. Alone now of course I don't have an actual. For every person I've I've wondered about this kind of thing in this more already guessed that Leo that if this goes metal covers all night. It's a great person. Is that can't. Yeah it's bad if both people of both both well I bow my doubt. I mean I am about to do that was a popular summer would I do it. You're Irish I did it stop. To topple our whole bowl oh poor people old people. So like some of branding on seal team. That's the most touching tribute and I don't play a primaries Alter. I'm going on right now I batter until I just stopped the lady who no longer with us so are the that you're sorry you're not regret maybe kids face are not very amazing songs with that zombies use this look the look and zombie when she would just let. But accent crack. 500 times as it then it it was cool the first time you don't do it thirty times yeah. The goal is okay. Kerio. You look at the true. Pretty cool group that's. This is always my favorite of all the cranberry sauce. But that's like. Not saying oh my god they're great aren't clever little really dollars. Huge fan but I mean I didn't hate and either singles or even this on a ghost killer I just leave. Don't know that it's almost at the producers and let's really work your accent on this one. Yeah dad I hear you say up to porous at home and you know beautiful voice and it's cool that your voice does not unique and as a result of where your from. But yeah now it is really good EP MD put out a song of Contra spurs just to the extent that deeds let's. You know I live with getting a bit scary good scary but can't but I am with Kerry ever in my head remixed. A I don't know what I'm saying I'm a jerk and should I don't know I know this but really I have been challenging for really we're not only the whole star or they cannot tell you off your pregnancy are angry and it was a comedy. Here. You know it's funny Jose Guzman Niger at that time though there was seem to be like that kind of a style for female singers because there's like that song zombie and member along the first that you want to know as well. Hey yeah. She's got a bad thing I ask OK okay. I'll go out and they're repeating word thing with the voice cracked yeah. Is that the puberty remixes with. A stomach queasy 46 at that one that's young man what a weird time. We're in with the base editions musicians and help our generation gap and another like they're young age they get another old a lot of. Awesome artist stepping up to fill the void because the industry really hasn't developed any really. You know man we lost somebody's gonna take you Katy Perry off Phil and shoes let me go well let Miley Cyrus have you heard her stuff. Recently. No she settled down home. Are you thankful one might make all you rock kind of dull yes no I did I learn. Stern interview whether I hop on and she she was a great interview was kind of cool bottom I heard of a piece of that material and yet it was weird it was like 50s60s. All. I don't know what she was due on and your records could younger now and actually don't I don't I don't hate it. She performs just to get to contend in the bottom I didn't and that's it. But it's not what you expect from Miley Cyrus I'm not saying it's easier to pick up. The torch that is Tom Petty well I just pick two names up at night. Miriam. It's my colleague pardon on to death on here oh cool. It. It. Love he embezzled or Austin, Texas. And nine to five. And if I was fine from President Clinton was at port is dead. What was the actors knew it was the kidnapped bonds. Do I had no idea pluses and no idea where he was also the villain in. My favorite charities and small like problems. Yeah. There was something. Yeah. Not exactly party in the USA anymore different. But the thing I'm missing those days. Dad I don't know I just I think we're losing a lot of prolific artists in my just feet from where I'm sitting. No I think RR but. We're losing a lot of prolific artists and I'm just not seeing a lot. It be like men de Niro died but thank god we have DiCaprio you don't mean life. Generation in film you can say man you know we we've lost Allan Rick man Balt we have. You know is there are certain these amazingly talented new artists and where with the record industry you at all felon itself I think they were discount pomp and now what are they could turn generate big dollars. And I'm not saying anything even necessary negatively about those artists understand that you know. I don't know man I think there's a ton of talent out there I just don't think that that's what's being pushed to. If it were over saturated because the Internet because of all the ways that we can get it is like you know back then I don't know I'm not saying that the cream rise to the top but. It seemed like if if they found a band they there was a lot of avenues to find other bands so you were kind of just present him with this. It could have been a million bands are just good has Led Zeppelin Palin get an opportunity like Led Zeppelin did B that's a very good that's very true you would have to go to the store that you would have to pick out an album. And hopefully you picked out the right one that you like and you would listen to it over and over I don't know as you know that that's all you act. Got a lot more artists getting signed back. Then as well and so they were trying to develop new Norris darted the worst developments on they're not an assigned to my Peter talent invest money in their careers they can afford do get -- I think technology do a little bit with that tube you know on the other side of it too is. You know nowadays a gold record is a major success and young the days of twenty times platinum protests by animal cranberries are only forty million dollar or eighty million dollar and they've it does surge of 900000%. In sales which I don't even know what that means that it primaries and always find her record ads are passing the line to an -- pass but the 900000. Per cent sales since she passed away yes platinum albums that was the measure of success go to were multi platinum artists on some of the biggest bands all right now are not machines advance in the biggest artists I'll. Are just barely hitting gold does and no one buys records anymore let the whole thing fell and went on itself so where's you know knee. There used to be in the days we sell a million copies in two days now if you so million copies in two years that success story of five finger death punch as being a huge fan of those guys alms I think only go gold. Not to say that tens of millions of people don't have their music right but those records dreamy or Rutgers you may gold they they aren't. Thirty times platinum. Well the the biggest person he's made it made album sales in the last year was Taylor Swift and she's brilliant eight. No I mean because he knew you know she does she doesn't release her stuff on any of the streaming podcasts for about two to three weeks. Until it's already been now that's orders Smart and she would hold. Everybody else combined on Mike that the billboard like top twenty or read a pretty probably want a million copies in NM one week she should limiting access to immaterial because people like me. Let's opera claims with B no guilt no shame. I bought the record on iTunes because. I was too impatient to wait three weeks that's marked the prestigious mark thank you. Taylor Smith is a genius it's about time you got to recognize you explain it but I agreement while it's a great movie I think it's true with that it. The bigger zapper have you heard this bank credit monthly. It is it's not been anyone thinks is up no points on anything like zeppelin and is actually kind of awful and I'm not sure I hope it is I think it's exactly I don't really know better I thought it was supplement if you thought that was zeppelin should be slapped some more like. The black girls and boys and that's to take a young group of guys who decided we're gonna sound trying sonics up. All himself at the Georgia settlement. I'm going nuts about this through. Let me welcome roll out of the Celtics Led Zeppelin. And I don't think it. Has created before making I don't think so yeah. I can school because they're so young how to know we were done like twelve. This to me sounds like Georgia sun life. I can see why you play the way they're trying to pull back. Yeah if you look at them they have like that they're trying to have liked Led Zeppelin looked to. Huddled inside your. By his fifteenth land something like this they're like oh this is cool thing you can video cool dude who's like you think this is. Cool check this south. Ian what a snapper is right here had a real deal what a meal a lot of my peers like dude I thought it was only zeppelin track like in the if you actually thought that was Led Zeppelin and you're not a fan of loads up on music and like I Jake how do you. Liked how do you go home ospreys and I doesn't mean I need to step under. And you got a voice heroic upcoming tournaments that. I sure we can take we give we could miss in the some more of credit I believe I'm on my new. After it's not awful but it's like it's not great and then the whole it's just like blood supplements like no it's really not I don't think it is an. I don't like that is like that's what they're put all the hopes of rock and roll into his hands and Greta Von flee I calculated so and a better. Rock like simple basic rock band saga like what they're trying to do that off. Far more talented and and and far more interesting musically. But beat. A young guy animals you order sell bottles take royal blood over those guys yet not now any day that we are now all he's a bit forced and also is panacea is on the same lines as sly guy in the ninety's overture what is where at the very beginning it was like these is is the new Nirvana. Yet and a lot of people are trying to equate that to that. And then there's like well Nirvana meets Pearl Jam they have the grunge sound and are three piece for a guy who kind of looks like curtains yes I felony gun. I thought they were there were there were there own thing I thought they had a couple great too cynical mean to end. Armed Aussie I thought they got better as green went all I know hundreds and Henry they lost all that. You know Errol quotes popularity or whatever but some other later name it's Erlich straight lines and stuff talks killer and a song yet like these guys are really really developing but it's. Six grew up an immature yeah exactly exactly you know lay it even you know back then like when when STP came on all orders were pulled him like this. Album sounds nothing like Pearl Jam in any way is that sale of the deepest voice yeah yeah exactly Omar got him a baritone tenor voice closing creed man. I definitely and at the world following neurologist and you. Plastic and line. Demand economic and a Star Wars it's going to be OK I. Groping plant that grows nine million give welcome back I will get into the great reveal. Later on but suffice to say that. Then my universe is literally on folding like the wheels are falling off the wagon. On this time around though. Everything's great owned not to lose my house Reza latest is this is all new just. Total gut punch and betrayal tragedy. Yes I am I'm just barely holding on that have been studied every storyline. Yeah I did I was gonna push Shakespeare but yes absolutely don't need to be the female vote like equally am already getting rioting the it dead pool Allman Ryan Reynolds is you know he's talking about like you know. Life is basically just. A series of tragedies with little commercials of happiness in between and he's like get the commercials are over we now returned eerily scheduled program that's when he finds out he's load with cancer then get very. That I keep thinking about that like man and everything was good for like a split second. You know I'd pull that off and everything was cool for a minute and now you have got dams guys just who would walk away with that that's pretty tough there I'm just I'm not Barack and I. And it's like if I seem a bit unhinged. And as I can't. While Marvin Munro AKA rise he writes us and disperse us artist so long and late night and you know if he since December 16 so we're a month be historic differently. If I had an awesome time to live data to answer grade out all that stuff on all of them really cool stuff thank you so much in Liberia was reached on in the he says that said my opinion pieces about Glenn Don Don. Don. I've been a fan of B Jimmie since the buzz days even back in the Indy savage season as far as migs goes through inclement run into the cast my first thought was. Who'd a hell is this tool shed okay. I'll give them a chance who Andy took more than a few minutes to realize I was completely mistaken. Holy S this guy speaks the truth. Is entertaining as at as an awesome band gate has a great outlook and actually cares about people and as bad opinions about Star Wars look out. It's. And toll Kabul I think as a became an instant fan of the awesome Glenn cannon to my personal highlight from my day was when my friend Wanda saw Glenn back at the bar near the T shirt area she wanted to meet him so bad. However I have a I tell our I'll be right back I did my thing came back to the blonde act like she just won the lottery she was ecstatic Hughes bouncing around so happy. She got to meet Glen and talk to him and got hugs all mansion went from quote having a great time to quote having it I think are some times. Through raving about how great it was the topic Glenn and that made me feel so great to know that you guys don't just quote put on a show but rather you're just being new. And that just happens to be awesome. I wish I could've met YouTube line but I have anxiety issues and I really had to pee by the way oh well. I am acting and you know how much you affect us in the most positive ways ever so one guy that's on CL TV to see messy thanks framing I need that put it in the matches you know he literally didn't hand me the print of the male announcer I didn't get to meet you man. But open in the future we'll get X that brother and I am a hugger so you'll get a hug to homes. Yeah I love Obama that's cool that's really cool yeah matter that was pretty awesome and it falling to write email and read despite what you're going for it's. A lot of us and I. You know I'm I'm I'm you know. We will keep him out yellow juicy radios you know these Indians endeavor to persevere and so we went to war the next day. This kind of how I feel well Olympia office. Policy for all our listeners I will totally tell all my whole tale what is unfolding when the time is right yeah. Bottom. Yes Amanda. Just the wheels are totally coming off the wagon. Bought a home you know all all yours now I'm not gonna throw myself overbuilding just yet okay you want to. It's cool edit you know it's it's it's. It's not cool actually it's terrible plot. My eyes. The last draft and fall on the unpopular right. I know I have the chance of David Stern felt like this could actually life is all. Love turned them. No I. And I hope that everyone that's listening good Dodd posited what they declined to but I don't biggest people thinking good thoughts and they seem overly ground you don't put others at home. For example I guess I don't know I'm. We argue about Star Wars that we cracked over the future of a young band called Greta monthly duty and I always hell on sleep good on fleet now. Well liked Cleveland like I was on track that's one piece was written like do I thought it was zeppelin in them both personal insult to buy an X hope it. The thing I thought it was dog I mean like what. I'll I just felt. Think that it's that great in the Norman is up on the remind me more of the black person meet the Georgia satellites. That's totally separate them. This there. Is the slam yeah okay this they're trying to lose out on the gulf flower power but it's. Hokies are you series I'm not kidding. Together this sounds like they're trying to do zeppelin on the drummers totally zeppelin meets wolf mother he's at the. Yeah okay. All the teleport food. Wasn't there. Show told off planet lyrics I. So recognizable mother put out a Danzig album called her job. What can never plants just call her all Danzig songs and the knowledge that Robert doesn't have that I region Timorese is still worth it and you know it's still worth it. Paris your voicemail while we're here. I own. And and it can't analysts are quick update on eight that organ. And this whole not on my own. Yes. And a lot of people don't. Understand. What this law is. Oh that's right to change the law and order yeah gaffe filled out dead now and certain areas you can. View now have to pump your gas which is led to the Internet. Melting down and a funny way about people not knowing how to pump gas because they never have before Ryan. Why is it's the thing is. The only thing gone from land that or eggs I could really care less in fact gives me more time to check my oil and things of that nature but I've had two lost gas caps like Mara. If you're not tell me I love gas that's still days and I think tap Mac you know Guatemalan man. But I don't see that all the time where there's a gas cap sitting up the good guys and come. Luckily might attach the label rubber core I there are out big Riddick. I always thought it in men and own thumb he has proposed deal as that was about unemployment like look we're gonna guarantee jobs by having a gas station attendant who puncher and I'm sure it was a lot of jobs. So I wondered about when I heard about the woman in this was doodle. Just lose their job. Feels that way I'll cut it close enough for me I went to C yes look on last week and I'm I was trying to put the work in the coal mine the Purdue atop has everything to do with the robots are taken over and a lot quicker than we realize that's who say how times they would a lot of hassle and it's going to happen I YI I know I just want the robots to Travis everywhere I want no one to be able to drive I'll give up my right to drive. To make sure that nobody else can drive on until they sent crashing you to -- you have seen 2001 a space policy it to happen only problem no because people are going or how do you all were really you don't walk Williams who robots are gonna win no matter how does not come at odds are trying to look on their phone while reading -- their map quest print out at the same time on driving down the road this has happened to me will kill me before he robot I'm telling you Johnny number five is going to take you out again just he's arrive you complete the Nuvi seven year old they've who can't see how I met has its fingers on your trustee is right now passed her notable is going to kill me before robot driver I'll I'll. A couple of on this because I am no longer working for libel KV. I'm out of that job which is which is great graduation this year David Jennifer wonderful people but. Roped in mind but I am now driving full time who were left to make money while I'm here in town anonymous wrote yeah. Armed now that I drive for eight to nine hours at a time all we're elbow Randall is a 1000% correct. Here's what you need to do when you get your vehicle immediately assume that every one else out there is trying. To kill you yeah yeah that is howl that is how you used it especially like I'll pull for some good money Opel Friday night or Saturday night all man. Dude just own that every one and I mean not. Every one assume that everyone is trying to kill you if you are present. For a car in front of you that is in the lane it just expect them idiots gadgets are expected to suddenly come over nearly for absolutely no lesson because there's a good chance it'll just it's. Funny man in Europe armed you have to go through defensive driving course and all kinds of things to even obtain a license like he basically what I'm saying is people there know how to drive not because our Arab and Americans. But because of like oh you want operate you know a quarter ton. Torpedo the gap yeah you're gonna learn some skills to have a friend here or there like can you spell can you kind of read. Diego go yeah Obama until look at this whole picture I can you point out what's this okay could you got a license but be ahead by have a body that's a pilot he says he has even. He's like I. He driving and I'm in the air. A mass surrounded by a bunch of morons trying to win on the road yes I can't handle it because I'm surrounded by a bunch of more I had my dad is it cracks me up because. You mention defensive driving school. I always knew when dad was able fresher with the other drivers and brokers you kind of fix himself in the chair even driving goes. Time begin to defensive driving mode and I how that we've got a car lot and all the other drivers. Very best he would. I got into a aid pretty interesting road rage incident while we were off I came up here to do a little bit of work and I had to I was had backed down to Tacoma. And it was right off from the eggs eager to get onto the freeway so it was that that the zipper merge where you gotta get a rare yeah that's firmer no one knows how to do super merged oh no no I was doing it that little button fly things. Thanks I. Who is doing a broken zipper so you know I now I waited and I got into where my spot was supposed to beat and that I wouldn't let me in IE Pete and Alice oh hell now and so I is that but I don't care about my car but I sure as heck care about my car a lot less than your newer car. And so I just made sure when they're they are hard to meet turned on the bright flip me off so we went down for the next thirty miles because they're going downs -- well and in so doing it what I was doing and as well as she asked that I was I was exacerbating the situation and how is there was a point moron might. Yeah maybe a kind of hope that you wanna follow me down all the way it is a couple old guys. This next scene realizes they're both karate match. You're not Roger super mad you're like a really kill the sky and then you're not possibly look what happened I was all set to just fault that do you have to death like I wanted to punch that guys and and and they got and he's retired he's having EU and he beat you badly you were making high pitched squeals and now sold yourself he was in a couple of warriors yeah I was not you never know who's in that car. You not notice the purple heart license plate that he had way to go around at a Brazilian jujitsu sticker on the back of the diesel car brandishing a firearm and an as yet they do like 46 point two or whatever the marathon paying you know all these things aren't fit dude it's funny fellow road rage because while we're off on Christmas break you we went to we were. We thank PetSmart over driving through the Wal-Mart parking hopman kind of attached right. So as we're driving I'm stop because other cars are coming. And you know make merger or whatever and in the parking lot and I'm waiting in the car behind Regis beats me. No he looked hit hard disk I felt it yeah Mike you've got. You've got to be Kate and here and might do preface this if you know comfort confrontation Steve the rise on the loves us but confrontation Steve is not an existing entity when his wife is in the car and we said who's with you I was just I might call a woman the C word because she took my parking spot. I promise that would be confrontations. In my life and so now tonight I think. My wife stick gets at a lower to check on it and here they go whole sorry. We know you were stopping and some like that stupid so you were hit by grimace right old guy right. And so then skywalker so I'm not a game I was asleep or out the window. It seems like there's no real. Richard fine it was an error and you I would have any damage Bruce is the principle of our you moron did you not hear that a complete stop you like what were you thinking. So I over here to and that pisses me off my business and my wife that just stop stop amuck unchecked in the car at least so I get out. And Hendrick I just look at the guy Mike. Looking at him I'm looking to check on my car he's dedicated. And it's an old man and he does the same things with wolf sorry. They're lawyers stopped but it's fine you're okay I'll okay. No money. Just pause and want your child will never forget the time he saw Paul Paul get beat up and I've found I wouldn't forget I'm. I wanted to call the guy that's as they. Man. Pay attention. As critical moment as head. Next pay attention. You pull ahead. Colin approve it. And group head I didn't know what else is saved a little kid I don't want to curse my wife's gonna get mad at me so I sit back in the car and you can't walk down man. So let the wife get mad let kids drive sometimes right now a few million did this bad since. Did the who didn't like them out of my car and my wife was he goes. Okay and how I have I hear it as it really told him I don't think that's. Well do you have. All we viewed. It all week. Do. Confrontation Steve comes out with the nerve can end all during a group. Yeah good bad or were gentlemen for other iPad while lab and seek and you blow that. So when my wife looks who has no matter how I do start laughing published writings you get the card probably turned the key is that what until well real good. I'd have to be kids again total plus. The toll to kick his ass out pop. Portal has been stating I'm going to do very good my food and water. Who's won he would kill me. By the look the man and the attitude of just a cool yeah that's irritating if I would have ran down a little. Don't laugh dude it's not funny you know it's a place and Java drove into my car on myself Ivan. Creamed in mind I've found a song situation grab dumps on the mall where are kind yet but I totally alone in the hands up over the big guys you knew little I'm so sorry daddy hey I am so sorry and usually people look at the anger and Susie see that there like. It's cool. But I love you know years yeah state I screwed all right I'm really sorry I am genuinely sorry enemy that body language eyes every you can do to make it very clear like. Hey I blew it. I'm really sorry it's my originality carton people around like mad. I can be done at least three times today. When I've got a total stranger in my car. I'm very careful you have to yeah. When I pull up to an intersection I'm looking left I'm looking right that car is there but he pulled out the stops on the fastest he'd be. Is that cardinal pull hours and OK everything. We're cool and then I'll go and had to play and it's funny until hot and screaming I don't know what the whole time I every time we've gotten she had a every time we got beat dat river has been with me and I come has been like man I think you're doing great. XIR to be sure felt good. Really can't we were a year for like a tenth of a second can we look at people like well it happens all the time my passengers a Woolsey a word. They will China do that great you know I chilly but it did their road rage case in for the past. Oh Jo Harlow at I don't ever ask a little upgrade I just felt like well did I don't keep punching him you got five star remains you do not instead of breaking up Kobe very 2018 about this breaking up the final as the filming in LL blogs I was gonna stab at Bamiyan why do not derived in Tacoma because I've realized. Where you know in Seattle if you're going downtown a lot of the out you know the outsiders who don't live in Seattle will be really kind of suggest. Timid not Tacoma is I don't give and asked. And it shows I watch a guy I watched a car that's this the city slogan OK it really does little given that any picture this if that's that's how I watch I guy do you eight turn on a you read this I left turn on a red light so it was the red aero. He just like basically just. Went forward like he was one of the yields just. Turned kept going. And not three minutes later a car on a one man rode past me on the right side it's. Ended another car on the right side in the car and part of that decided that it was going to move into the middle of the ways away couldn't blocked and blocked in the entire way. Well and this was within like three minutes of each other regular freeware war man that's ridiculous it is weird like you and this is why I don't why people driving anymore I'd rather just put one of those cal catches on the firmer as car you know. It's truly believe Karzai tackle after I need to mad Max your gas output how that program and they believe that well though. Illegal you pulled over for. There's a little. But there's a place somewhere here in Washington that will mad Max a fighter car yet have you should win my door kick starter. Or go find me if you do that don't fund to mean I don't have to pay for any of it 100% yes I will all that's awesome I'm totally train if they're even his one on that Hyundai will support Paula you know body. So for that help controller and whole ball all the comments on purpose. Thought I meant I meant every soldier's car. They require no that you mention you now do in the Cooper thing I think you become a fun segment if not if if if if there's take out client patient confidentiality you understand but I got to be kind of cool if you have a cup a quick favorite memory from your driving so far like that it. Rupert Kroll had was a blind man amazing guitar music out. Carrying out these over chronicles. Which gland in Canada and I've had some amazing. Conversations. I've heard things I never thought I would hear like hey I had one gentleman that said men no BS I got an otter problem. And you expect and I router problem. And who like like blatant like otter pops out again this animal illustrate about to do the sound to bad sic comedy sort of tell me about his auto problem row what's going. We have a lot of trouble that what you mean my favorite store OK okay. So here's my here's my favorite today you have had some amazing so that's a really cool fun stuff this is done a lot of sleep because they're the one of my first weekends driving. Yes palm. Hi guys. Paying for a ride I pulled up. And I was a little lower down and Eliot you know today GAAP and these people can call you when you call them it's kind of thing and yet keep complete school of music the experts who dissect. Of so that it's phone rings I'm like hey you know this this is Glenn nominees. Alliance since June. Where. Jill I know Washington you know how to Clinton's file close the last. And I'm like who who who who who yeah I do I'll qualifier who will be there in just a minute. So as I'm making their way from your own Elliott he dropped his wrong in 020. Washington athletic club. He told me to what if how close are you. If you come and serve about two blocks away a bit. Okay. So now I do get to question an athletic club. And if you hold the Washington political news is not a jail. I mean it's a place for the rich people to I don't know why it's called that it's a rich people's place yet. So this guy is dressed the nineties and his talks. He's with his wife she's in the evening gown she's very beautiful. This guy so. S faced I mean he can barely walk I'm. So they get into my car. And immediately. She begins. Just it was just. Beautiful and I drove them to their mentioned magnolia so you may be reviewed thirty minute drive of games and has a lot of fun going on and for all thirty minutes. You've been sick and. I cannot do on the swing music yet this is a women even. I answer your support. Just acute disgusting mean yeah he's made it seem Hewitt asked you if you. You're disgusting you make sick I cannot this went on. All the way to their path like the best Hoover driver all truth I mean non stop non stop you know. So we get there. And all employee is so perhaps so how's he could not buckle your seat. Saddam look at it her over the sea and and kind of making nine to contact and not know her like. These men to hope you keep him inside yeah because I'm a cool guy. And I've done well as an sober driver alerted on the duplicate we reduce rows rather were there we won't do I'd like brawl and he just asked our man I got him out what I I don't know I don't know. They're only putting helped me out right some straight up like do you want me is he. No he wasn't a small man and she is a pretty woman and an even again this guy drops in the front yard. She gives him inside. Right and the kind of neighborhood where it and get all the neighborhood where I'm sure she'd be okay with a that you probably is a win win out their 'cause of their neighbors they had very wealthy neighbor we're under property the other side a magnolia world issue is water Nadal are the mega rich live I didn't. That's where he worked some of them are like do you need me to home. And she's like don't you think you are meeting can thank you enough and it's no problem that you Tipton with her she's though that number she was pretty damn foxy. But home course then whack and he had a hot why did he get the thing I'm buckled and he can't work the caller or she's like you make me sick. You make me sick disgusting I can't go on this way and she keeps look at me like your some nights at. And I'm so what I. And they'll look at how this is not good at the yen and Yang and then. So he eligible already go out and open the door form we finally got out of the car and he staggering around the street come with this guy's going down he's gonna split this final destination sort of and added another one of real let me ask him other lesser lower bail on her yeah I wanna clean up the mess while he's bleeding in the road or what's she gonna do you know she's already had apparently what was a very bad now yes I wish I knew what happened but I led to that no joke. It was so extreme when she and I you know I'm still like are you are you cool. Are you can eat you hope he didn't sign that you should know my god I don't know I'm ever gonna thank you know what it's totally fine your panties you know give them commission that. So I am not exaggerate it would that I was so messed up. That I drove about one block after I made sure they released on their way to the front door. But pulled over got out and went back and checked the backseat to make sure he didn't pitch himself Jack you add Scotch guard that's due to man out it was a clean getaway all right that's my favorite story's gay com I have lost three hammered women singing Christmas carols we pull over to pictures of in front of the house that was a little bit yeah. Iverson you know John. It was a blast that's so funny guys and Cooper regardless of their relief fund overtook on the front of the guys I am the guy and I. A video camera in your car and make alternative to a YouTube show I know AJ Francis used to do that when he first signed with the NFL before he got paid. You still have like that window of college to add to the pros I think I need money so he's just started driving mover. Works with. Us Dmitry my. I do if he just he drove over. To make extra income until he got his NFL's sack. And he would videotaping near YouTube series in the an eight when he and bend opinion a thought he was known as the Hoover driver NFL player which had a pretty cool I pulled over that's also yes but you. You have to do you know when they show I'd you have to say hey you have your permission I thought about the deal until legalities and down guide you to get I'll give you more and more hurt Obama there were there was a night. There was a big grave that they do right around the holidays. Down its midwest events center. Our time like. It's cool it's fun right. The Dow was down their stock in the middle of all that traffic is coming in this loop we have to go under that little on ramp that goes up between the stadiums yeah there's little roads but you back out it was in that line trying to get back Al. To where people are hailing car after car to car. And I looked up and at first I thought. Girls topless. That I realized she wasn't topless. She was completely nude and I'm gonna say she was nineteen to twenty years old Asian long dark hair very pretty. And she was totally doing the Ebert tell run much she had her arms out to her side. And her head to our issue as Phelan and all sorts of pain Judy it was cold out hole. And I do a double take I'm like no those aren't she is why they keep and I thought naked. And now the best part was list so you were ride for free and Iran might not yet revealed that she knew there were cars around you your arms out here and head back he's kind of the we run a long. Since she ran right past the Carter a settle all wheel got them. And at that moment led as I said that this dude came whip around the corner with a blonde blue clothes. Guys were both charities yell at star. Star. Soft so you win by a course that's what I just lost my mind laughter. If you tried so hard to keep her from being incarcerated. Finley duty he was not having fun here in the it was funny he was losing his much he was having those thoughts I'm. Used to spread all I can get all the clothes bubbled up he's just agreement. Who knows how long you've been chasing her I would look to be a good. His genius they have I was genius I would love to be there for the conversation the next day when she wakes up and she's hung over. If they were not the last night he's holding it closed I think this is why it happened you know look you're not drill. Plus the things like based on her each I'd pictured the whole scenario from his point of view like calming and explained her father. The cheese naked. Any jail. How my gonna explain my mind why can't my second day with pat Irina. She's been incarcerated and she's nude she's in a paper jumpsuit and she's downtown sir. I mean picture and that hole has better action is even more entertaining than just niggardly. This is a bus animal house when they just can't drop kick off in the shopping cart didn't expect scare the about all that includes a funny did you hear of that at the Hoover chronicles it'll be more I got to I'll I'll tell all about all the problems next week I'll do I'm so excited yeah I remember that Alderman you know his problems and otters are at least one Dell dude and I tell you guys to the until Nielsen. Blacks that hey if anyone has their own we're chronicles from their experiences driving for amber or being. In Newbury car very got weird always email us at least get to do you know I come or share the story by a voicemail. Men. Back girls smoking. She must be one of undue influence. He doesn't miss awkward but just and it should be back and forth as if it's cynical is going to very short grace currently doing which to me. Half mind I don't you know who knows he was. He's just Bryant that would be weird hey Brian who's behind that worked yeah I mean here's a voice smell you can guide that system who have to fight this war blowers 77 let's get down gladiator the limitations they shouldn't have. You know what's what we got I got half a voicemail. Those slick and that's if and when he now what email thanks again today mailman I'm smelling. He amount spectacular. In the very near future freely make and do yeah. I mean coming up. Now. Yeah more overdrive being. Get over get lifted TV you get yourself and a special the end of days are birdie April 21 yeah and joining me and Everett the other guys we're so that's a bruiser Brody shows a board this morning plus one. Thanks everybody came out to distort the hiring and I'm blues club that was pretty Oslo was actually really good time I got way. Two over served so I I was not sober during her sad. All played good you got a blast playing and we destroyed what we do a lot of wizards artillery shells we're pretty funny coming down below is controlling. Anger issues he had a situation where one of the murder someone tried to drink a lot of ways people baffled and my way of being a good friend in the therapist was defeated whiskey stay positive.