MigsCast 01/23/18 "Sour Patch Kids...and Rachel Barley"

Tuesday, January 23rd

This week The Rev is stuck in a meeting, so we had Rachel Barley join us for the show!  Rachel recently posted a rather provocative pic on Twitter (follow @rachelbarleyy) so we got the back story behind that.  Plus Glenn, Migs, and Rachel talk about smoking, old peeps, a Scarface house, Queensryche (Rachel's boyfriend Parker is a member of the band), Uber, and Migs makes a very odd comparison to Sour patch Kids!  All this and more in a ridiculous and fun episode of the MigsCast!

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Morning sunshine I hear you yeah sorry about that I know from thinks that you know it's getting any better at half past. Yeah. We can ping press. I got there can what do you do you know. Is that we get a drunk guy on the throw that cup. Your premium and users shifts. I gotta thank you would that's where. You'd be drooling as he's talking to be like. Yeah Minnesota. She. Michael what are you giving up Vijay or you're innocent. Come what phenomenon just jump in some for money previous negative. But we're gonna do that. Perry here at nearly had a loud. She's gonna melt relate to wrestling lost a close ups just. It was my replied I think you're not wound. I don't know if you've been all that. Just go to our podcasts. And they got dropped a bomber something he said did he said the C word you'd see you're not cock. I. I don't have rabbit out of my favorite when you. Didn't. Yeah yes and now it's about some of my guess is enough narrow way I don't like bloom and why there are. I am on parent a lot of. It is fairly so that we're sort of not a big deal yeah unless you sit around my sister in which case you. He gets weird old Jesus god almighty you Syria where my sister head explodes. And basically when it comes back together you order. In more purple. Yet now we opened the mikes are not because I can hear look Rachel's leather jackets screeching. Oh my god well. Did it affect fish yeah dude it's a group the mental asylum literally. And we've got regional straitjacket that. I'm. Pretty incredible. I G a letter to go in opposite mood all they would react if you are running in just respond by moving revenue jacket like them we know you communicate and left to interpret. Oh really I think that's just didn't agree the Florida toys what so I wrote in my eyes a little bit maybe now help me. I think that Manhattan super hot pack up and renting my copy stand is like. And who couldn't and didn't like that coffee can hi this. Hot. I'm okay. Right now there is an official. It is amazed at my name is Steve Biggs and I am here which no revenue Fuego he's not here this time we've got wind pattern we'll either. I was replacing Brad whatsoever almost as beautiful as salmon that is racial Barley. One and Rachel mining my leg and take your mouth up on that microphone. Not close but I'm good Arizona oh yeah. They're getting hit that microphone Guy Ritchie on the front well yeah also there's the need your split the audiences. None of them like Jeff was worth a listen to each full bred usually does all this crap and I don't know how to do and I don't have anything you set up the room EI. Kind of put things aren't. Needed idiot proof he cruncher the up so much of the newly you can screwed up I don't we're hearing Rick Rachel's whether we're hearing us Malcolm breathing. Three insulin into Malcolm reader. Picked. Your iPod broadcasting from the heart of west by god virginity its original camera either. I don't believe in the. So what appellation brother and I'm sorry and I did you mean by that and I feel I can't recommend everybody to hit pause. Smoke a crap ton only need. And every wind and start all this over again I think that's gonna make this pipe that's way more entertaining. When the ritual are both on heavy doses of sleep government should we were discussing that before at MI a you sleep carry with about a 1 in this morning and got a victory. Who official let's go around the the table why did everyone know sleep yes OK I'll start OK I ware is our training wrestling training my man I can wrestle at night you know. It's what you it's men. Area now looking for says he's aggressively piled drives people once this is like some biased I'll Wear on arm drags last night about midnight. I got home around 1230 ish to the shower and I was in bed at 1 in the morning. And then my alarm went off I slept in Rachel until three tenths. Three tenths of a museum morning. It was like a excellent and now you know new and now or innuendo and in doing into windows land in the window and IB plus they won't let you wind up. All but few people listening got a Rachel today could I side you're on Twitter you today anyone who listens a minute quit yet. And you get a free month of might not be snapshot. Into some boot. I mean the same offer like no one respond. Now known wants to see. I'd return for twenty years I thought I got and one follow I'm his only subscriber actually do keep doing so that is going to be our I thought it back owes Taylor done to each other real life coaches preach because we motorboat migs prairies and students not all right so I've up I was up late because I was wrestling last night glad why are you up late last bode. Love had insomnia lately and you. Played really bad and so op last night. Cruel and of the new with the wife we try to go to bed early to put three melatonin. Watch movie A that didn't work on a movie first movie was forty days and forty nights. If you've ever seen that Josh Hartnett so I go sell that for forty days and forty nights relent. It's Kelly alleged it's hilarious to great movie then we watched. 2010 the year may we make contact okay. When you don't stealing movies that would put judiciously. A look at senate arms so. But after that you know we hear ritual and it's just kind of squeaking noise you know doesn't digits and then she's just in a jacket doesn't really give here I don't. And I didn't sleep and like the three of us ritual brought her again. Term but I was still an original soul Tommy by The Who was a sweet. And then. You know we were two cats Muppet and McGee huge swing in about this jacket or. I don't about a tabloid Geiger into taking attack you know it's funny though is if you lose you know my show if you listen to the show I wonder for listens actually go to here's the jacket I guarantee they well. You think where everything gets processed it at a moment of my close up pretty not all of course not why would read something like that. Good at a and so wanted to share this back. Armed there's sort of my cat Muppet Tony's Kathmandu the union that monkey right I don't seduce a committed relationship whip. McGee any camera market no not a negative thing the Brady Bunch of they join us along the way but my view is a compulsive. Over her. So she will lick instructor so all it's an ongoing problem in the winner when Airgas dry in the casket tees drying these sores and we're theater shots and this complicated as Greta and I we heard complicated kaput anyway. That's a point where we need the cat to heal we didn't have our I actually called can't count out called Capcom for like twenty years. We wanna put account on the cats or toll on this thing it looks like a little inflatable bona. That goes on it works like a calendar looks at the cat has a neck injuries Inaba called the cat shake weight for like past two weeks on the looks of the cal looks like. A share equally opportunity arts. Anyway the cat has figured out of its scratches this inflatable neck injury doughnut thing it'll spend it and their four rubber mat. So here's re trying desperately to get to sleep. Now it's got to be for maybe even get on 5 in the morning. And just every channel almost asleep just total total total total total total. Mobile and it shakes Tony so called final at one point with a lot of swearing you know I got up went out slept in the couch like sometime before dom. Through this do the cat just drove me and then whats funny is when I'm tired of the counselor counselor or just don't. Cat came out was really into the count just talk talk talk talk talk talk Tata Tata Tata Tata. You know he's my company. Four guys out there economic cow that's well I didn't sleep billion bad monkey AKA shake weight kept me complete. Our they joke until I got ours are good equally as unimpressive to probably what why Rachel was up until what time did you go to bat 330 a MY and then time and well we'll see you again. Yeah a nice welcome Parker now I thought I money also in by now tell my why would like to thank you come home. And I got to crawl into bed and I'd just like barely touch her into it she moves the you lose lying on her I thought in the darkened my dogs bright white. I thought that little white thing flying in the air like street. Libby is not smooth and error like what happened yeah there will seal and another John and make a baby. But not when it's 1 in the morning. They try him and and he's done it all scientifically he's been going this room were wrong and it's also. X sixty. But in addition to that because it's not working told Rachel about the loose. The medical side this year yes over my embarrassingly volume which talking I don't know I also just don't bring it up at my wife's around Christmas is easier and Scotty he's he's got dot and a team physicians and he goes into little room and it good which called the collection room not kidding you. There's could it be like stop to look at you have there's a box of magazines but I ain't touching could you know you weren't there soil and yeah. So at some point they have to close the magazine though I am. Judge you like how long your and they feel like I'd be really awkward it is that's all that work out a lot like what did it. Look at any guy can relate. Psychologically once you get in your head it's difficult if you're not in the right zone that's where I mean that's creatures and now Mike. I don't wanna touch the magazines when I try to the reexamine I saw on man this is that the world at my fingertips. Self service is not working all that's just cool and I didn't bother to get there why I have the Wi-Fi now yeah you want to always memorized in my own now because that if they haven't in the lobby but they don't want the Wi-Fi address it to get sick joke you don't evident that the the collection room. Use the magazines say why do you think dirty magazine sir this issue of jugs is from 1986. Right and the only thing available still is the articles everything else is laminated together so can we. Can I do an upgrade here and it's a sad Burma tech. Ouch with I wanted to think doctor papers over the good bit leather couch that we don't might make them beat up to clean that up off that don't have that. There with a black light so all that out to dinner I have so many stories about I don't know it is. It is a little moment and I and then there's also Internet they can make a video monitor and a keyboard. I can touch and I keyboard right there all the keyboards probably you came here how do you know. Throws one loose on the key I don't know but I heartily. At. I oh gosh it's pretty cool. Does that make you know it's the involvement and a product occurrence because I don't wanna added it. When you're when you're as a guy that goes away by the time we are about swami because there's a pretty electric or just throw on loose in the whatever's handy. Armed it the war that I still to this day men are downstairs couch this white it was my grandmother news white blanket it's soft like it. And so I should just unfold that do mormons and that unfold back up put on the arm of the couch. And and so Williams who is clearest via com home from school my sister's smuggled in the play Canada. And I. That's me you know aids 1516 is not a barrier island cat marking it's territory or us but I used to always laugh like you know because my sisters went into the blue blanket you can call right now I think that's an aircraft well Soledad Oprah. But it is weird because you're in there and you hear people talking outside the nurses and I don't know what I'm doing and it's awkward walking into the upper if you will laugh and use and is that we due out. I open up hey yeah. I'm crying in some. Meg gonna baby. I put my team on the field little play ball with the you do what you do in the yeah it is a lunch bag you put though can they cop you know once back in and you bring it back to that sounds dangerous. Reject he ego. Is president of the wrong free agents and you all do they are. I gotta say and I and I always think about this when something is like so old release secure that means there's been screw ups. You know I mean. Because it's her I didn't when you first get it down with a nurse brings you back there the check your idea again with a sticker. Then you go in there you do you bang you dropping updates like you write you a particular make sure they they are icy. All the started almost entirely on making deposits as Steve migs for about six months if there's don't want him to have this little blond haired blue I believe we have to be whole area large spot and they aren't really upset with you relentless series it was escorted from the premises violently but I think what I don't understand this kid it's really good at the guitarist guy we pearl moment. It's not you were nice and but could you imagine if that ever happening. I mean you can score and we've all screwed up at our jobs over the course of allies. But I don't think it ever screw. Somebody at some point had a screw up and put the wrong specimen with the wrong person with a Turkey baster method. And all the sun out pops or Puerto Rican kid and as to why they're living there incubating or I guess it's possible but basically just the dude look here's Terrell. You know at some some poor person goes and hangs themselves know you now know what that when you get to that point where everything's right I'm Ben having to go back. Do the collection room again and then Turkey baster. While you're gonna do it to hell yeah. That's what they do. Well he just throw one and then you'll financially of course I have. But then that's not start taking. Well I wouldn't be going to the doctor drew was all quote raising Arizona when they are used as it turns on her wounds or rocket place where my seat could find no purchase is. And I. Now I gotta think about that this weekend. So it's it's a long story but not mean this to say like we're trying to make it happen so yeah hopefully fingers crossed they'll be. The world will be blessed with my child in. So let's throw you under the bus just and I don't journal that was so anyways but yeah again let's go to go back to her having sex with her lovely boy from Parker. That's why you're up multiple sessions at now I mean he's according to your chords like 11 in the morning men Bernanke's. Now a lot of pent up. Can keep the. The big huge. But I can it was an axial snort. I think they call the torso I don't know who hit. Are you like weight and hang it out are you asleep when he comes on they I am home and Adam now like I always I. He like almost like Obama get all balled up and Kelly he's an awesome it and it is a lesson we had Ryan you were single hat now you've been in a relationship for a minute yeah like a long minute. That's my longest relationship how long. It almost a year usually in on never Lyndon. The relationship. Musical do arsenide hearts yeah I think it helped me of like when you're when other Jews alike. Yeah man good for years I vouch for partly right you know better than me that's of Remy when they typically have certainly you deal with a lot of like you likely costing half a minute drive to warn sit away from amenities now endlessly actual people. Still that is that you expressed Erica I have yet and number. It's as far as watching his old child icy event like a lot now tale. Gesture yeah Isabelle you're like really immersed in the music match because obviously partners an incredible guitarist yeah queen's Reich. And it's super cool guy so he's out supporting all the local bands. Until we LC it's yeah I Siegel and my three times a week yeah I heard a guy I heard you guys got a law tipsy. Beat I don't know if he was sure I know we talked I don't know we top the only reason I don't know what happened with her. If he said he blacked out always deadly blow our house last. I think but a guy I can. No one would know that I'm not there anymore I'm up bright and good and I am yeah but I mean I know we talked for a lot of talent and the I think we talked about quitting smoking. I gonna say it's yet that makes sense it is a big topic for you right now yeah I'd echo. Nineteen or twenty days then you got that appetizer how much money you're saving a must have received cellphone too. I'm quickly governments acting do you have an app to the hotel as technology is awesome. I like that they fear at a way to motivate people to stop smoking okay so I've quit for nineteen days avoided 394. Cigarettes swap. Well I said twenty it and it's a packet access to a more than it. He yeah I'm Dan Molina Margaret's chimney and oh yes see that's how he's got that period and I was the cowboy killer guys were harassed them cowboy killers you my mom is still smoke in the mart brags I mean she was so much we would get products from Martin Steve didn't move that could get hurt bush doesn't sound like straight day dad. They throw momma from the train voice pal and now here's here's the thing meant so an average it nine bucks at kills the pretty much of Clinton's. Clever some fifty that's score generally they're eight and change and use a human to a time when I was a kid and I'm an enormous political buyers who smokes that's a whole planet did back in the day when you just go to a rental store as like a she's jealous or box and we found a pact broke on the past eleven years old going to appointed the neighborhood storm BM by impacts from spokesman Armando whenever said no your child you can't buy these in news from my mom. Not two but the 75 for. Marlboro reds in western Maryland down nineteen. Ninety Beckett to good old days now I was one of course I think that we know our check this out here's the thing did so I have saved a 178. Box so far. That Credo that is ninety days that's why I'm trying to quit it's not because I mean I know they're gonna throw dirt on me at some point I can't avoid that that's a lot of cash but that's a lot catch it. Where US. How many months have you been for months or an hour OK and then how many cigarettes have you avoided. And as you know wait out 1000 partners like wow this thing how much money you've seen yet. Yet it's completed 722. Ally is here's. A decline nine bucks a pack. Really. Obama's Olympic and I saw Tony well you clearly don't want it all if I had been honest I would have been like you know thirty plus but I put it won't be which is a packet that depends on the day all of Reynolds Chile a doodles in a Friday or Saturday desperate to pack so no brawl my mom would go to two packs today but it was funny how she smokers -- couple positive to send the actress she's on the phone Yakima her friends. And it wouldn't be that you would really technically probably float weightless or you like better or did you really sucked on the Hoff from a guy like him won't let this go on a cigarette and and you aren't gore done I'd have a filter and everyone else on all cigarette like I thought we came out here ebbs and I was that. Mean you tell an addict and give you too much skin off just nicotine you know. Yeah I quit for for a half years mend and then when we had 200 box 700 dollars to those. The wonder why it's our world we live and let people. Buy cigarettes. I think most of the Arctic cat donors tax yes it's tax that you buy a pack of smokes and I don't know there Billick I bucks or some. There really aren't very shortly note and a six bucks a pack yeah. They see anything even admitted he's. This country with a search logs Seattle Gary that cheap and Seattle are probably wouldn't be transferred clip outs and and a it's basically a look at his ten bucks a pack. Basically. Aria it's a when your at a Costco everything's ten bucks here. So like when you get asked it's like twenty dollars for that tournament organizers at its timing and it's like until he always talks about is not just that packaging going to buy a pack smokes but he mine a Gator me up and some chips and lip balm and you know it means so it's it's yeah. So a lot of people replace smoking with something else is you know whatever it may be did you guys both find that your. Relying on something else is the kind of deal with the cravings or is the money say that saving of the cash good enough. Food food. I was impressed like a little bad. Disease too much yeah actually right. Cast and sorry. Clearly you're not sorry Pete didn't. The bad news that she use it and cheeseburgers. In the that will play innocent tossed the crap food that you're in that's on the legends. There right away a much east Jesus. It I love cheese just cheese and butter and you know let them take us talking about like how my rights begin this analyst that's an army until my core that's awesome adventure that will separate keys I think you about peace but what they do not you yeah. I got a pretty. Part of being V together Mary look like vague either don't Friday and you know there's still get on the nipple Leo calendar edged. The you can get back. So. Obviously it's his bread is not here I think a man be great to have Rachel always love having you here it's always fun I noticed some new Twitter. Biz wanna me really want to have you on yesterday. It have you seen rates of Twitter to. You know we did have been on Twitter and eight months Rachel give you a reason to get toward payment. Of a thing. Rachel is now involved with a friend of mine Brian and I can't I am kind of a country boy. I can't look at that I can't grow it would turn really this is. I mean I didn't ask to look at it it's probably. And well. Thought I'd like oh and then I put that your page that I think you're seeing you gonna gonna pocket like oh crap we have had originally we have an educator topless what do what do I the world but they can but might make it with this strategically placed cupcake somewhere. I had a photo shoot that day. And that happened and then in my tests to that suggests. Keeping my it's Hewitt cupcake yet. I often just where the case you've yeah I was trying to hide my dom with a complicated pick up. Sadly it always works I was a little Albano firemen and smuggling a cupcake out of the country he Clemens got a little mini cupcakes is just not the hide my Don I don't understand it. Must be blogs I miss the but it doesn't feel all of it happened or it's funny you bring up become kind of the same way as soon as they if I knew somebody and they start dating one of my buddies. It's almost like. With all due respect if they use obviously still hot and you're obviously still attractive but I. All the sun any kind of like you know all of that girl so hot is it not right now Elvis I think you'll also before a birdie milieu for so long it's like killing all meet. So it's never like off all boys look at Rachel. Boo from the very first time we met them that you hear you and us have and there was a duty got to get her stature idea and and for me it was like. I just matter I can now he says she's received since I can't get our home is now she's kind of a friend of mine right and I feel like. I would the. Yeah I'm just too much of a country would have no I don't something we think so yeah I've never seen you I've never seen any not like an anomaly and Phyllis I know. But here's my question so you have you've got this photo shoot done and you're looking like this is too good to have my phone I need to hear this with the world. Was there any like hesitation or nerd like I would check Twitter me Q for. No Twitter no hair Twitter awesome with a full on penetration apple second put look at you pick on Twitter huddles today middle to start doing that. You can see pouring clinic does it more followers. Yes that's right that's another reason and a bad. The Vodafone after Ritter yeah I made some good for people that don't know its act reach a Barley would too wise yeah I'm the better bet. I once worked Richard Barley with two why is there another return Barley. Now happen I think an aegis type hello yes the sex and yet all I can I thought you had to you know the ritual warily out there there's lots average of Utah and it is only one in our world with a real orally please stand up that's hard to say. Pete you will go real great he's kind of become bonafide. Real and so far we hit. Please stand up I 300 Clavet. Are there those are open that. Pandora's box I will be listening to that's true parity that you don't. Ask don't. He's the adult pop despondent Bob Bob I don't know why don't unsung but no matter work. Not manage to slip begs. Are today and you got it. You you wanna go to Twitter follows was there any hesitation ain't I I obviously you've you aren't my achieve our rate assure your body but. That's still full nudity like full lips and everything. I mean there's pictures of me all of them and how do you do a Google search result ever. Everyone's allowed every time it's a little bit hours. We mean worse as more and more out there. That body and you need photos you don't want out there urges more and more I mean it's just weird seeing yourself getting traded on Google images I've got to say wait I didn't hit it. I hate when I see those pictures of I think it's weird seeing Steve getting penetration to let this happen as this well why is trying Cassel doing that to him and it's really has these dollars like Rachel Barley penetration it's okay. Just my name is just up and yes it's just there. And every time at the little borrowers my whole family now so I can't happen anymore yeah I guess you kind the other widgets gonna go not yeah. You can't take it down Ian and generate a lot of income doom. I reacted like fourteen and and 24 hours. Yes he you know we are the wrong gender multiply cause I say honestly like I. I mean I could Agassi or just that Jesus you know like really I look at my name in the slowly recede but that said. I'll so what you're not greeting people at Wal-Mart. Yes so hell that Rachel I'm I don't really they're really straight up and Lamar I used to cared more they would like target and put them out that more. I'll send us Sony's well I had done came from my parents now my feeling and on my friends now irony it. In Utah and how you started are you involved in the venture with Parker started the business together yes. Their flippant vintage guitars it's a what's the name of that tell us about that I'd javelin guitars processed saga yes we're renovating a room studio seven and now it dude it's awesome yeah it's totally left field premium that it's I'm not cure all heard Parker I think we received any. Some of the pictures our way of the guitars on and on my guitarist from a fan of music in the some sick Qatar Alley and Haas and others are even if you have gone through political argument. Couple that come off Brock I love a picture cars for free promote your business iPod yes. You know was every week is try to do my job Bogota exactly exact go to studio seven and get yourself a nice guitar. Was a so yeah it's funny you said that because I've always believed that when once you were. It's not a flop but it was to embrace something that people think they have power over him. The towers can't act like I mean what it once they realize that would work of tried so hard to be perfect I know people in the exterior look at you know it won't yet must be easy. Kidding but I would ever think worried about how I talk I sound. And I enable people to be able to use that against me that was a bomber in but as soon as they embraced all I can't pronounce certain things can't do this right and I'm it's almost like. Speaking of Eminem I bet seeing an eight mile where during the rap battle. He just completely embraced all of its laws into the power away from everybody so I think it's a brilliant move when your partly washed my hands in this. It's out there are so what do people like just grabbing it from your snaps oh. And I had a malicious thing whatever they're doing its slim precious. I just don't care and I mean I plan that to a lot of aspects of my life now it's like before I do stuff like this they're like watch it on. You don't talk about it in the united don't it's just that you talk. But some stuff that like other and I I've been the first I've been comics and I would love people send me a message like hey. I like the way that you talked to like like you were what we have Arlen removed had red on whatever we have to scroll a camera a lot never. Feel like you should be ashamed of what you do now and when. And also you guys ever come off like you are issued by what you do and it I think it's interesting and more power to you guys have whenever you can do to make a pocket on her. Salsa and you mean you can be greener Wal-Mart possibly hopefully and twenty team and I don't know if it's still all there remember the rule is in its terrified of like. Sexually liberated woman I think Maurice again. Yeah there's I've always thought it was incredible Witten. The other outlook that's just an I think it's their problem a bomb or two week outline. I mean yeah it'll go quietly masturbating. Right hand but then as well I would you say that fight to get a well. I'm not very quiet and have a mirror to look in Steve. The could fashion. I think would care if I like wasn't making as much money as I've been making government are like it abundantly who are something that's like there's. Really daddy can I ask you these are the kind of problems and yeah you are. Do you know anyone who has smugly lie how planning of people really him and strip club you know I never really focus on the hoopla real. Nine I really can't or bonds in Washington. Yeah I'm from Portland so he'll my Telecom minister of spirits all covered the amateurs who are beautiful and god thy I think you might be I think you might have to. Where he's he's here to in my wrong the dot com now than you hear like that I can remember when you're twelve. Onstage as you can go full make. Yeah and then but would lap dances. You're not supposed to. But there's a lot of things you're not supposed to do at a strip club they seem to do them anyway I feel it's a frighteningly true or edit fragment of thought that frightening if anyone listen there's pockets they know I know this for a reason. A couple good. So when you first when that first time that you saw somebody posts a video or picture that you were not happy about what was your reaction. I'm mortified and I turn to pay a bunch of sites taken down and then when I realized that's not possible leak yet just useless forever it is it's for. Now. Did anyone in your world that wasn't aware of what you're dealing find out spot see that and what was that moment like. Like family or friends people that know they IA they know you do these pictures that are profitable might not know that you're doing the penetration stuff. The big daddy moments where they're like hey. A cable Obama be weird if they can't across the video was never an. Now they haven't gone quite a few my dad and it turns my mama's like hand carried on and on even post in it's almost as bad but I Dennett. And and a nasty voice now from Graham island and that was not great great show all yeah. As a general rule out entirely Lesnar Hamels generational thing she's never yet yet in lives and yeah. That's true I met people my life and I took on you do too late the older generation my things I say or do even on the radio. That they probably have the seen anger and your grandma. In fact I've had that accurately accurately be talked about Packers. I was I had that all my my one guerrilla settling their all no longer with us on one grandmothers sweet moment amazingly cool woman you know it was almost like you're gonna take those hearings Alan your wedding. My one night she either Meyer's record in the kind of permanent she was just a you know where those awful hearings when you get married and line. Yeah you know but it and I guess that's a generational thing so yes you know. I think I don't have any piercings my father was like I don't care what else you would is that I don't care about tattoos in decades he's old school I think about tattoos thinking about the tattoos. Think you can be expected to go down this road I got you guys haven't won a 21 leg. But you know and at this point it just given up our home. I would have to we all I imagine I'll. Yeah man told me failure purist you would turn me off like light the user's exact crowds why. And then so what does it all came back around me so you know you go to the back then anyway. I'm dating myself I feel bad Christmas Chris. Component growers get a microphone perhaps a second era over an hour gap Chris has been staring at the door for the last five minutes I think you're just like a better than little. This has son who's now our own hi how ya doing whatever is on in life I keep interrupting the flow you know aside and wanna like yup thank you there's a good man. You know don't admit I don't know that either you do it really fell asleep standing up. I don't I don't know easy staring waiting for the opportunity to comment on my I don't wanna be his day got the guys unlike Diana. Tried to lift his wallet example he was asleep he karate chopped meat in the neck as that generate a lead Neeson now. Today Tom got a comment. I thought OK Google I appreciate that gadget a look of a Democrat in your from earlier on she is always good yeah yeah not regret it now the only way that you guys dirt bike just like I said. Hey my water while you're here every on a question for you were talking about how the older generation and our lives our family our friends don't necessarily always approve of certain things that we viewed have you experienced any you know. And what was it four my mom hated my surgeon tattoos. Okay Fiat they've got big time and needs to damage her black. I announced an issue but well and Nelson Ned didn't cut it like itself mayor for a while she needed a long hair she hated that I kept it died blackness are getting tattoos that. You're turning in one of those heavy metal kids aren't you as they. I. Hated you are right my grandpa picked me up from the airport when I was in politics came home and at least my hair boy tried to preach Islam that I try to do myself I know what to do so now tickled your orange. And you homes and take me home either if did you do so we get a verdict big gift shop and buy out. It's like a put it all really was so embarrassed by. Host as on. Well we have had that don't don't ever feel bad ankle and her comment I got to answer questions bluegrass that there are deal. So all of oh I've cut back to opt this this tale low so. Dating myself again back then your only option year peers who should bite you would you go to the mall in the but the style and with Don. I did not want a little slower ball one and a damn hoop so of course when I got my ear pierced every day I would take these like a big hoop earrings like you. Nine well probably the same size what I have now. But it was just I make me feel like Puerto Rican woman. She's been tightly back did you always picture news reporter can that's my weakness. The patches and it's I don't like a walk rider for when it. And mine and a relative with Barry that was crowded every other woman. Do we this relief female analogy as far as Florida it was it was brutal death it was all. But anyway opium poppy. And try to strike against this because it's that they have the base in my pop got some big payback but so every day I would put who bend and every night at the the stud back and in my ear would bleed like elk that hadn't healed and basically we are three piercing mayor remove 1 morning I got up and the damn studded fall. So I had to really re peers which who couldn't believe like hell and so I was at all of that ambiance of the next night a withdrawal moms your rings and like heavy dangle earrings had those big backs big wide packs much I'll use one of those then there's no way the Stonewall fallen in my ear what to the back on super tight when it did was pulled that little steel bowl. Inside your own. Stretched out on just pulled out holder Paula rightly so I got on the morning McMahon. Rarely thought again and then I feel the post is sticking out the back of my own now. So I go and it's like you know 6:45 AM London radio at school pops in a ban on. And I'm like listen my. I hearings inside my hero in his eyes didn't open but he got this huge I'll. And he's like and I'm a shop he'd be appeared humans pliers and we communicate and reduced. Her smile root of it make you regret this Delaware went down straight up was he stood looking over the counters in the kitchen creativity yet so he backed into that V and I backed up against pop he put those evil and those pliers on the back mine mine. Here the post. And on three count a jerk my head back and each with a for a guy yeah and he loved it I feel they're really well available at banks that is ignore problems lung I guess I'll probably come see me out here for so I don't let that heal up and had a lot of scar tissue and got them reeker again at some point I just uninsured the hearing horror stories dad loved to death. Is said the quote was years prayers I'll turn you off like a light and he had his opportunity that now I came home like pot and he's like. You're out okay. And it was like two weeks later we. We do not buy your book the millionaire. Usually it's Christmas you know who's trapeze man. Mike and I actually got mad she YouTube to Google me she's not naked but you know at an. And are you on YouTube. It was even bad it was like from my bikini Greece it is just like and you know she's until Clinton I got the Nazis to have the voice now. I think Italy did Alex so mortified that I heard and pissed off that side of a leg up. I grab my this week in the future is gonna get crazier well you have a dead 20. But the great thing is it's like I'm so young and so successful that I don't really need to care about. When people I mean even if your family. Right. As Milan Panic. Yet there had been green people Wal-Mart for nine bucks and now I am yeah you don't have a former Illinois house so yeah. Yeah could be I don't care and rightfully making us feel like complete gratitude and accomplished nothing in our lives I've met I know I'm legitimately taking pictures with cupcakes in front of my dog I think the affidavit they get a one million dollar house. I'm like America any of that amount. Now I just want to go forward you're me both well you working on cars in the rain into the bad guy when I get thirty cents. I guess some people don't go don't leave us alone take this little clip on the us you mentioned your house. I won't I won't give away where it is but it's funny because I saw you post pictures. You're house. I seen multiple times back in the day and whatever go to west yeah and I would always think will be open house to live in that's what we said and I. And the reason why they were single nose or renting it at residents and about eight. Honestly like I always thought if if tournament time you from scarface and moved to west Seattle he would wanna live in that house because that is awesome. I outside deck on the second level. And it just looks like I that's we expected a bunch of point oh source of the say hey I don't want to brag picture and I don't know why that means I wanna live there. And I'm jealous that you do you machine gun enemy doesn't wanna when I'm black so my question is can I come over to a bunch of blown she's a machine gasoline called Parker's OK without public quiet during his recording us. I don't have any gods I don't you Colton and we all know endeavor for workers. Partly you know Parker had him a bunch of bros had this amazingly cool house down on outcry for over half the police was. And my kin it was really. Really cool. And so we're taught to Parker at one point in ahead with a rooftop to act with a glass railing. I mean the place was. For an awesome yes and it was yeah we're losing the lease memory really. Even though like as long as I've known him ten years but he was thirty days you at that point yeah so how was it like when I lived and it was like a total bachelor like ailing and on the hot and like it. Parkers are yours are we don't know install hide and hopefully part. None are probably my dog and I talked the vendor and Parker elicited more than months a couple of parties had gotten out of hand aren't arrogant kind of frustrated yet. Yet telling them I'm like no more that. Yeah land and eventually and it lets you like you know normal normal until all of real normal happy and just have this be like our home GAAP. Does this is listen to my comment parkers whose economies and pad in the mass all the photos you put up much it's dude it's not you know like I'm. I don't know. Hitting every time I go to west Seattle I would stop and look at that house comic that I mean you see the inside just from the outside to split the architecture into the vibe really that is cool house they paid us fifteen and then about it other. You guys so at least not upper something. I think he'd get up for four more months and somebody bought a house and there are like we'll give you fifteen and if you just get out. I'm great I love you guys act like we can't handle this anymore they want a commitment and start Panamanians. Or yet. There is a question. And obviously any questions you'll go against a convicted on. What I mean you guys been together for years so obviously. You guys. Was it tough at first being a relationship doing what you do you know what does that tax. And all that stuff like that was it like. I don't I talked to him about this it's gonna be upset about it or am I got to quit doing this I just wonder. I am. I don't really calmed down a guy. I mean it's like traveling every single day go go go deeply going to the sausage castle he care that's why early support it now. I mean we found love super fast it was like two weeks and we are like have you in the have been together and we need a year in tumors like. I think about two weeks and I told my wife that I love very cute responded with banks that's what I said. What is it would use so I know what I'm going to copy go have to ask him as well. Reid trying to be like these guys know and I. We'll bring the most. Girly like chronicle girly creatures when it comes relationships like all guys always drop the love bomb before the women caddies and a relationship that stick. No I said thanks to a and then and then immediately after I just like. I got to decide thinks I text my mom and my mom he just mile and pinks and really locked in an airport. And that was really awkward I wanted to say a back there was are like ten minutes had passed. Source but are sitting at the airport aren't like anything you. But I think it's too late to it that you missed the window I missed the windows rolled up right. It's stuck to upload. I guess that's awesome I was just wondering Jake I don't know it. I think. Mean I and maybe part with a receiver out of whole Parker's best imagines it was thirty. OK so arm mean in my twenties would not be able to handle being your relationship with somebody that might be showing their goods on the app. Meet. In the my thirties or forties are I just wouldn't care if I mean as a as a person treats me while I'm at the is I think as a and being loved and I know that they're cool I don't think I would it would it would bother me. I mean I don't go out and stuff like relentless play great all day everyday together so there's nothing weird happening on the I don't know I know you know so he knows. Now that it's funny how I it would guys take younger guys settling cab dated as the weather like this is awful and monetize whose bosses first thing it's awesome effort that's what I want you. This is part of a drive me nuts a lot of those guys. You know lost after and then you get a handle that you insecure and it's like. Do for like even like you were saying that's cool that even he is like and I'm government funds that you got a lot of them don't believe it's. Are you lose your mind like no watch yet. Who wouldn't he get these in my mind was back why. I know myself really well you sounded like you're at now like. You're gonna get Regina Caver and hygiene Qaeda I know unlike. Sexually empowered. And and sort of almost leads from liberated women who wondered I sister of that and like even with Alexia adult film star that's necessarily want him liked it. The growing that the bar. Probably had the same amount partners if not more. You know now into portal and I want OS that you're you're obsessed with and you master regional the time you told me you wouldn't dinner then we come on man like yeah guys are just. I don't know man outside their relationship between class lady because the guys we felt I could see that yes. It would suit age difference between you guys I he's thirty I'm between 30 heck yeah yeah yeah yeah a good dose of under ten years but I remind my young 1213 years and human rights that I suspect you know it's nice to be with someone that's not jealous all the time like you know return exe comes home and tell me about all like her training sessions with this guy he's like this like this MMA fighter and I call it. I was like others he Martin's you've got crazy and yelling like yeah the F 22 run home okay you gotta be treated by a woman. You know what I don't care because I know she's. Cool that's just it's just guys being insecure man yeah that's all that is you know and that's a problem with insecurities beat it out on girls and that's so many tractor women that are insane and generally their insane because guys and I made ribbon then you know I usually try to girls and have terrible self esteem because none of their relationships work out and it's all because some port used was really insecure in their for like verbally abusive. You know. Six Paribas. It's it's you know. Over while Ewing got your coffee we re we've touched on a lot of the beginning of the the beginning of the question but I just you know the coffee you're so good. No later we will know we took a whole new terror and all very deep conversation sadness a minute and a half. When you were ripped out when you first or dating docked on. Who said god they love them the other person first. Yeah readers think isn't it funny because marketed it with terror and a couple weeks I did it would see it after a few weeks and you do we Tawny. I don't know how long it took but it. It was monsoon like Tom and I were both openly dating other people. Our I don't know that we first got together she was still they know the people also they and other people we talked and we are really liven up. And I was the one that finally said look I think he does to the just you and me. Or maybe not at all chasm start and really care about. And she's like mental in the same boat with that said it's got a terrible long term relationship. One do next in line actually. Meet two I just kind of move nightmarish situations don't come in at. As a kid and all but. Com you know you risk nothing. And so she's a and I know when exclusive and then she here her roommate who's kind of for. The girl's name me just Lucretia. She does have a few really foxy girl but. Not since and then she complained about. On nine beat him you know all times to them and I just appoint addicts as loud as brutal as possible. I have had some fun with it but. She is spending every night at my place and you could she hated I think the girl's name Jan. Dude can actually emailed fish are syncing is on the permanent seats I hung up humanity listen listen here the Internet savvy and tell us an audio clip from the time that you guys were being passionate. I have so when he hitter. Yeah vessels going to present right. That's that's why doesn't sound like well that's my moment that my collection cup moment. But now that you don't. She spent the night in real time and UN I was so I was elements and look what he's just moving and made a talent and as you know she's a look at Hamlet here you find anywhere between zero to sixty real quick that's exactly that but I never went home I hung out them on my part and I have no budding talent and they went out it was like crazy Nyhan and never it just doesn't make sense on the other way to pay to go home went up I didn't number well yeah we don't really. It's supporter like look. This just makes sense what you just step I want you hear you one of the year lets you know it it doesn't mean this big thing right now auditorium there are but lets you know why why would you let's save money moved in here and. As he said he. Torre went to do Tor or going to or with the band when he went to wait until what was on a crazier moments being on tour with the boys in queen's Reich whether we did that fan interaction. The country that you were in whatever it may be what what was it like. Well the biggest thing I didn't know who queen's Reich was and I didn't get it at first I thought it was maybe just like no offense like a studio seven. And is like multi mall artist but I mean we're talking on them they were huge. In the I don't know and now and so I think. And we after Parker flew out went on and it shows a man on the as the first time there really niacin. Finally I got it when I intact there was like Honda people whose notes sold out are you passionate fan base yeah yeah there. And I went crazy bad I like crazy and but they're all super cool. I love all their fans they're diehards really crazy. You favorite memory warrants were with them. It is touring Europe them I'd never done a country for yourself. Yeah I've Byron them about it you know nice nice. Who's this Millie is gone bust. I. And at all right click on the bus usually they have a small box and this particular pats had like a big queen sized bedroom and they didn't and I couldn't believe it. That's why I had those guys are like that all the sweetest people other unless it lines yeah. If I gotta K he's got the opportunity with the person cares about we should at least let him enjoy being comfortable spot I can't believe that only known them I'd only met them one time and then like I think about it as retarded as them and Eaton. And sometimes I'll be like in one other house does bother recording an exit and then like my nine and then like an intimate person's house now. It's crazy yeah. Now embodies his people. And those people about just people. Who can't think. It. I guess I'll have to like a whole new thing for me and gaining ammunition is not an easy thing you wanna. And the rattle I'm sure you know your your life and it's. On the red lives like at a nice to have them. We do when you raise our ideas kind of get when you deep into works out for react and that I mean I usually go yeah I might. As well. So I noticed you mentioned that anyone who listens to the podcast is gonna get to enjoy a year. I'm censored snatch that how does that work. Ask some questions and they can answer I'm okay and is gonna have to let me do the quiz about the show me that. What kind of questions to the and. I'm act like breed listened to it academic by the common theme of cancer. It's funny is already be getting messages who's the worst male readers Steve Glen yeah. Out here is that these questions are going to be out what are we would you have really got to write. I probably imminent. As I've actually I do eventually yeah eventually put on it but my wife will be like it would you guys talk about my. I forget every time no idea I ever come up adding and I have no idea what I never know it's a really good. Design a skits on the house show that it was besieged look what happened in my. I don't know if you look you know if you haven't listened saluted you know I you bring things down because like I do it'll be cap on the podcasting's I've. Smoking old people scarface house queen's Reich. I don't know what any of the things mean little old people we talk about the whole people judging us. All a grandparent all grandparents. Get in a way of doing it man. Know a lot of people a couple of time markers went bloody mouth Gerri you're pretty yeah yeah. I'll tell no people in scarface house's. Sales amount. And I do pretty did that a couple right I know I'm like normal conversation it's just an app on me like freeware on the same way. I really try and come here and. I have to practice not cursing it won't like does curse. At all costs I love cursing what did you think dinner the other night. Cook the. You know I. Didn't bother her own bed yes because she knows that she's walking into a you know I mean actually knows jobless people Larry starts Travis. The singer Robbie Amber's avert the tragedy that was brought you get probably met Travis. Travis is having a difficult time with the home. To me this amazing tied spread Melissa it turns out. You know trying to slow these cats like meat potatoes meat and potatoes catcher Brad so he's easily get out at every step of the millions waiting out a horrible and I waiting out man. Man what the F immigrant he became my grandpa. I did not view but those innocent and I kind of stuff and my wife found him very endearing and charming and funny policy okay everyone else can personal problem but all eyes and you know I even just a damaged its. The case of an educated guys and multiplying you have a little and she's gonna have to be used to daddy swearing Oprah is you know the asleep for two years you know that money in your pocket against these guys how to let you swear. The moment when we were John elect holiday season and Samie swooped in took my parking spot at the mall and I proceeded to roll my window down call that woman has few words. That authorities are your words that I'm I'm mortified I just say that I think we're. Or fourteen when I called that woman if I. Often. Ten minutes of work burns it's open is a loop back and clean that out up aren't that god is that you disputed out. Why do here today is our economy improvement in Athens I'll go have been going on your weak man. The tough question no not really column so once they Elena got trashed with Rachel actually yes. All of the engine that again acute urgency up front you know is busy why either they weren't diving I got a good date this sedation they can't that a podcasters will get some drinks. I make I gotta go get my. Pulling the source. Sucks and I don't the most boring old I am is doing here but to plug it in conflict. Yeah I've got an agenda on everything equally insidious Breslin yeah it. Don't want any times when I'm not driving and raw out I we will all get. I asked I love it was Steve hammered. I received its union where you go usually hammered when I'm hammered the last show adolescent the last cruise a birdie show I was not seeing street march that was. But I add on to our our our courts have as he drove me he's gonna have to worry about drivers out here right I haven't you been around he tore up. Big time more than one because I'm also completely in the in the you know that banks both big stress out of black now. On cots. Oh really can drink. A lot. The Nextel has already by Jesus driving around you should swoop up to pick all of us not Coca. And who would have oral posse wheel does get blacked out yet collect. All I've been wanting like the last two years which I think it's different I think that he's I don't. Marker called me up he's like hey I'm looking at about Rachel's Christmas list and kick ass and Steve drunken on the list for Hillary yeah. It was Steve Allen got hammered he's been Putin for three days turns out wrong steed and she's not happy about it but at Byron diamond ring on. It's crazy. No Wednesday it was our buddy Bender was called and manner but Anthony but can he Bender on on about it he checks yet I'd known you for your prediction guitar techs are queens okay. And so him and Parker Arctic is the use and it was spenders birthday. So Parker hit it was like dude you know raw meat not Penders dirty thirty got to be there. She went down in it was cool Tommy drove in town drop me off is I didn't just. I mentioned last Catholic universe just and kicking you squarely in the teeth and continues abuse us and ask if you've gotten better now all got worse yes. But well. Men. We give me two console to the whole story about a hour enough. But. Yes it's on the strait of what you because I was owed RC kind of depressed. She was a much. You need to be round. It's unique out of order them now the only you know my buddy go Williams shot of whiskey and went. Joseph the snowman and Rudolph starts well you know one shot wait an hour drive back home choosing no I won't drive you in town and drop your ass off. Sushi straight up you know look what you wanna countries like I. Really don't I just lay low. So she drove in town drop me off and was like I want on C. It was rad so I did you know and so you have the time you and I were hanging out talking and you know I urge. Think he hides it well and had no idea I mean I knew that we talked for a while. What I was again I could've told you what for a million dollar top it was basically black doubt it was teetering on blackout I love. The picture I saw the true you'd grind during the hang loose and raise their museum curator. At the Hawaiian salute delegation members here that I remembered that that picture being taken away. Assets Olympic village home ice you know actually I come here we should like I have shots and is something game we do. We want to get the part of us again here get a gets you back home. We usually don't and it would go weekend podcast we do weekend drinking casts a huge schools are basically working out we all get together. On the weekend you were cast in the Donald town afterwards. Before herbal and how do before podcast. Yeah we got quite a Coke commercial break. That goes how ignoring your eight hour hour of the tape rolling I didn't want out Kazaa will I will all go back and listen to this story gets what on yeah. I ask is I don't know I'm not sure about cussing I'm worried about god knows what else let. Alison back to a huge not for public essentially we no one needs to know that you know that we. Ted and I did a mega cast once but we did it at the parlor in the backseat we would for Chrysler great comic and we were all lacked Al. We used it feels good. And our record it we did about an hour contents I nor do we talked about I went back in I think ended up being forty minutes of content that put on. As the podcasts and take twenty minutes out a ton of beliefs and a ton of questionable content that it Dilbert won me the share of Ted wanted to this year I want to meet to share. So that you don't want nobody needs to hear this stuff. I mean alcohol just drops might it to the point where pretty much any conversation topic is fair game and there are things I have done in my life. That I don't really want people to know that I've done well sure but that's step. All you know like everything from. Substance abuse too bizarre sexual situations and I'm hammer another man let me tell. Yeah well and then later on like my god what it up it's always it all right I know everything about him outside all these you know than the united sitting student when's exercises we will debuted the. And I don't these. The senate in Europe and. I was Christmas story and have him coming because when we were in Vegas for us yes convention. Hit him BJ started calling it digs them the I would get wasted and I respect I had somehow I tell you guys don't like going to get your bank there. It was like these of the diatribe we'll write data might just think you know my. At Google Google is trying to be everything to try to beef bones are trying to be TV's just BS search engine you don't see Toys 'R' Us trying to sell copy. They know their Lyonnais staying at said. I mean I think no problem we try torturous coffee I would true now not when I'm drunk apparently out of my issue equity and writing all this crap down like another great me. Them from Steve makes the gadgets all these stupid like engines I would go on I respect his window like this super expensive clothes only stupid people who wears this deep. And I think there's going off 100 spent a lot of my you know look at dom. I don't like I'm crying. Or am am sick of them aren't like crying. Roads are you emotional no no number I'm not similar drinking and what would it won't makes it that way be careful that it's a bomber. Do we stay away from that that night I don't wanna crying podcast. There's no crying at odd that rabbit I like grown men friends of mine. I just heard their cool and suddenly they are crying and holding them in this land that will be today. Do you did in the blue and I would not want out of this one it's it's you and I need back. 00 Jack really that's my kind of drink of choice so I love Jack. But it makes him cry sometimes it just kind of depends on the day what does it make you cry has the Dem I would die I had I can you and we can't prosecute the killers back elevators at the theories you know makes me wanna like get engage in argument and and. I I buried I. Aggressive that's what would happen. Wednesday night is is sure that was dream Jack Daniels. And then people started buying meat Jamison. Which I was like dude. Thanks I'm an elect will play your games and I am now going to admit that I can't change gears and I am not by Jack is useless money combine it is a really like it. And so that it is Jack James inject insulin Freddie showed up Freddy's a devout makers guys are right away Freddie by opinion makers and it's like that idea makers. And so none of back and yet the makers exchange started to happen so by the time you and I were talking I was probably 1214 shots of whiskey you holy smoke after me Kendrick and I can drink it like that I'll just sit on the water back I don't really remember that guy had water and whiskey. Will you wanna Clearwater gasoline and only PBR one point I think it's a couple sips and went back to my whiskey and water. But I. I'm sure I had thirteen fourteen I never see anybody water act like doing well I asked her arms she was dope I. Asked her for ginger ale house a two children coached at the home. So I as a virgin drill back and it was like. If the rain that had run off the parking curbs have been collected in a cup and then put on ice that's hit one hit that ginger l.s like. So here's a little you do. I just don't that al-Qaeda is so I'm glass don't want a dirty and other glass and just fill that they do water for me thank you to that that's kind of bring in the water. Luka. Well they should turn on the ginger real maazel since 76 response then make an Olympic sport. You out a prospect in return out of water we're still. I. It was it was it was as to drill goes I'm of this idea of a drunk I mark I read something restarts over. And we drink as we podcasts right now ourselves right now we call it quits. We take a break there we go out just terror where your schedule and then not to do it come back. And finished the cast of people who listen we'll get into our podcast the first LB yeah you kind of along for the ride and were progressively getting drunk. And now they've got paused when we come back it's just like buckle if you're a totally different people right. Well I think is needed to over the course of the day anyway right to think that I meanwhile now I think yeah I think we did so. At any minute who's this who's in this group is is how we need to where people boat well we of course the red if he's able to grow unless she's doing another meeting with. See that's where that isn't impala yeah based on something I don't know we we can buy like as. Anyone can our crew of the Arab partners around markers not arguable but it that I want her eye on all I would love them. Brito and Parker podcast America. Let's get badly tooling story especially when drunk I feel like go get like really funny. Probably I'm just gonna turn him loose on YouTube and sit quietly in the corner Rick that's what I candidate and all it's developed to do and that's discount I hope that there. I'm trying to watch the girls from poor route and looks just look at it and yet it on tomorrow. Tomorrow and tomorrow what day of the week is tomorrow I don't DoubleClick ad taken Dell can't can't. Give a doctor's appointment. Because it that this. I hate to admit that I ended Sudan's between. Now we asked you pistol everything's cool you know it hurts. They aren't green are calm and falling home I mean it is of those things like a toothache I would give it immediately and it's yet. Com. Don't. Your impression of everything's cool up brushing twice a day. Aggressively. I think I. Our I don't know messes with toll is substantial step in and I'll I'll Wear the truth needs that get him so hard sometimes it bleed. You know intelligent chiseled toll is at his wallet you only go do some do it right and trillion clean streets here but kept it a lunatic. Yeah like water a price for giant pits I. I just one of those things smell like that I think is because they know adamant it would Dennison mentally get in the and I go through toothbrush about it for months and I really rush the hell out of them babies. So I could hit it there there's some grand Glendale they didn't have before. And didn't need. Can play like spin the bottle shot. Into Latin. Really need to spin the bottle I'll just drink and you want a leader okay. And what are we gonna do would appoint someone who are we gonna like some weird origin and win the game if you drink like these have like oh well I thought. There are shots OK I don't know we're comfortable with battling Obama can make outline but you know obviously part through your door who speak it. If I got to I will. Be used to. Believe that isn't enough. It was your week been like and we talked and gondola what was going on your we've got a late Wednesday that that was the high plume that we okay. That's lighter week and we weekend that Wednesday on. The purpose according to the cards at home on board. I wanted to do. You set underway here your I having an interesting Hooper. I hate Lugar it's like they hire people that don't. So most of them doing reliving my country I don't like racist or anything I'm using newer driver but it did. My original hearsay and it's a bet a battle about to agree with you it's like a bunch of people that just don't know what's going on but you don't shouldn't even have an license is not licenses via. I had an over driver crew all twenty we could make a five minute drive it became a forty minute drive because he kept missing the exit happening this morning he was told me his life story of working in radio and all this I kept going and I I want you to take any home I'm like this he had to GPS on it even saying kill the engine. And he's going to get and I might. I don't know if Hughes can bury you in the desert so I think I've taken you what I meant no matter where you're scanning their work closely argue I don't like to. Exhibit please can you get up but I don't want her hire who were ratings ought to be the got a thing how to drive but my mother at her most Larry Bird look when I look at you while they're gonna be a. Five anyway so they can just straight the next ride but honestly like is of them. Good god did that Amazon corporate party where they have lord plans to office without a century link field drew Griffin aerial it was Amanda also bend it like that like us are lower went on picked up all the rave kids at usury. And it's that traffic. It's mayhem it's pure chaos and the reason is pure chaos is because it's mostly we were lift and cab drivers and I'm sorry to say. Most of those cats shouldn't even be behind the we now it is in saint eighteen saying Nancy you're not wrong on actually every dollar pick someone up. I alleys and it with the industry conversation but I get so many compliments on dude you're so nice here. Actually creature I speak English and and they really appreciate it. This yeah nobody's DPS people love me on the good travel rush the mobile home public hits are due lied to me somebody XX unwinds see in the world you know as a city yet. Yeah I'm on the good like tiny you know if there was a way to request knee specifically I got to come collect your rage in the knew who he he'll admit I'm so and I I don't know there's a way to do. Well every straight up the hill with the skin you you on your way home can you just turn on or would you like I mean it is your network and caught on. Home. Do you might start to a Catholic ones are point six stars and I don't really like what I did I I store. Everybody who threw enough matches to get to the next can give you all kinds information would you do would seven you can't read I just accept whatever pops up I except I messed up one time and that went. Bad when you must not. Every treatment for. I don't see that as you did you did you puke or and there are a few issues that I heard your rating all. So he's in the driver's seat where were you unsure if you're out doing the math on BP on the I'm not not hit I don't know what happened to refute that she's a former gymnast. My girlfriend and let me answer that. He was like kidnap us or some things I'd like people overreact he pulled program wasted air repeater whenever Landon. Is holding me up. He. Kilogram. And yeah people pay you for a yeah but that's happened you picked the wrong guy yeah. Only you gotta pick a date you have sympathy all right fifth time also learn that happened just timeout remover. If you pay the. I mean on it that it it myself team that went. I truly love throughout. I feel pretty normal may finally south and I'm I'm into his way over the top but. The approval PP thing that may not know our Kellyanne let me give me now for me did you know what's going on your head while you're doing it's they count easy money F. And drowned relax or take a look I was gonna do this anyway and hit a good point I'm gonna do for free do remember. This was when Tony and I first got together it was a friend of Tonys that worked in the adult film industry. And it chatted with a hurt that hurt quite a bit and she was like you should undo masturbation stuff in the old days in which you'll. Just gonna be it's easy it's gonna be your unit and I think some compliments. Share the ball could help out my unit and how I thought our Fredricka you've mark Harrison I've both talk about. I the UB reader as holly was like absolutely not I'm like I'm gonna do it anyway. Eight right wanna make 700 bucks you know then you know Rachel grandmas going you up upset with the you were looking for a date you really can't. We got Tommy was not feeling it and so long I didn't think it's time I was pretty broken him I would go wrote one who told me my face legal economic and there's gonna film. They're gonna film what's between your legs much pace right. And treasure and I would actually call each unit called the second set up I know this guy this Milton ambulance culmination. I wish I talked to mark about it marks or two because I need the money and what I will go rub one out on camera held yes I'll do it. Six times a week a little and my new job and I thought tundra from my own like I was gonna do and Johnny was. Really like yeah she put her foot that was like you know you're not to do and what of what a possessive woman. Now allow you to throw one out. Him I'm OK let's light I don't think it was like that indicating I'm kidding about the first you thought I was getting an image real as it wasn't kidding just put Atlanta. You're not doing the comic book club aliens using the no I didn't record I think this is the slippery slope in more ways they want but like you know I mean I think that what's this starts but this opens the floodgates to other opportunities at. That's yeah NL yeah addicting. I love emphasis on. Middle part of our masturbation has actually supported it. Instead pop I doubt if I'm not realizing I'm doing and I really got going and I'm like all open issues here's one for you on that topic and that's actually. I'm not have to go to Paris was only one other one but as a guy like. A master made under. Under so leave it like a master B while driving through them on hum restrooms of solidarity of parking on Rachel I've never done a parking lots of sturdy and caught our eye I would rather do it driving. So Allen asked Rachel have you you you master bedroom while driving. Now all now while driving it OK replay those AM. I don't think girls they're like ethnic. I feel like you can't really focus on our drive and a stick shift at the time to man I think if I can pull off I aborted deal with the really. Out of a out of the IM Jack somebody. On the freeway see that's not who always in a truck so I was up high if I thought anyone can she you know went down. You know whatever I was that he shows teenage boy it's like mammal to Canada's flight home. Yet the era. So you've parked and and Donna what do you part of our bathrooms random bathrooms. Unkind comments. Sushi is about here's the roller coaster yeah his more usual just like. Strong reason I into us and it's all and it doesn't value added that all of this when you're like yeah I gear early teens are crowding it. I'm still my forties and insight. Yeah yeah yeah sometimes they're a little positive just more bit yeah at the time to kill it I kind of bad now that means it will elevate you temporarily. Or yeah headache I've found even when I'm sick like when I've got the flu and you know yeah delegate typhoid master meter the net I'm if you. But this review viewed from everybody I'm I don't play. Any of Tamiflu. And drop this if you don't win another completely an extra bit ahead rush at the moment of truth and finally. You wanna get on a bunch and I quote you know we take director Lee and then just let that. Oh ritual moos on puppy at a it's. Because of the medical purpose as though I'm learning I'm learning. Braden. I just curious and if girls were. Coming most girls dale or what admitted no. Girls on and actually talked to bomber. You'll know your female friends when I mineralization on the relate chastised at a young age rebel yeah all masturbating in and then to this day they carry pets are you know line. Think girls are really judgment on get off on it. Like you're at that Passworder whenever there's on a minute. Kimberly had asked for a super G voice winner when you're when you're like thirteen. Don't like you do not all you got about ten or fifteen foot brawl. I did that on your deck while your mall was makers are talks yeah. It is weird change that happens at all teenage boys around ports that I would never do that immensely and it. It was at the end you're about everything I remember I'll never forget that moment like three teenage thanks sophomore junior high school right in the cafeteria. And I Bruce Thomas something you can tell I remic. I always wanted to go there like. Well you quit lying north cells were all jerk you think taking care we're all well we're all about the slowest the next thing you know our eating French Fries were all just talking about it freely. I went from being outmanned and you found out it's true I can I I don't know nervous and will their hair will hair grow my hands. Then my friends will now or well I think you believe the hype and you hit emporium like I don't care you know and everyone doesn't care. Now again like so I wanna know if it's like this for girls two but as a boy. You start to kind of hear about it whether it's TV your friend to every kind of hear about it and nearly life. And then I'm the first time I tried it a light. This isn't going anywhere its effect this isn't going to work. You don't and you like generally you're really young you have no idea what's really going on. And I remember straight uphill like what's the point of this I mean OK and then the moment that knows it. Oh. Lol I don't know I don't know I really you know now you really need a moment I was like dude this is all nonsense they're people are messing with me one of the talk about the certainty is it like that for girls to. Or do you know the work out taboo for girls I don't think we ever had an about reputation high school actually because. I just didn't care I would talk about stuff like that and I got like a really bad reps even in the cool chick basically I was the quote checked but I was also get a chance to start a average golfer like that people addicted you can silence on that however. Just keep body and Duncan and so what's it like to thank you for any. So glad now people who know. That's amazing it's funny you bring up an album that first moment and I. I don't know how much it's like I was allegedly you know because you remember what happened there was nothing how much I dealt and this is yes and then it happened that was a. Oh god whimsical wasn't gonna put it all the time but I know it's time I remember thinking is that a pipe burst and Mike I don't know how to stop this as well. Yeah why do you might try and I put I put my finger on there they. Had like everywhere I like how. How much I really enjoy this but man oh man I don't know this is okay. And then after I don't backdrop. The first time how do. Go to compared to the closest thing he can management consultant Craig government efforts to get a sour patch kids. Finishing up you huh. Four as I just want popular as a cheesy drag. You had never been able to use this as a head into the brilliantly brave men and look how rescuers are still very enjoyable I'll like I Ehrlich can hang minute. All of it about raw just like got that all are my god it's my contacts issues like traveling to the podcasts when your done any sort of really thinking that's how like. Just coated so far it's been pretty much Stephen I confessing random stuff to see if you're like masturbating is the same for girls are no it's not the same for girls to date I was fishing for a so are we thought okay OP scarface house screens right over. As strange comparison sour patch kids she's at it that it's a good podcast. Just coats out agreements are that's kid thing is confused and confused the hell out of the listeners are well I learned. We like what everyone's going to be like yeah I remember that and actually talking tough Norman makes Steve your really weird could get better. I am happy mall I don't have a study results are there any concern it was just pure. Willow all I I don't know Otto. Using a what do Randi that again right yeah we got lucky that it pays you could do advantage kid. Today that that leads you to tough man tough to always tell girls to minimize the Marlins all the unit so it was good stuff. That the rules are not tough that that did the jewels are very tender with the U itself can take element found out I mean you can do that thing with a hammer it it's pretty tough and well I think the most of us until you've ended the jewel house had to look at regular batteries that can do the twin he's talking right you amazed Wii U it's wig and a very delicate flowers berries are very delicate yet. They have a lot of guys and it little cult buried or I'm not I don't leave me Aaron had a good acts figured I Hewitt and read about another. They've not really a mess I thought about fees but they're like I don't actually like that sounds like. I think some guys do but I'm one of those guys and all she's funny more more my friends and equipping of the Motley yeah along. See that's fine. I don't wanna messed with I don't wanna mess with what these huge movies is the girl's supplement that hurts limit how many times to its opponents when you jewels. And the guy probably when they hit yeah. I didn't have to yeah yeah. Wright has hit a communication is key when it comes back are you call what they want this is pouring did you it's unfair yes yes citation that does all things like that Al might know what Billy go come on communication I think I told the story about this is yours feels really. Really try to grows dating back to Maryland. And I was playing with ice. And I would go critical stuff and ice cubes and has each one got smaller and smaller just put them right. Since then then yes you have to censor that and throwing a pass. OK so how do I explain the story and I can't go any kind of detail. Op when he put ice in the tunnel yeah that's OK so when the ice cubes are getting smaller put them in the tunnel yes then a little while later. I decided to enter the tunnel right there when a car went with my car recuperate and what I don't think like that and she didn't really having its number life in the minerals. Oh my god she would see. Well it. But. Roland that homered twice and you're saying something. You really know she it was straight what you she went from total all ought to see Iowa and. You liked that one I win my car touch the ice. I went oh cannot she went CE true. As if to say see it's cold doesn't feel good and I'm thinking. God why do you generally. So with the whole you know sucking on the mayor easyJet. I think it comes a communication be like it hit badly and you see little TV viewing added element and a whenever a little it was a little thank god yeah. Yeah I bought while. That's about how would that don't want to do that no you're not into how we go do you see discredit a package that you're putting in their mouth legalized 99 guys don't want fox to. Communal cup that call what was the source only a cult lawyer his political voice yeah. Armed as the birth otherwise don't waste your time you can leave a leak just focus always focused on the twig not a trick we would all agree it's a universal dream. That we love that the twit stuff you'd be surprised at the that we can take you'll have to be gentle twig in fact it's sometimes fun when you're now. But but the batteries you've got to be gentle with us why does. Want to make them really since I was on next Seattle strip club in this strippers like yeah dancing but that's. And it's like impose my shirt confidence of biting on my nipple and Michael really it's just not doing anything for me but I I. Huge figure and it does against that you like that missed a squeeze and find a look. Now I don't like this and I'm paying you so I don't want you to do it anymore to go all kinds account and and we don't argument I have much. Why are you would like Ecstasy am still not bigamy and everything feels good. Except the back so stop it down into the hole. Clips on the couple times sounds different. That was a constant our rhetoric that he can't cool fund where you leave those be two little guys doing things and hope it's not as. Just because I mean I hear they're sensitive bullet. It was just assumed girls like that right jurors are a lot with a totally insensitive as ours alma mine are. A number census and. And Apple's peers like four times. Which I didn't know I saw a Twitter. I didn't know I was ounce letter so got the talent anymore and the reporter kid if people look at that. You burn them out ask that. So on Twitter it's breach of Barley BA RL EY with two YYYNC. Graham. What is it you know just one Y one why everything else is just one that. Racial acts partly OK okay who who yeah I think that's on our cool that they we now and endured during two grams and tonight as though. Map at the fact that we first had you wanted to get like 101000 or maybe last navigate. Five down and we thought it was a lot and realize. You got 5000 followers in the brands that so many. Ten and 1000. And we need you to rock at the brewers are pretty sure give us a I would look at or not it is every. Well yeah we got to get her bruise abrasion or if you can rot there until people cope better record though. For that well do it so who wish yeah. To birdie number one inventory dudes it's a hi mom. We'll give her popular if I am I'm. Again mom I didn't gallon today yet to bring Charlie back I think you regard your best behavior I think Glen and I may be right. Disturb your mom more than any like there's nothing my mom hasn't on this by August of last. Only and should make for amusing let's use. Always as well but they'll private a lot of people don't typically listen to this podcast listening obviously because of the aria I hope they enjoyed in late new fans are waiting to delete rams today but aura is a good time I had a tablet front of really register Bryant. Now a lot of her followers would listen and it was like I'd make you more of those guys weren't aren't. Not at all they won't know what what do you think we're gonna put her on a podcast and not talk he's just where the mics and leave me. I guess I don't want to be her a look forward every bravado Arnold Palmer but it is you show on the inside like Bob yell out. I think come back and have a drug shell yes we should entitle it the title asked to be messed up like. Not spelled correctly yeah everything drop yeah everything's that's leading into I don't agree to these are all get. This went on and any sour excuse I do appreciate you yeah. The big sour patch hit a source get a moment of terror when that first happened as a young fell I didn't know how to make it stop. Then what am I going to do. And really it I don't know. They have other thin he's opened up the floodgates on my wife how to go downstairs like it seemed that she thinks it is it shows have no idea how. No he wouldn't stop. But really Idaho's yeah fire hoses going he was saying there was a a rather large flown out of Britain when we do now I'd put out a fire for an entire neighborhood kids. But it does it shows the personality trait because there's Steve gone along with zoo we're gonna stop there's legally I don't can't. A this is a little lower her solid round draft just in my mind I'm desperate Larry Nelson Demille I'm I don't even care who does kill me I don't man I don't know can't. Yeah as usual or about the past I'm not smooth. About that as as as as personality types are true to me the last thing I was considering was the repercussions of what happened. Hey you know they're going what if this doesn't stop this well there isn't drains me and I dry up and blow away the look like what it. Let's put it past the hole with gross abuse to a group that. But for that anyone who's listening email us belief gets a gmail.com. Your stories like because now I do you like obviously I always assumed that everybody had the same opinion that I had my oh my god knows what's going to stop. Your life you or Michael I don't know if I'm Scott. Oh yeah it's really I didn't care for children you know and and accountability creative in trying come up we'll wait to talk about it without being graphics right I think you in part on the night your first masturbating everybody that's actually we're very happy moment my and we feel more comfortable purely dear Rachel this is my story yeah she may not be on the shelves pretentious here he'll make steel I'm more comfortable as we reached. Sir I'm sorry that all they want to let you know what what we have more emails about back there we've gotten any talk about half. He really end up story is our female listeners we'd like to hear your thoughts yeah. Actually a great asset to. Org has a voice the it was a voice no doubt you're fired three look you're someone. Or is there any tell where you'll Karl set up a new 800 number for us that's right above all Brothers we love you Carl he did remember and tell me out of the opulence of alcohol and remember and tell me that you'd set us up a toll free number is eight people call in order to hear people and Colin and passionately messages. Her grandchildren. 188. Or eight. Well I'll correctly. AD 9941. Numbered moves. Through the moment in time for me. Eight or. For baby number four megs or two front features are forced him whatever you want to view and it was a voicemail. And tell your story trying to be as clean as creative as possible with this story and we won't tell the breadth. And Michelle Obama. No I don't listen Michelle dole saying things please can book I I don't ask of moms are maybe little lucky all he spread I don't ask about anything from you except for maybe one of those sweet breakfast cupcake things you makers are delicious. But can you not tell Brad that we're doing its. And I wanna play these voicemails. While breads and to an end and act like it if we'd every we have no idea why we're. Due to leave it right it is so weird and everybody's like I. I feel pretty telling stories is just Rachel was all this announcement is Rachel like do we know what we never got into an an and I said about this Florida. I was just thinking about the first time that I had a happy moment and I wanted to share my experience with you and whoever got ice girls leave us a message at 899. For me started to bite the reviews are 14787. And and share. That moment. And will this play. I I'd like to your former fuel is is all started because of course you're kind of talking openly about a logical stuff closet I wonder if it was like that. Four for girls like every Rachel your first time when you relate is this going what even work all the other girls were talking about it seems like BS in the old while. It was like for me it's what it was like Kristi with a little terror makes me I remember I just number what I did it I just couldn't stop doing that. We understood understood process I did I don't remember the first time I think it's it's it's not healthy truck. I don't know if it's and I wanted to do everywhere and any like anywhere I was act. All the time I understand that. People should understand that compulsion completely and that never goes away at the clock with the start I got to get ready to go to the dentist Rachel as always. How this happened more yeah. Have a nice clear I have nothing going on ever. I feel Melissa. Yes I will fix that Adobe ships hit a sub a hate cats come and hang on the eye catcher who opened door anytime when it come in and hang out with I'll be every week I don't care argument could be it could be a part of our reindeer games more than. IPad you'll be a part of it. And clearly today we learned your more than blowing and you. Able to be a part of our reader. And immune there's no topic off the table and nothing nothing really went too far and I call president couldn't say what I said we had to take its own stuff you know what you've probably fine. But it's just it's just not podcast on the Arab would dump. I can relationship kind of way about it but bright is because to say. Recent talk to my graphic we talk yet against you graphic which is such as it's like a weird. Good shade of gray. So we edit I don't know it's good or bad it's like I don't know that's OK that's not OK so we err on the side of caution got a. And ladies room the moral of the story is communicate you'll ever won a look your lower ninth seed. Because that's not cool and so hot color ruined the Mosley born. Sick of old so honestly. I felt so bad because it's gone for like forty minutes early one guys can't find the been written. You know you can see you read. Yeah it's. Shell hit the big lead it's like yeah I heard. And you could GPS that. If they do it'll make a right at the moment. Apparently you guys aren't let me know if you read that the bull what thing yeah I don't need any of them could. That's what they're good friends who they are right global market. It's a Pedro the new listeners thank you for listening hopefully you enjoyed the podcast and come back. And obviously rates will be coming back more often I sure hope it now we'll we'll see you in the near future of food and drug cats that I can't do all that edit stuff. Yeah. But maybe coming up. Yeah. No I'll ice jam in the night. My good friend ginned up it's your birthday party. And how we 99. And I'm Jim and I love my buddy Phil Kennedy on Monday called him up just playing guitar behind film and I'm really looking forward to that I'm going to I don't. South Yemen Tommy's coming down the article mentally you better get blacked out what he's got I got that going on a logjam with Phil tonight fills. Awesome guy and I'm convinced them to be played totally cool I get that them. And I see myself but for us and bruiser Brody are our albums available on iTunes and extreme in her quiet put up through diversity stand dot com clippers the physical copy. And we'll be out playing some time in the near future well and we're looking models have shipped all of your blog about I don't know of the double album is gonna be available. That is awesome you know we re ran the music now I've. Because admits he missed were. Yeah resume resume their counting down we'll just talk great you know music can reds gal that is his beard parts and coiffed overwhelmed yeah I'm sort of fingered. You could put you out there listening as always and as always please stay positive. A very up spam. Socket that.