MigsCast 01/30/18 "Crankin' Shorts"

Tuesday, January 30th

This week, Glenn shares the good news that Windowpane's record is now available on VINYL!  Get it at Windowpane.net. We also chat about Rev's desire to have a suit of Armor, we check out some interesting voicemails, and Thee Ted Smith joins us for a little bit to discuss a topic from last week's show.  Finally...we check out an awesome new song from our buds in Everybody Panic! The song is called "Dead Heroes".


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Earlier age now. Now yeah let's do this. It is amazed as my name is Steve may land here we have revenue of play goes back up act sorry I don't have moved like Rachel Martin. While so grateful you got to go. Total relief yet get out come back next time when an estimated -- I whenever it's available Garrett Dallas but we got like an entirely. Not nearly as cool as ritual either and I'm not the way to the I think you're equally as cool for different reasons to hold. But I do like the way they used strategically put cupcakes in front of your private to thank you thing I've got a nice that he booted me off of it's to Graham for that. So that I contents and the words grow to might have been used Obama you're actually rally you gotta do that. I'm not Twitter traders like to run wild west of pornography oh my gosh it is we now have a problem with with with putters can hang with the putter I nobody if you spend just five minutes. Following porn stars but it will change the way that you and I did one I think and they are what are because there's a run on all twelve karma is I just let him also I think it might be this specific name karma aspect part of it back to fort. Thank you know exactly what you're talking about Steve no grabbed I don't know where you're talking to. As a couple things like first of all is a grown man should I be involved in anything that's referred to Reggie tweaked yes I think not the thing is manned. I still it it really the fact that our president. Is on Twitter. It a lot bothers me a taught you wanna be political clan leader of the free were older way and you wanna call it title odd should not beyond Twitter. Tonight you don't think it's very presidential to be a week. Glenn tonight is the state of the union. Kind of 2000. I am I put it on this program you use your dad about possibly perfect I was wrong Grasso socket maybe it's that the right term to use our time but I sat chat porn queen. It's karma underscore our acts our electric prescription and she's prescribing some bad to being. 'cause I'll say to booby into her pet treat is the intruder might restless seeing ever inherited measure that's that's what's on Twitter at there. Well there is Steve we're a ski mask used I thought meet world. By the sixties Reyes you master might not match. Some wrestling moves honor. Does seem really enjoy your own mayor Carolyn Sherman the slammer across the face honesty in London this well that's the democracy never she said right right right maybe it did that make him a looser pork. I need. Wow us apparently she's out of breath and let my breath so this is recruiters who are yes. Absolutely. Breaks the naked pics there's other ones trying to that we caught. But sometimes when she does is that she has like a stunt rock if you know I mean I had like a marital aid. A two way. And it's but it's very it's very like human looking should rumors of my cool and I don't know why but it like. All they had they got him out of it yeah I think will ya gonna really dedicate our Kodachrome it's not the real thing back I kept telling us. And ten and these critters off. Turn her off some tree out I've reorganized my phone the other night where you move a little apps wiggle when you hang around and actually move a little Twitter I can't. In to a full that I have called loop. Any of the proved folders all the crap that they leave you with a blown out of my depth that you don't ever or two like yeah finance say it shocks the yeah yeah I what do I know as reminders and how to watch paint dry I am all the stuff but come on iPhone for the books apple whatever I moved I moved Twitter is reading through a SF I tried Twitter for a second he was a slight. It just. I don't now he's got to give it a shot there's a bunch of people like my food was cold and my approach today and you know in the media is obviously one sentence at a time will leave. Expanded on that now yeah it has 280 characters and have this thing called threads so if you want to get out your book essentially. You can write in a thread which is just tweeting over and over and over and over and over again but they're all linked together she can read. The novel that someone wants to put out an. Do you keep up with it don't have to dedicate like all your time this really now I know I -- -- -- right now -- -- is it passage I don't know what you got I just wish he was obsession that he was always honest Twitter resort to intelligently when -- -- and I mean if he was hooked who's hooked on it now he'll go insane if you do that eat it you gotta look at it like it chat room if you look at back in the old days like AOL and stuff like that chat rooms required you to sit there and tight or not live in just not pay attention everything that happened in the past he just look at what's happening like Steve said. In the now what's going on right now in mine out in my timeline and he can I am I'm headed your second cliff noted version of FaceBook use killing a little bit a little chunk of a peek inside their homes a brain. Known until I said what I'm doing and demanded that job site I don't mind to stay away from it yeah I don't worry about it had been really good every year if not every minute I need to sell something I'm sure I'll be on Twitter like hey. Yeah you know what I didn't realize killing Americans. Think Erica blow. Plus game season. You eBay or Twitter me if you don't have an idea and no what do Merkin was a little Pearl Jam hurt him Ballmer can ball yet and then I was like that's an interesting name that looked it up and like that's a disgusting thing again. That Murdoch says April. Even use those in today's Hollywood were like if an actress wants to do nude scene but yeah he's maybe an actress that it keeps things you know squeaky clean smooth tidy. But you know old it's just that I see that's uniquely an X rating because we can see all the good bits I wonder fast so the little market on or just first specific scenes and so that that doesn't make it X rated because she's basically showing too much room what you got going on ordered the murder in his only happens now. Does that glows does Netflix show yeah as wonder if they they used Americans for that. Wouldn't what was immunity I don't rumor there was talk a little bit that a little about the I don't know if it was full nude. Then by the dozen nips and a lot of my cousin my Epson to go back and watches with the man but the women do you. Yeah Martin Laird and it's great when that BI RS in anatomy have. So I guess almost talk what broke BO speaking a Twitter I learned rather quickly that there are a lot of our Rachel Barley fans out there. And all of being rather aggressive him wanting to know what the questions are going to be I don't know ballot questions arguing she said she's gonna ask some people some question do they chastise us for talking doll you launch. Okay oh no no I do you think you're very positive I mean do you what I gotta say shout out to all Rachel Barley stand they seem to dig. The show big show big her on the show and and she was great until Brad of course but I know of course not readily able to listen to the show. I have not not care or maybe him at some point you right back in check it out on the cool. Yeah listen back is a trying to find origins of how we ended up on each topic and it was all pretty hilarious but it all started I think we were trail of the gate when I was like Casey was Utah about trying to have a kid yes and that immediately turned it into the you know. We we went down some rabbit holes there are reminded that. Theme carried like a thread but get twitters her head oh my throughout the show skip going to dissolve to located. Where I needed. Dissipated and arrest the I don't even know. We'll definitely talk more about race tomorrow would probably later on a pocket to our web start things off very exciting news. Big news as sun Glenz FaceBook page he came with a product today got the boys a window pane. We have our finals we finally are cool though he had and it's a beautiful homes. It's spectacular in imminent in the world of the download and nor the CD which even the CD feels kind of antiquated. Holding a piece of music that large the typical. Are real strict. Quick man it's it's it's huge you know and you know female porn stars and had a video exactly right it's cold this time holding his game this big black remained on the story Compaq did and I. And hearing or without becoming a wild final beautiful and well and many even Linda wholesaler that photo collage like you can see every picture it's amazing like on the CD it's the same collage. But good luck. Arm BJ could seek every single picture and it was just lose a trip was super exciting man liked Don really cool. Yeah you know that has to be like every musician streaming any rock musician stream we all grew up. Getting the final opening ammerman kill or harm our enemy and especially they always had great bow our chancellor Unita kids got to you know opening up its alive. We're kiss alive two and seemed like the big stage set up with the fire. That was always the ones deadly coup in one day hope when I'm in a band I can have this I've never experienced and maybe one day bruiser Brody will do that I don't Alex who final press a little bit of love up I think of but dent in the wallet but no offense we've we've done crazier things already yeah right I got to imagine for you Baghdad as I've got to it was kind music. A purist you know rock purist that be able to open up a vinyl I was stoked for you guys when I opened up my this is legit. It's an L it's really it's really it's it's it's on par with the Ted Jensen mastery were were trying to put out major label quality product and it hits I got a same and the primary. It it it is major label quality it's it's really high end we spent a pretty penny and it was kind of crazy you know we got out of those type so we thought it was 500 units we have 300 available right now but those showed up on a Pallet. So little chick had him run a Pallet Jack in the my carport and drop off a Pallet of 300 cowboy. They're tired and does that and he. Half an hour transporting you know downstairs in the basement where they can be safely stored you know. It just reminds you don't leave him outside I'm sort of be finally convoluted and I really good idea what I'm saying is it wasn't a small delivery fee it reminds it was a palate and ask her talent of our records it was pretty incredible was like on breaking bad when they had that giant Pallet full of gas and the guys just wanna lay on a Glenda just just let anyone know I was scared a damaged them yeah that's slightly frowned upon look as I'd like crap for five copies because of the things that I have fun questions to throw out there I from Belgrade ray have you grown up Diaz of the that you would look at you guys' eyes I can when they do this that would be an awesome success man I wish I had that with like the finals and stuff but. It's funny because just thinking about. And I don't know why this came into my head but I always wanted to suit of armor. OK and like you have mentioned meg I have Pete in the suit of that yeah like you're really had to like we did I got punished enough on my mom was an incredible story. But that would that was one of the things that would've been super awesome to have like what medicate you know fit my fat body in even when I was a little kid to get in delight a suit of armor and just to walk around wearing it. So it's quick we. If we can make that happen it's still accomplishment yeah are absolutely I've never put on a suit of armor we have to make that happen I don't think it can be hard to many cabin we can weekend somebody I know I know as a suit of armor and have to be like a hot here yeah yeah Democrats get a little bit -- when I was a kid man those those people are fighting in the suit of armor are very skinny. There's no instant hourly any of us have been a suit of armor of you know we need to find a suit of armor but that depressed gifted and that's our goal for 2018. I'm sure this can make it easier for me to lose some way of fouls committed all I don't know I don't know if we'll get you into I don't think the way it's gonna be is big is it an issue GI's are making out to be I'm sure we can obtain someone has assumed farm and we're not going -- knows nobody takes them tin foil wrapper around old Arlen our actual like right and yet there there is a placed at a Tacoma infinera house where. That we had our our our kitchen knives sharpened that but they have like dog lives and helmets and all these ridiculously priced. Days and I was like on medical owned of that be cool down and you look at the multiple hundreds of dollars and Mike first up I have no place to put it and I can't afford these things so let's not worry about it I just picture rat like answering the door any tell my UPS shows up for the mailman or the Girl Scouts he opens the door he's wearing a suit of armor I think twice and I'm pretty sure you're late on a mountain bike in traffic innocent or perhaps it's. Running yet other cards and yeah did you do it and it's ever regulatory relatives' house take off on a pop off. The top pat. Creator U why are you hearing his front door drops open like you'd like a drawbridge. Just have got a model I wouldn't need to mow your neighborhood gas output in movie dude I want a moat and a crazy lady away from your home right now. So. Speaking out her heart we we haven't had any like big flare ups are a couple weeks ago she got into it with the neighbors like. All of the neighbors like at one time she was yelling at my poor Mexican family neighbors right next door just yelling at them so then her neighbors started yelling I heard she's regularly ever won a nor dislike how many keep the door and no one calls file on last check now I don't think 50 really comes around our area that often and that it's weird because weird technically pure wallop Indian tribe. So it's kind of that what do you call v.s did the tribal police are you all to easy it's one of those things are calling boat it's a week called walker. Texas oh yeah yet another domestic dissent and of the domestic and another domestic item of the domestic I don't think after like the eighth time the cops should obviously be too scared to run your mouth gal well. I don't know I did cops price cutter confirmed reports has hired gone a killer. Who got. While a morally negotiable and I know we buried our at the desert you don't want to what days you might not be here. And no sun Mohawk like detective Harris or legs thirty you know anything about migrate public. Sure vanish and then rebel noticed anywhere he's sure that she's that he sees her infant earth. They weirder little this year podcast here but I do reverend Eddie on November 20 episode from 2017. Red river was talking about. Do you really think they'll be crazy not to discuss killing her and and actually do it can yeah see how I would ask you this word right there are absolutely yeah why why would I talk about an open until it's ridiculous. You we have I I figured out our web Michelle and I have figured out a pattern. To which we call our front door of the portal because of our front door is open. It means that now she has licensed to yell at anybody. I can only really happens when our doors opened really activate sir yeah now we'll leave it open to lead car roll or to bring into sanity walk down out of your how yes well happy and take it what is the cats can look out the front door hang out they like to do that. And made it she'll just start Jabber in an in this is because the door he goes away. So we don't open the portal during the day. That's funny yeah. The overview these is that she sees the door open is a poses to heat them Desiree I wanna white body later yeah we're renting these Oman movie. I yeah. But I think at this point it's pretty affordable or rat. And until we buy a house are looking to buy a house which we are sort of trying to do and then we'll move at this point it's affordable enough that we can save some money into gonna listen. Now that that the parent now to Canada and the I don't know maybe I missed all the Stockholm syndrome or whatever it is. Yeah I don't let you ladies and across the street from me you know there was John Adams street and we got to do it one day and I. BQ what do you call it in patients Steve what's your term for yourself. Confrontations confrontations Steve outlets confrontation Glenn gas off the leash she never said a word comedienne timber I don't ever tired and I don't I don't like it at all like I would give you the door but if you get a suit of armor you should oh yeah I got to my they have never visor of so I don't have to make eye contact this is we need this we have somebody that Elise slept Rembrandt might as underdogs are hurt. Yeah or at least a week I ran the ran her opener how she she you know a white picket fence fenced in yard and look at the curb dipped in front of her fans were one point. Are we see there was a driveway. Now. There's no opening in her fence. And there is grass where that driver it would have been her lawn and so you know the sidewalk was sculpted by the city her yard however has no driveway and know entrance to will be drive which is defense. Chile's used to raise hell. People parked there didn't you parked in front of my driveway there is no drive when she was a weird little elderly Asian moment. So one day her and I were having that debate and she got into you know you and telling them they were there is no driveway to see street to city sidewalk. You don't have a dry way. They were having that debate she's. Sheila look at your windows you guys are up all night not. And which he said that I went completely. Xerxes tutor spying on lady look at my way. Yeah I think Jill you know what you got there are you all earlier Shaun did you look at I wouldn't I went completely dessert and she's gone her eyes. And she went out to shut the door and I think for the next year and a half that I live and announced an agreement Sandra. And values survey my new goal is to say I can then park where around on it. So yeah I just maybe that's what you need to do is go off and be the bigger dog I need that armor. Yeah okay well I and I didn't die I'll so. You want to treat her revenue would trigger you wanna run her up and you're habitat and make sure she's so scared you should never comes colleague Steve what I witnessed here in this guy how nice guy I've witnessed her breaking windows. Are the easy easy. The hostile or the yeah. The brothel that was next door that was set up for the homeless people. I've seen her break windows on a car from someone who parked out in the front that like three days you don't handle and does little car. Yes no one called the cops you know. But that doesn't even make sense to me to think. That is even bigger problem those are just not normal human being exposed to rap shows up on Sunday stuff going down and then all of a sudden. That case Brad puts on his armor. Opens that door I think he's trying to figure trying to get at at and just gets all the heat and water dragons kind of crawls out from behind rent house and it's just your wife period without data as you've got to dragging I got a baggy get dad brought home one for my cats. Can we do this you'll another participant of armor and they'll be like drunken lies image hit me how will happen at both the cats also dragging cost of gas are you gonna come posse of dragons and and then the line. Does does your drunken with the midget yes. Staffers agree Ben Amos from throughout their junior producers and you need to walk underneath that is the whole reason to watch the show would seem Syrian Interior Minister gas Chile is anything I just want him the idea that would be have you ruled that talk to if you watched Lily. Oh yeah yeah several seasons and it's tough to lose. Killer seemed he's a great actor he's killer U as awesome you've got to watch on he did NASA no wind and there's just one where it's called space pants. Just watch it it. It's amazing. OK I think you got this off figured out I know you put Munich. In a situation where I'm very comfortable with well look if you get the suit of armor you have no choice absolutely don't accidentally fell back like eight times I mean these things happen well I mean coincidences are coincidences and I can tell you the windows of cardinal called the cops and she fell about eight or nine times. Knows gonna call. On some guessing it's fair play. My goodness. The portal what you are opening up UN. I'm just won't solving problems throughout this and I guess you're a modern living solutions but I got back. Wife bats yeah you know I got a couple ax handles laying around. Courts to do so morally flexible did you realize I do this for like three and for the bucks Annika. These are either a kick starter starts over by me. Don't find it okay are that we can take and I don't get it yeah England to a sold my neighbor 58 from 500 dollars you get the bad ankle amused at this place like when you get polarized you know like for the fifty dollar pledge level it's meal holding her smiling with a thumbs up of course he's bloody mess but I'll give you thumbs up when he busted autographed yeah that's right. Forty bucks to get to where the rest suit of armor that -- doctor for fifty bucks it's kind of a zodiac killer thing else and you swatch of her bloody clothing for fed and I -- all and X shorted dollars in just it was a dragon be part of the pop out there they have to provide your breath gas Javier Perez who can't afford that kind of guerrillas from the newsroom T Rex costumes though that's a whole everybody's mind here and green all of those because of the people incorporated doing random things like that a lot of my guys Jim and I taking out the trash or at Indy wrestling sometimes of being in Iraq I. Unlike competitors in a battle royal will be the T Rex due to be seen nothing that on your history were pulled you Rex EC Helen yes it's incredible. The most the scenery a T Rex on ice playing on out of your league soccer game and we did catch one in Tacoma that was doing the sign twirling yes. Hi darling also I think he does little arms that is a challenge it and I don't all the money you know there's all the money hello guy can't make your bed and yet he's out there's been inside and you've got to give them props at this incredible. Do I sit and laugh not a lot plants have an elaborate at this line. Lessons in wrestling class and I was doing a move and now as a and like a diamond cutter type of move right AAF. And we can housing in my arms slayer around might in my treated as they current enough with the T Rex arms and I I just isn't about to jump up and give it to somebody I just. I had to stop and I can't you're deck I can't keep an eye on picturing now the tyrannosaurus Rex delivering its move to. As they shouldn't underestimate they are received at UT Rex arms around only. You don't long armed with a big reach that I was a slow word I would hurt him so I kept the entire eight. Elena. Quickly thank god are in studio guests are two great Titanic you Susie and I am who didn't. I'm completely Baguio whose what daughter met Doug dog three amigos are coming down. You know you can't tell you that he is practically no. But that and I guess I'm class that is going go to pasture with those who are way more Mexicans on them they acted their life here. No tamales are now. That really. Bum me out I. I they're up chocolate covered birds crispy treats when you're brilliant and how they were actually I had one it was an obscure that you've had Augustine smog rather ugly tomorrow we know that that was almost a year ago. Yeah I got. I think they have hooked up on yeah memories and those are like come back in college when I go ever once while you knew everyone got like the one guy should have put victim of the mother lode of mushrooms. And I everybody recite. Speculate you know way delay and somebody's mom sent a whole bunch of stuff not a came down to the mushrooms like he you know you know what a big that we get everybody dead in there was in two police in the Jennings was on mushrooms because there's like. Very rare that dead bit there's mushrooms shipment made at the Plattsburgh new York and got hooked up right so that the hook up and hooked up the entire campus and once it was not only. And I'll always know who you're walking the streets of pew of Plattsburgh. And just looking around you like everybody's on mushrooms and one's got like the worst based pain it's all smeared and Emma smiling like the little things news that so that's how I what is tamales are like you don't get them off into when you get that opportunity you block. Words right. But probably gonna that's my girlish figure that he'd bring them yeah yeah. Dick is the rice crispy treats covered chocolate reliable enough in general I guess actually I don't like to tell us they are rice is lighter yet. Chris being in that some peanut butter and eating a peanut butter got the good fat that's right yeah they say yeah. It was good and chocolate helps your heart sure. I've heard yeah maybe yes taste of what's your. Ambien may be the guy over there beginning if you look outside there's a certain person has been distracting. In the past podcasts for being attractive OK yes what's your experience with that person. Now why am pat one that I really I try to be nice. Some citizens say hi yeah I know I'm involved in there usually just he's a smile and nod and yeah I get beyond. How hard to say hi to some yes she's Schneider Indian national full of herself. On another war hysteria is kind of all of a sudden he's put her in check because there are a lot of liner ornament in the world. But I keep it on in this finex somebody can be attractive refers to the minute I if they're not very nice they always some like I don't find her attractive anymore now. The fact we should push her down a you know why she's Sonny put someone down Benigno you suck at life clan period. What you can man I don't know. But I just tell us a murder somebody. Oh he's like it was in his musician Noah went down he's in his murdering our baby sit first there was what's murder a way okay how do we just beat them. How we just push them down. And pretty soon as we have a we just slightly caress them make them uncomfortable and you know we aren't we can do you. That's an excellent article in Atlanta and thanks silence of the lambs and realize what ruins of bloat or just look at what some of I started getting ready to relate it to like a hundred yards away you know he seems slap their own neck and then collapsed limped to the ground and that's these the kind of things I want before you finish that it's. Word I was about to go yes Darth all of us guys want one and I was yeah I have to happen. No god this this look at the job oriented thing we announced today and I know I don't. 10 blow gun so I can you know I get these sat up and you know been given wrinkle was used I guess drama we have some want it up pieces of paper it must three heat stroke and Illinois Sarah collapse and you are needed but she pictures sure enough dead. I do want to and I made it did you come we'll talk my Guido I I'd like commanders are wearing the hat and and the T shirt odd that we go I did not realize. What you went through until after the fact Tom but if you don't mind sharing if you do denied and by all means we don't talk about it but you were. There for an awful tragedy happened in Vegas and there's like. When I first saw that after the fact my heart dropped the Microsoft boy Nicole we crap like that could've been. Let us. It's scary it's scary to think Graham I'm happy you're OK but I know it impacted you sign enough he felt like talk about great if not. We don't have to bats they had shirts on so yeah no my tournament I mean it's it's definitely helped. Since the event happened. But for those you are not aware I was at the route nine on Las Vegas concert. The night of the shooting yeah and we were there we were at the concert. Mean he forty yards from the stage but thankfully. We happen to me on the outside a stage where most of the people took that the gunshots Jesus. And we are there the group seven of us. And for whatever reason Friday night Saturday nine people split up their go to bathroom got to appear when to go merchandise whatever. When he had the shots rang out all seven of those were actually there together so we're able to ex gay. In one general Eric hall but fortunately because the the area we left was so bottleneck. Seven of us split up and at three different groups. So we had one couple one my another couple go the other way and I have myself my life and a friend of ours whose life came with us her husband and I'm just three of us. And so we we ran what seemed like forever yeah and we ended up to check in now the distance after has only got safely into our timeshare. We ran on my own point one point six miles. Any minutes should we looked it adrenaline. Getting divot going bring Californians now pay. And it would happen we can level out and Alomar AdAware yeah holy smokes man yeah so it was pretty crazy and we got a hold to our friends right away. We can we didn't hear back from two the other two not until about an hour after sells pretty terrifying if we don't know where they ended up. And it wasn't till about an hour and a half two hours after the initial shots turning up and we are all together in the time share. You know we get there we turn on the news we see you know two people dead in the initial reports are just so. Like incorrect because of the million of the news it's just the getting in. But it it was insane and I I gotta tell a guy PTS the is the real thing my friends and family who served and you know who are you know. Police officers firemen so like that. They tell him at all time and it you never really think you're gonna have to live through that if you don't sign up for those kind of professions. Right if you go to a concert right and I expect that's gonna be so that's gonna have to relive and a negative way for a serial I've known on on the most ironic thing about all that. Is. Around that time in the September we usually make an annual trip to meet our friends in California Las Vegas. Well LA kings Heather pre season game there that they do every year but they did not have that this year because the golden knights are starting. You know these guys do that MGM MGM yeah yeah from ever hear him every pair yeah. And so that wasn't gonna happen so we are like wool would arena dealing we still wanna meet up in Vegas and we have some friends of ours that are you know Eugene country music I like bowlers country music fest all. At the time I look at the names and I think they recognize like three people on the whole left three days' worth artisan there's a tunnel next she's she's yes I'm like I. No those three and I kind of think you know the other but I don't care where in Vegas are gonna drink we're gonna party remember a time right alcohol makes any music exactly. Through I guess lawyerly gasses on some some other men after the OK I became a fan of some of those guys that person. But yet I just. You know it's something that we did for the first time together in an effort to turn out to like that to be you know what it was it's. Is definitely weird to consider what has happened Alicia. We did in thing you know there is one of the EF fifty people who had passed that is from the Seattle area yet and Allen that won't hurt back at home yeah. Yeah its it's just been a trip and I must have been just like a really job. I did meet up again make when you finally got all seven of you back in the timeshare and you probably were all just like once. What just happened no I mean like how do we even. What do we do at this point now I what do we do yes I mean we lose we the 50 this person among those. The final two got back to time sure you know we all just kind of or non yeah we're so thankful are but he was just squeezing each other because we were all together and you know we had all survive. But just sitting there and literally no one spoke work for the good three to four hours I mean we just sat in the living room turn the news on to try to get information and some of the people didn't wanna watch news because you know they just conceive at that point which is completely understandable. But he also I I would I would Joseph went what what why did that just happened what was the point that yeah yet though that was me I was just trying to gather as much information as we could. Thankfully we had a friend who was in Southern California who's a sheriff skis things that please author. And he had a police scanner going to he was actually able to get. Like firsthand knowledgeable was going on because of the time there's reports of multiple shooters a different hotel yeah lot of rumors against bird around and fortune that has burned. Until all the conspiracy there is that are out there and Alex. And that just upsets me when I see those things. But we rarely get information you know good information that there was only the one shooter and then where was coming from and then when he was. You know. Ultimately found that everything kind of calmed down from there. Yet kind of puts a little he's not yet. Absolutely I mean just rigidities that sense of OK it's not the sky as they continue to do it. Right I mean actions ma'am I you have a happier here for the population happy to see you I'm happy that an I'm sorry that at some innate. Did you deal with to add to Sox. If they say it was the rough couple months I think about two months afterwards I literally got about an hour sleep a night. Just. You know you try to come down and you think you're tied to get to bed and then just things are running your head. You know my life much our friends had many many nightmares. I only you know knock on wood thankfully of only had one that I remember. Let I was more just like a cat nap during the day and BI and my clothes and the next thing here just I hear the gunshots they hears screaming. Ended jolts me out and that that was the worst that I think I felt. Afterwards. But you know we we try to figure out how we can move on. And I'm doing their renowned part of this group called love wins that. We put together a holiday drive for the families of 58 and and we do if I'm grant fund raising and we just had a photo shoot here in Seattle for the Pacific northwest survivors which turned out really really well. And I kind just start all men and Mike. Participate in the Los that they cannot face but in mass I wanted to join the board. And I did and also I'm the the PR slash holes from media guy. How to learn how well it just got broken social media I was pretty comparable to death but that every day if you you're really gets sent me pictures it's. I'm Chad in the fifth and a perfect stops like yes I am that this could be enough translated into something as great as well Steve did that refer you jumping on the exclusive. But if I guess anybody did when I say love win lose or those nice now yeah. And had a stress terrorists would love rob wins the love rock. I think the name of the next reverted red river. That's dude I mean talk about take. He's something awful and turning into something powerful and special and it for people and I wanted to know I know they were doing something. Out outside of just haven't agreed deal with this. Awful tragedy of a for people wanna find information about how to find out. We're on FaceBook the group is level winds right now it's kind of a close group it's for just survivors and people can like the page they can get information. We're on Twitter love wins RT 91 and I would enjoy and appreciate some followers on them because we needed more they're going get on Twitter again. And outpolled. Muster me but none at all I'll get on there and follow and then you know get back off. Announced just Twitter and I have an ongoing. Here well a love hate affair but more like hey hey hey he had an analyst Twitter lets me neither method. I'm sure I had. Think that the diplomat Peter and our men and I'm happy to Jacques. A network of people because I hope you stay strong and I'm sure you help them as well so I think that's that's pretty damn amazing in happier in this studio right now investment Allen absolutely thank you that think I guess that was like. As one of the moments in life that when you don't know someone it's still sucks that your about it but when you know so was there it's it's like. This guy our real lot quicker today you know I mean any tragedy and know still to this day of 9/11 is a hard one because I schoolboy who was there. And that was it's like she's the Wii's and I know that first per. It was because you lose track man back Damien. Back in my day we and our social media so you lose track of certain people that you care about and the other moves up and Powell's current. Bring back clothes but then when I found out several months after hours like holy smokes so I mean it's. When you when you can make a personal connection to something like that it's heartbreaking so I'm happier. Thank you and and just that happen are quick it is it that's one of the hardest things to for us as a group to get over. You know you hear about Florida and you hear about you know sandy hook you hear about column on here about almost tragedy that happened. You never connected to it then but to you like think of yourself. Having been there in what is now known as the worse you know case of I guess internal terrorism terrorism that's happened in the country it's just. You can't felony can't. Put yourself in that group yeah even though you you are unfortunately. Yeah it's crazy. Man. Let's my nose up loop current. I might automatic no and sometimes he's got to act after after that we went blues jeans there are sympathetic I look at it that's that's for ya de racecars recruits and your Dong so I mean you don't. And and this podcast. Well I guess Fuzzy aliens later. OK. Okay. Seven is a voicemail the emails and text messages also I wanna play tracked by our friends and everybody panic at some point aren't as podcasts they've got a great new song and a great backstretch I heavy but amazing Backstreet in the song as well without us the system funds to us let's take us some voicemails. My favorite. The devil yeah. And Snooki. Season where you're never. Knew it was a voicemail or text message Steve tried three twosome 14787. More. You can go straight to the 88 number now we know I'm rat hole. Thanks Carl I'll leave text through that call are always smell and that's 888994. Migs. I try to have a last week yeah this tournament for many eggs you miss out on meet some Barley create you missed out on you 800 number 98 that it. That's amazing everywhere and always smiles that's a massive efforts voicemail out. Our little perk I've activated let I think you'll but eleven overs old are sitting down on the get abuse. And I felt like I needed to you know liked what we're about quite likely to end the though you might look at heavy armed. On good paper has sort of feel good I like. Mark and I know well equitably MMX that'll blow given that there have been much improved our kids didn't hurt. What did you guys talk about last week I didn't thousands of random steroid really random bit earlier no idea what I sat out our I guess I'd definitely listen to meg last week while agenda will now. You talk to other what does burn the rigs as you always great children early what what did you talk a little you know what I'm okay well tell us the first and you master made it did does or doesn't I don't get that's that's a bowl game that's a personal blog can think. You like your old men person who blow didn't materialize out of touch Don yeah I. State mandate. And can't and the government quite go high. And in the parachute got an error on hand. But little letter here well message. Here racial correlate. Well. The first time I'd brought up so that. Those seem. Well I've no idea while his dad coming aircraft you. Dad this is what what would pull the trigger as I felt like we were paying attention to what you're saying maybe you are I think down there isn't a hole settled you re talking more than she did this time but no it was a really great dialogue good talking about touching yourself I apparently no idea this is very weird. Can't. Starts to speak. Well you know kind of like guys like you know I didn't do much from real battle going on here so you know I get a little crazy anarchists. It acquitted by a little bit and then. Tell source and arrival of the holders. New and it's. Right now and medical plaza here Furman and I'll play you know seals. You know getting great. Though a quick in my case and just went bigger and there are well this. I was at a so are. Regulatory. Susie he's good on those sexy back too early to chat line had ever heard and I don't. Play. Wow and. So how they got he got hit eighth seed Oklahoma field we'll take a break in the quite obvious I headed back to why would you do that then there's no I know another goal and I'm you know I'm just. That's read out a message. That was sent via Twitter direct message from Adam. He says hey here's my out Adam's story for the first time opening the floodgates lacks. I don't know if you would have gone a few days and the NORTHERN IRELAND redwood didn't quit you you're sexy voice I know you need to reassert format and I didn't write down the name a little bit parentage as soon as you openness I don't know and a week in Boca really yet Adam. Are you wasteful lessen how I get that. Its shares I'm scaly venom. OK here's my story for the first time opening the floodgates. It was a summer night and my parents were in Hawaii and vacation yeah. My older brother was either gonna friends. We'll work. The French my parents are watching us were already in bed for the night down the hall. I was a play by myself in the TV room on the other side of the house. I was probably watching something like real sex and I remember it was something nice and have him watching because and right here in new ways. I changed the channel and take down the hall. Hot hot. Wife Connie got to deploy it where I felt something coming up. I hadn't felt this before. And I knew something was actually coming up that I needed to take action. It happened while I was sitting on the chair in the TV room. And adequately cover my whole. Which my fingertips. Is that your work and Janet tonight. Because it was really trying to break drill home. So here I am. Successfully keeping the river red day. But only because I was covering it. Now I had to make my way to the path removed my shorts down. Tough loss of shuttle boosters halfway down the hall special towards the other people sleeping room. I made it knows able to clearly diffused the situation room and not get caught. From then on out I knew the preparations needed to beat. Always at the ready maybe a trip to the bathroom before the moment at least. How hot passion again teens finding themselves. The music they apparently that's the hash tag. I opening. In most things that are reading Steve that was fantastic and dedicated gamer thrown freedom I just randomly picked a solid over I don't know yet I still wasn't there in the cast apparently that him Jesus. Or will we another obvious one is I mean now it's on the mains gas to gmail.com up just read this one I have no idea why we keep them at the various theme this is weird growing your sense at all and and that's what happens when you show up dude apparently. I'm sure this one has nothing to do with that. You know play a bit more music you'll have more upbeat. Subject first time from Cassie okay who cast. Is it female. Yes sink. You're off to misogynist to lesbian AKA The Third Shift housekeeper and that's correct and that's all right Steve let's do this to lawmakers. Okay never bleeds just happen to me hey guys. Hey it's a. I've created said in my experience about the first time writing the volcano. And I like that turn I'm feel now and I'm now 20 June. Honestly I don't remember learning about cell time but I remember when I finally accomplished the goal. Before I knew anything though I literally played doctor with one of my old my little kid best friends. Stimulus efforts that this. Just keep doing tonight. Sorry don't know tons of things did you have just to do with Steve. We didn't know what this is about how this felt very. So at thirteen. I do reading watching porn for months. Reading on mind watching my uncles stash not his fault he added hitting. And trying to get to the arrival point. Finally one day I got there with a shower had. A common thing for girls did was amazing. In my life was never saved. But it took a lot of figure out using vibrating phones shower washing machines and my hands. Like everything else this video like chasing that dragon. Of the first times. He's still he's still making over that hill through the years they've done and in most places car bathrooms work a lot. But I've always been sexually active and pretty much the type of team you'd expect from my friends are doing as much design. Overall the type who occasionally talk about it. I think a big difference for you boys and girls the complications love. Which we think about as far as the duet karaoke. Which we think about as far as duet karaoke tracks 69. But there's a lot of women learn to do I don't know how to read or she does not a right it's a combination potter acacia. But there's a lot of ways women learn to do it okay now back on track. Time now. For guys who might be might vary a bit but the gentle hand formation is the same I learned in a way it's pretty much. All being. It did it it's. Now it's less sensitive I'll be knows all she partnered real well on all of a baked bean at this yeah. Every fresh but I heated tension there to finish. Sorry this turned out to be a book. Feel free to add as needed to make you act too late does fantastic weather we had Cassie. Yeah it was a game ball fringe again as he advanced. So now I know why that's a matter avid Clinton took his time. Yeah it is just a random it is just totally right it's actually random kind of bond that's a throw while I don't he be a good got to bring in to hear how low that use like I do that work. A lot unlock everything else I just saw our. Home washing machine who murdered she's on the clock she's taken a little personal time it for you hon when I was working security. The gym. I with a winner got a good guys threw the ball your court Remi I don't know why enjoy sharing their first experience a long way. But I OK full disclosure we had a conversation. Oh I didn't know how to handle that I didn't know what to do it wouldn't stop and it was freaking me out and Glenn wigs Steve out yet god yeah that would panic attack Nadeau. Glenn enjoyed it from the from the get go to those question mark question mark question mark like what's the point of this a waste my time and then the moment arrived in. I was like this is also you know I I remember this is so weird oh my god accurate business so she can we don't think guys this how it yet you you remember your first time but he just like San. Out of me not getting out of this allotted twenty feet deep that these steps to get cute. That that that feeling that everyone has is kind of interesting for me because I remember trying to climb up a slide. When I was younger and it was does the muscles. Word late trying to get my fat ass up this sliding climbing up there it was like all my muscles are straining of like Apple's really weird a measure was going on. And made it way is came to the self touchy part in it was like that's sort of the same thing strain in her release yeah yeah you got to that does like. Why all. In outweighs. All eleven or twelve I think get that out. Point I'll never look at the slang word the same way you and never made it was like yeah is that I can make your rim crawl as we yeah. Trying to chase the dragon and it's like what do you do at that point well you can just go into the bathroom the bedroom and create a diagram and as a walk in what happened more than once you know. I eloped in mum mum mum want him on the once there was an open door policy whether or not I had the door closed or not I'll do I. It was my other dog or you just went well and backed up shift into the open door door was closed but the damage was done. Straight up there is no dating myself this before you can just access anything so much in my room to sit Indian style on the bad. In the now and create a semi circle of my pornography around like don't worry I'm so warm right. And then I would basically skin visually the images left to right. Until I honed in on the one that was the walk and never wanted to so the whole thing to a mall opened the door staff there was like you know the battle plan was late. Do you meant I had like this semi circle of adult man is all around my gosh I don't sit marriages go to town yes trying to I knew I had no privacy so it was always. Based make it was I in the same thing with Casio found my own goals. Playboy collection because he at the time was in the Coast Guard so it was in the back of the closet you know. Supposedly under preserver and you are mostly hidden because you Lizzy you know out doing busy you know whatever you do up the Coast Guard. And my cousin and I we found it was just a staring out of me you know just try not to get content. You know you had that cache of porn that you made sure and let nobody know they you do about it. But you would just go back I go back to that well law structure of my house is not it was I can. But you have to lock the doors we just blew the doors closed nobody bothered to walk in season had a privacy dollar and time and grandma walked in the which he denies and grandma saw. Every game and it was so grab a closed door. And while good. And ammo and doesn't. I'm glad I don't have a crowd doesn't. Wow Bob I was tired you know all of you who do you think. I guess it. And yeah and you local guy got up close to build out all the songs are. And I feel bad for glam and you have to reference the Ted Smith because he's brings the latest phase gentlemen people I met. Oh I dead I guess you about the what you've done the weirdest question you've comes out it'll mask. Well yeah I do a lot of that in most appropriate this all started last week on Rachel Barley episode and it's concede now on to this episode we are all action Anixter dudes in years and it's coming this week thanks Steve now sorry I admits it even more awkward dance a roomful of guys area of Teddy you're ever the first time that you discovered yourself and how did you handle. Oh yeah. Chris Brown talk for heroin got a different story and everybody stories like confusion excitement. I don't think it's terrible if I had stayed home sick from school when I wasn't really sick. House like fourteen. And how I found a porno magazine. So basically. I saw the holding me with one raging not really sure to do with it yes last night I got home to catch. Oh he was great to have you always the better you know but I couldn't figure out how to. Yeah and then it was like a bolt of lightning and I looked in my hand and curled it. If it's. God spoke to candy and ice man I like the of this sort out on their caliber. The voting us in the next month in the basement so. It's time you're on track and the real historian. That's incredible they're so funny to here these stories and dirt yeah. And then you can't tell anybody right yeah I think when one guy who admits it right analogy it's like high school thought polio we almost three we know we didn't go to the one guy who said he never did it until a sister called amount is like you got crusty magazines in between your ears -- for all of your wives going through his trusty magazine well I don't mean like he was trying to say that he never dated anyways just it was blatant everyone knew always talks as well when dad analysts say that girls are more prudish about it with guys -- was this whole absolute denial. All guys and then like suddenly one day as it all added 37 times today and I. Some summer like fourteen and a half it's like all hell that man yes somebody oh yeah yeah I sat down but there was it was totally. Abu and then of course I do it man who doesn't. You might just be as simple as puberty. Like some people are going through its data haven't looked like the guys that haven't are going to be like all you touch yourself you're a freak you out. And it hit the high school athlete who are talking so this I'm not very well happen that kick. They added a grim we ought ads on the so we have find even got a pretty pretty awareness via the I'm sure there's a lot of dudes and at that first moment to talk to your previous ghost. All of this Rachel Barley Tesco and Lori I barely go through instant ramp from. Do you see the pictures of her and her new dress. Now did they were on FaceBook page you know I have to see anything with her clothes on there was cupcakes to Deidre chalets photos she looked amazing she always does on his stick to thank you for his own FaceBook its its G rated but man yeah I'm okay well. Backpack packed app if I am sorry. Connecticut I told news we want to weirder questions and walk in on those dollar. I started we got tough and not that was Rachel I didn't rehearse her stories and worlds alike yet confusion confusion that I never stopped. Right you've put me he's what is happening how to automate this guy that don't want to do we know we want to hear your first time story so far we've had one girl like 49 Motorola comes hope to have more female listeners call in ensure their stories yet is the idea of late. I now that he afflicted her only college doing it is late knife you did not. Guys this dorm room hide from his body odor on how the tickets here that's definitely her candles. Some nice I say do oil right head oh maybe idiotic. There is good and I was always sticks if you were the guys just a gross Tianjin yeah. It's still dark air tank breaks Monday he wanted it and actually add it up and anyone who defied me. Her roots of the apple blossoms and our rooms most agree Brett. This is why the record it's Red Sox have a whole apple blog puppet action appeared. Why are doing quite doing a load of laundry you know you're washing your socks and if if and when. I don't Sox hitting orbit a foot Sox are still being awash in those. I was not I was doing I was using nom but these gym shorts at your sweatpants but I remember noted Michigan Wolverines. Quote red dawn Abdullah or. And eventually I would never I didn't know what do some sides high to burn America and they were like might Madera my cranking shorts like whenever I was afraid to crank it when I was first doing this I put those on and I was like where have these animals are angry bring me my grand he did over me and my smoking jagr got an entity could walk out of the room on their own self I have got to go anyway well. I dig anywhere from today's cranky short stretches. And that's the name of today's podcast that it and that's how I want Mexico let's look at Don I don't really cracked up the minute details are already. My wife Camilla what's really got back I switch to off pick Oklahoma Sooners. Sooners now. Really giant basketball clinic and apple or all of field or off there was a cells Bob. There was sell items on the Sears catalog in my mind my mom bought me a bunch of different athletic shorts. I had a Syracuse Orangemen aren't. Oklahoma Sooners and Michigan Wolverines BG ever get to Syracuse or did you sign this act. I put an increasing sense and the collegiate sense I never made the Syracuse yeah. I don't you do some where aren't good oil. Thanks for joining us just evidence say sorry about that body. Not really asked Jeremy moss into the kitchen you think army must really wasn't all big a complete. Why can't I know I don't know about to act at all god no no he's a nice guy and I don't need him. Looking at us anyways these is that these loans to her that the policy boss dad and and that even the boss of all bosses that's in the Matta town. What we brought the mall and who doesn't rule wig out to varying. Always a good stuff everyone's cool yeah as faculty focus on good all good but you know let's not. Keep prolonging the inevitable animal come to the podcast Sosa hear your stories FF I. Oh okay. I'll continue to pleats in August and this will only bad if I did any voicemails or emails from any other female listeners. Not under that topic now. Cassie thanks game bullish jurors abs and one girl I challenge the ladies for next week. Call us at least a 5050 ratio would have been better I think I've been out actually shot we had one. Yeah I'm tickled pink no pun intended that we did have one yet. Another Bartlett did so I'd sure that the new interject there to welcome to deposit. Ages you're gonna creep like you right here as if he treats today are tasting them. So. One Sunday and getting ready for church no. Shirts and JC's involved Clara. Mom maybe take a shower I did not want to take HR I love taking baths and nine years old even. I discovered the show it. Every and he. Like a girl it took a little more Clinton used I was wasting time I didn't wanna be in the shower. Hot and it felt not. Good it tickled yeah yeah. It could yeah you put on a super massage from the cup yeah. We have while told reader Don that there isn't it ten counts that biggest clean but yeah. Banging on the door why can't big money five managers. After several minutes. Ironic. Nothing came and it just don't really do. What's. So I. Heard nothing yet. I figured I'll wrap party yeah OK at the plumbing name isn't necessarily working quite dead wow. It wasn't for. Probably three years later. I was scared to death when something actually came out and oh yeah it was yeah on that I can think he can. Did he can't let it sit here is get it stopped me for and look good solid month you're you know he'll be ready and do funeral until this segment supporting all of the terrible about. Smoltz threw yet. She hasn't Sox win or lose. It. And and. So I they're the that's very historic that's amazing I Steve. While and Hans follow that feel like we did the other two vetoes are really glad they're missing got to tell you I guess. Well I just like to say thank you for not allowing me to you send this link to the people that you know the boredom on and everybody always nice they will not be I was a lot of the new decade would have you done to help PRI. Our our our our foundation life I was on this very popular podcast concessions they have some nasty all you're going to be Henri system no no no this is personal business this isn't that network and let's don't do what needed just chopped that one parred out the negatives so yeah we might have to do just that one part Baghdad yeah I know I mean we don't even tell on the names so they can't go Google doing their call dumb. Bob will cause was that was said blue bird brings podcast called again editor mr. beautiful to live yes they're good that's an opinion yet a very guys on that podcast. Right. So he had no nothing. Quite elaborate I think it was just. We doable we are podcast ma'am we go from. We cover a lot of things. Are duplicate it it that. You did and unfortunately was them my grandmother you know just. Lou. Yeah. Yeah that's kids had I don't know my parents right Townshend is we spend the night over there. And she had the newspaper in the bathroom. And he lingerie. As an actor like that a section of the Yzerman whatever you heard. That's that's what did it and kind of just it was open on the side toilet and I didn't I'm looking that I'm like okay. Star name be attracted to women and they look you know have to make it so at that time in your 1213 whatever we'll your mind's gone crazy. I'm looking. And all of a sudden. This thing arises you can expect immigrant Nordstrom's right now we're talking about just how piano player I have yet being anybody you know. That's deeper into county lingerie section it's a long hot women in north champs no matter what it's a pretty safe wanted to share. And so yeah. The dragon rose from nowhere for our earth and I don't understand I can't remember exactly how I figured out what to do but I did. And it was as a newspaper ad shows how like a -- daughter and you don't need to teach your bird dog had a hunt birds as a religious marriage are good to see in our makeup we know once that feels they it figure hand just goes staked headset yes. Let's I think would Mozilla's recently I had had other people talk about it in my whole thing was BS the what this is what. This is a waste and there's no way that this across all IR. You don't and you might use that kind of think yeah actually was skeptical as hell right up until the moment though is that we no longer skeptical. And actually I think that is which are gonna we have some friends you know we're all about saint Leo what are your thoughts is already had a cousin who is a few years older list so they introduced this the porn and and I will then for a lot got to hire somebody planted the sees somebody did plant the seed. And I think that's that's where one. I don't even before it did happen and had a couple different encounters with girls is involved like you know we get my little I've played. But to what end he noted mean I was so young I didn't really know where to go with a muted she murmured an incident swimming one. You couple other incidents to actually no I really think about it because I was kind of exploratory but. Who knows where this is gone and then it gives that was neat seeing how it's. Not I was the oldest out of all of my cousins so it was definitely one of those election be doing that shame shame shame shame tonight I'm sure anybody about it sure ever in the bows. I was really good example I can talk to creative idea about it I was like well I figured well what this says and it's secret. You know open an office I got a question for you guys. Mean nine young wearing your teenagers yes if any do you ever. Get involved into where there is a group of you boys guys. Watching party. Not necessarily where everybody's actively you know. We don't sell it happened a couple times with no one did anyone pulled and I have a terrible story regarding that anyway but they get the piano music going again there -- so there was a Boehner. But no definitely like it was always some like. Late night's sleep over and you put on you know skin A Max. And it would be kind of blew off. So what you were just changed channel like it's never really just play video games so limited in sued but at some point there's you know and garter belts on channel 54 man. You get a beep that yeah. Yeah. I'm not I can't say and it didn't see. And it's I'm thrilled yeah this is out of your league I don't know bigs usually listen to the times stated oh new. Well nobody. And you know yes all it did so much of boys asleep well aware of and we watch it but I think everyone can you change channel before anyone got to point really gonna have to do something about it wolf. They announced he everybody was really Smart at that time where we all kept in our pants but you can guarantee everybody's been an up and spank bank. Oh OK everybody had to go to the bathroom you know right now there's a lot and I'll be about plus I would aid earlier as well. I am happy I gradualism. We'd never watched videos we broke when someone got like a hustler or Playboy. It was like almost a summons up the bat signal gatherer how the fat signal. Those tasks and we'd all like convenient somebody's garage to look at it and obviously we're fully closed but thank you were like looking at a page and doing the same thing putting either a putting him in your head for later or really take tie. Canada Lola means or divert that picture out this. I used to sell much talked about that to last past. And my whole thing my whole sales technique was they were still the plastics I would steal them I would shoplift. Penthouse hustler what we're human hands a collector's items at that point bullets durable plastic demand in middle school I had 25 bucks a magazine and she kids today. I really do it's still in the plastic. All right all you media hasn't been touched yet and not know anyone these kids got their money but I know where my money came from from. You know rip the general voicemail that that the. Dad doesn't mean I haven't. Or. If they have masturbation stories my days mates yeah you can't handle redo or something it would smell good about it it would have having her recast easy noted a way cooler Olivia yeah. And I dared. Hi Aaron I. I'd. Are on a blow like Karl. I'll let our Karl. Try my. I. Take our blog at 800 numbered air. I'm. Scared to have that hurt Israel that is the number oh maybe not everyone though are important night. Walk. But thanks for the commentary in a battle you know gallery buried targeted tax holiday after Carl may have been just go for blood. I. My. Lovely guy beat arm there's there's a zero. I had a positive they are the head of. Of trying to get us an article become embedded USAA gave us the Nixon fingers but I doubt got it. Let's if you come in here I don't know what he's doing. Q Paul this. I thought I. This giant picture of his kid couldn't make it may keep it just was to fill out this dial. But hides that whole crew what are all right live together now what's going on either of the parties I lived two kinda close ish to each of us they'll get to hang out at their other magic like but I get the cult classic you finally stop the muddy pieces of good to know only a market. Did come down on market because you're always a huge now I can't why 'cause tomorrow morning I'll be working you know I mean like I can never get to go. Yeah yeah so vile that you stop calling this a new. It would be like he had loved you but. You know my life is great my life hasn't necessarily fire him that's like people asking if I wanna go out on a weeknight like most. Shoddy my alarm goes off at 240. Yeah oh yeah now did. President of the voicemail hopefully Eric Holcomb. Habits are. Cricket girlfriend. At every gate like. Treat as almost a very soon openness is mr. sturdy do I have to I know I have my camera and I am not the only one. Come on come on come on I'm not come and how might come on don't column. I come. Habits are cricket girlfriends can every day like three true indication Hersh beat bush are seen pictures of herself working out. You could see that I'm not. Being at issue a boy RJL. You know what she's doing a sport or who had tried to do it every day it's like one after the shot or. She obviously at notre light career that he had a credit to other people act Aaron I'm. Sharon a lot of people aren't the same game. Figure on Andy since the link to this picture pretty. Cash every till I see that all I really get out of it is someone saying. I'm bettering myself check it out and in the gym on bettering myself that's all it ever got none of that ever. 'cause they get a couple you'll news feed that it's nothing but you know in the gym shocks and I didn't and I never think of it other than anything other than that person's saying I'm. Hit it hard I'm doing this a better for our that's what I get out and that's literally what they get out of it I don't think it's anything other than I am battering must I'm more happy to see those than I am of people's food. Because it just is it lets you play just a little more inspiring yeah a little bit you know you know you get that the hot chick working out in the gym and it's like me with a plea for cupcakes. You know crying. Welcome take place you have played some pretty McGraw I just aren't why can't I answer I got thread Barley cakes have a lot of us live bodies that are always in the Jim obviously because there are being conceived being wrestlers and I find it great motivation and fuel might. When wherever they write in sight all wow okay that maybe I need to in order to Jim again if this is. This is pretty cool on and cut crap on somebody who's proud of whatever they've accomplished. Matt cokes all about trying to help people you know are Darman armor on maps does the overnights and got that far down with a fitness blog which. Harry yet he's all about China to sort people out now occasional huh some follow them like at one point using the proper way to do you dead bugs. And it was this exercise of the dumb bells in the legs and you're on your back and I get why it's called a bed bug but I Air Force One up to the year web and found. This amazing photo like 500 Volkswagen beetles and had been smashed by a competitor and we're stats. And I mean immediate and I've been doing this wrong the whole time and put out a little fun and you know what I can blood I. I did I guess the girl she's probably thinking she's doing it this other is doing it for attention. And maybe she is my Bjorn and even still what's wrong with that gap. You're allowed to like in your proudest something that you're doing you're allowed to go out there and do it just as much as I am. I Sheila Taylor and I didn't it was like a Georgia as well here. Each priority yoga pants and like a like a sports brought great that's all you we need to really see these pictures before me and I could tell gala salute you go to Italy to Lincoln and emanated. And she's well a fallen. But the man known as you know hard to work out a budget deal friction on the idol I don't know what I don't work out moved to go to our I'll dale I thought that yeah. I have nothing to base this sort of written that we had I guys to go Led Zeppelin to tribute band from Chicago friend is determined to do a nice job. But I am not much for their singer threats from Titanic juice Kathy. So I had apparently received this stands in Chicago. Elected government only singer. And it has affected that means she's not a Robert Plant fan or this guy can do very good Robert Plant eighty can't quite get in there now you better be able to nail it like. Oh lead zeppelin Brandon wisely nice emails. Yeah but he looks too much like record trips me out. It's. Really doesn't like Rick. Or maybe we'll we'll replay that show with those guys all I see this guy Mike. Record and they realize no not record net economic record and that was record it was very weird a a six and I love Rachel Barley. She is Smart and funny for her age or any age really and I feel like she can relate to anyone yell. Yeah we always talk about why she is but she is just really cool she is yet. It's like as if like she is. A dude I got me as far as exit a good birdie I mean I could take you experts on them that hot that that embeds that. That shows up that much of her body would probably be deep down senate and breaching bitch but she's not she's super nice and friendly guest is really cool and just real shout out to hurt you that I would have a blast having on the podcast since this is sweet person in Newton and not and that's cool that other peoples can notice that as well. It was cadaver on the cast again she was an awesome fill in for the grabbed. But I still missed him on the pipe can all thank you have any of you guys watch videos of people passing hour writing the slingshot in Vegas yes the war. They reminded me when Steve got his eyebrow pierced but these guys passed out only come out over and over again. Have any guys tried it out to Steve you're smiling have you ever done the same time Vegas. Now I have that none at all but those videos are amazing it's the right that's over I wanna say the stratus yes. And it shoots you over the stratosphere the top of the needle and you literally hanging. In air on this road course and and it just rubber band to back paralegal so aggressive BS. That's the GeForce and along he sent me a link to one person that passed out it's called like I. I grabbed the ideals that I'm a bit of the roof of the stratosphere consultant rather than shoot you straight up in the air right and once they got the guru fouls like. No way exact and actually turn the key elevator and it was a come on back down as he can come down a slam at your own on how lacked. Music agent knows I'm like dude this is how it is uncommon now you and I'm coming down now and like he was one of those he was gonna get security tease me is that on the of the stratosphere and my I don't think it alarm went into military area. I wanted off that roof so bad so fast I was a note and Monroe. That thing goes off these compressed air so the whole group of the retailer thing went off hello there waiting for my friends it didn't go up to ride that thing. Did I just if you touch me sort of swing and I was I was wound up so excited I was losing my ma yeah. I want and never saw this on my two Arsene it's it's completely insane in fact I've found he semi linked to one of videos I grabbed the audio. There's just duties with like I think it's significant other. And here's a pastel once not twice that it takes four times during his right he passes out. Comes through really quickly or even just spit out the MF for every single time never really it's free demo areas I have the audio for you guys years it's that let's check it out. The world all love won't come. His body is shouted often end I think turning on turn not turn I can say you were you ridden this thing how do you do. I did fine by. Accurate with my dad. And they had it at. They actually have a slingshot at they'll fare every year all I don't we are in touch someone. All of road courses I'm going on that thing no socially at and the welfare I went down there and and my dad narrowed together. And the the video we're working but not the sound that is so because they take a video of every every right. But I do not pass out but when it launched. I involuntarily. Streamed to being higher layoffs. I'll it was. I I'm just sitting here watching videos of its insanity is doing and it's just no sound and it's just the I would like. I've never seen a person's eyeball to get as big as this plea. This didn't shoot you straight up in the air on top of the stratosphere yet while we're talking the bungee cord tied for what thing if I remember correctly I'll get cars you'll Roland coaster that goes over the edge there's a role I really goes over the side and that's nicely all know then this thing move would basically shot is straight up in the air -- yet he's like Tawny Bruce it's orange and Gerry want the old road that. Staying in my kids now they were shaking so bad. Props to them to always be dealing people a good idea added Tommy said. That she was looking down on top of the planes that were not on approach but circling for Las Vegas approach that are. So the what. She was looking at the tops of 120 seven's. It's insane go and so I I've still more on your Mac guy OK it's great because mostly just sort singing. Below. I. Well yeah. As an immediate future Oksana and not a little girls haven't fallen nearly year old is not an infopath I. I don't. I don't check out of those videos how can we get on that topic. Somebody asked about I'm trying to get the idea of the I think. If you're stupid thing applies to nervous that it. Yeah I love that. Really all yeah. And we didn't did you finish the original brilliant. Brilliant. Arnold. No longer there. If you had to use a lot of have you gotten a lot of man. The group for the. Did this when you out as one of the things that really upset me the most was McCracken Alec a million private day in the lobby. And the reverse action until they have up there is a whirlwind fence. Right it's just a whirlwind fantasy. Epic in the post so even that close together they'll like every. Need we going to zone did my terror switch was flipped I was just like elephants from pole this route now. To lose a little piano now I'm not a chance this little world when Fred Smith. No again. I got some bad stuff I love roller coasters bizarre chance in hell do in the stratosphere Mary watching a guy pass some multiple times I'm I'm known for passing out. I might die yeah I doubt one up there because they knew I was numb I'm a little but I have a selective fear of heights can put me in a Cessna and I'm fine. You can put we on the edge of a cliff and I'm fine about the call we tell our a lean against the glass up armed and I'm fine but he put Billick a fire escape. Or something then I get a little weird I had this weird random fear of heights and secure. Getting up there I'm kind of weird about heights. And you know once I got up there I wasn't sure if it would trigger me or not it triggered. I would need not having fun knew I was Wigan completely out man. I've about before we roll thing down here optimal things and the value means that hey I want to play odd that they knew somebody then everybody panic you've got to remember when it was not and yeah our body out Provo we were joined us to talk about. Band and how they were playing a pretty bad ass and have a new song out and I I listened on the stand Assange freed them awesome. Somebody Scott from a iTunes and also why Amy as well might these guys great song and then Scott sent me an email. And gave me the scoop on the song. The meaning behind it now like I'm clearly not only are sky I didn't even know that desire heavy meaning but it's also dead heroes. Andy says sounds about odd tie the lead singer. On any cities calling out one of his heroes for lane convicted child molester running Jim under the greasy named Chris Tye is a big. Lodged its who got. Any stays in the whole greasy. Mean those guys just known from back out in the USC. And speak in huge ways right now on the world because he's calling out a guy. And then fighting a two other instructors had convictions as well some kind of opening up. People's eyes that this semester crap going on and he wrote a song about it as I guys. We talk from many years ago my friend Chris who. Is working on a documentary still is called coach and to silent because full people just. Put a blind eye to the fact that this coach was messed up into a mass of stuff to my best friend. So it in deference and hit so near and dear to my heart and I wanted to play the song today the sun kicks ass. And then be when you realize what the song is about it's pretty damn powerful citizens are. Everybody panic in the song is called dead heroes here in the mix cast. I don't know. Yet everybody panicky if animal FaceBook on social media and all those different places a new song called dead heroes man pretty bad ass at I'll grant you talk overnight as. Canada dot com and loyalists into a lot of production of it and how do you. I had part things I don't like that none of the day I think probably had like a machines to help do that not. I'm not some idiot like me don't. All before we go I wanna talk dobbs to Glen. Do they saw that you went to the queens of the stone HL. I did it and so that you get to you like a viking with trying cattle did. Are you know well Q. It was all basically kind of ally date slide days celebration but. Mean castle. Mr. GT Phillips Kyle courts have. Hair club band now miles Montgomery all went out and just head stake in VMware is a halt his goal could go a lot of whisky. And then I never even met my wife to this I thought the I like that they feel like winzip had the results are two of our favorite thing really select a surreal with film. Just a lot of Jamison and Jack Daniels and then. Went to Queens of the Stone Age show we were their fur. Oh Wally to a 65 or six songs and then we left there and went down the crocodile to CEO Chris no soldiers project on the strikers Chris blocks. Wow Ryan email inviting him down and write it how do you not go to see the basis in the Ron is banned we have personally invites you write you you do doppler you're doing daddy passed so we cannot we we hopped around you know we we hit the queen show that was cool are worse. Although we lost five or six songs it was and so Diaz won an ounce on the crop now and so Clinton didn't do three Syracuse in this is our love and ahead are gone now nothing like that it. Cassel did pull Irish exit aisle we were hanging out by the bar they get another round we're watching Chris van and I spotted Ryan were by the front door nude and then run any news on he does that and I was talking miles for a while and finally at Texas castle just an Irish exit with a question mark them up twenty minutes later applause and yet give. Since then there I go. And if so much easier just there are people because I'm hammered I'm out -- cool man thanks in that would have been that you know they mean I gated though there's a ray and I authorities just like I wanna go I don't wanna make a production of days also miles split not long after that then Kyle GT nine went from the crop up to the five point. Iran. Continue to dream there and then not our buddy Lance I don't who's a fantastic local tattoo artist you bumped and him he was headed to studio seven. So we jumped into glance anyway a world tour went down a studio seven and got our drink on there and it's always calm in Iowa and had no new word took off hole but as Anderson GT and Kyle court went to one other spot after that my daughter and her drinking mad dog. We. The. That's the par that I just ask you those guys I'll Kyle's like she's she's a dude it's been two days and I'm still hung over and I'm. So horrified man I put down of whiskey drop arrived on heightened I'm wonder why he's so buckled and then finally curia we went to ax and retreated mad dog toy Tony and I went. Oh wins so that's what you did wrong in the last time anybody I hear is mad mad dog college actually college yet I think it was like yeah it was like I early morning when he Ocean City, Maryland a I can tell you the year but I was doing mad dog belongs and I eat you a beer Hmong yeah. I was doing Matt lawns and smoking hash. You and Aaron I'll never drank it again actually bought and vomit I did not vomit and do that consciousness. That's how we invented four Loko I'm. I don't. Now doctors are generations four Loko that was the same vehicle hit a story about fun and my buddy pass on the bathroom floor he had taken his shirt off the raptors sure around his head and involvement in Havana and about. I'm glad to give the bus and the bus driver was like if you pizza Mombasa on taking it out you're. I'm no Americans that Republicans say they're not say well you fear the bus driver threatened to be physically because my body was I was pretty much carrying him. That didn't puke so mob boss elect understood yes sir you know he had I just try to get home I asked how I woke up was a dam had been left thumb bro and. And it's bad when you pass out wake happy I got to feel good but I know for a fact he's worse yeah I that him one night you guys visited more bars and I do in my two months true. Did yes we hit Daniels lake union through then we hit. Curia roundtree had some drinks we went down that little barred Cherie had shots and Beers that bar however it's called yes and then. And we went from there to the crawl truck truck to the fly to use non five point Mecca rather all are going to Mecca could French Fries follow left the Mecca went to studio seven that's where I called. Class five right there and I hit two more say that said yes more than I do too much effect now. Wow it was fun sounds I guess so you don't have a lot as I saw the bill that you guys ran up and Daniels. Oh yeah holy guacamole. Well I mean I this is never as you know it is only takes one person I I it. I don't get a receipt dinner check that big in my entire life gets put the credit card game. Knowing who you're sort of retreated on nights so it got. I'm very little man designed. Cal unlike any cars are massive double flip put as a leader read recent or sure go ahead. Soy did an insulin immediately is like ball or six people let's not from the moment. Tennis is not. I just really how come and it is that I had in my day it was better like half an hour and I just took it down you know I hate people like that we got to remember who posted that because I was gonna drunk when I saw and I was like. Do you know you're right you know I didn't matter what you I was ever seen leaving now while but I am a poor guy so when I whoever wasn't there and he was among league person. But there's always Elizabeth us policy and anything that you do you get out of an interview like holding like you know. You just walked on water and neck and and that's nothing I did and stands on water last week it. Sort of bet that the president he lives can't be happy for other people turned out well I've put it more as a joke like gathers only six of us in this is the bill are whoa. It was almost no college program apparently yeah apparently that's mountainside just the leave and I think it was oil from a half an hour. Marseille in OK and I appreciate and I respected that parents have to that's nothing reverend I've done more to together Alia I love this mountain all the dinners that are you know steadily cost. I don't know I don't know for overseeing check that they. I haven't did take that base if only you'd like our radio conventions and sometimes a B services pay for a noon and sometimes it's a twenty of us and I okay yeah yeah yeah I think is like. Thousands of this was six people yeah and now impressive yeah I didn't it is crazy when we go to those because I'm always the guy who is I come and order something that's not cheap but I'm also not ordering of the surf and turf. And those across the way and it was to Arab or one of I would sell lots of town a flaming out crap on it now I go after them so I. I'm like hey man I'm like is there is there an etiquette regarding the slick give what you want a much understood. Is there and finishes aren't exactly yeah dude now just give what you want man kitchen 1000 Coca any more importantly is being in the food and noticed that there's enough food in the curious smells so good in I think this but I really fun podcaster we got to get going out there just. Another big note side. It actually paid a reminder again we we are we talking about it briefly put the window pane finals are here they turned out incredible. They are available now go to window pane dot net if you want one arm were openly won't sell out entirely before we do the final release party. Well yeah I would open dot net and you wind up paying double album they are available. Right now so that we wanted to throw that out their discipline were really excited as we either by the final four gigabyte model with the guys autograph and he appears to have your autograph argues we got to get a lot of efforts very very cool of you guys self. Yeah go to window pane dot net five new vinyl. I'm and that's what I'm next week yeah write us. Steve thank you for sharing your story it says that thanks Internet it's cold comfort that I. I I don't know if I don't know if I don't know as well thank you for the fun as always is I appreciate you guys coming thank you for the food supply and go at the other two amigos and I. Yeah yeah all I got actual bill I don't want every tamales again medal it's a good deal and obviously you're still cool Cesar. Go F yourself everybody else stay positive.