MigsCast 02/06/18 "Cool Guy Uber"

Tuesday, February 6th

This week Glenn shares a great "Uber Chronicles" about picking up a couple guys that got into an awkward conversation.  Migs chats about his awesome experience at Escape Hour Gig Harbor, and the Rev shares a story about how he once sacrificed his wife to the clowns!  Plus we jam out to some MeatLoaf, David Hasselhoff, the Beach Boys, and more.  We catch up with Mama Hawknado, and we check out the brand new Stone Temple Pilots song called "Roll Me Under".


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And make bad weather Steve make and I'm here with irreverent way out low walk the line pat and Bob happy to see you guys ask you to see you guys to get a minute yeah but that's the only way he has. Into did they were doing last week I can't tell anymore yes because it was post racial Barley and he talked about it. Fifty million the we via land mine me and that when all men. I just remembered Rachel's in this I think she's in the building doing some kind of a video today. At least she sent me a message saying I'm gonna be there on Tuesday and a viral thing going on right there cupcakes involved. And. They like to cupcakes. She's sent Parker for the most of cupcakes for you I. I can't eat cupcakes anymore without particular principal. Is of them coming to film something at nine on Tuesday instilling New England after your podcast. Cool I'm so does this come over it yeah we've got microphones you are still well armed. Just a thing as a she wants to take us out drinking and stuff like a I can't I gotta go basically wanna put the building and need to log in and start driving ship. Oh yeah and. The ad is gonna cool like I leave here I get my car I fire in my apps that work the taxi canning confession yeah man yeah any good out what is a little weird stories made her chronicles from going panorama and I I have had some mom. What. I've I've never did we had some interesting stuff happens almost daily especially when Matthew there's late night shift I did have. Problem more troubling ones was I picked up these two girls they couldn't have been more than seventeen years old. Up on Capitol Hill. And there are always did address make cumbersome and they were dressed like. You know GAAP working girls you know which you hunt absolutely but the one girl was out of her mind hammered and her. The French have. And her friend was in the they got in the car and the girl rolled the window down Flickr head out I'm like hey hey hey I won't pull over and flashy and I did that I immediately cute. Oh dude anyway and you'll notice normally I don't worry there's nothing left in the air for her to puke up from Kellogg's has been gone a bit unusual like. Pretty much naked. And dumb. You know she was it was really weird were waiting for and they were like tucked back in this Alley to like. The common sense but meter must've been turned off I'm gonna say after an after school special when I realized that they are my. Passengers as to what we do and back there and I guess some dude had a cost of them is touchy Feely and very Arabian. And yes they should girls hammered but like half shook up when I'm trying to talk her down and data now that I got to college does that weigh her sire. Oh it's. Okay though they send it on where I kind of that was kind of crazy in the nineties have. You know I come home safe and I waited out from their little bit a little dormitory that's where there are gone back two weeks to make sure they even got inside to the one girl was just. I mean did you could have been using a taser on her master's beautiful just not there anymore gone. Com and I am glad I got a homesick and I can Wear their rover driver I'm gonna go to I mean I've heard some stories from young girls now have driven. I'm L seems to be you know the eighteen to 25 girls are like oh man I had a guy that wouldn't stop and I there was a growing era to get today that she straight up called 911. This he would literal car and the guy got to rest of the cops showed up or rest of the keys is he wouldn't let her out. The more we talk what he was doing as he was double lapping he had heard going on Hoover but the teams also picking up lift rides and he was doing both at the same time. Years she's going this is a warmed all these are not noticed the way insulation also harmed on let me out of the car I don't know it's fine it's fine you can get a ride chair he had he was basically double lapping to try on our money I'm glad that that was his his oh yeah I got arrested intentions she was a I didn't read aren't there. Everything but I wanted to allowing users apple Kerry's this little 24 year old blond thing I'm like. God almighty and she. It's my wife refuses to go anywhere in any cabs to the for the most part she she refuses to use any kind of ride chair because he's afraid well gold and our car by herself. There's no matter what you're getting in the car with a stranger yet are speeding in a car the stranger had an another it was the weirdest story this rules telling me about. A married couple got in bought the wife the husband come back with her. And so the way it was like okay answer she got up front with the driver. And then during the arrived. The husband started full on Mac and on the girl the backseat and they want. Escalating between the husband and wife and blob lineman Gene Chizik I want out of this car I want this car and driver ignored them all too confused ultimately over home. Yes I'm really glad to be cool guy who work. Yeah it's like every come up what I even had cats like straight up like come Kuznetsov pretty cool conversations with some dudes come. And and girls you know like a bug bit and we pull up and elect I'm so glad you're my driver this was the coolest ride inside a dig that. Today didn't people home safe arm. KM human being mellow dude there was there was a guy that's like his wife was in substance abuse recovery and he was having a hard time and he had this amazing dialogue and it's an uncle a big and I'm really dig it. Palm. I saw traffic like cash and cool guys in the tour guide and I don't know I. I mean you've got the good guy then I'll I'll straight up old I'll do things the other drivers won't do all run you through the drive through you know and then I had I had. And we could you see what we're worried Chicago Bears Chicago oh my our own good I was arguing the cat guys they don't I'd drop you off your drop you off your Mike why. We're going to keep paying you he did I'll drop you off your Mike just go to the drive to Hollywood by whatever you want you see a lot of birdies and one other couple did that before they keep the meter going bad it's not even like it was like a set price to get us. Back over you you do get paid by the mile and there's a bit of a time crunch so if you slowed down to like Iran one girl or her for debate and broke and she was like. You know and she commuter hash oil Judy Bowman. Byron yeah I can understand why I'm like there's a place right apparel first upload she's at what Obama California I stars might it cost me four or five box at the end of the day probably cost you five bucks you know want five bucks yeah orange got F five start run inside he should maybe give you a tip because that you're there maybe you never know now on him even count on that I would just rather be just the tip. I'd rather be cool we again. Armed no I did have I didn't have there's uber cool and lift line. And what that is now I carpal yes so what it is leave you can I don't do that. When I get and who were a Wal-Mart caught on the on the him if he would edit if it's thirty bucks I don't care model. But people look at mug okay it's eighteen bucks for who were experts for fifty for were pool built hell with GAAP. But that means any point during their ride if I get pain Pakistan pick up more people in my god I would wanna deal with so I don't know I had this hammered drunk he was this little clubby guy who yes go to cloak you know us. And he was in the backseat directly behind even use. Out of his mind we should be kept with. Kind of crawling up over this yet meet. And like thumping me on the shoulder Raleigh was talking you don't leave brawl on the Toronto got memorial and then he realized that he was getting physical with me any get real weird that here real okay. And yeah I can you realize you're not a small man yeah that is essentially fudging you've got a nice set of brass knuckles never ever heard. I don't try to be like driving gloves and we're good and I think his own brother were good we are good I got you may know you were good hearted man. And then that repeatedly six times a new use out of his skull there now and maybe even a wee wee okay. We dude. And paranoia SS June oh yeah yeah I can't make it easier girl sure enough. Coaching it sure enough. Paying we got a new were Poulsen on how am I reduced when this guy repeatedly. The whole goal of that but do we got I'm gonna do you always Simoneau who Cuba after bros I know we're headed but I took a cheaper you're on the way I got to pick this guy up all of that now what do we get we brought SARS and all this is Hammond. No major Brad brow at the dude we picked up. Arms so you get the vision of the cabinet that kind of yeah monkey on me out so that Chris could time do we picked up well town was this. Really outwardly eccentric Lee gay guys who's worn like a blue fur coat. All tie his hair is like black spiked backwards in his beard is dyed yellow and he'll Muppets the physical re do do you he he makes his own clothes you come to final together guys like story after a drop off club boy did it. But homes so its stand up and you know love connection between herself and that's what I hope that you are there that's what I'm getting to air route. So. Did gets in and do very feminine you know I gassed dressed like. You know rock star wouldn't elect Elton John on crack staff yes and I'll got club away. As you know stay in the pinball wizard in the back to have had a com and it's serious and they start chatting a McCue at least that does not grabbing me thumping Ian punching me anymore you notice and I music and movies have a good time is gonna look at this boys I'm not even slightly offended I get it broke. We don't get very far till club boy says. You know men is lower than welcome to the lady every night there's those out of the lady. And good music you just had to think that they knew you had to put that out there he's had to make sure I knew that you were straight and may win. Attic of life god they all microphone and as far as we see it all. They went at it show you should know audit meeting blog yes you did it did. All of my daughter are quick I would just say you understand I mean it it escalated and I'm trapped now I thought I can hear my mother's voice I will pull those who were who were over a bit you know I don't know I don't know I don't I don't you both I will pull this are broken up. And all of. Is say it's so hard and I always the Red Hat. All the great mover great ged duke it was like it was the rolling Jerry Springer but yeah. And head brightly. Call it right. Now a member of the black Panthers who do it. So these guys went at it all the way to a dropped off club boy and his assessment right at all. In the equity of course they're both hammered right which is while this is happening but really are they sit next to each other likes done sign my son who. Pull him. Since that boo boo good of the U extravagantly. Press eighty it was just assaulting this guy for pretty much. Anyone who's trying to make sure the guy knew that he was straight totally. It's just two strangers hammered drunk. In an uncomfortable situation it's like in reservoir dogs know what's gonna back down because they don't know we are all out and only one had to do you really even the little guy who said they could that's not necessary I wouldn't do you have you're the last mail alert for you don't know would have been funny and fun but that is not what happened dad these guys aren't just says it's going to happy a site for you but it's fantastic for the world. And then once that's what I hope you gave both of them five stars I did. I don't pairings are you know why you saw on the shoulder right so we drop off club boy and I'm left with the other guy looks looks and he just starts telling me his life story in his basement flooded these borderline in tears and it's only because he's hammered you know now Morse now he's an emotional cry area and you're gonna go I'd subs don't try to. My hook and they know they're out tonight yeah. Straight up how we got to a place I sat there for like an extra minute and a half a let him finish historic. Kind of turnaround and did the through deceit hug look out dude you're gonna be all right man just hang in there it's meat rice yeah. So you know brought up you're gonna be okay I love you man it's cool. The other car and I was like at this dialogue got in trouble. Data. We got that well. Unload guys as apple. Should drill hole has its upwards to thirty to forty anyway and you're just on the Jones and wanna be in my daddy will not Reuters today this is the all you're doing everything wise he's gonna make you yeah definitely godly very yeah I I don't and I don't need this day that Roger I think we're glad comparable find my cat then in my comfortable with the way you put that wedding ring on before you I don't fifth pick me up you knew what was. And and that's trying to lessen your review. Hoover poll no I don't have a choice weight weight and you guys don't have a choice. That's dictated the ball disdain I can pick who I pick up. But I know. I mean there's all kinds of info because people I had to do that that he was a man thanks so much for picking me up more dude no worries wanna get to rating or something you yet how well he he told me the whole story music actually Putin guys who oversaw I have a hard time getting a car these days in -- coded but source told the story and it sounds like all the the stories I hear. Yeah old guy dude do you slowdown take it easy got to travel regressive yet and a lot of them duke assuming he got a car get the next rise sure. Music do can you please just take it easy green and two under and then it was do I need you pull over I'm gonna get sick I'm sorry and he. No no we're almost there almost a dude I'm gonna get sick. Police and the guy wouldn't stop so then finally he opened the door of the call or when they were like in an intersection and the Gaza auto. And he kind of gone out and she looked. And I usually do just Wear it on my life it was a couple drops in the door change. All but the guy submitted that photo now and yes that was enough music in doing my card for 250 and only to do is wipe it clean and he gets set to fifty and this guy had a one star rating he's ever really hard time getting cars now and that's why I like when that girls in the back they're heading up don't know what look I don't care to half an hour. I will pull over on security home safe as I'm concerned the minute you give in this car it is as you or car you know she's a total war there's little left in the first computer was like oh my god. But you know oh and those those drivers will do that so even the cat that was like thanks for picking me up right he had Michael want. But I don't look at any that if nothing goes off I hit the bus business. I'm I'm there to make money and I don't care I've two report Gruber actually what ever left whoever hits me first I don't even look. I hit the ball got the mustache thing on your car and now well that light up my staff could but I don't dope. Because I drive for both yeah I don't wanna pull up and have people go that's a left I'm waiting for Mike Hoover point right I'm over sticker analysts sticker Sanofi and that's I just want keep that way to avoid confusion. I don't know why this morning I was driving nor can I got there's a car behind me for it up is that cop like is like because as I can I write up on me and I look at my looking in the rear view mirror in my. On recipes mustache institute and I didn't know where I got out of there I'll get under way for you sir there was before lift got a big do they were still around Seattle in I would see those pink mustang that he would want to tell what kind of like weird and since we're as that killed stationed at the basic Capitol Hill hill just don't know what the hell's going on I thought it was some hipster revolution that. Yeah I did do you know it's like I don't know what this is what's going on and then. Like my wife has actually really have stood as a yet says is right here in my. I cheer that's dumb I'm Joan do you that. Think the cabs here is terrible and I make no answer do it now. Better Monty doing that's also my other gig and it's funny blood pressure cool we're guys grew I want to do they they get in and they're lucky and so little account doing this full time now on the dvd and thirty question that I guess a man like Alec people anyway. And then I've met so many cool people had so many amazing conversely I hate people and any conversations rather read you should do that. It's not I did you are not allowed one our own clothes dude really idol I had I probably purposely crashed my car Brad those two guys in my car. You know what I got air bag. Yeah. You merely telling the story. I don't think covers the degree to which he got on caught one that car makes this particular camera those guys camera reunion and we demand they just went at might do it to pull over and kick them all public now I want to get weather all right. I think it's a club and I kinda wanna see what's gonna happen it was out of his mind to the point where. Every five minutes you to check back in with me because they use Coke out of his mind though gas pump I don't know what he was on OG&E U is really was adamant as far as like oh wait wait to make this guy mad and I'm like dude we've established that were cool half obligates you to your body you have a great night. Every like 32 day. Follow I'm still not many years I am actually what are Serbs. Everybody. Straight to what did you like as far as like music and stuff like that while there who view given by paparazzi when nobody. I can't. I really learned all I Shiite I have had a couple conversations where I've I've been talking a moment and I don't bring it up. But I haven't rabbinical college Taylor sometimes you know I got my record the car you can download now but I had turned a cup. People Lana must get some people turn beyond music they're into she's been just been cool music amber stations come. Generally though. And it's weird what I think about it every wherever gotten into that the stereo on then but the thing that I don't like is and generally subjected to whatever music the driver likes yet. And I don't meet that guy but usually really bad hip hop. Yeah really. That not even like I kernel like this salt bad hip hop. So people get my car I mean a turn the damn radio off animal care to thirty minute ride. I leave off unless they say hey can trance music. School usually we talked. Lower bombed you know. People we don't talk they wanna serve their phone is one of the two all caps on the other day arc says you have like that sound tract like jaws or something I've got a car I don't know I read here and I've got. Of God's extend SaaS is a serious like some. So bombed you know like pro jammed channel the race is pretty cool crystal played pro Jim concerts in their entirety yes so yesterday you it was so great was it their 23 anniversary from of their first show allow an airplane in Philly and so that culture was on and I had been jammed into that concert and I campaigned on the between now and the men's room actually nice. Bum you know a guy got and I picked him up at the T-Mobile campus in Gaza came and too much I have musical music not at all. I was like I been listened to this pro jam concert that's cool musically dude absolutely. So there's like our example let's Warren court she just ask that that's one out of fifty people that I actually was I didn't wanna turn off exit menaces. It's a pretty good show rural Iran you know I was given a ride clearance counts of 1520 minute ride announcement probably not. I cowboy here the show. Well what is the chills ones I had it was just this older dude and first off most the time I love it when made they have it all set up where they have like the water bottles and every right demands. I can't see how all this little set up but he was just playing me and well. I'll tell you that. Well he was just the Roland way if you just used his role with some like like jazz. And it was just really cool is out of work yet it was just it was something that was noninvasive. I gave. Absolutely ignore from my backseat which is I'd never ever talk to the driver. I think its in house how do you day and that they wanna engage in our conversation but otherwise you am I let my wife Judy is she's a talker. And so especially if like if were going home and she's been drinking you have full blown massive conversation use. Islam and an uber I probably don't I get can't release the you know public there's. Passengers hedges we've got a couple of those as well I mean enamored of this in the back end Mac cam on the thank you. And now on the guy confessed. You know so funny like that but yeah I funny your favorite driver he's an aggressive type of diversity candidates that then they sit down you're like oh welcome to maneuver car and as you were going to go then. Just a place to better compete scary. That would actually really funny. Because he's never done variety to have there might be people who would love that he was awesome to look into that immediately download a dad yeah yeah I. You whether you are now blowing an ad about nothing or is that just the tip I noted that my wife told me about you hit your arm button that the phone unlock button arm and right at power button on your iPhone 5 times. And you instantly. You're an opportunity to do today you hit a bundle called 911 in the state of your location well so there's ever arise as a low one speed dial I don't wanna do it now yeah I think if you do it in alarm go off the turn off though but I guess it's basically like you if you're not. It's at the phone were little changed man so worked yeah I so I'll do it again it's cold what we're gonna actually do it sets up an alarm. And it says I guess SOS emergency SOS like a slight dislike the power off. Ari can hit the cancel buttons so. OK I like it did actually go and act panic that thought it did yeah I know cancel the concert here because the company get does that seem to enter from die hard six or if this is an actual emergency. We need that could happen I. The problem right now I'm having a cup Odyssey of I was I'm over driver I would have to play this song because this has been the I don't know why giving back a song stuck in your head for no apparent reason yes today you're worm all the time. Right before I sort of prepping for it makes gas a little adjustments are shown against a loaded up onto the flash drive all the sun the sun popped into my head I have no idea why. Really pick well. And and maybe even. Mr. Beers on whenever someone comes in your car with these guys responsible percent of all those who ask dad would. Related to fun song that's a great story saga. My whole room full range of. Way to go in tonight. Why he's fine I don't know all the time I had a goal and freeze frame freeze frame. I did it is not a screen capture of something pat OK and in my head of us could you please saying. Don't want to lose your worms go like. If you sing them to yourself yes and then you start making random sounds and you gotta be careful public places to of them have a lot of ethical historic. Applicants he would no doubt song keep on dancing gets stuck in my hand although as and it goes on the good. You know it. Number I insult me like in the fish I was ten people around me a drill field. Have a good idea that doing well and I actually yeah guys is you're looking. There yeah. I would love to in the studio lot and yeah song you think you're very serious but again had a lot of fly I hold no way to host radio a lot of money would there's like her bikers like one doodle losing their mind to take have learned. Imagine it was a real stressful session yeah a look at this screaming each other and and they're they're unemployed people. Your dad yelling into after they finish Tuesday night. You're totally off tableau sock RS try to get. You have to really good move on I thought like yeah. I can't imagine you're in a bad move. It be like a great song to fly and behind like a murder scene and film. Could just says just to make people's brains age. How I got stuck in the middle learn reservoir dogs yeah yeah act fast. Made that song of the year for me if that's all I think now Yahoo! is terrible movie but. That movie face off with blood mixed KJ. Eligible battle will be in the best way right right I love that movie GAAP Harry really did I don't know shootout sequence. And I think it's all and slow mode that I yeah east Arab orbiter because it's it's John Woo there you guys aren't slow Mo who doves that's right oh yeah there's always that this is that yeah he does the slow mode doesn't slow Mo pigeons. Again all Mission Impossible two men have never seen more slow flying birds there was wind your right always with the birds so polenta is one way full Mira Sorvino and chow a young back. Oh replacement until yeah. Movie yeah I hadn't had the deficit and visit and how is always the bird don't put about it and had thousands I think Amanda was really signature we need to do me a bruiser Brody music video were released the da ball I would slow Mo hamsters in my film you know our Tom Cruise round the corner and he's. And Fuzzy just a little long Beach Boys but in slow Mo we announced starring Richard do it. It. All. Nothing's impossible for Richard he picked and seventeen journals and Hisham. And now. Had SP an average of Mariana Diaz realizes who were very popular when it comes to monetize videos for different. Companies are hesitation I think that's asking you on Twitter about what happened -- okay so we're currently we're being used by prestige wrestling which is a great wrestling promotion or you made using one of our d.s and don't go there really as a song set to wrestling action that we learned that three to a battle they've used our song also. That's for wrestling action figure the commissioners events and I also made the video so I. Texans dropped an estimated few videos. And then. There's a guy on Twitter that his using our music for skateboard video I haven't seen that yet yeah. My dad dude and today. We would just die used for the music. Four of a promo video or I copped a recruitment video for Montana Tech football. Oz of gold diggers. Cool yeah that's on bets on the breeze a birdie FaceBook page he just had a bruiser Brody banned all those. Videos are up there and everyone's using don't go there on their own entity its funny cooled. Yeah that's that is awesome I try I love that. Hey Breslin one makes all the sense in a raucous were named after our wrestler so hey if there's any audience that we. Would being geared to pray it would be a wrestling crowd but then now we're on a football. Teams on that's really true gaffe either as all other sounds yummy it's Montana. Mike but it's through my body he GMAC the top OK okay brother is the co one of the coaches for those who want to attack and I guess. Jay was timeout our band he heard it lob does he think he can dress Stephen it's if it's cool we used their music for our recruitment video like cool. Juror ask. Yes there are so it's really looked awesome that they would take the time to ask though yeah. A lot of times I mean I'm doing united they would other people's podcast where that is we're really use this saga might. You can not remember it's third out not a good idea but whatever right. Yeah what's the odds in the in trouble for a couple hopefully small oh yeah not exist now they're broke and yelling you mood brief but it I don't. So I've that was pretty cool so sought that is if it really has anything that they're doing. You know I don't I deserve it hit me up like right around Christmas saying he was doing his year end photo collage you know. And didn't have the broad immaterial to diluted a drop box it too much think that day aha so yeah it was one of those you know one of those things like but I love the fact that stuffs just. There that rate you know people on and that's so cool I like I was you cannot every time like in high school as a wrestling fan I'm seeing some guys like you know Bob. Billy Gunn nerve and do we have accused him back on that that card. For so outsourcing is still doing stuff so he's wrestle also add I got kind of crap is cool to me it's seeing actually old dogs and deceive wrestler is that I'm a fan of wrestling to my music I think that's pretty awesome you know hopefully hey man we might win over few fans in Montana and also in Oregon now. Anything that spreads the word yeah I'm gonna mean that's beyond cool. Yes odds are pretty excited about an adult moved down. Bob OI disability you guys have fun doing over the weekend. It's not cause I it's I've done it before the collision learn it isn't. It's. A good. I listen to escape her sonoran. First you gotta collect many runaway owes an escape room. It's Abrams are fine. Yeah I just did to the one I went to it's the same violence last time it's winning Gig Harbor Stanley owns cycle on canal ones like the X lens danger room and what are we talking about sort of their live dare I know that they're like everywhere but essentially you your in a room with a whole bunch of different puzzles. And you've got to set a maritime usually an hour for you in your group usually up to about a dozen people. To figure out all of the puzzles and find somewhere there's a key to geek you out of the room. An odd different themes. A break and horror and then we isn't okay and yet we give one Mirza can cabin it was posited the first time we get it's called escape our Gig Harbor a final check out an ISI FaceBook and all those other places but we just went. First everyone has gone about speed we went to the cabin and it was some haunted guy's account got Jason mask. And what you have to do is solve these they're different puzzles and cup and good to read things to pay attention what your reason it's very like mystery based and on problems and a bride and go do it sounds awesome man circus dog I'll I'll bet be so much fun. We took a group. I I think there was eleven of us so it was just us being able to do it that's the best way to do exactly don't want our Brando in your group guys like having about guess like having the Rendell youthful heat. I probably. If it it would all pull this is April over it was so much fun but I also is Spain Italy I was not very good act like it needs solving things I spent it I suck at almost the entire time. Trying to figure out what essentially was a giant letter yeah I thought it was like I'm trying to figure out like. Like constellations. Are star patterns or whatever it was just a letter and I was like. Now I'm. Yeah a little easier on the run part when we did the cabin of the panelists focused and a guy comes in any kid that's one of us but that does the other guy and what it rooms yeah now has this also thing on his own to get back to us so it's and the clothing is they have somebody. Watching you guys at all times have you kind of hit a point where you just gap completely stupid. Those catch on Beck have you thought about checking out the room full quarter written the book at this time pro ball got all this for apple. Or. What a little. The press has been called up my wife. Because my wife is being able to aggressive wanted to Doris and I. Two fingers can't open a move something I want you to think she's kicking you think it. Yeah our cannot damn he's like hot remember when I told you not to be too aggressive little slower this little sisters and brash enough plays similar pattern here. The vessel was told the Mayan ruins and it was like your legs and it wasn't scary of those very suspenseful and you got to solve things yet to come up with like there's all these different locked boxes yet to come up with a coach secure with what a mild out because of all I contributed more than I've ever done and that's the best part of all but I was while we're all trying to figure out stuff. Our boy Munson decides to rip a giant as far as good on him and now it's an escape you Aaron arteries and I'm just solve this so he's get out of there concentration booster man that's amazing he's spinning the oxygen level all the rooms of the can focus more on our first we did we did the cat we failed we failed miserably we all bought it right. This time 57 minutes in three minutes to spare maybe two and half minutes to spare and solve that everything was good and we wanted. Can't they get a picture taken to cool thing was and you realize that you feel small like mountains far we did real I'll top programs in effect. It just clings to your clothes and I remember you can be thicker and here we left here's the messed up part so. They've got to ask right there were all laughing every twenty minutes goes by lawless I don't think I'll Manny fared against Millwood to me this time right. I actually had to say. Dude it smells just like the last one is that same one it's still restore indeed it's a could go to zero and I have been narrow spots you're probably right might even stuck to your skin and a little luck. But dude it's funny it makes you realize though. Who is going to take one for the team and essentially when things get scary who's put and other people in front of them. I don't feel that. Now all the dudes put the women in front of them I guy out take go ladies first but he's human and suddenly burst women and children I heard that. All the time and I feel like such an ass but I don't stop doing it a haunted houses or the corn mazes like we've been to a bunch them up and snow Kwame stock performs well we go to guy and every single time they had a clown Herman I don't have an aversion to clowns. But when it's a clown chasing you with a with a chainsaw to be a bit much and here's your good egg line. And it was just like it's like shove five just where I was shell out an hour I. Burns you know what I think veteran did the Obama. Isn't. Come on up your own life. Now there are a sweetheart attract. And it's and Pamela this is. I do. Reg Angel is the centerfold that their sacrifice a couple girls and went to high school with the end of becoming exotic dancers actually that song makes me think of that. Pool and lap dance to that song. This one point nine got a lot of the same names it was one of those came Andy do you remember so yeah dude she's Danson overt. You'll until like not would be cool breeze treaty be the coolest thing ever alike. You're right about that I'm we've had that covers a long time ago and I always thought they clamped father Wright was not the things clear and I yeah yeah yeah it's it's on urban dictionary. When you have it approved B this podcast I don't Follett. I don't other Arizona the words like if you didn't see mr. Bernanke and become friends I think it's still OK to go see them make it. But on the flip side if you already were friends with the person I don't feel comfortable going to strip club to see them like I had a friend. I'm Rory hit they would feel uncomfortable but you know what that's doing this we want the money you know I get it but I mean yeah I'm three. I don't want them to feel uncomfortable I don't think that's cool at all. It's W friendly you know as a dancer and she invites you that you guys gonna come my. Sure I've been in that situation and that's totally different. But it was one of those old gene who still owns or works are we should go in surprise there I don't think yeah cool no I don't think that's cool attitude honey I don't disagree one bit. Yeah even a guided you I put her on the spot and that's not cool. And a friend and we were friends for awhile I have no idea I guess was clueless and ask enough questions from a guy. But a kind of find out that she's it she told me sick and I dance at the troops who is also like a troubled girl for Yeager Meister and that's how I knew her by one night dinner event which is obviously a smoke show all god do. Right up front and they received Steve's I assume he just won us one thing I look I yes I was ahead zero game and I had no. Clue I found out later on his or her and another girl and she crush on you know neighborhood both Jaeger girls and I find out later that they were people came over and hang out smoke pot they were both fully prepared to have a good night. It's the same time yanks. Soul. And it really had. Any money we're gonna either of them after the fact time. I did and then do I personally I think what there has been messing with me you know and at that we haven't been worse that you have not we had side such a crush on you we had a pool going on here. All the sky after the Dynegy does I didn't let me know these ice and unlikely guide on its no one finds he acted like it was so insecure register with not only god it was so obvious when you blow this. Yeah I had that conversation in my life so many times man it's like I did not answer the six iron you're really we have now everyone's they had that's right damn there. Now I don't. Yeah I hated that outlawed cases like I see dumb people it's just meet like not picking up Obama well look you want to make it more than a fifth of liquor she doesn't like. They tortured and white you tell me that there forever but whenever I was single on the day I Jose. Attic all right and then I'm competency color of engine noise on a good idea. I'm like OK and you've already okay like good simple little persuasion or anything like that which could turn you into a creek nowadays he just like. All right such yeah I would never be accused of and that lead to stuff because I was always like Lulu parent knows others know definitely you know like some grows like the icon whom I'm really into and then all of a sudden whenever you're to stories online at I as it was like no okay I'll go home. Yes the thing though I was I was just playing a game with you. I realize you don't want to meet that she gets the structure stuff I was in all of this was a girl in high school actually. But she was like a catch and release fisherman she loved to get. To the gas and mineral thing was owned don't known right but then she was still coming on to meet touching me and it was torture yet is an issue to me just grammar and basically sexually assault her meanwhile. I'm not comfy with that because she's seen no but acting yes. Drew me what a hellish thing to do it it's tough you know I'm one time where. It was a really tough position I was out of my head like I don't know what to write I don't I don't wanna be right captain aggressive. Yeah generally get what she wanted me do an a and I. I never did I was like I'm you know a bit I didn't we never onto this problem being in high school. Is it to have common sense enough to say. He looked real quick we shouldn't conversation. That's when I need to tell me gap you know do you want me Callahan in just forcefully. Or you know are we doing or are you feeling guilty about the situation because I don't want to. Essentially sexually assault. If that you know it as a good when you look all I should've just communicated as a kid Buick. Okay. Think that Oklahoma Tuscaloosa. Kyra one time I just broke up with someone and it was a growth I was always an and that so finally meet up for drinks were hanging out. She's come back to my place like absolutely this is going to be incredible I've always had the hots for news and Bobby are you eat. Right so we go there we get too bad we certainly can now and they don't know I can't do this or can't do this. As a similar event like. Okay like it is going to love you going to stay here but I just can't do that make eye that's totally fine and I have my teammates and what this is they are still bombs. I might sign a false deeper and all of a sudden she's just climbing on top of me and she's effect I just I I'm not. If I'm gonna wait for you to put the moves army Steinberg hat and a Mike told. I've just told us all the good part of hybrids like I want to argue with you right now because you pissed me off but in my. But you're naked on top of me so I'm not gonna argue with you whatever you say goes to gather as do. And so what will be titled Clinton why I think it was. It might have been my first date with Polly pocket watch. We hung out we had a great time we were just acting a fool them one parked somewhere and we it was raining really hard and make a point yeah we it would wasn't like that and we lay out a call like imagine that there's no way you're coming home with me tonight I was like no problem I can opener totally cool. You know we left there and drove she was driving drove to her house. Now what. You know Conchita we should comment on what Hogan. Not yet so weak and up upstairs in her bedroom and she is on dressing and I am just sitting on the edge of the bed who dress. And usually you can get comfortable and I think I said like look. You have made it clear. All light and I was not going to end up here so you'd understand now that I'm here on a gentleman Jack Miami don't let me know I am I know is that I'm sure it's I mean she's like oh my god that is so sweet Ellison it was probably. Probably probably what helped me get go to Regis that got us guys being source. Tactful spray your gentleman even after all that tequila I'm murdering all my clothes off and he's still sitting there not picking up on what a ball now Oscar a look at I don't know knows what they're like hey you said there was no way this was going down and you said it repeatedly. Now or in your bedroom. Time I'm going by what you told me was he can help song is this all this paradise by the dashboard. Yeah. Actually. Have sex that night we former could she'd said that it wasn't gonna happen and so we foreground and that's fine together and I think in the morning. We closed escrow. You pass the test. Tech definitely pass the test that was a total gentleman. And that's kind of what I noticed about one girl that I hung out with that one night and every hole now for a while I don't think if you can put the moves on meet the kids both the good stuff but it's almost like they've. I think certain moments when a test and see how much of a general when you're willing to be like hey I'm gonna tell you can't have sex with me to see how you're gonna react to it. And you react to a kindly like docile hang out and sweep of the seemed I would do not trying to do anything. You pass the test. There's and then makes my braves are typically think that debut I want to have sex if you talk about this big room yeah. You solve this until you're ninety years old you feel like your head's going to exclude at times he bounces did all night long. From the group walls and I. This is terrible piece of music. Felt bad so bad so gross I don't until Cuba my understand was in European countries this music is like the Cashmere. This is like on par with like this summer way to heaven yes well you know sounds off so your point. Yeah I was do you need more bare use of our friendships exchange student fee and can live with our family or. Whatever term I was in my same grade as my sister BM or bearish talk about all of these you know some meatloaf is a paradise in the dashboard lights and what he. You're listening Metallica broke. I don't. Had a great guy really cool guy yeah he was on the talked about Paris for the that's where much is being. This huge Nicole all the parties. All the kids the parties this with a crank hits the hole and much. Oh I only knew. Hello. Yeah what do we know from my club. Yeah dad yeah they all sorts and that but he came I think there that I use some of the NASCAR I promised so many things. Is that good he's wounds fifty word man. When you usually say you thought you didn't wasn't a wallet diversity. Of a cruel and squall. Bombshell document I'm a disappear nervous every Tuesday that we holidays though blitzer we'll. Sorted together Baxter about the whole play by play during the song. That's the end like overs you know there's there's the Yankees play by play guy they employed him to do the play by play which is basically him doing a play replay of it. Of a bunch of euphemisms for sex I don't know what apparel like they wanna tell him message sent its own most baseball terms we need to do. Because he they they knew he wouldn't have done it. And it's coming up and say this is terrible piece of music that is just endured. As to the same song yes this. I had no idea where the baseball callers Obama's ties. What she says what it all the way you love you love me forever and yes this is only sleep on it at. Yeah again deal on me you love spoiler in. Sweden. You're the one week low salt knows what do video parity floor is that I won't do that motto bold blue led. You know the have you the thing is full of love but I want to be like you know are we changed the lyrics for she's like you know I just release appeal on the musical wolf to look at her she's that you know really this can't play a dog that. You're gonna be O'Donnell FedEx would all but really bizarre stuff like can you dress like a sperm whale and an eight school on ups pieces and ran around. But anyway you do Anglo who won't do that. Yeah. Wolf I'm an only vacuum man I don't. Oh god we did right out of nowhere was that a woman lovely and did you ask. I leave my breath this virus brand Stephen. I don't know boots and the only time the whole season but you didn't but didn't. But it's still audience so it's a code might come up playing. I was no good no use say the I know I wanna be anywhere you ask. I'll loan. And I'm busy lost track of what's happened. They always. It's really loved and UWK of the seventies and eighties the not all of the UK. Yeah I'm not yes not necessarily like in the negative vein bailout money puts his music a little more in the context. I just don't really want to make governor. Yeah you know like it's really can't be it's really cheesy and Brennan nobody who loves the most. It means. It's that the Pentagon hit a good meal or the music all good mile sand lake saw VW I don't know it. Was told us. Doesn't deserve what we can. This Knight he's like a metal version of needles gaffe. For the piano like it because the guy in the white Chicago business things well yeah yes insulin nobody's thinking well. Unlimited song. This is not party hard on. Partner that is better he tells us to see my beautiful every song sounds the same. The base. Feel like David is this one though. 91. Oh yeah like at nine maybe even 2000 really. This is do you guys Manila to the end. Because of his video analysis 1 morning it was awesome. I 2001001. Yet right in the nose good job wow I don't know what's happening. This Herbert Hoover you can play this video will dry up. If we prefer. Just imagine that half. Go ahead. Windows live. Poured into the. Every song has rubbed. Marty you act like I follow him on Twitter because it's such it's it's party vibe on like Twitter. Light to Janice offering all of party no matter where he goes for it to all I do we want fun party horrid. Now music is where at least is what do you like east LA guys speaking engagements now two guys talking about positive median he's just a could find burdensome costs on Neitzel can't see any of that now let's look at party party party. You know I thought I get wet. Oh wait that's different about oh mind as a good long live the party. These are all of this song man some called each party in parentheses you should I. How great is that a threat at a got them of the good life yeah native and well thought it was about escape our Gig Harbor go check it out it's a lot of fun to do what I've been more fun far in the room with your friend's dad and avoid a paradise by the dashboard light. That's the UK and the less you're in Europe in which case it'll be every house party you'll ever attend at least that's what I'm told. I know a lot of play. Serious who advertised making a joke about Hasselhoff in Germany man that you know knows the Europeans we have really weird. Taste in music a lot of strange electronic. It's like. Is it like the Europeans understand it past like off thing that Japanese all have really really weird takes on music what's got his hit which I mean I'm looking at apple music the first Erica. That was a song called truce survive your machine that David Hasselhoff video for hooked on a feeling I am sorry I didn't mean to jump in there like all now. When you're done with that I want you in the all listeners author just go ahead and anger YouTube. Yeah who could Chaka under lookup he's got to watch the video it's all about David Hasselhoff and that video for hooked on a feeling dizzy if you lying on the floor hitting a cheeseburger. It is huge it is show you look at it and you're like this guys kidding right but he's not he's non he's huge in Germany he brought down the Berlin Wall it's crazy. Don't Hasselhoff. Susan why. I saw David Hasselhoff. I've never heard any of his music so. I've never pitted ten I love my writers a kid and I did not only had a very true pool hall. How to sell for the fun GAAP. Go to Carnell at what PO let's put up up up up up up up up up. The eighth or firebird with a closer here. I mean if this came out and 8485. I would say it's fine. It's like remember 2000 Iverson is ridiculous. Also holds things like. When it was still his big pay per view from here in the states. That was when the bronco chase happened. With OJ and so no one wants his paper view from here I don't remember that that's a bad blood there blood David Hasselhoff claimed he's not huge in America because. Of OJP's big premiere was the same day as the OJ car chase. If you Google out of it you'll find yeah yeah some coming out wow Hasselhoff again that's why I never broke in the states because my big premier remembered being US premiere. But it just happened we've seen time. As that car chase while dancing yet it's had not do is you know I think this is why run this on this like he wanted to or the aspect I Ager. Yes you remedy that cannot rule how they had 24 years ago do you. He was together that sits ruin my career in America and ninety's horror. That's amazing what something else sort of following his head. Good look at look at look at hooked and feeling just watch a few seconds that video it'll blow you were mined and all our listeners David Hasselhoff took on the feeling. You'll find it still blows your mind I think that covers record if that's what we needed him filled him in Custer. Oh we ask you Rod Stewart had to face is going to form the music was incredibly cool. Com everything that's dirt to create uses Condit country didn't. I this sudden Madonna's song he's public or private or that and I read Madonna's maverick. Got hooked on a feeling you wanna watch the video. But some video of the this video David Hasselhoff popular feeling it should look as ridiculous as possible. This is it. Because it all right so it's it's it's mind blowing. Just hang in there. It's incredible. This Connecticut basketball team. Gaelic floating above it's no field. It's definitely enough to. And now. You see in his throat yeah. Well look at the media. And let them know usually what I thought it affiliated tell died he had a hat with the little hold on and here's the thing I don't I don't really there. Your dog you can tell he's not who hit me until coming from the sky plus the great green screen action gone on now he's holding a picture of himself. But let us. A director PBS and the like look this isn't a bad idea this concept is horrific but again today he's got the last laugh. Thirteen point four million people of watches until now so ridiculous that you can now emerge. See the crow you can't look Kuwaiti it's it's like a rubber necking at a car crash pointed at school children that dresses angels and the cheeseburgers. I needed cheap beer for for a cheeseburger for you did murder of off speed where. How would even smiling. If you probably feeds the greatest thing ever has everyone's telling you it's the greatest thing ever room reading every Chicago. The whole you know in Stockton through listeners now if you want. This video is my inner stellar three. A lot as that you can't explain it. It's. And I was outlawed video work we don't know if that's one I don't need we could see interesting things. The winner Ron Perry of YouTube began. Tile believing. And met tiger video might be Photoshop. It's really. I know how does imply that I thought well always wires that had a that's contrary to popular belief there's no special effects of any kind in this music but I thought yeah I'm mediocre huh. Yes because they're not they're entitled red blood off let's do a little while less threatened in nearly all of us it's really short bus special. Create a music video wall time. Finally on the right side of YouTube I think this is it that way and he went in my seemed prepared to get. This would make the best music video to watch while I told you the video is incredible ten out of ten for editing. Who was watching this and 2017 the fact that I we after I usually am OK we're they had 56 million then. Eleventh do you hope but whatever he's using I want it to shut off a Iowa we do our voicemails or emails or text messages. Just ahead. He's first few years. The champion. Looks like I didn't read that note you do only caught a fish were hooked on Chris Brown including the finish fifth of an eskimo. One another David Hasselhoff is running what the hell is happening. I got a motorcycle. I'll nowadays with the alien to us and I got into Angel girls. It's like YouTube equivalent of giving made mushrooms gap but it just goes there I know my room and I guess. I'm saving this relaxed and I take policemen Jennings I'm watching this video again on man on meet Pete. I remember one time doing assurances sitting there and just staring at my iTunes visualize are all they know a little pop little screen would make nobody knows what like four hours out. And night the roommate came by news like you okay have like I'm fine and everything is all right I know exactly where I had an unsafe. I have deep down the spiral where they are you sure you're okay and I think Brock. I'm hooked on the field no. Now makes is like the Manchurian candidate appears like Alcoa's home phone we go to mocha Chaka and who go straight into assassin mode you know. But straight up he doesn't realize. It I dare. Hasselhoff he's gonna come to measure in the riled his desk I mean I saw when I walk but. But guess what song it is I'm California girls is are you know right away yeah. Account for girls and guys. He's very meticulous in June. Another band and missed the boat on about a couple people I respect you like do you really need to check out the beach boys and and I patted down to one of my all time then I can't unlike. Unused production value of the lighting and what they're doing this incredible but I Delhi I I can't connect with the music I can't connect with the material. I think it's the back story of Brian Wilson losing his mind again and this record is basically an audio. Journal of him losing his mind. Putting sand and how seek to play the piano would stand on its feet kind of stuff and gas and that that I think the back story makes it way more interesting and cool. But I can understand why I give Jiri is an you. I'm Jack I need to as a musician you really need to check the sound elicited a like the writing the production value yeah I mean this is really critical those harmonies this is really spectacular. I don't care for the music. But you're right those harmony beds and textures are mind blowing we incredible you're right there's this is really mind blowing that said. I don't now yes Schneider Jack I'm sure the light showed and usher concert great tip doesn't make that mountain. Oops my Jason Cook at that. No mood okay you have luck back to game. In these hurts and you feed a small pool and saying you got plans that don't you wouldn't. It. I don't think the key is never come to know isn't that. How they'll one million. Think it possible. Fifth and the man. I'm not. Moved out of Bob who gets the job that didn't during blue bombers. Bob Bob. I've read check to begin on my own ball. Ali mobbed when Hanson you cut me that's not Czech man. That's tough tough tough I can only imagine how insane this song like this reckon would be if he had pro tools that Demi you're still limited by the number of tracks he could work with olive garden you have polluted just one insane if I would ever since Bernard. There would have liked Eddie I did you talk we've got 7200 tracks on here man. That's held as the greatest album of the rock era Brian Wilson's masterpieces that transcend ended. Our transcendence. Musical touchstone and god only knows when to be nice and sleep. It's the John beer ever greens and his fans repertoire. The album's resiliency in this find efforts to high skies so artsy part he would have to say it's album's good. I guess Arlen streams. Heart he moody with a wrap up I little flame him OG. Intro to a record listen. Our Martin got a voice it's a jerk. Like to apologize for today's program and I'm having fun. Yeah I hate to say yeah. I. Not feeling good and pneumonia at bat trying to get better. And ownership stake in it that are right in that date so I wanted it comma. And area well. Have you. Oh you know I'm never forget that this new mom I hate. Got my alien voice yeah late at times. A news release. Kay added. You're face and a nice week. As do race creed accommodate them. Who. I didn't get a the right. Let me see on his phone and call you and smaller as it. You know I I ate today and it mom are we know we heard just. I don't mean to you I don't know how to fix that what you do these he's old beach always in Hasselhoff. Himself. Let's see if that worked. To. You are calling does not accept unidentified calls it you are a lot of our monthly hang up now. My wife please enter your ten digit telephone number you are calling from. I don't know let's make one out this yeah you're you're calling did not take well all day. Russa. And. You shouldn't. Another organized and to members he pleaded not one but I. It is. When you ma'am add. Leach pads files from the get them. Mama mama. Is that makes the. Are you doing. And I guess they just met LOU. Yeah pneumonia. Yeah. First biggest it was just her leg at NATO and imminent. And they didn't pay him there's no Molly. So word I use. You know I have since I didn't this beyond this test GAAP. Not that I had a lot of problem. Artists there and let it all the debris is known so well sunny day today they've got their club and says. Put me on some really heavy. Antibiotics. And that is silly. And I could tell also and I went oh and I got up this morning it started in Iraq. So good. As well as good and bad. And my computer has been done. So. And then that they did you know at all. Until they used up so I just call and they. Message opens and they will call it's gonna do you're gonna get that didn't they go. Aren't you guy Asia later days. On and until. Let's give decades and it S yeah. Now and that can't might Jerry in nickel and ask some I didn't hear many. I get naked dude I can't. Know old law to include everything you know I just so I can see all you guys are that. So who. Oh. My I would imagine mind the biggest picture is on your favorite I still don't. You know yeah. My eight I have been nice to not against using it remind you I. I might gain big enough love says. I'd love it. It used to make me sick that they keep getting sick. Try to get Elena meat that you. I haven't met him me. And I want to meet him. Drummer there that you don't and you weren't. I don't know who. The admit it when there's got to wears a birdie chance. Rick I dug another wrong burn it as you might be sweetheart. A big hit eagle likes to hello I have been running though. All of the guy and then it is trans. Overdo this guy and this guy knowing. Anybody don't tell me nothing yet. Mean I'm not err yeah I'd quote. That's me Steve. I'm balls. And that's what is. As that guy got Terkel where's. You guys picked me up to her he's he's yet you guys did we had a bad. Yeah I. You know how. I'm like hey we how can they need to let it get done it right edited by the drums and you do this sooner the bald guy. This money. Good but I did not not that it did you read. Maybe I don't maybe maybe dead. Resilient all its own drummer to guitar player man. It NSA get Leon. Okay almost a year now mama mama whatever those drugs and you take into we have some doesn't seem to work and hundreds of they make it or get settled it doesn't make you I'm glad now we're keeping me out of bruiser Brody. Epithet at a packed app. He Travis and in no way I. I still trying to stuff on him all you have the reds grabbed me and setup my son you have to manage your diet and regular credit it'll. And not on the Leno well. He sent us that was a while back remember he sent us go to X racer weeks. Yeah Bill Clinton and. Now I'd I would bet a one that three people there. And that it braves. And their son then again I. I am the man he he cannot due soon. And the only way they can cut at least six years now is. Opening up or get him. I met over I didn't and non analytic go to bed I don't blame. I'm just. Most since September are now I'm still had a lot of tickets I don't know a lot of good minutes and then when they can't we did I spell. They've been doing this day. I'm glad we don't know what to do we can't give anymore it OK let it and it is well my mom's. As Doug I tolerated but they medicine. It is not. Eaten either I. Have been can't nerve agent and that does take him but he did a lot of Dayne. Is done. Well I think says look they've let me earn them well that is bad. Oh god I guess same Davis Dowayne inherently kind of rare so said. What did you say to you know. I guess it's something that he. I targeted and bad it's and I didn't they like he does imitating him he can't do that when you're not an Amman. You have jury unit let's play. Hey I hope that's not. If you're a. He's doing I'm beginning to think it is not that you could result and unveiled by unions say they are today. And our prayers are barred windows don't let. Alone. That is still on the and then endured great they're estimated sales have. Let you know what I'm just started doing that it says it gave me any down. This is there bite saves and got bit in the and and then they wean me off then that wouldn't work gain. And sent me at all whereas. Double him on them they didn't. My parents take at all. I can tolerate some band. And I want to be in that case. And it's and it's my irons silly that if I'm gonna sleep agent summit. Blanket in her own bed. Yeah I don't like pain match either and people like laws that kind of stuff I'd say I hate the way I feel. Yeah and we kinda doubt good spell anything get you know months. You good diet can you say you get some say it does have got to learn that not give it to you now. Dixon and CBP oil. It Asia. Obama I hope you're feeling better and will make it a point to give you cause more often and in check up on nearby die anytime you're in a hostile feel free a far nobody will listen dear Santa I am I. David signs. Had done their hero quit if I can senator. Lar I hope this is not them. But I have the great question are you guys and other. Mind. But when I can't delay and it'll be like my eyes then I'm going to be cremated. And that is by. I might Elaine as he noticed that I learned doing that there's little. Get togethers you know what it ugandans. And the and then my plans in. And I only your bank is seeing. Our mile an adult. It'll be afterward saying that but I want it is kissing. Or may be that Christina says it will be a long time creation. Do you have a specific song you want us this thing. Now I guess in these are times that my name and it's so people know I'm gone. Then people they won't know in this. He gets out there on the Internet earthquake. But I would like that's the only. Serve. I want it I want my boy is this thing to me when I build. My hope that I I hope that's a very long time now yeah. I'm okay. This. Am getting better banner. I didn't just sign in my Americans are not it's exhausting is it just aren't able. I got a decent singing classes is a lot of pressure on a very good center I. Is not an ambulance take you doing here in Louisiana and I let the odds are whatever you want this thing mama but I wanna make sure that you're here for a while settlement. Oh yeah let it be here as well do. Now what we love you so much and now we will definitely make it a point to call you more. Thank you so unless you guys. Last week. Banks do I agree generals. Are okay. And I I love about my. She's still amazing to dealing with so much crap in it does agree that he had little laugh you know it's it sounds like the whole campus. She said twain's download the terrible yeah it's ultimately they're all together all found in the flu has been BS like this year too because. Dead says. And I. Relations and stuff aren't working it's like the wrong strain. I never taken a flu shot neither of I had one couple years back. And I don't. Oh Obama just text me she's she sent the song that she wants us to sing yeah yeah. Newton. Full name. I've lost a great. Dance. Not the worst problem. Yeah he doesn't have an awful voice it's not horrified bills it's weird. In a lot of it. For me has to do with his overall presence is like if you carved chatter into human beat you at C viewers you hit it hard chatter I would guess that you carved chest hair. Into extra penny I would like Atlanta they got notebook. You lose some math all the lobbyists cliches possible and assembled in the one person that cheesy campy is cliche you can think up. And put in and one person. It is no longer than. And I think you deserve credit. Turns out to Don Martin I know he's got a whole person I'm so that's just what was ourselves and you. How big this is this like there's nothing on here to assess unless the person didn't wanna be credited for everybody would live up. Tonight love Mac you'll I think it's what David's other personalities sitting here in the studio you kind of sit there wide eyes glazed sweat because that voice comes on him. Like David we need a female vocalist for the Sox don't want out I don't agree to Jimmy cheeseburger and a New York his eyes shut for a minute when he comes back he's her. While he's got like some great people in there. That's weird how often do not credit some it's a lot of fun though when he turns and that can't and you get right somewhere that's actually a lot of fun hello Michael that Fiat did it. Proudly display along 'cause he makes you rulers. We have email lies the biggest guessing gmail.com hey guys my name's Charles into laid up Osgood takes you guys renders the messages were returning blue. So my slightly mad that I wasn't messaging and other iPhone yet our Tex lines on iphones at Google Voice and it's I think he gets to do and a podcast amazing I enjoy everything at a work call this last weekend from 7 AM to 7 PM. Obviously I was really get to hear you guys in the morning since the weekend so I checked out the makes cats and iTunes. And start up with a sour patch kids and Rachel Barley episode ohm I'll. First our offensive showing me who recently as at a look Europe on Twitter all my god he's smoking the damn do you saw her back from rates of serenity god to stop that I'll I appreciate Africa. As I write this my iPhone plays a podcaster reversal continue to go reverse until you put on another new new one and I keep going reverse that's kind of fights ago was a dubbed boot a lot of. Much easier he's going chronologically backwards oh unclear exactly literally playing it back order all cup highlight how do you understand de Jesus that's that's why he's a highly functioning so girls but I love actors he's like he's getting answers to certain things and then finding all we're talking about the next like jeopardy yeah he's do we got like. Again he'd go back a long long way we doubled over the program what a year and a half. That's a lot of episode right there are episodes right there and then you get into a three pre Glenn one out yeah. This is a hooked already now currently on your guys re passing out episodes from October 31 had to say. That's Seattle police departments are you guys played under the via a well I walked off. Hilarious I know I sit idly in the worst way it was still bad experiences I bet you Seattle PD can pull that off today no. There'd be somebody offended people. But there's no love your stuff Steve gonna read you guys have to rock him he's every two back is well we are opening get it back today which is thirty artists they've been. And hey as double B the top I also get breaker back to miss hearing breaker to play him on words with friends all the time my iPhone. May not get a W but we are Africa said he would come on at least once a month he got to the hold onto it. Thanks to keep me through my weekend and get me to something else in recent being a school to listen to him by the way Steve at all those haters controls. You rock clearly their madness I dazzle fans nobody likes them at first Charles thank you and a lot of great email phone size yet. Awesome hot day today out of reviewer pay attention to our techs like. It's in my all of our listeners ran a bad mood we had so much negative no really I'm they got to report we're almost is gonna right everybody like him and maybe just needed Matt thank this. Couple times or I was like maybe I should be Sparky and fortunately there was one today that I was like I am and as late messengers on tobacco percent. And I couldn't because we can lake like mouse click and usually it'll pop up a window to talk to him. Some of them want some lies just won't do that. I had to die like that on is to Graham. I think he was like maybe like Friday or something we're off Danny was in here and you know he did it minster Graham video on hot talk about urban and bake in. And some guy was like little reason why people on follow this account rob rob Brad Danny your Famer O I saw that measures body of the guys they all halo how would you not be a jerk yeah I. If course no response notice among calls amount on his BS but yet there was like weren't citizens like guys guys like almost on the comic book if you aren't a bad mood do not text the show. Yeah you're behind me on about nothing bad I didn't the usually it's a year like you know twenty half hour of the show controversial was a lot you do the show almost what was like if you guys too and Bhuj give drew GA official stop talking about football sick over the season's over. The other almost all while it's great to you guys decide to finally to a radio show you guys dig more days off since kids involved it's like. I want to another I silent and it's like I'm at if you got to my first public annoyed and then you start laughing I'm Mike Mike god. So much. I hope it is Tuesday whatever the case of the Mondays yeah graduated or pissed off this morning more so than usual I think they're still all hung over that there is orphans or missile lines from the Super Bowl still I think you're right yeah possibly gas tax everyone party birdied the second blue moon still on again and repeat again blue yeah. But every lawyer ruins is still way down welcome. Yes because he crash some think about. Yes and instead I hate to tell when a Monday's typically absolutely because this part the pot and I like him. But yet it's I just think you guys is the residual from her wedding and I do is thank god everyone needs a hug. I only just the guys will go hug yourself I've ever but I would never be that guy like three so annoyed that I have to pick up my phone and text somebody I don't. No there and spew such like why rightly did it's it's let me give you good people member asked the question to what end. Yeah I like to what end what why am I doing this what will they all think it. Makes them feel good and then they realize after they do it. It does and it does not even doing it. One what does the Dem or so we usually follow the law shut up and played music. It's a cigarette I've run my like you realize that you don't have to listen store shelves you gentlemen any us. No I do have to loosen things in the carpool though don't listen to a no I get to work everywhere you want to listen to your show. So I read about it like I can you tell you coworkers thanks for listening. I. I write devalued or in Florida will as you. No tag doesn't like our show are you holding I love it. Yeah and I Charles is that good or there will he wind you wanna record to come back on the twentieth of this month's on a couple weeks. Are virtually making history recruiters just on the cover of life and I saw that northwest leaf yeah magazine as a result of these high data we get on this cover. Of this magazine so yes. Elite when we talk about we can we give interviews the editors. Yeah yeah. He go but that is so old like selfish reasons but I'm not I'm not I'm not too proud to do that Photoshop or for just the cover that thing I'm try and I want to cover of the magazine that says he's might be our best shot see with your deal on that like that's like a big goal for you my big goal as I wanna get our fear Adidas street named after me. All because lake there's an apparent what would it wouldn't be Italy and Fuego avenue road or would it be you know Robinson lazy like Ronnie lane I think would be really easy to do yeah. Yeah I think it can probably just find one delight displaced take a picture and I do rev way you gotta be cool lets them say do you want your given name or do you want your your you re a good question what do you that's a really good question at a really figured it out had are. Would you like the signs that count in the south of the town on the backside of the hill where the top of the signs English in the bottom perhaps in like camp and the easiest seen them you know a little silly Rainier have been an example of that at all like all long rainy here. It's a Detroit very different. Like I just a noticing that it's believed there was some concern trying to figure and so that you happened and I sure hope and love. I thought it was cool animal yeah yeah there's there's a green sun browned side in the brown sign is in an Asian dialect it's actually really. I just wonder brown signed now. All right give up talking until we look at the crowds and and a couple of years ago top appears Leo as well as those coolest thing ever I was at some event and then eventually we did an odd thing on 9206 when job. It's the freeagent band we did that performance. Backstage uses woman who's like the editor for like some meant magazine for granted my girlfriend did weekly OK he's half why are some the much. Which they show what the free whiskey. Yes OK as you have maybe should to a tree which he's like hey Bob Bob we got a I'll I'll reach out you wanna put you on the cover of our magazine now think you're. It's. I have to crowd out there what it is it could be the nickel magazine for all I care whatever that damned thing is that there's no little nickel will make a little nickel on dad's real mingle it all medical I just wanna be on the cover of a magazine I don't care what magazines is what actually goes out to print not one that's just a Photoshop sort of they got a non hi hey yea he had this needs to come out I don't care if it's free. I don't care you can hold your hand yes for email would you think about that the EU will set aside 1520 copies of it yet and they're just can sit in a box for the rest of your life all as like mad just like all the other times have been a newspaper and they didn't. If they knew in the and you give it you your family members and they'll put the blocks who who exactly I'm not our I don't know how on earth somewhere. The put in the effort to edit every once a while you go over for literally grant hasn't gotten over fairly offensive guy so aware of my magazine that I don't see it anymore. In the get to the point where everyone has to make sure that your magazine is out when you're in there yes any magazine if anyone listens has any kind of poll. The put me on the cover of any magazine. It'll Charley horse monthly on the got. I am definitely a guy you are not alone just pictured here I mean this is my game season. You go virgin this is an island space to cellulose feel the cover like you know black man bear magnets that are the big city and donates and then quote I'm going to be ever printed ain't no Seamus with your anus. I don't care what I did and put me on the cover of their magazine. And I was really sad about that rents a magazine yeah. That's so brand there's got to be some ridiculous last outing a blizzard resident magazine ethical and yes reporters friends in life we will cover but I did they wanted to lady wanted to put me on the cover you paying attention and obstacle which hit Carlos and his love for you okay I guess thinking about the -- you that you add on to Brazil yeah. I have lots of sources. I've not read remembered you gotta get ahold of her her know I'm a journalist you look like you much of that wonderful touch usually see yeah it's been too much of it to the chairman. Most Fuller it's a couple things remember a lot about that evening but the blue funniest one I would say. Is Steve retelling the story of texting me saying click I was clearly in the village there's something. Any type so it's actually do this for it was in the dressing room I think as he hit send. And like the bat man I was standing beside it. We make up up up up up and I want all the pictures press. And has an intense head. I think do and in the future if I ever need to get a hold yards and I'm. Don't really think it's even lost his mind hugely. We're worried you have like a another half after the attacks central front even send it like I detect Glenn and whiskey it's like what we know you're talking about won't descended into my liver arrived in the room of full thirty seconds before my bloody. Guys more earlier the only glad the yes. He's a whiskey. The Irish were more ways than ever gets tighter rules for you with Syria. Bears close. You read that. Our. About route I have great. I. Wondering how how based on what our. Possible. Space and arched. I don't yet or call one. Possible. I've got an Arctic these. Top. Guys are. Arts. We're back. You don't get it out of six. That's it you know ships or whatever that hour that a lot of them are. On how much else but our rights are quite. Well I let me through eBay sent home argue our dormitory at you can close the base. In anything com and it's actually if you watch all the footage of that's how I fix my anal Charley horse didn't. No I mean I'm not I think Sampson that the way they're set up the bird pretty much you know that the short simple answer is you can put a base in anything meant. If you watch old footage of the hundreds experience you'll notice that may unknown Redding has plugged into much remarked stacks as well. Mom that said Marshall did make base camps Marshall made a thing called Marshall major that was tumor blocks the action made specific Marshall PA and based heads arms so. I'm a man let me was either plug into straight up marshals just because he liked the grind in the way they sounded calm and even as far as speakers go Bob bass players play through 10s12 holes. Fifteen to eighteen whenever we Libby may literally have just plug his base in the Marshall stack on. That sounds great so EI AU you can sort of you can put the basin and in many templates aren't anything at number four I had my first thing at least a plug my guitar into my stereo. Yeah it it was totally brilliant but it worked yeah. Not yet. Anything anything yeah I mean yeah we were kids they were plugin it's like my dad like this weird transistor radio they was a kind basically now like to Mosul maybe that does Bluetooth speakers alone my dad made one out of a transistor radio but it was just like I so I plugged. It into guitar music so I feel awful. But it is bright would have worked. All right right I would've figured out what I I don't doesn't count a cool old stereo but on you know I've figured out that the photo Jack. Because the output on on a record stylus is so low the phone Jack is actually kind of hot. So there's a gain stage built them they're so I would do poor should do RCA and actually plug into the fold well. And it would actually put a little bit hair on my guitar tones are all totally clean because those plug into the funnel Jack yeah Manso anyway. And he did definitely wouldn't open records available. I really hear all of it really learned his craft he's right manner so other goaded on before we go on my we did get a cool it he mentioned something that's happening on the 21 met so we are playing issue bruiser Brody we're playing the FMS show from multiple sclerosis ask kids to view show. I'll be put on March 21 at the crocodile to Wednesday night but don't worry too early night for those that like at the work in the morning. Regal wanna eat at night at eight sharp were the first band on the street and why only in Iraqi yeah address they would shed some in tonight's real guy alive and they show that some comment now. It's all while proceeds are going towards I the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. That the crocodile you get more information just checked baseball kilometres and man yes that's really cool functional for a. A wanna throw up two love my my blues band England can trio is actually. We have our own thing we've done a show and maybe even a year. Com but we are playing how NN and I'm blues club there's a club Friday February 23 with Ben Smith of hearts are -- Roger and I every record I loved and so if you want some ass kicking rock and roll the Glenn cannon trio. Is getting back together and throwing down and I don't know one full play the other and we wanna get a record on the bulls and you wanna do but. Obviously I had a lot going on and so to those guys so. We have one of your demo solely to see this. Access. Why look at new version of this bank. If that Jeff won the backing vocal. That's our man Jeff. But I will telling on the drum. Up act out west Peterson actually a way that my grandma but will Landers did do a couple shows. Early on Monday for cup and all that and that reminds you this is a random. Reminder on February 23 how in blues club bought. My boy you Ryan Carney from start FB. Wanted me to tell you yes right that's right at Boston. Dude Gwen Stefani still hot man I saw space pants. That's you he said he has his amazing since the space pants suits I thought it was absolutely hilarious and then she came out Gaza. Ain't she looks good it's just harder now isn't pregnant in that. Video guy what do we tell you from stoic you get past the baby bump can't. I'm really. Yeah it's it is not a nice guy a baby bump but had a for the last I don't know what do you read out now just what if what if a note from you were getting it on wins. Her while there visibly in your field of vision I was basically. Taking her baby out. With a plastic bag over its head and it was struggling and you were watching when that work for you won't that I got here you're at ahora I land seized the I didn't made it worse. Wait yeah. Freshman Shane it's. Half our power I ask. Marcus you watch it look good reds face go from. I wonder where this is dole who we all right arm and rural I don't have may have one last tax I want personally I was doing for what we thought of the new us don't don't pilots on heavier than new nasty piece of the second time. Let's hear okay because I know you weren't a 100% sold I wasn't blown away by the first nor a funny thing is I was in the same boat as you and then recently have we listened to it and I have all new appreciation bonus songs that they. Know what that band to do well I'm I'm I'm a mega fan I just that first singles like. I could better. It was expected better registered here. Strong hope I didn't hear what life then I feel bad insane as the woman's fear event. I didn't hear what I thought was a strong vocal performance. Aussie found myself wondering if AMR or the producer or both were trying to get this guy to sort of try and do not stop thing. Armed. You know a skeleton man. OK give you don't mean I feel bad even cynnex own mega famous band I want them to opt. I really support these guys I love Stone Temple Pilots I just heard that for single what. Let's have been going Buffy can't time it just didn't blow me away. As I I I had a similar vibe. The diamond back and listen to it again just recently got struck yeah yeah I really did this song but did I might also be because I heard the new song and I really liked new song it's called. Roll me under and of course I'm a drummer. But Scott upon up mama hawk you know I got kicked out of brewers averted unfortunately they found another ball I saw the pictures won't be we're all. Some call rolled me under and the drumming by Eric rats on this one is one of my favorite drama performances by him so let's check it out. Don't have a pilot's roll me under off of their new record which I believe. Is coming out like. In a few weeks if I remember correctly debut march NASA here. It's cool that. Old it's really cool this is what I was hoping or out of that first call this the way better first song here you know. Yeah hid this. He added I got another medicine at David. This makes one of my direct. I agree on what the hell unless you're like hey let's start off with a reverse all the record setting the school and all the okayed better. We've got to get a big hook they're going to be a moment. If you set us up for a moment there but right moment fans and they gave it to be after all you've. He did it create sampled core yeah. Give me give me the payoff is they built up the payoff. And then they give kids today got out of all of which are often a matter killer man I mean you're not a fan of super busy drums but it works so perfect to a song. He's such a great tee shot under rated Eric prince all they're such as great underrated driver I'm definitely here I've always been a fan and always something you can get your face might be some time now I've got we've averted yeah. Dream big here right. I think the play with them went to zero come with the job yet in the pure and good jobs henceforth prefer felt good morning. So we had some fans say that village then he did as he's proposing doubling the Seattle it's there really loved football and other reasons this. The restraining order okay. That's my fault. Hi Taylor my how to get commercial goes off. But we'll listen some more there. Dollar by the record yeah hearing the song goes by the record this this is still have a pilot's. That's the best yeah. And it's so a lot like stop but it works really well. Now I don't mind that he's attacking the song. There's no wanted to know if Eric is a good drummer and Denny said here yet ask you I am just because of. That's news don't have a pilot's side a new record is going to be coming out soon I don't know exactly where and what do we come from point. And it's not self styled fiscal sulphide zone to go bouts. Good for them man you know loved those guys are really took the record those wolf I'd love to see them. I'd love to see him do it what Alice was able to live again really react total calm after the simply about the Dallas guys and I think those records are phenomenal as well so yeah I'd really. Coming huge supporter of that and I hope that that just goes really far from. Still feel good because that song feel pretty good idea to be a good record. Fingers crossed him. I flew again night. Got lots of Colin on November 23 comes from the blues trio man and I really don't know what will play again why when we move thought how in any lose but come down and CS February 23 and bruiser Brody march 21 over at the crock an hour doing the act and as benefit show at and that's benefiting the national MS society without why only the racquets. Woods said if you haven't seen this recently we have a bunch of new songs I village at about we go on at eight sharp Tomiichi get there early. All window panes finals are selling like hot cakes he can hit window pane dot net. And get your final all standard or autograph itself.