MigsCast 02/13/18 "Some Kind Of Sausage"

Tuesday, February 13th

This week we chat about why the Rev is not with us (Spoiler Alert:  he makes it back before the cast is over), we review the 14 year old Metallica documentary "Some Kind Of Monster", and Thee Ted Smith joins us for a serious moment (yet we still find a way to laugh through it).  Finally, Thrill jumps in on the show  and introduces us to "Apartheid Sausage"...OK, it's not really called that, but Brian from Uli's Sausage joins us to talk about some of their delicious meat!


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I never use these hockey so I try. What if it works a little to nothing. Good work. They're working just fine we roll and now we are. It is amazing catch that's not male and I'm here. Add in no hello there almost a good morning. Reverend waiter is not here because even some kind of a meeting. Mike. But that you've allowed yourself on what none of those things that didn't I have to. This is what you tickle is mobbed by these men feel like you're clearly faces have a meeting it would have been fun to employ another hot chicks for coming out with us during the -- I sort of throw out that I walked. Biden studio where he's in his meeting you looked at me like he was watching some 3-D animation of dragons or something you gotta be kidding I'm not kidding all in a few all the bubble permitted to to a pulp while he can live studio I had seen as meeting. It started but he says he's leaving the studio is in your check on ram's important meeting many had to be and he was watching like it looked like a 3-D graphic animation of a dragon. And was just completely zone down a what do you think there's Steve you think he says deep in his meeting right now our port. Hello Hillary I'm mad at his. Brad in Khartoum OK see I told you me and yet. Yes he'll be me so there is that's why he roller listeners on. Now here's the challenge then OK I would say for all our listeners if you call in Ali was voicemail what's healthy number Steve. 88894. Migs. So now you left the number out. What's our regular phone number 253271478. Circuits of caller of the hour on this sorry Karl call us or email us we haven't memorized it's all free real result call us or email us and we want to just leave a brief message or email description. About already has heard you were let you down yes and once again we won't tell him anything about this oh so we'll just get these emails like and the first time rev really bummed me out and let's it is the music through that is David Jones easygoing and don't everytime he's not here we get to set it up for some kind of weird and also the person you've ever discovered yourself. Speaking continue to share those are the law we're almost out of the woods on the data are never out of the woods that what they're out. Happy to see you move it's been just up. Did it. I only get tea that we are said to the demise been weird and life has been you know I think for everybody here it's so weird day today January woods not. Extraordinarily unpleasant and on and on multiple levels I don't know if that's a big circle around you know it's just. The daily struggles of just trying to make. Just do things make from both my wife and I are happy nothing nothing with us egg against each other it's like kind of us against the world kind of mentality insure their time greatest Connie kicked in the balls and today it was one of those days this morning and now. We're we're we're we're human we're trying to keep to the spirits up aboard the list. Al-Qaeda wanna cry thank you know good passing days go get through it kinda just how that feels yeah I know you know I mean we've all had those ups and downs you know but honestly I'd much rather beat the two of us against the world that's so rude to you to get much going against each other yeah man I'm kind of lead to there's talk and I are going through some are learning actually we we had a really cool weekend together and it was the same kind of thing you know us buckling down to survive what's coming yes yeah there's a lot you know also. I've had a real running began Nicky tell our listeners like what the hell but eventually these two can never under I have I will say we. Were cool for a minute but I will tell everyone. All kinds of mascot stuff that's gone on in my world. When that time has already yes. There's there's a lot of other people and situations involved in the company. I went through a really bad spell. Let really rock bottom out went to that croc show the walking papers how was that. I don't know I never read in the show Hoch good. IE blacked out. At the show okay. Com. So I don't think makes fest one from I don't remember the last half of that evening then I when I came to I was at my buddies rehearsal studio Meehan Travis. And we were singing karaoke. Oh and then when I came to again Travis is pullen and my house and we were both laughing really hard about something. She's and so yeah but doesn't get a gonna come with Travis put his belt back honors from I don't know who could back up. Bob I got backed candidates are really and I had a couple people reach out to be the next day like Palin are you okay can you were seeing some dark stuff last night with a smile on your face moment. God one of those nights yeah it was one of those nights man you know my woke up my hair have been French braided. I'll from Travis and Tucker and al-Qaeda elements are real and they are being made all graduated my hair apparently ice sheet. Let her hair down I let my hair down. She graders as her braid my analysis it was I Coolidge is a look at your hilarious I was upon your shoulders her run back and forth in the street from the crocodile like I have no memory of that. At all. You know I mean so if they're leash and again because we argue we need to top row you said some really awful thing I was terrified I was gonna join that'll meet you thing you know I think he has a five blacked out. So bad. Yeah yes anyway after that and Anton and I sat and talked and and really broken down. And I I definitely had between. It would have had two men seventeen to twenty shots. Don't drink beer anymore to streak liquor with a like a water back and we send broke that down and she's a glum look I mean for you I know that's semi normal she's like but you're. You're gonna die if you keep track. So we had this big heart heartened and I'm trying to pull myself together and actually she really helping elect poll myself out of the darkness and recognize just how far down I'd gone and and in Howell. Badly I was taking things in dealing with them and of kind of turn the corner I'm I'm I'm a pretty cool. Space headline that's good to hear it's nice when a person that loves you doesn't match you with anger becomes pro am I'm concerned analogy. Just you know we were just BS and and she's like listen you know. How much in William in September Potomac a prominent twenty shots he's and you realize that's a fifth. It's a lot and I am again and it's you know we broke it down yes she said she's like you I know you know new year OK but. That would kill a moment person there had a TS that would kill people and if you keep doing this year. Your beer now and she was right so we have this amazing actually disperse for this past weekend we just really sat and talked and sat and talked and satin talks much we could it was really cool just you know. Are not against the world things you know mom and a good place spiritually. I just got a lot of baggage better. And got a piano electro of that crap as well now on just get a check one bag at a time bunt you know we got to make it to determine first I guess before we started the podcast at those kind of funneled thing you know they always just how about this when the podcast starts I was on into Graham and I'm just look at do my stuff like I usually do which typically involves looking at bikini briefs his org girls wanna be Iraq girls. But sometimes they follow rock standard to our minds to Graham who went event happened three Metallica. Am looking at this picture and it's. Sheriff Hatfield and James Hatfield is jumping into the acting world man he's gonna be in the Ted Bundy movie. And he's playing officer Bob Hayward in his first dramatic role. And he said have one in my oh whoever did the kind of bring together all in order it is it's a guy that did does some kind of monster. The Beringer. Crew well now as an army for the TV movie knows this feature film is a feature film school all stars and and a solid story at Bryant. Second from what I know him from you know he's. He reported that may even do you think he was at one of those like you know teen heartthrob but he's since done some pretty fun movies like he's. Yeah OK and you know on the worst attack and who else anyone else. Lily Collins no. No idea who she is tootsie I'm just trying to gauge of the nuts and B movie no no major TV made for Netflix or straight to dvd you know and implement a couple I'd stack up front that and so is frank yelling at their podcast machine whatever that is I guess our radio Laura from speakers or Hal. Here is big in the High School Musical. That's not an hour I would expose myself to that tees but Asian neighbors that was a really good movie if it's a fun comedy with asset for us a throw him OK don't tell you I haven't seen them but yet he plays like the jockey frat guy and he's very he's got great comedic type delegate Jeffrey Dahmer movie yeah. I was in our dirty cramped pod neighbors to sorority rising. The greatest show me and you know he's he's popular with the young so this isn't a streaky. ETV monitor that feature Mexico feature film and she does not James have filled him as he is that we talk and two lines. I mean I thought of using final roll if you think officer Bobby Hayward and he has a name. Which is rare for Catholics like you know Josh taught from balked cherry wood and several episodes of the shield yeah in fact one now we did rock from the rivers completed Buckcherry and I got to meet Josh which was cool sweet guy he didn't do what we kind of walked up to each other smile and -- a pro I loved you on the shield and I guarantee you that's or what have you notes there is doing okay. Good you should planning got this huge run as a man thanks Angela what was that like and I talked to about. Being on the set of the shield and said I didn't talk to about you know Tommy bottle it up to me about crazy we can ice I don't know what the. Say bitch without bread here I don't know what I can this who creates a crazy. It. A good job DA were battling anyway but you know I'm sure his character had eight he was credited as you know reject the John Deere whatever he was a mention that's the point but I'm looking at it he's playing again I doubt Robert Hayward whose have apparently he was the the trooper. Nevada arrested Ted Bundy so I would imagine a bigger role that's a decent sized row while you seizes up pretty prompted. Did have you I've said this before is learn a few people don't even know what his own political police are I don't know what his political affiliation is if he's in a money for president. I'm going to devote a boot and I'm voting for James had only good for health. Yes sir it's a little cross a man and if you got those AK I have nothing bad to say about it feel a lava field. Yeah societies have to have him make his big screen acting debut in the upcoming Ted Bundy film called extremely wicked. Shocking evil and vile starring Zach after Ron as the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy. He claimed officer Bobby Hayward a no nonsense you top Highway Patrol veteran. Whose first law enforcement officer to arrest Bundy back in 1975 at deploying them over discovering. Burglary tools in his car but wiser suspecting much worse. He's been other movies and some TV shows that a deal that's yeah I. Yeah I didn't even know values in the TV show billions it's a lot of people talk about on showtime. And never seen it but I know a lot of people are. Are really into it but yet side directed by Joseph burrowing jerk over linger. Who was the guy that did Metallica is some kind of monster and in the West Memphis three documentary paradise lost never saw that was cool. I never saw that either put up a lot of people say that it's out it's something that I have a lot of friends like you should check it out at BQ really dig it a cup yes so. But critics I know for Hatfield a man if you look it up when they're all I am. Just to see Hatfield and in weigh in on whether or not he can act any TVX bad Lim it its head field. And I hope at some point he's like license and registration you off well it's it's here's. You interview him now he. But that somehow I confess. Cool. That's. I think we've you'll get me fired give me a license and registration. Act. Imagine this I've always overcome by the forehead that pat you're the always come on this tough bad as likable guy. Except there are some parts and some kind of monster where it seemed like he was going through some stuff so got a monster goes it's either a possible my metrics. Netflix queue and sorry can't speak him over caffeinated yet under caffeinated that's possible. You know I just solid first came out. And in college the personal watch it I found it difficult to watch I kept turning it off yet but then three days later a mile min. You know I'm mumbling think Tony will be she's weakened like super you know killer dinner. So I like twenty minutes to kill she's in the kitchen I'm a demeaning some of that I'm turn back on like twenty minutes at a time and it was cool watchers quota will be difficult to watch. Because you're watching your arm music heroes are unit does students falling apart over did it remind you of of band dynamics that you beat her. Around London and hammonds and Carolina and they're pretty extreme right I think he was you know mainly between James and large it was tough to watch them and like percent for sort of cast he was two people that. Had the EE kind of poisonous relationship for 25 years and never communicated clearly about a meeting said the air was never clear about stuff that happened twenty years ago they saw that the American way and escape from gaullist yeah man and you know another hole Shea yeah it was tough look I started to really enjoy it when they were auditioning bass players that was fought and Montreal and it was cool see each guy playing local or Sergei reform Jane's addiction and you're from Persia conformity and trio nailed it yummy it was so we'll just cut a ball of and not know if that's the power editing or what but right now and so watching all of that they don't really cool I got goosebumps just because she said that ought pictures that -- when he was in that little small apartment bedroom all anybody to gun down dialing up and down on the bed and doing like the acting like a fourteen year old that just found out he's going to be a Metallica which all of us would have reacted the same way and even you know it lowers Hussein into when he when he got the gig like due to show you that we are serious about having invested in our back and we wanna give you a million bucks. Upfront. Crew look you know the we're investing in you as part of our band. It was not okay hey you guys it was a look. You're joining us and we were very serious. Can't believe this is happening to kick out of school they're giving you got my yeah life saving my thoroughly enjoyed that part of the film we're watching that also we did this they were members of her view we breathe that tracks from Trevor storm band or singer and yet the pay three gave him records like US lonetree reflect. Show our commitment to you in that we believe that this is the right thing here four cores like it's. Ten to three which I drank yeah so they opt enjoy. Now you know it. Watching that just. It was it was just hard to watch. You know those guys just snipping each other and not talk these seaport Kirk sit there to shake his hand like god help me you know and you know they got that pretty cool riff. And Mars on the whole thing like to stall grills. Stopped. He's playing this horrible beat two of the just doesn't work right just to be different in its like security programs colonial being nice to be that guy but. It's all been done you're not gonna reinvent the wheel does it feel cold and don't ask questions in play. There are over I don't care that sounds like something you've heard thirty times before right if it's cool and appeals school play and your friends or her know that's cool and the like it and an everyone's happy. And I just want to know like cab and it's actually a pretty cool breath. It's all he's played that screw ball beat to it you know he seems a little one. Yet awful to have you talked about Sarah don't like this just isn't working don't you yours isn't working right and I mean you don't. I may need fuel and under we've been in situations like that you know creatively but it meet refuel pretty lucky to beat. In a project where guys communicate more clearly. Or save for example like England and that that riff is you know he even Satan the one uses that word but stock. What if we how about if we what do we split it what if we moved in there we would work the risk for tiller rule what. You know and how did you have did you not get that can we at least try that you know there's a bit. Everyone communicates we work towards a goal together bright and eighth. The you know and I'm just watch those guys not working together and and at all and it's like smarts and sabotaging his own bad. And it was just tough to watch man. Our W band started using the term stock after some kind of mine is a little use that's a joke you and Amy and I go home that's stop the united interest but you're right. When we were doing all the bruiser Brody stuff from you and I were sending demos back and forth and I had one while one of the songs on this I double time to John's new cubicle I came in I'm really. Well okay yeah I'll say it. Well I think it doesn't well I heard that I think that actually wants a big open swinging halftime BI and you're like oddly enough memos into this morning as in the same thing got a cool enough that it was crazy how communication it's just a dialogue you don't mean and if you sit on really feeling that fast there Alison OK what's not working over the part let me just the part right and we can try it your way. But it wasn't that yeah I didn't know it worked out way better way to date with the wind and it would make today if this guy just work. Yeah Ed. Yeah they just weren't talking to each other and there's the hole shrinks things other does that I didn't get to that is like dude it's like this guy has made himself part of the bad then maybe we needed this to begin with me. It's why he's ready to lyrics Delgado Ayala I don't know are reviewing and I could decade old movies it's a catch but who cares who care already you know and I spoiling it for anybody. And we have a series only go watch again you'll find it painful to watch but when he started suggesting leery blinds. I wanted to jump through to TV and kick him out of that might anger to be healthy. Back back back. No got a sweater vest hears these guys that are at the top of this multimillion dollar enterprise and the pressures and demands that are put on them we can't even imagine. And they're not communicating and things are falling apart and I I gotta say like you sit there and what kind of opinion hires or shrink. It's Albanian man it's a corporation there's a lot of people's jobs and livelihoods. On the line immediately went to look into the rumor fan club the people who do the merchandising do. It is it's in it's a bit it's a giant corporation. They're now Metallica is a big business right there are salaried people that survive on metallic so it's gotta be crazy guys had to guess and say he can imagine the pressures and no one thinks about. The Metallica it's like dude Metallica probably employees 2000 people. What you don't grow I got out of their most time I guess people running everything behind the scenes oh my god dude it's got a team of management at the team a PR it's a team of merchandise that the team of the fan club in its third at this you know so the right may have a right. You know they decide to stop stop but obviously they've needed one stop he just knew they were mass America topple ball Latin it's they brought that Diana say luck. Can you help us sort this out because were fit to kill each other and we don't want to play in the either so I guess that they hired shrink. Arm but even you know in the film he gets that hole where have corporate loan and we got to cut this guy loose how he's talking about touring with us he thinks he's a member of the band are you see that journey like he helped them get over the humps and then wouldn't leaf right and they'll do it how we gonna get rid of this guy NL. Everything is a therapist to handle this. A thousand season. Like you gotta you gotta tell it like. And why don't you think and write my like yeah I should go on Torre I obviously money and also he probably goes really cool to be hanging with the boys and Metallica idle time I'm sure he was bacon fat money. Ridiculous and he was thinking OK I need to continue but of course is under to present for the about. But I'm Alison looking at a go on that you'd just wants to make sure he's got his fingers and these guys wallets to the and a time absolutely as he was probably making a fortune and he didn't let me go back to sit and talk on people like me. Right for forty bucks an hour now and I'm so glad you know while. On the fifth member of Metallica now. To this. The US but did I do I everytime that console many moments where I can die just like I'd like Kirk Hammett. I there are moments from Mike I know that feeling when it's not always his bands that I mean I've been in a very dysfunctional band back in the past where it did feel like at times I was occur cabin of the badminton trying to keep the peace we. Two and a half maybe sometimes even three members. Butting heads at all. I want him to sit there most of the time he just sits there quietly going cheeses in you can tell guys my daddy get out of Electronica tar solo you can almost hear him thinking can we please just make a record what the hell is wrong with you people never clicked now. If you are adult film the one guy that you know is he's the man is Kirk as he says Ehrlich. We really gonna do this and he'll show it you can see it like just fellas please I had to go about it. I'd be dish over backward B it would mean we had a different show obviously at that time to BJ Shea morning experience when the water was on news. There were moments where the two of them and it was like on the air people are dead there repaired but off the air also sometimes numbers look at the both of them like. C'mon guys the double double Iraqi designed these personality he won't yeah it's right and I enjoy them were so polar opposite yeah and it worked. And but dinnertime where it didn't. And tell us exactly only imagine double are not looking at is BG show. Right back then bright there's a lot of disrespect on offense at times you know what I mean yeah. Yeah it was a new with a Kirk Ellis occurred where a white guys. This is a rocket science this is radio do radio show here we are trying to make that person stuck in traffic smile. You guys to go and add your marsh of Stevie you'll understand. Like I just wanna guitar solo guys ha I have my wedding guitar. I got a while off I'd just gonna put us all wanting just one song come off of Steve. Got in a corner who can lose you don't produce this at I don't know until lookup my horror film collections. Watch your digital dragon movies and act. Democrat just left the room and I don't even know where you now he's not do that instead we get these kids I ask attend the commodity it had his way into us. Odd. I'm. The idea that. It might have noticed that I like doing your. Bill Ritter wouldn't hang Alice they Ted so we were kind of tickle that you will become an represented those who desired speed Ted Smith I saw optimism here if you guys are ever oil we use in a big meeting. Oh Vienna meeting now could you be watching some dragon special earlier. Not internal costs are you serious as much like enemy dragons are not kidding when I walked in here is like going into meetings are all okay. Cartel should still give you a hard time now you know hold I screwed up I don't know we know we were questioning whether or not he's actually in a meeting or just wanted to blow us off the public access diplomats. Even as you know late. Thank you might not know this look yet but there's a looked like people on air like Steve Mariah arrests have. Where they're with salespeople there via. Conference in areas like I got a meeting. On the work artistic if he sees it the meetings they saw each day. It's probably one of those conference call meetings where there's the U two's sales people a sales manager and then a stupid speaker. With like other radio shows doing the exact same thing all connected and it's just like. Why are we doing this and it's all at the same day we we don't want me. If you're due to commercially out of town organic we don't want to sound like you're reading anything you know what are written pepper cover on. And I have one and an hour past 55 minute. I hope he's open and hang on until you pics of them yeah please would Steve talks how they want to sound different and they don't wanna selling commercial this is years ago right. I feel with a commercials are four really kept saying it sounds to commercially Tao sentenced to commercially so finally when Daschle who work hung over his help in record these. Awful spots in their like. Perfect yeah. I Holland it's his campaign they can't ever give up and it breaks diplomatic people or this is Deaton Smith. Must now. Actors discounted it's not your best needs to prepare a Ted we that we do what it's really I just cracked my pets. In all honesty I could use a bad right. Yeah so a real look at him when asked. If you'd expect tonight out drinking and as you know calculated that originally said illiteracy it's OK then let it. That's the thought that I didn't know five years ago. Pick a pick at it I hit it logo and could be good news could Cisco Urquhart yeah. I'm not David Justin nice firm to work with with let me guards late great work in that case it would be perfect you hit it in my home my I welcome the rules. When Newt I thought the script but you guys hold down the fourteen you're better than I am a map that designs here to the public and I'll be honest I forgot that rove wasn't going to be yeah. David Harris I got I got over the dynamic of three and in the last summer I was here we Rachel Barton. Earlier schemes pretty vibrant guy but I rolled in Canada officer this morning on a roll out scheme looked up at me. At least skim through sliding office space a McCain then you'll kings and oil illegals can't just fire he would fix these buckled Steve got sick. 900% healthy ball I mean. The fine healthy. Browsers just worn out like yeah you know not then not then I'm Serb. This you know. So I think I'll tell you guys know quickens the whole the whole baby thing. Is is just like most stressful C yeah I always got more bad news so hello Soledad they was that day where we found out that nothing that we've been doing is working so now we're back at square one again it site. There's a lot of stress not only. Most importantly emotional stress so I mean I'll probably just gonna be done talking about it I mean I just I to I just can't you know I mean like and I hope anyone's listening. Beat Cole don't want to ask me don't come up to tell me like you're advised to get people mention this is yes sometimes that is what people tell me take what I need to do is take. You're not a reporter's side sees what you do is lift your right ankle and beer and I think your first thought was right doughnuts for you this point. It was just not talk about yeah I get done talking about it you've done. If you see me. Don't bring it up if you do a mile walk away from you or I won't be that rude by irregular it's a super sensitive topic it is yet to show me the respect I'd like look I. How do you want the Iraq hey man I heard of podcasts are I don't hear any of it ma'am I'm dealing with enough of it as it is. I appreciate any kind of communication people give us but I you know I just don't need to hear. People's advice people's tips. We've gone through everything and it's it's constantly been a kick in the balls so for now on to can be done talking about it we're gonna still keep trying. But you know it's emotionally draining it's I don't think it'll happen financially draining that happened and I always hear that and not said brother you after I had jeez I'm surprised you even said everything you just said he certainly didn't ask I know but it's as I hate being vague I hate being not being transponders big turner I now months. I doubt but it's at its. Talk to rake is it's like people don't. It's apathy. Just whenever you get something like this whether to death or something in. Something bad that happens streets naturally do Steve don't sweat this map the problem is only Steve is going through regular it's easy for who gets the tee that. I put an end like you got a call from the scorched pitch when he two party wants to go I go home cried out like you might need that. Oh I'm sure tonight we will do we got a before and it's it helps seal that's why I'm saying is like me in my life together we're dealing with this is just sucks because. I'd like tanks Tekzilla hey don't baby crap Russian news or baby how you doing suite you know I really got to. And I how watched something earlier reversal commuters except that they came up about kids and Mike have you computer ever everybody well you know watch the Olympics. Any story of human triumph is very emotional especially when it comes to sports yamana. Those things always get me. We feel well out here are Diana we did she Q okay I get pregnant we'll use protection she can't get pregnant while law and then it's all of my goodness we have triple its but I don't let those president Sam bro like she was I just think that's. You guys are putting a lot of pressure and energy into this is a sanitary and I aid. Have a feeling that once you back off and just let things be what they beat. You with they are rather. Things old you know I mean Jeff if yeah none I don't wanna go into a hole thank zone even real Elena table look no I met honestly amber you got to put a lot of pressure a lot of energy yes I do a lot of strutting its time for you submitted to step back and just enjoy being with each other and I think you'll be surprised things all. I was out temporarily its incidence and then eventually it will happen yeah I believe that I've heard every story from everybody that's finally please don't hear the stories I've heard of mall. But it's typical do we stop trying that's when it happened I know let's try commercial approach. In the synagogue your waste the night before yeah stats be hung over the next day that we get chided him already display that's almost a mile and one of pregnancies happen to know we ski we should just go like a weird route I'll just kind let's go back to using common result called ping and it's breaks but Nigerians and that's making moves babies. We haven't tried that technique yet. The only man. All right you guys ever get my. Yeah I was busy he says daddy realize what's really gives you yeah because this is. Why don't we don't IMAP. You do your grill walking into an apple now I Milwaukee open like. Mathieu how far he's got to me you wouldn't think you can. Have a project a couple of its. I'd stood and thanks again and I've met at beat kids and everybody and their little. It's all right we'll move. We move forward remove as we always do in the we'll see what happens yeah bet that I now it's crazy now it's sort of things are well no I hope no one. Takes me trying to be. A Dick about this book. You're being ridiculous I just don't I'd I have please let it go there and a lot of them yeah I appreciate the messages I appreciate people always checking in. Please just don't right now it's at that's Alaska. Then I'm out of that I'm sure people I've met I've never talked about trying let's pretend it never even been on the right note about the collection room again I I I do miss the collection. Were down my breasts typically harder misses you needed now are we going back there in the near future. That's what we low. But we'll give idol called migs room guys are put a lot of pressure. Energy on this man and I really think the minute the U. You know and that's always Samir Oreo sit at the minute you stop putting all pressure and focus on it. And just enjoy being together and remember that you got married to be together yes it needs to be about you and her and the rest of this crap will sort itself out or it won't. But a kid is not the answer any of your problems man and. Don't know I know you're does that and she doesn't either okay yeah I honestly do we got married never won in either one of us and we did not want children is is the next. We've of both the vaults at different times but we both evolved to a point where we now want children and our child. Our sources tell us crazy but watch we will have to replace a child is crazy T man I know it is to cancel cancel out on the hogs program. But I I I saw open I thought a good and it candidate even if it never did happen I still have the person I wanna be wet and as she feels the same way. It's it's not the be all end all for our marriage. It's just these guys are really focused on I think healthiest thing you can do we're both very impulse take a deep breath and stepped back from yet. You know and damage that's what we did go glam we took a little bit of a break him you gave back in it seem like things are working pretty good and then today we got that. Little happens. Keep on trying and man I am in all you can dilute the best part is that in order to make it happen in order to try we took that sacks since that's the fun part you nation happy and hopefully things work out brother and I you know. And maybe the whole thing probably is an odd idea. I. I'm getting pregnant leader right down the time I can't walk back. Matt Lewis. Added I have not here we see how much we want. A Spartan in as gentle man merely needed. I don't let W do you and your wrong. I. We go back until otherwise. I'll go unmentioned sub and I think what we're doing here. We're doing it wrong you tell me to prove she is not the way to go he'd mineral fuels in the S the only kid and so I think club. There are you fertile but those. That are not talk I. And I then. Think the mailman that I got some voicemails emails and text Mets a great idea. Oh. Well it got to zero in gluten gluten leave as the match but we looked general stone hopefully going to be lots cousins rational does it have all that. Obama felt real critical of what do you the whole game PP hey you worship with you always think you all Angel. I did toy that sometimes I would wrapped with the restore a candidate who in this supplemental defense split knocked in Arlington. Eight dogs. Steve mixed messages fresh from duke who. I usually yeah. Zeke he's from new ones Mac Siemens. A love you Brooke I really didn't and his mind now is great that when you meet your electrical. You're just a guy like me but you're extraordinarily elixir evolved created oh yeah and I hilarious. It. Do know that funny mine from god Charlie she is again you don't wanna get in time made brain woman inside a Miami and woe to be adding years and possibly a good dad he's my. But I've wanna go inside his mind but I want an an emergency escape button as quickly as upon what they do there really I recognize all this territory. Just like month hits surely would have if this isn't likely gonna. There are the reading any messages from mama hawk made elbow we did get a new Bob. A jingle yeah let everyone know what's going I'll discuss it I listened to yesterday a toll put a huge amount. Do you think it emits so arm you don't blame halt NATO himself. Bomb he had hit me up privately about this concept using dude I got a concept for repair itty. Man like a year ago and I'm dude that is brilliant. I wore no make that happen and of course my life being the way my life has big and you know a spurt twenty minutes is almost a joke right so you know on when you have it I watched a documentary that's on watchable. But com. You know now that I am no longer working for live token I'm kind of dictating known ours are still have to work like a dog like manner so maliciously I did 9 AM to 10 PM shift last week. Ahmad and kill myself too tall and I got out in front of things yet. And then we look at everything we went must pay everything to zero so other than our credit cards usually she's made regular payments on every single account. Paid zero AM for you dude it was a great feeling but we did that went OK now we got to eat so I have been really. Dude doesn't put men have been put in long days at work so. But anyway Larry Johnson yes on your face but yet teriyaki last night I did have heard so he acts with Saddam wanted to come over to check thought I'd been insulted makes ethanol written. It dot com. Anyway and I've been able to. Managed my time more than om nom nom I'm not working for a chaotic on the network for anymore. And so yeah I was able to manage my time situated just finally able after year talk about this with with Dwyane update our board up NATO finally got this done. So without any further delay this is not. Poppy goes concept regarding. Momma hawk NATO who we love and her awesome voice mails and phone calls her productivity at all. So whenever we have her on you know will be playing this. Circuit. Do she's a lot of. I'm. So awesome yeah. I'm. Threat Ed Norton. It's a a year I finally has a little museum element to set us up to drop so I belong on the short ones who could drop even use it as a drop in the shell B and so yeah presence that you have heard a hard call last week which are still blows up. Great chabot of heavier debt to serious thought as an domestic. Start up mom sometimes he shares up to have you guys that didn't you would share with me just easy and I. He does those tracking this com I have refrained photo beside my monitors were my approach to. So my studio rig. They feel left his mama hawk they know on the right is. Framed photo of Kyle Buchanan had their new brother. And there's a couple William falcons and for the people quarter. It's very random pop that up if you. I give you a picture of great picture of my dog would you put it I would totally put there are yeah I absolutely would man oh man. That's why so he reside there do you revise any Manso harmonica little heavy music sometimes she shares into the you know you can easily guess he didn't know anything about her. Wishes regarding and now sees the release of the vibe I got you know like I did nobody of that but I'm glad you shares Catholics that hasn't a little bit awkward. Adolescent. Do you tornadoes grade and you. We're always doing stuff poppy it was awesome guys awesome yeah it's it's nothing but nothing but love play I finally took a year finally got those mama hawk you know drops Don. A follow duel in the whole song. But the problem do the whole song is a wanna I wanna it's really use it in the context of the show. To now she's a straight up drop. Yeah we have a long one with the the core set up and then we have the one it's just squat chorus at the back where are four times yes so we can use it as a drop. In the show on a go forward now wherever regular calls start off with a long. I was over we go into the short ones so little dig it man I don't think I want you to guess and show content for in a Dropbox Steve those last night around like 7 o'clock I think the daytime anytime you want to stick together I have always offended at not totally made my day of summer coming back I remembered a blighted and I almost forgot all. That's a good review get a text today I watched the last that I it was crap in my opinion I felt more like a Star Wars parody than actual Star Wars movie three had a ten rating. Have you you haven't had a chance to see it again have you. I haven't seen it again I need to negotiate again yep com it's funny it done Tony Tony had a birthday gathering at this this bar called pros to scrape count German strawberry and are over and west Seattle. And quickly it was like I mean Tony. Bomb. Our. God who losses in that circle but it became the last jet I. So you know basically are always down on a knob to endless talent dude you in a way it was cool because he was cussing and ask you to your expectations here's what you're getting here is we're taking this universe and BA got a new heated debate in even after I left a debate later moved to a table. And there are photos or eight guys sitting around he's real serious looks on the faces and until we spent his birthday pounding delicious German beer and arguing about collapsed Chet I. Which is probably a great birthday. It is up Yahoo! and I would no pain shows let's have a dog shows look at you guys you know I'll leave them Iraq starts he's the guy I loved watching and think when that when you guys are way Yang at the end do you drink you may be hidden strip clubs know how to let our worst you have a Beers are you about the last horse movie. Our former at one point this year's notice the first time com I got to see Dan's home studio set up. Where's Hossa some political or come on and I went up and you know so there's a host Houston up right there he had it was the latest edition of the toy of the millennium falcon where the whole you know the engines yeah lit up blue and called the NL. But a lot of my my people musically or do dumb. Our boy. At our agency mom we had a big talk about music hey look for them to please you know in a million only. Go to C last tonight. And and yes. It was a good things that you'll find out it's because like right now in the middle of the rock girl voting. Happy KI SW dot com and on that home and there are sound. There are some Tupac. Powell and what are my favorite rock girls who's now returning rocker I think this might be well hopefully she gets initiated this would be your three year year fourth properly seat I think you matter. Q is that my day home pot. Real petite they are obviously hot she's a girl a myth as I can tell you. The you've achieved the gritty one could actually received like smoke show right aha. And is an obsessive Star Wars fan and I saw their FaceBook page like he puts a storm troopers as a head there and yeah her talking about Star Wars the movie and basically the same thing like I aimed I'm going off to go see this multiple times. You won't be able to contact. We may find a gorgeous girl that's into rock music. Or rock and metal music and lows Star Wars and firefly. And yeah. You need to hang on to her because there's not many lake Christian Casper. But she's like you know. Oh my god I got my slayer tickets yeah like Chris. You need to you know go ahead and peeled her mark your territory broker at BU one. Mad at him. But she was genuinely put out that they missed Star Wars premiere night because he was out due chose when think about it for others that genuinely upset with dude this is an awesome thing you were announced sought some noted she's a good one man cues the good. We'll think about home we were younger you know they aren't even on our twentieth but more teams there weren't many women that we're digging Sawyer. Another hot you're hot chicks they were Devlin Ohio security inside five. I it was just it wasn't cool I mean it was cool to us the nerdy yet this just us that's true I she all the girls I dated. Really liked the music I liked in fact most of them I met. Through war because of news that's awesome but yeah rare it was rare sit down the girl watched you now. Empire strikes back and that we hugged and cried evening you know yeah I had a samarra world wrestling. The longest time I checked white dress to sit like wrestling she reluctantly she says she can act. Ask the actor guy yeah about two knots might sit and says she likes wrestling. She's she tolerates the wrestling she's gonna go with me to Everett to see that interview when it comes time the end of the month a lot of love for you right but like I hear her singing. The glorious song or since Kinnock aboard theme song like she she poisoned your dad he knows certain. She can point out every wrestler she knows all their names so as much like just like. I reluctantly and now a fan of Grey's Anatomy she's the same Meretz and you're gonna watch all the time but she could tolerate it. Over dinner and he can hang on Grey's Anatomy aria. While the gun vagina good Regina the issue that won me over to sort of raise episodes of all time helmet but. Nowadays dude I I go to wrestling events or go to 321 battle I go to defy and there're like legit. Girls that look like models smoke and not only are watching. Coordinate their loan. Well we there either there or their boyfriend but you gotta be a real. Accepting a girlfriend to go see yet to go see underground in the rest of the world is actually getting cooler is what you're saying a good six or getting a lot ruler getting cooler portraiture a lot of you know maybe you should stop eating before each podcast. There's a mutt. Oh. Yeah and suddenly your baby again but. What's bad is a moving the Mike back and forth towards my face. What career results Armey and Boehner I don't know what's going on around here the Chinese couple will win this whole bunch of hot speaking of his up a whole table hot dogs outside. Diego and Wiener to the share all I am positive that a Weiner there's so it's not it's always famous sausage that are here that's cool that's a win. Oh. No law was is borrow over. What was it. The other day arm band the huge time and feet are now is out who can be brought up yet it was hilarious few because it was an around agreed for the caller first you know there was one goes against you need it. Can't yeah like Coca launches one they used to do I can't and of course the guys did in shape I can't give a hard time. Nobody you and I just filling our plate willow thought he was straight leg. This sucks. She's easy I think he's got a salary at all a bit. Below the girls are like well you ready for the car say they're all like griping is the aid was hilarious man and I did the same thing you know all my commuter car it's all wrong idea. Potts stuck above thriller music man I got any money among a light as soon as W man who crisp hit a good amount on all that was like yes so good it was evocative apple gets a bum rap because it's franchise. But until we know that was a franchise have been created that. The forty so good that you don't know it's a friend went there once years ago jolt my buddy Joseph Carroll read a degree understood what family style while all god yet so we ordered like yeah I'll how the lows on yen Jose again I'll have the men caught the end yeah I'd like solid no islet cell borders okay. All right you are you near plus ball. So duke when this full ride Joseph now like. Oh my god I mean it was. It was crazy the amount of food did hit table we were like we are not soon John hourly union to this and we sat there I don't we killed it. We both did our best yeah you know like we we staggered out of there just we had. We went to have my rehearsal wedding dinner. And Edmonton did a testament to give up my mom we grow up homemade. Everything everything was done homemade and even my mom was like. Places great I want to go there for your rehearse a look at everybody. Senator Chris does what his friends and houses men. Well the media was great. It's never the fact that I walked in sat down. In immediately I had to take crap the hook up well that's okay let's do through a busy and a half hour meeting I had the doc say I just sat there oh all right it's me yes I understand what's going non three career on a conference call yet. So you could do the thing where you roll the dice and went include seeking immunity is prayed that milliseconds so rev what do you think. Jack Denny's does does guys got you have I was I was like oh maybe get through Dallas is going to be about twenty minutes or so and and everyone's like how allow afterwards my. School who dat three get cold out yet no I don't know how this really goes I don't know I gotta go and so what do you do now the the voice of mojo well yeah I'll be the voice of root. Which is. A it's a east the first place that I was introduced to tell me it's a cola no pain no wheel well yeah it's like. Have a great now. You know it's one of those sites where you would they say they sell a whole bunch of I also like random things but they'll have like deals. On lie electronics and about it being gears very glass is sort of fake nose and mustache I was asked about the older possibly. It's quite possibly the first time I knew about him was from T shirts is I think geek but not put his d.s are. Like they have daily deals sort of pains and so yes they and I've used them for years only mused I am all cool because they have super cheap teachers so. Your rep and something new you yeah absolutely that's always cool actually don't need to do that and how I did it was because like he's still a BMW's ordered a formula BMW's are awesome I hit it. Yeah they're cool I lost David drives why I seem personalize this seems very happy I had a demon wants did you like I did like it never really nice cars. You are very nice you mention the rumba have you seen the video springs early isn't it didn't include the Olympic somebody posted a video sake of this so caught up in the curling free craze and decide to do it home. And they got him room and our rumba and then just sweeping the Bremer in front of the rumba to make it look like it's curling technical area. I see someone Photoshop tennis sleeping cat. In a curling match dolls yeah I think she's incredible at the chicks slide this cat guys do that crazy sweeping thing about it. That's statistically it's we've been smuggled in just leaving it beat it smooth. Let's look at yet bets as you've been watching either currently I think I haven't this go round but I typically don't because I will assess what Karl really. Always so much fun it's it's. Interesting that when I smoked a lot of pot it was one of my beat everybody so that makes. Days makes a lot of sense is so intense for such a stupid game did you shuffle board of shuffle board on race just don't give it to we try hard enough we apply ourselves in the next couple of years we could actually. We could crawler finish all the borders and have a team brings men I mean well yeah I mean it's essentially like that you know how that sort of big words out. And we're discussing curling men commodity in the area. Oh boy here right here we immigrants and those guys gotten food no smell like me. That is the level device made of meat yes I am just delicious meats and a brand dilution could remember him throw everybody. I don't lose at home and we have to win there. It Rosenthal and soul and the infamous opera so. We lose sight of the known as south African sausage. I camera more global we've we've really circled apart and so also of the truck that's not. That car what is called an old man will lose Mandela the Mandela. Young. Men yeah. It's happened it's often been bigger I get the feeling no matter how good my mom and eighteen mention I think I want all the angles what she. Forget to put that in attendance blood begin the real thing that this thing on the court sides of an appeal that you might want him a man I know that's not what he's got home. Hot hot hot and our my local local news that's not a good named me well why guys but it when he came and visited a rookie of hard times tomorrow on. So good Roland we could just let alone like god. Well my it was a time blogs yeah about a part time bomb is a hard time I want to ask the back. Of the vehicle. Yeah is the likes of. I haven't taken a much of that yet he brought I don't look so who's right let's look for you don't. That's very isolated to. Ninety broadly really really separate the some cages south on us to combine those spices. Stone stuff our values that this spicy won the daddy brought it to defy wrestling in the back OK and it's so good it's yeah actually one mindful of that so far do and it's it's really good and then the other part lives sausage which I've not tried all of us. But I feel like you all lavender tastes good because it. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. No other car hope. I really think we should call this episode Batman and I just want people to pull up on the phone and do it why. Don't be a part tidal wave that's important how is that the. Hollywood's Billy doesn't look I forget we now talk about Alcatel a lot of them early. Well I don't man it's. It's stupid this thing about the Olympics like all of us could if we applied ourselves to be a really good curling team that's four and it's right here but there's no other sport I think you deserve the right then and I know doing more instant auditors are more thing in the and three guys sweep is that the deal pretty. Briere over at highland ice stayed they do crowing ideals do they really like the other isn't what it front right corner from we talked about or zero hour yeah yeah it's like right down the road for me and they don't quite nicely go. I was not a bad idea comment I don't see and I know is Olympics Bora region but time and effort in both come bombing. I mean I can't be that god damn hard and I think we apply so maybe a couple times a week. For a few months we can probably be as good as any athlete if you don't apply yourself if you type yeah that's Saddam pal Molson is that part of this hurts like a little to show it and why and he yeah. Never have been drinking sport. And I tell any longer acting performance hit the lights didn't bargain great relief credits basically shuffle board on race. And it's an Olympic sport and you got to where you have a bruise when it's all about the sweeper only yeah this reaper is very important doesn't really affect his contagious policy ice in advance. It's not that man as I understand it. We talked through chromosome looked sweepers. When they sweet man and actually can change the trajectory a little devices that makes Ralston and yet so they grocery about a Mason was a little bit of a groove when they do it. Just only you pushed us or following the group so it's almost like viewed a golf point of the spot right from lol but a vacant. Like trim the grass to some Lulu rip. Basically it's the same things are disposable like I don't know may have thanks candidates John Maine pitches after five but you know the hardest president hole like Neil arranged like sliding thank you got to put out an ambulance I political read a little I think way. Are ice like a big. Granite. Because I feel like you'll have your back and a day like three inches or go I. Her kids somebody was drunk enough to find the courage to carry a boulder out onto the ice shut it. Then he liked the way when he's like look here's what I want Shelton didn't. Get some rooms and that's how this came out and they had were burning your budget usually here's what we're gonna do reason why I will make it to gain can be funny. A push a bowler may be no burden around there and you guys sweep the hell out of here in front of that. I think it caught on yeah you can now. I would say the sweeper gonna come up with a gain a big swing for a different experience as a great sense of humor. We allow them do the things I know our lives aren't as cold man beautiful rice who got to hire are younger movement everything this president rather die than dragon if they try to mesa mall that it's. The poor and desperate you know correct us all they saw them fully figured out how would know what they're rebounds and period that led to yard as its little boot it up I think back I think it at app. I'm Roby who loved book. If there is you you guys should I wanna try some at a party allies is on the tee times. I'm not well see that's the thing right so does add up to real Ryan coming hearings and an in and provide essence possibly gonna be Thorpe will deliver. Out of our Brian from movies solid brand from wounds you can Jenkins C a US and now. You know Greg are all right guys aren't taught you mom. Astray Euro donut for tomorrow I know I. Melancon back of that later it was pretty delirious he doesn't want to communication about that's what we're salespeople who I will not mention. One of her clients is one of the people who came up and podcaster. OK so. The way we look podcast was explained to her blows. I'm white character assassinate me and so she freaks out she's got a little I don't know journalism podcast is a goal. They're just like it was sent to me it was explained to me wrong it was god damn hysterical all that's what we got ourselves ladies sent a sent a tweet about the pie that's only what that was like. Four months ago right now we're talking about it quiet or self help thought it was funny it was other salespeople won't moon. The dogs back about don't like we don't. We're not stupid or wouldn't do that so I know I am really I don't know I don't from the station wasn't sort of I don't want an hour now all right I don't know why god damn big. That's what to look follow. What wasn't. All of the stuff always had a appears they are thrilled right the only. Hello there is an hour and always my friends they know they're not gonna have sad they get it. Our salesperson Gavin Newsom over salespeople were acting stupid I know proms and Amanda and they're listening or they are stupid after you suck my indeed you don't lie about the health of their the first ourselves that that and legitimately thought I was having sex of my dog and I have less I had to have a serious conversation to explain to that so we discussed our nation you know grow ams at an event Elisa I was doing an appearance was legit we try and tell her Bolivia's and here I just want to ask you -- pretty gather. Do you really have sex for your dog and I looked at the person and I just started laughing. I might argue anymore I think I continuing will excuse it. I say I've I are here whatever was I mean I have a I think. And I knocked back a little brat and I still persons disciples along sent anyone to talk to you because it's a dose of disgusting. And it's gone I don't bitch. And I got from a host I've got bullies all that stupid. The next day after it cleared the air and let her know that I was not having sent to my seven pound Maltese odd dog. Not that it would matter the size that it I was there were our daughter up the way we're here we're chubby chaser when it comes to how does that technology. She requested me on FaceBook did you like holding back. And those he confirms Christ almighty I don't even know how I I didn't I was almost gonna talk for possibly a look we should not employed people this stupid jokes could you tell us why we shouldn't. Hello let's say good. I don't know used to be true. But as an estimation of how people. I would assume that empting your dog is like fight club and rule number one you talked about what you don't do things today man. Okay you know blood on their minds wanna look it's my dog I don't believe them. Right because no one would willingly tell you that the anything you don't like the rule we were Osama met today for acting stupid broke I actually took everything in my power to make you are argued that for kids stupid and what's greatest someone someone said that to her up and she bought it. Now you know. Because a lot of by YouTube already done so you know oh you don't dime room. She just rock. Willow you're not. Really she strikes really Smart of them general Manger yeah well for the well put together and she carries us off our tomorrow looks martz. You'll love it I could believe attitude and an enemy Mac wanna say anything raises really move the. Well look look OK okay yeah no I'm are usually usually Mo and I smell bad who I'm home yeah. There have been Janet didn't play ball it's OK okay. I didn't. And now manhunt oh that is grossly unfair scrutiny that is still annoying missile move would actually believe what ethnic my bad note a we definitely throughout the sausage. Yeah these Jesus Christ almighty god Zhejiang believe that I was I was an all my jaw dropped to figure out what you gotta do you really think I'd bring my dog we have one you have read about it on the radio right and didn't tell people are anathema dolls you do. Moved who's who who got there. But the bad stuff we do to keep secret. I won. Over intelligent I think their dog but not after the dog it is if you wonder like Eli I go walking the halls for. How many years like she does woman there balloons and as a watchdog efforts than. You can smell it on his stick at target after a lot of we saw employs a guy that's a lot about YouTube to think about the insulting part is that she believed it. Yes and we'll go to don't let yeah. No lights she heard it one day came due the next day eagle fire an awful equipment for years four years he's been here for years anymore he. Trek they have been here for years to see this person is not a friend of mine on FaceBook now I am wondering if it makes you what do you assets. Every one of my having sex when that this person seems to think that I. Am or what terrible thing in my do did you not less than 24 hours after I set I cleared the air with our I got a friend return when he or if you do you are you friend of them of course. And now make it a point always put pictures of you my daughter usually got a PM there you should've put your dog lookup on the counter and stood nude behind its calling her a thumbs up from senators a private message is that why okay. What did you not do them because I know well I tell you who has yet. Notice the dog looks happy and that's why. We had a guy call our show. Nose in the guy calls and disarmament and and sadly goes exactly were you think of him ago but he says. He gets those dogs to full grown dogs kind of restaurant and series like like any thing is they had a dog I think for the two days and American Peter what are Jose which with peanut butter on whenever you in a golf freaks out in the dog literally. Ran away and crashed to the bottom class what cut its back leg and it did look get a taste and onto the vet. Wind situation that's like when. I was back up three days later. The balsam treats for the dog you want to vote to hold adults conflict. European what are treats don't smiles freaks out again so finally he calls the homeowner dogs as I am rang him. What are known as well it was an old woman there's an old woman the old model is like look man the dog's fine but they're like a woman right there doesn't make sense you know. It's but this woman is older and gone to why why are rob and I'll mind. No you know yep may yet and it traumatized the dog. You don't point how new patio at Wimbledon and muttered this at all. The lungs through glass. Did get away in my it's like when you had like I I I think about I remember getting myself sick off of so be lizard light need and 99 bananas and so I couldn't toward lake when we hear he's a banana from an all women's groups whatever you try to have slavery like you just remember that's the only thing that you remember those bad experiences. And work doubly having the sort of as that flash how thanks Robbie you know scooter Regina. The bright dog let's dramas are right eyed dog and the bulls are a doctor you don't do well since. As I guess I'd really love you book read about her mouth then you know I not gone. Dalton runs from the peanut butter so it must've been like you know the 37 time Nadal realized this wasn't cool them off situation because you really start eligible this is good the rebels is good butter you know this is give them because this is okay this is the kid is okay this is a little weird and this is cool huge company that. Okay digression. What I don't know dog learns. Yeah yeah I mean I cannot afford to ally eighty million dollars alternate and that curious they who I agree Hewlett put the thing on in the one leg comes up you know those that call. Did he did. I don't know if you do it looked there was still this. Does the dog ran through a play collapsing delay to get away now. I think god has more about every dime of it does in my opinion yes oh gosh yes I mean right after it's not that good but I mean now what can you explain to do everything in my power not to let your mind and create any kind of a visual lead to lead you're the worst I do I do adolescent can be waived his good meant what I go adams' Bert yes. I'll read them adams' good yeah that you've got to stir IRI work into you know stir Adam's yeah I want those are my kids. No we're lazy people most thorough related blog all right eating meat now made a lot of mail out at the start I make peanut butter my Arab belly to finish the deal my yeah. Adams is the new just in just a moment sugar do you know I don't know why I like zero for. Yeah. Me about yeah. As far as bridesmaid sugar and he's arrogant he's too sweet to me now is a bonus they let you Uga under the Garza dust and gas development. Actually owed Tommy recently we were trying to all the butter and you are and how is that it's good and a big hand I don't like calling on the road it's really really you get a stirred everytime you can see Linehan had no they don't look now like a fondue restaurant right you don't remember in the money so you could you. But you know what you're getting into with that at least but what is very limited in its never my idea. Memories I'm gonna let me in my I don't want to go to a restaurant where I could pick I call that being at home I could connect yeah I don't my wife the not so we went to the melting pot once because I'm just so worried that I'm not gonna cook it enough Bryant records like they say they gotta look at this long how much did you know I don't know where resolved why I'm I've put my phone put a stop wise I. I started I know what fun they write like yeah. Yeah it. Spent the last three hours or are they didn't make that public eye again Salmonella. The food poisoning I do like that's none of the employer like look man if you go through Portland and it all up yeah it's a phone you cook your home. That's on do you do you think next summer's coming your produce our kids grew up cooking strawberry and chocolate. I never look funding thing coming up a little hole and it's a process that has been derailed your. But I mean like. It's okay but in the end I almost forgot your cooking your lender won't be deduction. They grabbed the suffered from under table noise you know the problem with it for me to is that you don't eat enough because I remember we were drinking a bunch before handing you're getting these little pieces in your your you know dipping amending your cooking them and you eating them. But it's not very much I ended up drinking way too much. And then trying to do that be like I don't feel too good. Going to the bathroom that maybe some was going down. And passing out at face plants seeing some leads in the bathroom at my best friend's house that is awesome because I didn't have enough food or drink too much at that we're gonna have big meal and we're sitting there for a half hour. Cooking tiny little bit and that's the Brahma fondue restaurant movie is playing the bathroom Brian. If there won't get caught your dad dinner or cautionary tale but once you it isn't there Brazilians. Counts is that the place where the guy he had to do just wandering around. Yeah I gotta go there it's like we do people think eighty bucks but I haven't done this for like a couple years and it used to do is roll around he's huge like we just kill listening in the parking you know Somalia. Is all we and they cut off rate therefore is. There be any us a presence now reeling have you done that and. Like eight years ago another salesperson and used to workers considerably smarter than the idiot but I. Can I ask for a better man and I've never seen anything like him but I mean he's under supposedly off the chain duty and noted in the first of all the meat is delicious to do so. When you go to the bar man your. Eighty rescind amateur drink and they already nickel back with the Ottawa yeah they do visibly roll around mammoth seal point two pieces of meat left and they do shave the stock fall on your plate man ended news. It is it's like the exact opposite of fondue. Not only did you do not have to cook its uranium to ask for like they show up and just to put food on your plate I had to really don't address on our new items more than enough to eat there guys you eat into you tell them might know box. They would not stop until you minority itself that all just really off the hook and super so good man let's go to our Argentinean members. I don't dollars and thousands of really sirens sound there's a place you're gonna down ESCO all of its 3540 bucks a person I was not cheap but I'm getting hooked up. I eat I don't know if we'll bring you up around it every apartheid's hostage and other. Max out if I get leveled l.'s all counselors like sub average and right glutamate not a real Liam and numbered called a part time. You sure complacent Hawaii we went and neither I gotta go to this is the best place ever so we go there and it. You ordered a food and the nation or are they give you the food and go okay now you go cook it in the back but it was good Barbara Cusick outside. When you go out there and and they tell you can you you put on this I've informative to flip it over they tell you exactly what to do. Put your cookie yourself oh my. If I don't know that ahead of time how would they don't know how is that a Russert how do you call like if I let you judge over cooked rice I got Berger got hot I got steaks and a news show like here's your state. There's my girl right that's what it was picked up. She wouldn't really uses rural morons to someone monetize that yeah here's how does go to bottom salt on the buy groceries and provide heat. I think he would continue to see people who show up a Baby Jessica what are doesn't seem as soon and if you out of it all started I'd run it like going to shut them and show off. After it I thought the customers out and I wanted to go good then because my experience they're charging more I mean I'm a glorified cab driver this guy makes money for buying groceries and providing heat. Yes I'm doing something wrong. Hawaii and and you pay a lot. I always look like all ideas in theater Korean barbecue in Hawaii based is same thing these have been grill in the middle you get EC yourself and they bring you the food tying Lou Brock yeah adventurous cat. Are you doing that. But you do have to you know just Coca they have the little notes articles and stuff right there and amazing. I'm looking right now at the the grill from. With a good girl role for me honeymoon yet motel front eappen the madam appears this is an eighth is a kiss him. Road Vizio I'm probably butchering missiles are any loving you very. Is it all you can needs some rest does anyone that knows right way to say but these are some of the do you Condit opposite simple to net banging my dogs and don't worry about it. Well you can be yourself your Colette make non chunk and a baby in Hong on the guy like stage roast beef. Short ridge lamb pork is purely because you grind yet all of this it no rude or this data points they act Janet that well aren't you you're talking about the yeah. And yet they do the you know all the restaurant the Brazilian right house sort of thing is the Purdue is okay the Arlen. And it's it's 48 box but it's all you can meet. That's for the dinner the village is this is 108 bucks on the road again studies do they have Max time that you can stay there. Not on this. Not this whole. Sir you've been here for two day Tuesday because I think it's a trap personally needs to mystique they have is there's no video this is only like a three hour window we know. That wasn't always parole and so on one guy data and fans that you become the underdog on everything they showed up at opening at eleven and didn't leave until closure brother and Sharon Osbourne just with a bathroom pupil wants sounds like a lump all get into that there. This definitely takes do all we think you should be an accident that left at half past. Well here's the deal that's only rented from 5 PM to 945 C got samarra hours 45 minutes arguing a lot of damage our retail yeah that's at least five hours all you can eat and we're talking about cuts of well prepared meat. Mean didn't you go Vienna for fun out there and I do know won't you'll pass out. And I think. I did bow hit the elliptical for a couple minutes and then come back. Though a lot of the respondents have those in the bat well although the picture and then look at the pastors in the season and oh sweet Jesus. Hi this is reducing us just piles and piles and piles and meet Tommy journalists than we're gonna make this happen babe I wish my wife eight meet them. On I mean Reza we are gonna storm we come a time Ira. I hairs and other diseases Elvis don't collapse the food John they'll want to comment I like to know why can go to Palm Beach drawn interest from the intrude perfect and I don't doubt mark to about one half mile away billion through does not actually food. It's just what they call it good as credible. But it it's carnage a scenario like when I'm Omar long into the bag like a soft food would be you would be yeah yeah. Can keep fighting graduation thing calculates to me that crap they put in between things so you make music diploma so Alice. He's so hot used to be they used to by 80% all the available tales is true because when you went to the salad bar. That's what they used the ball to the ice for an idea Austria. That's short tail was forced to buffer the ice cold and celebrate the repeating failed to me is like eating wallpaper their power back around and all. It's just that credible how does not mean it is food Marseille with you on that they're coming as I don't heal that well paper and light it's edible. Dude the lima bean the line of leads that does just because it's not poisonous doesn't mean you should eat it thank you don't do what you bit of confusion about why it won't kill only view but it doesn't mean it's Gandhi and put your put lots of butter on it put butter on almost everything all the really. Military justice John Roberts turns what I'm survival or beef you know commit otherwise general rule food you have to add something to them it's not. Brett if you measure has downloaded this is you have to at least put enough you water. Adult and heard a cry like they're probably BI is a lot of water but yes a lot of water and salt yeah right so he solved typically it's a good the other happy free of sex and your dog. They have a picture there FaceBook pages this is maybe don't bring your Regan restore plays. And the woman is next to I would like carbon shorter is but I don't all of a two there was really nothing short about children are now criticizing her had social half alone Peru and stated among she's got a big smile on herself you know she's above the goma and what do I gotta tell us a lot hotter next to that decent meal and I try not. Happens drool at a meat restaurant. Speaking of me the rest of cloning and then speaking of meat drivable he's here was at all but I rash. All of this this on multiple growers in mean was it called calling apartheid's last two I don't know what you call I I thought this. And I caught Mandela meets today I. Did you have is this if you're only thing is that it out of the jewel of the premier had manner. So boy who works border worse sort or so I've been borrowers. It is. Known for being a Mitt sausage with a farmers are migs zigzag down suitable partner yeah. Yes you Charlie Bartlett. This is now has been their for a long time Malkin is well known a lot of blows we'll collude and as were the so that in. What works whose tastes like with ties like freedom. Ali Abdullah out of my dad and I want to let me ages to. We're even talk another since the federal limit on so sorry don't know we started doing a lot of anxiety toward yes always heated I'm it is vital that none of that out. I saw. We need to get my hand on you really three. Whaling quota we got to send to go get the ball worse Adobe your back while all eyes and realize you read it I. Driving apart Brian from only see the problem with the saws is take a lot of drama you're better command that's Smart. It I'll let him. You lost. You know you have two titles of sort of part the part time sausage because people can see that's a total of what put its that are quiet or. It. Six to sit reports that sausage. I'll also my ass man and that is awesome. And we've got to really got to go check out that Brazilian what was called a gold from its own balloon voters have curl from him he's. Keep the grill from even mean not because it was a song be thrilled and thought Lima the girl from EPA Nina OK gotcha. And so again for me yeah it looks like it's at about fifty bucks. Per person for an all you can you can also drive a double one day just Suton uniting this man read a defense. I've guy that we've got actually a a kind of a pricey dinner tomorrow night for V day which anti man there's a place down in now Parkland called the Barbie stroked a cut and they're doing a Valentine day's set out and. All what would just happen. That errant error non I didn't see him. That's below aromatic and rows are part does Nelson Mandela may alcohol I don't. This is the the UK agents often these every bring us some more domestic or Ryan's bring in general Nash saw all aspects of the did you hit it straight jacket right off the loan amount throw or point three hours. Part of duplicate what he's quite good freedom. A scooter. It's got Georgia by those freedoms Clinton backer of our troops if it is Joseph Alexander so you can hear that the glorious. Since I was disciplined for their kids who stood up to the different. Okay. We Jesus dude yeah. Thought I I had to be taken over. I'm excited. That. There are over on him much good. So what was the sausage day. The night that little sausage who'll sausage is the south African bottle neck delicious I have really enjoyed delicious. No one the other one you know what does this and that then next line is. Is how will be your cheddar. Wrapped in Peru as you go. So we partner is the proof you've proved you all right over enough I are on the right here aren't I okay and the only it's only available quite pleased market. I thought that Fiat doesn't lose finds that it's zero goodness you can only result. Well here in new nose or just proves he still in that because we don't have the those who rapids and that is part of their have a soft and yet. Yes those. An announcement now you what are you just announced. Nobody who has Iditarod Carolyn yeah I just a Delhi till we're gonna actually grabbed the men's room with a little bit of bacon. In proves he. And then glee there was. Which Hamburg then bought a car rental and big game and then zoom through rose he's. Or the suburban and they can all of the interaction you have if you have a great stuff for march 10 you have to. My gosh. Although that's an incredible miss me yet that's incredible when you talk a little things are consolidated per share would seem to save the sausages sorry I didn't rip part of your. It's often like a savage. Router okay I was always it and stealing hole really Jackson airport say hello. Yeah. I had no legitimate migs those drills. Apart I thought did yes. Yeah he's as good as that's what I ordered is it degree will that million him yeah I recall that I history lessons that's what I. I'm shocked. And I I don't know I don't have to accept that. And just Lee's famous sausage does any remote. The and opera ever love local man whose name is out these I think though that you guys are awesome and world idiots I think people put us together and those who were video and leg were always winning it with you again. After that that her if you wanted to those incredible unbelievable and so here and yes bullish that was gonna win thanks man OK yes yes the media Abraham thank you Vera. Primarily soft everybody knew I was so happy actually. I got some sausage at home. We sausage and grow up as well move them. That was the hook up that was no hook up big time premiums thank you Brian truly saw you guys are getting news. Our miles or have reflected in your miserable more there. Telling our watch enough. Only the glory really really good movie. I just a new or maybe there really get a heart problem firefighting Libya or. And gorgeous ass Jennifer Conley isn't it. But you remember lover back in the days she was kind of hurt me in softening man I like Jim a movie that I where they they were stuck in a mall or someone yeah career opportunity all my daughter and the other one that's worth watching just to watch her is the rocket tears she looks dumb it's just ridiculous how high our embassy requiem for a dream. Below that we are great yeah I've murmured yeah and you. Pair but on the innocent totally wrong toll and toll men and shield during random movies if she recognized some when she's just. Boom on I am BB she's always stuff about Russian machines at an interactive movie watcher our. Sources are watching the movie. Jews like you know Jennifer Connelly I think was like things usage of 57 or something or some crazy. Ollie is about my official at 447 yeah yeah the issue is I got off a high for a former teammates Jeff O'Neill looks gorgeous she dives always found her heart ultimate she's still smoke in Huntington the Tony goes. You know arcs are assumed she had a breast reduction surgery right. Tony is that no you you know Glenn. Either she lost all that weight battle for the mechanics and Hindu surgeon and she just became obedient. And I was like all you do not become movie and I was like kind of comment because I remember how smoke and how she was when she aid to the dogs and stuff. And our god grenade out of it and now I know what we're all I mean she still smoking not all the occur is all that's off gorgeous woman in a place and you you know if I don't wanna play because she's little on Cahill. Which Kayla just pushed the bad general from willow and nothing more. So our president is going to keep granular bred the risen decorations the trailer I thought I just thought that is her discuss and only because Tommy around was that. She never had a breast reduction surgery honey she just came in beat. But you still smoke and hot but I just that means not caretaker. Did you moves. You may end elusive moves. And there it is so there's there's the message for today and my finger that's right kids I think. TV meeting you want guys who spoke at a pitcher Stephen derelict you know Jennifer Connelly became the human human. I mean Africa being busy man moves aren't going to any smaller moms are right that maybe I should be given the united and I am I doing wrong out there are more in July is MB. It was an immediate urgent I would yeah I don't I prevent Kampala hell yeah. A just look at hot yeah well we view on the peanut butter out of a certain persons that area watched. It Generali will no way to go all out there not modern medicine inebriated by. Well you know you aren't old lady is OK good. Then get a look at old lady the full meal deal oh yeah Jennifer garment yeah I don't pack a lot of the puck in deep you saw that dog reacted. I don't know what to do Margarita momma are you clearly be it's about the moment mentally do you wanna be so scarred that you'll run three plate glass window and have been a veteran free forever lost you can always tell it's not chasing you around the European model for the rest your life did that could fix it got a belly up we had a America act. Sometimes it always the best and for the first I'm not in my mind alone. Yeah I absolutely. Analysts lather up. I she's crazy just everything the moon incredible she looks smoking hot and had the knowledge that these are not that peanut butter that they are not the ones that weren't so Adam we're relevant Adam draconian or they all and the butter and the almost bottle is pretty much did all these during peanut butter thing Al an eight year old woman I rockaway out of the woman's vagina and the opportunity to sleep Jennifer Connelly now that's love and that is that's adoration let's also psychosis. I didn't finalize its limited. Right it's the same thing that's what you Lawson got him my best to work for a clean chatter right there comes still giggle about come under his runs and Kayla and. I don't know and Sarah quietly in the background there. Mario we get adhere well it's been a fun I get drilled as always thank you I should learn you're always welcome back to readily emits and that's basically what we do we don't have a podcast and read read thanks for joining us yeah I got out able to make him did you look at pictures of me. Ran it up now I'm totally a zero back out there's if there's any more left over to the Lee's original and then got the goal from Lima hotel up the girl from. Eat plenty that are going real ever made a blend the growth of. Or belittle him apron Nemo yes debt. We have things to check out and also sort of first adversity facing get that person he only sausage stock it's it's all that was stupid and what ever you do. And do not picture of an old woman who did you kind of rallied in Nevada I don't do it don't victory. And even old man. Well Luke urban done they've read about me regular room dream about reports that don't think about a whole woman's vagina. We need him but if you need to run fast maybe think about it. I had attributed the jump to a place you left. And rim can read more than you do in the Muslim thinkers today that it considers that you're out his old dodging the wonder dog if it's. That was all with no matter what the good life if you got a code and something that perhaps something tough on your life are they good real eating peanut butter and good night and go into the sea biscuit nickel and all of are very added bag though it's a litany of reasons that the big. I've got 2532714787. That's our voicemail on our tech slide. Friday got a show coming up. So we had you done though the blues trio. My my best kick in rock and roll so these are blues band is playing for the first time in years we will be at how when and and blues club. Friday the 23 with on the drama from heart Knight offense this dream record that's his rock project friends oft com. Come down check other shows which is I don't know when the trio can lead to play again man I've got a lot of stuff going window pane and bruiser Brody up. On the monster com so I don't wanna get that record done because you want to chiller material. Com we just haven't had time to please I if you freeze an interesting comment on its gonna be a rock and show how and I am blues club. Friends we took and I stood side believe that that also went to Maine would know me dot net the topic of the new vinyl ditches and now. All right we'll put peanut butter on a four if they usually donating a lot of blood. I would buy your mom you know other Jennifer call with Pete hit that I. Know nothing. And come yeah thank everybody they've gone out and if it at the.