MigsCast 02/20/18 "Ricker Returns"

Tuesday, February 20th

Our dawg Ricker returned to chat about being on the cover of Northwest Leaf Magazine.  Plus we chat about a time that he went to Germany for Octoberfest, betting on yourself, how tough times can inspire us...and we find out why the Rev told his neighbor to "Eff Off"!

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And make dad and my name is Steve Mason I am here with the revenue way to go you know why. Like Kenny tonight join us he's having some car issues but of course you'll be back next week. He's in our thoughts. He's in our prayers. Yeah I got his stuff at some point if I show my list of things are looking out my list of things to talk about today's thoughts and prayers have a little bit of a rant to go on some why do we know I'm. Nothing too awful but it's something that's been bother me out when will address it are our dog wrecker is in the other room he will be joining us on the makes cats but he's too busy talking Ryan castle. I know the man with the flowing mane of hair in record nurses the man with a big bushy beard together they would be cousin it. Now government demand of facial hair he all he was as fair and and you know of anyone it's under the age of 35 they have no idea what the home crowd as well there was some movies out there may be eaten. Yes but I wanted to get things rolling right up to gecko could accept this is top of mine I wanna address it it was the weirdest and funniest experiences happen. I'll about two minutes ago here on our radio stations more or just saw you walk in and walk out there where I go read you went to the bathroom and something weird happened as I was going to best him. Figures I want game and as a walking in there's a female walking out of our men's bathroom. Our friend Frankie. Okay Leo it's obviously a name that we for a man or woman absolutely doesn't mean that she can use both the men's and women's bathroom. Who Lowell turns out the women's anatomy out of border all know and so I walking in as she's walking actually. I'm leaving right now Mike hot hot hot I don't care here panic on her face is like it doesn't bother us I'm not a HR issue and I were all like I mean. That's my biggest fear it's like many people one buried in my phone all the time it's in terms of going to the detriment of checking my phone or text in my why you actually came back to grab your phone to go to the bathroom yes they did it. Got a bit about thirty seconds urinating broke out of phone touch. But there are times where I'm not paying attention to what durable opening and there's been a few times refs come close to going into women's bathroom so for a half a second and ask. Raft to die due to I'm just not ask. And then it turns out no. I know so I hope this is going on her and I having it's fun conversation in the men's bathroom. And so I had the Euro come like Julie didn't sorry no limits and sisters wash your hands my guy in sodomy I don't I don't know I don't scenario commit a wall between us I got a half an honest generally we care you can see whatever it doesn't matter to me. America I don't care. So. This is like all right Bob Bob my cheek it's easier like I know I'm sorry Mike looked desperate times I get it yet you've got to go and and I don't think we have access to other floors are you just go downstairs like put our whole building. We occupied two floors of fifteenth and the sixteenth floor so wind. Times are scary on the sixteenth form both stalls were being used as high till downstairs in the fifteenth. I would go down there if I knew if it'd been a particularly brutal day yeah or if I definitely just wanted some privacy absolutely because the fifteenth was essentially the dungeon for us there would either be the guys on the end down they're another grouping. Or some of the port I think it was like Virginia Mason saudis ya and says the most the time people wouldn't use that bat firm melt. Oh yeah absolutely I was usually say if I did it's typically a quiet backed film my I was like colonel mistreatment at the food and OPEC. Yes and I was kind of funny that is see I don't know he asked that would make me want to kind of bail. Like if there's just a lady in there like it issues walking into a stall as I walked in. I would hope could you know you're gonna destroy also absolutely number one. Yet they never won I would have no issue it I kind of had that like moment Mariah like a revelation like I was like you know what. What living life with the unisex bathrooms it's not that. Bad economy and a good mood I've had really a Frankie thought about Syria or from Florida PH she's a great person see rule so I mean it kind of makes sense and at least it was someone like that instead as some of those the booby bands that low worker and here yes and if you have a guess our personal chemistry sought out any time yeah won't answer dealers say hi all know you can look them right in the face and say how's your day going. No I think it is like maybe a ground. My book I know not most pleasant person may be but I'm trying. I'm trying to say nice things and so anyways he had a that was pretty funny it was like you know this is our world where we have like you know. Unisex bathrooms I can tolerate this all they have to do is put like I don't know eight or ten stalls. Yes just stalls forget the year rolls forget the frost for some I ate peeing in a trough the process gotta go I hate those so much a worst or white river. I've gat do you have. It's just like one yet and you're able to slow there's no sort of like blinders are any being and and hand washing stations like this'll circular hand watched from a grade school and you just think looking at each other you dislike what the hell is going on outlook who just walked into the house it's our dog repair our dog and yours that's me yes. Apparently. But yet that's always the where it is one were talking about dot frost and and bathrooms. I kept peeing into a trough public totally do I had to greatest hiss of my life when time in this trough the a top story. I have a tough time performing and like I don't have an issue when a mural urinal but for some reason when there's a trough and it's not like there's no specified individual. Yeah just head down look forward and try to no one else is me gays in the kind of gets me you know we find me gays and Clinton's aware west that they now this happened to you. October fest in a Munich Germany oh yeah all yet after a day full of drinking. Oh for sure yes well the thing is we are they really give you like these you know keg sized Beers yeah that's better way I like 12% alcohol cool pull pull pull pull. A year in there and mighty I was traveling you know I was backpacking through Europe pose much younger at the time there was this. We sailing when guidance ninety's yeah. Okay yeah quite cool early ninety's 92 who wanted to say he has Wi five years ago. Please I know duty free snow eject this Allison chainsaw over in the 25 year anniversary of their sappy piano make. Stop this charity would relate to drop stills you know read that I do is wake up and Garrett missed the party like no illegal just remember opening the CD me I like inevitable bugs and it not I can't wait to open this and pull our put this in the record player which are flights that was the one had a bug. The way time just flies like a jar of flies suggests. That the spirit Germany yeah pressure Beers right so I'm staying at the youth hostel and I'm with this guy that I met traveling through Europe and we need these to chicks in line who'll listen you know trying to stay cool and everything and there are American chicks we got a lot. And somewhere like you guys going three guys going to the October fest yeah tonight our analysts do you know. And so we teamed up with these two girls performance and we go in and it is a bone last. You've got this warehouse a bench is. In everybody's drinking in singing in the best part of it first you walking away. On now that did this to see it you know and they had you know people party and of course put there's a polka band yeah on the high eight stage she might try to talk about a single. And mark on Annan on yeah I'm very eleven. I was young and impressionable I've never seen anything like this. But ultimately you this is okay you know who's the leader Houghton is no. Get up and everything and all right this is Germany I guess. And then everything changes. Do you get that first appeared. How does that take a mirror ham bone it takes a while but also just kicks in like two Q in your life. I didn't Jeddah and you have to be thrown. Okay. Yeah. Now I am who is the best. Players ever so your hand bones you know and you're like oh my god we got these two beautiful girls. We're just high five and there's people everywhere have been fine this is the greatest time of my entire life actually dancing to polka music all the poll I just tell your skin and the next thing you know you're speaking German do it. Didn't mean SoHo you know of course the Beers or Biggs he's got to relieve yourself so I make my way into the bathroom and its miles of pure strength. Indeed the only thing you see the lives standing there and you're doing your thing. Suddenly. Lo and behold. There it is. The music you can hear it's a cacophony. Think as your urinating into the ten big schools often adds an extra element to the music I. So it's in rhythm you can hear it it's. Making your move he. Hope god yeah October fest. Hey. And then you know will be home. This gentleman this fat German dude comes up in the stands next to me. At least he's gonna win mind you when I took this trip I've been living in Hawaii. For two years. And I go up to wash my hands and the guy follows me come to wash my hands as well are you from. Tennessee well I I yum I'm here from Hawaii. All higher why oh why we he says listen to me. He pulls out a lot of dough from his front pocket literally to a point oh. Yeah. He peels off when he marks. Goes whack. It puts a rider my hands is next time you go to Hawaii how they drink on your old buddy Francois Jeremy is ace hum like. Any walks out you know and I'm like I'm standing there dumbfounded I say to myself. This. Is the greatest kids I've ever had. And OK okay. That's incredible that the guy just handed over my I got to remember that that is like the ultimate move like zero S bathroom story a go route home. Buyers of a drink and it's on your friend Steve. Hat on they have five bucks from. A much as forty marks do was more like I think 25 box. Do exchange rate yeah I think I was happy. The little inebriated I a lot of inebriated I think you don't want coming up to a great it was in Germany was leavenworth Washington but I went to October fest want to know it would a couple buddies in Bragg I'll never forget this because I well would book Lebanese were police officers. And obviously you're not on the on the job at that moment so they get wasted a world getting wasted everybody's having a great time. Will we lose one of the guys from may be. Tops twenty point five minutes right he comes back. Seems like everything's cool and all that. They ironic get a call from my body check if you eat these later goes Heyman to read the news might know what happened and so I go on web site Michael Como for news and look it up. He. Thanked. Pissed off can argue with somebody threw a glass. They went to this one spot they when my enemy flash is bad instead let me and while drunk so all this the losing his job. In the twenty minutes that we were just and not wish hands he just went off the deep end. And got into it would make a security guy anyway and that security I think called the police. Jacked in from the department that he worked at and became this big story in the news or Mike. Watch the members again don't post any of those pictures that we took a gust. He's like god forbid they go on our social media pages and they find the picture that was all wearing like silly hats and we're all drowned her laughing and I'll be like the main picture they use only the Seattle times at least that's our thought of losing his job market got drunk and act like an idiot in leavenworth yeah you don't wanna get the other guy in trouble does that all mean there Melo but I like wow I got so wasted and we party Soeharto and a man lost his job. You know there's a word for that. Buzz kill. Yeah I cannot be I absolutely it will absolutely killed yeah. I ask why did you love bags through October. The committee had just say I'm anti U2 Brothers says such a pleasure privilege to be appear in the studio with you overlooking beautiful downtown. Seattle skyline on the amazing migs casts really act one of the best podcasts out there you. Truthfully I I listened to it and and now that I'm a bin on them makes Kasten December yeah. I go to a lot of places and people's ever heard Jon Misch cast some light since Sar. I yeah yeah now it's just a great place for us to have some fun yep they're really no rules and regulations no commercials. No not end you know we get some we get to them touch critics after all these years so I guess a place for archaeologists. Kind of be more of ourselves there's no pressure to be an adopted gas pressure to do you know oh god forbid that this segment's going to long six chat debt makes cash plus I mean where Brent now around some royalty in that breaker is that cover man -- northwest leaves little room I saw that cover man who is this island look at him now yeah right GI's a copy ought to thank you street. Do this this is incredible I mean. US and I have had a dream to one day be on the cover any baggage hike Ivins and I'll I'll go on the the little nickel and we'll be on the cover and I are active Jennifer. Listen I'm due you know the many magazines is the first time I've been on the cover and I have to tell you it's a little weird. They keep you had a strained as it is not yet not more so I went after the credit doc can do up out of ammo that some wall size direct. Thailand had to be a mural on your homecoming talks and while I don't wanna make too you know about. Media we're here at our hand on yeah well okay our. Bomb so it's like every time I look at it it is it's almost that it's like I just came back from Universal Studios you know and they. He made a Rolling Stone cover with me on and he's drama for his luck funny right it's a joke whenever you know. But this is actually real in a walk into stores and it's there and elected so we make this a clerical error children but I. It's. Don't we put it beyond the color of their magna what would I won't get it in the beauty of it is you know last summer is in your Steve. Most talking about my whole journey and I know I came into the Canon this industry and you know I honestly do I've been out of the game for a long time you know youth. Mean she. You've been an a for twenty years straight now had a break since nine. While this I've been a couple model hiccups here and there but they mean for the most part I mean minus about. Six or seven months okay it's been. And 21 on crop and that's that's a big Brian you know and I had an eighteen year run by the time I got. Dong within all my cottage is needed to decompress you know because you know. This radio station on I don't know today but back in the day it was like you know would Jolene. Once equated it to being the same is up on Saturday Night Live which is to pressure cooker you know so he's been sergeant Eric club runs a really tight show and he expects. The highest quality from you as an employee. As an entertainer and that's you know that's a tall order men and keeps you busy. And it keeps your mind occupied 24 hours a day your public figure. Every. Towns guy Mike Lansing are hardly got a better idea every every bottle bottom hole and talent that I. Same thing erase behind us now definitely strikes we you're being an ass and yet okay every wonderful human being that I dearly and I. Has some talent has has your phone number and you're invited a everywhere and you don't buy a drink in town which is a whole craze. But after awhile you get the Britney said Germain we just won't shave your. The way that it had too soon to your point shaver yeah he's yeah he's going to feel sorry didn't mean to get personal from the waist down the way I could break down yeah right right direction and yeah you are Brazilian grew mean yes landscaping at my so you know I did I did decompress and then I had too much news you know and you've got to stream right of being somebody you looked any of us in radio or in show business are all really insecure to begin with. And that's the reason we want thousands of fans adoring people that admire your work to whatever and it really doesn't match. Harry you know there is something inside of us that needs some kind of approval to prove something new to prove us right in some way shape or form for me it was my grandfather had zero states in my abilities of being entertaining I'll I have shared this story before it's a sad story but I'll you know maybe I'll put us in the right team for in the right mood. Think I got that crowd I kid I wanted to be a ventriloquist with so worked up a ventriloquist act. Talk I guess little did the ventriloquist dummy I sit in front of the TV with the storm knocked. You ever see the movie magic with Anthony Hopkins. No always got the ventriloquist dummy says. Anything is easy when you're a day. How all that's all you gotta stand where I watched the trailer on the other day coincidentally in the guy goes not easy to then get this on new found no now seventies Anthony Hopkins is like killing forty. Magic. Magic and he has this ventriloquist and have been truly Quist. Goes crazy and tells him you know he needs to kill his what his wife who I guess. And he's like don't do it would do it but he believes the true quilt that eventually that the dummy you know it's it's the greatest look up. Articulate on the website demo people have seen. And I have met as a kid I didn't have that kind of goal without my control prism. Right I want sides I've put on the show my graph below me that was the stupidest piece of crap I've ever seen. Just completely pulled son saw me in to do that in no way am missing my show and he's got a devastating as a kid and then as I kept going older I kept trying to entertain him you'd keep shooting me down or other family members so radio for me was saying the ultimate act even though he was dead before I even got into radio but it's all mental and I'm going to prove that I can be entertaining because he didn't believe I could be entertaining. Does your grandpa have my number. I. From the underground yes he does this go anyways. Yeah I believe Paul yeah. I either but all I I'd be the first to say that in my mom my dad's side make my mom site members amazing you know use prior heart army then my dad's side but he was. It was coming from a place a lot of you know that nasty area but whereas the other grandfather I can tell I wasn't. There was no love there is just pure anger. Hobbs and that was that was sort of was for me it's like toll would understand when you mean when you say we are all insecure we have this reason for wanting to beat. Noticed yet and beyond some kind of validated out absolutely but it didn't at the end of the day it's not how we should be trying to find our validation that it took Gonzales forty that I realized that. What we learned is that we don't need to go back improve. That our grandfather we were good enough to our grandfather. He was dealing with his own team I absolutely he had his own prop 100% and she wasn't able to express love. Or applied. His you know he skin because he was jealous she was huge so insecure self this felt like such a failure himself where they'll edit your kid I could get you down. Gonna make himself feel bad you don't need you don't want all I needed record back down yeah save that but he gave me the drive to be where you are today I know there's somebody else what is said that things that Rick are saying it which is absolutely 100% correct. But you don't have that a lot of times the driving force of just ask you. It's enough to get you somewhere but what if I could have become something even batter and I'll add support and I don't know I know at this point I don't notice president of the United States right now well bars and alarm whatever it did you watch it Mogg a man. It is what made you who you are true so whatever happened to more at all was perfect. For you to become who you are. Yes you may have been adjusted in some way had you had you received approval from for him from him. But and to be the Jeff Dunham of our ours our country's generation could've been death yeah you could have been Mac guy Hannity twenty marks. Yeah I feel I am and I don't think the urinal after a whole weekend of October Charles hole right exactly who are your. Steve making Liguori who doesn't she's an amazing human being who has this this great talent. And drive to entertain people and yes dude it's it's the setbacks it's also the victories that make us who we are right. It's an end here we are with you on the cover of northwest leave so I had I'm so happy for Amanda pictures phenomenal to do the article is great interviews great merit tonight's beat the odds and never even. Read this magazine before rampaging spirited schools like at TU. Section in my pot inspired tattoos fool measure and you would do that plays local music in town that's also involved in the candidates and history I guess first you say how the holly and saw whole magazine with northwest pop culture and you go three like holly as plenty that's ahead there's a lot of people who do a lot of things that also incorporate you know weed in their life and the and the cover story of of our dock workers is awesome. I thank you could progress demons is really cool piece. Well here's the thing you know that this is how I got on the cover that is dumped so back to the story in those five and a half years that I was just floating in the universe without any real direction. You know the same in you know everything that came with being a celebrity OK guys W and other stations well. I really didn't know what I wanted to do when I grew up protect the had I sit I sit all the time I saw three Elena do when I grow up and if you ever lose this game due studio series. This confrontation that you have to deal with yourself. And it's a matter of if it's semi and a matter of when I mean it's just how it is ABC industry sonics in the L I mean at some point it's is going to happen happens to everybody out but. It's a scary thought it is so to hear your stories they said that he called us regular people need to start couriers up and listen to you toll of changed your whole. World and an end look at you on the cover. I think I suffered from postpartum depression uh huh yeah right like a lot of anti rock stars doing such you know. And I didn't know where I was headed and then you know obviously the wham oil thing came about you can read the article in northwest leaf dot com. To see for yourself. And so if I am I give myself some time by a camera devote myself to this company wham oil. And permanent seat through them and make sure that it you know still we swing for the fences and so I put a year and a half into it and then. A week and a half ago two weeks ago I get a call from west have me who's the publisher of northwest leave. And I met him in a couple of events and he says. Hey I wanna do a feature article I knew I was gonna do something on what am for the concentrate issue coming in July. But this is a lifestyle issue coming up in February you know I just had a eureka moment. And you'd be perfect for this addition to an outside wall great how we wanna do we are well it's Friday. Let's shoot and on Sunday and do the interview as well I'm lecture tell we were to be so we do that. And then four days later many camera shot down an Olympian and just hanging out this guy walks and goes hey Mike Richter what's happening who anybody what's going on he says Kathy. I was just another shop by I just saw you on the cover of northwest leaf. Ozzie had no idea and I say. Com when we mean yeah there's like my name for an article inside the magazine I just know we're not. My own product. You're on a cop car. I wouldn't you mean by phone like that he's is now you've got to cover might puke. I'm kidding of I mean there at all hearkens back to that. Amazing insight took. But it like it's in music. Then there was after he gave me the 25 marks and I went and bought myself a cheap microphone. When I got back to America I plugged it and then started practicing. And annexing you know I've got a little gonna tell my send my demo out to a program director says we'd like to give you weekends. Midnight to six Friday and Saturday night. Lo and behold the first thing off I did was I took catapulted a song and played it as my Intel yeah. And the rest is history it. A lot of this is richer returns how to shocked not transformed into a co owner of wham oil on learned to believe in the power of medical mount on by the way the last story is fabricated entirely. Apart by you ride vehicle owner win more don't know it particularly after the sentinel is in fact the brunt she's always amazes you did the pixels. Are criminals patent presidents know I've got a lot of friends that were fantastic. Now employees samples of my very own. Perfectly legal to give to a friend it's finally I talked to people about bill because there was Rick arrest until wham will make all that stuff stood it's it you have a great reputation when oil. Of being make the legit stuff you're reelected does the Cadillac of of marijuana which is the bad doesn't suck to be associated with. You know you always hope that your friend is associated with something good would it be a band going to be an art project would be a business. So it's nicely today emigrant record as webware on the ones like that stuff are the worst not everyone's like that's that's legit reviews it's more like the Porsche. There is no substitutes come up guy that's. But here's the thing when I'm world's been around since 2010. And it says in the article went on repeated. I met my partner Brandon Hamilton. Right here on KI SW. He calls in one day and says. He reappeared this is cowboy or cowboy movie Hannah Montana with. Are well you know the cowboys are coming in town this week and are gonna hand the Seahawks their assets. Well my cowboys are certainly mistake and that's. We know is that Matt Hasselbeck at the time is the leading passer in the NFC and you'll be holed his son got Shaun Alexander and actually all that well those cowboys better watch out because Tony romo's gonna fumbles not snapped. And he's gonna miss the kick and see Hashimoto on to the final Super Bowl here we wanted to stay with us that game yes I was never. Well I had this week and now rob Aaron I did did you do real dollars and Entercom sweep all I was in some guy made a lot of money your real sit at the height of the real estate boom. And well maybe then make the best financial decisions and I bought a sweet one year back and I don't think sixty years to get next week wow and he would just I think he reads his plan was to use as like a marketing tool for being real state. But it just became just an hour I don't mind altering test W personality that I hang on this we have to their significant others whoever. I got Sosa I almost threw myself out of this week and I'm not jumping up and I'm thrilled unlike when that that last play happened out of my mind was blown down yet. I was of the south sweeter the North End zone we are in the south end of it okay yes there was the honor comes we see you could see down the field generals and you can she ride into the field goal and you can see that ball give Bobble the Manhattan and then nothing Romo run for the end zone we didn't tackle from behind in shortfall is anatomy my dad's right yeah yeah just like a rabbit now like inches away from the first down because all I need to get it was a first down for new seven yards yet stop them completely. Ended it right there that was also around the time where Ryan Plackemeier was the the punter for the Seahawks I only remember that because we would all get drunk in the sweet and we would hang out and stay there until everybody until they told us of get the F out. And he'd always be like one Alaska on the field we just beyond. Black got an error especially finally were like look up and I think he's not legitimately we were like the plaque of Myers section. I'm gonna Tucker my Jersey because I was just like I just like yelling you think it is funny that taught yeah that I got tired you know what. I think the hardest hit I've ever seen in my life in the NFL was it KI SW whip when I first got here in like 2003. The Seahawks were we we had Howard Stern yet and we carried the Seahawks as well on KI SW politically when your while I was here I remember that yeah they gave us the red zone sweet hall on the field. Before I remember sitting on a standing on the rail just hanging out and the Seahawks were punting from their own end zone right. And in this the kicker takes the snap. And some guy came in from the Philadelphia Eagles the size of a house. On abated. Only drizzle love hold we'll all all all all all cultures you can hear the pageants don't call law act. And the guy did not get knocked no punter not a good. And I was just go or can feel it in my spine was all one guy. It on the big kids are always at the Bastogne at hunters just so expert I'll never forget they can chancellor and it can happen against the 49ers when he just laid that out here and Aaron just being a part of crowd and just losing our collective mind to whom now I think. He debt know is that there aren't. I think this gives up well not didn't you say that you wanna be a close vote movies good without a brilliant awesome hit an that's funny Don and all. Stems back to hear a KI SW and you got a lease revenue in this case of the Seahawks want an end. Did is they got an incredible gig out of until the castle won their work around this guy goes hair you richter and I hear called the number of times and aired which the call you know. My yeah he's I'm cowboy are hasn't gone very good mutually idea we've talked number of times we have a connection. Can't say that about sir Isaac climb but that's okay. Just kidding I love you Liza. And. Poll my otter pops. Starring. Sir Isaac or even now I can use you until punch otter pops immediately detects wind to blow up there as stricker where rigor that I. And and so would became friends with and you know he was cool guy weird a playing golf and snowboarding and then in 2010 he starts when I'm when I'm walking to his lofted three near brewery where he lives. He's got these little ram accused with the so black stuff and it looks like black casts and he do to help loses. Just so happens that I love hash if if if if he says. Shot that guy. Yeah area a moon. It's funny gonna put some face but that we an have breaker on news that. Will personal hero was. Go easy next I'm comment horror she how. The people always on the does not that's it's incredible feedback the last time you're on that's. Pretty did coup he can't get a series championship test this is a third don't. So in 2000 Torino isn't and I do and how some Isuzu has someone playing with you cannot hear every time had come to town to Seattle. I grab a handful of swam well take you back to Florida scene you were browns live and human ways can you believe this to its. Cash you can smokey can vaporize in just don't want to know yes like oh my kid I this revolutionary. Fast forward to 2016. Cal would cause a brand. Since I do we're moving into the recreational market and you'd be perfect come help me run my company. That's what's helping run under the an owner here's what I mean give you and here's how much you wanna know ownership let's go to business. How can I say no match restarted so. What is tries to argue radios didn't know her facilities just like empty you know we had a clear everything out and as a do you need floors swept he said yes I see good I'm coming in tomorrow and we start sweeping floors. And because I'm a beast you know partner of the CEO of the company. I need to know everybody's job and we started hanging lie to be really get it under the loss. Yeah toilet epithet. Yeah you won. Where did you should be the undercover boss yet to cut your hair if you went undercover gangster. Else not coming soon to mice are used where man bun you know gonna love Barbie is the bartenders like that and but other fake beard on the hamsters and a mere. And I. Next you're throwing you don't know which. But so and here we are now so the point is is this man I was in such a low place you know I mean not because things go poorly for me just because a new direction. They have an identity in the sense that I'd lost my daddy my identity was record unit radio DJ you know heralded talented and I was you know. Here's the thing I'd written books. And all that time off I wrote three books you know Mike well you know I was writer before I got on the radio wrote two novels before I was 27 years old. I was felt like that was my catalyst and radio because. And really. Learned how to conquer the notion of having character driven story new right with the plot. And you know a conflict and resolution and I brought that in my theatrical style of doing Wrigley. You can just windy city which is Sicilian so we're doing with eleven worth in the German thing I can you instantly I could see it like it this is like a switch went off in your head on my diagnosis let Richard go wherever he wants to go with this because it's like you're taking us on this long journey which is what. I always enjoyed about your radio show or defer some listening like. I've no idea what the F this guy's talking about but it's hypnotic and I'm enjoying it and I think. And then when two circuit and the idea of what your pacing is no way that you tell a story is like all okay I'm getting what's going on here but that's that's like totally understand why you been and I can see why that was your world before radio. Thank you yeah in that area that developed over time you know on. And the persona so to speak yeah you know it's there's you need is we've had some hip pocket you know just exposing hypocrisy. And does sort of a seventy style. You know can my father was a radio personality is Karl recur on FM radio in 1978. You know. And that's where I was I did my first commercial when I'm sad and mad and got some of that idea dog being a DJ and just announcing we securities during. Every. Steve makes 2018. And he's going to whatever and it W Larry it's like an autograph probably you know you print and I'm here on him and Talladega I think don't anybody gadget I just watched the thirty footer down if you guys have seen the thirty for thirty about Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick who our relationship it's amazing to make this the two of them yelled. Bob Belichick who's worked under Parcells a one point out of then there's like a lot of butting heads they split off and a lot of weird stuff going on between at all like column I'm leaving I'm not in this canyon thing and let DNA scientists table one. They both signed. The book writing ideal Parcells right whatever year hall of fame soon rule when a ball a lot and then. Parse I mean bella checked out right Super Bowl champion Huskies going and going guy when unpack and they think with. With the giants also going going it's it's pretty awesome now but they every star in the world of sports always makes a point to put when they won the hall of fame and also when they won a championship. There you go home then there's there do they sign their baseball cards that way as well I wouldn't be surprised yeah fill up the entire thinking. Not yet football's whatever may be yet brag about the championships you won bills arms Debra what year it is. That's all I've got. Funny eighteen Stoller cannery we are a couple. Awards yeah we don't want her to rate we won 2 morning radio. A war it's firm large market. If from that they had to trade magazine Friday morning quarterback I can hear me yet. And I don't remember what years there were no soon after we took over for stern has never talked about for being the only success story after stern site. But I don't remember what years there where your radio hall of fame nominee. All look workers got an award with them so here it is so all time the bus and out. That's right you won for that it's culture accompanying concentrate company wham oil that's concentrate company don't read that one OK okay that's a sponsor. I don't have a Washington industry awards Tony Serra debts are we had our listeners vote. On mind so thank you for giving us this award we will. The caesarean pun not intended but this is to open. That's a big that's a big accomplishment in offer for any kind of past it's no small feat. That's win best concentrate companies me in the state of Washington which is one of the first two states to be legalized. And you know we really owe that award to the legacy that wham oil as we didn't win it because we have. The most products we didn't win it because we have the flashier product. We won that award was voted on by industry folks calm because wham oil has such a deep legacy steeped in. The medal sorry adopt it all hey I think he's on my phone and cracked the scream there did you. Yeah I hold no matter should. There too much out of that I think is so cool it put them and it's it's so so you know in the last two months. My company's won the award for best concentrate company and I had a cover Afrique magazine. So needless to say it's it seems on it seems very surreal for me. Because in that area where I was just sort of in a living and avoid I never knew if I was gonna make it. Back or if I would be relevant again and these are the kind of questions that. You have for the universe win. You pattern identity it's based around show business that's built up by people on almost and you just another. Dude on the street. Just. Soft yeah I mean I can imagine that I remember when I would throw Andy back and any amendment does have that moment that wearing it changed the way that I thought about my job. He says dude when you lose his job you lose your identity. Pyramid thinking I need to do whatever I can't put myself in the position that if the when the time comes I lose this job that I don't lose my identity that's why I'm so. Impair total joke about this like I'm not the data goes in parties with everyone on staff is nothing personal against Iran staff but I just wanna create a life and a world that has nothing to do our radio. Some of the things I do whether it be wrestling stuff like hockey stuff I'm surrounding myself of people some of them don't even realize who I am until like recently I was at brick wrestling training class and I'm. Going to Woodrow when these guys instead Johns is like dude. Might tell me you're Steve makes coming up honey I'm right is Adam you and I've been doing this stuff for a couple months now and I had no idea anti tall women friends I was doing this citizen is cool guy named Steve. And this guy put two and two together and then hit me do you aren't as they. He think I didn't mean I listen you all the time Madson even Null and I'm like yes that's what I want I want you to create an opinion and get to know me just has me. And I'm hoping that that'll help me in those situations when the time does come that way I've created a world and in a sense of people that. Really don't give a crap about what I do you who I am or anything they just like me for me and I granted I mean that's that's nothing to do work but that's a good police think it have that. As you know when when times are tough I can rely on the people in my life that really never boarded there because of what I do for a living at that makes sense that's more. In 2000 cousin told that in Gaza cycle and I don't want I don't wanna go down that road I don't wanna like it when you know sometimes people losing gig and then all of us and routed as social circle. Because it's nothing personal but my times happy hours. Decided upon in the office or. Par now decided upon in the office or email chain and if that person's not here not present then all of a sudden they're not being invited and I can imagine that psychologically hard on somebody. We learn who your real friends are when you're out of the game absolutely you don't have free concert tickets and how warm it. Hello I'm and you don't have rock girls following your own Yahoo!. And it's tough that you find another records back right when we're interviewing girls for the rocker competition don't really should call you ally you know you know and I have no idea method of the Internet. Hey guys wanted to hang around here when he's here in the interview their tonight who do need some. Horse when it doesn't mean if I. But I bug I've listened to a lot of wrestling podcast and edging Christian or when they're good loving an edge always talks about this I think it's a really cool thing is that he loves hearing stories about people who bet on themselves and take that chance and I think. You're story is the ultimate. You bet on yourself you took a chance and now there's this. Really cool war there's you wanna cover of magazines and none of that would happen if you didn't take that call and say not only do I wanna work with you I wanna I wanna invest in this and take that chance. I mean Lou jet bet on yourself financially. Emotionally mentally I mean the people in your life also mean that could have been just a real downward spiral that didn't work out but. Because of who you are did it was worth the risk Steve. Yeah because when when you got nothing he got nothing to lose broke the people are scared regardless even if they had nothing you don't feel people are always Jimmy is afraid of failure. Yeah yeah it's a personality type I mean I don't mean to make it all about myself but I would have made it this as Terry your picture on the cover it's. You know I'm as well lapping up Alaska's you know I don't know how to get on it and now trying to drive us now I cannot I. But you know I mean look you hired driven people to be all right and you and I both we're gonna we're not gonna take no for an answer in the radio industry. We wanted that desperately need I you know I got fired five times if if you call him Bob buying new companies getting laid off fired. You know and each time that I got dismissed from a company in a market. I ended up you know in a bigger market eventually make you more money she's Kim take no for an answer you know. And in you have to be yet believing yourself you're absolutely freaking right do and that's the key that's the number one thing announced you know what a lot of you know young guys ask me for advice and had a kid yesterday you know just just hold my ears apart you wanna know or is that it. Who does that mean anything I don't know but I got the weirdest owners return on that a possible yeah. Just he just shield my scalp back and look to offer us a lot better that's that's intensifying thrown up a wow deducting its large thank you how are so familiar award I'm sorry I. But but I tell them you know I say look if you believe in yourself. That's all you need. OK can do it because he don't need anything else because do you would you love. Do your passionate about actually and the money will calm. That race. That's something I always so people and radio peso could have one thinks no one really paid Aaron I'll even pay my bills and I'm like I tell people to stay out of radio. I'm gonna really don't ever generated I decided to look if you wanna put in the time Ed did the cream moments it rights a topic you'll have that opportunity but it might take ten years in my take seven years may take ten months back I can't tell you that it's gonna happen tomorrow. Right we'll show biz is a different you might fail. But you will succeed at something else because you have that you know that know how that that does it Jenna Issaquah. Not enough for another gig you know. So. Here we are meant you know so I so I wrote three books in. And suddenly I'm on the cover magazine were winner awards and now I saw led the cover of the magazine happened four days after he took the pictures I shot but turnaround right and so mound don't magazine. Has picked up. A weekly blown them I'm writing called stony baloney. Yeah you need it maybe. Although it below it and yesterday's. Was the official launch. We still have a little work to do it on on aesthetically but it's online now I do magazine dot com just search stony baloney. And we talk about on. But it's pop culture infused. A tech act I guess I mean we can actually play its two and a half minutes each segment. Palm you know us as a video piece it's an audio piece also with tax. So what's a blog but I also do an audio read for each wind got you got two guys so if you wanna hear you know my new foray. Into broadcasting. It's actually in the form of an audio book or and hardly be a lot. Here you are it's a way from radio doing and working in the poppies missed having a pot business opportunity debt. The fact that you have a radio experience is is helpful image if we took a position probably better demolished. Now how crazy is that on top of that as yet all these opportunities are now they're coming together in my lap for him. Because I started sweeping floors then it's a wow well a year and a half ago. You've got to have some humility in your life in your psyche and also if you wanna make it you know. If you think you own the world just for whatever reason your dad has money and war. You came from a certain type of royalty or you have a certain gift trust me when I tell you know this. You can land strain on your ass at any given moment man just always carry a certain degree of humility yep so now mama cover of northwest leaf. And I'm not I'm doing a blog with guilt magazine called stony baloney every Monday. And I get a call from the publisher of northwest leaf. He says you know what dude I've got a great idea we've been planning this for months and now Tony macaroni it's about to happen. We're going back to Germany. And on October faster and we're gonna take the ultimate kiss again. And this time we're gonna get fifty marks instead of twins. How is it that that sounds so similar to Mexican music. Dude it does have a tab Tex mex yeah I wanted to ground it radio station has never seem like they're the accordion and a reasonable open Daytona. If our neighbors our neighbors crank that music. At least once a month that deep night and it's one of my favorite at this is party music you know the people next door are having tonne a fine. And sometimes I'll dance in my own house alone commit to try to tell you that I was in Brazil for two and a half months. Yes. Definitely this program. I Louis blues who have moved house and I started actually wiping. Here we go. Yeah OK yeah. That the Mexican. Half have still inside its country. Talk a Margarita tough love. At times. Are you know that guys get leads but I let's head. Corn series he's already got five children. After that Margaret up. He's married you have Mary grew sixteen every everybody's happy some margaritas a cautionary tale about its. You don't know what's Margarita pick and I weren't on the drink responsibly yes Merck condoms while. Kids and kids that. So anyways so the publisher of northwest leaf. Comes to me and says dude been working on this for awhile and now we have it we hear the final piece the puzzle we are doing a podcast. Called leafs life and who like for you to be the host nice and I Wes Abdi the publisher of northwest leaf. Will be a co host. And it's we're gonna it's gonna be weekly it's going to be thirty minutes we haven't launched yet. But now I'm getting back into the broadcasting games and a podcast and watch testing up and running how about you Wes come here up two NM wall such resources aren't the premiere on the cover northwest and a. It's. Okay you got ahead so involved. In the Khamis and history and and northwest leave this is more of a medical geared. Magazine whereas dope is definitely more for recreational. Lifestyle magazine. They're all seriousness we said you guys are when when the podcast is up and running in men and let's let's hope you guys launch it on the big level and get our armies cast listeners the dishes the listen to you how he loves it dearly I just as well I don't know they would enjoy that love having you on our podcast I love wheat there who doesn't have that I just and we're gonna have a listen in Canada celebrity's ninety's everybody wanna be honored northwest leaves his. Presently in three states it's also an organ and Alaska and they're adding six new states very soon is legal in Alaska. Because oh nice okay I didn't even realize it legalized there yet. Now did you find stony baloney I did so we can assistant head out check that in the year ago pressed. But then keep it simple stupid. Yeah there are some things in life you just can't to unseat. A dog's getting him by a car. Your parents tongue kissing in front of the fireplace a guy the backside in the 276. Pound plumber wearing car hearts. Bought at 243. Who engages you would professional conversation about key traps. Well awkwardly arching his back for distinct angle on the garbage disposal. And as with everything that exists in the universe. There's a balance. I gang to the proverbial GM. And thankfully life as a way of offsetting these disturbing shocks are providing your visuals of situational bliss. And many of us find through the kaleidoscope of candidates. That the Miree out of a sense given in any particular date are delightfully accentuated by its recreational use. Now there are of course particular times when augmenting your realities through that he's pleased effects of candidates are not recommended. Like while attempting to solve algebraic numbers series but blaming a fighter jets aren't aircraft carrier girl or defending herself in court. Which is exactly why we definitely need your preferred method of marijuana mindful this. It is generally advised to follow one of the world's most elementary guidelines. To kiss principle. The acronym better known for the YE's proverb. Keep it simple stupid. That said the odds are your dedication and mark Haitian resulting in a pleasant experience. Rests on the complexity of tasks which which you assign yourself. So would preparing to enjoy some of the multitudes of Canada this is nuances. Remember that the outcome is directly parallel to the days duties. BS flying the friendly Citi disguise. Or indicate inertia resulting in it or Barbara your couch. Know your role like which trains and methods to best suit your unique temperament. The Dali Lama once said that our purpose in life is to seek happiness. Or in other words to I'm Jane you were jammed and there's an old Irish proverb that states tech campus is proof that god loves us. Okay beer till it's so. Enjoy the fruits of nature's labor but be cognizant of the one Jewish varietal that provides a distinctly delicious effect. And by the way give mom and dad they're space when they're feeling frisky. No parent wants to beat cock getting dizzy by their kid that. No upgrade. Yeah I that marijuana is Paul Harvey. I think if he can't if he can't listen to it you can just read it right there has got a right there on the blog as well but. Your voice makes it pretty entertaining pretty awesome I'm Paul harming. A day that's the end of the story and I passed we have Landers that's what it is. They don't say baloney. And that's on I don't magazine's website yeah it gets really easy to get to the there'll be a new episode every week and Sundays. Well one up about I hope for you stick around hang our lesson check for a few mistress of rev I wanna talk to him -- has had an incident that happened and he told me. Very abbreviated version of it but I thought it was awesome because it basically that I was I just told somebody that at falloff in a Mike savers for the podcast you have to do I have time to take blue moon the second most amazing (%expletive) in my life you do a fresh. And Autry yeah if we're going to be that we gotta have the music here we go out on his mama Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob hello. Co owner of that German guy will be in the restrooms. All find out if I come back with Fox25 marks. You know he's there it's all you do now we'll tell us and we'll wait for the story today as you're about to make drag down our heads. Yeah. I don't while Rick is doing his thing let's put us out of our French chains hanging out is bad here for the morning show and also sent into the mix Kasten. (%expletive) out of the right. Yeah there we go okay. I don't. Jane went to the computer and a hundred on it until it comes back starts. Hobby you just went you went to a show that it knows even going to happen until I saw all my friends there were security at the shoebox boasting about how excited they were the work they show. And that was the corrosion of conformity. Black Label Society I hate god show that was at the show box yet there was. Stephanie good show to seek com. So he still suffering from damage soaring production cut. Why do you most excited to see evolved Eminem would be great should see any that stand but the one I'm kicking myself about that never seen him live his corrosion of conformity. Yeah I've been pretty much demands that don't feel like that you won't matter come here really so who gets to appoint. Especially that you can and give Mexico saying how much you enjoyed seeing Seattle's public I think last time we saw is that he was passed out of the bathroom of our radio station because he drank too much yeah shall yet. It is indeed I've got to do a meet and greet. Did he was a little late buddy did that a did it he made sure everyone I got their money's worth and all that and he still fulfills its his deals even when he's wasted but I critic of for their new record it's got the most of the original lineup awhile and peppers back and insist. And Austin metro the first half as a soccer chant about this during the morning show period did you out of occurs in conformity and the first half is like. I got they just created a masterpiece and then the second half is still good but you can tell they front loaded their best songs. But it's a really good record of your fan of old school corrosion of conformity gas cannot you're not going to be disappointed by this record. That's crazy. Well not easily submit videos it looked like Dave they got headlines. Gather some was really didn't come blog times like opener fans are confident. Americans amusement. The whole concert through through it is so nice nice. I'm glad you had a good time there and I. And thank you for hanging out with Osama be Jimmie isn't planning imminent and listening to the makes guess that's very cool music you listen wanted to check out there and I've gotten free it would give you voicemails emails and text messages today just because a lot of them. I'm Bob Glen as well as yeah now hold off a wall do a big maybe next week if we have time I say this in March will go down some weird broke up half a flat daddies and you'd do that next week we'll try to get a big email voicemail text message spectacular. I do want people now. This Saturday's Demi did you know a lot of wrestling fans listen to this a lot of people might bowl yeah riveting life just happening over at the angels who wins arena casino road to wrestle the main idea casino with the arena. So don't go to casino the code of the old. Comcast or is on the aisle. Perino okay the one up and ever write off that they OK okay okay yeah I changed names but I persevere or diffuse light weights at the casino what's going on I know it's at the arena Dave's own name now that's out of pocket. So it shows for speed at 730. Saturday night that apparently changed it because they're the big paper view on. Sunday elimination chamber in Vegas old I can imagine they've got you know what. Bunch of people needed maybe get down there are rats in the big paper view the elimination chambers of beating on people's bodies so maybe they need to rest up before this and also. You never know what fight gets canceled the last thing you want to have as a wrestler who haven't missed. Because they're stuck. It never Gary I mean we had Danny had dead had missed his fly a guy that is not our morning show he's he's he missed today's show because he missed not here mrs. fighting got they canceled Diaz has all the weather right now it's going on Mike yeah that's yesterday two knots. I just. I forgot that it was like winter. In Mikey was just out of January in a month why is it snowing outside I don't want this yep and now it loosely at least it's not too bad but apparently it's going to be freezing off. Rican weekends that's an immoral we we have to get up. So if you're going and you got tickets and you're thinking it's at 730 no. Early get there earlier and by early annual early and ask has man I would have been pissed if I showed up and didn't realize that so I'm just trying to get the word out as much as possible to know and when it's going please let them know the show starts at one. Which now makes sense because they're doing a big fund go pop. In store appearance by broad stroman I saw he is his uncle popped nice I just maybe maybe you re tweeters something or we just run in the circle or something but I saw that I was like. They are making so many phone goes now the big wrestler it makes sense with all the wrestlers like I I would. I think I remember seeing like maybe a steam line or out back in the late date it's not a sting Lex Luger dot com impact on the overtime. All all of that it never failures cross my wife I take it we should take up the phone co sponsors are going to be an average and you like Harry Potter. So I just I got the Harry Potter Roland yeah that's my code for I'm going to buy another wrestling fungal but my body you know he soured bets are beyond it but. You mean we feel talent alone we've he's that you called fungal pops the job the Bobble heads for hot topic nations. And at least none of them did you Larry all these are all in all it. Mike I'm still buying them. My but the owns a gaming store and he what is pretty adamant at the beginning not wanting to get in defunct coats them because she just. The existence is silly you look Powell and a bump and you got to figure how to sell those here's the thing. There are a lot of them met people really really want it in some bottles are really big collectibles. Like people want us find that leg even went with the wrestlers who wanna find every single wrestler in an entire series. Boy and so it's any collectible people just absolutely nuts forum yet. I ended up working the store one day two days in the I watched this same couple coming in each day and drop I think about sixty bucks each time. A line just bongos you're so we zoomed up that kind of coin gaffe it's ridiculous and one of almost talking about how he had one that was like. Worse like 900 dollars if you had kept it in the box show of course he did because he loved it wanted to play with Dave. So we could just want to review saying he loved it and you wanted to play like that putt and then you walked out of the bathroom popcorn and a welcome back I was that urination. Well it turned into a Doogie Howser. I was wondering if it's difficult but but but but now I ran into hair club. VIC Dinah that he ran the sergeant Eric same thing right yeah. That's put Coke. Local pool hall who who all love that guy from London I was about some conversation. And I don't understand how the men's room. There are taught them answered. Right I remember in interviews here and Eric does get to read story about why he had to tell somebody to ask Bob and I posted on FaceBook system people I think share some stories in the comments are nice times a day at a tell somebody to go as far so old there has been a running story on this podcast about my absolutely insane neighbor. She's the one that we recorded I recorded a while back yelling when I first it was introduced her. It will is on she was on her porch talking very loudly and angrily. On her phone. And this cat to go weighing in now has been going on for almost two years. She will yell at the neighbors she will yell about my wife having army having sister wives what my wife and her sisters. She's creating all these really weird stories. And just be rating everyone around us. So old I think he was Tuesday after the show after the migs caste I go home. And I had the door open and the wife and I call our door the portal if we have the door open and it seems to beckon her out on to her porch. And she'll start carrying on in just freaking out a whenever so the door was open and and as she starts she comes out like clockwork starts yelling. And I'm like okay whatever comes Dagestan on my door just stared matter and I hadn't had a bad day but I was kind of tired of her crap. And then she had turned on her car alarm because this is one thing she likes to do in order to. Dissuade. Other people from doing things to talk about the Mexican family who cranks their music she'll. He hit her car alarm and just keep got running. And running and running as an old crucial our planet fitness all around all deference to allow someone to bring an alarm yeah and I even she turns it off and she's standing at door on staring at her she staring at me you know Michael whatever so I walk away. And as she starts Jabber and MI a helmet so I go out there and I'm like. What did you say. To which she was like. Not packed any Democrat and have a down my all right fine whatever I don't wanna deal with it. Go back in in my house and then she starts talking to me and I just go back out and I just yell why don't you just shut the F. Nobody wants to hear it. Well if they're written and then what happen. Well no we got into about a fifteen minute yelling match is so awesome. To which she responsibly if usually just yelling at me a hole by engines as Jack bring on about whatever random things she thinks is happening in her life. And then heard talking about bragging how she owns her house so she's cooler I'll yeah and in that we only rain and so we can't do anything if she needs to defend her house. And mental coma meant that something like that. And so I yell letter a little bit longer and then at this point I had already texted my wife saying that hey you know I just ordered is at the F the officials here in and yet in the why did the exact same thing a year why did please don't please please please stop doing that. Did you call her the C word because I was at no point when I told somebody that I and my wife you know I used him she wasn't fond of that I didn't die views then part of my wife and get she's not fan a fan of either she's gonna driving Escude I thought I sort of took my parking spot. I called her cutie pie it's devastating to not go over well with my life is so after that I was flirting with that Lucas. So after artillery have shut the F up it was a hornet's nest she eat food. The problem is it she just sits on her porch like a yuppie dog in says yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep all the time. How app. And so even like the neighbor next show's talent at all man is I kind of felt bad because they started impetus of an aircraft and I really am you open a pandora's box dude. And soul for the rest of that day she was on her porch just Jabber Jabber and yell and talking about the interaction we had on the phone very loudly test. Somebody on the phone which I don't you believe there's anyone on the phone at that point. Talking about how she needs to defend her property. A murder mentioned before about. Setting up trip wires around her house. This is the kind of men stole state that this person's end. And then also I I heard her explain as to why she sets off those alarms. Was apparently to keep the rafts away from her house. So whole news. Yeah I might have started something with the neighbor I mean Glenn probably would be really proud. Oklahoma trying to figure out a way to murderer I Elvis they don't necessarily want that but you know whatever side job as a hit man I gotta you really trust you really wants that. But I was trying to figure out like. I need I need to do something more to just kind of give back at her but I don't wanna show up as a giant rat. Just on our property and how are not putting it on her property this would land mines like this. It's it's the place is a train wreck Hollywood is your life insurance because Michelle might be OK it was well we just couldn't benefit to think it's pretty good now the interesting thing but it did for me it was funny because I was like why you know that's actually a fun topic in the sense of time to you've had to tell somebody that I thought yeah Africa and if you had a recent experience regions had a tells me go that far off. To make a more peaceful guys yes you would get to that point well I actually you know again like we talked about the beginning of the migs cast. I'd have gotten to a place in my life where I've recognize other people's pain and frustration there grab their own problem cash and not mine just because there. They're did our. Projecting their issues on to me it doesn't make me any less real feel any less love for myself war. Com or feel more anger. Because then you're giving in to their problem collapse a year earlier absorbing their problem and that's totally what his views yeah that's what you did and says see you reacted the wrong way and we all know that negative energy attracts negative energy and positive the tracks positive. PG and handled the situation with a positive energy generally well who always that's what you'll receive back. And if the other person is just not capable of doing that these just remove yourself from the situation yet. And and analyze OK what is my part of this what am I doing wrong and my bringing negativity and sadness or you know anger onto myself. By allowing them to project their discomfort their hatred of the universe. On to other people because generally when people do that. They've displayed their set of dissatisfaction with the life. It's there insecurity. And it's not yours and they're trying to make you feel worse so that they can feel better all out themselves could have offered a peace offering instead and to bring positive energy and then you could combine the best to authority here I've made you a pop high energy since it that was salacious and Utah or is directly. But if you really really wanna get under your skin I would say it could you know like a couple of PF PA and a couple big gap fires out you know from your yard dad under way on I determining music. Not hot hot hot we're. The herd immunity that I was media when all I meant hail lady. Instead of rob this you have to incentive for having us my bill applaud oh my gosh I would. Wow wow yeah add. Haley could pay let's turn it up to a mountain. Instead of having Glenn murder someone I was actually thing is they hate playing. Would you go for having just a concert oh my my yard par you'll just have ready will be allied bruiser Brody get all the M I'll drive bruiser Brody is it better at her house. And just crank it. It's funny you bring about having issues with your neighbor out of you son as media spreading over the Internet on FaceBook in the in the headline news. Have you ever been this mad that your neighbor and it's into a snap back cap on backwards you put together pretty sweet Molly did count I got it's it's it's not only a party in the front and you know business and from party derivatives also Bob Brunette in the front. Blonde injuries are cool is that Hulk Hogan. Did it looks like preserve our beef cake. Meats whole code gives that is amazing and so he's films himself any good again the subject is have you ever been this mad that your neighbor. Harming our work began on surfaced this is where my bag is to make. I can come from mark not it's been impounded and an artist bill does that ramp. So while the spice to reimburse me for all that Lamberth now I got my this now. Grandson that's have a slight Bennett you've probably impounded about. All because my neighbor to the Norris toed the homeowners association Matt Barrett was a mass slower. We'll social it's natural snack while cigarette just thanks didn't you might wanna do the essentials must lower jet the truck camper and a winner. This is more natural. Does our last. Bob Turner stepped in stands in the grizzlies. Not that hard they don't abide slapper appetite barks. The pattern as. The that's my own. Is there isn't so very actually seems like a fairly nice guy and you know he didn't think he was using a lot of lumber sit up he's a wooden board and that was about it I was told a ground breaking point. We put time and effort in that program and I'm done Mitchell just came in to kind of you know destroyed. So we get a divorce on our front page times of people until someone at Bob Amir her friend of oh yeah I guess if I'm an employee was slacking off and I asked them a decent tasks that needed to be done. He told me that half off in front of other employees smaller so the next day I had to sleep on it because Eddie been gel I didn't. I don't app off and I fired his ass. Yeah I see either time then two weeks ago I had a deejay tell me the half off not being on the podcast that's on Apple iPhone FaceBook and hungry cattle and but talking to you got jokes at Cesar Rivera tamales yeah odd John Guy he releases this morning my two year old wanted to pay my nails I told an apple offs. I'm posted a picture myself and not. I dammit Flintstones previewed a new coat of paint anyway but you've got two year old gonna end up like this guy on the video gets ready to think so if your wife read so yeah. Erica she's in one's a guy at Starbucks told me I should lose forty pounds before it oh my god scored the public again fruit I totally should pot probably go to therapy for his do you size and at a creation and accuracy issues Tyson who. Now look at an arrogant pictures she's beautiful who now. Now. The fact kickers. I'm. I don't. At PHP. HAT and T yes aid and generally. Juicy seemed really kick ball Baja area doc Kevin's and oddly enough this is just last week early in the morning outside of a 7-Eleven had a tree can ask me to buy him some food I told him I wouldn't he call me a chump I tone app off. And he turned around walked away apparently it worked. Grew up speaking of which. My friend Ricky Henderson might have that song by Dick's. Brett drive and we know today is not a baseball player knows my friend he likes the fast food so that my wife didn't approve of being fest which I live vicariously through my friend Ricky Henderson and everyone's always have a Dix aux and a couple Fries may be a strawberry shake affiliated he's still 120 basis when season. That Rickey Henderson did this Ricky Henderson just enjoys test fire yeah it's cause that I you know why you to a different. It's actually there are. Heads up are so I much richer Ricky. Read today I Dix in queen and oh yeah guys burger got a little logs gets in his car. Homeless guy outside but every he wasn't having the best of days there's a hold on Tuesday units again it's no comfort food to make me feel better sometimes for Q does that. Homeless guy outside just sitting there doing what he does and Ricky ceased. A bird just whoop some a homeless guy and all men are and it was meant to know how that money to pay is going. Very these days gone. I mean this guy but poor guys homeless and L Burgess traps on him and he's kind of looks at the sky looks at his shirt lifts this. I again and it doesn't look like. I'm dude that real now current deal with enough as it is right and I idiot trusting whoever was working at that ticks. Came outside I would a lot of napkins for the deed in morrow thanks man. Really appreciate it sounds like. No burger no oh. I think go to given the birther then not mind numbering he's yeah yeah yeah Ricky was really hungering kind of sent him Ricky erratic cash she'd have to so much it was the cash transaction only true now. That's that's that's just remember that no matter how tough realizes that he's not homeless and you heard improve by he's now at a became homeless socks on yeah she's no respect his right to the birds don't even give any I really like I should make guys look on his face was exactly I like I've really become really broke serious of all things how Warner of the bird hitting Dix. I. I'd be a horrible experience you know because usually smells like fish or something you know move. Is that you know the easy going and as Berger case daunting addictions heard you know like tonight before. Smugly tartar sauce new delicious award to Heath. Siegel. Well a man it's been great having you can be a part of the podcasts and Bob again wham oil is where people can find out about all these stuff also I northwest leave the magazine and W leaf dot com if you wanna read the article on mine stony baloney until magazines so much stuff future podcast is well. This a million things in my M where people can find out where Boyle. BI itself all over the stage is go to Washington's original dot com. Or why am oil dot com it's wham OW AM there's no way to go originated as Washington alternative medicine. Back ram the knob medical days. And you know removed from the recreational market you're not to at liberty to used the word medicine in anything eaten so which were with the Akron and now we call at 1 am well. Went into the feels like we've smoking. Why now it's a 100% pure. It's carbon filtered. Like we don't put any cut any color anything in the oil to boutique RTs and oil. We have what's called it's snowing outside by the way god it has been Hariri else is another pitch well. Via the it is time for some when I want it yet to bundle up at home yeah I don't resent a five liter high flow. Extraction extract her from eating labs it's it's really like it the giant Berry stepped. Coffeemaker you know but. We it's a boutique oil. For a very fair price at your local shop if you'd like to know which shop is nearest you be carries when I want to go to Washington to regional dot com please. It's awesome awesome so they don't check it out and enjoy it and now we'll be back next week I wanna say this it's such. Privilege to be on your show thank you did thank you so very much this is a great time of the year before. Class act inequality broadcaster YouTube red mountain time. Occasionally they do against. Thank you brother and the feeling is mutual it's always great having you be apart and opened its and you hear Glenn will be here as well but it's a car issues so we'll be back next job. Thank you Jay for CNN and watch thing show. They've given us to review of the big got corrosion of conformity show last night. For my dad has pretty awesome I don't know what we're doing next week but a pro do some things happen. Probably good until then as always we asking you to stay positive. Morals. Well social weren't meant to all.