MigsCast 02/27/18 "Swipe Right!"

Tuesday, February 27th

This week the fellas welcome Trevor to the show…Trevor is a big fan of the show and brought his lady Sydney with him…so we grilled them about meeting on Tinder, the “L” word, and expensive shoes.  Check out Trevor’s podcast, “Shots & Thoughts” on YouTube and SoundCloud.  We also chatted about a funny moment that happened to Steve while doing a wrestling podcast with his bud Dobashi, and we chat with Wyatt Olney from Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage about why he owes us another bag of Dicks!

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That's been my name is being made tonight in the air. A neighbor of the year after I read about Oregon hello hi. And the mighty return number one candidate missed everybody last week was arguing that well yeah. Dominic Dunn's yeah yeah long hair as well. No way the only grades and eat I don't I am a Fannie military really miss joke calm but it was great here in record he's the only person ever return the base down. On my stereo taught that yeah that's pretty soon lose. For more. Look Lori says I. So yeah I miss you guys man didn't back it nice value back out I got had to deal with I'm trying to get my hot rods you obviously you grow facial hair and he came back and I look well. I don't know what's going on he had the mustache well I got Mike and I and facial linger well. The third musketeers as the bomber is an area dark canyon right in my fifth wheel like yeah. Trade on the Chris whatever his name is of the three musketeers ma'am dad and I don't remember some references have gone way too deep get our hot rod. Still working on my cell in my hot rod and you don't some. You know ass hat Randy knew it dented in the rear oh yeah. I'm just trying to make arrangements to get that dent pulled sucking units sold so are you trying to look like not your usual so easy to find him hurt him in and savior came out I think god I all under a separate subject armed. Yeah it's weird that I didn't have to report to a proper job anymore yeah and so being me I quit achieving. The same clothes for a week because you can't as a middle smell bad for some reason they're fine yeah I don't I don't have to walk into a hotel lobby and try and be professional on now you know. So I'm a little skeptical Obama I Jeanne thanks I don't in the dryer with a bit dryer sheet money go for ten minutes yet a brand new and all put on more pain at nothing to do that man for me it's sort of feel kind of candidacy I know it's time I had what I saw walking on their own right line amount. Still the man I just the mere sounds like well you know because it frozen like a map of Hawaii gets this hot mad all over the place your response cellular familiar Myers once every morning to myself all we didn't apply to my wife married that sooner or even I lately I've got this chronic. A look at the mirror like can I looked tired and I get home that night and I'm like cannot. I still have time. It might die in my community into. You know home. If up Blake bump into a hotel keepers human and all your shines baby boy I mean you know like politically just going to be there and nurse. Big round lake can look I feel like I look young for my age in their data from like wow I look completely my agent and there's other bedroom like. Man look like I'm fifty due to hold gone really matter. What the permanent pink rainbow round my eyes now move in this unique chronically watering I keep thinking my visions failing to that I realized is to my eyes are water into some some goddamn tired. I don't know what I reportedly blood or marriage sad you don't demand upon China to Google through men very owe little or hot flashes. Up and consistency to it. That's right back up. Talk yeah I did today we might do it well and his voicemail text message so we leave our chances on my gosh are we ever look at all the boys and allow the new guys that well voicemails before we do that only got time nowhere okay yeah I'm all right I wanted to. Pass on Sunday Google do you glands all of this is not from Maine. Because I don't live normally like spending money on anybody another does my wife. But she was listening to the podcasts and we are talking about the grill from in an email she sent me a couple links via messenger. Yeah and her and I began a bit in the back and forth well eyes she decided that UN Tawny need to go be your meat sweats on. So she got you a Groupon for lol I you to go check out the grill from a pay any money she and I am not kidding. You lose so yes you go call. Jimmy sweat sign courtesy of a life. Well god that's it and then honey thank you okay I'm Michelle that's like amazing. How is this. I'd take the word tips local detective work meets west. I should happen. That that's that's amazing. Thank you so much you really didn't have you might think when she hit me up. I didn't think he had seen imagery didn't realize what I was looking and made me and a hitter back and I was like hey mama good god you know while to figure out all of the four of us try and plan some things. Again here's that here's the media avail I might have missed the fact achieved his I think I've been trying to be better about our instant messenger I'm phone is held meetings. Songs. I've got down the words separated dad and I'm just trying to stay caught up on that did it hit six so I'm so yeah I haven't sixty messages and unlike. Hey what's up that sounds great awesome thanks sorry unless there's some evidence that such a lot of more like dude puts an eagle on its Herschel from a month ago hit a couple that's. Sorry I missed this so you guys may have been that hey you know I missed that she sent. It's the thought Michelle that is so sweet on the Yankees. So haven't you a trip report to me how it is because all you do that's that's so cool I'm not going with my wife she doesn't eat meat you know what honey next time you wanna tell your wife own eyes mandate of next time you wanna go to the tulip festival balls I would drive from reaching your own arsenal somewhere new and I'll go out there right behind I still drive reasonably certain pricing on the involved downtrend on trying to grow my beard instead you'll notice it's me about your husband. I didn't act act now all laid out a doubt we're out of it now that we are very affix that been hearing. Now sir may decide to meet splits again. Yeah then yeah. I don't look when you think Jeff. Good name Exxon did he got a big gift in the song. The real gift is that the sun never really went after me yeah. This really did a great song that myself to the try to get to do and I hit the pause button Pinkett yeah that's at peace and you it's a very movie soundtrack Hannah. Jacqueline that's a great job it's. Fitness car it's really OK I thank the secretary. Italy's got a couple sores on his lip just slow and he really really Bowman now on the edge you know my woman giver her her PC. It's just he can choose which we generally don't see if we come about her dance. Thank you okay that so clearly out working with you guys who have heard these I know yeah all I know all our web address small man bag earlier c'mon we got Trevor in Sydney now they don't realize that they're excited that I. Herpes but I'm sorry guys I don't think it's. It does anyone anonymous you're actually have an aerial to seize the number what. Because the UK ST yeah I don't I really hope I don't do this is the fun part Johnson Trevor came in sat in the morning to review you saw it sent sent us a message on the makes cats died text line hoping to come watch the show we got back TN. Here you are it's magical year off I can't see the disappointment your eyes. So much so I'm so much disappointment is. To me stories really familiar to me man it's usually because we let out when I was on my way desperately approaching the coffee machine if I don't then I'll move. Two of your shows 12 maybe maybe you've seemingly any do you remember which one hour probably as many as I do you know him at all you know yeah you know I've prepared your tax return and look good. Very fine man but you'll never flag yet get lucky got a. And Trevor breast Sydney we didn't see premiere every name because my wife's name is well and in so you don't listen to the podcast the morning show he just drag you along. Yeah basically yeah okay so yeah no pressure on us to be entertaining if not. I couldn't be asleep right now actually. Yeah I always it's always fun because I always like sold bring their friends with them that we've had that before were had somebody in and they brought their friend is wanna always dornin on the friends. Who's not familiar with it may have just no idea cut them a lawyer what's going on. Either looking at their watch tonight when this is going neck and it's just keeps going you don't normally be really jester weren't right. So business did so I'll be just engaging in on Sydney's face of react to such a delicate did not having fun we're stopping the podcaster Travers going to be mad at you for arrested today so I get. I had to let her know that bringing in some sort of food was mandatory so she was the one who actually got the donuts. And thank you yeah yeah. And I know that you would do mandatory for fruit because there is definitely I ask what I'm Jack owns this seems like everybody who comes in you know they always bring in what you guys are always like bringing bringing in Dick spring and some sort of the real lucky with the part tied sausage. Thousands. So what's the now multiple you know I've mastered and food does. Dallas yeah. Gary yeah get a lot of tomorrow AS is obviously Obama had to bring in something that trichet drivers don't know determines and tinian and don't let people but I thought. But the best part is so you come to the morning show and you said Sid the author of get food and yes she's good she is a keeper man thousands though this amazing in this industry that's known as a runner. Era there. Brother right he turns around and yeah I think Geithner. I that hinders you have. And they won against him one story that actually worked on tender look at. An old network and you are do you know who swiped. Right first. Who approached to do how to get down come on guys because message we've heard is that unlike a wonder apply and then it was and I never replied after that and then he was yeah that he was that enough not to send you Deepak. And the man although and kudos to the shoes and oh yeah that's why we're together I don't know I. It's still in the Q we've ever had had a ball where does that familiarity don't don't you notice how hard that would have restarts I was the type who would just. Swipe yes on everything yeah. And then if you don't have to wait as they would be wasted time because like I don't know if they're gonna like backs these why write us and everything and then all the all the ones say they swipe yes and you think you filter then you those shoes yes and that's what I do and I say her message cast a wide net. Yeah yeah I you know you just gotta. You got all your options there this is a very romantic story. Hi Tony I'm I'm fascinated is okay. Well yes that's what they are now here's a guy is much different then probably what you guys were used to do not even know how are you guys are all ended in a monogamous relationship firm could job knowledge and I have been together for twenty years yeah so I have no lie like if I was single again now I don't know what I did it's miserable I kill you guys are in the middle let's just start dealing narcotics seems like if I played at night when I make good weather yeah that's OK could my kind of girl yeah that's OK I told cores and that's kind of what when you can. I don't often see I'm so counsel has is they always are younger don't Coke or what the perfect woman. Millions millions Phillies elegantly December UST but I want to call I call it now like the whole world that this generation's that the grass is greener generation because of tender it's like Theres always options you know I mean that also makes it more difficult and all I really dynamic is so like you have to you're all your entire image has to be. On this website yeah they don't like the image that you and then little by little are being yes in writing or in pictures it's like you never get back. Personal interactions they don't even know you are and you're one of 101000. Guys are a 100000 guys on the site so immediately they assume might go like this is just another guy. And I think that's yeah. Well I remember one of best words it was when we're again Merrimack pastor he who docile very active on hindered not kidding. Actually he is an anchor on every word of advice to think I feel like that's the problem with data are announcing you in say some things go bad debt arms and starts like the right and find someone new buddies like to treat your relationship like there are no options no other options is no plan B there's nothing. And it's something that stuck with both my wife and I especially my license again I gotta keep remind myself there's no other option I. I don't there's not let you know I mean like to have that mentality because. Nowadays I don't I guess and I don't even know what would be like man the minute these Iraqi People I'm not senators and dear my eye. I think people really Iraq is like we'll have this some lump funny if fish are going on this off finds all better. Yeah I mean there's there's an app like. And I saw that there's an app for that there's an app for everything every time debating everything you can and farmers only the end of the call center that it. I have and at that excuses like. Because I got to imagine the tender experience for girl has to be different than the tender experience for a guy yet I was just. Yeah. So I Ellen I respect your courage for even being able didn't chosen those waters because so it was pure creep with on and I'm guessing maybe he wasn't a creeping you're like thank you god and that was I think what happened. Yeah I haven't senior Wiener although I didn't know. Yeah there's equip militiamen and you know they when you look I understand how many did not go play she's a geez somebody creepy messages did you get back when you're on tender. Wade Tim and I would say probably like at least and it. And what can make right now have to plot you're just like I can't handle it pretty easy to maintain your patience enough. Saloon car she got a coming around to those who aren't. It's completely ought to think these guys and fly on to the don't see girls are like oh expecting ten a day in and guys like. And I hope I get ten replies today it's completely ups or ten this year yeah yeah this century and that's what you gotta do says this swipe forever I mean because like four runs right into that little clip yeah I really have the power on the app and I mean yeah you're getting all the creepy and it's at that point you have the power to say yes sir note all loaded up. Yeah the of that I think it's more of like. We're that we're the fisherman you know that's about it and learn cisneros. I'm just it'd Sid mid June. The whole world today. Is it isn't it's all about expedience. Mean back in the day. You went to a show or to a club. And you saw attractive girl there you spent half an hour working up the courage to go talk to her yet if she shot you down home you were either done for the night. Or maybe maybe you can Muster up the self confidence to start over again AK multiple shots of whiskey did it and let to a cause like Paula you're cutting pass all the BS. Asks India you know what I mean like I guess I'm saying maybe this isn't such a bad thing I don't look. It will I think pride pros and cons yeah I think a lot of cons you have a lot of lot of song hee ho and yes yeah. And other religious or jealousy you know at. Okay here's the question fridge then what's the creepiest thing he remember back in your dating days with all these apps that I do Regis tender but. What was what we just like OK I might set the quick. Technology for ever. Think about that little I'll Kathleen all right well we've got like four hours we bring hello. About 900 no I didn't really look at don't get there and we got down had zero hardware we're staying here until we finish that box and don't have a broader commodities are many of almighty god opportunity gym for the rest of today. Is that playing like there was so much creeping sense that it's hard to isolate the one that may use this TV just. Assuming you just enjoy because he's at seamlessly Durban that's. I know I wanna hug you gentlemen and I you're like yeah I mean invent you know to me than I was like wild like he's not insane this can. He laid out there go our way you're not not what. Did they let the crazy on the bag and about six more money you can yeah weigh in I'm waiting and all of you guys coming up you're not not that I haven't seen you're not slower or on the line. Addressed. Say awesome yeah where was the first state would you guys gal. I paid sick so she's not you know Harry now it's also what kind of girl is that they you're taking on the date is she. More of like I wanna go to coffee and her are she I wanna go out and see nature of the united issues super and hiking a typo traditional awards on the part of the. None of every friend I let you know not say there yeah borrowed again Dudek and doing it ever talk about how trusting you are committed to ensure I brought a lot of wrote a lot of deduct the house currently set up and chloroform dad just like the but in central new non consensual I believe it does not believe it was. Dan downing yeah home like neared the squall. There's like a big just. There's like a bridge that goes over the river really nice place and we just went up there and had I think we just went up there first necessary that quake retreated F five stars are no better season. The chaos is not a place she'd been to before he until we surprise you by scooping all the sound thinking somewhere killer in. And we just. Honestly Google like aches you're young hello again and I look cool let's tell them did you pack like on line insurer. I can collect assets snacks for us it wasn't like people it was like full meal I think is great this month's food this is incredible seeds have I some kind bars and high can he date did yeah sometimes I Isa. Yeah no -- yeah I don't say what I mean because some girls like I want you to buy me a real winner in the but it's really nice when you go out dangerous nature of some while mine but yeah every you'd impression for both of your gonna every every single girl even my wife included I met. At a rock show. So if you can imagine. Yeah. I bet it's not going ahead. Do do. All men you know it's a miracle and I'm not still a virgin. I don't I don't want to. He had been here he's ahead. You want it from Iowa and I don't want to know how the. The yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it sounds far superior to my entire life I haven't thought I. I don't locate and how soon did you guys ditched attend Iraq after you guys are now one week for me okay. Always tell us Monica. Is yeah you wouldn't Massa below flood through this morning relatively. Yeah nerdy new series here not tools you can look at. Argued I got a feeling out of he had to drop the L word yep I have a feeling if you had menu probably were the first to drop it it's even. Lilley put a woman's body I'd go into the podcast you bring donuts UN support this is I feel like this is a close. A word that will be spoken of soon but oh yeah you don't walk potentially you are inundated. Well thank and welcome it's it's fun these loan and thought of float yelling all England club yelling and or you go I I love you. And those of you and to me and I love you yeah I love you forever it's funny you say yours on accident the first time I did lose it we haven't I don't know if you guys like this but when you talk on the phone all the time any person dating site so. There aren't terrorists are we talking until like 11 at 9 am exhausted I get up the next morning but I am so happy to talk to my ma am now wife for my girlfriend of the tire. Chicken talking to at a time when he and girlfriend. And I remembered rumors are you more serious I would have any song cop talks. And then just say as a single by O'Meara I love you and oh yeah I like I was so tired just came now and I meant it but it just came out. And then there was that my own net Dionne won't make the all of a son loves you. What excuse me. I gotta go and. Okay. Oh yeah. I really that's the only down I don't all right I got to realize that value. Kind of policy while we take you policy while talking to mimic I thought I did I don't know load going on Republican dream I don't know why that they love so. Excuse us rallying and that's kind of cool but then I'd she would she still hadn't said to me for like weeks as soon art and I I kept saying it. May mass of an accident more of intentional and move it way when we shoot within fishing remember I hey I'm oddball I'm. Inflection changes like I love you. I know miss. Our assistant professor David good no word become such a like such a commonly used word also sure you know it takes a the place of a goodbye yet you shouldn't throw out on both thrown around loosely and that's why and that's what asserts by give I told. Romo love now have other browser that's an eyebrow again. Yeah I did you know like social contract pumping my friends with. In my life well I think it was you know after period time I think in I think I was one that said Reza I think I'm falling in love with the united even straight up saying I love you but he was a. It's. Usually please turn off our. Always. But a man you know well okay every day is okay so. When you said that I think our employees are really all you get did you get negative repercussions from that overall I think because our very first person I was ever whiff. When are you you think that's what happened ice I was so I'd go and you get yourself lucky I didn't say yeah I appreciate that you went numb she when he kind bars in the woods with yet did you can't either and it's a huge green bars in the would not happen. She was like I. I was like I think I'm I think I love you and she was like what you mean you think Gaza whoa. Yeah that's how to Indian way out of proportion yeah. I mean all of our you know we're kind of dating that they did we were still seeing other people assault or lose we're talking all the time there's. Definitely a gravity there but you know little while I think you probably a month or two is what it took. And finally I was almost like look you know I'm really starting to if I felt feelings here and I think they need for. To be UN me. And no one else or not or not at all no you know and then like not mama and not as an ultimatum it just you know if I'm kind of at that point where I think I'm I think I'm column on Liu and and that was kind of how went down it was a serious conversation about. If you don't wanna just give me I guess that will go our separate ways but I'm getting to a point where. Ansari is particularly I'm not liking the thought of you going out on my day with a different down Friday at this point I'm count around. All right if you know and so is this whole great dialogue. They turned on an amazing relations. We had a similar I commerce issuers like OK I know you don't want a good reporter rebound relationships like from what I am talking about yeah Cuba for just had crushed hearts and so neither one won and like establish a boyfriend girlfriend who were fearful that it would be a people would just system moved constantly chirp as we experience from a morning show me Jake motive for the most part. So finally tomorrow night taking shots at a dude who's this guy kind of like really like both of us is kinda at each had all really have are these guys every value to what do you don't memorize these young leading women ran -- might rule much was taken love advice from a guy's only been on a deal with one woman and then married here yeah. What a what book did you read this great war of words of wisdom and resolve are reading now and I think three stupid yeah I like what would that chapter seven of your dumb how to be in their relationship and you're like yes actually right here who I. Actually there's seven point five but it's got doctor splitters key relationships yeah it's honestly like I would've broken up with said a long time ago when I'm just trying to prove that I'm right and we've been married now but they don't sell. Ironically I don't get divorced now finally I wanna let argument if I don't I thought I'd say it doesn't listen to the shell got so you don't like Stephen. Just show I didn't artists are no I heard the podcast but also wrote and I didn't I didn't cheeseburger and yeah she'd agree on your lips and let's talk about I've asked. But there was one of those things where they jas brew so fearful establishing that were boyfriend girlfriend iris think look I don't care what were called. Just I don't I'm not gonna buying now and any other sixteen you know hang out until dawn toll finally dies they got zero inches I wanted to guide as to what happened that night T label plan Colombia Butler might there was one time saying lover and she responded with banks. The vote mellow and happy you're like me dude did you joke thanks to make got a call response all the time now I made my view. Thanks pat this could become a sucker if those tremors go to the like how much you have got you prove it I'd car. My naming your lunch. If you can you blame the NL I had to do thorough manner and automated oh you're and you have done what I mentally I'm very happy that that went that way I have noticed that the title. The titles a big deal nowadays like are you considered. Our relationship getter not consumption so many people have different views on winner you actually considered her relationship do you have a ball that you're not just to play thing man I guess you can you have a lot of phone with the yeah yeah like I'm like okay is always there on the same boat with. Are we exclusive or not at all and I are we enjoying each other. Then there you go but like that title becomes so big like people like no we're gonna we're different or from yen might. We're not. Late what does it mean he won't get many people care I mean your your closest friend like him in rehab with this and that's it you're just a conversation with a forehand yeah it's not yeah now desolate as I enjoyed each other's company then that's all matters. It's become so diluted like what is. Proper are we together. We used here are three marriage act as sort yeah oh yeah we'll have a. Our problem suffered you are reading I'm glad I don't have these problems man I love hearing these stories who's assess a whole different world I could interestingly here like this is by Arafat met like our parents and uncles and older individuals. On the way that we found love I mean hey you we still like the Internet world and were negative. Yoga and MySpace and FaceBook and all that kind of stuff I like we did have actually thought I had to walk backwards down the street in front of my wife were about a block and a half the unit cost and to get to stop and talk to me that the co hosts seriously though I walked backwards in front of her until she is no appeal yet but I decided to swipe at gad damn thing I had. I am I better take this that a lot yeah either early broke the field. Yeah you're not a decision yeah sounds you know I don't you know you you like tomorrow I hope to me that you walk backwards home. You're moonwalk from going off your hiking backwards I was at our numbers you know got a mama I've got to get him. We're told he has a smile mom and dad's first date he took her out to see they would see a movie aha they wish to deliver its. Might look a whole lot I guess it would seem they learned as it afterwards he was like you sure are all her answer there's there's there's a scene in that movie it's about these guys are gonna canoe trip. And these. These kind of inbred hillbillies just stock and tortured these guys know one point date there's a good man on man rapeseed. It's a really disturbing right. And all that knew was the new Burt Reynolds movies out the emperor Reynolds is really popular I'll take it to see Burt Reynolds yes do we vent just my man yeah so my mom and dad's first day. Was the film deliverance is manna. House like how is it will that be you didn't. That was like very quiet. I mean that's not even be here you have look at the data surprised it didn't shake hands and part wanted to. They Pacino do not go to hell did you go to sleep they got it's a great movie but that scene is really disturbing like just. Holy god damn net one in my purse dead dates with Michelle was going to see paranormal activity cheese gas. And it was a full theater completely tense movie. Stars yeah. No no no no no I'm a little Eleanor creepy stuff no but this to it's it's a super tense movie and at one point when the the lady ever wake up find Michelle just standing at the foot of the bed now zoned us the greatest thing ever was during that scene when that happened is super tense for the fast forward so she's got to leave your bag in many hours yeah it everyone in the theaters silent tents. And Michelle is giggling because she's a tents gay Golar. Paul hook to the nervous yeah and I thought it was great because the people next to me we're getting visibly annoyed by. It's seamless. Oh yeah all I thought it was cues it was one of those things where LA area yeah you're great you're knowing everyone else but I think it's fantastic so don't eat and talk about it. Talking bursting with some rock who into your season cage film Rahal for her I thought that's what does he play these true yeah. And Auburn we measure shores wanna branch. Well what I guess it. It he kept saying no I try to get into the sea Judas Priest with me and I realized radical revision zero interest in seeing Jews presented in what was that you went to see the raw nose is not a movie we can do anything you could make a call on what fired pizza is pizza and Betsy. Now they get as a that was I was there are you flip but yeah it has more of these influence he joined the rock Johnson out of an austerity. But I remember we I ordered muscles and she was trying at the time she cared about like you know impressing me those days. Yeah right look forward to that kids yeah. And some G-8 muscles and apparently hates muscles. I'm not at all I was like and then she told me that like months later you really handle it for your brother while her why do you do that they wonder why you would think it was weird because they wanna eat the appetite on my. I think it's really did you weak muscles when you don't want to go yeah that's crazy those things early that's a very polarizing appetizer I thought you were down for a. And at and well. A probably told the story primarily due because of her my food poisoning Viagra story of why would you can't get food poisoning from Viagra to you know. Nobody you can get food poisoning in the intake flag. I've ensured this and I know you have to run for this defeat on another run crowds are you can and that guy was let me in the navy. Good how that help your hair color photograph there parallel life but not okay I'll agree that you said muscles and it's the best most love story ever live interview right. So we went up to look calmer I think it wasn't the this gorgeous hotel on this river and so we went out I think we saw some live music com Q and had drinks and we went out to dinner and a cute little we got but I ordered. We ordered mussels marinara project to share content. It sounded great name for a wrestler drive down its module they are all okay oh I felt good to figure for. But. But they well muscles curry Tony doesn't like Currie but like really. So the way just got home I don't disarming it's not a big deal I dig curry. Arm and it's only twelve or fourteen little shells tour we're talking huge order through he just murdered by yourself as such a brain going to bring occurs the marinara will pay for both it is not a big deal on the chill sky and the world. I'll eat the curry she can have the marinara that we both we can never want wins in the waitress so my god thank you so much well Derek did he stabbed the shaft of I I believe the muscles curry had been under prepare perhaps hold. All socket there wasn't you know almost immediately not feeling great no one feels super great so we went well elsewhere continued to drink. And it was my cousin had given us a couple I had girl like hey you guys got an headlight hell yes that this was going to be the Viagra side adventure oddly enough my I have to give us that for our wedding I love the competitive maybe what you don't know is he got them from me but yeah. You're married Steve Wright who Obama he's a Lotta lives so. Follow up. The my procedure many drinks we go back to our hotel. Allman curly when girls taken it causes tremendous blood flow to that area so you can release to Motorola for girls as well so I don't know if was tall I have no idea that's that's what I saw he was told I don't know if there's truth in that but basically for that reason we both took one. And then we kind of sort of fool around but. I was really not feel I mean I was kind of getting the sweats and of course we were being on Laguna too much eat yogurt and I don't know why we heard you know really didn't go on but I was kind of not fully engaging in the mean everything was working really well. I like to just to say my heart wasn't any because I was kind of glazed and sweat. He had these razor blades in mice and she's like you know what are you OK and again just let's just keep going and in the there's one rule in the mall at theory on this is that they're finally I'm up and I'm in the bathroom and I am puke in my guts out with. An erection nick could have driven a nail through rescind. So sort of face a towel until June gloom so I had to stand come electric capital and tell our children puke on my own unit. Why and every job my own direction that they would slap me in this nomination down. Hello my knees hugging the bulls G just means is a humble Brad you're really really good yeah yeah and that things laugh when you can kind of side of the hole and I. I've misrepresented. How does say that I'm not another Florida has not so subtle humble Bragg where all did I got to bear value added you can't. I'm. And it all night but yeah I gotta tell you I don't care how your bill if the cool things spring loaded you could launch view that Eminem's when he model and if you count that we're there. Should I cannot agree that that's gonna show off shelves and it's a video like next migs guess challenge we all take Viagra I love looking online and yet it looks like swimming can dig Viagra and we'll give it will increase the well look exactly like he said the same sort of thing that it will helps stimulate so I hope the IT guy checks or your sister well and hello. For some time finally taught me and you have to imagine I think it was springtime as places where a river it's kind of this gorgeous hotel resort. And we're looking. Third floor and she went down and out the back and she's on this patio kind of facing rivers have a serial like oh god this blows it and she could hear me. Like you know I was on the third floor she could hear me puke incur. Yeah yeah. Yeah. That's why do boot yeah yeah and it was yeah I mean yeah five year old. This defeat rip them back hardcore direction I think it would suggest the last hair and like you know turned on feeling when you now was not there and I was gonna go away and render it's not like we do we need to get it to go away every night I didn't do so are ours but that's gotten to know he even if you relieve yourself it's gonna it's still live arm and that was the whole point you know let's you can snap this thing off tonight. And I'm going to mean Niagara yes yeah I was just out I had Bagger now just from the story while I have had oysters since I don't think have ever ordered muscles and skin and no derivative jury duty it was so that would hurt matters series. He's he's had muscles and we're going to deliver her historic no no yeah you can maybe if you order muscles you might get an awkward direction to lose its. We're let's bring back the cemetery called we fall in love with the rapper went all the columns are not yeah Stockholm syndrome when Osama localized manner could easily go hug the toilet yeah. Yeah I think you know the drive hall move next day you know that was my of my old we yours and impose a 68 and Paula had beautiful blue Chevy and while Colorado and you know we're driving home I'm still kind of green and I'm still kind of sweaty his. Food poisoning doesn't just go away you know so even the whole drive home in Houston got those are going to make her she's I think you'll see him do. Just police in sweat and greed and driving back to Seattle. That the longer rather use Sox are Clemson. It's a great team. But don't let go sign that they do the things. I mean the music video for the song the drummers you do your hesitant and I got an exclusive okay. It's kind of flat since defense kept the guys knew we did play the bass drum. Up. It's back. Anyway good for you guys and for all of our listeners now you've heard that story in crime that we do you said muscles I thought I wonder if our listeners have ever heard that tragic tale and no that's that's a romantic getaway reclaimed by the US senator brutal food all evening. I would imagine trademarks or assume that I don't prefer to listen to our show could turn now it's like a South Park animated on the story I have read there or mutual love field battle multiple levels. 1 he wasn't like we can rapidly get Viagra so there's that blown June. Our whole romantic getaway just went completely and then ass and then three you talk about sick I mean I was sick for like a couple days out now I'm really messed up. We have the memories would I think you know the first nine hours of it up a you know but think about like you would not have that story had I not happy dad I mean what he averages randomly toaster about time we both took Viagra just pummel each other and a fun way. No you have to yeah. Yeah. Early as bright orange nobody gonna sit around earlier on Zune just bullying gains in hearing all the sordid detail it was really bad room to do that it's. So sick that eventually becoming fetal there's nothing left and UC brings you news as I mean yes you know trying to vomit and end like I was just. You know kind of crawled up from a bull holding it you know it was cold and you know them limping back on the river this thing yet imagine meat is Dong says my lit a fire or like my eyes hurt violently ill with. I rock Carter action that's incredible that it happened well chimney rock. Yeah but you guys together troops as you can leave me a few. And each level again that print media never I was in the college assistance that I just left him. Back. That is the for worse or better or worse say yes right now you have to refer for what is referred in goodness and and health and sickness and help us that has discovered death sickness cents got nice can be gotten out of the way right away. Sell you yeah both the word muscles triggered the memory and I hope you guys own two of the student and into. I want one grisly and ask god by turns to me is odd to near you where my Travers a sneaker addiction. He critics yes talking about him and he's he's. Okay I'm not going to be easy I know I think they're awesome but would you mind sharing the story about her shoes are cool so I don't know I don't know Carlos husband purchase yet. Yes oh yes so I usually do not spend a lot of money on clothing. Mostly music equipment and where you're you're among your people here yeah yeah you and insurance. Two. Drums guitar mainly it's I've been playing guitar since I was four. I've been playing drums for herb probably I've messed around on for 34 years of very little piano we'll be ever need a bass drum player for your respects. This kind of yeah I beg and actually just avoids me drug me into the night. Yeah I might try it out myself let some things yeah might help their children on an all the other. I have to tell you appear played so well here because of Viagra after recent. But I hmmm does side I usually don't spend a lot of money on clothing and but I do like. Even though I'm not a huge fan of Kanye West I am a fan of his clothing line and so he made the issues and usually if you get on retail you can get him for 200. She's but they only get ready remember somebody you don't get a retail very often Spitzer. 200 dollars they're really Nash's but I ended up spending 50. Yes I spent five. And it's worth that kind of because it's the only parent and you have. I have yeah it's it's like bell really nice pair shoes I have. And comfy right over the legitimately be like suits. Like shoes for me like see yeah sneakers yeah because of that just the price tag on notice the growth that would not Wear them for anything but special occasion was actually just makes you know. Wanna Wear them at all yeah yeah. Now labeled by like plastic wrap too so let alone mud and splash Obama stuff deep panic a little or below error not panic Zambrano I don't I don't make it seem you know not only yes she's but I unlike. Oh man might I don't know I don't shoes yeah yeah I mean it's just rough like 500 bucks and I guess what's on your feet. Yeah registrant punch him in the face yeah like you're chewing gum are you looking for the person stated that uh huh yeah. It's definitely a trip and I see people who plastic wrap the bottom like clear vinyl wrap walks yeah they literally put clear vinyl wrap on the bottom and Trimmer on the outside but it slowed down because then. First you sound like a duck walk and anywhere and it. So how are joining combine adapt when we're comfortable you know I should mean yeah I am and what Arum well yeah but then you become a slur but then you become a slip and slide that it literally goes all over and it doesn't go into the crease so you're literally at flat bottom vinyl shoes if you're that concerned him maybe should make got this other hot no broken neck no right but I get I am paired G yeah and a Neverwinter you know yeah. Well you know view if they did make you happy go forward but yet on sale like you understand your example of but I had a neediest tolls on five it gives and electricity for awhile. And I was out playing clubs and bars that people look at you crazy and how much does it. When leaders say in my living room and look at look like that yeah yeah it was really against the wall like I now I don't have a stake in the guitar I. Well I think that's a really unique in Columbia ideas finally Blair and enjoy a did Sarah might get that Metallica how much of your buddy span for his pair OSI have a bodies fell like. 12113 hundred or do you think come of the wanna conned his fingers. Confess I didn't give her that she carries you were around as you Wear them okay yeah. All of bucks like I want. Something special yeah have to get better be helping out yeah it better be better to come by anger and yes this. I don't know yeah I know it is a good Malays is familiar hard for like four hours. But why don't mention is ever bought rights to unilaterally rod either way you get a master. It's awesome I mean you guys in here does that they originally just a little unsure. Aren't as good as huge huge podcast inspiration I've always since listen do you end since the beginning of this podcast and then especially on the mega cast from a huge -- math and and then aside really wanna lose our podcast must also been saving and had just got all my equipment and we knew in my but he started a podcast you know money saying they'll upload your article is no shots and thoughts and so it's me in my it's shots and thoughts and it's six shots in 35 minutes every five minutes between tomorrow. And it's just as possible. And I'll have it pay you nice oh I don't know. I'd drop that I dropped it. You can save. SS is bad I'm sorry rip my dad's gonna drive out now though Betsy that's why we don't turn don't worry that's why we're not and make some obscure sexual reference and he threw stuff yeah so I work in a machine shop where and how can America do the plug and sunnier place and yet you do you live in you know home. You know you know Long Island dorm and the show brings god dreamed it would all that would make my life man and you Dennis I have to this and the gas and the gas gets to choose -- shot like that Alcatel alcohol a choice so you can you can shoes and I'd buy it I bring it absent. The news man and how hard you know you don't want ads saying did that drilling there and we're all gonna come into the Sears good I don't know what are. Everything's a good idea NAFTA and oh yeah if she drinks her idea for yeah that's pretty much and this was a huge inspiration this our new podcast and we thought. Alana several personal one more science one. But Mark Martin and anxiety out there. Science in music so I wanted to try to. Make a science slash music show I don't know how I'd bring it together to prevent my favorite bear wanted to know and it's. Periphery I don't know if you guys have heard of on heavy underdogs so he's on though he. Periphery. He referee PER. I guess probably a bad yeah if you too I got a news at this about it PSU was Britain's Letterman like. He is now he's good but I. After it the first time it shows up on the top oil what's it called looks so garlic. And I say if you were to pick one they almost won a Grammy for a song OK what's I would say I think it's the prices are wrong. This is okay here it's wrong Bob. They're guitar player Misha Mansour used just estate. Just like they really Mansour I doubt that once you own Collins and I think Mansour yeah yeah. There's drummers just. But does that rise at a live. Believe believe we're. You could get there at the same word to my own your brand as a man man constantly I don't know an explicit I'm I'm I'm. It's just like left on him. On the phone call. It's. I don't know is that better yet I'm so out of it I'm. Only to learn I think what's right is good. Take a look common drug inventories and an yeah. Yeah periphery the devil wears Prada U I you know these guys yeah I have I plan on getting. That wears Prada and the site owner of you has probably wouldn't of the issues the band issues. And they're like they do a really weird mix between like an R&B singer. And then I and then like a progressive metal cool and it's a really weird weird mix though. 20 yeah those are those are also makes some of my guys and see what's on should I go with on this one on which do issues boom I'm really not guys alone Stephen rev I have to re coffee I had my neck you're tired okay issues let's say hi. Let's say. The song. Hero. Here. Or is that the nickel backs. Yeah it gave might demolish fast. Gallon of premium sound like that. Yeah no I felt the singing and then they have a streamers are really reared back and all kinds. It's the only. I'd say yeah no really oh. And we feel confident. The heroes that they don't work yup yup OK guys feel like now a lot of fans that have been singing. Soulful singing which screaming. Borrowed directly from people who are or where it was my bad that was kidnapped by a big no more. A period and then they bring in their singer and other screamer like death grip. Who started doing singing which is really unique like this he does how I got the ball fellow singing OK and instead of a screaming that he also scream really really. Hi this. They're guitar player. They also have a DJ for the jazz who really need. I know what you we yeah imagine that. Yeah. Right then you're right it's total life modern army meets its medal yeah and I go straight to. Yeah I'll like give more than any horror movie I've ever heard I don't know I like guys there's a lot of put on a really really killer. Today change that dynamic throughout the thought of being like into this group silently into metal and. Over my slam events in Washington elves and doing my goal waigel yeah. It's I don't know if there are now you know we don't. Yeah I it's. Yeah those are some good doesn't get is good employment and illegal though that's for sure the music to make you legal defense. You mention god gives a guitar somebody did he knows I'm you'll get to is an agreement intact but now yeah. That that know about an hour now in its later I can possibly say gonna wonder where your thoughts on nod Gibson gone bankrupt being give to men yourself. And that is from. Austin. Com. Man can be so here's what I've heard about Gibson whoever the the guys this is the only guy in charge of my reason that term correctly user generated much yes CEOs and your okay so the guy the CEO of Gibson with a guy in charge of Gibson is apparently a god damn. All lunatic. And the people on the company paid him a he's crazy but he's in charge and some of those things where they can get rid of a model of a family affair won it but I've just been hearing this for the better part of a decade that this guy is insane. Dot com. Who ever he pissed off as the reason why Gibson can no longer get rosewood and they had to go to break maple fret board for awhile. Meanwhile Martin unfettered and arrows would get just fine all the Brazilian rosewood held at the docks there were like a few Gibson and a lot less to do with the fact that this guy is just a lunatic and a massive a hole. So. What I would say is I eight. Don't you know people who singer guitarist and under the person's in big trouble but they're gonna they've been going bankrupt for a decade now it hasn't happened. If any seeing. Someone else was swooping in buyout Gibson system iconic brand iconic brand it's a huge branded home. They need to get that eighth hole out of there. And and get into a lot of the things they've been doing or a really dumb like of them chamber bless Paul will do well. There's way to relieve which only there not a way relieved I had no idea what you're saying she's young I'm going dark this car he rabbit hole I figured out it's third and I totally I guess yeah really dumb stuff plus I mean I'm I'm sorry men like. What. What they ask for for what they're giving you the quality control. Until people begin by any Gibson you know go play ten album you'll find one you'll find one that's good. And you played you know nine nick. Aren't you aren't I nice yeah oh yeah. Yeah notice that was a few people who are commenting on FaceBook about this story and a lot of my guitarist French were all had the same opinion of if you've got to spend that kind of money who get yourself a custom guitar by some Mike you know mom and pop type shot becoming a better guitar for less money now. Some batter looks like I've never played a Paul reed Smith that I didn't think was amazing every single one I've ever played. I thought was fantastic they're well made their beautiful guitars in the 24 Fred versions bought it. I'm such a traditionalist that if it doesn't say Gibson fender Gresham had stock won't be caught dead with a yeah mom you know forty guitars that now just now did you don't now. Yeah so all on that set all all my less polls that I now have a bit about the Safeway select brand that they just depends not life. Our Kirkland they heard in your car that would be caught up with anything other than Kirkland Molotov well I think Kirkland made a guitar and they renamed ABC rich. I got. I thought we should bring up BC riches anymore those are kind of used diaper they're the ones from the seventies yeah really nice and have my dad dad used to tell me all about you is that NBC rich used to be huge news to be yeah I thought oh my buddy GT Phillips a few tips from bruiser Brody has look late seventies mockingbird and Ansel Adams at no kidding and I played. Incredible really great guitar I was stadium has been all other all my let's polls are older ones and got a 73 and then my other two are both early ninety's yeah. Com actually for a while that flintoff played five years ago we're doing all the queen's Rick stop went out that punch all that business com bell was a 2011 it was a new flame topped the time. But I pick it up and played it and it was a nice guitar do the lesson also I don't know I grew up Guns 'N Roses I. Thanks immediately I was ever gonna play guitar it would be because I saw I had. Idolize slash advocated I don't think I guess you know putting a ball on this IBE. I'm not surprised to hear it because I think they've been mismanaged Helen back so I'm not surprised to hear it that said. You know I don't think if they do go bankrupt the people on how it's kind of like when offender bottom grouch right. On Gibson using gonna go away and I think what eventually happened is someone will shoot this guy. Or he'll hang himself. All you know rolled around I will be found that there are dresses the bat man with a Walther on his neck. You know out of something like that will happen in the get some better management in place over Gibson and bill return to. Really high quality instruments were reasonable this. Well it was like it was like guitars are unreasonably price it was like I posted this I mean they went under and then someone decided we still have to have twinkies. So that kept him around in Australia again it's important they especially zombie land you know. Business call back earlier this army record for a period I bet that makes me because I love hockey and obviously my now's a good time to be a fan hockey if you live in Seattle because we're just a couple days away from the season ticket drive which is Thursday at 10 AM is good NHL's Seattle dot com. I have to throw out there because of your interest in you care about hockey you want hockey to be here William put your money where your mouth is and put down deposits for season tickets it also is refundable so if you change your mind that's fine but they need 101000 season ticket subscribers I think to let the I didn't knock that out in one day with all the deep pockets and Microsoft that our hockey fans. I'm not too concerned but you know obviously you do care about hockey wise she's tickets is yours has got to lock him. I bring up hockey because the Chicago Blackhawks for years iconic brand you know I'm when he original six hockey teams but notoriously. Crappy of a team. Could never make the playoffs but how good players but just something was never working an it was the management the ownership the owner was just he was of the minds of the old school night. Once guys won more money because he got really good at their talented players like I'm not gonna pay that kind of money. You wanna make that kind of money go to another team has Boucher we're gonna tell all these papers like oh OK I'll go to another team make money when Stanley Cup though it so for years and never winning the Stanley Cup and everybody the running joke was. It's gonna take the owner to die. For us to become a good team. Wolf fast more would ever go back now seven or so years ago maybe even ten I I can't remember exactly he does die. Because gold. He dies new ownership comes in within a couple of years ago in the Stanley concorde go say hello hello. Is this how how on years they wanted to turn the whole franchise around it was not the players thought it was not the coach's fault it was the. Owner well and that's the same actually it's that's a perfect example what's going on ever gets in and edit by the way I mean. I penalties that cost him endorse Obama Gibson endorsed artist and I will say like how much Blackhawks into our next Jenny Jenny here until my and our rep she treats Tony you know like gold. We are wonderful relationship with Gibson and I love Gibson and Yemen Dyer Gibson guy. I'm only telling you the truth of a one I know. From even people who live there have gone and on the Torre and now in Ann and Jess. This guy's apparently a lunatic impossible to work for and it's making things really difficult over there. And I think this storm will pass man I think I think I will and and I it's too strong of a brand way even got him back in the gay this would have been nearly two thousands it was part of the thing that made the big PR restroom happened. Was Gibson had become so difficult to deal with that Guitar Center dropped Gibson went to hell with that it's not I am worth it. They drop Gibson and they brought in tons of Paul reed Smith and that's. If you look at a lot of your rock videos from the early ninety's are late ninety's actually assume in kind of 96 to 2003 yourself. You notice most of these rock guys are planned Paul reed Smith why because that was the nice guitar that you can get packets are sent. Thought if that's the same issue in Norwood drums because they don't have any blood wakes. A minute why there were no idea what it does some kind of beef between them in one way I think one of the day you can really should get a brand new blood what you couldn't control what you ordered Gibson demanded you take. A broad spectrum of their product right and it's like now we really only want the system has a wish they'd say no and and you're taken on Nate got to a point where you stand off the guitars are dropped Gibson for years she. It was fun for me actually that's about numbers are pleased that this day. Tell iconic. But they send me and my body up blue Hampton blue sky changing of the rough and then they would give us the damn checkbook and send us to get torture us and we would just buy up Gibson. So the store would have Gibson and so. Blue and I got to pick and choose fun. All the coo guitars and became its young guitar senator but we had some don't give civic good get yeah that's how I found that tobacco were simply to this day we bought it had a guitar show Alice plane an a minus winning. I'm on the almanac. And again yeah I it's one so anyway I efforts here is that even as solid and right yeah works Armenia signed a little earlier I want a real balance in my knee. We already talked about deliverance is stopping. Irony and union when it is a voice of the emails and text was a to a few moments obviously. Until. Obviously it will be an intense like voicemail spectacular Melissa doesn't jump Goosen South Africa and I get some text that they're you can leave us a message at 2532714787. Its chief factory to some one. 4787 or the makes guess at Gmail like what's the total freedom I forget we kind of an hour I. I and 88 something something may. It's pretty good do you just say bigs right now out of via text in that line. I don't know who figured out needed eight NBA dawn you don't I don't call that exactly on the dot com ADB muscles as a guest palace how does that line work I have no idea so that we're the top. I don't I don't will have no clue assets and our buddy Carl. He's the he owns an 8088 this batch of numbers that we created it and it just call forwards to my 253 to settle for anything you OK yes but I do you may you don't even know who your call it magic I don't know. An old woman get the call you can see Freddie Mac OS or else it's not a member of the ultimate knowledge society column Leo. Deborah Bradley you all and so far he's now our call screener felt that. And is there a couple thanks very tough man I wish these American hockey sticks or smoke shows me we wish there one timer hockey from Sao yet we even had Hillary not hold back in the day on the mix cast American hockey chicks explain the guy that doesn't order talk. USA's women's hockey team Ed had just won the gold medal or did during the Olympic as they're smoking hot. When it represents I love because that put my wife ever we talk about 300 if we eradicated. Is like oh we have a daughter a Michael I'm still want. Her to learn how to play hockey guys they know singular figures gimmick or is also Daisuke when you're not around to get a hockey sticks. Fact I'm Italian yeah actually no only you know. Mean looking bush looking chicks are going to be hot keep it going you know he's gorgeous mom oh yeah thanks so I pulled it up to turn your life around. Well it may turn her opinion around about what female hockey players local like. But no it didn't change her opinion on whether the girls that we had a growth group play hockey but I might look. And I think I've found that web page will just give me chapel sculptor did you think while you were able to find these images of women rather quickly and Mike won the season for all. Yeah. Yeah I mean Hillary night there's a bunch of just beautiful women that play hockey. We'll presume that makes guest bed bath my guess in the world he got the director on the podcast all the time yeah whatever Rick wants a pop in it's an open door and I think he started to get that idea had its audio and every hits yet we think. Payload to come in. If I'm allowed to elect nor is there any new management but you're always welcome whenever you can make it in medicine now yet migs they're doing chew the fat or device Jeep that was awesome I was in tears when your dog for her showed up ally you guys have no idea what I'm. Why don't Wear a noble one dog and her. Does that record does the dog the dog rumor was did you see the words dull in the word rumor rumor rumor relish adult rumor there was a rumor or on the stage and always having sex and I thought. It's not true. Check if you're worried it could have kept up not a lot my body to bust years local wrestler -- wrestler rumor yes and he has a wrestling podcast called died chewed the fat would too bossy DO BA SHI and a couple weeks go I was a guest on his podcast we talk like two hours are wrestling tactics I use its awesome dude he plays that he's an ideal for wrestling terminology bad guy he's kind of guy that I reunion might. Iron sheik type of our way tie breaker back yeah I think the offload Dubai she is that his real name and he's just he's awesome great wrestler great dude so he had beyond. But I was doing the podcast with him and we talked for like two hours and while we're doing the podcast about my house on the phone. Well I'll be able mobile rumor snoop dog grooming the TG of course yeah they come and an RV. Park outside of our house and take Lulu group remembering her back now almost. Three yards Lulu IC really likes them which is like. Amazing yeah when it comes to getting my hair cut her nails trimmed like typically doesn't like it but apparently she is this a more Angel when they got off figured out did lover. So I would run the mildew in the interview when the doorbell rings because we'll lose done. And I grabbed the clip. That is like I don't know what to do like I have answered the phone I mean the door I want my dog back but I also don't be rude of them doing a podcast of my friend that's very unprofessional expect that by hanging yes and I just got to kept mum and he's got hey make you want a second I gotta get my dog I expect I. I would have sounded like. Pretty quickly act. In another thing when your Booker every once your best friends. Then when you're not outlook and who are you I'm sure that's been abandoned its music industry and everything else there is. It appears in the radio industry you did everywhere out here I want to. It did appear at your division you can help somebody it is amazing. Powell the people come and say it's bad because you you can tell they're not. How can you put on your second my dog just back from the rumor that that her. Yes yeah all payment a Bloomberg dot dot. Now just be prepared to meet you miss Lulu yes have you prepared for me to sound like a complete weenie while talking to the first night all of a sudden coming along thirteen year old girl. Well my dog comes back. Yeah I did on the Brokeback article but I don't know I. I'm oh. They used little luck and well and didn't and now are even. Obviously you're very very you know like to acknowledge that the credit that you feel like they care. We have heard how Limbaugh. But don't know Bloomberg. On the iPod or heard of it. Are part of the dreamer but I never heard loop group another maturity making a low light you know I've always great shot out we have a global Bloomberg their. Hopefully dog and it's always QGQ charming how. The office that's amazing the middle. You guys talk he snapped a photo of me actually I requested a McCain pitcher this condemns smuggling might I saw that Pacquiao did only got cats rafter homeland were both just in now yeah yeah and straight to the era with that they'll be ashamed man Al Amal bomb yeah and he growled GAAP items become the biggest we had when your odometer I don't I don't care man U I my cat. This morning I was running late because I spent like a good like ten minutes watching Newsom video on FaceBook and it's when dogs see their owners for the first time a long period of time in the reaction here OK it's a city you know what I'm talking about and they're so cute little -- no videos all of his one dogs and runs around his owner and a complete military guys especially I don't know a whole whole netted him like eight months and the dogs that you're not dead. All of my guy I think he's not. And shot oh yeah. I gotta make my day I love those kind of videos are somebody also of sirens are Zeta as a cat edit catwalk spies like I get a feed me you still hear dad. Not bad breaks my heart like you know Axel talked to my wife and of course in my house them up but she's like she's waiting for you other side. All good. These are still she's again she's waiting for you at the siding glass store when I come home she hops up and musical god you're here like she wiggles and she's very dog like man I thought he was a rescue and I had to work wither for a wildly get dirty even be comfortable walking around choose I didn't. So yeah I'm like percent or gravity. It's funny element heaven and it Sid went to mice and you're Sidney how limited I was out and I shall have weird history yeah. FF FF I joined a Chicago for work and so I was just. Bachelor's devalued the earth for a couple of days produce two point the first night I felt bad added tells advice from them because it broke our heart being able to were embed Lulu and I not coworker or not that kind of being you know don't worry about it so. All of a sudden who goes into the covers. And I'm pretty sure if you're looking for Sid falls on them and looking around came back out looking like where the hell mom went packed under the covers I've crystal that the cities is light and you don't you see when there's even when did make Karl was him our home line whether you know and frank plague they usually I'll open bed sweet young ages takes over her side of the bed number Aaron let's warm. Then we get a you know that the older. Catch the alpha cat the alpha cat sleeps in the bedroom it's on not some market won't come in that room gas. But he Kelly she will sometimes and when she does a real treat generally she won't go there sometimes when she's just Jones and for some bad gas Bobby laid in bed and I'll look out the cat sitting at the threshold of the doorway just look at any American might recommend on the mood. Some look like naked sitting in the hallway. 300. Him Gomez and take your manager majority of them affect you know and escalate his song anyway got to realize is gone user group. Mop the moment yeah. I love animals man IRA bass as a little kid I see any dog in this Blake got in a car with their head out on my arm and a better mood yeah but I do road rage a cures everything I'm just like instantly happy we gonna take bug me. That's open at the former Texas that I guys have you checked out this comedian many rob Hayes he did a great bit about people who wanna talk about politics old. At that you guys who love it because obviously we always talk about how annoying it is to talk about politic or reduce avoided in general or get it back and edit the entire section we don't have so Steve can you delete that Nancy Pelosi heavy so I got from the clip and I I heard some everybody listen to the entire thing because I was in the middle of doing job stuff you hear some tell her just kind of throw it recording go but let's let's check outs of the guy's name is rob Hayes I don't know anything about this Steve but from what I heard it sounded pretty damn hilarious. Everywhere I go people wanna talk about politics. People are waiting rooms people in bars people in over. Let these people are extras in the movie that is my life. But they feel like they have speed component. I'll need a huge data saying you know I'm grant. As part of the problem is where to focus on the big issues. Maybe we should star witness Molly's who we can solve a work our way up to the big issues. Like here's a small listen. Are we chipper and always liked him. Feel like we've done a great example of distributed it cars have been like everybody else. Isn't it funny car. Is supposed to keep you sane. You know Baghdad they don't know about competed since yeah. I think he gets to the register have a life. I'm sorry sir we swiping then. In the next time we try to slightly below Walt with the children. Gone through do and so on yeah. Yeah I've had that in many places rated had to sit in Atlanta nominal you slighted if your dad Michael war. I felt like such. I felt like a loser because for a while I didn't have the chip reader my my hip and so Warner no matter what happens on it has to fill three times second swipe at iMac got so you're not lose around you are a champion. I want you suspect come and see how many times he's funny how I had a lot of handle Burris as well to. Doesn't comic a little bit of like a Mitch Hedberg type gas viva yeah gonna chill. Not the same DiLeo and you and I mean I I absolutely none exist. Austin, Texas Charlotte and it was called the hate toward the physical but did you know that he's storm although it was a little industry rob Hayes is all Gallup went either way maturity yeah. Yeah that. What's this guy like beater as Daryn I'm Dolan. Comic goes from your momma jokes opening for Dave Chappelle race almost like this guy out yet he needs to come to town. On the land and in an emailed Yassir Arafat I thought the town to its promise those guys like bright broad movement and we promise we'll get at least six people want to show up after yeah five comps I. Bad words. Our biggest in my voicemail while we have some time I didn't into diabetes or one foursome any senator that not if I'm tournament over the remember. Stick. It calls a slight shake you celebrate why why they didn't probably other bigs gas page somewhere maybe yeah I would give between that and the Photoshop so literal study up it was unexpected gift during the greatest area you know I can try to look upon it on his tax and find it but I mean he knew he had it did. Think the resentment and again a year you do him. He's doing really well every lineman circle elected tenure joke again it's definitely good. 888994. Migs days no 88894. For me it's just sad the three of us can remember to pack. I've from now on red you remember 994994. Mama Brady is 68. How remember megs. Bertuzzi no kidding that would. And nine for I think 999 big but my eyes five is that that Germany XX 99 I have got no. And I 94 point that I should help the quickest yeah. I got a voicemail. Then I mean no no I. Asia is not her I'm mad. And I'm scared to call me because that would you really didn't mean to do that. Make status and I know you don't want it I guess about I don't Norman Duncan that it high. My memory it's the total this total. He look on it it does he. Debt I'm very. And now they're eight gala Leon that's as that sun times silence. Is golden. So it's actually mandate that I'm all for your. Praying and crying and every. But. Yeah him here and cute girls and yet I have. NN I street and the other hand I'm not okay. She's talking about obviously that did the quest to have a child earlier rulings. Top follow prefer that people like to go right to masturbation I never really done a child out of that in a roundabout ways to involve that so yes thank you Willie I usually don't get a child out of that and I think give the I'd fight him as thugs are and I think you've held Titanic Puget giant gold star nobody violated when I asked of them which I really do appreciate it for one person. One person did. Not listen to my request in my act. My my my plea. To just not bring it up. Being Colette personnel well is that there's a huge sun on your front yard we guy I got it was funny as hell let's get let's have a play game of lets guests. Who violated. My request. Read any guesses on meeting might have violated my request I don't know when a guy tenant issues that might have. Cited yell even knowing acts and they've had to bring it up don't don't hit me up about this a really appreciate we don't talk about it. But somebody did I would have to go with Caesar caesar's your guess yes you are incorrect oh wow sorry slide any guesses. I need to. You are incorrect. Trevor any guesses. A USA Hough NATO also got a hot. I'm correct I'm Cindy is never listen this does is just no idea who's on our process in the CNN yes. Was it the right girl Glenz that at all right girl here now know was not the right here cannot grow up right. It's. A yeah. Because there is perfect Michael never calls anymore. Now I have now and his simple room to. That's high tech we believe the person did not bring it up like a 100% like a dress it but. It was very apparent that it was the day of the podcast that almost on the attacks came out of the blue. And that I love you brother from being you know does he always is are why asks. You are current. Diet and why. My trust why why it's why if that means you need more knicks Y handy and our mouth as you noted that right there I stat I say as a punishment he does was a bag of day. Okay well we had quiet in the animated anyway Brent Barry sitting in recent years and last taxed if you notice I did not texted back no. Because I was in my stroke closer and he doesn't say anything. I'll bet that. Egypt but it was on the day of the podcast for people don't give me a break out what I hear kinder reaching. Almighty the bad guy. We did call me why well you come horrendous call him let's call why it OK let's let's see if Wyatt Andrews today of the podcasts he always did not always been you'll send me a message and did a podcast of JK is the pocket going to get her home. It's always it is you we just read your conclusion isn't. Tuesday at 221 I think it was and I fast it was a heartfelt pat on the back it was. But again that's for not I asked him rubio silence. What is why me and Nash can't continue to move steal music he endured drop the ethanol is. Not to look marijuana daily picks and their way Hollywood. Now I don't know command I. I don't imagine yeah I'm ready I'm led the F word I said the effort did not sitting around I just and you know that's her husband and you. Front door. Shot not now we're glad your guys in the second time that I was just look back and five times is now residents to stay for about an hour in Cleveland show up for re can read in my calling and calling why you're a nice and I doubt that never dare write down in many tentacles that there are you. And number 8 o'clock and we heard this yeah. IRS I don't know so that it's taking out there. I'm not that's wrong button renewal of. I doubt on this. Sort of the take senator Arlen and in the Austin what isn't and as you would be fun as who shut up just ask them to private call yet citizen knows the cast or can no no he wouldn't you know my number two if you like it. Did you calling from office once. Oh that's what I do I just call from officer. It. He's in hopes and beat it. Please leave your mental all at. All why it orally and the wreckage and it. Played only music on his voice to a guy lost his home. And that's very disappointed in the you're crazy plays music. We've put a little bit and roll why it's and I ask you plug. Tell me. Well. You look brand know more about this why is it a few here. Okay now he's no weird dilemma does he write me back to apologize if you see we have impact on line. Just hate it right there. And after show I've read the FaceBook posts. That's fairly yet it interaction with the queued outside that Tony's fees. I didn't give them a little change in yes I would dread in my it's in my heard were yeah you know it comes to camera the Jeep. I thought I. That's how well okay in America maybe we shouldn't address this situation here in constant dollars to have him go to the show in the talk to Y really. I was gonna keep on my parents think the home again and shiny leather available. He's got to know with us and Desi on a prominent replies number he's probably were do you. I thought well I'll tell us they were calling and I wrote we are tallied do you swear the cast sensitive land Texas little discipline them please leave your message all while straight to voice why it's clearly. I would turn warmer time 90% of the time he goes you know my you know guerrilla. What is yours and they hit it where. Thank you so hard but I love you there. Please leave your mess I don't know it tolerant and I'm not even really know how he. He really bad so allow. His he's like I've got its days. It is and you all their app for his aunt in two with a walk a guy is good my. You must tell you feels about people talk about they do best we'll talk about physical back. And out you know there is. They do then and now he's at today yeah. There are not enough land. That's why it like monster jam Zandi from top lot was made no wolf hello why did a nice to you know. 000. Received some guys do and how are listening to your music. Hello all why yeah why are we listening to me Litsch yes you wanna re listen to what it's okay. I quiet oh god I believe there okay never mind so much an acidic. Suited. Why do you think we're calling him. Green. Only let you do it Saturday he's got a lot lately that's a loaded question hog know has nothing to do it Saturday night you were Saturday they had to do it Tuesday February 13. At 2:21 PM. He is not all is quiet. Well I don't certain word searching it and we did a podcast where I specifically asked our find people who listen to not hit me up. For reference. The trials and tribulations that my wife and I have been. All we argued target about one I I'm sure he'll attack and Abu Kuerten they feel it's the up yet but the I was about thirty minutes. OK okay I was going to send you a follow up and oh by the way I took up before he says don't get me out of that suits him now as punishment. You always a bag of this troop troops. He got a hologram warning your only real tough to predict Claudette and make some doubt but yes you are now my enemy again. How how well no power and the only way we can fix it. Isn't the madness. Okay feels so where the winners this extremely going to make a good reason we just miss you on the show why it's. No less than you. I'm so I its usual mob like you're multi. But actually. It is opponents used to come in and I don't know too we like when he toward for an ordinary election we have a wrestling match where you try and collect me. Actually Steve was saying yes once you footage revenue in the collection room. Yes I'm happy I opened a person it. We got a you know it's. Well watch out there I tend to look like I have more tired jealous little walk then there's something about Mary Lewis comment that I look to flush. Yeah a little bit added since the world are going to you aren't you your own it's okay now he's giving you a hard time. Are these are both great because I didn't receive a response and then I got to a point in the art Caplan you're like. Yeah about a wait until we get ya don't don't you're an idiot being like that I I am now out for about a week now she feel any guilt at all outfits I've. It's true there are days as you know we we talked about that and then it was a while later in the program when you said that that's a good points and that's that's what she may and that's that's held up and I don't preach downs of the I didn't respond to that I know let him wait for a week here and then I mean and then I'm gonna give him a hard time on the pod can only issue is not what better blended wasn't its guns while he was in here last week I threw my wrecked car are good there's a wrecked car. He had a news that we had recurring in so completely forgot about talking about that and giving you a hard time I I hope I wish you wait a week. And then the punch line would be then the following podcast giving you a tough time about texting me more than I forgot and now it's been two weeks and I just remembered at a. And underworld like legitimately our dog mostly oh. Sort of public don't know and I I'm coming down with poor black leadership together and a duplex so I really hope what I. See you all well and ranked. Did imagine I can straight cold shoulder view I am. Oh I would have until I'm a fan of wrestling I believe in the art of of the good that the the story line nice and I was just stick with it until I had. Resolution. So I mean even though I went long and and I hope the used to always debated next. Daughters totally client not the only run as the group he's never your orders I'm in the wrong way and academics. Yeah exactly luckily you know I. Oh what I need to deal is somebody get me look blue somebody get me out the flu don't like and their only break Julio. So I didn't call my ball and dozens of. Why it's new gate he can't he can't get up here on. So want to doing her best BS. Oh my god if we could ever do that night and it. He's a very early drinking cast at some point anyway maybe we invite Bob mr. Y and only in NATO. The deal Larry it's especially because. I can actually probably played moderator the conducting government wide enough here. Well and end up leg international myself actually been trying yeah. Did have my I didn't give him another area. I item for a very difficult we rip little lighter note what an honor is that we're flying off the wagon right now sees FF yeah. Yeah yeah pictures for my future mistakes. So okay let's talk about on Saturday show I heard there's a lot of drama. Called me he makes both go oh yeah and I can't do after the show. Oh yeah I'm the one other drama we are talking about. Oh man Obama and I. I don't know this agent Steve Dryden who bought us right back home and oh yeah what you're meant one thing and union the jitters. You don't have to you know don't don't I didn't realize you're not all I'd always drama with some guy for the shank you at sixty lose you don't Dix now Brooke there so I mean I Darrow looks. I don't get almost to shoot a good show. OK. Okay. I walked off stage and he literally 45 seconds after it allowed noted the so that. A walked out the back door and some giant crack and it. Came up to Mir and the I really want that why should yeah. In a country and so the majority crackhead who really want it to an end to me. And my incredible drama rob Brandon decided to children and update the security you're out wow so. Hello rob. Earlier can this guy screaming welcome to Seattle. I. Welcome Eleanor only here because if you've ever met. Logs are yet another new feature viewed firecracker Shia and wash yeah I usually Oscar to show him to ensure that our jackets space. There was absolutely spectacular now. So are you lie that's really yeah. Trust me doubt whose doubt was I wouldn't be you think it's could I not any truth is ludicrous enough ribera new ways of the U wanna. I believe I believe goes Wonderwall and you know like you're urged to call words electorate opted teeth so I'll let. Actually saying maybe you're going to be one Shays Meehan that when I lost my mind when we got the night and what's the reality of it. Actual Ctrl+Alt a crack at the wanted to clean shaped mirror I thought they wore. All brawl once you know. With Vicki B from it at the sworn she sends her love she loves all you guys she's looking great she smile coroner knows he had try to achieve you're trying to help a drunken friend and I got the whole story and she just wanted to meet you. What you mean lobbied you on just tell you that talk sort of I'm not another you guys if. Well let alone I appreciated she didn't throws under the buster the morning show because basically. Outraged got along racket ends. She shouldn't be all right but I hate you know what you really don't know what. Ricky you do toward and not hasn't been done in and out until it's fresh blow to blow us. He had Vick he's awesome man wow. And the command missed out of the dude it's funny how old got to go out there but I've wanted to pull driving shift his side missed the shift earlier that week I'm trying to really. You know. Make sure numbering in the dollars and so I mean decision not to go up there and they go ahead and drive all night instead. Are we were gonna talk to oil or three days later my and I can't wish I'd seen all this goes down route. Did we were planning on not okay you'll play by ear we're going to see W union average and afternoon they're reviewed finish this play by ear and see how we're feeling this Tony he's right next thing you really said they had record numbers up there for attendance it was a hellish out of the problem lies as I understand they changed the time of the wrestling Aventis was at 730 at night and they moved to 1 PM so there was no way I heard about there's only and only good thing around Everett until the show. Yeah I don't like is that you let it affect that should you know I probably hit it into the god before you even when he was making me nuts seeds sold in the cracked it yeah I did the big. You know 200 years haven't been good to Hulk Hogan bit Assad. Yeah prayers graded by him brother. There shouldn't. I realized a comment my airline were beaten by facial hair well then I don't have become all coat and slowly day by day at a decent lie anywhere Bandana yanks know exactly brother. So it was Hulk Hogan that that was gonna cost you in the LUV maybe you wanna study may be what do you Shay was back form. You all are. I would have point happily done now but I about what is. Probably does not immediately and I'm sure you're the daughter you don't eyes honestly think he or his wife it'll look the same gap. It's very weird yeah I haven't had the yellow light suit it after a whole lot of bad plastic surgery on Wednesday but he'll be lights out. Got a new life oh he left a hole yet this is a step mom whose only a few years older than his daughter and she looks exactly like his daughter and now there's he had nothing bad to say in my whole code waited. I know. I don't really cool threesome. I don't know what are you know my high ceiling to movies. Wow. Wow what you haven't oh you finish that well no this went downhill unless this. Robinson who's the boss. And honored route this are you got a boy under what including why he thought out and I don't I don't really that I can you do. It's only eligible recruits that we're doing I just didn't incest and free food when it can be better we do it predicts norv I may follow. He actually said this morning yum we've got Trevor and sits at a tour in Sydney why it. Oh. Could argue Hilton they ought to screwed because they felt like it was a mandate and so those are the whole thing to do certain glass. Didn't predict no doughnuts. You have got to get to what you need. And yeah yeah I did daddy Rembrandts. In this by one as I Hartford and Atlanta as daddy earlier this however is due bouts tapped out beyond the at all you take. Me over his knee and memorized her hand over my knee there was me involved. That's oh this is going to be Ellis can't believe rob had to save your life that's incredible. No I don't well I don't be shocked actually there rob just showed you in the blade and nobody did oh grade average in a big heat treated that guy like he was a silver to stand I know how obsessive. I'm a fan you know obviously the T birds and tiger's ball I thought silver tip easy I will kill you. Didn't Schneider of who. Wanted to make common cults do what you're that guy who goes are two games and will live update every play I cannot believe them FaceBook I think about it. My heart I notice that you're going to use him at Yellowstone robs at a game to my news feed basically exclude him how much offensively 63 bucks brought up. How has just like we saw American Jill and sometimes you video of him pounding on the glass cursing at the other players who are fifteen and sixteen years old mine you they're young yeah. I don't know you're American you please give Max I won't kill you after her show. And anyone got a conversational applause no please download these little. This is kinda human being out and then you put him but it sporting event and all the car looks like I promoted the deal it I know it's like oh I'll. She Britain's. He season and unless you're the drummer pretty boy Floyd or your fifteen year old hockey player maverick yeah. And once again tackle it you're reluctant on what direction do chewed. Your life yeah. A you can slug guys Denny shows coming up. Are you ordering out not your data and of them could oh and actually used. You know we've got several sugar you guys do we can't announce yet so I think our next believe shows you what you guys. Oh. Mummy we are practicing the 1000 routinely need refuge I know dear what that's what it's mean. Mean you've got to lock that ever would add insult to all my guy that teach killer you ask you certainly have bootleg Somali 99 and all my god I've replayed guts are not honored speaker. May has been kicking around blocking us some more studio it's I'm just really busy I've got some stuff going on Toobin Jeff spent Lucy because he's dunes are tracking mud yeah just when we had a chance to do some serious stuff Jeff was in the middle of 92 and guessing game yeah it's obviously you know we'd be the best and you're already at everybody's busy and there's other priorities that will follow and work we will guys have tracked yeah we'll get -- is loosen them more recent batch of songs is just is cool the first to get that. Every one day everyone's dead Sunnis. Really special where I'll actually got the thumbs up to a triple. Part crash are crusher to do nearest out post army are solid and you're. So blowing you. Guys ridiculed at all and Greg and I never got to see you post modern Europe wide and not. Got to look so good. Russian. No we well we dirge it up man you know you we ticketed darker direction and needed even just accord were little shows why and I think Travis was all about it. And so we don't have Buren darker yeah it's just really dark and Sergey now on. There are so career record that now become a bruiser Brody all yeah yeah I'm really LB on the record I think Travis Rhoden says yeah yeah so I think are hoping is that once legal act in the steel and paying out those five new songs including heart pressured put it all together into one. And going to record so view of the people who have a collector's item and if you. You don't these by the rector all the sucks. But so so what's the title a record going to be an earlier goal kick and the toy ever Olympics would it's why am biased decks so happy. I. So I just got me an idea woke you up for us so well why differently. I can't yes these guys yet. It's it's why it's only only Omaha. I only and the carnage. Yeah they're good and I would carloads UK and the speed bumps Wyatt was up at Apple's lead. I was only elements decades the only. Now because we don't you could have been trained as Willie Nelson a car crashes. Yeah. Well Amanda I'll see you up until March 21 at the crocodile lets him be out why only in Iraq it's gonna be wood shed its could be bruiser Brody is a big benefit. For fight MS a benefit to help raise money and awareness for the fight against multiple sclerosis and don't be a lot of fun again that's an amazing no to apply terra del anyway you look bird looks Tarantino is going to be there hosting along with the Ted Smith and the men's rooms and then I'm sure other kids to be personality to be popping by exit. Thursday or walk when Wednesday to Wednesday night well but it's an earlier I think of our personal bruise a burn you'll be first on stage at 8 PM. So even if you have to work the next day like I do and many others have to. It won't be that late in the night and not play chance that by the time. The night's over with music they'll be performing not yet come down supposed to be a part of an amazing event and yet you won't you won't miss a wink and be fine at the crocodile big time yet. Well again I adore her stomach can't come so. Just first time the croc. Yeah first time ever known. Kidding I know in my college we do have a name for the record the records them because the every stat ever. Have a good. And welcome I heard the modern record trend so I don't think I I offered up Viagra side admits he wasn't going. It's. Besides. I curling Niagara that the I would sit still owe it to you paid by the way you can you give me a script. Along the strip. And you give me a prescription drugs until it's always want to use distill it needs some buyers love the load and unload good record all I want a beast an extension don't go to. I got the Muslim boxers I don't think I don't even sending her husband also a marine toss it's going to be a great idea. But I didn't really are they don't. My mind will be a little more difficult to hit. A move I don't think they'll give you jump projects may get Jesus. It creates a popsicle sticks it to go take a couple ways to explain easily yeah okay things have gotten we are doing okay yeah. There's usually an output saw it a little break because they're the record. And just and bulls say the full word but split its okay. He used to it now. I want that I like about our brand New Zealand all make we have opener I have a a true deep phobia of popsicle stick. Attributable to show you broke out scope excellent stage I saw march 21 I know I know. Why would you often hosted yeah I don't know security but it won't do it because you're so weird city. That you like popsicle sticks out like reverse psychology designed to put it in perspective now that the one in more than a people do it this is years ago but my buddy Calvin you would front in the man tempered cast amazing band. Comic cal and frowned and yet that's right that's right this was that this is a temper cash show and his beautiful wife Stephanie. Are more he once gave choose in the snows that's pure and that's the same drawback Shaquille mean she was carrying their first and it was a real exciting moment for them they're happy about this their first was in the oven. And I took sharp beat and I wrote on my hand it's mind maybe. And I went and stood right clinic Calvin in the place is packed to the thrown down I just held my right hand up and kept are completely poker face and just took too. I took him completely out like an adverse effect this couldn't sing I guess is we know it's taught is destroyed and I know you are just thrilled over this poker face like yeah that's there and held my hand up so that's my maybe. Yeah so be truly thought I read your voice you invite on stage Wyatt kids you know we're now a man. I am pop elements. Yeah yeah I put up I look forward to a kid may have had no contact no reason that you're either gonna say girl got a third when did you realize you're gonna see your popsicle sticks. When I was a little kid dammit I I haven't nightmare that it dentistry replaced and I knew he'd put all the rounded tip of Al Ahmed the sheets and now every time I go to the doctor and they want to put it totally suppressor and and I hope I have a panic I can't and we're if you. Lori bell Tony Tony I'll window pane has a weird thing about. It's anything would like there's little wooden spoon small ice cream cops yeah I love those if you drag goes across your teeth he goes to. I'm lucky all models don't have a niece staying and so we to bring the whole wooden spoon sort of window pane show at all stands for about Tony Hall things got so you know. Really you know we're we're just turned his back and rock out with the drummer. I am and you do you do like dude he's not even happen because I'm likely doesn't play. You know we just turn it back on your new and that's that they're much more laws around you you would not giggle it would be over. I think what Cabrera has won zoo look. So spoiler alert the croc show our intro tape is just gonna be two pieces of styrofoam rubbing yeah. We're trying to torture and death. Is exactly dot org brotherly love to go about is very true. Killer man Obama didn't god before my boss or scare my head off yeah I love you I can't thank you couldn Rick yeah I'm glad you're still lives. Well okay yet rarely I don't know how important if you tell them and failed. I think he feels much better about the text now you know no I'm still sat with him I know I asked my opinion won't change until we get a bag today easy. And everything that I thought I saw a picture of you would not end though the wreckage skies all leading Dixon housing he's clearly doing to another group that is true us like another date you all eat your deluxe song. I know I just enough peaks and interim I know. Are we should go our quick break it apart it you do it all the time at bat well all make sure that I'd bring via decoder ring collection cup. It'll be your real bit. I'll see this is where it all lines and I was at all. Oh I think I'm afraid that average coming by to drop off a package later said the recent US territory into the night unfortunately there's a thunderbirds games and rob will be around. Laughs I couldn't ignore it taking ground yeah oh yeah intention to. I just our brother we don't doubt I would like to you soon. But he's our let's get that here it's. Very. That concludes our voicemail spectacular country. Yeah we don't play a more snow and wind definitely want a clear how text messages we did definitely have enough copyright. The text message they're over there and honestly. The first voicemail was from mama and then everything fell apart because of why. Yes that's what I thought ball flight school as always Michelle. Thank you defeating tongue on we'll give you full report he took me well that is beyond cool calm is gonna be just getting. That's awesome thank you. And I knew things I've Trevor and Sidney thank you guys for hanging out with that you know you don't eyes were glad you've got folks like right on each other good. Well I think the world of gender and hiking yeah OK okay what's the name of the podcast again both shots and thoughts we just filmed up so threes so it's still new but it's also videopodcast. Suicide YouTube hits on YouTube video and sound club. There's a hundred people didn't show ever and although doing well then tell us how big the affiliate down and be yourself calm. But we're out suns can keep talking because he does America along but I only get down on yourself podcast at some point to sign on oh yeah plus does appointments. About twelve till itself includes the pulled pork involve relatively easier faster because Shelton thoughts I didn't have to thank. I think you can't tell me which some pulled pork before he took a bunch of shockwave Galveston both broadcasts one day and then all mama this book report on the ceiling. Overture results yeah. Whenever we welcome back yeah. There's Dotson Dotson sound cloud also on YouTube can not who's a Brody will be playing Wyoming and Iraqis and woodshed. On the 21 of march and at that the crocodile who should get tickets posted attack daily in the Ted Smith. They can't tell me dot com get more information about that we're gonna be the Iraq now played some new songs you know if you haven't seen it recently. There's a refund. Should be talking with the ultra again her dad's big red miserable. We got fifteen seconds did you go legit call law I'll be playing acoustic climb mount. I don't know what did we get is what the eight. Well what's the next month as mayor mark Ritchie exists Smart Smart are you guys do or die every day my nap.