MigsCast 03/06/18 "Stone On the Bone?"

Tuesday, March 6th

This week Glenn chats about a great dining experience courtesy of the Rev's wife Michelle!  Plus we chat about some of the most odd and messed up radio contests we have had over the years, and Thrill pops in for a quick but awesome moment!


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Totally forgot I've never surprised in any of my notes. So are any of my email here and tell us your free bonus today I had public health boxers. Yeah well they have like here if I need them I'll go get them otherwise we'll just do what we do is we got a lot of voice mails they conservative played over there hi Glenn cannon. What what podcaster oil it is the maker can fail to make such. I couldn't do your your offices. 37 feet well run grab your notes off your desk and now Tom I guess there's no wedged in somewhere I'll I'll get a minute I don't know I need to get you'll be rifling through your stuff oh you can go to what. How can people get hold of us. A map to the body grab I have no idea yeah I mean that would be straight age some things. May eggs until there was 899 dollar and and for me yes good job what I'm not sure that's right yelled you can text us on the toll free though which is a drag settle 2532714787. I only I had and I don't know I have to makes cats to gmail.com and it outlines today is our big job. Voicemail email text message spectacular but I have all the texts and emails and other firms so they might just be a voice not spectacular. We do have about sixteen voicemails to get my glove. And as we continue to fail our our listeners yes. Obvious deviant studio as the end result man. Hi Stevie out right before rob we started the podcast you said Glenn burns again it's nice to me like I've met you before and they got operated I love awkward so I was a sitting back and join arrived. It was awkward I was more or was I hammered drunk at the times have we met the show. There's a chance I don't remember any of it. Low twice we've man may yup I'm Tony v.s before out. Our that I ever got one man I was up there would tell you we're gonna see woodshed and should reflect all and I totally remember that man and I think there's a person I actually saw dells army down which I love that man has so much on that bill. Are good for and wide only in the wreckage he had no where's my day I remember meeting you remember shadowing. We had a killer conversation action to remember that that and yeah I gave you CD which I don't think you've heard. It was. Big with a couple blemishes of commerce yes on I think it's still sitting on my daddy. It is and I hate to admit I kept over the last time I actually put a CD. In. Really anything yeah I've been to see. Man do I did and I Saturday I've been streaming pandora off my tablet and I carried my tablet with me from room to room and how subliminal Mike Talbott for like four months now. I had got the CD player in the car. Going up to comic con us trying to get muscled jazzed up on Saturdays or listen to. I scooped up a lot of the older I mean literally late ninety's CDs a lot of really bad ninety's. Like mad old new metal techno sort of mixes sweet and I think fell right into that. So it was so bad ass last squared some idea that yap. Is that album is either really really good at some point flooded techno stuff. Andy didn't do this screen mean new metal stuff I forgot held back Stabbing Westward. I study western is a little bit higher on the Echelon that for the ones and out of the water and they all the more call that soundtrack you're saying is goes from pretty cool to just all yet is it starts off terrible. It has light at five trash senator just all the tech elements that are pretty good right in a couple relief horrifying metal tracks so we had this kind of stuff was no America understood understood that it's trying his leg had a person we work with gave me a copy of the CD that he played drums on like forever yours ago I know you play drawn journalism and has spent an unlimited number and are you know feel like you put the Gaza. You listen. And I feel bad that I got to have a CD player so it's always a process. My my CD players my laptop now right my laptop goes HDMI Meister receiver which then feeds my monger and I've got. A gorgeous stereo set up then but it does mean plop into CD in my laptop so I can listen to but it is all HD and it sounds. You know freaking amazing but I never get around to it's I kept putting off and every time I get that met this sitting on my desk disallowed. Because I'm feeling guilty that's. No ceremony with this once it was the same thing I see this disk in the whenever I would see in my work every night. Oh crap I will be this and ask. And a couple and I still like all man my car's in the shop there which is true it up and down the house all this stuff like you comes up every time I would make it a point trying to avoid him. Why just on the today that he's been fired. And it was like three months three months ago three weeks ago he got fired oh and I didn't realize battery quit I don't know why the others it was a hell did this fired from here. I done well well I usually a lot of effort usually the day after a large function. You will at least alcohol get the first couple of years it was always a are you willing if you just waiting to see the email with a person's name in it. What is the yes someone messed up some what he got a little too hammered and probably gave their opinions around the wrong people a little too loudly and put it mildly not everybody can be miles richter. So you know what I mean like you know I took him my phone the Motorola didn't get away with this success yeah absolutely. What do they got a searcher who no longer works here and I felt like a side are really funny there was an opening a little while and how. I can't believe they issued to expect it lets you like key of like. For someone who likes confrontation. At certain times that are sadly he will just you ought not involve yourself will be our lack. Fired three wood that you might yeah I did I planted drugs in his desk. Which wasn't what I inquired does still. Actually kept them here for two weeks it's at my. Prevention doubles coming down which is a great bands have the united Palin hasn't heard there's stuff fighters that won their tracks of the most recent. EPs. Within a certain span of time together and one in my spirit sizes track called sky island in this design devils coming down. There comes I came here. We don't care to hear both the podcasts and I'm just kidding. Data. Good. Not okay. Right now. God. We've been. In the says the French president that I actually love. I think it's part of his view and here in ovals while you might apply GAAP quiet gym this big beautiful songs on I was struck by a bolt of lightning over the weekend. All this is good yeah I love this part of Austin's. Chanting. I'm a sucker for a good chance that's a very social and score first teammates oh no not have time to get it done before today's episode. I'm hoping by next week's episode. Something very extraordinary it's going to take place. Oh okay. It involves strippers. I guess in a way ensure. Oh geez. If you happen on the I would that is driving and it hit me like a whole life. Like I I put two together and came up with a million I was a. Do you want me. To look. I could end our friendship. Oh no but I don't think it will pour everything solidify our president and T and yes those are my favorite French of the ones read things get pushed super worried makes a friendship stronger party completely makes the French or go to complete passes laugh out almost ironic. I'm on the hook now you do the yes I am when I get an animal looked to get it done I mean if divorced it was or where she can just let me know and I'll just edit out this part. No no OK I know I wanna be on the hook to get it completed our policy wanted to trying to be completed before today's episode and I could of Glenn worked great under pressure. Oh hours Susan hours and they think blah I'm excited that something very special for for our voice even library as a surprise for you you know I mean everyone knows that I played drums but I do working on my guitar player we want to some YouTube videos and I've been working on my days playing as well I. Have a little bit of a home studio set up and wrote a new demo for a future bruiser Brody song and I decided. Guys you'll see John Travolta in phenomenon. It's kind of what's what's cool Steve. There it is you can pick things up very quickly. But nobody did it's. How I have. Okay right you've been working really are okay I'm reunited vocal let's get out of fairness of Travis did you work on that pregnant right here are we going. A just like back down the song's called Thatcher's. This actually called valuable sure. How does it better today I wrote our company's production library now hooked up to my computer so I have access to all these generic. Beds then yeah right better make whatever I would give me genre what you when he here. Polka thousands or pull the poor you and I are really connecting you and I know look at that NC mobile more loading tracks. There are no metals found that's right because poke the core is a genre I specifically came up with change the world you what I did spoke with a K that's the problem yet have to grow Coca no more oh. Scale water I've made up of course it is a look like or focused. PLO see any apparent here Leo close shot of both. Now welcome to sea city of what leavenworth ever doesn't this music and if you wanna have sex. Phillies play a little lit the cryptic about how people to. Yeah oh yeah that's called the core mobile eyes are you ready for you guys witness. I'm. How personal this is spectacular. Com I just picture like a CDC on fast forward yet and didn't but someone walking down the ways just like get out of my way I have faith. And that fifties near comes on debt doesn't work try some works. Contrition comes to work each day I thank him he had sex with a reception as they don't make eye contact anymore patient smack in the bathroom. Previous judge brown wanted him and I'm sure they're even Jason's case it's the tickets he's a total Hawpe had. Did try to Angel dust and some doesn't the second floor he smokes duke beat everybody to be like geez. Yeah. I do you like his music. That's why I stopped out all right now have a ball and but you know exactly perfect music from running errands and I've got to run an errant after this podcast is over I got. Yeah. It's the go getter music so I was going to get a new suit and cap. I came home and how about the my dog blue decided that she wanted to do escaped from her office. Well played and now we've created at our. I'm here's. Picture this this dodgy grizzlies 600 and gets right not not not not much talk talk talk talk talk hello dad. This cool funky man and turn one ball leave. Alone she's shooter way to freedom what are you doing to install it and I. I don't know 147 hours good god that's plaza you can guess and their music art and I need the plastic they're all these old classic remnants. Just need I didn't know I not and admitted I want to darn good one out of the play and I come home and she's looking at me. And she's big. She's been sweating. Thank you just had our rock today goes a long work LA blue what the hell is going on how we want you just look at all grown free in the house when you're gone. I would have no problem that threatens to sit there and not be OK with that so I create independent pretty big. For a mile an entire floor of your home practically no I think it's it's of a good portion like real blue wandered. Do we have to have this conversation with the music playing better. I don't date a guy is that clean freak and all the idea of Lulu peeing without her knowing where losing even though Lou Lou for the most part you risks you run as a pet ownership wanted child she's the queen free once a child I now for quite an I don't know listening when I don't Titanic. Wait till the first blow between free. There and wants eight Giles yes there'll be toys everywhere there will be diarrhea stains on all your furniture she will rekindle incident and this is why I really wanted child I'm that I will breaker I would call I don't. Always think that dog is the best steppingstone to a child who let the ball go free you smell hear and do your job as a parent and figure out where it's come from well I mean could you need to know your daughters you know stashing her and Paul Paul Paul Paul you. Oh hey hello hey I don't know it is often mean wow out immunization Australia and it's great when I hit it when anti women really talk about children. And on the other if you look at that road is out right there at the time so I knew Sean. Intel said its were a rehearsal. Practice because in seventeen years down QB needing to figure out where your daughter's stash is and decision take away that you know. The methamphetamine or putt at the second. Why unattractive a bad boy Federline. And so I had sort. I just so you're I didn't Louisiana you're why are no I waited all grown greens and want a child I. Oh there's actually has. That's like pretty like against writes if that doesn't make sense to you all she's a clean freak and want to hit. While you know I think being a German probe and working at one of those groups who places where you have tomorrow to leave things t.s you're just full of visuals I flew to Baghdad the way it did. And there's a third bad bad bad boy I'm gonna play at the pack catch Jack forward like a dog at a boy eight. OK I'm so I'm disciplining your dog climbs a bad hole media and you men. Because they wasn't flawless bad full. Face did and I Doug McIlroy it was stray dogs out that's I don't hurry. Well you you know word got out and if you can always good luck to me in good let's hear now on and fuel and that counts. A little bit token I know how you do it Graham Arnold murder her Earhart. Come hole and and and go back I fix the problem. You don't have one ready more so on for all the conversation with silicon. Gland you know she's there are some hills that you choose to dial back here I thought I did I want I want to do about speed. This is not one to advance. Yeah sure me and yet she finds a bad boy yeah I had bad I had Hawaii and the battle away kid from time I want. Okay well I'm in theory and you could have did this come Mercedes shall lose this glands of employees come out of you where where she shouldn't. Oh sometimes yeah. Okay we'll wealthy animals and animals do that is not a redwood they don't you might be some day for the most. Part she's pretty damn good but I think the big fear is she might be good because she's crate trained. And and it's actually from what the resurgent U. Great to me. Playing ten K Narayanan open. I got grade straying I couldn't. Okay. We do we shade below his paranoia just a weird podcast that is. Okay Lisa started weird and gotten weird under that you all I wanted to say they go to them plastic place could I gotta get something that she can't bite they're. And when they go to apply apparently there or war or you could have a conversation at all. It's not essential right now yeah. It was a Mark Barton and not as they guide. I either got a license Dorgan I'm the bit about. He wants me to stop cutting him off so bad that I. I don't catch are threatening to have this conversation is still spending looks good until it got reported as I already beyond that Roddick got like sixty dollars. I've no idea you've got to make thunder boomer relics I ask you Lola clever aren't on car bumpers I'm like disheveled Volkswagen parks so gonna go get some plastic I didn't think this kind of like acrylic plastic oh yeah. So be it a see through cute little dog in the bubble it's good I'll have a Bluetooth and I. Donna drama the strange and and I have my dog is eating my wife because we'll blow wind tighter happened during the kennel dilemma Jews are already in the crater was delusional to WP in the corner. If you like what's. How it's possible. That's obviously been really big blocks well songs over a horse I. For the second Steve's frayed nerves I'll order redirect and thank you lovely wife Michelle whole colony nine wins you mean what's on the grill that the Nina. It was not incredible yes I'd never done it tummy tummy still were brought never gonna go we of Walt let's talk or discuss that in like she's a big and write your voice of heat she's picky. Joseph Yucca bush he's picky doesn't necessarily like meanwhile why did you have a conversation ordered to figure out Jewish she should they have. Glenz conversations that we need to be happening with Steve's going to be it's I. There is Steve hits me I don't care so my wife normally says he said he does but I can see there's not as it is chicken I usually hurt chicken because just like texture. That's almost I don't know about you. It's like a rumba set like eleven. Her but every democracy. Made him. Figures are due but did not talk about your eating experience AS. This is goodies we got remembered yes yes good these old news com. If you guys can decide to go there since she's not strictly begin yes they do you have. Oh rock and salad bar which is kind of part of the whole thing works OK and that you could tossing yourself over to somebody come over and talked to operate all of my salad toss Magellan. No. And I know there were a couple attractive Brazilian hostess and waitress is there but. My wife looked lovely and we have not focusing on each other section become of the nicest evenings and allow it was a good as. Would Michelle. Love beyond what China had the nicest night he was killer. So anyway. They don't just do meet on the skewers they also will do like shrimp and chicken oh okay baby shrimp and were an OK you guys and it all America. So yet when you when you show up the host this kind of hit she took the deal often. And you want to pass is really amazing salad bar my C cellmark's it's not a salad and you may have did as little tiny corns. Are no there was yeah I called but it's. The variations are it's it's basically it's its killer and come you can almost just heeded that area only it is appropriate it's really music. So. And easel coaster and it's red light green light. When you want them to stop swinging by your table stuff you read lightly red light and Sudeikis notre. You grabbed what ever I mean election remember what all did you like Daytona and a half point yeah it was super cool what we we raided the salad bar at the little hosts a school V cast didn't. And then like every minute. But you'd comes out with a new secure fuel more you know up. Hey guys lose ascent now mod this is next this is why I'm not about the play was in cattle credible to try to it was incredible. I shouldn't shrimp or credible. There was a chicken and eat up all the meat draw some of these guys water or other secure. And tell you flip this thing over and we'll get to a point where you'll have had ten different kinds of meat and he's hopefully W side of it back over and you like oh. OK I don't future maybe you'd like you can take backstage and trying to remind army you can sit there for four hours like you can literally just man on the flip it over and sit and chat now ice and then when you're ready again you flip it back and that's kind of a Tony and I did so McGriff Greg couple hour. The price tags are worth it but we got I mean Michelle hook you up because as you don't ever want. And I guess you ended up doing it was like I got to verify must make this happen. That was sort Michelle. Again thank you so much and I'll see Tony knife. We you know we're just kind of slaves to the grind right we had the nicest evening we went we went out she looked beautiful we sat and chatted and we giggled about how cool for me was I thought it was in. Always in my and I yeah army SL we'd like your synagogue. I'm sure her story afterwards or get out from plastic contract. I can't we we did actually he's farmed. Because I heard that you've been out of accidents and how well I'll walk into an extraordinarily peculiar animals roam free what kind of parent are you and I was like wow how would stay I carried an act as. This I let my cats roam free cash. I would say armed they chic beauty she's not strictly be in death she can she'll definitely go down only go area that salad bar. I'm not doing it justice is I can't remember what all it was a lot more than salad bar it was OK she. Hiller nice calm. Keep it going there as a medium and have an amazing meal all you can eat I bombed. She's just picky. Dude com shrimp chicken fish. That comes around this really isn't an amazing shrimp accidentally gave about this that's awesome many allies particularly doing lit up a little while it might be like you know the steak the steak the steak the steak okay this is a pork this support. Here's the sausages yours mistake and then forty minutes go by and okay here's the shrimp. Here's the chicken here's the and we really mean when we go to conveyor belt sushi the only thing she had is he assured me here I'll I O yeah all she'll always she'll put away a bunch of plates of those there might occur if this same patience thing shall regulate roared to go bad things man I Soledad yet so we'll just take them right off this. You're Florio are likely come out this careful neat you have looked homes. How do you tell the guy is everything is free speech steered and then as it gets towards the senate obscure it's more and more Reardon to Intel the deli man I want a real rare slice and he'll rotate that maybe. Take this big night from stress carving it off than you reach up with your little claim peace then and and you grab it and then he won't cut it free for units. There was no how long did you guys spend there. I think are now where they're probably two hours on our behalf to IRA yes I was sitting and chatting and and really enjoying each others company and a great meal and it was like beat on school Ilia does compare very so. Yeah neither it was a re just credibly to the podcast talk about a bit and I know both it was one of reach out to Michelle ones and send her message like huh right on it was the nicest nights and I have had together in them they'll want alma and you know we just we haven't. We have been able to get out on the town and do anything cool like that was an annoying got a river. With the Valentine's Day. Yeah well we're able to go to his place in kind of Parkland Khobar beast or else. Why how. Though it hasn't there by the ought to read the a tough group we would do is always go barbies growing they had this the kind of fancy especially on port hub Parkland. Acting on the bonuses may cabbies and Steve's really rough in the south you mountain. I applies is going through every strike he's somebody adore and I'm going out. This is some license. Literally we're podcast it's getting kind of turned on I got a border. What's out what's up that I our customer. I'm. Are you sir oh there is a great place in Parkland. Oh Midland various sort of thing kind of like that yep but it's that they they're they got me it is like kind of is like this little room bar and they're kind of fancy with their meals. But there's there's the type of bar that'll have the bloody Mary with an actual like meal attached to the top of baseball I got grilled cheese and yes I'm actually really buys some gap yeah so they had as bad as bad. It seats we could get to the forum dude I don't know that the former drop out to get open yet I think they're remodeling button and other former Puyallup would have liked. A grilled cheese sandwich. I think shrimp. And a few other things yeah on a toothpick in your Brooke bloody Mary GAAP to he's on top students say this has. Amazingly bloody Mary is also your lunch yeah mountains of water like so bad right now it is it's in their solar says you go online to look up like crazy bloody marys and you'll find like all these crazy can Cox's words like awful on cheeseburger on. Top of a bloody Mary. Easy which also so it's it's the most everything. Told me earlier began prince Stevie over here you right. Teter talked casserole with manager results sausage all he had a well done and how about the grab a slice for you know and told him I didn't but I can't accept this because about who a couple of ladies that worked at our station. Caught wind that there was there and one of them is really really hot site is on every their estimate itself. She's just the snotty home no doubt that when wit no you what did Jack do your router out later today at a very you know without government as our arrest at her cold hands. Yeah you won the southern wonders why she's she's not a month. Like not anymore the say honesty she wasn't in the first when you get from popular from guess she was cute insurance from cute to move now. Repulsive whoa okay may be able to extreme hot tape they're actually also Steele was on his way to the restroom to urinate and she was laying in the hallway on fire idea idea stealing you know I chose to walk past her burning Bonnie and urinate in the journal rather new and used his own urine to put her out and I thought that was a priest priest told statement. But regarding Steve's feelings Obama animated. That I I I kicked her foot that it aways or throw a little while. Hurtling into. Confirmed that that line of irons off of as time that I always trying to help BJ made good with some guys that he had pissed off in this area. And they sent me back that line. Oh really why is hey wouldn't PR and he was on fire Vijay wants to apologize. And many as Blake got no late and eventually edu. He calls us a pretty good then yeah they got enough for being late for a segment back when they were on the old on the radio for guys station. Yeah on the buzz am late in this back before BJ is calm. And understand that sometimes people are late in Sox yes does that mean you want to have you know when those BJ chairs hole yeah oh and I created it still is it time that Chris Cornell called in light is many many many obviously. Our interview actually I'm sorry but I'm a double our it was probably a great I need to go are really had much to her virginity at whatever brand they he had a so I went to the interview causes why I mean I know Detroit electors are now is Graham and he was great. Hughes is a late BJ was Siena but also free at the time that Peter Chris from kiss. And shortest interview ever. I was ST I know I am I they've found that audio of that Peter Criss and you off I somehow line I I NRA ultra authors a call. Made mainly use Steve I want this is a way back this when you guys are still on the and no would have been here it would've been here I am wrong crystal alarms on the show but I think BJ was gone for week. Yeah and you and double are pretty much worth the show that week and you guys were constantly yet sorry BJ's out we're doing the best we can think Sarah. I mean this is no offense to be Jake you know I love BJ at the show was incredible that week I thought it was African awesome it was great I really enjoyed it. It was a totally different dynamic of course but now. I'm it was funny because you guys kept apologizing for the photos are part of Jonas after every show for well ever so we're always an apology. You've got to look at her record is not not now you know not legislate against BJB you guys were apologizing for the show not being as good at it and I thought it was fantastic. Team and you know I'm numb. Yeah that's funny that we know we are all these years and I've never told about the Berman I we we can't even really matter. Make up for the whole dog and you've got pregnant so loved music it if you haven't we did I crossed the line this morning and I crawled people loved him in just the card dew tour card to review and Steve had no longer the vision that she had no yeah I yeah I don't know it is third little pile of flashy and a hook hook up it yourself. There's news just the law music or see about. No I semifinal you know and I know we lost so many great pieces of interviews and audio because stern when they went to a new server a lot of like our early years stuff they just now nuke did they knew did. Com and and to have Peter Crist and we really do not last very long or Steve you remember the because I I somehow I ate. There's like 82000 me I'd burn did their ideas by parent her thoughts on the Braves took legal nit another medium MI gave it my roommate. He just did this that are it's I'm like wow so I'll send a copy of that team what a what happened. So he calls you liberals and yelling at 630 an asset as an early this 635. Ish he finally calls. Now in all fairness to Peter Crist the issue was he was doing a radio tort for those who don't know what radio Torre's yet Peter Chris goes into a room with a company. Company XY and Z and what they do is patch him into ten different radio stations over the course of so one of us and our Israel along yield which happens all the time which we've been guilty of incidents at the lane to be gimmick hey man. Rapid up when we think we did that STP on the issue and it happened before where you think he keeps on a McCain man wrapping up you know how much you hate it when I guess his late for you. You're the reason why I guess is now going to be late for the next interview and it's just snow balls right so they continues so. He must've done like three or four interviews before he was there are ready. He was doing interviews he was laid art PJ is a give him a hard time about going I became an hour long time. Because in his head Peter Criss is head which is a logical thing gas. He was on time he showed up at 6 AM to do these interviews. It just so happened that it interviews we're going late because of other radio show right keeping him which is understandable and whoever's running him as saying on the maximum announcements and he's being guided so yeah there's no idea Julia so violates as he gets annoyed me. And I Carole would it be Jason do you remember likes of the exact I don't know why you were not uniting case tell how are no lines way hates you or something like yeah. Now mind you did you say you. I game. You know maybe I really can't sing and Peter Criss I understand is not the world's greatest drummer but he's one of my all time favorite drummer he's the drummer one my all time favorite bands you take cat man by. I was him for Halloween I was so excited to talk to Peter Criss on a business. I am I talked to Paul I've talked to gene I talked to base I've never talked to Peter this is the moment yes who is the moment thing. And he sets up again now I know white gene he she it was something really. It's you know a little reads narrowed ol' yeah yeah well then do you DL do you go to Oslo. And then all the things that I don't I don't need to hear I don't have to deal with this or something along those lines in just clinically and got yeah I don't I think to meet you got through the intro I did that I played Strider that's right that's re gag and all of a Sunday he hangs up and and and and copy it does seem to starter again and I'd just like. I know you're alive longs to happen to now. Our goals. Borrowers imagined just noticed as a listener and a fan of the station when I hear so and so touching this is gonna be all on the job mean you've got to pull over. Or have been times I've been late for work on my dude after it. Only hear this interview she got to figure there probably a couple 100000. People waiting for this Peter Chris interview care costs and. And then read Intel's new I don't know why gene he won't look good sitting MacCulloch oh about a bill that's as great joy as he had words of an addict I am this clip is no problem awesome if united stand GAAP. Kiss fan I don't think it's awesome early on and off I love how I was bomb John nodded his fan and all but then you can use a Little League and yeah and it knows exactly where we get off and he's an uneasy and then a man in my dude. It's not as important. I'm a guy named Steve the voice of reason. Hey Gary how many years later is that dynamic and it's never easy answer reason gas like dead -- the guys late because of other people so have Chris Cornell lovely winds of get hooked on a lot of those kind of situations back in the old days are about our known as you would just -- you go aren't fair but nowadays you some hate running lays it bird yeah I really care that's the sweat lodge in the POD man yeah work in Florida did you can't go wrong you know that's cool oil was I Oskar I don't know what I know Oscar hopes that different DJ and and hard and doesn't drool he's going -- where he wants or some probably miss that side of him others don't I don't I don't I don't know sooner I don't feel like this dynamic of the show is changed now as to listen more fun I think if anything -- list goes on his ranch he's iris and does south less stressful on our end a way that seems well and I imagine from your side of things it's a lot different. Well he's he's a young hook on him. I'll let him come into his bang and then he'll get divide them when he should stop in the past. Did know when the stops they drive for four hours and then the show was over gap and then and then sequels are now taking gets a vibe of OK I've got my point across. I said everything I need to say how the pump two minutes later I can I. I can cool off and move on is it's a lobbyist it's more fun now way could I do enjoy a good BJ. While the top of the handle moment but I am not alone no one enjoys for our admitted yeah I'll stick. So anyway I was. Yeah I know that there is one of them is a top of the morning 6 o'clock. He went door rant about something they did you guys went to a best stuff do you remember that. A week's worth much time I've ever go to Tyler we just suddenly went into a best. If that ever happen now because he'd locked himself into the office and refused to come back a few guys that continue to Cipro we had to throw the most popular are you still. Yeah a dog mom I don't know that I thought they don't want every minute I guess six people and particularly slow. So you're well behind the scenes. The old I always loved mocking him could he shared an office in Manila that out to them have you got awkward moment of this was really mad at. He or yell at me one everyone saw sherbet to the Libya awkward moment of our commitment quiet. And still quiet. Our enemy called and I called. The gas demand lets me knocking at the door can you let me he hit his death I've got lured to the middle of the. I'm definitely yeah. Why I. I don't even tell which really learned to include I can't say I CNN news -- at that point that you just goes home her sophomore I'm tired. Man oh man the I do not miss those days yeah sort of some of the more tense moments and it's all stuff that we're saying is not stuff that I wouldn't. We've talked about on the air so solid as ever. Dining BJ out you know I love them we all do not. Yeah appliance and he's a great guy loan held the first to admit that he was not always an I sometimes it wasn't his fault but. He might not have always handled it the best way if it's typically it's not the best ways to lock yourself in an office know Mel. Maybe that's a bit of the talent moment Craig I ever met and you know. He figures and I think I can I see I think I can empathize. My coffee it's America. My favorite models and are other good other dishes dirty. There are a couple of times I thought it was a bit too. And it wasn't yeah it's obviously. 98 man marrying gonna come back an hour of current. You talk to later RS have a good day there I'm gonna go hide in the Booth. -- of interviews I can presses idealized. My good obviously were not a political show we're not looking into a political but obviously there's a lot of people who used to work for Don from that don't work for company more holes did you hear that it's about being interviewed on CNN needs a former trumpet aid and and I guess the host of CNN. Do straight up accuse Xoom being drunk on the interview. I'm gonna say yeah let's let's little mommy and this is all right with you now let's swim in these waters it. Talked earlier about why people in the White House were saying about him yeah I'm not whether you you where you were drinking or on drugs or whatever they will learn what had happened today. I'm talking TO. Yeah I have smelled alcohol on your breath. Well I have not had a drink you have Hendrickson it's not done. So I I just because it is the talk out there and I don't operate let me just can't give you questionable category why is there are no idea how to do it my answer is now. I have done anything else. Now not just smoke could you be before he decides what events are. I had a presence I don't no I mean on and had a right now until almost. That I take six boxy suit you know and British Al girl does notre OK awesome aluminum for using a bit and is a straw. Telmex Manitoba oddly specific there's certain. At times understands. Well look what looked like it's that they can say whatever they want I don't really care what again. I don't say I'm the man work for trump. Of course he's drinking. Ray grain of course is that men Anita shot now right. You know I'm not gonna fall back guy two point usually I'm my and insurance are quietly like put her hand on his Myanmar to like it's going to be okay and be fine game. Peter had those moments for you or somewhere where somebody was drunken there weren't supposed to be drunken unite to I had this conversation. Should I say anything to this person I don't say a thing because as long as I'm not. Personally involved yeah I'll I'll just I'll just be a viewer okay years ago when I get I hate I admit though I had just one of you're drunk right now okay for Null but I Vanessa gently pinching feeling any man can I get a shot. Inappropriate and I can you got your boy lost and we shouldn't be drink in my opinion can you can do it's it's over it it's a Sergio really bad now hosts. It is treasure before where I've and then fast and were there when time. And after everything was also done its party time and now is Paul hop up on Ecstasy and I went up to the band dynamite hack. It's kind of reminds you that story that we disguise in the hood because they did and I do agree interviewed him earlier there was good guys fellow Weezer fans I saw the like. Add a tag them I have. Act what's so. My god make you know I'm flying high and I am there wanna guys they're all looking at Munich that's going on with this dude he's not the same item we talked to earlier. Cheney and wanna guess tegra has we got the army goes. I don't know what you're Ron and I don't usually anatomy. Use but I'm pretty sure we want some teeth. I have to admit I know. Follow me how I yeah little dog day here now we want value along from the radio guy right you or do you also reunite recently refine his sales guy who's the got a hat like this giant pill boxes next to see her and I Heyman dynamite hack. Took a -- beyond that paid for wearing nobody shot a mall some UK before I got called to do he's definitely the identities like a magnet high in Seattle and Seattle rolled the that's O two days mommy day hooked me up with tickets to see them open for Weezer and New Jersey tied sold out show at a small venue which usable oil holding get into a hole they were the opening band and they remember me of course they did. Yeah. I give me their number are we don't tell anyone that sort got new lease and I think almost may be at a fast forward Ron their boss and were all high is that we're listening to Jeff Buckley's hallelujah dad cry you've got. I. Oh really dynamite hack losing to the beach boys' pet sounds crying singing along to Weezer songs. Did I won't play fun music so many people on the bus here inviting everybody in about him so much fun but it won't put a might again up and down like I just pop music. And I look at them on Mike there's too many people on this bus there and it wasn't like you guys need a bigger boss. I even sell more records I get a bigger bias. And everyone got quiet figure like you're gonna get mad and they certain laugh and joke you need to play our saw more critical. All this guy's cruel way. You've earned. I rise to this day out always and every year boyz in the hood or didn't that record I love that record probably because of the story yes but it was a good same thing you are the awesome radio guy I hope that they still look back on that time I remember that guy I would guarantee and yeah yeah actually sure that got us really high and we cried to Jeff Buckley Q you all forget that well maybe you. I'll go yeah how's the first ever heard the song. Oh really it's a fantastic really is yeah our panel tonight around 900 I think their record recently was owl at that time I don't know war. Go to businesses lane before OK so I was up for a couple years before his plan is drag 99 dish out he added and I'm so while my dad and brother he might be leaving. Then there. By then follows and Jeff Buckley guy I was on my radar wasn't really into like singer songwriter. Style artists like if you already have a band name I didn't listen to you if you're just do you have Biden. Bryant your own name now that you're terribly scarred by Bryan Adams and figured that anyone's swimming by there remains Glenn knows all too well. They've got a Mac does FaceBook page and is a potent stuff and that's all right guys remember when I gave you a bunch acts to see was that cool without bond. We cried. Jim Buckley. This is supposed to dump but we video there and here I don't remember remember me Pepperidge strong remembers I think I happened so helpful I am allowed to regulate temperature comes as a rule not to talk about and if you buy some of Islam in Milan I'll cook who. But dumb. Do you use of friends of the family who telling me a story they went to some saying they gonna make a play or something like that and they realized as they were going that the person I was driving which dropped no sort of uncool. And you know his persons like hiding their alcoholism. But I'll act and news is like. Dave I guess it just like what the hell do you do you pay man let me drive. Yeah you have Isiah he's the state the whale Jesus today is so we usually intentional because that it's gonna blow open your face he just yet. Gay men a couple it's a little careful let me drive and I tell you get in trouble tradition. Used to make it so long can confrontational and cool my views like a punch like. Forty something year old women fifty year old women. That in no of the other cards fifty something year or two women bring under their breath at that point yeah Andy and mean you would've never guessed that she was in the may find out tonight yeah and the way back when the other one stroke but time they're just like what are. And echinacea like. We're gonna live thank you do you hear do you see what I'm seeing ninety you know how are we need swerving oh my that is a dilemma I would never hoped to have nervous toll lane I. Her watching it duty who got. And whereas were keying gosh this is was like eighteen or something working for a company in makes reservoir tanks were like kidney dialysis machines. I was a person they keep those things for people but what are people get one of the guys in this ship being area. Had a history of coming in and most of the time he could keep it together even if we is a little ham bones so they would look the blind guy. But when day it was just. It looked like he had not slept in like three days like it was a fun day yeah I think he took Friday just when the whole thing it looked like he'd just like them a Bender yeah I ate an ashtray. Leg just everything just like looked horrifying. Images like. Beard as in the next day he wasn't you bizarre and there and I noticed already and it was this is one of those words like. Most is that people are not gonna he say anything about the fact that you've got whiskey breath at 6 in the morning here now but when you're looking like that and not doing your job yeah. I hate our freedom alcohol content however show a highway and it I'm going to climb back up our men and all under our amendments that have a blast it was killer. A bunch agree now but you're great friends came down to support. Arm didn't play the thirty year eye on my wife and son that was a live video I believe and Jack from your band posted yet. You know watch Loaiza and really I did I very first so all know I got it just gotten back by 73 less Paul custom an the rear strapless and a big notch carved and so you strap popped off so angry face yet I have such little slow. Hang in there and I'm trying to fix you know I've had that happen today I had to pay the gas wells I got together the rest the show that they'll actually the whole show was killer. We had a blast man that quickly segued into I think we have a couple more shows coming up now and I'm. We really have to get them mature or recorded a Marty talked to Brad about it he's all about it. We we got a good yeah on the seat. I talked to Brad about how we because we're we would still caught it live and I'm probably fly and locals and guitar solos but the three of us just jams organically we just gonna play it. Why come. So yeah. It's one of those things like I'm thinking about doing a crowd funding is really need about 25 or box them and that would pay for everything yes I come blood. You know than the other side of that is I'm gonna do any kind of crowd funding. Should not be pouring out into window paint down so matters that are easy Mac had a lot of sense you know what do I need my life. Work hard sell it used to be able to do other stuff as well and I know these things supported Tony was at the show I mean it's not only people support the project I'm just thinking on a personal level. If homer raise money for something. I should probably reason for window pane. You know absolutely got to like Darren is not the guys in the band he's a fund raiser in any additional error. Only killed himself making that last record. Happened oh you mean just in west yeah. Yeah so have Tony do referred to hire a minute I'm. Fat that before you say Tony do Buddha I had you like to won't make it happen is just plummeted dude it's gonna do it kind of crowd funding I would want to direct it towards was carrying two window panes the major guys this is something I love doing in the materials really killer and a wanna get out there on the world. Wide I have to prioritize window pane some kind of a weird spot like dying and we beat you you understand the challenge but. The show is killer we're gonna have a few more coming up com. Then we dusted off for you know we have six or seven original songs and we hadn't played him in a year in jest. Came right gathered nailed it I mean Jeff Jeff peace in the west Peterson are both just amazing musicians. And some that this monster rhythm section and I just get to go play guitar and and pretend it's 1977 again tomorrow and I began so it was it was a ball I way I don't flowing cocaine opium. Yeah I generally yeah exam as leaving Nixon's I don't know I am here and I will also demand that my home and actually I had a switch off my usual whiskey. And before I played I fireball to where he goes for sun goes with the pineapple but there're that and after after I played I held upon ample back believe me actually a hand up Justin Hanna of course were there alone on course and nom. We were chatting about that and now tornadoes tequila already autos auto there's sort of a silver. But. You know handle one obscure Sean how much pileup of back and she looked like Mike. Try this so she did and she can look to me afterwards like there's really some two government and know just. You throw back the shot and that that tornadoes rip saw a nice smooth tequila. In the east just take a little sip that pineapple juices that. It's it's awesome so I got I got the thumbs up from him on that the device itself from my dress and I'm on my left your sober is it just what I wanted to strata let. Where I. I had three shots the whole life. I left completely sober I had three shots that's sober for me my averages somewhere between twelve and Swanee Jesus Christ changed your whole. I'll do on my excuse Lola miss the they'll also eat you could have pulled me over pro fashion and I would have been like Kyle officer yes sir I had a few drinks a few hours ago home completely lucid now. I guarantee I would and on the legal limit I'll after you you're driving Hooper for nothing. Asked African American and I thought the ball is lose the voicemails only freebies before I drive remember back. I can't wait until. I have boys are from Destin manner I have no idea there was before after I shall we have a million voicemails but that might cause to do. Emirates and we appreciate you drop you get guys. Ten and got to say I am. Getting more. Work him and tell updated its own. So writing that started out that claimed ten blue BL. All right it is absolutely epic night it loose and we fight your as Columbus always did. Hat on if you know got the adrenaline also ruins. And I love I love you need as Claire won't see more and more and more you don't look so happy if there we were really heavily laden it was a great night and yeah we love these. Are pretty good here and then on the debatable problems. Does lend Thomas Anita we're getting the scary cat from dramatic cat fake trivia Christ. Don't. And then we went to. Through all the way up to Everett. Otherwise only in Iraq should we want some allies and now. Hill is another I had a great time and do they were lied and there was. The last thing that happened then they the that's how god I can't upwardly eat it there are hurt or knows. Bloodied up pretty got passed then and the others involved in this match in us and eventually. We're training this news saying we're we don't I don't call. I'm trying to sitting right OK a waste it since then actually remember that show up and you know I'm. She's chosen around gonna do and then the entire delivery guys. Now you can. I did try to remember what happened after the show I'd stack I don't know I like to know what happened during the show. Blood yet Justin Justin was some pretty street Joseph cool. Friday night and I need a Justin. Well you know just have gone drum Daria yeah yeah now I just great stuff he's if he's throwing bottles at people when he's grown there. I give you bugs I just a little more wonder drug like just like this Hanna loses her patience I can ever publicly she's always just the princess publicly. But I wonder later she's like I'm going to choke you to the right thank you I know I wanted to go home for the last five hours and you keep going to have. Modeling hawks with everybody needs more and you're happy to see everyone I'm not happy to be here anymore and I can't and so cool that even if that did happen she did not let us. Right trailer always denied always and act. It's solid people bulls suddenly that audience you com march 21 man Bakes out the OS MS to show us. Law Terrance coming down right Ted's coming Aaron Billy indeed Ted Smith will be hosting those crying and dying on Wednesday march 21 it's just a couple weeks away again yeah which I learned yesterday when our. Our guitarist from Britain birdied JT said this all attacks saying hey. We're a couple weeks away we should probably practice before the show you know like wanted yeah we wanna ever there once war kiloton Jeff Rouse is a little making a record right and general guy says oh like a guessing game record I or is it a new band called the German I I I kind of got the impression it might have been a key cash project. And I kept seeing keys. Posting about you know I'm very confused. I don't yell all those guys she got a much a powerhouse musicians that are all these different vascular Cathy Moore I mean right it's all the guessing game but I don't think it's a guessing game yet so that's probably someone else's songs out how that works you just have a bunch of pimps making music together to examine. Yes and Jeff Jeff too busy with that he'd even replied there should we get together and rehearse tough yeah. He's deep in Canada it was cool I sugar on my FaceBook but some. There was a shot. I'm Steve shared it was a radio periodical what what was on my radio girl radio world war they didn't have enough. Big feature online day yeah but then premier shot. All of fly day wasn't you know the staff doing the shows or any of that stuff it was actually a live shot a bruiser Brody play. Yeah there's a lot through maybe that's why Justin retired attacks because in the dark hole. He's he's blocked out all of the higher oil to the right man did everyone's name was there you can see you Travis JT and Vicki B yeah cause Nicky being on. I ask why and Andris like predators idol -- exotic president noticed it's awesome yards you know a series is a really really -- -- it was awesome out of the featured Sean I was legit surprised by that all the stuff yeah yeah sure it man yes pretty bad ass as I you use their dog was so excited when he sent that man that's some cool so random it's like. Now I mean of of all places a radio trade magazine has our picture I have paid Edwards talk about how we wanna be a magazine outs of how I wanna be in a magazine I got us into jugs. We're in the back by then you can be rich adds I gotta I'll look back baby. Right next to a couple of more page for a high society I got out. I don't know what that means but a moment when 900 beef curtains and yes I think we're trying to keep certain dragged. Wow you're the first ago beef curtains yet to censor the now okay when you resolute and high society dot com all I couldn't find anybody identify the picture on FaceBook and I gave them off if you want justice the last analyst about it O'Brien tonight and email to the staff are dating game laying K take an ally should look at my email then you everyone on our staff more popular email and it was a while ago. So march 21 bruiser Brody hits the stage 8 PM and then it's why only the wreckage wood shed right that's the bill yet at the crocodile killer bill and it's a great show on MS is something that affects. A lot of people close to. Our shared I should Kyle from Wyoming in the wreckage of guitarists of why only I share his story I did not know. What a that he suffers from it talk answer the same thing and I I had not known that and he shared a very very powerful. Essay on FaceBook about it and I share on the Steve makes page to cool video feisty migs that them polite page. On FaceBook you do it every dad and in so I knew what when you read that it just makes this show even more import yet I know and also Karen's mom. All battles that other people that are in our world that are friends with us friends of the band's friends of the podcast. Either they're suffering or if Sam close family suffering so it's. It's it's it's taken on a life that's just more than just a good cause. But no personal connection this is a good cause there's a lot of personal connections to a two would really like to see people show up the end Wenzhou 21 knowing you were helping raise a lot of money for a great cause but also getting your face rock off yeah it's just a cool a cool thing to come be a part of on any level just about two weeks from now we can't just just come be a part of it because you know. So and so many people we love and ladies and gentlemen boys and girls hey man. Where's the doughnut. And. Other get a microphone a lot of Manning they'll earn a doughnut opponent Barack should tiger mother what kind of music are you feeling as a microphone right there for you what kind of music do you feel right now. I dame job I genre. John I don't know ordered the goal commodore Charest and I'd say this because this happening on all I was doing was singing easy like Sunday morning man. I don't know why I reserve my head and not stay laws won't save as I got the elevator come up here. In as a woman with a very dry boys said there's a real. Bad. Yeah. Thousand. Just turn our guide him. Bujumbura sure brute really our bench yes well all I don't know she's gone and your doctor Gupta gives that you want to hold them most of all though they're letting her name's Chris died because side automated Bernard she's while she's far and she's cool dude but yeah. It's in your shirt on and then says men abandon all the usual oh just. All right all right all out man how hot and sexy music freedom of killer who. I'm never this. Yeah I gonna win this man I don't know but some may say no way you wanna I wanna get us talking and then. Yeah you lose its. Mean when you sell. Sounds like Wendell three point 97 back full address. Your weather right now setting out Saturday doesn't have thrown open returns also agencies. If it works its regular size of the labor loyalists. And the crusaders and made the image out of bed okay thanks to La mama. Shades. It's. Hey no shame in shaving. Incidents and not yeah this didn't third. Still do well ma'am I'm an Eva. Both feet and you wrote a hero hero go rushing green actually do eat European money. Federal government perhaps I. Could euros or gross. Let's cool but I was a serious as it ever from the right now usually is more along Libby got food assorted little off using Watson with food in his hand Qaeda desert he didn't take Sweden Sweden Greece Italy I love you get to go back he did it mean you know what here isn't even thrill shaken taco you do if you can I. Pay attention while yelling Shays you've there's visual. Well you couple boys about what time is it. A couple voicemails emails and text messages yes there portion of the it is I want him. I. And those Stevens David difficult I got an awesome Metallica pint glasses I. Hey did it's only to kill Paul ride the lightning master arrives master justice black load reload angered death hard wired. Suck it then then I got Metallica logos of both window pane and Glenn cannon. In the Metallica fine. Yet it's kind of cool the Glenn can't alone reminds me a lot of the the little bat. Throwing stars oh yeah all that the Dark Knight uses a so I'm excited about that on multiple well I get that lead can no. Yeah that's awesome I know Connecticut then Symantec really cool you can grow. Steve resides in the I we've got not only I saw Samantha brother when I come. All time favorite moment there is a film won the first time they met Steve when I worked at the end a gimme against duke would limit the first time right somebody got a big gift. Because the what I do for a living and exceed. Those of the I was excited to get make you do it meets. And so are you all over you remember what it was. Can't. Was an Iraqi T Jack now I am I getting ths W you know. Knoll was yes and nos cast that we. That means that the Steve that I don't even drink you. I would you at the end and I don't remember do you think I said enacted the alma super. Yeah I am a super fan of his because I've said and we him at the end I sent him a puppy John payment every month the VF I. I don't really. I don't know that the end not a music you can never mind. Because that was available only brought your Sheila to a great stuff. I have like a lot of holes and I. I can't really doesn't really did feel got a range. Of I'm just it's. He had an equity for the brain to put her buddies and pretty Skiles will sell them on episode over AK Iraq end. Iraq days yeah I'll keep that balance in terms and yeah that pedestrian discussion I. You know perfectly in my lower grade you thinking I had a play was injured singer would came you have to policy we have. Terrorists instead of a Jack off game well he only taught me do I Jack Nicholson. Impression. Oh. Hello to check your thought they'd go to Jack got a RE your aunt well I know the funny huh what we did that contest. Thirty minutes and got called into the office for Rio fired. And they put the formats do Jack to the last debate that we did on our morning show before we got fired in the station became Jack FM was Jack Jack off. Fitting I got to a magnet that does the suits. At that company were like golden guys are such heated did no idea what they're both. They're foreshadowing ray. It was weird. Yet that that has the dark lord hand. Like yeah right that's just I was really weird yeah began a outlet I'm running and let's have a fund Jack off contest should fit. To political symbol of the revs eases that he doesn't have to censor any of this young cousin gas tax yeah technicals and a lot on his shoulders drop offsets. Like you know look I still have part of the whole Olympics. No one knows it's coming I really had done under the gun game to win cure tickets sold it was like arm pit of his call pitchers have new year I Carroll was all there was a bunch of pitchers on the back a big runs back. We had a rib something not a match. Yeah I was else happens I smoked a lot of possibly can you do for your visual prop on the radio. You swipe fees that makes us do care rob we went off the rails like guy because nobody was listening so we we had we did the whole Olympics and Joseph dread was involved and mom exciting yeah I don't like. A private purchase tickets to us on the and we lose the Ginobili had. Prostitutes competing with the listeners he got prostitutes well here's the thing deficit coming all week and I set it up so they were coming all week. And they only showed up one day never came back how do you want a college I'd help out early in the morning to. How she finds of the stranger. They were escorts older escort you out the one like you want to talk street workers at what you do all will know what these heroes were pretty much streak when they were nasty they were nasty and they came in Newton won contests with repainted. They handled to a plunger. And became sandpaper and I remember that name off the handle it equipment as outlined by jerking this is an awesome yeah gaffe. There are other stupid games my favorite of all the dumb James River you ratings didn't go to the roof. I know right no one knew it was happening no it was poorly market all of listen like crazy. My fear every bit every ever did in and it got shut down into that there are now apparently drunk listeners in studio anymore oh we've written we did drunken idol which was great we get people drunk all morning and and just saying. And I doubt Mario Lucas I didn't obtain it dead girl's Miguel a big guys in the competition is up for Kim Massa yeah. The Dow necklace that went over really well let's do another drunk thing so I can avoid this drunk how she asks I remember when I tried in a bunch of kids lord. And schools. And you wouldn't get drunk and I do hope something. Because that is the years a decent nails and amber yeah. So even if I remember listening industry like that's a bad idea this is just tell them that terrible idea other to keep listening and the other day was. We didn't get in trouble because people were drunk building stuff in the studio we got trouble with one of them got so drunk they ran to the bathroom but weren't able to get to the bathroom in time in Pugh told her sales persons jacket. I'm new here who here and now. Trouble for that I'm really dry claimed it but that person directly guaranteeing the station's permanent stream that appointment not my from the bathrooms by price sales of the specific effect. I thought I want to ask. I'm so I'm uh oh here goes. Rab would notice that Glenn Cohen never heard this beyond wins and these money the guy wore you didn't. He this guy to gamble gamble this tax refund and chances and he went eight poop yes. Is it is that real yes OK don't know I don't know this time yeah yeah big dude. We did a contest editors are on tax season I think there's like the first week you guys are on Tehran to Jack I was relatively soon end and we did they were you got to gamble your tax refund and it was one. I can't remember to be honest review there was something. It was something like where you had a bad on something. And if it was simple and a card game and how did you collect this guy has money. He had cashed out and started an osu used in studio oh yes and he lost and he's they all hi this is not. This isn't funny anymore Obama money in handy now being Andy's idea I don't know Andy has that thanks for your money the guys in the box over chairs to the fact can't really you. Follow them apart there was chaos led up restarting I was gonna kill us and I'm just like there's an amazing. I can't remember maybe. Well they get 51000. Dollars and a I heard that Jim Leyland hasn't green line is ground you dig. And I thought for sure at some point you'd be like he had just take the money. We anyways I hear a little bit autographs to buy well the party on this man I was there was something that the money was going to if I remember correct I don't remember I don't think it was gone and these pocket. My but I don't the listener party your gallant dessert in studio. Yeah yeah these are forbidden things over when Adam and then eventually make me as soon as I got the part where I bodies are being touched everything pad. Calm down but at first I was like Jesus is going to kill us and I'm in the middle while this is all broad chance oh yeah I was fine on the radio. Unless he's this machine name and anybody chaos and apparently what they weren't priority gotten kicked off the airlock quicker and get that program still to my dad and I still my all time favorite bits though was we Hewitt obviously tickets. In a way that we did it. I was always trying to find a tie in to a dom leg to a song to something about the band so it always trying to find something so that way we play this game. There's a connection to this abandoned the tickets that were giving away so much racking my bring him really stoned one night I'm like I. Audio slave pine envious of songs you know and on like a stone. I think get a stone you. Attach it to a person's. Meaner. And have him race with him and call still into the blown. A fast forward. To being live on the air guide to bottom of Denny hell we had like five guys. Real big cinder block. Change guy and pass. Around their dawn. Somehow I ever how would attack is attached to your Wiener. And how his zipper so that we didn't see any bone yeah yeah that would drag these cinder block to something they had a race from the bottom of the Benny Hill. All the way back to her radio station I was at 11100 all the way huge. But of course you care about their safety. Data will bail Wall Street lights and I felt so that's not like fifty yards over the whole twelve block but here's the thing. We had dating Joseph gear somebody with them as she's reporting all you hear you think the ghost of Christmas passengers here are these chains rattling. Oh my god. Oh. We can't do these games anymore ever since a person died by holding their. Radio stations are a lot more all that means even write all of you know you're Monaro is Soledad yes so there is a contest in Sacramento Sacramento but one of our company are stationed in Zagreb and then come killed someone. Well yes gas and and its allies don't hold your wee girl we know. There isn't a lot of these days everybody it's. Yes she tells it like clip that you ask Dell is is at the height of all the we. Game console he had nobody could get one OK okay so this this video and its title contest would you put your hand on a car. And until somebody finally is the last you know are you winner sure they were doing a different version of where you had to hold your. And whoever held at the longest. Of all the people won the week seal soldier we for a week so I figure which people let themselves yeah. Yeah we're we're your kind of hoping forest so they give up in Iran to have that human error. Yeah okay and my nose in there are nurses calling during these games and this is not safe you don't do that as a radio the morning shows like how how we're having them continually drink more water here again we are oh yeah well yeah yeah that way it would be you know hopefully it would dole had reported a bathroom you exactly what one woman was a real go getter and wanted to win them and she held and held he held until she died. What are you listening die from holding yet there is water poisoning asks if you're on T nearly died yes. Died. And and now we don't do games anymore but that was just like that what station what markets. 07 point nine the entrances and exists anymore. Kofi Sacramento. In Sacramento River does top forty thought he only imagine now are our. Is that air standstill on the air you know they got they do good dude I'm with someone die down now a lot of them are still there they're not there there they add dale got fired of course com. Oh yeah of course hope hope that he had out about all the things they feel well enough someone's dead and now you're gonna fire and I know I don't think that's necessary but. It's literally drilling company prizes like we don't know what else do we sow so you lost your job and due to kill somebody yeah. Dude that's like. That's insane that's funny but that's awful I know that there is all full rare and when a mighty avengers whoa. Now she's make a big time radio personality New York. Like hey is she eventually pursue music got there is yet to change her name because there's a stigma against. These personalities are so they're unbearable yeah I don't know why but I guess on the resume if you see you kill somebody in a radio contest other radio stations do not want to hire you to not believe this person is serious about their work so now let's jump to I don't know I. Thought maybe them and there's a good club that he heads hello anybody Houston how about this so how warped I am at the time. So about a year later. Not even maybe I suggest that we do game called soldier we've for a week. And the contest is somebody comes in and we hand the more we insane okay no hold it in the hole the real congratulations you won. I don't know about our boss no no I I'm not flowing and I thought well you really they were gonna run now by our company after what happened in my the Texas. How brilliant this people who wig didn't do it again people are gonna tune in wanted to find out I can't leave the show is doing that soldier we for a week contest. And on really gonna happen is birds basically handing over a week. To somebody I was willing to hold that week. No I didn't want to get enough yet another dancer does when you Blackstone didn't come open ideas and unedited. Silicon and are back in the days like easily giving away tickets and goes to the fat Maurice. So he does you know set aside I don't you'd basically it's like this stop your heart and whoever just down the longest since the flat liners it's fat liars and we'll bring you back delivered instead on the longest more tickets I lived through this this game makes contests to do one time I got I begin terrorists have really given away deck the hall ball or an old Bob and fest tickets and I was at a Jumbo juice to reduce yet and have a contest right I bought. Selma Amanda believes in paying for my art I bot. Five of those big job reduces their frozen drinks and whoever you're finished for me. The fastest three with Grady Little brain freeze of opera house floor one guy who starts going and he gets halfway through it just. Collapse it's a little cold. Yeah how high up are all look bad idea. I can stop anyone I. Outside how he got obviously goes crazy man I got so Burt and I from it we've done some insane. Things we had to do give the rain did with tool on. As yeah. We had a duty to give up a standard you add the belt Sander the chest we had a guy do get a prison tattoo from his buddy a hawks logo with the prison tattoo with a -- like literally made unit where ideas don't look at me Adolor elites are gone through this although I did have an idea of broadcast someone being stupid Donald think that's on you one of the ideas I don't had me when I got to start to the point where the Seahawks would never work with us again if you remember correctly was that the field goal kicks oh yes yeah I had two games. Illinois Seahawks play hockey. Now mind you what do you do you see. What why you do at this point. The Seahawks are. Letting us come to games are putting our picture on the big screen what did you do everything going well at all did you do who OK don't know why but game one was like to punt competition even and we got to do get a football. Get a hold it between your legs and make a female soccer player isn't she came and she come running start from one in the states the other run run run. Kick back cricket soccer ball are have football right up into your voice I do well to do you wanna turn ticket zero. Next guy had a steeple of the tickets to his testicles yeah I was going to do that he got to take I think it was both satellite event ray and was elect kicked out of that place and keep that in place not because of the job potato. Mashed potato. Wrestling yet because the potatoes guy like he had the potato. Dana Walsh EST in the walls and their big projector screen. Zenyatta McCurry I believe me it recipes in this general had word dot murdered every hole we are never giving you tickets again. Hole that really said that on that hoster had never got to be the high that it was so early in what I love this imagining you PUXT. Hair not how do you come miles from anybody. But here's the thing that. He wasn't happy but I brand these games by it he approved it absolutely here so. All you've also hiding a ticket stapled to their sat yeah. How culture club. Cowboys I think the idea they'll always loved him but he's still here is legit Wallace are colored diamond believes that ultimately at. And yet we too much trust and faith in my ideas. The other folks find hot issue it's how it's how you presented W testicle ruptured by that soccer player Brees signed a waiver man. Half way that that's liabilities good. When she was laughing and smiling original Q what she was in there and personalize. Oh she was not from noon. The kind of works would have still filled and filled with fear what you should be a guy got tickets they end up winning the Super Bowl a year. Tell you that season to get on physically hear any sterile and what that word that it's important became pretty good candidates beat you off god. A lot of Steve BK needs a lot. I learned I can remember like I forgot more stupid games have we done that's crazy mirror. I still like the drunk singing line. Oh drunken night it was all just and finally get you to tell me we can't do any Demi just karaoke night but was it like now and how we get a doer or are drunk cast on the spine of the home to visit his upon Cannes. I don't know. And photos though. It was never. They did drunken idol was very up Mike looked upon as being a great successful bit in the eyes of everybody but it was brilliant blue dog house was banned yeah. Because because even during the powerless audience and sharp objects and because somebody Pete Dye cells mainly because so if you don't or you're gonna salesperson if Ebbers never peaked at its general get a pulse it's speech since the great and alienates the door to this drug house you know exactly what you're getting with that the right. Until Bob Vila. All I know we can do better call Andy or murmur Chris for that might just want to live there a credible. Well our world every you know great men good times good times. So about the voicemails. All right we're out of time I I was I'm not real real quick before we will be out their voicemails north American dream lives of its. Aren't your lawyer did Jimmy Kimmel appears to be let us not grow our voicemails and this ran out of time maybe next week we are glad you're selling your car. Yet when I get the word now that I know you oh yeah all my hands good yes it's a page it's gonna let the. Actually what's been cools a ton of people have shared it yeah. Balm buy it if you're not from her put on the makes guest page actually a pressure Leo let ya mom it's 1966 Pontiac Le Mans. It's a beautiful car my daily driver for years and years and years and imported ton of time and energy into the hot rod. I was at the point where ever he wants us in this pockets in no bad blood sweat and tears are gone through that audit bureau of if you pull me on FaceBook you've probably seen photos this karma time such a gorgeous car. It's always needed painted. Armed bandits of the so there's some roster the kind of thing you'd expect our car that'll it but it's all seem pretty straight really clean car. I find them and I mean total S boxes junk. You know job for retreat like Forney grant people are asking for these things and they're definitely project cars. Finished ones seemed to fetch usually over 20000. Messina a few that were just screaming deals around sixteen to 181000. So I'm asking do well Lou you know I'm willing to discuss it or not. Gonna be stupid but our mom asking 141500. Remind me what year. It's in 1966. Pontiac ma has seen is such movies as star ski and hutch. Almost see if you were receiving emergency hits it's its idea let's play Seattle TO I'm a different engines different tail lights basically but it's it's a killer car and it's a thing to use its. The it means finished rights were a couple grand to get the body were done in the paint on you've got. A gorgeous hot rod with a turnkey car he can turn the key and drive it enjoy it right now and even as it is it turns heads everywhere ago. Roy give pitchers get going car did its I don't think it is a really gorgeous all share on the mis cast page but. Yeah I basically. Judge advocate of gonna do it was it was a or are you selling this car manual that car and I do. I would love that line into people's hearts are in the right. There's oil I don't mind now don't do you think well I'm sure glimpse thoughts on and I thought long and hard managerial what's running on there there's several several things apply. One is calm my wife's Volkswagen which you've heard me refer to his baby Hitler in Phoebe Hitler has to go. I often fantasize about setting on fire and then call the cops know what's so great ocean or my little white in this federal far going to be like a scene from that space little nothing I hope they have never captures that car and hope nothing bad ever happens to your neighbor we could gonna knock on your door if they look I don't I'd rather see. How why and my alibi is the fact why when I'd be stupid enough to talk about it and then do but that's a lot of people say well my man innocent until proven you know me to hear. But. Anyway Tony's we got to get Tony's Volkswagen gone on. There's also a couple people that really amazingly cool to Tony 90 we're in the process of buying our home they hope some little bit financially. And so when a knock that my head I'm Emma Groupon group yeah yeah now she was a lovely night once again and I I. Com and the last bit and the main catalyst was. I'm by myself for Doug and Kim Harley-Davidson. I moved. I am becoming a biker up more than one for Ayman ridden since I left Maryland I want and one for two decades. And every year the fever has gotten worse and worse and force got a fever so here I am going man how my immediate. Myself heartily common gonna do this do I borrowed doing it alone that's another payment if I don't want tore what do I can't afford it. So on and on and on and then I sort of looking at nose and I guess not driving for amber and lift now so might Mike Hart Ron has continued to relent and Harley that he also. She would be pretty unity on the back of my well go hungry I starter over right now the -- of the hot yeah appliance in park tonight our ports. December look at me like I haven't turned the key and in two months. And then it started I really sort of think about what manned. I give myself a Harley. Get Tony's car at least and tighten up and and neither of these people lift it now there's two people that Craig Randall on Ryan Hughes Craig Randall primarily bless his heart. Stepped up and helped to sell the couple things that we need to fund not to get the house closed right. And nobody is sweat and Tony and higher without money it's one and it's it's not a lot of money it's not so moment huge delegate Osama cars really not like that. But at the same point you still can come correct with these PS employees in Virginia right so these people have been really good to my wife and I saw what it's really about is I wanna Harley-Davidson a warm and my wife's car. And and and getting myself Arlene replacing US car can also square up these people that were so good to us but for sure no one stone dead it's not everyone I think initially a lot of people would call my god he's terrible daddies have a source car that is not the case. All I get to knock some deaths out which is awesome I'm doing the salad bad ass at the same time. I don't know morally and mentally and I've been talking endlessly about just you know put her on the back in the fight in disappearance per day in and bang and yeah. Look it's it's gonna be it's only nice thing it's going to be a Tommy and I think for real. And so it's we sort of makes cancer motorcycle club. I'm down all right and so you can see him since I ever tell yes but it's it's all good pro life that once on the car you can go to my FaceBook page which I'm Amanda found friends that you should still we'll look at photos you can go to my FaceBook page look at the car for there to makes gets paid yet folks I will share the album of the makes cast page as soon as possible com. If you go to Craig's list Seattle it's there and it elicited on eBay motors yesterday morning and Marty got seven people following our hair care they are so. I think it's a fair price. All I'm willing to lose to talk about that price so you said man finished ones go for 20000 and change all day long not 500 for handy and you know. Let and the laws that are are drivable and I just sat on drivable cars they're their total projects they're they're getting five and six grand for those so anyway that is what's up that is one selling the car and at that would mean even brought that up at thanks for. I am I gotta remember news as a Ferrari are my golf going to be able get the word out there's an answer the stories. There might be some may have been drooling over that car and if you are here's your chance to get it was already spread the word to people you might know them do like those kind of cars they might be interest and. Of total album is full disclosure she'll have all the pretty pictures of the car first then the brand new interior is is featured. And then every picture after that literally had documented every all sorts fact a rust on that car she'd know exactly what you're buying you're buying a car that needs finished. That said. You drought for six years the way it is the way I have been and people go dude nice car. So. You know I just wanna be clear about that this this is a hot rod that needs finished it's not a completely finished car which is why it's only fourteen grants that wanting. Arming and had people say you're going to spend another 23 grand and finish it get Tony out at. And it's not a word not a I wanna bike before the weather turns so all the time is now and yeah so I'm still in my car ride guys what's. All get on the back of Glenn Tyrod made goods Harley-Davidson and I'm in scope come on gunned. He might go kick that can unite artist daddy here. Grown and grown and grown and people say they feel so we'll once again they F head come see bruiser Brody woodshed why don't direct cash. But I SMS benefits. Things that the crocodile on the 21 Smart when he first job will be there with that Terry Daly City hosting defense and it will be hosting. And typically whenever cash w.s crew made their way out for something other members of the station and up there as well so I wouldn't be surprised. If you have that video camera viewing a video at the Reno. Like it's a video done in. Maybe I thought I could chronicle we don't play a lot of shows so wanna make sure that no capturing capturing all the shows that we can I might have a video crew but if not maybe today maybe Andy says he's now. I love. No I didn't wanna put my spot but if you if I thought my god knows. I wanna throw up to and I completely forgot about this but I am doing an acoustic show. This coming Thursday that she is seven itself all unplugged my com broke so Kennedy's plan John us from ten miles why this plan. JT nine music so behind. I've always at all at the moment that deep trap and yet though the whole thing is being headlined by these similar track in its and all of these. It's a studio seven this coming Thursday the music starts at 730. Com and it's a killer bill to set my my broker Joseph Kennedy Ben accidents plane would have. Com Jonathan Lippman from ten miles wide million GT Phillips from bruiser Brody and everything and everything. Doing a lot of my material that no one's really heard in a brand new song I just wrote recently I'm really excited I wanted to dvd more but I'm only you don't need you don't want. Com and that is this Thursday night at studio seventy come down that could be really cool show comments here. See the studio seven you might be seeing people sharing up online petition. On their FaceBook pages feature to click on it signed petitions obviously they're going with a lot of controversy on a bull crap. So we just what the locals seem to local musicians just people who love going there we obviously a lot of love the studio seven A because Tracy. And not all high and also because survive in the coal and and also that's where mixed mixed message in the last couple of years a sign the petition to select the politicians know. There we give a crap stay positive we love you guys again obviously it depends on. Oh wait Obama got to get on Arlene it's Steve and what's going and bump and the three on the back Merlin Mann CNN led to a. Can hold it. And a steal me do my scenario it's. Plus yeah yeah inside on the please. But I'll come back around. On traffic. Michelle thank you just love you. I love you our country myself we should all go together. You've got to play. I'm just too nervous and on top in the trailer fall device or did you do that could pull first mad Max who could tie your neighbor to the motorcycle rider. Yeah god and.