MigsCast 03/20/18 "Bruiser Brody Vs. Dudley"

Tuesday, March 20th

This week we are joined by our bandmates in Bruiser Brody.  We are playing the F-M.S. show at the Crocodile Wednesday 3/21 with Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage, and Woodshed.  We also go down a strange road  as we chat about the infamous "Dudley" episode of Diff'rent Strokes!  Oh...and we do a few songs acoustic, including a brand new one called "Everyone's Dead".


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The exact giants game big time here at the revenue Fuego hello while. I MI NN. A small buttons and even this goal met and a few off finest. We don't we got here plenty of people so while Glenn finishes chewing now that's a little from good friend also got all avenues of swallowed the focus and I saw all. I always loved the podcast. Well I think you go to a two and two together what we're talking about hopes. Which Disco and soul back Travis moments ago. Yeah man that's not salt that's making its assault but if you're like that's the three worst word you hear from a man Barack and you're drinking anything well I think that's gonna carry duke that's not at all let's get some legs that an hour gun hand we need to be bruise or British or to just say that does not solve the and record row but I strong dad is really are our head shots I just haven't you heard it at first generic come on this track is a guy JT you've got Glenn myself before fifths of bruiser Brody in this room today eat very little yeah I think we even have Chris Chris is the graphic design and every one of our fellow techtag do you see you're my hero dude he's the man who created the bruise a pretty logo. Gas logo. Though what was the yank you call producer what was that called manpower. Glorious cut to do is nothing you'll lose grandiose grandiose socket logos are others say to my phone for future teacher as a sign of point oh yeah we will have tomatoes at some moral I have literally did today. Maybe you're really Khamese guess party want to have those ready LB are grandiose talk to do you do you start he people who I don't scheck well. But remember good. My well I can't get extra memory error that we have the vessel Muslim where was the stripper on the poll put it had a rooster says that. Are those that from real world and about a strip club for men. Yeah however was it and what that those Allopod yeah yeah yeah oh yeah I did. I love that the rad neighbor man I think I've seen him somewhere program I had the paradox yeah I was home you can add two and a half the killer it's great man's yes he's my goodness we'll be fine grandiose is the even used to be content headed stripper. So so rug mediated the literally is just a chick admitted strip throughout his fiddles and you know the sensor that we know we're talk about Dick it was yesterday and nothing else in last month's all round it's not so Gonzalo. Typically don't and I'm here for the dancer would that deformity you want to head. That she's in route 300 schools. And I didn't. You're all of yes to lady. Should welcome kids and all do that did you say yup it's not a familiar to I'm not Christian your head and credit handwriting on it you guys can ask the practical lettuce and pat burrow over the all right let's yeah. Yeah I am I off. I don't know did at all suit that was the sap Canada on the map do not happy that it that they had straight through yet restaurant Ruth Lea moved out. Straight through second city was at the thickest India proud daddy Diaz in levity out. Ridnour Chicago the waiting yea your right now Chicago what was the Canadian version of it being propped crew the cheese kids. Because it was Kansan. And I think where this all started what. Many years ago now this all started at our last resort birdie practice broader hang out. Practicing getting ready for a show that's going to be tomorrow night for listening on Tuesday tonight if you listen on Wednesday but Wednesday night at the crocodile were playing. And we're all just jamming and in terms visiting and I come on the podcast that Michael will be covered by this brings some acoustic guitars from good to exhibit I'll come along to. And so we're gonna do a hoot nanny at some point in paying customers are very some. Acoustic I guess if it's great that we technology works because you know messages come in and a sequence yet so I got this text from Jake you said. Acoustics tomorrow night birdies were cursing to an eight yep. And I like argued that she Travis hasn't been playing unplugged on nothing you need I think we're probably just get with our electors is coming off cool that way I think we're good man. Mary the next messages like Haiti doesn't have a 400 plus the net assets and I'll like hey bro just got the message yeah. Why did in the sole explanation as to why we shouldn't regard your sister rehearsal of the revenue estimate is a much god gave him a good micrometer Talladega. But I JT said at home like I hate to count and which you just catch up and then reply. And it was second city was Toronto 00 yeah yeah who knows she'll always. Are due Radisson Google's general earned okay really I didn't tell message of hope. Wow well well altered tape get kicked out of here I'll leave it. Like we cannot throughout loudly tiger dad loved his energy and leave. Mr. dropped against a zone like dank it was the other dump button yet relaxed I was do you swear on a thing like this. When you can beat it out. Focus that we may make rev work harder it yeah I don't know sir okay Szilard unless episode megs dropped about nine F bombs in the Vietnam Iran read god the more he had seen it. So yeah that that happened I'm would you tell what I did we miss that I just an awesome. Top. I almost due to greed he said volunteer. I'm really aren't conducive to look at his business. I'm trying to lookup this year Lagos and the rather like. Quick threes stick to one so just to win the engineers. It's a job I'd rather a list by the way it is also the second city in Chicago does. Seattle right at which second city is actually it doesn't Chicago Toronto and the Hollywood so they have a franchise mood early ramblings throughout Hollywood yes. Challenger another big 10 maybe rock group will Ferro do. That's a name but if there in three cities would need to first cease intensity through our city and now he's and that's that's comedy right there on seats that is in fact funny. That's Andy Kaufman's down and here greeting well wait twenty years doesn't dare NC. After I am sorry I'm sorry I don't I think delta accidental idea Linda Wells from awareness group and that's the case with him. An optional media and Ali how fun episode or we just got seven minutes in a dead including three year old. You feel like holding all this guy who register for a number of beliefs multi element threatens Ireland bred a lot of red so much we donated vitamin every podcast tiger guide. Yeah so many bad words washing her little seventy pound frame try to open the studio door is the man we thought. Straight hanging out at G religions and a wind storm outside to recruit you know hopefully depending on what door when you remember. And video kind of nice yet I have to remove was hanging out ever terribly. It was a credible. There's really got to get a back this year and you can't there's grandiose scoggin at a busy show. But some think it's the few ways described to me read said he does bro I'm thinking that chicken had time to I guarantee if you humans read the strip and a chicken had dude. Chile early would you do already had. Yeah and I don't know evaluate where I hadn't called for a month. That's why are let's yeah. I. I could you brought out right now I don't know do God's judgment until I read all the good public this thing down and a bottle with the united cigar married with a broad hanging out a chicken and Evans comes Danielle or grandma's. I see you guys came we could see guitars I have to say I came to lose while. Which brings me see it easy five credits and grange always surreal timber Greensboro that's like I was expect I don't I like the Church of God and cry. There are always got shaker and no secret Smith kids. She. Laughed I got to put together I have no idea to ask solidly a view I don't ever heard I don't know I don't I don't like being out there and Bobby did that's right the second important things of that thread terms or. OK I didn't I guess security and a lot of you might serve slow net. It. All goes well there isn't a redhead. What Pittsburgh selling out like the ceiling. Oh yes it's on negatives is mine that's the first eleven until really late in that six months she need here in America age needs to be in a Marilyn Manson video we will then look great you had I've watched as a GM did chicken had been. Perfect. Pacifists. If you like your buddy Jimmy would get the relief. Forget awesome and I I knew values we're gonna if we get her chicken head I guarantee she would pose and it for a picture. You there's probably one down and Archie McPhee is. News that's. Yeah because I know that my wife when we went down there was chasing me around with a squirrel ahead and I'll lobster claws I love your and I hated it I was so bad to good taste as you heard anything. Did you sleep that that. You're thinking where's the video of that there is no videos metre shallow lake aggressively riding a way she couldn't hit little lobster claws and you didn't I read only that's cool what you like to bring glamour opera stuff over and it was getting yet it was getting really annoying before and I want and I think we need to ask read if you quite possibly had the chicken had Heredia her dispose. Cabinets and you'll probably see that then there was an amazing huge. Lot of black light on it now all about cholesterol. Yeah I. Know I have I doubt it. It is priced very and a way to get back get you there for all the please gonna have to put in later well so far hero he had one every two minutes. I'm trying to cut down you can I don't listen around you might wanna hit pause and smoke a tunnel we need and then pond deposit in the into the podcast and then you become only gonna say OK yeah I just feel like this is the pod gets you need to be -- resent I am so stoned and game until. I'm unneeded and I had it is highly jolly street thinks cities and. I hated my. Yeah. You gotta stop whenever that is I can't I I got the gospel that right yeah. Move. The only plus so Boone. Bob Bob news. Obama I. Got the Church of God and I says he's a little more Krishna Krishna I think mediation I'll love you and your reporters there there are airborne airport and airport after a contestant I'm a book to give you I'd like they're making it out I will give you the book gimme the flower leave me alone it's going to be Seoul. It's like it's already plays today. A lot of so all right yeah I couldn't get anything. For the Philly we're not gonna get any voicemails emails and text rises I I I wanna throw in this email before we start anything because that what I should that text first that he is actually pretty cool. Because we got the breeder birdie guys in here says my god Stevie play the exact little snippet of don't go there on your own. That they can which kind green light on what Travis has offered to abandon his voice gives me. Goosebumps just as much as Glenn's voice which I didn't think was possible quite frankly it as all of you know ball. I've listened to the song five I listen to the five songs over twenty times I can't get enough. You guys blend so damn wind Glenn backing up Travis some vocal is a great touch to have his voice in the background. Thug camera crazy guy enough and read your great hype man stayed positive three Jamison and that's what Aristide got thanks man I though that was also Yankee. Did you write that we and I. I thought debris said it was a taxi princess Haifa. Yeah. I play I guess you'll so proud man. Not usually what's cited fewer stars. I saw some whoever wrote that hitters and guide the parachute guy. Who's I don't know he's got let's talk a heavily sell like I should know the guy have felt bad speakers. Good bit bit careful thought and I love that Bradley also said god damn you guys talk in a wide over FaceBook comments on my post about how much I love you guys. I'm severely grading my getting the chance at a Boston Robin meet you glance known did come up the dude I'm my I'm really accessible you are an intimidating man by stature. After little leery that you think. Now I don't know how we got it it's got to be definitive it might act yet you know remote volunteers. I don't I don't want to new let Georgia make. It's. No fun. How ironic I got yeah. I thank god doesn't yeah I think it's really no water. I'm ranked as the water you need to get a holster for that and just curator at every day good keep learn how important it was yeah I didn't. I need to hear that one I heard it I'm paying attention now let's all do exactly how did you see if you can. I. Asked that and really look like yeah brute but I could Deanna I'm so sorry brother and. Okay he says now you seem to be mentally Mehmet stature but after a year glistening makes guess listening I know you are huge Teddy bear. We didn't seem overflowing amounts of respect and love for everyone around you I don't want to call Mormon I get lost for words. Except obviously when I get a chance to talk about my first experience of waxing the carry. I can. I took. Wow man this is you're loading the only really big in the first half of that thank you very much Sarah Connor adjectives rather than what -- got a real good look at each had only just wait for the PS from I wanna change your opinion okay how I guess I'll I don't like the runner for it's I just got syphilis from my dad's girlfriend smiley faces. Can you get rid of that you can treat syphilis I don't know how tall you have one of those ones. Like what's the clap if there's an eight and queued to clap and I'll do the syphilis and if you're so I had no idea if you're being serious I'm so sorry now. Let's go Jeff and I coated it. All ages quoted it in quotes is a joke doesn't he had supported restate that maybe one time I probably sells the kind of thing I would see fewer than. Yeah I'm not just so you know thinks about the much slope syphilis is curable RIA I don't know there's an hour they got. I don't wasn't curable back in 45 people Hitler had a role that dated may not that he didn't deserve it by having these nuts. Hey if I didn't if they don't get it it didn't. This sock them. This is our lives and I'm watching you create it's it's what we do just coming off like how did candidate. Our goal our bodies they each. He emailed us has been a while but I finally finish what we started about a year ago there's one on here that might be telling me this new bumpers. A really even you don't and wanna listen to go before we do anything else yes our rights as Ziggy who makes a lot of the music for the makes gas. He created some new like email messages. Jingle that's cleft palate punk song I loved and couldn't. Rant a Daryn. That was incredible cast includes our we've got. Anthrax virgin we've got to stop what is KL I wonder KBL a Y medicis KL. Let it change a lot of Elmo goat boy let's hear it unless you ask some Metallica one and then he also did a Beatles once. Alia hey are you very mr. Katie lying KD Lang yeah K okay I'm Katie Larry it. Where we haven't heard it called rely on his music at a simple out on the news guys the kings and mean. And this and not evenly on Leon's like element fellas they're sex is on fire now now but you know me made out like that these are syphilis got. Well have gone something. I think Mikhail enemy were to fear what what Dan inspired this jingle that every. I'm more of your own way and. You log in. Back K dog from top guy if that's what 84. That's sick I was good and I agree on graduates we will do next beetles the top Metallica or anti anthrax may inherit it could be similar until last time we'll see. Because it was Jesse peak aspect of loot us. It's incredible do you develop museum machine goodnight now below the metallic your club the one hand and I have to. Let's go Metallica and act now you've got talent yet. Intuitively core do you. Well one. Caught it all launched over. Good stuff. He. I. And I topic you're right on time but that still on it I'd like he's gonna mess I thought I was a little bit we're watching a lot of wrist exercises going on here you know doom them you don't go let's get a feel like some of thousands of this stranger does real do we view each like. He isn't all those themselves is tied to any illusions but shouldn't all be triple lands at this point the league's cast Felicia I'm like yeah. Donovan got here prevalence man with a well there and then that I'm not a spell I go through the political as Fallujah and he yeah. Chris you've got a project where you need to meet scads militia alone English. Oh yeah we can't already do podcast and he's the lead I've definitely got Microsoft Shane had. MCM. Yeah I Milloy through did static here as you wrote that new Roman you'll be. Follow suit. Is that one. When a B dove who just turned out to be something like synonymous with some there are some. Most there was an Amazon has entered an immediate family 1000. Hands C is 100. So 1101. Thousands yeah I'm zero. 00 long long long zero all zero loss. I don't clutch fans get that joke. I've got a minor code is that yeah yeah and tiger is not very so. Should photo had been six minutes since the last time he's recuperated well I headed back them Russell I don't know you've got to maintain the average level some wire made out. Bruiser Brody we're good at interviews and how is even an interview and how. Now are we owe more of The Beatles one I feel like this is must be the one they talk about having it in one really left him right camel dependent so bulked. To make you got your headphones on people. Nigeria. Strong. They're all it's just very very gather all through the automobile reviews all ships in the uneasy streaks and hey guys forty year old guy. This season so far this makes me things that you think this really definitive feels like he is and it's really kind of punk rock now so much I know I could go. Genius he's now please and gentlemen the makes cats. Lulu and we'll just go to Lou ladies and gentlemen some eggs hash Ziggy you're the best title and that does awesome thanks for a pretty had a voice normally in the middle all the stuff we have Joyce knows you know we do vous Estes who does not mean Tara. You are normally we don't need where's are the ones. That's what we don't need to listen generalities with no no I know you're traditional with the LSU a lot of added that I did you think in all all right fine I'll be biased lab though Wiener out of wise mouth Lesnar should if I had final play at. Your arch and sure. Yeah and are at least I'll support a pragmatic. Yeah yeah. I read. And thanks to say. Back and you know me all too well how do you. I had my way of course like that allegedly fighting crime about the exercise you have poisoning and yeah. For that and is really predictable. Kerio. Are you don't. I just wanted to hear them they're. You beat a language you learn a mixture has amassed. By the way I read I love you guys are and I wanted to give a massive massive shout out you are friend Karl Brothers. Who oh I don't know if you guys heard but already donated 12100 Fox News so would you such huge huge huge dirt or or us and really help us reach our goal hasn't. You really. I can't say enough good things about Karl I'm sure you'll all of that so many nice things about Karl but Carla you're looking to us is we love you we appreciate your. Yeah I love you you in an immediate you're lucky you'll get Nixon to Crocker from just. Loved to doesn't sound real real you have to shrink you can go 15100. Yeah. It's. Soft and that's about it it's anybody's. Yeah. Did you get that not so. Power lines and once and so I'll cut are no crowd it is arbitrary idea TSA. That's three stand up I hope you didn't sell as must to do that ERA. More importantly how about widescreen mystics. Now I'm getting up in the morning well this is a better chance. Yeah well there were digging into the Alley where else are you all you crazy she's better than you on stage and jump around home yeah you do my home but I would like a greasy cheeseburger I saw what would do much Jack Daniel's little real performers. I felt like. If they see and avoid all everybody thinks it's amazing yeah I'd Carl have been tech million in a note to do well they now we'll go ahead. Yes Nancy and I Hamad. On the job. Just getting home. Centenary. In that article or use Carlson and I know little boy came to Cairo. It remains vague rules and thank you your normal back there yeah. Column. Components I don't know I'll look at the top Carlson and now. 12112. I got the bathroom morning. And those putting it well it's yeah you've done it only 11180 dollars. Well about a mass market they're living under an easy eight dollars. It blows so I have very that's why the boys they absolutely killed. Are my guide Alice. How little you know her in this case trying on this day with the none Ingrid trees aren't apps there was absolutely. Amaze me. Out of the day it did they are lime disease just saying yeah accidents are going through me man and so they got orange juice you need to dig used don't get god mommy. I do Robert I think the club shafts. Are definitely on certain. Go and Hellman and I'm I hope you all com Tuesday after national globe. Got so. The only reason say that word with that long of a pause in between grill does against the other that's not how good its delegates are in the morning that's not object to your chisel. And one. Days can be pray and its aftermath truly commit an act we live Willis that's their masks. We law. We'll bring peace they stick to. Have all the pauses I don't units and I think he delegates are brother and my knew it was called birthday Sunday and I yeah I know you and why the boys downplay and that's cool yeah and I do benefit turner replied no tomorrow night or Wednesday that the crocodile as for the multiple sclerosis foundation and not so let's raising money for that so please come out. Yeah I Allen as we go on right at 8:8 o'clock sharp and then why only in the wreckage on address and the woodshed so three great fans have to be a good time it's a Wednesday night that things will be done and a reasonable time unless you decide to decrease like lions tickets whiskey. In the cat. I know I Terrance coming down hosted Ted's Killen now it's meant to her miles also from men's room is going to be ruled he cities every pop in my Allenby threatened thrilling castle show up they'll also eat you know if you wanna hang out the case W knuckle heads. Tomorrow's data do more hesitant to do it truth. You're one of those Montgomery stage announce Edie did you do stage announcement from Linda Payne wants that never ended and he got up there hammered but it was over these guys. Paid me to get up and try and say some stuff coming out whenever. And a pretty much has been in the dressing room drinking or bruise and they're good man and I guess and I skies and all and that's what it was like in the middle hunt for earth like Dell admitted that it is incredible speaking of Andy Kaufman Oakland mayor I got a model for filing a woman you just ball goes Merriman just agro what I love you broke the good job miles for the job and and I do OK these guys absolutely sure you can never do that again now Billy his body language shoulders roll slung low he's a man. You know these guys that they give me some money for Ghana and senator you know I would love president a lot of value if you just had his readers get a well I think maybe up front of the guitars and try and do something when there yet are we give this a shot. So 100 guess our policy and so yeah and our daughter is getting him if you listen real time yeah. Get Villanova that talk amongst yourselves why you guys are doing now just I'll give you a topic the industrial revolution was neither industrial nor revelation this. Just pitched it if I took. Them. Here's a copy paper and he took the crash happened out of Manila. Might yeah might I would wish for that I'm going onto an incumbent. Here at blue moon over all. The true victory. Tibetans do. Optional Bob Graham did and that's bad. Com on oh yeah. He's. Dust. Up rather big. Through you know. Add. I. All women. It has everything and I think we're actually a fast and fast as. Think about that did deed in his data age do you think they can ever just live show out like that anymore. Her on the van Allen AME would not know you know way off and then I turned it implode and gaga there'll be protests every everything. Did there's no way on the Timothy get a it would decide who's gonna win with Baghdad know how does that put Jeff does not yeah yeah when you look back on it. It could mean bad bad but like I guess you awesome man that is what I. If it's the most offensive what was different strokes and at that time do Arnold was trying to get taller every you have the make anyone who short field thanks to the entire time I cockroach no god being helped off the hour melodrama and they are no that was god we show the Cosby Show though we add those car owner to owner was on grown and it was an hour is growing as a secret nicknamed hack. Dudley was the problem on top. Which. Which puts the news is it's different strokes that's it was a huge it was a good speech errors Dudley and anything can sure up for an old man in the back of a bicycle shop hello. Low I was mass dobbs. People like they'll only have Chris Hansen there right it was a woman on the seat. Now as a kid I perhaps seek. Did as a kid I was there to go into any bike shop I was afraid that some -- -- and -- we take off my -- and act like a lion as a -- we all figured -- I know I don't remember bad and you'll remember this special -- a different strokes lunar program had a -- Ohio vulnerable just yet you give a bike shop there I'll remember that apparently best known as a very special at the suddenly an end and know Dario was as innocent but again that was mess along the path and then again which was the bullet just found it -- the nickname for jeans Google Leon though they can't yeah yeah he's now and then then and they brought him in the back in -- takes his -- officers roaring like a lion in this old creepy guy that -- the bike shops -- to get pictures in the Arnold's like this is -- up doing most of mr. Drummond and everything and falls apart from the really it was a cautionary tale as a special episode Newton block. Coax it out you know when Natalie rose would actually have special episodes to teach you a lesson double doubles are different strokes. Ever Golan all they went there there GAAP and Iran there and I remember it now I remember it real time like when it missed him out probably lost that as a kid like. And giving the all star as bad. Believe me around my momma never got all my third and contrast it. Why is Obama doubly doubly usually like at the Dudley should rent now what Arnold you should I did another who has taken it like a little bit doubly when Jason yeah. Perhaps there is anywhere zine I can't say bitch. All I you have no it's not but that's not a word it's the I think this is just give me a label you anti bullying and my era is us pretty good it's like your I don't rule context the context. Really the worst thing is giving very good slide towards doubling he asked if that's instruments tomorrow morning hi my Davila did he comment a moment of weakness was Dick Arnold to talk about it some creepy like dad you should get quite know what that yeah there are no question no. WB. 12 o'clock gonna do it Dudley I think I perhaps not up there. No not anymore. Just. Love their cars Uruguay earlier burg and a half some. Arianna did we meet Billy from merry march here to provide more we are our crowd jeered I had experience was ability what happened he made his he made his backroom deal that equity lines and very little about Ryder there. Special role odd brownie at a very special episode the league's pick your poison brownies to come to return to roar like lions Ed billions are giant man and we normally get me with this silly item in our ways hey. That's not consult with Rosie what good does all of us. It's our own I mean I think it looks like we ate brownies. And he uses jive brownie and I know where you guys are you know we're just hanging out. And wait in the bag about it. I thought I gotta talk is actually to be verbally on us it was the back of a pool hall. So that doesn't make it any better I'd go for the budget I have a backup bike shop. Sir less Sony calls is next level gas value affixed Dana. Now that makes it here. But not solve the heat bride he brought a big old brownie and we had to wait too much of it and all know taken all of the wheel for hours later yeah it was that war I was laying out with I act at this the first time I think I've ever actually puke it. Doodle we'd all whoa yeah it was because every jury did you drink don't know so as it was dead but it was because massive like vertigo like everything was spinning sort of thing I stood up. And and I sat down in my chair and that wasn't helping at all. And then made it a peeking my eyes cells which was that all that's why you Putin's only ends mom did it. Was but until then. At any minute release I did that I just passed out in an idea who I was Iraq. Absolute utter waste of goodies Els and others. This cell phone to me at all it normally is fun but that you're eating a brownie you're like this is a very tasty brownie that's also a top floor we'd. Now they want to move into the classic job they had it done at the we'd infused goldfish can god no crackers and a but they were so delicious the world's eating them and designate men now have a bag is enough. My company. Yeah more than enough wreck and we won't possibly multiple bags of these goals so yeah munchies or do I tell we got the Spokane none of us wanna go up the bus like we can't. We can't go play hockey and yeah Michael evaluate kids then I'll play hockey like yeah that's how that. We even when pressed into we all took our shirts off camera like lions and I. I could easily moves all Olympics or something maybe somebody senate thanks military gear to deeds others shenanigans at the Spokane classic from Adam and Everett dot that I do so let's deposited. Yes good Easter weekend so sure how terra ought to I think you guys messages and texts that Easter week I go to small and and just lose my mind and go play hockey when my boys on the party bus Levi lives libraries and Steve right there out dads to be the one we can have here right equipment really lose my mind. On the comport to a I don't wanna go to sit in the stands the is now we wish him well I had up and make our own section like in. Major League did and have a hard core Ford is up there by being the drama nobody else is showing up the B slash shortstop. Judy we could if they bring the bringing up I think they have the stage for kids to assess at in Spokane auto maker like guys want to. How well culinary Google don't be responsible manner while playing goalie on the some situations I selling gold it's the way I growing gap. That's sixty to stand there the big queen size matters did. It's. No words embolden. It's Obama who had good that's seriously have you guys get the best protection. But I think I thought I would go I was like couples go slap shot. Have did dad Steve I would the old Jason mask pulled creeping into the men and I have like five concussions a yeah our problems don't worry about the broad look at them all out of problematic result against through the whole goal Madrid and have a mega and a not every club did you lose the Potomac. Happy at your goalies a single we can score on him yeah that's right they didn't so what's so new we wanted to. Oh yeah music. Was suitably enough you need but at this point that sounds really really sad and crazy. Back. All the army last decade. On the Italian I don't know the Foleo bill that have on star there's more name. Now like to live and I don't like trouble is be ridiculous right. No now you're gone back body did we let you. But no easy business would not be friendly here very good engineer who even laughing 125 messer a little warm. I expect nothing you need I area. Our guys I met ahead how that goes and then we'll see. We see. It. Maybe I maybe need a comeback query that will this bring you just let this be as it be easier theater of the mind yeah I really even here. Kind of idea Chimerine. Yeah yeah. Yeah setting panel doesn't know me. Sad food. Send. Seems to be his name is. Dirty gauging I mean when a stumbled to move the a good. Tennis and and then notice. I'll all the way is some drag news. Coach good. Bedroom moon. You were you news you know okay. How does love the mean. Name. I've gotten up. Then it's. He. That in it's. Settled back into the June oh. Matter Ramel blows me. Laughs did you live just how good news. It can. Yeah and then I have this things a bit. Things you can now book. That this strength is at age. It's okay. Think Jill did. Waiting. We have an answer C yeah. God love then you need. The game. I've got nothing. New. Does the this is how this he ends up being bad this. OK let's leave. And. Exhaustion. Is in sand rail lines and sat there. Inside Zahn now do you believe. Yeah rigs and. I've gotten so many. You know me. I've gotten up there unknown. Me. I've done nothing OK and. It's. At least theme in the mix that all all all all all I got no hard and got broken bat in there. Okay now another. Now I don't know background totally odorless shaky actions yeah it's absolutely most usually eat. You can. Think Delaware. But it's. Pretty good this. That's how it is it's not me all these. There we were the last is even alive that's awesome that's a little bit retirement and it is now operate and and it is Chris charities mythic. We'll have to let us know gives us yeah. I was I had yeah you. And then you get at if everything was javits out at it. Trapped reds and intrigued wearing. Wearing chicken had zero. Validates. How. And undetermined my opinion and Syria. Or to boot well. Yeah. And I'm. Yeah and I. I mean yeah. They know. I had the. All imagine. Happy yeah. Love. Me out and you bang Zune. I know I. The you know play me. Then my. Yeah go ahead. Okay. No way we love. Go ahead. Does. And being okay mine. Bad yeah. And they agreed there is okay dad dad. Good. Then wow. Look at me I. Do need that in Wragge yeah and now. But yeah glad. You know that hey we love. I know. I'll go ahead of me. Allowed me. And yeah. Yeah. Wow OK. Now I. I. You know what. I yell and I know I. I know where. Some. Because. That's what I upwardly. Sounds cool unopposed crayons fun. Vice chairman Mike until my Mike on yet did you rabbit the buttons over here. I. On a minority or the crocodile tomorrow Wednesday night why only in the wreckage also I would said to be flying into big benefit for the multiple sclerosis foundation and we gonna age. Do we get to another song. Your whole set. I got and let's look. One yeah is there can't we do every look we've never done this before but that was the first time we ever do that accrues to really yeah the Sauna grade. The mourners but he did give me 12 do some math and they're really did drought isn't his leg anatomy lab itself god did and I was good I never stay right thing in my room I have both cars are your guys don't like this morning feel that's still a way negative or rock band. I'm not just the warm and have a good songs then it's the millions. What a beautiful mind all day I did apply like everyone know that this why don't we just film if we could. No doubt I would now we don't know what the moment just a moment but it's daily bulletin hey guys. Hey look at his gang as noble. Yeah. It was did earlier that's weird. And then I wanna I get highlighted. Plus. Still you know passes do. And dusted you all my head. Did Sears. Oh million. Yeah it's. And coming down to and don't Baghdad again this is. Just all I did my kid. We've flow there's no golf in low lows they're not very. I'm I'm okay. Yeah rail I had. Matt realize that I'm a game ahead. Oh. The airline yeah. It's. Dragon Nancy Jauron news news goes it. The ground. C until ball or. No she news. No he Lou. Mom mom and grandma and on the. I'm no way now this guy go grab we owe a huge boom. We no. Yeah I'm done I'm hey. Never realized okay. Have airlines and I'm OK okay now I'm glad I'm not at all. Haven't airlines yeah. Am airlines dad. And Saturday. Saying. Okay. Yeah. Hey Lou. No way eight and I looked and saw a guy. No and yeah. And out fast. It's. I realized okay. Every airline is dead how say dead ahead and out loud loud loud loud loud. Have a okay. I have sailors dead. I'm real I'm okay. I'm really is day. It's. Mail us okay. Have no news. Yeah realized today. And Lou. That's very blue this game your chances you can. And just did you. Yeah. I was awesome oh yeah she's all of that goes to school now. I think there's just leave that. And now that it's served very well overall really you're out yeah I was really here in the army thinks that maybe we accidentally forget the bleep out. This the food the curse is announced on I don't Scotland and I want again are now out of our ideas go more yes I had I think now our ideas comings and Michael I think you'll like it's gonna wrap your I think that he's just. Do multitask and shake his thing. Quote Joseph as he's building you see is legislate cliche but you. Faster except that I mean as it is I'll flip bit then I gal I like total flip in Arizona and I was you radio it. Well I like these that we do radio edits for our ass didn't keep her. You're doing a terrible job odds are you doing terrible this job Travis look at this paper food do we travesty you look at this paper that's you. I can't read and that's our new assault and I that's good player lyrics that's our news on Iraq Edwards. How are you make a log yeah I have to I personally don't agree tell me you're allowed to answer to yeah. Raptors started and some analysts that was cool we should those really didn't know we didn't really when real deals that send some Rick no I don't mean he's vote doesn't it. While no joke I know that I won't we should we should do it acoustic version of that. I agree well. Yeah I mean kids. We don't just do we could maybe go to breaths and just kind of has his eye he's having a great idea but many would be cool just to have that was cool million and you know we did video that's all put up numbers are birdies FaceBook page at some point I thought oh yeah that's good and hold up. I'm. Kinda passed up on them. I don't. And you're doing again what the song. Massa is still that was good no one board is no word yet what are you know it was brilliant that was everyone's known abhorrent benefit. OK that's that are you cool with that yes I got a from the neck down right yes I have absolutely. I mean and I got. I don't do that had no idea what you're talking about and I hated Czech government. Not just filter trust brother who's got a news announcement. I reviewer. You did. Obviously an amazing job on. Don't go there the video that you made oh yeah yeah. He's only doing for nothing you need me I don't organized from stores and but it's an alumni and the apple yeah this is anywhere near the field then the other ones were I'll call you and I was like are right here out that's gonna be so I hit a the first minute mark and I got kind of like frustrated out cell phone I don't know editing and all my loan is. That's few and gone to the bond that sort of show if you guys haven't seen up there. You go to Travis FaceBook page needed just a version of him in his living room come light out candles lit he's played it and it was set yet you look at Travis idea. Aaron asked that and Steve grabbed some of that footage to incorporated the video is also home video footage and it was just happen and man. Yeah I'll get it doesn't really true and it's gonna be able to viking studio footage all of our live footage and Europe your solo thing out and just got to put it altogether it's gonna still finish semi committed herself when and then just got to be like overwhelming for my phone sort of -- need to like duke part I part and that's coming up there and other retard I candies stuff like that it's ridiculously unimaginable the southeast and you're like darling jolt its own just saw the end makes cast listeners know this is breaking news to the rest of the band members are ready co he had no idea he was searching on this. That's also. 00 god yeah it's Shia it's a book did no trauma so I don't know you know I love. Absolutely and I got an Fuller thanks glad and I'm glad I'm not. I have ideas that are welcoming them into the circle and and how how this band you're not you get things that's where you can win to win to me this cap was what I do remember that loses its sort of in my. A friend Steve was like Astrid pecking at this and he has about one minute none yet but then you know I've been working on Travis is broke the united working on that that big monster truck he got together Travis is murder now black 83 bronco we've been turned wrenches on so I've seen them all the time. Ahead on a totally nasty sir we're gonna video so yeah Doug Jaffa and NJT Steve Sorkin out of this year. Yeah. Obama also took its britches yeah. It's the intake with a bad about the bronco either man say I'm glad he's gone road. Could cause a good news is though that that song and a few others are going to be going into the studio go back into Bob Lang studios' iron to middle remain low and we're gonna record those and I'm one of ten songs fully done yeah and we'll take this as an EP in the five Nissan's that we have and put together a full length record so hopefully in the next. By summertime we got a full life for people forget that is also also breaking news Chris Allen and any renewed desire. That. I've gotta say I'm memorabilia and women hanging out I guess you didn't know you're signing up for all the text your stroke didn't always uncomfortable. Going into the sky Jones a nothing's real water world. All that's when's it going to be fun man I'm excited about it and we yes give me goodnight great cause such parent and if those that don't understand why would do in this show fur ad that asked MS is because parents mom Summers from multiple sclerosis ot Kyle. From Wyoming to recommend she put up a bit insane post about what he suffers from. I just in hand obviously our friends from the podcasts and come to all our shows and great people they also. Had that that's near and dear to their hearts is loss is a lot of people on our world. That are. Are are battling in my family battling it so it's it's a great opportunity for us to help raise money while having a great time and sultry music and the Seattle scene and now resolute we're lucky to be a part of it and if you can come out on Wednesday night I know it's hot and it's hard on Wednesday but you know some day. He retired Thursday he retired Friday two more days that the right to the weak real got to get up the next morning. It's evident as often this is has proved to anyone that would go online and say things like I don't care CI care I'm I'm playing this benefits yeah. Can just throw that out there for the ten people don't get it your face you know guys I can't stand. All what's going on here they're all just did you do renovate way I'm very curious I don't like getting to meet you start him I got it and thought about it object payment from program yeah. No just does someone hit me up about a situation they didn't think was was cool and it it involved thumb basically. A pay to play situation but it's more. More accurate called violent situation right and yes to my feelings were about it. I spent a hot topic for a lot of music this must get our Sosa and won't okay here's what's going on here's the deal here's RC you know you can pass or take it if you think it's a good opportunity maybe you should take hitters and things we've been through. We paid as much as taller and fifty bucks for 130 minutes sat wants but we made it back and Merck seemed to let we all that and yeah I agree to socks on here on the other hand evidence that dispersants putting on this event but these are what their overheads probably look like he's what are expenses or look like you know I shared stories about window painfully gonna show it Joseph box market or after expenses and pay all support we made eleven dollars to publish you got to realize that it's it's it it's not easy and if you can't guarantee a fan base if he can't bring fans that. To offset the cost that's why are being asked to pay this and I'm not saying it's fairer cool but I'm saying I understand and it's or let you whether or not you think it's a good opportunity for your band or not no hopefuls I was really cool and really took a lot of time this person. Then turnaround publicly went you know. I was hoping would OP would chair. But they didn't. I think is exact ourselves and my blood pressure went through the roof and so did Tonys and that I Rowland wrote and no child should ever think they know I was alone and I would say I was like beside myself furious because they're really tried to be cool and and just offer some insight and here's what to consider here's some things to think about you need to decide whether or not too good opportunity for you but it didn't immediately take you know what it turned into was window -- doesn't care about the support backs on this bill and I was deeply deeply offended by that I dropped the F bomb and only keep rescue this I cannot harm and I -- I -- that I'm a much brow I took all this time with you yesterday because I do care and you do you like this you do me like this in a public forum had a man arrested yesterday from a musical we have to agree to disagreement dude while such as well hello there hi I posted what they've put. You know on that particular string and I'm tapping out but it was disgusting to meet you have anyone say to me red band mates don't care about this music community or up and coming artists because we've done more. Given more opportunity to more bands and I can even name. All you got to do was earn. You what a great show earn hustle I won't. It tracked him down and we're gonna kill you now know is do you it's. Good one just very very important doesn't. And listening to Atlanta podcasts do well off my walker Texas Dudley. And I'll let. Leah. We're too good good roar like shine off. That earlier. I I feel we dab a group watching of that episode of different strokes animals I want you know our kids on YouTube and hi is it big and it's a tube harder. It is the two partners to do you are there any it was the worst three words in my life I have those days did. Is it as you've Carter we should we should make good question why are we gonna wait till we want more of this pedophile episode. He got a week to think about it get on yeah. It's Perry's answer all goes down do you are you you're you started out you know we've got negated the war duty. Got to hang out at all Matthews get a better example Arnold gin. But the deadly sleeper legacy gonna go away Kamal then I'm. Don't apply completely unified and the audio of the utterly unreasonable you can hit songs and it's on sir I do too it's absolutely I don't know that I geez these search porn hub first. I searched doubly different strokes doubly different strokes bike shop I guess all I know. The best of the bicycle men even have a leg up I hear your here's Arnold and Dudley at the. Recent months old guys. An awful. Close did you did you already are reviewed a portal he drove there all of this you know preach social. Why didn't he scored what kind of fun. Well for instance is giving it okay. Do you guys ever go skinny dip. Yeah me neither. I wanna help time when that Barak and my paints. But. These guys who have not gone skinny dipping you have missed one of the great choice in this life. And do we wanna go this crazy it's. Go touching his magic you basement closet. Cool and how it. Magic being in the studio audience for this episode for real I hope you know or and I hope they like 1976. There'll smoking in the studio audience and are just like Carl looking down at Dudley taking his turn out there and who are these people if an array. 830100. Yeah I think all of. That you need to pass the kid's photos of himself made candidate. Horse but this is that this is enthusiastically but he's wearing a pink sweater. That might be the most of the bar. This is why you never saw him on any violent our area the candidate did a production amid meet you know and talked hero protests and deliverance through. This is it out mom did ID real bad anymore and edit comments almighty god you really wanna look at the comets comments ideas on the audience may be laughing but it's not funny they're just confused by the massive shift in tone. The daily lives and didn't collapse Tucker is that the national studio I was always got a live studio audience of one or how confused in that nervous laugh it is because I mean right it is. It's what the hell is wrong with this audience. Yeah. I. That's interesting we should make an amalgam of like all that shows ever had no comedies they had a serious moment yeah oh yeah because what's. There's another way tie us. Still didn't what's her face so who was that the sister are not that different strokes the boot that they're generally. Natalie woman and I now know that would go up for you you're an no gold boat are now. What you wish kitty kitty corner getting eaten and now that they smoke like a good garbage truck full of crap everyday and I think I thought I don't crack Scioscia media. How wanna mess broke I was nine did. I can't believe what worked for drumming and what's been on the bridges did did he Dane has gone out left field are so negative damn shirt off as an adult I think Arnold and Julie who's both drug stuff and they both had a series really the yeah yeah everybody had a series of strokes so it literally look let's just. And I did there are many. Yeah both. I'll tell us if it does come it is Mir this just Somalia months through. I we've only won the game and I show queen was mr. Drummond and and and and Charlotte race as confused feeling bright image you're off to do the facts of life. That's that's right. That was gonna spin off and then they had special episodes to all the main endeavors and are a member member Jerry. Yeah. Terry Terry did those facts of life. She had several quality. All my gosh and they were like they would just like spotlight. Sorry how. A market apps yes she's gays. Jerry we had like a couple of cameos did and she's like trying to raise awareness was gonna disown. For him weird because it's just the wrong format that's done it the silly little comedy shows do that they do what Jack the ratings up for sweeps weeks that they dig you know they bring on some heavy duty artillery special pedophile episode hello. Elena special episode of facts of life like Joseph and Blair discover each other. Okay wish I don't Christmas week off no news. It's. A multitude don't Coleman check you bladder. Count the most glaring lesson was but. And remember you disagree mrs. Coleman as usual ritual in the men then Joseph was kind of the bad girl dead over the number of this guy had to tell mr. John my Walden. The kid you're either Blair or Joseph guy gala Hollywood tone I was in the Joshi was Q could that that we're in order batsman and a the president to merely missed about ten opportunities for our own soup which talking about Ito. Bike shop owner. Yeah. Man a person why are you people laughing we didn't feel the audience who had a files that make you more authentic I'm just what is wrong with you people are wondering if it was actually dislike Alaska to talk about the pitch until there's like forty vans in the parking lot that they. How have different telling of the elite. Otherwise couldn't judge sell sell it and go to the filming tomorrow I learned that most I mean. I'm glad that I'll take this world I'll be the bike owner. He needed check he started doing the union on again DKR and every opportunity and seeing is when he is like trying to all move me sorry and to those are name. God dang it Najibullah. I love return I have to not W why don't we as Robert let the audience laughing so much. The Jerry sandusky defense must have seen this video a match responded to take that lap check out before they tackle something serious they've always laugh track that is pretty creepy hat. All I thought that next comment it simply says. Terrify you it's good if you imagine a sit com right now trying to pitch that's. Night the united here are not anymore now right why he's a liar like F is there a laughter like these words. PSAs they didn't have the PSAs step unless it was summoned jumping not a window because it smoked weed it was literally just. Here we need to address these situations so maybe a kid doesn't get touched and they don't go under the back of a bike shop so they'll stop it that's how they did it with. Saved by the bell. And the out just Hispano speed bills are now like and don't know don't take the patent sincere pursue these yet she was freaking out because of a mid term in took basically math and was like freak him out and you know those diet pills they give you ramp up and damped been nobody knows yet they were the. It would operate hop number by my paranoia now the special episode and in an ulcer we're crush of Byron and stardom. How I decided I didn't know I was the only one. Yeah yeah. I don't think he thinks so many fans are the bad guy drinks and Joseph wants some dew tour it's nice to bite you later that. Go out adding my ego has sagged and then yeah yeah I got right now match bode dude. I've no idea how we ended up on the Dudley episodes that. Well it's been a very weird episode in the newscast yeah bet on a very special episode of the mix can cause it's all chris' fault. He brought the stone brought Cisco owns thank everyone else sugar buzz they released from vibrant well heck yeah. I think it's. Studio audience the crowd of lunatics and if there was a real studio audience I. I don't get it but I get the awkward laughter like I don't know like we're here the last one of the applause sign is on yeah I do let's go and read all your like legs Doug he's got fired desert Iraq and on the plus I'm now enough. Whenever I was pissed and went to David Letterman the only guess he had was a director of Homeland Security land they are right around the time like the 9/11 stuff was like maybe a year or so after a Mike week. There's no way to get it was to him and Puddle of Mudd. Items like top. I looked. All wrong this is I was so opponent we got latter intake is the next night was Bonn now and you're like me and YouTube performed. We go putt LaMont got puddle of mud and the director of Homeland Security for 45 minutes how was that he'd it was awful caught up. I'll hook there's not clear that they threw up the of lopsided never let. Pretty much yeah. No stupid pet tricks at no it was fake monologue. Would have got talking and he he had to endure all of course he did yeah yeah yeah I did all that but then you went downhill backpack. And they brainwash you laugh at everything that it was not gonna laugh about when he came to Homeland Security now this thing up but one he says the Pentagon may be like O two world there are some kind of for a yap. I would have been really look too fresh -- -- okay I'm glad we came this one's been an accident that I directed by everyone tomorrow on the show Plano and you too in -- Mike. Boston's tees off. I thought I could. There were 200 telling it but yeah the broken club salukis we came all the way here open Vista. No wonder why are so easily get tickets and that's one. Yeah I always get that here again now Wednesday tomorrow. The crocodile had the the but at least tavern fall foul. Of the deadly bicycles. Stages in the back to fit that head roar like a lion jumped three yards day for the self and the fact that it's. Well. So fast sound is salt shaker. I really get bad here but we'll see you tomorrow that the crocodile Wednesday night don't get tickets comes saying how come want to great music bruise or birdie run it eight. Then why only the records. There would jetted off for a great cause find the sun on FaceBook also find our website through the British band for a fresh greens are ready being dot com. Further yes it was great and numbers are ready Seattle. I'm distressed FaceBook that's FaceBook. Titans are hurting Mitt brutal attack that happened so long. Our own stock and and stay positive.