MigsCast 05/16/17 "Iron Dragon"

Tuesday, May 16th

This week the fellas were joined by Kip Camaro and Rod Steel from Iron Dragon - Seattle's premier 80's hair metal cover band...that has been working on original songs, and they are awesome!  They played a couple new tracks, plus we twisted their arm to do a cover...and the song they did will surprise you!  Iron Dragon is playing this Saturday (5/20) at The Crocodile! We also spend some good time responding to some incredible voicemails, emails, and texts!  

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Makes you as my name is Steve big time here where the reverend employing out and lo a line can amber window man oh hi there. It's good to see you boys nice to be seen always didn't always going to be easy because he found either alive. I don't understand the question. It's been the fifth Glendon dead. Yeah actually yeah come husky when you grew corn if you just look at the hospital minimum Haas can definitely the greatest corn cover band never has called us cause it's good I thought capital as well back then. Heavier and more flavor what does Huskers do UNL I. I look with the lead singer Bob mould being well being mixed and escorted from the studio now I'm sure they're nice knowing you went yard run game is stronger excellent yesterday said immunized Dan Joker knows ago. Think you're welcome that if it weren't all nice to have Joseph Qaeda dad's arms and become the insult if you have a dad bodies but the shot against your body in now if you tell jokes that are cheesy it's a dad gentlemen I learned my jokes from my dad dad used to drag race Harley-Davidson few results taken as a compliment my dad took on Wikipedia but couldn't. I got so I'd like that is awesome go up yeah yeah I'm excited and we got a very special guest is. In studio NI that is the bad that is known as iron dragons who. I'm great but you gonna do that we gotta have the reliever back on time we got this iron dragon. I oh ha yeah NN. Eight meek ad deal. Did you say Paul audio I don't know. Some British guy wants he hammered a look now I did go there and that's. A little early for you guys even know it's like what 11 o'clock first or 1030 ish and now this is typically not the time that your pop pop you know it's not. At all. Spoken through word for a couple of thank god we got I can't come marrow and rob Steele of course you are birth given names. Mama look help me here have you understand not only is meant is they've seen the document men there with a little into footprints in the there was a little and dagger as well and I wanted to like that little micro dagger come out of the womb and can this'll sausage fingers clutching at the time I wonder about the whole birth certificate and I came out of my mom with a line he and an iron means your outlet. What you're I mean. I gotta be ready on the reaper but when I and I whatever you bust into the small sailing medal boys I got a feeling. It was a Paul Stanley. Some Posner. I don't know why but the reverb when you're up like quite an infinite I think there's a record Olivia as you heard it's called let me get this off my chest and it's nothing but. Paul Stanley are handling live Owens was pretty do able it's early. It is there's no music it's just him doing stage intro for about an hour it's incredible Leo we've lost a lot of that yeah that's both on and he's got a phone. I didn't have to bear witness I tell my just look at that there's no. One I think it was him I don't remember improves the animal lives live video that they put out. And he's got and we played before on the podcast and now I'm I'm still like in love with his spiel going into I doctor's office or bright with a woman as well Mike you know. Of course you know you're Australia should now. I'm where in most other ones you know the real Taiwan's. She just can't make it a serious Nazi gold she's digs down through. Out yeah. That's a good good nobody had the bad stage manager at sure yeah cannot on the ice layer did not like some. When nobody will Bosnia I don't gonna come to think. Well aware that I have around that mountain momma yeah. Since I even outside until. You hit you know and oh yeah. Ask each. How much of Hilliard. Under Joey yeah. Yeah. Yeah I. Fired back got a big show this Saturday night at the crocodile and it's going to be a bunch of great bands and a decline in new original is gonna be sadly I won't be there celebrating my wife's thirtieth birthday pool. Insert all are already had a nice job so you guys we rocking out and during the sweet sounds of eighties metal while be enjoying the sweet sounds of britney's. Year's total cost off in Vegas you can drink everywhere there's nothing like ordering like eyeballs you've got like a nice glass full whiskey and stagger on the street you get in the cab driver of the cab driver looks EU. Only to say. Where are you going to come yeah. You know I need to save sipping your drink do this is news. Inventions like you can get the slur p.s that they don't want my federal was the fire cracker because there was a sense whistler B and I love that. But also we just had a shot in the straw. Scott was no shot and then you got a nice cool drink to walk around with diligence of the Margarito will play she's a great ideas from either presented Clorox Jared junior cereals. Are pounding these massive margaritas and then at one point this gorgeous chick in this tiny bikini. Crawled sorted on this weird little volcano mountain thing or whatever into a giant blender it was a blender. Filled with doing greenish water and there was a hot chicks ruling in a Margarito in this race great pain. You have one of those told dungy drinks in a Muslim possibly. Nice atmosphere they made me a Margarita or any stratosphere shaped things all three feet. Long and you lucked and the site like ma the Somalia all tourists there was no shame anybody have a guitar strap our rusty. Six do they have bachelor party team ones that you might know good of a giant Dong drinks like when they lose probably do I didn't see you on recently online retake a pickle you hold it out eat it too little pickle loves you make of he and you put the shot inside that's not what I am not I don't know. Not the first one Dana Dana. Shrinks the head technicals are not different when you think of them as we watch your drink yeah. As a whole new meaning behind pickle back and oh yeah yeah it'll be a great off the now I'm trying to decide look at that moment when she finished or shot by the tipoff the pickle that's gonna work for mere freak me out I had all my adult life. That's the only news out of that yeah no pictures of him he needs the whole thing with the home theft. Finally caught up to Bob and John Vicki and I over having dinner later tonight. Let him go at the truth I. So I. I want to ask you guys obviously Kagan crocodile this weekend to not only is going to be the new originals and of course I dragon. Once a great guest stars Jimmy jumping up on stage that you guys they just browser I'm guessing game definitely is loaded. Few other bodies as lively were going to be popping up to Dan Tyson from. September. September dog definitely done that person. Who lost we got. You know you guys keep them secret from me you know we can. You're out of the loop and Roddick if it's just do this singer I think he's okay now songs to shoulder literally a singer but I. Think he's supposed to be on the bus rocket. That's. I. Idea. Prayer and then also there's a tribute to write a tribute band from sort of source instead of existing their awesome and then a day called avoid. Yes they're they're young boys and Jason I Jason Hill and I eat Al east to coach those guys. So they're there are some of what style rock mining sites people ruled that in you know. Score ever and all his kids have cold sores on their live and let. So cheap and fun nonetheless. Right now I'm really exists under the line of a via direct connection Camaro rouge here again neither birth given names are trying to steal he series while vendors are ray -- rocket who's not able to make it and not chase and tell she's out until. It's the end part of the last name or the and the middle Maine I think it's part of last name. Okay three birdies early on mr. entail and Terry got Jason tale it is and for never gets leaner and I don't know I'll story and never get out and I'm being told that's not the case occurred because I'm a hundred. I'm here to defend him he's my friend after you automatically Evander who rides on the weekend excuse me we tackle drunks and something chase I was there or I mean you're chasing tail the cat. Yeah and hello all of you mr. cope with your other I mean mr. tale is okay that circle on mr. tale yes it's and it's a continuous real cause you know I don't taunt mr. Taylor I've Elizabeth's mouth. So originally the members better known as the premier eighties hair metal cover them but you guys are writing original music as well yeah we electable songs down. So damn yeah and we're releasing any six song EPE. June 30 is are targeted date that at the crocodile non. So lots of subplots and so are you know Casey at the show on May twentieth which is this Saturday and then yeah June June 30 thirtieth which as of Friday that should be your sear release party thing at the that yeah. Now they give Reggio every speaking of residency man now so I'm Britney Spears of Seattle I hope so yeah so to return that would not sob let me get a nice as is enough a sold out arena somewhere some national gallery hair in pig tails you lose this little white dress shirt maybe not the skate and wow are shave my head on tweeters talk about how we. Tired britney's favorite she shaved her head get your umbrella to chase off photographers let's go let's do that Seattle man that you should break down the set where I think the weird britney's breakdown moment in all come out and saying since I had the same hairstyle Britain Canada. Are you an umbrella to chase people bump with yes it looks funny what was it like six months ago or newest video dropped to only go crazy pants is back in the housing and do aren't doing master and now she looks good Britain has looked good as it looks and test here and owns an editor. OK okay with the blue man them can there. Well he didn't because he had two kids that are more than he did blow it but it's. I thought that I. Good buddies. Is dead jokes I'm a growing number I didn't think I'm curious am I'm excited to hear the original music bed iron dragon is doing you. Yeah I'll you got three very red DN element. What's on audio and this one's called beings to. Have and it's about on the hair can't be easy drills that would be teaser beings real. If you know the Pacifica and if I put it out yeah. Cast so we're gonna have a little competition with the girls us and in us there beings photos from the eighties the big tasteful yes yes. A couple different grooming discussion. Reynolds this was that is OK okay. I. I. Can lead into this. There have been more terms John my man is very good pass then when it comes to kick America are usually so what does that allow blushed man like this. It was that's relatively even goes fast slow. I wasn't actually a woman I was pumping Glenz lag yeah. Makes me wanna buy hair spread around talent no matter I I really liked to have our men and yeah it was killer guy yeah I think he's. I just love the dynamic of acoustic and electric. And I saw and I know this is gonna we're gonna blow it's cool man. Great yeah I play guitar and when he uses so yeah he's what you're doing you have just fine I can almost keep up with you you soon it's going to happen. Oh yeah zoo you're doing is looking you can let me. That can't. It ought Shiller does yeah wow man Randall what brought the band together and obviously it's a love for eighties hair metal yeah I mean we start out as a as a cover band and doesn't want to make money finally had music you have. Mom gold contract yeah. Half a veteran who do you think that's been a podium the window pane we just we started doing the originals about a year ago and and I realize that I'm really good frame but Brock Christopher. We've seen about so somehow I. Can't yet imagine. Can you do into the net working out really well with the covers men and him being in a room with four creative individuals at some point you gotta be like. Credit reels like you are real but you're right I can we write an original song because yeah it's fun to play you know DO NN Motley Crue in and whatever else he hasn't thrown in there but like you'll be funded. Also Cohen our own creative input via yeah I mean I've I've always had to have that like that slim chance of hope that I can Xerox star. I Ritalin and hopefully that carrot dangling in front of you yeah he's he's he's got a Polyone now and dolce. So all I've got to say I mean I hate I've just do one song so I would hope that he gets to do another song for us and we knew little DD. DD. Little sob he because yeah. I don't know what I have gotten back up. You did a little devoted what is what do you fall apart trying to do it was the heads pocket and pulled it's. You do get drunk guy and bought our men chips really plagued with a straight face kids I think that I. Instill those guys. And and noon. Proves only if you knew this one's told just kind against them. I have to pound and so that's as. Far as. This that and. I drag and again over at Chicago this Saturday may twentieth. Odds. Give information to ask about the so good is gonna iron dragon Seattle dot com or find you guys on FaceBook just type and I dragon country to find the bend that way as well but not. So there really isn't trying to get some yeah. I dragon on the migs casts. Now did. Yeah I think there is cracking up over their. Love song. That. I didn't know I needed that song in my life and her Brian heard that's clubs on you when I you're you're reels off the smaller box ask Steve and I don't like almost fell over now we're over here holding on for dear life not to laugh I didn't ruin your performance made me laugh on this Saudi man let's feel that sluggish little brawl. I think that I just like oh my god I was I did not know I mean that's on the map as I did and I'm so glad I did. That's made me feel so good listening to I thought I know you have assigned to mix just feel good that song and made me feel good like I can see that it might any kind of like coming of age. Movie where like you know I John Q sex derail blossomed chicks yeah. And I know what I'm all right so the matter when Aaron I can see that song like in a sound check for a movie about some kids get delayed since the that's awesome so that's what are known for amendment a demographic that African guitars so everything about let's go ahead guys there. You were busy with Stephen error just punch it into their jaws hanging open like man a year and that figures of scenario I would venture complacent regarded as good. You guys missed it gives its value program but he was just licking his fingers so yeah just simply don't know them mark Weil while looking at reps actually who lived through reds held the gays as long as possible moment to what I need that fifth. They know either read today are the only tomorrow they'll be videos are fog to solve post him up on FaceBook and on YouTube and on my blog as well that was due to see you guys need to see me do this the guitar solo sounds awesome but visually it's such a trip to watch. Think so. Well here I guess yeah I just. We are retired and you act like you don't care it's no big deal would give us your comments have been easier. Yeah and I wanna Qaeda console I drag and again this time it is Saturday may twentieth over the crocodile then again I'm not June 30 at the crocodile as well. Does that for a month FaceBook and I'll post up a bunch of links is well on my blog tomorrow. Com I gotta tell you on the spot because you guys were known as the the premiere eighties cover band here in Seattle. I mean I love your original songs but is rich edgy newcomer is wealth yeah become a ball. You become a balls I don't have my songs on a I'm gonna make him the my chipper my Bible giant pitcher who can add an extra add Doug do you discover and his family. Do you do you feel I feel faster pussycat influence him what do you guys are doing to name one song that's about it really. House of pain isn't how it's gonna say this solo okay does jump around jump around nowhere outside I don't. I. But it is Arizona you guys would feel comfortable doing at this time of the day what I just I have no idea. You don't blinking out a case you under the trooper know yeah. At all. It's just when you meant you don't have to plea to her and got discovered me. Moment later however though when you go to silver lake dead air that's in this so I'm sitting C. You just do Ozal I just can exude the root chords I don't know that's gonna ruin things and an. What songs you guys typically do it shall we know we should make Glenn seeing. Wednesday but Jackson yeah yeah I just blows me away when you think about I'm Steve Jobs is nothing more SA de. Already doing so many in your Honeywell is when that Leo's owner how he some of those green laser demon women's onstage there's so I'll hum because they have lasers back that a little. I think I think at that. Projected by a VHS cassettes that I think pad that I loved the baseline don't seem to help get it yes action. Back out there you guys you are OK you but that's terrific record and checking a straight brother after her death threat that. I seriously and Brian Blake general public as soon we haven't rehearsed with guitar with him other than these originals. Was there a lesson you know when you get Burleson knows yeah that's where get out and grabbed it going to teach you how he could have guitar yeah it's got a really mean Vijay sort of did you. And you didn't have anything Jim really thinks it's got those covered Bibi won't sit down and you're still take a deep breath. I only had Barbie doll here late on the base like I'm white it's mascara often asked to leave man. So I don't leave poison turns out there was in poison ball on the Iraqi Bobby does he see the bill. Earlier in my young man and a friend of mine whose name's Brian Kerr there's a dude have you heard this yet he headed meeting cassette tape armed and that's we get a lot of people out there out. And other demos that do you those chicks are hot. Serious thing now with Jack we were in middle school or whatever music Konami and those guys cinema I mean because I had already sounds like Winwood and Led Zeppelin before okay so one the hair metal things sort of happen housing manners guys can play but I'm. Sure I understand what's happening here. It happened back then had a giant doors sized poster McNamee made news or do posters of poison and what you do and Michael either he's pack in some serious lumber for a new political newcomer he sees the finals that many cute kid there wrapped in foil and I'm downturn amid certainly come together when my parents thought I was day. Well I I I also like all those girls Wear a lot of make up their kids like us we talk to Stephen about the fact billions. Four men on a giant poster wearing makeup and a giant sausage and it's. Only being. Hated by spandex pants from the and I love wrestling but I haven't gotten rid of the ball company and. Mother like it was literally the following are wondering if you're okay and at the time member in the media there's all the stuff about satanic cults it was a no one around in the media in the mid eighties like a war jerk yeah Ottawa COLT. You know I'm drawing zombies and stuff and then everything's all all eight page plan Hendrix Axl slash. Among zombies and dead bodies and hands come upon the ground and always a teenager but it was a conversation my son do you know do we need to I'm like well I feel all right I like to draw. Yeah everything's cool. I did this is a cruel thing that I did to my mother. Was from her birthday she essar wanted to and I told her I wanted eazy e.'s. Easy doesn't record. OK awesome when she when she heard that coming out of my bedroom she came. A the old dude. Have to. Oh she was really upset a manner that was it's the world's biggest idiot don't matter just don't buy this limited or keep flying and you know why here it's all real mom was sure there she was more of flies low she was mortified dude you can't escape trade but I wouldn't she was just so angry that I sent her into the multiply that for me. But that's OK you guys do you do you cover over the last half hour. I guess I just sitting here doing another. About kiss guys. Kiss. Steve's big kiss and I am what's what's your favorite song plaster Caster from column do you love me my favorite but Monica's province. Yeah you and. Yeah I guess that's why do you love me you're group mend but yeah. I know I let us not to be all the time has been pretty judging coming from behind. Me and I'm accuses me when I was seven motel Mozilla hole. But there's a there's going to be a lot of books on her way to her idea now all that's what my best friend what is it about the people that I love that curly hair and the the question. I whether or not I'm an adult not a decision about. I am looking out for you broke it. GS two. No offense to kiss fans and it just never connected rubio wouldn't be Grateful Dead pretty amazing to just didn't connect with me you know unemployment a lot of friends or when I discuss in my best friend early nineties Jeanne monitored. Then hit a curse OK I don't know he do you raise an interesting question but I can also policy just dribble pass that match you Woodward just written on that like. Had a friend who was actually MI don't Illinois kiss and I I love this is that I can cost you comment but I now realize it then you know he's really wasn't that good guitar once I get a little older but. But I still loved it it was a show you yeah that's what they are you that it is a bigger than life yeah performance is meant for entertainment so I think is the things that don't connect to a musically but as far as the spectacle what they've done I mean you got to respect. Dependent nor says I'm realizing that things that I love. Typically are prefaced with I loved blank as a kid like yeah. I still do love the pistons again I still live. Love masturbating is a typical us hey. I don't know I live that's the one that's your definition that I. I've got to do I'm going out of any other man like well I'm man. We got something here got a safer rule this planet cannot rob I'm often thrown in the towel if you guys haven't seen these guys who dot com I think the first time I'd seen you guys doing just experimental stuff and you really drunk as a young to sing kicks yes so that's an Austrian thing and I was in a black out come. But you guys were fantastic listen to play it to as far as I was coming this summer and telescope blob like completely out of sorts regular member of the lyrics. Later when I came to congress and some people are good jobs jobs jobs jobs and pump up. Urged but what no we did pro ropes small private party with with these guys it's studio seven for just like a small group of friends or relatives or buddies Carl's birthday and they surpluses stuff out of course and soon Tony from window pane and as one of the final count out. And it sir Tony knows it dude they're covering the final count down and we stood there for a minute and a half and then he just turned and looked to me was as light and went. Well. That is what I was big and other things we want to giggle. But I'm telling you everywhere that hasn't seen and dragon they are so good. We're gonna shrub got all the not gonna play that men with you he was there owning that let the guys in Europe or somewhere crowd knew you would go to regular. I've really you guys are amazing so everyone that hasn't seen on dragon I'm telling you. I'm now already check this out these guys can destroy its so such a good show and just amazing musicianship and. Who I dare ask you did you did final countdown. Well I and that's what he were part of your arm and I considering you. You're. They told me if anybody. Wow all hot hot matter I I love it like Edison other user who committed the I only get back there and we did that where I got a ton of dough like like like softball league accused something simple all just gotta just do your arms the final countdown and acoustic electric guitar no problem was sick. Those say like I imagine that shows like to be in a campfire with a bunch like your eighties metal frenzy here. It's. A yeah. This time you have the appointment that early part of the nice things to. Merrill do some brush. Now no no no not enough the student in the morning that. What massive thanks you guys there appreciate it come Mara rod steal body could take up iron dragon over the crocodile this Saturday a job may twentieth. And I didn't reply with a duration most kids that he's cover managed gonna featured gland. And also thrill in castle and cal chord. And I Joey and a bunch of today and Dan our dot com yeah we agenda mr. Sulu is right releasing some jewels yet it's a million times and I'll be a lot of fun also of course you've got us second staying which is a scorpions. Cover band which originally is from you said you're they're from different town not and who. That's different here you know Gaza from Germany or from friends and all guys look at different around Brazil on milliseconds staying close. Japanese money. And also a band called avoid as well also could be agreeing not to music go check out at the crack about this Saturday and get more information decide look up by iron dragging on FaceBook or I'm drag in Seattle dot com. Cool thank you guys else thinks you notice are the black guys. Guys are awesome man thanks common man John John thank you can't wait for receive this is killer I think. Yeah buddy we're gonna make you get up on stage songs iron I'm down or we don't. X a calorie limit. Now they'll read this we had a good I hope bill I know it's the word out its flights this feed off from western Maryland originally and a good friend of mine deemed Kramer. Started dumb man with Steve whiteman called funny money. And when dean dean today and super sweet guy and a hell of guitar player when he's not claiming his project which is called solo like SO LOW Molly Pont. But I he does so low in the US funny money with a white man so when you guys do you wanna play kicks a like mailing a grew up like ten minutes from me. Friend of mine's an abandoned them and I had a couple all the way to Seattle. Leo's other countries to actually cover kicks to bridge which are voted to order the night of the show but I was in a black. So maybe we'll do that on Saturday this glam black outfit Glenn love diffuse lake road and went in. Solo confess I'm glad low. There and they've got this argument walked away made me nervous and hit them. As far as to avoid another email and I text messages or prove them existing tears you know it's different brings her and just. Here there. Well yes sure I don't I understand that question after assist jump right into this because your dad last week off and I wanna get right into it we have a lot of people texting him whether or not Glenn got to play. Weeks ago. I think it's nice to know about it's funny like it's always a good way to find out how many people listen. And not that everybody Texan of course but like a moisture is who listens on a Tuesday or Wednesday or whatever. And I learned rather quickly that people listen rather quickly to our podcast a lot of folks seem to wait for just Al dad hosts Tuesday afternoon. Quickly and the show's flailing your shows look. You can minuteman different time zone read. And by like Tuesday evening I look to study curiosity alike don't we just checked and it was like. Thirty people already chimed in yeah. Which hooked. Doesn't seem like a lot when you really bit like a lot made it takes a lot for someone attacks the show you know this show voicemail. So that's a lot I got it and gauging from other time the UGI a couple text on Tuesday. Thirty right away it was like holy cow people are really odd and it's great you know it's you know many people are anxious to weigh in on whether or not going to school limited right yeah. Guess that's fantastic so every ally I mean a lot of people are optimistic yeah no ticket no ticket no ticket ticket. No tickets are few and I'll do is I'll discount like scroll up and down up down up down and glance it is. Do Tommy went to stop. And whoever that is I say we just call them and tell me that they want tickets in the when the plane shall I think that alone and I guess first. Sold mood. Where stars ever have to make guest drum roll not sounds like senior citizens flatulence. Academy the army attempted to. College and oh wait I thought he couldn't say that AB CD. Do we have to beat UC dwell on this stuff dory they're good for our kids say. They added it's been. I don't revs cast from now on because apparently well and I don't think it gives him challenging you know. Yeah I would take it you don't need to worry about it I've got the paper over here I don't bro what I can offer and how. We get a real read on the show and I argued that it I don't know all right great humor here. And ten hours without our homework done today. Rob Putin Monahan our if it's a wash it outright and. Here to prove. I'm just another thing in our group and isn't he said backwards it's not actually somebody has to be censored hoop that's it why not open just came to me and don't sell anywhere enough. That you are the only thing was. I did not dare not. Shin but today when I pulled off that entire area and now just has. No parking signs always attorney construction I wonder all know it's it's simply it's interesting it's a fenced off. Driveway that isn't used but for whatever reason they don't you were parking their but I think last week you ruined but I needed to the probability of the week before here. Ruined paid for sticker put the wind rustling the cops came I went. Really so the business owner now has no parking signs like one every three feet. Why so that that area's been eliminated and to everyone that crept in all my magic sponsor their real core zone aren't you yeah thanks slashing tires after this. I know allies and you know I am unclear owned by REI down the he got bag Nino or hiking gear for a so why go there. I discourage IR PI hates the tall. Com a friend of mine except burn through cancer work you know and I mean now from it was a duty to easy the summoned Ari I'm a loss I go to REI. Who might not among you know the hiking granola. You know rain running jumping climbing trees crowd call nice place. They don't like to also. Mental illness is a tree hugging section I don't doubt about it all you know you've got you need legs to your legs around eight trio of age. But on the I think the longest leg is she my found was a thirty. Yeah it's Abercrombie and that's about what I used because Errol I low roll my pants I got a lot of ability rock and some REI to prepaid it's kind of thing I'm not an audio over a tractor and a little too looked in looked it looked like OK you guys hate told people would wow yeah. The main thing is pretty bald by then I think they've improved post about a few years back like you know so Kleinberg Glen Warren are high near. Well they chair you know flu like Yahoo! com click over to pay your parking. The US played out so dumb. I drive by capitalism I find look at the billing units on the sign and it actually tell you REI stands for the whole time I had no idea what RS outlets are greet all other Isaiah recreation. And you'll be in environmental Maggie and I forget I know that I can wreck until entry incursions no. No that's incorrect as well rectal entry interference. And then at nine ranked grille she. And then. Fire remain to institute an act retarded imaging limited route that's it I thought I write up. I wanna watch TV you could walk there's nature. Climbed this looks old are well well for you would pick like just like well Larry I didn't answer right what is REI stand for just you watch the easiest solemn who lives that your story about the neutral ground in that canyon now hike 37 hours ended saws -- own arm off yeah. Brutal brutal per over to know why I don't think I'll just. No I might need me to go shoot some pool or something you know I had you could put and I Alec DePaul Q man but it lacked across the back of the head of the brain and MR IA that's right that's right Paris housed there what the original I simply pull. George 32 walks in through his guitar as our grammar it's is simple Q out of his guitar case a Michael Mann it's like you know Lucille headed. To recreational equipment incorporated. How clever is equal rights health club or I'm like. Wow why I never questioned this like I did I see REI I just never thought. What is sorry guys stand for recreational equipment yet recreational. Equipment incorporated. It's an American the it's that audience and repaired that does not like tall people I. Yeah a cool place I mean really a lot draws a man this place is awesome I'm really dug it until I realized that wasn't welcome. Computers everywhere one backpacks in those yeah dongle thing a year as is you don't try to back then gone and all I couldn't get it over my shoulders it was meant for a small healthy person that got tend to didn't go a little bit through the door I look for the viking hasher section and there wasn't an analyst I don't back you know no children alone in the Mikey you have to pound a pint of food Hamid drew an LA you're out a discretionary giant forty ounce steak and I careless drink from this long before you come in here honey you just village to enters this every CI did not get a ticket let's see who are getting their free show us. Did this guy do this and you just tell me when to stop. I could see all and I actually land on sonus said no ticket not case right so I'm Minogue rev if you wanna trying called this person. As the four when he won the right to Mel that I landed on its red eyes would that be funny revelers your. We're just our lunch. Ryan Howard sure and I tell us he was so I sound like your skin would be premier Taylor from dropping you know watching the show it would be funny to actually this is but I don't. All very excited to extend their mom now. I have to make eye contact you know I'm sorry you did this Arnold add a one affiliate an answer right. This will be great what's it's like you know I can do now don't say oh. Kyle and see if you check this c'mon man. Although the answer to look at it don't you quiet anybody. Normally you're looking at there until I don't know that number right now which is smoke. You reached down gave double production I am unavailable to figure all right bell we leave your message being sure to include your name and call that number I'll get back oh yeah and it. Bob what's it denouncing them. For the first thing owners. Cat and hits the mix guess calling glad it's back it's so rash of no it's actually collections agency you're late on your bill and I got our money now mother after her restarted report to your home may be a crime scene. So please don't enter the residents. Can feel good. I'm not a threads of the big stats crew are congratulations we take your name randomly or you're number randomly and now you were correct in guessing nagged Glenn did not get a ticket and you when you saw a pair of tickets to check out the window pane cell. Do you have Ken's last name net. No I don't Bob text yet can we just gonna need Lola do you usually in the window pane guest list and it will be you Plosser warned on the window pane guest list so he shook say hey it's meal how to present your photo ID June 3 third third right and the last sentence Ron sorry about. He thinks all guys are grinding men your days songwriter you cannot do that yeah and you almost don't talk don't snoop doggy glue and cut them a good good good putting your voicemail mastering global smell bad this is the point I'm that he was designed voicemail. I love. Naji. Leaving my real estate agent voicemails and little room leaving a message and it will be considered you have reached your limit. All haul all my messages or talk to the waters however there's going to be I don't know what to do devoted to just use long winded guy I know right. I'm shut the F up visual voicemail is a mouth breathing wall with the guy on an audio programs are out there that no matter what have you noticed he was an extension your new innovator in the matter. I've never noticed if you put all 3-D glasses you can see the reaper standing behind me. I think the program you're welcome I feel like when I compressing it if I can levels really out children shall Lozada is solid balance that you have then yeah you stack. All the rules holly and chuck. You know none of them were still leaving just Massaquoi is our guy he had he really why the hell someone talking to me for five minutes say he's waiting to see the voicemail so you check his price screening his calls right now she got here's the thing and you need to send a smack the audio of this voicemail so we complete and slow Mo on next. Per weekends or next week's per window we do the show -- it's just install now we've played Slobodan it'll be even less funny than it is now is how you do yeah and you feel OK you what's really driven by telephone. Calls you for such a foot of fingerprint isn't really almost personal podcast I was talking to him since he can't she answer unanswered questions as can all your answering this can catch and I just what they're wearing masks. Who know where my usual pink mowing cloth and when I got my hot. Pink strong well on your defense all of stuff was why I told you not to watch that stuff with colors and I don't know I've watched what I see how you feel good tough from the white loincloth and now it's particularly well it. And right and I got an REI and confess to look small that's all right but what do you as cure your banana hammocks. Always have makes no no different and present the viking hasher section if if if I like I should go to all that there's a talk chemical and I'm sorry go ahead Steve I don't know within. I'm kidding I cannot dousing your attacks on your text and I'd. Just get your name. You're your full name and won't be on the guest list and we'll see you on June 3 and overt show box for the big window panes show inside the passing of the torch. We're saying goodbye to market percent below. Christians and we've got there was still message are you more for gas we got a really amazing set plan were doing all kinds of stuff that was coming to go blow it. We're doing some stuff like some covers that we never covered before. Usually a hint do final countdown by Europe now out of well all we're gonna cover a helmets song. I'm home I'm not I can't say and we're gonna cover and pretty legendary mega death song believe it or not only you list one can tell me. It's again banana so I'm pretty sure it's not a cold sore banana in my life tomorrow being the final Kenya won yourself a ticket. Senator senator. Barack I guess you hang up on our. I can. Yeah but can. Not how I. Perfect fit into all. Maurice Miller is when you keep from phone to phone to phone you movies are we took a ball his voice. Now is he doesn't like it is through the roof of the building those guys jackass he's typical Sam wants you can even go to shelve the all that Renato cause back that I can't go guys. What will keep a list and oldest torture someone else next we met. I liked a lot of please keep your mouth and breathe I was on busy tourist guest. And I don't know. Probably got a text message is that god she tried 32714787. Guys I need some advice not to be a Weiner anything in life has been a real as show recently I'm eighteen and can relate to that. But the start college and basically my parents keep comparing me to my friend who is super Smart in saying. That this is skullcap and cameras got a better on this test and stuff like that basically and a nanny and assembling. Right most parents do that is really didn't move as close and weren't sure they just want the best for him but tiger mom it's translating into. Unreasonable pressure particularly in sometimes you're your plan of attack in your method isn't going to work pretty well they have the best intentions but their fallen short pro atlas would go. This is how to keep morale up when S it's a fan now I get better at not really caring about what people thanked. It's something that I you guys seem to be really good that also how do you deal with when you significant others upset about something and you don't know how to help. That's from JD Iowa podcaster PS Glen where can I get a window pinscher online you guys don't have any upcoming shows and Iowa Craig gets a merge so well. All and so regarding the march here's the deal a reason the only items online I think right now are the the drum heads and maybe a couple other items. Is we've depleted our inventory we really doing a massive. March inventory for the next event. Once trees that inventory in stock will reappear on the website and we do that so that you know we don't get an order for six shirts and we have a mentor to ship and a month a month later it's like hey man arm I ordered my short. Yeah we're still waiting for the manufacture tear produced. I'm still waiting for my window on windows all night just as when no one is known Reverend Wright yes well we we printed on the back and I'm thrilled Basilan. Over UCW lie and at the top Olivia. Joey there I guess but I I've got all the Rios and even the front half an hour here on March causing Israel's crappy Roethlisberger means words then the chief wearing men's and the big fat Jake query and Roethlisberger on the back harassed because it's a big. Yeah on the back is Texas on the front Hampshire and sometimes how happy I got fans are. Well historically are so I would imagine after June 3. Yeah even before Manny you know it's a matter of calm and we're still trying to figure out we we do work with a fantastic. They got a does all emerge force and many a time. It's coming into the event or need a big order and he wool from dusty or sometimes you pay in front of the order depends on what's going on with our accounts and the all the struck a most of you see on TV don't tell you about any of this stuff. But armed yet. Before or definitely after if you don't want depend on that I guarantee you'll see four presentation of the Merck's line back up we just don't have inventory right now also rather that's what we've run into people would order we wouldn't do to fill the order that's not a position going to be and so. That's why items appear and then disappear like that we focus on my thought that the window in Britain not to. Yes. Well on the audio problems lumber I don't know what does this get out what are cops and getting them getting out of my out of my own personal things the best way to you prove to them or do whatever deal with them is just like everything you do is to say ask you to them. 505050 in its like I'm going to prove you wrong by doing all of these things. My way I guess that's drives me still Tuesday and my dad grandfather and I believe and I can entertain anybody you still ride but yes. You know he doesn't need to know that because he's dead wow. Well I can grow like it to put it in perspective right so my mother. Was a teacher and then she went on daughter her master's degree in like a hole. And then she went on to teach teachers how to teach and she was even teacher of the year or the year with a big glass apple and all this crazy stuff so that was the house I grew up and when I was very young my mother had me IQ tested so right literally had to deal with a La literal. I know how Smart you law. And the problem for me was I'm also eighty HD schools boring so what I would do as I get in all the advanced classes that you straight days the first quarter improve my mama Camilla who get motivated and that it would be season these is that what's wrong with your McCarty proved I can do it I don't see the point content that was so Smart that it caused me trouble when. But you talk about the mom and I've worked things out you know are now. As a DOC's and d.'s I care about our mile limit. Half oddly that's there's some truth to that a 100% true it pretty good course they'll they'll rate my performance is a sear decent. IR EL com bacteria there's hand there's an F joke there but I'm not gonna. Well no men on. I really I would guess I'd like to believe that your parents they just want the best for you. The way they're going about trying you know old Timmy got street is why didn't you get straight days in there. They're just people and that's one of the sings when your eighteen you don't quite seed is clearly as you will 125 for 35 or 73 like we are. But unbeaten 732. Point where you look at your mom and dad you go well. Here just some dude or you're just some lady that had a kid and you got thrust into this there's no manual I don't care if your read doctor sparks book or not there's no men are so. I wanna assume that they're trying their blast but because they're just people broke there are people and they won the ball as high for you. They don't. They they're trying that I'm sure to motivate you are more tortured to do just we'd have a bright future Brosseau what I would say is. In those moments when your receiving those criticisms and you'll Milliken sustains an amount that can Emma smartest kid in and end. Try and just let it roll off your back and remember that while these are authority figures in your life right now later they're gonna transition and to France you'll find that they are gonna transition from authority figures and friends as you continue to roll or you can just move them out of your life the FIA award depending on the senate got some Rosalia I am tournament this year's best movie ever made but. Armed try and just let it roll off your back to me like you know mom just human being just wants the best army should not turner my feelings or make me feel about her feel judged. Com all you can do is do your vast. You know when you're a teenager. You're eighteen years old you know your knee jerk is to just step up to that confrontation and be like you know what F few why would you armed. You're not gonna get the best results out of that only. You know Annette that's what you wanna do because your heart and soul told you life is hard enough and now you're getting all this pressure. Just do the best you can and if you can't let it slow her roll off your back command and then. The other thing you mentioned once you've you've got a significant other that's dealing with the problems from the going on you'll know what do you not help calm I know that wrote in a way. I will not discuss in detail. The only thing you can do is be patient and supportive and loving especially this has nothing to do if you just be an ear for her yap to talk to. Armed offer advice it seems prudent and you might see some decent is perfect and get your head bitten off for just be patient with that because again you're just dealing with the person that's dealing. Out of time strong religious wanna sounding board yeah yeah we don't need to fix whatever W I sometimes Jack can't actually improves our funniest thing I always wanted to be the fixer when I realize and not always they want things to be fixed it doesn't. Alleviate a massive burden off your shoulder if you're just going into it like off she just needs a sounding board she sees event. It's a lot easier to stomach their one night you feel like I gotta give advice and you give advice and has not received well he levels some bits without my even talking Nam war. Simple enough to let that individual event and then just say you know what ever appropriate amount so sorry but no one that it works could charm is is there anything you need from me is there anything I can do. And if they need or want you to do a thing but is anyone a peanut butter jelly Sam yeah. I got another supplement of some stuff I know I I I really can't say anything more than what Clint said about when your parents are comparing each year. Friend I think you're onto some board joins me I would add is if he continues. By some cocaine put it in his pocket without him knowing alert the cops to it. Now you're better than him have some high quality young right there well all I know it's okay and it is true colors. If Joseph Torre or you'll you'll you'll probably blow the minds of tickets to a point where you just can't take it sitting down some mom dad looked. I know you want the best for me I know that you're just trying to motivate me but I need to share with you that when you compare me to tell me your who wrote and it's candidature and don't want to take it. Now they are and it's why can't you wanted it hurts my feelings if demoralize his knee it makes it even more challenging for me to do my best sawing know that you're just try and they're gonna. Their parents they're they're going to be like you don't want on my air teenager. Arm but if you get supports really really messing up soon announce a month adolescent. I know. When you're just trying to motivate me and no do you want the best for me I know but the way you're going about it is actually hurting my feelings and demoralizing me so maybe rethink your approach and I just wanted to dance and she. Food group who I was approaching. I thought I'm not crazy. Sorry I'm singing. Yeah I know Williams and let me read it but I don't know actually my wall are not knowing that you're going to be all right brother you know I'd have a brother where through Michael volume here you know I. Thought Chris got in the same answer to that we loosen folks up. Yeah you're you're under eighteen and I can promise you that the next. 58 years of your life. Are going to be like you're a boxer speed bagging your just gonna get he is going to be ups and downs and you're gonna get your head bitten often spit out and that's where you're coming into bro and that's just the way it is but find good friends find good company dot com and just try and tell yourself. Men and say we're from Ricky yes. There are you know he was a young boy young artists to own the actress working nine to five in his fingers and I don't know we're just I was thinking that in my head. And and you just started playing in there wasn't sitting AIG flies in the end but. Brisk gridiron dragon only need to know that I asked you earlier it's. You are saying now. Do more angry TV happy how complex. Yeah. What I would do. Highs new texture. Well organized tour I did this gorgeous chick can share invention. Suppose our favorite shoe looks exactly like today. It was thought she was really sexy matchup problem hot head during this arrow I'll just throw them out there as it did so confusing when they hades for you guys amino. Single digits I think everybody evening but my he man it was tough for. Thank you right up my series. Boy did this but what they cat dragged in yeah comedy huge crane did not realizing it reduced its. All right you're what are the record and your boys but I saw the album cover women chicks are hot nobody I was like one of those guys don't like I don't understand exactly. Knowing that record and I are siblings saw I invite all. All that and girls when you don't ever vixen who dat dis sin wow yeah kicks in leather and spandex I. They were no I was way into the exit door on the albums like you cannot afford of course all. Guy used to I think I'm sure the telecast before I used to masturbating furiously to kiss me deadly the furiously told you I wouldn't know I do which makes guess I'll go home and refrigerated. How it almost rip the head off when you talk about Loughner the suspect leaderboard would trouble and the I was going to town that's the funny car man. How wanted to just fall asleep in her backside for all time yeah. You're good you're out there are you rarely you know would it counts she's a bad ass he's doing great guitar players an amazing singer everything about Ayers your attitude she is. And she's older woman now commandment Ritchie still hi all I guarantee you had seen an orchard road like the promo shots of her Stella yes but he's up toward the end. I think she's doing the Clearwater casino. I know she's doing it he's gonna KI SW dot com there's yes. On the batters on the front page there's a picture of me before click on a you know all the information aggregate stuff that's stuff I know the bigs get an email about a job cuts from catching up to big guys I thank you for the awesome show I really love Glenn stories since he's always telling one whether it's planned or not. Just blocked shot. I have guys set aside time for glad to tell a lot of his stories call it story time with Glenn guesses to our act and really I know. And I did I get paid a whole seg many Disneyland opens his mouth and he talks he tells stories that's awesome or read it re having me join the program. How are now. I would be needed soon Glenn general about the time used to this transitory car wash and no those are great stories religion isn't there yet I look forward to them it could be an appetizer to have never second guess Bob good riddance and that I didn't pay. Of that Stephen says in wrestling quote as the subject did you see Corey graced taking a shot at Tom Phillips on social media on his social media scandal. So you guys don't know the whole story about Tom tells this story is unbelievable and you don't even need to be a wrestling fan find this awesome. Tom Phillips recently he's one of the armed play by play announcer for the WW week. Younger guy a company like mid to late twenties I would think he's really good on the Mike and he recently was a middle of some controversy because. I don't know if you was married or not I think he might be with someone but he was sending a direct message me he's not your marry that I don't wanna throw out Dix I don't know. But he was sending inappropriate. Twitter direct message to a woman why it was on a flight there was a four hour long flight. And in the message he said in it made into the woman I guess I think he might be in a relationship that is her way to a behind what that have. Screw you I'm Arab Sunnis are you into the wrong more recently the Sony music soaring at on the side. I don't know those things kind and assist. And I quote not. Bleep myself I'm in my seat witnesses on the plane setting a direct message to some check. I'm in my seat with a massive corruption. And a four hour flight ahead I'm going to face blank the blank out of you. Was sent to this woman one guy. All of that got its share of course. Gonna face blank the blank out of you yes. I'm really even girls that. I I don't know if not bigger as you find that to be on my naughty girls and I like Meehan naughty girl in my entire life and all the women I've encountered I've never talked. Any of them that way unless it was in the moment and appropriate yeah. One I'm just too old pig in Shea hot stuff with out being a X win re Smart. Yeah I guess like I now. I had an item Yahoo! I single day I enjoyed some phone sex and some inappropriate text exchanges in an outlaw instant messenger back in those no good mutual soul sapping no I think I. I really get pretty raunchy but I never set a minimum face blank the blank caviar and just so you know he is engaged hall let you want to get news report. No easy games which rose and me Greenland and all things. They went in May be believed. So this happens it's big news a few months ago. Offense sort of a few weeks back I him and Corey graves who we if you listen to the mis cast episode where I was I wrestle mania when in my favorite interviews of the Corey graves. That guy is awesome the savior misbehavior. That's who's he's Tacoma news or wrestler. Well Corey graves decides to bring real life conversation into their spiel on the air and and references this instant boot. And it's so awesome because Tom Phillips. See you think Kerry he's like laughing as Corey graves throws it out there. I have the audio of exits in the middle one of their matches where I'm not. How would he still engaged in just like you laugh amount amount made or maybe you're just so are you know what to do so you know on guard is wrestling has got to remember it's one. They have a little bit of a storyline because norm Garnett in the world of wrestling fake stuff stole bomb rich ones girl Alicia fox. And so Todd and Tom Phillips is on talking about the situation saying he's a Euro trash per heard how can be still the woman from this guy you know. Mean up for the Michelle what's a leash fox looked hot as half. I'm just at least a little boxes Fox's Eric you know sexy I'm pretty and it's not you know Pizza Hut Bulgaria Russia the box is not a leisure elephant is not like when you have a huge guy and you called tiny and it's opposite. Thought she is a fox understood so. Here's the moment where it and Cory great response and a whole Euro trash stopped him topped those trying to act all high and mighty. And Corey graves just. Not so subtle basically out some for what happened. All the heart and beautiful woman. Enjoy to watch. Seven dollars and noble Forsberg didn't care but only to fox at all. Like four hours for garden. Scenarios what they can we remind struggling not to laugh. Wow. I love that that's hilarious like you. Like I'm drying out there I'm calling you out the moral of the story is it's hard to get away with stuff. In the future which is now it is going to be weird because I mean lag for the casual person is just gonna go right over their head right if you know when you are like a mark in wrestling now you know what's going Imus for those who don't know market that you really huge super fan yeah super fan I guess. Yeah I'm mark hey I'll pay you were the person who hit man kills. If that's amuses you turned Mario and Margaret Cole mark hall. Mom I'm not that usual Kilmeny I've got to sign wrestling has got a big check in my pocket initiative that says you could exactly the moment I just wanna be a fan of wrestling motto I have to be that to implement the far old fart they'll really go for a walk in the woods who is coming back do you follow me listen I think regular. There's that awkward pause weird gray you can tell like. Tumbles are speechless like I can't believe you just did that to me. Which is great right bare my ass video on his luck that that like I would imagine Tom goes beyond just like damn straight Corey are sex with a new. Or maybe not she's under the this great national. Hard beautiful woman. Enjoy to watch me. Etc. dollars in noble board for a big hair but only to fox at all. Like four hours car. What more than girls now let's make really pay attention you can hear a snicker I have to imagine that it was Tom Phillips. Better yet. Scenarios what else can I eat is my god dramatic gay daughter and he is trying to give mag he's trying to get resolved together as well off of that wrestling announcers are speechless I thought I was always I don't know how all over the Internet I got roars like Corey prisons already my favorite announcer these became my favorite vial landslides. Sorry tell me the more on the story is when you're super wound up which happens to all of us I know that the blood flows been redirected. And I know the other brain is now receiving more blood in the primary brain through her. But try and take. Take take a moment and think and don't seem gonna face like someone. That's seldom yes like I'm GMs like here's the thing that people don't realize if you said that to somebody while not tasteful at all. It's just saying it to them. Whereas this is on print where they can dig a screen shot posted back on their mr. Graham for all of their command of all the WW rehash tags and then he goes and Nagle Tyrone wide and then all of a sudden you're like oh what a way do you other than well I guess put my ins drama private. And that's the F today. It probably would have happened if he did just use a little self governing and you know like I wanna make three love to hear you or you are you you have to know you can go a little darker than our idea but there and there's a line that you can draw that makes things sort of really sensual and dirty in. Like Dara Torres says the challenge to our our listeners memorably. When I put some hours talk about something and it was like I jokingly said oh yeah when you land after you've been a flight used to respondents and your significant other. Attacks that says just landed ditch and see how they react call each day went on our final listeners and are fine Titanic did you actually. Like listening to what I said and he did in screen shot and send it to a is one of the greatest things are. If you put it go is that ha that's good I. With so I've had said that the mall yet with this what I will respectfully decline I don't know and it's this not a main challenge no BA part everybody does that deserves to be I don't even know like I think you would not be in a lot of trouble like at the very elite we'll send you likened to a gold star sticker to put on your own iPad I heard greatest listener of all time. I didn't do it the little girl just landed men you know do the BOT. Yeah dementia get a giggle but why does that put straight up. Near now and don't duty yet don't know doesn't know that's not the challenge to challenges you have detects your significant other and say. I'm going to face blank the blank out of view. And you get it right blind during others say to her what's rat would be funny here's the thing and do you commit these tests would like a photo of your significant other only if she's like on down. Are not we analysts and this girl now I I sounds good to me narrated and it does that we're not gonna give you argue it he certainly we're gonna make it's that's young man yeah. Think it T shirts I I realize that we still have mis guess T shirts for sale on a rock shops go to KI SW dot com. They're super cheap tell just stand losing years makes cast T shirts. That did not the men but you're on the bridge studios you do. Did a great one has a mixed dazzle all go. Like results on you that's where a and that's why don't remember getting cast Tommy Gregg was told she was little time I am planning on taking our current logo and making sure out of it to hopefully have ready and for sale and zigzags. And this. Oh so we're fourteenth when you do you guys sorry just. October 14 yep keep that date available is gonna be our studio said oh yeah much information of course window pane will be there are banned bruiser Brody will be making its triumph in the end you drive our budget. Yeah I'm open to make some shirts and then whatever proceeds made from the shirt someone donate to. Probably an animal shelter of some sort maybe Motley zoo are just probably mob lasers and you don't lot of cool stuff was done I figured I'd be really cool. Raise some money and also get our our new logo up there for people to Wear now. So glad curly hair that's right that's right to keep October 14 free. Makes test is coming back and it's going to be almost. Just to electric blue balloon and it's going to be a check that's going to be going to be ran you gotta do voicemail Rick as you got a voice now. Oh my god those expensive movie theater popcorn and candy. I mean come aren't they think it's already fifteen dollars a what else you want from me and I made money. Obviously not. She sounds Honda. You every time and she really didn't sense that every single I don't think they've personality whom he felt that it will buy them back. That's how I. It is it's good that the forever some Byron they're out there and it is how do you feel about acts. Just the already though both are. As I got almost it's just I don't get mad about I don't get it out about the concessions at the theaters man that's how old most of them favor there's stuff. Aussie on I got hooked on the idol already popcorn anymore Morristown you know I got hooked on the non Jews with the good cheese and then you use many home. But that. But Duval and I'll be like any how to use and they'll give you like twelve sometime we can dish on your own ration which are preferred when I toss and Austin mom I'll swan and I will sit there and eat those Filipinos like their problem. Does become my sanity is hardcore man in my life she's calling you out here I have comic trial want she's not LSI firma trying to pull this off I know I'm gonna phrase caveat here I don't you marry me. I'll I guess now she known her I'm most sit there and he does the government never to rub your eyes so call know or touching unit yet don't need your film could a recovered in the chase plays DL. You have trivial popcorn I'm on my wife got her popcorn confiscated from her own into the Seattle thunderbirds game on Friday night. Why do it she brought her home by bad boom chick a pop popcorn to put it all bad bar and a person of course he checked women's purses and a scene like men you know out to bring outside food. And of course I know not the same what did you get inside there will be no outside food guy. Whether the military and it's not about us trying to takes a nickel and dime on its just their popcorn which we would love to 3750. Well and how crap the blotter type underneath calorie he can't handle back to defend my wife is not one of those people like so let the world know that she's being casinos that typically whenever she says hey Ambien people respond by going. And that's not her thank associates he almost embarrassed to say it is she's beating because it it just people react weird. I guess if she's an alien like you're one of those being and how do you live. And it's like do you like fist yet to vegetable of course I like that you can eat pizza no he's doing much and pour crawl did what you don't I just not a vegetable you don't like you can you can eat fish all right no begin. Finish did you not meet the person they don't have feelings that that's right but it's who can do you think it's because the wily ways so I wanna say. Yeah oh. She did popcorn is not butter that's why and she's begin when starting a dialogue with security it's always best start with the word yet you go. Oh what Bob rock and so anyways of course I don't say anything I want to get thrown away and I was sad because I was really looking forward to eating some of that as well. But I was like god man. Do you got in trouble. Sucks do you wipe the Pacific I think to switch we've got to Steve Stricker persistent I. I got in my gun no problem and a gun and religion to gun undertook the magazine's. Brazil another voicemail. They had I. Been about a year now since it's gone. All the old cat food chain it sure sorted out we did have their book with Lowell. Glenn. Are you always try to cover all the one person who at all wrote. Obama symbol in 123. To go up and talking live horrors and they do almost a large external donor drinker was. Recover and early tomorrow nick. In terms mono shelf specifically I am on the shelf and just mono don't feel well I don't would bright lights but they have been clone and out of my guess they don't know six. I do like a giant bought. Yeah OK can I let a bill I got it. Analyze but maybe I'm just like amid gums I always assume there was this is gonna think the worst so my the way I am waiting for the bomb the drops are seasons he's complimented me so far I'm waiting for the American life this is my last episode of ever going analysts and do. You guys at bill. Pretty. Good to change and keep working forward and Glen hopefully everything else is working out there are no youngster who got a story not a negative thank you open for a man. Litter gas. He didn't but I'm nice that's killer did you nice person thank you bro thanks for coming back to apply again Barbara thank you so much for embracing the land and thank you for listening and I think I think I'm the one of the things of the like amongst his friends and they're all like. OK when's he gonna say he hates us what's he gonna say thank you dude that was awesome thanks rather. Was expecting that you're gonna see something steel expects that everyone hates him so I really is a problem it's gotten worse. I assume everywhere I go everyone's gonna hit my guts. And I don't I don't know why I think it's just the the strict controls social media have conditioned me just that thing towards your guts to the outside of yanks your for your insides are fantastic but you're really in the world wrestling David so lucky to get to know and MMB now welcomed into the Seattle independent wrestling scene from doing to defy wrestling a superhero and getting to do 321 battle which never had a talked to was an unbelievable experience but up. Think I just assumed when I first showed up there like they're all the Vick. Six why we let this idiot and and I end everybody's happy they are and it's tight end I've been so lucky I am so like. I don't know how to explain it but I have been so blatant blessed is a great word I hate to use like that same word bashed I'd last right but I still super slick I've been so lucky to meet these people that are are in the wrestling community. They've been nothing but great income welcoming to me and they're so interesting and fun to be around like they're so enthusiastic I love the mall a local mall and an end and I mean that like an even like there's like a podcast I enjoyed listening to it called arm off. Off the heels wrestling podcast and he's actually of course I'm Mike peeking out about religious and I wouldn't take an extended break this kind of I guess I'm getting married or having kids and stuff going on but I met some of them at the last 321 battle and they were like I can't believe that you listen to our podcast that's cool man and it died were big fancy your stomach all crap I just assume you guys hate me too. I don't know why not so bad it issued a happy she's too because you read the text messages every day here yeah and again. You have to read a man for the breed McConnell hundreds of thousands that love your program the people who get to reach out and Cecil the negative ones. Once yeah you're right you're actually wants we deal that window pane and I got ten people that made me feel like I should throw myself off a bridge and then 101000 out like. And I love assurances are. Now places people cheered Korea but you see one person remains a comment who'll probably. Never go to the stuff anyway because they're they're just you know we shut ins I mean talking from experience or guys you know that they won't know who are still freak out do you shot rubber rubber and you eat you don't see the forest for the trees I would hope. Announced he was learns to look at. The opposite of whatever it is I'm doing it are we like each so usually I book assume everyone hates us as you seem you saw the huge ego and sat Glenz trying to teach me something yards release and wanted to go with the locals now. I email and it's on video podcast that the real problem not on how you hit on the head act. That's got another voice now. I hope this summer I had sounds. Here as per the amid a pause like every time the first. Line from any female metropolitan yeah I didn't I obviously get it out below him all the other wanted to you bet I'm really you really do all of managed all the good and she sounds. I'm hitting a lot better and sons are. Two broken terrorists or see all of that you can do you Max and do anything about it and you get excited and so. I guess you don't heal as bad as other people settled. Toes also take for ever to heal and yet like she's he can do anything about it I remember breaking my big toe because they kicked while on accident and accident well I was trying to kick a little dog toy enemy is to get the wall. I'll never know it's not an accident it was not in anger no no no I was just like it was my grandma's house and I couldn't do anything about it I just take it to the other toe and you just hope that it tees that's right. My pinky toes on both feet tall as what I've broken anything between seven and ten times fourteen devote her actually the last some are broke the one on my right foot and spend some years back we just go off. It was a 93 angle well I. It's. I grabbed it stretched it out and then limits that Mac into place that was Megan's of the I don't Obama and send it. I'd rather give punch square in the face and didn't do that walking around your house and inadvertently kicking the best on our although every single time no pain is the worst I'm snag that pinky toe on the coffee table of the lost two legs of the county just one. Just snapped they're just little scar knobs for. At the university. Is and that turns purple on the male falls out you ask our general Lawson tale I've lost a lot of toenail intercepts garden clubs that. I'm not sure you what they're qualifies as a male get my emails now chrome back confused it's like this agreement and I know we are directions and I can't clip improperly and forgive you lose and I still on the socket I think maybe my toenails there are much either is sort of a sock it to receptacle or glass Natal perhaps. Poor and I'm good yeah he's great putting and I hear beating me and guys zero I think you're right you guys see minority report out right. Thought he had a foot fetish and you have related so as an eyeball on it all. That is young black Madonna and your moment of silence after that's not Izod made things we are gay you did the right one pays me that's why if the. Bad there's other people so I think is hanging hair. I think and our good air. And it will wish you all and who were you leak. And it's great weekend. Hope to see you soon and Latvia. Love you die and keep the matter they're hungry all the NATO lean on me has been reached out to be here and there to just stick and I you know I demand my house and don't want what's going on. You know just Ashley Ellis say man. The private number private messages are received on FaceBook. From makes cast listeners who literally just straight up. Howie beyond thinking about you that guy and our prayers I just wanna say it has been remarkably touching actually assure that my wife and she started crying. Did every backside and you're like you could scratch a surface of people's when I say my prayers are. How we we have good news and Glen this we can all all joking aside and excited for you when your wife. Hobby such a classic resolute connects to my sixty once every us from Adam never lawman. And you know I'm not I'm trade keys you have my fixer upper high numbers and Glenn hang in there eyes and you were you gotta do you stop. Trying to stop my own spiral as well hammered at spy game you know long man let's all help each other if we can Titanic dues for life. Just yeah I mean there's that's awesome I'm sure we'll get to some more I do wanna throw out. We have an update about. I Nieminen we got a little while back oh yeah I mean it's an email awhile back about going to a bad break up and the time. You gave really are great advice and said that I should write back with an update. What that was several months ago and a politician taking so long but here's the deal to the point. Amid a really bad place I was doing well for awhile I was happy in my life is going exactly where I wanted to go for recently learned in my act is now out of state and long gone from my life. The night that I heard. That I was elated that she was finally gone from my world but after a couple days it sunken now and a place of anger for she did to me and all the things that I didn't say to her that I could have. I have so much that I needed to get out because I took but I took up the high road I decided to keep my mouth shut I don't know. Really what I'm supposed to do now I don't want to bury this crap just for the couple later. I don't have an outlet I would be so thankful for all of you guys input I'm desperate for a lack of a better word. I know that you guys should. I know that for you guys showing this kind of emotion usually ends and that's getting our. Getting our balls busted they have nowhere to go I love you guys I love all the real real real world wisdom in Salinas that you bring to all of us. Titanic mutual life you guys rock and as a man drew her comments on man I appreciate you coming to us. Oh what are these dumb animal wanna go all textbook but dumb there are believe these seven stages of grief. Am I wrong about that have you guys you are asked to remember all mom but I know that anger is one of them and that's my point is okayed you this is a roller coaster ride. This is the current stage which is now you're you're pissed then. That's gonna phase in become the next phase man I mean this is this is just. The thing about this stuff is that. You just got to live through man. I don't you know it's one of those things where I don't got a lot of can tell you but I don't know what to tell you man it's it's it's gonna change your feelings gonna change its gonna get through much different gears one meal be cool the next he'll be furious the next rollercoaster yet is a really extra man. Not gonna go away it'll say slowly it'll change yes Charles I Charles Haley my time we'll give you a better perspective and at an ability to handle and the emotions. Look man nothing good is gonna come of you trying to get that last toward him with her nothing at all on the best way to get the last for it is kind of goes back to proving yourself to family don't believe in you. Be a great human. Find a better woman to which you will your standards without you even realizing it your standards have gone up every relation I remember many in the line I've learned. And I've learned what I don't want and you don't want that you don't want her. So just move forward. And I know sounds easier said than done and an anesthetic like Glenn said you've got to get to the anger part and there's no Harmon there's no embarrassment to have that anger and you. But it. By all means it ink enemy. Life better for you and and I know for a fact it's only gonna put you in a weird position if you decide to like spout off and tell her everything that you think. Nothing good is gonna come of that just be a better human beings. And eventually you gotta find somebody who is way better than her I'm positive of it and that is when in a weird way you get your revenge because she's gonna realize oh god yeah she's gonna realize wow. He moved on and he did better. And there's nothing that you need to say and nothing that you need to do. Trust me she's convinced that when she finds that out and she will. Well Larry did already going on outside out of Astoria but those weird. Well thought it was clear that even numb. You know do you even with some leave the women in my past that did mean just remarkably dirty like download devastatingly dirty. Com. I've found nine years years pass and now social media and scene of stumbling across these people again and a lot of them. You know really ended up and bad places and there was a time when our like you know I hope you burn. A look at it now I just sort form. And so you know. That anger is gonna seed into I'm just like she's gone yep man and that's gonna fade into I wonder how she's doing and not because you want a black richest man. You know combat sucks right now. Trying to to romanticize. All the great things but also by the same point don't also dwell on all the terrible things. And it's hard to sometimes like you might want to do because you've this like those things are the ones that are that. The points that you remember the most in the most vividly and then be just got to easily data in the sacks. If you could well they were good for you want to know I was just. I say and I know this sounds a little ridiculous and whoever weird man like women. To small confidence from a mile away musicals so one year. The president's statues you're right hands on what you ES stuff from dryer sheet their mental talk. But who couldn't. You when you're down in your broke in and year. Full wall these feelings. It's weird to the comment and and I can't seem to him meteorologist human Roland he merely to do and happy in America every once hit not yet. You know but come what I would say is in there are only no reference all this is Steve's like the sex bomb honesty duty if you can. Go around it's a trend. Yeah you make yourself feel better spend time with a woman isn't this woman I mean just or spend Paula Tom refreshed and renewed chanting not dwell on what you've lost now that's making you feel what percent happy angry. Try and find a way to almost distract yourself whenever joint policy don't look for the next to long term relationship plume that's some fine. Even if I guys and girls that were like I just got a long term racially trial waiting seriously but yeah I discovered terrible to only things here's either but we can. I happen I mean an end up marrying man Kurtz advisors like Larry and have a right because there's no pressure right yeah that's absolutely right and you know what dude I mean honestly. There might come a point where. She married her and trying to reach out to units and you want everything in your power to go off on her but if you just. Men respond kindly and take the high road. Men don't menu giving her no ammunition and all you've done is completely agree yeah your wedding without her saying it or you having that conversation. She's gonna hang up that phone if she checked up on you and you're doing better. And systemic. At Ford did I had had to literally had that happened with an X Ford fared just just tore me in half and then caromed performed a sign off on me. For years trying to get me back that was a really bad I mean it was just tear me apart. And then finally that deteriorated and there are reaching out at one point saying look I understand your with destroyer with right now which promise me you'll marry your promised me say this for me this is years after what you spend and rakes and I'm like man a man. You know it's. And it didn't give me any sense of now you want me back now you learned out just like oh what a mass yeah. Damn I want to mess for you but I'm in a different place now and I'm glad I'm not there anymore what happened between us was booze. Bad and but he noted it's it's. Even those who knew whom to. But borrow seriously. Time every day's going to be different day your rear promotions are gonna be all over the place and just trying to out there and live and shake it off anyway each hand man the great toast right side. That doesn't she just break up and every one. And she'd say she does understand you know take taken on and right up eventually so they've never ever gonna get back PR ought to shake it off was about her trying to give. And something offers a love often think if you know you look like. Preparation besides I don't you feel it cannot sometime gentlemen she's a shake it off and I don't know I thought it was a time in the bathroom issue relation MEI TP TP and that I don't shake it off I'll get up. There's a visual revenue is gonna leave the room. We always get another important matter how good luck brother yeah but much love and just keep ya head up and like in my Glen Rice said you know. I really consumer time with your friends with other people would stop new relationships but just keep. Keep finding ways to keep your time busy that we don't dwell on par find a beautiful woman to sit on your face. I guarantee you won't be able to think about anything else and you know for the right price you don't you have to try hard to find him to bring a oracle. Hey guys. If your friendly neighborhood just and handed us all so besides not having a leisurely Sunday with my family. Paid out my mom and dad my little brother. And I go over to my little brother. And I am what he listened to her. And what it is listening care. My fifteen year old brother who has no connection to any of us are any of you guys. You didn't listing got off the wagon my god damn why only enough records a strip. Imagined. Little brother glistening. Held in Iraqi Al model of all the wind speed may. Well that's a text message and a half. Have to screw you guys are normal as Wyatt and you see Wyatt and knives sticks to watch it she's over at. They show to Williams window name. I have going to be on June 3. June 3 man your tickets before they sell out they all moved I needed chicken some of the artists but I know that. Thumb for Wyatt and for crossed the numbers are whoo oh my goodness I listen there's even some cats that are bought tickets that are flying in from the East Coast for this thing night so why are parents. She's actually finally yeah yeah I spoke with her likes nice my mom's is -- she was just really cool nice things. Because they are not here I really Christina window pane quick question and I think you might even mention it maybe would bring you talk about the T shirts. Bob is from Danny says they love what you guys do you always entertaining may find that it worked so much better. Question for fun while what hoops what I had to jump through in order to obtain some physical CDs a window pain. They're really into you guys for awhile now like to collect CDs let me know however is easier for you email me back protects call me if that's easier hopefully you'll remain number on the cast itself more. It's. His hand I don't know I don't know. The. Todd thanks guys stay positive connection dance dude dog dead straight up easiest way go to what do pained unmet physical CDs is something we have a tough. So brutal to pay not net you can order of the entire catalog you can even request that we signed them before we send them to my legs fall let all those are options are just go to window pane dot net and I'm believe these tag is a store so summer merchant think it's thunderstorm or can and should go to purchase the entire catalog of course all of nineteen studio known Lisa and you with a physical CDs which I think is that the shelling goes they -- yeah. And no that's dough man armed so I can't and will sign on for you whatever you amend those you will be the final when a pain on it and if not. The whole Lotta snow Kazaa and there is a problem for. And main man highly recommend getting a new record on TV I it's funny I've only to record two CDs that are in my car at this moment is everything I have worked through Bluetooth on my phone. Analysts do it's the new life in agony record and as we know pay now thanks Manning a window pane and while Wyoming and of those on the physical CDs. I mean I don't listen I was fifteen euros listen to settle a mobile or why don't want. In my car got out and I got Clinton daughters so he doesn't hurt a dog or Diaz on FaceBook you sort of daughter Clinton biographer Republican urban dictionary I'll Clinton Ramones and and I got his disc in my carbon gin and of that lately element of this is of the cast but rather bro I'm in clear letters. And then sweet sweet guy awesome human be numb really does like acoustic stuff but he plays a couple different projects and just this week guys it's all there and I mean huh. Hamas won if he's not playing he's hosting a line Mike or something that's cool. Yeah respects all of your dog and all dead dog eat aegis works and he only does music Manilow he runner if you're out there. Hope you heard this if Nixon would you bring you reduced a bit immature as we didn't movement failed and there that come up by you drink Coca. Or an hour forty minutes into this podcast I can't find good luck finding it could. We had a text field like Manny migs thank you so much for recommending life from magna never heard these guys before this new record is unbelievable picking up their older stuff. On Amazon as we speak what's your favorite song off the record. Got that gets I can't say enough great things about the new life of agony I did grab a couple songs I probably won't play a mall but I'll play a little bit of bop. Right now my favorite is a song called a new low. Think what I love life magnate they have this New York hardcore vibe still in number but it's almost like that they moved to Seattle and really just sucked into the world of van der G dark. Grungy for a lack of better term sound. So this song is called a new low listen to a low cost and condos and a commentary appears what got me thinking because I know I had InBev as well this stuff you've played before I thought was you please settle for new record it was duke yes and mr. Schiller I think you'll like this until it's got a new low it's like from agony. Not like me yes. Sometimes. It's a little bit but that they are. And housing seems kind of like head. And now. John and that is. Okay. This isn't the first I heard this. I just jump and plumbers. Pop pop Miami last night Palin says don't you I told you I wouldn't miss it because I've listened to music. Dallas goes on down on the music I didn't even think to self censor you guys are smile that I'm on the I don't know about why I said that's happened don't. And I realized that I had done I didn't even realize God's got your back well you didn't see how you want me to be paid attention and a dad rather you not player. Romo it's all good about. Being on almanac how to set up language. Linguists becoming linguistic. Saw this again like oh why morning some small bag of phone hello Louis from cunning linguistics and takes. I Fatah Fatah apple runs deep northeast on this. Week. First American flag pin high videos in my car boardwalk tonight on the and I had I waited till the last ball we'll forget the cartilage is still want to stop the. My god you guys step back and I'm so happy that their faction. This is his new energy independence some unbelievable. So happy for these guys benefited from the Seattle. Implied because they never come to the northwest. Okay. I. A lot of I can now like an excellent Warren avenue light matches. How are usually better in the first of play another person will lead to a. To get diner but that's just a couple songs get a director has got to a place where there's no more pain it's called by the band's called life of agony. Com I really don't think if you like every music. Thanks but people were in our heart and her sleeve lyrically. I I can't imagine you gonna be disappointed I mean computer are voice and just everything about her is unbelievable and you could just tell there's an aura of happiness. Underneath all that sadness of that makes sense. On our podcast did you do a lot of crap but you try to find the light at the end of the tunnel there was there was a diamond deterred. The banks just of course Kansas it's my dog was to business and didn't say go a couple more voice doesn't want to save the rest for. Another time it's always been just pockets always flies by a look at the clock in my Knoblauch really just don't voicemails emails today compared yeah we've gotten a bunch out of school pinpoint NASA is. We're learning we were more more than Alomar and our rev once golden among her. I am hungry to know what we do redid the FFF that's the lead after. I only have one cigarette to your micro is also yes owe them a look if you are going to be country and now I know. It's. Credited. Sorry son Glenn saw a story went and did my karma I'm telling you man like him in big hitters on this one and it's deal or country wants when when the little white line touches little red line I'm car shuts off yeah. So I'm hungry only on cigarette and there's a chance on me coming home but then again by the in the week only not Arabia plays anger to anyway. C actually okay all right yeah you're. Now when a cowboy had a right now yeah yeah daisy dukes. And then now we're anxious talk about your your major tour bus or your your pool your leader your vehicle at all on the Casper Camellia guy that will share this quicken to know don't we we had a flu usually very root canal water and so a nice spot than we're related we hiked up to this field climber as Barbara are you don't fire man who. It wasn't on fires overheated the magnitude have never seen a vehicle magnitude exploded actually they all news that Michael bass fail it was it was like to hear she MacLeod and he was a pillar of white smoke that went. A quarter mile high. But I'm tired and it was really gave me was hot intact arm but it was all corral the overflow which Cecil stem so is making this 400 decimal selling this thing. Why does great I mean I hear that day the things that I was going through that day. Com you wouldn't believe we tried whereas the street band mates were privy to all duke and exotic have you had a new basis with you then I was Chris is welcomed with a printer an all welcome to the bass so yeah. We all walk out we're standing in front of the sing a little they'd witnessed a couple of these phone calls and I was on the and news media screaming the F word and Sam my life's a goddamn nightmare incident socialist I'm OK and the like do we get it. Arm but yeah we're all to stand there and they're pelican at me like OK when's he gonna come unglued and I just went. And actually became everyone had a good laugh but then you know I'm like man who had some water Manson a bunch empty bottles but no one Iron Man you know I think maybe the thermostat and I can get back to. And a developing this plan anomaly managed for sure it's more and that's Crespo responded that we were right next to this irrigation canals we are about Jews feel number referred to religion and it's fast. Don't want them into the city but I like machines Chris you know it's a very steep bank into this you know why they're all river and a line men. Found Chris is you know waving cold air Casper right when you guys see when supreme performer crucial getting this guy. This is young athletic dude that just can. Be six feet in the air McRae an easy I got this. Please Wear shorts recalls illness riverbank and nobody dummy music some weird like you know sacrifice ritual to drown the well but he's got and it's going clocking carried his rocket he got a good dose of gland which I think he's still learning meet unibody got a real good dose of Glen so I'm hitting him in DC chaining me full ones and we know look like when men's quarters crystal clear some pupils can be okay. I'm for now. Bombed then you Panama and it's the stamina to answer my legs weren't short answer is all about the pants and finally I got Glenn amount and in. I hear all of a B word by the answer underwear model snakes. And then he looked at his surroundings illicit it was a snake hole every eight inches I mean nice swastika nicely all there's music. Ford what. Happened. Oh my goodness limit when he hears a Jewish owner of audio or about this man the and already about those things had to happen I just popped out of nowhere and I go. And an amazing guy. Yes I think why did you see that why am I just cannot call out man's things like heat is just keep working. Get a couple of close the door to bad dad and I also really like many in short Sarah and I'm just totally dead after I got a smile like I just download were running has mantra we weren't on snakes and at that moment you try new cannot tell you that more than anything at Eric I'm gonna say every every eight inches in the mud of that bank was a snake hole on me there must be a sneak village over there thank you you know like that's you know Medusa farm. Our net so they're out on the road it all worked out we didn't run out of gas trying to escape blues to know we're stranded by the side of the road for awhile and you know. Make you go again like and a whole community of Lucent's I chasing you like equipment we have Darren there were cops. Really after the show. And I mean I was sober but there in the towns in the army air expired that (%expletive) and going on source and you don't want to go get him and like all we can't game returns to Z he knew these tickets on the what tickets. And I and they were three parking tickets from only your usual fall Lori from 1213. And a look at a guy keep all the originations and little stuff like we can see them attempt last year. And and going fifteen and 2014. She's again and it's really we're human out of my tabs every year that a problem I'm like yes that's correct and and like to continue to do so please if the and she's and scientists can't innocent. So genuine person doing your coach rice right no choice we got to hit the road the next day and no time to take care of the scrap. But yet that's why we wanted to flee Lewis and quickly to tabs and didn't wanna have to explain in. The guy trailing us up on the ballot actually I pull over us up pretty polar guys here does comment and we I was calm cool it's actually got behind us America. Bono and her body she's get into an editorial behind we're. Sitting up with a dark shot some videos and from the from social media we're sitting in the dark can just cannot pass in the Jack Daniels and oh my gosh you didn't miss a window and enjoy it while people came out really well actually you were on the radio there are Lewiston. Killer crowd a great show really good time a lot of them are amazing people. To all you demand a news is all you're down front sing along to like house of cards and underfoot it was dope. Lots of photos afterwards you know people want up tonnes or grew reemerged just signing so it was really really cool really fond showed a higher highs in the low blows. I even colorless diamonds are aghast by the slow road hey you know I don't know the pain and understand what a great and not called Elisabeth and children black for the promoters and then nine and Kevin demand out there called home records amazingly cool people treat you so RCA so here's NORAD north. Mean they're okay Guzman our only know prompt. And we showed video of them showing after rescuers to him topped her often went my buddy you know our Roger lives in Moscow Idaho he's an event called violate the role big fans of so we crashed it. Rogers' place and analyses did thing where like a top always home at canal water did just fine got to check. Regular drug well for the rest of the way home as a thought I could really do what car issued rhetoric going and it puts the coming home which he usually get home all or could we do we so we don't win those old friends like I'll. That army got a solid to death travel might actually mechanically it's a brand new transmission to a big four for sixteen it's been really well maintained. The drive from there we went out to Montana on old tires are about seven years old when it was surface of the sun hawked. So the belts it's not the tire did explode we went through five or six tires. The vehicle is honestly really quite sound this time I had to rewire from the fuse box all the way back to get all the lights working and I follow with that every day. Before and after work I was so focus on the left side it was or go lights working I would lose on time. Coupled with the oil lipstick good to go I pulled low started grand transmission pulled transition to stick it to go the vehicles never run hot and work. So I did not popular radiator cap and we hit the road and because you know that last trip was the big trip out to Montana we put Buckcherry and stuff. It was really hot so we burn through bunch of coolant and Josh Todd has an effect on me. Oh yeah I think it's piece asks her how but I wind up paying gonna happen to our man. Late at night means mother rode him whatever the fifth at but anyway it was just negligence on my part for all the things that I fixed including rewiring 27 feet from the fuse box only back all the really torture like to introduce them and I decided that I. Com if I just to learn didn't pop the captain it's a run hot button and it may brand fantastic until it overheated Asian what are. It is men and we let all of it would lofty relief and then I'm like man I want to listen coombs Tamara flowed on side took a towel mobile and aren't put them on the radiator cap cartels are going to hit it ought to. My Grammy too soon like these guys will step back and then act cracked it and again. And this ocean of steam and and finally Chris is like all my job that sound. So finally I stepped up we turn now face today and I I popped got a poop after your lead in four states away. Well as Glaus and Orion I meant just this call me noticed ten foot Caldwell thick white smoke for another tennis and. It's airing at it yeah there's actually other JB I hope I guess use Texans and he found that cap in Iowa just sent us and kept coming from Atlanta in Lewiston sun. But still allows voicemail on the we're gonna roll all started on the I don't know it's a great story. As for Kathy. Yeah birdie and it is Xerox machine. Any column in just I want to give these guys just heart so thank you. For everything that she DUI is just today so a 2 o'clock. Gone through prod the most difficult emotional thing another go through my life. Talker I got a regular wouldn't should. We've seen huge influence in my life and hello I'm a lot. And you're guises abortions up this story can go all day. Are. They a hurricane by just picked at random episode. Started opening to get my current edit home so well. I listen I didn't know he's learned Glenn endurance. The anti. We can't. And it. A lot of B. He was pretty much of an era in. Sorry I don't cut out at the moment where it wants it to be profoundly decent southern not a whole lot of people made that up did thanks Sam did very very sorry for your loss Jan oh they. It's one of those things where. As as we get older there comes a point where. Yeah like stars taking things away from me there's no way around it sometimes for some my friends and happened when they're in the early teens so much friends you know. That are older than me still have grandparents it's just one of those things and not. It's me it's really hard man known. I always try to tell myself because of a lost quite a few people family and friends that. They wouldn't want me to agree not to that helps eliminate sorrow but these people would not want me to grief and so I try to. Beano hold in my heart and be. A bright positive force. Army and its allies sometimes. Com because I don't think those people would want me to be shattered. So that's the way I find to that's -- one mile my dad's mother went on the choose an amazingly cool lady and you talk about. You know these securities are about dope man I. Dead ended up you know she was in and out of not to once again but at one point my pop was like hey man what can anyone talk Herman did she's almost up on Omar one don't remember that weighs in and you know she's she's go focus right now and on the phone. We started. BS and a bit and then finally straight up she went well. Buying. And I'll never forget that and I said yeah but pensions and I'll see you soon tenacity figure you will. And that was hit hard. It was hard but it was amazing I mean that's where she was do you she said well you know by. Underneath I'll never forget that and it was just like. Didn't like she was so rule on top of it like her body gave up her brain sharp is a razor. And not that's hard man but. You know. That dude just churning your heart and as we yours sounds try not to grief man trying to celebrate. These people's lives he's good. Through you. And you'll notice of prime as you get older I see at some of the things just. So things in my leg my grandfather was one of those things are my brother cause he's gone to grandma's gonna make it through the night you need to get home. I got a plane that day and he died while I was in the plane and and now is hard because I wanted to say goodbye didn't make off the Albert. You know luckily I was there in my family it was devastating defeat open casket I don't get why people do these oak panel. It's an and I hung undervalues hi I'm none of that dad and I want that data that was such a haunting thing but I but. I'm seeing now more than ever. They sometimes like my my wife we'll see something about how I am MI oh my gosh sake she's describing my grandfather like just sometimes. Doesn't have a filter. Says what he needs a meeting with all the heart and love in the world like my grandfather. It's funny like I have all think this entire armies attribute for the most part of my grandfather from scorpion on the army's a scorpio. Too that's is prayer card. To a few other things on here that just the black flowers and you know just. And he sets he's just a. When its. Network there's like a. I remember and I got rid of as a college I went home and he picked me up at the airport and and I had my hair bleached yellow and he just laid into me do my immediate call law commands. Underneath all of it he's like saying. Between realize how much he loves me in fact I'd. At the time Gaza ma'am why he had to be so. Forward and so honest and now my my wife Melissa and I see that about me and I'm like oh my gosh has turned into my ground. Modern warrior out though if you had that seem exchanges them right now with you as an adult fallout from Billy yeah you like that even a moron yeah I think we're dating aren't we you know as an adult equity arm with you couldn't really have a dialogue man could use a cat because he's older. And I'm old and our place broad yeah. I am more like I think I may not seeing and it's like wow I wish you could really wish I could be forty year old Steve hanging out my grandpa and just be able to do it didn't take. Because you know we keep past many years ago and twenty year. Version of me was too terrified to ever say anything but I always loved being around him he's one of those kind of guys that just you only pick up the phone they are never coming home. You all you got family here I'm like yeah trying to make it back you know Mike. But it was like him being a jerk you resist that's no filter yeah men men and I and it is it's so. I did general rock regime change your younger dude. I I would imagine as you get older you're gonna notice some of these. Quirks. Coming out that where you Graham. Graham pot and that's that's how he stays alive with you is yes side by continuing to to do they think about him in night not beat yourself up like Glenn. Giants celebrate his life yeah I mean you're gonna be sad because there's a permanent absence therefore you know that's not about him see that's a value. There's a permanent absence so your life is lessened by that there's no way around that but dude. I guarantee that you wouldn't want you. To grieve he would want you. To lose and be happy and so the best thing you can do is when you're really turn yourself part about it you've lost. And just trying. Trying to live man. I like him only a couple years and you'll look back when comedian a couple years if you choose like randomly listeners podcasting and Greg I get what they're saying now. You I was at lunch breakfast I'm. So I got to show up. Are well why don't we all shut up and let's get daddy are dead big banks Taylor first and then you know other always much appreciated man. Have you for listening and being great supporter of the makes cast did you enjoy the show I didn't. He's lying. Eyes. I'm used to run and a few times in a he's used to being disappointed also a similar Simon really it is honeydew awesome company with these lying naked CNN's and I. Economies Figueroa hates you and what needs me let's go well let's pretend that everyone needs us together arm. Thought god they're all honestly it's and that's what we know may and June 3 for white only in the wreckage mock society. Farms and maps and kiss the dealer's daughter reunion show. And it's marks farewell show when a pain in her introduction of Christian Casper as a new member when the pain we're gonna do it all and stage for the fans but we we think it should be done. And now we're planning an amazing set didn't do a bunch of throwback when the pain stuff for you and some retarded covers. It's gonna be really cool so do yourself a flavor. Com trying to be there. And we'll be there so that's to be a lot of fun coming out with us and celebrate don't forget to pick up a maze gets to ensure that KI SW dot com boom boom boom roared to bonus content type. Fire have anything going on your world know just go see iron dragon this Saturday at the crocodile thank you don't etc. those will be pictures of what will be up on stage and also will be singing some text. Maybe I cannot talk talk talk but can't see X I X I thank you for listening as always will be back next week and stay positive.