MigsCast 05/23/17 "We Have The Best Listeners"

Tuesday, May 23rd

This week we re-cap Migs' trip to Vegas, the Rev's lawn issues, and Glenn shares a great story about Thrill at the New Originals show on Saturday...which leads to Thrill joining us for a quick Jimmy Johns plug!  Plus we have an example of why our listeners are the best, and have bigger cajones than us three!

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It may add my name is Steve Mays I am here with the reverend in Fuego yeah yeah. I at Glen and then still here. Hello how you have to ask who appears usually me and I. He's just living here now smooth you know I would leave after last week's program I was too afraid of what the city's gentlemen and my vehicle so I just can't deliver the best. I checked no tickets just did it again. No I got a ticket so Saturday night so Mikey knew he would know we'll valuing the mix capsized Saturday night when we weren't you here man well I did was told that we are doing your programs like Kaman and then you guys were here Pablo so I guess you know I don't want to ask why I Eisenhower route on our part I don't think so we'll all. Palin you're brilliant idea to Maui I don't during our review initiated a news new glamour I'm guessing Saturday night and parking is free enterprise initiation this is day that you guys had me take red home after that program that was little hazing no I layers there that would like man I knew burned by president of the fraternity and pray that you guys stars and stripes on malice or a little harder throughout their Haniyeh a preview no to him out I absolutely absent for Kim loosely. Pockets that you mentioned Saturday was that ticket because of the show at the crack. Around. No no arms so rag come missile line it was blurry weekend that was Friday arm at the hideout I've which was sold out it was the sound garden Tribune let's Jane's Addiction tribute than myself and GT Phillips some put that show was already planned pray it was already planned home course with the passing Chris Cornell if she wins from plus was also Shannon Sharpe who's a pretty prolific guitarist has been a lot of projects and he's been a part of those tributes for a long time he was his last show reverence galleries from the Texas Scotch soul. Yeah it was one of those we look to not to let you in kind of events was sold well. When GT and I started playing and the place was packed and and have you been on FaceBook there's some great audio mean a whole audience was sing along we get a much or dual stopped and what we we busted and they got me wrong and hearing I'd say no that won't last forever and I just kind of tilt my head and touch my ear in the ballroom goes home to its gonna turn out all right you know this. That's cool pretty epic come fresh you have probably was a night that a lot of people needed yet I mean I am myself my Friday was. Remarkably challenging on a personal level so I needed that none. You know then they actually there's audio that to you that that came out pretty pre loss pretty proud of but Don the summer and voice. For now China they pull me up bomb. Onstage to sing call me a dog. And I you know I'd men don't remind personal hell anyway so that and I you know couple Beers and a shark suit is I hadn't I really am and sleep and so. Before I left to go to that show I was so exhausted my eyes are watering because of all the stuff I'm trying to deal with in Nam. I directly to those orange rock star recoveries and a pot of coffee. Oh me I believe doctors recommend that tumor. Well I was so desperate to not be exhausted and you had to perform an Aussie had it not me and chant and flash show and had it not been a sold out show I would have canceled yeah I was in no condition to even be in public armed. But by the time I got there I think it can feel every individual hair follicle FF FF I like I was here and you can feel color here does I was wired in a way that was extraordinarily unpleasant and so I got in America and it it it wasn't for any other reason and I have to try and reach zero and I was like I need a shot and then meet Jack Daniels or a beer and in the neck and repeat that a couple times so. That took me back to zero but yeah one the out shine boys called me up to. To sing call me a dog. I had surged. NASA inside and they all stop and try and wrote I can add some sugar and him and often. Yeah I. Love you guys hollow is voter error as panel loosen the table where you and I say it say it's CI. Daryn look at. They ruled since I will try and pull some audio on that see guys you're released you guys can hear it I mean I just sang like my life depended not on your FaceBook page gets on my FaceBook page as a fast toward the first course you know we don't want. Don't know porous consider chorus yeah I don't know I don't know I don't wanna make our fans and listeners suffer bottom while they feature in every week I mean did you ever day if I lose but I am. Yeah you know off afterwards and no coliseum was good to drive on the my good friend Thomas and ski. I call my rock attorney that's you know if you're reloading joke movie is that my attorneys an amazing human being and is really. Move mountains for both me and my wife arm. But us again tolerant I don't believe my car here and I'm strange pennies I can tell you straight but Glenn. How might cool also he had your ride home and so I came back the next day there was you know I'm my car replace it I thought was safe I really real look at all signage and everything they said it wasn't hammered. But apparently. Not safe from the on the wall cats on the scooters or whatever so I got myself and I had a similar find the way I see it. We analyses are probably gonna talk to a city judge but it's all about the breathalyzer right and so the way I see it. 44 bucks plus a 35 dollar goober to get back and do a 101000 dollar. Very best ticket ever gotten and aim at so thank you very much I'll call it part of the fee you don't think I found Thomas is. You won't be acoustic and will be far far away shot of the day it's on my page preparing palm and you'll see my little. Select there and from the audience you're acting and it's of no women just like Matt Ryan's grind this should all summer. Doesn't know what so proud bullish. Because Sunday talk about I called energy drinks that you took my. We went of course to Vegas and Mozilo would about that later learned when some Britney Spears and. Did you really go see Brittany I'm not just once or twice twice. The student. Where you aroused we sexually aroused as she was so hot but at some of her dancers got me a little more distract all knowing you know had told you I think it's because you're all I might my good friend rob suitor. Was her right monitor Internet you have mud mud buddy's murders done some meat stuffed but he'll go with whoever pays a mess and who result the longest yeah so be I would like. Cornyn Rob Zombie then he's out with kiss and Ted Nugent many zealot usher for a year and a half I could search her. But he this was back way back the case he may be error even armed used to dealing tell Brittany and I'm like your kid and so I went down and I am I met him and we went mountain had many many drinks and and I got to watch the whole Britney Spears performance from the site how spectacle man was this thousand exposition and I I could of thrown Koreans. Yes some of her back up dancers who. Shows I was all I've done laden which is not good when you celebrate your thirtieth or Democrat I'm sorry I found my undergrad I was an incredible dancer and hot as asks but I. The first time we went on Friday night we're both kind of dragon asked who just got off a plane got there. And end my wife does not like crowds I'm also a little bit have issued was still out to a concert right sorry I. We get there and she's like okay can we get a water arming you can get a water. I'm getting alcohol and could stay and as I usually me was up well with my wife stomach I'm getting drunk. And she looked Demi is like. You know kids use it drinks in a hole really he did very nerve. Talk about a three game price gouging. You guy brings it up these are okay I'll be fifty bucks for the two drinks Wu and slap thank god. I would actually polite and nice to the bartender because as Susie posted up fifty boarded the drinks PM IK imagine Iconia was. Yes first person asked me that thanks not going good it's busy is that but it's going good. And then I'm noticing it. He's to his poor got a lot heavier on us and India on anyone else that is also throwing god that was fifty bucks my duke is a one shot. In this commemorative cup. He easily put four maybe five shots and they strengths as a very commemorative cup yeah so my wife and drinks a grand should never drank so that adds to it. Let's bring healing energy my. Alcohol based drank. She drinks maybe I can inch of this off of the gulf as good as a cup final you know maybe a couple set Susie good to see us I'm drunk. Comeback huh huh huh you aren't. I think he's. Yeah opera pocono Vegas she's she's drinking now she's singing in Dan saying haven't had time or alive but men like when you mentioned the energy drink with the alcohol that was my wife she was completely. Hammered in a good ways you have a real life and I was having a blast being there with her it was an amazing thirtieth birthday. That's what's so cool that the next night while we're in May negotiate a Beatles love. Our before we went to that. We're at dinner and I said you know obscure. This is a special weekend for her are so our tickets warrant like super far back this is not a bad seat Matt venue at planet Hollywood where you Britney performs. I was a script that's blurred in about third row seats only while I. Yankees third row center to be able to look at Britney Spears pat I close and our redheaded dance friend Arianna was something. I'll never forget it and I look at Aaron like she was kind of like. We're spending a lot of money on this and that sucks comic. You know what we're gonna look back in twenty years or ten years or even like ten days if I mean I got a that was worth it. That's like the number one parent top two artists grant I not mine but it's Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears being age brings the sexy back. An important way to bring you through forget sexy back my man it was unbelievable it was unbelievable she puts on a great show but it would talk about I do wanna talk. I gotta tell you guys about what happened without The Beatles love what are you a real stand until we have a got a weird salute and you're like yeah I reveals. If you guys go to Vegas. I I I I demand that you know see The Beatles love it to the mirage. And here. I can't put it into words I tried I wrote a blog about go to KI SW dot com I know we talked about it this morning yeah and tuchman last week as well just about how excited I was. I knew going into that it was going to be awesome I didn't realize how awesome it was oh so latest from. Past expectations then put into soak it all starts off we get there the seats were incredible ME IC like. Meg the way it's all set up I was kind of confused at first like I hope we get real the seat it's also there's a lot of weird curtains let. They they use that as part of like this show and eventually those curtains go away and I'll see everything perfectly fine. But that we're waiting they've got like these clowns characters that are in the the show walking around Scott messing with people if you look on the blog you'll see one of the guys have likened them. We wish he'd Ted Smith had been there you know he has sort of grabbed seated fears of Cologne is now yeah. Joseph and taken that shows you Rhode Island that you needed dose him calling judge Joseph makes you feel like you always that was a tough one of the cloudy guy who I had com or vote performer at clubs is the better wages I guess just to describe my past when guys are part of the show walking around. Pretending to put. A dose in the mouth of the ushers so there's always saucers and I gotta get prostate commit. To to show the Dodgers are all dressed kind of like in about a Beatles inspired outfit. There's concession people got a piece Trippi shirts on the look like they were straight as sergeant pepper I'm back. They really do it up while like not just the actual show itself but just everything that's involved with the show. So these. These characters from the show before the show even starts are putting imaginary doses of what I would imagine is LSD in the mouth of the ushers zoom and is going to should do to anyone kind of that are Dawson. Then another guy Gorelick a teapot pets smoke coming out like dry ice type of thing and he's like one guy was an opposite Downey gets behind in any kind of pours all over the guys' backs another guy's back is smoking. I didn't realize how what happened because the dude the character who walked off. And it was fun watching the panic in this guy. I'm on fire at a world laughing now that brought laughing at me a right is a regular dude always you know port I often find that when I catch on fire people seemed to be amused so I'm not after a month and I'm surprised right. Headlights when you're in Vegas and I mean you guys are a little hammered going to the different shows you I had get a guy who might be a rule me Brady because it is Vegas certainly looking behind as I I am on. Fire where you saw it that's so. It's another I see the guys coming my way and in my com am kind of looking at him could you having foul ball people like pretend pouring this vote. And the hotel Michael fourteen year old make the pleas like please can score that's the economy can sort of like a balmy seamy side content mimic and I smiled I'm probably like a weird Al I don't it and hit. Comes up our our row. Does it does the whole pouring the stuff you like on your head was it cools that hot it was the coolest Luka but you know honestly I'm so nervous and excited I don't really remember he does like sex for the first time. Or I love it idol and I hope that she was an angry. Yeah I'm not. There because I'm such a big dork Mike you're gonna Sophie with you guys he's going into that so it's in my ball brother. Taking a picture as there's smoke coming out of my dad did you see the picture in my blog this February com and awesome doesn't show starts and I mean. They just come out swinging like. The minute it starts it's just like this sensory overload of all these crazy acrobatics that are going on in wow I am what I thought was really cool. Was that they use the music of The Beatles but they didn't just go with like the album cuts. They apparently. Worked with sir George Martin and he read mastered or not they re re mixed use alternate vocal takes her alone incorporated all this crazy stuff so the whole deal land yeah your Beatles fan you're walking in your hearing versions of songs that you grew up lobbying and obsessing over and it's noticeable like and a good way. Thank while not that's not selling the vocal as I remember. And then I'm trying to figure out a body in the corporate The Beatles of course they have actors that are kind of representing The Beatles. But they also use these weird like these curtains I was talking about at first. As meg things epic project visuals on so a lot like silhouette imagery and are at times even mad like great footage of a young Paul McCartney singing yesterday as a doing all this stuff so while they're doing other armaments. There you see Paul McCartney singing yesterday night and I don't know where they got the footage but who's really freaking cool. Throughout the entire time you're just like. Just think you just sucked into their world and when he did the Trippi songs it truly did feel like you were. On some I could just a way to visuals were dynamite they really captured. Don't the spirit of the music. Breathed new life into The Beatles music irony I'm a fan but man. As Suzanne I was done I was like right away listening to other Beatles songs aimed for wanted to songs I never really listen too much shot off of the Sargent Pepper's record which. I was completely which is within you without you right. Because during that song was the best part and it's such a simple thing but it's the simple things sometimes that Mickey just like lose your mind. As they're doing that song. They bring up like this rape or Kuerten or like this white sheet and it just the archer start grabbing it and they pull over all of us. So now were all like Annika slumber party and we all ignoring a hole and they're waving it and there's he's crazy lights in your life. I am sober and I feel like I'm losing my heart that's the main zero I can't I can't recommend it up there's a great moment with the some black bird that site. Very powerful. And that it and its have been very comical as saying. Whoever put this together and directed it and and and and and made this they definitely earned their checked something's early fantastic it's unbelievable I I honestly. Wanna go see it again. I gotta love it that much have obsessed over since I saw that much and also because of so what's going you don't get that. You missed some stuff not a bad way at least let's stop because you watching that guy flying in the air and all there's this girl flying by no there's this happening like oh my gosh like there's so much going on it's a sensory overload. The best part is towards the end when their big bureau do enough. Sort of Pepper's lonely heart club and I hope you enjoy the show and and if people are singing their brains off because it's I. You almost feel like you're The Beatles concert like. I look over is this guy's like sixty something years old and he's just dancing instead yeah. I don't like are spread. Jack so I put his upper arm and a half hour fastball into the ground and lose it yeah it is tied up car. We don't know all you need is love you could. Okay. I guess that if you ever go to Vegas. Pot planned well let them to go we see that feels love a circus LA it's over at the mirage and apparently break into the cells he was overwhelmed at both performance for different reasons yep yep I was overwhelmed by the music in the match history of The Beatles during The Beatles show and then I was overwhelmed by the the accidentally see I look I love this because submit Michelle has been too. Tell him on it while you touched yourself okay simmer down there got my wife to The Beatles Andre how. I've got to tell everybody she could and why would she did the teapot dial and I like what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas exhibit a little sore knees pop. I was so you see it isn't very noticeable Google isn't the tracks and clear and a brand New Delhi after all going oh my god broad. I can't even imagine what it would be like to be our mushrooms. Sure feels or any other source is only in the hospital but I can't imagine being on any hole loosely Janzen Vegas just standard you ask Blake yeah I've been really really really really hammered. And it made me by eighteen teens album. And yes sure if so yea you know like just wandered around you suddenly is sticking your head resell these crazy things like all this could be a great idea. And you realize well I was Google is really hammered I can imagine being on any sort of loosen Jens. Is just yet you just. Get lost in the desert us. Employ my youth. I took I think three or four hits as a result of the Crandall to more than two might got you so I'd like slower and ghost you're the one hour earlier I don't notice doesn't know he's taught I was always trying to reset myself when I was younger like I always figured if I could somehow reduce mental. And cleanse as a result of the loosened Jamaica experience of a commodity aside rewire everything moving a little better off course that didn't work in any way shape reform but it was my period of time and I like me when knocked out by like new hockey skates they can now make you could not always. I don't crack and it turns out maybe this week's gains. But up what you are kings dominion if you guys are familiar and I think it's just a series of huge theme parks amusement park okay East Coast yeah. I'll morneau on the good the meanwhile which I think is Virginia they have like three core skill Eiffel Tower or more knowledge you need terrifying actually about how. All the roller coasters no problem Mike up on that thing and there was cracks between the sheet metal floor Nicosia was standing on just you know maybe I'll try not on entities and yeah I was my whole body wanted to know mode but. I so much acid went to kings dominion. And what a bummer because you take all the rides in this manner. No I wanted to you'll be skinny to there was a little thing called you know steadily and never came around you know I. Know where as yogi Bear's cave and there was a room when year old east cave you're it was a darkroom with all these rocks in their little simulated jewels have been in the rocks were backlit. Us and play at a time when yogi Scaife everyone smuggler would pop as head out this. And kids bring help I'm not a hundred and we did improve your mood your real it is day yeah if you think O'Donnell all the neat wow what an experience and all my goodness how could you handle it not. I was in you know easy kid. Didn't you almost seem like a mushroom Mora hallucinogenic Sherpa yeah I mean like I know you think you know he's cave is awesome. Put just follow me won't you imagine you wouldn't probably long hair and a Metallica T shirt just hanging out there who has all the six year old child's car. As I was the only adult that's even if on the other these kids even better than it was a very re three scenarios you know like it was just out of a lot of levels steady might have grown men yelling about a picnic basket while licking his own hair golf man and I just hung on Merrins so because you know you in the dark of courses get lonely spiral patterns in the darkness we have a palm so yeah you know that was solid roller coasters and who's losing. How did he can it was amazing there I think older kids went through the years much has died in the assault you don't wanna do yeah you have to put a plug that's where I was most of today thing. Payouts are you just. I wish I'd I feel like he needs me amusement park for people have to Tomlinson mechanics like Tony don't let children and on the her background you know he's case we're glad we don't worry you do other sober and it's just totally rule the LS Disneyland. Did she break yeah right. Yeah I'll Mac could imagine going to Chucky cheese or even like writing like the small world ride with a weird and a Medtronic like just feels weird disheveled like aunt and there the way they admit herky jerky and then begging on Jack alludes and again it would be good the only see can we rent dot I Turkey she's just frightens her so she's old party mushrooms in the killing off all the kids well I think yeah I mean Greg Blue chip and run like be like hey mister cheese. Physical. Customized trim hang our youth or maybe be just don't tell the media's bouquet of four adults you tell me it's an adult party I mean everyone out there yet we we don't need it easy. It just lets you know like we're. For some reason I'm in this Chucky cheese for days on end and and finally find a member of the staff and I'm like hey look you know mold line in the occasion to find an exit now like. Spoke when he died in a car crash. Yeah I still death and then go white might yet optional it's oh so is this what the waiting room for paradise no that's not where you were sent. Right your turn into you territory I showed him. Well there screaming kids are keen computing on each other and they're singing over that always seeing everything in the building needs to be reached out immediately was some kind of hand cleanser. And that's that's if that's worm that. Now it is melting into an end Iraq is kicking you in the ball all that's just the ball maybe climbed eight Colin Neill stuck in one arm and a weird certain Sorrell the other those to the ball up. Multiply your mouth open go ahead I dare you know and it's showing how fast the ball pitches he needle exchange. I've heard about kids down to the ball coming up with a needle urban ledge in I had the worst part of. You come out of Portland plays so I know how our party now has certainly you don't have the only problem I've ever heard of by the ball hits it any of those who they'll gather the fast food places BP is due to an NEA yeah I like you make yet some some dole goes to take in their niece and nephew their child and then you go there and suddenly everything is all slick and a little soggy you're like why is the ball bad for the terrible place yeah wanna terror and play guys like to tell you any information about Chucky cheese whether or not you can just rented out but their site is under maintenance right now this is little chance to -- home whereas somebody stole it. What's so basic. You like we'll be like you who were a check it she's like yeah I didn't know I use it at that Democrat Dan plays whatever music right look for our night. Just bad can only play Pink Floyd about how. You're matching blue screens or coming from the pulpit now. Could you imagine being interviewed she's wont this is blame an Iraqi man is playing in what. And it just was the only audio and everything was in slow motion yet so you will be drilled on the kind of products that may be able to do it himself was maybe it's the worst six hours of her life but I. Kind of one of experience say goodbye like 545. In the six hour July I need is back. And I'm convinced this leap. Lock all doors like gentle be room. I think I just gonna do when nobody even though he's a tremendous sigh ops Guitar Center Jordan lonely little off Oprah yeah I'm convinced that this we do like. And Arctic cold in my ardea sociopath or something where I'm not really human I could be a serial killer much else somebody ask you about it I think I'm already broken so you can't break that which is broad. Yeah well let's get as much as I just sit there my chief Sendy Rleal. Time to do this is clear it's so what are the calming presence. I don't do it revel right to be in the Baltic volume in the air like it is like water siesta it's a little while I hit at some point election motor beings while doing I'd just I won't break off from the group and I'll go do my own thing can name a couple hours later I'll just show up but you'll be like Georgia go to the office home and I'd probably don't remember the kids or have you found in gas and I'd. Throw that thing and there's little micro basketball hoops and unlock the drive in school really knew enough. Did you know. A little little little. Yeah wherever they live plus. Bargaining with the kids look at her he has a much prefer if I'm my friend Max and that's where your parents. That is better able to accumulate friends immediately and Susan McDougal and kids can enjoy you see your upsetting you should give me your tickets aren't you were arguing with the imaginary double children who could get. Which can look oddly like all other children in the. Damn now onto some preschool man Gary. I don't look what question about me and I was a good boy it was my wife's birthday so confrontation Steve did not come up a conference states confrontation Steve really wanted to come out or at the pool. As Caesars palace. We're sitting at the pool poolside and breath calm when it doesn't you know beach chairs the guy in front of us is smoking a cigar that reeks that just reeks I know. I know you'll I guess you're allowed to disease type enjoy pin and I don't know in Vegas I think you can smoke. He would but we're all like that aren't with him are all like the sky. And so he gets up for a second economic he looks like I do stacked. Similar to stopping the pick for a my era cargo assured I just like I don't know Lara Ryan let me just look like the deuce back did you grab him and put on his forehead and imposing taken in the you know what I really do see my couple water just pour it on for cannot Pixar Gary this guy sorry rock. Yeah that they had wreaks much in my initial spot and it's shocking my wife was an okay with this I wanted to stand in front of him in just our Garrett stayed there until he says something and now be like look at the smaller your ass it's time do small mind. He sponsored death all of this it's I'm right there he didn't take her now my wife's birthday dinner I could I can hit him on the back of the neck with a son and then threw in the trunk and delivered to a Chucky cheese I. I don't know anybody. Think said that's courteous I mean I'm not expecting people to be like superb conscientious of the people around them but that's like. Going out of your way to beat Jack what are. Those things where people would enjoy cigars to them it's I mean you have got sick or affection on my causing you know. Two people love cigars like man this is a really nice cigar. Bomb and just sling mean on smoking like a chimney again. Com there's different people around me when I am you know sucking on my coffin nail. That you find one that they find a remarkably offensively can't stand the smell they can't stand the smoke out crap so I try to meet. Whatever. Semi human but. I think the catalyst cigars probably just a man beautiful day I'm in Vegas have a cigar perfect. Com am and he just have a cigar. This thing is it really need lighting a cigarette in the nonsmoking section of course to him I'm outdoors and at the pool. So I'm not defending Madonna like you say but I don't think it's just that he's such a jackal to him boy this is nice and enjoying my cigar and shares not to. Why are well enough to know which most. To me 90% of the people lined counter and society are the most self centered as back everyone is sold senate yes let's I was walking around taking southeast. It's a terrible dark time that we live in and regional dispute put down were virus. But you are given much since it put an attack on a few months. I mean. You know the they give it because I I would've just like man this blows and I would have taken my wife just went somewhere around since we eventually get yeah I'd say yeah it let's just. The problem was we couldn't go to another spot they sit because shockingly but he is sitting poolside and tell me about poolside in Vegas so to my. Many millions. Like a putting tip of one dollar from a reminds me letting any GO what Mary by this lake near me guess. Are my buddy cal won on the scene I'll talk also protester beautiful when he isn't Stanley down there but then of course we all stayed in Vegas and and that Iran and America bombed. I made I never went to deep pool areas on I was their first three days and in gamble on it spent like 3500 dollars. It's fragile and they can guess what I was doing the whole sob I was and I'm a wife with me they'll know policy we were both Soviet era when so much fun we probably knowing yells caller. Bottom of the I've never been always heard about the pool in Vegas so was it just not emit smoke and hot women. You're a lot of hot chicks but it wasn't like your. Thank you see some of the television the pool parties this was like a pool party people by the pool would gorgeous women bikini oh yeah oh yeah there's so I don't really no matter where you go at those because it's it's tough to grab one or any of the you know heavyset European guys in the speed goes ax. That's such a threat. As the Hawaii thing for me I've seen and all hanging in Vegas Orlando I'd give it but this is America did he just puts some scud or cut off camera assure you know. There are I have like these Calvin Klein bomb meetings in the arm but that's just underwear it was I'm out of I don't processor give the other flap. I thought. He's Larry I don't quite nice. The mother at her words anyways I'm looking at a man who I think knows the best of dating scene wanted to just see you wearing white these agencies cleanly and I'll look I wasn't why but I am I guess my dog as a Graham black's right style not slamming onto it and. I don't get is like OK man if if you're really great cheat or whatever like me go ahead and rock radio and meanwhile don't look what ever. But it's never. That do it right it's always some dude who's got an extra forty pounds on knee and is more Palin made sixty year old had a lot of good. Sixty and it's like my brother is the only European things. Like let's slow yes it's pretty decent so when you're doing just like will you pretend to be Russell or is that what's okay and it's either Speedo shirts like nude beaches. Now Blake I mean there's just a lot of that they end this so lax with you no way you'll it would Ellwood a little further along very they weren't burning women for expressing themselves back in the day we know that your mistakes. There were little backwards culture. I went CU when we went for our wedding last year we see the gold nugget which is you know it's up distribute sold its old town. But tell me when error as Mexican he should. Keep it could if if if if if if I'm gold and it is not little nugget from we. We hit the pools and the reason why we're so stoked about though golden night at one is because there's a shark tank. A round of the hour instant. So inside the pool area like they've got their own area cordoned doesn't seem like a man I. I think it's do you can't there's no like co mingling but the coolest part about something broke like say a retaining wall near and a shark movie and then at that point all bets are off but I don't have to really. Because like yeah I don't know why you can't worry about that because if we do you're gonna freak out but the cool part about it was that they had a water slide that went through the shark tank who was into that went through it again and Joey. I get mail app. Those guys leave related Janice and thought it was so cool just to build a huge debt. Just to be like they put their cool game ball game even that like the Golden Nugget which is an anywhere near the strip still astounding. Still very good for sharks just like. It's like having a bunch Ethiopian kids on one side of a glass wall and Leo's side is about to do is make him cinema just get these sharks it's the bus I mean we really like. I cannot access this incredible food source like let's cruel British paper that it's human birther bill. Yeah. Man why don't go away at human burger I don't think you're right good sharks relied. I mean did it looked like kind of like a retirement home for sharks they were like they look kind of like elderly and it was one of those really all of Vegas didn't change. I'm sorry. Sharks live at 12100 years older so good idea I mean anyways like they would drop in some means that during feeding time George pub the public how the civil war go you know let me. Truth there Umar apparently does what comes well in or not. Faneca who OK I remember when Josh there's only true yeah. I don't know has sort of sharp sounds like grass or terrorists or retires I'll swim upstream. Does sound incredible but it was really cool name like at that point which I'm going back doing the drinking thing we're pretty hammers those is like. Shark avoid what do not thinking about the fact that well what effect cracks. He just can't think about that man you just heard about your head first is this ever made her major artery LX 68 seconds. You don't wanna be Sar lacked you wanna be das does he really the cords in 2000 or he had just get a big bite your mastered lose a leg or something like that kid regarding this or lack doesn't put starved millions. First you know. Get out of a thousand earlier a gaffe but people really make about a week and a half before dehydration that's a really crappy week and have vessels like he Han under the sounds bad but we're not make. Scully arrived Perez you know whenever you know you'll never see it coming broke. I thought before we do in the outs I do when I am at the start off with this I wanted to illustrate why we of the vessel listeners so. I mean you have the wrestler by the way again everyone has reached out to me that's Texans needed to know me. Thanks. Two things are getting better. But these storm will pass and I just wanna see again thank you guys also much you mean so much because we do you have the best listeners it's and it's amazing hit firfer really cool. Fred when you. Illustrated in that's a grated that's a better example than what in my power to do but I you know I know gearbox directionally result something heartfelt and I a 100% agree with it the most thoughtful. Carrying. Find me. At times offensive group of people. And that's I love about it since that we've created this family of just missed it him we are moving too didn't we are just leading the charge of being miss it's don't get me wrong. And this is a great example of how awesome I. Last week we talked about that story in the world of wrestling where Todd Phillips at WE marina and a ring announcer our color commentary or play by play guy that I played I. He got into some trouble because well you lose direct messaging some chick when he's already engaged. Saying hey I want a four hour flight but when I get off the flight I want to. Face ask the asset and a deal between now and overall I like school right there's no way in hell I could ever ever. Ever to quote the great Chris Jericho been nice to do something like Ellen my wife bought. Oddly though earlier when I was trying to use of Steve's phone to find that stuff performance of me singing. I saw a text from sit in to him that said exactly. Reoffend is so Karl yeah no all you're ready yeah at first she said in the motives is who hung who's hungry and then the next thing right there says I wanna. Face after the flight got canceled about a plan to break your nose using only my backside Irsay was is he was satire I thought you know and what was she was of course we ridiculous he offended me was like four hour flight or not done don't talk to me like that I'm I'm actually I'm just I'm not a contact. I can I wish I dread in my house side I can below the street go to sabathia. Sexually aggressive women that's terrible. Rendered the fact that you need to go look up you wanna do me no Kirk. Cobb son Harley so he could find a it's great we don't have anybody know gas today I am actually very excited about this we had no. We don't have to worry about anything ma'am yeah. What we want it that's great idea we are more at ease actually advance our bed bigger more bottom a really love it when it's the three of we do get really good show in feedback on on those programs we have a good chance beefy back all the time that you noticed a lot of the ones we get to the almighty god today's is amazing yeah certain episodes were just remarkably Hillary secure the first on the glorious episode I. People tunnel and Ellison that nine times you know legs so he dead yet who he and he wrestled this past weekend and NXD. And once that music takes. Fill holes that row without cutting social just going nuts is this a mixture ashtray and the audience her head just exploded I'm. Good so I I I I think we've had them trimmed down a number of guests and Watson people popping at the time on my wife could become a by next week. It's two unload on us the new single from white only an Iraqi to get ready for rock you'll you'll notice I'm mirrored June 3 it is right around the corner. You creeping up fast it's not then again if your other and don't have tickets give them swoon they are man machine. The last two weeks is always a mad rush but I'm already done arms some preliminary numbers and pitched it gets. That's good yep the good thing go to FaceBook just search window pane garment page you can get them free of peace that some the most AB about eight bucks if you your direct studies and helps match gets its aviators and save a few bucks and a fifteen dollar tickets or you're buying a pair. The fees umpires you know going to be allowed G selling another ticket that we'd love to save the money so. And I did that size you when I had this spring for those Britney Spears to get some third row once felt that the redhead was sure that I have happened. She should should I open my see if or how well his eyes just rolled back in his Hadley has done and I don't know what amount that I spent. I could I got a girl look just like Britney Spears has come to our room and I don't performance cross cut and Baltimore are rated. But whatever but that gap we bought the tickets online in in the service feet oh yeah. The price of great tickets to go to a concert here it's strange it's insane it's completely and saints Iraq here before we get to listen to talk about the window pane and and your show just on Saturday did do a show with a new originals I'm fortunate that it would apply to see because I was in Vegas. But the other show must go on and rescue guys soldier on but there was an incident and you've watched the video on the block I can't W dot com it's about the blog by Ryan castle he posted it up there's thought. Thrilled spill from Indiana may steal the show must go on that are pleased to do what Adam we have the audio but I like to hear your description before we get to the idea. Steve steam was in Nam he was very upset. Regarding some sort of tee ball thing which. You know I love that Steve was just written and very angry it was about a bunch of kids that parents took him to the summer's games in the Tebow all game and it's usually aren't that he plays T ball early this sum does and I thought it was grameen I didn't really do you realize you really really anger in over T ball I'll just like this is excellent so I let him really riff on this tee ball I imagine you've helped I kind of twit turned somewhere. Really I'm just gonna try to hide my smile Kazaa a low thrill and he was a really really opening up about our David I cannot just pick up the new ride your bike team ball Burnett I mean Tebow Barnett I at all. In this place almighty and by the time we hit stage he was like just malice do you smoke or we're gonna do of brought these all and he's really given solstice idea for the show aggressively readied apply I yeah I mean you know that's like are there with growing hit stage he just. It's over T ball. Why I think that was the beginning of god avalanche that occurred to any sort of thing it's just got married we hit the stage in the. Writer I've seen a runner page using more presentable and our guys making amass. Those parents want to teach you many you don't learn to pull you don't learn how does except. Loss brought up your daughter ball he was just stamped and really had himself psyched up for the show and he'd been kind of in that place all day so when we hit the stage he was just a fire ball and he and I'm in our crashing in neutral on stage and rocking out these screaming in my face and really haven't a pretty good time. And and I side. Other area and again I need to he's feeding the pace added that he always does like he's a great visually I love. And also I mean they're amazing basis but also really Louis Tandy is so much fun to watch Christine brings it very intense and I've never seen and he lets us whopper of a basis for those who don't know like you know some basis use a pick in these kind of catch a room just beats the instrument he's using his hands and he's just talent that's usually right note occurs but. I when you're watching him perform it doesn't really matter of Gary it's just a tornado of energy and in the cops are called with how he was beating up his base that's how intense you okay. Extra. Day after the shows do you have a place to stay tonight that's that's his base. So deceased thank you have a safety word. You can find the video but we bombed you know we cycled you know a mistress of booze on stage recycle our friend Joey onstage to sing. And then numb because we were down you when we were down our buddy Brian or dock on the sings all cults songs you were were down a couple performers. So poor and we know that we can just get through well suited John's head and men in the box to and the sat. And arm at that point I was sort of running the man either from the center stage or bi pedal board at its stage right. So just mean Kyle Orton to protect your castle on drums and I'm thrilled kind of in the middle of the stage as a human tornado. Which is rare for an original typically it's at the Wu tang cat. Yeah yeah data cover band yes stated that he fifteen people take when you move move with your eyes open because you'll you'll see you could collide with somebody right there that's so all and that he's just going wild and we would crush John can I think that went off really well on the we ripped in the man on the box and it was our last song and Steve was now. He would psych himself up into place of pure frenzy. Mean an animal staging them when you're low may end here Obama had to get this guy ever strong drink character in this and he just does go on not so. I'm sitting in a look at the crowd and non. All the sudden the drums just stopped. And I'm telling you. Yet so I look back and castles look at me like kind of with this you know in the hands up sticks him like what am I gonna do now. Analysts see as one of thrills feet stickiness. Yeah it was amazing thing he had fallen to land her days he had fallen. Not graceful. Nothing rob Ohno who is down to watching it is like going back up there don't I mean this is America's funniest home video level normally fall and it wasn't like you know Kurt did I was like Kurt Cobain right we know diamonds drum set my. Right this was a fallen I can't get up from palm you know werder contacting your family so that turtle I looked and I look at just. Also on Josh was like do I even tried did you play because he'd take gallon tank and ticking on the floor Tom taken out several symbols taken now the pacers moved like side way always tell the entire right half of the kids proper some look at Cassel looked you got to take out a senator kit that is the better side he's got a smile on pat and I senator I. I guess by which those two insurance so it. Castles kennel like he's given me that look at things like. Kerry and he just starts playing again and everything and you know this all happens really quick and I'm looking at Stephen it's not just that he's fallen. But he's fallen through all these microphones and cables and then the drama set in the symbol stands and an amended Jason hardware. He's tangled in this it's its own and building falls on some wine yeah then there was no way physically for him to get out of very good start so when Cassel starts playing you know throw just continues to play. Follow legs all Akimbo mean it was a bonus it was the most gracious thing I'm ever seen and so I just turned actor Mike did you perform now it's better none of this was captured on video. Okay once. I think god my friends and family will say you realize that throw was literally trapped. In the wreckage of this drum set. Our Jeff Rouse from the MacKay is loaded. Armed. Drew diverted. And I wrote that's right to him my buddy Julie in the house sound dying from who else was in on it. About with a general Austin mr. some rouge she might have gone up where I just as I can only look briefly but I think that was it basically squandered if people jury soul and yet gene on stage and began to unearth thrill they're literally digging EM. Outlooks yeah out of the catastrophe. And I think they got him back on his feet in time for like the last note of the last may chorus Sierra listen to how it all has sounded off. And again you watch the video IK ISW dot com that the for the blog where Ryan castle god thrills spills. How. Any event. No bruises. Time. Okay. And regulatory Jamie is right when. Meg Kyle post the video. Did a great job of put my pillow like god like the lyrics of that part of the song on the bottom of the screen as everyone's trying to save him the million. Yeah we're real that there are a bit. Let's get rid of hatred -- and you don't manage this 3M M headset. Now where you know we are kiss their views there renewals unless Jana has mr. Kyle core Brian castle on drums Stephen Drew hill on base. And drums. And his bat can. Now the ballroom is a let down our Austro. So here you know and then I talked to did you leave the house sound guy and he was a real sport about a like Angus young guys don't like when you fall none but nonetheless likes young damages and I talked to chase saw chase called for mind dragon and a McCain manager Kate OK music dude that was great everything's cool ally could. Okay man because I just looked at you know well let's volleying there's several thousand dollars of other people's property involved. I don't and I have all of like and I got panicked a Mike golds are not trying councils drum knows they don't know what I saw Ryan this morning. And I are talking about a might chase was really cool nine Juli was really all. There really dude that was great everything's cool thanks for asking yeah now that's all they hope for easy that you you yeah because I QW nine make I know when I use my own drums. I intend to hurt those drums so there's still right now who can bring Amanda tell us what happened. Our Matt I don't I don't I don't dented up I don't care if their broke him. That's his meat when you someone else's drums I am like the most delicate flower obviously territorial property get drilling there let's just glad she's just because the other grabbing a girl. There are no humility and on the moods. Understand I just say this came from Tebow magic rumored usery Japanese still welcome consultant I I don't run good man hated did you wanna might mean and we're just recapping what happened at the new original Wright and now. Is audio we lit the only auto plant was you know regular houses that like I did not care I cared. That I fouled you and I'm. Look at another player Mike. It's a based did not disconnect no visual voice so why that was the big dilemma we'll just keep playing and which is funny because we've played many shows where you've lost your mind on stage and you're jamming you have fallen on anything but the core gun that I gore yeah yeah I leave that at least twice a show tip don't think bending cross my my leg my ass with the wardrobe set in this state why am I not what I call on stage amid pops out and remain blame on let alone or almost every show we ever play your bay scored guarantee you don't know. Earlier this he did unplug yourself want to say it wants another round up on the that wasn't quite a long let's talk about. But ligaments you know like just don't walk you know to this point daily from Glen what position that ancillary away from Glenn Zimmerman and I'm not my grass and this wasn't like a punk rock. Kurt Cobain moment where you can overdo numbers the most untraceable there was it was not intentional I'll tell you what I wanna saw the video ever Thomas U I laughed my ass I thought maybe you know so Curtis says it looks like the ball you can do you were filming a movie you're supposed to fall. For the dismissal comical how long would that right let's they consider your children and it's a way to fall backwards no one Lego brand and the guy didn't do what was home with me now are blew my mind lake. You've got to be kidding muscle they couldn't get abused buried yeah roms on my X in right so I'm just I'm just gonna play in Korean leg. Display just can't do anything else going ahead of that moment when you first topple like you we wish your first call back numbers like you've got to be kidding. But there when I hit the drums at part of it was like that's cool good if you're gonna do this it's so epic at this point you better talk now it's just got a new filings that they are Silva on its nothing embarrassed at the because liberal drones output monitor your pain man and this news always is where I am now. There's no way I know when did not find solar is an auto crowd but no one out. Els started screaming insurers out of blood drawn doesn't end so the thing about the drums is understand this man and so earlier that same day. Castle contact me aiming to. Can we fit my drum set your car I'll Mike Jay yeah no more pain in the ass don't worry about though we'll do many calls are back muscles all the headliners that don't sweat it. I can news is drums like cool to Arnold listening to the horizon drummer Suzanne what are every drummers like hell yes it doesn't easily gotten drums anomaly. Oh god please some and play the I can in the wrong side of the apple in a life. Hello gods and anime and manga series is really cool about a man you know it was going really well yeah intentional do does he wasn't mad residue that was great I drove through tough don't worry about it he merited some drums yeah. I had a few hours yeah. We went 25000 dollars on America's home funniest I don't know what. Yes offset my four times. And I laugh out loud every time it's just I watched in an act I would I I yelled at my wife was like yeah I don't watch any ear cup generally is out of. I don't know who and no one got it footage of every one jury is sold on coming to dig you out all know they street Donohue out there. Got to see Jeff Rouse and it looks like I think it was Jenna mistress a boo yeah mistress lose sure about America must go there I don't think you'll go over and there's the basis for Donna McKay gives loaded Jeff Krauss called sporting legend John Joseph murders and it's Connelly and thanks to Mike there's not. My ticket I don't know how I can pull out all right let's just to go on and enough moments like this. This is this your rock and roll man Norman we can play in his tomb then this is cool yeah we stopped when tune then this is stupid and I really national religious do you plan. Just also stopped for Lyndon B looked at Eli. We looked at a mile zone what should I do was sit and video link and then finally he's like okay is still there and I don't know what it is like keep quiet and keep the drug indicated you're always welcome elemental it is. I'm still play him for the Atlanta. Mike this is only embarrassing if we stopped one. Here but if we play through the song man I'm cool this just another mark show me and just another rock shows Hillary did so he had Jenna comes our proposal on gonna suggest. House Gonzales pay MM yeah. I'd like this ever I saw Fred does and that's a drill like sir revenue jobs just since no well yeah. No understanding all the time I feel good about the show all backups economic managers. I feel attempt you know remain so. The whole show jumping around so. But they always happy about it you're beaten up his set your basement of the asteroid that's it is actually for right now that day. Just feel it and a good sound like man I'm motive Roy I'm ready to do I want got him bragged as maybe that's why. Well I mentioned that you were pretty pretty your blood Pritchard spiked during some Tebow had T ball and gala dinner bring enough if you got your show and I. No we don't even following all of Ryan castle has got a feeling the other candidates matter good what happened with a T ball. Mattel wanna play tee ball McKinney enjoys pointy ball looks cool right to the kids and I don't I ninety ball to my I have to honestly compare. All I hear it's easiest thing in the world you would think that. I. I thought so true and he witnessed people hitting the achievement over the ball rabbit but what do you look most searched our kids sucked in everything they do this threat. The camp saying we can't please most adults didn't do that aspect and summing up Steve makes you are now you know you're our man so you'll play tee ball he's. He's as good as the final the body edit because he cares and put one on which you announced in so anyway what are. We go to the game and and is excited about him he's the only kid from his team that showed. It yet so god loves it doesn't even your best foot the most Seattle thing I've ever heard dude debt. Everything was just let us argue to go to I don't find because you can join the other team too because a little kids result pharma. Are running up to bat field all's gonna grab for his debut was pharma white man. This is an acting team sport hazardous as a parent like what you may or may not like whatever did you insist sign up for possessed when kids are. What are committed to this moment because your son you want to do it and a particularly teens more permanent team what you suck at it or not. Is supporting each other at tournaments that's the point a big god damn team so right. My perspective for no apparent plug what are you teaching your kids Amanda puts like this is the team's more and in you don't even. Tonight every talk you're giving god didn't quit and every kid. Skip it I know is that Alex didn't go to guy like a planned effort by all the other parents when I tell you look Matt good look at my kid teach your kids that's school. I'm are gonna feel low and good police he commits so you know yeah I don't know I'm gonna crack and it got to know that you know Tebow all sort of went to give them put you both got a. Usually he did things like is we send Chad the law and order government does this drill was given all this Africa and in fact they are let. How. You have at JT you know you get out as soon hours later I run into his wife let him go behind usually let me tell you about this Tebow all clearly all yeah there was like got and it wasn't it wasn't just like they were both really match. Why how did not have been hearing that side of it like. If a parent and I bring my kids and people on the rest of the teams out there aren't what they apps so are probably ought Chucky cheese right now I've known kids. In Maine at least like to make him commit there you've got a name gives these good things you teach them. And I'm saying this. He's asked but at least I know I'm not like if you got a kid with the big shot they Perry and Herman ball horrible human being but I try to be easy talk talk talk because that's the deal you made right I had sex this happened and I'm taking responsibility. Brought this on. A lot of you that but could do that is like at least be decent parent eBay and as bagged the rest of time left alienated T ball regular digital table. Let's all dat who saw the dollars in your blood was up for the beginning of the day or so by the time you just need to blow Miami should fall rocket well. I'm ready to drew. Did the adversity of what your child and yourself you son has adversity of the tee ball incident what does he do anything you're doing a lanky going to mean this show go on her brother and dad later I'm not well okay. I did like yeah I am Macbeth at bright I think got. It's that way and the show must go on but there kidnapper who pulled me up stage. But I haven't and a greater they've Charlotte Mr. President your original wouldn't have shown a great attitude remains our sleeves others imagine you'll get a buddy yeah. The sound of reds and go to Diebold TR 330. No music as to when I'd rather do is no question one is still here and I yelled we don't wanna do is yell right I don't I drink from a flat out and I am disappointed there. The kids don't see it that's what good parenting don't you be using bing you can do kids don't know about. Yeah. I thought you share what I did anybody parenting advice a three man who don't have children react to you all this. I can always to do not know the truth tomorrow you can. And that's a good start yeah I got I don't know I haven't been after the homework. I know nowhere in the race at all times do I know destroy prominent tell he's only thirty minutes I don't know I don't know about thirty let that was like let me tell you and I was at home. That's police. So much you know. Yeah what I knew was that my dad has been amazingly Agile the most. I mean my whole wide enough. Just how I quit the there's about two years ago Momo or go to your father ever tell you why. He's an amazing. I'm mine operators want to join any he has the look on his face very clearly does not want is not delighted to have this topic came up I. Pelosi you go to jail drug Camilla. And her. All this you gave me you like and high speed chase and the Contra. Mikey why. Are you kidding me don't literally ninety your supplement now and they gave a Milton made him yet all worked out so I gore and Texas he's a black duties like dude Texas if your wife didn't Texas a bad arm leg and it was like then why do in Texas now. But. Yeah I. I unmarked car or on home overheat bottle until those wanna be as as because I wasn't out of the realm of possibility so is Roy she's always on the Derek man and his likes are blowing down the street. Now the score right we remain as I mean we're all through Houston may look like Hawaii five vote as soon. Now all these cup cars get involved and our home. He's like in his mind he thought the couple are chasing it just as he speeding but he's like I'm trying to get away from these guys you demands. They're gonna do is ask. There were just cops over initially going to pull more verse brings a long story short feed Barley news poll over. They arrest is that he explains the situation they believe him but is a woman comes from and that's why do imminent. And I'll look at that wow this should leave my. The body no amount of Romo right and an almost worst kid yeah rat could you I'm old dissolve military man to the united altruistic reasons why he did it yeah you don't adapt to these major data back I love our country not a guy named Fallon who are coming up I Merrill. The player can't remember that if that's really. I didn't know that I'm sabathia no matter about. Don't feel bad men my father was involved in high speed chase as well. On a Harley-Davidson de Soledad he's a drag racing and I love the story he finally was like it is brain and a motorcycle he took off through a golf course feeling this copy true enough. Cops followed him in a car out across the golf course and Zach has her best right here. I love the limit Joseph Torre usually. At one point I looked she non trying to navigate my bike and I looked down and there's a very clear shadowed me on the left. And I'm very clear shadowed me on the right couples can run and over accomplish so fed up Jaycee was gonna run him over the cut from that point that city let off throttle put his hands up with the Mike still rolling ball I was gonna run and downed power gas you're not really all the father who's. Then and eyes when you should tell you this. I was probably twenty. Three or four now like forty gotten him yeah. I. Site. Well well you live he would have never happened to you wouldn't have told me. Tomorrow. Now for mom right now and they would have you have recently got thank small snapped I don't know what sort of I am going to lose this would you do is you don't need to Melbourne that the minute you don't need to know any goddamn I get MMI dad went to 65 and a sixty minute script yeah. Yeah. And all grapple with only six bum on our plan you know probably as much as three point I mean nobody got pulled over for all we know in Denver mom told me about this is crazy I drove by him you have my respect what I doubt I remember that talk I don't loans 75 right right we got everybody else. But I guess I was Saturday. Great job well ma'am yes hello I was emotionally resilient real battle in the happening on the last song is the perfect time for all of this short in my mind is a white America like. It's the last song yeah they would Portland crust is much no wonder what really practice and a half. Now I don't know what it was is for the moose man that was cool my domain a redundant crowned school got a great hanged after an old guy and dragon. All killer always Keller you and Darren did did you kicks. Now no thank god he's ahead and study Nixon yeah I had studied armed hicks who initially even our hand outside the venue for a good half hour after the show just BSE in the compressing is arming both of us were. Full of adrenaline and rail and alcohol ranked putter rolling get great combo does anyone want you know there's he's the stage door and he's out of that Alley isn't just a few feet in the street and I think anyone that probably won't buy the dollar early. Those two guys are gonna fight always yeah. Overjoyed that we all get out there and adding you know if she's good looking forward to a new thoughts and picked it up. You've got to do that couples went on didn't yelling I'm a man outside about it. Clemens really didn't do it no no no that's a silly express themselves out you know man got a black male my dad 2000 Texas because I. Jordan and heavier the. I'm not content and yeah that's good night Mendoza you really get so much like Friday night I knew that must Saturday it was. Equally challenging is my Friday it signed a new. That man you know if they're a little lamb to show though my elegant you did there's not a better when you're having kind of a mental. Breakdowns to be able to play your instrument then I remember doing that payment and revenues of between viewers of this joint pain in the city is before you're with us is we're really really really bad idea that I don't know enough for puddle of mud at Pena grass that's in Tacoma and then oh yeah my then girlfriend no longer with ex girlfriend and she's dead and along the west zone and still have to find a bottle in relation to men's they're dead every day you know they are powerless to have sex against. But so. She thought in other words drunken pissing me off and I was so mad during that show. I kicked over my drums. And I took the floor time and this is the floor Tom Matt Cassel had a output guy eventually he bought off I mean had to use duct tape to keep it together. I had that before I'm reminded of video somewhere did you tease out of this. I go out that the kid in the lord of the flies and the stage was the fat kid and I had a rocket my hand but those imports. That's our guys are we I don't Jim just. That's got your two fast demand and it wasn't about the Brad Pitt that made you think about Jimmy John's tranda. I. Yeah. It is I know this this this I got a lot. I bootleg or the slim three was actually number of those who need extra did you love to pickle. Well not only did you know like the one any. And I thought yeah yeah. Yeah how. That's why I said well no that Guinea for Christmas Nauman Pringles all the you don't you're good at it Obama believes it will do is really terrible event they've done outside be careful written yet our right now rat. I have I have looked at Roosevelt. Steve go through Hulu certainly a tornado I debased the lord over my head I should chopped it on the on this stage after hearing here now and did Denton up and I was just so Madge she's. It's it's interesting men I think film because I spent most of my life and various phases of poverty bomb I'm really careful while I. To plug it into much number quite a bit over the years well I'll share this story with you bombed. Really careful about what I am willing to gamma chi yeah mom you know and I mean because. Even in a split over age I know that that cost twice took it. You know I guess I need that I was working on I was working on my own Paula but it never garage at times was parked in this YW AC two away. What's the woman's one YWCA. Yeah. Parking lot. And my wife plus or Tony was helping me and it's. Mechanical fuel pumps and there's little thing down on the side of the the engine block and it drives us Ron awful formal looms on the camera that's all the fuel pump works and this thing and failed and I was having now all the time given off there and steal it. In the eye dropper wrench and you know the got a point rose starting to lose my mind is who's been up should have been a very simple job and it was turning ended just a mater. And so on come up out of there not cock my fist to my teacher clinch a nor can she was at being shiny beautiful chrome battle Barak air cleaner and I was just in my brings it turned it into aluminum foil parade okay official and come back and then a meal like. And had stopped. The seven about five times reports. And the last time like the fifth or sixth time I came up other than air cleaner my brain month jumped 3750. And so not an option and in my view turned in the next thing I saw was my wife my agreement not an option. But behind her was a wall. All right why this is the story of how odd meet up the YWC eight building. Saw I ran screaming at that wall now because I'm a guitarist I've learned a long time in my right no no regular human all right I'm almost all scar tissue. I know better than to use my hands to a break my hand to break my arrested troops so. Using my four arms elbows and knees. Pay an enemy fighter I crave meat. Asks out of the side of that building while screaming at the top of my lines. Now stretch relief. I'm pretty sure sadly the blood came from mean not the building up like you think the building and led. Always did but I'm pretty sure that I bled news com and then I did what they always do maternal everyone I'm sorry. I feel better and and I walked over preserving throbbing yeah why you know and then I went to work in every so often had lookup pattern her lips were just tightly Hearst. And I just direct to work can look up their lips are tighter faces quivering a little bit and finally am like. OK let it out and Sheikh for a couple African. Yeah. You look at all. Yeah do you know what I didn't break something I've got a few of rocks that she did not she held her laughter because she knew that I lost all elder laughter all the white is laughed at me when I've been in that trade all that's the worst kind of how he Eddie in I know a guy why doesn't know how to trim down cedars laughed at me in my face and even I can't take that whole whole boys did get left out on a map like that you could rebuild. Yeah I began my children and that. I am running over lawyers who. I want to show our jobs is that the book would you bring you fresh my garbage just. Miles bailout or does that give money up tomorrow I have talk I don't remember that did. I I don't I don't establish our what are. Tidy conclusion there yeah. There's no but I called the sun's gonna love. Does he couldn't turn into it's it's a whole bag full political science has trouble here in throttle military drums and get a series that was an idea orders a Jimmy John we gotta get included Ted and miles they share an office together. And when he does order Jimmy Johns we got to immediately call as well and order a bag of pickles and tell our front desk out whether it be Jesse or the other gal. Switch from out when he gets here. It's going to be behind the pickle day one it was best jurors CLU takes a -- some of the pen he has such anger towards vegetable he hated vegetable if she's so my little else do you go order thriller should say just so there are no tell you midway Obama you know I had a lot of low volume could get a lot of people are really intimidated you talk about that a lot of people really intimidated by him because he's very intense guy he's very loud and he can Loudon I've seen him legitimately angry there was a night here one night where I don't know what went on but I always so I would do it for that yeah but alms. Eight I don't know I just got to make your personal friend and he I've never. It's because we surround ourselves a crazy people aren't usually just normal right you're just like yeah that's what. Slowed enough not trying to hug him when he's unfit arrangement out of Iran either on discussed in my hands in the pockets away from me got contacts a million U mere. Did you think. Estimates that weight yellow in tucked in the back revenues not a good day and obviously there. And other people were staying away from us because he's language yeah. If you like when I went to get up to go to bed like you OK am I yeah it's like for my global while bottle Mike. And I have what need did look like we're having a bad time I was talking a lesson like that that they are very entertaining if I had a really good happen this weekend because what we're doing a board game thing for charity and is trying to keep cool about because I hated this current Garrett creature yet and I am. And I was like it was at the end this game is lasting an hour and a half and I was pissed I just pointed to be over it finally ended I just got up and as I have done about. And a wink had to go to the bathroom so I come back to my comeback in one of those human did learn a little ADB. Ladies was there's like. Are you came from a downside it's had a piece that you look really mad tells like. Was a little mad but I wasn't really mad oppose okay finish signal you look really really really mad yet to make sure that your gonna be fine amok we've got security death and I was like OK if you need anything let me announce that Al crap about a guy here yeah well that's always known her tried not to be. As the worst. I like I said I've tried to train myself over the years to do a thing right have like you know vans full of Polly's friends like I actually isn't won her first her dating it was lurid Tomlinson shotgun and a bunch of her friends who like bush just meeting. In my van and I was having difficulty finding a parking place I was trying to get and is rather tight parking place. I did what I do went. The hands sort of push the sealing the man. Pat Brown belt. Don't Miller Park the man wants a mother ever want to element now. There was cleaning up. And I urge you to know Tony he's assigned to orange. Isn't okay. He's going to do all you got the dignity turnaround and almost who's paying for part king Jessica yeah. Al whipping out one yeah yeah. Today it's live I will match your vehicle for you when I started realizing who. I was making. Other people genuinely nervous at one point in his early Anton as a relationship and I mean I would never. But she brought up one time you know there are times when I'm physically afraid Milano. Who. Yes awake and asked okay you ask and I began to. Really start to govern and manage my. My temper 'cause I'm a big guy and I guess when I flip out of can be very ugly I would never heard her she knew I mean the when she told. You know there there are times and a much. Oh god so I'll come a couple hours. Start the conversations are that make a few years into our relation where my wife finally makes disk. It was underdog upset so it seemed kind of a dangerous kind of rage not at her but she. I know united unity but like you you do scare me when you get that angry and now is like. And hearing those words come out of my wife yeah. And seeing the look on her face like you scare me Blake was the ultimate wake up call to where Mike Castle have moments where I might call like a second driver C word and she rolls her eyes but I it doesn't get to the point where am I screaming and banging in the steering wheel. He'd show now and have. I I had no one to thank but her for that because of that. Home same thing me and it's it's this is someone that you would die to protect the right see you never expect to hear that new individuals say there are times when I feel threatened by you physically I'm afraid of you yeah. 'cause you better wake up and ranchers say your journal what elderly who watch. Of anyone on the planet. On the last Persian should there be afraid of it really little jerky into a different re. You know on the you know you shouldn't be afraid of many yeah you keep our cars and this. Off about our advantage and I didn't get enough bibles are much better all liars Jarrett Larry. But the president Jimmy John Hewitt yeah. Golf lover they are about Tyrell why we think they're the most awesome listeners ever cycle back to that but notice letter you know we didn't have that right. Let's answer that that's there right now. There circle I don't know attempted ensure went Arianna good god transition going to a man who was telling a woman that he was hanging out with that he's gonna baseline be as SATA do you think she felt threatened to. Leave it I think she got. And if so we'd actually one of her responses I've I was like yeah yes dad is gone gathers all of remains dude so of course we join out there is a goof. Now Mike I wonder if any of our listeners would. Send that message that Todd Phillips the guys in the W we sent to pop a mistress which the message was I'm going to face at. The blank out of you I and four hours something along those lines Dutch shell Jesus. Not only get one not area to we got through since photos of how we asked for all we got scream tour. Yeah I can do the Wednesday you sent I sent three of them Tivo you finally saw wall correspondent do you block island solvent until there was odd to read pictures on that he now that I sentence for attack style. I didn't get to see all that well that's why we don't enjoy it now you're live iso first ever epithet at first want to add in honesty that's the best from us. I think I hit a moment and yeah RA resident awfully good as he's done this before I was at the tee this one came in cop this guy. He said this is why I love my wife that was the text and it's a screen shots the movements from as it. Hit on on his phone at her name is one why feet. Let's go that way I guess she's first in the with the list of contact Al Gore and he has to wife Dina 31 were a CLU never know. Maybe he's Mormon and he has. 500 points or one Weis he apparently feels comfortable sharing the stuff worth so. He writes error when I get home I'm going to ask the ass out of view her response all we ask hah hah hah this response yeah app. These friends. That's his room this hot hot I think I will be probably busy mowing the lawn or whatever hello Al. Tough tough shot out I'm a hypocrite well that's that's cute but you can go and ask yourself. Hey rob that you she handled that like a champ. That's really cool that your wife is mowing the 100 CNN Jude Jesus Christ my wife has allergies I don't get that diet my wife is amazing because she will help weed whack that big law I'm sorry. All my gut is talking about rage right now is just my blood is boiling because having to deal with his Steve smear me happy and comfortable I guess. Really really hate this long line. But I do I step backwards blinds blinds and obstacle course with low hanging branches and after ducked and crawl movement are is this planet mocking John. That place I told you guys and I mean I'm taking the chainsaw. After that property turn and Astro turf they actually earlier this gag gag just concrete it paint it green. I I hate lawns I dude hey you don't talented you are not alone sir that was a major the number one reason why I was so adamant about it is when we moved into our Hormuz and their new house development as much of options that go along to have a front lawn. But because it's on the show side of the development. The homeowners fees pays close. Maybe they need me to get. Get done here. Amazing bone loss amazing when they told me that amazing pit citizen and I was Emma thought I did today is that representatives Monday nineties until I tell though it's Tuesday. I walk. I ask though the good the good of the people that Mike so is that today they mow the lawn and everywhere if they notice on the show side of it we gotta get this house done so well we have if you lowly lightning bolt the mind manner you can attack. Committed to Davis made up except. So and I we were potentially not gonna get that house because of some issues as we've IC make a lot of us have dealt with with homes buying a house. Don't like what don't worry about it there's they're building houses like crazy and I looked in my life one knows there are real estate agent which is or my dad and father Omar. And make. No this is a house we need to get one I don't have to loan and you're like why am I I do not want a more law and do that this means a lot to me tube like. We really went to. All. Energy and exhaust that's all I had and it's a great every Wednesday I see a bunch of brave people outside of my house trimming the trees mowing a lawn. Blazing the bark around the beg the plan. Smear increases my respect for Steve only increased my respect for Steve that poor of his dream home. It wasn't the two car garage wasn't the third math. Now someone's gonna come mow the lawn rate I love you brother because I am you are all things man. I don't all time among my doesn't it was a ligament how great to pay for homeowners be regardless. Because people have to pay this Demi to waive fee and don't get their lawn mowed. You believe I want to get all the amenities yeah. Nassau pumped about that so that's like I went by what does rob potentially moving to a break. She is and I agree with her like we love our development so much that we would. Moved to a bigger house in the development today cousin of the development it's quiet even though it's big it's too. Should your place is beautiful I do you know what I mean guitarist telling me down and I want to pay any for Stephenson and he was like do it means got a gorgeous house understand why bond on the Arab national so it's a man had eyes on the jury -- NAM for you notice a beautiful one is there's nothing that would mean he got cut cut cut cut cut cut. Didn't mind right now it looks like. It looks like that first guy here can you give to a child and child won't stop moving that it's like parts of it is just it's just sticking straight up because I have to right now because it's been so rainy dislike entire like I don't know last year or so I have to do weed whacking at first to shorten it so why can it he had so I've got a was spot or you can play horseshoes or like botch your ball or something. And then everything else is just an absolute train around it that I try. I never wanna be that neighbor right and mostly I'm sure for the most part you can't even really see my house but mine Jason neighbor. Com. In his yard to always perfect he is a teenage son does not want. With my schedule and then when it rains and I'm lost but it's raining and then I'm never often have to go and do Enron. So I try to you know they are cool even now it it's it's not. Ridiculous. A minor in easy mode but it's not I'm not ashamed. Yet but I'm getting there. Friday I spent like six hours going off and on doing some other stuff yesterday. It was another same thing often non between just you know Dick and who doesn't mess around just fine you say that didn't sit in a sexual way it'll just like surely doing just all of these different things he was just so lay there was spending real hard time doing a music. I wanna hire someone but I don't wanna pay for them to have to go through those this first time right good to be a pretty penny yeah it's going to be at least on he had just know it I just know it in and then I got my price devil into Gaza if I get that break you went right after it when we hire someone. And I like par right now and it's fixed. I've never gonna let it go again I NN RA you know muscles are like crap I got a notice. Point now where I mean just. Even my job is killing me you know mom boy. I'm going to be up their 2 in the morning much of floodlights on 'cause I have welcomed the floodlights to work on cars at midnight and I'll be out there mowing the lawn at 2 AM and it was a Blake is no amount. And they're like yes my schedule only allows I'm doing this for you people ride you wanna nice house yeah you managed the property level though welcome to the bathroom. Asante. Get rich if it's just funny is that none of we're not impressed by the fact that he was able to get away without asking his wife to BP's blank knows the law we have. Hyper focused on the ditch her right now AJ keep referring very being very cool but the fact that you Texan that to her. But she's mowing the law you better do the laundry or something like that I had a balance and give up I TYP three right before right I. I don't quite different she's just awesome. Who are we got another one. This group. I just hope to see how this can. That's not a lot going on Poland's fight he's at 11:31 in the morning I'm going to face blanked the ass out of view. Her response. Whoa. Rule. Next tax that was his one tax to. Then she follows it up by going unless you what you ask Mitt you've got to watch how are you talking fellow I was a greater good the last vote yet Helen maybe relax then she sent another text. Why isn't not regarding the order a couple but did you really mean to send that to me 00. Next texts. It's like she's thinking this through yeah. I yeah it. I'm so says I dig it doesn't want us all loans like. Keeper yet ready response hot hot hot may scare challenge to see what the response would be I'll allow. Her response. Oh well seriously I got my hopes up for not finish top top top top I. Odds OMG this is going to be good. It was always might have helped bridge the gap between husband and wife you some of the older or much else faces. This is the warm it made my day a decade said we have the best listeners the fact that not 11993. Before dudes. It is insane and I are off to get back to these guys I don't Phyllis and all of you guys search for doing this I mean you've got an alternative yeah array I said tracked down some shirts and I'll get on your way it's who's been off off opposite you guys if attacks would find out where your writers Susan your size hole don't worry we'll get to that won't go. You didn't Beaulieu. I book I'm sorry I'm sorry I noted it's it's worth getting destructive grass another man's voice comes somebody always on his wife cool cool we have more get them Sheikh. We'll find out partisan comes from Alex. He writes I swear this is the longest two minutes ever guys are awesome historically slightly more bearable. And died at a news opener will sign the sir won't we dissent among all the and yeah I will definitely do that well drilled dribble some pickle you sort of regroup. So he writes. It's so simple an awesome he senses what really be Molly. I'm gonna face blank face blank B plus ten if you. Had her response is that a song. And I. And now ladies and gentlemen my favorite one of the violence from blame. Blame sends a ham a big fan of the mesa gets especially because you guys are all about treating each other while it's spreading positive that he. Listening to the cash yesterday I knew right away one of my checks. One of my decision on how would be down if I said I'm going to face blank the blank out of you why isn't that Dexter the other one. A Texas a screen shot from today and a picture of the girl. I'm 29 year old sly I'm between annual single full time dad without time to date so I specifically go straight to be explicit talk. Because really. I'm only inches and getting physical I respect this guy's gay marriage if they respond while that I know she's gonna be around guys is going to be the one to keep around. Any negro for the pic is 21 very lively LO while I don't appreciate you guys down in the subject of the email was my Friends With Benefits loves the face blank ha ha. Third. He writes to her earnings and I'm gonna face blank the blank data view. Any area okay the current bonds. Yes daddy. OK meaning here and. Now pays responds oh moon. It gets better ODs that's a good slice them all in regulation really dish you're reading this I wonder. I don't think she cared located I her response to that's a good slice. I'm your dirty slut but Weinke face. We as any sends us a picture you can email me at Glen and it means he can. That's a bet that the Pope Benedict the. Hey I'll blame. High five tee because not only did you find a grown up plays along really well but she is a hot chick. I'm Aaron Glenn. Irons she's on man I know that this is an audio high five blame. I don't I can get an idea editor I have started couldn't Bogart Ingrid pickle juice Omaha heretic who. Should he says too soon it's gonna tap to zoom Thon yes daddy brain best response ever. Cool man she issued that match her attempting a nanny as. I've not had any kids or are you OK there you're okay you better know again. Graduate could. Yeah blame win yeah el land they're all getting certain. The blame really way congratulations guys stuck to remove chicken to remove don't. Know why oh. Do you get a sense that I play at I don't know how I'm. It's yes daddy. It's like gee says that I'm very much do you feel okay. Just call eight. If the Redskins come. How much I'm. When I thank my. Let's move signaled that. Oh yeah. Yet at that I ask you does that ever NN unarmed I remember this one song from. Just minutes what is movies yet half Austria's second finite stylus you'll want to look at. I love this. Although the basis. You know everything OK like what should people have come into you didn't serve I really have a couple people like to think about. The pace is bailing them farm complete list. Now comes in demanding fatal. And I swear to everything in my power to be like looking at U serve I think actually often they just pass and goes beyond stereotypical basis. And I were like nobody are you kidding me. I'd like David again you've upset about it like you were wondering who she's kept bringing it up like it was like a funny joke he's like. While you guys don't have the Eagles were us. Him and Bryant center for the straight back when I was really all. Throwing in the limited. You sort return memories he did the overnights are happy and yeah he stuck around he's a huge stray cat hair as a was I had the time that's all over now. So Brian came in with a brine such orchestra granted makes sense and it did very well from south madam Foreman was really cool the whole thought trumpet section. Outside the hallway at the end downstairs because you can put him in the studio like it was a undertaken to make this happen but it was really awesome to have the mall perform. What Tony is like really Jack thank he's like a huge fan of Bryant sensor mainly the stray cats beloved brands such orchestra. Brought a bunch of final mystery gets vinyl as AK can you sign this and he's such signing into such laying into is that you know I've. Just went platinum by the hit single with a bright such orchestra and all you have been Kara by a stray cat. Now they want how a man simmer down there but I. We nobody's down like nobody's goofy when you're new band and in fact we're playing the song we all white Brian Centre orchestra to really cool band but we're really didn't wanna geek out a little bit about some latest immaterial you do this too bright to. This is what put you on the mat disk gave you the opportunity to try something. Different then what most people do at that time in a big band thing was just started to blow up with the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in the cherry pop and daddy's really mean price sensor and kind of set the tone absolutely like man. You really alien upset and give a guy a hard time about the fact that he wants a straight cut dress a stray cats record Scion he's really really cherish those on grass now I will now in front of them record of Liberia or maybe put on eBay to get a couple out there you absolute yeah but but but but but that's a good slug. I'm here dirty slut. When these things diva like that. And it took me out of retirement gets more revealed he's caved by would you be how about that it did slow it. You Jeremy slide a little bit better content better. If we couldn't get to congratulate did you guys in grass yet another data oil blonde very current suck I we don't sit we have the best ways very yeah very courageous they did something. I would not new like I know read every other loans. I already do would you rather mow the lawn or somebody says hale mode you're on the you've got to send this text your wife all of you ask. How you have to say that tests all mow your lawn. At all. Oh I can't do it I'll I would rather mobile on our generals can lets you do this isn't a plot to kill. And know what's gonna open so probably she's gonna send me the text so you'll mow the lawn. It's different. No room plus and as we come down and shoot you remember altered to remember I. It's. Yeah. All. Christiane donuts in the front and apartment mode sprees in two loops I. With the men's and what are your boy it's another each other and had text messages. Yeah existing digger yeah yeah and brown username and I don't know if you can find it in the system are our voice Sturgis who were I believe he made a mis cast like techno. You know he can't find all of our viewers asking I think those have now I was mentioning how the hasn't heard that and was wondering why. The reason being is that we have no idea where they were put back in the day. So the only ones I have are the ones there on a flash drive you know and EL poker and let me see I think knew where to go would know don't know this might be at literacy of mrs. Yeah it's. News. So. Yeah straight from Romans and the new content. Saw you. He's on some of let me DI this might be at duke. Some days cast. On May. Did got a thirty you don't at all. I. So look I feel like rice and listen well except after the drugs is Jeff given by attacking you know he's Katie Smith a big gap. Never left actually the fifth best assets and I hope we got to make devalued leave us that the may scares at gmail.com wow I am dragons cover of the final countdown was so awesome. I love the other songs as well. Just for your passing giggles I listened right when the pockets becomes available and been listening forever love what Glenn brings to the show voice by the way first ninety million communicating with the show love you DC is and that's from Jason thanks Jason thanks man it's always good to hear and I heard god they started off they're set by playing their final cases they did they. There's little backwards Aaron yeah why would you put the final count on first. Oh good question I just noticed when I love to hear the reasoning about it. For me is because it was a personal in his dialect of the tuning of their retarded or you are hey I didn't probably don't results like hanging in there is declared a fallen through the drums and son read the desktop I. There's not anything really mad at about its Genesis of all we did. And no Bob we got a lot of our messages. About Chris Cornell. You know not a random amount to remain a well one of freedom because you know I think we all I'm not out. I'm sure you feel the same way climate I had to grab as well of we talked. Quite a bit on was it Thursday morning I always down earnings Thursday it was rough it was a it was one of those mornings where when I first found out was. Bright as the start of my day 1 in the morning get a text from my buddies and woke me up and I read that I could go back to sleep fanatic come here and just. Really scrap the entire show we were going to do because it just wouldn't have been right and find audio puts those at this weird. Is it just weird thing of morning but I had a put on my producer hat. Yeah fence and create a show that morning with audio from Chris and you know pay tribute to him. I mean I'd even bother checking with castle or hair club in just scrapped all the music never gonna play that morning and only played songs were written by Chris Cornell whether it be obviously Temple of the Dog means Al Gore and of course and it's solo stuff and it was. It was his whirlwind of emotions but I and then in the middle of it all I'm doing interviews with other radio stations across the country. While prepping for the show because they wanted to talk to someone from Seattle that makes sense I was on Q thirteen what and in the middle of our show yet so yeah. The week it wasn't until we finish to show and I got off the year that it all really just kind of hit me I got a that Odyssey wasn't taught night. When I was watching TV my wife fall asleep and I started really hyper focusing. On the tragedy and I just broke down in tears and I was glad she was asleep Chris gaffe she doesn't handle me crying very well I think it just it it it into a different look at them at that kind of a guy he's so I was. Iraq because this is a finish to show a jump of my buddies podcast starting out what I needed it was a chance to do something other than talk about Chris Cornell let's talk raw wrestling for an hour. And and elastic. And it was a you know a bad deal laughed when banks make these crappy like that goes on. That helped so much but then at night I finally got the process at all and from reading all these messages. It sounds like we were all. Having a really difficult time we have with the passing of Christopher in the more news comes out it's undergoes a weird side effect of us. Anxiety med medication anti depression medication net. This could have been avoided that he wasn't a suicidal person he had his issues that we all do but. The medication might have affected him in a way that he just lost all hope in you because I think what floored me the most were really hit me was a crap. But this is awful like I just didn't know how to stomach get annoyed and an end and that's how I was doing I don't know about you guys. It was it was hard because in this did though the whole week leading opted to Thursday it was really rough because. Who we have we weren't we've been taking care of a cap at the house in his mind Eric Carle but there is another cab it would take care of and that cap passed away on Wednesday it was really hard for Michelle because it had been and it is a cat is nineteen years old. And she's been how is she had it since it was a kitten sort of thing to that wasn't rough and it's. It's not the cement and remember exactly and that sort of thing so it's like all that kind of socks and then when I got into work on Thursday. My mind was on some other stuff yeah you know when you've got he I had no idea all I came in to get that you might normal stuff and Steve was in their talking with somebody. And the way he was talking you sound like maybe was talking to BJ maybe for some reason Biggio wasn't feeling well and it was just out I didn't realize woes go and ours are I think on our but he Spencer show yeah Louis yeah time and Saunders thought keep all quiet and I walked into the pit in the into the control room and mats in there. And he's like did you hear and I was like no why any tells me and just like yeah it's an absolute gut punched. But that has same point Steve had already like EEE it's an odd email saying oh this is what we're gonna do this is what we're gonna have. So you have that plan and you have that well I need to do all of these things he can put that in your mind. And it wasn't tells a drive home. Because out after the show I didn't do any podcasting was just like hey guys I'm just drained because we're taking calls from people all day. And letting them on put their heart out there. And for every person that got on line there was you know two or three people that just due to time moral concerns falling off they couldn't. But I listened to all of though you are talking about and that was such a drained and I just went home I went to bed for like four hours and got up. Michelle had gone to her parents' house to kind of deal with some of like that in the that stuff and so I ice sat around for two hours and then I went back to ballot to bed at like 730 that night I was just so completely and utterly drained at any would really want to think about it I just. Process as much of it as I could and it was just it was just a sad day in it was just really really sad with just the lead up to all of that. And then also just just dealing with a like I didn't think that I would ever. Have any sort of reaction to celebrity desk as we've had an especially like last year there was notably a bunch of on that kind of would you read a lot of people I was joking when he sixteen and already and now what do you think Tony seventeen gonna Graham make as we get older. Anything's happened yet Sox in eight it was just like I sort of thinking about well. He was a soundtrack Ing sound gardening Chris Cornell and all the different generations obviously has been a soundtrack for my life. So I mean I remember seeing now I'm in like 97. Or something. Or 98 when in there at the Mercer arena and it was like literally like one of the last shows they did. All the for the breakup before they broke up and and it was like being able to see then there was an all that was so cool it is such a great emotional experience. And then seen a match the gore urgency in imagine doing all these different things you just like. Wow the ease he was a part of my life is my dream has seen him you know in studio. And just being just a round him and just the presence they he had played like Vijay incredible viewpoint when we retire in my eyes like in a way they win when Kurt died in. Elaine and and then others make we were younger we hadn't grown up without him we were I would but we Grupo crest minute wait a weird way he had yet and we got through a lot of formative years and now I mean when when Kirk passed away I was still a a young teenager maybe not even a teenager is right around that time. So like my mom at the mall it yeah right there and my mom I was just like or you'll cam like damn fine McCain now listen to some of the music and I watched a you know all the all the gatherings and all that stuff and it was like OK that's a thing that happens. But this was a lot harder for me there's really hard. Glenn that you've done about it Garrett. I don't really have much the same man come on C. What I've been gone. Through on a personal level. Which gum I love to be really transparent Ramallah for their listeners but there's just some things I can't be transparent about motor what do Minolta and a personal level when there once or like caper scrawled out it was a Coca. Thumb because I'm I'm shouldering so much that's a good point on the huge part of my life definitely a big influence. Mr. mega fan I'm a mega fan but I just was like Coca and I had to continue dealing with what I'm dealing with so that makes sense certain I don't. You guys just said it all. Very important artists to me but I'd. You know I can't worry about what's going on a mystery when my legs are on fire gonna focus on my own legs now so really have much to give to that right now armed. It's tragic is really really tragic and what a tremendous loss you know. Tomlin but and I made sense man. I got it got too much Colin hole today even. Process the fact Chris Quinn also with us anymore. You know along those lines so that was very very important Meehan part of mine musical upbringing died on Sunday. Com. So. You know it's like to eat. Chris Wallace well it's interesting Agassi good way to put he's always been the background throughout my entire life piece soundtrack in my life as you said. This very much in the background. Because. I'm a lot going on the right from my face and then some it was very special to me died Sunday. So that's in the foreground. But it's too it's tragic you know and I know a lot of people are are very upset and that this really really. Get home for a lot of people and I'm sure to hit home for me. When I have the capacity to process. Which I just don't. My gosh man not I'm sorry you're doing what you do that's OK you know. And it came down here and yet that's I'm here. That's that's thank onto the senate and that's 99% of battle treasure has your name being here and that's right man if I can not. And just get through this poem it wouldn't be all right we'll see then we'll see. Well. You know I I think only read these because they're. No no I have always don't know how do I own no idea is that all you got guys who look quite like what are you gotta say I'm severely what my helmet and I didn't view this is still there and what I it and what I've been is on. Swiss with our listeners and legacy and a lot of Odom dealing with so this is stuff that it can't be transparent about isn't it true and some point you gotta draw the line between. Your personal life and things you need to protect and then what's fun for you know your audience and this definitely is a Minnesota offense Tom otherwise small amount full transparency because I think that makes for excellent program. So I'm not asking freedom ball. I know you're not I don't know you're not I know that feelings users and things have just are never gonna come up in my own world as jurors are red yes I. And I think people understand I know. I know they are you I'm just explaining. And Oleg did just now was I was. As honest as I could be regarding the topic at hand now. You should definitely readers listeners he knows man I'd love to hear my just I don't have a lot that I can say because. I don't have a lot. Left to give that right now I don't have enough. Capacity. To to deal with that are now. So bomb I don't have a lot of cool stuff to say do you think the musician there were good men when it's O Leo there was one time. I guide I've no place race that's strictly for doing so now we are limits it Chris Cornell you know I just don't have it right now palm obviously it's heartbreaking it's it's shattering it's it's so tragic that a guy that. And what a phenomenal career and what an amazing body of work actually my favorite. My favorite your tour go to pandora station has my Chris Cornell station and I trained it. That is primarily his solo stuff from his acoustic performances African army and then yet you know you thumbs up or thumbs down and I really trained my mind Cornell pandora station has might go to you could whenever I guess it's amazing mean all the stuff from Kerry almost from songbook ala. That's my favorite. You know also odd that some don't look he's a part of my life on on a daily basis on a weekly basis he's been a part of my life as long as I've been aware of who he was armor getting out. Thrasher magazine cassette tape back in the day. And sound garden had a single on Osama thrasher magazine just skateboard magazine and then put out a tape. And I got to got to thrasher tape with my subscription and some are not a single one of the first time I ever heard a moment and wow what a cool plane what was it I couldn't tell if yeah all the money in the world because were talking and you know here I am dating myself but I'm gonna see that was 87. High eight right. So yeah as long as they've been around. That's how I got I was NG due to the music of Blind Melon for Mike facility. Well in San Marcus said it was I tones of home total sure out of all of the remaining in his. Well ice covered season is mama used to cover sun shower. The black hole sun. Fell on black cease. Well some burden of performer over the years or even Chris stuff five to used to do rom. Oh. Move the child off of his first solo record euphoria morning it played no child for a while I was more stuff I was too recently just great piece material. Yeah I got really sucked into over the we you know just a tragedy man is Adam I think that that was far from finished. Because you don't sound garden stopped to obviously happen in an even then I'll see you for your morning was great carry on was incredible. I love his last higher truth is yeah it's some Trippi going back we're going to want an interview stuff. To bring me back to Tommy interviewed him that play we put the holding on one of the word can mean and I'm members just having like a geek Al moment of just listening to him. Talk in detail about the songwriting process for the higher truth records and I'm like wow that's like our a legit favorite record remind. And be able to be in a room with a guy who rode it out shall talk about his insecurities about putting it out. These securities about being so open in his lyrics and they're really pay much attention delirious but it sure is that now I am yes tighten wow. But he was a real. You know. A lot of his lyrics are almost so I would see in record time that that Lennon McCartney thing where. You can draw all ought to be your own conclusions from what he's saying that he just paints these great little you know sometimes a tell straight a storm more often not what Chris who just. Pete he's great little pictures increased diesel images and new drawl which raises a listener. You then draw from those lyrics that mean that you need antenna yeah arm a lot of stuff isn't nearly as direct and straightforward it's it's very. You know very artistic and very a lot of imagery. And so you view attach your own meaning student to what he would put out there I mean really prolific artists like this and that is the tragedy for me. Other than the obvious is that I think tech I was far from done. Yeah I mean he would have been in his seventies cranking out records that we're just inspiring and amazing so it's it's a real loss it's it's really very tragic and it's. Who you know. If anyone has a chance that they wanna read it ending seemingly. By just powerful article and lookup. The guy's name that wrote the article is a Guy Ritchie are in the years but it's not what you think I read that. And it and it really talks just about. Chris Cornell and depression in and just. Just giving you a better understanding for those that like I bothers me right now when night. I I have to stay away from the comments on any post about how come guys who are now because is always going to be now one person has to say he should have. Fog that depression and on. Thank you he's a coward what they do and and they don't know they don't know little known they'd think because they know how to handle. That's a bad day a little night of big givers and having a bad day they're being. It on your news feed receive these people talk about all her life was cause or Starbucks coffee was and made right I mean I just especially with what my life's been like the past six weeks I'm just disgusted with the goddamn world. I am on you when you were a real problem we wanna really walk in hell you know corner over. Armed. TSA agents and those are the people who are all well you know and and un chief I had grounds with no you don't even know right you don't comprehend you don't get it. Yeah hundred Jim urinating chemically joining intelligence ported to say to shut up. Although I never want to say something and M&M and puffed their chest out and act like they're kept in tough guys. But there's a big dips are damning being sad and like because you know by whatever begged some work is dragging it out. Like depression Hogan's real easy for submissive and read a loaded gun in their mouth you know what I mean I got out okay. And I'm still here because I got through that moment in time so he. Don't don't say stuff like that yeah you don't know what you're talking about you know you don't. Until you have that. There's something in some of these brain let's make him and it's not about being upset it's it's they can be happy 12 and it instantly make. Comment when it when he gets to that level went crashing down that the greens a little desk create the desperation you can no longer be rational. And I was the only reason and making the Iraq show yet how you can have a chance we're so far the only thing that kept me here thank god. On his I was too afraid of what tomorrow white might bring. I wasn't it's I was really a place for your so dark Eurovision nothing to my friends and criminal people that are going to be impacted by decisions like that. Just desperate for a Jewish stopped. And I was too afraid that maybe things would get better tomorrow to go through without but it's a moment in time today experience. Action more than once in my late teens and early twenties I was in that moment in that situation when most of my life so there's no transparency free kids. Mario and I have talked about it for a guy I mean at all I can tell you is it's better to be here. It's better to be here no matter how bad it is it's better to be alive and walking and in here but. If you can't be rational once you reach a place where you know good hopefully can come on. He hit a place where you cannot think clearly you can't rationalize anything all you feel most desperation and then in a desperation or you wanna support to end. And that's what happens that's that's what's held what happens. So this guy if he was not much of medications and had enough think inch rate he wasn't even a position to try and say. Bombed Dinah Shore so volatile time bomb once a week especially lately cut but I haven't just long enough to go. Boy is that not an option right now so different and taken meant to be funny if I show that idiot kid on the steps and you don't do it right I don't crab a menu. I don't at all. Although he doesn't get caught are below us any kind of out of myself. Since I think a lot of people have those kind of thoughts I I'm sure there are most people other responsible you can rationalize. You can think clearly. Enough even in that moment of sour or desperation. Like you know Welsh I'm lucky that it. On the we're talking about. Individuals that that don't. Have that parachute anymore they've gone so far down and benefits if there's a chemical thing involved there's a drug involved it's that's inhibiting the way their brain actually works the way he thinks the way they feel. The way they process. There's no opportunity we rational. Arm and so then Jeter tragedy like this. You know. Now source for lashing out such anger you know I mean you have your opinions but it's very easy for you say oh you should have stood up and took him a big depend on. Okay yeah I get it you know ideal I get and I apologize for what I. So I don't I think it's don't have an opinion he should keep to yourself I'm just very passionate about I sky has a big issue now about who lost friends to this are almost lost myself for this along time ago by the way and don't find kids and it doesn't sound like but I really am doing font. But custom cup when you're put to me I feel the warm embrace of all things Vegas where hello how tense do you feel good on the hills. This this is a tragedy because you know here's a guy that at least for all of us out here on the outside and you look at that and a man like I had at all. And then of course we know we're not deprive. A small majority he's brought us you know we're not deprived of that so. Mourning and grieving know let's completely natural but trying to understand. It's something that you can't understand when someone hits that point. Unless you've been to that point in our fortune not to come back as most people at that point and don't come backing up your receipt that special little people jump off a gold green bridge and the few survivors they talked to. They'll said the same thing the minute I stepped off a bridge and I'd made a mistake and they all the minute they step off a racial like oh no what did I just did. Yeah armed. But it's. You know we hit ten points but we talked about that means way minor level but like when you. Punch her refrigerator punch a wall or a YWCA right to build the moments leading up to it. Feel like the right thing to do until that impact happened you like that was a bad idea. Now this is a whole different thing because your. Desperation in his. A mountain it's it's at its. It's so heavy and so powerful and the people who have experienced true desperation. That's why you know you new moon bush sought to dig in traffic Russo read FML you know after my life. And we you know I want to go down of the BA and sit next to a vet that got a leg blown off NAFTA to Afghanistan and tell them on about your day as he knew that for me. Yes we and its people I've got a lot of friends that are worried about me and I keep sand look. My eyes work my legs work I will figure this out. Yeah I'm going to really hard time yams barely ailment together you know what I am the last I am blessed I've got friends and family in the sun shining. Especially like the knees and what happened over in England right now all men. All right I mean god what a tragic and I see that it's so much into perspective the life they took well over this morning. And again like no different in the idiots that are going on top and there's the lack of empathy in the people that I amusing as of June cracked jokes about Arianna grind there's just. Makes me so sad it's like whether you like her music or not this is not a time for her to be a punchline to a joke. A lot of people are still men and again and now they sensitized gone because we have social media it's it's not that people are scum now. People were always calm not have a place to say just now we can see an outside bet for your own blood. He. Yeah now I. What do we got to got a couple voicemails bomb some of them I think are about it any real show I think you really should know we've come up with my life just off the well I think it's really like we left accidentally swear that's proof today I'd be real showed him I'm not I don't know I've got himself out of the blue zone real jab all eyes are on top of my friends and we tell weird stuff sometimes and said stop we surely we should resume Gmail there's there's emails maybe another time what are unavailable till next week on idol one billion defense took the time to share with us at all I don't want neglect and I'm sorry for going on my little terror there no I -- -- as well at -- under a lot of pressure Milledge to really in going to be. Are you majority saw daddy you know I. Packed app apple wants to do in the chest. You right up until that moment helps calm. I was really light enough gas and then I socialize. Are still look. But that's what happened. So it serves your car is going to be your so vocal about that other than my idol my idol good turnaround like let what are they gonna look at Alex that was stupid. Yeah. Well as you guys say to Beirut to not include you guys should have not included news there was so much poignant stuff and I was like I'm gonna get to dodge this bullet a baby Dodds is that all might as they look at the way you guys bully way to quiet and hey I was like oh god knows if they don't kidney donor and didn't I didn't I didn't do my homework I didn't do my homework that was very honest about how I. Respect got broken and I'm sorry. With what you're doing what I know you say lie you're like okay JB OK but as your friend that loves you. I'm sorry you're going to thanks I appreciate and pump enough to Agassi active fixate on the old site you are right this. You know which some Osama Tony the other day and he he shot is a deal just. Worried about you Chris I see and you're not stopping you had no opportunity to take time for yourself few largest. You view your gonna. Do you get a stop and again I can't stop on you but my jobs Killen Mila got this going on them doing stuff clearer in October and for the band and they're used to it is amounts in that arm but he was just like dude I'm really worried about you you you need somehow to stop an anomaly and not an option yet. But explained only new detail why I'm okay income ormat now it's just like when I'm working on my car. Any fix this and I can put that back together and want to put them back together can put us back together and then once it got that done I can hook that up and then once I hooked that up a can with a battery back up now I can get in the car and hit. The key. Mean and so everything I'm doing right now is just fixing the next big problem. So that I can get to the next problem and get to the next problem and get the next problem and if I can do a good job. And hang in there and get it all sorted out let's get a choker wrench to scream out once a while that's part of the process. I'll get the keys at a car per like a kitten. And that's literally where I am in my life right now is I've got seminary in towns and farming. I won't move them or die trying and you know what I'll move on par and then. On the front of Esquire ride. And then I'll decompress in their lives in a predator man you know I'm unlucky to be in a position where have the opportunities to even fight to try and correct these problems. A lot of people aren't circumstances that they. They they. They can't so. I can I can fight you know lucky to be able to fight like asks Arnie and in the place they don't have the opportunities I had that don't have the friends I have some of the things. Some of my friends have done for me recently would. Blue your mind like just. I don't want to out anybody but you know just. Good dog that just the way without him they can just yes dude done. Bond to levels absolutely shocking so. If I was to despair I need is honoring them. So. You know I'm armed with all the tools in the world it's gonna be our. Gary Cahill I just hijacked account and showed. Block block block and. A series or sequences when I yeah so that if I could not throw his election and we're definitely gotten. And I would do got a voice. It's going to be something that's wedged what are you. I. Looked up just a little bit but bird who normal because of that. Target Metallica. Back then yes whatever rumor. I didn't know. Considering god at that secret or else. And I you. It's so good about it really hard shell you're having you know go constantly feel it with the pricing myself. Bounty shirt stick almost all of. You know something going on and our lives. It's a sure bet you know no matter how fulfilling how much money. No matter what's going on you know. Depression can hit us hard. And you know. You kind of wonder whether lucky you know what support group Chris Cornell has. Well what sort of you know say thanks you guys because. There's never been a moment where somebody's cold then then you know added issue and you know anyone's taken that issue for credit you know. It's it's it's good to know that they're or some sort of support groups be the next you know that support group this whole Titanic. It is not need. Yeah you're right now do is flew wanted to tell you guys you know you dollar appreciated thanks and I'm sure a lot of other people that you are appreciated for that. And you know it's anybody ever has any issues so. We may do it. It's dirt you know anything going on whether good or bad whatever happening there are quite matter. And yeah this aren't sick baster. In New York. But that's something I already said that a kind of Laura hang in there brother hang in their manners at all many lightbulb that might make any disease. Whether it be depression can serve. Syphilis. So I mean. And frankly a little weird cult plus he was just in Vegas and my wife says I sit Alice how although but that doesn't know any economic. Stature dad know any kind of like you know you could be the richest men in the world you can be the most successful minority to be the biggest rock star in the world doesn't mean that you're not. You you you're you're impervious to any kind of disease and that includes depression which is a disease. Regarding his you know he mentioned his support bro and and I'm sure. He was surrounded by people loved him under his band mates went to war can and America is a player like a fair or right but it's one of those things where. Especially depending on the type of personality are she'll continue normally share. Who you know palm gear meet Joseph could you last Rea how you do how much I don't understand the question I mean that's my way of being funny but also totally dodging. Well let me tell you can't read everywhere air watch. Com one Chris played Dutch shell oil and then when I I don't think he went to his hotel left and I think in tonight's the night and I'm gonna do this soon. I think Q. He found himself alone and in a dark place like a said he did not have the ability to rationalize. He onto fort on their island hole two to rationalize or to see things clearly he can't see anything clearly and you know so I'm I'm sure had a lot of support 1% agree he knows what Steve C and it's our. It's it's it's a diseases like you know that's what people are shocked when this kind of thing happened Cilic or. You know especially. To someone that seems out on top of the world and has such great career and so many people adore Alabi just think why would a person like that. Fuel that lonely and desperate but that's why that article you mentioned is so poignantly really worth reading it's literally sink in looked. This is about depression and how powerful it can be you know. But now all that's said bro hang on hang in there you see your am Smart time yourself not huge color right podcast because. We're a bunch of jokers but we're much a human beings too and you are definitely not alone only come from Russia. Yet you seem rather quick edit on the today that resemble we go from suspect in the dumbest jokes and singing songs about. Plus I don't. So I I know they're playing. That doesn't say what other shows an attache relate remove Ramirez I don't know I trying to help people could do whatever crowd they're going to do and also we trying to encourage people to tell their significant others that they're going to place please find the ascent of a match is kind of what we didn't look at it from the media stress relief. It is what you need yeah you know they've taken an emotional out. Duke where school learn how to but it traveler. I am calling on Thursday it would soothe. The days we found that guy Chris Cornell who passed away. Alone. Are going to call on the morning show but I was who works alone. I had to slaughter of the failure much closer everybody. You guys know whole community of rockaholics it and anyone who's influenced by Christmas music on. Our member. Here in black called her and for the first time. He. When I was in middle school playing rock band. And ask her how fresh you no longer a pretty much concluded that it owns the greatest song ever written throughout. And I just fell in love will sound garden of good that. And surprisingly I only. Found obviously moved about a year ago and your friends who ran into them all the time as well and it's. It's crazy yesterday how little I am I looking for obviously debut album all the way through and we just thinking hallmarks is going to be those are all great citing secret corner a lot of donors and I never got to see them looks material that goes on. And I. Can't tell how many hours after looking at anything he's had a pair and then. You know it's terrible for dogs from garden obviously. Anything you little Pearl Jam Alice in Chains is just ridiculous how much. He had influence on the Seattle our community and and open a marvelous not cover girl group focused on those that it did just got to tell you go greatness imagining this harm your training room. The whole music community is here for each other and that's really cool things little Erica federated. There is something else those actually really awesome I just remember net I went to a crawfish boil on Saturday and it wasn't in honor of my best friend's father who passed away last year. And it was something that. I know was done on purpose and I don't know how many other people really noticed it but. My buddy actually ended up playing in it was on one of those random sort of stations but it was just like what you did with pandora he was just. Chris Cornell. The entire day now. In it felt really nice because everyone was in it. He was a celebration. Of a man's life is who was from Louisiana who love doing this made it a crawfish boil every year citizens are continuing sort of thing going on with that the Dow had his music in the background. In a very positive area was kinda it was nice to be able to Panetta would come to terms with that in a sort of way for sure at least BL day it get those get those amazing songs back in a positive plays. Amount well enjoy that music it was easy X yet I enjoy it was created be enjoyed you know is created dim view and anyway you need mood at the time amber absolutely and I followed a then. This I would love this version from the oh yeah song songbook. Chris you talked about how vital signs praise Cyrus next. Is that I can confine the Clinton but I seem interviews with Chris Cornell where he said this by far was the great song that he's ever written the it's is like wow he did it acoustic got a Mercer arena. Still I. The road get my turn like in a little bit of an intermission no idea he played that it was just Chris Sampson like gagged whose love for announces that you just do I look back and I was like not to reverend on him like proceeding get to see him again I can't believe how lucky I've been dad seemed sound garden Temple of the Dog in the audio slave days Cornell solo multiple times. Bruno doing a small acoustic Sen to times you're obviously doing. And and sessions. Like the amount of time they see Chris Cornell I didn't realize how many stood like it's almost up there with the mountainous little damn that is some religions. All the wondering right now is not going to temple M yeah what a great show yet just because in the crass he is excuses oh it's a mines de L you know these different other reason is the one was there's no possible American gorgeous yeah. Unless I was like how can I couldn't really swing this lame looking back on it now eat. Probably amusing to me that in this day and age musicians can't afford to go enjoy the some the music of other musicians but business executives stand out like that and you know I can't even hang out on the Hollywood some guy that drives a 75000 dollar car is different proceedings. Outfit terrible that's music is everybody. Do you still enjoy it. This terrible comparison to manage side of Britney Spears concert will be pursued in the fact that area with power. Superstition and hardcore fantasy owners and the back when we splurge and sat three rows back I'm like always gonna be crazy little three songs in people are leaving you. And no I realize. They did offer more real friends couldn't afford to get through with all the rich the tragedy. Yeah I want to get away I almost wanted to go right into the back grab do you make probably me talking to drive a hybrid aliens are welcome. I'm good I'm good for you for doing well with your life beyond nothing against. People put him none well terror. Here's just a bomber that so many diehard fans or or musicians actually really can't help. Ford to enjoy the artist that means certain so much of them kind of kind of a kind of a drag. Many are really good then there would stay for the whole show. Like these focusing wanna be seen. And the night why got noticed I'm here. Now I can only get it comes to sell fees get a shot out of a meeting prearranged Graham and then you can go in god so and booze it up somewhere else. This is our recorded over terrible place we're virus so we're just a little aware virus into. If I don't I'm not wrong I was sick and other oil well on mother earth to. Black this guy. I just got our next voice mail okay. I borrowed its mom its. Existence is this so you this and and. I'm in an hour it safe campaign about big guy lit that break out. Is now eight Iran and if he's going to shares. It is over it it don't matter. Churches system building Brady. Are saying big oil to help me out I love you and I have beaten problem. I just pray. Then mixed gate seemed glad there. And I just keep praying and Jaret needs me and then I'm flying. Turn he might get on nobody actually see it nobody experience. He do it no privacy of their own mom. Very try to match. You know I see it it can't hurt to. You know I hate each other and pretty lonely inside move what I order as they do this guy. If you don't believe that it can't hurt. You guys have a nice week. And that I helped delighted I let that be mothers gave. I had them says ever looked at. I'll might get scared putting up and do great spit take got me. Al-Qaeda is there are other. Nigeria de do it everyday Gergen they're bad everything. He shouldn't let I'm not is another hot. Leads vulnerable. Analyze and this same. It was just early voting nice. They might send working very often but he was work and yeah. I don't. Yeah I'm. I got cute in parent. Yeah I didn't I am glad that. We well. You don't borrow borrow my. Did you met and take a podshow on the now eight I think about that. As OK okay landlords are now out of it's really funny Deere museum battle has just over the last earlier oh yeah there's another voice mail. Hey don't learn it. I more clear Bayern were targeted our own would be all they try to. Pared hole. I'm still a little bit spirit. Mirrors you can go to any T. Store I'm six foot star although I don't midfielder perspective. Like Susan Hardin high dirt and sort. And acquired. A motor. The red carpet there. There aren't ever firm are and aren't the great European. Shirt it cradle it. Or is Halloween here. Perry and Paul. Where. You see the whole panel. Are littered. I don't know I haven't done what no more than I needed them. Is your gets he's supposed to be upset about. Yeah. You can't hard. Should you should just said he was six finally did. So you know when he finds a 3040 stoke and it's still you know high waters no it's very I was just try to answer has been the Internet but even now. And there's a 5050 you get them up consistently means we not should the 34 B 34 all the time. The U 34 waist to 34 ways I'm measure this has 34 right why is Calvin climbed to decide that his 34 is. All of in the thirty for. Talk to he knew ladies know talking with my wife about this thing as I got this extra like all of woke an extraordinary way to come for a moment and don't do that take what T shirts why is that some of the this are so large it fits perfectly know right. I've others are set our alarms that are like she mediums on me I should I am I bought a triple axle malisse Blake and extra fat before on eBay like one of those crap drag injured I had him and I got it and it was smaller than a medium. And I was like first off this is this is a hand towel at this point for me now there's nothing I can do this dynamic how does this and it's good to reacts on it like it actually said it's always so little wrongly you know like as much care bothers me I'm okay its objective large extra large had it all but you're right. 34 inches should not vary from company to company deal you. There aren't different cellular and my amends signs six I mean fresh thirty inch waist to 34 inch and see it's not. Zion where Joseph but your ruler well we're in the fashion industry. Right if that caught something else yes 34 Cuba it's cold that you want to cut back cut us. Stop lying bush so he should just now and I Dong is in my what do you want the Abercrombie impinge measurement would you want I don't that doesn't know maybe that's what bums me out don't awake as well mothers and old navy achieved when they're big hotel the right size and then there are wrong signs hitter does kind of work magic from a job. Because as I'm due course JP is showing glory for all it's like stuff Lovett is being shoved into that is shoved into a shopping bag man you know so now I'm like well. That the W recent action and everyone gets you don't know what I I don't know I would need two sets of my scripts to snap these things and an hour later my legs and through and bullet. Blood yeah I do like a penguin at that thank you for the call in your knees. Crucial voice announcer guy like three more Iowa OC what happens okay. Paint scheme. They Glenn. Hale has just been. So that's the drive and then I'm calling him a little bit better place I did last time. Thank you guys draw the kind things that you said. I really appreciate that and I'm kind of glad the bond broker where it did because that's what I serve regular but I grownup young. By now on the telephone enough. I have birth. One other thing I think it really helps me is I got put in charge who. Getting all the old food. And editing them to my grandpa could decide you know enters this area and all that stuff nice really thinking about what Shiites dead while I was doing that helped me out a lot. There is little what I was trying to say when my phone broke up last time is bad. I really think it what you guys do this issue serious to everyone and being able to share your stories and your own lack experience helps the people who were. Just learning go to this stuff themselves then so. I didn't. Please keep up the great works even you're great host Glenn you're stories are awesome. And just ten grams keep what the comic con stuff because thinking her true man. Had a cell. Anyway. Just wanted to say thank you guys saw more time and I cannot wait to be there. With a window pane so as to show why isn't everybody there we've taken close. Going to be grand old and he's there and we saw he had glitter. He brought shame yet. I mean I debt. Loved to entertain your call but you didn't send us it's been sort of used to sending a message to your significant other that you're gonna face my PS that are so I all those nice things about. Yeah first of. I'm really glad to hear you're in a better place for the man I change gears on you Manuel had your moments but I mean every day that passes it's it's gonna get little matter bro. You know. There's been a lot of lost lately arm yeah cassette on exceeded. My friend that just passed on. You know he's he's in Maryland I'm not gonna get to go back for the services but we're being flown back to earn July deduce some shows and mature looking forward to visiting his grave. And then Hamachi on my mention on the Castro for a really telling its Argentine Kramer yeah. Bomb he was in a band was Scott for many many years on call these rules which killer within this. Amazing. Original songs mostly that he covers they had some of their own stuff too many inspired by Jane's Addiction for the name I don't know I never ask Scotty if that's forgot that I am okay. My favorite days fiction writer tedious rule in Cumberland and was going on scene when I was eighteen Asian economy and you know this is Scott MacIntyre was this guy's name and he was just. Incredible he was it was a watches Steven Tyler and eight feet from Munich I was just him so talent and can sing just this fireball a human being. But some. They had. You know I urging addiction was like years later when maybe not telling I don't know. But some of this Paula were the at the name but there's a song and there is that dean and iron out trying to track down audio that they can even find it but I'm. My plan is when we're back east to go into a studio would dean and track that song that's borrowed Justine and I unplugged. Armed as the eighties ruled that broken up for him earlier over twenty years but it. We're gonna attract that an owner bring the masters back to Seattle on him a friend Brett alliance in the you know does all the work with premier jamming. Have a master and then numbers or go named Natalie here locally it's in the Seattle rock or extra arm open really eager to chill on that and then on behalf of put that to a piece of music on the world as a way to so I'm just policies. I said yeah yeah I know you land leases are being bought and read their I am I'm available. But the the point of all that being you know mom doing something to celebrate my friend's life and so your your putting together all those photos and everything for your grandfather and you know and it sounds like you're finding a cool thing and like I'm hoping to find a cool thing in Scott's passing when I get to do. What I hope to do for him so it's it's a year chilling your energy into into the right. Places where arm and hope you're doing all right man you know we care about yourself you hang in thirty. Thanks very quiet I look forward to see. Seeing how this all unfolds as far as putting this altogether that's a that's a great win and contribute to your body I'm sure he would love that I'll open it comes into focus on down. Plan not definite figures trusted us now Saddam and bush felt. I don't know I was recently invited. Q a with. Brenda mine from college it's her wedding she ends up a boyfriend of three years but you know attention out of the Q grill which are more different but important. She didn't leave an option for a post one. Which he and he's not invited oh yeah I don't I don't get it she turned to me a message are bought by. Until they're not a popular option to a wedding that sends a pretty easy. Well you know very well no I don't know I watch I had a happening with what brings a lot of times they can only feeds so many people would even and that's really SE. I would just before and I get it but before you jump to conclusions. Hitter up and say hey. I got you by arm you know arm and long term relationship. Mom. My significant amount coming up a temperament significant other GHT significant other he or she used to do him the first Seattle's I don't. The whole year. She's still doing it and that's all wrong all satellite there were planting this seed in this formal dinner this. So really I've had I've been I'm from an old buddy this is lashing out. A little problem is all you're all measurable say he's asking her thank you for calling the show you really sexy Lewis and so I will help you find a new boyfriend because she's completely just relive relive the I had to have faith where a body. Had a wedding and he invited me and it specifically said. You can't bring guest. And I had a calm day and what's the stories they gum was running out of room. Financially bombings I can't that is I get that but then I just won't go you know what I really want you there might well I that you've got to look I can't not brain is my ex girlfriend. Girlfriend time. A man look I I I'm not creating drama just understand I'm not coming if I can't bring her and is a Hevesi called the basic deal we made room and Mike that's cool the songs are okay and I'm not trying to strong arm you Ike Ike. I'd rather you just not invite me and explain to me why you're not inviting me that I'd appreciate at least of them now heads up like hey I can invite you because I still had room to have you and guest. Belies a Beck get it. A semi G is I know what it cost to feed people I'd bet my life and eyes went in and things of that nature so. So maybe give your from the minute the outreach on CAA certainly invite com. You know if I can't bring what are your boyfriend's name is. You know that's going to be weird for Hugh I love you want to be there and I can bring him I really can't come I don't want you to take that personally write other words be super cool and put the ball entirely in her court don't don't have an aggressor Gillick our apologizing like I'm so sorry I am I don't wanna create a problem. But really caller from apologetic place and she might say among others and a recession which again the problem is can we afford to feed a hundred people. And at this point if you bring your spouse owns is doing their spouse a sister we nursed osment but to the people your own pay for their soon. You know we'll see you might find that it wasn't some. You know SE thing where she literally was like there are gonna make a tough call. But I'm sure herb you know I don't know your name mister enemy gives extra push. Barton I'm sure blank will understand and so on your obviously got that did not understand it was like what the F. But it might be coming from a very innocent and benign place communication helped plot here for the benefit of the doubt. And then when you reach obviously can only create a prom my own cream he's even if I can't bring hinge can be too awkward I don't I don't feel right about that tomorrow can become a do we you'd take it personally and you'll find that they mean like way cool putting it all in her court. You either totally it'll certainly have to you know winning or or he'll get a I'm so sorry please bring him you know we can squeeze. We got a fired gifted or let's rob a bomb's gonna explode guy's gonna have a cat fight which is always hot yeah. Please do it in the lingerie that you're aware under your channel yes we didn't gal thing works I mean there's a little aluminum send it. You know just that you used you Graham being leave a voice know what's happening now more cash of cocaine and bureau or an ad with it that's automation it's filming choker with a Carter hit. It's given him a lot more Ireland to a roar today plus loss comes up to me processed you gotta shave your beard off and all the while ticker at Deutsche he's talking to me to this ridiculous porn stash action don't you just want everybody to look professional. Need every. And and he told for years. I've thought they don't do casual Fridays it's 2017 who doesn't do a casual Friday which I don't need to keep my appearance or outsourced now orange. But he comes to me who these ridiculous just need to keep seeing spoon. Chill in the air. He hates you. So do you have a I don't know where you work do you have an HR department if so go to HR and say a whole lot. My beard is actually part of my religious beliefs now do you wanna protect me from my beliefs and watch how quickly their smooching your buck talks. Not viewers a lot of shoppers some even like dude. You can with the swell balsa. It looks like everything else food service thing and he got a beard that he he's on get likes it appears that this is the leader that does say if it's something along those on the can understand it but if he's like working in a place where it doesn't matter. Then his bosses just try and mass with time in Dallas is a New York Yankees really have a no beard policy and outrage you know what he's really keeping Dan beer but if he's like if he's gave his boss has a porn stash maybe wanted to make sure of that right I mean maybe isn't there a part of our patrol sort of thing where they can only and only supposed to have. And his mustache and this is our employee handbook and a Z employee handbook covers facial hair but I'm telling here all right now it's especially if you're not a the company ABC look. It's actually part of my religious beliefs. Father Leo. What religion is not a solid it's it's you know you can make it up feel like it's the you know the dammit Karl church for church of them called and how I test. But that is you're right. Period and so you say religious beliefs and they're gonna pucker good no problem anywhere that Riordan gotta warn torn knee. I'm a part of the terms of the Jesus you're little and you can't I can I can latter day beard and we want to let you know my career is my service animal I needed to relieve anxiety rises and the Internet service animal but I'm crazy lights in my belly up from a co workers to Angela you really want when no orchestra locks of love for poor underprivileged children that can't grow pubic hair tangled. I guess you can read smirk and stuff like hero John and I can't refuse. And I. RM on that note let's get out here off big show. Next Friday. For an event Saturday next Saturday we know exactly everything we can Saturday's. It's just right there on the corner of my FF FF June 3 at the show box at the market Jacobs bitch tickets gets tickets window pane why only in Iraqi Wyatt we've seen by next week going to be tested debut another song off of their upcoming record which would be awesome. Box societies there as well kiss the governor's daughter. And van apps are always invent this man yeah there is a great show what is that window pane has a lot of really cool stuff planned. Com for our sentiments are legacy material. Costs a brand new song to be debuted com. A song we've only covered once I won't play the name of the song will tell you that's a song by Helmut. I possibly would submit your Griffin helmet into the sense of just you don't wanna miss miss. Odd this Friday pot over at Washington hall of 53 and not very air raid wrestling show we've got. John Morrison Johnny won't go to united James Strickland in the main event must agree aggressors are going to be there I will be the ring announcer has always the host of the big chin big. So if you having gone tick you should go to defy wrestling dot com. I can talk about it even log jam it I'm so pumped to see the body you're not going to be wrestling at this he's got to be really cool Lanier was like oh my gosh are you got a picture of her yeah I think you are going to like I have a great controversies and I'm not know she just. She's the patron saint of filth. And she's she's she hails from scum Susan does that mean just sax player wrote you know look I did to censor the nobody what are my eye and I'm not sure that's where she is for a bit now and I now. We're only there she is hot and sexy and capital HOT there's a picture were kissing the bill Garrett figured out. She's going to be there while Wright doing Ryan's going to be there Steve's viewers studios is a heated pool side and smoke a cigar and biggest problem now saying what Joseph is nickname is gonna be awkward because it's the king of dawn style. Is. The king of sleaze themselves it's going to be awesome again defy wrestling dot com ya gonna wanna miss a new defense made it's going to be there. Five he had a great time the last time it's always a great time Friday night. This Friday to five wrestling dot com hope to see you there thanks for listening and stay positive.