MigsCast 06/12/18 "Guy First: State Of The Fart!!!"

Wednesday, June 13th

This week is a special episode, as we chat with the man behind the farts!  We chat with Guy First, the man that farts along to music on YouTube!  Guy joined us (at about the 12:10 mark) from Israel to talk about his (f)art!  Check out his YouTube Page (State Of The Fart) HERE, and get his t-shirt HERE!

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It is amazing cache and I am Steve makes. Okay asks. Hill kids gather around the radio. We had do you think Allopod cats. My aunt Tammy I'm ready if you're always sounds like hell they I don't know what to I blew my voice out I was glad I'm here. The popular groups of the Baja. I'm glad he's not able to join us this week just thinks this crazy friend busy wise so we just needed this time I understand that and we've always said that this podcast. So I can't make it that's totally fine mom I don't foresee this podcast going very long today. If I that would have canceled the entire podcast we have a huge interview to do. So I felt like you know like the biggest yeah I mean we we would almost like you know a few minutes we're gonna stop partner around and talk to. The fart master himself oh my god. I love how this being actually came to fruition yet so I don't know the full. Most are sure we are talking to the fart a long guy that got that we. Yeah the guy who plays music to the teams that well I mean your equity to do very well at all. This is his newest one. OK okay. How's Brady says. He's in front of a dream strange. Please remember him. Wow here's the production there. So this guy is so good. I really started I felt great yeah act and do yourself a favor and just type in a far along. Find I YouTube. I also stated the far that's his YouTube page but I thought his name is guy first and all he does his play songs. He plays and parts to the music of some of your favorite songs. But what makes it great he's he's serious. Facial expressions as he's doing it oh yeah it's it's a process you have to be a gaffe the celebrated far tees. Yeah dirty deed is Andy truly is a celebrated party so we talked about this on the makes guest and ended up being talked about on BJ migs as well week. We talk about all the hoopla with two photos Africa because I was like just like the biggest thing in the world where yes. We're talking about it so we're like well he did a version of that so we should listen to that as well on them we talked about him on the radio and now what happened. He sent. Us aid. FaceBook message and I'm not sure if it was that cares W the BJ Shea won or the beach in migs FaceBook OK but it was literally as it. Hey my friends are it's what told me. That you guys are talking about me. And I think that's great and it'd just got the Bakken for the think Danny hook you up with the information at Denny's or do debt do you know some guy that is like the fart artists are far along they're like oh yes. Well you wrote I just like what so yeah. Yeah and so just going through all of that he gave me his phone number. And then it was just to basically just a series of random numbers because he's in like Italy or something Israel Israel is an Israelis I thought he was an American viewed yeah I'd say man and man now it's like out that's that that it's hard to dial internationally as I got a Skype and in my Al sleet are yet we can do that and Skype sounds fancy app I almost like he's in the room with us all we hope one or with a slight delay it's not like almost like a slight hearing issue and I don't see how that works here's another one amusement of my favorite. Everyone. My last performance just let me the peace and so there you go my way to do would mean beat. I love that he does like these random little introduce. And so he must just love working when a green screen and I don't blame him race racist you know standing in front of a beats video. Enjoy the view looked over Saturn moon and the ocean and burns you. Well this proves this. Be. If a perfect they're going to be starting here. That old beach party. Not leaving my house without tennis. It. I mean it's fantastic. This could quite possibly the most ridiculous and really do. But it could be my favorite movies and we did it. I think are silly questions. And I Tony at one question. Why don't. I can now if you ask. He's got to have what an amazing hands strength. It's right because I can't do it at all like I do a little bit like I guess little teeny leg is it. Thanks baby parts yep I can play before I can't keep it going for very long at all when it comes. How we got to get its own it's a powder it's got to be the power. How they can't be all of AJ Wright is Skelton. But I love is this is a sign would be requested on all these YouTube comments by one person. And he says yachts budget or ask for this numerous times I love persistence. I. Oh my god somebody requests nationals all star and that's all snap out of the gates requests he's very fan friendly. And you cannot help but. Again the guys in these guys first you can even buy a shirt in this search are awesome. And they're just not state of the far dot band camp dot com app. And his music never spank so did. The sweet smell of success rate there who are put this right up there with like Daniel Craig. It's cops back Damien. Dwayne the rock Johnson is as interviews he never thought you could get such luminaries. Yeah. But here we are moments away from calling. Apart along clean sure the 43 years old and I find this to be your most awesome things are right I know it's one of those things that. I don't know we've talked to a lot of strange people throughout the years. Blue eyes strangers in your head. I mean the first of the comes to mind is at Smith yeah out. I meeting here instantly is just so quickly it to that when we talked I mean. Perry talked to a multiple times yes Ed get a guy who makes love to cars yet yes it may be only one now monogamous yes the one car. From far along cities from your home. He's somewhere deep in that you have yeah ice to live out right Sino us a little weird out there by it. Never thought it was that we are no I mean Gelman has an actual COLT out there there's like why us there's a compound out there. That has an actual COLT I don't know anybody tells us cult icon. I don't know if it's sex not everything is a sex call I mean COLT can just be like religious or. I guess religions sects of the locals that I know so. Maybe maybe it was like a big sex called payments going on com but being talked about with on a local musicians some people that we know that we're part of his sex cult. And the stories and I'm reading or just insane on psych that's nuts. I like under fits that same one that because there was another one they just came out there is it chick who was a line Smallville. OK and she won is a part of a sex cult I won there and she was one of those people she was kind of. There herder I don't know that you wouldn't get the people oh my gosh yeah. Yeah this guy sob he's put a statement saying that you know all this stuff was consensual. There's a lot of people coming out that are saying no. I read some of the substance are some of the pictures insists that's not my world man pulled a whole weird man to BD SM world I mean even if it's consensual. Like I saw some bombed a site that some might hang of my don't want us there is anybody. It's so weird because I've been I'm really I'm not that person either right but I mean I grew up with the Internet. And just looking up we did things was definitely. I think that who broke and I did a lot yeah like some of the weird I mean we would go to like rotten dot com or style project in these are all the the everything nesting sites that were all about weird grossed more earned down and disgusting lake is like the things that you would CN faces a death and you kind of hope that they wouldn't be real. But a lot of the times her own door cinema that some are world man and so yes so it's like all this sex staff and all the weirdos like you said the BD examine all the weird fetish is the stuff. I still bunch of it all mine and I'm like yeah whatever and you guys can do whatever you want as long as not hurting another person right but when you get into that sex cult stuff that is something else entirely that's literally my. Controlling a person it's awful it's awful terrible the suffering and to say gosh man and I got so sick and wrong. But yeah I'm dumb they now with I love wrestling I can't I'm. I never watch some. I'm not a fan of the death matches and change to lose a friend of mine now I mean he is great at those and I've seen some of the stuff he's done and it's not some even Ricky she paged. Who's in northern Nazis GWB is a body. And he just posted as anybody I mean I'm not a combat zone yet colors and yet you have wrestling into Mike on the East Coast he posted job I've been on in Sudan we just like. Do not swipe if you don't associating gross I didn't slight gap. I'd I'd I'd like this outpost on instead ram because I like the fact that he won best of the crying out of blood and gore and it got. It's CI east that was those things man or it would just be I like normal wrestling what's different in the in when I was on the East Coast spending some time there it was ECW. Yeah I was introduced to that house and all that's crazy and then when Terry funk in mankind. Made it into. The WWE. And you stability W at that point. And they were doing all the crazy stunts that they are gonna these all guys like oh you've got to go back and look at their old death matches GAAP and it's. Barbed wire lines using fluorescent lights out throwing people through glass guy. Is that people until until we do now let's watch some of his matches do you think people want fire cards here third he had there's a document to go please Joseph we don't dire some delight that's two to favor men. It's not. The whole story about what he's done I mean he's like. The new Mick Foley in the eyes are wrestling fans like he just does crazy ass all the time why op even dean Ambrose he's now you'll be good you'll be Gary's John Moxley in the season W days he was all about the death matches. He's Indian I gave my guy but he shame. You look at his back many of so many scars that he loves it he loves that form of wrestling he does also doing regular quote unquote regular wrestling. But so psych. I don't begrudge anyone for doing it it's just it's never my cup team it's like those jackass guys when I see them doing it anyway you just recently talked to Johnny Knoxville out his new movie action point yeah and you're just like. Use you must be having fun doing this. Yeah is that amount of pain the fact that he's had his eye ball popped out 'cause of this movie the new like. What are you doing. Yeah I think there's a great drive and yes the adrenaline the risk. I guess Alex Lindsay did hinders my adrenaline large yeah you know my risk is is doing magna may be a rolling stop at a corner on the south China. Split it on the air as helicopters nearby what's crazy. I should we check us all embarrassed our guy and he got back to me about four minutes ago so he got Skype buddies now meat well I don't message and he responded well like isn't let's see if this works here are. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. The. Ask me out and you can't. Yeah. They're. Guy. And I pay managed Steven nine in the crowd from bottom to makes guest here in Seattle oh hello hello you guys how the heck are you my man. Well I'm I'm doing fine and it's and it's lovely evening. Here. Is this well. Wow where everything's dark. Which I soaring on rumors and yet what time is it there it's 9 PM all it's 11 AM here that's crazy with the so what's it like our producers eyes of the world yes I can you tell us about something that's happening in the future. With a in this in the future oh well. In reindeer. In the morning I don't know if there is we're gonna win on your side of the I act. What is now so the odds are very good hitters on. Very good odds for the clouds coming oh earlier assignment on. Course some guy value you have the YouTube page state of the fart also you have a bank camera crew he had emerged state of the far dot bang camp dot com and now we've. A few months back we just know. I'm I think it was maybe maybe the army and covered we first heard about Jeff GAAP and then sell one of our listeners sent us a link to your version of vibe Toto is Africa which I. At imagines getting a lot of views now especially with all the they've been newfound love for Toto is Africa with Weezer and all the other stuff but. From there from the get go man we follow with this it's just so ridiculous and silly but Manny put such a big smile on all of our faces met its its. Can grab you for making something really fun and awesome for all of us to enjoy a bank. Very very puts a smile on my face you say that I could act out what what made you decide you know what. This world needs is us it means me. Playing fart sounds over some of our favorite contemporary songs well let me take you a few years back where where when and all started yet. Well actually I've been doing this. Discarding what my hands a slow longtime abuse and that's why didn't do it. All right let it do it now. And I what I meant I'm. A death metal band from France called goose you maybe you know I think you do oh hell yeah oh who helped. I don't know. Every so what are you are you played for them. Oh riff. Oh well it's flying whales and it was shuttle radio. And they're it. Went out went up on YouTube and all of them a lot of metal magazines. Side and an unsung Leo was memory metal magazine in the world and we'll work okay. Maybe you should do something more serious illness. You end buyer progress slow step by step and then hero and today doing other weekly videos. Took me to allow his to do a full review parodies weren't mussina and gain a little desk Anand. There's also Bob bring me the all right isn't charity it's not a minute or YouTube channel mug. Not my most viewed do GB to. The little sucks. OK Ed Wood when I get a video that has like a ton of views IC regular IE views or are few thousand years few thousand there and have but how many of them didn't the media use how well any views about one get how familiar are god chalet that's that's so surreal and crazy huh. So desire well. You'll really zero like as a dvd you to stuff and they eventually searching some financial gains from being on YouTube and asking how much any iPad but I do you. Are you at the point now where every once why you get a check from YouTube. I wish I could say yes well honestly I'm pre I'm really. Willing you to do to. And honoring me you're Cuba. It's no files in my in my channel god do you monetize is that and I'm working on -- does it again and with a weekly videos it's not like you can make money because losing. Actual songs so who you can copyright system that someone's making money out of that insists the operation. Did that and welcome to our world as well I think hey you got all the listeners it's just like Jack I don't really see a penny from that part of at all times haven't done this development. It was like grip so I'll look for so at this point it is stands to reason that you're going to have to make your own fart music that is correct but. Oh or make parity is little a relay that we've recorded in the music so huge you know doesn't recognize that cup. By the blast between us light normally adds not that affects the flooded that part out. Act act two wouldn't realize that this library and I don't know I don't know what. I'll move questions rebound all the. Covers he's done and I've I've I was a big fan of the one either Dick the kiss cover because it's a big kiss fans and I was made eleven US that was an awesome choice because it's like. A kiss on the kiss fans don't even like I love it but I know some kiss fans are anti that wreck because it's like they're Disco album. Well I didn't I didn't know people don't like about they're songbook the first few songs they did do wrong. We're on the weekly covers I just decided to go alone attitude go after why aren't in the well and started with a car is covering them I was like I wanna do that kid shot sleep in my head that we generally younger and do that. We can do that. Have you heard from any of the bands that you've been covering recently meg has anyone from chance of blood how I judge the Bloodhound Gang guys have to love what you're doing if they've heard it. Traffic but unfortunately you know on my approach neighborhood. But the fans on the Internet it's it's amazing. The comments and all the chairs and the views it's it's really nice to see here we want having so much fun. Over this ridiculous we both surely stupid thing to vote doing. So we know on our and how you've got in touch with eyes how and from your site how did you find out that some. He knows some schmuck in Seattle we're talking about the art they are doing like how did that come to be. Well also Warren Moon Rome. Latest as we know it is common that I am I got here strong risks radio station I had talked about you had talked about and that's why I'm here. That's awesome it's nice to know people are listening to us I don't I don't care that I. Hope you're listening to remember telling me about it and her in the crater here we are in Seattle you're in Israel and and and somehow we've been brought together because of a meat. Audio listening medium it's not it's it's. It's amazing. So what songs you can get about doing not in the future for your for your weekly off partial halt thinks he. Well I'm where I'm renting your tomorrow's video wrapping up tomorrow is view the. And again until he wanted his buddies from denying these. And it's got to audit June. And I and I plugged my my microphone didn't go into an uninsured. And I saw them and then send its gonna be the greatest thing ever I hoped. Hacked or awards. Fifth you cleared itself. Tomorrow. But why should have waited say that you can go to YouTube dot com slash us state of the fart had to take out the videos and and she was going on so let's. Let's talk about the whole idea of making a fart sounds as we've tried everything you've been listening to your songs we're trying to impersonate and do with our hands and. We're oh did you talk about is there about the fact that I give up dust powder is the thing that makes it work but I don't sit. Well not exactly if helps me being a specific bitch and those ebitda I don't know the word for it but in the rings you know slew ranged. Being steady here when it far right because my my hands couldn't sweaty and then I my ranges from whoa. Real slow I mean they played good moisturizing cream. I can I can really do based art but we'll get to that one day one on everything was so popular and I. Pitched. In the world. If that's crazy wow it's just that's amazing that it's just. Like you you figured out that through different me like different ways you can control the pitch in the tone it's like. I'm just I'm astounded at the fact if you have the muscle strength in your hands to do it for more than like two seconds go they kill my hands trying to do it. Yeah actually IE is you can see it and so when videos play good. Stars and faster is on my fingers to hold my my joined slim little little tiny genes. Kristine Harrington really hurts. Yeah but I'm getting I'm getting over it I'm doing no little Christians didn't I don't know willow working out of work out from his fingers. Are we don't need you getting arthritis and an early age reality please we need more fart song should I. Act act alone would plummet. Could you rob give us a little sampling right now. Of course I know what you wanna hear actually under I'll ask you what you wanna hear but as I made a list. Eggs in the English don't know what you want to hear. All also will be OK I was gonna see you I say as somehow make the sport say like hey this is the makes cats like that but there and could do locals. Okay you everytime I go to the rhythmic and don't want to send a will be quite back yet do it again so what did you do it again with a will be quite so you get a good recording of it. I don't remember what it did well. It didn't think it into payment brands aren't. It was me I. Knew what it was needs to mis cast. Oh and it's miss K okay. Oh. So there are other alleged Charlie Brown a little it. Do you when he won an Oprah. It's the radio whether a show and the I don't know I think we're having that as a friend so hard nut to crack up while you're doing it though it's so amazing. I didn't know I needed that in my life but I realized I right now that I did. It and I'll let me get in another thing to Panama. I'm gonna get this get this this and you from the United States of America. You got your flag nearly goaltender goes. Yeah 000. I. And you're a hero complex got. And you're amazing like seriously. The lake darling a single football player would know when he heard that and I'll stand. And moment. Oh man I do is every time that we we we've prided I I I'm so happy that we get to play then just so everyone in this Seattle here you can hear you. And I parts are always funny that you took it. Taken it to a whole another level man. Thank you and keep on trying always try to you said you had some songs that you think we needed the year I was runner which went through those. Well I started with a your a National Anthem of course yes and well I thought maybe because the people YouTube were asking for so many things and I'm gonna do one song that we salute and sometimes little song I wanna do. Oh the song I want what ever. So how bad they're okay. I don't know if you wanna guess but give me a beat a one Europe bead on the table maybe maybe didn't like oh. No. I just something. This. Cash. Cash. Cash. And I'm sure it. And you know. Shouldn't conclude. I can't releasing a part of this kind of got a flu and those who Huff and had no idea it but I thought it. Well you drive out and all of the things good and all know you put in a weird way addicted thing dump but it shouldn't have you're right but I. And I tried doing the seven nation army and out. Loans added. And I. Don't go look out of work right now actually sounds about what now announced it's great. It's okay they you can change it tones of the parts its own group incredible. Oh you Ed people out there realist it is in if you enjoy this please please go buy some of his merge man like. Seriously had to sold out sneaky don't get this that the search right now. Asserts I got shirts all the shirts you want to types. I think that stayed at the far dot band camp dot com have you ever thought about coming to the United States to take the show on the road and and do that do you what do you like performance. Always. I dual I have a little loops do a little Sousa near zero. And actually well yeah I really wanted to come to the United States so live performer just. Working on laser visa right now if there's any agents listening and one you were present me. And so I'm booking shows here and there outcome who lived through. We come on out the awesome though. You know you come to Seattle we will all be there for sure absolutely I don't I really carry over well enough that it. I have you ever I descent like gods like a random open Mike in Israel our performance place were nobody knew you were about to do we just went out there and still doing your current popular. Not happened a few times it's. It's it's it's something easily let go blue is not a doorway opens they're slowly guitar duel. Blues riff. I really I really can improvise low on the blues that's where thing. On the Muslim roots gives a little blues that yet -- awesome I named I mean that I need someone to play somewhere I guess I mean I don't wasn't prepared for their eyes to you what I know where. When someone's leg had I can. I can join. And student I would imagine the crowd is probably get that look and efficient what the Helm and they start falling in love with an inch clearly set out imagined. They didn't quite correct. It's good tips that I stripped of its got a nice feeling inserted there was surprising error or rule since wonderful. I don't know what you do those when it comes like relationship Xavier Matt in a relationship right now but when you are dating Bob how soon until you let them know about your your hidden talent. Well obviously nobody knew who. The. I will I build up intruding on your first shorter than on charming animal and human being always like stuff. And no other way I got this thing. Which goes like this when we boom boom boom they get a reaction relive their good usually do when you're actually doing good. As I yeah actually forwarding in front leg my tirade like I actually made the sounds are your ten Mason she's not very fond of that whatsoever no. If I. Oh god man it's been really great candid chat with you cannot add anything else you want I get out there and I'm promote or opt. Always disarm run to go to YouTube state of the far and also stated in the far adopt gang camp dot com. Well stable before we need to moves as well Mcguirk promoter right now about that she shares and of course. If any engines. The only whatever we present Doris solar launched a group presents zone she wins you'll want to talk to me I'm really open about it. Did talk. Someone talked and then bring me over please. I did get and bring him to Seattle that would be awesome of them before we look TO which is up all the songs he did the one that you're most proud of in cycle what we hang up the sun that we should play. Oh I got. I haven't thought about it. Think about it right now yet okay. Sing because who like hurts so decisions are relieved to have blue creek citizens. Can I cannot hear open my YouTube channel or 02 Hillary yeah. We've all gone along there like your children from the army looming woman who don't look around parts. And I could. Well it's either they do do you know dude sandstorm. Reducing that one. You theater find that one around that team that won yet though there is this or the Red Hot Chili Peppers all kinds also either one of these. By the sound of silence. All of this on the silent when it's incredible OK I haven't heard that line. Okay rule will give a little bit of rubble dog that didn't survivors' in the sound of silence on what Allen and also the route we found that one as possible. We'll we'll sample all three of those Halloween like to go my man but us dude thank you others wanna say to rule was artists wanna play in rules. Hurts lands will sit pretty well. I can't wait to check it out huh that's awesome. Guide me as it has been a lot of fun in the chat with you and I hope that we will see you Ross an in America in the near future. Hopefully yes yes it's been a relief well thank you so much have a great night my friend. It soon to great today equipment that's right you. Back to allow Paris Texas and add. So cool you're so Magellan Fund 10. Why are you doing this to me to ruin my dues to myself. A person's hands. It's time to go hard core a taping of a sense it coming. Whole moon. Only know what's this all my car. As far as like it's not do you. I don't know the name of the song. Our reliance. Talk to cam video. As stocks. I tip for you rear man. Of course. That's what happened when Glenn can't join the makes cast. But the perfect. Well I mean this would happen even if it was your not good point. I doubt that sound when it's that screwed us and say wow holding you need to go to YouTube to watch that video is here now awesome. Harassing over the military I don't know lol while us. Well ma'am what. Can mess that you guys get simply moved on this one right there and it's been our children oh my god look at the numbers are growing up these numbers. Doesn't make sense of them got so many subscribers. Use. Amen many people in the world you what if we stop calling this coach promo and call it my will of doing. Well you're therapeutics right. But excited. We got shirts fly them they got logos. I love him credibility perfect it was supposed then strained and the video isn't so fun to. Obviously tonight a little spaceship. Since this town is called Emanuel as a by the way. There's an entry of it on Wikipedia he's someone who added the American public. I'd imagine somebody's already done that by now yeah race. I would hope. Somebody wants to be ball trophy bohemian rhapsody. Hikes when Texas I'm speechless this is so perfect. The best version of the red had chili peppers or heard he's the best I've ever heard Anthony keep this I am I right. And those who want this looks good this is what I'm wearing. The flannel shirt you know on buttoned. Friendship. Pubic collect hair and cast. All the noise. All the science. Thank you for bringing him and I'm. Only using this one now. We can make to punish the wrist uh oh we're doing this oh. Pool safety glass. Make San Simon named car phone for a total. Mean. You can us. It's on the silent but deadly things. This. They're beautiful ass. You always make my day yeah. 3-D audio for the win pop. Beats the hell out of the disturbing cover after I've had some great comments. It's. Get your lighters out noisy slider out I don't know. What a masterpiece. I can't wait to share. Hey mom check this out from people who are your. And songs. It's kind of fun this wasn't done them all done in silent but deadly. It's kind of that's the best. I'm in the video arrives at to a sluggish or some cutting onions to the almighty god that was. Salma is in our soccer news Dow would like late. Just go whole us talking about it and being amazed by any is just one dude on YouTube but I like making this whose. Happens to be in Israel. Who happens to have like actually pay attention to his comments yeah and someone that was called out to be like hey you're really funny and yeah we found do you line up podcasted Seattle Lori you know on the air in Seattle. It's it's great he had a great sense of humor about it obviously I mean you never now I hadn't had no idea how this is gonna go I would imagine right Alba you know. Maybe music authorities to these are serious about his hand Hart's my gosh that would be amazing. Like with the dues yeah I really snotty about it yes why do you guys think this is funny as my heart with my hour. Command duties tell us if you need given a bad day Daria. What makes the video is great I mean a fart sounds funny but it's just the facial expressions. He's got some if he's had some pretty awesome here I know it's so ridiculous but I find great humor I notice you do see it QB it's down but it's also. What are the good parts about the Internet. And the comments are all for the most part positive gap rare yeah I like you can read the comments for the most part you're not gonna have to go scribners slow with kitten pictures right right I don't hate the Internet after a hearing songs and be reading the comments variety like the Internet this is why the Internet should exist natter the era has talked about before with all the weird rule 34 and sexual things at night here. Itself Harding good all right good old fashioned fun family humor with just. Student. And he gave us the American have to ask are my voice is about the guy you go mad I know you guys have to do today I got sucked. Do as well so we're gonna disrupt this went out sorry to short migs cast Odyssey. Editorialize lead yes had not been for god first in front when the time when adults are we'll be back I think next week I might not be able to make next week but. Figure out if ECB podcasting means I mean I. Thought to giving enough. They had to promote me to a battle this Friday I'm going to be there that's having a lot of fun yeah we'll we'll be talking a lot. Mr. all your commissioner they're gathering and out better Wright's tirade so hopefully I can die off rest my vocal cords I'm sure will be fine insist. It's a good rule out on sat out Saturday night excuse me the app that I. Steffi apart congregating on on nope it's different I guess nothing at all but you Glenn 08. I was gonna try yesterday credential of the game do that. I'm Lester we're going to go big that big show coming up though. When nobody CD release oh yeah the vital relief straight final release party what does this point nine I don't know but you got four seconds. Yeah standing I advise June 29 tonight all right. It's six Internet you'll figure it out. I'll OK now I can find out how can you second. Can you please stay positive I had hit it you're right you're right. In the window frame mind no actually you guys I will be down at my buddy broke inside game store wizards. Wizards keep games down in ranch in Kobe their Saturday through about new deplore I'll be running in RPG game but if you wanna come by the way I nice gas gas that'll be fun I forgot about seven. We've had enough time that I remember. The specific peptides so it is on June 20 new. Nine. That helps the mind. Ewing had 27 sec kids guess you'd Tony night window pane final release party. Jane Mary Jimmy playing modern society Travis Brock Donna Bob bruiser Brody in second coming unplugged set. That's all happening Friday June 29 with a crocodile just put you off when McCain got mad or the crocodile website we just. Had the double down on the twin nineteen you'll find it to pick up a fight we'll be back next week maybe until then. Stay positive. Yeah.