MigsCast 08/21/18 "Glenn Was Held Hostage?!"

Tuesday, August 21st

This week Glenn shares an insane story about how he was "held hostage" by an NFL player that was on a crazy bender.  Plus we chat about The Rev's house warming party, and Steve messing up his knee in his wrestling match on Sunday!

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It is amazing dad and my name is Steve makes nine merely derivative way you know hello why. Glenn can I love how you guys still in fantastic. Day all I needs. Ask you feel it's. A long time but I doubt all right I grew up. I'd love is this could only have one leg networks right now Garrett Garrett Steve you are heard so DR Williams umbrella that I'm I'm I'm mad. Obviously give right now I think everyone. They endorse on the makes cats FaceBook page are are French seasons out of post the video of it to a time oh we CNN and it's on NC ramat I'm Steve Mays on Twitter at I'm Steve makes you can see the video of me. As my knee buckles. On during a middle of one of the most simple and routine of wrestling is they are wrestling move notice how dominant pay old guy. Yes a lot of and here's. Then I know everyone wants good though the old jokes but I'm talking to people in their twenties that I guys in a wrestling right now since I did the exact same thing don't. This is it something that they used to be yourself ball over it's slightly getting private messages from dudes that just started and I get there like 2324. Dudes are doing pretty well on the like. I did the exact same thing just jumping off of the ring or I walked down the that the steps to the apron and mighty blue opt out values like transforming into a giant grasshoppers who can. I know things. See normally when he's still dead that drill hole say they have that as it it went pretty much backwards since it was a bit and and the weird thing is like I. When it happens to have buckled and some to think you might have been hyper extension I still don't know exactly what it is because. You go to the emergency serum and they don't know I know I don't watch freedom at one X rays not gonna tell me what damage I have done because nothings broken it's soft tissues and if anything it's that hair and I don't know if it is I hope it's gotten out of visit I am attacks on its on me just suck it up. He's done this eighteen times he's been wrestling him he it's just a hyper extended it only takes you from his wheelchair right or you know that he knows exactly how do you know I do well when I Brett. It happened to him so therefore that's how it is for everybody a shot twelve times it does it affect the press and I got a few relics suck it up a Mike you know. I insurance if I wanna go check it out and make sure that my leg is okay so I think you do this got to do that and it. Every other wrestler that I've talked to that has had a very good career summon the WW you have reached out to me and said hey. Go to a knee specialist and make sure it's okay. And I'll listen to them over captain backyard or who's been doing for eighteen year old. And I don't even know who'd Elliot it's as good as you're suck it up that's like another we're all living in the caves anymore right I think we'll just use metal is you can't just loved her daughter I don't worry is that crank up I'm just like you know but these are typically the got a refuses to go to a doctor but if enough people tell me you should probably go I anyone go to the ER so I heard it during my match in Marysville. Is right towards the end there's probably about another three or four minutes left in the match. I just do simple jump off the ropes may have been off the ropes I use the ropes to propel myself up and come down and stop these tests even the other flag landed. A little bit earlier than I thought it would and buckled and I I it just act I flat footed it as opposed the landing on my toe I can still see it my head oh yeah eighty let me mention it creepy yeah in there it's burned so all of a sudden hear pop pop and I might follow. Pitch pop pop there's not a good thing to the hole and so I kind of like I think I was on the ropes that held me from probably making it even worse. So now Michael oh crap. And my point Jason look and obviously he sought from his perspective I decided things well Russell scored urine come around everything right. The news. Now I. I'll Michael K quick memories here are some of these things can get on my knees and I I kind of put him in a headlock our vice grip and he's like these wanna go home. And wrestling that doesn't mean I actually gold. Tore how a lot of the really good. Goal that means do you wanna just wrap of the match that's brief figuring out might not let me see let me see look like you do don't wanna finish this match who's going really well like grim and a great match the crowd hated me. They loved him everything was working it was like I was on a high highs and of course a stupid Stockton kind of put me to a low blows that night. I stand up it buckles again and I am I Steve. Now our case is my hello all I know I have a spot that involves me running the ropes like and hitting a broken a Mike how many they do this fortunately. It's it's weird how things are the bring that we wrestled and was about two feet smaller than the marina I usually wrestling with how interesting is a sixty by sixty as opposed to about eighteen by eighteen. And sells like I. That's less movement I think I could pull this off if I keep my new bands I just got to do hobble hobble that's why did that nothing happened it was great. Then in the middle of the maximum cutting a promo so I just finished his big move on him like ghost walk it. Absolutely remove it but yeah dealers like. They've really Powell serves they really feel like I think Steve's nursing some kind of injury I think you heard himself look like you're damn right I did. I huh huh huh huh. It'll air terror. So I wish I I I know I have video of it somewhere I would regret BI but the idea is tough to hear just because it's like you know we saw for the digital camera something that no no good quality but I was so proud of the promo but in my head a Mike. Trying to deliver this promo that I worked out ball also. Freaking the hell out of my wounds to pops about miss everything that I might be key sparkling but thank god I had that moment is kind of like. Stand and not do anything and milky crowd and dad are promo I was really proud of because basically what I did was. He's down on the ground and make this chase games kiddies a joke. You wanna hear jokes listen I mean yeah. Could tomorrow morning from six to ten and a Clinton's radio I guess my mat at my character and I think that's right and that's right energy hundreds of thousands of the post you 75 losers that are here. That are too cheap to get the WWB network towards summer slam we're too stupid to realize the Quetta for free right now we just sign up and their faces that I would it was it's a lot of fun there aren't that put this Mike down and a finish him off I try to pin them he kicks out. I grabbed the Mike again I'm gonna punch in the face again I got I kind of run atoms make horrible horrible. All over the puck opting in the face and I'm knocked out. 123 Don I roll out of the ring I sort of walk you back in a suit to get past that curtain is football gonna like god. Gang I used in every one. Some of the guys had no idea couple the dues could tell I did fight in the wrong way I do I yarder this guy side you go in the emergency room might now I'm fine and shut his guy Chris mark sees a wrestler. Used to be any empty. He barrels right through when he catches went about that's the one cool thing if there's an eighty that was cool about this injury you find out rather quickly that people give a crap and who's the you know Friday night. Back to the left and he's good he's got a knee brace and his hand thank gives extra knee braces this guy. And I'll always prepared runs right through the boats all we're gonna have to take I have started and we cut it out up sorry your pirate now eligible for tourniquet. If if I grab my lag. He's pushing it he's doing all this manipulation is like. I think they have at I think you're probably hyper extended you probably should go to Demi knows a pretty girly looking band you surprise is good ER just. Just to make sure maybe get an MRI and again you know what if guys we'll just do that in the end. Only the I was freaking me out the most was I have to texted. Writes I was gonna say 02 without adult. I slowly you know that's wrestling thing on her. Without a doubt look I saw my level of my guy was that you're going to be OK am I know I know I'm going to be OK I'm not stressed about bad guy and a lot of guys like you massive respect for finish mad Max because Syracuse some of the allied. I don't know if I would've done that but some of them are like that's the disc that's basically like a badge of honor and not that I ever won and had that badge of honor but I grace to match. So now Mike looking really panicked like why you sow panic like I have detects my wife. Think how to tell her what happened. So now freaked out about that I create sued don't be scared right don't freak out don't be mad and you don't wanna start at any text message with the wind those that don't be mad. No I just broke babe I'm going to the hospital old Jesus. I mean regulate the audience well I respect that ripped the band did well after a lot of oh man and I didn't do anything crazy I hurt myself because of the dumbest reason at all because of a stupid stop I'm going to the hospital. I'll keep you posted but don't worry I'm fine. I don't here African she's asleep yet she's passed the house I get us those that are you okay and adapt when I was able to grab the digital camera. With my cell phone in film while waiting in in the hospital. And I filmed that moment I was out how loyal okay oh yes that's why looks so weird on the video laden I I I could have done a screen capture now despite the mound too lazy Erick so I said that to her and I'm just like this is how I hurt myself. As you right back stick that's how you hurt yourself on my guess is that all and I think that kind of made her feel battered I didn't try I was like I was trying to decent. Freeze he's slow load Steve tumbling through the air after she want you know made strategy new moon saw this year's head cats and trusting you just somersault as a limp and lifeless body. Definitely he taught that it's still hard courts below eight. Yeah pulled out I'm like so I do that out still kind of bomb one of my buddies he writes me he's gonna pay it's amazing how often you get hurt doing the simplest of things in this guy's a great wrestler K in tallying. He says standing Franken signer of the top broke no problem need to straight through a table easy and these are things that you could kill somebody on GAAP are stepping off the ring. After my groin you'll be back men have been even better. And got network that as like that's pretty cool at my currently active. I'm at south African hospital an average not just sitting there. Some guys yelling at some woman in MIT's. You know if ever random other towns they would die before that I that's why give a quick Danks and and shot to everyone who did come out to CBW's are really fun. Great first attempt at a show in Marysville. Skate senator it was like a huge turnout but it was still about a hundred people which. Honestly was more night dot because yet summer slam that night this is as you can donate. So abuse of relatively new crack and everybody see the governor great talent but I feel awful because this is a match is over. At a high till out of it again in the hospital and I think it to say hi to I I got a message from one guy he said I dug a wrestling tonight I was rooting for you in spite of the blues man my six year old had a blast I think you when you crew just hooked him into wrestling even more earnings CSU in the -- -- CP Denny's I think once word of mouth spreads as people mayors of realize harness people's not a bad turnout man I know I agree Shiller yeah I agree but you know you hope for more we all of course of course and like we put out a bunch of seats in the skating is skating -- get married gunshot to the crew there that work at Mary's a skate senator they were awesome. Madame de Niro fault and saw me in my good more than a hundred of course though when a Doumit from mom by 75 through the united got a mess what bumpers like. I'll learn a 75 losers a boot you but I really had a good time. I can't help count there was 112 but yet congratulations on your fiftieth FF I guess if you're like one of the 75 tell everyone else about it let it -- much -- had because that's a good thing groundswell on me I think I think they're that good things are gonna happen there Mary's on I look forward to doing more suits my needs better I'll absolutely be back in the ring. But there's so many and they are supposed to be a surprise matched later on and that kind of disappeared because of all that but I think the highlight is just the typical. Wrestling like you idea where we're from wrestling each other men once it's over you realize everyone's really good friends the guy who drum up at the hospital who was the guy was beating up on in the Madison surely face it's something like that kind of ruined your Immersion when your little kid it was like yet another killer bees and the British bulldogs pull up. Into a parking lot Nassau coliseum. As my dad got a VIP parking and we parked right next to them and they came out of the car and Mike. Like each other tonight why they try to gather at the pit and then I realized that Santa. You into the illusions just worked at a mall I. Don't bill demands I Amanda and a lot of fun it was honestly. Minus that injury was on the most fun experiences of my life I mean just did the energy of the crowd even those. You know like even performing in front like large crowds like some about gaming get a six year old disturbed do we new gap is free being in Baghdad I. On my experience that many times throughout my life for not intentional and I do I the other general booing you yeah oh yeah absolutely the hatred of a child I'm. Gives me a type of elation that I find. These you know it's it's something unmatched it's unparalleled really I think you know video write a me getting unit with that one kid. No I don't like Rambo dude it's the beauty of it is a video. Well I did. But I didn't hear from the hill what's happening. Fight for money and I five million stuff he wanted to high five me when it's my my schtick with a have a microphone in my hand but some pundits are put into people's processor talk to my desire to plug and you idiot. Excited to a six year old grabs like I don't watch that and it's still don't see. Some walked up to the dead. Eric out in it anyway I wasn't plugged Wallace our attention back and forth about a bunch of stuff and then. I had on I get on FaceBook and I see you know. Meanwhile Steve hasn't set a work ride a look old student loan would talk about dismembered notifying congress eventually the whole tone of the texture and turns to Medialink. Dude. There are few OJ eight and all the lies that goddamn. Mentally getting set and send that clip was one of the replies we are why should I couldn't I can really tell all was well and has a big. What Iran is you want and I'd say hi and I got put the Mike in front of racers trying to talk II audio yet this is not plug and I guess you just slaps the kid. I don't know why there and acted in a move. And go as I was walking around this one kid who's in the crowd usually kind of dual boot like thumbs down to me you are sitting some of minimum given him a thumbs down I give a big move today to chase and wipe them out and I lean onto the ropes and I just put the thumbs down problem at. And he jumps out of his chair like he wants to kill me the editors day like he's freaking out like this is awesome yeah I've thought of my producers like. Little kids like drunk adults who are not. That's what and keep pushing him they wanna get Jeff there's the truest statement I've ever heard Tuesday boot kids like Justin you know that's the same kid that had the blow gun in the photograph of you need a half I am I'm well I heard up to right before the moment and I wonder if that was is that first pop you I have to do that low and the second one who wagered money blowing out. He had there's very little O that kid is completely innocent late Linda let's look at this base that mother at first I. And our bad dude on causes a great experience minus the injury part but had to fight hard like it might GA cited that we've put up probably the safest Matt Cigna we did nothing crazy and yet I go to the hospital yet all that it's your pot so again there and I'm like thinking boy it's a the best part was I had these videos of doctor and a nurse first a nurse comes in our doctor. If they saw what happened my I could show you and I what do you mean I have video what happened at all yeah sure FM radio and everybody's like. Love the fifth that's how can we hear that doctors knew that when your position gets real you that you approve the rubble we'll look at this summer other regular law it's I'll be right back here but I like you're the I don't know if there's like some kind of gadget that he was obvious he worked there but he pop because they make nice to the video. If you're you're talking about yeah. That's funny irreverent thoughts on this but the guy can move the bill does little to fill a particular I think. All morally hello again man get a doctor and others they you'll believe what I just saw guys gonna go is there and if. They've exit to pot he thinks worm might need dislocating and relocating in a couple boom time like popped out popped back in the in my left hip. That makes sense I dislocated my neighbor Laura while I was sleeping. Wealthy so that nice terror yet thinking of skew either lazy and you know we always just like I don't know what happened and thrusting and controlling things whistle or the man I think so. Anemic nocturnal emissions rams I can't confirm it because those sleeping when it and I woke up but in my car. Our and it literally I had to like. Like try to hit mine here at night and brings in nobly to watch failures didn't pull Fred backing and no I woke up two way. That's awful it was it's really son Gamal as a yeah followed by us. Are rather limited to public key. Kraft and don't make it doesn't hurt I can never really hurt I was the weird part it is in you also run and on the adrenaline of being true matches are less stuff going on as well that's a good putt but it really think. Today like only by like fully trying to close it and it's a film like a little tension in and and but that's a really slow and around OK yet but yesterday I gave respect it was a it was worrisome and it was funny because we QB makes in the morning and I had to leave the earliest to leave the rules a few holes out I have my spiel that I said a do you give him enough time to get in there now and I'm saying it slow learner like I've like tried out putting posit is a Mike you know mine already is well he's he's mostly Meryl go with it but it's funny attitude that yes this is obviously yet that I'm a better be fine I I don't I have to see a specialist. Despite what that one texture says I'm going to the next breath if not sooner actually heard Exxon man for the live outside like a couple buddies have reached out to me are just like hey man let me know when your. Meg you know what it is NM will work together to make you panic and got networks does X physical training for like the sound or another I foresee that the quality is cool to semi out unsolicited take. Like him get you healthy quick. Now like all right look at you are generally well it changes every moment of every day I let them know that he's got to come to me but it will all I'll I'll help rehab that he and I can best assess that that does the truest amount of damage to the -- work around nano might. Broad that the auto focus like I I don't want. I know it's critical meg yeah you joke about it but I did other people would take you year old you need to stop doing this and I I don't need to stop doing that thing man I don't know I do and all those Joseph I don't really well physical albums you've heard this as do I get out of a chair rumor. And play if you're doing strenuous physical activity there's always a chance that something like this is gonna happen. In -- if you give up or you stop doing it the first time something like that happens or a second for the spectators third or fifth third or as many Steve are you doing okay your mommy is that a few injuries in the past you're ready you know I honestly you have never come more alive and there have been happier now but yeah idea I know it's it's I would crack open on the first evens attitude in my on the old guy. What are my buddies are straining with courage is like to do you have Bob like aspirations of WW week. And I start laughing and I don't realize I'm seventy years old and I like this I thought I don't know I don't mean it like that word like that they had laughing because I think other wrestlers are delusional for thinking that. I think I'm 43 C equity 43 I'm like yeah. I don't have a match every once in awhile I got no aspirations of the WW this it's fun and I'm like you're 25. And your hood that you really she or 430. That's telling you get you by you yet able manned missions and I thought you were fifty. Oh yeah I hit. That's but I think yesterday was tough because like there are moments where it hurt and I sort of read pink I I second guessing myself and I don't know why but I want my wife got home like SuSE as we to question had to start bawling and I have a bald about my own crap ever Mike I mean it's been forever I've cried because I sat him and that we fought like just Madrid. Quick tears not like other clue but who's also magistrate here my wife are you okay Mike I just sat like this really bummed me out because. There is this all my love doing and now all ever and had a great moment where is like. These people that came up a good number of them came to see me I got them the booming granted they were in on the joke but they're kids weren't. And make ivory came out of a bad guy in and I got my opponent over like he was people were chanting his name. By the end of the match and I was so happy I I was like there was such a cool moment as I can we could do this again away. I might not be able to for a few months not really gone beyond the people at CPW they were all sense they were all bow bow like we have ideas for you win night after that performance like other hopefully happens you know but. Some down on that I woke up this morning it felt global banner. And MI but the job method. A great pick up this im about to drop your belt but they Montrae geez a coach for the Seahawks he's learned their strength and conditioning coach is he's a big wrestling fans he goes to the defy shows. And every day he sends me the same text I believe they sensitive players motivational text messages. And today's it's hit. In a way that like at other and needed to read that again silly is that is no easy feel like I need to seriously DL US. I actually really needed to see this one it was as simple as excited about it is that every morning you have two choices continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and sees them as they. At Seattle I'm going to be back and I do it again I'm not dying days I'm barring that they need to take my leg off which don't think it's that bad apparently according to text from five. So I'll be back in fifth hopefully in a couple months and give him a senior Marysville as a crap on your city some more there you have to look at coroner's this. We're real glad you're OK I did it well without the nice thing about a Susan just you've pops up in the literally the first thought was thank god that's my high hat Foote stopped all my guard yeah you know I would like they're playing fine okay. Do my idea about honesty we're taxing and think about the fact and claimed in the grass Centre on a legislate. You know I snapped my friend is hurt all like god is that swallow when I didn't even think about a gig yeah I tell you said the tax like five text later like. These mile high pat foot and I was like. Area and I hadn't even thought about it and allows more like yeah so these are all independent music about NL. I found out by coming in on Mondays. And Matt Coke is he comes in he's like are you guys haven't showed today and unlike. The dad this I don't think he's you have basic O Steve injured himself I was like oh god. Ono and then owed no pain in the grass yeah. He's got he's got OR. There's not not only playing with a bruiser Brody. But I don't know Kyle don't civil pilots like a dream come true and edited funny I broke ironic that broke the leg not funny aren't signing off hot and O Steve little 600. I itself I don't know man how to figure out a way to play with the other foot. And I mean I got used my. Okay well this a better one of those polled headgear next stable with good good good dog from flight well I think. That's yeah yeah it's. So I am I am I am this is a test third act happened during their last week I picked I don't quite a good example I can I say hi JoAnne have a dessert or at home you can really stop during magnitude and it's not funny you didn't. You grown men you pay a little bit there have been incidents and little bet against it so the Google over to Mexico. Japan I. I'm good he won't give up its tightening the screw you can't look good I'm glad I didn't work and I Al should plummeted in jail this doesn't. You mean I guess. That Aaron her with a that it. There was fighting Al Michaels I was worried that a bit like the best part was you didn't think about it but our boys Travis are frontman Julia. I was cracking look at protects you really Joseph Heyman I did the exact same thing in an MMA match what you did we do need. I did you yeah B five but I I I feel your pain and it sucks and I'm sorry that happened Nike takes me that night when he saw the video wow and days like. And again Avago INA Rhode he's take. Look I'll be honest if you can't play pain I'm not playing me like he's dying doing this without my drummer and I'm all know do will be fine we're playing. As I guess my high hat footnote next excuse. I gotta be honest the first thing I dollars all good it's as I had put. It's okay. It's. Because of a competitive. I I would if I lose it left out loud while lying and abetted the emergency room and I might add that they can just like me I suspect that when you. Really well I don't like it's my hut put the music what about leave. There's not a whole song you know hire act while Obama is not the type that as first see did. I really opened opt out. I met my second Hayat RPI goes drummers now the close Hayat and the open I had exactly already renewed my feet and could drag this does his regret dignity. Ever happen aren't over why I. A big big big clue. Scott did a deep roots abducted sickness and hit a barbecue provocative piece after Mickey you're up play with us. I know not not the full kit I just need you due to high happy I can't believe he's hit conclusion he literally eight when your feet not even halo. Colin Simpson will be like a puppeteer is called one of the blackout you're laying plums justice working the Hyatt but wouldn't say it. I. Read but because their clothes yes sir and good luck and. This puts all backwards don't give him a hard time about a. A payout thanks Arabs are you implying thanks to everybody who came out dog to Luigi is Pete's serve food that show was a blast first stops congratulations to all the bands for packing up the joint well before the show started yeah just pack so that was really cool actually I I didn't give their till eight yes. Like I was panicked when I got there because I got there just in the first and search arrived yet personal storage unit led set yet gets at all men really dug those columns go to Jaffna and yet he's beaten you a couple times to be made side I mean I like everybody but Jeff from my I don't fool. Fed up they might have. Of life. I'm below CIA an airliner about dead brother Jimmie we only represent that a good call technical yes. I really dug their sounded that they were really good they were great yeah it was funded because iconic first couple songs in the end the rest of their set I was able to listen do lousy pizza yep which is fantastic AG's pieces in crowd aren't Conosoga then there was does dirty dirty my boy drew the killer I guess who I didn't know what to expect but it didn't know I didn't expect that. Like they were great I didn't want to resume duties that just rock that ass out you're allowed to was like got a couple buddies there and like. To see who wins this thing I think you bring Michael up like army Minnelli a women's count leotard. Started to explain to me later that night about. They I think are board somewhere some trucks Popper and they've they've found these ones he's really dude. And have these weird. Once he's like a weird twisted ballerina how Fayette gold and Washington and they were like oh hell yeah why not. Right they're both wearing them without the they have graduates like disturbing and entertaining all the same time. Well maybe a better was when when my body is like that they can do just the thing on my mum like I had no idea. And I hope they're dumber is also wearing the same thing and many looks that didn't is that okay that's awesome I thought I have a lot. I want it together one person do and how weird off we'll all get putter and slightly over but it definitely not expecting that. Both together at awesome yeah I thought I was in Iraq that they were so ridiculous I totally understand and I'm just from the videos I seen in the odd that I love drew. He's a mysterious drummers I've never seen dirty dirty. And I'd seen him live mandates cemented how much some of those guys who were great and of course ten miles wide they don't sock there though there are so damn good. That was awesome and and in the brutal briseno so much fun it was cool seeing everybody there preserve Brody breaks that's our mentality. I have a lot of foam Jeff casino Travis is Mike cables mass amount and out so leader Jeff on stage you know everything's blistering were allowed to discrete market. Way to go you know broke Luigi. And then what voice like Steve years in the back they're fiddling with something broke my based impanel. Hey we know is they might as well as like. Does anybody have a breeze or bass drum pedal in the crowd and anybody. The south attackers who didn't wait to find out if someone had when he just took somebody's just grab you have like a but the odds are my favorite bed to the drummers I knew very well they're my friends like yeah we'll and drew. So long did take the dead sec guys are there. Drummers and face a paddle. I always find it a bit but yeah it out as if everything was falling apart I had to make everybody Mike wasn't working but I love this show host. I want Toby was killer I'm missing a really lot of really thought that went on Nam. I think those are nothing new needles and other Oregon jumped nothing you need. Was all over the place like I really wall bully. And it won but I just leader Jeff one where's the one thing and he laughed. But those really focusing on holding together Nektar part and I guess thousands somewhere Travis with a cigarette on stage now and he's the owner comes on stage of the game you can put that on terms and and we turned and moved away from them quickly Jeffrey more than aren't our guys and tell us all adamantly demanded this morning onstage in my. You from the yeah I saw that I don't like Ellen all right. Are you afterwards I'm so sorry if he wasn't happy about that obviously and understandably so I'm pizza nicest guy in the world that does like. Pete you know we love you and I was just drunken stupidity. But it was wrong and we apology was cool all good because they're LP it's a great guys like look. I did temple means we're positioned sadly no you're right there like there is no excuse like and I think you appreciate that I think come at him with any excuse who's just irons are we were wrong. And we are sorry. And I hope that that you understand that reduce drunk idiots yeah pending news like oh yeah I get it. You have to stuffed dog pony was filled the during the ride home she's a Conan man so my left. Without that they finally she's at much lower unit Adam hey I was busy people and how quickly can we did have a sound check so I had nothing in my mind all human Travis talk logically you guys what we're all time low level that's all I've heard. You travel to be talking to the crowd cheer but I Barbara. I won't all yeah but yeah there are moments routed and here DM second used to these kickers snare I had I'd say where's the one I couldn't hear note I don't worry was that. And I'm staring at your guys' hands at times like I could feel this part vs the the guitar need to be getting a Mike. I think his fingers and look I think that's it out they are. Harry had thought I don't know I. I like those overly goes. I think we got to go faster on this Martin wrote this go through. I its moments on this show that's so barring a bruise a break and Leo was so much fun I like that late in you guys had no I had a crowd of kind of ladies right up at the front of age is rocket out there were a couple girls that I mean I like Allison a former rock girl I had no idea she was there it is you posted a video of her up in the front like a filming costs and alana. It's. I don't know you you is look like you were barely holding it together so I'll manner as I point we were RM gonna say that's got glory of that brand like it's it's like we're keeps saying it's it's punk rock as half era because a lot of times like that whole shuffle at the bands don't fly completely off the rails and and we don't know he's still man it works it's very stooges. I say that and I think that's what makes it so much fun non burn us for us not because you guys are all beyond just doing this in my band but for you guys think that you have bands that are. Practice a lot a very radio is think about like me who I would prefer this our life. I feel like if we get it right but when you're gonna practice for games grass light blue G show that was our practice. So it's like ten hours that is that's the spirit of this band is like we trust that we know what we're doing that's just have fun do your homework let's slow down and if we ask what we have a follow up of the wall laugh about it. Man and it is we who you gonna notice not really an EF folk whose really gonna notice we have the ball up there and it's true that it's rad if so why I I I'm Smart premiere I was always think you're always comic. Because at some point one of the members of the band's gonna turn around and just give me this big competing Grimm might have like a human bond what are we have this happening. Yeah I ask. How old. I'm gonna say that today JT is definitely easy beyoncé of bruiser Brody already stamped with his fans this then here's the pain because I'm not as fast he's got a band he's got a glorious mane of hair if you and it just clues in the wind up but here's a thing gland that went over and stood next to them because they were playing together one point. Glenz air doesn't move and it felt JD's. She looks. I have a thicket he has an air gap I have a thicket yes they if they are setting on the stand where only worsen if I was. You don't programs like this is like fiance. Real and I were discussing then his house when we look I love when GT hair gets going in the blower Indians all they're making great pagelets even better if I mean when his beard comes. Data theft I want to leave yeah. Ariane is like if the alligator program says there's the Mike McCready section because Mike's always animated once we all like even myself I was on the Mike McCready side but I send Rosen GIA. I feel like if anyone ever did ask did there would be JT section because. Mean you're gonna watch our show are banned while on acid props to you first of all that can be terrifying got very but. I would do stand ins there a teacher I share those engines would sound even tighter that. Pop up we can hunger problem. Loosen engines let's all 1101010110. Point one and there I was and I. I'm more. And Obama so he's beard was greeted by Syracuse who can actually send me text text. So my future in his beard and they didn't pop Antonio center Nicky the bartender over at. Luigi is because. It was a moment of feeling old but also feeling really good about being a decent human being oh so. I go turns like I've been meaning to thank you for the longest time off and make OK in suite are a person Nikki. And she's like back when I was fifteen minutes maybe seventeen. I was a huge saves the day fan and I called you up at the end and I I told you that it it was I didn't think it was fair that you guys are doing an end session. And only allowing contests winters ago and not real fans. And I thought for sure they are getting into a fight with you in your response was. You ask me a couple questions I think I said I ask a couple questions but the band and I said OK well I'll hook you up we'll take it stand tall and I'll hook you up but three of your friends good guys yet that he's telling me historian and ITT's very narrow a few other people are just like. It's freaking cool in the way she told it was so heartfelt. And I am about why she's Tommy Ellis and that they just and I'm 35 now and I still the morning to thank you for this long and Mike while man that's awesome. And man I'm old. Okay I'm thirty fun yeah. He's hoping she was ninety historically they've got and save exceeds twenty years ago already I know she never look at a guy. Whether that was cool like that made my night I blue Jay all assured me that you think do you remember that and more often than not will people say that I always like. Will have a wife answered my lie and say yeah man I was on a very powerful horse tranquilizers that day and it. I have done now or McMahon I think a lot of drugs I don't know if I remember and I'm sorry but Google academies. Put the crazy part was I legitimately did remember Fuzzy yes I remember talking to somebody he's cool because it was I remember thinking. I don't know many saves the day fans and Thomas did today fan of the that was cool that's so called upset that they weren't gonna get to go some like all of you out. Mean I'd probably could gotten in trouble my bosses because I mean her quote unquote winner Newton. Because she wasn't I caller number among I'll make it car numbers and it wasn't so it's when he team yet now we're all winners right. It's an interview. Outside the that was really cool that made my night I can every time I was there like you and high fives and that's dots nice saves the day. Probably because your cut off sir step up. But at this. What they unveiled but also other bartender Steve that's. I'm. I don't look like make Yemen do inviting I thank you say hey and hi five days just how great it was TDs I got to understand your cigarette smoking on this day you keep a high five MEI saves the day. Well my saving a why am I saving now with what they want or just more mysterious thing about the show I know if anyone. His friends at any of the band mates of like what every ten miles wide or. Dirty dirty messy a couple of members post something about this and I don't know how to tackle this but I want to because I'm not a our most social media guy in the sense like I just post pictures of my dog. And promote fun things and they're doing it right the right I don't want you know you're doing it right I prefer not to create any drama on console some media. It's just not worth it good for what I do for a living it's not worth the risk. And also just like to be able to go to bed and I cannot be stressed out cash quick a couple of our buddies advanced post is it that really infuriated me not. At them at the person that they're talking about. And I think the guy licences podcasts I know we listened to our radio station he's a fan of our band and I'm not one to tell somebody please never comes horseshoes. And he's never support whatever I do if you don't get help. But I'm gonna say it because there's a guy that's coming. That is being way too Kirby inappropriately grabbed being females at she lose friends of ours people that are really good people. And just out now. It made me sick to my stomach when I I I read this and I think why it eluded to somebody before. About this look at us. Personal info from a friend a female friend I went really knows that can't be in she said well and she told me two stories this guy's a nice guy to me he's an awesome guy I think we're just drinks a little too much right when he drizzle too much. I think some people are crier yep some evil act belts are touchy Feely sort of blur really touchy Feely and I did yeah I was shocked and found it was this dude. Yeah I was like no no number oh and then that was a well let me tell you. Sorry and that that's a bomb Miette and it's just lose I think it's just there's so I mean you are not as an excuse not an excuse but bro. Maybe you know if you are listening and just cut back on the whiskey in and I think one of the things that irritate people most was the flat out denial I did not I did not I didn't not yet you need the. An era when there's video to smoke there's fire there's a lot of smoke and it's a lot of people whose up whose words I believe no I mean they're good people that don't. Don't say things to create drama they're not looking for attention that this is a one of those things end. I I truly think like for the dude if you are listening stop coming to new shows a much you get help. Whatever it is I mean it whether it be stopped the drinking. But you owe a lot of people apologies. I I personally don't wanna see somebody that our shows making anyone uncomfortable and I would say something if I would have known at the time and I will in the future if you are showing up but if you're planning on coming to our shows and you gonna be that guy then don't come to our shows. Get to help that you need to stop being that person and you owe a lot of people apologies mean I think that's that's why I mean I don't know what else to say and all let's let's say as little I know that as some of the guys have talked to the club owners and but it bums me out because I know the guy is. Supportive of our band I'll do and. I've you know I've met the I'm multiple times syndicate and literally when I heard this was a note and a memento that can't be none and that was my immediately jumped to his defense right and then I had a couple well you know let me in. Then is that hey I heard in the year he acted this is what happened not a restraining up at this is and I'll let alone now. Now and so that's our said not as an excuse not now as an explanation I'm like he's got to be just here. Hammered drunken doesn't know he's doing so that the time. And he was so that's no excuse what I'm not saying it's excuse and saying that's an explanation right nor will the problem is he's just flatly denying any it's happening and went well. You know that this is all just a real change that it's even go one on 'cause I think he's a sweet enough duty obviously easily off the booze and then once he sobered up maybe go Michael people say hey look out. Hammered her on. I know you and upon release art and stand that if you don't ever wanted to talk to me be near me and said violated a certain level of trust. Arm yeah I know it's a bummer thing to bring up but I don't know how loss to address it and I don't like addressing things on social media. Just. For whatever reason this is my own personal things I always bring. And I. You know I wanna make sort of people come to our shows. Feel safe now and I I just have to that school. I at all at all and I and like you said I'd sign excuse. But I think whatever it is the drinking. You can get help for that. And you know who retire if you're listening you know we're talking about you because I know people have tagged you in these things and have point blank told junior denied it. You need help these you seriously need help and you you also owe a lot of people apology so was obviously that didn't get that bomb and blow bones about a. It was funny is now looking up your notes. And I didn't I didn't understand what that allows a law that's now it is grope or at show it's every notes these hotels like. Let's see can talk about ha yeah. Where the good and I thought rumors subtle as a Muppet on Sesame Street. I know it's on another one novel at BC murder all of her I had the time record revenue and market movies coming out you had a happy that a wc yet I'm policy that is another name and it really wanna see that to the cabinet that they're this here real or. It here and drugged out messed up Muppets and GAAP. We'll Tallahassee. And Obama in Isabel I'll feel tired so my weight is down on like you know. 33 the third I'm not on senate is among 33 in the third minute and needed at a telephone how you do do you wanna share your. You're Hoover's story -- here I do I do I learned today you're in the right my goal MI you can let me and told me yes all right you re strong cost FiOS at Dayton. Audio gets you caught coffee yet. If it continues one of our findings cast listeners are actually there claiming there came in this morning and the B Jimmy morning show and not it was funny after the show was done. Welcome to infer small unindicted Iraq and a optical receiver catches the lucky shirt. From back in the day my but the couple my buddies played on sabre cats are really dense and fault he's a fighter a. Obama and I DB but also with a fighter but yeah it UT's OOO these kids playing for out the Everett I'll be UTT. This guy has caused by figuring confused no joy yet because he's they would duties and in my gallows would you spell but BT now. You Zurich. There. These kids going for the average silver tips so now well only to your second season number nine. In dostum bought but I thought it was funny. In that after the show was over you and very cool observation about our morning show are you added and what what was it. Once those headphones you drop it came over on your mouth and as I've heard that I have to moderate F word elder Al like. Oh yeah they're all I've heard Diaz on the radio and this made on me fast and it's always bleeped out yeah. And then might have phone comes Bachmann insists. I'd why don't like Obama won't name who those words I. Know Alabama. That's played with a more than regular words where there's not a microphone in my face it they have filtered kind of just so much a must be said too that once they had on there on its satellite that's censorship by an amateur off yup. All right I got down one headphones are on that next psychologically tells me not to good to see any curse words yet so I give eyebrow Mike. Imagine guys agreed to by Eric thus horror or Terry Daly or whoever frank Hassell and he let me get some headphones there was a duplicate you need immunity are becoming no no no. You need for me to Wear headphones otherwise I will drop enough forehead like I know I psychologically can feel the three I got headphones they do not hurt at all my stuff now. They're out Iraq already ranks total sense how Bruce runs on point I want you were got an idea was sharing how he learned on our morning show that when the mics are off we're. Filthy mouth people all of yeah obviously it's an on year last year Ella and headphones are like Mo won the one thing that stops it. Milk and I believe it development and so do we would you do what's what's not what's your Roman what's the funding that you like to share with all the makes guests audience. Have a boring guy and a Emma both did. Really that's not boring nothing to boy or girl into like two months ago now removed. News like around oh wherever I want everyone hang in there buddy you know that's not safe and what's is name. Bryson nice gap is followed due to years. Tongue fu grip on call it. I think this little kid won't you debate it but. You'd be so gentle but why not pick them up to wrap my throat and might just. Try to rip my head off because I thought I thought I. Well I'll helpful and are you make him what to say community Jones movie with NC with a heart attack. Portrait you know mom that would go it is now with Kelly mom are not only in my frivolous barring dude play softball weekend's ice attractive and a not the best that. On the pressure that same need them. Planned flop although my stomping on the heels yeah I'm. I emit Diaz. The only star strike messed up towards and I miss them and mr. Paul well played I don't know what I. How big is this guy and I don't know how I that's not a resident of yours bent backwards yet mile finally just and it. All ought to do I thought fresher house all I have cough all big guy and housing go down and he keeps do you have when I hurt my other neat. The first side of the that's why the kind of almost mentally prepared for this. That one went in words like sideways in place and that took forever that would hurt right away I don't know how your sullen didn't like I hit it popped. I'm glad the game. And I have a Jeep that pushed my clutch in mood and invite all who know how are now that's a drag to drive a clutch followed in Indianapolis did. There's little belly I don't our programs though wasn't a bad. To new look like stop with dutrow Alitalia to clap until. If you look at home that probably would call maneuvered the galvanized parking enthusiastic yeah yeah this one I guess the doctors can I think it went backwards exit video looks like he went back who said no. You'll get you really can't make you go backwards is more like. Back diagonal yet I guess a grenade allows site are Laver manner it's scary. But I yeah I do bad yes man band Red Sox yes but there's Augen now discount pops and authentic brands now by Alfonzo allowing I was you know I'm stubborn guy out like Al model of suck it up man have been doing this for eighteen years is kind of like I'm my own doctor now life. Some branding in one of holy land and it to fire. I've got a parallel there garbage especially my last one yeah just garbage and like you know. Sometimes it backs up some time to time when the weather changes yeah I'm you don't realize how much all out you're knees and tell one rooms jacked up owed to us and everybody says it the most complex joint your body and take. Care of them when you hand like don't don't joke around with this but it's funny because. The other one happened is he I felt fully healed and now that I've been. Dealing with this one I've been putting a lot more pressure on the other one and Alan wacky Alan start hurt again I'm like god damn it like this is ridiculous minor both amass it's it's you know pictured these guys to stairs going up and down the steps right now and I feel I need I think for the medical people like the wolf exceed that goes up the steps they're like. A group. It's. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. How funny do and as a kid I thought like that is the ultimate time status having that. An aircraft mag bag oh dear Z boy chair I've got the oldest person bed like its big is the retiree batted says that Tempur-Pedic fully adjustable massage bed is it incredible is not even plugged in. Alt plus yeah besides yet lot of work. This is not a war. I had them aside time to light volume there again I demand in. You plug one thing in two and Al led an and you may see your batteries in your remote control unit. I'm gonna put into these guys love bread man yeah man about town that's two things two men the clockwork where I was your house parties absolutely fantastic. Burst up nobody got they've fights. Nobody stole anything aside Glenn posted up next the Oda yeah add. Man I was bloody well Chelsea and man I'm so happy for you guys slight zero place is beautiful they did the whole get together was killer. Just solo happen and happen by the courts rev gives me the whole tour and yet he's got that full and you go to. We talk again does not go to. Is that the bar and node that is right at the front door I'll so yeah he greets says he's ready on advice from yeah yeah welcome you are my favorite part about win Glenn took the pictures of tiny standing next to it England takes the pictures like. Wait a second because he had mild meatloaf mullet wig on era like Yoder and that's a Montreal gazette I don't take away gotta I gotta have a real picture I don't know about the mole. I respect that as if but no it was fantastic we had a a lot of people show up. Which is is somewhat stressful I saw why it ran out of gas coming to your house though and I felt so bad in my body NN we've made some glad for that as I go to my biggest fears. Miss Susie that quiet running out of gas. The I'm Davydenko coming around I'm not I couldn't have been through this I think that the bush. Yeah yeah. No I was super happy he showed up I was happy that. That that gland and that Kristen showed up both from from the old window pay when you get at a show that night though that was really as really happy talk it. Yeah it was opry fundamental much hang out with a bunch of sweet people and got school as yeah yeah we did the junkets. Chris uncle Chris yeah uncle Chris from the main show remaining Devean intervention with this case it's or less like a pork hitting below four kid he's older than me and me bad but he is. Since he's also much weight. He does not know. What laid his new tolerance is all right and before that his MO is to is to get hammered and they knew wander off and when we would go to like the radio convention nobody people it would be wandered back to. It's this one he wanders off and we're like. He's gone. He's somewhere in the name neighborhood if yes well apparently he went to the corner store which is about a mile away is she really wanted either Reese's pieces or Reese's peanut butter cup. So you are are so you aren't all the way over there and where does raider trying to figure it out and Danny for the major finally sees him walking back down though think Eden is candy is happy as you could possibly be. He's doing that passed out. Before the before the party and you were we jealous. Now they're palm fired up when I split yeah we help Haley had beer pong back on apart and read Italian isn't any page you're happy how we're trash but man you were happy I would cool I kept and maintain a drunkenness that I'd to have it done in a long time because the party started noon nobody really showed up until about 1 o'clock or Sosa that was fine. But when people showed up I have a bar now. And as such people want to do shots with the bartender and I was tending bar unmanned GAAP and so I didn't may. Many men need me. Any shots over the course of the that's awesome it was great and like chat to everyone who showed up. People. Came through with bringing ice which was probably the though the most panic guy had been because. I had to go by sixty pounds byes before everything started as just like on the FaceBook page as they. If you're gonna bring anything bring this every blues for the Clark is at the bar stocking party and bring as much ice and everyone came during a wait for you Oda it hit it. If it as fighters you're a mill in a million my family obligations stuff that we had a little window where we. For later regretted some iceman debts and social so yes virtually INS yeah. And and much much as you you're trying to. 22 meetings a onetime media you know you have a gap 'cause like one if we just by a crack Thomas ice cream. As his swing by red house I yeah I seem very. You have to leave and still happen but that does Michael and I wanted to do it at the veteran funny Davydenko I guess I'd say of social buzz like Abby got a finally just blueprint. And a bunch of pints I named a peace out yeah. I can't carry out the putt a Muslim he was here here and young men yes yes we're getting a nice steal right now where are you. I think the coolest thing that happened that I mean all the fun stuff all the events are really fun but I think the coolest thing that they ended up getting what are the bar stools. Are now from I help gas from cow from see a perfect day he a couple of months ago a post that he's making pallets furniture. And so I was like. We need bar stools. And we wanted to do kind of more arrested by because it's a steam punk bar. And so. I was like here's some interest pictures my wife and I had looked over but two different things and here is what the bar looks like seagate a kind of an idea for it. And Parcells he put together. Perfect my absolute a 100% perfection that's so cool and they'd look amazing. And they start really cool they're so cool so yes I was just so happy to have that. Could it really Emmy as as as as well bows is it sounds at birth they bring the roomed together. In fact I could really only do every server white Russians that are partners and I got to tell all of you until those schools to give a model bud man given the blood is Kyle corps and its lack chairman of the pick up. I thought maybe I should ask at a time after a ballots master Yasir master policymaking is. Food and sit McConnell the commercial groom him a little. And you you're talking about that in house on FaceBook yet metropolitan Pittsburgh we actually we have done our little shed in the back. Where are grilling is and it's we've got the tool shed and then we've got everyone calls and she sheds now because that's the new thing. Like she said yes it's incidental like the ladies instead of amana paved. It's a she chances it's not it's where we store our camping gear in like the extra pains that that we have that's what Iran calls well that was a blue room we're hanging out in. And someone got a little too intoxicated days and no I know it was a lady's why won't Sarah sell out. Now when you know I did is someone you know but don't worry about it. But to be a little bit. And she shed yeah there's little bit. What do you mean they put their pants up competing low lit not necessarily BP their pants little rip somebody what themselves just a tiny bit more so common target return to myself we can you tell us yeah okay. All odd day at the death news yeah yeah so is mantown oh yeah I didn't remember hugging her track. Broken the urination station by yet so it was I consider that a successful party yeah. Officer doctor phone in the toilet which is another friend just OK all now. Oh yeah. Wow. So you know what by Marc-Andre did she get gifts and can. Awesome yeah. It was great times I was factories hello hello hello hello but I mean I love it does sound check at five sums going coral flopped yet and this up by 7 o'clock and sure things did you did you want to brown what time did she total her pants knows about yeah about six or seven before it was cut off top topic I art. No because of the daylight and everything but we didn't have the smoky issues that we're having like Saturday it was the perfect and hairless legs and there is actually blue sky up. And so it was it she announced that chief middle depends who you didn't really see it was a little under her breath. Is and yeah days. We're like oh in yet get the error like new cancer some Americans now say they've figured itself such as our address is a fine it'll. Just be a drunken antics does go back to Glen yet day. Though. We're story that we says he expects this story. He shared like I have to secular they've read before senator podcast I was like you have got to be kidding me guide the ball looks that it you know I don't know how much time we have to be shown us that look this is something that happened to me. Do you wanna save it for another episode but I feel really good guitar backup folder for the cast you've been. So. I was kidnapped by a famous professional athlete. Let's see would you like to blame game oh dear I'll send you weren't with me I don't have sort of been. Last Friday we had the British are so Friday before last I'm I'm I'm sober now I can keep track time a pact but arm. I decided. Ed Kennison slowed his work and you know you need money so I decided that this particular Friday even though I don't. Drive nights and there's a reason I don't drive nights in this story reinforces why don't the drive. Nights. I decided that I would do like ten to six and eight to midnight or social led the Pearl Jam ship okay Friday night project got a so I ended up. I probably shouldn't I cannot say who this individual was so I won't say that but he is famous as at. Yeah of course I'm not really into sports so I didn't know that toe waiter. But. I will see place for the NFL OK and I leave it at that yeah. I will see what area I was then adrenaline you anyone any clues but I was in an area and received a pick up. From. Oh maybe should be spending its okay. This benefit a bad bad bad yeah. S so that's you know anyone who's got a really I feel vulnerable here till now Mandela literally give it away yeah night I don't know how problem how good I'd imagine it's Owens able to do enough researcher NFL. Yeah in the north well mom and beyond GNU Wikipedia. I'm not gonna talk with a number of children earning like a catch I really wanna try and protects cats and enemy. But. I got a page from a woman. You know requests of the car so pull up at this house. And one kind of big dude comes mountain you know is there by the car and then this. Monstrosity. Of a human being is a natural human being appears to Wyndham brands such a moment our air driving me. Big guy he's got to hear on you know like to give little Miss America or whatever doesn't. Goalie crowns Tierra human heroes who we sober. Right yeah totally thousands of it is over and I said this is the car for a said the woman's name he's a gradual way. And he gets in the back. Well you weren't here he was wearing a Tierra. And just this huge dude and so now were Roland. Maybe ten minutes twelve minutes or brewers house's ash where renminbi jobless got. And his phone has blown up. Mine is right now and his phone blown up he answers the phone on speaker's wife's on speaker. And hey yeah I rent a car I'm with you know and only Annie Dave Klein and I yeah I mean he's really nice and I'm like hi you know she's a speaker and he's like I'm John no bar. And she's like what. Chizik I'm gonna while I'm not kidding I just wanted to go toolbar I'm not coming all me and I'm gonna go bar should please all we gotta be kidding easily get to that. Iowa work eight months out of the year and a host of the rest of us who yet I just wanna leave myself. I just gonna be nice so we'll go on to the bar I'll call you every ten minutes I just wanna have fun and I you know and she starts putting the fun dude you start putting new kids on the volleys out and collect more. How we. I'd be please come home others alone all Paula all we will not see this person is mean or. I'm just basically NFL and that's all step. On I have no idea who this guy is because I don't. Mostly don't care items all of us had all of sports don't mind paying farm. Look that continues to happen easily dare I don't know bar I don't know why I have no idea who's here of women you know come on how to make it stop with this. Then he says the best part he really is up just loves a hundred dollar bill my hand. And a Mike. Oh dude no no no go to noticing no dog knew that this guy as big as neck is as big around as my torso doctor I don't Judah you'd take that money. Take it take it when I go roll bar okay. And that's what I'm 100 bucks and about yeah. I mean huckleberry I Amanda let's go so I and the ride Regina told wolf the rule little apps that we've completed the trip and I shut the whole thing down and I get into Google Maps and that's fine but I'm born three bad in the final par nearby. Yeah he was as a driver and go to the bar. He was so black dot that you married again and yeah you have been there for twenty years gang kids unmanned no kids. Why am kids who Hancock I don't know man it's not something I think we're happy to please come home publish it. But then you know I don't know mental illness somewhere didn't I hear you. Moment 1002000. You marry you know all yeah. And might are all yet. EDT had no idea what was she so all right we have that same conversation three times every time map. Halfway to their kids every few times why not Ramadan a mass is something mean you know because someone you now okay then. And arrogant and then we talk about some ultimately do you marry them and hold my god do you know Jesus. It's one of those things where he is really friendly. Tell us that felt threatened by him. But he was also so hammered and I knew if I displeased him in some way he might hurt me and then ask who hurt me. You know yeah like he might ruin you do know it Jolie and Jack you're virtually in the face really screwed it you don't kill me out of it. We're all. And I got married so all I. Why could you repeat the hundred dollar bill track so we get that MR NSA came in looked. You know mom. Goes here we'll hang out while you're hanging out we got that never came another running joke you're not gonna leave me. That was I was assets 500 trillion me. Really really we are a much not to leave you bro I wish you could mom this is amazing about it. And there's so many football fans that would have just been like oh dude I'll pay him. The hang out and do so I'm like man here's the deal though we get beginning here all be in her box is slowly by. And advise couple shots out yeah he's a man. You don't get a I'm rich music you don't know who I am. Don't know who I am and you know it sounds are heard that my life right here don't know who I am everybody thinks there's someone special. You know I mean I figured I'm trying to do the guy favor he had a lot of hundred dollar bills. And I'm like man this guy's gonna wake up tomorrow and realize he spent his mortgage and I'm trying to be honorable and cool sir. The don't know who I am worried about me. You know I am gonna light your unity and all married that I got to let. I've heard that that BS at assembly people's miles in my life. So all you know any terrified because an act try to reduce guy he is a multi multi really trying to tell me I think look I know you don't know I am and I'm really Rick actually was trying to tell him he got a big guys are so hammered guy wasn't that I got to me was just trying to let me know. Like bro police who we get in there and and we get up to the bar. And he's a Q you got to let me buy time and so we get a couple shots decked annuals we throw macro shots were sitting there chat and he notices my Jimmy Page tattoo what's oh my god did this month. My page tattoos are all due breaker for pulls a sure off. Shows me his tax explains their meaning and stuff again present shirtless. For a second okay please if you go to C model McClellan wrote an update what it is it all down right because he might hit me in the mile route it you're you know. Really friendly wave blacked out so. Now ordeal and shop and is a net worth of over any repeat his address over fifteen million dollar Q yeah Heath. Yeah he's fine you can afford that shot at this point he's like you know one. I'm gonna buy displace. I'm and I'm by this place umpire in this place in the of the one bartender whose eyes are kind of data campgrounds bartenders are so excited. Maybe just because he thought it was gonna have a quiet evening and now that's not what's happening. But unlike cup is a bit of enthusiasm in the you know count picking up on this right and the guys at the owner's right or there is telling him I wanna talk to permanently. On now police. You know Britain and then you know like you give guys a good meal. How do you know him like do them confined Mexicans they're potato. I now with them you know McManaman you know how this works I'm really sorry about this I just think he's some big trunk hidden loot. So you'll comes over Mikhail gotten at this point here it comes a gonna do like a combo drool spit vomit thing afloat. Right on the floor. He's been beat out shocked to discover this did even slightly fazed the owner here who was. Ian is they needed to meet this god almighty god and they start here in new. All this talk about players and stats in this in and global Blanc. I told you that's why I noticed he was wearing a team logo baseball hat under his Tierra. And I start doing the math and I'm like well. All of this into world famous NFL. Yes. I have no I he is a household name yet big time yeah and unlike. Hello Andy you know that he's in he's like you know this is my bro here and we're chess than etoys musically puke and Montgomery brother did you year old illegally. In Rhode Island OK. I'm not really. Get off to the back to get it did owners and an item how do you know like resume would drive them animate him about twenty minutes and now her drink it with a mom yet pack guy. And you know it's solid and kicker when Robert Plant. Right I don't know who this guy is so we're trying to act all I knew at this point was his first name and that he now I'm realizing everyone in the all our. Was staring at our season. No wonder I mean he's a sweet guy is not like he's been uncool he's just really party in the hard entertainment sanity are if I thought I don't ever let him out says the missile programs that are just going to be myself. I probably come I also hope that your home is never comes back to bite me in the answer so Maria won't totally what you're Gurode. Since then he comes back we're sitting at the bar he's like. It's. In this for free I I'm doing it wrong. I looked it up I'm like man it's just a few miles to honors board on real wants real couple more shots I actually. I had said dude dude on my jobs to keep you safe. I'm keep us safe tonight so I'm cut off on cutting myself often. And then UCLA's cut off he's got off you know not me though yes so. Married during dawn and with I think ten yankees. Totally. You know total lease the guy's house but he's friendly he's funny and okay and now relies on like these guys stall our marriage and I just don't. And what do you know him. I don't I don't even know his last name that's my favorite part they keep you need to hang out with hell why you guys so exciting yeah yeah I'm like an escort as I thought oh I'm the hot. I'd like to be okay and candid professional scorers like Canon freeway and into this towards our back is my car and we're headed to the strip club. And we're talking more and enjoying the trip p.s like. Where re on how much we're going down the strip club man and he wanted but I wanna drink more how much gonna serve bruise there a reason why are we going to strip club like. That's where you want to go get a hundred dollars a find out where it'd look what he what he what are you wanna do unlike. Man my I'm taking care you. No what are you would you can't do it and you you know you can kick me out her box and try and do the honorable thing here man I'm I'm gonna keep you safe. That's what I'm built. No oh what are you doing. I'm like dude I'm I'm gonna keep you safe I'm gonna keep you hold safe that's my deal at this point. And that's really cool there and I you know most people are like that. And they can get your multimillion dollar you know there purity and the idea that everyone's taking advantage you I don't know who you are I don't care. You know our box. As a matter of principle. You are now in my care Perot. Not that you've been on the can be bail amount that he fights but I'm gonna get homesick if you understand in my area there's a problem I'm gonna get behind it yeah. Act ever because I was I am taller than him I'm a big guy I am told them to put it in my mind scientists do music that they invest our. I mean you suddenly. It's there's okay. An athlete as summer similar like it. There's being day gets a big deal but then there's athlete begging you to cycle might caught. No just since we're just he's hammered and get on I'm kinda haven't China have followed us or hug and stuff but it's like holding. A Walt. He's a broad look leave me now relatively new we hugged Lambert I got you dude comic is hug a tree stump if you know at so. Now this whole. Lottery on the strip club we're going Turkish you want to go there or would you wanna do you follow McMahon you know what do you live. I live right rear end. You are 30 am and that's where unity in its auditor to mount flood. Oh I had an. OK okay. I doubt they'll let up the road we can have other people music nomads. Let's let's go there and that's where you wanna go. And now I'm back today and take a T how it's all my god guys aren't like lens barrel men know so I I they're Red Sox got a new bar yeah Alessio it was upsetting to see it again the candidates blacked out yeah so hole. We know it's I'm not singing needless Carriker I'm seeing in this condition. Right. I'm trying to tread carefully. So I I get roped back into where we now have the strip club. Okay Gary get their data to report struggle we all know this place last Thomas who they threw me out of here. Oh my god do what you wanna do a loss by that point he's out karma comment who never mind we know are doing color to what got kicked out there that doesn't try to bring peace and how a minister club. They you know I'm the manager comes up again we McCain in a really good you know I'm trying to up to situations really out of hand. On because he's very boisterous and over the top and a look at them Angela Kane and I have to say this guys are you any theory as. All I'm good yeah buying your resume legendary. So. I looked and Angela Kawika beat me and cool I'm just trying to take care of them gudermes and how do you know them and it's I'm super. What ever happened I guess Rupert driver and I met him twenty minutes ago I'm just trying to keep him safe got a man that's really cool okay. I didn't know I want fish do you not understand what I face yeah. There to do better to talk to a movie man that's against the funniest movie ever. Circle on my daughter Ali get in there and he's trying to get him to get us alcohol there is no alcohol only around. That debate goes on for me in the locker room there and he. Pains in his credit card. He orders up I think it was seems an almost six girls I'm six girls while war okay. These are what are you want to drink a little have a junior rail we are now because I guess there's no room out of six rather well yeah at this dog limited at this point I was thinking must communicate with wife yes wife person is out there yes you know I need to let her know that I have been. Kidnapped but I prefer to show whole athlete and I am at a strip club and I'm at a strip club and I'm safe and it's funny. This makes my text of my wife I went to the hospital a lot less team back up after the world tour and now there's all these these disease is so now the girls are there. A whole lot of my gosh habit I mean let it. Visit strippers are proud like when there's I got money no you you'd be supreme. It's really cool dude so they can already a limb and he listened hate Lou I'm just. I'm just taking charges viewer driver I'm just trying to make sure receive. Just you can show limited time world we're here for you Obama Lama now Obama can get that I get that thank you very much just make sure he has a ball. I'm just here to keep posting just your attention if it doesn't look. I'm just as in Britain nor OK and. I. Do you restaurants that I. All you guys know I'm like man I fell out loud or not I'm consumer drive right in the delay money enemy who like. Okay Graham so off he goes to the private area with these girls and I go outside call my wife and did you tell her like look. I've been kidnapped by and I would say the ticket team game. This is where I am this is what transpired this and she's how. Howling with laughter. Yeah and at this point I'm like I only know his first name but every one knows who he is her foot and out ever want to Wear you out about this guy. I have no idea who used it at this point are you diesel too afraid to ask. I probably would have been legal problem I mean anybody no real hatred and I don't know where he was trying to get you dig it turned on I'd played unplug Mary years back. Top but he was like it's my momma rose killer he's Italian you wish. Yeah more sort of friends finish at this point. But I have no clue who we hit us we're just maybe one day travel we're getting on so all you is it man at one point. And Sheffield actions the but I think it's all okay. I know we have pointed gnome VA Haitian and his wife was no really angry and he was it just could divorce me I don't care divorced we click and we're sick at the bar. How am home he startup problems with the children photos I don't know dude that's dirty pool the kids on the phone that some threat of arbitrary music men each you know she's not gonna divorce and Allen probably closure in a great father and you love your candidates. And he stopped dead in his tracks paused like throws. And just looked me dead neon like whoa. And there was a moment and these like. We then that. And it goes on ever more rich fat guy. Sam Lola knows I mean do people not saying nice things to you broke what who got your back. I don't know of anything anyone does exist I'd had a. Nobody in the NFL where I've gone out even. Even buying a round of drinks myself and them and they all like every time it's ever happened is take bra or Dubai and you know film. I know that your weight rich and I'm not but as a man. Luckily buy my drinks all night like it's just your my friend and I don't but I I'll pay for our meal one and you say I had done it before and it just like. It's like if Luke Wilson and Graham nineties not this. But I. Good that will we hang out and an Andy's take. Intel essentially has been music do you ever won tickets to a game economic men if I hate to give us someone else sees it putting me much about the hot. Bug you my friend I'm not I got my UIUI music what music do the banks yes you can but thanks it's really cool they you know I've never won of. I've shared this story would yet you know bunch might end up immediately did you get photos when not home no way. Right at and glassy and he is ice in the photo to someone and then they put it on marriage to grammar on their FaceBook you know there is out on the town. Can't hurt yeah did you get to him. And it's just an ad that's I got an nfl.com. Absolutely no white or you know luggage is autograph now. I was there to keep him safe commuter ride man I was there to. We're getting Hoover receipt you mess sign. Yeah it's. Anyway were at the does the strip club zinc what time in her eyes as the I'm happy getting ready eighty maybe did you ours is crazed I talk to Tony for about 45 minutes. Outside. The manager came out he came and he he's asking for you he seemed worried that you can email gonna leave him. Oddly eat you better get in here a month old baby I gotta go of course she's laughing yeah neat yeah he's looking. I don't do you and you know I don't know how could I would last until I just told me I only knew his first union. So I get back you music row or be minimal amounts I don't know why I respect I'd look at Leonardo I'm not real phenomenon. Other aspects that even though he's denied any community so why aren't excited to go to strip club goes dad at this point. He he has a lot of cash that has to be four inches. And he peels chunk of it off each tier men and girls don't do you give him this and he hands me this want Cashman thanks broke. Which because I'm a poor person unfold in half and immediately put in my breast shirt pocket throughout. That's where that goes yeah inaugural walks up to me and say hi good fit yeah. So well. It gets funny or so he's you give good good good job informally minimum blasting him are you having fun I'm just glad to be out man I just needed to cut loose I respect that Rada. There. That's. So off he goes again. I hit this boy. A couple of these girls and their cover all like hey so. You know are you OK look I'm totally fine I'm just here to make sure that that he safe and had fun or call yet we and we he's he's sweet you know but so make sure you're doing all right I'm. And how did you meet him Mike. And I don't know where driver I picked him up he was hammered it we we went to a bar at some shots he wanted to come here I'm just trying to take care of them. Oh that's so sweet I'm like yeah I'm just trying to do the honorable thing he gave me hundred dollar bill orally or not. Out of principal owner let's go live dances studio built all of you know a little also new are they straight up I think yeah. Point because there was realized there was an 85 guys in this place what might it does try to Friday night you are dead for Fred there's like five guys are. Fifteen the girls that's. Our men so they were straight minutes is that you know strip club I assume on Friday night I was very positive maybe QAM when it was hammered but also private approach it was it to they have right now all right so it was a total close to home the girls were literally Columbine like. You okay yeah you know he's you need you banging you good we can get abuse and it is injuries and so sweet you're taking care now much act. Appreciated because he's a nice Fella he just hours behind us one you know can I just want to go home do you know it. So that was kind of a point of humor me. Then coliseum that call and others are so many wondered Beatles historian abnormal long enough a while trying to draw to a close with. I got called up my stripper from staged as I was sitting in the Bakalar open and there was a go all the main stage and I got my phone went off as my wife she's a what's happening now on I'm like I'm just chill on here. Really kind of which I was at home with you but right all good and you know he's he's got a bunch of cash almond and make him a little more money denying a gap. It's worth it we need the money actually you know and then also lenders become the music is gone. And I hear this can you put your I don't know any. And I looked up the girl do with fit them onstage. It's dare I bet me home auto and light. I just got a smile and nodded real slow like yeah picture and and then she waves like the angst. I'll I'll I am very rare man. I don't think the illusion. Good they are both gone on the fourth well and you're out of the way down suddenly the plays stopped him one of the problems that can you protect cigarette out. How early like that. And like I'm Kim Julie aware of all the drunken creeps in the rheumatoid you do you just ruined my arms to her slapping and you got it. I'm assuming that you'll I don't want you made it we're glad I should let the thought I was feeling earns some thing you know would have like hey I'm in my white yeah pond. Fish you have the ruling is on the phone's not pop up I give your phones on the tape it all down in my lap there was one animal know what you're doing so. In that so that happened which I thought was really pretty funny yeah now my patience for this whole scenario is their underwear who think stern the U so put that. Point my voice comes back pay and you know what GMA do you need it I'm getting goes up to the front of the stage he sits down he's read the from the stage. And I swear to god he's basically you're staring at the floor he's he's really really not common sense and there's a girl onstage dancing in a bulk. Every. Many. Without looking up he would just take a huge wad of cash and throw it and via. But. He's. Lawrence heads vomiting. And a lot of this and no wonder some days I'm like comic cheeses nice and I got to keep him out here on plus. They are monies are only if I came out here now. Maybe you give some of that to me. And he's grown so much money that when these girls get done doing your main stage dances they have to get a little plastic basket and come up to gather all discounted cash they have Easter basket yeah. So all too little holes like one has come to my new friend home to. Jesus Christ he's throwing all that money right and I am hurt and I mean he. I am hurt and I am not a rich person. And he is Czech and that opened the anchor. God then what he gets the car you go back he didn't want to give you all that money give it back so I. I I walk kinda out around this area and in to the front area worries that like it's the weight rooms laid out. And it literally she's there and Duncan does you know just as his belt buckle he no he's not looking up. And I put my hands on the shoulders McCain meant and he looks at least she's means baseless and she gave if you don't believe Gloria completely. Film and I'm like. Are are you good bros sit down sit down we're doing miss I miss our sit down my many am like manner are you go to looking for the. Take me out here give me out of here because his body language indicated. That you check out he shut down he was a man. Is it did keep girls do whatever you want to and I think I judge you judge you like our brother then I'm up I'm you know married and it's this isn't seen. And he's like man I respect that and now my dad did that add to you've heard that before this is a might want us thanks to simulate honestly don't. Com a look at a lovable film stars and I'm indeed it's all good but. All all the strippers there was only one that I thought was actually really operate out of work cute and half neighbor but there was one that I thought was really hot. And she was up there on stage dancing and economic and then she's beautiful and I started looking at her eyes. And the look in her eyes and the look on her face didn't mean it wasn't hot now it was often said yeah. I was like cannot fifties if I was nineteen media wouldn't even notice I'd be sitting here with a you know a a massive erection. But this is policy guide me right now this close there Matt almost in this is depressing this whole scene is depressing he scrolls a wanna be here. That girl looks miserable news this is not cool this work. This is a blower all I don't drink more jacked and stick and so I got my head space anyway and I couldn't game it's at that point. I go out a fund manager again and really to am abridging the hell out of this believe it or not there's so much detail loose hold him think. Good and I grab the manager and only came in look can you can commend we've yet so what I found out. I found out that all the money he had denied she earlier in this this is where begin to feel bad person he had taken all of that and turned it into one's. Which is why he had that twelve inch stack of cash which was throwing up in the air. Which meant there was no more money for me. I've now put in a not a good four and a half hours law. You know for the sake of my comic well be yeah. And I hit my limit. I wanna go home and wanna hold my wife hole if you don't ever go hole I love football all right let me read that sort of thing. Killed before you. A you gotta be that went out Sunday and I am. We deadbeat deadbeat dad well happy 10 would kill to be party with the sky followed saying it was Jimmy Page yourself then yeah I'm outcome of the old told dawn. But I don't. Care a right not simply carry out yet to mean he's just this guy that and trying to keep safe. And and protect if that makes cents. So now go to the management can look. Can't hit my limit. If I split when you give him a car when you make sure he's safe for guys like you I promise you well what I'm not hidden I'm not kidding. You get promised me man you know is and didn't he doesn't ago he's here for the hall he's party and yet it's promised to give him. Home safe as it did you work Michael cut. So we think the party with celebrities like that yeah. What it would appear something then I came elder my generals sitting on the bench as a super socialists and eventually saw me. And they'll kind of pointed like you are we don't we're looking forward he's over there they knew I was basically watching him yet. But we do not believe me I dude I'm not going anywhere that whole thing happens again. Now he's trying to use this group credit cards to get more cash yes it did only more cash to give you musical calendar credits and all I don't know. Now you know at that point good night for the ladies he would tell you we grieve grams old Michele headlock saying it matter I I. And then he's exhibited these girls are gonna party it is you down. Mike burlap. You know is that I'll kind of we're gonna head or all night when a party reading this and here's the plan amble along. Which I'll tell you what the plan is not on Mike problem. And I soon and I said bro you know a counseling to home wife man yeah you know you you would you need you we run home music. Our man just go just go just go there and just go big hug any watered off. I turn it apparently still at the club and my turn to the manager and our life. General you've gone and you've gone and music a promise you owe him Carly at home safely argued and it was like wily coyote I was out there there's a little dust. Well yeah. I got my card room mom called my wife does I'm scared in thirty seconds into the where's the fat you know I don't. Yeah whenever anybody hit the edge of the parking lot in its construction zone I'm not blind you know right at the edge of the parking lot was construction for the streak. And I got to it and there's this this kid he looks like he's been stand there for for a month without food or water to try joint fight club yeah I mean. And he rotates assigned to stop position and I'm like the new world. All I've got my wife from phone Electra in the sun tour and the sun oh my god you have familiar term assignment staring in the rearview mirror to see him coming. Are and what do you see the door of his triple burst open to show that you would lead you know and now he's taken the windows out of my OR. And then who picks the windows out your caught general. No I don't I don't. Married dude it was the longest two minutes of my life yeah before that kid rotated sign. And I don't know that I was out there I was gone technical my good friends no Mike I just got kidnapped by a blob of line. Everyone alum do you did you get pictures of him autograph did you get his numbers he can party with a began alleged that I don't want to part with him all night you know it's I did it it's does all the fans of this particular team I apologize for. It's open and don't care man but I eat. There peddled yeah. I don't want the hassle that guy ordered a matter of the members of birdies out under the do this I don't know this is the ultimate thing. Chances are our paths will never cross again all for sure what my hope is that the dew because this is what I want more than anything else. A one and look at me with that look like me and I know you from somewhere somewhere and then just walk right on by yeah. Really familiar. I know right. You might have the same I'm familiar face if you want to violent video you married throughout the fifth and he had and I respect that there could be more than. Hey man that was really cool any of that if you would just seen you somewhere and make a weird puzzled face and keep renal walker Monica. I got from somewhere look at the crowd would be out so hilarious if you could guarantee respect I I I know that idea that I don't know how but I know that you didn't that that would kill me so that's hopefully that was entertaining for every I was very there is a bad name and number should look on your Hoover again would you take the call. Well it was his why yes I dom. Well I got home a sickle my god what if this what that Tonys that no one's gonna contacted zealously and I you know yeah what part maybe that the wife and I can't radio what did you do where did you go kids packed up and then all atmosphere it's like yeah. The old don't you leave me was such an ongoing thing that I have liked survivor's guilt to now and I'm like a hole like let's get through it. They are not allowed to learn on solid you apply your could have told you to go much he's gonna remember that. You've got a ME if you remember anything it's going to be don't leave me over here through that they're a credible so that's. That's. That really is censored it's pretty centered has absolutely. At Wilma and make some beeps he was not a nice guy I guess my church and no pertinent information. A nice nice guy he had no idea where he was and that that was my adventure man I was I was kidnapped girl. It was 38 bucks in one in my breast pocket. Arms so I made 138 off of them I. I. And I. And it was funny how strippers on me like 500 of peace salty about it my wife was like you know where's that money it's I gave her she counted actually cabbage you watched your day so. And yeah. Yeah so she's at an announced thirty stripper money candidate was. I was bluffing I was having Tony woods went for the drive when she was out front waiting for me my bad cracking up laughing. She had all this dude steps up on the phone that does is you run with moto and his team pendant that well and I asked. Yes so you know we left her and I laughed about an hour about that whole misadventure in the new into the hole you know I abandon and one of my phone rings oh my god isn't planned. You're never gonna hear from the east. You've got better and it's over Erica does so that's a phenomenal that's the story guys that I thought well I created there thanks for stories on my manager at all right well we have pop on out here exhibited the use of room for for some special stuff going on with the men drew but hey that's. Thank you guys also lobbed items are prepping going to be interviewing Alice in Chains for being following. Tract by tract by tract album release show its good to leave the young kids W on Thursday night rat yes so we need with the boys now some teams go through the entire record Rainier fog. Which is awesome I've gone and it would did you hear it man. It's it's funny to my wife even said and I agree. It's the minute you hear that album it's quintessential thousands names but somehow it sounds different than anything else they've done until we do know I mean like it's. It's not like could be had they never rehashed with that sounded just under deny a lousy team itself. Read a front comes up this Friday to be a pain in the grass and Saturday. Also playing a team regressed bruiser Brody an early run at 130 doors open at once so carrier adds America really really closed the gate. And then Glen and I know we jam with the bank of Stone Temple Pilots so would be awesome all right so we'll see this weekend hopefully Jane thank you for joining us. And as always stay positive and take care of your knees.