MigsCast 08/29/17 "Bruiser Brody!"

Tuesday, August 29th

This week we made Wyatt Olney of Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage host the MigsCast, as Rev is on vacation…and we had Glenn, JT, Travis, and Steve from Bruiser Brody on the show.  Bruiser Brody is in the middle of recording at Robert Lang Studios, and we chat about that experience…as well as a story about how Wyatt was handcuffed and in the back of a cop car just last week!


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The president made of stronger stuff than we do I don't even know either I just run on fumes. I don't so used to it now and download them hell yeah let's Reitman and how much Dell's total robo coffee Soledad is at. Did. You OS it's. Liberated Iraq you're there's a way to start airing on radio lift up a truck. Red boy. I thought that over the envelope yeah I got a lot of talking over the whole insurance at Villanova we believe he did you. We were were hurting why you why hello and I. You always doing it awaited return and I pop pop culture where this is a keeper this good keeper on the Houston is going to be a giant cluster have to run. And why did. I pop pop pop up from. You really don't know why this is nothing really violent all of a sudden they're exactly that so I hope is that this is. The mix cast I'm not Steve may decide kidnap your usual host however I am here. With four of the five members of Seattle super group Bruce Brody Herat. But I don't know it is yet what kind of OK are you won't miss a play that back for her club and you're Y and it job I can't let you heard that hey I have had to literally on importer and now open panel tonight actually unemployed I what did you do recruit from but I do we get unemployed uh oh. Did you talk to determine if it means they didn't come on certain yet what do you ask don't. You know small companies poor decisions at that and that's that's the best high commissioner man I know I guess he's not here but it's funny it's just Canas analysts won't McCain's turn is invited advised him just not to say anything representing an unknown disclosure. Exactly did it yeah I. I actually kept an open or else there was years and who knows I'm still in Tel com but there were moving officer around in there are HR director was really really cool chick named Trisha. Gentler stuff boxed up her office. And she labeled the stuff from this one box said Tricia rose box solid zone dice summit buddy Sean take a photo would be juiced with my tong fully just licking the side of that. And I emailed to everyone in the company should. That they don't do it removes cozy like. Genius like you know even got mad man he would treasure was like oh my god I'll never leave the same way again only if we dinner maybe we could get. How does that picture is circulated. WTI communications for some time ago really weird when you into the kitchen you saw not too Reese's cookies. And I'm not an. I'm not saying who marches tacos here okay he's he's gonna have to Gene Simmons and cookies and sent it to. Well why who's here man oh we don't we reserve Brody yeah actually we are you're doing a terrible job horrible I ultimate awful host hair club manager often. We're joined by drummer Steve me because you may know him from Peter Parker gas and other do things. I'm Kevin from window paying that there and the new originals. Mr. Travis brat she Barack. Is there. OK. Okay. The way I'm Rory and I was like oh here we go home feeling confident this guy. I am now dollars a you know what a good also go on YouTube find interviews to find out how the man's value or not only would we are totally dark and you're you're taking notes on this guy around that's. And and GT Phillips from week to many damn balanced GT pilot senators and I. I don't Jae Kuk Tyler I have my own Pilar I guess the witness who will you give me a list of what brands and your Immelt has the skills I can't fault them if if I can if I can remember the mall. Back leveraging Jayme never skied terrifies. Out shined yeah bruiser Brody Glenn cannons bar stool profits. Here with me in the Al Lungren QB and yeah. Yeah Plame yeah I think that'd that's what I remember it's almost like that in the music or something it's like I enjoy that situation. And there's a significant other. Think he has my beautiful better have Linda thank you for putting up with me and all the times that I'm out making noise. Kristy did do it be forgotten who you are should never sees you. Matt should be decided who is this JT got a keeps chipping my name on the radio. Who's what's his beard I don't remember you with appeared. And it and it looked good notes because I just you got an edge I think Glenn are about the elements that might remember me without a beard. I saw a picture like this morning and scared but it isn't the president has had. What's so last night we spent all day. All night. The tracking and recording or Robert Lang studios and and why it was so nice to be a part of it also which is really really cool drinks and let me hang out goes would be absolutely style thanks reshoot all the videos and capturing the bank and knows I'm a huge solid thanks there'll be big dirty things coming before we get to that dynamic of one reason why I was coming into the white head and are running with the Pope poll last week and I'm Soledad S territory using these. Sir I believe that's the single letter yeah hollow monologues on how okay is a so far what we've learned about why is that he's unemployed yeah. I had a run in with the Pope welcome and here's all you can send any can't pronouncing names right zero shoulder troubles and adding that's for strikes on the but so I idea. I've become the Zagreb and the lamb and abroad that's good hearted attitude oh it is now for. Time meter man we really like we threw him under the bus for almost a month over he was like hey if you play the song Obama gets started let's. And then we wrote it for multiple winners are Dixon Polyone Maurice comes in with just all this is so much. There are organizing with a lot of unemployed ex convict Jeremy ware is a guy gonna find the casual that's ten infopath. Social life that problem given the chance to ask you ever had a good. No I didn't go ahead it's your turn to talk now. Yeah if I love travels already have and the duke who like to do whatever I am yeah out alleged it's like if not I figured you would enjoy this so I've been finishing vocal spy on our record which are. Which is done now. She grabbed it operates CD release show yeah to be a mix faster migs October 14 numerous studio 730 as the Brody rather they gave you know yet and why it played some traction issued it's really coming together it's killer sounds amazing view I can we normally under the salary that one's on oh it's there now I want hasn't had an agent say definitely going to be like. It's. That's not taking okay. So it's I never wanna sing again after after this last local session but. There are these new real cola cough drops the bit formalities before we get that we do have our audio from might have coming your record. I bet I don't and they want you to. Yeah. Do you chat doing the shaft we just to bleeped out. No no no that's fine jabs and I'm malware to pass and it's it's. Not many. She's excited for the record now. So visa. These newer cola cough drops break open and the senators Phil lupus whites. That's an art to powder her new lemon zest stuff. And I hadn't paid attention the fact that Willie had sat on the bad. Broken a bunch of them so there was a bunch of white powder on my. My a passenger seat. So I didn't pulled over the other to act well did you pull over some domes are gone pop pop for going five over says you're forty and 35 on officer prevalent. Really what I lose I you know idea of the entire morning. There's cry about ten seconds look at just kind of want something on my laptop and been dubbed the realize that the keyboard on typing on is not my laptop and I just east of you I regarding its iron I'm working on my three hours of sleep I'm sorry why uber cool couldn't have those that are wonder why is that a weird edit wherever we live again you're back okay back up why are we getting strip searched as it happens when revenues in here I don't strip searched in an airport ones who script book and that's what you might want the whole let's start so why I had an incident with the police we'll start with that they yell okay cool that's all right. So I'm finishing recording locals on our new record which were stoked about but I never won a singing Dan back after the last few weeks of constant really hard singing. But to get through it I've been using these were cola cough drops they just came out with that are filled with this. White powder lemon zest stuff and I hadn't realized that my bass player Willie Nelson set on the bag broke open a few of them and got white powder all over my passenger seat. Which you know fell into the crease lined up a little bit more to really suspicious. Got popped for doing five over going 35 or forty in the third. Hullabaloo over Canada ridiculous CF job Lou yeah yeah that's great I assume it's because I had you know tattooed arm hanging out this. Doors something new and it's cool got a weird yeah there's nothing suspect about you pretty. Hope it's nothing at all that I great profile by security every job man do this bill to think. How much. I'm just go to the floor for no no hey here's where your all your better than anyone actually where's the Rocky Cherry here yet it gets stopped do you have oh in this place is ridiculously Fort Knox to get up here you don't have a hard enough I knew then gloved up on the yet which you know on the I'm always interest you to know new people but. Because I don't know I don't until my I don't mention my I walked in watched. It adds to the elevated him as like I know where you're going through radio. In the way the car army that was ahead child I could do the right as Hillary did they give you a card doesn't says of that now come here. No I don't get overlooked or refresh the math fourteen aren't just attack. I just look like her moment in the other but so. I did get a ticket for doing the give you take interest widow gets RS a company called back exactly the source of the office may over. Comes up to passenger side window ask for my insurance done you know fiddling with everything. And he notices the big lines powder that's all right on the passenger seat. The second son of a bitch is doing Coke Cuba and all he's doing his five miles over this mile and go. Oh I don't know if I've c'mon right you're legacies in Coke head you know exactly. But I simply cost me six me in the back of his car. For about 45 minutes with no way Acie Law the hottest day. As you like a dog oh yeah men for 45 minutes while the team comes to task what's on my seat. Our and I yacht and ended well you know wish green being. In blood prince that's good about it is that. Just try it we don't like it. You're really not helping your conduct must have got a big huge weekend Cathay yes well you know what it is. Fans. That did not help my cause. However after the 45 minutes dude gum comes back he was like. You knew you really shouldn't have suspicious substance also called laws and you say oh we're sorry no not at all and still give me 200 dollar ticket through my body or the read I started paying an extra sure funny but some might tabs did. It doesn't save you. Audition Hendrick cars are. Bottom line why it's not feeling the Pope though it was so you're always at. It was a state did at pocono area dailies bumper sticker on the back here tomorrow when I went home and immediately walked straight out of content. I storm. Remove these things don't go away like dogs that look this city is Seattle guys. Arm a really there to deal with actual situations but the staters the emotional console those guys are pretty much strictly there to write you citations and ruin your day. And that's from the mouth of a police officer. Arm yelling you would think if you put someone in the backseat. Do you have them pretty much cook from the inside out and you may Darren did a very visual because you just assume that day cocaine do you well you know what my dad. No take it. Have a good day out of the thing is the minute that he says I'm sorry he's admitted that he did something wrong yeah and legally why it could probably say yeah I was harassed I was so by not admitting that he did anything wrong he's probably getting himself off the hook even though it's early as he moved student. Yes there's a thing. Is that he's just a horrible human being but that is just my luck there a hidden life like this if something can play out that's hard to believe what's good dude they're cough drops get in the car it's it's likely throw in the we've been and you like I'm not crazy ruling adding also that but yeah I could go right of your students a cough drop yet shut upside and they kept and I well. I did take a photo I can show ever on later. Because it fell into the crease of the seat millennium you lie and very very. Does not think Willie did you think bully for oh so much. So home it's so hard it's your. Okay you went a perfect line. Okay used put it in the crevices of your seat anyway I don't let him and I sit on this and don't worry if you get pulled over just go it's just. That cell that didn't work so don't do that we've learned. 200 dollars but we're going five miles over the speed limits. Hands. 45 minutes who've. Of what boxer campaign here I mean. There we go back on a lot of weight room Jeff heck yeah it goes the way of learning go ahead and ask you why our text and log back and forth because they've got to have going to track on his record on. Just last week it's beautiful it was only a day or so later is like dude next time we're together. Ask me about my incident with the police and he's reply like oh do you really but I didn't even though I was curious I didn't see you dude what's up. Because they knew that I was gonna get the face talent why he Buick yup. So we tell you what went down here that is light years above what did you say like you know let me tell you about lemons and ask our leader and recently to the officer afforded that often my window he refused to apologize on why you make him at face a police on the plane back. I don't get I got a text from bright after it had entertainment if possible can I jump on the makes guest thinks we on the phone. I spent the last 45 minutes in the back of a cop car offices out just you'd enjoy the scored even and now they can. You can come in and we need to hear this ever yeah I think that we've vodafone's here that comments were out later this story. He is so as odd today makes desperate obviously all of a different rev his campaign so he says somewhere in time. He's actually in my trunk. But there are you glad you have moved to bring his neighbor van Allen down and had to behave as you can bag a lemon zest numbers. I'll hop. Large six. Read all that time stands and you feel a sense of remorse he admitted yes OK rides a post asked if they can ask these are JavaScript we have an assistant at a base you can say up to my aid it's about balance. Acts like to eat you can say what you've been addictive you can't say you got to say suck my. Yes yeah its it's identical rules it was just shows up somewhere that's when I got to believe just this is. On the federal gas where I blew a hole and you pull it out all or is that still I'm sorry I mean solicited build bird that's a good all right let's go Rogan talk to validate Bernie doesn't have credit effort and that's it dude yet they don't have answered and a com moyers I do my eye socket. Yeah I ISI and the whole thing now you're going to back of a cop car for 45 minutes and spend 200 dollars thanks to Travis near scrutinized for you'd ask him to join our band so. I'm not pleased I was that's not yet stated that the intercom players who agree he would take it out of view a lot worse. So yeah. Yeah. I'm still let you guess I'm easier than it was in order not minutes and 200 dollars and theater comebacks always get. So it's a little bit about numbers are pretty experienced because we are all of this can be assured a podcast job because we'll go back into the studio studio we got more stuff the finish but. As of last week when we left off. Through debris was a four piece that's right and since I had never been in the room together right now is also correct so before we even had our first practice that we already had a lineup changed into. I did your players and Glenn I mean you're the guy who who proposed this idea and I'm so glad you did but for those that are listening. On October 14 when we make our triumphant debut as a band or studio seven as part of migs fast. We are not having you were very leasing that's right it's Sunday you know you are cutting and an early life. Realize that you had spun up the the drug the demos a couple times of people already heard me singing wanna be song yes bombs so that all you all are mis cast fans kind of got a unique leg up in that way try to get on they got the hook up don't go there no it was a dollar item. Why is. So our last cast was after servings to such a blur amendment was after the the more Peter showing the croc show but. You know retired JT had a little to do with he might have been busy my mind and lateral collateral bridges I help like keep some wires down or something I dished showed up and smiled yeah because there's so Travis and I didn't look like lesions on doing a great job showing up in smiling by the way you sound like a triumphant success I thank you thank you. Yes. So we. For years literally then we run into each other once every fourth month at a show on I would Taiwan on on I don't know if you ever is Moses Miata and about in that way. OKC universe that can. But I don't know that's because it's not she is old sock and death and it's like. When you're at that point in it any duration they've finally filtered record on your heart and just wolf. Our runners leaving your just like bro bro bro do bro. There's no longer true and we had talked endlessly about you know I mean probably about 56 years like dude you would be really amazing to do a project with human fraud and I could literally just. You know focus on playing guitar and and sing in strong arm he's behind them. And we've talked about that forever and so the weekend of all the events that GT put together Thompson kind of hanging out pretty much all my with a crock and of course had that seem hammered conversation. On the of course we saw each other dump more in in you know traps blew the roof off the place with his performance in fact. I got a bootleg video of all I how. Well yeah for those who don't Travis what was good second coming releasing her second coming it was a post move on modern heroes yes and ended amid few other brands as well and now it's it it. The fact that when you've Texans have him Ameren they give him what do you think I might yeah go Astros at all Abby you know. We're we're getting ready to get together for the first time ever is a band Wednesday night so Tuesday everyone's kind of doing the homework and I. When I wrote these dunes or pull out of my had a through much of the box geneticist had not his other areas at a check ahead for a lot of us feel all the guitarist and then yeah. So when I wrote all the vocal lol these all the phrasing I just did those without a guitar my hands of the first a member of trying to sing and play him at the same time. And there are few that were challenging and it's the only thing I could handle the media those that did. Man this this would be dude and so the light bulb went off and I think it was the next day I was at work I have Stephen McMahon this is what I'm thinking and would you be down easily miss Indiana Michael Jeno that I respect let's reach out of guys who make sure everyone. Is excited about the idea which every single to actually knew. Yeah we do know maybe I need to be really good guy you make you know how to make a romantic interlude we JT and then things got weird and you now know that the Tuesday before our I was down in Portland. And Glenn calls me in a loving and visual he created there are some doubt about Pixar -- does Murray and Jackson both solo and Osama little this this guy that's why you called smooth guy because in near panic like. He'd beat beat him because just to meet like I'm I'm I'll give this is going to be good this could be good. I can you do this this really challenging pet and then he had the next day's act. What about this idea and now a dead that they called a travesty that is sweet potato. At a stake I told you work in the little the afternoon hours before our first practice hours before our first rehearsal yeah gas so it's like 0130. 2 o'clock in we're construction so I just so happened that we're pouring it was like come and just like the busiest we banned. On that job so we had a 42 meter pump truck concrete pump truck. One lane road and in him clock I'm trying to keep people from killing each other on the road some like. Kind of move in the trucks and whatever trying to get everything set up that I get because I get a text from Glen and he's like. Hey man now I've got some odd kamikaze insanity to run by youth. If I'm like it's exactly where it's at the top really good this is coming from G did just got to be good I'm all ears and hear how busy I have some like I text them back going guys again according to a missing calls me out. And then propose the idea idea now under site. What you can track the content. I caught it just obstruct the trojans up and I'm just like he dad that's going to be our summoned. OK well here's a catch. Practice is tonight. And heard a song and I think I'll send me the songs it's five tracks a seventy yet. And up practice tonight lineup we're gonna eleven hour day had day. It's finally got to go home take a shower jump in the Jeep and listen to those tracks on the way to practice. But straight up close that you were rehearsal the night the one he familiar with the demos and come down Sunday in terms like nominee I'll be there eight. I'm Regis trooper to upload a bottom up stuff I am right now all be there are much Judy show everyone else is not a minute with the easy a be Garrity did. Dedicate 1 thing is I am. Migs is Drummond. Just lay and Jeff Rouse is on base JT's in this Glenz in this I mean how can you turn that down immune system. At stats just. Yeah and have terminology are cool calm and that is he actually help I don't really to be eightieth. The day you are wrapper that for a second did so I was like you know why it. I'm usually hadn't for batted an 8 o'clock Tom go to Soto did you mean both gonna get 830s bedtime for real yeah we had we go to bed that driver side together yes I'm Owen in the death yeah. That's a real chemistry is not hallowed as I Marlboro like if I don't join this man I'm never gonna hear the end of it from Steve tonight all right he's gonna be up what crawls into bed since you should have read there are many choose those small. Usually good. Like roll over did at 5 o'clock shadows start to my next. Yeah. It's not my praise. Him. Well man like apple and I know the earlier another cup side here I. So weird world we live it with his great O'Grady real debate right about all of it though I'd go with. So you know you did set it all up everything's great we mention it as probably you guys have to other people like Ali I you know. Travis at MS in the wires and hate this is awesome Travis is actually get this thing would bruiser Brody and everybody's response very cynical wool is Glenn okay we can. My idea you have all I know I know old Glenn doesn't know yet I decided you didn't take his hand over. And screw up the line up and not running by glad that the actually Glen Murray said he you know he wrote the song. It's called me we haven't told Glen yet. And let him and he sent it to me I didn't respond with that because there was no last name it it was just Travis has been missing in this band I didn't know what Travis Hughes started and when it is always an out like a pretty. I'll even tell me Nana came hole anomaly Yang and so young trounced rots and I'm I'm really excited throws brought a lot of similar looks as you know trust us and come down from the man. And her head kind of went you know with a catchy little murder she went is not a good then and wanton. Why did you. You know. Until I talked to was that a whole you okay without like. And that was a funny responses like my actually first concern for us for Glenz feelings which are happening right dude come on our side yes I have been for you to listen to come close to. And so once once they realize that that was gonna make it. Is that Glenn all right yeah Glen came up with the idea huh. All awesome drivers for it amazing how exactly what did know what they share and how excited they were about that idea until they made sure they Glenn was okay would do a good testament depth. The both the guys was a testament to tell how easy disagree driven this industry is obviously immense monitors that's a no brainer so obviously people are gonna go there or just yankees and a cool. And I did the same thing America Lazarus like. The first thing I told them was like bro you know I got that. And took him aside as like Alvaro confessional you know I was like man I can't tell you how much it means community day you have that much humility. Two. Two to step aside on songs that you wrote yep and you are those the leader of your band in the singer in this and that. To have the humility to step beside me like you know what I just wanna do my thing only thrown up for whatever reason. And hand the reins over to your babies to another singer. These are the idea Raikkonen that Mia stratus I do my computer myself a patient screw things up again and and tinted to have the humility to hand that they keys over to your baby like that that speaks volumes about a person you don't find that in this denounced at all ever. So I was a site. You don't probes like toll might literary like even in the studio marathon are in practice I was like. EEE you do Glenz like you know hey man you're making your own change some words of change a blog about change this. And I'm just like no world you know I'm good I'm at a dude exactly the way you did it grow and sincerely. Just kind of grew legs on its own and then just kind of fair right and you know I mean it's just it's a really. Just gone back to my point of takes a lot of a lot of confidence in yourself but also humility to him did to. To give that up to give that spotlight up to. Or that area the stage a year used to. To somebody else and now account and there's really no other means for an hour I just thought about law would be cool that's always doing this document on March and now we all ramble. We're gonna make it from the pockets of ram links to other terms of what they're rarely loses that I did they are you know I've never done a podcast of course amused to the live deal. All might want to eat up too much time you know all I know the we go to Carson your own Ronaldo that gives credits or not. But that's you know I didn't thanks thanks for sale of other really in my heart my head it was and I told Tony this tomb like look at final there's and playing guitar and do what I always do to me is just another. Doug and one thing. I'm more like this is gonna make this so much more exciting and take it to another level. And so yes for me it wasn't even about you know I didn't thanks so much for saying on my brother I know I mean I rep I've already told yeah yeah a lot of I got some great out there everybody else understands how big of a deal but I guess I just thought. You know because you're you're you know you're right you know I've I did pour myself for these but for me a look at what's going to be best for the project what's going to be most exciting for the listener what's gonna be unique infraction and it was one of those things where that first rehearsal ones and I will get together like them. Let's see what country for an extreme right played together make we are just days away man. Studio and record it and never played a single note together that the band lit up and when Travis got ended his staying on mean the energy in the excitement in the room lights. You know some decision and getting goosebumps right now I'm talking about a man just. Raked in a moment it was lack of told him like six time just has a that was the best phone call made like a year that was yeah get a real look at tonight well this is this is a lot more special at all we're we anticipated to be special but a whole lot more stuck it to the next level man and I knew in my heart that it would end. You know so for me it was a no brainer it's like hey man do you your card at a better engine. Case you know I yell let's do that and now what was cool you know we're allowed about this morning like we. You know music do we broke FaceBook you know are cracking up but it was insane reason why I announced you know I bruiser Brody is going in the studio and with the lineup up involve on the very next day and I talked to Travis about four hours after I made that announcement the very next day I re analysis and hey you know we're gonna have Travis Brock come down from this thing and the response was just it's a testament to Travis. And his legacy in this town absolutely did not do the love and respect him. It went from wow that's cool too black. QL engine started tripping and honestly. When you guys get to hear this material and what Travis brought to what GT brought to what Steve brought to what Jeff brought to it com. It's more than any other swell. Yet have a you know the way I feel about it's like. I lay the concrete foundation you guys built the dam house that's really the way I feel more African revert our names PRI and everywhere you signatures and I go to demos were my guitar tracks to a click with my local and it was on a learning tool here's the the material what each guy came in and and did his thing and I mean I expected to be cool and fun it went. Wait pass and we are O'Connell consider what. Wow went from being a project to being a band yeah and the minute we're really excited and material I mean you know there there's one song called right before my eyes and I'd had that riff on CNN that we're for a long time bomb. I'd I'd try it out when to paint a couple times and just didn't fit didn't work at the time or whatever who saw Michelle for Gaza what was a really good opportunity to finally. Get that piece of music out there right and no idea what I was gonna do to it ski but this is wide open grooving drumbeat defend Joe Kraus had guns and after singling them both series all right all out all over they promise to base our man it just the song I was like. Doubt it. Yeah I watch movies and it's been very inappropriate to do that over someone's face but it's what you guys and anti that idea facial yes Susan Malaysia OK I felt a played decent man I wish people could see like. Mike did. With the limited time like if you saw the chronological. You know and then and if you heard like from demo version 21 practice the second practice and not a studio yeah. I mean that was Wednesday the all star we have been together for weeks. We haven't been together for a week I wanna we had a last night and I don't want to like him finish your first DP is gonna sell mocked let them get ahead I'm like already about you know Sasaki does song was on we do you know just. This is crossover potential. I can hear this and every sad part of a movie and her television show I mean yeah the marketing value of this song is disgusting. Furious about what their next second show going to be if we should do a good showing December all of a sudden became a band that made hey. As a musician you know you did I've never. Ever. Dealt with anything like that I mean how fast it was like oh we're going in the studio in three days did and I'm just like. Whoa but down like well I don't like that's kind of pressure I like you know where you where it's like you did balls to the wall everything all or nothing now that's my monster that's caused everything to and again you know I whether it be work whether -- music anything creative is when you you don't have a chance to over think it I think some everything and yeah maybe if we had chance over tickets of the more amazing that we don't know but got an instinctive guy and that's that that's the fun part about what we've created in I think people they're really didn't get captured there's excitement there's been it's all the energy and excitement is not over thinking these song. And I don't know are you thank you third third third obviously setting up says he. That the studio at the thing why I don't like we're never gonna pick out that we didn't have I saw our a moral to the store and then also not not bad not not not backing offer are pushing it off whenever psych and this is I had rented postponed Qaeda and I was what is it we're gonna be musical committed I don't know what I'm dubious arrays of wooden. For the very talented and you all right man hey it's they found that are not very fair or not. You know backing down premiere initial excitement. An energy also hunting season was able to work got a really good deal studio and I walk us tonight it's go time it's now or never Monday Internet that we get a solid deal heard. Well in the performances the Uga has put down yesterday were. Astonishing to be in that room I think it's a testament to how old season in professional and fantastically talented you guys are that you guys have been together less than a week like I don't know if everybody really gets the gravity of that like it takes. Most bands months to tighten up on assault. And did when you bring a new song and you're set you guys have in the UP worth material he has put together in a couple day as. And it was shocking listening to the four of you guys in the room and and Travis in the Booth. Even with some scratch parts going on. That it was fantastic and it sounds like you guys have played together for many thanks. Nightclubs are a lot of our listener and I will woo woo Libby here's a ruse an idea what why not just move play a clip them of people here what we've worked out O studio all over half ready well what are the and I do well here now so I got a zillion a billionaire Tony client as I've enjoyed hero if it out there don't we can always edit later yet. Oh that's right. Is our pitching off like you're deeper coffee. Travis gives you beautiful voice. No I I wanna copy I I I did. It's then yes I was about a little behind you play those studio Ross is a singer of leasing and scratch Robles I don't choke the life out mode. I want to analyze all of John's basic human remember I don't know what do you do what you don't look into the Pentagon is getting down. A lot of like I just wanna go all the incumbents like that it had a mug and you're not. I made I don't like being in the studio even after I did finals and and year in the boot are your neck control room. And they and they they isolate your vote in our home state and I know I don't turn settle you know model and good. But inside its new drivers that we aren't a good idea I don't worms that I almost didn't. Unless serious where you can find the ice so vocal and they call up your really your your performance and I never realized I did this is a singer until it's just a couple of records ago but I'll sing a big note. And then I let. What I guess whatever error Levin Alonso should be this. In the and you know beyond. And no way all of no physical that is good. Love right now is that you guys you're still on edge about what I was about to do that nobody has questioned what the hell did I just play good and some random followed by a lion you to. Offering a sucked somebody's deeper coffee. Hey I I without arguing that this is the bulls won't predict a woman importantly she's a Streep Oscar. And her song is well what's she like duty you in exchange for a cup of coffee and and adolescents and yet not you guys are like good food have been able to just think decompress and if you look at tour with a cup of coffee will you you get bloom -- maybe we need to go to Portland are we talking and dumber. I mean I don't know what I've got Salmonella takes attention now puts a finger and you know yeah already homeless youths might be a street musician. Industry something else street walker musician. Here is that so again a woman important in a gallon no names no doubt I trust to present street performer sings a bowler song about what shall be for copy that's the headline. But I'm okay. Take your black. It's like their. The donuts do. The question over a prudent. On everything very specific okay Dana and I and I think there's a lot of people that night echo Ohio and now on those big ones are pretty delusional I guess someone that does compromise my design through tonight Rudy cover songs even talking about throwing a couple covers an asset. We're talking my dizzy or no one of the strong contenders is a good one well you're the rest of it is about above routed Jonas is he wants and do. Time pound. It's. Somebody I knew my girl dad how are your life. Guy who's going is loving it. You know you don't love me this new and that's that's. And so you want to where we had a loaded gun and a couple copies she's so they get black then that's gonna YouTube and she'll have a deal and you know she'll beyond Allen next weekend touring with Justin Bieber always on YouTube -- -- and it's gotten -- -- is -- and -- at least to the commercials and you stand and you take a -- -- -- -- while the production value on the -- -- much greater -- the media. Let's -- 7800. -- so -- seventeen thumbs down how do you -- it comes down on that -- through -- feminists what's her -- how can we have them and you heard it on the pigs Casper it's all it says is I were I you I was out working downtown Portland when this lady pulled out her guitar and started singing. Shortly after I started to record and the rest is history. And of course the first thing it says I hey I sucked deeper stuff too that's the first comment fantastic. Going get her record deal. Dip below live torrid streak trash of course lived large street track. I think it's a good band name I'm just I throw it out there and to read her mom didn't like MMD maybe this attention nor would have been swallowed. G sets like Simon told I was brilliant though I like that. People on the Internet her heart and that's key points job hours who think about it. Easy to say some of your thoughts on the idea that keyboard cal I think she's awesome man I give her a hug and may be. Great offensive picture everywhere I'll own up so I don't know Birdie Putt I have added I don't know it's sort of like homeless woman like I was fourteenth. You set a hippie I'm picture and a cute little hippie chick was an Beason hang under pretty close on the end. Yes. Not necessarily who I'd want to give a couple coffee to war. Don't know which I've wedge in my unit right let little Merkin stocks and I don't happen. You're not you're not gonna have to bring about victory not only can ominous that the economy in this endured toil and oil skiffle. That's I am so happy to see the look on all of your faces after I played back that was one of my favorite moment that I look. Oh yeah no wait no no no did you. Because yesterday Danny was there and he was taken a lot of views do a lot of filming and Jeff. And I'm just like Breaux of these these filming like whether doing playback and I think I'm just out here he's passing the B. Then that's alternative he says video says for the final contents net and why it's gonna be output and get their music video for some are songs and so all that footage dead Danny took from our morning show Geneva is gonna be just dumped into Weis hands to use for all make it might be an error he heard a scratch both coasts so it's okay nobody knew his summer OK but that there's somewhere like dude I don't I don't I -- like my my voice is still trying to wake up GAAP. Well I don't try to do I get that trouble is first thing in the morning did it doesn't when we're doing that you're just a reference point for the band SA and I none of it's meant to be a keeper and right and you but I don't want it on film and if I some film and I was like. And that he's like. There are low. Freaking me out here that I could I would play the scene of the demos I I created a just the songs with the click and a vocal. Yes and then you tracked with his. All of it doesn't at all. That gap but that first morning music you don't with a demo announcer I don't know that in Lebanon and an amendment into Lebanon not to come of that tornado to press play yes it has just as assistant district at all. You have and how better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission I've I've view and that's why I do and ideas explain your views on legal. Smith yeah I totally uncommon while he's completely unexpected if you could firewall about the other during now spirit do it. Have a hard time. Take it back we get any new camera's film Travis coming across the desk it's OK let that's a new UK and left. First did you I don't judge you get those emails from JT. Yes. Boy dude yeah I yeah I cannot wait don't just coalescing before we get daddy you're so well you JT thank you. Semi all the rough mixes of our our recording session yes obviously some Morse beat ourselves that there ON. Vocal tracks but I heard did the ballot final news about the locals are are doing Travis is there you more tired or would that he really going to be three days I'm John Malone Travis playing Dmitry. There is an idea and a shot to dole and Aubrey over Robert I'll Audrey Audrey these aren't they limit Africa cup of coffee cup bronze when I was sucked him before this at all. I hope I'm out of questions have jolt when we go back to the that's why it's old won awards so 1 in the morning. It's only valid idea that I bought the pizza and I subsidy for coffee. What do zero judge. There's RG and told told me was our engineer in both tomorrow read our rob relying studios use props to Robert Lang Sears point and a phenomenal facility so yes so many weird nooks and crannies and rooms and places it was almost like on Winchester mansion in their did yes you're right that up but you're right just keep being built it but that's never darted. That is why your card make you will go back maybe ten years. Read our third record. And they'll be hey I hope so under the gun that with this timeline neutered our third third album of the next month yeah and weeks and hopefully more thoughts like QB for a cup of coffee were real yes how cool was not being Iran relying Aminu was and everybody's first time. It is fine there's my second time homer dynamite drop in host weighted mean nasty questions cumin is like inside edition studio doctor that I didn't like precautions stuffer band called to work we went back in the day and now look we need yet dark wheat that's also talked to find you some say if you smoke it do you get smarter. That happened. The only Kremer who just wants to block her path and she wants trickles. I thought it was a little songs off of the door we record they do about up a site deeper customer I'd never done full drums and man what a drummer. Didn't resist a beast of a drummer and I had a hot. That's too much warm but I had the greatest compliment. From our boy caddies who Travis is a drum tech in town has worked with Alice in Chains Jane's Addiction to Faith No More. The guy it became guy's a good friend of mine sweet guy always kind of world again came down just major my drum drink tune. Which I can't do wells that help speed up the process and any you semi at Texas morning just I kind of stopped me in my tracks is I've watched a lot of drummers you nailed it brother nice were truly you were hit US so hard that I had to rebuild your snare drum three times a lot that's true that's true true yeah I know I get rid of burger hello Glen on the floor the well lord you're indeed you're gone straight bottom on the yeah thank you. We are so far ahead of schedule that's emerged on yesterday's Aussie Steve really knocked it out of the park I mean with and want to take as stroke until. It can and we'll suck each other's deeper sorry I want I thought I was you know this all got thrown together and so I was asked that. I am done in the in the rehearsal space man com where I'm standing I was come on oneself wall with sort of you know Jeff to my left in the end you know Steve so I really couldn't hear. A lot of would GT was doing we're built we saw what we're gonna stick he's a mad science go to CNN world and again we're gonna I was on that that's and so am gonna set amounted to talk about that because I didn't I hadn't really gotten to hear his concept so. In fast forward us in the studio literally meet Stephen traps dishonest I don't. Oh June oh man oh wow and soon it just JT made just talk a little bit about how you outreach Solomon did all my producer though it dude about it. I played that. JT is just the quiet king. Yeah I was absolutely you know he's psychotic doesn't even a practice can barely hear his challenge yeah I just doing this day and do it. And then in the studio you know he just sits on the sidelines just kind of doesn't stand on her resume their tank. And he gets up dude and Stu great Jacqueline hide she is old news this is just okay we're gonna do another pass both Democrats and I got something else to another pass his plan like seventeen different parts for the same. Our race I want any car would just all unlocked auto and dignitaries are there one time and rail. Yeah we're we're all in all we were and Paul one way to blow my mind dude how have guitar will make no I think that's. There's Phnom had to do. Have good and it's going to be we're gonna work that's announced today that Syria can do that and then know that apart we were a sorry. I know existed you know with with everything that was laid down then you know all will be can do it justice pay pay any candidates. Sell add as many you know flavors as many things out there is possible that. We'll see you at that all happens in indexing but I've that's just throwing out ideas its contents. Yeah and you bring up mixing and that's the parlor and definitely touch on because still we got this awesome opportunity or go to Robert going studios we've had a great experience with the people that have been behind the scenes helping us with make in this from. EP and then Glen drops a bomb on us two days ago not thinks. That are more not be mixed at Robert willing studios are album is going to be mixed. Darden my good friend our good friend renal Liasson com this can mix a record foresees. Bob Pearl Jam. REM have a mess since meant seven fold system would now home mom he's kind of alive guy. He's Pearl Jam yeah why they've got like if you saw pro Jim toward the mean he was the audio supervisor for the if you saw us a smooth down our media and freedom concert Brett did the 51 surround mix for that he's a world class. You know mixer and facilitator of this kind of thing he's. He just finished mixing the upcoming Pearl Jam let's play two yes theatrical release moved the live concert and move movie step Brothers play out but thereof performance to shows every really feel the heat when you watch that the live sounds all that is is Albright he's done an incredible make sure he's going to mix. Our record he was does so you know I talked previous castle window panes in the process of getting our albums remastered and there are a couple PR sessions up there a couple small recalls he didn't so we are having that conversation. Of course why this time is Travis but it we've broken FaceBook with the news about Roger Brody and so here's a computer ask you to loosen up talk about god knows what. Women home as you're used to disrupt the pro champion rapture thing he's not a unanimous would you be interested makes music should go to instead it was just that simple and Mike. All man that'd be killer he's after the BP to be great and sounds fun. To my wife because I I popped out of accounts I saw that tax and like I don't. And on it will Buick school we all know like feet and whatever I actually giggled and he's. Only god he's so sweet and so grounded and just he's just a fantastic human being yeah. And so and then go you just. So finally a lot of good human beings aren't household products. Darling movie masters Hilton will take all of our fellow is and and make it into something magical and Australia well but you'll know create or mixes and then move move finds you wolf. Figure out were little slot to take somebody to mastered you are hoping is I mean I devour all if everything kind of works according to plan our hope will be to have a physical copy of of this EP for people to purchase that makes fast which is October 14 were fourteen yeah studio seven tickets are available now. I get I'm Spago in the studio seven that US is click on the date click on all that stuff denied us. It's obviously how why only the wreckage window came banned apps and the last international. Which is going to amazing show really really cool and had to. The horizon national I think that come to town opening up for band in the next few days and trying get them to come in to record something if there if there are available to. They've had some bad luck recently on their towards I don't know really twice so far they're toward their cars they're their band is a broken into and stuff has been stolen. Like layoffs here or emerge here there can I had older song ideas and next record. This I hang out on their FaceBook pages yesterday they sort of picture or not San Francisco. Smash a window when their van. All they're your worst on. Somebody was Smart at the think hate is a bunch of homeless people right over there while we go in their tendency was going on. Go into the tend to want a homeless people all they're your resume there Lisa got a back and I about their mentality was not that like they were I mean you're upset obviously. But every time it was this is the master brother Brandon that we can't take care of the homeless. And help these people get whatever help they need. Mentally and financially that they they wouldn't think tend to break into somebody's van and steal their stuff let's say they went I do respect that can. I would have been like no one's gonna miss this guy. Right and ride it because they don't put. He stole my let's Paul no one's economists and no one's gonna notice his boy Brad I. Didn't act more yeah I mean every sort of people would say that I got a good body isn't like it's has obviously been a check. I I'd just you steal my stuff it took me my whole life to earn that stuff blood sweat and tears you steal from me. And then go I would play this well he's doing here. How do you get. Off. Do you think this trickle noticeably got to bury him in Portland to that the country should there be imply but I would I would usually say in the desert but I mean I feel like show you some come into the navigating murder until I know I have been always good you would feel from well like that there's a special place in. Hell for people with steel from musicians. Really really believe that Obama arc is what it is is you're stealing something that someone has poured their heart and soul went foolish to say it's a guitar for example. It's almost like an appendage Steve express himself through this in it depending on the instrument. Who knows what they had to go through to earn the money to Dubai I mean personally instruments are worth point five to 3500 bucks apiece and a rich guy. So imagine the journey took from me to get there and you're gonna steal it in Minnesota pawnshop for our box but maybe a hundred bucks just to not take it so that that that's the that they limit for me is these cats are rip off a less Paul self fifty bucks to get hit. Yeah like brother I'm sorry you were Jones and I truly am but do you have any idea what you just did to. And it's iron I mean it's a Bobby is it let's just say look monkeys to marry you by the insurance they cover at all sometimes Amazon minister makes about them the story behind like if someone took that red drum set that I played pause all right here and it ideally we talked about something like native -- at academic kid they get set up a Mike know like there's. There's something special there's a connection to that instrument that makes me want to. I was I was talking guitars with Jeff unity at the studio and I kind of total mystery to argue that all -- Arianna and -- President Bush gigahertz and I heard from her room two lab rat they're nerds of all yeah Ali Zardari I can go deep down that -- that that -- strap that I have most homecoming -- behind that -- beautiful all of -- quite seventy strap that was my main -- -- many years and I was late for a flight out of Pittsburgh on the -- checked it and I never sought again. Gone and I guarantee you want to pawn shop down those you know that occur check guys one had from the strip club that night or whatever but it's like now lady of what religion and animal aren't secure a second DNA and get yes but Jess Jess eyes got huge in his mouth fell open you like you're kidding me in a much and I never saw it again man and dependency on his face like. Oh my god that's. That's terrible that gets off hey Ian yeah I lost my diet and I don't curb check for many reasons and I'll never do it again they know what maybe soccer tickets when wanted to guys pressure me detective he's a you know just to make sure your stuff gets there it's always Smart to tell us. All right. All low. I looked at him I take in my bag I'm checking in in yeah we mean in my I'm not taping you man but I'm not gonna tip you to take I tip too much should I feel like everything that scenario I like it is not a tip charities job you know. Now somebody is usually why I bought that bag is what they expect that's like then yeah norm five bucks a Bethany said they gave you wanna make sure it gets there safely and I'm just look at them like well isn't that is part of the deal I heard employees as buying the ticket price I didn't realize that because I wanted to save myself ten extra steps. And to go inside that I got to pay you to make sure he gets inside others take it inside you app for. We eat now sometimes children flying alone yes just picture that scenario the caddie polls aren't in the moment put the kid in the cabin the caddies like so are announced on her to take leave you and make sure your kid gets the air force. I want my 100% success rate when people particularly over ten dollars us that's right there are new every moment of true running this. Give out of college nets. I say William viva take our chances and I we can get our life back. To keep the movement well let's let's let's wrap things up bobbed up man oh man has been a lot of fun Karl Brandt thank you I doubt I hope you guys had a good time it's been great. Do you you got a second for a little bit and X guess history yeah yeah. Just explain you know the the right girl. Ohio Illinois told then. Yes so years I don't know how many years ago but does occur one or two years you'll before it like prohibiting hero for you got on. I have put out a call to arms. Anybody who wants to bitch about anything called this number. And they get about the make test number and that's for sure that he voted on FaceBook and I swear to god and I'm resilient group. Value you get sent you can only does she sound hot to you can she sell this oh yeah I ask you don't want to listen listen. Rabbi. I swear you're absolutely right not to be proud I could try it appears that after that I feel like she calls almost every week or every other week to pitch. And then there was in the podcast bishop oh she should hear it because you know we're all infatuated with a voice she's a single that went nuts of the Diet Coke brand. Yeah I eighth and I think the same girl can is Bert so for a while after that after they put out a call to arms. We got like four or five different isles about and they are gonna tapered up she just stayed there. She's got a just got a complaint and a great days of the votes are coming that the makes guest FaceBook page and everyone plays his own like I just can't stand that woman. Yeah all okay. Trigger a better man right annuities and not go right now that I am visibly react right now. He's meant rising. The very active. Then amazing Internet pass there was a Karros wrap things up must get on out here I don't know what I think he should do is I think you really should play demo. Bill yet. Okay let me put up I wrote it I mean are you guys OK what I do a grant through dinner the look out you don't artist graduate I heard you heard my vote goes I'm doing my vote on everything sounds awesome premise seems comfortable Manchester became a JT didn't look happy about this. He smiley just gets you to the beard brown okay. I want yours them the first doesn't really does go according to go right Brody it through which debuted with Travis on vocal. Yeah yeah. Really America and I can take it brought to your flag pin sheet it's sort of tell me. Okay let's not allowed gonna stand. You don't have call. Because it's. A good actress hit it was. Time com. Bring the hi all in the mouse will leave you that. Today and that Everyman loves. To give someone to my secret from top market the path that no I didn't madame de hey Amanda good idea thank you guys are listening as always to the mix jazz and out burger wrote me. Back in the studio today I I would imagine Odeo and if not next week maybe the following week we will have a lot of stuff stuff that mixed and mastered for people a year and as soon as we get it we will absolutely play some of the tracks. Further makes gas listeners how we we have to debut on here oh yeah he's been at this for you will be signed. Yeah I notice not to dwell time line beyond I think epic records outside waiting that's another few thoughts are gonna cast a ton of him some of the bands yeah and it says it got exciting. Well anyways yes hopefully next week if not the following week wasn't enough for you to play but don't forget about makes faster October 14. Studio seven. He got bruiser Brody star names are Ben Ben hats they got the big CD release show for why only in the racquets. They're window came possibly a remastered release show for them. And also the last international hopefully nobody steals or year before the show here in Seattle. It's so next time hope to get tickets at studio seven dot US October 14 when he won enough. Hope we will see you guys there's gonna be an awesome night of music stayed positive let's get some coffee.