MigsCast 09/05/17 "Just 2 Dollars!"

Tuesday, September 5th

This week we recap Rev’s vacation, and the crap show that happened when he returned.  Glenn gives a passionate plea for our listeners to help his buddy Dogger get an all ages venue built (https://www.gofundme.com/doggersallagesvenue), and we attempt to check out our messages!


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That was me I think it's true that was me. I had really hits as step daughter's 120. Okay stepdaughter. But I'm never metal and they aren't made that's not tell us where it's okay we're going to have my guarantee that it lowered down. Plus did I won't kid you look I don't know that as you ever look back lab. Big horn here real smoothly and why hosts the show I'm sure there when you're done why. Yeah well we get through the Brody in studio last time I. Video OK and why it was coming insurer story about how he got arrested for having Coke in his car that wasn't Cokie was actually a recall off. With some kind of powder on it Florida sorry polarized that now that we're going to go back to what you wanna do you man of god. Or alive now on to a wide since the rescue crews that are going to be in the studio with us is bruiser Brody. I really missing the host duties I don't know you host an act is the member half hour dinner NN that's like five seconds and I took over and I control. I think he admitted you mispronounce Travis is last yeah he was like you're done now what I'm going to come into the company did post that sex and find out how to pronounce the guest named sir yeah. I don't get ready terrorism we decided pounced on it or it may be just say well look he's friends of those you take such a pounding can throw up. It and he likes it. PA it is gives us Jacob we give him my vote because out of electrocuted by a stripper one badly in left field is gonna quit coming back you know you've made this. We usually get in Dixon Mickey had so we'll at Nextel would bring a man who quiet here mosques and immaculate. Next semi comfortable by Dick's death yeah yeah OK okay this X I'm now predict we we love him we're just aren't audited Italian and look at as always a good plug for white only in Iraq it out part of big fat they're new record will be dropping at new incest and I've heard some of the tracks and they are really really cool man. Everything's exciting about this big stress thing I ran into a are involved several people at the guns and Rosie show that song about a a camera and names on Saturday they stop me as were running to go see job bow boil blood and we were but now they. How I was royal bloodlines with a grain of her there and kill credible and my wife not a big Guns 'N Roses and she likes them but I think after that show she's now Guns 'N Roses Santas are that good but. She remorse set busing here on Jones and royal blood yeah so we got there attend CA Ron Jones memory Greg quick bite never had MC royal blood they just started and and these two awesome dues like a slow rock bruiser Brody were goal and big says a second coming off. Now now my arm I wanna talk these guys I know and about my head I'm like this conversation could go for awhile. Aaron how long Bruce royal blood is playing so I did not won a pole. That kind of a thing where my wife of mr. as a pilot guys and so sorry but. We're gonna go watch is banned and no I don't own problems have fun and and as really tonight regarding Hazel Mae especially crap you're talking guy I have a great putt and ran to a lot of people aren't really did about. A scene may access because of all the bands that are playing MP. And they they've really talked earlier at about bruiser Brody in the sense that rule had we didn't realize and at the that we knew deep talent that is too abstract you know I mean are Brock. I don't think get the job as rotten. That I was brought to try to try to rob a sandwich and nationalize it he's never corrected me and he's a series you really polite which he is a organs. Tell us again why it rather quickly we go to matched your guess is perhaps a better life. Like candies right travesty and I think. These guys are big second coming fans and they were excited that Travis is doing something again and I know they JT. From Bruce a birdie and also you know Covert dangerous but he got stopped by somebody does randomly I think while he was out campaigning. And they said hey. Aren't you would Brewster and her yeah heart could put the pins and get the lessons you weeks. Really get him Brenda tried to get out of town and he got accosted by a bruiser Brody fan right. Yeah we're we're not trouble you guys. Need T shirts you know this re all like that happen at any surgery Bruton if everything goes according to plan we will have our debut EP available for sells a warm up. It's not only be white only in the wreckage is a debut on our second CD release party. It's also potentially going to mode should be also bruise or birdies BP really party all goes to plan. And I it's as you well now be mixed now on the mixing laws started this past Friday an abrupt pull them files but sobre daughters from Pearl Jam yeah. Hello World and are you a little bit about seven though old yeah I do indeed some of this stuff and Mike are deploying rev my motor waiting for you to get here I'm just tying him with all the stuff that's been happening while he was off. I yell so when we we don't busy. I can't help. Full on band bruiser Brody is. Destiny it's it's a super group the live literally is a soup like it hey everything is just coming to her wish and I it's like it's just divine. Like everything's just falling into place perfectly and it's it's it's my boy just being on the other watching this happened yeah. Starting off as you guys just BS seeing. And upon I get asked again now why what I had said Peter Stephen had been talk confer. It was kind of when I when I called Travis and explain what you Stephen Simon talk on for four or five years Lydia Marie Simpson original since she's sort of clarity new yeah and could create always jam whenever when us went for like a smoke break or some yen and Steve and I just like. I've written to junket or something and he knew it insignia and we know you and I are really on the same page and all these songs you know songs in the middle who became. We need to you know Steve was just Jones and go play eight draw is really play drums in earnest again. And arm and I was gonna outlets started and then literally it was here during one of the pond can I suite and the cash is it all the way men not talked to Judy Phillips and Jeff Krauss Lisa they were down yet and I was like. Oh god we owed it yeah I got it was what tell you what Steve well all right some sultans it and man I didn't and the mishap. And that we were like hey we need to get together and ever owns a day habit obviously everyone's schedules are nuts so then me being Justine same person I am like you know the best way to get people to gather is to create something that makes them have to get together. So I books and studio time I have doughnuts and got real real quick GAAP. I had the bruiser Brody mean it was you know there was a true photo color eyes of a Japanese World War II pilot tying his gap rising sun had ban on. And it's a bruiser Brody kamikaze yeah and I am so not me like are you sure you don't wanna postponed till September. Yeah. Well. Yeah studio time we got the talent and we're gonna make it happen and it's been such an incredible ride so again may express October 14 this is where you'll finally get the CS and what I'd out of any of us realize that we wanted Travis selflessly to play in the span because he's an incredible dude first and foremost that's like the most important thing with what we're doing is just good people. Surrounding a social good. Layne Staley tribute I mean you have to talk to lose dudes over Saddam over to gorge and they were saying Travis is performance was just tearing doodle it was. Well from my guess when you're young cat he's go a long standing you know he it'll only history was cut down those guys on a personal level and were friends. So you know he's feeling all in a way that we're not here a lot of that came across on stage in his performance was. Really powerful. That's a lot of kind of liking to be is you know Travis and I hung now. Often on the entire week and so come Tuesday when I'm trying to put together these Brody tunes that I haven't played in two months and one. Men should look at much like you and I Steve Travis and I had that same conversation for 45 years a man bridge the gap yet you immediate there would really cracks in schools today and so yeah that you know. And there. Here we are again and I hope we didn't need to factor in all the second coming print which all of there's a lot of there're there're people would have Travis is playing in the flying in from all over the country sometimes all over the globe arm causing the transplants can be onstage putrid tickets and and it's cool thing and that he's so humble and so grounded and Gina I'm gonna see the guys had a rough ride on the you know musically. So it was great to see human environment it was full loaf. Positive people and full encouragement literally he's like do you wrote he saw some two jewel and yet take a make him your season and an island. You know once you opened up a not comfortable with just feel like I have some video and stuff for just the vibe in the studio people bouncing up and down pumping their fists and laughing with excitement that's OK not great about. You read I was road like this US of retirement dusting on the studio when we were all I'm just need to make email never did miss having you there because well you were selfish or went on vacation value added during and I ran Africa which. You know dying to hear about sort of forget that real quick studio seven dot US that's the way to get tickets are available right now also be on the look out if your friends with any of the band's very soon a lot of the bans will be saying hey you wanna get tickets. So you can prism from the bands that are part of the bill which is not only bruiser Brody but also banned apps which is always a blast to see those guys like they kill it every time I've seen them. Odds and it's also going to be white only in the racquets it's going to be window pane and then the last in a Nash now. I'll which is going to be awesome I just talked a bit edgy just the other day and they are pumped to play the party it's going to be like Jesus says I can't wait and is already gonna. Definitely be a party it is going to be so much fun. What have bombed all have advanced tickets and 100 advanced tickets at the window pane merged cable. All at red fat salt across cell mom got bruiser Brody is tickets and window panes tickets a little stash of so and make your way we're going to paint table because we're going to be unit inventory blowout were redesigning our album cover of course Hillary master coming up we're going to be blowing out the old record I don't know how cheap yet but stupid cheap. So make your way over the window pane merchant table I'd read festival and you can purchase your makes fest tickets right there on the spot he'd like to. That album that album was one of the road trip saw albums on the on the road trip to Yellowstone all I need to Dropbox you can remastered get married to a different. Record Greta that album Sox now. It's which means you're happy from your mouth which can be do you guys I know we should get out if you listen to this podcast I mean I've I've shared all I've told us. That album had Leo didn't like me. High rotation on behalf of my app on my apple phone and and yelled wherever I go that's our listening music to my car my headphones working out the window pane record has been. A level spins and I love the rats who you know I joke when I say I hate the album but that it is mine sent me. The new version the remastered version the it's next level man I I had a text amenity like 8 in the morning and say I'm great tech Sunday it was a pride disrespectful and I'm all I quoted everywhere else in the Banda music so migs listens and there'll exceed your well yeah it was great spirit I. Wow that you hear all remastered book. If you're a fan of the window pane record trust me when you listen to this new version in an immune if you purchase the old version you're gonna wanna purchase the new version because. You'll hear things you did not hear on the original pressing. There are certain things that open up on and on level I can't even explain there's parts vocal lead that I do not even notice until this remastered happened. There's guitar parts of just sound clearer or fall why how it's it's a whole new experience if I took a hit album sucks because the new version of that record is next trouble. It taped for you know for whatever a year and a half now. Arm and Angeles into entering our mixes were really excited and then we took it to various mastering engineers who went through nine masters and finally we ran on track star might start. I think he's a master but I'll. Coral found. Cultural ideological and my hands to recommend pretty damn good tyrannosaurus I don't know right now I'm trying to take advantage. And after I. But. You know we ran out of time and money and so wiest we went with what we had and then we pushed out then we spent a year and a half told ourselves it was okay. And come in all policy what you truly here are three master is. Where is where we landed the guitars to me he sounded very dull. On the didn't leap off the speaker that almost was to feel with a bag full hammers mix the blowtorch. And that energy on all the talk and sizzle behind encourage the guitars was absent on which by the way terminology here what it means is Alyssa. There's a lot of exciting right now that's also how my wife expects to make love to our look at haven't looked like I guess what I don't it and says he's talking really interesting under Rumsfeld Paul Lee in that translated to you on that bag of hammers and all hammered. Hillary isn't so they'll like rock hammers from mother can you not know we're an urban and green mile before Gonzalez you can these nose. In it a bit. Large on goods and change redemption OK. Okay if she is anyone's love life once he compared to the Shawshank read them. Kurdish Shiite and what is not remember all the pertinent. Heard him from Highlander and that she's beaten the guys that were raped and what's is not maybe beat the mall put the wounded wheelchair murmured that was incurred in from Highlander but this is way way scribe directors what's the guy's name Clancy Brown how them. All right and I don't shoot I hear me out it's. I didn't realize that yeah just recently watched and wondered before his blood school whose. Well path as holly it's fantastic yeah come on over a route you'll like what are the most metal. Like eighties under any sound I could leave town and it is great but the man but. Anyway the I can get a notice Kiki terminology but the truth is when you play it for forty year old or sixteen year old ruler of the case may be. They might like to material but there's. There's an excitement and you'll IOC don't know why it's cool you just know it's cool yeah. And our album lacks and we always felt that did and now that that's been corrected. Those guitars we got out got ideas feels aggressive it feels in your face the drums are boom you're in puncher is more for it's a different album. I'd say it's like it literally makes a solid a better band and I think that master maybe even heard some of the things we attempted to do with that record which were gonna try and read you some of those things like are placed on satellite radio etc. One reason in your place was that they felt summit dated and I think it was because I master was an exciting I know where it is all right try again in the that's where. I was sitting watching a movie in high definition or watch a movie in 3-D NS yes you know I mean all that is that that makes it they both are very enjoyable. But there's some really cool okay let's get. You're watching watching a movie on a picture tube television on VHS videocassettes and heads have never been cleaned on the player sees a little more extreme you're right vs a 65 inch LCD three button and that's what it's like to mighty Ers like I literally Tony and I both like finally. We knew we captured. And that mastered just it broke my heart man I'd put on my peers records that were done at a fraction of the cost locally. And they might have not had a good 'cause we based on the money on two issues between 5000 dollars mcdannold whose. Mom dad as your record is nick if we start box and it sounded more exciting than ours and it was devastating. Yeah it was deficit in the course and reach out of that calling Matt coconut madman. That I love your record I love your record elected it's it's broken it's it's dull it's it's not exciting it's there's something really wrong. Silly anyway if all goes to plan and it should. Makes fest two will also be the re master release party for women were releasing a lot of stuff Jesus. A porn yeah I'm releasing so much trying to have expressed to opine that aren't rather Hollywood stunt stunt folks for stunt release we might not the first three heroes wearing your rain actually if it's a good or show but much less food or Gallagher. Four I AT&T and equally Gallagher I could I. You added up to a bag October 14 it's going to be just a great time also wanted to you music it's gonna come out for the last international are like in an action now I didn't it's two different ways but I heard Delilah recently say international now so I did and that's the way they want set internationally when I asked them when he came in studio it is the national did too but average us cost Eli. Nice people at great length legitimately nice New Yorkers which is really strange it is typical good tonight's hero because they don't take note asks yeah does that familiarity as silly don't but then they got people like casino what occurred in did when he was in New York child anonymous Cadillac grown people who live pushing stuff back then I let her. I saw how do you deal only bond is digging Rosen no the studio. I was thinking about this in revenue if you're not too opposed to it you know didn't that I you would be. So gracious to introduce bruiser Brody up onstage and makes and I'm really cool war but yes and welcome everybody you can be as we Susan want Torre but like I did not I thought what better way to welcome everybody that -- derivative Fuego welcome and want to mix I'll be awesome man I'm down so was to me earlier the that there was no room on the castles for Michelle Allen could well that's got enough steam because I'm also bringing her sisters as well look they show up to read press they can buy tickets from god I. And I only thirteen dollars and advance ads drew they only are that's that's a really good price for all do this plus that's going on there and. I had read festivals while I mean there's a lot of stuff great brands and they've got more craziness going all I can keep track of I think red festivals gonna be really good time to be good warmup to mix faster. Outdoor drinking indoor drinking we had to do something different then yeah yeah so looking forward to it again now in the red festival is this weekend makes us obviously in October to receive you as soon read festival is over they'll be like an official. Page you fight on FaceBook no hope people share ilk as you'll see like the promotional wheels really spinning but out of respect to what's going on with Reza festival. And also don't yell at them a boss yeah right yeah because it was a little bit of an arm twisters to get Dillard. Keep that name in the Alex this is a grassroots thing made stress last year we had a call like Steve spray Hannity not any sort of yeah Heidi issues today's fastest it's not a fast. Yeah but you guys thought that we're OK with it I just Cannes this time around we can I figured well why not. We took the red festival though I don't (%expletive) off anybody can and then have a need to hold back good come out actually a bunch of lawyers like game sleepers and they go into this in the open the box and Steve gets to get out in local guys employed and helping had a lot of big obsolete and yet. I don't I don't recall I did last year like. That it wanna deal with this summer I got everyone's onboard. But the last thing I wanna do is upset anyone because obviously is a big event at the station is promoting it and a month before makes fast so. Soon as that's over then you're gonna see all that Fiat will be booby trap you a prohibitive for a full month yeah it's going to be a great event. Down a mom I'm excited and look for mean and I'm like Steve said Nancy god with all goes to plan the bruiser Brody EP released that night which is hot. Yeah we've got a van Epps and discuss how they're new record just came out it's obviously killer we love those guys why all these new CD release are part some. While we CD release his new record book and yet that's I understand again I saw Paris Hilton on a magazine kind of guy. And Tommy is a kind of on a choker my chance to meet you can hit a brutal attack on its really sad leaving down like a you know and I get home really just the personality of wet blanket yes I'd go there. Bomb went out. See her CO as of cricket side it she said that they've had not been that sexy that people would look better in the same way as Princess Diana. OK so she's on some type of new drug but I'm glad she's feeling good now that's a speech is still very pretty it is the guy she's got the most vacant look on her eyes rolled through constantly it's to thrill like our women's but the thrill Clark I kept over the girl's gone gotten here he's again what did what was she like music. The he'll look into account it's. Can't hit it I just love it just boy just pretty cute animals and really you just look at we did you islet yet do you there was nothing in there. Think that's. An important trip. But yes why Italy she release do it if all goes to plan the window pane re master the last international slash international yup won a sneeze Beirut bans on home there's going to be a great night and I really think it's going to be your night do is going to be so home for Kim much fun and we'll see you Saturday at red personal window panes headlining. I did I was a little bald if only heard back from the staging producer and they said that we could we caller and our big backdrop big red oh yes and we can't fly big red because apparently the radio station that's putting an honor something wants to make sure that their brand in his present time and us I mean how hot. Tough out there and wow that's hot. He took the took up and you know actually tells ugly because that we accept that I have Eric cook what you thought about red festival. So much fun grace and that his rehearsal for real yet. Okay that bats hot came from the dumbest show. Ever along with her Lional Richie daughter here at the simple life where did some. And I. Those two mountainsides and who they hand out NN had a beef farmers are some bow out of the audio here. A lot that is an audio drop that students' world war and that's themselves are actually but Massa. Flash does and all all of the master republics of molesters I didn't expect that at all. He's well the grim reality and I that's red that's he's gonna be awesome. All and Brad Faxon walls were a disaster yet to be an item to bond and add remove and I heard that I Paris had this to say after red festival. I did it hit town of redneck sat through as a brilliant implies nice went up for the horses. That's right number you mr. sleeve down the showed the stuff terrorists a right hand and that's. The complexity she's handed a cell. Our Conrad tells a little bit about your trip it is a picnic baskets are so Yasser rodeo still on have first this was like za. I don't. Know how we can be deemed most perfect vacation but it was. Let ice so you must like him that the first happened was the week before was the big solar eclipse yep in the week after we kind of situated is so it we left on the Thursday before Labor Day. So there was not nest is it wasn't like there was nobody there but there was a big value of population. So when we finally got to Yellowstone and did everything. We could do everything we wanted to do there was no real big trapped AA crew little magical that and that debt just starting it off is perfect. We ended up doing a road tripping it. As though the whole the whole reason why we went it was because I was looking nine. Google play Google Chrome was going through the screen savers and it's a picture of the Grand Prix asthmatics springs. Which are those this brings that would make their Gregg a rainbow on the outside of ought to them the bed and opened for dream theater back in Iran Ali you could probably did. It looks like you dropped acid they're just looking at a lake doped and I was I was talking to my my wife and I'm just like. That's Mariel has Diaz that's Photoshop if you like no you idiot and we look now she's like how friendly loving and understanding yeah. A woman I. As GLA and so we ended up Google Earth thing in yes it was in fact real. And I asked he'll eyes that it was only like sixteen hours to drive to to Yellowstone some how we can do that we can road trip that man on. Lay you in your front yard term sprinkler maker rainbow for free if you know I'm shocked that out there you know I'd like to dance OK I lied there if it drops on the earlier Tom let's turn it just glad that I kept dreaming of going in straight up black bagging his neighbor and then finding horse can't say enough place from June to. Just drop off a solid and it's. I don't need her out Xena always broke her feet away from lake civilization. For the most part being away from deep Internet. For a week. Ticket detox all it was great and then nine course they check Twitter immediately wanted to forget backing you know ball there's like me what I do those flotation tank thanks to react to it upload I make it a point to not touch my phone and so leader even after I get out of the tankers just feel so good he removed unit and an hour now Dallas a week yeah but then as the leader my carmike got to prefer what some emails and I think I missed five emails rolling. The author was gruesome like you know intentional isolationism mama think might have been on the yield album I'm an hiding song I think it was written about not. But the guy said you know yet he spent a year in isolation just composing yourself getting yourself the first human face you run into set you back ten years yeah. And as well you know like people they could cut a rug doesn't even get you with a chance he goes straight was that the glass block what Jackson littered her game. So we ended up doing all of this and legged it also not been gone we decide to go and have road trip first we went broke treasury to Bozeman. And the plan was to not burn ourselves off on the road trip because getting there in the try to set up a camp and so we stand those men and it was it was funny because our room wasn't ready yet we got in like 5 PM it was like at eleven hour time we'd love to like five source of temperature like in Bozeman. It was. Actually away is it all eyes it was about the eighties hey eighty's and ninety's and mid Minnesota right now is doing with fire season like everybody else is certainly is just a smoky warm haze. But so we get there are room isn't ready yet but we're like we're chill with I don't care is a rule gave would have beat doves netted the REIT get a couple of other things. And no woman was just like in awe that we were pissed comics use shootings was like. Thank you. No money who nice. And we'll RA cool whatever so we go have some food finally get the call back that are in thirty come back and she's like you know what because you guys are so nice we're upgrading you do sweet. Not seeing it it would be nice brother anyway and totally. Does it always great you don't have to be discreet yeah we all get a different model yeah yeah and I'm not hooked up didn't do we weren't vacation though there really wasn't gonna be team that was gonna set just set me off that this cool how lizard like Blake. Driving not in this city. Was beautiful like road proving who looks and all nothings do you big no dumb drivers the worst thing is maybe somebody can override a way. But like and plus I mean in Minnesota are now Minnesota in Monte enact you can go eighty. Yeah that's a lot of fun. An opponent has more resilient you were you were decompress in the many homicidal maniacs colleagues. And that's great yet so we stay the night there is great everything's awesome go down they're go camp for three days. And then I love the fact that I was just gonna kind of wing it but my wife was like no drizzle structure she wanted a lot of structure so share Sheikh. She set up every day what we're gonna do so we get there's so it can't go in CD's dead it's like does the great thumb Laker whatever. But the name to really weird things. But as this is super awesome is the first experience with like all of the different like Hot Springs tell people these are not Hot Springs you can get in. Like a super hot yet Yellowstone is on. The fact I think we have Bob Bob bounces. Confirmation on how warm there are lots. Yeah they were very Paris yes and these are there they're not only hot but they're also acidic. Owe money send rather silly why didn't you do like vanquished someone by any mil over the whole yeah yeah enable. Things are posted everywhere don't go in these beings don't do anything and there's like maybe we're just chuck and babies into will not couple months ago like some dude like fell into it or like went to go dip in how we make out announce he's an evil villain in the car for a hell yeah he's a pool of do we always dealt yet he did yet he did he turned in a milk yeah dead Fiat and but it's just astounding to seal these like natural wonders and it really makes you feel like. Completely and utterly insignificant. When you're sitting there how insignificant it may well you don't go to don't go watch old faithful and I actually cried. Seeing it my all my kids came it was so epic it's so powerful really and you're just so I cried when Guns 'N Roses played civil war site data man do. The purpose they think now but lately you people just what started openly clapping at you know water you wonder how does that guy yeah funny because you see it like on television. On and on and on YouTube or whatever may be no giant if somebody said that no different I think by the you mentioned you clips and a lot of people talked about in in Portland or nor again Gary you really get the full experience and that it was emotional it was powerful me decried and sinking. Well big Diaw all did a lot of work a lot of people get commercials are now man I was crawl around my hands and knees with a rolling guests paid by the name. Right what time did happen I looked up I saw the sun I would. I yelled like oh you suck you get spiritual at all are you just like in grunt. He had to do not pay for it sounds stupid no different as yet and it sounds silly to even say it but it was. He was aren't inspiring in the eighties just because it makes you feel like the other so many more powerful things beyond you that work in is not even like. A spiritual thing at this point it's just wondering at the marvel of nature yeah you don't get to see because we're stuck in all these you know cube farm concrete jungle yet exactly why give props to your wife Michelle because I apparently after all that happened she recorded you in your bad and this is what you had to say about at all. See but. Still it's. Sorry I. Didn't see any bears I was really cool her to get that audio that you say you're aware of yeah. Well now wouldn't that they did take your neighbor lady I'll bury your ruined my joke about kind of what she's now bear stool. There's still hope that the caller from now who are there rules are still. You guys can't just didn't we do know we don't attend and everything we were in and did everything they had a camera glare which stack stones outside your little world there are other things create three. Like the previous things or the nice Texas family they had the home schooled kids that they are going on a huge trip all the way through mentally. Little creepy old pop up into the dude looks like a bigger Seth Rogen. But beyond that they're always night everything was cool label Padilla stone rhythm of the doubt and that was another thing it was mostly detox I would smoke at night. So it's not very an ass out. Like other good marijuana at a meeting him and having had a shot there pummeling Evelyn through today and I'm gonna say yeah shot out of this. Who is spoken in flower just had a little out of my little lower paper beeper of an LA Nina rose defense I think Yellowstone was probably the place to Lou you know. You know smoke a little stairs starry sky go Ryan got to sorted out in all Mumbai and that for a dollar and sure. This. It's funny when Yogi Bear the part mound it's some guy that. Whose blue and a video sitting here the voice over work sample I would harm that that would have been dozens only guilty at all man in Arizona a hard time trying just a short clip. Brew brew. Bruin Joseph Montana trying to make this is Ed what are we want under the age of 35 has no idea what we're talking a solid yeah. A cartoon you have to know that. And rapturous and I'm. You have really taken. He did seasons. OK you don't. I grabbed Michelle. We stop our son Al. Like right outside of our campsite while we urge drivers dab it gnaw at her new movie is no because these are like friends and feet tall and they're gigantic it navy's use jailers that may or may not kill you. If you strip nude several puma thing holding the sword always I would believe you have to set that profile -- for a unit got at least 75 likes I'm not ready probably is the problem is is the last time I got on the back of any sort of animal I was six years old it was a horse and a bride. All we don't really feel that I know I did not want to get on it I was put on it and I cry that's because he had the shine and he could hear what the horse was thinking probably is an adult used to dole that out but at the time you'll accuse give me your you to hold different premier tonight give up. Let's all keep your OK my question to had a better may need to know the horse or union Molly Takenaka. I'll cannot do this on top of the bad I have to say that mine was still fabulous did you welcome to protect Kentucky mud flap as a kid greatest move I've had an awesome I have read okay most if I can finally in Moline was like next level beauty it was a lion's many incredible he had it was I don't know what it is why I have no hair now god has punish people. Google pulled all of a really really has. But I I asked Paris home which you gotta be in my own agenda society that top. Should do we were this was years ago we we were to studio XEC bad animals and there is a book that is now called the book of small no way no question and it's all these various photos and how to handle herself like urban now and there's there's a well there's a hole now scientific collect the air flow and wind direction Obama although Molitor and all the stuff. And calm what was funny was it was Brett actually brutalized in the told the story but getting leading reserved for Roberts a rarity yet that's why it's true. Getty Lee was down there doing some stuff cutbacks and had stumbled upon the book of mullets and was common through it and right in the middle as the entire two page Getty Lee spread. No oh and he was not amused like he did not think that was funny at all he's telling half. And it really and he just put the book down those those cold do do we you know I thought it was hilarious bras and funny story about that book. But yet there's a Getty Lee two page spread in the center of the book of mullets and mr. Lee himself solid and was not tickle me yeah Guatemalan man the remote mail. So all of that idol there's a lot of rocks the ball and I want that guy. Oh do you think you look awesome mental or rude big rules review happen to not that's well. And then died as eighth grade photography know ninth grade photography clues yeah easy he's got to look at it it doesn't listen a reddish gold and it's beautiful and it is. It is goals remain grade a Kentucky mud flat it is short on the top and just long and on our shoulders I think he looks awesome it was then he's a kid you would want to sell fireworks with I guarantee you they grab audio of the revenue as a kid I thought about it and that vote them all look awesome borrow your draft. I'd deliciously white trash and that's. I can tell I kind of hit it does sound words sound board to have fun with. I'm just saying I will defend that photo you have to yeah add I don't know I you have read and routed but now I'm not really necessarily part of the fact that it was the mid ninety's. And do some of the girls in the mid ninety's still had been the wave bangs only an engineer I tell you what they were still hot in the stall melted the reason why then do you defend you to the end the reason why I had is because everyone it was grand so everyone had like that the long hair and Mike Easley shaved on the sides and stuff. I couldn't do it the top couldn't grew league deep long used to wade V no the girls all the things. Warriors so beautiful little balls. I wanna have long stray hairs like he'd be a cool rocker I couldn't so I went the mall. And then the beard yet in the beard and everything just kind of shifted downwards then. Like this does that in general it's. Everything geneticists do it is just have to tell you what the red rock on Saint Paul I mean we against her and it's Cochran so yes. That's close our program for now so yeah right it extracted Baghdad anything else happen while three not there like three days it was amazing yep we find and that aegis late. She did so much hiking like the first day not a whole lot 'cause we just gotten in the second day we hide like five miles and not real hikes but it was just. Going to BR hides no goggles no but not like going up a lot of trails or anything but going to Wear all the twisty stuff is a staying on like the wooden planks that they have you walking on its schools it is you know they aren't we ended up walking like five miles that day the second day walking like six miles. Because. Oh this is the second it was the day or is the third base or third it was the day that we finally saw the grant could Max brings the reason why that we went yeah and we had Judy just created this. This trail that grew went to advantage over it so are you going you climb up this mountain Hillary. How long and you look down on it. And it was just it was just beautiful breathtaking that's killer and eager to go down there and what things I mean these are all Hot Springs but there en us talking number. Releasing her boomer you see that she's like you can basically recreate a scene from beast master react to sacrifice the our children are it's a little ways away number Rip Torn are born George all right and they took the baby in the fire you can do that they didn't do that how I act. This Marines because you can walk right next to Mike you're walking eyes this is the signs were like well yeah it'll make it yes yeah it out in my don't bring your pets don't do we need these things because. Like if an animal just jumps in and it's gone if you're close get into their lives windy as some pointers hats in certain areas where you can't get too. And they'd have the uniform that's a close to the bodies and just let us put up to a park Rangers are like well here's some clothes that maybe we can get out with their big go long meg grab B stick I didn't knows those things were. Like Bulger so extremely. Dangerous like like it's that everything is. I limited all of Yellowstone it either is on top of a volcano. And they're talking about this that the fact that the last time it blew up was like Aaron I'll like Peyton lake 850000. Years ago so what's the motive for a egg quote unquote due for some language is like you feel her. Yeah. And god just LeBron a source merry go back to Brad Pitt have been better it would have been as well down there grade I'll have you know the last few seconds alive will be really awesome seeing everything happen but it's not no matter your race or the radio for us yeah. They got in the world and and produce an ambulance. WG ready yet absolutely 100%. Five stars on Yelp. Yes and give would I started and actually yell at me who should do you can you mentioned I think you open people do a geyser analyst what have furlough I bet if you looked up Yelp reviews on Yellowstone I'd that there are reviews I'm truly some people who Laguna it was boring I ate bad ass to meet school would treat a could tell us Yellowstone small dog do the movie theaters and why I was shot and no matter what there why aren't our. Sort of there was Wi-Fi at a couple of deep bigger places I think at the yellows at the old faithful in the I DTP gift that you get Wi-Fi there I didn't try 'cause it's funny today I look. The on the stupid or so important thing I have here in such tight Daniel's Tennessee does any silly drops as a a clip from Conan O'Brien talking about Yellowstone National Park possibly getting Wi-Fi in this from a few years ago security recorded had to say about sure yeah. Yellowstone National Park is now considering introducing Wi-Fi. Throughout the entire part. Wi-Fi throughout Yellowstone National Park. Yet the idea's been slammed by Nationalists. But praised by horny bears with laptops. But you've heard at a fertility drugs do have removed the suspect go back in two minutes. There was one place and I want to say who is this guy. Terrible thing it weird German pair were world. You didn't get the job should not remember body are they're less moderate you all can easily used you will go you'll look got a got a good test and a lot and I just shut up play on Saturday. Early process. Eyes so the only time I got any good cell signal was visit Tuesday. When we went to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone which was just people who were these waterfalls and canyons and knows of this picture companies compete. But I was able to get four G right there that's when I called in to listeners on the loose. Because that was the only time I had a strong enough signal more I can rely dude get a call in as a to be funny given as a calling in you know in which David Graham Mario Jr. a hard time does make. Reds not really camping pass up he tries FaceBook I know that usually drinking glasses yeah. Michelle telomeres Galilee in the background photo overall global angry wife yes she can't example but I at the time he puts them FaceBook there's a picture of him in Africa and those that may sweep yeah go to Montana yet to come on hand to come on in cold mountains also great movie men you can see your kids aren't. Sure did yeah dad would you like to learn. This is where you came from board Obama is so there's been talk about camp in this whole time he's staying in this week at a nice look like he was all of these wave I. Oh that's always an Arizona giving heart I I can't be stupid mother Africa they have no I didn't care for one night but I'm now an attendee dumb ass dad is it a picture. A Denny actually in the tent because me in my my figured out we're like. You know I've just standing outside of a ten they're going to be legacy you're tenth. Just good and what they haven't missed anything or what I was finally able on the trip back we stopped at like a truck stop I sent the text says that the pictures to the guys in the greeted like. Missed a lot of work to get a Photoshop in there you know what you can yeah I would I'll librarians and all ironies of the preseason and I wasn't a tent camping Aaron hash tag Photoshop the couple are. 000 all that he's out there are alike just. Being filled the joy of nature and to the point where he was moved to tears ran those closest to him. Our scrap your way just doesn't roll a man leave it you hear shouts of people are likely to monitor if it was like if I was looking on the outside at me and same in light meals at all to go camping are really yelled whatever I had my doubts like. Highlighted five years ago. I didn't have to. Any camping gear we wait camping and I had and I got a tent in NF in inflatable. Lyric cushioned sleeping mat room. And make an air mattress as he didn't match Sammy and blame and I played OK incursion matter I I think it'll sell but that that's Minnesota Wal-Mart if she's got a little Christian Matthew thank you don't physically able let anybody down below six. Blow it up in the come on and it makes you take Intel when I went I went that time I was so dumb I forgot I did even bother to get sleeping bags. Like that's how bad it was the first of a wake up and he does my friends help me and thank god they did is call you steered me laying there on your inflatable vicious knowledge of the blankets that'll totally alert now you're did that your friend get what you think your friend relative extra sleeping bags as they did that while I talk a certain way more prepared to my friends my friend Greg what do you think now we're brought an extra Sega mega ya Massa you're selects are your car Brooklyn torque. That's a good point I. Augusta in the backseat not sit there and obviously we're sure wolf yes but she's definitely and also screw up your emergency brake on some of the dumb ass I'm which Travis dishonestly in a band but you can yeah good people went up competes with the so everything worked out fine. And then we got home. Yeah that's where as guy not known how weird okay so we see an awesome trip and yet came home some kind of nightmare yes so long Thursday and Thursday we we last neighbor. Not not that made her homework like legitimate yeah not that neighbor and it was beyond all of my neighbors. Leg anything that they could have possibly done is push the reset you come back now your reset the unit takes about a month feeding didn't salty again oh no doubt. On Thursday we leave we leave at 9 in the morning and I'm like all right we can do this once they got a Spokane I realize and I'm not gonna spend another day I just wanna get home we get home cat I wanna hang out I'm missing all right I'll bet Democrats understand that we so we get home at like 1130. At night. And the water's not working. I'm now and I might well crap I had an auto -- set up for this thirtieth unless the worst in you feel like you I did I misread forgot the pin and water got shut off it didn't go because the payment went through some checking of the may council looking in my counts making sure they find out. Don't know what the hell's going on we have no ideas like finally call I call Tacoma water and on my kind of fear of the hell's going on. Well the guy comes out takes a look at it most turns on the water 'cause it was turned off at our water main which is on the corner. The street. Now this is water main sound debt. I.s so that one guys flag. Let's check this out. He turns it on is a well that's kind of weird this little thing going on means that there's a leak somewhere ruler RA will go check her water pressure we check the water all the water running. And as we're walking back to the water main pass my neighbor's house we looked. And he walked a way to there house. Is bubbling water underneath through the cracks of the concrete do you do it well there's your problem. Isn't meant to all his dad is. So we turn the water back off and we're like okay we'll call the people get it all figured out this in this is not Friday by the time we figured out what had gone had one who had gone wrong. So try to get Fiat they say other gonna send someone to get to work on a talk to my landlord and think god I don't on the place. And they're gonna send someone so we turned back rural water. And we just gonna let it kind of bubble of what we do some stuff. And they were supposed to show up well nobody shows up on Friday. So Friday night the neighbors like are places flooding can we turn off the water much Yang Yang and yeah absolutely I thought was so I was supposed to be here to fix it. Nobody fix it is fixed it so Saturday rolls around. And the landlord. Loses her mind at dead to go public utilities at school water just yells at them they get someone out there to fixate. But at that point you know Michelle has gone to her parents to Stanley stay there I'll stay here I won't showering paying out just hang out some but she's is like my wife would lead but I obviously differing reasons. What are sent us that well I'm going over my parents house because I mean take a shower morning. And I'm not saying here what I told her hours later definitely do that because I do dogs I can pee outside their like again and that's what I did first it was ten knows his being out the most sort of icon and audio. Your I ever running water and IP outside all the time anyway so god this is great I've audio of your neighbor when you did that outside I got hit ace people wonderful. Should read this really disrespect from Alitalia a little bit with me wants is your real and a party and I was trying to pass out and I didn't wanna stagger back out through the party so I just peel out the window on so enamored I didn't beauty calculations regarding the screen. And it's. I'll call you actually had a lot to know from your wife you come back nine. Some people water. Simpson and executed dried urine all over the windowsill off Rollins or Ku duke backlog and other home lashing doesn't sorry honey she's what he pitched well all we're dealing Nextel Monte Dutton screened. This and NL yeah I did like him next time I'll go to vet now next time homage to take up the email. So this dude comes out there because then the dude on Saturday night like this is like finally at 5 PM they'd get someone out here it delayed until late in Tacoma water has already like it was their fault. They were flushing the area like flushing the pipes. And they over pressurize the pipes may burst the pipes that they did us tell anybody telling when they were flashing the pipes. And so my neighbors had just I didn't know what was going on they just turn off the water. And because we you're out on vacation so it mean well I wasn't gonna bother really anything at that point of Idaho engineer. Or say this was a a rather large penis with water shooting out the end of it could. I don't there's water found out I was lucky shot water under the guise of sorts of things have to go to burning man can I don't commit a crime ton of money tomorrow are you thirsty and because water bottles of ten looks a lady isn't too pretty hard. I could pay it myself why didn't pretend I'm one of those chairs at yeah. Did you get some basic tips and different contest sending them there you chose Saturday night the guy in his deed name just to net it was Smart and plumbing and he was amazing. Our. Hard and he's just there isn't a drug your waters concert. Well here's the thing you didn't get on that night because we ended on that night the too much to drink he got to. He had to dig down into three feet of Clay Shaw RO LA and away this report knew it was covered in clay that's ahead. Sit I know done landscaping jobs and I've had my goal it is the brutal I've so brutal so as for a man enemies like I'm not your Miller finished tonight because he found that there were other pipes down there that were busted that just didn't go anywhere. And so he what you just like I'm not sure which one is yours and can Beckham back tomorrow's folks it was cold water to consider a little ball campus and the shovel. I he had to shovel himself and give his own Jack hammer to open up the long walk away like isn't just what plumbers do I guess. They do. And I took the company card I'd call reticent to really deliver me a little law get down here man because I know this is identical Yankee let's see here his whole it's rough it's terrible and yeah it was just it was gross and nasty and he had to deal with that he would come back the next day jesus' stating Yellowstone heck I know I had more amenities in Yellowstone Riley did a home I already know what better plumbing there I would I hundred feet from a fully functional toilet and running water tank guys are. And it's shocking gap is there. And when I know my none of that I had no water at all and it was it was Iraq via Jessica did ethics and that's. In the pipes got clogged afterwards 'cause all the mud that went through right McCain isn't another dude came out and this evening Jeff. Who is funny because he found out that I've played magic and so we ended talking about magic cards the whole time news fix and it aha did have cleaned everything up and by Sunday we India also bring in his deck of cards or something in my garage he had another on your FaceBook he had a binder of cards for trading and stuff he's like hey do you have any trade stuff so much yeah. So after we got done and finished everything we traded some magic cards in the winner's what are the odds are that. Did you just sub par like web plumbers unlike cable guys are brewed fresh pot of coffee the back doors open make yourself a hole. Bradstreet hook in this guy I can and look I can act even looking for these I've got to Montrae. Eat yeah it lives now does not doing it right I guess well that ended the Justin dude a he's a fan of the main shall on the right is so you his plays like you to do for a million of the billion rents it from it was a birdie. Bruiser Brody that milk OK I'm its GT the current and so yeah I actually had oh well when we did the big cleanup from the old station like heroes and another memorabilia I grabbed a bunch of those posters. From 24 team all those autographs Mac I was autograph. Hooked him up with one of all of us who do you do you should G the first dialed a million of crap they he had to deal with winds literally you get up you I had to me and now it's just like. Here man this is I think you'll enjoy this and thinking so much for spending your Frick and Labor Day. Here doing this season and like dealing with my broken water pipes well it's. Super cool man that is cool prizes of one thing I've learned like if I actually ever wanna buy a house to come back home that night but also just like having to deal with like I. How we don't wanna be a homeowner now I mean you just got your house I do you know how far your water mane is from your house finally soil is. I I know Mark Russell is and we have some pretty severe plumbing issues at the back into the house but I knew no one I bought the C yeah like league are good things that I didn't even really you really need to know reality I did the good omen Specter will actually hit yet to Iowa so right. But did the plumbers are out Q what was it your all that out in the lead the last son it was the same guy every timing I was awesome news that you know what you house opened coffees on do you guys make yourself Holmes straight gotten. But I told that to cal last mustn't look man. I'm gonna be buying this place so and so he gave me full tore here's what's going on this is what you're dealing with this is how far this far down wants and he he hit me to the but LA knew it would my eyes wide open I don't know that I have a plumbing project on the CM probably gonna do myself I'm sure everyone out there licences cracked up. Let happy I got to dug a trench dive pressure that is that we're mean he we have some more stories from the makes Delhi did I'll guarantee is guaranteed and. This guy could be. Glenn you just have really bad let me and don't Taylor is not what this shows all the of the day I got a flat mice there was flat teach peace. Threat God's gonna show his would feces all over immunity are that it went really for the cast knows in the middle of fixing some things were less secure and hold the hell out of Steve Bruce du grove had a rough more if you didn't. That's going to be coffee all clear by now you've got hepatitis no limits to everybody goes like even a trip to the the fallen and landed and a chocolate funnel otherwise going to go back home. And podcasts from your house via Skype. What are temporary job and exhilarating as the voice mail's Eric. I actually a once you real quickly if you're getting into voicemails and wrapping the show bombed. But we're really good friend mine agree musician numb my buddy dollar Clinton the Ramones but have garner took daughter ever had chosen his dog your bottom he did god. Police everywhere he travels costly plays where his whole life is music. And numb he is in the process of trying to open and all ages venue in yell. And things are going good form and when he was getting his final inspection done that and the guys came and inspected -- replace onto kitchen equipment speaking of inspections and stuff so yeah so he's got a torpedo out of nowhere and literally called that day it was a broad tea did you bring you benefit show do you have any thoughts welcome we deal and so much suggestion was right wage to start ago fund me then and I promise them I would argue it's the mention guys talk on and go find yourself from a promise in my talked about it on non podcast so. Basically you know this is just he's a the guy just works and works or works I think right now is actually living at the venue crossed he well that's that's is thank Manny loves music he loves music environment he wants to provide something awesome and so. Here's a cat that's literally giving up everything. Just to be able to provide this to school place in the film for kids to come soon. And experience live music in the end he's just a good cats are really wanna get his back but his guilt fund meat is. So go Flemmi dot com and the Ford slashed daughters all ages venue that again go fondly dot com. Dollars all ages venue and what I would say man is steered. She can donate to box you know less than a couple coffee isn't enough of us give this guy to box. He can realizes streaming get this venue off the ground he was well on his way and it's one of those things in your opening a business was a last minute pick up. They just kicked him in the gut and now is looking at losing the venue losing the time losing what he's invested he's looking at kind of lose and everything side. Yeah see you know kind of a battle cries sore throat altar and really man. For less than a couple coffee kick the guy to retrieve box if enough of us do. And we can get him you know 45 grand in his pocket he can buy this new kitchen equipment usually talk and cinema com this insult that not by the stove stove he's literally telling you what he had to upgrade to be approved toe open. Com so yeah I just wanna I wanna do is back one more time and that's go far meet dot com for slash daughters all ages venue. And it just the guys given so much the music community be awesome to give back to and I don't share that laid out on the mix cast page moment. Personal page after the show today I feel like bill when you sentiment for less than a couple coffee we should do with the proper music of course. You guys now on he salad everybody I guys. So this is Joseph fund the joggers all ages venue. It's your high yeah it's your dollars to just two dollars two dollars and should give you bands and home. Yeah a place of quiet place to play in the home of real value in your home run by a musician who understands the culture where children can come. Enjoy it and the sweet sounds of the local music seems correct I'm gonna. Man I thought you're gonna play out all. Such as chief for tropical. 'cause then well that's funny that's all right are you dog like that is a good job like this like an impassioned infomercial. Thing. I don't need a video of late daughter's standing in the desert only losing blue plastic molds is being swarmed by flying is that. Number all those millions of zen like applied to the medal yeah dignity and a closeup on the I had big blue eyes you see the camera crew of the background in the air conditioned tent having filet mignon and lobster is get kids. And that everyone yeah I mean just two dollars just a few hundred less than a cup of coffee. Listen a cup of coffee. He local fans will come home to play tennis and that's not all agents tell the fund may goof on the outcome daughters all ages that. And don't let underdog it's. Just. And owls. Committed this works out we got a lot of others showed so we could apologize to him that Clinton is hurts more than. Oh yeah look if you're not moved by Lil bit guilty and music and two or three dollars test for ten seconds on your Smartphone navigator. And girls under its auto workers. And just. Just two or three punks man. If all of us stand together we can really help out someone that's done so much for our community and it's just a genuinely good person that there's. Justice and this. Just aren't your seat on. Less than a couple cars and men. Ha see. Do you see. It's good group yeah. Obama. If we do. Time. Yeah. OK okay. Dragon of the Lozano the best known until it was an accident Slater may have been just sit here it's brilliant I. This song will forever be ruined by that damn commercial I thought yeah. I don't think hey great now in my brain unlike cable I did get the reference all of this song if you ever see like it's like for like some humane society firfer I don't get ready GA or something like I didn't show me footage was sent animals can throw my wallet at the screen yet and enjoy trying. The song the big play when they're showing my goal he said dogs in cages all external love guru literally saying like and less than a cup of coffee. Yeah. All reality Stromile ball screen yeah. Tony's First Lady threw her little blue and light it up to physically restrain mode is the worst I mean again look it's a good talk and ready to do good but managed breaks your heart all gunfire point lasts an adult all now right and I do how can help a little bit. Did you think of that when you think your daughter. Hard. Seriously you'll formula com daughter's only Houston it's out all the strung together we can really be subdued how cool to be evolves and he sees agony. Ask fans and listeners how cool would it be if you heard this and and you open and know that you had a hand in that Pollyanna you know that'd be cool. And if it happens may we do and all ages and expressed their yeah they're really cool that mr. McLaughlin come down who just said puppies just. I think we can make that happen is that McLaughlin looks calling Obama bad post and rockets it didn't do it branched. Into where you sit her she terminal here. If a couple of bucks hello and all. Certainly guys are. Sermon driver geyser that's the sound you make you choose in the cabbage. That's all the time we afternoon and ask. A couple voicemails and their more hi John out of elite gets any last week I would don't get anything of anything anymore home. He knows a call us we'll do another voicemail spectacular we will for a. Or maybe next we will make that an absolute voicemail text message spectacularly will be. Oliver's let's say hey guys I trying to say thank you for the podcast this is via text you've tried 32714787. Thank you Freddie skate and currently in a situation where we're at the work which owns verbally abusive but I have to wake up every morning prepare myself ops. Deface this man and Ozzie puts me in a place where it's hard to stay positive to have. Thank you for what you do it tells me laugh and forget about the day when I listen and indeed that Mervyn I would talk about that before senator podcasting you know. Many people are able to. Connect enough and the way in and make a scientific or a serious way when it comes due. Just depression or anger or whatever it may be and that's not us EL I mean obviously we could talk about that kind of stuff but. I feel like the best way that we can provide for people that are dealing with whatever crap it is in their life is put a smile on their face and know that hey you've. We we're going to just as many demons as anyone else in Orleans uttered that he took the time Melissa and believe me you know and and prize I know for me I I looked at things from. Brenda my day when I'm going through some tough times and I hope that that. Our podcast commit. Even if it doesn't justices are way feel left and our stupidity that's fine too but if if it's what we do make you feel better and makes you go do whatever crap but is that you're going to work man means the world to us and and and I'm glad that we are able to provide that for you and I just wanna add that there is. I mean I don't know it sounds like this is severe situation but a hostile work environment is a real thing lose and you may have a leg to stand on legally should you. Choose to part ways and then take action. So if it's that bad if it's literally you waking up every day. And having to blood mentally. Prepare yourself to go do you situation. That's that's a psychological abuse situation and that's I think they call it a hostile work environment while some on encouraging you to go get a lawyer per say but I just only know that arm. You only live once and maybe it's time to look at one taking action or to getting out there or both. But as super record of those moment as document area moments document has moments and you know I. I'm Dee and I don't want people who sue happy in my CNN understand man if you're being abused in the low you just described to us. On the only live once don't care how good the paycheck is figure something else out there you might be in a position where he can take action against this individual because at this person if they're putting you through that. And we're with you. We love them here voicemail every got. Mary Lou if you. Are paying saying oh how I nickname goes from Steve migs. You know serving very. Tim Eaton and I've by the way to go make Z I think it's funny that you win that's the world we live about that even if you have a nickname somehow we find a new way to give your nickname from the nick. I wanna draw a little smiley faces on the underside of each of my toes and then have Tony video the underside of my foot while she says this little Mickey went to market. Ask if I don't make you want to whatever that job Marist farms is not have buck clear are you Bonnie lake yeah barrier around their area they have pig races and they named a page after like big big big do that pardons and they had an opinion that to me it was three will migs. I league's. That would this'll make you the big big yet to make big. You big big ticket was a slow but he is vague comments and we'll talk perceives as specifically is it a few sizes his race records he took a while finished. Fall. Not secure its XP won't finish to this good old additional paid so Muqtada owns a little big. It's hard to change a client. I don't know if you remember a little new shout out from outlook. And be registered I don't I don't know what they could. I think nine out of her cry they're there aren't you about you error artwork and I'll always taught well. Can you kindergarten. And then this sort of gotten her hair I don't know. I'm. Actually really so here are so complex super secret. That forever and those that don't know Stevie Stevie is a huge slight error. Yeah terra Metallica. Anything that at the end or. Oh yeah. Clarence layoffs lay out I guess Taylor Taylor Taylor I go through Internet locked tight lock. So just to put the average credit he's his medal of affairs as metal comes through it's funny hearing that he has joined the dark side and has become a safety nets. Now I'm treading carefully. I can't write your article are on April durable played a little bit. Actually in the greens are pretty cool though. So great so when you are at its home its got a sound bite for their KE TE YA YRS. I don't know I I have. And dollars there about how it's gonna these users got to do it but I guess camp for free ticket I'll do that but I am not buying you tickets DVR grown man U by don't take it's not me no way you're going to be a while a drink together Taylor Swift mindedness and heard you tell us rest then all of which you mean media I guess I don't know. Did Norwalk now ready for it. I think my wife and I were going to people listening to this on the way to the boards and did. For God's America. It's a member of just missed it as a country are. Yeah. He's up. Until you do your eight eyebrows and it. Coming repartee. As our allies like. I look at her Thailand's decision I'm sorry but she's basically sex object as I can tell you just can't get behind your music now. Nancy I mean I really don't I just she's really try to get better music and other things it's our my wife. I'm Tyler. Well I think you know even Tommy probably Caesars a sex objects is a health care for music but I've tired of that. Math and I'm OK with the music because this is a lot of my how I electronic anyway here's. Playing so it's not the way I'm still this is pandering. This is just pandering and I think people won't buy this so I won't create a so maybe I'm wrong maybe I'm dead wrong I don't know Miller is an evolution of swiftly. Okay get the best part when those who got bass weighing him. And if so it. There it is. It doesn't like you proving yet here it's the water wasn't. You're right yeah that's right. That is so much selling doesn't sound like sellers and as a starter and so adorable unwilling to do it. This is see that she's I'm here's the other one. Dead dead dead when you retire about it which is fuel blond girl with acute phase she's she's adorable and she used to be a normal now she's hot. She's not taught she grew up on news. He takes become Britney Spears letter went Katy Perry did. Katy Perry's like it's like Miley Cyrus. Now here. I ask you okay. He choice a beat on this one as telling the first steal since the taste each other. Well you and channel my he had just can't connect to the us don't know she's sort of my wife sue for me to freeze on. One of those I don't know why you tell me to breathe every once tomorrow I don't it doesn't just stand up when I'm driving it like hello apple watch. You have you done again these goals are you doing your car fleiss you always know I won't do not stood up. How much you're a Smart watch that very stupid and tells on a stand monitor driving this stand up your car takes flight you haven't tried that yet. I don't know I haven't done a deep breath or do you have to get the lunch and all suffered a mild ads on the watch these children you really dearly super easy. It's because south sound good and bad things it shouldn't have greens because you're getting stressed out your heartbeat is actually two days stand up risen past all the yet there's want to try to save others drive is trying to tell you to meditation publishing retailers slid but I writer. Even your eyes your apple phone is telling you to stop listening to let. It was a time and rearrangement of furniture and how did today and I was going through drawer and straight up found one of those beats Smart watches just thrown derided as it was a gift from her previous Holler Mara. What what's a store so you were the combat. Was the thing is money is kind of tie them up put it on those like Albert Tony follow our caller's or rehearsal completely nude yeah. He did does that maybe I should keep this gas over for now I've got golf there and play you know among musical what are they worth worthy parent it's an older one of the original owner wanted to try and hour or anything like ten dollars all the I'll just keep it longer my own death and it's great that this was Taylor's written down bad judgment. But this was her before. Plus advanced. And yet she sold its doesn't have multi and that draw on the drum sounds very. So she's doing crossover country saying the arena countries are part of her master plan. I like your voice retail I didn't like her voice I don't like the usability of words. Like that and I wish you the songs like come over here that lord girl I saw it as such she's so. Hot dude she has such an amazing character to her voice that I will straight up wasn't that tennis court some some year SI have a listen to it. Talk about this year GS is unique character to her voice then how much will this is cool and I looked straight episodes and her voice and I'm sure people like throwing stones at my car things. I I love Lawrence good gas I've got a bum and mr. Obama should just shows how like it has a set tennis courts are you. Are spread out into the radio and I I will listen to in my. Now almost any time Rangers hardest days thirty character of her voice she gets a unique character your voice and I think it's killer. I do not like do you think we cover lamented on the record that you. Crews are lord Jesus and millions I don't know this is the robot comes branched. Yeah I have listened to all crazy stuff finally yeah I'll I'll destroy that industry woods is we have to figure out a couple South Carolina but would I love doing some voting for you were taken who. Oh yeah hero who. And I just thinking. We're all Faith No More fans I realize that Travis the huge demand more fans. You can midlife crisis and housing in this way. Willis does your saying. Here it's a bizarre. I was picking up its. Mind you get whenever you get off my finals its very tough. Relevant video you're very intense second to temple they. Yeah well yeah couple sorrow must come sorrow at the office change. I feel like you can mail I mean you know I knew the ball goes up and doing good drives got such an eclectic range. Like I disagree are really cool idea way into the bold and so it's. Your typical thieves no more so on the cover. It kind of fits your rocking body we need her to do that I've let you go to your room so really sold plunged. What you're trying to get at the start of feet no more cover band out while we're in this video I thought I would be given more mud it'd be I'd Wear the glasses I would. How broke dreadlocks from the waist down they yell. Credited disciplined about the great yeah it's a principle crude. The stuff of video content. There are more. Jennifer Jason Lee. And she puts a leather chair and sits on the chair right in that weird how. How awesome that wearing a suit yes a little panic attack and that's Jennifer Jason Lee's life. After dominatrix half secretary don't know what's really going on but it's relevant to my interest. Put them on their chairmanships on the charities that we know we're looking down out in much the price that connection. What happens somewhere with this unknown. It's different from my gosh. I've never heard of some of the ticket children's record but got pulled up last couple sorrow justified the song and there's a version of come by twinkle twinkle little. Rock star oh god do we dare owe it all we thirty Taylor Swift did so one. Is that that number renowned peace. Have you heard the album that can produce that it was all the literally it's like mentally disabled children singing you know what I'm not surprised she's always yeah. They had a single global one kid like raps about his car and stuff there's a whole album mobile versions of Faith No More. Caught trickled chicken little rock star just kind of also. Very unnerved and help. They do a whole bunch of different fit the more songs and it is really soon so she's so cool. Reportedly hey this is epic. Three short yeah yeah. Because you don't hear what battered and now have a children's version of the song about a real ethic is the one that's a good spot on the radio I can think of so many songs and I consider the big hit that aren't epic right. You know yeah like midlife crisis. It is funny that he's getting into like you know almost a year and not like king for a day yeah cuckoo for Cox. Move fits perfect social and it was great my wife loser roaring well. On a one point whom she pulled into a gas station you don't taunt. So here's this hot chick pulls in this hot rob lasting cuckoo for golf gods she said the people looked at her leg. What again what to use the coolest chick in Everett if she's your commitment that. If you have a demo tail because he's let us ask can I love you woman. Part of it is you're somebody masturbation don't give me the children's version only found nearly front here children's Disney finally image out on at all that it was Obama's original proposal losing your virginity. No I heard there's about masturbation. How do you try and be. Little glory later on in my thesis at some more. And the pain that's maybe you're right about the breaking of the Heinemann. I've I have a bootleg. Where did you take this next song starts in the lottery and it's about masturbation home. I moment Regis and Kelly chairman eminently I always thought lyrically because we can't tell you probably about a woman registered line the broken Heineman and all the lyrics lend itself back. Molina let's do hey let's do it mainly movies are doing an you know what is it it's okay what is it it's yeah I thought it was old and also generating for children to. It cuts into the song about freaking time and yeah. This is very cool yeah. I imagine liking if I left off the building nuclear issue. The footage of me just falling in slow Mo bonus of playing and it's an aegis like start flying S pain and I'm just careened toward the ground up like pat. Gays and insight into meaning when he told circus magazine in 1990 was about sexual frustrations sex and the lack of sadness. And then literally into the top. Topic of masturbation comes up and Patton says people don't like talk about it I'm here to tell you I love it that's kind of what it really about. Hello so no Hyman is involved. Well you at all what you can have it so yeah eat you can't break I'm injecting a center and remember I don't. And he can get Casey to get better at it. As fast. Vulnerable look at the time I got immediately headed. We will do cowboys host yeah yeah I got into her angry into attacks the gnome and NYC and always know. It's pretty game that's impressive. Don't forget not know October 14 to acknowledge this. Music them. Should bring Tom has great day cause. It's positive kids. I'm fat fat fat away this was the reason I was late is because we're worried about the heat and fans are on the bedroom of my wife as it went courtesy becomes curse. Alitalia is courtesy she's up the formation those close the bedroom door she forgot to open so I don't know how long my alarm went off to violence in the next rooms have to physically go kill it that's hard court ordered not. I did not decide to get up and walked to determine offensively isn't it yes or she should she basically I was like about punished teenager she lucky than good and it's not running. Every time I woke up the doors to close a little toll stood here soon must be examining him. In the Nixon announcing in a moment I feel pretty good now Jim Talent are proven grooves 1043. It was a food. If a fellow I thought that it. No logic homeless men adore Shannon telling must still lead. Don't forget for just you know. Ha ha yeah you didn't read it is a good. And since. They gimmick chicken they don't forget for just fifteen dollars on the price of one cup of coffee at Starbucks. You can get a tickets to make stress season to access to electric blue moon that's right the dream is real featuring window pane and it's. I don't last and rationale. Why is only in the wreckage please closeness and Vannatter secret. C.'s mad. Studio 7. October 14. Now and receive everything you've received from the Jessica for just three easy installments of five dollars. And uncertainties. You can change your life for their future and help me pay off. The assistant will have a minute pitches that I don't. Know lesson and hasn't played since I steams Oprah factor can be reduced to zero. My wife will not divorcing me for pit exit if you pay just fifteen dollars. Studio 79 US. Forth you know one of the bands. Bug them could avoid certain charges it helped us get these supplies of reforms it's budget at fifteen dollars and lies beyond. Two were fourteen. The entire evening be well at least the first bands of the entire history. You know Lara. And from there we have no idea why I've been. Because for all gonna get drunk after hundreds of birdie is done brilliantly over rivers fail wanna teach dance though by the third then you become completely intelligent military ineligible rule might puke on you. Could feel it's fifteen dollars aware Fedora and a bow tie and owner of Yogi Bear it showed up and the beauty acidic water shooting high into the sky and melting does. A symbol of peace. It's on us. As willing to ABC GM I'm glad it's God's version fatal attraction. MG. It's debate. Well for seventy dollars. You can see the rest picnic basket and I. And studio seven died US side of a two marys October 14 helped find this poor voice over registered job culmination. Our best medal and become an issue and other stuff he does he was fired for talking in his own voice it's a they're giving you the videos. Yes that's is only vocal demo yet can he did post today and ended all that right after or help us generate more vocal demos. For the unemployed voice over artist. Since Jason said he mix Patterson he might be related to defense. I'm not sure. But remember. Related correlated whenever the whenever this isn't time sensitive and I. So long history fraudulent it was June or October 14 otherwise have to pay twenty dollars at the doors and tickets purchased after October 14 help oh. Feel free to send them because I might go broke from bringing the lesson nationalities. Touch your right people slowly and concentrate on student. And with their left ten. Good studio seven and I'm. Yeah I purchased. 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