MigsCast 09/12/17 "MigsRevGlennDogs!"

Tuesday, September 12th

This week it's our voicemail and messages spectacular!  Plus we discuss what our specialty hot dog would be if we could have one made by Jerry's Big Dogs Food Truck.


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Knoller and Alamogordo is the secret I've kissed the post podcast podcast. For those listening right now before we start the ensure we didn't get about a forty minute pod you know according are now recorded a really. Yes you guys missed out so does everybody just podcast yes but it was funny because we would we had headphones on we were all my can write a little harder to write different we're playing sound effects and everything was awesome okay and not that much. And they were awesome. You know don't judge why there might get only an hour forty minutes or however long this will be sorry and move that while we did two hours and contact. But the repeated in total offense here from 45 manages GSA is having fun little unplug just start with just. Plus call came from the music seemingly out of its way to yeah play. Right when he does say ideology that leg spasms he may yes there maybe new listeners to hide your listeners my name is Steve major listening to make notice the rest Sarah's pottery cast his charity side and I inside them. Brasilia. That's coming up Somalia personal Ali I lend us your pottery hello Glen or Glenda let's pray. We're gonna Eduardo Cabrera went two hours of sleep already. How would you join another band last. Methods have gone Hulk Hogan sat at. I don't want personal email me with links and all kinds of stuff to sing and hey I don't know if you knew this but bruiser brutally Brody was actually professional work. All the slow hurting what you're not a wrestling dude and it all the real well all I can see maybe people one to educate you bought all these units this guy's a fan of window pane there isn't a fan of the podcast 'cause otherwise he would totally get the best known to wrestling fan right to get him back was hey bro thanks so much really appreciated Steve is a mega wrestling fan and he explain the story behind this guy. And all of that we really don't expect a new realities come up at a really appreciate you. Don't know if my response is using hey bro just want to have to be careful we don't funny then yeah he was US a solid. Which is really nice of him and into those that are worried I mean their. I really solid and out trick. There wasn't a storm reference our Steve go ahead and thought I was like improve jokes my buddy Matt farmer he is friends with through your birdies wife and help turf riders for her book him so he's gonna talk to her. About possibly web hoping to do op Ed if she doesn't. Give back to hammer he hasn't knocked rightly which is still do it on put a link on would eventually are bruiser Brody band dot com website which they barely a website right now. But when he gets up and running on a put a link to where if you wanna really learn about bruiser Brody a man here's where you go by the book that's beyond cool and and and then I'm still waiting he's gonna. At some point just talked to her about if there's any kind of good I I think they make a newsletter know this isn't like us trying to like. Ride the coattails very got a governor trying to make money off them is named to gnawed it's a massive nod my all time favorite from what my all time they're wrestler is it's a huge sign of respect and it's to stuff. His story's incredible. Who he wasn't what he represented I felt it was appropriate way to represent this band we shall be flat all I saw these people pretty certain key deep doubt about it and if he knows her well enough probably to that's cool you outta here to say hey bro yeah. I wouldn't go down that road. Well I mean even then I mean look at him and you know where the profits percent of nothing it's not exactly so yeah oh thank you glad that a return yet I you know to sue us for. You know would just add and each of the last name and I got there. For our podium here and. I don't think that'll ever I'm gonna go I would know that you know her rep was like wow you're kidding this is cool he was really talked about in my whole thing was look I wanted to know enough to have her blessing to us from I like a total one look member. So Lohan. The odds of a seven and making any money is pretty slim. But I think and it's also a halo and let it she has a certain charity mean something terror I'd be more than happy whatever like a look at some of the proceeds from TV sales are short sells the son Matt white got what you make our money back at least yeah exactly that's what proceeds go back but I think that's a nice way to put it out there are so I would people who are worried don't worry there's. There's connections with bruiser Brody yeah and the most like some weird way it all out. Most of the podcast listeners totally get the name I think this was just some I like us I'm pretty sure you look at now he's a window pane sand it's not a podcast fan and dislike or hate you knew you might wanna watch what you do and yet. And yeah I rhythms on the good looking around you but. These Steve knows the history this was his yeah. And I since forgetting our record mix by the dude from Pearl Jam every night at the same program that you know you know I can error out Mabel car and you know I'm just diamonds. Jelly. While Chile. My dad's mother was Audrey and she's to make these buckwheat pancakes are Rossum Buckley so we'll be buckwheat pistols we are. Wouldn't consider Perl Java I Reebok well I want a band somewhere new to buckwheat pancakes and they're unlikely it takes a fantastic crumbled you'll also John it was a thing that my grandmother's since they could be the opening crumbles also went on buckwheat cakes like Buckley is not just a character from the little. No grasp its. Well this all the more true than that but I'm aware of it as a type of pancakes that it was so my dad was like mom mommy she's buckwheat cakes and went right. That's just elegant job brand but we cajun sausage buckwheat Casey Aaron saw him play when you drink a matter surge served with ice cold milk and I'll tell you it is often change and you podcast this is out there if you've ever had a book we hate. How else in spite of the name there's no we didn't but we think you can PPI and then buckwheat cake he's already has a bulk Oprah opening up and I don't and is up only two. That's coming up man right there what bill sounds OJ. I thought. I see its neighbors I'm so I don't know. Will leave the blow hole that's all I want to stay longer now because I love Eddie got a little Russell's humour gets. Can let's portal we started too early two days from Brett scent that's the first reference mix kind of this is where I'm headed on numbers are pretty track which Reynolds was into and it's killer yeah palms Brad what do you think censor an outsider I loved it I thought it was amazing and it was just one of those. Lake lake. As well what a crap when you Steve I don't expect you like watching you play lives and it just I don't expect you to sound back crisp jab like amazing. That's again I don't try to be reminded why is it not only a runaway truck command not bad but did not like a sloppy or yes it does okay dear because whenever I see you whenever I see you live via its basically like your animal the out up there are just go when nights in year. Flailing when when when they first rehearsal the and it does surprise or music I asked all man it was. Yeah it was intense actually schools have played a Jesse here like us I did you could say that and then because they're new day add as much about the say that you think that the drum for some yes and aren't they absolutely I play. That's when he and now Tony and Chris seven or yet but I played that for Shaone Morrisonn and appease drummer last night. And the first thing he said was dude. Steve were really really brought in a mechanic and he did he he really did his homework on these and he stepped in and knocked on the part music dude yeah. I saw so I don't know why Sean and yeah almost as much as they were the first I Annan said. Yeah that's that's very cool is one of those things or the rest of us are active musicians and and you haven't made an. Active musician along times I don't tase us JR RR OK associate you I play that way for Jesus though it's a little more subtle. Did you know anything of you did all I am I knew at the top it's funny as I did the longer I've been doing it he says hold back a lot now there are moments that are powerful emotional moments in the song that have like a cool drum build. And I'm kind of let them my style drumming come through. Because every time I'd like a little through. I get pulled aside by somebody older people like people change hands tonight. I just love watching you play that when you all Tommy Lee instead of doing well that's all right he broke out the drum kit based you're on the hour rollercoaster didn't think that could happen but that's while we'll scream Jesus because her mother taught me not out of god because that's Scott's color purple gospel I think. Well you're like eighteen goals that I don't like the priest you're that's not full it's hanging around your neck and the the pre saw how the sash. You are it's purple run up. All of the just to play which is like the Kmart a religion like blue light special forgiveness of sin type of thing going on. You Catholic. I grew up Catholic now seven day Adventist so what's the difference I don't. Well look at what goes to church on Saturday you can get there there's a lot over the hurdle whereas the purple thing and Catholic religion yes not into. No I just never do that did correlation before if I use that word correctly just now would purple yeah. And the big difference. From my learnings is that you know Catholic religion a lot of religions when you die you go straight to have been in a senate daddy you die in the new week for Jesus to come back for all what's gonna happen is you're just jealous yeah I'm pretty much trying now limbo where the storm would do you know gonna stores and some bars. Maybe that friend stores and so what what he's telling me is all she died and I'm not surprise us at all at least ten to fifteen years ago right. And now I'm just chill put the sixth sense now this is what I had purgatory. I see that people whoever else is that Houston mother was now cold here and clear that rude woman that ignores you know. So we're sitting in Seattle watching the rest of the country just go straight to hell we're just gonna I don't care that we cannot tell until the seventh day Adventist track for all our listeners Elsa Seattle we love you we don't perceive. And for all you seven to have this is Anderson I'm being very paradoxical. Because I don't wait for the book to come in from somebody tell new his lawyer and I were you worried how deleted I don't care. I. Am working at a few hours of sleep hours at a wrestling practice yesterday not tomorrow night. Oh and have you ever had this happened some recently probably not another girlfriend recently while doing wrestling practice I think I shared the story is tragic and northern lights duplex but I didn't do it properly so. What's in northern lights at levels it's like or imagine like I apologize I have someone like in a headlock were like basically they're bent over their heads in my. If in my arms so there's they're facing away from you that they're facing I had an eight OK so and so at that point if they went to a northern lights duplex to me all they do is pretty basically lift me up it sent me over their body. OK so it's kinda like a reversal move kind of yes but in the world wrestling you know it takes too tangled to dance at the end of the day. Well I just assume that he's going to just send me over and I didn't think. I need to still do a flip over him while doing that this is relatively new my recipe you can mash you flat. Mel I smashed my head stream today to deploy it where they got the wrestling coach thought I might have been paralyzed. Ho ho polish student iron wanted to grows as part retreating scream bloody murder and I'm like. What's wrong everything's cool man took a drop felt weird I did intimate that guy's shoulder. So he's leading to that bit like I'm a tube into sorting was bleeding Heidi Ewing types and on and do my mouth what you mean to my mouth was open while landed on his shoulder which in term from the impact bit down on him. While trying to get a giant to mark their big teeth that's hot Kobe deeper Toby Toby Keith set to compete he's anyways long story short ever since then my head is still a little we and that it's been a little weird it's like I'm not a bearable but sometimes it would be kind of hard to turn around and do all that kind of stuff and if I get drunk which happened at the moment that summer melt down that around that tiger's ex soon after that so as they got stronger. My neck got stiffer and it was almost got paralyzed well. I can turn I have to move my nobody. You know it's it's interesting it like I pegged on wall black course or ran out of money for very quickly that it was going to see you really great chiropractor that Dayton Staten guy knows if you're on a regular this was dubbed curiosity Shanley chiropractic I was referred to them. And they do a full medical work up on you in the name but I want my ball back from a follow up on the guys you guys are kind of big musical first off. Did you know that you have broken your neck arteries time again. Found like Rome had going into our no but I guess I'm not surprised and he's a car accident that's what I figure out basically assists and you can whip your head hard enough that feed the muscle the tissues that hold your vertebrae in place. Can actually snap. Teach and that's what I've done I've broken my neck and snapped a huge section of her bra and apparently healed right but Ozzie I guess I'm not surprised but I'm kind of hard on myself than you know hey look leave if the bleeding stops I just kind of go back to work on that sort of guy like a typical. He dude like we all keep our foot there like ever dude you broke. You met can only got. Yemen Libya and stiffer couple days that's ever met up really Dublin that kind of heard some like you may in fact have broken you know he. Is the funny part so eventually sorting game battered still kind of stiff instilled weird right. Yesterday go to practice and we're working on arm drags. And I get dragged over and am the guy did it look very. Good aggressive way like nothing bad but I flew over him and I hit the Mac. My head Jarrett and and hit the mine my head hit than the Mac that I into my head improperly right so all is they feel pop. And my. And. Oh yeah yeah yeah he has had the story lows aren't. You're actually recording no Stevens isn't the free podcast now is that glorious once you like it was deliberate do you buy that million class and it like math and he's right there volume thousands of movement and looking at very. And millions more there was no all. It was great no yeah knows a second thought and even more than a few seconds after I say where realize oh I made a boo boo is he's also both look at a guy like do you. That really did that he. Yeah I think I shouldn't throwing now. You aren't those anyways. I feel this popular Mike all by just thank you figure won't come to think that let them think his son of a bitch tonight just make it worse because that's a first instinct that hammock man I just started feeling better and haven't been there more to the end so I get up in Iran and are you OK are you OK am Mike I don't know from a okay yet. I think I'm OK if they wanted to moments where your mind is telling you not okay but your body's like your thumb didn't and it could just be adrenaline manned and that's I thought. Today I wake up and it feels great students it I don't want her few on the back I had a hot dip back into play that you did do. Everything I normally get at least a little sore but acting writing I do all they hate and head on a swivel perfectly right now rightly it looks like your normal you know right back interest is not near an I don't know what is normal with me I think I did that's Alison that's great I'm really happy about that. Great practice as what one man to do another man can do see some are saying give up on this press regularly Vera get a next week you'll begs to ask what did she is and how to do them yourself what you know I can do one man can do that it ain't over till it's over a guy like deja Vu all over again it. Yes so I mean I lobby right did you all you should stop wrestling coming now I fix myself by wrestling. It's continue to be so close virtual now I tell myself that's insane man hey he'll say that evoke quoting kinky do not hold people. And he's like eighty thanks Joseph he's. I sura go cross the street you're too old for that asset yeah. Well say that I gotta say the only do funny part is I do about that but nobody cares that I'm. Substantially older than the rest of the crew got a learning I mean there's a couple guys and girls are like they scream bloody murder every time you full auto II. Yahoo!. And so whoever it is trying to like. No one saw that old saw that lets just give him outside he isn't as tough and mumble as a is either super great guy but he's also it was a man. And pitch I never seen a writer. The hug me more. Then that moment when he realized I was not paralyze way to gold guy I cannot paralyzed that was going to be a real major not a researcher just putting a nightmare their old chemical worsens. All it attracts high you know my wrestling and all the little a real thing about this nothing you know behind the body didn't let us pick up at your door is shut this place down the food and what it is why can't they would put the be all the email the voicemail and show everybody let's do it. Hate kids they want it I don't know it was vicious I don't know how I'd react exactly right. Let's listen to the messages with Steve may. But the first part into the microphone in his studio god melons were still involved lender of last probably not the first came. And yeah I mean is. I am son says little movement and the events got a fun night to become very well are they okay oh yeah. Fun and we've. Think he's east's. He's such a pregnant British. Want it at a peak that it. And I can be made out Manuel wasn't mentioned or render anything go ahead and combat it are that's fair. It's fair at the hopelessly I would we start -- at illusion is generated some voicemails on the shirt I always start. Man would switch we apologize for starting the voicemail spectacular. I twenty minutes late. Why don't we Tony we've been hanging on your soul and all our program about the program right now or at seventeen minutes in 5758. So about eighteen minutes right now let's wrap this up man I gotta think yeah. I don't distributed to I guess I should leave now. Boy that you'll fare foot Omar because her face far in the afternoon and you can't do that that's not bad at all. Graham Graham watched today I'll be like an hour and a half flea from my dentist appointment would zulus who go to the quickest towards bills slow though I can. Artists together for landlords. Guys got to conjured up big arm just ask. You're exactly edit that I ask. I'm enthusiastic. For. Hey we're here at The Backstreet Boys were Hanna as having no fun. Hey and that that a big deal up in other words not earlier in this that this dubious scattered voice modems taken America perfect yes that way we get dessert a nice and it's rational voice mails. Well now there's no big. Big dirt but. Brett bad blood is full of Beijing morning. You know all of the bear. At all I'd love back at over that. All I've got it. I got out Bud Day Matt from bed but there is made big big they're just. Are. Telling when a human women. Power and Ambac. We don't. Always been terrible. Popular this. It's like I turned on the show I'm getting dealers that are right you get beat. The rap I had it is lovely bride didn't. We got Nevada the all bombing. Now the reps that would probably. And that comes out there doesn't diarrhea and viewed as a reference not a euphemism. European is that when diarrhea. Dollars in yeah we got to check out the rose plumbing just pick and a wrap our minds to see mile hole are you sure you know I got a lot of work to kill today Ireland was it was a novel because so many people asked me if why was I wearing it killed us like because it's cold today. There are a lot of kill people you're a ton of kill people and I was not one of them I didn't really want to kill. It is even talked. You. Never know what we at all any income horses will kill you and if guilt of. But I don't know I mean you look great you know. We range now all we all know how glad I bought. I'm glad Galen are. Got it be odd yeah well. Our moms do they know what we're Eric Berger doesn't date they don't I'll I'll. It'd. I all of a bearded lady yeah big bearded lady Mary. And daddy aren't. Well. And well it appears to be scared it's speeded up as low speed and I know I don't side. Wearing adult. Debit chilled Syrians and that are out 80 act dumb act. Act hard pass where it all good. So let's hear I was at the testicle. Test. Like coming suspect's vehicle test decrees is the Greek god of all things strong yet fragile Brian and apparently this guy was testing on that thing. With a bad idea who come underneath for the not enough where they were assessing tips you had a staple them on to their body parts of I saw like them walking around money Stapleton underground heads up your really know do know these guys really large bills there was a like a wall twenties and fives a solo bit of everything. Connecticut didn't block the dugout and employers know. And it broke bitter blocks split a bowling ball agreed to review Branson's newest. Greatest thing I've ever eat my Barilla. A bigger a lot of oh never. Ever snow on the net and I also got. 805 dollar bill there. He. All along Hanna but I'll do that it was. Steve what's your breasts and save them brown largest cable movie reporter blue bowl one. Can you get into their game yeah you're gonna have a civil elsewhere have sex abuse you know what's he's and wants the best of your boys and at that point. And you'll hear a little warm they know why not. What I'm saying there's me always lawyer enemies and you play a statement that you problem if you it was. It might well and good. Luck alone all day dare them. Yet her dad's got there yet. Yeah. Yeah and Fred yeah I was a black SS was rat I the guys we're talking about earlier in our pre podcast podcast. All know if it was a plumber tour policy does mean we saw that more now is on stage and original Russell had that massive audience. And in the marine came which has furious about it even saying ray was gonna happen. The minutes said nope it's not the rain was a yes the sun came out in the hole was raining all of us for showing each other our phones and all we're focused on things. Angela like it and any rain and how did it is raining and what your feeling either rains yeah I mean there were dug got to say there were. All large I mean I don't know how many people. But it was a good sized crowd. That we're just diehards and his parents stayed in the rain and we threw down as long as they would let us and we went amount. And they use a hard curfew bait and then we stopped about 817. Just ruined now those people. We yes Michelle and hours it was awesome and Tao I mean we stay until about six or 630. And it just I was getting Wang is miserable in a he's got to the white or on this leg and so I have. I actually got a leg irons and new quota quote doughnut because that relate you know beard product in mustache product. And it was just water repel off here no it was like it like Gary ended it was his slimy and down like always love. Obama handling and a few out and what are my instinct is always to grab my beer my mustache on display everything as a sort of senate whaling mass yak and knows it's like I feel like a wet rat and a this I know all rely on people let's go home and I even end up I think I got sick on Sunday in a little bit a Monday or just wasn't feeling great and I'm pretty sure it was because that's put them stuck out marine for me. I bet we played roughly two somewhere between 600 and a thousand its yeah hard to tell Anna and raising the way they listen or read out at ivy and and that's how drunk 600 to a thousand people are there are a lot of zero Applewhite as. Bought the student or crashing space dust and for those who don't know spaced us is IE and alcohol content so. You had a a glass of space dust is the substantially more and and even having a glass of rather read no more I'll -- is clear space dust available on news this one up Beers are available via via. A lesion and I think it's slightly stronger in -- definitely a lot stronger than your typical like me while I was away the pain really adventure too far outside of the RBI because Michelle and it seemed like why it now bunch of the guys in the spirit tanks and here you know it's there and yeah it was. Our governor really good time over there. Mike I'm sure they will not fun all right away because there was a gets mixed drinks only economic. And we were the first people there in the morning. Like we did sound check and went to dispute the gates were opened we were in the spirits zone pago and was down there we had Kelly Gray come down and makes us you know which is awesome man nice mastering bruise for bruise smashing bruiser Brody you're really regret the whole team that studio and cool hits just keep Tillman death I'll always sort of tunnel bruiser Brody tickets yeah I don't ire over arm of book from I was candy that to your merge Kathy Afghan territory. Until I get are confused there's university candy. But I talked to catch on FaceBook and she say they have sort of crammed on a bruiser Brody says it's all we announced in the I guess people really cool he has so. All we I turned telegraph had a big statue on the Mike. Game may end. Hunch is that I asked for shot. And so after that housing doom. Mean I have a you know I think it was the Tillamook do that Australia I guess that's good to the moon who ran. And yet he was porn nice fat doubles and policy there were a lot of people who took really good care of big rig. Even Gerry McCann. You know all I need to get DM Kansai significant other that was really cool. Is is yeah I yeah I don't think there are primary yet go to where he should marry her she and Aaron and she's awesome and I suspect guy. I don't bring it isn't easy and the money the spirit stint I was taking care of my spirits that's awesome yen and they were pouring their pardon really good drink that's ignoring and a wife who was when she came back she was double fist and I guess yeah I was it's slowdown that was 1 morning and I was like miracles coming on my wife for rise and all that last set. Right right so I slowed down a switch to coffee and water earned a little luncheon in the boats on Tony arrived I was pretty pretty lucid. Right and I managed to sort of sort of they error for the rest of the night it. Each dish and it was funny just like talking to people as amiss and started so this is around like 450 had gaffe and we're all talking right I'll miss and at what is the mentality of always that's fine that's why we need it we need to make a motive get a little wet but there are out here right so that's right this is Austin is awesome there is room for 45 lists are coming downloaded more. Talking to some people. This is bull crap cash and wed from yeah we need this stuff Tom Wyatt in I'm unhappy mountain that was I need to drink more and. And a video that was. Does the bomber for us is because man. You gotta bring the rain wherever you go do we went back to Maryland it rained like you're not. Now I do maybe should durable unknown cover merry go hopeful though and you'll tornado look the finger of god would get down to suck the state to. Yeah I was so there are some photos of us is floating around it was so wet and it was pouring you know not pouring raining so much. At the stage was soaking wet and is a these photos were looks like we're performing on a mere that's cool that's just the portal a media it's cool. Except ZLX so it's like how how well educated and it Ollie there's back grounding if there's drowning proms are taken current onstage more times and I Kara mentioned. Our new yourself at that point encoded at two current editor I don't mind saying year's club called the big dipper in Spokane Washington to current so bad that the Sox won the light showed him no those juicy conventional I was essentially a little lights dimmed. The lights dimmed I took that much current and then you know mark are are based at the time Mark Harris who's also on electrician went just berserk about it was when what I held he almost killed my singer. And then throughout the set I was taking so much more teams in our last song gets a frustrated I just took my guitar often threw it down. And finished the song to sing and toast ever again taken that my current and so yeah I would it would be enact a mean. The people there were great it was really nice the fans were nice the book it was nice to sound garrisons. Everything was cool I don't say anything bad about the big dipper percent. What I will say is that I took enough current to re animate the Frankenstein monster ten times over like while on stage and so while I would go there to drink party have a good time supporters show. And I don't know fall I would perform there again because it was really unpleasant. Now the only thing that I wish you'd there have been photos I mean I don't wish elect you know electrocution upon you blue fire jumped I want you I want to see Alan I had and I want to see how frazzled your hair guy how what is your hair look like easy chairmen are. Market Tonioli. You knew each other on stage and that was the thing I mean you'd figure out like it's your shoulder touched another band member all the the magic wand the reality Brad but not and that fund kinky to leeway this was an unpleasant I think I just took a 120 multnomah shoulder kind of way and have a surprise surprise and state doing it now. Not a acknowledged yeah I think it was simply stated in like I said to really nice people. But yet so that's yet another reason we did not get. Including stats pay us back from my kill it from Brett Spezza will all wanted to say to let it be hey we are wrecked or went on age but now we wanna build up our guys and now you wrote and ready hey I was wondering what all you guys know the guy he got any room on that expects you let it Luke let us know and that's dates stand. You know -- they'll surprise loss but uncle. It's a letter. I don't know the children crew were down what the makes cast. Apparently did that day they were fought the good night. My fair part of update kill joy it is wrapping clown I would imagine a lot of juggle those are he had that ICP type of vibe and so I know a couple people were juggle those who went missing children to be like kill switch going to be there. Plus our all up up up. I don't know what you're awesome they were really cool and it was a great show they're just on her. For him he's just fought and an awesome. But out of setting up the drums and then arms and getting up due to perform and then they think these big banner that has killed joy. But when I was moving them back out signs they put it right into their drums and act. I won't be I don't wanna be in the way of their shell and a one night and he bring any attention to my only right. So I think I'm good. I'm is keep tweet you all the drums and cymbals all set up while they're good they're doing their banging it's kind of a fun perspective for me because I'm watching children perform on stage but no one sees me. Well I realized was that big banner thing is there's so that they can have a couple of members of the to a joint crew stand behind it. And hold these giant cloud of puppet puppet show and had them dancing above the signs everywhere and she's. So I'm seeing the other side of it I'm seeing how the sausage is made yeah which was one of the most entertaining thing I've ever witnessed highlight because just introduced a two bros. Editors like. Very next round pick him up Merck accurate are correct and I'm just. Dynamite I gotta ya this David I think I don't want the that they don't laughing at them not laughing at them I'm laughing at the fact I'm getting a witness this awesome cook. It was one of those another million or misfire of planning but you know I was told the plan was as soon as killed or finish his sack start. We would go directly to fight her right to party. So I'm just getting my head on stage Evan started catching my pedal board I haven't even gotten started getting my gear ready and kill Jewish set started in house like. Right crew didn't get the memo you know so then I'm kind of crawling and creeping in and files it okay and then I forget who I talked to doesn't look. It's gonna be logistically impossible for us to start our sat it would have been had it was a go okay they'll be fine you know your calls already I was ready don't think furloughs so I don't know rash ready. Nobody is readily fit and I am like so yeah we don't just magically start playing musical these guys are done there's a little bit of stuff that I happen you know so. Because of that I was up there to those like men although what are we gonna do business a puppet show. OK okay. Then it might help. These songs are finding us so much about the whole thing and it just shows no matter how old you are how young you are yet everybody is going to be a sucker for Ken because in the middle of their sad how he had they're all doing their thing and Elvis until jury of one of the guys and his crew goes. Who wants to date and the whole place. Wrote about it on lollipops and what that whole world and I mean but man oh man prosecute a great match and you wonder Obama Osama new fans that. Unforced it would do we are so backed up on time for me says he would be able to make that happen but I know like that the hope to bring him back for red festival now and there will. Yeah league's best three man out made we expect league's best one to become what it became so trust needed yeah yeah yeah but dude. Thank you I do not know that you guys which route had time to talk that that's super firefighter has no genuine love what you guys did up on stage with so much fun to watch he was one of the hype guys the guy on the far right hand side of the speed each other was by McConnell warned you super super cool. Usually I'm either you just rowdy was awesome it was such a cool. Cool show up. You know I just all the bugs and trying to stick guitars up an hour and a more brutal to be dude this is their moment idle even be within joins me here I you know I gotta say they were rat it was killer. When he came back out to do you fight for your right that added so much to fight for all you have a man who's so much fun I think they're having children killed join his crew up there on the Mike with its head it just made it sound even bigger well. It was awesome idea tech jobs or we'll talk about on the make as yet a funny exchange Cisco's physical he's a case of we're gonna trade often don't like I don't know I know all the words man. It is like Popeye used to holding used to whenever you won you're perfect now. Half OK okay great. The crowd went wild it was really cool so much. It's yet another voicemail. They are we gonna do about it Ireland. Not now given that this episode may or may not be any boys Merrill and next spectacularly it is losing. Faith I can't blame him. You don't know hit the half when he would have been if we never got to listen I'm funny but not. I know we've Q&A point 38 years volume that I pushed a crippled old kind of way if you're like just not cool thanks for checking out our big boys not spectacular where we played two voicemail. Please call us in Texas man really when you're familiar I'll tell you look at them and not play them at all and after we made that proclamation this week we got a record number of voicemails like way more did we really all due to blew up it blew up I was sitting here let's dig aren't I'm sorry. I have helped the red time away Edison it's only ones. I. It's a teacher. Don't usually rant or events to moan about much about anything and well. This one burns deep inside he had no matter how you are aggregate Laporte so these are peace. So mid west too is in October. Yet and I turned 21 in November. Okay. All along October 14 studio seven smoothly. There if you're putting on the last and Nationale song and that's why don't mean Iraq did you ever lose your birdie. And it's why only the Rex he's sorry bro. All rob. Or. Because this allows disturbed lol oh well I'll meet you get into makes that. And I don't think I've ever been more excited. To read about a certain bill Torrey Clark. So gosh I feel terrible and your margins are up just sooner ya ya look can we do I want here's a workarounds some holes in the command. Always can receive automatic meeting you'll live Karen Owen drew our future if you guys just know these reasons my guilt levels to the roof right now. Yeah you can't blame his mother how lame the hitter and sure enough. How big are you can you fit in my twenty for a stick dropped. It's a lot of remainder of us are you let me let her back and know how flexible are you by are you an Olympic gymnast. And then the problem much frustration resource. This leaves unanswered questions or they liked where can I get he view bruiser Brody EP. Tom OK as a good first question take care of that there yeah that'll only be real what makes us to the club so I passed up commitment that's probably a good look in order to have to execute you have to create the crowds that happens everything yourself or how America. And if they saw your head while nearly resist even the lemonade out of Jesus Joffe Miller and I we go to Italy and Olivia to be fair standard part of all. Of W once we get them a man on TV are also going to be double and I TSU he'll be positive brother and ended and it's not move figure out a way to get a whole the end and can figure that out OK that's question number one where can I get a wide on your record should welcome the Seattle pretty. That's who also is only football and I guess after this never I've been breaking up after that show. No confusion there like if if leagues put him in the under the premise that he was selling merged camel like you can sell alcohol when you're eighteen but you can't can we zoom that are you sure. I I don't know I can shed yeah that's crucial bottles are looking for a worker if that's it that's legit let's have them be brewers are birdies Merck Scott yeah and then you just have to step behind many able but you'll be able to see the shuttle probably wander all men drink beer if you want to. We're you know we'll bring you liquor on National Lampoon I'll this guy's. Hopefully Tracy Nicole listen relief cold here the liquor control board however ask. Exploded at a CBS yeah you're aiming a rocket propelled grenade at the studio window right now from the root and appalling claim check on you cry I know Childress crew were listeners for all we know the FBI is still hungry now Arnold listed all this was Steve's idea. Yeah yeah all we wanna do is let this go see the show okay so so far we eat your records and work and homework around okay. Where your career darker wardrobe it's my boy again never misses it's only be sold at this shell Nokia up dude. I know a guy window payment tennis Bolick onion rings and failure but we can either recording and it's killer where's. Give these things that I cannot attend it makes rests. This group buddies while ours I guarantee you window pane dot net. Palm I don't know why it's. There will be a bell and they will be on iTunes and we do or even replacing the audio on mount the videos we had done from the album mean it's basically it's gonna be lonely version of this record you're gonna be able to get because again you are so on the current merger like three bucks have breakfast journal blog moral inventory we're literally it's like it's a limited edition now because we change the cover we change everything. Really there yet because we wanted to make it clear on the go forward. This is three doctors are Tony did a complete graphic revision. All so yeah if you have the old one it's kind of cool now because it's a product that'll never be available again Clijsters and then we were trying to blow all we wouldn't we'd cut through a couple thousand number we didn't have very many laughed dom voted to struck a blow out any mentor we have left like three bucks every three bucks man how can you meet that and beyond then you've got it. If for no other reason to collect ability of the those particular graphics and all that. Bottom. Yeah over a week we can see the albums you free Dropbox and he'll be on iTunes all the records will be available figured out yet figured out. I would've got all the questions I had read past the hole. But again saying Carlson I still small small ball boy alone disown didn't California and also. Would there be able to meet you deal are extremely again this year so I can see this concert you know I'm not there in person. I wonder I wonder what it's set up some of them where we go put on like YouTube's that your idea that you do allied YouTube video yeah I just set up like an iPad. And at normal flu and just film I got back again like I have a decent microphone that can plug into the iPad so it's not completely overwhelmingly loud or whatever it may be in. What it would be cool to real streaming actually even for people just that aren't in the Seattle market right leg a nothing crazy night where we are not a multi camera shoot although I hope that we get mad at they wanted does video production wants a video. Recorded the bridge of birdies show let us know and actually edited altogether or make you look and sound pretty doubt be awesome. Honest for selfish reasons decide to have had if you're ever yes I I like that kind of sense of anyone is is good at that let us now. But. I mean I've brought my iPad and just set it up. On the wall we can find a spot yeah I don't like the files mixed position girls he'd be cool to shoot the whole thing from the balcony. Yeah palm I because it's been cool stream a whole shore from the balcony just set it up you know and yeah I do you know there's fans of the podcasts and fans of all these artists that are kind of spread. Yeah well we almost since Seattle market and just let it probably cool maybe I yelled maybe stop it after each sat Mendes is. Put up against a little justice to that would kill the time fear that I'll get that done on YouTube I see people have live color so you can tell might a lot of content on there and even new FaceBook live all the time an -- he knew five hours of FaceBook clogged with YouTube after it's done and its parent and and I know I put him atop the concert I'd you can have the link and share the link before it even goes wide and yeah. I'll tell you reduce our commanders don't want to be our YouTube live person not a snow is not a we'll hook you up with a nonexistent seeded. Dennis and existing windmill they're all gone cool email Steve who freeware leave them dress unum. Grew a suitor some will assume we can do and review a boycott you're concentrated. I T just decide to pop in the and so the screen flashed him just it is it any addict yeah everything's quiet either Hillary or import bookmarks say they'll need to net ten curry used. Then there's nothing weird and when you have like the IT guy that you see what your cursor moving in you're not touching your house seat to remind you of all the dirty things that you look up to add on that computer and a ten Al unsecure that really is yeah. Moved to look for Hillary search and that's right that's why do you show prep in your shirt. I maybe next here aren't. All got our garden park that was created as usual thank you. When they're paying. Little. Following broad parents. Read archives are a result our whole lives and govern caricature created several multiple. Have a good guys about it's only. Chapel. Did you get knocked down and get up again and I really drinking whiskey drinking and the vodka drink has that equities about the good times back quickly became a coaster. Dan we've always good to bad the Tibet album. As soon and of course drug and usually it was it was much brighter regions have 14787. And then probably like it about eight months we'll get to the mall no no gonna get better run tests normally can't uninstall all promise this you all need glanced at every morning when we come over the hello my little go to voicemail and I think that a fellow by the voicemails like that it did they get big we let them dictate where we're going but that we just kind of go on our oval road Furman and we come back then we realize that we're running lately got to go yet but I didn't get the game just -- -- -- that time we got out all the time did I just under an hour are gonna flathead screwdriver in the car and scrape that stuff off to teach you didn't get enough so you're nervous yeah Ireland Mount Holly got that black toothpaste to charcoal toothpaste why would you do that get out of. Our room. I don't know I. Yeah. Yeah yeah. I was more happy with the. Are my turn to visit of the microphone Mara yeah we have multiple microphones. That was the greatest thing that might cause everybody there I. SR at right elbow are analyzed and Sudan so hard I can tell you just got to do when you're dying and I see slowly opening of the door not realizing that the mics are on him like two million you can hear me and many yelled let him I don't know what do I Georgia saw you walk through your head down looking imagine just what the local mass. I'm in my room and all these somebody is working on our computer I need like print out news stories and stuff like that magazine some reward on the computer. So I think all right final and in doing just gonna go to the podcast from here. Completely forgetting that you guys are in here. My hip my head down look at them my opponents are open the door and I can hear your voices and I want all of god daily podcast going on right now and I apologize everybody and -- aren't the Arab we have an open door policy with his 400 pound or they you know nobody can tell me did you Rihanna opening your life becoming read in the chapel there for a month actually I think what solar register every she's outside lights still out there and I was really root of my bad. But mood you're all about opinion about red crescent movement are gonna run a small. I loved red festival hysteria and yet I loved the 00 realist that's the word could be did you have a drink served to just it was just moved it was a woman it was yes it was a double shot I don't remember what it was it was whiskey of some kind but that messed me that was battle that. Felt that it sucked but. No he had the he had a day of the freestyle moto cross to help us at all. IA. Awesome man. That cool vibe and everybody there was just drunk and happy brought an uphill straight to training kick network errors are all happy and anyway that's yeah I let him and endless love the diehards that stage and M and endlessly over the die hards though. That awesome down by the had a good time I didn't even see you'd be certificate if I was backstage just walking about Miller's. Well yeah I think it everybody who came out it was a great time. I've really enjoyed most of the public my biggest red festival and I've ever that I've ever been to so maybe it was a blast and other places pact is Grammy is packed but it was enough for him to walk around and there's a lot of people there gas pressure and the bands are playing that's when you can carry grasp how many people were around but then when Dan drum playing Q what is known about news. So called by I had a nuggets got scared by clowns are we're just running around. Jumping out of Alice startle a couple times yeah I found inside in my day I can't live within they just are suddenly the fare and then just like doing whatever clowns do right next to you in your face ear like that. You've spent time in the spirits area and don't possess a couple clowns on land that is kind of raise my glass and they nodded knowingly and moved off. You inherit. Yeah I don't disparate scenario it was the place to be regarding clowns and cloned fear could. Any clauses like to have another shot you can float to the global. I thought I was glued it's not helium yeah. If you can't pick a nice night trysts are getting interviews and work I rightfully be pressure cheers Matt Adam and I'm sure you really feel bad error in the after the Korean I was Hossa it's cool I go why are you a madman as usual and lay his head was hanging like food to emergency use of DUI it is ready to go laughed about that and they realize you've got to serials nothing was lovely but he's old Amanda yeah. Apparently another voice now. Heard they've boy I he'd retreat Burma under beat out anyway 10. Nice to see him ever I saw harmful to tell the second and I was gonna come meet them for. Drinks and I've never I didn't break back away so our Reggie. Shared some of these guys but and the delegation is that first of a long day and you guys on Saturday. I got a great I know he'll visit his fellow he's sort of things that I'm glad I got I do you guys. Mike wise men like I ride I always get so so NIC Richie I didn't really the thunder we show right here's the probable won't talk about that unfortunately. And I think he's gonna try mention you have voice mails phone calls and emails you need to get to that letter eight of all night I saw the day MI and check my calendar. It's the same days months and wedding. Amma grew amusement in his wedding out of here sick and toes and it's in Tacoma and it's I'm bored staying in a hotel it's one of those kind of weddings. Dude it's Munson it's a donkey wedding and I get a only a look of a photo copy cut out of your head which Calvin Pace to stake in carry around a lot my. Just so original plan and I will Bobbitt furiously just grab our might and shave his goatee often and you got me yeah ha ha ha Irene Travis save more. Jim ward off I. Action more evils what is the date it's November 11 November 11 at studio seven is the thunderbird thunder beast premiere show. I think he's had talked about it here so I hope I'm hoping years I just wanted to beat the guy that shot that out. I'm stoked for chili's I'm devastated amendment act like some twenty years old and made stresses having a month before my birthday. To host Houston man. To get that word had. For a look like getting honor our troops and so I didn't get the data. I use programs like the Wu tang he I don't got no doubt what nobody faster I tried to say I don't know who he was one of those who wanted to people stopped me. And I'm like man I'm so let's say I revs I must say had a ribbon anywhere in response yeah yeah ice putter inside sit us down in south. They'll. Anyway. Want to let you guys know that some of these her show NBA studio seven. Bond sales number eleven. This Saturday the reopening note with a new ruins and a version crowned they're doing in North American tour saying. Tracy Nicole that you seven if we're ready and I said oh yeah. Anyway picture fifteen bucks. But you boys will be on the guest list and you know luckily I could do burden small guys at all remove the damn thing. Sock you if you want to come check it out it's still only fifteen bucks you can miss me FaceBook dot com backlash and the beast music. Or did take your seven. There's also meg done no I think your message there's two you songs on FaceBook. If you don't want to check them out. Make revealed that some carnage should cabinet taking drum shop assure you if you are the south east and you were working on the you have you made on you and oh yeah well anyway much slope Pahlavi guys all talk you letter RF ma. Yeah I did under recent gonna do a death metal version of the beat big song tie a bit right well it's a myth here that's I think you know well why don't most of us check out some about them to be -- song that somehow okay solid I and didn't trust me when you hear it mostly I'll try like I'm not even kidding I am genuinely sorry that you have a legitimate commitment that day I know beings are costs sarcastic as you know I've been talking about during the thunder beat shelves is the first we heard rich he's first tracks he said Castro when he saw Missouri man when he hosted the date I don't midget said to myself. I will cancel whatever plans they have I'm going to that show and I check my calendar and it has Munson sweating in my. Was asked me what it thinks I'll win or not you I can't you know I'm yeah. I know I I cannot wait for months is wedding take this is my guess is a huge deal that I literally sonogram when it was brooms amendment thundered beast premiered I knew that you and I would be so I decided that show ice. You showed to we will be shares issued to we will be better not break up. Pure corporate. Actually I would I would rebuke and so do the duties of British are ready to and then broke on May be an Hormuz if you think if you think there whether it was worth it. I. Check out under beast carnage. On the makes gas. Turned it up. No it's. I would just love songs. Attack. Currently plus. Another rumor that FaceBook page for a while wondering. For more family members. Think what you faced thirty guitar players. I'm from Illinois the may be a creepy little fat from the day. I mean I think I did tonight fifteen members there's a guitarist a bassist and singer. And then there's. Twelve people playing all these some parts that look good and I don't know how they'll review plays all that stuff on the drums I can't even. I can't even fathom playing like this. So I got you're not good for your machine it's applied piece for a fall into that Kevin here's a puff puff puff puff. Yeah I think they're to support these veterans are muscle. They sound great. Yeah all of the production volumes killer. Like I did they ever would know somebody reactors capable of playing drums like this. Yeah Richie skeleton man. So November 11. Studio seven comments Obama mr. Helms RU. Yeah got to face provides something special little poster hit by news feeds and was like there you know just immediately. We knew I was there are meant not so Richie will won't show too so to Steve earlier are we there yes. Christiane of the voice on the island depressed. Big guys and I would love listening to be blessed are better here or there about covering it no more song bruiser Brody yes and it. I got to save you guys don't utter surprise your edits. I will be severely. Our league and the million cover any song that yeah. I'm really disappointed yeah spoke what you guys do that and us. You did this happen and when JG agitated by the house and they give baca has less Paul which I totally gone too I'm assuming this vote was written any do you know. My man those are some of the picture. Run has DT guitar and put like a stocking cap over his face Jesus is his gun pointed at the guitar and his JG Phillips. Did you even tarmac considerable differences stuff including a frigid Spinner. Yet those super randomly meeting behind the civil love them on Avalon wood twelve chicken wings of photo Rosie O'Donnell nude. Thank you tease was as many VHS video. Cassettes of porn you can cram into a brown paper bag. Armed that is why really since I ran I ran. Let me with a pair pay any news or my head so look at some kind of weird dog. With sunglasses on and a revolver pointed and that is what it does jammed route to her and there are some malaria and Arianna is so great the JT's don't usually you Linda Gibson do you do this with. Everything we leave your house is a one point she leftist who in his coffee mug. Seated at table of course and that's an edited firearm pointed at the mud I did decently at your house is so I can I write my wife or your toes and keep fares as well greater B two like you know just have a small video of me digging a hole. You know with a stocking cap onto the Jeff I never heard from anybody music stand and approach you're quoted barbarian yes it added I acted on this fight and kill you never showed up. I told you know it's funny business happens when you forget the gravity deal higher on the streets everybody likes your particular music stand idly did I bury it that I warned you. So the Faith No More government are doing some treasured and that would be fun but we've we've we've narrowed it down to a couple someone's being midlife crane like crisis did you use some extra burden that's a great I still think though the last couple sorrow. See some way that but I think GG brother midlife crisis zoos it is one that everyone knows more. Right which is why I rather go with the last arms are a huge break no more fan this unlike. Yet the all share haven't hit Travis upper body yet didn't do that it used to things. October 20 it's one of those guys. And I know king for a day on acoustic pulse whole flannel cloth on on his Travis new like do you do you wanna tackle king for a day fund plus. Yeah a little hole to an acoustic guitar you sit and your mid life crisis is a popular song put. If your Faith No More fan and if your Faith No More fan you know this song Chip Kelly and a big. I'd like this fits us now if you're not if they feel more fans used to go a long history right you probably think it's one of my record kind of fits. For the most part if it's good minus the keyboard part and he'll be liberals want to leave one of the bruiser Brody soldiers really good yeah I think about it I'm going to be our elder Al plus that was very like that everywhere I would talk about also doing always different sauces. Travis bell yeah. Right. What I was doing that as a cover and either vote easier life which we also had people. Travis you felt we can get a flow we Texas. They don't like people there's something. Joining us please oh wow yeah. That's what I'm big into I mean. You know are set. Kicks off all my we've got thirty minutes so we have five originals are basically need three covers. Or two we I but when he mentioned music and normally normally and eight songs set comes in right around two point seven other ten minutes yet immigrant has so all our songs are radio links none of armor are you have to have a big gulf fish cam guest Elliott Elliott to a home or something Mahler songs are pretty much radius and once they're between three and four minutes tops. Something like three congressman. Yes whoever got two for sure and you'll figure out the next one through them and now we're getting threats like if you don't do woodpecker are Morris I will burn your house staff. It's funny you mention saw given Travis addressed I think you mentioned to a summit today had you heard the midterm. The mashup between tools gives him until his wrist new song it's odd but it works. Wide it's called two rulers threat to ruler swift. She goes on to start that tool tribute band we play all the tools very badly and it's called stool. And I thought about mount warm up and apostrophe yet another one slightly where. You know we all we're like nick clothing in its pool and a half I had just a ton of these like him year old various. Two tribute several torn backpacks colts school yeah. Yeah you know decay. Did some due to average DJ comer bond yes sure I'll come right I've seen his movies I. He combined tools the songs gives them we tell us receive song which you may be due and I have not heard this yet so I say we give it a second. See how good it is and I'm probably stop listening to it I can't imagine is going to be all that great to see what happens our rights abuses that cooler Smith. Or to a swift sorry. And I get so far. Yeah the. And. Oh. I do. It's. A tough question I don't get the record those kind of work it does kind of work. I'm not old. I'm good yeah I don't know thanks a lot from losing a time that. I'll. Pay another gives us an idea easy harsh yes NL. Yes shut things down grabbed the act rare yeah might talk. You can what did you yell get out of my room get at least do you are here to. Rhonda relied most on knowing remember around everywhere rejoice and lives so long ago I did treated us he says did and at Portland at third base Elaine annoy. Can say is isn't that amazing. And an amazing an amazing man amazing somebody actually did our message say a different effort out but said the extent of what is the isn't that amazing drop from. Hello Laura Ingraham and I. Thought I brought my I got my I think it's just I. So that was from only every tomorrow in studio Jews talking about some of her rob droopy exploits. And if you don't remember let's go back in time. Didn't it didn't take time I was in May disagree with the president two weeks ago I was fine. I followed them from Washington that in Washington that I followed them and they isn't. Question may I may be uncomfortable question again is a place where I don't think we all judge Randy do these dams. Are they expecting me you're gonna have sex with them yes and do you. Hat sometimes yeah okay I just curious I don't just tell that sometimes I'm not yeah I want to ask which Interbank yeah clearly it's only when we deposit you didn't nobody. So I do deserve criticized apparently toll from god smacked with fire out to hang out and his maker Boston cooks learn more of these maker ponds databases having just a little noodle yes the demand in the in ML didn't but has there been times where someone has invited you didn't go backstage dairy expecting sacks. And I don't want to you know feel and ask how does that how does that end. The last time that happened we went to a bar and I discuss them Sue Bird drowned and I said. Immigrant about chairman there's a ladder like this like a ladder to the window in the bathroom I know climb downs along last week's performance gave can do our dead. And they still call me. We're very year I he does the sign of good numbers look all I'm not know how do you. I had an extra social you don't use incense we have death then amazing. Think it's. A. I wonder when that in an Emmy and I'm like wait as the great play I. Until it came and I thought he said it right when she was a yes I have sex and rock stars I thought you know eight straight there's always wears and that America I'm not. Yeah that's amazing Acela mind realigned it because you know. Yeah get a Mike we I think Yemeni grab the wrong club Troutman this is of course but look at those team we know successes and everything it's a little. Effect. And and enemies have him he's sick of our joint Tacoma says hey I love your morning showing them but even more love the podcasts I ran into Glenn I've read festival. Amid commenting Jimenez is via email to makes gets a gmail.com. I he's amid the comments of if you put proved Shiv on the new remastered album for window pane that we can truly make my entire year he told me I even do you guys are possible. Personally emailed me to prove yourself. I would send it soon I have to remember that guy. Yes send it to Breaux thank you for all you do out here to resume PS whatever happened to read the stripper she's outside just can't get into the chair or fifth and storage as a way to add a that's from joint guys to talk with our read recently lashed out just great to raise some money he so hopefully in the near you draw about playing here Andrea. Bomb as far as who should also if I remember. Which tests are home but output at the end of this podcast is well. So I always just there for people to enjoy it just didn't do the usual hey goodbye stay positive nobody blew past former. Yeah yeah yeah give me yeah yeah NN I I. I share I have a list of charities and I'm dying to tackle based on the enthusiasm that they receive your Rivera prop I just an important Coby teeth that productions all that stuff along that line in snow like the toxicity parity about aiming at the cemetery in the mail and I don't know my business and I had one of the day because of noodles are covering your kisses on my list. And it was hubris is on my list. Because you'll brilliance you know. Interesting no Bruce I'm scared do this because you bring is a newsroom run CAF series goes doubly subtle thing about BA was so yeah that I will wanna just little note on. My computer crash or continue to hold on to our number Brooks author Robert Green sort of knew that the I will get more Perry's done at some point but in the meantime he's in now. Brand it's got a question or window pain okay he's has many good breaking up now I. I just saw on FaceBook that we knew pianist playing Lewiston in October that's correct are there any of the details about that show yet delivered what can. And read transcript together some cash to come check it out window is the top of my list of bands is seen live every since they were first on the cast. Thanks fellas from brand. We came out a yes or loosen we are at the third real bro which is of a killer club we love it there. And hang on man and elude him my tri quarter in my hand where's Lewiston Idaho. Wow can you list and on The Who that's why being close to Spokane and helps madam I don't Sunoco a timely doing that. CNN's. OK so yeah Harden said he was in scope continent you know we place Spokane on Friday the sixth as well no arm sore moose and Idaho on the seventh and then Friday the six were in Spokane and act if you go to would have paints FaceBook page I know there's some Cuomo are with the clubs the dates and times of the banned some storm that I'll put my head Menem. On soon to pan am respond clear however Kobe TV income a lot like Jerry next year so just in time machine that I don't know off the top my head but we will be in Spokane and and then we'll be loose and Idaho oh called all that info menu phenomena pain dot net or just go to our FaceBook and I'm sure you'll find under the promoters but not posted some stuff up there. Was he the info is out there. The nondescript government's cash together because not Idaho yeah Astro can come close or come the both. You do that's still a kidney. Yes let's we have to do they go pretty well known black market. Not awesome says god is our sale of last week showed Stevie should do more soundbites I haven't laughed that hard a long time also when you have read -- wind is live Dey gonna be this year in my daddy's like November 18 at exit Thursday and now I actually going to be on location. I can't out do you talk about it just yet. But there's a chance really do alive migs cast there are similar to what we did the last side day and just bring in all the bands that are available to all our nanny. Do some words Tom Petty song. Haven't gotten nervous yet because I've got the date but nothing else so I haven't started reaching out to artists yet. But there will be a chance for people to come and watch my daily lives why that's happening because that's been tossed about for several years yes this year it's definitely happening and it's going to be in the south and our I don't you know purchases outside ice in your career that is on the moon and ran it and it's going to be costly. Hulu needs no attacks yet that's house out of the CEO Al crap wondered then relax. So upset this dude I update update at bat you'll call after right after this podcasts though. But DA it looks like the as city's going to be fixed seen the entire. The entire water piped to go do. Because a guy's picks did and then more leaks spur on the and it's totally oh dude non no no no this is good today that because I'm renting so I don't worry about it and also it is. Tacoma public utilities fault for it happening. But to their credit there they're owning up to they've owned up to it they're fixing it sells you hat. Yes thank you and nice really key so that really happening is there's timing tomorrow night and yet GP UT even guess yet. Hobbes so I played that clean herself nearly as he school lamented if I put a clip from Bob that you heard for a second that was a random sound drop put up so. If you remember awhile back we played some beef from Uganda and handicapped man where it led to him saying yes. I want to go fast pitch yeah small ball and also there was this oh my god you know or bothers me. We're very little mall. Here wheelchair. People are walking and their god damn slow. Get out of my way I want to go fast pitch. Right do I immediately avoid it or you know like we love you grow a sort of throw that out there register put some perspective of how long it takes for us to get torn me now or a text message Jesus this is addressed to us on Saturday July 22. Today is September harmony also tell me episodes later. Policies. All of us are surprised you know it's two months visible engines like all false. I'm holding on to us and we just never get to it but I Danny handicap Manson had downloaded adultery in my voice coast talk them into pieces and put a beat to it. To forty forsake an MP3 cars yet guys like it and then Sturgis who used on some cool stuff for us in the past. Also a big fan killed joint search out the Sturgis. Messaging dandy handicapped man. Who does not the pub his own gas and we decided to some editing magic with the voicemail from last week about the brand voicemail again that was the horsemen like you besides this incredible drop. They did two different versions. So without further ado here's the wheelchair song version one. Okay. All I'm broke the news. Do you know. Already there's talk. You. I can't. Love it is great. At two years that's awesome news version two. Little girl man bit. Oh my god. You know all the bloggers there. Well let me see here we're here this period and a multi. Oh my god oh my god. Oh my god oh my god getting up here it's like I. Oh my god almighty god. Did you work. Long you've been under god damn slow to go forward must have. Worked on them there god damn slow. Our group that is especially in. Tomorrow morning here. Should. Surely should be on the lunar album that is up and toss I think these secular means the winners at bats today. I think you get the ultimate fuel hurdler they're both incredible the sec or did make me laugh a little harder. That amazing. Yeah I guess I agree it was amazing. See another voice now yeah. It's it was true that America. I had dad and mom mom and my. And they get it back gentlemanly and I'm getting real excited about it and learn we. I age is trying to get carrier so instead I let you well. And that I will see you soon. Age. Last year and the way. Well mammal. I'm pumped that she's going to be command and she gets to the league's best seat for those that don't know which is if you listen I guess if you've heard just on what accredited by the league's best two happening at studio seven a celebration for my birthday celebration for the makes cats most importantly. It's a night of incredible music both locally and nationally now so many new album's coming out dude it's gonna be a party for every band semi we've got. Window paying quite possibly your remastered if it works relief hopefully it will be the last international coming in from New York LA area and I they've got some new music coming out soon so it's going to be a preview of something's gonna be on their upcoming record they're really pumped about playing Michelle which is. The talk doing edgy and Derrick said to be a part of the party says the. Who might ask every month for that I don't know what. I don't know what you've been their shows in this market before I don't know they tear it up on stage yeah like just I love the thought of them playing into that lunatic asylum model packed dark ages like thanks Steve you know I mean that's right one. For and that's what the II. I mean I don't even need to ask anybody to see if there's anything I last year. The place is gonna go deep pass for all the bands that man showed you last and Nash now so much love. And just lose your mind in the music they're that good they'd be great music that is meant to have a good time to risk losing it it's. Got a great group to it so I have a feeling narrow walkway going makes us three. That's a lot of urge all of the call you would say dude. Thanks yeah yeah Aleman kids last year was such a riot and I am really. I think this year is on target dubious is insane I grace so I just want ventured to come to Seattle and give him properties to what the Seattle rock community can offer up by way of a damn good time really treat him like their local band does dad to be just wanted to walk other Golan. I need a hospital stay amateur reducing your act ghetto men yet. They're real why only in Iraqi staff is definitely there's CD release show you get a second record which I've heard a couple songs and you have as well it's. Killer who like their last record you're going to be blown away by this went. Our men apps those guys are always great odds are new record just dropped you and you'll get a chance to pick that up that night it's killers loan at some high rotation in my mind my on my phone arm and then of course the big debut of our brand bruiser Brody featuring myself. Glenn our chairs brought from off from second coming post modern depression goes on heroes on nearest I think you dig a postpartum depression post modern heroes are and also all about Jeff Rouse is in the band from DOS McCain's loaded JT Phillips of course from clover Jane and every other day and it's playing in towns. I don't have after our flight out Chinese is part of our Jamie know this guy Bob sold. Just a great collection of friends that happen to also play music very well and have. I I think I can see this in rev can attest to that he's an outsider now that really bit kinda. I think we put together something very special music India and hopefully if everything works according to plan. We'll have our EP available for purchase so BR EP release party. So it's so much stuff going on is Dan October 14 studio seven go to C seven dot US. Purchase tickets there's a FaceBook event page that is good it makes guess pages pinned to the top. Bomb quite possibly rumor has it is going to be. A food truck outside when a migs dog. It's very hot dog owed. Which will get into that once we get approval. I was somewhat things different get a for gas but if if everything works awaiting out of nor cal where were the city's union began a hard time but so long as everything's cool with that bomb. We're gonna have Jerry Jerry actually would my wedding DJ any as a food truck now because Jerry's big dogs. And in their delicious and he's essentially won the ends I think the one part of it with something at the top those are challenging extra challenge yes. If there's stuff is legit. And he's an old buddy of mine yours I'd mesa under deejay from my wedding and he wants to make a migs dog. As he told you what he wants to do with they'd argue that any input it's all to me so I'm not even gonna think I have thought but I'm not a million. Has an idea yeah we find yes it's Russell's stuff so it's it's but I have ideas but we're gonna have a mind if everything happens we'll have a monster to flush it out. We should have a love for couple tests dogs yes you do then bring of course has had a chin like dudes and here is bigs one leagues to leagues three bigs for every disappeared and no home. Now potential move makes dollars and more we can't would have arrived dog and Guangdong I would totally consumer makes dove into an apple and at least one leagues don't in my mouth yeah. And I thought in my journal the sex reverence of the U free food. I know I don't tell me anyway it doesn't it I don't care do I want I don't plan right and good dude dude I'll still read them well don't worry I'm talking reviewed. And I'll talk to make. Next week we can get him to come into the week before or how would be graph or next week we have them on the phone and then the following week we until we flesh out some ideas. And in the following week he comes every to a taste test. Retaliate in a way it is and I'll be real Jimmy walks on you okay my thought. Because I love you put teriyaki and meeting and I'm happy kid that's how they can about doing it teriyaki dog and I mentioned to my wife and she had a great idea. You do karma wise onions near Abu and now know pineapple chunks. Teriyaki dog I'm down definitely be really happened and I immediately of one little pineapple on pizza debate I'm not an upon upon pizza but I do like pineapple. Right and not so songs like like mold Geist. Pineapples that could be happening how low the pineapple through meat but it's only because I have a a you on the pineapple on pizza things usually about it with the teriyaki saddle I'm saying that I have got to go solution out there today watching that parity had that is called the teriyaki dog called a black hole he called B day before yesterday. All right Jesse so that's my idea for during a dog what would be your guises. What will come dog would you guys you and I'll write these down and also them the three options and may be we can convince him to just make of red dog dog one dog in a migs although it'll only get in on your dog style wise do. I do I grabbed a thirty thought about it actually had a few tournaments do you Burma China and look at these and I only get wanted to join the dog Barney all I dab in the Doug Brown. Look if you say this only be one that you guys are screwed of course but not a video about a I had a thinking about it Jerry's big dogs I didn't settle twelfth dog the twelfth mankind has colored the EU US England all options are here right yet to bag reminds reminds teriyaki things. That's my idea as soon we'll see if they're good if they're not then want to go back to the drawing board the amendments and the. The Glen dog. Ball will do cream cheese on the month I was think about cream cheese as well as I do doing I MI you were taught over mine cream cheese and bacon and were vacant crumbles nice oh my god this is awesome pickle relish. And how penal. I was digging creatures called me yes I mean yeah ice cream cheese and how opinion those work really well together I think with a pickle relish as well as kind of a little bit of that call was onions are also different in May be in there but those are the things overthrow opera right away just to when you're on CV rock helping you and now sweet banana peppers you know the owners are what are we doing it yourself you gotta be off the change history do you want to editorialize hitter out. Streep normalized in and with this ribbon and a pepper and some banana peppers a possible plea and that's what a mountain of regret Anaheim market so hungry and creole we almost around meeting crumbled that you're real pickle relish Paul pain you know. Three banana peppers and caramelized onions in okay national and that's a lot eagle eagle overload it sort of mass hugest you can only get those ingredients and play a little. Is almost didn't get in their soul flavors are represented but I think that would be just happen and as hell reminds me of ms. teriyaki Carnoy as onions and pineapple diced apples if you if you feel gone ridiculous you can illuminate like the car lines and engines and I don't think anything ridiculous it's it's good it's Clinton and I just gotta feel like I mean dirty gonna need that decries onion trying to if I had my druthers that's what I would order like a hero throw it on there are is that the Glen dog. Revved got a dog would you do. Red dog I was thinking hey guys are gone with the Telecom allies onions brass thinking more along the line of a good good sausage staple zeal sauerkraut. And that got me going down the urban or outsize like I would love just to have a Rubin. Sausage. Straight over in Yemen sausage yet today here as so I mean if you can get the arrive red that would be astounding bait me never know what that he had maybe a straight ahead might be too much but even just weighs just like like a little bit a thousand mile land. The sour crowd. And name with just our sausage just. That so is we are Ruben sausage Jamie Rubin sausage. I don't know even just a normal sausage just the normal sausage maybe Michael bird in Robin yeah OK okay Sherwood so sausage. Dog we've sauerkraut and thousand island yeah yeah sounds awesome GAAP. How when he all three of these right now yeah I know what I want now. I wolf I will message him and sable first opening contact with dusty or seven yeah I mean brilliantly edited yet. Dude Emmy and no more say hey man these are three dogs we want can you make them first of acute case the man headed time three dogmatic forthcoming studio will promote the hell out of his Italian dry and plus man notably cool as the in the night it's like a game and whose dog sold the best. Lol I can. I don't know they'll catch challenge that you are all I can oil lull for the rev Wright all are you sold 30% more than either of the does you know like. I I would wanna know whose dog sold the match so then what do you who wins will we win. Also like if your dog is the top selling dawn yes keep it on the menu. Very you know I like I would like he's on the menu mobile trying to let out our debt she said. I know are nothing new drives yeah tears in your summer movie passes and kick in the nuts yeah. Are they get a big dogs he sure why this certain sort of one of biscuits and rock always just get a trophy there's places that trophies around today can they put sausages are hot dog on the trophy you can do that Tyrell figured out how best we know it's tough row is live in her house. Screaming. Or we use get a giant like you go to like Tennessee limited or lover's big lover fists didn't just put a hot dog bun around it and answer. The surprise us if I did every tiny gold more background sued again just cultural. The end of the year it's possible we still need to do. We and them only yesterday. I had her. Happened we kicked it around acoustic set at Buffalo Wild Wings and then there was the whole Childress and eat them gobbling intra played Dave Matthews crashed the same time we're gonna do we do at this gutter like fund such as what's your gazelle we're talking about food. I just throw that out now so we'll do that to me express my work on that because I agree we gotta be following ammonium dude I I'm really getting excited about this hot dog thing if each one of us has our own hot dogs I am really hungry ever to my stomach you start overlooking Glenn dog now stacked stack. We get here I unfortunate romo's at a time but we've gone to a lot of voicemails emails and text messages of this. Listen to we do here and it's just pick a random one. So. Every day on my way to work I walk past a just like at a whole group of Girl Scouts. Who are selling cookies yes it's just the same thing every day they ask me if I want to buy them. And that always kept saying no basically after they note that parents give me beat me and look for not buying them that we do our ads and I'm trying to lose weight. I have trouble losing weight. I am just trying to you might avoid all sweet and it from going to cheat on my diet. It's not going to be on girls out overpriced mediocre cookies were. Okay. Our. I don't hang on and it backs I had his back way to do that and you know brother that a glass icy cold milk and a whole box is Somalis protect songs are all areas catalog Findley got out Foxit demeanor in a freezer like that goes through the most amazing all. Ha they are off the GA week so this girl scout or hurt you man what I get it he's China Lou's way in a mile dividends from the Oakland overweight diabetic another push of these in the pants or shoes off my whats your point is these menacing looks cute and I support my daughter of the guys like I mean I really had your back. Right until he said he's going to be tricky Smith and Daria what is it that these are not mediocre play our crack cocaine hidden behind Whitfield at the boy scout Eddie to boy discussed at the bottom end to deal popcorn pop and Lauren Andy overpriced. There or we've we've purchased a popcorn there I got cute kids opponent respect and authorities are great and Boy Scouts sell popcorn I didn't even know that was a thing. It shouldn't be well Girl Scout Cookies I think there's a flag for that. Yeah you know like there's a start of the season people legitimately this I didn't win and they go on sale every year I get angry when anyone brings the door from my house I refuse to answer to -- if I see your little girl to Girl Scouts out for you digest of getting off my god somehow Angelina -- what I am buying something -- up -- -- alpha -- -- to -- she doesn't leave before you get the -- take -- money for iron there to save money to be as many boxes this -- were damaged when you're -- the big clean for the studios the men's -- put a box like a gigantic box of Girl Scout Cookies in the kitchen for anyone yet and I scooped up a a lot more than -- what are your favorites. I didn't -- on thin -- They tag along the ones that look like don't look them in the hole no there they look like a chocolate cookie home with a peanut butter you never know those are gonna get those Santa doses of the so low as than other ones that earlier the coconut chocolate again I love those who did the tag alongs. Our great city warm. But normally deal room temperature. They're even. They're calling tacky they're when you put in refrigerate Celek I have liked it off and then because they're coated chocolate if you submerged that in no I hate when they do that yet but a lot but I break if you submerged milk eat it makes like a milk container to draw the milk yes let's hope our caucus. She did chocolate keeps the mower. And running well. Yeah chalk it up my example I'll let up. So I'm so excited that I you know now we'll go Freudian slips going on man it's it's become very solid early. Can pick at the grammys. Now being dismantled even schools can also be this copilot and I did it isn't this an increased chance of sort of lose very weird. Outlets eliminate we will go up I felt very minimal and I always got to get out of here don't hurt again these messes happening October 4. You can read studios savage get all the information triggers fears have died US or find us on FaceBook any of our FaceBook page you were all Sharon now a lot of it. Hopefully next week we'll have Jerry it is big dogs and that I know that I'll blog about the palace although doing a specialty dog I really like Debbie of all three of us having a dog for people that's really tools and yeah thanks for letting us Cinemax calculator was made his birthday shelf. He was getting mixed you would still trepidation about like no I wanna I don't already know what a walk. I'm not implement this show is having eleven days after my birthday it's. I diving boards out don't worry about it it's a big cast party but unless hopes that myself to sleep when it's a party for me all the all the money moment. Now Glenn dog in your honesty all three of these dogs I would still nasty dude absolutely funny said it drags out you better show up. I I'm all live together to give the thumbs up in the city it's all good similar with Dow could pop up nothing no I don't know what happened I beg you guys for listening to the bigs Desmond that those raids. Riveted to the news stay positive.