MigsCast 09/19/17 "Hi-Tunes"

Tuesday, September 19th

This week we welcome our bud, Scott Mckinley, to chat about a bunch of stuff he's up to...including a new weed meets music service called "Hi-Tunes"!  Plus Scott is doing a walk to help raise money for the fight against breast cancer...click HERE for more info!

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To my name is Steve made tonight here with the reverend employee go hello I'm an end all and now very special edition of the makes cats we've got our friends. Scott McCain means studio floor up were up I don't know what do we put you off part of her nor are acting like what I. Hello AJ now I do in the Pacific. That you create your business sharp departure from north. So let's let that does sound about right right yeah I don't know if there's any. Being involved in the world of Canada us. Scott you've got your hands and it trying to trying to absolutely now I'm a originally match you do the world of boxed copy goals yet stands. Com or go record zip. And and now old dirt I mean we've we've you do into the incredible as far as just trying to help people that our our our debt ridden with an incredible all lemon trees are would goods or to charities does restart we did the pot stuffed shirt and there's so much stuff going on right now. Are the charity's staff are I guess I'm a few as well. Who so first thing is as caviar gold doing the the caddie cones and all of those things we decided for all of 2016 we were gonna give 5% of the gross company to the American Cancer Society wow so we gave that to road to recovery program. Which is if you have insurance you have cancer you have a doctor and you have a treatment schedule but you don't have anybody to drive you there. You're looking into a sinister as you have a right to the hospital. We're paying to take everybody to the hospital. Props so we were paying for the rise to pick people from their home taken to hospital take him back I am we rose about 37000 dollars 2016. Doing that. And now warrior moving on to causes. And causes is the new brand that we released there's ten different kinds of joints stand the be all high and I feel good about doing Internet world a better place good candidates man right but we're ready all living causes like breast cancer aids awareness we have all timers we have breathing given to the police force and we're given to. A lot of different places that we feel are important. And ten cents from every jointly by goes to that cause so you can come back and try that we that you like every single David give to a different thing. So where where are they might be different strains for different causes Leah went ice slower or were mixing it all up. Every one of them is going to be guaranteed above 20% so they're all gonna have that nice squalor behind as we got to make him good as well. I'm gonna have that good. The reputation always yeah so we we are making sure that we are doing something positive with that but through the relationship building on the American Cancer Society they nominated me this year for real men Wear pink. So come breast cancer awareness all that I have to. I'm tickers possibility of raising money for the area I have to always Wear something pink every day I. Brings out your eyes and science university in essence I this. So I'm not in that effort I am I making FaceBook post putting buckets and stores doing everything I can to. Raise awareness and real men Wear pink including challenging you to do this five K walk October 21 with us at the Seahawks field October 21. Outside my calendar due to make it I'll be you can make it on us and your registration can join the team I'll do two mile walk with us around the holes the outfield. Be nice hung over from slim show. That's right has become an IRW. People who talk afterward he had to go as far as having to make it happen Biden gets you format that will bring a lot of awareness to cause which is I'll be out more and happy to just keep spreading the rock and ensuring guys got to check my wife when you're invited to be a could put out don't be in my a lot of welcome them walked two miles so I don't I don't I can't tell you miles to learn to listen you know I'm using the issue we're talking about just a minute ago he'll be on one of the state say stations they're playing 500 miles over and over again I don't know I have. I uses Morris and better I these guys malls in. So causes was a really big Roy and real men Wear pink that's a really big one to allow with a charity causes elect has stuff so. That's all OK you know apple Panasonic has strides against brain breast cancer yeah it's a fascinating strides against breast cancer. Is Brazilian not running as a threat of now I'm I'm enjoying the volleys are running joke between my sister and I for over twenty years a lot of that he merely because that's easy law I music I agent. And oh yeah I'm Susan is that these guys TV show Blanche. I'm actually was waiting in line somebody snapped a photo that poster just I'm sure you reply you know just how are Belle Noel Noel. Just the closest thing I was also a typical credit for is a great news coverage song they're BJ opened for the disclaimers at all. How do we make that happen I'd announcer would make you call him at receiver in the last international now how they weren't really let me be very tough I think my PS. What is the going rate for us to celebrate lawyer's fighting guys. Yeah bit like if you don't pay the full price only one guy shows up aren't nearly as fun and it's a super claims Jeff and there's little play off. It's the all right other suns just like an offer hasn't returned a tough karaoke so. Got a big sobs of baucus strides yet. So that Obama and find out about information from making making strides is available everywhere online go to the Pacific northwest. I'm region of it and you can register right there you can come do walk it doesn't cost money and you can just get a pink shirt come off the whole thing with us. Mean all the survivors in the area that are participating here are stories it is. A really good feel good thing I did the whole walk last year in Everett at the arena there menace first time ever participated and no more dense and now every year. I'm participating in order to their their breakfast meetings once a year and a sort of stuff and nor are there they're in dollars and stuff like that Syria hum hum part of it now Bob price you what what what what arguing that there are certain reason you decided OK I wanna be a part of this this is a cause and I believe and it is there's some back as our backs are. I'm no serious back story just I've lost friends and family just like everybody else and have. I had. The ability to raise money with two and a product and a privilege to do this in this state and I felt a responsibility to get back. That's awesome that's true equals no real real big serious Bingham is an arbiter of privileged in to be able to do this or provision dealer could have. That blueprint for marijuana for the country. So we're setting the foundation. Are you hearing from other people and other states that error where it's becoming legal where they're like hey man but back home how and how you do this like how how what do we need to do because I would imagine has got to be a daunting world far. Whatever I inserted this city inserted this mean I I lived all over the country as a military brat and him. I have people I've known from my whole life hit me at ask me for jobs test here. It is ridiculous how many people want to work in Canada us. And this is coming your state soon don't worry if we're watching it for the other really cool video offer another endeavor and your involvement which I think is pure genius we actually talked about the other morning on BJ Mays does it. So out came off a Mike have you heard about high tunes and then we're on tears because it's a tough I think a funny concept but we're watching them do video that you pretty at a commercial for it. And a pickle items like. Mail me here in Washington are living a teaching Tom yeah. It's the united it's it's funny you just drive along like you know the 99 court or or whatever. And even like you know Chris and one of his face furloughs don't Tacoma and Tacoma Seattle execute there is a pop chart billboard. One every for how much it didn't edit and I don't think the markets over saturated I think they're all floor she man like it's a hole. It's a different world whatever my buddies from Merrill would come here and Blake is his real forget it it's welcome to Israel through okay. Oh yeah I'd rather regardless facing you know if you come traveled to Seattle and you wanna check out the site student you know all wanted to take out a pot shop ma oh yeah yeah I'm. I'm pretty sure every single highway on the I five corridor is and adopt a highway is sponsored by dispenser and oh yeah. Yeah that's advertising there are allowed to do is they've got every highway out there. They did this is definitely still hurdles because not federally Brett Bob legal and he's tough to get advertising gimmick that's why I like you started with. OK I'm I'm I'm and I gave you there because Tyrone by team secrets if you are and everybody you're gonna crack up quick break down. We jagr gold. We wanted to advertise everywhere we could and we're limited by who we can advertise to how we can advertise where we can put billboards. All the billboard companies raised her price is four times for the approved areas. So if you wanted to get regular snowboard is this about a month if you wanted to get a marijuana billboard is four times more and you've got the right guys that we Dexia a lot of us and make it you get stone geez this particular us. So in that aspect we're looking for ways to advertise why do you like him a billboard I swear I'm hoping are hurting you can get hot pass taking out Saddam brought a picture that's. Artists don't have to put warnings on their things aren't just artists don't have to watch what hat or shirt they where they can do what they want they have that. Freedom of speech move so effusive sponsored artist. That artists can be your billboard that artists can can be your advertisers than they have hall they have a huge it don't amount of exposure that they can add. So I mean are banned from getting the records everybody panic they're last deep detour they did. Three nationwide tours with some pretty big bands and we got all of their online numbers from it and they had over five million impressions on Matty. To put their logo on for the next EP release and now we have a lot of money we've already raised for them just based off of their previous EP's numbers. Looking at that I just managed to two together instead we need to market music on we'd. Because music keys to sell she music. Then have sold records and record players CDs and CD players tapes to tape players MP3 players now has nothing to sell so we're trying to match. Music on something to give it exposure matching exposure with exposure same as any kind of exclusive you get for trading music to a magazine or to a website. We're putting it on the exposure that we have with our marijuana company and we're getting exposure trade from the musicians Luis. Compiled when you throw this idea legacy the one of the ideas they got mad I got a great idea and menu you forget about it no no listen like one day you wake up like wait a minute that was a great idea I need to do that. Well I've had this idea for a while it's just taken a long time to you to be able to put it in the play. I've locked in the stagger golden doing that medal count your old thing every so we just opened up to be able to start new brands. And then morally able to go ahead and start my own idea cat carrier going on still the regional sales director for both have your gold team. But that is a premium high tier. Priced item that is 24 dollars for one joint because it's so infused with oil is a lot of money is then that becomes your Friday your paradise your ass out yeah and you can hear special occasion thing if now but with these new brands were able to get your normal everyday item is and even your low tier items as well out. So whereas with iTunes especially. Artists are not gonna put their name on it and unless it was incredibly super bomb weed you out so you can guarantee every high tinge join is gonna be amazing. 2000 now oil oil haven't been earliest of narrowly we'd like the booms of of we'd like to the traffic not to the upper deck of all our. We just Olivia still like you know you don't like the window panes associated with the joint to just you know the idea to two hits and has had polio. And I don't know we'll look at how they attack that almost yeah. I think this visit we just tastes like we act resolution bans people are scared of us now Google. So that I've had some pretty equal success stories already been reluctant so we released tied. Tunes a week and a half ago and it and as soon as HI GH team now it is eight guidance anti Santa had. A jackpot prize like kinda in staff although and we had been four days the fronts of high times magazine's website as they gave us a full synopsis calling us a ground breaking company. Match just up there with Cleveland Snoop Dogg and all that so I'm hundreds video that I have always been in high times articles for carrier gold that's a company I work for. But now this is my thing and being in high times for something I created that was just take weeks. Laying low right now they're awesome job all remember will meet every I knew right away when we were at that Robert thanks he has until probably about a little bit because your involvement as well let me out guys involved and everything but you. Came showed up in name would talk with the guys numbers a birdie we're enjoying hey check this out and you're showing at all what's wrong is like this is it. Bruce genius idea early so I'm not surprised that once high tunes are well I mean I wanna bruiser Brody joint from the sessions that we we had out I won't slow songs I enjoy it I wanna win a pain joint we're already talking about yeah yeah I don't happen there's a certain song from the brewers are birdie odd. Stock up five songs I think it would be perfect for which when you think it was a Red Farmer idolize and I was kind of creepy vibe to it nectar like get still listen to fill your candy that's just you know which is always good yeah I love that idea does do that so I somewhere or retarded all right so there's still inside as easy let it be written into it. Michelin to be done. Let it be done thanks revel in the. Primacy. Autorad before the fans are reassigned already wrong. Mushroom head moved much earlier case a thousand guys on our backs are masks all that stuff was though they're excited about I've worked with them on a couple tours and they're excited. Head TE had these on Florida. There in my favor creating a rock so that's awesome news. He's super excited to announce today actually citizen is I get done here I'm gonna go take a bunch of videos and pictures form he's gonna announce everywhere. Every announcement comes with their fan base comes with their publicity comes with more press coming to assess why it's just a super genius idea in my aspect of it is. I just like love all of the present marketing like this here today. So with each new big band comes all of their prestigious camera bug spread super bastards men blowing up incredibly. Yesterday we signed steel panther so I'll watch is extremely awesome I've done like 45 shows three meet and greets with salmon now. The meeting reads that in Washington we set up that they come to we'll have their own we did they can sign for people. Which is awesome I happen again. After bite my each other clubs and certificates that can he send may weepy mess and I thought I can we ask okay I think that's what alleging that that journalists moment where it's what can we actually signed my steel panther joint and that's signs site. I don't smoke so horrible at every now you've got to be awful dude you know I doubt that's why you bites you that's right. Israel Morales didn't planning and Smart move. So firm. For those again and how does the high teens part or how does the news out in the on the actual joint what I'm actually licensing from a band is their artwork okay because that what you scanned when he skinny you are code on the joint is gonna lead to a landing page of the bands links. So I'm not selling anything of the bans under selling your art work. And then we scanning because the bands links and they can sell their merge their music Tia. So often YouTube video on there to be in Macedonia songs for download they can't they're not required is literally just I'm introducing the band through week. All I'm not I'm not licensing anything so big record labels are not scared of it. It is a no lose situation it's almost like a wine and food pairings sort of like putting a CD in a magazine. Yeah it is giving them something with something else nice to monitor things you get like an Emmy magazine and and every once awhile you open up and down your sampler or a cornerstone magazine I remember are always good company semi their big sampler because she's like a thrasher magazine site Yahoo! Yahoo! yeah didn't you turn other drink myself at a purchase magazines that came with a cassette tape match I can't. Just got I was still here though that's hard is it a reply melons they were aren't some couldn't magazine for some heard sound garden was a thrasher magazine compilation tape he had the yeah I was like a cassette sample. Are uniquely like this that are sort Scott seeing an immediate sort Revver just said there's nothing like that it's existed in a long long time so what a cool medium to her. To make something like that a reality and yeah you're now. Do you work with the bands in the sense that they wanted to be an end to constrain arson T restrain or. Good point I'm not on the actual joints and absolutely not we're having one strain of let me talk to an opt. Here realizes that as the drug and curry are guessing that -- I library and I think you know I don't I mean hey you make sure the band tries it like sitting there on Roma the joints but if you do good with the joints the number and come back to that abandoned say do you want eighths quarters pass announces and that's where the bases making real money on the weekend if we can Brandon entire five item line for the man. And they can do an in store amid injury I then they'll have a whole line of their products so I will guarantee of a band's. Like mushroom head actually really starts participating here they've already done commercials and stuff the rated the film for us. There when we start putting all that stuff out we start getting a lot of their movements. It might be five to ten grand of actual profit to a band ever month I'm just I think that's real good touring money he had no doubt how doubt that's just real good eaten yeah money. I just thinking of like Muster marriages with their masks and stuff to give the mask would one of each societies who I think are better. The much from had messier ask the mask passer and doesn't even have to be ways they can make any product that they want if they wanted to come back and they wanted to make. A capsule pack that's all mushroom head and each one has a different mask on under something you know. I'm the whatever they wanted to make we can look at that the cost of goods and we can make a much from headline for them if they're doing really well with it. So it is making two different brands here there's iTunes develop artists and there's iTunes local heroes. So local heroes Ali and I Gary full heroes that's happen how well the fact number one do you want everybody I'll end up putting five singles inside one taxi can buy a five songs at once in filings at once but you buying a mixed tape. Colonel nice that's cool depth. So what makes John ritual will make some really cool things Christmas time all be asking all the bands to give me. Christmas songs stuff like that it's we were gonna Chris if on Christmas single yet great. I don't know do but I might do some Christmas candy canes with a scandal codes cover a lose lose track of Faith No More cover plants Molly snow is not totally legal grown people and I met the federal. Then I can cover RV. And yeah I just talk us and it Al yeah who completely perfect. That's great and so for people wanna find out about iTunes is there a website H I dashed tunes does come a practice go right there iTunes dot com and is an out I would imagine you have if you have an app. But that's how they scanned I don't know I don't know how you can go in and forty to zero I don't know how to work these you get scant if any kind of secure our scanner. And now the iPhone and some camera just comes with a cure Skinner yelling my phone does it. In Indian traffic and some guy as one of those things on his tailgate. He hold your phone up and bam and it just takes your right to the website and I ordered a secure landing page and everything's great there's stuff I got my page. Thought the anomaly it's like oh man that guidance you know credentials. Pulling a different need Churchill's mom again let what did they actually settled out of my as Schobel guys isolated dirt blur but basically it's it's really easy is really intuitive outing out those weird little scramble leg looking yeah I don't know that I like is that never. How funny I never use those yeah he pointed out he's an they'll take you anywhere you only. Pretty and I think the idea of just being able to do that and you can download a song if the band Peter I don't know I in my opinion crazy derby and you don't give up a song whether there's a guy in town here Grammy shows he started our evolution tees where you can actually sillier album on T shirt yet you don't have to carry teachers in arguments carry albums anymore they scanned the that a code on the teacher knows a whole album. That was brilliant wow and you actually pay is the only scandal hole in the industry. That he did all his homework for years and he has it sounds get approved so when you buy a teacher and actually counts as a CD sale mindless child and you can take we'll take me two years of doing this before and yeah sounds get approved but then when you buy a joint accounts is a song being sold who problem working towards that'll take a couple years Jimmy scholl's. I gotta get sound scanned by selling shirts he deserves this drop. At an amazing to me I think an Italian man. Early or do this is incredible and congratulations on all this are also thank you you were when you were the main reason why really get into Robert Lang studios to record our five songs about less than it thank you enough for an idea send you mitts is your sins and I can't wait to hear you know it's it's way different I've been probably part of fifteenth when he albums are underlings and it's different when you put abandoned. And then you come back in just check on them once or twice and yeah see us going. It is different when the fans start sending unit mixes as it comes along and you fall in love with the music do you want to push it may now feel like you're responsible with your part of it so I I like to be part of that surround process out of the mix is coming through because it definitely makes me attached to a lot more absolutely yeah we're part of that he believed you. We would have been in their man Sosa's we have some of them share will be send me your way for elderly and now how do you know and so. Friends and obviously by relying sees if if people wanna go on record there it is go to Robert Lang studios dot com. Yet Israel is serious economic record right there but but also we got them we have a lot of people that play music love music our interest in the world of music it's also a place for people learn. How to become an engineer our producer you can go to the rubber laying academy Mendez they they can teach you how to be a producer from Robert links studios and I've I've heard some decent bands are recorded their I I can name. I'm through to Brody yeah. Chip the fires are concerned I saw them think it's stuff and stuff I mean president still in town and engineers that were. Students at Robert Lang's now have their own studio smile you've thinks he's worked on a lot of math yourself. He's out there in your career here's Aqua teen. He has high class studio and he is right downtown and pioneer square so there's two students are Robert links are now have their own working full time studios as their careers downtown here. I just recently saw a picture of you guys posted of rock relying Steve is like for like twenty years ago and it's insane yet talk a little bit about Robert Lang the person because. It seems like he never stop building that's really mad scientist rob Letterman they're like I don't understand it if you are quick synopsis of the Robert playing house. Let's just say he started with a tiny house in the bottom another street level and beach and Richmond beach. Many who put it on stilts and dug into the ground underneath it. And started doing a big cavern and and he put it on stilts again and dug underneath it and any putter on stilts again in the house has now been put on stills and raised 34 levels and now the whole studio is three giant lake silos underneath the ground to three separate section in ran on top of everything I drew on the very very top of it all finals or for whatever. That's his original house. That he that he built on stilts and just kept raising so that a million I know why walls had collapsed in the whole thing is headed gone through all kinds trouble many times. And there's a whole bunch of like there's a religious folklore about they're finding a big rock that has a crucifix on it he sent it to bunch of different cities around the country or around the world sorry and they're like. Crops have risen numbers have risen a certain percentage Richard MS trying to land from having battling Sunni and there are so I'm glad I five does have enough that I'm tired of religious artifact it's all so he sent it like five of the city's so far to more cities and battling stone will become a religious artifact in the Mexico like museum won't buy it so I get nervous and every season Harrison Ford within fifty feet of him if I think it's. I think a lot of museum. That's how the mayor Adrian. I think credible so we we have actually been working on rubber ailing studios fourth America. For along time in Mexico he's been building it for like five years before he met me I don't look foundation is done and then we got partnered with rubber laying. And then build five levels up or all the concrete on their nose at five all studio that looks like a piano with the head atop an open. The Big Five level 10 yeah it's insane crazy time it's been put on hold until last year but all the foundation where all the wiring everything is done as soon as the laws could put up he'll have a multimillion dollar giant studio in Mexico. Okay I'll be nice to get on the Mexico for record to track it now it's meant to be and let themselves and kind of problem I'd like to have meant to be that that yeah people I'm really frustrated I'm making my album down in Mexico. It's up. I'm a child who goes there like Metallica just released a reggae album better status and what they're really the chills all those soldiers super chill yeah some ever closer plays on time and there is trying to drum music plays the bongos managers I don't drive very weird. I've been down there a couple of times drummer already just who's staying at the house building itself like that. And it's right medalists and 03040 minutes away from the jungle and all the scenes in the film the predator movie yet. Are they cafe helicopters still lost smash right there you can see where he came out of the water now mud on him right there next to our eyes and cool stuff Savannah. Pretty cool nights we have Bob recording from Metallica at that news studios and now this is not an unsung yellow bird down a few early coconut Peta is it. Is the time yeah like Belarus. Pretty incredible and are now in uniform for now they think well yeah when you're part of it now holed it's yeah ultimately. Mr. Roberts you've been. I bet at old. From there near record steel drum beat. Sorry you know piano. And brutal. Have a mother Jules oh yeah yeah he. Yeah. Okay. Yeah really more relaxed I don't know guys. Do you sort of high teams rather ability to get another call urges chicken then yes you know yeah exactly. I say you know. I have been kicking around the idea of coaching podcast and offering a pod cast their enjoined. Like Joseph Rogan podcast experience having it done jointly on my net so you can just scanned it and listen to that new podcast the migs joint. And at this opened it. It didn't and that's how people solicited by day and a half and now listeners process you know you're doing it wrong you guys are always. Great also yeah this is working really well I'm really high everytime I listen to nice. I tell you should we Gerald. I had a bunch of fragile dude have you seen X film and I'm like now it looked like it was going to be dumb knows the funniest thing I've ever seen it out put on Tony minutes and I'm like. This is on watch oblique baton and I shut off and I'd call whoever this individual be him an enemy that didn't. Suggest you re stoned yeah I thought yeah. I mean pack. You're stoned numb and I try to watch it's over and it was a deal at the dentist tonight looters are probably around I had Helen name any of the people or movies questions I don't what does it it's a huge debate all that day what Verizon grader what movie was which. Did on the high wind make your high and then Jeff hi this kind of yeah I know money. Post articles so that's what I've heard yet but not funny really when you sober hot rod is the same another dame pretty hot rods over I enjoyed it. And things. The general Jose a big mama's house or Lou Gramm all of those on reigns over all the time but there were just any little thing Tyler Perry movies are big mama's house grandma's boy way is both of those are pretty there was a Jeremy Piven is at hand I think wolf pearls and Indians that jumping out of a plane in the near opens the parachute and it's not them and a bag full bill closed. Why did you Sean Morrison told me that that was hilarious and I'd sat there I felt it has being interrogated and really get hasn't Sean we humans are outspoken Obama off Mosul area we could do that to me. The Dell launched. Not so it was death proof in the nothing was called planet terror yeah yeah trial I lost planet terror stone and thought it was killer who and I try to watch it again. Now straight Nelson this season the terrible things yet it's really really and that's thanks in the killer's life. I got so stone I think it out they were all this is incredible mind blown and and I've memorized for today in my life. Hey we need to see the killers and they come to town they're coming. Green is constant you'll ever witnessed just a sensory overload we amazing we go into that this is so boring. Why. One student who didn't what was it about this should you forgot a step pat and I have a number Browning but it was a tone last summer sun is making alone if I well this is not good can we leave you really nasty and ugly. I was like oh you're right this Sox all. Now I like their new song till Mandela the killers really burst your record's fantastic after that Al Donna asks I like the new line really connected with the amount I save I thought it was bad Danica her Olympic. You know just didn't throw the switch why all this is cool have you heard their hit stronger Rome bureau my Angel. But the morning and the support that there was a trend in musical for awhile or all play a lot singles Edward Angel in the this is great chili sauce. The truth goodness. I was acquitted in the presence on the I was there and yeah good good look this is what we had them that rubber laying it yeah. Well yeah after the killers your credit Robert Lyons now that I'm I loved it and and placed in red red lines and made. I'll be out of there right away blended call a few of their awesome song chic chic chic sonar. Thanks Tony George WG PS I think an important as most of them are already on that is a view that. Shirley and her many bad or. The and on the same note is this they originally made its name. Beetle juice zoo where you wouldn't go to Hawaii in her just immediate need surf competition. Not even getting water gap yeah yeah. Learn how to check for the idea Jim Burton really didn't want to do a sequel it's a ridiculous yeah and they were you almost got her colleagues and usually that's great I didn't ask just got his head this change my vote no whatever I'd done going to be awesome if he did it and it became like the biggest blockbuster hit by the amazing. It Michael Jean Marie Metzger to be like now I'm not there which amazes me like when Jason Patrick and will to Fo read the script for spree speed to you. At what point do they not know it now. When they southern Java does that apply when they handed over that check that was kinda bad you have been a huge jet and can get on and at that point oh Sandra Bullock I think it had a couple hit films as well she didn't need that revenue. And that movie is. Really bad right now I'm in the at all zoned included unlike you. After every loss Mary had a little we all buy a high enjoyed. And I'll read you watch. Speed two cruise group could yeah and did give it doesn't. And do the sensible shoes at work to make brilliance like man this is the problem with creativity in this country is only ask people you cats are charging cutting the checks and you can't tell this is just horrific idea what do you think Dafoe was beloved thing. The whole time the cameras and roll it in I don't. And while there's a little bit Scott one lesson for who wrap things up if you could pick one dream band to have put out their stuff through iTunes swoop down when it be. Alone arm I'm like the biggest charities in in the world I would I would taught me how I love. Those guys I would love yeah. So he's as a professional photographer red state attorney is the only man do his Evers said no I couldn't shoot there Xinhua. Now. But does that crop we did there there my favorite men of all time I would love to have attorneys during. There you go right and it sounds in the song. Is like it will never siege no one and urban married priests cumbersome yes it's. I didn't like cumbersome but then why are all you go to hell you guys aren't Gavin friend I don't hate it like a little bit on kind of read here mr. man that didn't pull the video dude well this is really cool this the only media would do well this is kill. I box with a book goes behind the whole process and I and I yeah. I I think you have a number two possible that I really want but I have a meeting October 1 we're film and I'm really hoping to land them that's corn. Oh all pool lane Oklahoma October 1 to go try to sign a deal he's tentative on the border biographer couple minutes another don't get it Scott we're we're down. If you what do you say a word fight or not they're not weed smokers. But maybe they're there and there are true it oh yeah there are having your friends are deaf I have you heard the new corns on. And most of the head back they serve and then it's up. I have to and he hit driver and a guy it's good. Well I love coordinating that was a great man with a head made a joke at one point two words something's out of Jonathan Toews is vocabulary. Design something something inside it's coming tomorrow I mean if you towards something how you do it oh dude. Wow. And I know I love that men and that's really bad and a huge fan of that and I think they're fantastic. And I find it hard to believe that feel the doesn't smoke. An ounce today why today he's got to be the guy that out of all of them. Smokes and smokes and smokes that's all they got head back is on C he was. Ryder. And then he had a rough ride and end when he cleaned up he went mentally and you ride would Jesus at all well you know I think it was crystal Udall Bob lemon it's always worry about Jesus is every chance on its rock bottom that's what they find Jesus is no concern about Jesus. Cookbook and you know it's never let us are doing really well and ran into Jesus is railways funny that rock bottom I've been successful beyond belief and then I found Jesus. Yeah son yeah. Concerned about Jesus a little bit absolutely sure he's doing okay via the media that catalog panhandle to get that head to Christ project yeah I told Tony about the music you make an add up too much I'm not making that up at all do you New Delhi that's Smart bettors that thought Corey Feldman was a mob and heartland to critical medical residuals and head decrepit yes go to CIA studio seven real neat when you got back with corn. Everything he put out since they got him back I thought was was stalked Hillary you know who's studied only got values obviously the writer and that band and I'm glad they got him back you guys could -- I wish him nothing but mock quick. I'm now mama opening amount. Via Lotus freshmen that I have yeah we put them out and we did music video for then do big kicks our campaign raise like twenty grand in 24 hours. Mean a big awesome music video and we hired an actor from LA to come out DV Overland and now he's the keyboardist for corn. Almost Steve saying he was Armenian origin for iTunes and sign a much advance on road so runs I get us out to us it was stone sour he doesn't think that was gonna work but he thinks corn might. That's cold still gonna try to pitch Corey Tutsis Tuesday and there aren't tries to always hours a perfect name for Wi Max I have a lot of our ratings. If it's. Allison pseudo I mean obscenities you know I just can't. And I guess teach their own but to meet some other way to reach people why would you not. While you pump the brakes on most precious footage or not nobody an advancement. I don't smoke of a big whiskey guy but I'm not you know a Eustace. I had to stop smoking is a couldn't function socially did. Who who like some people as a social lubricants and assets and downs since he's been a mayor Mike the killers. Did you know the idea either got Fred while only a few friends but there of their like it was emotional drinkers so they get into askew and make it their nude in their crying in their fingerprints Ernst who owns them. And I mean you know everyone gets a hug and wanted to piggyback ride senior couples and says. Can you imagine they can't hit the. I just can't go so CIA adds it would teach their own but that said. You know tells us what to reach people and you know what a cool opportunity that's out I mean I hope he stones are. Corner you know Obama hoping to get about 300 bans by the end of the year I didn't kill her hands down there. Really get a push for whose again and sell the most in and then once I have about 300 bands I'll take this lessons and make them paperwork with my lawyers start going to other states and signing other states having other processors take on. And got 300. Joints feel print right now you already have a product line just goes out so I mean this much money and hopefully I analyzes the whole brand to other states and get iTunes. Across all twenty. They stitcher so there's 28 when he went Christmas tornado Leona. A forty onions still shocked because this is I mean they're really missed the boat but one that on you know are we shot the liquor control worked to control all that and was looking into any other vehicles and dosages were born many it shops and the period area yet. And that's where my wife under chief spotter house summit and some of the look and is there even license available on here of course. Got a tremendous education protection the lady at the bullet control what was killers on the phone or about Albert is a wealth of information. What blew me away is rates animal control were web site. It shows the revenues generated from taxes year to date. And that number. Is so huge that I can't imagine any state in the United States of America being access to quit enough. But not to immediately legalize it because the revenues generated are. It's it's what Dick you was what the states. I don't wanna QBs legal all the way yet I don't think he can I don't think it should. Because if all of the states that produce most of our food. Get the opportunity to grow something that pays him five times more or it's not growing the food and our food cost is gonna go way that's it we knew we need taxes to shut down all the farms are wanna switch and we need to give tax breaks to all the tobacco farms who wanna switch. Then get rid of the stuff they're really her excellent. She taught us that shortly and I hadn't got to that all just slip on Communist it'll kill a lot of our food source of Dallas and I guess these guys that we did spend doing core and immediately knew it now on non vital times a profit charity have all the quip that's more. Tennessee not quarrel with the fact an artist I. Jonathan Davis play I grow there's no more yeah. The Peruvians called we with a backwards deep study I felt like I. Her premium by F talk about all things pot my part to turn our friend and now or two off more crazy stuff. And I'm sure we'll have you back on sometime in the very near if you got an early in the season gets us to leave does which is a bruiser Brody do you pal I'll shoot your song was -- video you have Ali okay all right now yeah nice amendment and their eight we get like come from hip hop artist pretend to be just in the video yes I think to be awesome yes. I think we should get really sexy in a bikini clad women to basically fake being the band but then where the background dancing sexy. Pouring champagne all the fact that. We're going to be keen hearing our cause the slush video that wow he's just having a significant others disappears you. There you go oh my wife Wanda Schaffer had been a good way to walk up. She's got deep sleeper but I think there and I howl gap I would thank you rent yes there trying to hear our voice and other emails and our text messages. Look she's taking it Kentucky. That man a good before we get to anything. Get some very saying things this year if you guys. As very exciting. Speaks out as he has done a Casio keyboard from nineteen through. Some things just the very exciting for whatever is up on things comic fly you. Face it gentlemen boys and girls. On October 14. That's do you Sandra yeah permits. I flew across the street. From studio seven and makes vests. You'll be included him shortly. We've got to put networks you. Matalin are really good new reality of where your mouth. On our hot dog and I. Big it's senate Jerry. Food try need big dog food truck would be acts mix that's the closest thing studios' side and. Serving amidst all. Are rabid dogs. And a Glenn dog. Also. Guys have been announced it was something about the way you pause or something and a blue hot coffee today reminded. Rick thicker regulations and having Burke oh. Do wells at other pretty well considering I was pleased we were here late you know my progress hearing that all man yeah. And sinuses out bullets. I got Bob we talked about it last week on October 3 episode of the makes guess it is actually my birthday so what a great birthday pretty nice. Jerry's gonna come in studio. With the hot dogs cats we can toxins that we came up with gas so we can sample them. And make sure we like them and that will be. Hot dog you onto cool so for him for that and I. Big dogs through truck will be outside of studio seven for anyone who's hungry. They can enjoy the migs dog which features teriyaki sauce. Caramelized onions and dice pineapple snacks. The Glen dog featuring cream cheese bacon crumbles pickle relish hub Pena as we banana peppers and formalize onions or hunger. And the red dog. Featuring sauerkraut. And thousand island dressing. This yeah also and I won a bite of all three I'm so under looks. I still have to do that now multiple credible but it thirds chewing some problem. So we've taken proper it's basically paint thinner than Italian folk drank our assets. But even you it took its a Pallet cleanser. TJ I problem now it ginger now this all I know he's Tyner it and like raw gasoline it's nasty it's terrible we are disgruntled and it's about the palate cleanser and so the next and you taste is some very fresh taste because. And he had enjoyed previously has been a fireball hundreds of water or water it is your birthday mean we should give him fireball that you don't wanna not a good show that they were and that there hip as let's party like it's. They were 27 all over again. Think but I'll Barry said you're gonna have our own hot dog that is really needs one of my really kualoa that we need to see which consoles the bass that's yup yup yup so I don't mind. My mind. They're Tracy Nicole came back from studio seven Lama and said no issues with the food truck so and he can park directly across from the main entrance. So literally the engine to the menu you walk in or out of that club you're looking act the big dog. Don't you go in there you take a dream giving you come back out nearly a look at that. Diana enjoyed the first smoke break now I gotta put something else in your mouth and as smoked sausage trying to blend odds. Around for the red dog grandmother had wrapped in red dog not a Glenn doc netherland out. And these guys have if you look at the phonetic spelling and Glenn it's REV. I. Epithets at the little Brackett sat and camcorders are still out Gerri some love and his on his food trucks and loads go to big dogs on FaceBook which is a big dog's food truck. And I'll like it let him know you're excited it's gonna be different he says Gerri see that he posted a picture of our flyer a cool today boys and girls do you like that rock and roll music than ever and in October 14 its laser bird they've been KI SW big dogs will be there. We are the official food truck. For his birthday blast. Rumor has it will be up podcast and October that's not true actually it's it's not just eluded it's happening and stay tuned for this special dogs of the night. That is cool British special volley other special dogs are gonna be awesome yeah. It is like to dump FaceBook nice. And every duties award winning food truck is go check mark Washington's number one hot dog to sue rad and he's won like one is best of western Washington things before we are naturally about. A limo and I by the way just for all of our listeners and fans and friends dom had a meeting with Tracy this past Saturday night Strathairn serious Tracy from studio seven the owner of the club megs fest happen that last year mixed us too was happening this year. Todd down South Seattle on the corner of first and important and mom. Pre sales just by his website. Through the steers and not US just think he should remain here with each extra link Jim and does really doing really well. Com and I don't know how the advance tickets are that like man apps I know that bell window pain got rid of a truckload at red fest but. Point being. Mutual tickets go to Virginia seven dot US don't risking being stuck. I mean no dished nine and stuff that's at least there's a food truck yeah dog you know engage your tickets because the event is apparently were it's really got wings on Tracy was pretty excited we have the meetings are on an awesome gadgets into an asset on the Wii you guys know I'm I'm glad I'm nervous you know we draw party hope people come from now on for for being this far out as we are aware the way our sales are easily dude this is looking. Good so Obama now you are free trip to Toronto next yet. The other hits in just can keep coming so GAAP join us for hot dogs. Maybe we don't pay the last and Nash and how and why only in the wreckage then apps and bruiser Brody I think we are on track to have our re masters. The duplication back we had an excellent time between sterling sound just makers around. Pomp and all because they're all very careful about after the when we sure that some random person can just take our Almon release it in Portugal all very nice but it costs who would have problems for Tony spell it a week China also like to prove it we don't believe it weren't even we've already done this hurling sound sends it one way disc makers only receives it another way and eight didn't wouldn't talk to be in the can go to Tony in Tony's like look. You guys do business all the time just do what you always do. And then like you know with the guys from disk makers were called Toniu okay Tony was called check and music. Why you check in many. You got a job to do. Yes I told you you need to do we import Tony Manson got a timeline very really give him a hug and a cocktail or your right way. And a migs are good our enemies are so low rent read our radar and that really phonetic spelling of revenues GL ENN. Or is that what it is. Bottomed out re master should be there and then you know another cool news say pedigree comes usual Brett Liasson and then. And he said we should be you'll hear from. Pretty much where he's at with Nixon is my a this weekend and I didn't really want I want I want our I guess listeners to hear a song we service he sent us one tests song and basically that when he'd really be just focusing on base and drums and some and some rough levels like hey here's where I'm headed. Just Orioles work on its huge thing consent and out you know I'm shot and a few notes back and we talked back and forth and that's what we all got to hear a little bit of the U during our pre podcast podcast yup but yes a lot of mixes so. If all goes well. Bruiser Brody. Why only he's making the music video for more than the songs I'm really tell Alfred got a behind the scenes footage at Robert Lang studios so everything's going on as classical stuff. I mean I just. Comics I just found out on the B voice seeing a commercial that will be airing on WB es I think smacked down. What yeah you're the voice of look at feminine hygiene product as something Summers he fixes. It's it's also wrestling promotion called the fire wrestling. How about half a hurry up and I just had a bunch of lines so hopefully he'll be going Seattle September 29 of November 10. The fire wrestling returns to the historic Washington hallway to huge events is mashal take and it's pretty good and as pretty good with when John Hanigan defends his PCW championship against mr. athletic just call up. Push into our strip and defenses defied championship against former USC fighter turned wrestling can bring in Matt brittle it. Simpson and Steve's sitting at home anxiously waiting to commercial come on 851 on the course come on safety when it comes on and they've dumped his voice or dark and the fluent in that game Carville ice cream voice. I. I could tell us citizens are like. Why it's cooking questions why is heartbroken. At cookie person does it's like a very we're Boehner at the same time I brought back. Can you pars and charity I zero era might. Out of good and like I wanna really makes less fancy can bring some Carville Steve for his birthday just hear it might melt because there's nowhere to bias here in Washington. Me and have sort of figured out and we can have Carville ice if we can have cookie plus the weird sukuk. Oh my gosh I might never come home and I never I might not have an already. Either I want that data and vowed to stay away I died read it until shares some kooky put with the last international men's been awake for seven B five days. He's he says you won't closes eyes and close his last three feet or transcend did miss a match. England you know it's Sunday morning the sun comes up. It's easily based Hewlett. Half naked guy in the gutter somewhere with melted ice cream Moeller was all over him he's drawing flies CNN doses it's quite a bit more what I didn't look at. Every an email from my your your wife never mr. rev oh crap I mean for Michelle she says buckwheat pancakes are great yeah the original pancake house let's go and then she gives us a bunch of locations. The original pancake house that's all some sort of Tacoma nobody is one of Puyallup and it's fantastic I wrote nice okay cool I have not had the ice is very what is common pine streets OK okay. I'm gonna I'm that kind of buckwheat cakes and sausage day person I'm Adam since my grandmother she would pass still hated. Here's the problem but clever even talk to me about that don't just send you the guys are supposed to pass it on the Steve that's right to let us know her and I've been talking about how we're gonna deal with your neighbors. Call. You know it's kind of funny. Our we got we finally got the plumbing in the whole plumbing debacle is done nice idea and he had visited yesterday. By the funny part was when she was in her house with the door opener of the window open as she was John a little bit. And so I was just out there walking from my car to the house. And I heard a kind of laughed a little bit myself and I noticed that the guys are working on my dig in the holes and deal with all the piping it stuff it is kind of perk up a looker on my best never to worry about her she's fine. He spent I was kind of hoping she was gonna go full crazy. So the blues city worker Leland you'll say is yes there won't wait this is by did you didn't go totally crazy. But she was dead John a little bit so he's to got a little taste of marginally crazy he had just marginally. We had he god makes gets a gmail.com another one from my read his wife as if we cannot time the come home and do the dishes knobs and t.'s opinion that now. He unite your good wife she. And again. You live. I just don't actually says subject an amazing friend I've read fast oak land and by extension of the mis cast Steve and the draft a high. Despite Glenz request to address some in this email as my favorite part of the female anatomy. I feel compelled to be more tasteful but cake. Or sixty ounces of cinnamon whiskey or another preferred adult beverage. If there's anything that makes him is that we will see okay and US when he give my compliments to Glenn M window pain for an awesome performance to about red festival. And also the KI SW demand from the new originals and everyone else involved for such an awesome event. We had an exceptional time especially meeting Nikkei ISW members the window pane members after the show when she found our missing friend. Oscar Diaz okay this makes sense his job he was trying to call Austin a half. And Ozzie just give me your phone because I guess also who's willing deeds window pane vent our audience and all like and it's Glenn from window pane where are you where are oh yeah I don't but I. Oh god albeit. Yeah I was really really tomorrow latest word of god this is Glenn yes from window waiting for you and they're all cracking up so I think that's what that was in reference to any funny you get to meet the year old just the coolest human beings ever rock and deeply. Jason several super friendly and so an authority you guys CNN makes fest maybe even sharing has a drink or twenty. Your fans. Stephen not Boris Stefan I was one of the other Stephen because Ph.D. and poppy trade Austin Hopkins Rachel Hargreaves Don Hester Joey Norton Alice Romaine and irreverent employees don't know you well and there's a picture and he centrists are you. I and I a rumor that well actually he had a home. He handle a fireball and a backpack at a boys and of course both Tommy get a state I learned some interesting things we're recently about red festivals well. But on navy's Sarah pocket I totally can actually home all the lean. Kazaa a free yourself it was it was fabricated I was talking with someone regarding the fights that have occurred. There and Ryan's already doing relief from stage literally making a speech like if you know mosh go ahead and marsh but if you knock some number of these guys gonna do it in the return fist fight across security oh my goodness he's not I mean OJ DCI AC/DC easily from eleven years literally most second chorus while Tony crystals in -- hey. Don't fight break it up. Don I got five yeah all member of my love not so into you it was bad enough but I found out on the quelled the green really hurt the crowned. Yeah when I had found out they stopped serving all Mir at 7 o'clock yet the minute they quit serving a rule went. I'm out yeah you have people that did this day. Not only could not get a beer but they were getting rain -- so these are tempers flared and that's why those fights broke out during the wonder Payne said never now man I learned a lot which I think is in the future don't headline headsets I've felt all right I'll make sure your last saw Andrew in the last year yes sir I was a good cuddle mere seven everybody's has gone seven point. All the chiefs assume that the people or hang out even though it didn't rain almost like they at least wait till the third quarter in football fruit and they're always win your fifth there are seven song here are getting rained on I think I mean I think a lot more people would have stayed if they could have kept drinking yes. But are yet they said it was a good mass exodus that occurred as soon as word got out the bid for your service stopped SN bomber. Yeah yes so once again special special special thanks to the people that did stay for when the pain sad because not only was it wet and miserable but I don't know the big cut you off to. Organizers from Austin. OK so otherwise noted the same guy but I'll still admit that like her mother dawson's friend now we've got an email from Austin Lawson and Rachel could give a hard time to on the phone and Rachel's love lives is cool front on some nights. These are the first of us let's say I love the podcast morning show and window pane Steve I've listened to you for the past ten years or so you've been huge inspiration to me but thank you. The podcast has got me through a lot of S and I don't know how I would have handled things not having you guys to listen to. I'm in a much better place now but I still play all the issues daily to keep the good vibes coming back means so much is he still had you write that prior adults must. Think that department says that means so much about here if he said his own thing and it says that I I think we'll also we've picked it up I didn't because I don't want to clear on anymore I don't know manager's moves hides in storage running going to be. Bob. Are we were you OK I just got a way to pay. Canada and into anime is cast in it quickly became a favorite band right on top of disturbed Metallica and Pearl Jam packed. While planks that going your personnel he's been a perfect addition to the cast they couldn't picture it any other way. Had a chance to meet Stephen read and glad that red festival on the red highlights of my night a look forward to those moments. All I'm looks forward to those moments for a long time Steve your African monster on the drums. It was I think awesome to see you could not have been a nicer got to me in my girl who thank you arsenal that's so cool thank god thank you aren't. My body's even close beefed up with some fireball and caused the best part of my night hang out and emerged that would Glen in the -- the coolest thing I've done. Ever Mary this is he's our lifetime but Glenn wrote that part that I wrote I wrote about it. Email I'll always brave brown I was always out lord brag about being able to hang out my favorite artist. Thank you for offering me that makes fest tickets we won't miss it for the world and dude thank you to all of window pane for the signed drumstick. Lehman and so many ways my girlfriend Rachel loves you all now and never imagined that you were all such amazing people tiny was also just as cool as you talk her out to be. Awesome experience guys thank you I'm acting pumped for mig stressed cardinal law you know boys I kept an assurance they could after eating but after meeting everyone I had a sense something TD FL. Austin and Rachel back to wrap dreams come true browns as. Men that's what makes doing this. Although I'm not at all all my eyes and he says they're all guests in for for makes sense and total Matta wasn't even that but and don't live in mount my wife and my guys can they change it and I all oh hey guys look at it hung out may have just so much and they're so cool my wife and in my in my scenario under rain they were providing us from the liquor in the room I realized I did that. Of course are ready Hotmail Dwyane he says his guys an awesome time on Saturday Sanath son that was some great skin beaten. Aha he must have follow me homeland hunt red viewer Michelle awesome as always glad when no pain killed it next stop these fast. Nice. Makes us all those aren't that's a school. Currency got a voice mail I checked I wrote that lesson reminded acumen and if you had that in my thoughts as impressive amount. Your ears. To Calgary teams not achieved he came in my read nine comes out of the moons in the moist that the don't go right well it's less waters moist. We voice yeah. But you know there that they that it is a Cornelius Starr if you talk loud note and and anchor show that we don't know acting air to air and they hate me you. Each hit I don't think it Google the ultimate that you you know you re edited. And has hit a ball which it apple won't figure it appropriately worded crimson Gehrig but yet so I mommy grab and admire her ma. What the hell's going on right now I don't know what gas someone's going to makes us OK do we want this for this country and we. All right totally we want him to have a microphone Oregon in the field and it was a one brother come almost. Upload background the anyone knows though saying an eternity in fact. Haven't had dire or not. Kurt gets out of country you know lagging. Yeah I'm not an album mean it would not brouder. Motto don't umbrella but not hurt you you know hated bush EU overeat it. You're duty. You know I got to Latin but I don't want. Again I ask what those going on right now. I can't it's like -- hour from. They always say no understanding they might be is it his duty appellation. Maybe because I've understood every word always been happy that bringing up his Brothers and brother is a pig but he is over age or Tony wanna get. Have picked up every word there are a single word this is not a mystery to me at all. All I had to get some peace and not let him get because you know what my target Merck and we didn't go or didn't. You have an import order and deputy BP aids and I vehicle that he doesn't make not have a look if. You know again I'm wondering what those going on right now. Luck as always. Concern that his brother who apparently is a bit of a genetic mutant and was formatting face and pigs feet. They're scared to even though he is 21 years of visual be able to get into the van. How this 21 MP years. Sad okay did you season Heatley should speak in the jets and I crumbles on a hostile action are always it's always we're not only do brother whom they were regular in the door the menus can be ground up and applied to Ireland the also Glenn dug out solitary donated about a bringing vacant. You two elderly have a Kellen and it's going to be fresh. Could. Why did hit me yet let me know London next you guessed that it bobbled it okay your ball might have. Yes no I'll talk you got Lerner. Aren't by. I missed that last I got the five pars in fact I think I. I later Leslie and I got sure I am and they wouldn't hire me at the UN like hey do you excuse me stewardess I speak Johnson who. You can think it's going. As far as the other boys know. I am so frustrated great now I know a bullet back confession that he got the right girl she's. Well obviously it's a boost when the rim will go back to her old. Right. I am so yeah yeah her great now I know a bullet back especially an idea how I knew that because every morning I'm driving to work. Behind it pulled out at me like a ballot didn't stop at all at a special day. It your mouse bright girl. Then she has a boyfriend. This is probably every night for him I hope I have a feeling that she complained to him about as. Everything I am hoping that she saves it all for costs if that's the case she also convinced also the blue eyes again okay that's what I'm hoping if that's the case a boyfriend. You always all drinks that makes fast yeah OK that's fair that's fair. And I like. It shouldn't every bottle sort of infrastructure for their part government then we're like rational bus plane or I don't know maybe people should stop having kids. Because our world of over populated edge and it lets you get it back I'm Buffett. While sitting in her message via yep. Here's the thing. In scope lessons typically go on a certain set schedule yet why don't you readjust to dance schedule and then you can avoid having to deal or they have oil prices that exact same route every way I I honestly have never been stuck behind a school bus ran to stall for I got over it wasn't forty times but it was one really long time I don't know what the hell happened what we're on MLK inside at all. And Chris are on the show on the main show and I were stacked try to go to a game stored and we were stuck behind a bus. Let one child off but these stupid mother wouldn't shut the F Bob I know I love talking to the bus driver or something. Nothing else happened and then all of a sudden worsening ever twenty minutes whether a giant. Bynum cars behind us and there was no movement nothing cards were honking car for turning around and no one was moving right. That's insane that is thanks in saying that was that's why I lost my mind but I mean January the. I did that that's one of those get out your car welcomed really what. The hell's going on here mean you've got even junior seventy people that we as he has got a pretty ball according to write girl yet here's the deal all of beat your child in 50 I'll be your child and finally to a pulp to be right about the time. Now he got to get your announcement extreme map really man and I a lot of it got to be additions and he's gonna shake people up man. The F are you to get your attention as she so subtle George doesn't notice all the people which is inconveniencing stick a pencil her kids eyeball on watch you'll have reportage. I know once he has a good day would she call us and just let us know the pools they should not just one day every year about the fund things happen and realize do you ever go to the zoo. Do you happen it'll pick pumpkins around this time of the year right here well yeah. Tell Paulson good story director of Q did you listen in real I don't know if he's you know I imagine that she calls this number and gripes right every so often because at that. It's a complete line which he has a boyfriend. Gave earned a number gave her the never say this is a vent line quick pits and to me exactly probably right. It would be cool she called mental assault against yeah like you know maybe some data foreign imply you Starbucks yen might have been nearly as exciting of a call. To be nice to hear her once in awhile. So there it is our right girlfriend I really sad Steve him if I was we want and you're good you're a good story right curl. Hillary right or right guy canyon can go to that. You know pass enough. That's true boyfriend I don't know yet please could look them up again and I pedestrian of the course where you can it was a voicemail or events to tried 32714787. Win. Someone's hot there is some guard ridge towards a trash then that. And they actually that are basketball player older millions as a club to meet a winning doesn't make it. The trash cans. And there's garbage on the floor and they leave it to walk away okay I'm not a guy who likes litter. I don't care if you actually are LeBron James pick up your track. Right biology there for the rebound Brock can with that yeah this is thing about my heat my house it corner house so I don't know why people always feel the need to litter at that intersection but they do so I had to pick it up. And then in the area around my trash cans random things like the other day this was a full size bag full of clothing like that would have been taken to good will just appeared in my head drop. I think people are well dude no one in that house and see the street those drop this year make the turn dropping off yeah so. Fumble with a guy. I wanna fifty at. Best he gets back in the court that way back there it is edited I don't. He's done for trees on performance enhancer is. Hello all thought it when he and obviously the rim paid there and battle stand what do you think it was that a half to ten feet. Back yeah. Yeah so let's go right twenty feet back then outran. Nationally enact its its rectangle its may be a warmed foot by six inch that was not it's not it's our half circle Vienna to Gideon's outlook Sachs topped it I everybody knows hello John really good job duplicate that shot for dollar you'll never. All right I'll try it's easy the first time is that still possible the second for one dollar. That's how you yeah. I remember each the Judy do this. Yeah. No move none of news and how to blow guys remind you had a great fun I can. He is now just getting paper to amoled that got a look back home he had good. Hello. It is well I barrage everywhere else warmed up. Wow how. Steve as an abundance of a paper over here duties away. No no words no easy and my performance and song. Other German songs. GO righted the songs on. They didn't cry we appreciate your offensive activity can overcome because it's a song yes it did you deleted scenes on her. That's the TV special attrition. New hope to her son Steve three headed all that I'm not negative I was trying to crack that's not an app and I. And then you have your moment mad. I think I went when I went to wrestle mania we can't we all Wendy mini putt putt myself five guys are driving out the wrestling podcast that I have to love it if you're wrestling fan it's a great pockets if you like. Analysis of what happened on wrestling. Cannot AG France's former Seattle Seahawks. Former Washington redskin enforcing I think he got copies for the season turns but played the NFL. And I Glenn and Aaronson the four of us like OK let's play whoever loses buys a round of drinks for everybody. Sounds a great idea. First golf hole in one I get the new place 02. Go hole 11 again there was a dog male we've got to ringer on our hands. It's and. For the rest of the time. Over par. Every time finished dead last season Wallace just on fire resistant digital camera that night. Where as some points own would say. You read through all unwinds and still came in the last it's not possible. Oh yes it is frozen peas made TV on possibility and usually it's possible I think I have the scenes switch words like men. I'm good this. You know whom everything at this failure may go to war or hey man it's gonna be all right boom everything after that is failure up Milliken Felix. Did you ever that's when you run over like Don. And don't exactly I get it and a little bit. Arson amid a nun pushing image a little person non yes Zune. Well months a month that's probably a show on the Travel Channel. And Susan Susan. Well none big world veteran little big pulpit at little big they are not. That I've added and it's been a nice journey today. Porn star guy is there have you would you surfing I think guys you'd pitch a little mom bigs and starring Bridget the midget bridged the minute it is midget is a micro none. My growth it took so I had done my crow now I push you so she's slowly still this is so with lust and let not the greatest thing I've ever heard my entire life like her okay 40 no I ridiculous real little sense Brooklyn. That's. So awesome to pick itself. Literally getting his pupils learn about the fact that the with Jim and myself and my government. OK okay I have something I was born to doll. Was act directs this morning I had a stand up kinda guy you think I am I oh yeah no post bothering you eastern sooner and breathing in junior year. I don't try to order a cup of coffee and all I can hear at this guy's nose it was fill holes bothering me learn. Where is this space. I think you're staying at least based individual things. To come MySpace Honduras and more recipes from my faith in my place result but your FaceBook. Do I hate old people are like right up on your ass voluble time I called mobile talkers or call my bubble. And you need to be with you and he'll need a double bogey on the global credit or even if you're still anyone Wayne isn't aligned behind you and you can feel like their feet touch your feet are a bit launch yeah I have in the past like two site had a spasm. Yeah I think you could just flooded W bush broke don't hit what I thought exactly might not a good idea we get a base you described a massive task. But I don't know what else to do a us army. Brett simulate that it shows old timer someone's drunk in the big bubble talk yet of what makes me crazy his nose of mom's car owners we knew back up to date date they after all oh yeah I'm always worried to fill one of those conversations like from eight feet away in the playback and fast towards solicit for dancing. Did you see me visibly backing away put it Diaz he's a tax yeah and Blair are going to Darren earned it all yeah yeah Leonard. Yeah that's the Benny Hill song yeah yeah exactly yeah GAAP. But got above above a much on the bubble bubble talkers mobile standards. The album what called me shake hands that's good but then stepped back may be. Good fit into a store I always you do all you do get this sixty trillion dollars in one. Powell Musharraf thanks man none of you like semi big renters. Oh good now which lately on a flyer of all I've got to publish a fire a lot of you ahead to the bar all fall here they're better than woman would you like Heineken is well that not only it's a common thread here to get misty for me. It. Yeah home. Apple also are back into this wall let's try this would you like to Mike's Hard Lemonade and I am that was. No actually it's been great to see you know man I we sure know let's get the picture in my. OK but imagine all that is a bad. Away yeah like you guys are really try to leave the but maybe they don't like a possible place at dance routine with your. I know that I know and imagine that it's red hit to hit David. Are well I you know what I have a meeting have to get into in the very near future. So. I guess it's time for and I did hear that. Great time there's always gas and exhaust all of us. Yes pigs dogs were all gonna have dogs gag gift some iTunes in eat some of our dogs yet thanks Scott McKinley. Hi June's. Hi Glenn would you like to listens and how. Now let's go over there you go first to listen to below two. Big guys they have everything they do it all the crazy nothing crazy stuff but also October 14. You better be there big show migs fast too. The attack of the big dogs. Good drives are hot dogs yeah also great music from window pane the last the national now. Why only in the wreckage then that's. In one night new project bruiser Brody roots are we ran going to be there everyone's going to be there. Tickets are some like crazy to get a before they sell out studio seven dot US. We're hit up any of the band they all have tickets yeah so you're gonna save yourself a couple dollars you do it that way I don't well yeah exactly hi thank you guys were listening. And stayed positive. Like when.