MigsCast 09/26/17 "Fat Beatlejuice Goes To Hawaii"

Tuesday, September 26th

This week the fellas talk more about their hot dogs that will be available at MigsFest II (thanks to Big Dog's Food Truck), and we play a couple of (unmastered) tracks off of the new Bruiser Brody EP.  The guys strategize a possible "Baseketball" tournament, and Ziggy calls in with a great story about the man that wrote Beatlejuice.  We also have fun with the "Stop hammering" meltdown that a MSNBC news anchor had!  

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Please add my name you may do I am here with the reverend employee out hello all I'm. And the glam god himself. Did not have a blank pan am. You know we go let's let's get right into the controversy that is the hot dogs right away on our diversity not really you know this is I'm curious. So as you guys know what makes fast which could be October 14 at studio seven directly across the street from or across the way here at the front door from studio seven will be Jerry's. Big dog's food truck. I had my president will be close to put the picture the truck that was so why I was so excited look at it and get it out of my girl meet my big question is do you want your hot hot dog and your specialty dog we called the Glen dog. Where the Kattengell all that's why all the cool people got I'd really like legit. Intense about not an alchemy of them I'm an exaggerated her every avenue Orlando does canned dog sounds legit sounds powerful sounds bear very powerful leg of your personnel you'd rather canned dog in your mouth Oregon dog in your mouth which one would be Demi and I feel I hope would explode was flavor gas so yes it is quite a hypnotic can end dog. I just sounds bad ass sometimes dirtier gaffe like. Like I am I guess it makes sense because he got the makes dog rat we have to get our dog is your nickname yet so that's fine but I feel like it'll it really did that the opinion should be of good if Glenn wants that is the Glen dog. My god died jerk who was most people that listen well all everyone knows is the podcast knows me is glad you're on numerous cannon. But they know rev as gravity no abuse may break even know what he knew beyond showing mostly just an Aussie Steve but it Wright made Israel. So my knee jerk was. Our audience knows me has collected right no one refers to his cannon salute to me it made more sense to have to be called the underdog despite the fact that I also paint. The Canaan Dog. Sounds a lot cooler yeah how the audit our audience as her. Our audience is also a window pain audience I mean I think we have a lot of people who love your band that now our beat. I do they became a fan window pane because of the pockets or the podcast. They listen to it because there were a fan of the band sitting. I think again today they know you his book Glenn and that's cannon so it's too I did really it's up to you. Would I want you don't put on come rolls off the tongue out of your mouth better growth path and I'm not. No it was just a manager John and I don't what do you guys that we always great you know just assuming cast always BJ you guys yeah I think they should decide and you heard traders as memory Greg. They he worry listeners of the mains gas and then became a fan of window pane because of the makes guesstimate correct yes there's this so that's a very I that's a cool way. I'm. That's because there is very early this year Carlos is a cool thing in this is just in the canyon and is one year anniversary. And whoever and they came on the show my face I think right after they got married to this is their anniversary show this is awesome they're back. Yes and round since meeting them and that show we've all become really close you guys are the voice mails stopped other great. You that they're they're they're truly the mis cast power couple I was as you and how odd is this today they're sitting in on the makes cast masimo set and in the makes cast they were in studio and who happened to come in on the morning show but Luke Wilson and that happened again this morning long. Earlier in the week thing as far I'll miss you talk Hanna was gonna Wear Luke Wilson sisters today. Ali I'll since he's not gonna be here. Might as well not where I have isn't scenario happened with all. I haven't seen him since the haircut did he certainly grown out is he's a lesson muscle to slow long hair over that Christmas than we did downtown because he had lighting low. Yeah when he showed up music what do I walked into these are all those protesters are everywhere no doubt as well as they ask you do you define basic and you know to do here man I EU's literally you guys. Close it and use delay. I know I'm doing your loose from silicon host people who. Who really angry middle earth politically the front Rome and then I to go god do you know what you're injuries that are really shouldn't do you know that is really. Danger there Arafat who. So it was almost a great guy yard REI it was cool having him back and he's going to be coming back on from time to time music care what the team tells them he's coming in and a forward and you guys had a set would yell and on the team shot it down. Yeah because I'm. We've only he'll know we believe there off flagship radio station shot down because they are in cahoots with the sports station. In a roundabout way which I think is stupid or more I talk about the beauty of not giving a crap about radio wars and a little bit to have a great example of why it doesn't matter and you should be just be cool everyone but I I believe and I've heard rumors that. The people that are involved with that radio station. Twist in a few arms in the Seahawks organization getting pay we were not cool with the fact that. Who's going on the success because he used to do another morning show. Before he started doing ours never was a problem he went to him after Daytona shut it down the void of a problem before and their answer was who don't was really listening to that show yes that probably isn't DJ Mays is successful really successful show yes so you don't mean Joseph that's all other big film which means that our show he's doing better than their morning show. And their morning show is probably not happy with that. And here's a way to take a shot at us it's stupid now on the gives everybody a mother that morning show but I think there's somebody involved in the morning show that might have. Might have twist that could drag could go either part of Maurice who results apart management. That's my opinion and that in and and from other people I've heard from that's their opinion as well so did the segment got shot down. Look right now doesn't give enough he says I'm gonna come on whenever I want I can't come on every week but whenever I'm free to come on it's gonna come on and I'll deal with the headache. Little Zito is talk about like last week's game usually down. You know random Y stuff yeah you I mean and that's thing obviously have to discuss and you guys and she doesn't after ambassador combo couldn't you say walkman. The so the programs kind of bent so if you don't mind. When I command I must say oh and don't forget if you listen to me over on the rest of it 97 point seven. You know what I mean and they're putting their show or shows more per couldn't you just. And there are shares on that station now I have no problem showing love to like I absolutely loved Danny and Dave and more I I don't really know dig dug Jim Mora but I know Danny and Dave from that shown to both awesome dude it's a plus sound great guy I would think you he's got he's got Prudhoe remote I saw. I see a lot of emotional operative Zelaya broke even and you know the world no unilateral makes belting out everybody an opportunity to cross promote gap everyone went in the eye it's this is the mutual benefits I've never believe that radio should be at war with radio ID which we at war. Quote unquote war. With other mediums. That are pulling people away from radio. I Wii system and I'm a little satellite or any. Pattinson collect. And it doesn't really I had no problem talking about satellite radio it's not nearly as successful as they hoped it would be but it's successful enough for the deal to pay their bill so I think initially we all know it was a scare everyone was so there was a terrorist could go to finish and Dora. No different then Spotify no different than any of these but at the end of the day it's hard to compete with free. When you think about it. That's that's the reality of it I mean I had my sister got me this is before serious and down minute program excel on the murder JA MI and she got me a serious receiver LCI only listened to stern. I'm sorry emotions like I go to opt Tina what we're a much easier rock station sounds a new metal on me it's all about the program here actress tastes yet. But when mr. Ernest which. Options on satellite like I don't need to stick legal stuff I mean bluegrass. Star panel you don't I need a sixties bluegrass channel yes. But seven guys and the bad error from the Iraqi units a strong point I regarding all right as you've probably giving you real opinion I just think as you all in the same ma'am no stone lie we groove and as a warehouse that everybody knew crazy number neighbor in the three must discussed at length yeah. The variations between sixties and seventies bluegrass inflection yup absolutely sure it is called her right down so what really what you're doing what all did play and she's actually been pretty quiet and that's Karzai Errol it's literally hundreds of shovels realized how strange clothes when they dropped the that the washboard. In the one of their songs of the seventies and they're not incorporated the scope of the windy day out when they include and then also dropped the jug of my favorite instruments young American play on any good then added it to jump man and another they really drop the jug at things more production value thing the jugs still there it's Mormon ear candy thing no word. Got headphones on demo jail once Bob rock got involved there really screwed up the jugs sound and if that's happening over Atlanta I don't know that we talked to opponents of trying to find Arianna caught at a direct knowledge all of our fault it's. Oh yeah. It makes Jackson is your first time you're really getting a peek inside of our grades in school from left and right to front the top of left to center. All within thirty seconds or done to continue this job didn't he got. I think it is sort of drug banned in addition to Bruce hardwood we just code jugs. And what did you. Yes yeah yeah I know what are out and cover should be. All Yemen who think he's got a Dell had a new would like oil and I'm glad I was that way I Izzy go looters are still everywhere there's a little letter oh era in the album cover was like straight up like 97 year old Graham law. Prove it. Unleash yes you that. Because content like she hands. Good jobs on the floor press rev did two jobs are on the floor and her boobs land very comfortably in both of those Jonah though do what is. Sitting down their jobs on the floor which he's kind of peeking out through them give the big small loans up with a buddy Christ yes. Wouldn't buy that I would buy that record immediately your. Yeah division just pure painting right now are sexy first half are very impressive because the way you described in my CF perfectly issue if it's just utterly horrifying thought man you're discus Ewan Dobson and unreal. You're download it. I would probably download it and at least you get the art works I could put as my desktop. Wallpaper. The download comes the free nipple here. I was kidding. There's our first armed. Production that sounds of another way to break up break up right I've had a lot of coffee yet you have the right place. It's not it's a judge has such trouble hotel on lead judge can sit. Good to have thanks from a hotel. OK doctor Newman who was probably tell you that you ideology and and good hitting every year that people like me every color it's. And mount a while ago that still leaves. You can and we should come out through song it was a birdie on October 4 overall I don't sit here. You know what a lower while we're discussing him makes mass yes I thought Carly who I didn't get hit. It is this kind of economy we started OK very good luck I think an hour okay yeah hold on hear answer it for lots apart into. Hello I. Love to have a doubles a triple always a bunch of guys who think about it entries MacKay area you know I think Tony I. Oh my god between every man who should play that it. This the Jim Kirk album between everybody and almost 80 and the William Shatner there's no record he dads he says that's a gap as. That's all we play the only thing between bands all it has to be liberals gender and how do we make that happen you just bring -- I was at her album in almost al-Qaeda and other outlaws the run that you broke but I downloaded you'll but don't count yourself all by the record man I -- are dumb I'm -- definitely do seven dollars I I won anyway still at a frat house a mile equipment from the minute doors open until the end is not playing you play this and only this one at Vienna which is always coming out you're like okay he's got to figure out which one. I almost at home and it's a question you. I'm explicitly curator Tom. My goal is already dead. Is that the one has a rocket man is available rocket man on it yeah follow rocket and rocket man was older rock and a rocket man on there rocket man solid. I really packed my last night bringing lines. Boo. Hoo big lose one yeah out they're our I think we should come out to this one. Yes he couldn't pick the just as its starts right away don't. It looks to me to prohibit this. So you sign inside. Hillary song poetry in motion. He is just twelve year old and out there guys to friends we dressed as robot says things and they get undressed and into our rocky year. While on stage this week is any higher and it's very Tivo service. And luxury car markers sort of science. So yes I'm awesome. Blow it makes us. Read a different Obama inherited from there restaurant and Janet please gap please so much why don't every point. And the mid wicket played big things we can create our our programs that are wonderful and I coward plodding on Donna makes it a news. I think we'll be audiences for the titans supporting that'd be cool to make the bill is. They would be cool to be linked Dick and I'm literally rodeo a brutal liquor and have wonderful under these. You guys have been hanging out too much together it's like it's right there what does you really hip hop group. You know mom did a good guy Joseph well you don't usually children pick Clinton wrapping around all the things that we're noticing that rock and metal fans will stand their Buick I am down I just wonder if the country fans would too here's like the weirdest thing I hope they wouldn't are plotting this like the lake. This makes sense and like a movie. Sense like the first line is super solid in amazing yeah this second wind a lot of times you early going with lower expectations but then he just could blown out of the water yeah but they're really feel this is going I know distributed terminator two I really I really do you think I was mustache would allow international and bruiser birdie now everybody else there and then. The third line. Is just. The RT are you ask yes the yet exam we're gonna have he walks had an accessory is that we're used to get doing lie he had or operative dance let's just did you once you obviously encourage you address as he walks may do we put that show closer always second to be the bruiser Brody side project will be the jug band. Yes but we could get Cochran quality walk a flock of point oh do we can rewire our could be widgets in the Arabs know reportedly yelled yeah so. 01 where one era Harris. Yes so next year actually if you guys decide did you I think you'll see if I can talk to the 501 legion there at the as Contra. Because he's old computer dollar security probably they have three secure key problem he Walton was a joke put if you can get those cats down there and I don't I know a couple of guys who carries about that does those so bad to have storm troopers on site gas to see those guys in the it's it's killer literally GA I it's so great photo for one of the comic cons I went Q where. They had a giant like match meaning of the death star hallway. So it was really cool they were taking photos of the guys in the storm trooper Garber of everyone in this hallway with a sore if you lose killer so I got there knowing hey guys look. We get down when he's only oppress the barrels of your blasters against my temple not my hands behind my back no you sure man or Michael god yep police say yeah right another soldier to be nice who adore you nice to show that playing against my Tampa. And I was trying to stage this rad photo I could not. Wipe the smile I hate my face today you have got that picture I'm terrified he didn't choose your words are still like the magistrate so I just could not smile man hey you can get into character of the weird stuff like Beckett you sit needed pictures I view holding. Certain people's. Musical instruments hostage actress took without not a lot no I'm your base is like you can give serious when you are what you are doing exactly reliably good Q agent on my shot so cool Wear uniforms were so. Film correct gap they were so cool I could not smile man I gotta get that photo also that sentiment expressed their he's gonna get weird. How do you Brad and I had a son that we come out because of course routed Murti maneuver you have to play at some point during the first three hour edition. Right out from vertebrae and we Kamal we epic about the disarmament because we're going to be dressed as he walks. Yes the party saying oh yeah from the original plot before they. Were Lucas whose condition. Oh. Power and approaches everybody hey you're acclaim for her roomful of people dressed up as he walks right it's related everyday in my life yeah. Wow I turned forty. Whatever it is for. Premature yeah. Billick Christine news or aging in reverse isn't this open means that it's a must do more important majority. Yet by 250 BI Casper beat Kansas you. The original song they sang at the end of her term agenda. And then when they redid it changed at all got an injury and Hayden Christensen. And they changed the music fan. I don't talk her move and your great. Now let's find out dobbs from just an an Hanna what version of I don't go guys. You very happy anniversary by the way that. Back to the hot at this belted it out we're very focused shall we might fall off the threat train tracks we really settled over going but we we sent that anchored down and we know where to get back. Kinda. I can't. It was at the first thing we talked about was the dog that was how we started every okay death yet. So what do you guys think what's the rule honestly I think I like the Glenn dog matter all and god. God it was great Isaac because more people know me is Glenn from the show who I know you is the right mean yeah. The other I never call Buchanan now not knowing that call and then. When I was in high school a couple friends right my good friend Joseph Carroll still calls we can into this that if I had the last name CNN I would make sharing go by can pretty great last may mr. Powell all I am I selling a powerful hot dog thanks guys you basically I don't best porn name. You've got five ends in your name so. Flows pretty early as well got a lot of hands on hand to cover and it's it's three syllables and you've got. Cannons and you know it's a funny thing is if you had if you became a female ports are you just put an asset in the name that it was a perfect feel they were sending Glen or Glenda. We had Glen or Glenda so yeah you've got you've got your your male porn star name which is Glenn cannon cannon. And then you've got your TG name which is Glenda cannons in the canons yeah. And I'm with I'm good I'm in a big enough I feel. Which meant they were there and they did yes you can go to what that's what I. It's easy they was brother he she puts ran they guy yeah we're really figured our that green scare you yelled at. I think it's it makes me nervous foam that we got it all figured out and enjoy the Glen dog which now sons is way different. I accomplish an adolescent though think I ever did Jon and senate and she called the canned dog. Policy what I read that. Thanks for taking the time it's so cool but I thought about it was like you know what the kill a dog I think it really is a better name but everyone knows me as client right. So one at I think it was a permanent hot dog. It is stand. The cat and dog probably would have a better sexiness to Google it blends Canon. Because we present a bit much. I mean them. Okay yes David Glenn yet undock the Glenn god god god the red dog the makes dog and now on next week. Jerry from big dog's food truck dance moves a year cast to feed us. Our dogs have you has gotten any feedback on your dog in particular. There's a lot of my life if I get what she said she thinks it sounds delicious OK so she's begin. Knowledge reliant. Tony says my dog son delicious got that sounds bad but a yeah and then I don't know how the new home my wife and my wife is due to begin she put it in their mouth. Blood my wife wanted to cut money than bullets or trade the shape of an octopus OK how about hot dogs back up up up up and I'm still talking about I don't know I don't know meant. Armed almost Katrina thought jug band music taught about joining the hot dog under the bright green had a couple people straight up we're light news. That that sounds like diarrhea on a bond what we do this you know like the most Seattle dog thing. It's a let me start at least you amid mixed dog with big kids. There's really only the turnoff to many people it's a polarizing writing and I haven't tried not think it was the pepper is also got some people are millions sounds disgusting human have you never had a Mednax stalled. And does really until around one there's the street dogs men knew it was cream cheese and I would you call as onions and all of yet all I did was add on they didn't and banana peppers to. You know I don't want them you know I'm not that creative I took some and in doing like tin and all the candidates with a Rubin man dislike it and I don't win. Really late Rubens and I think could be fun on and on on a Dogg I'm I honestly do wanna try all our dogs they don't ask don't Elmo is coming in because I think we should just come up in threes and all enjoy each other's just assume they all taste like Delaware we can sell improperly editing that's an awkward or did you give any fun back on nurse any any did that I was leery when you guys talk to the wife and she was downforce she thought it was awesome but I mean she's not gonna try because it's the same thing is your wife she's not into into into dogs. Yeah so neither. And your whiners who. Awesome mess that's some decent and they'll look ES TP year old. I really chopper sushi and it's really good feel like sushi. Sushi we need to update one any size and make it a point that we don't have anything planned after the makes cameo rolling gusty and won't go do all so cool you all you can eat sushi. Our romance. So there will go and have some fun out don't you don't want to jeopardize they have a migs role. It is not on the menu but it was like on like there're like temporary menu but it's. Honestly I think that's as deep heroes wave it has way more. Ingredients so it's I like him because of a minute do order some roles to bring home I wanna have whichever as the most amount of food on that you ask my wife is an art our very order more than two roles I make certain to roll it. Our mood hit it. So like him out there all your rule of like go into the above fate take one play but put as much as UK and are badly in the main role is not nearly as filling but it's it's awesome and actually has I teriyaki drizzle and make some of teriyaki clumsy and yes I'm so glad I was. If like Hamid coupled up with Sid just only a relay. You know all you can eat sushi and he's been limited on his portions man young yeah do you do you eliminate it all now. So I think our line is you've spent some time with his wife breaker down and break them down is that there's way to put no I don't think. I let her husband enjoy food and you let me just is portions. Ono yes you are my gosh okay miles I'm fully re like everything using. Rations we now have three really cool women that we're just gonna lock in a room with your luck as well bring good out to be perfectly honest also leads seems to be years the most fit out of all of us here to kind of fit and healthy handsome right clinch it tonight and I'm not as happy great just not you little idol and all the bad stuff man anyway yeah what. Well I. Pretty good Jim. I've seen how did you yeah. Yes it's Justin's beard makes him look like he's bigger videos you're right you're ever you know I let stand that do what I did win this weird like if I had a picture you in my head. I picture you not fat but I think you husky or get a little bull here but what I see you you're in great shape. It's the beer world I don't have as I you don't know good thoughts. You're in good shape his wife who's sitting there like with one hand to chin totally sizing him up right brotherhood like putting up the Dow Chemical and yeah I don't know put. We'll watch and I think soar well maybe a little bit he's in great shape ala shall have a new speed yes yes he did so why is our go no. I think eligible and what that might have been the Moscow rude comment how much I. Literal there's one other big beard makes you see regular beer. And scarier and it's true it's true no one bothers me into goma when I got this big gas Beers and a breed your beard input to this little pink the things that we'll balls at the end. Excuse me I don't want your pink balls near me at all certain on finishing near the chilly Bridget bearden skip rope cool I've had my beard degraded to multiple times usually gets drunk chicks parties really just come out and they'll just start parading it like an like whenever I don't care a manner relationship I don't give a crap you would ever you want to do with it a touch it lake gate when operated maybe wicked now. Kind of weird. So on a quick update about these things are Toma makes fast as if we're going on outside speaking of that is a big congregation. I see beat the work I Igor is out there with some time and like all the gregarious. Man mean let me check females. I don't see anything in the email sign an office where it might be their food ball just to give who would that be funny we walked up it just took whatever their food is that allow Coleman who brought this could mean. Let myself that's my lunch you're really cool that's that's really nice that you're sharing event. Are so October 14 obviously makes fest get you tickets at studio seven dot US side and just never know that you guys will be there and got my tickets in my pocket I he had ice obvious of course you got why don't we directives as a base he really show we've got wind opening your Big Three matches here is going to be every masterly show were. A for the rematch will be out there's all knew about the art Tony redo the whole record the graphics that's why aren't. Global want to read fest in column is now they're basically limited edition earlier. A couple maybe 3000 those are process talks so it's gonna have your work at that makes the previous version of a kind of a cool collectible of your fans. And then Al and that's they've got their new CD so that's gonna be there is something I don't has referred some of that stuff on the makes guest in the past on the last and it Nationale very said they're going to be playing. Makes fast members Brody. We have the final makes his brattle Liasson has mixed all five of the songs. On the I have to say as a celebrity it's really hurt but they sound permit in this could read would you heard before we started a pod gets a few weeks ago yeah it's like. You heard the standard definition. And now it's high definition. Do you have do you have like reform was a new machine. I can pull what you hundreds of of people Renee is just crank it way up now so this is on mastered guys these are the raw raw mixes things government fully smoothed out but this is. Prior to his last three this is Basie mastering just mix. All of lists if you're lucky sound just like this but louder and awoke last year. OK I've got the version that does not that suggested that the fix on the drums but it doesn't matter I think that's on it all the only when I notice is that some guy not a big guy OK so we're gonna play some of the if your cool that man I I know looks like Justin is very sad and that's. A little bit man all right yeah let's just take out the mom of other brand new bruiser Brody which is our man I'm so excited about this are ready yeah. There. There hasn't mastered yet. How proud are you his wife Stephanie Mueller knows all the words to that song I know what that winds all it's a better job celebration though yet the seriousness he knows the words and no leaks its randomness I think. I totally just. Forgot about our whole you walk conversation. Well how is ready for bruiser Brody you know that's not as Idec and now I I just want storm troopers on site access guys I do know some religious freedom all the come on skis. School student but now they can tease next makes best cure yet. I'll as I know what sort of was walking around your culture that he's cool I'll talk to some of the people I know and see if maybe we get a couple diapers so in a move. Are so we were glad I only one spoke to put up there I don't take my day as well. And one mobile fat. Running sound we have a little bit hard I don't know if they have offended others bunch of bad is it as if they addition to finish sixth. Yeah you're eligible right now where you can hear that that's over there wanna do you assume that it's up I look every bit if you're judged valuable to the right side down there are so to hear the whole thing is how. And the problems. Or BP is is it's it's it's all straight Roberts there's a great balance kind of verse and this is more of the diversity but I think interpreter policy suggests baseline that makes this so you know you can do and Jack up the base on the so if you're if you're cool. Under her son Tom in just a look you know hopefully we will have the CD at the show we are going to be cutting it very close because is getting mastered next Tuesday. IS are as we get it in the game mastered I think it only takes a data get a masters then and then after that we send it off to disk makers and and hoping keep our fingers prosecute bigger push these babies out in under. Ten days let's do rush or something right after the show figured out all out yeah I won't make it to people like us about getting caught playing yeah. Yeah it's our heads right so I mean what our backs against the wall we hope Wacom for the show if not bought T shirts. Good teacher and we'll have all we allow boy shorts yes it really adds the bush shorts are super cool ladies' underwear it has the band its Google logo logo that has all of our names yet says has bruiser Brody and it has the five members NASA's across you're you're. Your sides have you on our names on your ass off. Has an awesome I just. Just give you just had Brody across it or the O is placed would be O. I panel flapper death. Those little ones that aren't there yeah there is no right before my eyes here's Bob bruiser birdies on a preview of what the deep he's going to sound like. Thank you have a. No the I don't vote. Okay. I know it's in dead man hole it. How I got. It's kind of nice we'll hope we'll hold. Wow I'll get more fake plan it's funny too because those who think like we just play a little bit this is sort of plan I would wanna say stop and soon I decide I'm grew into an used to say oh you're playing your playbook I'm I'm okay good yeah I think all right well the zoo the first verse in the numbing on this busy beautiful forest. I don't know that I parcel of critical I think you'll dig got to get I think it's evil style but when it's time. And good luck I haven't looked around on my grandma give me a look like Devale Ellis to sub brands and those guys close and I I really loved seeing had a just a couple of the games like aren't yet won't. Does it appear that that. Once a good. You know that one's probably other in the ballad that once more mellow space he would have this kind of stone Iraqi it is my senior give Indy years so low and it's just I think GG GO indicate that GT rip and we've got an if you went off the deep I don't know how many solid and a good way and I say Nike just went mad scientists on -- -- or her greater reflection that well and we GT who's doing a lot of delay in walk kind of experimentation throughout the vs coming up of those parts. And so he's doing a lot of that sexual stuff on plan does that mean no no I'm Mary. And man known as noon. Some hold that down and then we got into. Kind of that's solo section that bridge section. The lure admiral Mike do you were already kind of delay in law you're doing now while I just hold on the rhythm and you take a whole section and Stewart you want within this tight the Soviets all I came together as a tight but you guys like kids. Oh I absolutely loved it okay cool court and then up. Jeremy I had I had their wrists it's Jeffs just baseline to me is what writer Dominick asks yeah he'd be fired at this weird octave divider insurgent was. Moon. Then. Any. Or take a look at us like he does cool without of course prolonged. Use. Yeah. I'm not gonna move on the whole earlier another sample of a song that we have played before Merrill we. So happy that I won demo that we've played in the news this drew on the guitar army mom electronic drums are probably won't play the whole summit to secure. I got to tell you is all the listeners have only heard me sing this right so yeah I think you're trying to original version two I do to secure your member heard a case of where if that the demo Z original demos were just me and it's hard to click track and so that we can all write to dot. And then it's you went in with his digital drum set and flute drums in Canada here's what I'm thing are drawn wants. A while while the Al player what do you guys heard if you listen to the makes castle yeah. Then again but here's what it now sounds like with with without mastering of with the whole band and with Travis brought towards universal and of course now won't pull the plug on it and my mom telling myself that because otherwise I don't. Jacob Jacob. Doesn't matter anyway. What did thank you name. That work into your Pringles being. I guess it's. That's the first nine years in replaying it makes test can think. Probably. I don't know if you asked every the first someone that you appears on the lead you down like serious so I'm just envisioning it just starting off with the locals to latest leg no lights on in his soon is that drum starts just boom. Now I've really good idea how long it's it's a cool start that way he's instructions from guitar and vocal yet yeah add is there's a part did I mean this this whole record really I mean hey it illustrates just how talented all you guys are and you to thank a million years that the band. That's right absolutely relish at a few I didn't say CJ had just hit PH is now I'll RA guy wasn't paying any attention I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll save you. I think really brought it thank you really did it was killer I think really what I'm most excited for people a year Travis. Yes I mean belting out your ass is so on Mexico's next level on so many of the songs and I'm I'm I'm discriminate random part of the end of the song I think hopefully it's apart. But just to give you a taste of like just what Travis brings on these songs so call. Power the. Our asthma. If they didn't hit it knows. And. So prompt let's go nuts really you've only got the first forgot the first mixes back you know of course some. I would create MP threes and the guys and then set of Dropbox and here's a WAV files on my guys. Who's got the first berth in the mix is back and we really do but the only thing I heard and that person was like electoral guitar solos just a little bit louder. And then there was another song called trouble is where all the guitar tones are kind of a big seventies. That BP rock tunnel that particular song. I thought a little less looked like more. Little less slow and those guitars or make him Kumble butter on that particular piece that was yep like you know for the whole the whole EP error that was like. Here's what I'm thinking and shot and a direct reference to Backus. Whose. Yeah that's our allies and approach them put this all together area now major shot to him of course and god bless Brett thank him yes thank you Brett so much just an amazing job and I can. Thank enough Scott and Robert Lang in the whole crew over Iran relying studios for firm being so hospitable and and give it does make this happen you reassess studio time to make this happen and anyone who's ever won an opportunity to record summary the Foo Fighters Nirvana record and in so many other great bands. Robert Lang studios is go check them out de L or if you ever wanted to be a studio engineer. Did you classes and also I cannot win for people as well also I mean a lot of great people. Got to be a part of this. Awesome experiences from I mean once in A lifetime feels like but maybe he'll be more than once in lifetime we'll think it'll stop no I don't think so we their environment too much fun with that and and I'm looking forward to what other songs recreated I look at hard for people here the other. Full battle won the other three songs I think people and we join. I'm pretty incredible yeah illicit for BP it's very universal mean you've got three. Rip rock and rock songs. You've just got to hear upon my eyes are just kind of a species movie vibe song and then there's a ballot we did called nothing you need it's it's really really special one. You know Travis put this baby grand piano come out troll on the end of it he put Hammond B three performance on like who knew the guy can play key sneeze again. They got him an organ out there much fire or not. These relate to. Do you know let's do what we want to do right arm so yeah a man numb that that piece of music came together when a first for the makes matters is breathtaking I just. Did you. It now so we're really excited to get this this thing out there for absolutely an asset for him any set a play alive jokes October 14 makes fast get your tickets two and a half weeks now and I haven't practiced so. Well be aware bruiser Brody is opening that shows doors are six bruiser Brody will be on stage seven sharp so yeah I don't know don't relate because we don't blame preliminary hearing and. It's. Not that we'll show you hey Aaron. We have more is you know way. I don't want anyone is excited to see this project ms. Bassett because they showed up at 815 we will be long gone it's a thirty minutes sat yep. Army the whole evening news is slotted to wrap Wright around midnight is five bands a lot of band has a lot so what you know it's literally the first two bands get thirty minutes than non the next it's 45 western national get fifty in the window paying top fifty and that brings a whole show to a close to that you're not. On your feet for six hours watching on good morning give people time to eat all three of our dogs that's correct that's going to sorry have scared definitely if you wanna see bruiser Brody you wanna be there Brad to get count yet be there or don't don't don't get there at 702. You have missed half of the first song hit. There around six because we're all going to be milling about how that's their chance for anyone who's listening to him makes cats and opportunity for us so just hang up before all the stress of performing up onstage so. Also you know bruiser Brody or would say armed. You know is this is it's kind of an embryonic thing at this stage. We will have march we're gonna have T shirts and and boy shorts numb for the girls hello Judy moody but limited quantities man I mean I think we only have about 5060 items so again. Get there early because you know if there especially the bruiser Brody says it's early days a limited edition of slack yep the NCA releasing these are where we may be only a home. We're gonna get a couple hundred top yeah still room where we're working low budget obviously because you know beyond anyone finance and stuff for us so it's my credit cards are being used to make this stuff well that's you know you haven't played enough you know that this can make money yet you know I'm sure that all week to. You know a lot of these expenses out of the show. But right now all words zero price oh yeah and I saw him already in the hole with. Vs villains in the last international now so if you want me not to get divorced from my wife you know I. I and I don't know exert more available to grow a little give you bigger portions yell yes. You don't let the man who want to put into an empty room. Good I want enjoyed Dix burgers whenever I want all what is. I edgy. And when she's not around I don't think things sometimes have to wrestling practice doing. She's asleep you should do and and I think you shall refer again in the best and how might having sex with another woman Phillies are all identical only sweats did you think you reach of of Greece so I I did go to expert two orders of Fries I get home IC in the shower. He cleaned removing Internet access grease off MySpace the mayor of and then crawl on the bad feeling slightly guilty but not very likely not that guilty but with the full stop there it puts a news Pittsburgh consideration climbed into bed and didn't edit this out like comment on executive my home. I have crawl an advantage you looked thin and healthy you know man yeah yeah and moved to and I'm wearing a white shirt today. I know congratulations I never Wear white I don't see your man boobs I'm working on it by Addison at a rep or have no murders well that's what I'm saying like I see here it's all they might turn out you'll see him a ball below hot mess athletes is slightly slower barker right milk your emphasis on hi I read thoroughly and still you drug candidate Clark yeah. But I -- Steve weighed more than me and it would just. It was that you know when we were Eddie what was it it would we're gonna wanna does their morning show boot camps I'd rate myself on the the luggage weight would you way. As you seem to 75 gangs are to chimneys size as about Boston sixty irony Darren yeah Ahmad to I'd love and last night weighed myself could I too it was a that I do to wrestling too because I ignore burn like ours it's kind of an ego boost. By the 202. To those two guys not I've still not. Passed the 200 thresh hole I hit 200 ones sign up now and any plans or anything like that is just as you're eating plan yeah I just your wife. Yeah I can tell you Teddy EN and also be next president of the wrestling as I slowly just eight which he gave me our probably be a 180 pounds right now but I I do I just can't I need to eat I need to either kit Kat bar every once in my iTunes is yes that that's awesome you can get so it's like I I don't feel. I know I actually committed myself fully. Usually five I mean on half that money heaviest. I was I was pushing to sixty and I'm 64 and I know what that looked like on me. I'm down to 235. Yeah. But I mean from two silly five down to basically 205 or whatever that's a lot right now and you do you look thing you know I don't force creator you attitude that's yeah exact. Yeah for me it was the second then and I think once I didn't do it like drastically so was mainly at elm and everything was this whole. So many many many many because some people that make pageant goes well might as has been a slow process of I don't remember being that big wrath I mean you need you it's it's a war well it's weird because you actually did. In if a fire picture like looking back at pictures you're like oh wow lake you see it like if we got like a celebrity that we've been it had in for awhile I. Or bang and I don't want to say I have but. So did men Catholic I don't want us you Alan. Yeah they're seeing that's making them feel good yeah yeah it's not it is it was also it wasn't like oh you look like a big you know slap the fact but at the same play and backup but I did. OK we were I him I don't know that I held my heart this ray drive older well. Yeah dude here's a picture this is probably me a Miami is wearing a a triple XL. She job button up shirt to wow. It's funny because it's to my head was still about the same size but that's history yet extra G Allah Allah god as I do that Jesus. The people it's. Recruit recruits. Yeah yeah I Israeli gets old gold and veteran right and I remember we got our wedding picture draining gigs of photos done other wow I found him nicely and I was a lot lighter are still like 230 now look at those present went wow look how fat I look compared to now yeah crazies at that time I thought this is back up. Since he's been pretty awesome. And you back and mom well on the edge slows things where main real peers or I can really gusty off slowly looks good but it's weird to see. See that drastic of those things to me that photo lite now you're healthier do you ask yourself is often these things on them as often do that. No I'm not nearly as much of a mess anymore yeah. I'd like to get to where you are. Dracula Celeste myself but you know you to a wife swap for a little bit and you'll be right there are his strength. No I doubt it and I were bonding plus finding the they gad damn hands off the last glam group. That's a reason Arizona quote what are your voicemails or emails are tired I think it was awesome has lost hasn't hasn't it's been a long time I think it was on like a hotel TV she could say one of my problems three years ago. Glenn gets the worst ref in the BM media did it's why I loved Walking Dead because the they had a good Glen Tony and I called good guys glad narrated. Well Moody's standard but you know dad released there was a good guy gonna love the fact there was a good on Glenn's always a villain. Did the guy that killed Patrick Swayze in ghost Glenn. The do that suggest a way swapping and raising Arizona Glenn. Yeah glimpse kind of a dirt magnet you then the people say oh yeah. Yeah Clint it's a bad rap. I'm sorry about the homes group resuming was glad. You know. On clambered yeah so I don't know what he did is telling you learn that all good guy Glenn good good glad it was a good thing for me. I think it's neat in the and it's a great yeah thanks for that world at least it was really cool. I'm in the school kind of bodman now. But I did it. Are at the skinny. Office. I I don't yet are articulate as a voicemail at my personal hurt that. Oh he really. That is to give long Larry Kaplan that is the part of what became the mid flight and Israeli jet really what originally it all started when we were doing messages way back yes TP test days we have any kind of special message is things so. All of us which went Aristide be cast member ever an aggressor doesn't dominated dash dot dot dot dot army says one day out is that woods. And then fish. She's actually snags edited out the messages part and you know him well. Oh yeah I became the makes him a little Ziggy yes we hello everybody affected the he left as the voice mails while we certainly was on voicemails to prime three. 2714787. Here's our first one who I believe it is from our frenzy. OK make that disease so I got to the point what we aren't tests are talking about it'll use. And Michael deals used as a whole lot. Or at least we did more than one view is that you have Marty and Joseph who are we aren't done Blake. Like you two weeks in a row beetlejuice convent itself it's what you do after school special of the 98 new juice Goosen luckily I got I've got to expect that it might be the name of the title of this. Synutra. That's utilities goes to elect and it's also the another album by bruiser Brody. Do just goes to who live picture of the cover here. And out of podcast episode today I don't took us about an hour and have to get there is still blow up. I so I would like you know to catch the writer of the original deal science because they like Larry it will there are some like that. You're at one of those theaters near Seattle Saturn. You know this screen be able to and network and human and then afterwards. I grew up her missing son and Patrick and you pulled used but he. Even. He went out drinking with a guy who may be others wrote Rihanna. That's for him are back guys still laughing originally euros the bank you know ask what do you a man you know Ahmad. I'm alive sound engineer what do you do all of beetlejuice I basically kill my money giggle every day debt write this that is if you can yes then. It was a once he calls relapse it's Kook I had to be eight. Tell Amy's. So. And character. Well altering. It's the view is the mosques. No I don't think that it is I think so either beetlejuice and we opened it and when the dog and the bluegrass. Yeah what do you do whatever bella. You doom doom. This is Putin's return motion picture soundtracks chart on main titles he'll do. It's human. Maybe isn't. The news. Meaning anything like that title crawl or something like that opening credits or has some of the busy day you have love love love love and I have an Amazon. Six foot seven K okay good. You get like you guys come back and rely on go it alone at night and now they're the ones are not available on the playlist. It's de LI Harry profile okay and then boom boom boom boom and the. And then the blue pants and bustle when I remember I was coming. But Kevin this was. Through our. And when they go into the underworld. Okay ask wow how much holding us up the magna and that in. By the way I think. Recommends I wanna go back and watch as we begin now yeah it's such a good movie. Well I'm remembering that such a good tool cyanide okay this is almost an amount. Yet closing credits. Nice that's good motto all along yeah. You were also a model. That cut that back act act and act. Yeah okay. Hey. This is what we should dilute so you. Are not opposed yeah. Oh I think it's more accessible looms the yeah. But just who do what I wanted to drop this distillers. It really a medal or I could cost him re Max. Auto and there is one you walk and an eleven day over 300 recent cover tools that work 98. That being. Are up. Don't look at dale god does just in God's name which is the twenties into the mix. God my god are you name all these thank god and international values in many ways it. Maarty Leunen. You don't know now. OK okay business could look in your mind right he's keeps the door. Thank you don't want it like she did yeah yeah Africa for what they. Undermining your friends you're starting. I'm everybody goes I got from to seven minutes loses the almighty god I don't know OK okay. There you have it all kind of carried in my head. When this morning. It's okay. Could do or don't what I. And yeah. Yeah you. I got to examine you know there oh I'm sure. I was dead mule. Doesn't that put his red would not make I don't know I. Over Alabama look at my thought now I'm not going into tomorrow I'll not good they are ready manners something I don't even know it's going on I had no idea you know wearing a white shirt I could do yourself oh. I'm wearing a white shirts are accumulated he's not that's no and we don't ever get any voice mails I. Anybody could. Or did you think told them when he broke beatle years only did do a bunch of blood right beatle years. I know probably Erica Marat a second yeah I see you man makes a lot of sense broke beatle years only it was like doing aren't there and you cool dude but he. Even told them what he wrote beatle years only didn't like you'll want to blow it right people use the final line up. And CN even brought a whole Beatles used goes on lying and how. That was going to be. Schools that show really doesn't cover it I leave it to you guys come up with a better term that. This record as show on a scale. Actually that I did and at festival it's a business student called the best yet our gas industry. So happy doing it looks very there it Rosie dance and I don't see the spirit and partners sort of office of Iowa I want my answer this or I'm I think people would like my dance all you can do what it may be best to just can't rule on the dance. I'm endlessly Ambien and only the birdcage in gas. Okay yes. That is etiquette is that does a complimentary remark I feel like it's a remark well it would be in a movie so that's a compliment. You'll only war and baseball doing the happy dance student today only theater meritorious and always sucking out the fat with a in the bag. He has applicable to find fell accounts or I'm at least give all through yeah I think we missed the boat and never based U bolt may be reaching that the makes this apple to let you do you know we have a piece people turn in my whole food. Four PGA is this a no no this is the holder. I would agree too that we take it upon Iannetta and put together like two or three teams and have a base hit it all tournament I don't remember any of the rules. We're their rules there are definitely rules are magnified basketball rules on mine I bet I did. Sure we can ask you use the single double double play all of us to do with where you throw the basketball from we will need definitely like a couple. Baseball. Umpires people who really know the rules are where we don't moment mr. wasserman guys on that end beetlejuice of course now have to at. Based get all the movie dot blog style of Blogspot dot com there are. All of the rules and gives you all see that and everything how hard to be to build a base Campbell field. And he's a basketball court men and and have a base of alternative. I mean. I'm in a way in do we do we try to have either we do we indoor do we do do we observe the movie thing of no Steve Perry psych out her hand and all Steve Perry. Steve Perry do we got to do this and then we go we have a budget teams however you do it today we got to be at cherry thing give me some money. Queuing is strippers to be our cheerleaders I mean if if it's in the movie we have to. Also I think we don't read read all help us solve that'd be rad dad was only got a superstar personally sweet. Dude I've thought about that many times when I watched a movie like man I wish it would have been on top of this back when the movie came out and did a basketball tournament. But we're really don't need it to be timely mis cast has never do anything on time beaten so as you can tell we have a new gun through one voicemail. A BA basketball tournament I'm a 100% and Ahmed and pay tax us if you're in. RT ER 3271. Me or so and examine our email us the least gets a gmail.com. Member not gonna hold to it but if you actually. If. This is something that you would be in front only enough to build two teams as the game's gonna take a minute it's like playing baseball doesn't go to be great to get at least four so we can have a tournament. You know to win that's Sherlock Holmes sold to get an actual like basketball champion and every year we do basically ball. And there's a trophy don't. When he hears we got to get regain the so we are harnessed heat will based first up baseball came out in 1998. Other we did it next year or BD twenty year anniversary oh my gosh we're all Uganda works. I dare we can get Trey and Matt to consciously jerseys. Oh yeah I. Rocco Milwaukee Beers. Baseball Jersey tough and like I'm sure one tent well one and a hundred I'm an army. Arm that were featured in the movie basketball. Or there was so much there because it I think we should base all the teams often that Allen which make up our own team names you don't think. I mean. It would be really cool almost at different teams were Rockies could tee as men movies was in that movie I never get her for cheaper she was a lot Nationale probably yeah. Of Trey and Matt Stone would probably could yeah. All open up the fusion do we recreate the the locker room scene where Bruce standard view of the units out while she's yelling at this holding us 100% yes she's going to be thirty all of us volume Ideo dance. Echoing naked. Because that means she will definitely follow with you man never had these moves in these hips don't lie and obviously a little bubble what bubble hotel just swaying in the breeze makes Doug Henry flopped and and I my god how I read Jerry's big dogs will come back next year MB the official food vendor claims can of you look at Vienna sausage or B does that dance man. I have no chance and if we do we go in the winter Adobe will smoky it's conclusive proof. To do we try as we look forward co host terms micro corn go to some smoky in Gurion it's a good greasy spoon type joint and yeah he's they have these micro corn dogs and she calls a little spooky. Six and a half to have them cater. It. Do I think we should do this. Really did have been we just need to assemble some teams you got to figure out who's answering that we need like an event or to make it actually do all the the leg work for us but that's still where we can play I don't and the winner we got I feel like you know wolf why downtown little issues that mask. Gregg do we go indoors in the winter or do I know someone who works on a line. Just say we did we ever know or nor deny the fact they would allow us to play basketball and their goodness well at Shea you're probably gonna be drinking some of the. I guess I get a out there I feel like our best interest would be to do it outside in the summer. Yeah that way were you guy climate apart that we can rent out or something I don't general psychopaths usually have a beer garden OK so here. Here are the teams look at we had the Dallas felons now I don't know beyond that team you don't wanna be the Dallas felons out. The LA riots. A multi without one the Miami dealers spoke act the Milwaukee Beers them doubt the Miami dealers might be our team. Do New Jersey informants all that's funny the Roswell aliens. In these San Antonio defenders. From the teams that when you. Towards the San Francisco saying he was there is San Francisco is they had male cheerleaders it was all the big it was all big gay joke and that's Reese's audio what does. I don't know during the bulls' does this sounds presidencies would join up. It's as well as speaks everything out of three so ever since get people together and sounds red satin heels would join up. And it's one of the I don't know the only four that I guy already only eight when I got what do we need OT Libby motion since his door so upset about all that that the data delete that from the official roster. There's The Sims good team we was hilarious it was one of one of the biggest last movie was that Tim vagina Egypt and every dollar bond remand to get our real big Christian content perform. This great song. That's right there in the stands performed just. They might topple more than watching. We're enthusiasm we. So here it. I don't really like Scottish country used to do is do you begin however including have a good looking up front about it there's more crazy folks sports teams yeah. Andy is doing that day oh now it's gonna Carlton. It is kind of culture really grown men that has now Carl I'd love us some identities of real victories improbable format are today. We didn't we keep how to reduce this. Twentieth anniversary of base hit ball. Just back and pray we dead dad need relief from debt real big fish and we may get massive. Six plays to make had a other married to a good you want to know officer. Your boy do all I looked and looked and looked can look for Kim Jong ill all wanna walk. They will not those profits whenever they didn't like she's that you can't mind you can do to give them access. But I ordered one battle with you got dropped 500 bucks have that I want in my living room. You know why is everybody so Athens stupid of one of the thing in my milk on a met game then you rarely do you hear me. All of this song. And it can't. Another real quick follow along here. Whenever fellow host featured in the almost. A mix up. And those awful words and. On my. We all of those mobile hey guys Joshua when there. Injured and I had just after. Why you can leave your. What problems we didn't. This is their ground. If I go to get. I don't have a beer here on fifth. All right a schedule and actually throughout. The voters that we reduce. I. I am African American. And all the artwork that it isn't the right brutal. Ali is the right grow do you think this no no no now now voicing don't know who me or lose this let's let let's that are yours are all okay. It's on. The guys had ginger analysis and I think. Who I'm African American now now I'll be down and yeah yeah I was suits up a by the way. San Francisco fairies FE RRI and he has used she yeah told you yet all the IMAP for college in America. And all the guy Matt Burke how I get it you aren't at that look in which our great hurt thankfully you'll. Oh well I hope he yeah and that's the best political or war or do you work your brown inhale the and you work in chocolate. I want to smear it all over your body eat late in Doug. Shame that you're in the chocolate business you know like us to look in Charlotte did she really just say that some would say that's your voice were on my gosh our business and. Great person ranked eight you are the best the Blackberry you know really can when he bought. Act like I'm not the only black Harry set out in this world. Still one of my friend she worked and why she's not filing a lawsuit you know the problem is is that we assume that everybody is normal and has a brain inside their head. And I'm learning over whether it's going to be brutal it. So not true Irish friend wanted to goes that I wrestle with and job when I'm into my wrestling training is right Arial and she's a black chick. And she shares story. Would it actually believe it. And the work that she works and she works in a very well moon successful business in Seattle a face that a lot people know about Amazon. It's one of those. That's one of the big things that we should make sure that I the running out and call you a I'm you out of FaceBook page and I was talking about now. A new wage is that say why isn't that what my coworkers talk to me they're trying to drop like bush signed. This guy I ever see a find the post had direct easy gentle but she said but they'll come to her and say we need this and them. The role in some kind of a slang they assume block people use it to endear themselves to her say what world are we didn't. Should there that people think that it actually is a good that is an individual like two over the health said that to this nicely maybe the rest of her that day at the asset that. Cannot wool or do you think she's a listeners called in randomly today I don't know whatever it okay who who that is super screwed up and I would talk HR really hey look. However the world are we you know workplaces it's it's sort of you know it depends on your relationship with someone. You know. And a professional setting professional setting you know pillow band as well you know you are fine but then to say hate. And you know you're fine for a white girl or a child a group which did she should chalk talk a person. Superman might well try and so. Already some are so many levels that we gauge our knowledge so this is what Danny said to me and I am going to destroy you all if he's not out here right Danny needs to go out. That that's really screwed up as something we're only laughing because that's so ridiculous it's got the. World where men and I think it's it's a very we are working seven of the buddy black dude and you sharing. Previous story where after it all the hype and stuff like camera movement which heightened racial issue that we were dealing with in this past year to one of the million. And he was talking to a someone at a restaurant that was a white person in the white person after the comes and goes while I mean you know you're you're a lot nicer then you guys. Omar fashions and I. And I mean. Story they give out early this way you don't miss a network and I have you're probably thinking I'm improving race relations are saying there aren't giving your problem and by being completely you're so I have my buddies like it took everything you're darn adds punch the guy now. Ahead you buddy how to do is take you would agree to songs like. I understand and my body you pretty light show do you moves on pot maybe that's why. I use like. I I kinda think that what he was trying to say that I right now the very heightened racial times in I think his heart was in the right place but the way he said it was so wrong and somebody you love holes and I think that's probably the same thing with these idiot co workers. Does the world wherein may have people are stupid. Yeah people which is just talk disability sure Shawn Bradley stupid man to that person or persons individual basis ya. Command. It'll. God you know just pushed rivers brought the individual basis I I think it's like a little gym and just be with you know like. IV OID digital standard if you're going to pay a compliment to a person is don't equate race. All politically in any employee grabbed her handsome guy for a shorter dude it's overweight. So you actually get us add anything planet let me for a curly haired weirdo. Right I love anybody not a not a ball people see but I have to say you're the first that really made me feel comfortable the most I. The collision cats are matter backwards hate filled hit all of this don't go well I don't know how much all you Rhode Island failure for America but yeah. Were not you're wrong are seen it and bring it up and I wanted to write to allow I Malaysia that allow people alone it being. Or as a kid at a awkward moment with my grandmother's dog around but like you know like a lot of old people sometimes had old beliefs and even an error and I would always butt heads with her about that narrow well last they had truly butt heads with her. Was her in my mom went to the mall and the most few blocks and an in our neighborhood. There's very diverse but the mall I mean you were the minority if you Wear white in the whatever. And they went they came back and there are Gaza as a mollen who have grown. The gray we got busy at this event the sweetness the retail lady brought us up and help me out and she was one of those blasts. Oh my business there's uncertainty and I'm looking at my grandma might think I don't know if you do get and I got a Torres has done arguing snowed became a condescending sarcastic. Jackass to her like no way grandma could figure out for you tell me a black person was nice deal. We all played she's like you they know routing her you might as you admitted that the wow maybe you should learn from that you saw total moron you're back apologized. Graham buys the any words that come out of his mouth and as they do and that's commentary I met general was that while you are ruining my grandma well I jot notes signs that it's a generational. Thing I mean my my grandpa was like and it always blew me away because you know like I'm I'm thinking about. That thought process right. And here's a person and the majority of my family on the outside was murdered when than the Nazis to Czechoslovakia. And in Poland right. So Monte how could cap with that background have these kind of feelings but I think it's just one that body at thank god it is an older generation and while I love and miss my grandfather. Right that generation and that thought process I would who pins. Well for some well fading away and ran Friday that people in this room even though I know a lot of people the majority I would hope. Have evolved gas and don't tolerate that. I'm really you know what's looks yells a pocket of cool I've been realizing that would this CD. Is sort of isolated in semi ahead and more ahead of the curve and other cities in America. What she you'll. About you can go thirty miles south and you've got monster trucks rolled around we drank confederate flags hanging out their back so I mean. Yes Seattle might be a pocket avid but I'll tell you unhappy with the coloring I love to comb a boy I love Tacoma a lot but there are also a lot of dog white people in Tacoma. Now I love all of you I idiots everywhere and that is our ideals leader over all race creed and color apps and religious denomination gap in on the news and some people have not evolved from where their grandparents for a lot of candidates liar and a dig in and I think that is that an example what we are now voicemail and this is yeah I'll see you guys this regard. Sorry to hear. That's messed that's that's the hope I think it's it's. Go to HR really so this is what Tommy said yeah just. Dole that's really screwed up rip it and. Oh yeah email odd to me suggested Gmail icon in the other day I was looking that old videos from YouTube your YouTube generally found this one called the O rev factor of the revs melt down oh no I just happened banging. May thirteenth of 2008. Almost ten years ago dude and they sent us the link and if for those that never rose eyes are huge. Huge mega I don't know what to expect that was a long time I can't wait to hear this theoretical Steve fatty is. How was that I did I watched that video if I don't know if any its renewable sources of my face that took up the entire screen. Well let's check out the red back in 2008. And we I would like to use in sports if we can that's of course is a red doesn't screwed up again cheeses honestly. Any idea what an abortion or breakout was yeah yeah when all because our Ray Allen dropped PM all right and I are no one beat camera what he was not time reasonable use given in the middle finger then I service say the birds we have been pretty hard on Russell threw that out there are no we're just trying to improve the bearcats are fine right but I here for me beaches are rebel lot I hear I don't disagree BJ is being a jerk like nine years ago you are a lot more in grade sheet call guide he had Mino is only about two years into a high school I was oh played really allocate minority out on the air is out there is taught me ask you a more importantly I'm comfortable. I. I don't know what I've got no X what I'm going to be say like I don't remember that I'm I'm anxiously awaiting but it's a wanna make sure that your who knows now about to do you won't have really never gets that now and forever I've always enjoy these moments and I here's the rev getting upset with Vijay to a point where you're throwing off a garbage pail. And production room against the Walsh Aaron really aria. And Ella would now why why you pissed off at me when you've grown and the when has the latest Vijay yeah because the fact that you can't let things go back so we deal I just want. Hey he's just one little thing that I kind of screwed up you know I just I didn't wreck today. Before we even got out of the break but because you don't understand what the hell's going on because you're. Dude to dad even though you want to micromanage everything but what yet. I'm the reason they're gonna struggle to. Throwing things yeah. Hello I have. Yeah and he can handle when he screws up reasons from an awful lot because this is asphalt you won't listen. Not been stirring up a lot of a couple of times why would you like Hollywood there's a full day word you know didn't wrap it up the great the last time. Hello and there I don't know if there's really not about how to start naming every time that I do something awesome and every pulled upgrading and is gonna how to deal with that come to an update for me because I'm not. There Brett hit himself with the garbage tell us what T boy this is like through this is his medicines all right I don't person didn't think there's rests on the move put together a list them fortunately. Now man it's one of those things are like itself initially you were slain in Durham and then somewhere in your brain you went on screaming sort of my boss. And you change into a fun thing. Towards the end it kinda gets to ride you literally have heard a lot yeah I heard users are off like chain saw and then turned into I'd better make this phone because I'm flipping out always like a chainsaw. There's no skin your ass wrong and I hazelnut Limp Bizkit yeah okay that's fine idiotic some stuff. Can I can you know again please the golf course of course you guys are around. I just I want you to Dan I would like to use in sports if we can't allow these little room delightfully against JR right. Clooney's the professionalism of breakout learned yeah yeah when all because. Ray Allen drop beyond the already and I remember one beat number one Delaware now why why this started me when you won't let. Her. Well thanks Vijay yeah because the fact it's you can't let things go the album we deal I just want. King yeah it's just what little thing that I kind of screw up you know hindsight. Iraq today. Before we even got out of the break but because you don't understand what the hell's going on because your. Dude to dad even you want to micromanage everything so I would yet. Yeah. On what the reason they're gonna struggle yeah. Yeah I. Hello. Yeah. And he can handle when he screws on these newsroom I'm alive because his own fault he won't listen not. Bids to have a lot of time what would you like Hollywood is a full day word you know didn't get up the great did you ever notice how. All know and there I don't know if there's really. The start naming every time that I do something awesome and everything mold upgrading and is gonna have our deal we don't know about irony here I'm not. There Brad Pitt himself with the garbage tell us why do you employees is like do this is as bad as that's all right I don't first. I'd like to say that I've grown up but I like what was it last week oral or is it this week now think that's why this person tracked this down began to melt down in Sudan oh this person found this video clip yes par is a neighborhood. You did you snap last week we saw earlier. I didn't hear you. When you beat you mentioned the other kids in my schedule how much do you guys like kill the gloves something to hear you like every morning which is great sometimes I don't hear you for two weeks at a time yeah I guess just yet there's Arizona works your schedule varies you know while it either I'm too late or I'm way too early in no tickets until our problem in the bed and and and a biblical weight you've lost that. Point is more important. And he or she got a rash in my food and couldn't win a ration my boys are back now. I was reared. But I mentioned Doral if you do you remember the Bill O'Reilly meltdown that BJ referenced now. So many many years ago before Doral I became this obnoxious sob conservative television talk show host. He was off one of the TV host for inside edition can and he was trying to do some kind of a closing video piece to an episode Brazilians are recorded. But the the teleprompter wasn't working and bill is getting frustrated with his producer and I have the clip and it's freaking awesome. That's tomorrow and that is if for us today. The panel. Did whatever it is is not right on the teleprompter I don't know what that is I've never seen that. No there is we are gonna do is staying in OK but. This now I can't created until there's no words on it okay and he sure there's no words there to play us out. What does that mean to play us out. It's it stake is gonna do here's a video missing video I don't know what it needs to play us out what does that mean to end the show I am here Vijay right there there's no. All right gulp gulp again. 03. That's tomorrow and that is that. Yeah. 43. Putts tomorrow and that is if for us today and we will leave you with AE. Yeah I can't do it I would do it live yeah. Don't live at. The door I I did all I don't fly with the think socks so mad I am fine. Or veteran producer. Comprised that's tomorrow and that is if for us today I'm Bill O'Reilly thanks again for watching will leave you which staying and I cut off his new album take it away. It's. Yeah. Wild. And I love that. Well bear. There I just can't imagine. I mean I definitely have my bad days in a tight and I don't lose my temper but not tonight imagine. You know would you be like dude. You know creating a giant raging beast should you have fallen more that can you make light of it couldn't you couldn't deal with that oh at that back in the day or thousand different way. Or no great then she's yelling at some blue bell. I. I hike. They're there all right a lot yeah you heard that. What what what have you had been pushed yeah this I wasn't pushed know he's there is also on video I can win now. Yet you know that more than just that one time oh yet I was just the time they knew for sure got it recorded had a clean bit of it were able to elect wrote a might really cool it was remarkably into respectively here's someone's telling me you know Michael we got to a behave that way ahead only I don't know I just lack imagine actually go in were right away I told them not that trigger civil part you only get in my your prize earlier this yes please he's right here Somali GCC CF for me I just remember all the times that I've lost my mind so whatever I want you tell you my right now. In my recollection you have been awesome. 99% of the time what time you warrant was the episode glorious which policies part of what made that episode so glorious is that you just couldn't catch that drop on steep cat union and I think it's probably our most listened to episode I'm they're taught assistance food he's. And I played the hey. I played the last time I lost my mind because like relief. A has nothing was working in my room and like the computer died and Ellis stuff so my yelling in my room just dropping the F bomb during like the guy considered just clear what the Red Hot Chili Peppers to finish playing and I'm just like. Stewing in my own juices at this point in my there's nothing you can do on its technical stuff that slower yes things well yeah well yeah I still lost my mind and in the guys are laughing about it and now is his icon like back on the air knowing what what's the matter we don't know you're going most of check with the relatives that oh someone's mad it's the long term the last item I like because it to me all the time let's that I do that right back here what it's not it's not. Not at all glorious at all there but I play it back for my wife because she hadn't heard yet and she was dying who's laughing so hard on seeing their does legitimize itself like I'm yet. And happens is well she doesn't she married yeah yeah I made our old in turn handle current ones because she's changed. Schedule meeting in turn our path I've got really bad about it and did apologize profusely and crystal do you ever want to still would you talk with you do you usually endure it weighs she was calling key changeup just some schedules and stuff like acts we're gonna be going to a show what you want to go to with the earlier shows that like basically my whole plan and I had set out I don't like changes in my plans. Is through everything into chaos and so I'm just like yelling into my phone or like my the phones like a wait for me but I'm just yelling like just. Tests yelling in like the apartment. And that yet and later crime again we don't three and audio from that moment I'm an old. I can't do it I would do a lot. That's a wrap up who don't live for an golf. A little tour and trying to calm the whole lot he's a really nice guy and he had it when I lose my temper like what that's like yeah I've. You lost lost their temper was another TV guy have you heard this most someone would do. This is your one have you believe it's even better in the Bill O'Reilly will help me out are so Lawrence O'Donnell I don't know if you know him I don't watch on MSNBC. But apparently able lewd. The I really don't think he had some technical issues just last month and somebody put this out out imagine a coworker who finds him to be rather annoying decide you know what. I want the world a year. How annoying Lawrence O'Donnell is who's upset about some I guess some random audio feed rinse your piece you're hearing things. In his head sets that wasn't supposed to be heard. And he just snaps. Hammer out a way to say that's a that's a Porsche only what do you guys oh wait area. What's going on why am I losing us our lamps out our it's Barack someone's pressing buttons and turning my samba. Who was who's asking for a Labor Day rundown in my ear someone of that control room was out of control Esterline there's an insanity in the control room tonight. You have insanity in my ear piece. Every time we go to was soft as a woman talking in my ear about something that has nothing to do with what we're doing here. Sloppy play hammering stop my hammering out their who's got a hammer whereas if where's my hammer. Is that I'm gonna go up on the other floor somebody go up there and start hammering. Stop the I have Bahrain. In seeing her so bad right now right to do that it is that the bit ahead with the stop that I don't touch me but that's just beginning. He gets angry tired feet. I'll go down to the war myself for the sake of commercial break going call Phil Griffin I don't care who the you have to call stop by hammering him. And out of control Roman find out where this is going on at seated there are there or out there somewhere. The woman talking in my ear was talking about the Labor Day special. Repeatedly. It's controlled. Crazy sound coming in my ears open hammering. It just sucks it sucks to be out here with this out of control. It. Yeah the hammer. That weren't really U well yeah yeah right I. Family. Okay okay. It's. A family. Kuwata badly. You're like pornographic female Modi who sniff yet wrote this up and hit it probably senator Mitch yeah. It probably all right. I know what can Lauren kept separate. So it serves on the east. Mr. sounds a serious insects sat accountants that's the area and that the Beach Boys. There may not be as good as a myriad in my head in my head it's fantastic I gonna get out of Furyk and give me a minute. That's serious heroes did an excellent drug procreate I am gonna swing through your window shattering its newly needy since dressed as the patent and screams stopped and we haven't made it was a very. Of course a path. Good this isn't good stuff commutes and an excuse making this happen form opens is funny is I am a mobile breed. And Syria it seems like it would be funny. And you'd Jesus that's a. Stop the I have her name. Where hammer didn't. I didn't just because the girl on the cell which is like to. Seated there are there. Or out there somewhere. Stop. Let him Bahrain. I hate to break if you added touches turtles and it's tax hurdles having salads that the journal's. But I thought I. No other child yeah it was a Braun well I listen to men and watching nature in action buddy. I'm really upset thrilled that it's Hillis says on the air each turtle sex he's really upset and. Probably because it's annoying as hell his turnaround XX an issue. Didn't. Stop why I have learned. A. If you remove this moment let's missile crappy little faith. So I don't know. Think we should be much in the minutes couldn't download yeah. Dividend Procter and we settled close moment they were like oh yeah I would always holes on this baby. Given to throw out since the croc. Yeah well. It. America feel like it's like watching your dog group for some meat we should be who we should be looking at that in film. We've got a big. Yeah. There was this within your voicemails or for the class. Time we tried oh. Ability to redirect it has since. Now we're. Not really sure I really hate everything OK YAM yeah just over there we are aware of homeowners right now just. Very all right all right. If people don't. Don't think Shula the bullet and you can anyone in the city life that mom I don't know him well this is my idol moment NG new case. Some turtles are exhibitionist. You don't know. You don't learn to win stuff man have a look about you would make eye contact I'm pretty sure Michelangelo didn't public hell yeah. Okay well. I don't give jurors a mix master. Promise no turtle slopes. October jealousy haven't he'd like I've even year old son. Joseph and I'm happy anniversary was off some bad. Yeah because OK and we'll see you next yeah. OK okay. You can see each other like eternal I. All right. Studio 79 US players estimates those tickets stay positive. Sought I have Bahrain. Oh. Oh yeah. Yeah. He's. There's an amazing.