Migscast 10/03/17 "Glenn and Migs Join Stone Temple Pilots?"

Tuesday, October 3rd

This week on the show we start off with a musical tribute to Tom Petty.  We then get to try our hot dogs that Big Dog’s made for us!  Check them out at UHungryBro.com! We then chat with Eric and Dean from Stone Temple Pilots about the 25 year anniversary of their debut record, “Core”…oh, and they invite Glenn and Migs to join them on stage to play one song when they eventually come to town (not kidding).  We then talk poop with Thrill.

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This is also very young. Do. Yeah Indiana town and community in my middle loads around. Good job when she drew up grab everything Indiana boys on me and Lou. If she moved down here at the age of eighteen. The chorus okay small and they seen I was introducing new lows shouting commands Santa biggie okay. Even Berlin. All. Says do you have any champagne. My mom sounding here on them. Okay. Yeah. We have some real men and okay. It's menus I'm. I don't know who. We got me jobs oh never slowed down and have a global. That is strewn chatting going ten pounds had a mask stands Saturday. We'll all mountain Manilow OK it's good I'll then I'm not it's. I mean it changed sing me a song take me as they come here and you ask me at all. Non sounding GAO. Okay. Because now I've read many. Yeah. Museum guy just I don't know. Gimme my money. In my kids where she's standing you know. Still ahead we're again down from hotel room and not allow him big John Landis. Lone mountain its. ME losing golf is now Leno okay. In this. Along. Hamas. Okay. I'm really is okay newly minted. This guy is not okay. So what I can do. Yeah. You listen gentlemen. Right hey mister. Guess my name is being made really the reverend en Fuego BA yeah I'm going to add and actually not mother threw a better way. That paid tribute to Tom thank you good to play. The lives they live its version of Tom Petty Mary Janes last dance is one of my favorite moments on the mix cast ever. Forgotten how much fun it was and how cool that all that that was a golf hole. There's a whole bunch of us packing studio that game always keep this air was thick I can remember I think that we've. Kyle and GT on the charging he Phillips and Kyle court yet on guitar. And my god not the cajon and on the drums up from much of a factor. I'm right there yell and I know that was a match from van Epps singing singing and then I sang harmony you were playing the bell I think Tony was playing the whiskey bottle yet you wouldn't Herring we had like half of the Seattle music she creek and we year old drunk I think. Jack yeah sorry I don't I don't I don't I'm I was last year's live daylight they will be coming up next month off right on the we're not as October tapping in November's that's very exciting it's going to be on location so keep listening to the rock because they'll be ways for you to get to come. And watch and enjoy life day if you if you wanna watch to your radio and in very weird and unique way you wanna beat Arizona your hair. Club and said like from that first year this dream was always to do not only live day in and of itself put up on stage in front of a lot Sauerbrun yes that's cool and yet another chapter in his book is being real. As we had to run throughs in the main studios and our go for the full onstage Shia going to be a cost her path and I added I saw today's very saying hey I today we are going to be talking to Robert and dean DiLeo from Stone Temple Pilots and about forty minutes or so called gang Bob Wright what times are now your right yep right about forty minutes odd 25 patents can make us all Fulton 25 years ago. They're debut record corps came out and they've just restate put out a remastered version of it it has and hope we want a few minutes before we talked to him because they have so many different songs on this deluxe edition of core from demos to songs I signed never even heard before that it out I want you guys the result corps air material yes well that's why Saddam rule the entire unplugged performance on MTV on this this packaged deal on I think I need to get the ax Obama get own everything this man has ever put out on Stephen we're taught even talking -- now the talk show record the record it without Scott yup before they came down a great record it was cool and prepared to secure good example. This is a demo of sex type thing. I'm not screw with you guys actually aside this is a legit and called swing type version. Well okay. Here. Obama Woolfolk the like I'm glad number that is who I would leave the other birds are not as you've been an argument is one of the most powerful songs camera. Like my home not long after they did this for a fine line here and it didn't Cave Creek some fun yeah yeah. Put all your smokers. Jack yeah. You remind you there these bonus song on there and it is second album verbal jab those select inaudible head and go home. Both versions load the there was fanned eleven the sound like hey are you a series of visions militants. They're very gracious there glorious as well just. Okay okay. Wow. I also love you have for the on this. Deluxe edition you'll RBI had to use all performance fly that acoustic performance that really and welcome to the backstop. Tyra Banks up later I saw it on MTV music videos are on this live performances like full on dance performances it's. It's a must out of your social policy I'm really excited to talk to the Galliano though we've had a history with him in the past they've always been great to us totally. I'm looking forward that if we have time before we talked cinema one applies. Fog is a demo of a song that never even heard caught only dying we'll count and I thought I think you're gonna dig in Boca yet. Good on my mind. Hot dogs. It's easy Gonzales is it fair bit. Before we get to the DiLeo Brothers of course received the best for for mountain that's my man Jerry Dixon. Jerry aid AKA he was my wedding DJ. I was I was I may be JC dance you did that Barack yes and you may meet asks. I gotta feel laying. Tonight scum of the U kid this is my dads my two hands anyway I got police are trying to arrest me dance you're shaking your hips you're not moving your feet whatsoever by at least you've got back half of it down there kind of sort of Jerry and I go way back from. What any savage stays on the end gang I we've known each other forever you've set a survivor he was a part of a contest Osiris survivor drive you may remember that were put a bunch we've won an RV. See who can last longer almighty out how did you run out on. Yeah my. Lays it up up up up up yeah how Harlem. BMI of my wife at the time was a little happy about the hindsight do that without asking her. Fool that seems like something you really need. To run by people having this you're gonna be away from your family and so you get kicked off of the RV but I really do that 4900. Something dollars Aybar giving away that's how I can I. That is no doubt I. But really there have been friends for ever Jerry is now in the world food trucks and he's got big dogs. Which is just an awesome food truck that beat you might have seen all around immunity after the CR colors in Taiwan. About the big dog track Mo Williams is Seahawks colors yeah they they contacted me a little while ago and now we are some things out so we're still business and they're happy and so. We keep on trucking can you spell as you eat. You know a thousand you heard our contacted them assuming buying. Yes I well Austin city Borough. All of the legal department. Now wow kidding you don't daylight enough money they don't make sure you're not giving you there's usually people here are two ways one whether picking on little guy or two on the map now big yes I'm on the mountain got noticed my body got to cease and desist from the NHL for business that he was doing and he was very exciting because you get HL now knew who he was not like. I don't know that's the way you want to know but I do offer him a letter to the visitor hanging the food try I've got the emails I saw the email always mails back and I'm. Not a lot of people John Schneider Pete Carroll calling you no it was on their legal league had you mean you have to Alter. UVs the artwork on the truck did you would you have to change anything what I would have been brought. Crazy story I had a twelve on the track they own the rights to number twelve now not twelve man not twelfth whatever just the numbers are well twelve X yeah half. Now you don't like hey and am I gonna tattoo a twelve long mean. They could sue me if your profiting if you if you are a bit if if you use your body for business which is your own business that I backed up on by the why now this is your newborn to address the all grown up with just so we we actually the tickets wells off the truck we did change and a few names the hot dogs we had biblical to Carol. So who we now called the PV. Okay Brian sorry we have house and they said no and like he's great to hear anymore he's done it years how can you tell me cant have Wright asked the girls rock solid basically had to augment and then send it back to them for approval yeah yeah. Okay a wild. That they were all of the work with you at least you know ask for some like no but. There goes that idea what I got mixed but they Revere the other they're actually pretty cool about it first a little nervous too much crap it's a little guy verses you know the FLS yeah there and I felt could have you disappeared right. Pentagon veteran Matt Matt Matt I ask you Michael Vick I got Ahmed John exact driver and Ron Mexico I'm a Democrat ever. You got the truck now and it's been going great yeah we're we're just over three and half years old and right now we are the number one hunt on track in Washington saw. Just kill him. We 90015 we won best hard don't you miss the drunken evening magazine Basilan to Washington Titus two categories. We just won the Seattle a list for best food truck. We have another radio station Steve used to were cat and it was I talk Utrecht shell and 126 trucks. We took we we want to talk to Trent Jones we haven't talked with a date. That is are headed OK so all the data speeds everything up that means a lot of from the Seahawks and I don't really cool we like you want our taco truck challenge without having a talk on your menu it's pretty gangster we we know that we had a hot dog we called the deal wobble my handsome winner that day day and it went up up. Kabul don't fly ball hit yet brilliant and now. Have a lawyer a lot of people get the more fun and easier than saying I'm alcohol are absolutely and there was it'll a big dog at the top without topped an Intel appeals hot not a cheese sauce and crust to read and so it's almost like has always. This that's real good. I thought we did land that's all you do it's also it's how we do so I Huckabee go find guys on FaceBook my dog's face face but they don't fit Truckee can follow us on Twitter big on buzz. He dug by the use easy to use easy to we've got a website it's you hungry broad dot com this letter you hundred no doubt come into play up for re determined you mad broke ice nice to delay you keep that you are right get together. No doubt on the phrase are you hungry to made it really challenging to go to restaurants all around the right. They've kilometres gross new York and then you the way you know are you hungry later Kelley gives you the with a bit of night to the throat don't say that not say that gesture area now. And so and now for revenue and wants to enjoy your urine your dogs they can come to makes fast which is October 14 did you write outside a studio seven this is intricate mix things too that's right the only from the front of anyone else don't we tell them to (%expletive) off. All of us to give us through them I've got a friend I guess friend agency the NFL and you're right I can't incurred expressed I mean I'm what you guys on this fibers are Brodie can now you do rendition of Jerry was a race car driver Nabih Jerry was a food truck per hour absolutely not open. It. That's the average just throwing keys and show under the bus more than any thinking that white out idea way to recoup group and me I am I gonna play no no. A it's. Afterwards that I thought I might I'm my mouth is to be if you want to put it slips around no dog. Reader he was stars are your do I guess who divisive dog know enough to catch phrase on the inside the truck in twelve inch might let us as big as we know around guys and people he can do that Michael Baz yes you're going to need you yeah yeah I don't know how this I mean here we were before hot dog sir Isaac Gerry you've brought in good migs dog declined dog and the regular dude this Nancy aside and tortured. I'll ask him we should we cut about it's one of us gets to enjoy each other's dog as well yeah I think one numbered it's on you look rev do we makes you feel first. BL a tell all references to numbered dog we hear Jerry tells a little about the makes dogs are it's the big dog is a big dog which is a quarter pound of a 100% beef we only do beef because we also similar traits is beast mode it's. Hop yeah I know Tony is we got pitchers of marshall's mom at the truck and she sent him a picture of the track he did have an issue with it. Well what are both. What is. I just love your pun game it is so strong though I have he's amazing he knows you don't attract it has nothing but we there's an eight year old around I mean we've heard every winner jokers in the world but. Why not have some fun with the Derek so the migs dog it's it's a big god this topic with god diced red onions on pineapple chunks and teriyaki glaze. Now I notice you also brought in some odd candied relished Eric candy got Helena Helena Russell we're the only people that it was crowd that has a hot Madonna throws Red -- held senior relished the Israel have a slice I have a L get a -- can have it. A slice a junk a piece of meat. Nine us is Tyrell podcast ever is gonna eat yet too bad on this part of our our only. No one time garrison and the gruesome double kick too but this week he would it is just money amendments are just goes legs grace Steve's first Biggs is trying to be migs pulled. Always eyes are closed. He's having a moment I'll just rolled in the back of his head or is there goes through burqa on right now is there's a critical to make out his expression is this like to shopping with the women earlier years on not only looks really happy man who looks completely accurately that's good if you like more this isn't it doesn't or this week not Spacey that we were done -- Pena as. Right now and you know you see you send me some ideas alike it's got to have a little kick to it. No serious is clearly the worst thing I've ever written media and only the worst I mean I'm having a for a moment to myself right now he's more climate demeanor change we are all that his body language changed. It's like he's an individual sport hello girl yeah yeah it's really easy after it. Menus and a good place usually a prisoner of already murdering garage I under you love. Our readers so Revlon I'll go forward Matt do you go first no no for a man I'm dog gets a whole new level it's they are always don't know Aso Villa bigs are still the media are trying aren't. I did Jerry you're right this is incredible and no teriyaki on it is. Awesome it's everything I hoped for. I'm having a moment. So many people can look toward treadmill like models seat assembly of god we just log on solutions it is we usually we do not want to do one thing we do it right no. And Ahram don't for a man. Another during the winter and so there's really two issues. But I really wouldn't mostly in patrimony there's been that no no catch it's a gateway economy you don't want that knowledge throughout their. That number is exactly super low pineapple tasty to pile up one misses happen incident because it's fresh pineapples that I can't. This is happening and this is really it's a really good news I did loving him a leaner on my job I can taste in my mouth tightened much you love your reader I. I'm not a Liam and I'm very pleased. Number are there this is incredible the Newton. And the candy I'll bring your prowess is insane it's got guys who can give in doesn't it yeah. So we do and I've glanced dog Max I guess yes would I am I odd percent approve of my dog might react. Pop I I think this this is exactly what we need it makes fats are not changing event visit perfection man and and good call. That the reason you're gonna go karma I don't you do you think you know what we should try topped. Red onions because he'll you know he let us citizen that to an end so much better idea. Brilliant idea so now now we're working on on the glanced off the Glen dog it's a big dot top the cream cheese crumbled bacon. Pickle relish how Latinos excited for this chopped onions answering banana peppers okay the now there's a lot going on with this death rather it well look the particle awful part some give you the middle child which is pretty big record yeah both gaffe I'm fine with this kind of didn't give big winners at. This is an outburst I hadn't eaten at the other end I was cutting off the end it was from turn that banana supper on their forever and partly I think one you should start off first because your dogs your reader if that is fresh they can get some degree in a natural bacon that's that. That's a lose this an amendment of the says everything freshly made like as far as like you said the pineapples and me can I mean this is an likes of these program restored like no no no we've that's that's that's why you don't mess we did your dog or causes an unhappy dance Melissa he's dead he's dance Jesse bounced up and down old kid who didn't. Yes it's pretty incredible yeah I didn't know we knew the players show really is sort of an incredible that we just hang out and eat Weiner is outside of studio salad is gonna say what I had to everyone that because there are a lot of government had done that before or I didn't like at all except for their people that were not excited about my the they can sign on to say is you are similar. Red is trying it now I'm pumped to try your weird because I love cream cheese on a Wiener. Oh yeah so I don't know I don't envision these dogs let's say a few ice cold beverages man that is so good my door or any other. You know new legal things there and in Washington didn't. Lose. We did we did a day rave of the bond to park Monday tears back and all those money. We did not really can't minded to do like ten minutes to figure out the menu because he resigned Susan good place that day but to go on by the dog in my bag governor every -- line again. Yeah I think I'm determined I'm more than one dog I mean vast I'm definitely been an incredible. There's really own lyrics aren't a good job of helping us here are you you know it's like so there's an old rule I wouldn't change a damn thing that is incredible. That is that was so good off as you hungry or grow with the lure you online and wanna. Be hard now on our big one passionately and I. Oh we got amend them well I remember what you think of it. This is amazing like the utter money. Yes there was one point where I just I didn't have any meat in my mouth off. Air like I just had all the confidence in the toppings on it it's fantastic I was just as good and don't always need more mean there's like grabbed another bite of it to add into it and are. It's really use the it is really used my. Margaret and perfect amount screams you don't go with all of Pino in the banana pepper to you get a little heat but it's not overbearing we ought not. I'm just get those nice flavors meant its Unix as the wind arms that I could pick back yeah I had problems before we started. Jerry was talking smack about mine oh. Look what can they more regular dog and wasn't just like smack it was more of trend seeking inning guy you down but did go to broke just about yes. Yeah I was really taken wood shed about discipline run by the slate you can yeah I think we can raise it up a little bit so so the red dog. Has thousand island dressing and sauerkraut right. Now they're Rubin frog that for readers know Sears craft discrepancy I'm not oppose adding some Swiss cheese is that who. It's. So I thought I'd mess there a trying to get the perfect Rubin and that's a great things because we use a 100% below. You do that how you cursor with the party stopped swearing. To curse. Did you drop my dog. Here are you drop my weird man he's serious he's handling your Wiener guy is. We Rory. Are you sure I think foul on the floor and my dad to some of the senate new interest Eaton. The government and a passive. Passel linked to Glenn now will rev have you had any of your I have not yet so pick one of those and then bring about overtime and I took a thousand island. Sauerkraut. You think about doors and she's on this thing I think you need some Swiss cheese. I you might be right and so I'd he's just not yet but I'm out of Moses received yet I didn't even come up like Eddie you think about having cheese because I don't. Normally assumed debt habit cheese. We're not out we'll still. Think without doubt so maybe we're just used to the basics you know ketchup mustard things like that. We took we took cub doesn't depend only level one of warlords that we have called the Wilson that's actually the most the best top dollar in the evening magazine. It is it's it's sweet baby ray's cheddar cheese sauce crumbled bacon and French fried onions note can people really casserole yeah yeah that's what we do on that. We have another one called the sea dog NCA DOG Woodson giving trouble to anybody that's. I'm shocked it's not it's a roasted garlic and chili hot elite then. With crumbled bacon helping us on it. And people like we've never had this before and never thought this before in my own wears guys are close who's. Inching ever think we're gonna hunt. Arrow like the thousand island dressing on a hot dog I gap that was the one thing as you say with his men's downhill lies and island Melissa and I was either gonna really suck or is gonna be free good yeah. And I was just like as I was sitting there with my mouth closed so is trying to imagine what it would be like with Swiss cheese I think this was to be happen and it's only gonna make it better than what I really like this I I am on sold on this but with the Swiss cheese I think all went over the solace yadier mobile make only condemn them that not race. Loved it and put the Swiss cheese underneath the dogs who want to goes in the bond assertion warm opening car at all little. Exactly. You're amazing this is incredible do Jerry. It's awesome to let the most popular dog of awful the Wilson's gap we also we also have one called the blitz which is barbecue sauce cheese sauce. Toppings and put crushed potato chips on it. Because when your kids interviewed prostitutes it's new sandwich on I think yeah exactly and also when your starter people still put your senators on as a little kid my favorite. Was you'd be toast the bread and some peanut butter and that would put cheese popcorn on math but there. That little sandwiches and ourselves terrible what I thought it was awesome as it did an okay yeah well look no. There was happen and man yeah. Yeah you gotta just you throw caution women go for it if it doesn't regular or pretty solution to WW I'm thinking I'm picking pickle relish and pickled volcano. Just as like kept a candy helping us sorry to say as candy right now. I guess it got its African military that we used to go on the match I was I was much and would never like a year and a half ago and they're putting these. Pickle relish these candy Filipinos on these burgers back in Georgia liquid second. You heard them around here in the responsibly and yeah it's like the next missing since confused because we've got uncle super fan this cream cheese in the candy Philippine relished or. Oh and you put them on full of money because they called me this from the cream cheese with that heat from the I can to help heroes. I have to say I'm not being biased because it's my got my fear was the makes dog. You know why it. I'm gonna have to disagree with you know I'm not going with minor thing glands was glad they're brave it yet go. I hate like discounting my older hurting your own conduct this can't go it's a contest ruinous laser way to find out by the end tonight whose dogs sold the best absolutely key turn up yes because I remember your what we're doing to do whoever wins but some of the winners coming. Maybe get like free lunch from the other two guys and for some might not only were right only to that. I don't agree though that person's few bock indirect shot contract. He's easy PC that can be dangerous precedent needs did she glanced exists the stuff on illegally Glenz kitchen sink yourself like that there isn't everything because I don't wanna say and I own media guide me I did enjoy much to hold your breath just know I look at. You sure but I. Steve euros was delicious John apple was a pleasant surprise read the thousand island was applause why I need to try it with the Swiss. To confirm so keep your back here by 1 PM I. I I don't hear announcers are great and I've been struck down there right now I've got to tell working right now. Always worked in Idaho so people if they want to reach out to you they can have your bureau through truck come to their establishments or whatever may be I give Evan a big events or some don't that figures reach out to. We cater to we we we know it's it's crazy we're. We just looked up we're going to be even for Alaska Air coming up on the sixteenth we've we do we do PTA advanced scene of the schools to give one or two truck we got one but we're about ready to go for a second like that does we over Brenton inside assembly assembly go big or go home and we. It's been not spy kids now they it was a crazy idea. About a small trailer and her by a liquor store and salt and three have fears I remember I'm baseball watching your journey through now I know you're crazy guys so tonight yeah I have I'm not get a lot underdog crazy dude yeah. Yeah. I don't care if it's crazy it's crazy good now but I yet the key thing the kid has been off the chart this year because women would dance off with. Trustees' millions make pancakes you know impacted this the CEO. He he hired us for his event on his place in humans we can live Alec a small business you guys are great dogs we. It's just been well in the quality of the dog itself is also what I mean like like I said you can enjoy that without anything in its good its it's a good. Quality Wiener in my mouth. I don't. Did you read I I don't I don't even know they're the NFL trademark does he can't tell the word we hear that enabled the word mouth that Garrett I don't the browns on that yeah because I mean I can really get down an immediate end game day. There's other vendors everywhere now we don't can have the same exact same the same thing. We don't yet have stuff completely different. Now I think you don't then named American so territorial truck you know nobody wants a big truck looking like gates. Local sports professional football team so attracts you know yeah. But a man for him and if anybody else and those who they had to give him. We don't for life free dog so I thought our free makes dogs right children like adding we do eliminating food vendor you know like we need to disappear and those that aren't yet elegant collide Nevada's her allure is negotiable. And that. That's antennae problem can be solved for the right price right. Tutored bitten thank you yeah seriously I don't do awesome way to start darted posted an above picture up on my FaceBook page of the Glen dog. I saw you figure out what kind ma'am I had the feature my dog anyone loaded up. I'll tell our governor Miller Light and pitchers of all three I'll post them on these onstage well there and I calling me and I take all you guys at least some a reality check that absolutely and again people reach out to Jerry eyes they're wide view hungry bro are not the bottom are website you are we wrote dot com with a letter you give and then just look up big dogs big dogs who tricked him is us on on on not FaceBook and then being. Big dog bugs they have been done Muslim. Two on Twitter and and on this damn it's also big dunks contract awesome. An aide to do LS shameless ploy by the I mean there evening Macy's vessel western Washington going on right now. Where in two categories and hot dog and food truck I don't want to try carry no we have the best sutra but I want hot dog. So you guys wanna go if he goaded by king king five's. Best of Neil look under each day find hot dog please click on big dogs will should and makes guest page out of bread you remember if I remember one of us please. Do it arm but I do I feel you'll have a better shock to them it has been all they get it I NN I birthday messages. Like tonight a night like tonight followed by yellow wall up put up on army's guess fan page of if all the people listen to him he's guess if we can you rally and make that happen he's made it happen for us and made us the best. Podcast in western Washington the past we could easily make you the best hot dog in western Washington thank you. We owe it to you yeah. There's guys seriously man this is like. Lot of cool things you've got to do because this podcast and this is right up there with that I have hot dogs are readers named after the three of us. It's pretty freaking cool and I can't wait for me expressed an October 14 where now he's going to be great music on the outside but while the band's set. Not in between sets we run outside and buy yourself a big dog and dobbs by the big dog because they need to went. No he via my dog because you love Rubens anyone meet it went well you're buying my dog because it just happens to be the best thing. I wish I got argument about it in a happy man game I know I can't get myself my god that's what I know I don't really I really enjoyed your little I'll put down I liked all three of glided to let you. I'll I'll be happy with anyone winning but of course will be happy as if I went through it's my shield. It's called big fast and it's his birthday guys. Just to slotted for middle the brickyard all the evidence you were the most watched mine will sell one and it's me. Back the awesome but not that. How old well okay maybe I'll Mayer one of viewers instead of buying one of my own Imad by yours like 2 in the morning shoot it well here's the thing when you vote you never vote for yourself if your candidate and this is food you and congenial. Yeah I hope I voting like that's going to be my old dog OK fine yeah sorry guys on -- leading money when your leaders are delicious but I'm going with my Wiener on sat on is that Saturday night. Senator Ortiz or since October 14 but he's got a food high going off and do your attacks a day off. Those things so freaking goes just has so delicious if you see the food is the big dog fruit truck anywhere. Stop what you do and go get a dog get the Wilson get the sea dogs. I get whenever one they've got. And and I mean we get Scott to enjoy and it was incredible data thank goodness thank you so much yeah all right Bob about your before we get to the conversation with the DiLeo Brothers why don't we play that Sino us talking about Scott only dying. Wanna get your opinion on Donald here's a Susan Goodell will we talked them we can talk about that song so let's check it out here on the makes cast. Books are a bigger hit rock bottom yet nor is so don't know very often maybe society and dramatic beginning to disarm. And I. Endemic cited him for you on the nervous and you're just as much of as to keep solemn big fans media and decorum. I mean that's a really follow it is bad absolutely. And Savannah morning another hot dog you my. Yeah music. I think it's. Wireless voice sounds so different. That's got a lot of magic. I always felt like he's such an. Underrated pitchers in the world of rock if you're a fan of his players got to know who this guy is now one Susan well. Moderate pressure from I think from rhythm section Superfund OK okay look I thought could agree more mellow you believe in them crashes down there. Fred and rob order fantastic. Baseline so. Well thought out so long they. Yeah I didn't help the the YV basketball. You guys also brought the video guys we love that. Among city was little you get a lot of little right. A lot of plumber and he's flying his skin to. Cooley here right. Just what was. Early on its side of don't have Ohio I think beard he's got this song which I've never heard before it's cool music I didn't like it. Now world of what they were ones doing. Yes it is hard tone in his voice whose impressions along the intelligence corps air yup you know. A lot of downforce stuff was very heavily chorus. Jack has like I grew up ya. We intend. This fellow that we did well I didn't. Did a song I mean they have demos first. All the songs are on hard courts on this extended super deluxe version of course the 25 anniversary at your hands on that hit. And yeah I did mrs. This is definitely a collector's item I know they're. I know it's on vinyl is also behind and then tell me if I don't get random. I don't be ever settle on new Hussein and they made an announcement no. All I've read a few things where visions. And it sounds like they found themselves and B singer. No. Plus our glorious demo with a garden might be fun to listen to itself on its other they found somebody. But they haven't announced who it is because I think they've had they've. Political found multiple people in the last couple of years in the full thing or yet could submit demos and profiles and Alia we also attic get anything actually I did. Did you really FE all their good re a moment we do the podcast joke out of this you really are we out we all we all energy. Yeah mine was a very yet. I don't know from pine was either man I'm that you guys did that airline not. Should we should calm out when they call you and I don't even mention it I mean you take dude why don't you go back I don't even brought it meant I would crawl as the sun whole channel I sell them do that I also love this are we just get really awkwardly fasten your mood do you Koehler would first thing. I like your call one back yeah addition freely online that those were some kind of a sham you guys they're great for our listeners not for the believe over an estimated out. I got do you have I wonder how many people that we know. All there're couple are a couple local seniors are what did I saw you do the best TP thing and then you know so I know a lot of cats locally did in the headsets set up where they basically had instrumental. In the oh man not god I just. Bang them out quick and dirty and through amend their much fear do you like the character of my voice or your not Brett like our myself I got to her son heard a few the other ones are there really if you can talk cats obviously was spent a lot of time trying to produce an excellent demo I just it was bone dry kind of sank yeah but on the one thing that eight he was dosing man should just grab an acoustic guitar and done a couple songs that what. Because there's nothing was saying you you have it and what they supplied. Series giving that to people said they have something. Yeah in does this thing a man should just you know done a couple twos when your voice and Guitar Hero. And ram yeah you know what I mean by other else it was a fun thing to go to get those stems. I did triple all the paper heart I did. There's clos own. Connecticut to one and one other one I can remember which I did. I am soon. And mr. home paper. The but. See as you can hear is yeah but that's just and they're probably called today to tell you Hugh got the job itself out of time. People don't know resume I kind of wish we audition to play for them on TV news and all stands just down the raw tracks Tbilisi across I thought that was cool to it was a neat thing to get to be able to this guy's a huge fan of the band that's. Absolutely so yeah I am an and we all we're all on it over aren't restrict how commute pick any of us yet another oh you got does that show aren't we gotta go now yet all of I. We've got a lot. Oh I returns until Chrebet broke my toe I got to hang up the phone to proclaim it a one of the things that I'm most excited about on this three issues I was a big fan of MTV unplugged and there's a few that were on my all time favorite sound approach and one will forever be my number one favorite MTV unplugged. Then he got Nirvana. You've got Alice in Chains. Oddly enough while The Black Crowes is another great one. LL cool jays will forever be up there as well because that's when he did mama said knock you out acoustic style and it was for Kim amazing. But then stones have a pilot's unplugged was also one of those ones you like normal. And it's called like actual week Mike Qualls high quality version and as opposed when they take just for the VHS is right out of an ironic cassette trying to get this we are. It's. Our whole time we take the RCA outs a year now VHS nukes or quarter included in your taped yes. Yeah like I have totally out pro Jim do an animal and then rock of drool Neil Young yeah I that didn't have a senior crowds there you go my way. Yeah I haven't onset because I pulled that awful Monday of each Daniels says Blair didn't think they'd be a greater agrees kids today have no idea right now walk off saw everything fell one including on this is this giant position no idea how good they have it or bad they have that I don't know but I hears us sex type thing. It's little he's it's always. Well they do swing version yeah. Now Mickelson. I forgot. Is who's wasn't Scott's Internet giant rocking chair. Because you're going hey no one to do something different everyone does the forceful things I think it was someone like you. What's the story that rocking chair to use that military use whatever you want. It's later upset so he did the whole show sitting in Iraq feature sets and it was really cool man yeah I remember though when I was younger now looking back on it I think this. School forever being bombed. Kids that I wanted to their rock out even on the whose guitars I ask yourself last year I was the guy when I saw this I was like oh he's one of those things a guitar player like how these twins link back. Yeah and I always do so as a friend that's really really cool I thought it was so courses you need to know that many home. They had already developing this version before before we even released. Right so they probably would happen and let's just do the swing personality pool that gets really interesting you bring that up yeah how often are you gonna get a chance to do dad now. And obviously they already had developed that way they'll exhaust this hour yet so a couple years later the album took off and so that if you unplug. So again you know we can pull over sweet Little League cool though. There are schools and Jessica cracker and who. I covered recommend for years. Sticker shock that's bongos and I missed this. How do. The wind chimes. Obviously you don't back they would have pain still. Playing like four fight night. But in the market news reports tonight covers. I guess aim for like four hours straight but we did plush we did six I think we could cracker man. All. We did. CN for a while you're really enjoy plants and com and of course second record drop so he's had to do interstate love song and I studio setting a record these remote file. I mean I follow me and I didn't play much loved program doesn't even by its owners are very. I think I was doing lounge Y in my success nice that's good when like again interlude dance he was the woman's huge army it is killer. I know our most killer yet know how Obama I actually ran out fifty. Yeah I had a car that that I saw it it was started to place the lower because I've waited so often. When tiny music dropped common to ruin what the hell I'd love Barack duty yet don't dean was obviously going through this massive single coil phase like the whole lost Paul throughout speaking German beach tees. Thought on why all know I can geek Al Ballard got out of you they'll withhold our lives I don't know I'm not time for those who thought I'm not. He went existence single core phase and then that had a lot to do with the the the way to albums sell off. Found no felt and sounded you know I love disarm or two yeah yeah but what was this there is a ballot on time music adhesive that hasn't muted trumpet so trumpet solo yet. You know a lot of people didn't get into that record showdown that sounds weird it's it's like every challenging really cool I I could because it was there I thought it was killer and then of course a number four they're like okay you with the big media guitar thing here off. So number four drop doesn't do the Dow was off the earlier Madonna look forward down right. Com and yeah and. Yeah that's a good record was killed and then I honestly. Should angrily doll was another one that a lot of people I think commercially. Didn't get behind it to be sure reloaded on the record it's one of the best records I absolutely love that and that that that somehow figures there's a big guess TP felling I am a huge fan I don't like as an analogous and even bought the talk show me that would have been 96. Or 72 sizzling and early about our army of anyone. All regardless of Richard Patrick I don't have that. Please don't have so that was the one they've stayed away from what I think EU director Patrick I didn't know don't all mushy huge fan of filters wall lawn boy. I think it man I gotta do period it like a phase in my life for a sort of blossom assuming it was really really excited about I kind of stopped buying music. On because there wasn't much Al that I thought was worth a crap so I'd be buying of the 2000. Yeah I've yeah I'd I'd I'd be like dude and I found a soul bill no we don't win would disk from you know armed violent gold traffic albums and stuff like that I. I wasn't everything you know felt it was new I just didn't connect with at all likes artists like corned arsenic the new middle phase here. And you know we're only good one voter vault where when their first record drop I would speak to static yeah as an STP fan Ambon meaning they were going to be I just I just didn't pick up the army rely on record. Com and I'm probably love it but it. Know it's funny I mean this whole conversation and others take nearly three minutes later admitted it when I don't call I'm gonna call I've drawn this is gonna forget hi all I I I I someone middle of the researcher like I'm now one of the guys on the show watch all the already I ask all positioned to be your singer are you sure you wanna call these unity they mark you. Spots. What's your favorite song off of core. Oh man probably see in. Policy probably since the gap. Mean the record of the weather river goes through you know I'll butterfly leg. I think since mommy the one. I got always lean toward side they're bloated piece of pie is another one it yes. Rips that song yeah I know my. My hair right now almost drove over to send fifth biggest positive help that. We back way back in the long long ago when the incumbent us. And that now when I was good enough force to profit from Willie Andrews from ten miles wide. You can Phillips well. And although the somewhere else should be. It was some of my original acoustic stuff a lot of coverage just eat up Tanya and Willie Andrews the woman's like we have. Covered sand around for a while I home while I knew the songs top the ball on my thoughts were going to be. And outlaws and a 1000% call but if we could pull off from the weighted. Hell it's great it's really up not doing that there was world will look for guys that did cinema Afghanistan with about my hands he's like. We should include that in the course of profits so the song for me I always gets me. New Delhi is on that remind your mother love bone of all things and it's. Make it Sunday. Every subgroup one answer. Hello well here we go all us guys up applause I Steve. Think you guys doing this on our premier. In Connecticut and now I ever beat you from the stone temple parents are some all right a minute touches the boredom ready built a good. You have seven minutes Altec. And I put the. Hey what's going on dean Robert Dowdy guys back I think it's I think it's actually Eric always generic elegiac outright. Both duke down even more Ron does a drummer I we're just talk about Mike men arrogant and off the emergence do you get out on you guys yeah happens quite a pro wrestling he'll let alone love reduce or really come to talk to you guys. Well thank you. I did congratulations on this reissue I I we're just trying it's a did the twentieth anniversary of core and it's I mean there's super deluxe version of I'm highly recommending anyone. That's offenders don't have a much you have to get because we were just listening to a song and I never heard before called only dying. Man it's Obama that you guys are putting stuff on here that as even as don't civil Haas fans were like whoa this is something different that he would have even heard before. Yet yet the devil portion of the OCD that's demos and besides Stewart and that was. Really exciting for us troops to finally release Galilee we. Some homes. We haven't heard from 25 years but especially some video demo versions of creep. And might make its Sunday in a few of them we just haven't really listened to him but. It's just really nice ability to release lineup I'm the complete package access. I did says it's in Sammy you've got five season including the dvd and not I was also makes into the guys as I grew up at a K I'm 42. Grew up in the MTV world where you know whenever any band did MTV unplugged I would record on VHS and then trying to figure out a way to put it on to a cassette take a listen to it on the bus to go to school. And if you're unplugged was always high rotation you know that is awful his senate because of how I added Dada a somehow I found I am a good quality version available plug I'm so pumped man. Yet guerrillas know they're really great time record that that was right at the end we retort about a year year and a half. So it on this record and I was gonna. Right at the end there are met last week in New York. You know the sex type thing did you know we actually shot a deal broken down Lanier factory over there. I. And what are hero. Mr. Josh task directed at video. Now kid I never would have known that was done here man that's cancer killer PC history right dawn and. Yeah yeah international music going on they're not going to this day at. I have a choice turn river we are outside the hotel I don't remember that was tell him that sort of downtown. Member of are we you're out front of the hotel and we wish the Atlantic records represented her name is Lynn who were out there and remember this. Why each. Not black not avail and just we we did we that we usually big traveler and simple plans to an event. But Atlantic for some reason thought they'd be fancy and get us 818. Stretch limousine. All you never see you guys the tobacco related. Danielle toward John McClain and sit up front. I can but that was. So there was there was sort of releasing chart aliens. Produced in advance the ambulance and. Blue cheese loan write a tell fresh union like god now I gotta kind of embarrassing us. But that would have been as you might create problems but I think the. Yeah I I don't wanna be that guy but I had since have gotten. Since a guy you. And my understanding is that it was the old school the big kind of blackest Ghraib bosque chorus ensemble we'll see you I think it was a CS once he was that. Is that the magic chorus men can answer. Since then it is and I use that. I use says that that pedal is not appear anywhere on that record what I what I do use it on this might alliance. Rick and I don't use it as a course I basically use the Kremlin section of it. And I crank it up little high to emulate a less slick. Oh no kidding is that what you hear like say intro was at army units starts out as of that that a factor did you though the real Leslie in the studio. No it that that in fact. Hello I never really use it's just like I use it. Mainly lives and I use it might have bridges look like piece of pyre like in the solo tumble in the rough forever I did use a less sleep I kind of use that access supple a couple of sections and like still remains wherever. We're right to use the Leslie in the studio reddish and emulate. That's so straight and thanks for you know mom I can really geek out with two minutes. It's good sometimes you know determined to check it out and buy it check out the fact that he's talking about your course Jones on court really really great act last week preset Dallas Brendan O'Brien and producer who went. Through the multi track. To a five of these songs. And that's held a lot of dirt do really retarded to detract guitarist with the drums right live in the studio that's. And I know it's really just sometimes that course is awfully strong leg course catch on their put out Howard dean's track can you live. Why are there it's sounds fantastic it's there's I've never heard anything quite like it on a record it's so deep it's such a really deep squishy three dimensional tone and that record sounds fantastic. And you know mom I got you know big hit you because it's really cool to talk. I guess is it makes you come to town does that mean that there is our hopes and plans of hitting the road again and and are really get some and some live performances from don't have a pilot's against. Indeed cool so that I I'm sure you still under wraps that would imagine that means you guys have found your guide to sing with the band. We're pretty pleased right now. You know. Philosophically effect psychologically and the. Saw some good men. There it is there's obviously mean there's. Generation upon generation of fans out there that just wanna see you guys you know doing what you do. So I can't tell a man as as a fan it's it's great to know the guys that can continue forward I know it's. It's had given an impossibly hard road I just have a law alone respect you guys and I know my alone so it's great to know that thank you and really keep you up for oh it from the bottle my heart man you guys are very important and ma'am no matter what it's just a task of the unitarian forward Curtis were all out here just waiting to use anything you guys. British second dog gone and I we have a band together we just started up together and what keeps me the most is there's moments from a man this is feels like core Aristotle double I guess I'm. Hey I got I mean yeah I mean imitation business is its best form of flattery so little don't suck otherwise this person or fire at most one of those things you know I think. This cascade I'm being you know I'm on a page fanatic but then turn that leads me you know right to use dean some your choices of chord voicing a lot of your tones. Com and our guys love the way you come all the drums and I don't always been a great inspiration to me. I am especially our young guys are you ready to turn throws us yeah. Right season. You've got the New Orleans since. It's. Braves I don't let's say we should Hillary I got some things and you can pick me up Vanessa and I we. You're right out what is when we come to town. You guys kick out of salt. And you come up from class this is. Our men and warm and also while that would be fantastic you'd. And security won't take it's gotten. The songs and Erica stepped down it's you know. You guys can knock it out no error Eric had the fortune with wait a moment that 9293. That was an early 93 we didn't show in New York. We did you show that the rose Roseland Ballroom in new York and I just helmet and expect a week prior to that leg man I would just die to see what we look like and sound like. Because according to replenish 67 actually and the idea Josh trees within down and say he would subside occasion like Josh. He played songs I just gotta see it shares are gesture extremely deep bend that's six I think. I run through rational Robin Wright the odds are good and brought out all the Atlantic records is there they're all excited just to look at their cases that run violence is not enough for at. That's correct this week I write this down toward had to stand there and just wash it was like holy crap and she really good. I have I have I don't know match. You'd Appalachia like army and my kicks on Julie we'll be usually you fix that broke left. It always annually just very hands on some oh my god so you guys have to now. Let allow me to go do that I'll tell you you're gonna. You're gonna grab it guitars drums that I need to run up front how do I go far outlive you. He'd be on the longer man do now you have no idea how video yeah I got and I wonder BMI populace to lead things of the like Beckett ever happened the last 100 cent if I can happen episodes some insane. Yeah that'd be fantastic man. What did I know now we're making you late for your other news I'm really sorry about that but I just don't let. Oh and we almost went out of contact Google do that I didn't really good on the around the world where little album by album like if you did you plug directly at the board took a little guitar solo. Yeah. It didn't look when we get up there man please you guys combine and one hang out old rules you know look this you know just get wacky would guitars. And yes complaint you have sort of pick a song. Rehearsed it and you guys. That's fantastic and and thank that's great man thank you wow and thank congratulations again on the 25 anniversary of core I mean I say this is a must have for any Stone Temple Pilots and I am thank you for putting it out I'm vinyl as well. That that makes me very happy. All right. Yep final great unit. It's forces you to sit down just pay attention to the record and sometimes you don't do that when we haven't on our phone normally have it on a CD player just got it becomes background noise and what I. Know what you guys bigger deal when your guys are open up the album and clean up the seats. How yeah. You're. A yeah but yeah. It look easy on this. Think you'll replace the academy city for a reason are there really it's it's funny I'm going to my first ever vinyl mastering session tonight. Among alligator acetate cut I've never and you know have my produce like he got to be there and I heads it's cool man bring you world you know. Grave site. But can we ever evidently just ask you yeah no worries thank you guys so much and I wasn't going to get to Seattle seems that we can make all that's happened. I got great yes great. Take care Syria. Why I me what it's bad. You guys that's definitely. Invited to play with a double file I think bruiser Brody better start practicing and yeah I do I don't get open for them she didn't think it. Yeah it. You just that we needed more than seven minutes Holland we don't. Even. About ten minutes I only when I stand all day reliant whatever. That just happened it just happened what the half. I look I thought there were not say how come to town. Pardon thinking. Let's all meet up with you listen to your music or hike is like to have some conversation ice or something you ask like let's get together and give us your CDs or we can hear what you guys sound like to thank you a genuinely believe that there's. There's maybe we will play a little of that bruiser Brody song to succumbing give people an idea what I mean I'm not like I was Oklahoma it's it's STP askew is find your way home right yeah right there's it's very ST PS and that's what gets me I remember right we were debating on whether or not to keep this certain backing vocal at our local partners Travis came up with you and how they keep we keep we keep we keep it reminds responsible pilot but that's how I'm gonna do a bit. But dude. And I'd also that we are yellow on the middle part was you. World no real ability. It's a lot now and you know oh. Of all time friend and I always telling me jump in come in anytime you want to open door that one time it takes is up on it. We're in the middle and and your social costs you hear it they're just look at out of me maybe a few minutes we'll run down the Afghani an autograph. I zubaydah Al. Our latest song no I'm talking about who's been again this is a mastered bruiser Brody all right by the whole thing but I think we've got a lot of texts and emails from listeners that they're excited. Yes yeah. And that means the world we are too many networks and actually today it's getting mastered yeah that's real god today why Joseph Biden maybe tonight so are all do you go it's your secrets tonight on the window pain vinyl mastering session at this yeah. So the bruiser Brody records really mastered in our finals being master tonight we used to play in it but don't don't pilots and what song are we do. I'm one that we can not coming from. I can't. Or lose the. I'm down and one that we can not gotten a laughing. You got ahead on all dumped out all but a lot of pressure it's something that you and I can go to anymore and wound didn't blow because that's got a really good drums and it's wrong. Yeah. No I don't want to speak I didn't just. I I do think we should think about something I'm on court because it can beat us with basically credits and done. I'm a student Robert it would Robert and a new singer Chris is going to be all right sore lower in the new singer Milan is. Unless that's Gary let's pick something that we can just destroyed yet wolf spent some guy to be really basic on the drums on the like it. In my own head my favorite thing right now he's just looking at the little kid looks on your guys is based right now Torre's steady at a slow look at each other and I'll like to ask you didn't you say that recourse do you look at if you like discuss the trainer what are from Chris is bad last year well I'll still sitting here Nolan. No. Well I'll believe it would happen this is four months. Early how to win as in rikers I mean I knew but the thing is. We had their management company we know them I mean these guys on Twitter looking like hey remember us in that interview you say we can bomb I have no shame. And being like I don't back if you all right listening to the makes guest feel free to treat those guys say that is so cool that you're offering a. You have the power mantras you are successful morning man all the rocks she powerful security letters my general view was at W to promote your next event and don't forget what you promised me and yelled come pick us up I. Watched her that everybody. You ought to sing let us or Arnold does admit is that terrorists now. Yeah are you have to. I'm gonna go get a three up because before that I go prove the do you wanna listen to love it yeah yeah yeah you approved daddy be the hot dog is I've got to meet our O line. We still I mean that's pretty crazy we're gonna get done once again. The league sources. Outside is so today how lol but all things I don't do actually get our beep you when it comes out we get invited James. Well we're gonna get the play with the to a highly resilient am McMahon is a 100% yes really. You seem dead serious I don't think you bring that up without really meaning it and yes he kept he brought it up a few times it was like as if. Almost Gibson yeah we get up there will be together we get up there will be together so what's nice man and then yeah I think he was legitimately Seacrest signed a very serious about it. A great story. But he said it was would Josh freed I'm not just freeze on drums up her own pick something you cannot help picks of the week can crow initially agreed to assign has no drums and it didn't sit up there or just hang out and we pick up pretty penny hit yeah. I think that's what some call news Jerusalem. I sex type thing and I feel like now when they did they wouldn't give up. Feel like us our homes and. But I'm happy about one. You've taken. On I IA. I don't know I got to figure out there are no. You. Yeah this is weird selfishly I'm thinking of the warns there's. Jewish angle and others when we act caught up are my favorite do you DiLeo guitar so ever. Mom is on the show and rely on our armed armament it's it's it's it's it's not one we're gonna wanna do but did you sell bushel is guitarist. I'm thinking OK man I'll be plugged into Israel have access to his tone and course my hands are going to be my hands into his hands we'll track it by iams. Now mandated days of the week my. Now go get four months. Cold or not but that's on killer skip forward Hollywood. I'll skip forward wonderful and skip forward but again okay. I'm support. Who I would slaves give for some people we need no go ahead degeneration. That's still too treadmill bipolar rare. Go ahead its interest. This sit shares of global yeah. It's my favorite TV something his guitar solo Kevin Gregg after course one. If he's gonna slow phase on the beaches this. Magnificent guitar so it's so far is still. Get blood supply. That's selfish of me know when I got about. As on their greatest hits bridge cumulative total breach of its. But it's all with the sky blue. Given you can't afford us that you can tell you enjoyed that. Well it's cool it's I know they had to go plus he knew we weren't the reason unity went away. Now they were haven't cool time talk and off site. Did you figure that didn't ask twelve questions all day long right I don't think you and I did. Now I'm every amid reports say we know what you got going but we brought up a song that probably glad I didn't listen join our record unless you actually spend time. Sat down and listen you probably don't even know if there's an unreleased track on the record what you're it was a solo just check this. Good taste. Boy yeah. Get ready for its full time. It's okay by I still love I realize though it's like. Didn't actually get an answer my question. So the infamous scorer sound that is all over the core all costs. He's going to visit the CE warm so you know it means that what we and you did miss tell us what it actually wasn't to the families that my yard line oregano leaves it is a Leslie sent. Baum but he didn't answer. I didn't get to find out what its owners know you'd assume what was core it was a last fall into a Marshall and it was this course Donald yeah I wanted to know it. That doesn't help mom loved for 25 years up again and I had a guitar player all the code that. Didn't get an answer from a project guys fight but I doubt about it I'm about top. Vulnerability analysis of what was so cool it's going to decide that their coverage to bring him in if you see just how much thought. Yet break senator their club Kamal sergeant and a club joy and this is going to be good. The man myself you can jump on the roads Mike right now if he's whooping he's making stool elsewhere in the buildup very exciting news to share with you on the makes cast your birthdays he and I I just got offered I just got the greatest birthday gift of all time from the guys in Stone Temple Pilots. You're gonna sing. No new while. I would be scary for them and a drummer who sinks yes oh god I know onset headphone thing. While we just talked to you by dean and Eric Hertz dot the core reach alright on and we're just to get out about music and they found a dot movements now we're playing music together and make OC you're the guitarist and you're the drummer right gap dike OK how about this. When we come to town next time we come to town you pick one song. We will get off the stage and you guys play our part a wild yeah. I thought you were gonna say that they wanted to bring you guys Imus locally each covered than a dollar fine do damage can compete Kovacevich didn't you go. Yeah that's terrible don't yeah. That. Yesterday they want and it's also I know how random is that. What way did they basically have a singer they do they would say who they keeping you under wraps so happy you said the very happy at the moment it is the guy journey is that they might be. Although they didn't have my for a second there was a rumor of a Filipino got I was during the band and added it was funny thing when you need of replacement go to Philippines had gases. What schools and our trying to figure out what song we wanna deal. Up there. A local H 200 obviously huge interesting the Warsaw right the first ever so all that lie it was a tiny music tour and the local Leach was opening. Yeah that's hilarious that you referenced they're gonna consider personal ever saw soupy lives they had local H as direct support don't get off the stage and and Robert the basis of stay on stage and a single San Jose's camera to a stone total pop song with them on stage. During their set sex type thing. Yeah I'm under Brit are we stealing their big they're. We taken a wasted the money shot for I don't think he got into its third place in their careers it they probably don't care yeah your right. And remember they are gonna play a lot of the new stuff yeah. Like it or not yeah I have to do yet so yeah I think you got up overestimate. He rushed for relevant fact. Premier place derive Felix Leiter. I don't know how any of these book I'll have to. Look but I can't put your round up and do. Well this is cool news yeah you don't design that's just how they're just on data that where I'd been new members just don't know pilots have been happy for my birthday very exciting. I think actually to listen I mean that interview to be like that deal you said that repeatedly didn't heed that that that actually anyone muddy golf like they kept raising I don't know you very regularly Italian town we're going to have you guys up on stage and you're gonna do a song with us which is. Good to know that they're coming quote unquote coming to town put before they never come back to house war. We go to wherever they are that or who we call their people because I do know that the that the drunken charge. Is close with their management company my hot and may be there is a hero or grass thing. Okay. It's. And they. Now we already have backstage passes and we can get right now to face and I remember our current avatar might fall into the Big Three 80 run gave me in very bright holding up a drunken BJ let -- -- may America we're going on stage and our man about ninety shots I think I'm thing and it sells sex lightning and then they and then they say. Farm we tell all the podcasts that yeah. Yeah we're listening to get back here if the that I thought that we specifically told them to not allow these guys backstage look at ourselves. Now we've lie. It's going to be awesome memories. They welcome illegitimate in the middle of that as TP interview. Through the pulse the Stetson oil goes yeah. All the kids to these are just. So you got a long day where my computer anytime you have this iPod pocket and and just open door policy our podcast don't ever feel like you're interacting or anything like that with the one time he actually takes us up on the offer. They come darling and screams as the telling us something on I started interview. They were like me the benefits at a news new unrelated to that if thrills trail of stench mosque met up with. Our revenues I've heard of redemption pretty epic already. Oh yeah but with the two of them cancel each other out cute guy I know you'll know really as heroes some sense there's no way did that just magically are no real way you would smile again apple bomb scented Yankee candle. Who speaking it was when somebody just when gurgling in number and I'll tell you all to come back I told you before you gotta go rounds and I know more about time again he's. Back for round two subsequent dog who Madonna Terry runs for three nights and just do the business for this is what we the so we have. Appreciate the hot to Jerry's famous hot dog all I saw your picture of that dirty Chicago dog bigger you all men all know that we do everything is on our own dogs would basically mine was you know cream cheese crumbled a whole policy that there's a little. Mine is that I don't like this obtrusive so long story short Jerry's been all fueled the cream cheese on whole apparently well known and not go truck challenge. And doesn't sunny talk goes well which is kind of find that hot dog stand our hot dog truck. One the taco truck challenge OK we did a sampler reached dog in and I think revs so we had basically two would have bytes of each of the three dogs mean arm and you simply apparently in severe. Intestinal distress you know Bob and I and I BS yeah I'm off I'm. Chris are made a specialty dog for each one of us who like PS what would you guys average or specialty dog so I went wait I went without a teriyaki dog food teriyaki sauce pineapple well that's another screw us. Since Dave. What's up man you week you you do don't help don't that's why don't eat this stuff native New Yorkers. Are so we true. To the way that they are gonna use air quotes food should be your computer right it could be they are red red sauce and onions out here know they don't put they have dug dark cool and mustard and sauerkraut. Journal and that's how I was raised revs dog has sauerkraut and bowed out and eyelids are being told there's another island yeah he's not a many of our don't know I think the other thing that happens is as you get older you get more snow looks good. Ha hah hah hah the. Yeah yeah I don't know are there. Labs and open the door yell this pentagon looks understated good friend told me this is not the time. Well I thought that we have told grill how many times in my pages and a madman when door and I dressed as a piece of bacon I mean how can you lose they interview actual rock stars and our show and are so Mike can you talk we don't know who just want him just commented we are still against what I've been told so the one time there we were built like a heart to heart with the guys until doubled pilots and they're giving us a guy heartfelt answer to something else that he had to back out. And her. Yeah. The. Top Al Mike oh sorry I would not do Google millions they didn't hit them. And he's and is usually and you know I'm doing a regular car. And then I don't look on his diddley. Your mother ever second coming anytime okay yeah well that little room and Walton stepped right in its its. Others as rescuers they they you know we're all they're talking these cats in the you know we get there are inner their frontman first interception runner act. Yeah the music okay you got seven minutes and each pay hi guys still some like seven minutes. But I thought it hit that good I felt you were really really trying to make it's always he only got seven minutes you know man. They did end up not just a day about not shutting up and oh yeah I do twelve minutes or ten or twelve minutes and finally that guys like Dubai at the wrap my guys up because they need to go directly to rewrite our sorry but that's another must feel a little lonely because all of the guidance I went right not to run the ball flight to free can relax and all you. It doesn't of their passing multilevel. So tell Steve what happened Steve Steve Steve and let's keep. I have Norman OK okay if that's not the enemy and I even go a Mike came in I think your mother interviews not only keep him sorry night back I don't care you know Michael boyish all right that I got more questions so we're guessing with them and we're just talk about the album cork is 25 year anniversary we're talk about how old. Right the dish. I was serious I businessmen more than five years so Glenn's did you now we've got dean about guitar tones of the record I'm telling Eric how much I'm all the anti Taliban sentiment heard. You all music dude actually NL yeah and having this conversation man on my tally are comforted argued to drummer guitarist someday I played draws all by no mention how doggone I've been doing his music project where we have a song that sounds a lot like just until pops on and I do doubt about that go to gasoline price. It's resolved today coincidence or is called Tabasco Alina the Phillies have a spicier version for the woman you love its okay life it's pretty awesome and I thought Ron Syria are so. Then they're like oh so you're guitarist drummer. Think yeah yeah yeah we are night OK when we come to town. You guys are gonna get to come up on stage and do one song and worry no leave the stage early. Now we're gonna play with Robert DiLeo and they're Newton as a not as of yet not named lead singer and an anti. Then when did they tell you in your does not religious said they were being a guy yeah I know that LE a that we see I said there is a dollar but I have got to summon a bit he's all right see you guys they got down she's the new singer. Reaction factual so desperately doing it all for free so it's great for the three of us sailing may eventually you maybe don't ever do about Benjamin they come to Seattle and they're adamant about it it would like that there was a fleeting thing they kept bringing you know it's because they already other twirling a million million towards not coming any credit here can agree I understand that I. Could they don't know all pain. I got frequent flier miles and don't worry I'll fly you should do you under the there as she shows up at Tokyo film hey man have you ever asked I'm pregnant has just for Seattle only have you come here shouldn't it took over any of the personal ads movement all I really cool mad really cool I don't have enough. Amid a pressure thing you know all but now we're stressing out about what song to do so that we don't act and what do you get the choice yes they said pick you one kidding me oh well. I thought you guys get to pick do we. Speaking out about guitar tones and drum performances we just went. Probably down now rabbit hole that they don't get in most in or not ash and immediately became only come to town war hang out we'll do this we did talk to them love to talk about all that what I was using that error. You know what we should just in bone density isn't going to be like that is this thorn. Well yeah panel now invited the joints don't Obama saw that. You should demand endure for a tour like I guess that's fine but we should point one song and it has joined the source of the northwest this cheesy crap yeah because the demand better than the yup they opened the door and we want all the residuals on the album that you sold over the course that allows outside owner settles for 1% I can retire off last night you know. What do you think they closed the show where. Do we pick Kolby and follow the vitality of kiss they did a good look like just take rock and roll one night and like third someone finally the American web clipboard guys Smallville but what do we need one who caught the third. We can ruffle a couple of tunes and then say hey guys we think about these what what are your thought is that they're gonna say. A man you're not doing plush. You have to worry at all right. Have a couple backups could they do that then neighbor ebitda might be deployed all atomic all well we said you could duel but that's not the one you can do so now you can do when we learn 04 songs from every album so we've got this guy we've actually got the set list dot Arafat and paid attention to all the songs you play on tour I can play all of our. They are don't say that at all and then do interstate love songs that I thought pretty penny was the song that you guys most of the cuts the one we didn't learn how to play right. I go to Rivera. I'm from yeah all right Bonnie home. She was at the revved all but gone Chara the nosed all it was all three. Really at this point since there is crossing the streams through a man is beat Wisconsin hot dogs are ranked what exactly they custom hot dogs 'cause etc. this is the Glen done well. News. I just think of your penis and about it on the. Cooler. We figured out the wall we didn't end our allies sour cream monitors I got a purple personally gotten creamed cheese crumbled bacon all of the those. Our normalize onions and banana peppers undergraduates often do it was happening that looks like I am not don't know about this is the migs dog that's teriyaki pineapple and diced. Red onion or an apple. This is either a minute wait plus a really good deal without pineapple on YOK do pineapple. Pineapple and long on meet the Chicago. As delicious and these are about the cream cheese I've been the case. But Dave was obviously it is a green cheese onto roads mother rappers want the hour hey don't ever top my birthday revs the proper hot dog but let's hope it's covered Nash as sauerkraut and Scott Thousand Islands go for like a root anti. I'm happy and they're gonna add some Swiss I teased to it. But I had all we each had. A third of what each one out. And that basically was a science experiment in my diet you're okay I just lie on it I've had derided admit though when I went to go back. Bring you win here yeah I was going on my second trip to McCain a second yeah wow me it's not been a good. The long ago did you eat them. I hello I am going to an hour now still as an hour you journal thing around oh yeah that's improper process and do this right that's very porous land until we. That's my wife who's got three passengers are never sure about the fact after I. I base my life is are you by the rest of us eight I based my life fun when I eat and how long have until I have to go to the bathroom Coca. No I woke up to a man like I woke up to lose these late you wake. I'm having a dream but I have to prove an enemy and don't want you don't realize what Arnold who brownies and nobody knew the man in half right just not sure I wanted it to happen literally in the leg out there are birdies out and whether you're and I had to reload drill through good bad again although I don't I don't I dreamt that I was seeing right side of public. And I woke up and I was peeing my dad and grand I was Omri drawn a 38 and homer yeah okay I had a few doubt embarrassing first moved to Seattle man three days and were normally we would have so in my closet and I thought the release of all my laundry. Who was soaked right of him they hate her I won't go out and kind of like. You're like sleep a little wake up in the closet or lack. I'm okay. But the bad that a little also psychologically you would still list movies opened you don't lose Toyota I don't know darling I'm I don't know how. And guarded now I'm talking about her foot in an isolated. And I say my god. Yeah I came home for the weekend and I'm just pissed him. In the bed and the tail and my mom I'm mom walks who stamped. What do you do in all of our whole yeah well Boone and oh yeah I know Mike. This is not the path my desire to one thing rebounds or loose he dragged one I don't often that we don't put their rumba. Doesn't take so much effort brotherly live gone digital with mana and I don't know locally. You're creating an important player like the little thought they noted our scanners and that's our daughter live to see a double take a legal take my four extra jobs down and you can setup and get as of experience the total wash slipped briefly with I don't know that we know so it's the Steve the art toilet seat it has have been Dave Milton do want to know I have not tried AMA incredible halos right yeah we don't know what happened in rural it has happened Elliott Elliott today but dale I'm telling you man Eric Klein and not do you can set it'll also late polls say it'll blow wind in there. And ten blow wind hit. We'll dry you do you know tired. He can. But all credible V beginning of a horror movie from low eighties. We're not content since the end and then suddenly it's doing a whole lot for me having an advertisement okay yeah. Yeah. I don't get it back. All of that's in the red as a person you have some some bathroom issues yeah I think this is before you bro I don't know you would love to see. Get a better race have a question for you guys this morning we were talking about this and deserves to myself BJ odd but I feel like I'm in a room with guys that can arms and agree with me not look at me like I'm the most repulsive human being known to man whose brutal about the little things like that make you happy yet and I said unless I wondered out loud and I shouldn't have because it went down a road of just being awkward again like I did groups and -- I say hey. The buildings like the make me happy is when it's in no wiper. We get it cleaned Kelly I close a molten okay because you'll remember. You go to wipe your as a link there's nothing. Else on the front and I you have to look at I was ordered a gift from god we don't want a deserter a high five right a good looking now broke I can like do you heard would be really good of the game operation. And what I am Ali at some point we all want this thing would you like where half an hour Garrett goes anyway ever stop and you walked down the math and missiles comma Maurice ask if you don't know why isn't talking you Reza do you like I don't work have put out a letter I know there is someone waving the brother human only doing lines on my prize went in my ass but what has like seven times and apparently I'm not making any progress you've got their. But I'm like all right Matt well all out nothing apparently you guys all get paper towels Maurice and moos yes that and then go what I did I ask you make exactly what you have to walk three miles do you like chickens are good I am I negative ads don't let you know that diet and Elena I don't know why I did little chapped ass I did the two of paper and a total bowl water so no really it's a that would desperate times probably desperate measures I I was desperate I don't like never done your ass hot or you just want like I've had agreed to ask Bernie and you pray for the splash and Hillary slash you to buck O'Neal likes oh my god why the total risk. Instead of having dirty toward the water you do every element today that it did this guy comes out does make everything better pleasurable you dislike it. But. I don't have to Tippett that's the only reason why never consider getting a brilliant I think that they give you I think it's all of them I think everybody is because problem unnaturally hairy guy lucky that regardless. For the offerings are not there but I think it's a it's a dietary consistency from my idea ever utilize about that it is you've got an illusion file on a diet others. Told these guys are when I worked Guitar Center in Seattle he said do a thing where if I had a clean getaway keystone light that's how you stroke or use your head and then it radically new in the ice in 92 papers through the garbage can. I'm not so whoever walked in next just under 35 pound EMI America we know they work. That's also this you know really hit pretty yeah. Yeah Jared Allen leaving I would leave because I would you go to paper gathright who remembered and I wasn't sure there was Denny now I'll grab a minor and horror movies and I can't I do want to have fun and I am I finally do why are you responsible for the Q sticky surge like to reach your. No I'm so I go earlier document in stationed on the news I I got a call I don't know I'm table here in Oregon you look at Cigna Golan to the Max all you disaster and so the picture toilet bowl. But on the back of the bowl dependable but on the back politically too sticky church or go vertical. Like they try to triangulate so gay like why now how do you shoot that out of your book vertically and then it stinks man we kept watch and water just went around like. They were going to do so at the nightmare yeah and Iraq. This crowd they hate lies men and lo and I went back do another mother's thing was I hear anymore mail that they're there funny Mel Gibson dude ride you're mad dash somebody's gonna die you're removed the joke but amid concern. But like he's not dead delayed bad helms' mild I don't object. He's in the late. I don't know if you don't really like you could do a good run and the Jersey explosion and guess he's just broaden graduated priests in the Catholic and -- bathroom and -- you like your friends earlier Guatemala that -- when you're the next Paula you are someone basically -- yeah yeah I mean it was like -- protect his privacy he's a stranger but the other party was the man you OK you're right because you're human being what do I have been out of the bathroom at the -- We office until they make is we're telling. If. I or my mom. He no hole and saw might well hold off what do I do as an adult. I don't know I didn't look under the stalled each you can double the voice it was very hard to tell because he's fronting the all time so I can tell sell around. I walk out and I looked around and you know females to be seen Zoellick will disappear odd conversation I'm like these jurors sun including right. I don't as a Volkswagen I don't know I am asking for your assistance and would you like me to escort you into the stall but you avoid what does not need to do man here's my daughter's conservator and I realized. It's 3 o'clock in the morning and and she's crying on the tour that it's painful is the senate side you are resilient. You're kind of group and their do or mail is gonna go. I think our lives are nothing new when I'm sitting on amanpour is looking a little bit of urine a vegan. This is love. You are anybody else the rock and employ little girls anything on you and Mary and I want no business she did but it's like forty minutes and you're trying to figure I've been there just push manners or use push our brilliant push it and she could pitchers all good Obama solid sound good that is that the soft ball over you eating place don't really mind I knew that they end. Pushing yet why the trucker ma'am. Yeah. I did good got him greens. Yeah people usually don't. And I had six they have there and Vancouver Island major journalist. Yeah. You Robinson series long. And it's just doesn't care like if you love kids 200 truth and -- -- I had to step out of the house of age guys you'll look back at. This is my dad did I lose him believe Iran public Colombo it is go to about a state that I digs I had to poop and and a moment I believe remind. No I do you know the group is an exception but good dude I imagine a red flag I got a little. As I basically how I live here and you know a different meaning and the word deuces. I had some good news but diligent or ma'am I. I'm mad yeah. Are you or your finish my Euro which by the way oh great great layup here off the map out the Euro flat. If you've been through those secret tunnels yes well there's no good secret tunnel where he we have food okay secrets on to go all the way down all the way downstairs dude that's the that is the Mecca. I'm so down amounts all I wish I had a year there and a tally like apple almost yeah visited the Chinese buffets I have also look listen and see. Dude it's loaded down measured against the Euro or realize they might and I get exact row. So I really do I realized what does that say gee honey go you can I get a job row I don't know lab rat you dynamic I'm glad I did you go and guys like. No the job around the hotel all right Arianna then goes. You know guys still not tracking any points up for the job then yeah. Good gyro ally bad guy or wallet and as subdued Pernod bureau said he's he's not busting your balls he's trying to weasel tries to tell him. But it you know. Know the exact role here in America recalled gyros now on moving guys you know there's a secret connotation to the Columbia tower. Where there's just enough food court. Oh yeah and I feel OK I think that was its Alitalia that ruined my dad's name ginger bread man yeah there's always enough through windows walk outside a mall across history tell us about all the exact same distance as my salary and all of the holders yeah you're right and if you walk outer door and don't throw 30 you're right I couldn't really like underground in this February you'll be stoked about that tunnel and draft well. Yeah are you man I gotta tell schoolhouse pretty hot. For the cold towers right discovered the time machine does that makes a lot of events up at the Columbia tower club and there's a time machine up there. What you do is you basically leaned forward and put your forehead against the window looked down. And you balls go clip insider Bob. You're like three years old idiots I know when you have to you know go up again I think that's also an incredible man I'll experiment with a time machine to go to a look back. I'm placing ads little above view even retract it's incredible good. Let me in my funeral. Who's gonna become a three year old girl like other news we're headed is that Gaza look straight down proven played though that's really can't have a class a soft bulges like your children. I think that's not a tuba home my daughter and if the village church so much wider than you perceive your or this could be that's an ultimatum I doubt you have so picked her but he gave medals on the matter as far as I'm aware is not meg gay and have that yet did you relate it to look like guys you know it's make your homemade linguine it to be a ribbon right for the winner and a really long ribbon Ramos and collected a play they'll likely you that you definitely don't put on yeah I got magic frightened and anything's gotta tell you whether this is some like wow well. And women. Wanna be on the receiving end of that I'm down. No that's yeah. I think he tolerated frost are go both ways I want to enrich your own some chicken off smack in the pay a lot of money in Indonesia and that'll I don't know how they got there but I know while they're there they enjoy it you are. And in this is a legitimate thing we looked it up because she's heard a twister no I have not to do I want to oh yeah it's fantastic. It. Basically these they're looking they are inserts lookup heard twister there means overall. And even TV dietary suggestions Siegel her sacks and a half. It revs longer and I didn't see literally the played O fun factory for your birthday is also call the church where are they got about one about a I want to compete you gotta go there because older. Steve it's legit that the jobless numbers Lego forces in searcher about the size of a dime and you talk coming year old corn hole there and then when you make stool. You can super star shaped and you know. I am already low over birth day one we may have to do we have pre orders for here right. Well agree to use this and well not full you can usually used to see the reaction of people or neuter their star should. Yeah yeah what are you what for each person I'm not sharing this wasn't Walsh little drama about civil revved. It's not that bad now that that we're doing got to use we've done accompanied by our FaceBook messes our company FaceBook page and say hey job. We have a big competition see who creates the Mercury is a barn up this website is so old they have a link to an MP3 that they did audits of blood is. So wolf. Both for Iran's already today or I don't usually don't do I don't know whose show and glad he's funny there on the mantra tonight show there's no way I wouldn't remember that. Manipulators today actually work. Why it I felt bad man we've have you had that before we go to Robert talking to guys LA media interviews malvo who do you remember the guy from turned twister. I gotta remember to realize you should you Jackie Joyner wrong if you didn't matter when every check him out about substances in putting your body if you forgot detergent. Susan he if you digger on the website there's entire dietary Smart insignia to correct consistency to have a good twist I get deterred twister poke poke sculpting cared for only twenty dollars. Not. Bow my birthdays today so obviously you can have a America today because my theater is now another 365. Days for you guys to prepare for next here opera gonna McChrystal just her real mom dad got Internet. Yeah and all of us how we're just dual members Jackie gave our bosses territories. If you get ahead say we're gonna see who's better. The real thing is who who's gonna actually go ahead and tuck that thing in their music are trying to would you be curious I know Democrats and then put them well how do you get rid of it. I think there's a little hole there's a strange he can pull it from point out it looks like regular flow and looking feminine hygiene products or grabbed the bowl straying into wrote them years old Teresa Solomon I think snapped up and you get into the ER explain why there's a diamond shape. As you're thirty you're an inordinate millions they don't get your butt but that's you have to explain it to the doctor I got to do is why I dare you know of his life mall put your ass man I don't know didn't sit I am revenues might as we're going down the rabbit hole there's a website W coal rectal foreign bodies don't we and it's all year really wiesel the doctors write of speak ex race. And you'll see that it's incredible book at home and it's. It's all the different centuries old news because you like your Phillips head screw driver where a Bronx caught a ball biggest thing now or in the book on Amazon had my awards like you look at things there yet it rather table book. Now he doorman it's real mullah kind of paper bag but it's I got an home I'll bring a demand and you open it up you can figure out exactly what to put the bears wanted to direct report on the Stockholm is that John Mayer or Yankee candle it's a my Yang general ban on and he. You can't copy jar you get the daughter's open court and there's one word old guy IVF was. He felt the light artillery shell there any of the full doctor's report on them call the bombs lauded it for you this live. You know ordinance from. Disguise portal I don't on the bomb squad might not your ass is gonna blow up why not sign of the shows some of the experts and less than as a future game on the makes ghastly someone shows us the picture we have to guess what we think it is an and one person does what actually so that's you'll get X Rayed after they put. No just or would you regard medical website all around just a little. All the no shows stuff for their core holes and go get extra no I think do you have all book about what a copy of rivers are already record. You're not shallow I used several coffee. Bottle thing wherever Rizzo and his wicked now the good discourse through all the veterans like that to chat with legal there's one appreciated fearless that. I got my hands off. And how about what I guess you don't let those illegal follows that does go along auto blowing too little below the levels food that's not oh hole they're in debt including do you like Netanyahu to examine it when you're happy zags let her abusers the whole I don't that's the walls. Holy well yeah. Are we stuck her under the bus so we did you yes. Just take everything you. It's so hot dog I mean that's the guy who did you just just Google she'll reveal a good man that I got a nine hey gonna hurt why Powell goes the coat model calls her legendary Hogan to smile at. Think it out here are good kids. It beer bottle matter prisons Turkey like probably while we're really happy Thanksgiving the you know how you do is fairly Hilary it's. It's is that McCain or an umbrella to GGK. You cannot. I. And how am I why packed. The crowd really thrilled he can still could be depending on you Bure an engine program and below and others are non X rays are well men are might you know. All right I'll wrap things up when yeah. I know for your voicemails you Mickelson put I don't at all times now don't know. Yeah how we open is my job row currently strategizing and I don't think she's on the money you know I appreciate it sounds fun at all like just another lose my face hurts at the wrong reasons actually is there he's had hot dogs. That are inspired by us yet we have we've. Being invited to join stunt to violence. And then thorough happens then threw half as he hears that being what started by talking about the clean Joseph. Yeah ask why I call yeah it's like Bob can I had to go to. Yeah it is so critical is it just isn't there a hard time mop up this morning aren't they disgusted by you was discussed at a getaways released disgust I think in the door I was trying to explain it's warm and he just looks so we pollster and a new wade. Really think they don't have what my title I just give up men and Vijay not make stool I mean all the people have to do it but I don't think BJ thinks like a doomed. More often than not feel like as it dude I know groups and appreciate a nice healthy then yeah. The most chicks don't talk about it is we oppose this deal whereas these days get. I don't. All my friends of all walks of life dinner do moods. All agree to clean getaway Hinduism is integrated data gap in my opinion when he said what is the small thing like that makes you happy new there is nothing. That happens in my life got a 1008 brunt right it's like when you why you put. And you looked out at the toilet paper and it looks thing is if you don't put him back on the to a people you're not gonna be different or that I'm right up there are like the best thing at the titans and he really do a double wide thank you like -- -- double check on nob no way I'm that lucky get a look at you gentlemen my aunt said I'm looking to toilet you know like what that data is this bad debt impressively -- I'd better yourself like okay what eleven eating because I want to maintain this diet right forever or they didn't want to toilet -- the pry away what app with a look at now when I was feeling like I mean look at the power to replicate this guy right I wanna be able to retrace my steps to get that perfect I guess. It's up there with like when you put on Coke you haven't worn in six months and there's a tornado Vilma pocket now it's that cool yes it's that cool my baby even more better yeah. And Vijay one Phil and at all now well now I'm sorry and make it was super spend every morning with a cat that doesn't appreciate some of the finer things in why. And it's really rep could testament as to us are saying and I saw a look consider my I instantly regret bringing this up because I know there are gay yards on about it. Well nigh and that it was as I could tell it was a make an uncomfortable and it was no humor and oh you know you really think uses site. I continue in ninety. All he had to back pedal out of our back panel but fortunately and attacks started coming in there was a lot of tax and I were backing Steve. Because his allotted most most won't men would agree that that's a fantastic. Situation it blows my mind that he never experienced that. He needs to change his diet. The Aurora I. He just doesn't pay attention when he Y looking maybe is why it's very aggressively for a few seconds and discloses that's terrifying you've got to make sure things are cool before you walk away got a look at it at least once yeah. I got into on non. Don't you go yeah you've got a bunch of things are groovy I mean. And I thought I would hope that every woman incas and you know I'm coming down the moment a certain places. I hope that every Warren's views may takes that kind of care with a clean up procedure. Let's keep it clean. Let's make America great again oh my god who. Well reliance on them about a hundred underdog lovers out there I told you what so compiled so I realized obsession. Could I ever really retrospect I thought great kids right. Those moments and you could added I don't know he can we just deal longer I don't believe there's been too no dog welcome to a couple voicemails or have you don't know it's my birthday we do we want to what you want to don't what are you doing it hey I gotta prove. Yeah that's who grew a little bit and I am meetings that guy got a few minutes but resigned. From the greatest hits right I don't have a yeah it's only for the Carolina how's he gonna be there on the record. What all of this is everywhere. We for the fuel the court. That's not me. Itula Mili coleslaw yeah and you gotta go I mean. Is down. That's where wonderful outcome before they're like OK here's the big guitar thing again fill out time musicals such departure. A lot of people went home. When he got cleaned up first time. Job number four. But that has some of this as a might know him other enticements that might not. I take it you okay. So good. I am worried about you leave a voice or text message to 532714787. Email. The makes guess at gmail.com. Is he got a first voicemail. I. It is it will permit that you go down it will be down oh round. These people my god. I'd skip all that really kind of judge about his Obama doesn't DRI. Gladly do it. Why you know he again took the outright great a totally entitled learn the rules I will beat the commissioner especially in solid rock now. When he got. They happen. We will make it happen jewelry are raft and commissioner I don't know what but how we gonna make it out of you think you'd outlook I think resume for the summer. Don't do it outside dozens I don't look at the media project is this winter yet so we can use this winter to plan yep baseball and I feel we have at least one food trucked out will be there for Q how I hope so please have their good though I did I'm not kidding I'm I got I'll ask you a taste I'll be undoubtedly skewed ball mate didn't make the Reno yeah. And now Vermont she said. Holy crap amid for the base of alternative. I'd be so down for some basically ball I got a few people that would be as well analyst said movie again I would put class had a dog in my mouth love you guys and Leo it's different ones that are I'm at I'm so it is well attorney keep the cast posted yet August the rug out we're definite do it we gotta make it happen coming from basically ball. Underrated comedy and I can shoot I guess what I'm from basically balls it's a move with a separate Cisco. I guess a BS SF buried. I wrote 1 this morning on the way to work if I am a person I've ever baseball's be very very essence each. Bigamy for the base to a tournament after yet dobbs as a base of a mean dude it's and say oh that's rat and ordered while resume pretty sound so bad as you guys need to release that as soon as possible that's who hopefully October 14 we're getting did I think tonight we'll have mastered version Jiang. While more. Who. Yeah honesty Bret tonight do you you know be I wanna be your income in town to sit in with Ed on the road. That's going to be upcoming Brett might permanent and make you buy me drink. Since the pitted didn't and he does have while so for an awesome that's not to say the guise of a bruiser Brody it sounds awesome can't wait for the whole record. A receipt from the makes that's my wife and I are saving their money to purchase a house in the next couple months. Does one tell you love the podcast he gets me through my day thanks to make in my Tuesday afternoons or Wednesday's better guys stay positive DC is Jason parliament must love you yeah and congratulate all studios that's exciting so yeah they do it's crazy to Bruce birdies show at studio seven that were replaying it may stress October 14 at studio seven. It sounds like my entire white Stanley and now come on that's cool man he's that own goals cause jobs. Mali sure dad I mean it's. My wife's AK is it cool if all of us come Mike yeah well. Your first legit musical project and howl. Is when you get older you pull apart Arab we we we regardless adopted your radio career really took off that was the transitional moment around that dog radio and Peter Burt we're kind of going hand in hand at the end. Back in 97. Till probably around like 2003. Broke up for many years got back together firm and it broke up again. Got back together for a minute did absolutely nothing in that last game you know talking about right the one before that we actually had about an album's worth of material that. Fell apart because alcohol and in drama. Right sorry so. I don't remember honestly the last time I've been in above bad words to productive and writing songs in recording its early 2000 it's so so this is fifteen. Knew he seems Austin is laid out manners bruiser Brody so yeah my wife got the C player Peter Parker but it was towards the end it wasn't nearly as magical as it was when we were first a band were younger and more aggressive and more like them who onstage and all my wife's family all they've ever see me do was play drums in church and they become animated and osment church what he saw. Oh no I changed no idea who got hurt I'm gonna put our address. And zone dude yeah I'm dead it's great man it's gonna make sure they should all come CNN this is a holes they were read a packet to that hillside area just do. The other not the typical coincidental on the balcony bring him talked on the balcony there her and out where they won't find in an area whether comfy yeah I just figure you know and do you drunken your makes it because they're not drinkers to just be cool I don't think and I felt there was going to be an cruelties that I know I know they get this like a family educational jerk a long long Cooley here or might you and your mom back his back and I think she is funny yeah but not funny at all but that's fine good and wholesome guy you don't know hold you belong shaped like curly blond hair might have been guys that played guitar for something I'll accept that oh you're not talk about why I had no idea why don't I don't know enough. I don't think it's. What a danger that they are back. All maybe the only eaten him about it. And the viewers it's. Kitty everybody noted. Rick asked Z. Had my parents. Have a night. He did. Eager. And I'm not saying that yeah computer funding I'm sure your bag that we ask us. This so I didn't that the Nick Carter and moments like I don't think Christian cross. Partners and the team came crunch and necessary direction and you know into my brain in New York suit he did so it's just not a lot but also he can do is to die alone or something nothing else. Why all. And I don't. Doesn't our area. Who is kept its Angel at the top early in the New York sudden. While discredit you know a mustache didn't birdie glasses I mean. What I wanna know what is it. Does that you read what can happen later linkages like I didn't even have to like out want east. Anyway yeah a little less desirable as ours are those little tough to them on the east. Around there you can do is to die alone so that and outs. And 200. It seemed. So I think it's. You know I. In South Carolina surprises themselves mustache big birdie glasses I didn't. What I want and don't districts zillow doesn't really look like exactly the link just like. I can see that they're like I wanna east. And anyway it's. We earlier on volume her Villa told. Me that. My good naturedly renewable like solar panel talking and actually thanks these. Why isn't it gives go more I didn't catch added yeah I noted about how it's added up. It's still one more loyal well fallen off and as good afternoon and move. You know we've seen example after that you're below year. Chat. Cook who walked in London shells. So it's not a big error. I would not on time and again holiday you true account rocket rove but about I don't know of those rare guys now well I. I mean telling us who went way to the dark side man I'd like Americans Kellogg who was like dude for real quick. That's a bit and. I. I grabbed on dummy on the on the advantage though chuck Negron okay. Negron. I lets you anyway and yet still Three Dog Night (%expletive) right right. Though. Right re run IE. Right Kuerten out. Computer was. Yeah it mansion back in the day. And a true story's been out on almost literally or actually literally exploded. Yeah. Our army left unlike some years. And you know you are in that need to know cooled tour hours at a deal. Oh aren't you Aaron one day you know beauty either swelling or infection yeah yeah. So it was kind forgive like overdone. Baton Kennedy Iliad I mean I'm gonna just jumps on you dude yeah a little good and yeah. I'll never listener and it's one sudden and early music. Negron browser may ground the guy's name anyway sounds like again let us. If you are so weird seeing it was really exploding hot dogs of we have big dogs why not number one hot dog truck you hungry broad doctor a whole lot burst. All except with flavor but they are the biggest leader around established in 1968 he's good you are FaceBook dot com slash big dogs food truck. Or twitter.com sized big dog buzz. And then you hungry broad dot com thank you Jerry for hooking us up they were doing on delicious go to the migs cast page I think because on yet on FaceBook because I have the link you posted a link up their for the best western Washington. Vote forum vote as often as you possibly handle the TDs have done it for us in the past it has let's pay it forward with these guys have we -- you guys have both enemies guess any harm pod and maybe next year will do that I'd be kind of fun to win again got a. They had wanted to win since I joined I think cannot Muster what's going on how we got here congress you're only as Alley kid in class call they don't want looting they don't want you know no one here really care do we should then running get a genetic Ed smelly it's still going on right now you're not actually sure it's clean and Shelley's mad that blends whenever we should just go one swoop in and win it again swooping. I guess there's like we had that power and I know for a little bit of him begged borrowed appeal in the winter time and register for someone who helped us win that thing my time on her. Thirsty customers say that's a way to win and I was fantastic gradually rose killer she's threat mr. wooden posts and other sexy picture on Twitter and tell everybody voted for us that's. Funny that's awesome yeah there was that digital terrorism yeah that's also I don't know if you've ever seen her Twitter page you do would quickly want to vote for us to ensure that should continue to post journalists and all minus get out of here and thank you guys is always. But it's bad enough. October 14 marriage just a few weeks away I didn't close two weeks away about weeks away hush but. Drive fast window pane glass and Nationale. Why only in the wreckage big CD release show for their big rematch for relief show for the boys the window pane. Then have to put out of great second record and that's been becoming oh that's already out but they're going to be they're performing. And hopefully they eat you release. For bruiser Brody that cross your fingers without remembrance and sage which features two members a thank you I'm so temple pilots. If that's a look at Ed you're the man. Happy birthday bash and yeah right I don't see where it yeah you're is that if you want to birthday gift ever my you know my home he's. Having everyone from the station randomly pop band. Eating hot dogs. And being him. I the joints don't have a while I love things like all you're Ohio marchers from all forty minutes straight so much fun can pick pick pick pick pick really. Couldn't ask for a better birthday you guys thank you. And now we're back next week until then stay positive.