MigsCast 10/10/17 "Sal's Pulled Pork"

Tuesday, October 10th

This week we welcome Sal from the Not Playing Stupid podcast on the show, as he fed us the BEST homemade pulled pork sandwiches!  We chat about MigsFest, which is this Saturday, and we play a couple more tracks off of the Bruiser Brody EP.  We also chat the Singles soundtrack, give some heart felt advice to a listener going through a tough time, and Steve falls into the Cookie Puss worm hole again!


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There will. Well gonna happen a lot tonight oh man you're pretty nice yeah all right you know none of the toll that that would made that I think you've got around there. SS can't there you just blowing it around about it. Don't look at it now it's gonna smell like you know loaded into the blinds you stick then all the hot. Apple. Is amazed themselves with the way you're on the steam out powder fresh. In my case. I'm glad I was recording of that oil and all you did that role. Well derbies my idea would only be burning in Joseph I think we did just. Welcome for the big death. Yard everybody I'm don't let them play on the line up. Actually help clear up my sinuses are route related to your outfit I'd just inhaled. Powder fresh wave. An hour of the pressure that's not nearly to take a shower for the next hour fitness until the core months. Flailing like a fresh out of high water I watched bemused looking disagree with a good way because he'd suited and you were Smart enough to be spraying began fair. Which will do absolutely no way I'm a bullet. Tonight in the block out of anger don't stick to the he wanted them the blade. And then managed to spray himself in the face directly in the phase here's. Did the sad part is that actually looked at the glade bottle before a separated to make sure our spraying it in the right direction and still found a way to spring in my own it's now it's almost like old top sort of tapered it's got a little finger indentations. Pretty hard to follow up I do have to say yes is it a hundred sent uncertainty because they've experienced it it does not taste powder fresh out. Do you have a fresh view of the world now looking shocked and I am glad I have my vision feel can't let out yeah I'm fine suspend my tongue is a little numb to. Other than that I think a pretty good good to deny doing the podtech with a guy. I've really enjoyed it a a ballpark and blew my back huh yeah say now I can't speak properly when he got to show love Saturday actually blew out your back yes you wrestle away Null and opened fact I think go to wrestling last night. Well I think they're wrestler wrestler because they wanna stay married and we have bruiser Brody practice a couple on this week. To prepare for the show on Saturday night. And I just couldn't in good conscience. Go and do wrestler practice dominate their practice Tuesday Wednesday and then eventually raise my wife with my time on Thursday. Is the thing that crushes me hold truly like Tony and I'll talk clinic's only gimmicks who's gonna be hard yeah and she's a chemical a senior Obama moment now. Go window pane Monday night. The got a bruiser Brody Tuesday and Wednesday night ago when the pain Thursday night there that we're looking Friday night that got the shows Saturday night chizik OK want a cease on that they're out. And I'm lying TE 82. I'm like man. Yeah good I like your wife I wanna be around mr. Norman man I miss her and it's bad enough because those are some of the road for the weekend you know doing shows out of the area. So. Yeah I you know going to be squeezing in Tony time when ever possible staging area. Amiss not Atari times did Thomas mobile and a 700. Hello all I'm Brittany and then story time tutored and how they don't commercials do you read hey hey dude someone had to keep her company McCall at all. Good. These are still number it's all good solely my cash in Rhode Tony's made him a delicious dinner and I. Yet yeah ought to start crying and I just been married for oh yeah. Dash that's. Glad I've read to answer your question was not wrestling practices us all Steve all reared young working out these days. I. I've recently learned how to do deadliest and sent him doing those at the gym allow and I was doing it just fine. And as the top one more set no problem why not right and just as they did that to put it down to do the next set. I bet my back isn't holding my core I can hop in the bottom of my back cycle. And from just from being uncoordinated and just being me I've I've done I've heard my lower back in the similar way in other forms of working out. So I knew Mike OK this is gonna suffer a little bit but much of course. It's a week away from our show often and this is what I have to do and I condensed medal white slash PME yesterday's and a cripple on the Mike don't end and you try to move it around I can't I can't latest leg can't play that way I'm standing herds the only thing it doesn't hurt is sitting. Could I practiced some of the songs that are doing a couple cover you know men and honestly that calm me down I was about the crime I. Am I gonna define might have hit a Richie. From thunder beast if you're familiar Rollins we come sitting in my debut show you why it's like a memento that big of of course the one night I'm so excited for. I'm finally be up on Steve claimed rock music with my friends and playing these through the birdies something we've been hyping for ever. And I can do it but I sat down I was able to play the drums now race I don't know of a mile walk many people carrying my jumps for me get it all wheel chair man. Well the bad mom good on the throne I easier probably somebody carry my drums. Well I got out I think by Saturday I'll be fine. RealNetworks from you when you boy your back out there we liked that that happened Nikko which he was so bad that I mean I couldn't sleep I was terrible pain. The only time it didn't hurt was when I was like on my feet we go. If I sat down it was unbearable I laid down it was even worse. It was on my feet and moving. I wasn't as much pain so I just worked my not so she hit it right to write anything did not sit. Boundaries. It's so weird and rim at all when you blow your back felt like that. Like Q now there'll be one thing like close laws are doing to our face and. All the Adam I'm not a yeah. Steve why are you watching him like a dog go out Steve crawling everywhere it's still it's not Basra. For Saturday night because in addition to playing the drums I'm also looking very forward to rocking out and having a good time message yes I do wanna just kind of throw this out there for everybody who's listening who's coming. Understand that when the bands are playing I'll do everything in my power to hang out and drink and talk. But a pride and wanna watch the bands yes so does especially the last international I did a lot of money to have an implies so yeah. If by chance that Hamas slightly ruined because I that's always been my big pet peeve is when I'm looking forward to see a band in and one of my buddies want to talk my Europe during their set yes look at all. We can have this conversation about 45 minutes till be the same phone conversation except that will be wishing you dead. You guys he's ready to get that Florida right now I weigh possible. When a lesson national playing in a news in my mind leave me the F alone could happen as he and a few less than an inch rock that's. When they hit the stage yeah I'm gonna roll a black worn out from Steve Miller came in real quick can you help me with this algebraic conversion. Yeah just straight like. They go I'm a math problem that would make Matt Damon week you know the strength continues and Kerry holds her full of -- eighties is going to be written and I am sorry he Andre has a ministry everybody's to bring a real bear army's chief could I actually still have our Baird makes bringing its terror like we needed. Let's just that it does that indicate. That's a termite will be Dario everything I do wanna say you're welcome and thank you NN and come by relieve my wife to marry this man because he made us the most to me and I pulled pork sandwiches here are big shout out our voice thousand in the house in south might know him from not playing stupid podcast great podcast on iTunes and all the other places were you get podcasts. Sao welcome to the podcast that you bring a match as you say if you us Beers sold in the face a life civilian trust that bear remains. It need not only come out there all of the noise this late seriously the bear Mays was made because Steve pepper spray was strong enough for the bears to stop bald. Well mine up restarting of the stopped me at the last international gas. That I. Towel. What that how man. How to how to decrease its ability to view is serious blow pork is a bully that was such an amazing way to start that we started the pod gets laid because we just. I go grab a quick sandwich updating here. And be fine but we went full on Thanksgiving so yeah we destroy the entire thing and insult. Someone enough for the entire radio station. But the five of all myself Vicky land grab our friend died Nicole who works in the sales area if we destroyed that at this containment OK giggle and choose a thousand really the right course there are times that things just happened to walk to the kitchen to. What's up guys. And I thought I could pick because I drew wrapping up and you wrap up another just for the Ted Smith is that millions only enough left for once and which you we rocked predisposed Weydedat. And then another woman from sales popular heading goes up I had a trip and get tells you I was looking for. But didn't wanna be the person like where's the food minimizing. I I should also got hurt there was some some pulled pork back here it can't make that need dead this ship has sailed so mr. can't I. Sorry aided Al thanks very much separation anxiety as I hadn't gone well Lindsey wealth and test it yet did thank you thank you. And did tell us about not playing stupid for those that haven't listened to your podcast it's great podcast yourself and your buddy Chris and I to start hormonal. I tuned states are all those places dance I do sitter. Or not place TV dot com. How we are the podcasts. Actually in honor of STV cast of C backing up crazy is that it I I loved would you as a doing and I have no. Communications obviously any kind of work the radio and I figure why not just try to podcasts and and hasn't send him out there six episodes. Almost 20000 downloads de Sion yeah adverse killer bird just word of mouth and just going our stuff out there in bunch stories on my my coast and I did twenty years in your force. And so. The a lot of stories yeah you know down abroad obviously is that it doesn't go lightly we are six different countries redundant. Authorities there urinary you know so many expect great great material and in his a pleasure to do any of his is fun town hall of people on the listeners of our our antics yeah and it's it's cool to see a lot of people who listen to our podcast who have not embraced jurors and really kind of helped spread the word which I think is that I know I can personally get the cool by promote us might yeah. Absolutely you've been nothing but great to me in your good dude I it's funny to some other people can sometimes hit me up. Why norm very active on our page who wound you know listen to our pockets but saw and it's an opportunity for their podcasts like they would be cool OpenId and right now man I'll try deleted I'm sorry like I don't see you. Contributing anything to do FaceBook page. Except for wanting to promote your pipe and yeah no I don't know awesome Nolan won't talk about because they've never had their podcast promoted on our part page I don't. I don't typically get like that but. With this person I did because also his dad's kind of ridiculous that's. I are all wrong. I w.s -- may all right Rampage out jeez seeger he's bitter because his kid doesn't work here anymore so I'm like yeah I'm not gonna help by your podcast man ansari idea if your dad can be a deck I don't know about your dad power behind the music yeah yeah actually let's take Credit Agricole I'm cool and that's a really I've always been that way and anything I do it's always nice to me I have no reason other than to be nice and helpful to them as well it's kind of like the right thing I mean you need to be participant in the comedians tell you definitely are at that point oh yeah I want I want tactically exactly. The tank mutual life hell yeah. I don't. It's. I'm glad you might recognize Sao maybe you don't recognize him because he's now and his Alter ego but I'd read festival. Sal was the man at the world's strongest man if you saw walk around with a giant dumb bell undefined that are not that I. Now I don't know I didn't see you out there do you think every hour some pictures of people post pictures everywhere we must have been in the liquor tender but now I spent most of my day I was I'm an hour all the time as prize earnings TV it was awesome I guess I'll. A while their last two minutes all honesty is for mixed Brett has started. To go Henne get a full cost him the world's strongest man. And I I sold a character oh he Disney World songs to the point where I was questioning of Sao Hudson who looked a lot like him the good I saw a burst the Mike nice now. And then sell walks up to me but our Stephanie sound talking to make all it's clearly south and only thing I could think of me when what and when I say a very good eyesight is like. Did you lose a bet because. It's. No night. And so on and do this all okay. Elected shook her head to mankind is you know buried her face in her hands but I can't believe well yeah addition of so what you were like tired old doing things the guys are now had a good conversation where BS and you're hanging out with me for a little bit and I just. I thought maybe that they had leg may be tab on you because. Our security style as fiery as Kurds there and I walked down hard it is locked in now because they're part of there are a whole Brett that's malls and oh yes sir I -- yes hi I get to my advantage as I'll I'll costume for the next event I wanna go to him -- -- -- all these chicks were taken pictures with dude that did not -- it was awesome golf 15200. Pictures with random people know I saw apple could I would check like the guy hash tag and into -- of -- festival. And everyone's YC a big story if you are not these are people I know you did now you wanted to be like you are the same on the same level of an attraction of the bearded woman. Yeah yeah yeah. He was hot here and she's singularly. It was she had a hell of growth. I mean that was some serious machine hasn't been hot I can't something that I can now. You can get when a woman has a beer guy I can't throw beer tomorrow to get. I saw me and capture all of about five days of a big too busy to take the extra thirty seconds to shave look at this mess there until 5 o'clock shadow there. Well it's more like at 215. Brees or put an Internet know ages but it often agree. Makes you feel makes uncle Mike Ritz Crackers and long mind you now. I thought I. I'm here roadmap for the Hawaiian Islands. Had been up to the wrestler called all the flaws because I got blond to silver in the news. Little chrome guy you had pro once a harness the power of the sun union yank those right now and I let it go I grow what I call the pilot group is real thick here. On either corner of my lips so there's such a mustache again and reverse Hitler. The next round. That's a mass. It's important that could benefit no more song and I'm got a serious this exposition under prediction reverse Hitler yeah I've seen a couple people from her station kind of worked their way into the kitchen I think they still smelled the pulled pork. What do they want given their just sorely disappointed. Which I think is awesome at the disappointments part of that's right go do the whole building slowly pulled pork Julia worst torture I try to get the best torture and all the kids love them assume into the hole when it's due out around and back from the kit and a smaller than in the clothes right advocates are morons like. All this is too rough and I've got edited into yet data that did the so last week we had leaders. We had our winners yet there are delicious now we had so how's pulled pork doesn't sound at all psyched. Backup pump I think he's got. I feel like this needs to be a weekly feature on and they owed it makes gasoline was EST he gestured over the wrestling podcast and never talked about wrestling every once while we kind of dead. Now the base gets kind of morphed into. A local music podcasts to more lifestyle around the world a local music we talk a little bit about local music scene. Obviously we're playing music together there's a definite music influences podcast hostile being awesome being knuckle heads and talk about whatever else is going on. Are we gonna morph into a food podcast that to me do what I'm fully in favor. Renaissance trolley come picturing basically my dog now but just the dog. Loaded with cells pulled pour our my car. I can say you call it the like the Canon meat lover or something but just you know maybe not even an economist may be a little bit of that that's sweet deteriorates TV gracious of you welcome to Wall Street memo swap routes through the Susie it's just really good or imagine that dog loaded with that pulled pork. I'm not opposed to taking ten in Tarance apportioning leading it that'd be spinning all over Carl I want it I'll never know. Me on the action. You guys think does the food continues to flow arms so what's next week who's coming in hello my daughter I don't really always means Augustine is given as to tamales in the past. I guarantees and Augustine. Have to expect that I don't know they are aren't as an idea are so this Saturday we have a huge show it is finally here showed it makes US needs to do is finally your tickets are selling like crazy. Are there should be some tickets available at the door but you know if you wanna be sure be safe I go by and now studio seven dot US or 500 bands and all other bands and their FaceBook pages. Are selling the tickets to avoid the server stern had. Every contract and downed by a van Epps and and why only in the wreckage hum we went to change when we even started a secondary event page you know yeah I'm just to include our branding and Al Borges affording everyone studious about US is well absolutely Hamachi scene with the path of least resistance if easiest I don't know but I think the shows sell really well mom I'm hoping were in for a decreasing at a recreation of last year's slash you're just in saint. Oh my gosh I don't want to Italians are I don't I don't see how thank you man that's Austin's going to be green and we go on right at seven bruiser Brody death so if you're coming to receive the debut of our band. Which by the way thank you for everyone who's been watching and sharing our music video that's so cool and just a couple of days it's already got 18100 views which is great man. It is a lot of excitement do that when I was when a pain went and played we played the Spokane gnat. Friday and then Lewiston Idaho Saturday and there are people both shows are really excited about prisoner Brody on my breathing and violate were like OK you have the stuff on here it. Although there was there yet there was a lot of excitement about about bruiser Brody at both shows I met our our our listener Brandon. All around she was there in Spokane walked up he's wearing gray migs for makes cast teacher are nice Brandon big hugs. Autograph that church took some photos and then not you know IE he was the one coming in for makes fast. How's it you do it all gets a show gosh this is it now I got my tickets some like. So we're having the games of records and stuff he brought us all around a shot just awesome guy but you know as people come and only from Spokane for this thing I think you give. Texas say they've got a friend who traffic. Coming in for this because I mean I'll ask the second coming fans yen tribes got a huge following a minute and himself Travis is our singer. Com so there are some people who haven't seen him perform live would take a full on rock band era in forever so not a big deal you know for those cats as well Sylvia we go on right at seven we're gonna pummel the right from the get go. Doors are just sick SRI army unsure will be aligned there was a line flasher who adores her at six yeah and they'll have everyone that's in line in by five cents an hour yeah so it but you know he had Steve's not line and get there Kunis who are you view show opened 720. Gas we're almost on Bruce wrote he's almost done. Yeah catching our last two songs and as about it as soon as you hear my voice give it to the front of the stage yeah yeah we do denounces Israel and did you guys up there real I think to get people pumped up bigamy William another case of another song off and on the act does Obama you know I think we haven't yet let people hear the the song trouble it's. No BS you right no one's heard I don't know like this one's gonna go over very well. Think we're reform our sources give you another taste of another bruiser Brody summit's coming on our op or hopefully we'll have America. Fingers crossed they may do we paid extra. We pay for the overnight shipping so figures trust we will have the look you in the time than now for big stats I think we well. But I here's another song off of our five song EPA this one's called the trouble is more trouble is on the makes guess let's hopefully this'll playing. Works volumes up too much glee on your phone do it's and I can work. It's a puck. It's. Right there different goals and I kind of laugh. And I were working in the moment of his own right there god it's interesting I have a listen this. You know on headphones yet yeah. So I was sitting here on the you know GTE's right channel on left channel saw snow like oh neat oh wow I can really hear what he did their now what weary clearly in the I was zoned in on most cool lead cars. Comments of doing I GI oh that's interesting all that's on a lot different when the thousands yes and Iraq kitchen in the Cannes film and that song amongst all the other ones that it we've given a taste of almost all except for the ballot. Yeah do we dare you a little taste of that. We could kill at some point I mean I will save it now means. That's a do you do you do minority and empties amount of yards on just your opinion yeah Ali Al how we need him to lose like he's all this started out. Caution Doc Rivers I start here that's OK guys Elvis started out as this fond memory and neither cement. It's grown to this point we're an hour literally have to alert people because there's so much enthusiasm about it. That you know don't be late were really out all over the shows to a quick thirty minutes at this is responding within an almost fly under radar at Plano NCAA does is just turned into this this. The whole other thing man it's it's been really cool to see the enthusiasm about the prime. Really cool to see these do get them from people outside of the five vice during the Andersen yeah I mean you'll be and we're enthusiastic about of Amanda's been somebody really cool people that are just been. Reaching out to me and just say how much to do what they've heard so far. Are bright Darth him from from one to bridge studio sent me a message saying all of sell all of her daughter's really cool yeah and now. As its gadgets it's pretty awesome are all so this is a wanna make the Penney's come off use. Redskins ten driver always. That's not enough just like I guess that's always. I'm happy like the rest it is you buy DP supporters are Brody senator you guys will be playing the ballot live tell yeah okay I I just and is likely only have five songs for every got to make it look yeah. Gotta stretch him out man well I know he's just I've always wondered like which player do you position and a ballot when year when you're playing one lives but say midway through. Usually right in the middle okay what would window pane set. We're playing for about 55 minutes come to close the show. I think the ballot is the eve. Fifth or six on our way out of twelfth. Okay our JA go see these kind of planet like garage need him in the face coming out of the gave one to gaps like three saw genre that just rip. And then they'll even when you listen to a full length record of the ballads and track for attract font yeah and don't mean. That there's a second ballot its way out towards the end so okay the you know and I'm sure will kick around how to run that that's set tonight more Americans are gonna view our first practice a couple covers again. As well wait what I. But since you've recorded we haven't been you know we had a little falling out. How come I don't five guys out that's actually goes Mandela leaving kicked out our base is temporarily well most of Jeff won't be their dad now. Usually usually announced that Jeff Rouse is out on torn torn territory we Tommy Stinson and I think that's sort of a yes how great this is true when Tommy Stinson Tommy was from the replacements Yeshiva Bible base would Guns 'N Roses when dobbs wasn't the basis of quality that. Jeff is the basis for both of Guns 'N Roses racists. It's pretty. I don't say I'm kind of funny so he's sort of brazen pyramid scheme bright Angel goes the job of including us bases base for us and gesturing with them I think with us there opening for the psychedelic first if that's correct isn't really clear Dorsey couldn't pass up on that opportunity understandably so we only had one should offer him that if he's got a hole tore. Problem funny part about that is one of the other members of Tommy Stinson backing band. Is a guy named Steve. Who's the guitarist for the hold steady which is one of my all time favorite bands. And unintentionally were I didn't know because at the time I know that Jeff was going into war. And also going to be a torrid Steve from the hold steady. The music video of our song that's up on YouTube right now. And all the pictures the promo pictures that we've taken a record I was wearing a whole city T shirt that says the whole city almost killed me. And I guess I get a text from Jeff. And just like him watching the video. And I'm which Steve from the holds steady he says nice shirt that's how I. I yeah. Lone goal right now they serve check out our world and I am forever and iFanboy down and never hear back from Jeff cause they price creep volatile food. A lot has been movement who have been Everett threw their shirts. Doesn't sound cool it coming out of my mouth act context it's on the lot cooler I. I just realized through the pyramid scheme continues be cut its. Mom. So we need to find it a sub forward I have right crews on base now Jeff sings and plays guitar in the guessing game and our substitute bass player for the bruiser Brody premier. Is Jeff Reynolds bridge repair key bashed her for a little bit bigger crowd all. Somehow. Got it right out and org chart composed of on line due to abuse so cluttered and they're very really. I think Spinal Tap code base it's good to rehearse trio and as she would you start we're dolphin that reverse they start with dolphins Stinson yes now intrigued now that. We have yet to win based family drill there are Golan by our fifth showed out Duff we take him play bass embers averted yeah of his elderly die because they don't have those players on the you're insured were available were I thought I. How funny without a doubt they go here's the thing play really Syria so we're stoked to have compassion Isuzu super talented and you know glad that worked out that law hell yeah. Keep a news my voice here it's probably don't I ladies bring your face right right. She's. At least to start smelling like a nursery in here and have friends that I wasn't there my dad got all the far it's out of my system yeah that's well. Template and parts are on his hand and south hands the data that's awesome pulled pork they have my wife is not going to be too happy with me on that but I don't you can worth it yeah absolutely so now we have a dilemma now I'm and that sob so we're replying. And Glenn mentioned something right before restarted we need some kind of an intro the heads come out to. Yeah now I know some viewers think first instinct would be won't go with glorious. You know that I have. The butter soft but here's the thing I'm gonna be jumping up on stage with the boys why don't mean Iraqis to play a song with that odds on double and apparently. And this is even before I really wouldn't consider this but so bright and I've recently you know like well that's funny because they believe he's had signs of waiting and they que me to come up on states. He's great at and those. I'm. In no shape to play drums by the time that they're performing and I'll probably forget that I'm even playing with them so hearing glorious and remind me. Steve you've got to get up on stage. Some pretty pumped about. Or not you're not that's voted Anglo artist I don't know how. I think some grief we're most of what he's always play glory is sure of that club just episode was hilarious. So yeah they're they're waiting. So we're talking about I. What are we use like you so window pane you guys usually like some kind of a scene from the movie. We all we know we have some voters instrumental we have a bunch of various light really cool. Like just basically spoken word clips from movies then and we use you do dropped this wasn't you go to. You go to and proper concert it's one of those. Just a little elements that club band some time to reload if you go to any big show. The lights go dark and see some kind of thing place. And then the band comes out and takes the stage the commitments the lights go dark and that same morning that audio droplet Intel has come and come up to the spaghetti Russian -- he's awesome for a couple decades yet but it shouldn't hear cellular at all shows martial art right but the photo way or. Now since that on a club blow hole. Gas price you know we we should do that as often as possible loss sometimes you only do what I have to pay. Sometimes you know you you can't work it out to be done at club level born ever possible for the sake of putting on him show. Here entertainer. Yes we like to use some kind of dropped. Why I think it only makes cents. At Geisinger called bruiser Brody. Alfie had a way to edit like maybe gets my crazy like. Over the top and then make music luckily our voices but then just to use. Over to do Spanish why do I describe the random from all from. I would check mr. brown I hate to my income was you'll be thanking god bill the butcher. Our lives is their iPhone yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think he's decent and didn't call now and it's only be my. And we end up back where I had read that day back then again we're very well. Right you have very well thank you earned him well. David. Whether sitting home grown. Winner no matter earlier okay. Yeah well you do get back to your real. Food that you are criminals who viewed as good. There are a little confused horrified the audience you re just wanted to Israel. Yeah I don't know if I mean you don't get back here. When you're committed absolute. Flat I'm at bat speed and you don't want and all that. Well I'm. Gonna get I don't know if this works is that I don't do I don't care I don't really I like the Spanish won't Japan as the guys Camilla bruiser Brody do little little little bruiser Brody I had to act on it may help or not you know that. Speak about this once in a case feet. Nick would go with them now from Larry the best on a particular day that now go to butchered a fitting way what they wanted to be sorry. Barack. Usually it's best that I know. You've got you to learn laid flat tax if oh and apparently it all over the world. You're going to find out there are rode my hair and next time you're going to go why why go. But. Walked. I'm working here. Our work and he's. Really made me a lot of good money usually aren't really doing a specific but I don't know what to expect that. There aren't good the parking partner and I know argenbright and I don't think that Allah but a lot of a lot of as the Spanish firm hot skillet deal putting your ritual below ritual. The only thing if you speak Spanish you know she says want gossip Dixie all and it's a great lineup. Yeah. I. I do creatively edit this to my cool music. It just 1520 seconds of it. About ten minutes it's great I'm says bruiser Brody you know and that's how it adds yeah I'll just drop in the pro tools include that now yeah. Give him seeing bruiser Brody is much you can't do. I just brought up I. It's. How good is a guy is in agreement the best moment. Gotta love what I'm Jewish led to. He's we rock and a white with a powder blue and white leisure suit with a red tie that's a power tie managed campaign. I. Johnson anything you know how to act and all up yeah lieutenant about. If I had you on TV where I. Hear it here can you hear ya a key. Are we got I'm saving it epithet at the neighborhood I have a clear I added that up to make it sound good but it just felt help make you work. It only makes sense for gold river he resembles sounds of brutal birdie knowing you'll note Tom Edwards and both. So I code part of the dying seal and I'd president or he's had to move equally Taiwan you kill me smalls in the background and I don't think I got it done. Out and we turned disorder. You know but for most playing music or talk to mom makes SI ID when he your quick shout out to our our dudes in the causes not only a bruise or British show where we're gonna have our EP. I studio seven but also additionally the ultimate infomercial not only agony at that but there's small car war activist super Sharon have Hillary doesn't. I that there really is more like three alarm more of five dollars. You can see our hero on the floor for easy pairs of five dollars if you pay the door to get as you guys are doing your remastered are remastered is in incredible eight it's everyone that we led here it's so far has said huge I cannot believe the difference really you're trying to tell it like it's a whole new record so really is an entirely new record anyone that owns a record had it sounds weird like. We're not trying to Espanyol on some from the get more money please. Read by the album because it is a completely. Different experience. How is now how does it feel as you know a lot of people equate you know with the the things that they create as they as their children. How would you we equate having a brand new and. Improved child. Farm. Jimmy had a speech impediment. And now. And now little Timmy speaks in a beautiful clear in full voice and minions and kicking ass at spelling is not exist I had talked about it like that child. Cores tell when Forrest finally random weird crutches of all asks. When did saying hello I'm yeah. And didn't hit it and it follows rod iron and so I didn't put upon demand. The new songs for you Denon. So it it is we're really really said about a rule we've heard here as soon as we literally said I didn't wanna be that guy but I expected to a coal yeah guys right on. Yep and I listened to it went. Good god. So yes and we've got the inventory is in fact our our fans on Spokane and Lewiston. Really got to know those albums they got to buy them this weekend. I but the official release party for Seattle anyway and in the digital release date resource person on line is October 14 two nights so bomb big night for for window pane we've got to. She really cool set plan because it's like. To greet bill were close in the knights who wanted to do some exciting and special things home pumped and we we've put together some some metal les were were weaving. Extraordinarily. Famous and wall known pieces of music. Into our own songs and a few spots and it should be pretty jaw dropping appalled as the point. While so were we really wanted to bring it correct for me access to and for our our re master release party so. You know lots of excitement there on the the window peanuts are held a show it is. It's like getting any judge who could ever have one of those times you gonna we even to two this is going to be disarmed. Jam packed my bags. Now he's behind him and the thing is boom. What. I'm willing July and I don't we met you there. Are you would let that cat out of the back nine your own from Canada Def and yeah I'm not why don't we just steal the moment of duty and honor is it doesn't know resident robbing some of their orgasm or you're an annual. You stole my low hard cash. Yeah. I'm not rocket could I have. And what's great is the band performs it and actually just so there brave new Harley guitarist who comes out a red smoking jacket and a pipe that's. I've seen him get mad trim for this performance I mean girls literally stripped nude when. In front of the stage as Tony does this read and their drummer Sean Sean William Shatner mask is for life. And does this pardon. Jeremy you are more good years it's gonna and you know none of that pretty immediately actually yeah it's really it's it's not logical though it's not why she's here LSU home kids were. Rumored live longer and hers do great things for you girls or little crosstalk yeah. Yeah touchdown raising their only had five. Tony is with more passion we know yet why the subway radically just walk hard is ever possible how logical have a seizure and makes you learn from her underwear how. Now that you can Paula can I curve. I got estrogen there might have been the core former I can hold but I also concerned that could you do lose conscious and really the best we don't listen to his record from rantmaster I have put the sensual and non consensual to me why I got home I'm gonna. Deep and whatever else on the team. Is drags him off I think the enemy and sore dropping this right in the middle who would have paints on the right foot and good disaster around my question is okay yeah it's well put your check you're going to hell would you change student were going to get stroll through this in Britain. Being an opportunity for Winnipeg and do the best of William Shatner during there's that. And sell their bread your remastered CDs usually going to be awesome. Mets are going to be there they've got a new record of it you'll bring a lot of extra cash kids. Tell us ourselves and sperm. Maybe sell a maggot. I don't know what it is only some plus mom that you OK there's a lot of cool stuff to buy from bruiser Brody EPs T shirts underwear. Communicating bewildered reverted underwear brilliant. The bruiser Brody ladies there's no man's underwear. The American tribe fitted them yeah right it's yeah it's like seeing stuff love to shoved into a duffel bag but he. Yet the bruiser Brody dubbed the booty shorts the ladies' underwear. Have the band logo and all the band members' names aren't they abroad on the backside your ass is wrote yeah who'd numbers of Rudy Rudy. The present and she I feel chaotic. It's the same creaky sequence is a graphic I think major is named men's liberate the crack the enhance nannies felt on hearing room. Fact we were never wanted to hit a lot. Depends on the wearer. I get no hard a lot of pride in wearing it then yes and in home sweet home development this picture the way if you can't educate MGM you're bandied about director and sincere and Jeremy John I think those are Peres says makes. But I got a direct I think it's his full name. Yeah that's the glory glory when you go to the MGL. Photos she's ever the end. Snow and I a lot of good iron do you iron down never neverland. The pop up. Somewhere I never wanted to be some not happy about this out. Also exile why don't live Iraqis they've got their big through canyon rendered that's coming out on the fourteenth in school welcome to Seattle debut video it's chiller I've heard a tape they got Tony nightmares copies of the record yes com Tony now listen to it. All the way up turmoil master sessions killer and I'm not really exciting stuff man I tell you why he's cool with us playing a song often the new right yeah. So allow me to get everybody pumped for a this is Tom. It taught me this is my fear because they keep going back and forth with us several of their songs but right now this is the song that I enjoy the most in fact they just released a video for the song is called Alan back. I was why only in the wreckage off to their upcoming record which will be available this Saturday act makes fast as studio seven so let's check out. Why only and the wreckage. Rob kill you on the drums on this record holder and I do they how they are lovely and they are anything guitars are okay you can tell how. It's incredible actually. A reminder of why this whole thing sounds great for him. No matter out of the blow a little room. You're he got out and or why it. Yeah I'd rather have a good day now and again. Quiet you the vast we do love I don't realize that we sit at a screw with you but I don't want him sitting at home are incorporated thinking that were. But the generally the I budget every loses podcast truly gives that we love and adore why guys when material comes to the Oleg why he's on the wall why everything after that I know. When did you write a song about us this is the result of the three day position. So title but I'm I'm I'm. Game full moon right. Bars same minimum. I never noticed this is on the I was like oh this is a nice little sixty hidden track able and actually we didn't do that I'll be mile play for like two minutes in this case. And I thought I'll give these fender Rhodes piano work on this track was was fantastic actually has room there rates aren't Willie's got a very subdued and rolled back case you haven't. Maybe you didn't think it would work with the style that good hello back rob Greg's as he's putting the way in lewd. Aspect that wow I thought that this. I less problems. Yeah mom and Weis. Sounds different to me maybe after being so big it's all just my job five days a week you know. Leaving decks need and the Moroccan and involved in. Look this is serious and rocket and those like you put that together day her out early and man. Can happen and I'm confused by that man made like joy just gone out for you. Rock KS and being. Just don't bring it to celebrate the it's. Going to be hard now are hot hot hot hot I don't have. Need to tighten its. They're waiting closely joined right now by Adam thank you you know it's not gonna be doing another ten south Baltimore who says there's all that much written all over again gets mad. Welcome back to us and explain Adam sticking belies its a its. Time is I had a crowd anyways why do regular is phenomenal from beginning and now props and those guys you've given it hurts is that as well at makes as I think it's about time. Present you voicemails emails and text messages. It's just isn't all just my job by. Is that we can visualize for the first time though they'll like it. In that particular drop Ziggy sounds like a deaf Harrell. Have barely. There. And are. Able. Doesn't while. Edged out there really isn't any good and I didn't in his hands and another immunized Redmond that would delay geez yet out of fresh. Didn't dent. For stuff progressive company we put the. Every little food and yeah I can't believe it when should I can put up my farm rip it. Even beat Oklahoma and number I that's a wow. And now you win. You'll now rotten I give me it's on him man. It and then. There was never could also hit my head down low IQ do in the movies I don't think you can learn I'm. Also was ready to throw me out of the blue smoke at all. Beat your wife and I were talking there's diamonds became a bruiser Brody we played our ballot as the greatest idea for a video for. Our ballot. There's nothing you need for the new EPL one to access the Saturday. So when I was thinking it's can be dark and I can dive bar called dive bars were performing units like the premise of the video but people are in the crowds are alive it echoes reality. And just like reality nobody will be paying attention to us nobody seems to given up about us performing up by its people were really giving are all like work. We're feeling it Travis maybe you smoking a cigarette as he's performing I guess is dark and smoky but as you finally pan out the seeing us playing our instruments. We're not playing regular instruments raw playing kids instruments. Knuckle so who were on apologetic re playing these kids instruments at no point do we knowledge act like it silly. So I'm playing like a kids like hello kitty drum set you've got a little mania acoustic guitarist refer chiles. Travis is playing like a little piano that it will light up like who might bright tank. Kind of really like this idea right of thousands so heartfelt and serious talent got some imagined dragons video for our radio actors Jack that it must bits of the Muppets hit. Hit fighting aha yes and it works. Right because it's like you're not really. At no point do we acknowledge that it's silly that we're doing it we're we're playing Arkansas poll right yes so would I try to take away from the song in that sense. Well for some reason in these dark stingy nightclub. That's a dive bar we're all playing the crappy as kids instruments amended our. So I think is an insult us the ban on yeah I think we can make GAAP yeah and didn't Clausen and I mean why today Kyle. When members of Bob while in the wreckage is cute as one of Mosul piano's. That they lights on and Travis could do the ultra right through the piano out so to disarm them man casts how funny would that be I policy neck it's I can picture it. Yeah I'm kind of ended it right thank you thank you. I feel like that would sort order of the U whoa I didn't see that common and it is beautiful heartfelt powerful song. And the video in and of itself isn't necessarily joke we're Forrest Wright is just. Lol I really didn't expect that it's almost like is that you have this perfect video planned out this heartfelt dark moving video grant colleges. But we forgot to bring instruments but our kids. Had their instruments I don't have kits are fictional kids that aren't well I. Nobody's kid I had twins I stole them from someone else's kids my man you raise it the day somewhere little Jen stands crying because I stole his view we. Yeah I thought about it. I thought that I know it sounds silly ridiculous but I really think that that kind of a video people would share as part of fun to that this thing. Milligram really believe like kitchen Nissen videos is great. Because people will share price if I would fighters as art Foo Fighters done it. Other end that I really saw blood get that. Fireball because of it was our red thing out of a port Clinton they're videos were so over the top and kitsch you know hilarious and awesome that. They were really sprung they get lost those guys yeah I mean yeah on video I remember and on top of an incredible song. And I love that song I think that people would really enjoy seeing it again as a receiver that first read -- video yeah some of the track that so it's it's it's fantastic it basically it's the guys in their very fuzz rocks space rock kind of band com. But there are playing the song and keeps coming awaited them like sitting in the station light in drinking beer. Watching these god guys. Do like fantasy cause play in the park doing like swords and an outcome like an action role playing live action role play. So clearly just sitting there drinking really good fun on so they go home they cut up all these beer cans and stuff than me he's really elaborate suits of armor three out of nothing to beer cans and a good on the part and just kick ass out of these these fantasy role playing people. Who endure their vehicles and you're real weapons. Actually big comeback like morons sordid stuff going on hacking the limbs off the band members of those guys that aren't crying. It's really added it's hilarious that you are being good at its very I give them the name of the song which is global red fang and Syrian find that video and it's just as honest I got a good loss also ended it made that video went viral when it blew up the Bryant. It blew up the band and so yeah and then the second video was just as fun not one. They get a check for their video. And it shows and scratching all the stuff off the video budget all that's funny and basically they just buy like a ton. Harm of booze and then they served by random stuff you buy this beat up old station wagon they buy a bunch of fireworks that by. And so at the end there hammered drug in the station wagon that they would deserted by or are they converted into ten and then they drive thru this giant wall of empty gear boxes in the past. It's hilarious. Call T dude. I. I knew it and I didn't who goes on proper usage property at least I didn't want to result in the face this time smoking a mile area embedded says. And I'll read things calm yes I love you're you're teaching the year you cute video and I think it's Smart I think it was fun that now I think to release a ridiculous maybe they'll hold together black it might have for the instruments some how those are color eyes and know supposedly being panel learn like must hate. Burden hate like hell that is actually the bridge loan working name REP birdie calendar guarantees. It's like it's like. You have that powder fresh sorry and execute Sowells fault he's in the room still feeling to make them feel bad at all are experiencing any kind of a problem here watching this week yes. I had I had a nice oatmeal base this morning trip tonight and I thought oh hello I'm a little saying very little they have bigs throughout the FDA yeah OL did it a little while I nominated or other base there youth. Osama until voicemail. Besides Regis one for a lot of time. Segue to minutes later right and almost like we ever get to this autorads I'm sorry I ever want to ruin the call ma'am I do please boys are taxed 2532014787. Let's check out our first voice mouse. So. There. Well geez I really heard from Karzai Americana. And he's he's drunk when he was just trying to get through us for six months and you know what he probably about a missing a lot of and we know we just never played them. I'm shocked in my house yeah. Hey guys I need your help that since July 2 to bulk up her car Mac. But thank you totally. That's raised birthday was today after mind October 4 so high on my birthday were all. Think. Clinton slipped and mentioned you ask you birds. Okay it's. Personal now I murder at that age. I need to love that you have below OK here you finish last month and possible I don't know I don't know if you think this Cerrato. Or am I did. I put it addresses seat stuff chocolate but sobering overstate it or not. You know it's an ugly. I other birds man dad happy birthday I played for you guys my parents full birthday message that they sent I don't know many cats but you guys need to earliest no no Sumitomo bit of on BJ made Jack but you haven't heard the full thing all I've heard this. Medical quick setup check if it it was amazing open Arizona credible. And the quick set of about this is that my mom and my wife had this. Funny it's not a series rivalry. My mom and she's right. Believes that I'm the apple her hi I'm an Angel and I can do nothing wrong. I'm perfection on earth. And your wife knows you my wife and not for some reason believe that. So when my mom refers to me as an Angel how perfect I am my wife will sometimes laugh from my mom's basement hung out (%expletive) (%expletive) (%expletive) I'm my mom kind of get a little snippy about that like how dare you try and Santos and laugh at my right even if something's wrong in his marriage is your fault woman that's pretty much I don't know why. Yes Jenna child's soul in a jar somewhere around you pull this off. Just by lit a match. Spy living in man I mean you've been around me how it's an authority there's not enough wool in the world for me to pull that kind of war when mom's on how bad what is your brother when I was DRI. My brother was awful call so you have your brother shields let's just say I don't yeah yeah let's just designated bullet catcher but we kept on certain home improvement. The stores in business because my brother to buy an apply good class stir in. The constant repair holes in the walls of our homes because you're throwing him through mailing mommy don't feel like following the ether on being being being yet it's so I saw this or. Most toilets pity love that's slayer and Angel because you were brutalized this and I'm sure I'm an Angel because reverend it was a double. Yeah. He since he when he joined the navy turned his life brownies he learned discipline he learned structure you. Is now all. Truly my hero I mean as far as the human being he's incredible when you were young boy he's brought my stock she'd be delivered percent of gulf. I saw oh Amy and my job and don't anger and we are tired of it as either the wall or my face so. My mom was not wrong I was perfection minus a bruised up face right. So just understand that at some point. My mom and the boy smell needs to keep the breaking. Dynamic which in her my wife going so the voicemails that I kind of clubs subtly directed to your wife as well at some point yes I thought I had a chance I've criticized solve rate. Withdrew lead the world's greatest birthday song. And by greatest I mean the worst. Because my mom forget she's singing the song. And my guy gets a little frustrated with their in the process again it's so fantastic institute grown very area. Hey you hear the happy bird day you're. Lou you know a little green and you are okay here it is he mayors and and I gotta coordinate booted. At all. I'd be happy Berry and a few years. Now among continues to sing a song that is not the birthday song so area. But every special here for you I hope and everything to lose you are way. Let's try you again we know what Sony pointed out there. Public try you again people are I guess you go to bed about eight will try to bully late term. People that. And you'll be sleeping. And we wish you many many more happy ones and you make a very very graphical view of and we love you very very much. Now here comes this is great so far I mean this becomes the song unload this is also looks great from beginning to answer this state just reaffirms awesome I am I. Three and actually I'm here is that your mother and father apparently also they are I don't know about you grow our fan I. And I didn't hit it. You might Davey BA you know I have been buried in a hurry to meet. Here are going to be mighty Angel. Right I love you I love you I'll be back and got a million. He will I didn't know. The waiting for his sudden oh no Palestinian you know I got the cardinal earned run I must I can't believe the view. And it didn't hit it. In my. Elite the pain you know I'm happy day and I are in Sydney yellow are going to be mighty Angel. I love the US you know how connected car and I know that it. He will I David Howell. They'll look at you Melba. I love review by the. Rio. People methods for adorable mom didn't always delighted that it's a word you at the beginning. At the end made his decision he did it ought to all gave it a lot I can't figure Sodom died. I have Bob I really music prohibited by the beginning I was like okay. They didn't find it fast and blue ridge you know as I love all. That's finds his one time I'm on the may cast and I both called our mom's wish them happy Mother's Day in the get mom stories. And my dad dominated the entire phone call I showed this has Oslo it's so funny I think they mile above question in my dad would like all right well that's above lie and then dad goes on to ten minutes. It's match since. Army ham it up on me and for the past collaborated. With us now from we had sex then to read reduce there revenue numbers. I'll go to Israel is fair and laid in his I had the boy are they get delays and is amazing and naturally more casting doubt only you would have nothing zip it's all of but Lou. And honored and. Well I think first and right maybe I should be replaces is thrilled to join the mains gas. The half hour before I would be funny if maybe I don't believe him every week because I know that they actually are prepping for their show. But maybe at least once or twice a month then bring him in just at a random point during the show. And just whatever he wants. This week's was pretty it was awesome on the present we all wheeled chimed in on your that you had that incident would be just that morning regarding clean getaway. Right and that cost so much better ourselves is are you guys know what it was like here's a pump could understand him. They year's topic and go away and we just happen to have thriller the year and yellows and activity was it was hilarious. And then we get a good X rays of rectal foreign bodies that try to deterred twister and I've ethernet over foreign times I'll just sent me a screen shot of you visited the term interest her in spite eaten. We should get all those pictures and have them on a projection screen in between sets up our money's guys hung by adding these things. Is it you're you think Saturday I know right I think people writing and I were really there isn't and it is there any fellow fans. And Elena come in on the elephant's back yes. A beautiful a lot of great idea. No room where he'll get a helpful to both ethnically drink enough. Assuming the voicemail. Treatment. What will America he you to Pakistan. They're course and somewhat call are propped up all of they're not what lighter note my outlook on. If you hear of Seattle in the world and he pressed more durable good old wow what it'll be and why. My answer. Are we were to turn. Oh yeah and Karen well who are displayed are if you're probably retreat where you saw him walk. And brought a couple of hundred. I'll I'll oh yeah there's no Saunders armor plated prayer. Am. And not negative label capitol power will play you know he is just how Eric most and that brought firework. Well iPod volume here Japanese while I got a mud dog however it never went after another then go back. Actually you want to hear a periodic but I. Yes Stevie I think every week you should call put a fund fantasy question I like these grounds are fun for me I I do so one record that you could generate anyone is already saying yeah yeah all right who me and South America you're you're our guest I would guess for only share the will Shatner album with the real Kim Jong-Il. She's a rock and I don't hollow and not all rocket man that Kim would love it out there got him. Yeah. Don't mind. Rocket man. Touchdown breaking new ground. I'm not the man they think I am I'm home loan. Yeah yeah do you run the. We're I. I imagine burning out this news out here alone. It's it was a party from signs are doing the song if it's the pats whoever. Move. Man like my first instinct would be feet no more Angel dust I could passes it to anyone to say and they that's it's a great guy their little model while Bowens. Album to Fuji gives all. I don't know that possess the real through all man who was he given the nostalgia of all come here though Israel and I German all the air Internet archive. I would make it monologue that's. The tricky one what got bottled up for second and might mantra might seem random but I would give siamese dream Q Jimi Hendrix. Com just because what quarry and did sun likely and texture really. On the album so he's user feedback is used to follows his use of octave was. Com. Is really really really cool. Com and I would love to give that Jimi Hendrix good dude check out where this guy win with what you've kind of managed to put together. Limited today ago drew. You know what's a song that's on the it was the single soundtrack and it has like that all of a minute tacos beautiful. That is literally just feedback is controlled feedback the whole cultural solo. It's great sorrow to magnificent. And so it's like of all there's all these amazing guitar players but that's not. I would wanna be like dude you know use of feedback Hughes drought you sent the leg. This guy Billy cordoned. So this took took some of the things that you you've developed. Any took him down this road and so yeah. I had him he knew he had all I love this song sound she'll remember that how true mom like get on the dramatic. Can you play ultra results for Jimi Hendrix wow and Henderson comes into your old man that's amazing. Now I totally wants us all how long. Singles Andre gets two of the best programs on Red Sox I had this would Bob about Brad naturally club pros trust for years law. My story got to a future free of birdies out and I know it's a good player right now I yeah. It's a good idea yeah. And they are less toward the end. No no I want to but I don't but I area I hear your voice is like this radio Edinburgh. Mormons long how. The public has the whole feedback helps her off. And hard to find in the. If it's on this version and you notice. Still four and half minutes in the single sound and all alternate guitar solo maybe it's on this 1817. Yeah area. Oh yeah. We will look at lose control. Yeah I think at this. Very. He's a good money you might remember your records my parents. No no I got a job always. She's a mom and of course from going through. Okay. All those things you figure at this time Hendrix. So she's developing. Figuring out his staying. Who has any idea how they're gonna border or even got a future musician yeah so to be like dude just. What you developed and what you're trying to do you. Here's a guy thirty years from now on this is where you took an hour glamorous. Great call nobody would simply go to man who I had that influence on somebody. I'm more crazy. Soundtrack that features this song your single soundtrack. Could be one of the greatest offer small car you buy that for a dollar award at my house and see. Yeah ratcheted us up reference. I Pearl Jam. Seasons at Cornell song. It's all relative you know and our first introduction to arm Chris Cornell as much food six store all this the season yeah. He's to cover this year he'll on twelve string only it's it weird to me it goes away after about 200 to do. I decide to part buyout Paul west river which segment to be using varying versions this off. That whole movie they're the best dyslexic card. Story. I was the first time my sister and brother in law came to see how. Our guys and we're doing had kind of failed to do here here's the space suitors this is wall of death it was wall I'll go home after announcing. I hope thing and then I was like the single houses singles house appear on Capitol Hill. And we had a hell of a time finding it. And and they Buick Allison Gilman and we'll close close close and I don't listen listen listen. Cool. Our clothes were good out. They can't sing in that damn Paul Lester bird song. As we circle these neighborhoods that listen we find it find it. We've we've we've found that he never work. I'm really afraid of this it's. Kind of makes you wanna take my eyes out with a spoon. I've never been a fan the replacements and a lot of people love their replacements. And I loved garage rock come up hold steady which are hard to dislodge as a replacement to have to let me just put him on the subtle body. It sounds like an alternate version of the friends sound track this big salary cap yeah I mean exactly. Will do little to bubble gum from him in battle ever more Foleo without Arnold's mongers just thought it was a mr. frivolous and he's got the singles multi platinum on his wall this. Brett really knew this was captured liar and I believe to be okay hotel followed by then which is featured prominently in the singles move and Brett next god Brett for many you know him as the Al make surfer were diverted. We've made good song can. Can come wounds and much. Yeah I mean if anyone's covering zeppelin. It needs to leave it there Wilson sisters. You also got off. We cancer chronic. Or enjoy your monologue home birth ritual an incredible sound garden all. And my. Arguably top five program song of all time in my it is relevant drug delivery truck then progressive also has shown an outbreak of rats makes the whole song I arrest. Yeah let's just got a lift his killer stones. That aero DOS or lead. This is all gossip going back and realize yeah I'm certain sausage and a man yet. Those guys are the primary writers back then and I'm just sit back your tolerance. The setup and this really cool you've got setup where. But this number and the turn. The school musical. This definitely coming your songs back easily could've had anywhere local farmers here I mean I didn't have that mother love bone. Thank you if you that you fill the model won't bow and arrow of writing. Maybe you should do you Trojan fan I have so much. So next besides ten's stuff. Let's Sendy Rleal of the songs called like a river. Bomb threat was doing some stuff with Jeff at the time even play that music dealing remember this word he gives us. So you know and I know it's out there I got from my dude from Japan. But cameraman was like I don't even know the song hounding recognize how crazy that you've written so many songs not forget we. You're 25 were probably 27 years now yeah but I guess gum if you have lost dogs that box and I got the original. Are the ten workshops come. Totally on Obama yeah I'll offer you that she'll blow your mind because you can hear it nearly oh yeah this is definitely. Is it sounds regardless of the ftp demos yup you can tell it's clear that's definitely from the ten err yeah Ahmanson warrior who saw this. Still love and trust obviously I love this rift. Talk mud on the overblown. Waiting for somebody another story Paula first song. Then of course maybe if you I've made if you love Jimi Hendrix which is why I decided to go Smashing Pumpkins thing. And not nearly lost to these people used to cover that you into the ball we saw. One of the greatest songs. Harry is really top to bottom rate minus two awful lesser results a perfect sound guys are fine start why didn't so they'll hold a candle to any of the other side. Pleasant thing to his back in the day you know. You can buy this on TV. You had to hold fast forward down when those customers while this played well I had a bad or has not alert the lawful. Or you get older that's corporate and I think you don't want to do it the composition of the movie Heidi you do that allowed a scoring. So I guess who they're throwing a ball might be and this is all involved for me I'm sure people love those songs a little too pop for. The army Leo it is true that number for for the first full week. We went down the singles rabbit hole. Obviously his song honor. Yeah. What's your head. Little EP from the sky that you'll never ever heard of because he sings about acts. I'm winning this way this this song is called thunder catch this guy is I am Mo show who has won it in oh yeah yeah yeah. I mean this is rad because I'm colluding in the fancy pitch yes yes that's really it's called thunder cash. Oleg Jimi Hendrix and Billy Corrigan easily blend Jan Angel look at a guy. We'll be it would cover mrs. injury I. Stand. And I happen. Let's listen again. Yeah. Can you talk about snuggle in and playing James yeah actually after the cover of the EP at him with his fourth carry yeah it is on her eyes. Most show I'm trying to towards. I don't like his style of music was the subject matter it really makes you think yeah I thought this somebody twittered immediately by the album. You create. But as of all the he's been given Susie yeah that's what is fascinating. Are you guys ready to see the greatest Halloween costume of all time I don't know what do you do how does that remove all the I have kids. I hear you go to. He's got here there's a reason salmon strap you and I thought your odds we'll read those currently. I must not even from his tail got demoted or not. I love all zoom ahead. Ha ha I actually got that PetSmart. And this article now. Did Agassi yet we got our we got Carl Dennis Carl's a costume and he's going to be a B. In all probably gonna make it up so he looks like hour be costumes Michelle and eyes like a zombie yet the zombies are gonna have that. I just hope that day of the cast nine to be too mad and as sack come tomorrow when you saw the picture removed he wasn't very excited about this yet area at all yet he's got you down with it either bag I was losing to get her the lobster off I don't know why I want to however be things I like to eat the. Case but the Los drop it involves or put out a little good beyond. And like things are had almost emotionally wearing boots so we will have a student I think Jack is fine with it. That's like car a week is of there's a little tiny hood on indeed the bee costume. If it accidentally falls on his head he just starts backing out and he just like backed up right into the wall at the really bad thing if I could have really have those cats they try to eloquent particular shame won't let me try to just no way Doleac gags that would hats we've had to do costumes with Carl with hats and stuff being cover that. Someone or maybe this is a future costs in pristine even you're seeing in this health Coakley. I yeah yeah yeah and I'll and I'll agree out of the yard Dix burgers from Hannity and and hormones disturbing holding draws you've ever received suit of dawn news he's like good Dick coupons yeah. He's a brother I Bonaparte caucus there isn't well there's a lot less harmful than I thought it was hilarious in the guy's just a giant do push. In all white not I'm an amateur I had seen that that sounds straight man that you actually pretty funny because my sausage party and I think it's. I think a lot better in my OOZ. Sausage party is hilarious and really good idea why he is my wife dawn on us you know obviously and only in Iowa where you are again. You wash it together and it was kind of like a requiem for drew dream like after watch requiem for a dream really that was amazing. We I don't ever wanted to edit your gas I would just party and the housing that was amazing. Ever worn a watch again Tahoe you're not around it what it did jury it's into the sea where they're all at the end they gas sort of celebrating and I don't have no spoilers Reitman do you need to see this RS I'll watch it and I'm gonna go ahead and recommend that you don't. Watch it it's all positive we watched the trailer in the trailer put her off. Calling in on her leg we need pursing this in first musical number will completely and utterly horrified her yeah yeah yeah it here. You'll notice did you watch it with you though with you want to do yeah yeah and weeds she had a blast but again it was kind of a same reaction of the well we did see this and we saw the whole being through. By a yeah wow that would reset their holding hands just jaws hanging open like how did that gives me yeah how to get this past the censors is it because it's cartoons this is an rated X. I think so who are good but even at that point it was astounding because it is animated. But then you've got those every time as watching this thing am just thinking. How. Dare people who brought their children Zach Owen who do not get her I know no better word and it was like after that first musical number. The whole brutal light just utterly brutal. All the preparation and that's a pro Barbara is very tiny should. But they all are passionate denial why would they feel like they're going to be way more epic until they come out birth Steve you know why it has yes of the their plug in air a little player Aaron yeah he's gonna push again he's gonna blow aghast to all of the bad guys guys talk a monster resolve it back in fifteens I. How we got it. We recommend sausage party also recommend you don't want you with your spouse and I'm definitely not not over either. Her heart I really over no irony that it's a set brilliant fair you really see undress I was baked out my brain doesn't let you beautiful life. No I can't remember from his I don't care writer Tony I would I can't ever stone cold sober. Wow and just say I don't know I I don't know how would have been able to handle that it has the jaws of that for a deep yes I can't I would I don't got dismayed I can't believe this film. Are we another odd Texas once today migs did you catch the rams and Seahawks game where one of the announcers said that they Dick Wilson. And if you guys cockpits are not there is obviously he's at the human CD deck to Wilson already meant to say sack Wilson but his tennis paying no obvious play if he would just take it out it's pretty funny. That's what. And sold like I imagine. My dad Roy they Malaga they really screwed him over who does it all the victim and a half. It and got Clinton lying quit Dick can Wilson does the mentally and that's what he let the thought they give man. Decor yeah. How bad. Somehow the name of our band. You're just I must say the sausage you know further Wilson is not hot dogs they got the talent the voice that yeah he has Tyler how delicious it was certainly yeah is Wilson's ya well no there infopath exactly had thought you enjoying up big dogs yeah old Richard had. There I don't see how. This is in recess until I love it if that's what he meant to sums it all that bad typo or he was to listen you know mess our time I walked in the play they truly led big Dick Mitchell let him back. Will it be great if when you and go to Carson they were so like that whenever a game and see how they itself. I granderson was in LA but let's just pretend it was in Seattle and they still gives peace deal. The throwing of the fish could be great at that moment they go in they have a cut of like people waiting in line and Dixon if I. They're better at certain commercial Wilson good. Promoted Dicks like eating humor all have their Big Brother yeah hi Tom Dick Wilson third with. I think via email. All Alex he you know me into today is one of those happy birthday where's the cake with a picture and often he takes tonight for the I blew it out here far through there yeah are clearly people from Carville still not knowing this program although I did learn ad man geez they do frozen yogurt. I cakes is that acceptable I would totally. How frozen Siemens it is weird bizarre Osaka Tokyo press terrifying cookie puss cakes men. I just. Like it's like nightmare food I like I like frozen yogurt and I love all those things I just don't know if I can get behind a for a longer take. Eight it just sounds truly yours they felt some of them are like I can tell the difference they taste just like I had I had one who was armed. Or you know. Cookies and cream. Really it tastes just like Oreo cookie cream I scream okay earlier constantly laments she's couple times with this is all I've been whining geez in his crate that was crazy yeah I really enjoy them and wish they had more vocation is to be vertically obviously I think the Gilbert KK for you hat I really a big fan of the ice cream cake. POL. I can put on the love their armor rice featured traditional voice. Delicious opulence cake no not me I would much rather cookie puss over regular new pound cake and he didn't. There's even some things can change the bed only I don't may create you always ask me all this way or the con LA and the the Honolulu again now. I need. OK okay. Is there. Yeah little Leo also wears bare hands it was dolls what do you love them. Do that. I'd like you want to know losing to have many more it's such a disappointment always picture these small Ford Pinto hatchback access for the bell bottoms the gremlin good Amman and follower of the stone mother you know with our real loud did you called cookie twist moist. Nuclear program in place so length. It was slow drive could could you perceive feel that. Can put you won that game comes for me story. The next turn it over there. And yeah. And I come in and you know black. Cooking course will be given this very comment on Putin or Cleveland or if you call this a total free number. The background music cluster of Barry look like. It's the army shooting what. But you know all this like money until he pushed my friends call me sepia look at friends call you cerebral palsy look this isn't making sense. And when two of them get down when he visited DP on CB. I. Are you. That's what we need to colorful and down DP LCP acts yeah and in the end we cover The Beastie Boys soccer. TD. Why Donna rabbit hole cookie person. Yeah I you can find it could keep was doll on eBay for about 25 to fifty dollar really ending a and that's about it and our own stage and there's not very many of them on their 2.5 bucks aren't worth it I Michael on eBay saying don't want these it is Karbala still business yes yet they're still doing it they're just to follow us Twitter. All I know actually it's credible so damn falling and we don't forget that's good but I'm personally is take. Well are a toy well here's the thing you can't because you can't get them anywhere but come on now here what does that could people as Kate now. Yeah ha why can't we. Thank you creepy is true. McNamee who loses one of those ice cream yes waffle cone thumbs down you remember this bro. It's not really a West Coast thing eaten I remember our. Remedies in commercials man and the best be dead budget well which is basically just that it could guild cookie puss. But in a difference they moved to a different way there's the budget and there's fudging the whale earlier well songs everywhere yet who hugged me bear I never know what eight ugly bear. Cares for me the bear or hungry hang in his company knowledge and I'm seeing some customized cookie puss cakes for the put people's names on oh yeah if we can do that for Steven he's head would explode all do but we wouldn't we would card his corpse away UNC romantic crime makes fast. You surprised him with cookie twist it's huge we can't have public could keep this if Chris could keep its float around a better space. Brother. Can fit it didn't hit it out of my mid value and and that's to. Is gone I have clinched this is going to be years screen saver of future future we're gonna get a based on what could keep what's on it. I'll be right after we Buick there are several shows that through through our man at the switch that it could look at this as college student blue screen written all over it and I wanted to see the greens green now Baghdad it was a blue screen yeah. And I am I carbon could keep us up at bat that we thought she you know weekly news. Did this. Called JT and see if you can get the CD's backed them and how we write five more songs you know we put out the peace cookie critics. Don't want perfect circle now yes and no 1% and Eminem Rihanna would put on a full length it is really just the two week he's cookie puss vs bruiser Brody yeah. Nice to be angry match yes yeah anyone comes out alive strike in which everyone that is we become you messed up you know of cookie person murdered Brody in the shower could fall and I can grunting millions off stabbed him with a lawful and look at the appointed part of the waffle cone fuses bloody ice cream cake stagger out of the shock horror it's. I'll too far I would like to apologize. That is they're probably this mantra. Accurately as a whole Spanish guys are awesome and. And who is on. Oh man you're absolutely right that is rad. Set another voice now here we go. On the Emmys get it. Think I'm so that might seem like a small band but she sounds that's kind of I thank goodness I was definitely thanks a government. In like a small band but I just got any TV and I remote doesn't matter where clay I have to hold it and now here at all that net on and it just jive Britney is he anti. If you compassionate guy that's a good man you know I have to hold the wheel this angle to turn the hospitalized as Warrick as well that pretty much just you. That's a good terrified little glow worm supplement. Why do I ever rule out before it Comcast has recently switched remote control so now they're more like a cell foam problem that kind of like infrared when I don't know. Whatever it is we used to be where you had to hit like the low bar on the actual cable Monahan gave the team well the way our coffee table wasn't in my couch the coffee table blocked. The cable box so in order real change channels on my old I had to hold it up in the air pointed down and then we now yeah now we had to do the same thing I am home Linda works her apartment there was sunglass store also picture frame depending on the placement in my brain plaque today and I I'd aim at that picture frame of big bank yet. As credit I almost but I guess they sell some delay it's almost agony commitment and an extended extender. And he's gotten I was gonna get one I don't know I think you know we're not getting an extender. Further removed zero hole Stephen lift your arm and I suspect this is that you have children CU makes him bad press the button I was my asthma control he they don't have game channel eleven CL I guess yeah like embattled Somalia after the first ones to give. That TV's had a remote and it was back when so the thing was. Good god it was like the size of a deck of terror caller yes and you hit the button to go back. The US where you're at your vision would billboard for a second from the radiation and admitted out. But the dialogue that TV would actually change flick I'll do adhere to ruin the rotary dull I'm I'm never heard of that group. Look look at Jay Beagle chocolate chalk talk and you I would like your sister's hair has fallen out. I have been ahead and I am yeah but they've my grandparents were the first ones to have of the TV with a remote control was really grown. My grandfather and it has something similar law when the early stages of remote control before they were really remote control labor were wireless. So it was a wire attached to a remote control yeah sure yeah and so it was a long enough wire that he actually Colo hole on the carpet. By the TV power sneaks. The wire through the carpet I'll send her come up right by his lazy boy the only problem was. That meant nobody else could use a remote control he had enough slack on that not all that's not a problem at all a thousand times on my grandfather very Smart man. It's a royals is prominent guests either remote. It's not physically possible I'll talk to you oh crap it doesn't go any further in my own hand. Our we had a beta Max player and I did hit it had a hard wired remote. Our medium ham and paid. And that was last heard figured out that I can take certain programs and then pause them. Amazon calls on all puzzled puzzled the static the mile downstream. Usually you could rub one out to that through you and I certainly am so and so is but in the bikini out. Yes this is easy people who ladies these kids have no idea they had it we don't work for are probably average not yet at an important was like do the Bucs not even that blurry in this one I can I but I do this the greatest big treasure trove. And I've found was my uncle who had gone to gone to the Coast Guard. I've found his stack of Playboy's in my grandparents closet Coast Guard poor fish. She says anyway have me in my cousin merges taken out knowing that if we ever got caught we were gonna get. And so much drove home worth it yeah absolutely. Real and oil and there's depressed she won't pay I remember shoplifting pornography and was like worth it. And enforces the dumped at my parents who beat me to get. Were worth it. I saved all mine I stayed on my MI oh yeah twelfth. In so I don't when he going to peering catching embarrass or adding to Matt Myers is are on there and pirated I have all these great my inherently you know yeah. After June like my wisely asked disgusting and he's gonna do it yeah I mean in a matter of it's a girl garrison. Yemeni. That's kind of cool like I still have I still have a reasonable collection of just all the over the top customers stuff those are on the I have a reasonable question Playboy yet. And one of the one of the unique greens Israeli held onto was I have a few regional appearance of Pam Anderson before she was cosmonaut and hand it was hot back then later she was enhanced global war in his global warming I have all the Pam Anderson ones. Because it was a different. The one before she Randy surgery. And just streams Kennedy in this funny beautiful terrorist casualties woman who. You know each active duty is going to pass that on your boy you must all be I guess you think when you know I've moved the might get it sounded like this and scientists. They didn't do it now yeah yeah Steve -- be irregular and lights are bad Ayatollah warned manner that I got to the I. Virtual asthma Brothers you know in a weird way out. Yeah I love the fall today are from very. You know just the virus from some computer you attaching it from a magazine that you soiled Tony here's I don't know why yeah why you know you want to have her tip yeah I think he's looking like it's march 1993. And a white was the celebrity skin and I think I still have that slipped to one way to Galilee launch array of cheating you completely make all of Hillary or Enron drama soccer in my team that won my fair. Out of the library. That was really cool. That was really cool. We're reliving all this what I remember do for me when I remember really cable box and if you went from a dead I had an AB switch to it if you DDB switch. Some did you catch a deuce he scrambles second of porn. Soul in order for me to have my happy moment. Are putting more moron click click click yes like I got more over worked out in my left arm they're tired arm I felt like about the Libor plus. Sosa joining click for victory governor have my stomach feels like. Let one go one way one going the other way we got a least grin a little box when I was an early teens and we Imad and pat and I we have the spice or network and spice was porn results migrating awesome yeah I was cheering and they G rated well she G there was never penetration right but then they eventually did switch to penetration how I can tell us this is very creepy I understand. I and then eventually after 10 o'clock all bets were off. I only know really my dad eventually got arrested and this is before these are digital cable owners more analog he got orders to scramblers no I think it's now. Point where he can't get arrested for it. A strike a hundred bucks you got this box had to scramble that he scrambled every channel on cable yet all the pro life is a month called got to same deal blue humor highly illegal yeah he legally dead including spice. And the spice channel eventually did switch over to be full on do I come home from college. I was always accent were my parents who leave the house for a few hours fat despite saw wood and known to stop despite I would record all on one VHS I have plenty of stuff to go back solidarity CNN is demonstrated presence of evil or tape traders and wrestling are the teacher at a record now loans never alone Bono once you're given out. I never won it back no ball. I have with a few friends really dude I'm so sorry man my mind my video cassette player ate your tape and I'm like near liar Oreo. I did it ruined it. Really really know ruined saddle up seven forms on the air than a couple also excerpts of Rwanda from USA up all my land around and saw pat Ryan Howard grab anything I could use pure eye candy yummy. And so what did I got ten hours a contest on and you tell me. You've VCR 82 degree and you can't pull out and really had any disposed of the do you root themselves Charlotte hall and well located. You know this means I can alone anymore porn swallow when you want it's like a twenty minute like. Yes yes somehow or other some untreated Miata and I actually have seen a John Holmes warned. In the film qualities so terrible and you know them the music was hilarious. Army and it was almost disturbing to watch because it was just. Grohl in this particular film was performing palatial on him and taking the entire unit. Yeah and washing that it was a clown car for football near watts that dog collar. I don't know her head it's always arms like. X name of the next bruiser Brody PP clown car for the wrong bush you don't want to not I was born. Weren't you John Holmes movie was the first adult film that I saw I was a taboo one of those movies that make you feel about yourself that's the thing I wanted my expectation I does that was the that was the bar but I. Now we've got a lot par for the course and low well and I always not in high school I'd I had the smallest packer assistant because. Some Obama looking at this filmmaker while. Mike doesn't come anywhere near mine me. You know like. I. Thought we had no idea okay records because of. It's is so whose theme that you would talk to buddy easily oh you know how good they're really tell you leader bro dual view we have no real right. You had no one could help more researchers did finally. It. You got a natural right rebels they're our analysts are right around my my fear would have been admiral Mike all really. And that's mall I'm now it's like I'm not sure. My there was John Holmes what is tack in my durable and that's fairly bomb out belly but no mere and he Wright you wasn't packing much heat for a goat. Right yeah did Britain are still an email we got you know I'd I didn't look at it usually shout about it. Al ash Paula derailed this is about do we know paint Spokane shell from Brandon. I would saw bro. Brandon says you guys put on an incredible show out here I'm in Spokane it was an honor to drink with the guys to get the CU play up close. I knew when to see you guys for so long did not disappoint I can't wait to see everybody take the stage next weekend at mix fast deposit producers Brandon and. Okay that's awesome indeed thanks for the love and support thanks for hanging so late that band of forest took. What thirty minutes plus to get off stay tall they really bound us com hey good do dat daddy and then in the is so. I always loved decrees Eddie Bauer who's been in mid Millie Benson trying to wonder kid to consumers ready to our comb over whatever may be moved up. But my fear things at one time we saw I think I think we played right before that and we Fisher said he was all right thank Peter Parker. And then all but impossible clot for Danish off the stage. I'm happy talk about another young man goes into the bin. Or for getting their stuff up decisions quickly as possible yeah man so that's a sign of respect but Nolan did your urine for much. You know we had fallen it was awesome play for the people who were there was rad people stayed sports and really really cool. What you're gonna see here in Seattle is gonna trump that experienced type about a hundred going to be time big stage big PA gorgeous in house lights show choirs. We expect showed to be really Alter their wing leaders leaders between armed clown car for ball right outside gap behind OK Gerri big guy that's I. So he had did much love greats of media and now last year the seven viewed for trying to show us on mean an ice. Odd today than I was Rick I'm Brandon gone those who Brandon Bass says don't trying to hold back. I'm thinking the whole closet every night I didn't Clark global act fast to catch you have Joker good wins or anybody hears a who live alone. I know voicemail listen tell us. I'm quoted deputy. He also American news or broke that there's no there are drier and it includes. So it can vote on a field sobriety test and it says that guy Adam. Give me you know trouble well keep it from from the sense correctly and that's well. I have a glass side. Matt below really which one they got a lump all of us. We've basically is arrested him at their bird are either people. How the whole you try I was waiting I thought baseline on my dosage Ohio yeah. And for some weird reason the minute he start of that that story. All heroes. Well all girls appeared. Even now. A tribute I had the whole saga as a deputy was playing in my head how. How are only told that story. I guess if you're drunk that's the only time when you don't have any eyes they were you're too good size to think that it's time to drive and losing doesn't think is a kid passes tasks are gonna glass sigh hey that's pretty good I'll remove the guy which I which which one both loan. Austere and again Smart Car no all IA issue here and around Miami yeah I get it I give it Marla Martin Campbell well right now let's say out in every community now. I overcome Toby. 3 I am not add to our aren't as excited. My name grandpa had turned out as a clown. And it did me in a row though and McCain are night and much. Cook at one point desired and result there's a mile she doesn't sound hot she sounds cute. Yeah it's adorable girl extra fees sound small but 51. Right anyone picking Obama's magnitude I had ambush and then she's scared of clowns and then my Graham Paul and then when she said chase started first thought she should heat. Like duct tape and now as it fit me do it James drop yeah. And that edge he's me at a round Olympic chain are. And I little my own real. And I don't attitude and both of like let's stare at IE will go either and let yank attacked. More hurt. I likes green and I won't ball. I'll do a simple in my pocket and I can at at at the end this one I don't understand the fear of a clown do you have a just saw asked. I don't get why people who have never had any kind of dramatic experience for the clowns that are so creeped out by clowns this people may county Graham Paul by the way. Not phony double your call cool. Yeah who do you think that was funny for item dull moment Tony Fernandes good terrorizing an infant girl dressed as a clown with any change songs now calling our podcasts -- tell us some years later dramatized. Not funny grandpa you did you know that might actually in my in my grandfather Tommy but to swim monk is on the water wind kid the blue water wings on had been the leader Juventus of Muster the cat inner tube suite so that inflatable Sylvester had notes and the filing is it can swim and yeah each grab me gently and pulled. That was its web mall and I think Jersey's Zetterberg along here right now smog there where I slammed FFF halfback at. And I have no fear of water Garrett. But I think it's a Graham plot things. Among blue moon. And for a cause investors to lose you stand with him. These pictures mean with a little suppresses the inner tube around my waist and had an inflatable semester ahead. That's up in front I don't water wings and outgrow I don't doubt about it immortal I'm Wilson bastard that's that's in the long though if I fight a take on the whole world oil and water wings on the communique did. To my kid at least 42. I have it but I'm not sure what else. As you're an adult male your your forms of the colored pump on the way. Did the right Chris I feel is a digital anchor on the move forward it's in the pool and a Connecticut today that they don't want to go swimming. We got one more email it's out that subject needs serious advice from glad you know who. Don't pick and a defensive Jeremiah. Our guys first of Edinburgh based Deere I apologize in advance of this long email my name is Jeremiah and you guys remember when I called him I certify that the my girlfriend had been having an affair with a doctor. And that's yours with and was yet totally remember that. They've got better for the most part I thought and neighbor ran to Glen and a Metallica concert and win the US if things were. Better are happy to finally say yes bossi told me last week that she checked out of our relationship. A while ago and can't do it anymore. Apparently she met song last month while on she's made her want to Colorado. And says that this guy is that the it says is open their eyes and wants to pretty much give up on trying anymore. She insists he's going to pursue this guy that's 300 miles away but I'm torn on what to do over ten years of ups and downs to throw away. She told me this Saturday and left the following morning the seer database to quote the clear her head. Don't know what that's supposed to mean the dad bought last minute tickets for them to the concert with. With the shooting and thankfully thankfully from being up all night the night before she fell asleep and didn't wake up in time to go. Quick aside hot shots a lot of our our we don't listen to the podcast yeah who was there with his friends. I mean I didn't realize until a site to heat Jimenez group they all got tattoos a small. On the highway 99 signed tattooed on their forms run their wrists in an honor of just. You know why. The people that are lost not ot that my heart sink at him realized that he was at that show I don't off degrade. Around that time yeah I have been by MM glad to hear that Steve okay. And his friends and family are as well. So the question for Glenn is. We keep talking about being sit down and out in trying to keep your head up how should I approach this in hurt so bad in my home by myself this week and I can't sleep I haven't eaten. In a mosque to what to do she hasn't talked to me much since being down there all my failures in life for servicing him putting me in a very deep hole. I'm most. I'm almost afraid to be alone and yet I don't wanna be around twenty people trying to tell me what I need to do. He gave me great advice when I met you we talk to the tractor back in December. A wanna fight to turn things around and start over but I don't know where to start and and how to start when she gets back Aussie guys that makes us next week I'm hoping. I'll be able to actually drive myself without thinking about all this love you guys help keep me going in times like this thank you guys from Jeremiah. Well to dodge. Man here's here's the thing viewed. If she was putting you through hell as a result of some extraneous circumstance where. She is awesome but sadly has bipolar disorder she's awesome but Sam les you know hooked on heroin or has a substance abuse from you know I mean. Those are things that you work with someone to conquer in combat and fight for the sake of low if it's there. In this situation man in and I don't know but dude. If I were you. Kit let half only way from this girl. And here's the deal starting over is going to be scary. And it's gonna suck. Being alone is going to be scary and it's gonna suck. You're gonna hurt. And it's going to be awful and you're gonna cry and it is going to be bad it's gonna feel terrible severing this time you're breaking throwing away ten years. It is gonna hurt like hell. But think you me as right now you're an open wound. I don't know if you were had the pleasure of receiving staples or stitches. But it hurts. All like hell. But it stitches that wounded shot see action to suffer more to be in the healing process if you get one I'm saying. And then that's why stable web losses for every podcast. It got worse it's not lie he makes me helped calm in the dude I'm sorry but do not. Don't give her the power man she has all the power and she is Conning you and half an and I Anderson. Did I know I've been in situations like this in a bid in in the east. Abusive relationships I've of how to Lotto Beano before and I'm I'm a wife and a lot of really rough and challenging experiences and Blagojevich helped raise her kids for years. And I lost her and the kid anyways. Painful. In a way I can then years later she tried to kind of use the child to be back in the I'm talking. And I never brought that up on the firm for no good news for the and the dude you need to take the power back and say you know one. I've given I've tried I've fought and now you don't know when you're checked down you need time to think I tell you what let me help you out unique need more time to think. I'm gone in and he had to get a place together it's you have to move there's going to be money it is gonna suck dude it is gonna throw your world into chaos. Do you get that out away from. Her best foreign a couple of years you fast forward studio look back he'll be like I am so glad I went through that crap you look back and you wanted to put up with the most way better person Canada happier place does that mean he no longer really summed it up in my opinion when he said that things have gone better. Why you are fighting for her Portuguese doctor did he thought things had gotten better during the time. In the relation of when she fully checked out so yeah. That to me is the ultimate sign posted out of their right because when you thought it was best was when she did seem to care about you anymore that's the reason why got better is because you meant nothing's there I sounds terrible but is it something you meant nothing to her at that moment I know that hurts to hear. But you deserve better and a lot of times people say the grass is and always greener. But he in this situation it is the grass is way greener it's beautiful it's awesome severed everyone I'll see if she's SNL is full of dog poop. She's got ignoring his self esteem yeah she's destroying yourself image of self esteem your sense of self worth. You've invested so much and trying to save this and I bunch we all deeply respect that man. Bought it is time. So she had an affair EU decided to try and work it out if all things are cool now she's and I checked out long toll on him at the sky other William second guess things dude. Pull the rip cord get out and it's gonna be messy and it is gonna hurt. The dude take the posh you're giving her so much power real. And look they took power back command chipped away from her brow. And look inward towards yourself and what you want it. Two to having your own life don't look too find another relationship right away now look to say your sales correct and then now once you find that you'll gill get back into the swing of things eventually but what viewers toward. Yourself before anything once you feel confidence and self worth and a proper way again. Women man it's like a dog with a cannon I'll pull man they sense it I guess it's called high pro glow. Our sits so funny man if if you're getting Obama lots of girls and your you know you're having sex regularly and all this kind of thing you get the hi pro blown up view of my favorite. I went insensitive whereas if you're having trouble with girls and your low self esteem patients that few. Yeah bomb so yeah rose right thank you so short on humor confidence back you're supposed to and accept the shortest poisonous men separate yourself from her that group is po Ed do. It's going to be hard and I know this process may not be the advice you can hear but I'm telling you viewed. It's gonna be like removing diseased limb. Just cut this cancer out of your life and it's going to be hard but once you start to heal. You'll you will look back you'll look back and six months a new kind of Cubans should tolerate bright are you stood tall rate that don't let yourself be a dorm. They are rethinking amended their disabilities and you're still a direct I can live awaits those ten years it could have been BO now I had this opportunity for about whether I think you brought up though and in the email that I think you need to also not be afraid to say to your friends because it I did you do need to be around people like do not. Let yourself go into a hole by yourself it's not good for your mental state. Spend time when your friends if all of your friends and it's funny 'cause here we are giving you much advice. And I'm about to say you know for your friends that keyboard and give you advice to sound like you don't wanna always have people telling you what to do. In those situations when your were your friends and they're trying to tell you what to do just politely say look man. I need you right now to help me get my mind off I'll talk about this little stiff drink right I I don't and I've done that before past relationships have ended. And I'm out some friends they wanna do is dig deep and I get it's it's it's interesting for the other person's then there's something fun about hearing someone else's misery and you want and everyone loves and what you hanging out with some type. Okay that makes sense but you know I really people love did gossip or love to hear the dirt to an end and all that kind of stuff. I don't think it's a bad things to say hey look. Actually my mind off things ma'am trying to have a good time I've done that with some of my friend from Michael Geist our feelings haven't hear you guys tell me what to do I just. As we get trapped with and laugh and have fun and and I think most if given good if you could set a frantic and understand. I would also say tear regarding you know their their mobile up for the use the picks he just said he got to just wasted ten years. That's not true because the lessons you have learned in this relationship. Or what will hope you're next relationship survive and be stronger and better now located with with better navigated rather with better communication. But our understanding more patience so it's it's sucks because if if you. Are even kind of Smart you'll listen to me and sever ties it's our pockets is clearly a Smart different. I severed ties items that this woman is poisonous and she's tearing you apart get away from a the matter how much it hurts but do. Each it's almost like a ten year boot camp. And so when it really matters when you meet the woman that's gonna end up being the and you don't know when you meter you'll find a way you're not looking for your turn around and Yahoo! now we're spending. I met my wife I didn't choose to be my wife and you know twelve years for gonna go my what are you kidding me as she was addressing this really sexy finish off that knows that I need to meet her right now it's it was that simple. I mean I cheap. Straight that's number one and I met Tony back. I don't and I please bring out but again I don't know. Cellular minutes married right Qaeda and give Cade kids who carried out and his wife was that the kids they'll get the second one is refined personal pockets and here. I don't know I've. Described what advice do you have for this guy like Tom I guess in a mess did that bits. Ed you sound so cruel and does he mean and now you're right Betty it's. She's gonna call you back is seen as you see that confidence but you're tossing another season they're back until his letter back to the latter. No hey it's actually and try to key back in her life and all she's doing is playing no take backs and you are basically just there her little toy it is quite yet we're not where we're going to go bad with whoever else she's written that she knows he has this your flooring yeah yeah I did that a listen as you become a big decision become an obtainable you've become that much more desirable. Corral is right yeah right on point you. I would complete lock her number see you give mood out there and you know living situation all that I would block her number completely she is no way to acts he knows based on nothing to cut ties. Don't wait for a message you which what happened. In a B a lot cleaner break I told my daughter exact same thing. She is small break out. Neither analogy you have heart breaks and bad breaks and re brick abound. You know that the compound breaks obviously they're really messy first. But they they they set stronger. It V cameramen you know did you lit sets he'll be struck you be stronger there were before and the bones will be strong that he sit there and knowing it is mostly bad breaks. It's an injured forever. The there was deep and I've noticed that you've passed that bond over your I have easy but true yeah I love this jackets and I my daughters I guess and Seymour got a lot of my fair Pardo we're gonna say is you have to take the power rack. Yeah yeah I live right now she has all the power dude don't give her the power we feel like what you check out. And now you manage them on the wheel here let me help you in your decision making process. And get out well. Hey are sort of act Canada and here's a I don't know I'm telling senators that the Rage Against The Machine. Today's award. But it is never good even she walks out and get to sit down cry for an hour. At least you. There's just yeah. How about. She's run in you right now she's a woman choose your your heart brother throw a lot of. I mean when you think about what clarity. You've got to feel deep seated frustration that you given someone so much power review and they're making so miserable and you're so torn and you don't know what to do and you pull yourself apart. Good god man. Don't give her that over you don't if anyone that kind of power over you and all of us and all walks of life. Find ourselves in situations and Ernie and you know could be business it could be a work thing but someone has power units that person's making you miserable. The matter what takes you got that. It's out of the powers that. They don't hurt row but it's. More than we think given this pitching up and when. After the tower that have been here and we all speak like this I think would such. Such a bad already put to such confidence because people believe your impressions and so don't feel like we're giving you despite advice and feel bad because you've allowed this to happen we've all allowed to stop him. But that's how we've learned from it we've all had a relationship that is completely. Run us ragged to deploy it where you're at with whether it be cheated out whether it be mentally or physically abusive. Whatever it may be we've all been down that road in order to get better and have a better relationship we ended those relationships one way or another. And learn from our mistakes and a reminder ourselves in the near relationship whatever it may be that I am not going to allow myself to be put through that situation ever again. And that's why I think all of us to speak with confidence. And speak with such pride that we're a better relationship because of. And you got to realize you Angel a lot of a lot of guys have talked with that are in the current you know status or broken heart shattered right sometimes you get that. Well that's easy for you say line you've got a great marriage you love your wife. And if there's any parties that say well that's easy for you to say you're in this great relationship we'll tell you man. But emerges had a lot of ups and downs a lot of dark struggles a lot of hard times of my wife and I were lucky to comb through. And the only reason people think that way is because in that moment there to better to maybe think about the obvious reality that any good relationship is also work. Com and I don't you know. So you know if there's a party that says they're gone now that's easy for them to say their own great marriages with women they love broke up. All marriages have troubles sometimes severe trouble model marriages survive and even so semi area we are down too hard work we're telling you this. From very honest genuine place is. We've all battled with an electric car if that's the third Nancy he. Yes yes underpass yeah men at the moment I would have had my songs played there it is very. Logic I did that relationship was toxic for me it's toxic game. Suck the life I mean she's the person they are the other day you don't just woman I don't won't go well. We're just not meant for each other or. And not have a very dashing. She's is on the menu for the better sound kind of how to messages half half half half half but we're gonna go out to resolve the mass. Where now I can just get rid of their illness that's hard and hello there Jeanne moos checks it caller yeah. You know it took me years to be like you know what she probably wasn't that bad of a person was just a bad situation for both of us. And a message that this person is that way but I I'm sure I was to blame for certain things no more Scherer mean just as much as she was why hope at this point I don't care what's going on an aura but I hope that whatever is going on in a world is. Find clarity I don't closure did a post on my hindsight I always comes with clarity and closure yeah if you look at you know all she where was at fault assertion it just didn't work out we heard each other yes so now rent and a new one made it should've won me one of worst who's this fire and water are firing. Fire and oil or whatever it may well engineered brother if I want salad this is how did you already hired him back Kurds Buick Collins said hey man bull law your. One you know that we took a lot of work and a lot of cheers and lot of trouble you know things are good now were happier than ever room we're we're working out. Well let's hope it for you I'm glad you could make that work. This isn't everything you said I was hoping that's where that was headed and then everything that followed dude. Like giant megaphone voice huge red flag. GA. Out get away from her bro she is poisonous she is cutting you to pieces and it no matter how much it hurts trust me it's worth. And in on that happy note thank you for listening into the mix definitely you guys. At big stress and pick up. Half half half hour half an X. Steve made it showed the whole thing no delay that the at its best this Saturday. It's huge is this latter I can't believe a real this do you go to studio seven died US. To get tickets to win no payments the last you've not been Powell's aides bond and bond that dramatic. More the I'm mad. And it's why only in the wreckage in the big debut for our band one night we if we pitted and we hear. Bruiser Brody. It's going to be a great time south thank you for coming by they needed those things Democrat reverse or at be sure to check out not playing stupid bets on iTunes great podcasts and offbeat sort of CS and makes us. I cannot freaky way no. All right I chili for window pane fans to give the ringmaster. That you don't believe don't ballad don't do any of that currency Opel bad touch at the murder. Yeah. Yeah and I'm with you on Saturday night stay positive.