MigsCast 10/17/17 "MigsFest Recap!"

Tuesday, October 17th

This week we re-cap MigsFest, plus we chat with M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold!


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I have high blood do your job anymore. He's just days from now my brain is still thrives on big bad. You're twice just start out. I thought that thank you rally rally thank you I want. I tell you if you can't make threats they're gone I didn't command I'm rude American failure that was their new business so. Some 3400 porn out of fuel visits on the wall outside influence I. The good night you what's great though is nice I found that vomit stain and Steve autograph it which I doubt this killer I'd I'd come back collectors I don't I don't even time to to autograph Tracy's building and I just think that that's. That's that's how he's Georgian that's how it's done your duty. Janet we'll tell you more about what we can do it again. Our man what a great time thank you for everyone who came out to makes fast some odd men don't men were a lot of people there are gone that was and the incredible time grabbed. Great job hosting a thank you. On I out you know they go from I mean that we we we gotta talk about hot dogs here I about cookie close. When I and he's not euphemisms guys we got to talk about that the case of the missing could keep us. Oh no water. Saw Paul RS is aren't there OK so I kept that thing on ice all night and shout the staff in their staff and Steven and Austin David main culprits behind. OK so fragile and that wasn't our you'd be looking views obviously there's a weird obsession with cookie twist that I have it's a scheme came from our back. If you're not alone by no apparently not on my way into this I learned it and you were really sad about it odd the last international now also equally as excited about this album. It's it if you had could you push you'll cookie puss. What makes sense there lesser the national there east coasters the New Yorkers so they give it big no edgy and and Delilah both said. Get this for a birthday girl we were younger my guy gnome. 43 now and I'm still going on fourteen and yes going on fourteen when O'Brien men so so Stephen F Austin somehow. Got it so that car valve would mail them cookie puss. It came from out of space that's what could Chris is from its less Joseph thing yet bomb the funny part is I get it. I show it to everybody. And everybody's like. There was like five. Listeners it's a day tried to do the same thing and struck out. I looked online to see if we can making this happen and I'd basically gave up on their web site houses like this is too much work I'm sorry Steve is suspect and perhaps it did the same should make him anti price put less effort and you could tell that you don't anymore in America. I'm. But she said she tried to think how well that guy do it I don't know but apparently Stephen is a very persistent man had it sent down. I holed up in the air outside of from a line of people half coma after what I was doing my dad got I was late night. Public I was part of a system compact Mac had cut it wise just act and act and so that I put it in backstage area code like you know what we'll save it for after our set. Will bring it up on stage wants to do surveys cookie to a staff Carmel road like that maybe they retreated that picture Ochoa golf Carville re treated all well they follow me now Gary and they follow now back to the program we get the Pearl Jam calling me that's the greatest following very she's a good that the content Karbala this epic. I think of their biggest fan. So then I give back their everyone's talking about how cool that was that Stephen pull that off. Now I get so close and of course we're gonna go bounce around a lot about all of this insanity that was me access throughout the entire podcast. Bringing onto the bus get to try it of course okay cool. Richard lost what section of cookie puss did you eat did you appeal is knows often enjoy that ice cream cone did you have and I -- is an actor cookie would you do bro I start to come like like by the chin I see yes hey sort of the drool pattern from Jackie Solis got Helena her resource that yeah yeah yeah just isolating cold sort of feel horrible how things font it's just talk that I screen if it's for a guy is secure. Your mind that it got to. He started at I don't know I enjoyed it and I assume I did if I was black Jesus. But I remember holding it in baby marveling at it. Then I wanted more on the ride back. Cookie twist was gone. Why somebody said they came on the bus and smoke it less now was it and was an empty box a cookie puss was enjoyed in their owner could it was vanish noble cookie puss and his helmet AKA the box. Gone somebody stole we dominated eating get a picture from. Land a little while later there anyway you know our lives on in last yeah absolutely and pointed at a summit of Arab buses don't let them ice cream Kate wow happy that he's. I had a taste that he knows this golf I would be abiding get to enjoy that I won sliced. We believe he ran most of them all were all those homeless encampments under the Spokane street bridge and I wonder some cattle wander a mostly not outfit and they just assumed he was part of the the party. And all the way things are better dressed than the rest of the day you're here I get access to tent city mayor and maybe that's what happened. You know if that was the case will be happy. Did did you leave it on the other bus if you don't have a really good memory of what was happening you know let us you're really on you makes you really need to raise sawing her a couple of buses out there I know I was on a bus and I know I got home. I don't remember anything. About letting it was like on the hood of a Volkswagen usually I don't Mombasa. Well I don't know I I might have made the OK can and the box to draw out there explain the vomiting Smith yeah this is the full involuntary stomach traversal I blame the big dogs for the vomiting. Amenity and a couple of those still that it makes nugget they can't indict. I did not dependant on I'm not gonna can get a generally sound people did yet again now we had to talk about I don't know I don't get all this out of the way for those that follow big dog on FaceBook or rob C Gerri any Bohemia deposed so there's no suspect inside Jason told Madison is my moment yes so a lot of red. Newly elected outside hey I like my dog and that was all that mattered I got back because I wanted a Ruben dogs so I had to I didn't care about anybody here and I would have yours other people underdog in the morning an example drag your brother thought it was a slowdown has released Albany is the seventeenth I enjoyed it meant so grab you that I sixteen hot dogs sold hey man that's awesome for me to migs Doug I believe sold 49 not Christ right that's pretty good I thought it was a pretty awesome wolf when he goes up by several I was still really good like I came off strong. But I didn't have the staying power. Clearly. Our border we are going cannon is a marathon and not a sprinter because his dog just continue to sell and sell and so I knew it was a bunch. Somebody I think Danny V had three of your dog. Yes. A long man how does he stay skinny like god we don't you know I guess I all of walked by one and gained two pounds I don't. I think he views but not from because he was drunk. A we have we have to have an adventure has installed three across from the cheerleaders just taken care of business good news all over us every six hot dogs. Should you yeah I'm not angry he's dominated wall. I'll tell me now reluctant. Because at one point. Com is the number 28 the window pane song and then that number seems to follow me. And it follows a members of window pain randomly around what you would lead of the number twenty just pops up all the time and Tony had said I call for a pox you're not gonna believe this. But you are 28 hot dogs up yeah and I don't know if I went past that I don't know I don't. A momentum terror 49 in 76 so whatever that anyone got the math on it. Didn't want to continue tornado that you know up to 27 points. Or. There's already been miss count on the Dodge County fire authority we like it things got a little Fuzzy no I think he's current everybody at all because Tony don't want to and I think he cultures was re. That's yeah like she said literally if you need to canned dog be my dog too and they're like you're one's wife just again they were like that's a smaller house that's really cool about Jerry and his crew his son and his other buddies are segregated up oh yeah not bad at. They said they sold around 300 hot dogs that acts as a lot those remains fast migs. Best fans Jack regretted that who hyped the dogs quite a bit and I mean that Danny had about a hundred of them so yeah. Yeah. Yes slip nanny a fifty before the show was like movement and going to fifth and that's awesome I mean that's pretty courageous person about their people kept going outside in hot dogs and drink anymore hot dogs and are very happy I got two and we need to Madrid last time our dogs when they were hot and juicy yeah. I do meant to attack. I so it was really cool to enjoy a my dog. Would it actually is fresh off of the girl I had one at the beginning of the show and and I took wine it was supposed to be at the end it like for like a road dog sort of thing. But I I mean to the car then sent on to say the whole thing right there are success evolve as you nicely Kagan never have to the mighty media ADV we'll tell you. I spent as we know elect you know I'm also the president of their club com. In the promoter capacity. Obama was gonna try and slip out and get dinner and it was 530 at that point I realized that was impossible had a credentials many arsenic could afford don't generous yet we rooted here we go reread my ideally qualified I couldn't I couldn't man I was spend like at all sound so I enjoyed book godless Kathy Cooper window panes merge girls she got media blt sandwich which by the time I got to was cold. Bombed. But not so he and Josh had outfit the Jamison so I basically had Jamieson is on an error BL TF a cup. A bomb and then later in the night I think it was Tony to secure man and it was a megs dog and that assists I don't we might have been during lesser national songs like I know you've barely eaten. All today and I knew unit sabotage you with the migs Dow sabotaging graced him with my no we I misspoke it was a big Z show it was a Glendale. I had cancer early I don't know man it was the Glenn Close a gap are so even though I want crash it was like lukewarm but it was the cool logistical go -- to -- this and you have no idea so much stuff on your dog and it was crazy red -- favorite memory from Britain are good we have red top let TV guys here they were the ones you stream the whole show live which is out a lot of people were very appreciative of that because I asked people talking about it they're paralyzed from not in Washington are able watches our friends on the East Coast are watching -- which is really kind of cool you do I have no that they can watch it wallets all going on live performed for you rebel was your favorite. Experian army stressed. To be perfectly honest I really think you are as they wouldn't know it no I really think it was spurs are Brody. It and not just because you don't leave most of the members are in this newsroom right now and we'll kill you if you don't say it you know it was the fact that I'd never seen Travis perform before. So seeing him being out there and just being the front man was. It was outstanding nice that's what he was born to do yet and you can tell that he loves doing it with all with you guys up there. And it was just even though Jeff wasn't there playing bass and like the five of you out there meshed so well look at you guys have been doing it for forever. Light blue it actually you guys were just awesome tighten it sounded great and we're just a lot of you guys are having fun up there yeah and everyone can tell that. Beyond that like that and now the last Internap now watching them play if we I was up. Up on the upper balcony watching you guys play that was super cool. But I was right up for the last nationality yet and watching AG because we're just right extent god almighty god you just yet late every every note that he played it was just coming from his soul. When he was just so insane it was so awesome that. I am just outstanding plus selfishly for me I really enjoy that moment when knob went up the line I said nice things about me in if you missed it. And I slipped her 52. When boys have a mess on his shows he's one of the love radio people I really believed in us those things yeah. Yeah he hit it you guys have great taste in music. They also looking up things president and his team everyone at midnight they yet have such a big heart and it's a great person. And a few. And Chauncey was like thank you very familiar I don't know I it and meanwhile she stole your cake but I mean how these are full circle okay that's clearly knows a guy that game. That's why we're backstage semi have you guys need anything and she's a serious. Whiskey and I I can make that happens that I've I've learned the last and Nash now before they do there's that they do shots of whiskey. And it ended well for more in common with a did you give your case what they satellite god thanks to the top left TV guys this is the movement of rendering. Return and. Yeah. Wow yeah. Yeah. I cinema handful of times though now is without a doubt their best performance they were just on the relevant crowd that was really heighten the feeling that global woes. Pack them you know I first met them all back. And I think he showed up and went. My god you're not kidding misses than an event there are people everywhere are much logo. On it a couple of I'm glad we get you gear squared away isn't just you straight back the hall actually there was whiskey back there they could of in loan. Bodies outside front lines are bringing it to them did go don't wanna make your moments was when numb we were performing I know they were there I still had noted they showed up yet so we're playing on Mike I don't even. It's making its first set I think the Lila and energy into the call a little bit of yes yes Dave sorry to back right when I was trying to bring up the Carville ice from suicide at least your last two songs deputies today walked in and as they were walking and it was. Awesome comic is a big such a big fan has got obviously that's why we had them there and and as you want seniors to drums used. It was a as a Delilah goes see that's what a drama needs to sound Mike meth not that I know I had a lockout delegate scoreboard migs Omar Omar got to think. I was personally F yeah I did that I guess pretty bad out that's great man they were great it was a lot of fun to watch those guys perform up all the fans were incredible month for YouTube highlights. Com. -- a night like that I am I'm spun so many directions and trying to square people way mature ones champion and you know is this going on the merged table they have water here can you give you water yes will be my by the way Bobby from an apps I am bringing a flat water and tea apology card to object to monitor is doorstep for you. He was one of the many people I feel better at night is using his or water on stage amateurs warrant a dressing room. Don't worry man I deliver I'll bring you water right now I never made it to. Could pass and it is not left my heart center this picture but I'll be up there are just you know so thirsty and so desperate get that is totally totally dog him by the so are Bobbie let anybody. Honestly. Probably some of the best times I had was from all back in the Alley and auction them off some muscle back there quite a bit about that sounds really if you can't if you're not from around you're not a big lie now it wasn't there wasn't Harry yeah sounds good me fifty dollars an idea all there they are out of work that's right -- outposts in great wrist but. No arms just meeting fans to. Definitely had not met me before who. And they were just so polite and so cool and I had a lot of would it be okay if I got a picture and I'm like oh my god yeah and there was one woman in particular it was like oh that's so Cooley will you be so nice a lot of people aren't. And I'm like why all that's terrible you know the late literally put my arms around her for this photo and she was trembling and it's like man you really. Yeah now we secure for your hander trapped in the other undervalued our eyes and mouth bomb. But I think. As spun as I was just trying to deal with all that as well was performed to paint pins and and do business. That was probably my favorite part was just meeting fans I hadn't met before and then getting to take time with him to sign whatever they want and taking photos just. Just meeting people and this is why me why do this and so on. What a great crowd as far as us. The column yeah the energy I still sounds she's like like I've gone you will be your case W events and typically they get rather weird sometimes things have gotten sick understand this was an unlike any regular radio event on my guys it's a different audience I mean and obviously I know if you listen to makes gets a source indicates that you listen to radio station about the it's just it's it it's a cool unique group of just people are super nice and I want to have a good time generally generally are these guys to be there again and completely ass face but don't become jerks about it you know it's pretty cool. Flights no problems of any kindness and I was aware one we settled at the end of the night I wasn't aware personal security issue of any time although I did learn that there might have been a fight on the other party bus. Oh really really far. Are. Always smaller fuel to bounce around it though it's already clear that Mandela of course I knew what to say. I really really love playing with you Steve likewise seeing that come to life for you and being onstage with you and knowing that. That was your birthday this is your event you're on stage plan drug that meant meant a lot to me that was definitely up a high point for Dow it's fun to mediate in Ireland tonight alas not to open my mouth when people are shooting silly string infants did nothing that is. Compliments of all the beloved hawks may go. He showed up and said man I gotta bag a silly string for Stevie and I I don't know I turned to Travis an only child she would do this musical Eliot aside quietly having it distributed around the stage and I remember remember NJ TL you like you to be an if you watch the video you can see in tradition when my kin was empty I checked into your head yet. I don't I hope you know it's done alone and Travis don't hit him hit me in the face I can't not just took so like all of a sudden I hit the topping your head okay Miami did you mention a little hole and Don little of man I don't care when it's straight season it sees three amazing it's gone out of line every bit of that we're ending our San remission his feet no more cover around like we did it. We got through it no gnome disasters everything's great. And then I'm watching these guys I saw Kenneth silly string on statement but all of us in from last night or sure I just didn't expect it. And all of a sudden they just always surround me JT'S_G. Mac Mac man and glad and Travis there all spring and I'm trying and I'm very animated when I play on my gap and I open my mouth. And glam blink is if it's an amusement park I'm like one of those clowns don't want to try to inflate the blue man I had outrageous now fully zones and now I'm feeling this silly string him hides console. I'm like all. As small little bit of it like bad. Doesn't taste good and that is chemically I I. It looks delicious I tell you my goodness. When we did the death punched war that was how they east us and I was singing at the time in front of you know an arena. And they were in front of the barricade and as I was singing Ivan was strategically. Even now so I'm inhaling. Silly string and singing all I can do is feel like I love you too and it now you vote that's super about oh yeah and are just phenomenal that convert cancer probably yeah I really rare and so I was just for paying it forward. I appreciate you sorry eleven as they appreciate you I mean you can't whoever that was fun you know the good times data was Graham's being up there looking out into the crowd C a lot of friends a couple people surprise me I know we're gonna be there. Yet family there. Just being USC sensing them all along that was. Really that was a moment I was watching that crowd armed. And your wife was down front right in the center kind of back admits she still had a really good mix it had to be ready in stage and she was singing and every damn word that typically and I was happy it wasn't his plan beyond. Just like man that is that is that was so cool. Then if you did you guys that people are wrestle with that in November coming they just showed up that it no idea we would have missed it and I police stopped. Hacked it down the crazy for our sat. We take 645 and look out like this it's respectable but it's not packed. I'm thinking whoop whoop RL you know what whatever all kind of crowds of an affront L look a look respectable on the video cameras and on pictures. They don't like going to back to get everything all set up and we we now both sides state like. The success CA yeah I think it was accent and one or something and now it's all the way to the mix positioned it to send the balcony the balcony was packed it it was attacked. It's incredible so I'm just like holy smokes this is awesome and added everybody's is losing their mind. And it's it's a good time does my agent I've all. All. I love you Paul I. Please make Steve money yes yes after after a doctor come on on nicer house if I do your job is also like the cardinal ran cold but Carmelo rep Paul I do an endorsement of misleading us. I don't know if that's a good thing he's here or bad thing I have no idea anymore never write it could never have and so do I get Eric Dawson would be able look out see all these people there have a great time be able to play a show my favorite band and an an and have some quality time there was funny here's what you guys replying we were our streak it would the last international on the top watching all night and you said that nice thing of saying thank you know I got you know they're here on them they're like where her fifth. Clearly around we're drink again I was pretty lit to you I don't even remember saying I love. Itself and hopefully what effect if and on TV they got it and are you a little rest and I told cctv men from the safe bubble. Ed thanks against those of the lion pride music for bringing the party bus because I mean none of that would've. My experience would have been a lot different about a drive obviously but I've done Levi line rich state they set up really great. Are the problem I knew wasn't driving so I knew I could drink and every time I was near the bar so that would do shot. My inner voice nice no it's a bad idea buyout of voices make sure our Internet. Every time zone by thanks everyone who's buying me drinks I hope I was polite I I blacked out I honestly blacked out. I'm Christine you might not are you guys able at some point you and I talked for awhile and you actually seem pretty loose it. Yeah early is loses Iowa so I mean I was cognizant much. That was early in the night wasn't out of there early in the day you get your name is going to be any later he beat two toddlers badly yadier San are they got there around Israel hello hello New Zealand early move and move there and there was a moment where I think we were like nose to nose is having a conversation to stay put her on my hero Stephen glad make an outside. What's guys kissing Booth. Yeah it's improved Bruce and who knows her I think I thought it was funny and I've gone back I watched a lot of footage deny it and they sit public TV guys are all here as well thank you guys for for doing what you guys did absolutely got to commend that was really cool. And I'm I'm looking back to watching some of the stuff yesterday. And it's weird seeing me on stage. Talking and I don't remember doing. Also was like oh cool and it's like right off or rob why only the wreckage that's when I started direct it started for me right before and and no torrent. And they bring me up on stage to play the last song intersect how did you. I'll what I got a little bit of the audio before I I sort of trying to drum here's what I had to sit in the crowd when white brought me up there again why are all in Iraq attack on these. And OK. Okay. Why did you record it's great I think you heard it. I like to apologize and advance I am not. And you all are enablers mother and I yeah. Sum up his mind you. I never know we're going to tour and Honeywell there's a little bit of a sample that I had your shot out to Willie Nelson because he had changed the lyrics have double. To include me into it. Not awesome. I use to anyone. It's been dry up. Notre more hazardous out. Yeah. OK. Okay. And really good every year they don't tell me how well. We all do make you. Remember always. About back. Talking to when shots of the adolescent Nash now in the back room. At that moment as I gotta go on stage and and content that you wanted to play drums I'm out soft soft is that are coming out to watch that I'll be governor's side has stated he's is got a jamming out didn't you just love and it ends like I think don't mean like I can't believe he's able to look to what he's doing good he's no shape to be anywhere. That's a muscle memory and auto pilot moon BOY semi at Texas a few minutes ago Suzanne thank you get buried in Saturday Night Live yet many times brother Brad do you guys I've yet dep two and a new podcast today. He's not tell your listeners that we don't like them anymore than not by our record. And I audio listeners who came out and supported all of us on my behalf it was the night I hardly remember but I'll never forget. From wise and I think that's a great way to some. Weird mix of boos and adrenaline like I was pretty lucid when I hit the stage but I wasn't quite myself. And or Kristin Casper won the prince bass player about three songs in turn to be in mouth the words do your job fair. If it's. Which is a running joke about needing to mess up yeah it's like they meant I don't care what you do. As long you can do your job duties really you weren't arena and I knew it was as Rivet guns and you look and you do your job and those old you don't know the I mean yeah I think in about. And below where does FairPlay FairPlay to assemble my fair momma from the window panes. Got some horse. Sounds like at least on the field this. It's. I'm being thrown under the bus right now let's tell you there. It's great. What do you remember you can bring up. California. Net cord. So unforgiving minute is now all I hate more John you know. Look this isn't bothering line. Earlier this beautifully as the sun comes the moments that we have put on meet your audio is so thank all of you get for winning the hot dog contest. I'm not grab like who's a bunch of ball players who own driving cars so my tail off the ground so that notice I'm just talking over this cold play and have. Our Lola Rihanna now. It always got out. I'm sure it came off great in the room with the benefit some of the reverb and a room naturally now creates and but I've I've I'm glad we have early action on camera here today and I regret and I was over an awesome. I was actually I was gonna dealer brilliant again we we had to brew my accent up but this is a brand new video rig for us and a swap the audio inputs in the software so we got. Only sport audio say we we watch the footage the footage is incredible so well on production values are beautiful and these guys T gonna do a mean ACLU guys an amazing job and then Tony's like. Rockets it's abused when he where's the camera if that thing right there very validated thank you I was like these candidates is city board audio most of what. I'm like let me get my phone and listen this summer also goes into it was a lose. No there was no harm no. Are all desert quest for quiet we made it happens that why you wanna get room room my smile Romani god if you want all bull calls and everything bone dry and sterile and on forgiving and no base port audio is like you know out. Getting fists and without the benefits of kiss. I hate when that happened just talk about. Sounds like they're from what I do enjoy Saturday night we call that McAllen that so we knew the thing from master of puppets. In the middle of underfoot and then we and the song with a out true of peace Celtics great. There are some great moment and then you guys killed and the crowd seemed to enjoy it let's get an amazing alive thank you did did thank you. But I remembered as JT well I'm not listen to what OK I was pretty tore up Chris had told me to do my job and now we have board audio. Almost. Yeah. I thought about and I. I I like how you just torture prisoners Arabs find board audio of their performance and yeah yeah. Sorry your own to okay the Pentagon the OK to drink after the since I. I apologize if it's funny too because earlier lawyers plan allow international to please tell me doesn't report on you when to play against Communist and music here's my moments when appellate. OK let it be a good moment let me. And good momentum. I heard it and that's all that matters that says all the matters just. When we got to our review from our friends Justin and Hannah because so tell us how they'd Dodd makes fest was in also talked about a fight that happened again and I thank you mentioned earlier. Any guy isn't that just Nancy and I and I all of this sound like it's a little local schools and now happens. So well. I can't believe they drank in my party I was associates over of and Monday I still don't have my boys ranch style makes best was absolutely amazing. I had a great time. Start out from the beginning I guess. My kindergarten to bring you knew where our little party bus they are reversed his arms. Just walked straight into the venue before it started you know open their progressive values straight out of my man. Well that don't have some water boy Karl Brothers and the coolest human beings don't lie and uses the sweet wonderful beard I spent a little bit of time on that thus the it was sweet admitted that in and couches are there's a lot black school books. I'd love songs dad do you but it looked like he was a straight out like ready for war fare well it did it's it's the road Warner Carl is Austrian man it's great. On. Yet when coming metric dessert on the place arms and man now. You know and create a little couple leaders. Bruiser Brody started which was so it can phenomenal. Except for the German I don't know I don't you love. I don't think you do more than comments always could see Steve Larry. You know. Announced. That it is amazing. Got a little bit of a pretty generic. That was nice event have to bring me on stage there we did Tom Petty cover you wrecked me odd I missed that match I was it was cool and I was right about that not getting Bobby water. If I. That was duration of my hair we never talked about you playing drums with me us and in my book you want me to I can still do it meg what do you know my I don't know much. And I double ACP's amount of place did you see how I have a top podium we sheriff and a civil we know you wrecked me do you know that might why I've heard it I've never played it side by. Listen to what we all make all the whole 500 people here let's do moral looks like Greg Frey doors open they were all like surrounding my cellphone and listening to it on my bag a fake bat and so that was really what I I I never practiced they've never did before and thankfully due to it looking at where nobody lord audio. Opera still do this year's open until two. I don't know who. Then let the floors. CNN. We just lost seven games in LA yes I'll kill my ass I passed. And I was members who don't you know we don't. Didn't show as always. I thought employees own. The last international. Order rate I. I didn't waiting to see them turn over year round. Since Steve introduce and they were better than expectations. And then of course we know pain always pollute and as. Yeah that's why none of them have kids. That are a lot. At her hope hands over here colluding. I don't know if you don't claim conjure Rocky Mount junior Iraq start saying but and it was due to all the lights for a little pain. Yeah I guess this is what is. That's what I had until love like on a couple of occasions Karl bring elect laser shows for the iron dragging guys and Johnson won the laser chauffeur coral and but that's rats or Hannah was brought to light through window pane that is beyond cool air tobacco what you're all right honey I had no idea man that's rat. You can man lighter bacteria to accumulating. Exit into the some. You know we're only accepts browser evidently I wasn't that are but I upon our party but there are so high eight. I will name the people involved let. It was taken care of. What about who honorary master applicants whose people are still a dumpster behind students have met that they're swimming in the Puget Sound dogs and there was Elisa wasn't in the venue but there was one fight. Apparently idea I had spent some time I think we spent I was you reveal remember that would be really week and I didn't drink your beer knuckles are all school. That's for much. I mean. Yeah I had it I constitutional path. Well here in the night and noon to say good bye to Steve and I knew he was on his time itself. I just kind of marched on merit and access our had a rare rich you know I'm so I did the does Jerry you know and then now it just got to walk on the send out lunch and stuff mean. Kind of scared to crack that. I'm a friend then. You know I'm just. Attributed to you wouldn't look it up for our gal who now are huge part of my donkeys and they take care of I don't you can't just throw that out. There aren't areas donkeys but. Analogue back there and check your majesty if you're. Yeah you're on another planet the old enough. I'm not sure parents you guys aren't without another great show love you and we'll see you see in part due soon have a go to one. Skate Iran don't just. And then hand are trying to mill my DJ set at that moment OEC oh did you actively DJ bouquet out of course I got to you know once I'm serious violence content that's what my phone into the stereo and press play tons of EDM group. Last year when I saw on the party bus it was it was kind of ran out he was in fact in the back DG yes and it really had that thousand yard stare all of you fellows like who's half. I don't think he would do that some you know they I result there Delilah and edgy we're just giggle the mask is off later that night grievously Steve's never gonna noted we got his EJA Twitter feed. I did Jack pictures and there are very upset about it I don't cookie twist just a photo of them covered in ice cream thumbs up their hotel room and we had a great times these. But I realize who's gone I had dinner at the last my summary of course. I'm so glad I got to enjoy a little bit of it but of course the one thing that made my my many agreement IP that started the night off strong gas. Always blown away when he Dallas in the dressing rooms that you need to see this and then. He opened that box and then there's those plastic card plastic iced. So I was covering economic idea what was going on again what is this in with each brick will legal those who. Knew he exacted by a class act I did someone make this and I like Steven was there is a no no no I made it happen we don't these calls Billy's tags and everything figured it out as like. Wow that is dedication. Yeah thank you. Well you got to see you got to have a bad automatic that's kind of wind it was at generators are hundreds and went all the way and I bet there is photographic evidence of you holding it yeah I mean I saw it yet I didn't graduate I. I think I tasted it and are still talk of a cookie puts Perez. When you win something that you be that big check hold for the photos of them probably take the check away right succumb to that and then taxes taken you don't have a you really want and let's get another review of major stress. Look let me guess the body color. Just spending all Monday today listening to all the new music don't come out over the weekend. Are also acquired only in the wreckage while that I know probably let's look podcaster fast food is really deal. And so I just wanna say it excellent work from new American. It is this album is just phenomenal every song are finished. Theater songs probably Allen back sides and listened to the single angle so many time to pick desolate sort of slumped. On the don't wait to see you got to get a lot of us thought you. I saw you show or November 18. My 21 birthday is November when he personal thank you so that you can only happen. I'm a window pane. Glenda remastered sound amazing spirit arsenal so I will admit I do what I do like he the older version the better so look school. It playlist loose. All the way through the ones I like warm dark. Bruiser Brody media pumped a lot of pride and I like your hard copy. Oh my goodness it's just me up right to form our past leave and let her car and it's who can't possibly ever. Since the employer. Met Ronnie James deal. We hit puberty you more times that I was employed or not aren't just incredible. Oh man I can't wait to see early in life I'm going to explode and I notification window pane that in the event. December 1 in Orlando I won't be anyone by it then you bet there are some gonna be there on the bureau now. It's the media can and whatever I'll buy you some drinks so. That's mandatory if you re going to I didn't have more audio I think it should stay Mosul once I thought it got a hot here on Iraq. Half. All right just wanna know what you don't know what to do work well the podcast. I'd always. Depositors tight end Titanic. Or might appreciate that. Blinked seized 21 birthday went right before your show in Portland they knew the quality November 21 is get carried away asks are you do you give the look I all just Seattle light bulb is on matters that we can announce it right now well announcer right now big league doings bruiser Brody is not just the one show band anymore why I never second show. We've been invited back the studio seven after such a triumphant debut. Or me were just got the owner drunken aunt that usually invite us might be little those little bit of both but that's all right but yet we're going to be playing studio seven. November 25 it's a Saturday night. And job another rent yeah I'm right. Now I now know all Brandon wisely who bomb was the front man a black diamond which circular rock band was runner for for quite awhile on the brand new downed Arizona. At least he's coming back in his Led Zeppelin tribute is playing that night nights and Brandon can do it man he's got the range so that's going to be pretty happen and that that's all I know from trees a little bit. Led Zeppelin. Half right so now you guys did leave zeppelin officially write. You guys can actually make eight who were certain church and have at least two Daytona paper as it may have to because I think and it's December we might have a shot that's coming into focus together it's coming and they all announced that wow. Now comes in the slogan always Hillary way that we are brought podcasts project you. Play show once or twice a year tent where they remind every month this awesome yet. How much fun we had my wife's currently filing divorce papers I I'm gonna see anyway EMI's we'll leave all your parents come to this shows that you I assure you there Sean. I'm glad I'm gonna affect what we don't Jerry then. But all I don't know I kind of figured as much I was I was figure for November 25 treated like Jerry might appear ready I talked to him when you told me tonight and so he says I'll be there forever yeah now we arguments that the topless TV guys and we got a the Errol you know you guys don't remember Tony Fazio there I. Unless I don't for a forget those guys that tell us about Ty and need to tell us about our top left TV because this is actually some B really cool. Not only did we get to experience of being awesome the live streaming but other bands can reach out to you guys have got to lose stuff. Yeah that's that's why we exist we we just kind of saw void of music videos out there from the bands are on the northwest and a guy I know all of us have played music. It's it's it's it's something that we all want is our footage and some do not have from that why shouldn't we go back and watch half slower than just so what a cellphone well just he fans outside the area Tim and people that like these bands are you know people have heard of CYA expand their. Aren't even from the Seattle Washington they can. C.'s shows you guys actually have some amazingly cool going on one and we do it free of charge for the bands we just put it up on our channel and really the only way we make money as we seller measly march here in me we we have a patron on site that we just started and returning all you can open so that you guys should visit the page you're on site and support with top left is doing because it's like I said the production value the media all that stuff I mean this was the debut premiere for those guys. And all the footage the quality of at the editing the way it was put together is. Yet top shelf it's multi camera you want to grow I'm one terabyte or so well done. And then in the past we would just go to the live shows and we'd record Rehman denied as an -- to another area and at a couple different charities and Aaron and we post online and it tells them hey we got hit you know don't share that as much as you want go for pre charged were not in charge anything that's really cool that's amazing in there we got a lot of good things planned for next year we're we're gonna start podcasts as well probably and then we're gonna pronounce it shows we had a lot of stuff in the works for next year. Well we get 200 patrons on patriot on we have a guitar it's is fender squire nice brave blue on that. Super effect has been nice enough to autograph from are gonna McKay yeah nice I'm over that Kyle guided signing though I had tied I think so excited to see durables big durable guy I'll valid. Symbol. I've got tunnel in Saudi looks exactly like his normal signature anyway so we called the super infected dog. And this. More than a mouthful Omar. Silly we definitely get more bands around the area and do a lot more giveaways and of guitars and alum packs com and just where we're here support the vans are your support you know it does very cool yeah that's where we're top left it all starts in the in the top left to the country top left the state. And it's we're still here minutes we we had a heart we had you know. Alice in Chains and it. Jimi Hendrix all the way back I mean it's this is a music Mecca and where there's we didn't go anywhere there's a ton a fantastic artists there's a huge throughout town and I inquiries not just rock but you know every other genre in their all kinds of different artists and stuff that you know the whole assault poker scene here you have on the world needs to know about what's on Seattle right now now -- jedi Kleiza might every bend and every genre so yeah. He would not I think efficiency is top left of the United States yeah I don't up and down. But if you like fifteen now a lot count that's what I thought I try not to think about that handy so how can people reach of I'd top left delivered every dot top left top left dot TV goes directly to or YouTube channel Panetta got a really is there. Topless TV dot com and take your web page. You can hitter pitcher on there you can subscribe coal 32 channel you can it is upon FaceBook crowned Twitter. Every social media you can think over there. We have a social media campaign through Gary harm he writes for. Now coming out but northwest music scene is that dressed yes north west music scene now he's come on board he does a great job. Showcasing the fans. Brio yeah its it's really an awesome project it's called seen and heard. And it showcases every else out there I mean the bands are the only ones that make this scene it's it's that the beautiful people around like that Condo although now shows Saturday's. I was a very apparent that they had a lot to do it the fan base I was there in and just the crowd never was there and have a good time and and just rock out and enjoy allow law for the bands are up on stage every band seem to get to this great energy from from the crowd yet. And now we can. On a website you can request wire earlier my racquet signal once seemed to really think things. I just outlaw all talk all multiple. For a little quiet man and I don't know why it takes hits for why they're learning on the little Brothers movie oh dear friend of mine harsh. Nothing you can. There's a blast. Did you Rhode Island for you man. Well the whole night. It was headed every part about it the band's playing with you guys seeing the reaction in the in it was it was great all around. My my fiance during the last and now Nationale leaned over to me yes OK I I have a crush on her and I'm sorry trying to. All tied dislikes airing it taking pictures then. You you you play it and let them paying attention you need to do a lot of rock god up there yeah just pretty spectacular now we go out of us in without a guy in obviously it's first time seeing men sit Ellis. You know often India had. You know I have my fiance and staring and yeah well. Youth prayer for them in the day the fifth. Hit it that was that was dead and then after you know just plain plain onstage and you're around. Silly stringing you guess I was not finally made you should that happen but having just beaten up to that point. Turning out watching you play drums with that the biggest smile is that you you always smiled and all of the pictures and yeah we've ever got what made you not smiling. Behind I don't reverend Al pleasant as the onetime whereas me mugging yeah. I'm not real giggled like once you had a cool guy face I've missed the memo always a missed the memo I think what do I won a major parts again also with you guys being on stage was JT when you sit there playing EU had the fans here in your face and he totally had a beyoncé going on pet that you just a hair was flowing and it was just perfect he was it more than one person commented on how you add just a great flow going on. I need a leg I should have its air right here right now yeah we're on camera had I known that I could see what the hell we have a big fan of Jordan make Babylonian. Excuse me and thanks everybody get merchandise and shirts again need today is just insane for all the benefits everybody was really well like. Bags of stuff I've seen photos online image just like. They record from every artists that play it on on display yet now I bombed yet just laid out it's it's really cool. That's a kind of divorced now. These casts. The Karl. There are on AM Sunday. I'm here slid in Harbour view. After getting my Irish based dished back on from getting it walks up. Optioned starter. Javier beleaguered job but I didn't hear from our own good but literally nobody else on the car and edited later. For a minute I swear I thought that was going to lure I was all those bulls still didn't hit any really that's right guys Carl I know Carl's awesome so I was good seed yet they're two man we get us there and cut up a Texas as if on them currently makes SI essentially came just for the dogs music was extra fun. The top. I want you guys off their fight the content so I got all three of the dogs appreciate it's nice. I started up the night would be in Fuego I got a soft spot in me for a thousand pound and Swiss right at time I finished I would hope I was disappointed because there was no must. I was have tended to by another woman I knew I needed to pace myself though members birdie finish there's that I decided try to make stock I love teriyaki and my doubts about the pineapple because as we all know warm pineapple. Is equal to licking me on showered arm pit of a heavy set person has to move a latex I don't see why how but I got a strong opinion that Glenn description. Yeah a couple of guys who served. The pineapple is called and worked amazing on the dollar obvious point of sort of feel full and I wondered about that space for the Glen dog. Anti tumor sets and decided to give it a shot in order to behemoth. A sensory overload as I sat with the owner of the truck ever gradually chip away at this hot mess of indecisiveness. You ask after a short break halfway through I allow things to settle I finished it took from my final ruling I can explain how delicious all three of these dogs were. I'd be ecstatic to be stuck on a deserted island with all three all. But. The end for you would be my flat. On this comes I took also for the record quietly my nipple tonight so that happen dozens of president lessons that you I think Hastert sees you again. It's an easy life too yeah she's gonna. Our man band got everyone's writing about who's best concert worst hangover thanks to you I don't care if everything that was amazing Dicey beyond your teacher. Most concert worse hangover yes exactly next year. Now heads will be returning a man Jamaica makes their shirts and to suggest I know best concert worst hangover. Like why its quota earlier tear that. With the during her when it is but I remember there was guess and I. Mommy am I right and I'm losing Gelman hey I'm gonna have a good. Thank god somebody help me out yeah he's still feeling the effects of youth basketball. It was a night I hardly remember but I'll never yeah. You know I guess now is yes. He also said welcome to Seattle has my vote for album of the year Tony seventeen I'm definitely erecting love to see more window pane why only in the wreckage and bruiser Brody show lineup is what a great time to be music fan in Seattle nice. This guy said TJ or make the short job express two was amazing bruise or birdie Roch do you guys have more songs Steve smile so big at those teeth we're going to pop out. The guys and then that's. I'm sorry mr. said Al catching the next show while in Iraqi DiCaprio cool you guys are coolest rock stars coolest people I love. You're sick gas vibe I'm definitely part of the moss family now. And never heard the last and Nationale before break. They put on a good show I really enjoy them as well the window pane to the stage and the whole set amazing. I yelled free bird you know why she could have always been afraid to yell that anywhere else may be mixed as people wouldn't kick my ass for doing and I had guys that Tom Petty song that was an awesome tribute. So cool. Then I don't know what was planned there of you guys decided tickle my pickle you've played some Skinner yeah I love the old man and every mother Africa I was up on that stage that night but when you were singing Klein I felt like you were singing to me now that's awesome thank you meant I thought this really good vibe of local music and people love each other and that's something that not thought that Iraq showing a long time I love my Brothers and sisters of the makes cats let's keep this as going to let's keep this feeling alive thank you to every band that was a part of this and PS you guys up a lot of people to a lot of ass and you don't even know but we love you for. I'm all you gotta call buses lust jealousy is ask. This one that was the worst concert ever been to you guys you never know that answer me. I do just the only now you have this our friendship won't go there yeah she said makes Vista was incredible brutal pretty awesome live you guys kick some ass let him grab never got hugs and you which makes me sad but I get epic consciousness shells Steve Hotmail and many other fine folks whose names escape me. This was my best way to see my farewell Washington. I'm fine my namesake intake in my 27 to move yep you read that correctly. Heading into a new adventure in five days makes testers just as epic as last year but better because of bruiser Brody who. Hope computers are shut down I think my brain just reboot into. That you would that was a battery low warning. I don't I can't really in my rare appearance on FaceBook and Twitter and add debris to birdie EP and remastered window pane of rock out of my life thank you. My content said job wow just wow one word will do it justice sorry rabbit out at thing standard dvd. The Al throughout and I think it wasn't able to make a good show but it was awesome that you live stream that public TVC I'd let you guys man there was there's awesome people on the main loss on the group page that we're really stoked about the fact I would watch it on nine under and I'm still so that you now hold a charge. Launched this I'm still seeing people three sharing the lake region is really all we're sick of him in there. And it's awesome. No matter what you see the next comment someone randomly. Has re shared the top left like yeah I haven't seen it in different comment strings and no censorship it's zone rad man yes so. Keep keep paying it forward to Catholic which it could have been on the nerd guys keep the love gone can we just. You know we just posted that this morning we removed all the that the party change break up the assets just the music now nine posted the video and you courses through debris set by itself so we're gonna post all the sets and it's just awesome yeah that's just the one I had to do you sorry it's when they are just last yes. Hello guys that I think you're doing that first yeah they're not biased area that if you miss you haven't missed it. Thanks to her topless TV's guys killed themselves to make something really special and it's just the beginning this was their premier event so. It was a lot of force that night and I mean yeah so. Yankees that's a portal are a lot of us debt big tough. This personals and about everyone's album from school play glad I didn't know I don't know music but I know what I like it holy S every masters well masterful page bruiser Brody was phenomenal excellent job you guys and everyone that's a part of it can't wait for some more Steve your face look you could believe what was happening there tax. It's furniture actually how many people were there and obviously enough police and even though thank you we felt good knowing that ticket sales were good but you just. You never now you're never gonna you're gonna show up at 7 o'clock firm the first band that's for sure and also forgot how much of a drummer your and it's not a dig it's been a long time since Peter Parker. And I can announced the sale call was to see the last and Nationale bruiser Brody drum head on stage yet they're Germany's might drum guy that was cool those shots around does that -- jet was front and center right out of the smile on my favorite it's funny that Brian actually heading case it was BI don't know how drummers are going to be several an extra base from had a case like now wanna play with things in the advanced mobile on how to and I was today Mac it's what you value is not fine I was about to them like. All I'm gonna keep it on their coast now I have a memory of my favorite band playing with my drum set on stay exact out of millions for good cleared clearly marked so you don't forget it that's right and I had a lot of good pictures could share buy them to their fan mace all of a sudden people like. What's that on his based on a maybe look at some may be we get one defense. That's pretty cool front door or even more brutal road more than just one guy I have to cut the RT 11 at a time and that it. Except for the person still cookie for us hello Michael Cole he's their president wanna give you army special to have a beer you'll find an historic. Until it's legal federally I want to bring it to make special they won't let you I was gonna put the historic until I don't read these emails intimidating than this. Don't know how you know what I'm sorry I don't. I apparently did not. I do not see this until now cite him I guess we can't wait to finish. I was about meeting up with me to give me this beer leagues fast that's what made with formaldehyde gas. And it scares you HVE in pure love through I mean I'll take a swig but he also wrote a security at times because I every time. OK so you try to duke it out too often with an eleven and eight year old all the events killed and I'm still buzzing from the cumulative energy that surrounded the night it was great to be part of it and we're definitely gonna be doing it again next year or they regret we had to catch a boat back to Bainbridge Island so we can stay after the show was over next you'll want to get a hotel room. So we can parts Dayton thank you Bremen a birthday allowing all the Titanic deuces and celebrate with you again that's from Michael always ahead for a being heard brewing that's all nice okay that's a horse I saw some weird under growing favorite growing stream bringing bridge Bruno it real lets us go get on a boat check that guy down to a handgun were here. People are requesting has finally Kitsap county area Samir we do that we go to beaver growing this. Okay. Different effect to guarantee said consistency. Yeah yeah. I. Learn a couple other horse smells I know of other people were caught about stuff that nothing to do makes us who assisted of this month. My we're made it 101000 dollar that the casino at oral and get a glimpse Intel Mac wet. I'd forty dollar they pay out. Ouch. Well while I'm while we know that we had a better night than that all right so. Makes me until I we probably didn't have a better and made that we can definitely didn't have is that the hangover yeah I had a paperback aren't I was more beneficial sure. Sleep though as this assure roommate in what way does this affect you. I mean that's his retirement he blew it what you care especially in the mirror I had cats all these open and the red porn adamant laugh or her and laugh. Or leave a voicemail make fun of my favorite. Tomorrow and it's not as together they stories now. There the guy income sparkly spandex. With the trench coat on a gas station attendant says he comes here every other day. Spandex. The whole full legged troll lake. Spandex and sparkly. Gold. For extra money I'd go down now I don't know I got yeah better than the exact guy enjoy and like I enjoy my night on Saturday. And seeing I find that when I don't unicorn and one point six. It'd. While. It's at home. We at least he had the bus three and a little and a. And work it and I there's one day where I ended up. An hour. He ate all all of you people think are large he hit very many out there you are a lot and he also. Talk about all. And I had I'd get her burritos right after that. I'm not even getting. Into it yeah and you know like I yeah break in the murder. I have no idea is create. A walk by athletes I gained three pounds this kid is being half of Manhattan island and he's gonna go his ground. African throws the same way kidding I got to stick celery but hold do we know put down a double quarter pounder and usually. Right. Bull crap until the hatred in my heart I don't know I know after. Lose you. Personal failure to call and then bickered narrower off a lawyer part of that. Gentlemen about our. Our our Kara do it didn't please. This ten years is. Google all alert you spirit. Always about the Dudack yet awful we don't have to the show by the way to manage stress is Waldo. Oh you have to wonder if the ball yes I know all I chatted with a hug him and BS rhythm and never once noticed that he is stretched the. It's global and we had a ball dead then why even try this go on it how I ask any of the credit why should I. No and ask him as the pulled it Waldo I was drunk and all audio right now even give unreasonable and are you found Waldo. All we have utility for cats is on the scale of one hand glasses maybe it behind bars and I feel really good term Arizona diamond Jeremiah yeah red white striped shirt. Possibly eyes well yeah I don't let your children hazy out and grab this ice cream cake and headed for the back door will be after that it's all real for all the. That's hard to. You're gonna be. First certain. By. Boy that stuff first to go to supper. Club stronger this year star. Started a stronger. Wonder there are eight are sure or her to compete to your new. Hey Martin off there are going to hear him every week. There's a day old heavy blow to her bra. On base. No they're. Old they're all. You're given the circumstances you could purchase high powered rifle and get a membership of the shooting range just to increase your skills that I'm just trauma yeah. Google Earth to eat it he he. Knew he blew it off. He's right here is they're all here and there to hear us now good. That was one of those things a bit like a life coach right there I was counsel Myron when when I listen back to last week's episodes I was I was. We listen to what we did so that I can Chris found myself everything I said. All I touch myself a look at our show you sometimes to actually when you have talked to let up enough don't want nice no bomb I realized I was a threat in the group chat on you guys. Yeah yeah. It's just creepy air hey dude true and what's you do have. But dumb he he had really come more so than the advice we gave him he really said how do you get through skip and you'd panelists chaos going on your life and I just wondered you know how to get through this sort of some of the menu what I'd said was dude policy regarding that Egypt's. Look at what's right from a view I think I said imagine like a military training course and other stupid Walsh you got to climb today getting you don't reach a scroll through the next one day at a time one problem at a time don't think about the big picture of it for the long haul this focus on what's right in front EU and Salma and move on and yet so that was the advice we didn't give him after that call win. Part of what usually seen was how do I get myself through this yeah and so really bro arm does the same thing at the venue course pride expression Ghana there. But. Yes you're sad about this talk president Yasser writers and mobile and if you're a couple of and her daughter opportunities. On her own plus. And not cause an OK okay yeah. I. We have a brother we we Libya and at that once led said at the show as well but just one day at a time went issued upon a time one feeling at the time just look at a focus on a tackle. Move forward you'd be fine brother. Well we'll soon get a voice of music yet. Inherently. Wasn't but has yet to work but it does get done and listening to where. You know they got that covered that phone call from your mom. And I had the same but different thing and how elector mound is that you can't trailed off and started ringing in the ironic that wrong Wal-Mart birthday. You know my parent Colleen nick saying you know that aren't they saw. Except dad won't shut up and Okie go on Toledo like you know and anymore aren't channeled for good. You can turn animations seem stuck up not revealing bit kinky. When general literary non blood can't. Stalker trying to talk to arms are dead like Britney Spears didn't. You guys doesn't use strong Lamar Miller. It's kind of enjoyable mine and Italy has it's like you had death had you heard and named release include got them stumbling and humor. Anyway it's our role six. Are you. All of love Ziggy birthday call audio if yes this weekend if you're comfortable with that ZE com we I think we would love to hear that. My my mom I think has now. Started to really injury drinking Jack Daniels. Oh I'm getting hello you've driven her to drink Idec and here she is 73 years although responsible so now all of a sudden she's drinking. Thank you called me yesterday and she's just like I had some Jack. I don't think in my home. Joining us our record schools could look at and she's not like getting batted just think she's just more talk that she gives me a crap about a leg just a ton of crap to write I am right you lost. Non Seattle you're no longer her Angel would Jack Daniels on how to play a series of what is the simmering volcano you can well imagine wearing basically you know birthdays before I forget we have a birthday girl here in studio right now all. They were getting your shot to caress over there. Have you ever okay time yeah. Some of them might say hi. Or you don't have Tim. You you ride your own birthday celebration this weekend ranked how to go for yeah. I'm from her remember how my sounding kind of gimmicky or is it. Are there but the thing he did but there's still certain thin and it worries you know. Just like in your office. Fool you got tough for him all I. Girl love Donna I guess if you have a delegate who helped it's not just for fun yeah. Do agers silly string there was a horse. And handcuffs me actually. Consumers. We brew where you come easy. You know it's time closer around the horses and yeah clearly all are now down and I'll be okay. Horse barn Britton Colquitt and so what will these horses I mean clarify. We're mask. Oh win. Yeah yes okay. But you guys are doing if you want to show like that you don't get popular and it's a pretty good horses in the field the ball well I don't know what I. Now this is uploaded we need to put out one of them but over open. Content. Well happy birthday at sounds like a lot of funny it is because all of a look at the about it muttering yeah I have yeah. I need to have a fear memory of your drunk friend on nine Herbert thank. Then it's not it's yeah that many many good. This is good friend right there that's a function testing. From Minnesota nice quiet troubled that Obama. For years. Probably the top left guys have favorite memories from from expressed. Glenn do you remember what you said to. First he says when he up onstage with what was when the pain not exactly a fan. I don't know I Sox are a lot of window pane shows over over the years and most of them. You there's usually an occasion towards into the night before you play where you come to mean would wide guidance it Kyle I'm hammer. How my can do this and then you go there and slay so the first thing you said he wanted there the makes us throughout my consent. You know the great thing. About playing last is. You go Lotta time to injuring that I guess I just laser focus a little cool looking I'm going I think you know myself is this actually going to be that ass show train wreck that we knew who are all these here. And don't let them go look the board how audio fully in the and you guys that you guys you always I'm just absolutely. Elated thanks for but I had a moment where I was like. Tonight's the night I I need to witness that he's gonna false agent pat let's all go into hiding but but in all seriousness I think me personally my my favorite moment was. You guys cover midlife crisis. Andrews yeah that sounds awesome 1000 up to us I was like for every music nerd. In an attendance say anyone who loves trees no more because even throw came up to us afterwards and he very uses and castles while I. Do you guys do so well let's turn all of the advances made major shout out today every travesty that vocal lead male late you're you're doing the back of all the mates and so colon and then the weird stuff that GT we don't compensate for the keyboards not being there. Was just awesome. And those Travis is big concerns that I'm not sure how we're gonna bring this to lighten Jackie's acute trusts me with the delay pedal animal in panel on the guitar I can do a lot to just just trust me house hello again dude he can create a soundscape I'm done similar things and the first town we granite rehearsal. I mean Travis is very like I don't know if it's gonna work and we did some key translation stop that for Tommy ran a traps exploded music okay that's good people ahead of me as did just an apple early runs through I think all of us had goosebumps in rehearsal room. Goes on and I'm really playing them more often met through lower out path we could yeah. It up on the military guys what you I'll hand the it's your other side project man did you know now yes muted because I'm gonna come Jammer what I we thought it was a different kind of phone call man yeah. Clinics and do I view duration very. Anyone else on any of the tea. Yet few of the guys here I think early the coolest part for me was that it was one of those shows I was so solid on the line up that everybody loved every day and and I also love the sense of community I mean. We hear a lot people say here's family out there at these shows they really felt it. The Sunni city here listens to the bizcast tonight everybody's hand went up I think 90% of them are lying because they're drunk but and I can't back and you've heard a little cool yes. Death and looked and sounded cool. Yeah it was great and everybody to agree this shows us and we had a blast spread and the camera zooms up I'd never done the full word just. And it now zone a involving a couple more since yeah were you handcuffed just for fun. No comment that I. It doesn't look or. Nonexistent now and he when he was working the party actually you know that was him this. There isn't a sliver when he's going to com home. Yeah. We're off in memory. From. I got received it was washing bruising bruiser Brody from the lies not once again with red not to quote that the fact that. Most of bands in the room right now but. It was really fun to record I mean I'll rally being on the camera when. Everybody's having a fine Travis there and yet he's he's just. Such a great front right yeah exactly just makes our job a lot easier same though the rest of them and then. Cells was awesome thanks men thank you that was part of the woods metallic death. But Canada telegram that's all girlfriends now right we think it would bring them back together and it's fair. Yeah well thanks man we always look for mom hooked me don't. Or. It while I'm. OK I don't know if I did serve awesome somewhere in the back I think we're playing. Somebody's mind since it is not at all. Block column I want. Out of the top. I. Tony Allen that was the very end of her career and. I'll let did you record did you have the very end of it before I go Arnold and me as a solid jumbled mess this. Well according to the ship on the court became the cool. This more blurred yeah. And Cashman agreed time now I was I Kate thank you guys I want to win and really appreciated Tom before get out of here. I got to do an interview with the and shadows from events unfold. CS sort of see it makes sense to you oil we were backstage. Are doing shots of whiskey. And shadows. Stole cookie palace he did actually gave it to a few regarding of the shadows and more to shine a light on him just right Regis banish. It would just be M moved that The Who. What they did their re releasing their album which is here at the stage but it when he got in December is gonna include a bunch of covers all that's cool where we we were trying to pinpoint coveted they do. But this interview I saw time not talking about that song because Lama Faith No More freak animal might patents to recover think the more to they covered a mister bungle song all that's more. When I destroyed it. And it's crazy and never realized. The influence that they would have or did influence respond would have on events everybody gets you here and in the interview. Huge influence and they did are richer vertigo which is off a bomb on the California. So our fearless play a little bit of that to get you ready for a in the hotel but they mean you won't call very nice all right so here a second out. It is really good job of keeping your truth to the I don't know you have the California record right. Your results are very good and and it's straight here I'm sounds kind of joy of my pack and I thank. I can say all those guys are really talented yet yeah tremendous musicians. And it's good record and really you want some I'm confident input and take six covers I think through whether something cover but they cover a bunch of it is random songs. Beach boy he's Rolling Stones are all Pink Floyd A ha yeah rebuttal to check. I. While the Lawler replay system on a couple Brandon never heard of yeah. Toto is jump right into that god is my chat with M shadows from events unfold and just how the -- good area I am doing great I I have a funny story to share with you I heard that you get a kick out of it just shows how small the world do we have. I guy I play drums and a church banned and in Washington and of course I'm a guy with a bunch of tattoos so I'm always like the resident. Whoever in the church want to talk about Rockies don't come to me. When I got in my church went and played. Golf in Florida and he came back and he's like hey man hey check out this picture do you know who this is and it's a picture view in my car yet and shadows he's like. I got the play golf with this guy what a great guy great golfer Bubba block he has no idea of anything about the world of hard rock and metal he's a yell at the hard right social. It's sort of hope that we're talking about I think that he must've done really well like the tech boomer something like you speculating on how you know how life has been great to you. And I'm Mike you don't have any idea that events unfold is one of the biggest bands right now and and they play Arenas and his eyes lit up and he's just like. You gotta be kidding me that guy is it because you think you such a nice guy I didn't realize that he was a big rock star and they were just a funny thing oh my god that'd been cool for you to be able to be in a situation where you know somebody doesn't know you but just enjoys your company for who you are. That's funny yeah I mean I guess I got a lot of retreat. They had a you know I I use you know people on the plane would probably have no clue who ordered the people who aren't don't push your cue to leave your leg. Luckily there are on the oh cool cool very cool you know end and you usually have no clue well I I've kind of given up even telling me another and. I. The looked amused isn't great he's likely that's his career being a madman but they play arena's men are going door with Metallica they're huge. I got a while it apparent that curry yeah. I don't know laws public that's got to be funds is that those kind of moments where you are you're on top of the world did I do a lot of meet and greet here always knee deep in the world of events several but you have that moment and I would imagine that's why people I love playing golf it's a chance to get away from all the insanity. I love it man I really do love that MS and you're right yeah I go play with anybody and usually meet these people are in the tech industry here they're doing certain things hurts climbed out of the let you hear a lot of stories and then there's the other red and Iraq are no wonder are those who helped bring me. That's ought to do I'm very excited about god the re issued a deluxe edition of the stage which is coming on December 15. Obviously you're just to be we're playing which you were here and it's I loved the version you guys do. I am a huge Mike Patton. They've no more mister bungle fan like that's my guy like I I love and eating that bag guy does in the California records on my fear mister bungle records so when I saw. You guys are covering retro vertigo on Mike all curious to see how this goes and holy smokes man you guys crushed it I absolutely love your personal. Out of all the people talk and no one who brought up in the bungle. Cover of night I think such a big reason why we did it like not only do we grow up. And Mr. Bungle that you do glue gun and leave. The rather than them and Brian. You know we can distort and now the good time real platform. And we really wanted to energy use mister bungle to our camps you know and so what are they like it or not there's going to be you know. Quite a few people that are introduced mr. global political pick up those records because. It really mind bending stuff. It real and and in no way you guys tackled it was just say it it'd been brought the elements of men some fall but it it was very true to the song which I thought was very call. Yeah I mean a whole thing is like all ordering. The note then the dissident and not strong got to capture all of us are title makes mister bungle so great list. His vocal melodies over these strange cordon is cooler progression so we wanted to queued up in the same time you know don't you cover Internet. Do it exactly the right hand. And there's no way we're gonna you know there's no way we're gonna capture of the Erie near sugar convert and we that I didn't make it a little heavier and and this could bring a little you know little peace security and you can help cool that's fun never own version of that. Hog got absolutely love I'm a guy I've played music and recently been playing in a band and we just decided that it tackle Merz a midlife crisis my Faith No More and it was thanks Gary rehearsed but once you accomplish he likes. I'm gonna play if it no more sorry this is what can awesome. I know I didn't have quite liberating the players like playing those old songs and play enough. From the great scandal you're doing a lot of young guard us and you're before help console when we're doing the stage and just kind of transcribing all the the notes and what they were doing the tying signatures so random. But they're so good and yeah I didn't just open your mind like a go to uncovered the year to really understand what the Leander doing it really helps musically you're always your mind a lot more I think you'll help us on the next record. Don't ask you can I had to admit maybe I over think things I mean guilty of that but I don't know a lot of my friends or Tommy that but I am gonna listen to the stage now where we're hearing some of the songs off for the deluxe version that the other wish you were here in the richer vertigo. It's almost like making kind of when I listen now to the original songs on that record like even like a little guitar break down on the stage or or a good good the song sunny disposition which is my favorite off for the record doctor Warren's and and the way that you sing I almost feel like that song has a mister bungle vibe and there's some of Floyd vibe and I parts of other songs it's I don't know if begged the songs that you chose. Helped also kind of arm influenced you would do that did the writing or I don't come over thinking but I almost feel like the songs that you have is that covers on there. You can you can almost feel those influences in the rest of the reckon on the original material. Our near a 100% correct I mean when we got under our record we were. All creepy and I mean we've always been you can do people really want you to that would include command mr. Obama delivering obviously committed Christian. Could be colder out anonymous on the record totally understood and ordered the murder and the only way that the transition kind of go through each other when we got ballot box Latham and we are we're gonna go full line. You know bring in now mongol. Brian engineered they're called increase murdered. We're gonna get all the elements is really more dominant you know when you do trans. Transcribe a lot of conflict what they're doing the same sort of stuff just in a slower more drug doubt he'll hand the payment down garden all that are all that. You know all at Seattle's. He only does it. It comes under the notes and it comes down to that distance and not what we are really. Concentrating on this record. And so yup those songs weaker while we were recording it we ought to pick them because we were included on what we're doing. And Demi mentioned Seattle laden I incredible show playing with metallic over a century link field mobile did you get to enjoy some time in Seattle what was your experience like guy about a minute it seemed like Seattle. Why did doesn't seem I did I know would settle laws have been some falls so must have been a fun night to be apart that shall. How we had a great time we got in the night before it went to sushi on embodies. Lions from their from Idaho and they came and really really fun night with a minute before the legal or not our number would all the smoke. You know yeah there's all the Ultimate Fighter than he asks so I was kind of being indoors the locker wanna lose my voice problem. Before I show Burton and you know leaders do you with a blast but I don't really buy into our power but I definitely still be. He effects of the smoke where you know I love Seattle Oklahoma spirit you know the guy doing a good golf also the guy I have I don't know Clinton's Dell call or. It's a loss of its funny branch in the smokeless as a few days after I went to the gorge. I was I know you guys played out for pain in the grass in the past and knock Dow would we are to be so close to where the fires right when saw our Guns 'N Roses and it was like you can even see the skyline because of the smoke he was just so weird. You know we understanding right now are Ari Emanuel on it's. Kardashian Justin is now that's really cool blue cross is kind of women going beyond that look like dirty you know and it doesn't look you know favourite little prettier you know. Nods and did it's a weird time that's for sure arm top duo looks set at Torrey you you you you finish up this store on February 17 in Vancouver. I do I need to drive up Darren since kidnap you guys the players show the next day in Seattle what's going nominee had a complaint here. Well we're gonna do from all the major markets again this summer we all night we urban planning on coming back we're clinic and not try to weigh in on. Religion or not it was cool to do really good drummer toward Italy were rendered Bichette and just blow this thing out and to be honest. Yes summer's a better time to Europe because a lot of the country years. Gonna be you know under schnell warmer during the next door selfish we garlic like nation and I and our friend and the sanction tour. Promoters and regardless of the big tour next summer through to every city that we get on and talk talk about an hour or. That makes sense match knowing how much Iran one last thing I just wanted to throw out there operative I know that you did on Chris Jericho I guess you'd stranger Chris Jericho and I. I might be going crazy but I'm pretty sure I saw broad stroman and your last music we have we jury here. Are you're wrestling fan or who's a wrestling fan in your crew because that's pretty awesome. I'm wrestling champ wrestling is fair and are grown and spread the word deliberate very widely viewed as well for a little rich and you noticed when he did it help the united brawny if we governor David duke. I mean your music deals. So completely blown up Bermuda crazy how I like the blues sorry we didn't now we just your ordinary big note the cool thing ever so. And Denard too much on Toronto and Ontario the other night and marched on spy. Is my only in your and he let it looked when he during the like. Yeah. So these things didn't go into the identity on the good guys are here to a good guy and let my little and urged the guy got and so after. On can we go about it and groaned and doesn't like. Catch your Stearns bad guys and you'd like totally disappointed in you get a friends. I guess. I don't wanna room apartment tell me it's not a real good right at the same time it's kind of cool it doesn't want to go to guy. Are there when you come back and then this summer I'm I'm not the find a way to steal your way I do wrestling podcast here in town not I just love DK Allah rest I had Corey Taylor and Chris Jericho to gather one time doing a bad episode with me and it was. One of the most fun experience is just a nerd out of our wrestling with rock stars and if you have time I would love to go. Also out next summer we come back obscure. I had deal magma make it happen and and I'll bring my my my buddy from church and you guys to relive your golf extra hits heard it there you go. And Amanda thank you so much to take it some time to sit it never sex chat and wrestling him mister bungle with what my favorite band director of frontman from an amateur bands and shadows event seven fault. Director once again cause its deluxe edition of the stage featuring so many great songs unreleased stuff. My stuff as well December 15 is when it's coming out I really do appreciate you tickets a timeout man. Don't worry that makes a lot have a good run. I've ever go I'd be assigned to get out here on fantastical. Thank you guys top left TV again extranet thank you JT rang and now. Glenn has always great to see you my friends guys everybody you'll get some rest. I. Always keep score will be November 25. Over a studio seven bang the triumphant return of whose members are virtually every time observing more information soon take our FaceBook page and carries dogs will be their top left you won't be there enough it's gonna be a cool night and joy are winner's check. If you are what you saw a lot of guys Nancy Jamal's you know really they've got an amazing thing going and we really want that to fly they're doing such as. Cool things this music it's unspeakable slant routes. And there's something very cool that they're doing after almost a mention this but. At some point but if you listen to this you can watch his version of this podcast oh yeah and full 360 view. So you just go to top left TVs YouTube page he should be out in the near future. And you'll be able to take trivial crap Lindsay is very happy yeah I don't ask atop a lot dot TV. Everywhere you go back to watch it you'll see doesn't run then hiding behind them big demo we're not on camera through India this. I call a diplomatic about it it's. A white stride with a pair of. I have a blog post and anyway man I'm not in the real humans that are half I deep ball can actually everybody did gums is over a studio seven having her there at the end that there is a bad I'm gonna come happy birthday to you. If you do do do you ever read they have this evil kids K okay. You know who gave us. I have a lot faster under a year reboot huddle look you're gonna try and broker a deal with. Almost do you have. Wow I could give us that it has created cookie twist here but if you enjoy it's over here in studio god are I don't know. Steven your job upload Jesus. Little more humane attitude again Dave got the connections. They can make it happen wolf what I would get its money for this. Where will life stay positive thank you for less than I.