MigsCast 10/24/17 "Changing Tires"

Tuesday, October 24th

This week Steve re-caps his time dressed up as a Minion...dressed up as Hulk Hogan...and how the night ended with a blown out tire.  Rev chats about GE2...Glenn shares a great story about his cat giving him the "R Kelly" treatment, and how his wife is going to make him watch Grease 2!  Plus we learn where the Vermont Teddy Bear Company is based out of, and more!

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And make cash. Every day why it only. I thought oh wow yeah. I don't know Bluetooth. As well he's he's in my mind though it's way militarily won't just roll with that we're the fifth though I only hate club. Thanks for joining us hopeful. I don't know why had voted by Travis branch if you think that's a thought. I visible I listen to be in the room when and why it's listening today's podcast is why it is one of our greatest friends. And colorful as I think all. That's probably been the barber rock on guys listen any press is free press is a good angle and this is awesome just make sure you mentioned are there to record welcome to Seattle is available right now. Given stellar reviews all over in my purse I its online news feed elements that you get is people are just saying they love the record so if you're damn good record that's the reverend I'm Steve married echoing candidate mollid give him what common. The pendulum give us excellent okay well hi. Go to better credit yeah I'm watching you sleeper pick it up her laying it appropriators have a wide being your mind. Dole long notes is kind of funny I gotta gotta Coleman's Hewitt is you know we scheerer Herschel space with the wreckage boys and we just been. I've been a redid a room completely guided it cleaned it all up. More spacious it is a lot cleaner and nicer but we switch there were these big GBL powered floor mongers. And in the preamble on one of them failed tried to strip that out and then another woman Stonewall key consumers are total four album. And so then it was me and we've got these power rams have got all this passive gear while we bring down some passer wedges so last night Tony Sean I got to the room are again a while. Pulled all part com and we're switching and overpasses and there was a couple of things and you do they didn't have to run though wedges and the main PA and figure out a lot about our columns of the car horns are Malone and just went through everything in. So yeah and I aren't going to Buckeyes got to hear more low man I can no signs of that stuff don't forget about the spit valve if you ever played a horn you get that joke but who. The we had to put her hands up and walk away so right now why this guy shook her so it's gonna be. Instrumental jam Australia I did reach out to live there yeah. You person this week because the PA is in a million pieces in my work schedule this week is really crowds we broke it Sutton yeah Dubai ports and he typically listens to the race guest today that it comes outsold. Wyatt. You're screwed up I won't leave here I've got a weird shift today where I don't start my job and help for you've line Salmons free the guys that don't know what I do for a living when I'm not done well also on amateur geologist and park and crime fighter and rocks started out well that there's that crap. But they have the wrong figured out and allies and heavy stone that hurts but an all star thing appears it is very elusive us Patrick picked up. Where I've got going from year to grab some stuff to see if I can't get her patched in dollar in threat to go to works and maybe only have to call apologized right so why it shows a two perfectly good PA after losing this video won't call him now. Yeah just just doesn't have to send a text is hey I say. Sorry why you're screwed yeah listen to the mix cast oh yeah that's not what exactly happened there are no why to send a text and make you should listen to the gas and all I can enough firstly here is that we hate him I think everybody else I don't know how to practice bases now in its 67 million pieces there's cabling everywhere and yeah I you know what's funny my wife takes it means she's a hails a goal this like 1030 last night as replied shrouded in failure than her. I. Thought well about a mix can tell you know it's perfect filler couldn't quite pull up my hero. But exit it's funny I oh over the weekend an interesting thing happened to me I ended up not going to GTU and no one talked to revel in about a bad experiences like to say it looked like it was a great time. But my whole plan was on Sunday I was gonna go to G two which is a big game being in virtual reality in dodge ball on nerve guns and all this fund programs that happening over at the Washington. At at essentially exhibition hall. And to my post on Sunday frank as a part of three torme battle we had our big our Halloween show called core business where I dressed up as a minions. Dressed up as Hulk Hogan. I I saw the photos the easy to video I didn't see your ball will all do I guess there's always regrettable and did you have thumbs up blood giggle giggle a heart symbol on the king of the heart symbol yes do I love this the video is great because I guy I typically come out to a murder city devils song for God's honest city you can call it all I am glad to be able to sit players have been managed brother. And I eighths in Edmonton vitamin C you bananas are true. At this point actively promotes the emergency double song called breasts done. Kids are here. Then goes into the cool rock song the way. Hope we'll get theme song for. The place goes nuts Brothers. That you never really have to grow up I was gonna say you've never grow up Saul yeah yes I'm going out there an ounce down and profiling. But the best part is Lola is you press on biceps she got Gil and I don't. Until then that's where does religion muscles and I got grit my shoulder to shoulder and Hostin. There have to yeah. I'm not go all murdered our listeners find that video I thought I got my Twitter page at I'm Steve makes you can see me rip off my shirts also my blog today KI SW dot com. I would do not know how the Acosta was gonna go could I think at the overalls until the day out. Good as they kind of putting it off my to really wanna buy overalls. Holliman CNN browsing and you know why she did for my wreck it Ralph cost him and it cost me fifty blocks SE now I have to go to just stitched a panel Denham onto a preexisting pair of G Williams is an event I don't I don't here's the funny person I I go to firstar JC Penney's and I are we got overalls and I predict he's brand X seventy dollars and how much dropping seventy dollars for a overalls dislike the look like a minions that's ridiculous tonight gone over to Sears Sears has got to have some they edit the craftsman brand and it says like. If you make sixty dollars this is 40% off all right. That brings it still on the mathematician a little bit over thirty bucks I could I could do this and my whole plan was. Get them return them and return. He's told worse well I'm not I'm ever gonna Wear these again I'm only out I'm gonna have clothes underneath it. Did you did you all sweats not gonna get on it without the hope planned so that I looked at an architect tags then everything's great I bring them home. Well here's the thing stupid Steve tried on the overalls with him trying to mob with the suspenders over M live stand. So the overalls fit just fine. But we can out tall I am in order for me a lesson that the that the that the fullest length of the poor and writers the boy didn't fall on moose knuckle. How could I. Okay. I now might not tell the designer and tens of muscle that like it was in Paris Fashion Week and we came out and those rocket into some kind of clobbered whose local thing and yeah and that's what's in right now in overalls but you know that's not the style and I go for like a more loose fitting way he's not yeah let's let those babies slave growl I knuckled a bounce a little bit mellow or not a little local present more of Mormon orbit practice that they got the water out there and orbit in the sea of just happiness yeah. How well a comfort free flowing yet free flowing at. Absolute some arm I got well cracked a I'm tired a wanna get a Mac in time is now my side summit you know I've I'm gonna have to make the adjustments. And keep these over a satellite cut an old pair of jeans and cut the that the that the suspenders staple it together I totally wowed I modified I was I think typically have a guy who can and so I've you know over -- I don't goalie I notice OK okay MI okay it's so this together now looked like I'm tired I don't really wanna deal with it so grandma the state alert. Stapled it all together grab my hockey tape taped it up. So that idea black stripes a man and negates the return oh yes I doubt now Iowa or there is boy. It that you never Wear again especially now that they've been you know is he altered then look. Awful moment clothes are somewhat the money was gone without a thought is gonna see some what I did was it the old talk and taped and you know everything back what do anthrax would call a not. And I'll. How are cheaper solution yeah yeah or maybe cup all world up. Or just go with that you know pull Spinal Tap and if you come wrapped in aluminum foil and I just don't always go. Thought he was gonna say so here's what they did a music now I cosmetically altered Dempster was not a fan I'd. You mean he put a banana in the pocked all all where are you guys out there texted you might issues I rabbit and a moose knuckle issue how can I remedy an injury and like put a banana in your pants. The idea. Obama knew that because you know him and the on the returned just percentage you know because basically I take it. They could only be fair and you have hit it 15% since he can successfully return in the garment looked awesome to know that those who now haunt you for years to come majority throw away or. Now put looter in the closet because I I you better believe it brother I'm gonna be a holy communion again at some point in my like failure money's worth a 100%. I am I got that pair that are in the wreck it Ralph overalls I got these car arsenic is the only ones I could find were brown nose and only winds and yes usually takes fifty to seventy bucks senator remember and they've been in my closet I war ends who years a go all. Now why ate into our respect there's deluge and you can tell you really good overall I just have no use for them. Orange overalls anywhere. Colin out a win revs on the Iraq arm and oh yeah around our bureau here out of fuel and what size of that. Are really big all right like every other extra like Blake they. Like the biggest size almost all I guess they get these cures what not to by the appropriate size for your bought gas had tried them on yes Steve didn't read the man you know he didn't get tests or did it well all I haven't always says why John dances. These men are probably still lazy a might well they fit around my waist are going to be good at that yes are you go to all people probably has been on top and I got to add the muscles of the whole quoting costumes you got a lot of root of the Internet onto himself funny that I get all dressed up and a few people went big also like I assume my buddies they've they did it up his wallet nobody Murray he was like on rocky horror picture show why it is just great great look and frankly for her wherever the want them to see if he now I get African Gary I can for her other big thing right now beginning of that video like that. Repair who you pick your email they emails I had the best cost and so Mike. But I felt I mean knowing all that was ready to the whole routine to come in I don't know any of this but he explained to me you know the Alitalia and so we watched it never Tim Curry had a girl Cameron's. Well watch it youths and serene don't tell me what to do brother you gotta go down quite good time credits I guess. I think what he needs to do I mean this is like one of those ridiculous things but it I know down in Tacoma they still do it every I think Saturday night that you do blew out thing theater does the entire ride you roar Saturday quotas like the last flight. Fifty years and it still probably fills up. I wouldn't doubt. Can't stress that they do all the gimmicks like when they're driving in the Volkswagen in the rain people in the audience that is what else where guns are firing and yeah there's a whole thing that goes with when it's very I don't ever attended one of those we have friends that are into it and I'd be down Garrett I'll go if you go nice. Tony and I went to Soledad the fifth and fear years ago it was like this total hook up on the we got for for passes that it was cool seat on stage in. Mean at the end when they're all Frankfurt up later in the girl was planned Qian it was when this little letter. Barely comforter and it was just. Jaw drop and you know he's got to look I thought the woman from her look half. It's okay and that's the guys on stage in dragon just focus in on the female nipple and they were all distress to the nines and it was a rial jaw drop. I'll be honest I hate. What do they expect to use to watch she just because for a lot of the movies Susan Sarandon and abroad and yeah pretty much young sexy Susan Sarandon is not pretty much more boys I'm I'm more moderate and also wanted to make sure they're still doing those things seem nation asked a bigger question like how was it the EC in Greece to multiple times you haven't seen the rocky horror picture researchers greatest musical movie of and as we got a realign your perception out. I disagree but but you'll know Ganassi that would change that we'll have to Steve seeing a sweet transfers I actually and I thought you guys are not allowed got a ball all of us is that I Schultz. Pennsylvania. I'm actually headed towards Greece to. Army is Tony and I got into bad movie direction organized minority media alphabetically so she put on pet cemetery which is one of the worst movies ever had an idea furlong was and that no that was customer to electric Hulu might buy back where Democrats Tony are equal is I always quote ST what electric ginger the old man bowl yeah Saddam crawled but on a lot of Hamels allowed the optimum I'm top spy only and I'll just be sitting there organize a movie that yeah. Well and so Tony's done and then after that I talked and watching ice pirates which is a really fantastic slash. Terrible movie. That's like it's amazing when you're like. Four and then you go back and watch it at any time later on in elect. Some of the stuff still place you know to me like some of it. There is some of the stuff still musing on when you really spoilers are interviewed and actually commit to watching ice pirates if I personally am right Kyra while he was like you know now that you must watch Kris too and I'm grass okay. We originally Alicia you can have decreased two of English she's won a tough enemy can you measure as (%expletive) I guess that's yeah that's she said I don't like Anna I ask you because she really like Kris won and I'm like you know what I would watch Greece I totally watch Kris mom by recent almost as good as greased it. Aha. A look at. How angry guys who have voters almost as good as margarine. I would agree it's it's this the anywhere I don't know how I now have to watch I'll man priest who sold it let me know what did you do that I'll watch the easy I wanted to do that ever since Steve tortured me on the podcast with that she's wanted him to make me watch grease two is the only good goal something I think it's talked about around my house quite a bit. Yeah yes she wants it's like some could I picture the end of a clockwork orange Robbie strapped to a chair. Where do things holding my eyeballs open as she plays me Greece to Alec is all video. Is blowing open. No. Yeah. Are down so pumped let me know what Denham we can all rock out together and have fun he's gonna all play similar package is not a matter busy hands do the doubles handiwork royal how to. I have an end to the doubles the stunning if you're listening and I know you will be. This is your full speed this NASA history previous decades if he's dead Dan. The whole economy so Bruce Springsteen video and slow our identity and you are still in the dark just now. Com incident and don't wish I could superimpose. He would do that on video to ever let me ask you OK okay. It. Thought they go on the road you have no bowler Paul unless you hit. As far as I could have made there. Taylor the ethanol. Scored tonight it's really tell. Really wagon up. How she is really look who's here and now she's liquor how old boys which means I'm going to be forced to watch that he's had better reasons so. You know I can't go all the chance to look at him I watch yeah I wanted to land sober review the claims here off I. All I almost feel like we see like this really the royal channel already electric slide. The public can report on Glenn for maybe top left TV you get that 360 camera ad put out how. When you watch three through there's just one moment or wedges gives up we've got a lot of our edit bay decorate OK okay. This seems chugging pine sol not very MySpace might catch as completed she takes me away from their somehow. That's. You're. Still quite as we know they're long running up. First on the phone you don't always. He's long gone. Let's bowl like whoa let's wrap around a whole lot with hay about alone and it does show on hotels for a baby. It's a euphemism. Yeah hanging. The better than it's. Got us. Forward. Tonight. We're gonna cigar. What I've done my itself. So anyways and I'd just the president million guests. The weirdest part was concerned are up and there are some people. Like guys that I truly respect that are like wrestling coach is they were there everybody in HD make Santiago and they're there don't wanna talk to them about like. Wrestling stuff. But the whole time it's hard to have a normal conversation with anybody when they're not dressed up in a stupid cost him and I'm just of his dominion dressed up as Hulk Hogan brother damn fake muscles talking to guys who are real muscles. I it was. Alma and it adds I think I talked him from me about 45 seconds matches acumen when a reason to get away now because that it went talked about it just spot. Embarrassed to be in their friend and I'm like I'm like I'm so sorry. I look like an idea. I'm trying to have a normal conversation you you guys doing your best to have a normal conversation with me but I'm watching your eyes I can tell you looking at a moustache to keep it. It would really be like at the moment where you're for like you're dressed up like a mascot. How being right conversation late in the bullpen and where it's like they catcher or something is hanging out about his mortgage yeah exactly engines like anything and you know he's staring at your peak UPI a ball instead of your face through the rally all my guys a year in my mouth. Castle Clinton is great story obviously only story I can't remember what he was dressed stats but that's ridiculous. And he was at a show somewhere and had the opportunity might have been like wrecks from pain and terror sump on he was really excited to medium. But was dressed you know basically like a human dish. And I wish I could remember the details on it but it's worth asking castle bomb museum maybe next week when he's around Lothian is over historian I was sick all bro look at it you really love but I went to go meet whoever this hero was GAAP some rock hero dress this way are you just went nice costumed man and kept walking. And our whole just deflated like. If I it's you have to play to meet anybody in the world living or dead but you're dressed up like ultimately stupid yeah we've been QA dominion dress how close you have to Barack what you experience I happened to Ryan castle times like wow I guess also has really great story that he till we should go over the details man I'll watch C we knew that he deals assure the listeners design. What he told me that's really a senators like. Do that a president would love music Yemen next closet could not hearing now he's back makes me want to find a -- part of our colleague spectacular old male yeah every Halloween and I'll be the only part of our hollow respect we're gonna go to commercial come over quickly tell that story is it was just a heartbreaker I I didn't even laugh it was it was really kind of all I don't know anything about like match until I hate Steve I know you're just as vocal impresses me you know vice Versa. In the other room James Hatfield wants to talk to you. Now be so hard do you go. You still go down a popular guy hey man I do Molina and elegant idiot anyway or do you just on him like what's up brother it's nice to see you be great if you walk and he was dressed exactly the same. You know hey man I thought that Palin. Like because today. Our own YouTube era that I don't have. What you're stressed out light him up. All yeah. But it's are so you are that when as you for Halloween in nauert. Nicely if you yeah I think I help cool. And rarer that the gimme field you meet argue your parents at a cigarette trip left off. It is a minions record but why aren't they big covers avoid this could be a warm all. Let's let's see it's it's done that in DC. And say that. Wow I'd make about today. That would have been made. Imagine millions on tour to a meeting comes up and there's little boys asking where can score some more you know what I don't have a lot of luck with. You sure he's appalled you know. You know setting ears are. I'll play a cow okay thank you sold more than and it does more of herself as always averting a. What it's cloudy and he's you know China and Russia despicable me. And the whole reason to watch that movie was the skewer whole Larry I'd love dominion they were great. And we watch this but we we too which is warming means basis talent they had figured it out and that what I'm bizarre good he had suck. And then the millions we became a priest to Pinault was up all the doctor whatever the doctor played by Russell Brand he was on the genetic group to group. Thousands and ruin that was bureau Bruins the end RRR. I know it the fire area suggest that -- they're a far helicopter in Florida. But nobody genetically created them in the lab and that's why they were all screwed up his daughter Anna Faris struggles that the guy was even mentioned in the first film. Then the minions movie came out style like OK this is bound to be funny and it wasn't. And it was his whole weird story about how they lived McKay even more with a dire is just a mess and let me down. They get this guy was thought it was hilarious and all it was screwed up after that they really managed to capitalize on those little felt such peace my dad Cochran got us one little stuffed lenient. And Tony not pinned into the ceiling to roll apartment I was up a full year. But economic growth uploading juice in the first movie and I after you look at our apartment is Armenian done attacked the ceiling he was up there for like a year no joke. Do introduced dizzy of one of amusement park places in the minions Rivera. And we finish the menu ride and we get on there's like an actual like sites you and I was dancing with that being in there. Awesome and we will highlight their dad I like you know proto wagons and his pals to the means are we little guys enterprise Oregon art Fred chick that was like five feet tall this nasty bit that you need a three footer you need basically got to get ET in their drive in the many cost him. I could two point serve but he is fine by me. I think our. Today I mean just he has yet to happy dance and that you've heard the whole quote him team song. If every Beringer I don't do richt aren't there yet I know the name I'm not sure from flu than see as a musician I feel like you need to know the song I think of Rick James. Oh definitely now why can't write different. It's right Rick Springfield you talk about rabbit holes and Rick James and his girlfriend like kidnap a girl and shooter for Carolina Mike users are sex leave for a week. That Abby has she got loose and Rick was in big trouble Chris usually yeah I just owner of the party and they kept me for a week and we're shooting lethal smack in using me as a sex slave and I think they thought I was enjoying myself. Do you super for I have contacted a lawyer and a trip to destroy this guy. Yeah already Jane's got some and he hid Easter is about allied we would. Television and correlate. Am I can't. That was actually like housed court might sound that's unlike in the song and failure dominion ever got your eggs and literally on the there plan. And real. That bum me out was some. She's a little rock and roll guitar player man. All chuck bare ass and shut very kind of him count that NASA don't chuck Berry's thing I think was he like to set up super secret cameras and film girls eat. Yeah it was like a bathroom can imagine him I wanted to like his restaurants serve and the girls by far. Yeah young bench over the exhaust found out that he was. Basically I. You know enjoying himself watching films of Greg you know makes you feel better about some of the stuff but I find myself looking at from time to time you know these cats really went the extra mile per cent darn not nearly as weird as I thought now now no way out well that you the Internet is terrible for and frightening play OK it's -- of the best line from clerks to the Internet is there's you can look at all the dirty porn that you never do yourself. I'll live to deploy I ever do yourself right. One wrong click and you're seeing stuff you can and see and oh yeah you don't wanna do and there's another look I'm I'm scrolling through and I'm just second things I do that accent XXX videos dot com one of those and I really don't understand. There rhyme or reason behind what are the featured thirty thumbnails of today who Hasan does is like an animal into thinking there anonymous. Summertime I thought I personally like and I I mean look everyone's got their own thing but I think he should keep it. For the end of the the main page they keep it has almost been now as possible is that if you wanna get dark. You can find your way around it just keep it flew in the PP stuff rang really upsets my stomach instantly right now just keep it thank. Just a dude in a chick banging. If you want anything else you what you chicks banging you got to click on something if you wanna see a chick. Doing getting done by a dude who's getting dumb Baidu which is the one I saw yesterday are you more than 84 so I hear them Q yeah. I think book. At least for the lead car that makes the engine technically yeah I wanna be the caboose in that trained yeah yeah gore actually winning position you true. That's got to plug I. Who chewed. Off all do we need we have audio Romanian born this comic junior guard out I don't know 34 man. Well that's the wrong one there. Rule 34 is if there's a fanned amount they're porn has been made forays into. And it's a guy under radio no matter how weird our top selling costly to warn though you know through half or you know it's one of those I forget. Why I was searching all measures he can I don't because played more head almost blind enough to. Okay. I wanted to see us jokers girlfriend Jamal he finally caught him relative Harley Quinn was shocked to discover shocked that she had made the transition into adult film it's only goes ahead plan Arlene and some good that's slightly and then I think mark Daryn now when they had to get rid of the little cartoon character they stopped using your fur ads because the amount of porn people were making with her now Pena as. This little cartoon ball and everything. Out there Harry Potter Pokemon and pokey man my parents told me that do it did if you to have some fun read any one of the Harry Potter books and just in your mind replace the word long and with. Dong with the all right. And I thought about that for ten seconds and couldn't stop laughing I got on got to be hurt you know Hermione clutched her all me and my wife has. It doesn't really do today dude traditional looking for Harley Quinn could not suited to her chapter just flying that word in edge maybe try and capture couple really memorable so sentences you know. Dude it's not move did you finally talk about the format innumerable radio I always laughed using them and how weird of a topic we might have whatever it is. Somebody's gonna call and it has a story to go along with it no matter what you could have the most absurd topic and some tents and food the if they do that I would read or admire brother and yeah as I watched Null and has always cracks me up if they know Matt you can make the weirdest topic don't you love. Have much of insurance seminars but I think this is because those guys are talking dementia and extra extra digit lead to himself as we don't cut keep. And another World Cup or break. You have were off on yourself you know molested by a farm animal dude I got to grow yeah I had made up my phone that's the three dollars and insurance seminars no one knows. You can almost not just during this sounds like you have a so I. There's weird transition let's get patriotic kids OK listen Hulk Hogan theme song only in all right risk for circumventing. And of silicon. YouTube and confidence that we should be our country's National Anthem works and I finally borrow what. Put your life in my second year. But she knows grief to some. His daughter. All we ask the most. Broke through and liked his daughter who's. I don't know I think I got pulled the wrong name on and pat pat I think there is considered killing millions. Yeah Brooke Shields showed from and if you don't want to pull it really made my. The Q so I could handle five minutes it looked good OK I want to choke her all her friends. Thought but a fun good looking girl. We humor when he does well like dad was like rubbing suntan lotion on her own rule like this is the is he alien or tie on her is that sort of real America does brother this is. I don't know model. He's America's own looks exactly like his daughter Diaz could easily. I actually get back flip. All this other spoken at all but I don't think he looked like my daughter brother as a father I don't imagine you Walter has lost the it's like no drama and that's why she's my kids. We should change your diaper dude. You know that's that is a little weird. That's the other I'm not saying add. Right there right here at the 48 hour downloadable look good yeah I Gabriel I that all you know number I don't hear from the low road out with a who plans to move to. Yeah I've I've struggled would read it at all I think you've got everything that's gone. Okay. Really bad. These movies yeah friend Bill Russell president about the ice. When I was pirates the credits rolled I think it was planned that salt. By the way if you're out there you haven't seen in the ice pirates. Find anything just you hit. You know movie ended up watching because Michelle. Friday night I lose my I'm not gonna do anything night and those as opposed to Monday Tuesday was okay and crazy. Very much I didn't do anything does think the shots are bad idea that I ended up watching speaking not great movies but I think they're still fantastic. Bonds are no American werewolf in London a lot of great when you go it is now. It's it's awesome because it's all full. The fastball. For the longest time I've not that bad moon rising was playing during the transformation scene. So when it's when he kicked on I was like all right here comes and I'm like wait is not how. How bad knee and blue moon moon. My man. The Phillies came screaming and wailing yeah that movie to me I think is like a it's brilliant in its failure. Yes I like is in amazingly good in terrible mood I hated when I was a kid all right now I guess it's in wait there was no team more eight man. T wolves actually kind of a good time a funeral business rule out the mood there right do you think teen wolf 200 no CA with team war few close and you know hell it's still kind of chuckle we're dead just a victim was not nearly ghetto where wolf as our Michael. You Ozarks yes it is cumulative Taliban's advance man because god have a great career I don't it. He's a sharp guy you don't weird thing is that he always plays the same guy he's so drew ride in his delivery yeah yeah like if you I imagine what ozark it's just his character from Arrested Development you all do now I just moved to the oh it's very disturbed me and like no matter what you ask that got gas play you got a loving match you god you guys ever season. All man all you. Dad that Smith Martinsville ray movies are into that room there's still rabbit head he's got smeared lipstick all over his face I'm Jereme Perry all right yeah yeah very adamant studio when he damn movie GAAP yeah I mean that movie was. Weird and awful wall I like random. Killer the last time I saw that movie who is I was house sitting for someone who may or may not be in this room and how our bathrooms. Oh wow I like mushrooms in my house split up fund that's. When you play with in my house how much are you know laid on the couch and your nice little fleece blanket watching how hard has not you're you're losing and how you open I guess it yeah or there are human fingernail scratch marks when he got trapped in there. Hello. Old before she died in another part of closet about all the weird things have gone back home from you do mushrooms and me being unceremoniously Jennings in the fort when he party divorced once you must have been might walk kind of weird Leonard who I have. But he's fine GAAP. How things for your year for Lucy was probably the coolest thing because that's you lose a coolest Dodd missed that dog yes tussaud's shell absolutely insane chill and insane act. Happy happy that you're around happy to be around you yeah wanting to hang out and have fun and they need in an awful what hiding. Her at the that you always busters south when he came to eating habits and I got a one time in your city into my wife now like then girlfriend we were watching TV and we had like. Some kind of a pasta dish or Brandon all this you know whatever. Well we're just watching TV also she comes in looks as like I really screwed up and there's like possible follow her. Not only did he. The bread but somehow seems able to pin this loss and they that there you go about it. I was observing her human you know and he's so would you guys lose it like it is do thank you all are really screwed up you guys but it was also get a check all the volume doesn't have the benefit of an opposable films would have had to do what it had to do the. Don't know I just it was definitely a New Year's Eve at a bunch who for work came over an hour ban on a cycle mop it was there with his eyes lovely lady and they brought a piece. Bacon wrapped. Oh he's a whole host of mojo he's on smoky schools bogeys are being the bad about that our rules that the data both there's something bad about that when none of us got to enjoy them because something happened outside god whom we all went outside for mitnick who may be a medical they re talking like 25 million or twelve or fifteen other ballots because it's true and that's respectable we come back in. They're all gone but did two banks are still bat and that's also had studio to work like toothpicks in the system can I know I was like if Powell did you PolyGram we were out there for long minute minute but it wasn't very long somebody like blocked their keys in the car were like do we. Breaking into it and trying to get it stakes Israeli rather the dog was like okay. Everything with the woods now right Helmut gonna do that with Al. Bombs and that bill worked that out somehow figured it out re comment re almost a one from mark crew. Ducked out either been blamed on our dog which could have been. But just don't let her know that I was there are strong threw out a run down those babies through your picks the ball game was gone like if I'm. Peter is great there go our way like where smuggle small keys go. And every regularly receives I. Act. Fast. I'm here right away carried all the crude. The that your dog gone good dog. Announce that our thanks and now all why would just kidding and I love that it is great as a German shorter partner. So there's gossip you can always cute boy it was to go to the outside yet but the pick I got to get dump duty. Be grateful for the warning and yes there's Lulu apparently still is not a jetBlue right now the weather change messes with your. She is like going outside when that when it's wet outside I get old. So now she's just decide that she's now are two months old as opposed to six years old. And she did legit two days ago. They innocent choosing it was a bad day like my wife was not happy with the Hulu actually put twice in the house impede once now all war all yeah and when she peed in malice. I think she's just squatted in front of us and move on us like. Our. Hey. Man I know messed him up and go after cells did say I think if you are talking Lucy about my cat market but this this capital in my as a name but when. I just lost my cat trams and I'd. It was like losing an appendage I was shattered I spent months looking for this animal stuck in the new course you know laughter hours I mean like broke into the facility. Com really. I was out of my mind actually I crawled under this series of condos or goes downhill side and I crawled all the wood on the crawl space in my belly and I'm talking so it's it's sort of like half a city block through act excrement and rat droppings and I crawled all the way to the street level. And that building trying to find that cat on to anyway. That's how we in a Muppet from the mine this Canada bounce from home home home all the owners were allergic so. Scams kennel and behind random water heaters and and got a lot of love so ended up with meat. And of course who's a cat figured out I was gonna show our love boom she was like her. Our friend now like oh dude you're the one who then early on they were all these phases where like. As we have Maggie tongs cat who's 1718. And there's a funny and we're convinced that there's ghosts and or stool and I'll get to that. Felt he had to indicting crap Tony optometrist goes national the southern hallmark Maria I'm all right he could trust another choose Clinton out. But some. Market went through this phase where anything that smell like me of course she went beyond such a moment ago my clothes my hat scarf and pol mobile crow up and see Obama also. But he would walk in the room model would instantly. Get up on how to improve. My. And I. This is why would this is dead and its viability man. So let's put a jacket down a Muppet would smuggle a jacket and he would walk by second track of just who's gonna like you know god. You know it's like women in my life taken an insulin and what is going around here says there was a day you for a definitive in literal Saul yeah I I bring this up. Because of view tellingly the dog squandered right for he made eye contact and took a week maintain market was laying. On meet kind of facing me on my chest with age she's a bigger cats are button backside were kodama my crotch on Islam this cat she's looking into this look of just total adoration. Yeah lay on the couch and I was kind of hung over. And also my focus moisture. And immediately hit me I want my god I'm pissing myself. That was really hung over a like a I'm I'm I'm pissed myself. Really I'm I'm this myself right now they get on my evil might shock the my gap in their all of what I want a result like I'm out of bed wetter when I'm drunk or anything that shows really like so confused that I look at that cat. There's look immediately Alec. So much and she was literally marking me and just voided her bladder. All over me while she was a lovely Rita is the most disgusting all our yeah. So comfortable till we are right now but I'm just gonna. It was just this come about cap this is yeah and yes. The ammonia smell and it never goes alerted that counts and it eventually end up I had to call the my Iron Maiden for awhile because she she got those decisions to couple times and they just had to be gone more how the red couch threw out on a lot of money so we stuck blankets on at a coal from behind her day at work and I'd lay on the Iron Maiden. No lake effect that you did say act that could top fifty. And well she finally got through that phase we talking about that it literally reminded can be you know just an idea that has just totally totally I insist police call note. Glad that frank isn't that weird you're lucky he's got some weird things are now the new cap yeah I get a full name is frank and accounting and results of he is to sit there. He is a sock color. All that's gonna sweep those born you're sure. Cycle on the sure all live and die the blank is suck on everything and I mean he's as an animal lover who could never breast future human because I'm male. It kind of crosses a lot of bridges for me I can hold this very little thing and it's luckily we're going Herring under sir yeah although not here yeah. Larry he'll kill man did I heard those yet to this'll do that all the Leila you insult boots this week yeah I think everything Healy doesn't act bedtime boom right if you better like yeah we have that we're gonna have to give them a blanket or something. Because it just Auburn hey every they get so easily days. That's funny that it happens you leave the kittens weaned off their mama too fast everything got might be that they think you have raised my resume your barrels. No but it. Also it. It's dangerously close to my wife because she has a Fuzzy kind of a jam assured the show where are all of the cats all about it well like Mike Bubba baby bottle. Bobby we've been. We've been looking at summit because they have the cat nursing kits opera like little kids help reduce may not look that up possibly Jodi Miller has a fire like for the land what are you doing that showed up this is the most awesome thing you know we are looking to get a pacifier a lot lower Manhattan nursery near our. Sit in a bottle and takes videos and. My wife and hit an overhead with a bad at that point. One of the just tire out of the ball that I I forgot that would heat. You'll hear urged terror Q how often I catch duties yet we finally did the math every time she takes to do she never comes approved. And as soon as the two exits her little little cat corn hole she gone she runs and that's why I'm convinced that her store was haunted her and her coach for now I can't I don't rocket fuel. That's how I can't cruise and runs until I think my god there's ghosts and you know so yes you're so good the cat won't area to do auto market it'll come along a very McGee's coup for her idol attraction just very very friendly with Matt thought yeah you know market is acclimated well there's a long period of police this is a safe place you don't have to do on beyond. I got you your core of your fruit still going to be there in the morning and I got you now buddies BL a Little League he. Runs in ninety one's like a run that fast from the cops specific. Run as a former crew. And I mean he's. Do you do when you deserve to lose a charge each swimsuit. You know what the hell was going on his concern by crying dig up the and I doubt I know vital you were feeding her Jack's. Pat I don't think I. If we would die laughing Seattle not all bad and they were not as weird I'm leaving my body's sake you've read so I don't get it out. Over it and let's before we do which even tags after Friday I was number the Adobe to a battle harbingers of riding high actually got involved in the main event. How aisles letting guys win the win the match and then did some last whiter grass so he got handcuffed to the corner. And so bad guys don't this is a Muslim man yes it happens or maybe not okay I did I it's where it felt like I jump up on the apron grabbed the key unlocked the tank top which is funny because I couldn't find the damn hole triple it and we tomorrow against the rest I slept a president who puts a hole on the side and handcuffed not right directly in the medal. Well these yank us how to tie weird I'm looking you know and he's trying to act like he's like all. Freaking out like I need to get a tag doesn't find that you need like kind of talks have decided medic the holes on the so hard McAuliffe thanks thanks I get it. Tell against the Assad I have one job that's the reason this man of mixed mail I got. Sort of heard the finish is made it his big finishing move I didn't have very him so I. Free him has big efficiently when smoke it may mean you're gonna wired pretty awesome some run I'm riding pretty high after that you know. Afterwards we always helped pare down and clean up that did the jam and you know it's a dispute camaraderie good friendship. So I'm leaving to take 1 in the morning tummy it's my house this is always traffic in whatever it may be this is construction. Front 2 AM mom but to get off before ten all of Sony yeah. My sod this wean the next morning flat tire. All the you've got to be my karma somehow impose itself on stuff you guys see you are I had a flat then my. There's hair went flat. Bro just fighting it makes you lose reel to a and an always on you planet you're exhausted tired right Casey worked that morning so yeah I'm I'm delirious I'm about thirty minutes away from a full 24 hour shift yeah. With a national yeah right none of them is data and a long night even though it's fun. I was exhausted is our war that stupid Hoke Hogan what I want for the whole show clips. Although it would shock body you can add a weird little. All by no reason I think our broader drop I don't know I don't. Whose whose total went away completely hollow out over the crawler and exciting to shelter and I don't California rim. So I'm Mike you've got to be kidding me it's 2 AM. This is not the time you wanna be changing a flat retrieve the flag cost them. No doubt I would read is being let out of Beirut by that Miller comes stop and yeah I bet that's why yes I hope you had a whole quote there's. Well it's both good. They are quick aside he threw some broke about three at the show and to take please get a picture gimmick absolutely I that's the fun of being on a constant. Do you have. Combine my two favorite absolute things in the world as you squats down as Bruce Michael he's a big thumbs up and takes a photo. Lusaka and made in those knuckles rock the First Amendment and so here I am not pull off of Bob Forte and luckily as I was close so I displays go to our Mamas for TVs which is a restaurant. So I get closer to that so Mike somewhat Litman it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I just find where that spot is that the Jack and of course in the Jack whose there's a piece of crap Jackson finally get her of course this is now like 2:30 in the morning all this is going onto fifty whatever it is he drunk people are walking is an apartment complex near there. Suit to possibly stop we school law imagined would happen. Flat tire you gotta be flat. You you know my now now can't you work these Jacqueline stand your watch yeah I felt like I do not want the drunk. Drunk which I appreciate young enough numbers on the slopes to. Do you apparently there have bad holes I'm off at all haulers out. Wolf that's hard and we hormone man's struggle and I hope they don't pull over I hope to go to Lulu. I know some harsh heat full stuff design used stranger right. Did show us. I've got a vice president told Hogan he wouldn't have said that you know instead of my muscles so I would just point laughter yeah attitude and and say do let me give you hand and say your prayers are or vitamins and at a fair. Judy Judy our slash 14 rounds. Founded the Jack to work properly finally get the tires off Baja of criticism struggled trying to find the hole. Again talk much tired is starting up wrestling. The judge Janet lined up for the real life we like some kind of my finger my thing is getting crushed by the time Ayers is such a do you have a donor a full spare. Awful salsa on the back it's a. Right yeah this sounds a little weird bug him that. And especially don't trust the Jack your plight and try Jack yeah. But there's a tricky can do in the dark if you have to lineup to put it began talking about wheels and tires you gotta get pujols lined up over the studs. Hit that show that may be on there and all of intuit to if you see Indian style icon and then put the tire in your life. And scoot under the legs to censor it up and hold it steady while you Lima holes and shell and on and I'm just talking about changing entire. But of course who pulled off the jacket probably can legs yet all buddy you're right in city installs conundrum that hydraulic and then get MIC is doing your legs upward from seating position you can line that baby up effortless argued it was the worst death if so there's there's that if you ever need. But again you're playing with fire absolutely want to take you changed I would say about forty minutes a thorough set not bad given to understand how is legit impressed by that I know working with the world's worst equipment. And that's not a factor in a good five minutes we just staring at the car like you've got to be after hitting righty engineer added Judy because you know it comes with that Jack the fact reject imagine those doesn't factually. God what his dad does that we should upgrade it. Or. It could afford triple a bonds due Bonnie plus sort of bullish check for not changing it here's a lot more a lot of people like hey why don't you need to blemish I have insurance that. Provides roadside assistance but in my head all I thought was. By the time back I should now it's forty minutes 45 minutes Russell she's tired a hole exactly I'd rather be busy I'd rather be sitting in my car waiting I do something about that I was and fix it right exactly yeah programs and you saw her. Exactly I know I how big muscles law book clearly remark yeah. So then I'm gonna hang out person go up. At home mom just have a tire iron or do you listen before way. And who knows the tyrant but luckily it has a collapse that turns into a four way yeah OK yeah he's always trying to balance a lug nuts you just attire around his body armor and I aren't that same tire iron but it sucks for me because the stupid part that you slot in to make it a four way. This falls out all the time. Well I listen I don't know a lot of I'll BMI and Desi just falls out I just generally I have this small hydraulic Jack and a four wakes you prefer to look forward and just crack in the Israel is beyond even love me as way to the idol deal with that. In Austria think even Tony's little Volkswagen in her trunk which is small I have provided. Small hot chocolate chip it sounds like no not hobbled woods you know we did not get some equipment at the data prior aideed whose ghost or get a small is even a small hydraulic little icy Canada day one my brother gave me a long time ago I'd still lead to another VA you don't need delicate three Tom Ford Jack a no guys that are maybe. Mean tour. Half three feet Maxiell are that if you will handle comes off getting your Jeep sits high just take a big chunk of four by four. You know what I mean to put between a Jack in the yeah whatever little blocker again even worse that children your backseat yeah and yes yet worth it my computer I had that done in ten minutes an easy yes it's changed entirely a done enough times are hard do you get added on ten minutes that you were working with the basically you know book darkness you know pick up sticks and Legos that floods calculated Megyn Dijjer. And yet so the next thing I woke up the next morning he I get home. A wife kind of Glor Graf easily with so I weigh these 33 AM I did last. You Texan means that you lost that one what an instance in my black handle. So flat tire is that. I'm so sorry yeah I I took a shower clean job but he knows it's like yeah I wake up the next day and I had a fever or or. I love. And my hat shake it all around man and sore throat. So like the only email Byron our guys handles all the G two and he's like and a warrior might look man just let you know I'm gonna try and be there tomorrow. But if I wake up but I feel anywhere near like I do right now I know we have Monday off I'm gonna call it cut my losses and I'm not going to be a problem they do don't you reward. Woke up on Sunday felt better still scratchy might not gonna deal with it. Well about Monday following a million box I was like thank god has given him power through it. Bring my car to highlight Schwab to get the tires swapped out and all that. They look at the tire there like bureau to get attached in Ike. Yeah holes not bad that caused the flat but because you drove on it for a long enough you. Basically now we see the grading you burn the sidewall on around the inside saying we can't. We can't patch this and your other tires are kind of we give you one new tire but the other tires I would save. By the end of the BL me in a couple much you have to get new ones anyway it was so much to because 12100 dollars laid there yeah. New. Glenn's house so went down to the basement where there's a black steel rim with via a UL a tire on it I look through and pick the woman the mass tread. Make my way over to Marty's and say hey man can you flip this on my mag wheels 44 bucks boom bang yes you know and then of course they had different size side walls last week and driven makes cast my car was riding a little strange. Because tire on the left in time on the right were a different heights. So then the day after the makes gas went back picked the second best tire and over Marty tame in political muscle brother you handshakes they put tire. CNN like apple remarks and tires as the hunt and that is how I got to do so the marriage and admit that if I was brought all. Hurt because I just don't even yes fine great they're good tires and lush green object if they get anything goes wrong with a little fix some repair played eight it's kind of cool those guys are great. And it's it is what it is and yup brew without as much as I drive with the winner coming on Mike yeah. You know I driving at 3 in the morning when it's icy out. Omar front tires are not quite racing racing slicks but they bowl right front I'll see this how big guy not tailgating anyone ever a bright bright at credit there's a half inch of ice out there. I'll be I've got it right I've got all drum brakes which is great because in in the winter if I get through a big pothole or plan all along our our lot Watergate supplemental make the drill the drums will just. Yeah still one point brakes feel normal and actually tap the brake just locked the front tires up my arm the breaks a stick. Out on the get little baby single chamber master cylinder on the eighteen foot long cars about the size of a human fist yeah yeah air you'll still be in my car and I don't think I could keep twenty car distance from every corridor yeah you'll do well man you you better be on top of gay no you're not texting while you drive him back Clark. Viewing doing it now where you are worth noting that even out and our text messages. No I'm fine it's. He's all. Thought we had a text message for one. No this guy does a lot I know who got a lot going on a bit to listen you guys I guess responsible positive Glenn can do podcast for guitar stuff because deep guitar. And have local musicians on and talk about their gear I would find it very interesting to them always watching read write downs to improve my sound that's from us. Oh dude our mama Tony are both rig rundown do you ask Tony that NBC this and we'll shoot me whatever. On some of them are better than others I would say I would love. Love to do podcasts like that out but I can get Tony on Manny is knowledge base would blow your mind. He didn't vintage glass with he had an. Did that guys really unlucky to have him around because he went down the rabbit hole of of many jams and really has this great understanding course deep crack he had that we're getting annoying oh yeah the problem we just became FaceBook friends do all these being tracked on an amazing man it was cool I did a thing where I can't get a brand I did is that jam and then Mike McCready and a couple of his buddies came in jammed and so he showed up and l.'s exit here's my god that's so unfortunately it's been master valmont eighty beats Canada. It's got to be admitting gains stuff mics that's fine I'll use you know thanks a lot ground. So after the show I course walk up and my Heyman was that OK four is a dude. It sounds better than any of mine while economic all right don't mean all the guys seems they've cracked used to do me favor Brooke don't tell me. Tell what it's architect as a go in a much oh no problem Mike Hsu handshake nice fellow talk to my people so I I girlfriend talked whose guitar tech about at all. And about a week later Dave crack he called music you're not gonna believe who just called and it was you know you see a hail much increased guitar tacky plea to dispute for Marshall you do the mons. What do you want me to bring you were right and it was literally we want it became a joke we want to Glenn bought. So accretive to coupled so David is that score gay was a pimp anyway. I'd love to new podcast like that the problem I have is a severe hours in the deep deficit today are pretty remarkable. Now on the only way. I could actually. Do it is if there was a way to monetize it to the point where it was worthwhile right on Jews. And that's tough uphill battle in the room users I mean it's like something that if they if he builds and grows and yet as a chance of of Montero. Mines are reflecting you know apply each. American music and lights you know cracked you cracked yet able. Vacation in the union Jack guys and be like look and you guys in my sponsors all promoted yeah arm but I can't. It's tough love to do something like that and then why he grabbed guitar players left right and senator Arlen geek out about the stuff I bet there'd be a good listener base where it. And he's got to just turn Tony loose on the Mike talking about. Preempt to Geneva he's the ways circuit in he's got this gorgeous six. I'm still don't even Colin Metromedia like YouTube ship channel that in this I mean some of that to be really cool visually for him to be like and then you do days and you so there's not only man a podcast will be great as well but. I did a video podcast meet seems to be yeah but I that you said. Hours in the day here's my problem which you get like triple A now so little time and more hours a day. I really do so much more launch you laughed about that I need that 36 hour day and still only allowing for four were hours of sleep maybe if the 36 hours a day and I can get done the things I our men want to accomplish hybrid that I finally started doing non. Everyone always tells me I should write a book. And it's usually put up one of my things on face trouble you know yeah. Yeah exactly I tire changing manuals Airpwn quotes. But I'm I'm all see in the process of putting together what I hope to be my first book now. Islam and it's literally just to help put up those things on FaceBook that there's almost a short story oh yes but it'll get like 300 like some people are Sheila and then he read the comments and it's it makes you feel great it's always man I needed that you know bad I needed that Jesus that's hilarious I can't stop laughing. And then someone so you'll always see you need to write a book. To Corey Taylor has made a career out of I'd make him make those kind of like coffee table type books of I two random storm Al Brian Johnson animal reiterated among Avago. That it's a book of two stories and not necessarily like up a novel it's just by each chapter is a different story I'm in the process like I literally had enough time to its dark. Yesterday when he gets done to put together a book had your people contact us on the makes cats and it would work out an interview well hike at. And how little all of my people call your people ever forget Brad how was I GT for you. I G two was amazing it was a lot of fun. It's funny because he we ended up island Saturday. We did hold report thing. They're like it better when together and towns all doing her forcibly just a reason why you hear any guy out they got. Vicious gas a little off Hudson fassel's balls and all part because the end result and unearth these are different nerve guns because it was like they have the little balls. And they had lake lake three chambers that you upload to get like fifty shots off I actually wanted to see level ought to shoe removal curve ball sweetie go crazy they didn't have the full auto what powers like we've been around trying to make it full auto if you just hold down the envelope yeah even what little budget dies. But it was Craig's got BJ in on it all and so I was asserts human faces there's a couple of those but when it first started the best part was Sarah was out doing video foray. This is she's just standing there and she's viewing your dad and so I dig a couple shots that at BJ any kind of freaking out and then it just started unloading on Sarah because you have god I'm just. It's argue it. I have the camera the camera. That's like art exactly as like this is exactly why I'm doing our job Rhode Island and it's dangerous rice yeah I Rios goes to the opera there's a go to Iraq. They're not like I always fly right into the enemy doesn't think all I need attention that guy he's on he's had the camera are you get a job you know would be great gap rather. I'll put that cameraman down so liberal woman I camera Sarah I did that a me it was immediately just basically wasted for the rest of the day because I'm running around and I got really into it in on I'm not a I'm not a a little guys work out here it is such to work out what we had a year. I got hit by. So relatively close almost a street guy you're in the face of those things hurt I put it that closely skiing and is not enough to like leave a mark nothing but you get hit and you like this shot of faith and makes you mad I'm right up piston Mike looked. And I look over and it's a sales woman's kid who's loving years old. And that's disarm that long -- it worse right that was her thank you just walk up the people could use a short urine singer and used a point look up and she ran the damn thing we get a couple of kids they're doing basically the same thing smack you I pistol where maternal Malone is tremendous and I am trying to integrate its new pistol whipped the child with a north pistol. And that that's we YouTube channel for that I have a dream for you kid to a workplace what a bunch of adults. Brother. Back or a banana. So yeah I did that while it's like just hung out a bunch spent a lot of time at the retro arcade because I log on the I have to then upon leeward talk yeah. So where gold is a great PR stuff remember it I Cameron what I was listen to what they were talking about how. Just in either retro games you like director of basketball games and stuff and we're getting a jam yeah and if people were just flocking to yak. Yes those are always packed always aligned for those and it was sweet and just just a lot of fun all around there was even a V are hiding get into executives vomit. They have VR glider so used all cool they had the little hang like a little like again the slaying the you'd lay in that he put to DR goes on in boot. Replied through the air glad all throughout the just like with that whine I make I am really ease urine running out of his yeah I have yeah. Timid when he comes the hard step because every rule we can't we had some command from one of the local game companies and they did it. And it was basically like mine crafts to kind of blocking graphics and stuff like that. But you put on the VR your running around you do this of millet go over there and go and put on this jet pack. An IRA hit it thinks you'll find the air as soon as I did my lay eggs buckled. Unload my brain my brain happen no ideal what was going line and I just recently got a VR are VR system do it like I don't have a video card right now from a computer to run as an article by that as well. But I I just like I gotta find all those games that aren't like. Like the roller coasters yap because on those who don't ones I'd want all this is actually had a mommy and others. I could I didn't know larynx again there's no way I can do that event I'll eventually drive but not. Like. By that sausage VR gaming on mushrooms you're really that's a rules of the high as that is general ban on my terms which is pretty hilarious. It's pretty much as I don't watch at all although it does all the but. Bottom and now you look at my arms are just spaghetti and I was like I'm they are doing pretty good here who would you like three pointer at the end up like. But it well prayer and imagine no immersing yourself fully also like again I'm hearing I don't know if I can MI and too much it might be. Yeah I'm gonna try it right as do it yet tonight. In Detroit it actually yet but we'll give you guys down there Leno got the species and people my pleasure and I'm really happy life. Do I want a roll the dice on that we know is I never wanna leave that all do not like two steps away from the institutionalized as it is do I really want and this is no I saw it was a win over GA I don't know perhaps he'll be fine but somehow luckily duck factory iron to eight ads with tomorrow's and it's given me an email from aboard Richie from thunder priest at Auburn is Kate Richards won district egos a little bit and they are greedy guys aren't Saturday night I guess. Steve I'm glad your back problem was healed and I didn't have to fill in for you I love watching. Ours and flashbacks you reserve data listen precisely that I sent in my pack wasn't good enough are gonna bug Richie. I mean it would have been definitely below visibility you are. It really in him having to dumb themselves down ready yet but are good fun to watch Richey beat the crap edited drums. Obviously the Obama background was healed and it filled yellow watch you play your question that lovely kid. Glad you set a fantastic as always and as the next one's only get. Ammonium big space printed them both of my bass drums of thunder b.'s guess the play of one of the next makes cat and expressed. Is it read your beard looked beautiful mix just keeps getting better each year. Finally thank you to all the Titanic deuces that spot ticks me a mix faster on nine so hostile. For our first thunder pieced die under beast to show a studio seven on November 11 because these guys I'm sold out of all my. He still take it nice and we're playing second instead of first yeah I. Obviously that's awesome that's on now with the show Sean Morse and with a fringe drummer and Richie go way back Shaun. It's funny hit music dudes who are you going to the fund will be shown its its they're sick all this is a lot of pets that cats on the street we talk about the film beats all other British genre yeah Richard one of one of the good eggs and you are hands to go see this product I really like go and his studio seven when I had a wholesome it's fun great fun venue a November 20 rig yet another opportunity to see bruiser Brody will be vital area man has to be fine after Thanksgiving. Or I'm about the got to ask I don't know I don't know if things video games and at 24 risk is that the Thanksgiving was always the third thirst or particularly on thirsty crap day I think with a Saturday after Thanksgiving Oca sea of chancellor at the food yet November 23 is Thanksgiving this year's and its joint forces Black Friday. 25 is bruise a pretty sad day ahead BB yes that's right Bob. Talk you know I mean something else in the Internet in your group are sure that I visited thanks to a group who had met at a search and saved there or maybe who would later. Harley Quinn search. Boy that's me yeah careful with that concerns stumbled upon some some Harley Quinn. Pretty pretty cool though some cool stuff are really quite as yet and the early Clinton early pregnant not really Quinn I'm. Much to base you guys and all involved and makes fast making it possible awesome night goes out say but I'll say it anyway bruiser Brody was over the top acting amazing and a way for more that's from our hot made aliases and monastery that she could not make it mean yup yup. We had text that says I'm glad meets phantom web access is awesome I bought a ticket even though I knew I would be at a town just to support you guys and that any rules at a rally and who you are the man that's really cool the question is if you break even paying for the last international. Close close close actually very close race and didn't didn't break even but obviously. If viewers said hey would you pay this much that you fear vampire would have been like yeah. 1% so that's awesome couldn't be happier with how it all turned out so yes I speaking of the lesser Nationale. Are they are doing one of those pledged music things for their next record they're not working with a label they're doing in on their own. And her it's going to kick start of a for music it's of what sickle pledged music if you go to the last in a Nationale FaceBook page to posting a lot about it. And what they're it's basically they're open people pre ordered their next record which is good because it's on fire. And what happens is if you pre order it. You get all these cool things sense you would now like cool like incentives so I pre ordered the vinyl. Because I was like you know what gas and pick him up for your during the CDT design house because you know it's. I'm of those guys they were nothing but great at that. And league's best to mimic former. Was still light I still I I watched their performance the other day inbred it's just off the ball sound board sound but. Preview back to a cool moment. To be able to watch those guys. All but one of the things they send out is I. Demos of what's going to be in the upcoming record acoustic stuff city sent out this and now by the holding town of they're OK with it but I think the final investor and is. Just do it all right we used to be your friend so one of my favorite songs that they perform on the migs cast Matt. A few years ago was hard times and it's the song that they played it makes fast and I think it's just a killer song. Will they just posted the rough mix of the song it's gonna be on the record. And playing drums on their record is gonna be Joey Castillo who is just a monster return to Queens of the Stone Age on the law applies to paralyze routers score now ever talk in a backstage about that there's like. We couldn't believe I might do that's like one of my absolute spirit drummers he hit so hard to acknowledge the hit hard he's tasteful with how heinous and so. This give you an idea what this next record is gonna sound like I'm excited to see what you guys think against a rough mix but I think we get a good vibe of of what the next last and rationales album is gonna sound like. Yeah. My. Oh yeah. Any. Made by. Kids get I don't know I ought to be an all bad idea I don't fight is about as those in there you know yeah I had love the wetlands Don not love beer you know but that was killer. Or do you go into rock and I'm so pumped for that and it's funny because that when they played it on the migs guest remembers apart in some Ortega says makes a big night. You did get strong daddy hard times and it stuck with me that. There's a weird thing to think about but of course I had this conversation at the several shots with Dodd Delilah. We're just talking and I'm like hey hi this might be a weird question to ask you put this on hard times. By any chance was it inspired by dusty roads classic. Wrestling promo that he once did call hard times it's an iconic and I haven't read a year it's about like the working man and I know that their bandits about the working man sometime irrelevant who's looking at me like I have five heads in. I don't know that we are talking about. Okay I have a I'm Mike do leery. Think he is known for saying daddy. And the lyrics feel like that and I guess the song is mostly about their struggles with a record company in the record business just how they were like. Chewed up and spit out Miami to label imagine that bright shocking grammar yeah. So sun came up today what a surprise. I have to be that bitter jaded but I have walked the landscape as well and boy did day as as well and insulted. It was. But it thankfully in a weird way inspired some great art which well. They're all they're still doing it they seem to have a good fan base there they're pouring in working so they've landed further ahead a lot of against terror all bands get chewed up spit out and it's just over called quick they well they they can even continue. They're so Boston up by what happens to yell. And I don't mean psychologically I mean like. Financially had they just do were ruined it's over and ended a label owns their music or whatever yeah yeah yeah so they live and for as far as I'm concerned they're from which are you from where it set. Good for them limber feet is a tremendous artist he'd hate to think of him being taken down by the majority. A bomber set off yet tragic so I send her MM the hard times from a and nearby and I doubted they'd actually revise that that is actually pretty awesome thing I thought son inherited diseases. I did they have done. Just drove you imagine your name one all of a down home. Second. It's. Okay. They're better than it did get back to promote and. You piece of rock and roll reminded you know just wait oh yeah I promise I can promise you is don't borrow like dude this is Easter a. And yet. I don't have to say I'm not at all. What about the way up about rig count. No it's not know and now they have no I don't indeed been a good place hey good plug. Does he wrote that a bad thing. You know what I've done that a blood. Oh and then there's no luck of the god did not know what are they got all my kids. And I got food. But wind wow oh wow alert and they don't know how bad my dad. Always had come. And what a good job studios. And they do a lot. But then there is a jump you know the job my doubted the upside down. He sounds like Jesse Jackson he's got this weird accent they need to outing on his voice having a southern twang he's really shooting for relaxed like free it's your time now yeah that's a great old piece about the working man and I get that haven't yet right person I like the house I'm just really you don't pass. One. Every I am right wing now it is I have no idea what was the mayor all of your brother and they're like totally see the correlation I usually get like you guys totally you I just know you're right I could not be there and fired her daughter that answer what do you say that because. I would take a revenue finger wrestling clad in practice last night and myself and if you are bodies of a five must still there late at night were to sit in the rain just. And up Shaq and laughing and telling stories not even wrestling at this part Barraza sit now like in a circle. And wanted to guys who says something like I just feel bad for people who don't like wrestling 'cause like in my opinion. Braille like just sucks in wrestling is awesome. Anderson's still big at. Yeah greatest he made his that I actually the greatest escapes owning your shout out one of the ladies I was in the in the classroom training with who you may remember wrapped Carolina issued a rock girl. Oh yeah I she's in town she now lives in Florida which who's in town since he came to class who didn't. Doing our usual wrestling class and bombs and and role as a bottleneck. Is gorgeous. As well loss that is a great escape and bossier picture read she just recently got a tryout with the WW week. Move and that's where. Right so I was like I'm so happy or it. Yeah as the sites she deserves it big league choose theme song just pop them ahead for summer your rhythm a New Zealand he lied. This year vehicles are kind of a motivator. That's grown since she's incredible. Just really good wrestling tale. Yeah I'm just he's he's got a great looks whose breezy beautiful. And she actually knows what she's doing in the ring and has been worth it work I think I can't imagine that they're not going to just. Jumbo the opportunity if they don't it just a matter time before they do you guys. Us. And I was really beautiful yoga or local. According to surprise her at one point and that's cool I knew her bright and pat pat pat got a disk. Me a mess around nor bring him train and I think as a barbaric. I turned to her even know like she's got a whole another level that these are people say are stranded there. Well it's going to be cool he had totally like if you're watching WWE a year and a half from owl and energy as you boot up. As a bad assets just don't work like she's like she does all this school. One of those people that that's a great outlook of like you know what I'm not gonna do people tell me I should do because of just how society is. I do things that involve me taking chances and rescue my body risking my health because that makes me happy yeah sure and wrestling is way more fun than ordinary Hugh you didn't happen and they don't have a lot of things that are more foot in the door pretty well that's a good point you know. If I had a voicemail. Through this one here. 88. Brat pack this year it. This Greg all of them. They aren't bigger. As. Edgar got beat it well directed all that. I let it. I'd rather come on a side pumped his tired day any wreckage were great but why it yeah OK yeah I'm it's sort like the heart breakers yes these days you know. Hopefully calm I had decent. After dinner tonight cover Tom Petty who I'm still in his grave like that or remove that big fan just quiet humble you boom. All. Red Bull air Erie water and they are yes. In order. Yeah they are. All they have my word I. Sit quite right this. Age you'll hear. You guys brushed it. Also. We got his utter junk Ed. So off. It's pretty are we did not those out of the park I thought it went off really while I felt pretty good about goes yeah when my fear of things it's just completely self absorbed moment of of arsonists but I'm Travis point me aside after we practiced on kqed in before we from performed it live entertainment. You know I've done that song many times I'm like yeah and only fright the ball dropping back always. Performed worse than you and he goes you know anything and it is a guy I've done in great drummers that beat you mail at the way that you should be now might. Wow now that comes that that means a lot especially good I don't feel like I do but I guess the certain things that I should hit. He feels I hit and everything else is not noticeable because insists it has a different votes on the play drums on it doesn't seem it but when you try as a big slow open be as if it's itself. Fast puts will be like when you really think about the beach permit elements are relatively fast yeah. But it is also slow sol it's so weird things can these kind of really huge it looked the master of really sharp about. Well there seems to those who you're playing with you know a really great drummer that plays all the time he's not gonna have a heart and enthusiasm that you have that you're pouring into this yeah. And I think a lot of that translates into your drum performance man that is just your enthusiasm your heart in your head and where you're out how your feeling about doing it yet. I think that translates big time and yet we do man does. I think it's is I would go back Stephen Mather and I think that's really what makes you have lose drumming on appetites a magical because it does have that eggs. There's a certain enthusiasm behind trying and is a swing to men and I spent a lot of time listening to him before win in the studio did I feel like that's. Kind of what was captured. This exact time yet out of jail time now yeah so yeah I did a pretty cool yeah yeah that's awesome yeah he can't beat that are now from a guided and he just kills on the vocal finally I could be forwarding on into Rome. If you sing and act. People are great for me each is being able to see actually we did I what is via video bogeyed just party wanted to know what context don't but I do is show me. November 25. I will not Cardona drops but in my front on the drum throne rubio I don't really you didn't track on the the next recording war user. No I already got your promised drive sales rather this snares rattle us. Are you proud as far as that I won't fart again ever got started your practice and I nearly killed him. Core yeah I know not just too big dear David do you wrote man like there was a hole there was a new event and I have to agree with him it was a foul it reminds me I did that had the nerve or two we're doing that I believe tall are you form a dark. I did not part on a dark I've started in the battle field and speaking walked right through our. And it's just mosey and a yeah I love is not battlefield you know who crap you all do you on the gas warfare was outlawed Geneva convention minimal to do that. I know why I broke many many rules on May have the best part about eyes and people try to shoot the rent but I guess created such a force the it is now has gone door to just pull I don't ask Paul what happens just they're heavy air if you read instead there. Let alone. Think we got more from I have been very. Any. Thoughts on it. But I got it done under our senate. Vote. Are because I was actually aren't that great at it. Oh in the fight happened oh all right now we're gonna find some information entered at about some guy I got the inside track on that from Justin OK so while fan rob it would have multiple accounts. It was it had all doubt. It will be patient. Crazy. Oh we're really later oh sure. Are a couple people. I should all right back but not quite serious. Look at it quickly. But it actually. Are you worried that her all the power and all at all that it is currently still. You know like. Not rig out or not all that is so they're. Are are all I get lack there. It. Really wasn't serious it'll. You can't let it just. It later. Now did that crazy woman have a cookie puss in their arms and she did all well. Right and it could well she fighting so she could smuggle that cake out we did hear from I've faced but I heard from us even an Austin and like sounds a we got to get another cookie to assess ESP. You know what did you do that. I think we'd have a cookie puss eating party on the main newscast we might need to hire armed guards as we can have is that true and having them come here to the station Ali hang out on the podcast we both keep us and we we all enjoy some cookie puss together I think that's a plan could you put a cast yeah. Let's cast was cast yeah. Whole different kind of puts cast if you think this will be QB always well I mean I guess we'll bring an helium tank Q so the whole show can be done in the voice of cookie put. All due our song and it does and say don't ask why me but I do have a helium tank. That still made people well rev up gonna have to ask fantastic. Coach admitted told nitrous anymore we use our Jacqui balloons for kids to come into your house back win this. Let's stay anywhere. Sort lie I notably all floated here couple of a couple of birthdays ago I ended I had a Star Wars themed forward slash nerve war back and got an air gap so it was my birthday party we had that and basically the reason why I was the nerve is gonna told everyone has reminder of guns they should arm themselves and going to shoot anyone please you suit up Europe and I don't get yanked you know violence out flyers do to darts now yeah celebrated so I brought those and there the hole and -- there was a great big. Polyurethane or whatever. Bloat and so I wanted to keep busily captive I wonder you know refill it. And so I was a woman to get a and I just have a helium tank hanging around my house and have four of the last three or four years so I don't know how long helium. Works I think you're glad it's in the tank some detail I don't ever being open and I spend I don't know idea we're bit I don't know the exact dissipates over time not so I can bring you with good people as we could try to ask you have walk out of here was. Splitting headaches had a record the worst show ever payrolls from mark the Versa spurred by saddles I notice you've got to address and cookie plus by ice cream and helium. And this government spirit of what about at my IRA. And those aliens Austin you named Tuesday do you wanna come and you bring the cookie toys revel bring me helium and concrete to find cool renounce politics for the very first ever cookie puss cast. Carbone owes this to us. Fate awaits they are poised to open up your relevant some on the East Coast near the coral factory was a full sized billboard as Steve just give the big thumbs up with a wicked smile highest amount. That I somebody's that very night. They're good they were really bad the CEO of carve out price cap because people us caddie couldn't push through trial like Howard lived on our biggest fan is a mistake that we don't even have a franchise we need to change that today it would be great if you're a karma all the luck particular to meet the boss and I go through the little security camera area to the elevator that has just one secretary sitting by you later door. That'll you were secretary teacher in the air and you go up to this no one needs to go up to that officer was whom. The door opens and truly that damn cake is hovering at a desk. Yeah. Why. Did you know if you took. What what nightmarish hell arrived there do you feel tired but job there's a cake in chart yet as the Italian guy and heard of other Vermont Teddy bear company right I actually based in Vermont. And it is tough. Really area spun out of Ohio way. I said that would like subsite excitement is Sarah tidbit of info. Really another you know the way the world works it's really it's like gathered somewhere in Pennsylvania but anyways it's Burlington Coat Factory not necessarily Burlington washing I don't believe yeah. So anyways. I was doing a college video project and there was. They were getting big but they weren't huge at that point there was Stein external restarted due commercials sensitive successfully started may have led to my final video project on the makings. Or a behind the scenes of the Vermont paper company so I go east and Irma. Right it was in Vermont and Plattsburgh was fifty minute ferry wanted to run wild ride or wide awake well while I go over there and I'm doing noble tour and I will would you like to meet the opener and my. I was there Anderson got a few things compare who's create news from Vermont. Those guys. I go in there and he since sold the company's prior Rich's death doesn't do anything anymore but at the time he was there. As a totally cool hippy type vibe there you know it's a grown man may Vermont also whales a sullen Teddy bear strike bound to be having. Right only weed makes me think of money and Teddy bears you know you're stunned at the time he went to the same college as me use it in a fraternity goes to not my attorney but we're buddies with like good people so we're talking and he's like totally just chill guy. In my. Essence of some might also be Oden would you graduate studying as a graduate. I got kicked out because I was. I got kicked out of turn because I didn't have good rays eventually got to keep Canada school I was drunk or some one knows why. They how to finish college I'm still laughing all the bank they got to know what to do stand sort of get its army Teddy bears. On like a cat I go Kart. And make what was like the Pike Place Market of Vermont and people sort of buying them so this group they see you know like Sarah advertising and Howard Stern spent a lot of money is paid to be advertising. It's blew open now rich. Mike holly your name here it's follow your dreams right is Sony's some dude packaged and sold rocks. Yeah pat rock edit or governance today. W.'s later on Baghdad that he took some got to do a pet rock but it was called up pat ball rock Obama. Go to another look rock he had stickers put on 311 Barack Obama huh. It's not news that new line that's just say he gave us a whole bunch of those products for free. He probably was totally rip and the guy next to lose that snowman I'm gonna make a little thing called Phidget cube just some of the fiddle with the threat no more on the mall rocks are gonna sell like a great hero retard you're never gonna make any money. Now Phidget guys like I think that's bad back who's laughing now. It's yet another voice now Larry. It's. It is. Let me there is the candidate I love to avoid mill about. 800 no doubt and probably get out and admit my girlfriend. More and knew it was a day that god asks you guys called me when I live seeded avoid. All I remember that Arab with the problem one remember that awful I was headed to though you never got to my message that sort of got chocolate first like all man we really really really don't really like Rudolph. Were almost up to speed on all the voicemails but then I remembered recalled a guy couple times okay. And it never he never answered every gave him some advice but thought I feel I remember that now. Remember that a lot has happened okay we don't we get a cookie was stolen from us a lot of changeover that I have and the skull wasn't what if it's him discards. You guys gave me I can't tell you how much that meant to seriously that that's awesome Bill Maher. That mare my favorite people of evil that I have been in Q4 ever. Called need. Left me a voice mail. Most of the guys in the men's Mosul a voice lessons I. Can and then pull me and and it's that would show law and I can't. Can't express how great that was thank you so much. Ian that girl are still together I I love her wish all my heart you don't under Iraq. I am I'm kind of glad now I don't know what the problem was if I don't remember oh sorry we don't know what has happened over the last eight months to make you batter it was good to hear they worked it out yeah I'm it was clear that happened it was opposite of what you're like once it did terror in his eyesight is the opposite of what you told me and it worked out great. Our relationship was going to Iraq are but I am proud that they. We are still together. We actually attended that stat the other night the Z zero gravity for the first time ever. 800 CD I guess you can add. I see them at a red. I got an EY no me later there. Brutal and I've loved it. Lied only slam alive welcome to Seattle was probably the hardest thing that I've seen alive except her. So even knows how you'll understand that I I can't tell you how much I appreciated you guys calling me back I would work. Are without rookie driver I didn't just pick up the pollen and then be like have a conversation. Nobody could turn that pizza truck around its head and elicited praise and America and owning your hungry you know McMahon got the first and we haven't had food in weeks I know I ask you this morning and mostly hay is in on bringing food anything I don't like about some pocket lint yeah this is very set our food podcast is failing to protect people who commented we. We're gonna we're reaching people back who cares on the foods that it really aren't much center and I mean a lot of brightest. Eating more and thanks for means a lot actually at thanks for the call man that's awesome it really does it does mean a lot thanks for super humbling and it's site. I restarted. Puts things in perspective does appearance especially my career it just three knuckle heads and a group trying to just make. Jokes and talk about Greece to one of us can he work can better fresher properly I mean it's a lot to consider ranked. That's right I'm just looking at the air pressure right now opening met at Russell that I like how do you get that wrong. You play well look at me because you're the one who sprayed yourself in the face with a fascinating so happen. A socialist at being unable to roll we'll let me a huge someday you'll you'll just for yourself in the face I had a difficult time with that on Friday night a parent I. Yeah posted and there was no real soon thanks and it's culprits of the Coleman's computer. You're. Hearing I mean. Now we are this is the Internet saying podcast. Marched. Why are you guys talk about breeder Brody right before highly recommended DS are talking about regret it. Early to mention love that then I got at the nice listening to it all act. Well yes. It. That's rat EP is so good like that's like car driving like album right there he was so good like just listening to it on the way home. And this is just amazing it's just a great call horror album. As a guy I mean obviously only to take self assumed was dead and more a full life went and a lot of people talk about how cool it is there's a twenty minutes. You can hear it like when they're like my buddy editing glam event wrestles with regional Val yes he downloaded it from iTunes but he found that alcohol to those really cool him might not to be one of those guys occasionally for copyright hitting he just downloaded and thome became man. I love listening to record it's the perfect line from where my house is to write go to work that's a great new layout yet and then night. It's been cold just like as as silly as it is Britney means a lot like my my father in law is obsessed with Iraq so he doesn't stop listening to written. He tells everybody at the gym that he goes to grouping all he is probably. Yeah he's he's. Marketing our bear more than anyone in the south that more than grant also these are Intel made my wife and his daughter of course his father in law got off. Did you go to Vermont Teddy bear company. Mom lows should be okay. Crews. History where there uninstall first. He's already talk of how I want to come to the Mexico in November which is like. My cousin Keeley also the no connecting with people we have our big people like kill me hey this is not a rock fan I guess my 'cause my wife's cousin and I am absolutely lovers such a sweetheart. She's a country music fan through and through if it's not like Roscoe flats Florida Georgia line nor. He McGraw speed whatever else odometer and he's pretty good that she doesn't wanna listen to it. And she did tell my wife oh this is my new favorite song are at the enemy and get that shirt Greg about her shirt. My route from that show one based on our house right throwing in my life thank all of my shirt off I sure don't really know where it like it's not just. They like him because their family members and abandoned like it because it's good skiing and that's. You know that listened to a once and say nice things is one thing but to have them of Cecil oriented. It's connecting our duty as a kernel mailing me really really at all it is. It is so it's available now I think it's easy it is you know it was exciting the amount of enthusiasm behind the project. Before it was even you know literally birth. At pigs festooned like out. Hey here's the record and here's are some stage Dylan and Yemen it's it's it's really cool the level enthusiasm we've received and it just passes on to look at him really really cool man pummeling. And a lot of overload and it demonstrate yet truly humbling. Ray and and I love people like if if you. Do wanna buy it which is great it's also available for streaming I look. Street McPherson if you like it pleased by it yeah you know I mean that's the beauty of this truly selfless and four man yes actually he asked. Because it was just. And Bruce Rudy band dot com you can purchase sit. As a physical copy. If you wanna get on iTunes or any of these other places as it's available to buy that way as well I I don't know. Everywhere and it's available but it's out there so just look for it never really cool. And Reese put up a new video for I want the songs I did this or that video is up itself yeah as up there it's available for. Online and I I batsmen as soon as it up on YouTube Jenna share from YouTube Jennifer mutually brew diverted page has an up there oh well I got to my personal page just all I saw all the draft items like this is really cool. You all got close grade but I didn't know it'd gone lives and has there that's great man was not Chris David thank. Hour and caught like an official music videos for like let's put up another song so people could hear if they don't own the record Jacquelyn and maybe when there will make an actual real video for that song but it's just footage from our show. But yeah I put it through thick some fun filters to make you look a little bit different policy some cuts at a fixed casino a matching. Within I performance videos anyway I really like performance videos they're always my favorite and so we yell when I saw what you assembled what this is great and the funny part was not uploading it to YouTube and you do now is like instant and their filters that you could put videos that you upload through while so they had one called the dream affect. Any kind of creates is weird like rainbow circle around them video and it causes all these tracers and I always thought that song was pretty Trippi it is so so I place her at Alabama that I don't know. Try it out like old so it's a high high production video that ran through YouTube Coker. And that's the video. Does carry that I did at those great you know that add thank you for everybody who's already purchased it that's really for him he'll use everybody as they get what we're doing and yet that's like Steve says very humbling to know the were connecting with people people excited about what we've put out there aren't seeing a lot of really really cool remarks regarding its history and it's been pretty cost of the comments on on Facebook's and and people I love but the biggest complaint is that there's not more songs on the record but it complaint after good. Our whole get there this was a seat of our pants thing that just came into focus has all of us. Or our remarks till now yeah. In after sport enthusiasm into that you got you know five talented guys without you now. Suck her own beast to Harden is five talented guys so we were able to you. Throw together quickly yeah we're just talk about change tires and a metro and head back Internet there have been about authorities will probably be the exact same way I knowledge on keeping that level of what you said you know not second guessing any thing not wondering about this that and I think the stooges songs field. Yep what was your major song felt it. All all right boom bang let's run again okay cool and we're good to go yet what a lot of second guessing nothing got picked apart it was bear the OK everyone's happy great removal minor changes as we try. Come in and other than that is a buses go with it yeah and it'd it translates the material I mean it's I'm really proud. Of the materials disk is basically from demo to realization nothing really got. Picked apart or ground upper second golf it was like other songs are great guys in the deck I am very proud of that that that's really reassuring for me is a songwriter to have funeral for guys that are very talented step in and say Shaq you really know how to write a song yeah. That that was a real. Real moment for me just because you don't window pane a lot of stuff does it. Picked apart the center guests and really analyze the only because we're trying to put our absolute best foot forward. Right but these circumstances. Didn't allow for that and among us really happy about that. That's that that government fear parts like I heard the demo that you sent a religious view and a guitar or click track and I'd listen though right. This is Brady to go into video recorder it's got all the parts that you what do you are trying every song makes sense still are right I mean I but really pour myself personal accomplishment Travis amount of no return to be great singer and a return to be great guitar player what I always concentrated on only care about most. It is spreading salt and sit around practice scales trying to become a better guitar player I don't I don't I'm just not. That type musician all really cheer about a song so it was really really agree. It was great for me see a great feeling for me just. People excited about that materials Cooley here you know yet Mel Watson you really know lots mute cal was like this whole scene and you're good you're OK at this because chapel would I need is that actually I needed that badly so. You Riyadh on Mir creative artistic person has self doubts yeah I you know not by that you know notify you know that the most brilliant people Wynonna and I'm not trying to suck or be in the situation met Brad side effect that you off. I totally agree your brilliant songwriter and that was part of what I loved about the brewers remain. Was his nickname was intelligent monster and that's all I wanted to do I know I mention that in a little bit of interview the with. That the knee high yeah that was a great article to the Lehigh stripes I'll review right up in the interview that he veto such a killer Reid and that was one of the things they're like why the name and Mike why just AMR wrestling fan comes as a shock here. Now that is the news alert like wrestling and the Vermont Teddy their companies and Martha are up. What I was like I wanna be allowed. What seems to be loud dom rock band but when you really pay attention to it there's a lot of intelligence behind it that's what I think bruiser Brody as a wrestler was known as intelligent monster for that reason. He came off real pretty super big and scary. But when you pat when you read real interviews with them not the the character and evolves bright glow there really isn't. Oca boots off fumes Smart as all it was a waste martyrdom most of promoters and that's kind of what I wanted to musically I envision this is and it seems just loaded. Monster like but when you pay attention to those songs and pay attention to the people and also the lyrics there's a lot of intelligence behind. I'm just the drummer. Who needs a label of the Vermont Teddy bear I can act as a beer I mean iPad three that's what sums up this band in that note my hope and it succeeded with is going to be. A Smart loud rock. Yeah yeah and then I think that's you know exactly what we in the pull often you know. Now already come more to come ya know we'll see you November 25 knows what will pull out of that meanwhile a new song. That'd be cool that's a decline yes I gotta I gotta go through some doubt there's an old demos stuff again that didn't pass window pane Muster that 67 years old nominee go back to those in and you know forward for those we assume that's been you know. Now calm and so we might even have a couple new ones and then I get kind of a cool thing on GT the first -- to use an event called corny called Kurt was actually Mike wrecker yet our dog bring her grandma her. Can hit that brass thought. You know long before the beard right yet but on the other guitar player in that band his name was sat and Seth developed some pretty severe medical issues and then eventually passed away and a and GT send media I mean it needs a lot of work it's gonna need a lot of going through but it's basically a damn now. Just guitars and com and GT and Seth playing this chord progression and riffs so only go through that and see if I can't piece that together into something new very cool. And all her sax yeah so yeah there's that piece of material out there too I just gonna use are going to be some homework on the yeah he's a very loose. It's hard Emma. No but there's some stuff there of Scott up you know got to build the puzzle directly in on means so we might have some new stuff but the 25 at recalling an eleven hours in the day deficits that they're at. Yeah we're only a month and what we're literally here worst case we'll have three or four awesome newcomers and he's right I'm I'm I'm I'm. Twenty minutes of rocking in the free World Cup all of that we're doing more voice notable call it quits. It's sure you. And I know you we don't I turn my when he goes homer who didn't need her so by your. So yeah I'm glad you brought more hopeful than I realized half. Name of the five Oscars are selective about which which knows what has your point 800. Hot stunning sixty I think our guys you there's there's creative filters and then there's the Steve filter which basically makes us Walsh and like I. Then. Comprehend yet and and I went and whatnot in the Waldo you mound when I saw you you really so are you trip and. Yeah I don't feel crazy down like he was dressed this wall well only time I started my thought OK or maybe we did see your freak out I broke out just said he was never dresses wall Lucas doesn't know I was tore up and I want you just say they he was he wasn't resolved at that time did let's find out Gary okay. I actually. You know Rucker and on in their minutes. Honestly how. Yeah. Okay Boca Udall and I'll write it got to rank do you think after ten minutes he got into it if people really found you yes. I yes that did you come and go into it knowing that's going to happen. I would date but it's not Halloween yes good point. On in their minutes you'll buy your product went about a particular options they can assure us on the ground covered a bunch of tests. So hot and loves the car but I end of the house wanted to thank you so much blood and by. That really need that land that's second aren't used taken time out. Your show beforehand and talk to me and I didn't invite you don't. How can I much appreciate it and that is an awesome god and got a lot. Not I got a call last week Canadian guys are it two and you do not meant that the Germans are I'm not us and a nice and it is pick up all Yamaha bass to turn of events that are collected just telling them how to play that gentlemen don't get the device is done. You know when you pick up on the hobby is random vagina. That I. Our dad is a brilliant Silverstein booster you know but yes artist sunny chapter man you know and and yet he can mean only adding I am and go home get some trim brother Amin and we'll link you feel better about. A lot of things right now yours yourself perception is really. And no fault your own yourself perception and your self worth and yourself values all been through which you about the situations he just got a rebuild man I still under the regime you have no power but do you. Somebody else or do to Hamas started to look better than they got. He went just wanted to say thanks in and out that such loss Joseph I'm really one of the guys that couldn last week and said you know. You might look around see how much hundred an enemy that still good and well and that's exactly ourselves at such and me and show every every single men are you guys are awesome in three bodies now are either one or friend. Elderly like go to human Russia can never done before except this year good. He is getting into it like seeing I don't I didn't mean to music or something. So far as to two year old girls reported that December that dust Townsend colleagues and so we had a good producer. Anyway it's. And a lot and then look again and I'm sort of see you next month. Or seven. Much I loved it here yeah see you there man. A look forward to having a sober conversation view someday is both times he and I talked. Remember talking to them but I was Litton sometimes I get into broken record mode Matt yeah yeah now so I hated sometime you'd say at the 25. There's no promises that movie's over it's my hope to someday have a sober conversation with the easier yeah. We'll discuss lucid easy even better hit an all your best friend so I'm here deal through on Tuesday. And you get this over conversations. Are get out of here again don't forget bruiser Brody will be playing on November 25. Over at studio seventy be a great time playing with a lead zeppelin which is a Led Zeppelin Tribune room ES. And sons of Mercury which is all kinds of just random killer metal covers of some of the members from the band mechanism. On oh yeah so that's that's the bill all on W dot back from the ten miles why didn't you acoustic set very excited that's often the older let's do some Tracey whose birthday it is going to be aware that might bring more NK forty sure he's doing a promo where it's really bad. You buy your tickets in advance to teach you before read PBR as well I think Tracy is launching that promo. Shoot guys. Either the 25 it's going to be a rip roaring good time. Studio seven dot US is where you buy those tickets to get that free PBR which is a great guy and have a deal and they ended bruiser Brody van dot com mystery to find out information. Since you know we got to promote it we gotta get those TV souls that we can pay up Carville. I thought I. By the next time they give no way let's think Glenn anything else going on dom and when opinions and cool announcements coming over the next couple weeks but I'll see them for loan meant. Our life is good. And stayed positive.