MigsCast 10/31/17 "Passing Out"

Tuesday, October 31st

This week the fellas start off by trading "passing out" stories...all because of the video of Wendy Williams passing out on her own show!  We fall into a worm hole of music...from bad songs by Seahawks...to even worse songs by the Seattle Police Department...to some of the greatest songs of the 90's!


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Is amazed at my neighbors did make Zamir the revenue employee go hello I'm distress they're clowns gaffe unlike any other time and I'm going Canon. There's also address what your clone like any other time did you expect a flop flop but the clowns are the big cat died. Obviously that's why they proved me for sauce the front Baghdad so you had a big run and we security this morning I. She's the new guy and he was not feel we're glad you and I and Angie walked up big Glen small like 8 from morning and head of the fourteen homely looks we deadly sciences. Why. How much all I I am going to cash W I I do shall there every Tuesday anyway. What you purpose which to me why and what's your purpose. Same question or was he. Trying to get inside of your soul and wanted to know what your purpose within Iceland got a deep question out well I showed that real cool he's he's he was buried. Yeah new guy doing his job they must have been like he looked don't want anyone weird up and so I'll walk up music ha. Yeah I don't let anyone out to the fourteenth for almost everyone hears weird unknown to sell methamphetamine to some of the nurses that have been pulling doubles in this building currently control the Swedish you better get on love yeah I'm. They need to stay out yeah you've done the man that's an arrest in the his question do you think that take a stock question they give in my case would someone new comes up and you need to ask him a question. Ask them what their purpose well but my eyes to entertain do what's your purpose I was like loudest answer. Well if I rub your ball soft rather it's one of those ones where yet it is the same question phrased differently Sinhalese steady he's in might trip you up if younger not like expecting something like that and you don't. Reiterate exactly what you just said why are you wearing a T shirt that says hunt and kill Ryan castle death today do just give me the bat to catch people what's your purpose to hunt to kill rides are a lot of nerve to work up to this moment OK so let me up with the wrong man so I can take care some business today is go time of that fan that's fine this morning had a little bit of an incident downstairs is on nine a big one but. I appointed a group parking garage and there's a current front and I'm waiting. And on the alarm and LA starting a little fresher because it's like a Mario a couple minutes behind schedule and it's it's like I'll come on guy. What's going on now he gets added a Karstens walked into my karma what back. Need this at 3:45 in the morning 4 in the morning I do now when I'm number 7 AM they'll be noisier and your right now it's had a very good and our editor's note appropriate time for Nvidia's music's there what's your purpose now it's the simple fact that I got my I'm here to ram the back of your vehicle Serbia so he you forward to that poor guy he does not relate. Hey man there's no old paper in the ticket dispenser cup they would have credit card I don't know what to do. I think he wanted me to help him but hours like your make you relate to all he said was. Can you backdrop of Latvia double monthly pass happy how I act I. How old town like kind of pricey make the biggest Dick I got an even Aysu sympathy daylight. Brought up my chairman your problem it's moved its Acura car but let me through 4 in the morning you don't need you don't get nice at foreign Narnia Brady's I did try to reach people. Now might. Can you track your car I don't I can't help it man I don't care I've got to start work five minutes ago and you hear now I have a pastel work and it did. And the worst part is is it's not like you can like sneak him in or anything like that because you need the pat little ticket to get out yet. So it's not like you're gonna do him any favors at all right through your face and pages right Biden might gap right I asked many of the car of course right more volatile and talk about changing tires sit is for an. Even if I did that you're right you would not be able to get out nicely timed to leave at this little thing like you just get voicemail for me it's gonna static because and in the garage and guys there's no paper that. Yeah it was done and. Half a few people that. I think cool glasses and I market I go upstairs and get through security guards like. Heroes going on down there are certainly don't see you guys are watching all that happy at all it all wouldn't you for a half an hour I know it's everywhere harder look at them go. Or other help this guy clearly having a hard time some like. He can't get in there is no paper. Yet the credit card so he's not able litigated. Turns out he's a Swedish guy like like from from Swedish is this this building shares with the hospital facilities. And want them to hospital research center but he's like literally here to do eat liver transplant right but he drove up from laurel. IE NL yeah. Over here the other security guard who dumped there. Go all he had been mean to tell you that the the the phone intercom system dynamo were up up oh gee this guy did try to call them. Vick did you may security guy has no idea of it the other person felt the told that the C. Did the phone doesn't work either take the cat intercepted me and give him on the job right is that. I didn't I mean yet for every one of those gland there are ten you go to our yeah yes this guy was straight up blowing up like I thought I was gonna you need to remove all jewelry Solder iron. Yeah I'm Larry the shots though you all the cute Swedish girls walking by he's got two fingers in me you know. Yeah I don't know what my purpose this error I just quote flats and start singing moon river in well hope you purposes to be it oil to take Fredricka yeah I'll ask you about a court below wall eat more vegetables fruit. Just wanna go upstairs. Birds you guys are on record for restarted the show. I was in the office just completely jog to the ground to have you seen the video Wendy Williams. I just her show Wendy Williams show while I was talk shows vitamin a way when the old William dog I often apply asthmatics Oca. No I'd be willing Wendy Williams she's no longer with us but that's really Wendy Williams I know well I'd offer second Wendy Williams was not gonna be with this anymore as well as she passed out. Our television wow out of you guys have siege if you talk to whip its she's like okay I'm ready. I could pull up your second hour right here we hear hit the floor that the audio ports hopefully this you start to babble and coherently. Heart area yet come on over here takes its video on who is when you will notice she's a talk show host. I don't know what channel but she's a one of those channels and tornadoes syndicated Ettercap played everywhere and she was dressed up as the statue of liberty. I do she took off hard fall. And answers on yet. She does yeah it was a lot of fun let's get started. Our first and listen you're below. Low it. Problem hopeful but I don't look out of basic she's got that look like. All boy. Oh yeah I know something I know that the only you can see her eyes she knows something is coming over her eyes look what you just saw a ghost and I I've passed out nine knows that feeling guys that I television Yang ya at the tunnel vision the purple spot start taking everything over. I don't know what time and I got a tattoo tattoo artist he read a press. Advice is his book you're gonna pass a let me know I remember thinking. While humming and no and I passed up before we had never thought about it I get musical what do Boras wants rethink your purposes and are okay. I would amigos you'll know when you're gonna pass out if you trust me you'll know and then ever since then any time and I've pest that a few times I typically do you know and she had that look like. All crap our about the pass out on the total has yet to stay in those heels are there knees locked to. Getting overheated by the Costa in fact sheet came back and we had a audio of that since she came back I don't even know who she is gonna feel bad for all right drag. So here's our. Do TMZ. Hey John I'm over here it might cost him I did pass out but you know what I'm the champ and. Kirk an object urban. Is this is good looking put together lady I guided no doubt was have never seen her before but yet that. If you guys are looking that up honest you had on TN Xeon can't have you senator Wendy Williams TMZ you'll find out what doing is painted it's just everywhere let's go the statue of liberty which makes it even funny enough yet it does may have thought bunny none of the matter is none of the cameras caught the footage of me. Arm in the all switches if you watch her facial expressions you can totally see what happens when actually dressed as president trump. Our and I stand up and pull my unit out and wing chatter Ali and reduces he you can see that we're the money that employment reading johnsons she's horrified elected because of the lack of size. What I'm not gonna comment on the that we all. It's it's not ten you know it's four inches across and about an inch deep but I got that closure that look of terror and sometimes you listen to that crime you can hit us the. I've often thought that he wouldn't be here to it was a lot of fun let's get started. Our first paragraph oh yeah right there I heard it. Tempers that is going to be this young guy did you can't just a little distracting to the stand up and she's like president focus here on my lord just. Well the first you know. And the whole like you know. Saw the ball. I'd pay one just to really make you cannot use it. I've always been worried about that I that pat obvious have pastel once on the air when I was in my eyebrow appears we've we've played well ideally he'd probably you all for that god dude I was insane. I've passed out obviously in other situations but my biggest fear I still have it and would then know what's gonna happen is gonna get in my head I thought I was gonna happen at the Metallica show. I'm afraid I'm gonna pass on stage in front of I prefer staged announcement is my nerves are usually at the highest global. Extra hit you're rushing out I'll bring him up and during all stages he comes to music. Among okay engines is a guy yeah well I'm at this hot even more popular in my car who. Largest beauty CPR. And food get a lottery does them because he's now doesn't have closed gives them CPR you'd probably be an old shuffle off this mortal core focus largely due to keep a steady rhythm a whole lot. Well as those he says yeah I'm lucky I got enough residue cocaine adolescence let's go there to California man yeah I don't know how many Robert feel all tested that would Robert yeah that's largely alters our body be different. I do. That is a battle that could mean. I have the city's craziest part. I mean passing out of the plane went my wife was not but I still think passing on the air. Passing on that radio guy at the radio convention yeah as for all summer long I do. The worst though passing out when I was in high school I got up two quick I was under the weather. And I ran into the bathroom go peek in on standing MP and I passed out while he. Collapse on to the bathroom floor still peeing my parents had to open up the door and find me that way and we beyond another house for probably like about. Amid. I passed out dawn and nothing is more humiliating winter and high school and to open up your eyes. Notice that your coverage here but when you're in and your mom and dad are looking down on you with pure horror and fear that they thought they lost their own son. Expect god that was probably a bad ones I've Doris. Similarly in high school passed out very similarly all right I was an Ocean City, Maryland party in mind that sack off okay and I think I said I was gonna go and appear on I don't know what it was I said but I vanished from the party. Later com no one could find me or whatever the case was bought. I regained consciousness the door of my car was open something in what I had done an Ocean City curbs are fairly high to allow for water arrangement rains and things that. But I was between the curb in my car. My pants and underwear slightly down laying on the ground with my unit still my hand covered in Miami yearn so apparently an opening you told that story like I have that. But I apparently opened my corridors are shields Sonoma TP and then passed now so my Carter's open you know it. The little dome lights on our call didn't come along the corridors of the dome lights on and there's basically a course laying there. Between the curb in the car soaked in urine with it's it's out. We have the audio that the it was me. The whole crowd there. It could you imagine being in the audience you might you thought you probably watch this woman die. Yeah no one heard me with a blow Google didn't know the dark tonight. So you know I think the big scares the gmail.com and finish his sentence and then I woke up covered in my own yard. Go half a reasonably good to you have a rap like that you don't us I don't having levered you know on your story then I don't. The biggest I mean I passed out in the Dennis or not the dentist at the doctors when they're drawing blood. Oh yeah yeah I mean that's happened at the S and a lot of people about it when they removed the cyst once I looked I can't watch anyone do anything we outlined the feeling of being pricked. Or cotton or anything along those lines just donated I see it being done. Eight gets to me implement the blood pressure is random house pretty it was a total that is a total blood sugar thing for me on that and so it was just I had they gave me granola bar sweet you know worked out. With the free he has time that I almost passed out it was because we were mixed seeing it normal heart alcohol. They and spoken little guy inch it'll do that in breaking out the absent following our enemies are good ideas we are very. And I remember sitting on a deck. With my buddies now acts and we're just in their talking I was like. On that doing good mr. get the spot up and it was just I had just lay on the deck. Well I just trying to collect my thoughts what she stood over me in just kind of sprinkled water on my. Oh she's cool is that you you were cognizant enough to be like. I'm about to go out and laid down and we were able to yourself set up yeah let me ask her not to face plenary the added anything that epic. We have audio derive from that time. Air yet. I've got some wary of all of them involved in party hard like their Russo this was years in many many years ago still lob in high school fresh out of high school. Com glorious story though Guidant share for the sake of my own shame but no I didn't really wild there. Okay. Walter you can't mix is part of the reason why I think many years ago I quit smoking weed altogether because I like to drip. Right and if you throw a no liquor the way I can and sometimes do it comes mostly old and on the it's over yet. You smoke a bowl parties yup you can pass out yeah right now I don't know Prague if you just era. Are out. But I was we used to play a game we called local bongo there's Lewis scoreboard on harris' wall stop me if I've shared you know I don't remember this I. Remember L car bombs so. Total way always drink this thing called vodka do it was a mix of vodka Mountain Dew out of our pocket don't. Let us and our board drawn on marks wall bomb. And basically the way it worked was the guy next you packed your bomb hit. And then you had to clear the chamber and then chug want to do for ten seconds and then exhaled if you do that without coughing. You've got a point and I Obama got a point used to say open bongo generally won a lot of this is the kind of activity that was happening that night and there is is this really sexy released Koran dance force actually I wore omit her name for the sake of protecting the innocent yeah. Hoya the current. Like literally she would come over and I shouldn't hurt her go yet you have ownership that's the best friend I have it was pretty cool Jews of awesome awesome check actually all. But I started out coupons excused myself to the restroom and as I'm running to the restroom. I bombed the door frames so hard that as well as going towards the toilet both sheets were falling. So those toilet seat hit my head like a fully play. That's not what we on the floor. Not in urinate on myself when they found me later. This is described by several outside parties I was laying on my back on you know was sitting on the bathtub overly. Some probably head between your feet looking up matter if you do your dance I know she was just sitting there at the whole checking on that but this is a good part this is the you know they'll let this cat I've been terrible stripper for the sake of our listeners I won't tell a story on myself because I'm hoping that they will have a good chuckle at my expense okay. When they found me in on you was beat all I said her name that's why isn't there last time really I asked him was babysitting me. Unintended side apparently had my penis out. Ben was tugging on my plastic penis grow if you weren't saying hey look he's given me new at this I'm sure we can now. It's. How do you do mean well when this unsure and she was appellate decision you're smiling at god I love this guy. You know like what what a great human being a rubber balloon we have the opposite their target on this deflated balloon like ladies give me Hanley is you and T we can make this happen he found a lot people on this was relayed to me I'm like no man -- -- remember laying on the floor and like knob broke this is what was going back and then asked another friend remotely and separately and was even and so did you come check on the oval yeah broke down we always thought OK I really probably the rooms that you need to see dad here my cell line bet there are watched like diligent about emerges watching I was sure that I learned highways and eighteen or nineteen I guess. You know I don't you know Marty I was probably very close to death. Yeah this so I know nothing happened that she was very patient I think she just sat there to make sure I wasn't gonna pull a Jon bon lemon you know drowned in my own virus right. Slot yeah I was land where my unit out trying to talk her into like you used do you hand I guarantee you refused sorted out I through your federal grand isle mine. The sale and Tommy Tonya flaws that are that that's the beard doesn't give myself story. A lot of them I won't be these guys both I haven't passed out march. It's cursing you from your tattoo artist like my earrings I had to get my ears court for these numbers bigger honor. They're not very big in my get twelve gauge than mine mine mine hoops and a I remember I unity adhering Phil yeah I do it and I guess seeing the other not very big actor Alec big gauges up and administration my ear lobes are down but. A they have showing up the big stuff for when Buehrle yeah you know yeah. Dropped and that's why you know plus a that you store format like the president is in the audience and then the unit came out. In a radio friendly unit chief director I brought thank you arm I've lost my train of. Not. Time. Nolan hearings all right. Yeah all the way when they do that to my ears Matt when he was scoring my ears on Pete he was doing a guy guys that took the same time we pause on the cat Furman at the record players put a man elected that didn't hurt that was great thanks Matt I'm sitting there in the do you get that tattoo looks to me was meant. You're in shock. Is that why. It's only was there to an imminent we mean image shock elected he'll look in the mirror your ghost white you're all year and are you okay and a model. You must feel I need didn't even hurt her like. That's not the point. Your body is freaking out because we just poked holes and someone but I feel fine electoral look at the mere. OK. And I stood up walked in the bathroom and yet red reds dressed up like a clown and he's he's in white face of red make up but I was as white issue. Wow and as soon as I saw my white face a big freak out why didn't freak out alive but I was like I was gonna do in the they're right what what and then this really nauseous feeling hit him and oh. And how walker incident again and I am only two to my stomach relegated happens you're shocked that's what happened to me with my dad the only piercing ever I was an eyebrow piercing. And it was just that thing was the same thing with Houston I didn't pass out all the way but as soon as it sinks in it's not a whole lot of nerve endings there's a doesn't hurt. It's just like your body's like. You've just been pumped her body know yes in your piece just drew an instant knowledge and I just sat there anything you can as a gap. Get the Grammy sweats and then after a couple minutes of the hour. Pass by you don't know while it's still scared isn't the pains the feeling of gripping flash really got me. Although Austin you think it makes sense is tattoo artists they told me forget the pass out is anyone out there it's not getting it. It's not insulin you control it even matter how tough you know it's not about that your body goes I've got a whole meat and there's there's there's like but there's a chemical reaction that happens is they're like dude I'm I'm good when Nona and your job. I'm not but hey you're Smart you're welcome you're Rivera Obama well only for Sam it's not all good that he didn't like yes yeah absolutely needs delegates of the music director at. It's granola bars putter I think that's what I have targeted that general opening my eyes my touch yours is going on lollipop is yes not a sudden illness brother and I realize there was no lolly pop. So elusive thing hey. They tell you this is like. Hey he just giving him whether it's insurance through the ahead skin. Oh my wife always listen these she's powerful so where were their head in her hands like I would say 1819 years old I was drinking while Turkey doing huge bottlenecks and drinking vodka deal. I did that was. What we're doing right now it sounds very we don't do wild Turkey more does in my wild Turkey story was me in my body went to a pizza place down in Tacoma. And we decided to after having a Jager bomb in a black opal which a black hopefuls basically just a Long Island iced tea wish him born and it. Which Campbell a negotiable it's another alcohol that's like purple Lee about the image that I Hillary like if your dad what it is it is is alcohol exactly. And it's it's. Just all local hall is a whole thinks we had that knack that we decided to create our own line of drinks it was three shots. German royalty on the hunt so you when shoddy yager what shot a crown when title while Turkey who went to three dime. And doing SS on the hunt on the radio news you have heard they did bad idea it has not gone well no you know I don't know how to dress and that's true that entered and we ended up having to you gave his sister to come pick us up she just was literally is no trouble repeats appeal pretty much since the day after she had a boob job. Well it's and it's so she had huge show up all bandage dup and driving take us home and we again. Passed out like six in the sixth in the afternoon in yeah Vienna. Because of that steam heated sham Bourn had never heard no and I'm just gonna wrap with all these the sham Bourne identity the sham Bourne supremacy. A sham Bourne legacy comes honest picturing all of these aren't. Jason Sambora here and there you wasted it's almost like a fancy tea cup. Like. Like now bottles originals event at a picture guys I sure am I'm so glad on my this is just random I was about to say can we take a pause in the podcast that I I got a call my brother. And I don't know you guys in shambles he's had to December. I never get phone calls from family. Recently and right so in recent in my dad's medicine health issues I think he's doing better but my mom is really good at acting like he's pattern and he really do wanna pause for moment see what's going on there thankfully on my voice mail I check it and it has liked it transcribe right right so it has that they about how you doing over there it's gonna pick your brave no worries are talked UN you can log yet oh yeah I gave him. Corey about. It. That's a compliment actually chill out yeah. Did I tell in my heart dropped I get it why you guys are all talking about passing out are those gonna pass out because I mean that's my biggest fear right now and I like GAAP and my mom's been nights he's been drinking more. I'm not make up alcohol only be down on the Austin country can like which is like she's into this Campbell and she's enjoying the share Bordeaux red did spend the momentum of the bullets it's it's a raspberry flick sure look at I don't work out into the the Griffin door liquor walker looks you have ball gas find in there you know now it's. ANC so Wayne you're younger and you're like oh hey I want to try to be as bad in discipline either you to that party at seventeen incidents like try this goal which longer Yad battle is a story like you were saying is that the greens the yeah yeah all rattle out of it looks like it to be delicious but then when you tried it's not like I got I think it's gonna be like a melted. Otter pops. You gonna hang like a meltdown that's all you're sure. Never give her stuff did this out of the young Vandenberg was my buddy's name go beyond I arm on yards against cal and really I've asthma dory he and I need to run into might seem a long time he used the part of the reason why wound up where I wound up he ruined my life. Are we ran literally playing GI Joseph. I mean so this is an age reference originally GI Joes and randomly is like have you ever heard the lemon song and I said what's eleven songs echoed dude have you played Muster and he played me loads up on the lemon song and the deeply the queen's bohemian rhapsody anyway that was the beginning. Of the end. I was like dude I don't know what it is regular destiny as Vince yeah well right we'd all be our Madonna was a key figure in what became mine disaster of a lie for which you would like. She's a good job. Crazy okay I'm. DuPont. I got a few out there I love you buddy. Beyond the. I remove my girls like that when. I'm not very well hot headed for a ball well then. JO NN mr. GA is dead yeah I don't know I don't I narrow my first serve it's gonna do about this half half half half to get rehab and an exotic Mimi who escaped. You law. Lou YHW edge don't know if it's when a so instead my day they'd sleep on October fashion I'd be OK with that her heart how. John from DeVon good god we got into the greens slope at. His house and it's so employee I thought it would be eight and we follow that was southern comfort. Well I'll. Hello all I did so comfort Mountain View. Why don't you do get there it's all sugar you didn't know that when you're young old palm the hand over the next day it was excellence. My skull and inserted like razor blades in the sewed it back together using. Hammer bomb but I decided it would be a fun idea to dive down his stairs which were carpet it. Okay all made made sense that my body would slide and it did it took all the flash off my door and I'm not lose their corporate hurt why hello there how could either work is sick the meat right off road and then of course at the bottom IE I hit the wall the bottom stairwell and I think Tom I giggled the next day daddy when gay. Hi my name is Glenn cannon welcome to jackass shall do it they're just a double what a couple of the way you guys go down those stairs. Know how to ride his arms Javier rightness you know what it's like. He does oversee. The palm it's it's a Hispanic thing all but it's like the Latin. Thug life cats. And you see the low rider it's all pinned down it's that whole style that whole thing in these guys are hardcore like you know. Latin American of Hispanic descent and the like public disputes like borderline yanks to cats right. And the car rolls by and always trips me out because they're jamming that kind of music AI traditional Hispanic music is essentially pull. In orchards milk some of these guys like you guys were the hardest nailed that music just don't match I doubt they'll. You let go but again pulled me baby one more time. My neighbors I think things always party disarm a party and it's got music all the time that crazy love me plus I know it's great but it's traditional old. In America and Latin music like that we've read the low rider Chris day during the three questions driver I'd have a we afford film it. I know we do start room listening to the phones I'm very good gap on manhunt. We stumbled with a sixty forum Paul off rag top down convertible with hydraulics. All yet you take a simple solution for three real emotion yes there's probably a couple of those somewhere in Tacoma. If you around those values are around my taste but those are cool cars what those guys who owns a Florida went to the low right with the crazy hydraulics. Casey detours cast and it doesn't matter where you're touring. The sister in NASCAR with that guy LRT low rider two hours right he knows how to be alert he goes all the pool area do you. We get whatever music will listen to and of course movies this summer Pete and we just pull up the places as I ask pat cash. In an businessman but it is slowly killing. What was fouled dole RT track RT low rider George Lucas the song I love LA. All we love it you know the video where he's driving around people are waiting fuel and that's what would you like to me wolf hello writer he Jihad violent and thumbs up and but no one was Al Randi human mission Randy Newman. And do cool she's. She would have done you listeners all this rock. If I had I remembered recording this I would record request is on the radio all the time and I think history and all this songs. And I recorded it and I had a good. Obviously wrong but the DJ would talk you know her heart and every agency bug allows part of aren't OK for guys yeah it's cemented those. There are people doing his job. Security failures in Iraq today. Off they all getting they would cut to this part being fast I'd say it's you're under thirty and there's a new life. Just turned down what is up. Let's just enjoy this. And I don't know what I'll I'll look at the heart of Seattle restaurants he won't get love back. Musical itself. About job. In the face. If you think. Hello again I've known. By the way you want to move the ball but I heard red Solo Cup. Shut up question you it and everything life. Don't perfect guy. That'll be pretty cool this fifth. Yeah pretty cool Seattle's OK it's a man. QA and phone. Look I'm miserable. Imagine you know. It's okay. Cause people. I really don't. John good. Content. Doctor. We've always imagine what's your ability to. Springsteen had been hit more than you can say out of that I man at all. But she's she wanted to go away but I mall. He OK. Yeah. Obama there. You know I look at the parody of itself. How Hoffman LA multiple. Time military about it it's a. It's more like god vacations like roll up kids you were joking about the whole Seattle. Song to it to threat have you heard the song from back out because they could TDs when the police department. Coop they're trying to light low. Visit these babies are doing like this anti homeless this training video that tells them. Is that human. Because hundred Avaya dot Seattle. Yeah and boy oh do you duct. We stall it's slowly our new movie I don't face when we were smoking in cruel echo Bhutto rather go to pretty much liabilities Escobar folly videos produced in 1986. It was created in a misguided attempt at humor. An added at the end of a train video who upon viewing it commanders judge the content to be inappropriate. Copies were ordered to be destroyed. We have a copy of thank you Internet thank you shouldn't. On them so of the three guys up Steve are it's funny here's our city for all your listeners outside of Seattle here's our city for the third 1986. Seattle Police Department put this outside. An attempt at some humor who are police officers got together and to this of their police chief he's not the feeling that you know you're proud and had a few good Internet of the guys like I'm about to play a video that face one of the homeless these guys are on suspensions. I'm divide that per day. This is on YouTube it. Don't start like Katie don't. And some sort of drew a thirty dollar test yet for Jarrett hairy ass just perfect comfort to be homeless. It's. It makes it sound. He. Thing. Times when he defended. I'm not. She much like it's. Really him. All we got my picture released kicker who. I. At all. Sure from protect Russian. That is the several mount a police officers at this how to run through. That said yeah Adams do this yes let's pretend to put on fake like homeless looking Beers and pay dirt on our what's funny is they probably had issue way the actual homeless folks know right. I got no choice I'm an out of area humidity out I get we probably could give forty plus and you would have played the par is almost guys like man. Adding funny for you right there Andre. Shots. It's hard to put my head right now vomit stories and they did it should and who normally Jumbo just collect the bombs we drop the squad. Justices. Don't you learn about. Here's a thing like you would think at this point OK you got a verse and chorus averse and you could be done with the song the whole song they like they went what I did to read Solo Cup like that in just over some course is right I did the entire song they have the whole song they had that much creative contact and I use creative very loosely merry go to continue this song. It's. Red light but the if you Smart thing to compete and it. What was that moment. I'll I'll. But another fund scenes of the cops beaten up on yeah people in the Florida they're going to be grass right opposite songs us the answer keys. In and it helped pull the video and still don't know. I mean this is funny I guess if you're coffins yeah. Yeah and apparently got out. And over 30000 people about have watched this video. Coleman of the almost easy to do have less. Nowadays with. Yeah and then you can you hear about another really weird as Seattle saying they were doing what's that they were trying to get homeless people act has Wi-Fi hotspots. They would pay then to have a backpack with them okay that's kind of awesome I think I don't. But you're they're just better if we strap these battery Heussler I don't know what other people got mad at value of radiation you we're receiving is nothing compared to this recent yet here. But I still two more minutes of this well it's still go oh my god they're similar reviews are since both. There are you kidding me for really small funded 1980s video this is very good cop out tough laughter. Almighty god. Everyone out there like I guess go ahead and rulers. If you really it's not who who prepared the best I think. It's like picking a baby he fits that this is not cool. Photo of the offending our OK it's over. We'll address so a million men using them before a video magazine number five is in the world are we just got a telephone call that a mobile terminal. Is in town they're trying to fit it into a car CO it's going to. Size up to the car's interior he's got no self belief and is 86 he set myself something you wanted to mention to you could size as well no matter library. We have cataloged and not go. It is like kind of picks up after that was like okay now to address some other issues. Why he's the guy that we can have but the cops found him and he probably lose and the violent now yeah who put that I'd probably be bad by you go to. Estimates while we lose in my job all the and each. Awful awful awful. Critical to. Big Fella so that's a power failed. Well like for you and your buddies to watch when your read your health plan cards great beyond that you don't want this to now. On route while Seattle where it's very friendly town you know it's funny or. Are the video it's all an echo because now Seattle's known really almost nationwide at this point for being soft on the homeless are much hit a mix. A meeting a couple weeks ago that was all about you know tent cities zero niner three and they're talking about this community in that community how this is good in this is the halfway point but. There and then they had some cats from these tent cities like yeah and I went to tent city got this thing at that number one place to discuss job all these great stories about these programs. Promised the tent cities everyone hovers around the tent cities has no intention join programs. And the other Cassel again and I'm from San Diego on I came up here recent news Seattle soft on the homeless you guys have all these great programs we went in and he. It was cool way easy. How people are commuting homeless people are commuting to Seattle. To. Take advantage of how it is our tent cities and Al sulphur Oklahoma City right outside of our building isn't growing like wild fire army had to put up all the Roland fences under. Spokane should you become a city yeah. It does peace it was that was at the jungle. Farm and it caused you know and I isn't even man it was as if they were gate the intensity right up awful where I five in ninety intersect and that has really blossomed again it's mind blowing it's a commute via com and they were sick of all the trash the computer to do with a trash. He has the weapons Rennes caps off an a minority now penetrated your city drilled down into the city and no man yeah it's it's just crazy is really Curry's. You know I'm on YouTube and I fell into the war all like okay now. That's a bad song by Seattle if I'm bored bored and he still I know that's another bad song done in Seattle. Obviously it was down though by our Seattle Seahawks back in 1985. Did you know you've arrived back in 1984. Russa Super Bowl shuffle yes and look I'm not there is that we have terrible right but it became a huge hit yet so a lot of out of a lot of other teams thought well we need to capitalize on this and do our own version but apparently the Seahawks decided to do their own version and it's called. The blue wave is on a roll. As you heard this. Frank always rather be out here sorry my bad I. Oscar. Positive force it's hilarious the look on the guys raise Larry's it sounds like what we just hurt. But right now let's simulate someone just dropped and in the low Jack and I know that it that's an. Owl. And they're tired they need to be picked up. You know I picked up. Use that ideas. It was on him. I'm old they don't and everything we're gonna make you this year yet for the import car this year and the blue wave broke. The largest in the days. Home OT yeah. I don't know what's more offensive a son of a homeless you want to divide expert Dennis who. It's. And approve waivers already. We got the. Yeah. The last oh no I'm glad for the video and they waved as well. So that is involved with something you couldn't jump UDP yeah they're they're trying to forget the thank Brian Bosworth. It was still wanna remember if it loses refrigerator Perry yeah. Was he there's a Chicago where Chicago where students and we'll shuffle. I was there I didn't I just I never sports fan I'm not really a sports blog about all this minding your refrigerator Perry was I had. The fridge I got an awesome man when the hawks went for the playoffs the first time in my. The hole it was infectious I couldn't help my city was alive so yeah that's looking good about it this is great I really it was a little joy that is. The zillion sports I'd just relatively easily I was always around home on. Davidson and not on my house sax solo so you know all you're missing the video though during the steroid although it got on not they're all in towels. And their working hours and there. It's very home are out. He's done is so important guys. It's the fact it's true. Players like. No I'm not doing it's not I kind of went fatigue and currency could be refuted him not to do anything about it. Sounds pretty smooth hit again it's doesn't in my office yeah it hit him with that. Around them. And as their big get for their vehicle failed her again. Was the bit recruitment. What if they have a conversation after. This sounds. Late night programs to me. Well that's got the deadlock at the place all safer on the cookie jar this is a pact has been production. Well I'm not surprised that explains a lot to me. He probably thought until. After a night's midnight or so that's nice. Nightclub with a lot to but it is our gallery lautner is. What do we do our voicemails and without the Arab. A. Well the children. News something you know I don't know you're talking and I thought I grew Williams on her own mouth Obama committed effort to build it into. A quick question your life is just around the corner and it's compelling 216 them over act ever queen casino critic KI SW dot com from tickets Glenn is the Paul Shaffer of my day high levels all the music. He's truly the genius behind all of assembly all the musicians all the songs and were to rank castle to get it all together. It is something as special as live day at this time around we're doing it live at emerald queen as he's always going to be agency. I still on his castle like live is coming I think they'll go to Ireland all week. Ask our outcome but I haven't really been he would mean the end of the year one year to I had so many meetings with with gas soul and money and jeez don't mind. I mean I was in here twice a week meeting with them. This year we haven't had the Glen wave was on a rotation. Handle the meeting I'll do this is a short break is one that is the glumly was a short break I have no idea what's going on is being done live on stage haven't had a single. Meeting with the issue annoy castles yeah aren't my first meeting with them is going to be tomorrow. Oh excellent okay so it's not just me no I had no idea what's going on either great. Are how. So I'm all I ordered is like all of that we've done it for two years straight which I'd get. But now she's clearly a new twist now and now we've changed the game we I didn't quite audiences don't know we knew on some level cancel once it like this just to guarantee can be a white knuckled hell ride accident that's part of the Florida it didn't read our lives. We can prepare every day leading up to live day per month. And it still gonna be a cluster okay that's what he thinks is well I didn't swear last year I did not swear last that's true but first year in year one I'd draw outbreak he first F bomb all the day and thought it truly is council supposed to be QE so we can't she was gone castle spurs beat queuing us we're standing there. On standby and then it castles did Bebop around he's happy I'm used to make some coffee alcohol accordingly we all work. I am about we have audio Brian castle doing what he does. Gary's got a preview I had and I look bad and with him and I think it was really sad. Do when we go on and he looks he goes you're live now. And my response was. Flew our jet yeah like I don't really loud. If you're loving my photo etc. we heard you crystal clear and usually I've heard. Everyone from the BJ show which I couldn't see geyser and a different steel. All blue and her. A alerts personal mourning and it was the first break in the morning well I can which fassel the second one of the day though so karma did make its way back to run her down so he dropped the ball later that day. So this summer idea were flipping the script we're gonna be over Emeril queen casino get tickets get the VIP tickets this would be doing a lot of fun stuff in between our show in the men's room that only the VIP members holed it enjoy live music alive podcast Tom tonight to do the mega castle I was be a lot of fun and I'll probably be bugging you guys to kind of do what we did last time with a big cast or. I put together an impromptu. Hot you know little jam session a little bit of a hoot nanny know this year. Mall and I've been out of the loop on artists election. I think Cassel took point on artists election. Okay normally I'll look at all the artists and then I had to run all the songs Jim castle castle approve reject the songs gotcha and then I coordinated arrival times yeah yeah so and then I helped mold changeover so. Yet this I know. I only the wreckage are going to be I heard that are OK I know our our boy Brett arm occur in the rodeo everything there are not so hastily which I I now I've heard her Brodie can vote and get castle a guy all okay bruiser Brody will be performing in the morning while little road there's a clay is this around unlike last year the year before where it only covers. This time around the Pentagon to do one of their own songs. And a cover as well. So mind we have the figured that out. Are you gonna be behind the kit and on the air house is gonna work out man badly wants and really be dressed as Fred Durst yes and yes I. And I encourage everybody few dresses Fred there's about my legs Kweisi naroff glad because on the BJ Shea. BJ and make sure we decided that. Since OJ had a couple besides it look. Stress and up this year as last time. T shirt and like beauty it's hot in the major museum opens to ride and I know Mike they set the bar too harsh in your game as well value flat last year I did in my steam punk here's your cable guy you look Hewlett who I was on and I really know the refresh all of the whole thing last year and yeah wrote look sharp. Brad look good so rev also set the bar too high so he's like Jerry. Did you talk to 2000 ever want to stress to impress comic okay. Adds that okay justice and so that was backed everyone of my PayPal what he wouldn't be this hair club wants this addressed to impresses her club not yet. I'm not a hundred insurer is going to be upset I'm a 100% sure yes. No I don't know. So hot. Well as is glorious as you know look what we usually do is only second nick his due to drought may tenth. This is seal off the boss Smith there right so why not (%expletive) them off from the get go. Instead of our usual cause our intro on our morning show is like a mishmash of production is not really mean is a little bit of a hint of the collective soul song but then we come onto a music bed. I figured what better way to start the day off booed me to. Bob moved since the assigned filters nets team. But I'm. He's always overcoming how. He's done okay. Vijay and Davis. All right rob had redshirt. There's a guy. Good at all for the three day. Every day. I developed the PGA so you can take that made us thinking if you're yeah as you can compute your backup ask us. I just cut right to that. Several last year have fun with it I think you have water unbeaten big but we still played some horrific losers all gonna ask Hazel O'Leary is just we have a go you've ever is great we'll have a global bouncing up and down with a cure event data that was quality and all I care what you didn't go over the worst. I'm proud I was I think that's right yeah. And hair pull was related. Voice video data will be your best. And we all about coming back and read backwards baseball bats. YT shirts and khakis and a devious sneakers. Which have some question about what a drop in the box on a pair of accuses you you're just never know we're all going to be a mideast gallery in value village V good oh good call again today. I can help PGA out of his hands. He wears his hat with a flat bill and nothing nothing in the world. And he is aware of right now amber says on his white guy like a ball like we'll need to stay current after bell curve your well. Oh go small with these volatile again it's cool to keep it and it turns and Jennifer on the phone. Okay could give up your day. Okay. He man. And you'll but a good friend and let them it is I do I know fish are in the Soviet red perform zip code. It's. Welcome you don't know already that lessen the current. Hey you look at jaw paid like a Jules okay what could still pay like additional pay you want to kill hey mother Jill you have a nice but that's okay needs. Yeah I the end Fred Durst is not paid their genius does not that hard to remember this fall. Forty years later. Significant other look good seeing my favorite problems started. So little may very well this before the cast started did you talk Mario the thirst loss teams but this year's back to tons of Palin look. You know just. Initial Olympic well laid on an inside look and baloney these records and he is he's limp biscuit record so much to calm and he's like do I try to resign from the window into. Fred Durst and just listen to the band in particular the rhythm section. I'm like. Sorry I meant and how women feel like OK amen generate enough put them on and I did my best to just ignore Fred and listen to the band. You can keep it secret killer I just fellow Tony was like right I'm like dude yeah a good rhythm sections. Killer what Borland doesn't pillar dozens if I don't NN as for our players do this. Bill. I'll play one point that we had good reason that I love what I'm not apologetic benefit this year because of the ribbon center. I do you wanted it to amend the old version of Libya's people forget break projected draft. Pop that's okay well it's Isabel look at all the great thing like all the members well yeah. Do another project with someone who actually is something interesting the site. So this my spirits are as old boiler and it's off the ball. Talk mr. officially not a clear water and I honestly don't have to go find my album I'd pass. The good they're just what it all kicks him. Again forget Brad. And remember the red zone. And. I. William Shatner come Mullen tournament. The boom boom to. But there. Mom limited phone yeah. Really unplug. And it's brand new friend. Do you imagine like you know Cornell did this great to have its own energy. Let's Cornell fronting this thing careening into that like the Israelis during Morales hit that red zone with the bases. Doing it is a weird atmosphere trap take pleasure doing my. I could tell he was at home here there's been like yeah straight up Mosley. You are a 1000% right I'm like I can't listen to prolong his little creep then like parking and night. I'm glad I did out of Kansas you Dorado. Right out of there. The funny part is I feel like you can still see him developing. I guess sort of get sick like court now the whole minute Chris Blackwell these aren't bad this is what exactly is just ridiculous. They do everything about it. I don't know if I'm getting your story right you know. How. What was unbelievable. What's up the half and started loveless. Or no loveless was he should really put I had capital might not far from ends Wallace while lawless right arm but is I understand it like they've gotten signed yet. And they had a really lucrative deal. Ax so once. Sales hit exit all kicked in the artist's favorite setter and they put all faith. And don't think the label expected it to do well right. And it blew up to the point where the label said we in this is just my understanding this situation with the label said look guys here's more act. This really took off a rocket we have no idea this was going to be this huge. Armed we are not financially in a position to honor our agreement and Fred said no problem. Making decent deal right. Yeah act that is how that went down. And so the band still got paid everything they possibly could durst had no problem. Making the CEO and we're good. Right and they went oh my god I'm so they did it in the conservatives are labeled in sun problem monarchy in science needed yup yeah are permitted to get the Midas touch voted. That it felt a Briton killed him. I think is a leader killed I don't know what a lot of things ruined him but you know let the Danielle estimated it would alienate more choice unfortunately along with Fred Durst. So I always accurate and is playing to the whale that he would bow once you close Jonathan Davis's tattoo artist something like that yeah so you know he had a World Series borrowed he. Look forward and I didn't feel like they were trying. Com web W two whatever market gurus who you like pretax you go to public. I double and then the music and I got a project in the horn guys took it before so and so and by a series of notes to a lightning strike in Fred Durst went on. And they still hurt for money as long as things to sell records he's probably get all of you out. He never heard of him be a crash and burn got like. As far as the public for eagle on the way his public persona was a crash and burn. But then you ever heard of him getting wasted spending money ridiculous uncertainties planners should any time during the visit a level of food in that whole the lure of what went down my understanding was that he. Blue Westmoreland whose wife. And west lawyer back what I said I'm Al FU I quit I quit. I'm done with you Fred of them with maybe a ghastly end cross the line right when they lost less they lost their song writer yeah so what he had was a killer rhythm section and nobody to write the looks yeah. And then I had known personalities west as well that was when he had barely a space Manny was out there he would be really cool yet he did a big schools so that was the end of limp biscuit what do you know we're only handle so it. It has mapped. 1997. That market. When he went when he when he years ago forty years I would say was two years ago all deepen that music. Twenty years ago I have read I saw them open up for Faith No More at the more theater on in support of this now. How crazy is that five years Limp Bizkit could be eligible for the rock and roll hall of fame and all I always I don't well think again I would I would I would love I would do anything in my power to get them in the hall fame just so we could hear Fred Durst. Op acceptance. Riley kept Briere really bad together for one last go at Nikki. Yes we that's. So we're virile all just opens a blood vessel. Yeah now now. All right Tara I just. You know it's odd memory I don't know ever got in there but Darrel all but I hear this Howard Stern interview with their hall there at all. You wanna meet Daryl hall and dark Alley I did not realize that the back guy. The bust you up. And years of bitter right now early MM Ayers and duties and you're bitter hard know you hear him talk you know who don't ever want to make him mad as at some point you'd he's a man here he had gotten here. Half you whether it's music and your girl holds up he'll acknowledge that got really cool. Still your girl you'll fall Bellotti. And I want to endear her I'm your wife's side Darryl how ZUS subprime and you know of that joke you all the luck performances and and get a break like man Greg Muir artistic talent still in the Seattle guy was on there and he'll do his song ended up doing all those songs and I like the ones and hang out pitted sold off I had headlight out here and then everybody usually Daryl hall and back again that doesn't help block politicized and then you if you look at it feel like hey this isn't my taste in music but that was part of what you still bitter about. It was real part of Chicago sold duty hits yeah. So many kids today and yet because of the Clinton what popularity goes through Daryl Hall John boats are still lost in the rough rolled out about it who shot a mustache. Remember they import start nobody took a serious. Well what does. It's all relative Magnum. 56 got a lucky bitter about how would like to see them life. Other skills death and then I'll remember all that stone interview he did several songs and pictures that I'm like man this guy as a pimp T oh yeah really really bad ass. So I know for live game ever gonna have Craig gas yep yeah. I'd I don't care for the salt water that's business owners actually better rich guys. What is a guy and he knew but he switch the old Steven Tyler good tickets that it that it kernel group I don't know I don't know it. So we recognize its image Mir awards and terrific new recruits. Quadriceps. Or should so we got great gas company. Following review Brody is going to do. I'm home notes cover. That's what the police were doing that. Well you just say you are hot crap I regret that if he immediately got to love that I'm just gonna do for you Travis yeah is leaving viewers flooded just like I. Yeah I loved. I was destroyed in that gave me no good crush it Hollywood he coaches everything he's got good Q you once you get control of here's I didn't I had that mustache on ABC now a legitimate player who always. Just that that Miller does do I would get a powder blues that I would be. Watch you. We know when used food and same. August gold received that. Well pretty easy throughout my high school holidays and look. Palin and Stanley veterans of the cup well we'll quite a while now. And that's how you make my dreams come true to Iraq. Thank you. Routes based. It is a deep cuts. The essentials we guitar solo songs that you've really got to us. Yeah. Very guitar solo on the song that Billy you. It's funny you bring up like the whole case you'd think bitterness. Even in the wild. CNN. Does that make it jewel of the blue eyed soul crooner Daryl Hall in the first Genoa today in the late sixties. Compared to early seventy downs were ambitious but jumping from folk to rock to jazz who struggled to find an audience. They found who perfected their self described rock console sound and early eighties fixing our recent pop punk and new wave if this slick console and here. Sure a lot of. Does it matter if I could go home I'm not a fan of this musical. Why it matters like the Jerry Garcia I'm not a thing about these guys. Still like this musical line along the same lines as like Supertramp. I think you're gonna try to portrayal of love Hall & Oates and super everything we man has ever done. I would seriously till Tuesday any email Ariel of that stuff. Our men at work I love that material and it word I should cover overkill my acoustic sets and really some eighty stuff thank you really I'm behind I love overkill so mines are treated out there so it was a YouTube video of me doing that just viewed me to stick in someone. Captured through through our yeah you know incident Carlos intended. You don't go guilty pleasure. All of this thing I do a good song does anyone have gotten. Yeah. So this is basically will go like that again in the living room. We plan better myself drinking Beers have smoking pot dude it's about the cocaine yes. Like 3 AM conversation. Right back now you have to get your traditional loan Lauderdale eagle films you killer card that you remember our last night moving on but at that was his guitar player. I know didn't these guys because I studied that you'd sax lines. Com the sax player from super Trenton oh wow so his brazing and how he Helen where he chooses to break up his phrasing. Dude yes you can go wrong with these guys. This is it is Supertramp might get it but bill it says it's Morris I something and that's actually and study. Wary puts brakes worry puts it brought all this how are your reasons freezing. And then that would be in the like god I can't think they really like this music is my deal. Pleasure man I love the eighties music so much I couldn't name most of the one hit wonders oh yeah like I just don't know. But seven out of nine wins one hit wonder. You heard the ninety's I love the nineties alternative when he wonders as well to like it was like eighties since. And then nineties. Grunge and alternative do another of my favorite new metal is all I've a lot of fear one hit wonders in the ninety's but this woman probably my favorite and I listen to whenever this the weather's nice is the sun is out. Better not be that. It's. Huge gap the music. You know I had about I always follow like me incidentally had a proposal and the new radical yeah it's a gets played every once the loan on the scoreboard remember. All I have a life goes down and you can go. Asked clearly not content is not happy when your knee on my buddy Joseph Carroll always used to seeing this video at a low rider and then you sue you if you ask. Maliki hole. Still not good now what you. Okay. I'm going to ask you how it went right now. Clown posse I'm not commercially. Now what. So no extra normally Clement on how would you grade don't turn it down shut up. Now similar. I know. Okay me. Okay. Show my son dying to hear what he. I mean they are good enough way to conduct. Did he break down. And a million. No my game rules are rules man. He said infectious how overwhelmed. And Google's so adorable. He whines. She's slower job you could not. This is adorable little girl next door. Later later. The greatest wonder what your songs are willing. The wounds I have no idea. There you go crazy now. I'm. Now as the bad man. I look at the audio it's not that we interviewed fifty shell shocked and from crazy now you're gonna floating up pulled over by the cops. While I'm here with the wow fantastic did you not have a nice view within. Try to give it could not its cool. I could get him into Matthew got his hand. Here on me. Fifty shell shock. If you. Every kid who led the way they dress and things we can probably. They aren't as when he twelve they are. Him again you. Why are these fans yelling at. My analyst like the mood like moody movie you don't know how bad they're all hard hormone therapy and okay. Okay. Okay. And my other favorite all one hit wonder from tonight he's. What if this school go over well it's. That we will look at pure rock and rap fan. They had some songs and some movie soundtracks enamored with the guitar player worry Charlie Brown church which is the time Apple's killer is yellow with a black stripes. The camera that films called had a couple big hits and it actually kind of rocked and they were really cool. All zone. Say it was infectious and I just cannot learn. And now from our secure when this all. Super tall hat trick here is Tom Cruise shoes in the video home in small movies movie smoking pot. Knows god could fly ball rolled tall. Did gaming studio in Hollywood does a lot better at that time and generated who's good for guys sing this song was really good thing. And depressing is a Big Apple help with the YY. Sunglasses brand. Tonight they didn't suffer big bat to get rebounds. Where the brother the owner operators and. Believe. You remember not a popular 00 yeah I was okay. Jerry rap rock. I'm not that should have done matters your private parts. Armstrong like all of whom had not often the first flu. That's a long would've been really really proud of cardiac Iraq. Yeah that's another woman now not a third phone number on the radio I'm like no way. Katie Holmes Katie Holmes yeah a man. Hey kinda pending. But the I didn't dream this would have been a bigger hit if he sang. But there's something really really brought in just battling it out. Well I love the sport who. Did you chemical we know mom and you Ron darling over the last several years. Really it's like they don't sound like this really anymore it's. That is what I love the music a little more music. And he's brought me great advice. Really brutal sacrifice now. Manner which is totally. Here. Good at became that us. You just record back to really good about 2000. I believe it's wrong. Let's go to save the record. This is kind of what they became an eight. Got very popular. It's cool right. Polls show. Things yeah. Then it's. He's important drunk. You know now that it doesn't mean he's done. So I would have been lever. From here. All you can find good overkill arrested here Cuba that. And rhetorically and of all look up overkill just search Clinton can't and they may not know who it was whoever filmed at its search juggling can and little red. Little red studio of all things. Others who have picked Glenn cannon is that's where they gave us as always Islam. It's someone captured we live doors on YouTube that. Yeah that's an answer where were you. And where you can it's video management can and Lachlan and weary US. Lou the little red studio where my two single and can acoustic but tried a little red studio. I don't think they knew they might say overkill I think we're we're film that. The one that killed me and I think someone removed it was. Scroll down but I had me doing change in the house of flies and it was meet saw a little really nailing end. And I think. Probably someone had it removed. Yeah it's just a ton of Lake Charles Oliver hale doing when rules don't. Urge overkill as Sara Austin too. Hello Fred and Kim acoustic and then come out just can't forget it I don't wanna burn permits cast your hits from the 80s90s and all they're completely gone on. A. There's defined from that very same show. He scroll down find it makes a love for revved here Amanda really nailed it. And MS at. I was real serious and we're proud of that it's out there somewhere body well there's gold dust woman from the same show that was long before. Three are you covered it. It's. Tim Kaine and it's their sixth human. Thanks to a as a movie fairness. GAAP bomber some comment to its citizens also help. I guess it's. Just sums up a comment from four years ago that's going to give you guys. I won't lie ahead of the last four years he finally decide you like that. Oh so I have got to do that than the other and favorite of all the one hit wonders from back in the ninety's I'm curious to see if you guys are born I talked to reduce. I he never let go of it. Yeah and you dirt bag dad my. Software is good use of the BC at all you want. Write the songs it's blade and it is thank you sleep and every time he had played very good I'm driving around I will not change the station. I admit I have I have to turn this all night. I killed someone. I don't know we bought usually stupid I love so we'll be foolish yeah. It's got close. Yeah. You can write for the worse. I'm always going to be the most recent fall from forty years ago because I know I don't. Always been around since the ninety's you're really 2000. Yeah yeah. Funny how they didn't headed out there I. But they edited out brings a gun to school kids like Qaeda hallmark. Seven cool guy sounds like he's lucky he's here that's good I haven't got a ticket to hire me baby. Now the best present I that's OK let's go experimental. Pedestal as number. But for me in my home involving small Mitterrand cold. Area. Shoot yeah. To area fifty S part of the comfort to your total. Well okay. If you could articulate a punch a wall. It's an interim group. OK okay. While. We're still died got to get some love to listen as songs that old. It's been around for awhile while I got a recent songs I heard on the radio all the time now and I don't know I'm under the flag I can't remember the neighborhood. There's another one of the great challenge it's. If somebody feels she's completely songs on. Yeah. Didn't use voice there's no way I'd venture that is its system tonight and I I think you guys are responsible for this. So let me get crazy I tell you guys still play yes I I'm positive or I don't know this is someone you guys play Alabama there's a great among engineering you guys it's almost too. We're live or as a blonde asked them I don't wish they would news follow orbit I mean you vote for that someone here. You like the Laila Ali visibly you know I. Almost swore. I really can't stand so I'll look at players like ideas for Haiti I'm not even that love is what I got song I just. I like jazz things like the first 700 times I heard it. Abdel what are the multiple for the deeply song which hey he's got his house is still don't know they are still makes me crazy ball I would Arabia while large inmate can we just get rid of it no of course not. I can I petition I love I'm disputing my hate him. Well yeah you could well I tell you want the funny part is that I believe Brian once Bruce debris recovered date rape. Who planned ram ram ram ram ram rant. There. And he beat duke duke. And the lyrics and I don't know I can make their freshness to it too did strong Catholic nun who really loaded big. Do you can't we bullets to the sublime song and put in the Nada Surf song and yes yes it's bound irritate just as many people or give us one. Hope you learned the trick in Washington are in a way of all of modular her the line every I'm gonna start doing that it's gonna be good winter of one and Alice ping pong and around stations and so every once in awhile KX. PK EXP will actually hit one out of the park. And they played Sheikh you're wrong awful also teach Jake our overall. I hadn't heard in years and I cranked it up and admit it it has so many different gear changes it's borderline prologue it. So. And sit. Like I was elated and I haven't heard on the radio six no no it wasn't XP it was one of seven set Arrigo. And I was like really and I turned it up and I had heard Paul's boutique record one years. And when I urge shake your Roth I was like man this is sick this is really. Listen sometimes the song came. Can you might blow you. Couldn't you couldn't afford to make this song anymore because before the days of pain free sample songs. Go to the wild wild west fact that yeah. Nowadays the hip. Don't want to sample of this midi songs would be impossible. But look like good news that might got around that by making songs with like. One ticket. Live Holmes I sure it was something like that word here is the rule you can put Hillary Hillary on. At. The solid just grab everything he sure. That's the brown sounds like six. It's. Good they're good or. Don't even makes it going good square waves here. I probably didn't move her some good period. Through all of these kids when you pull you over that bridge. Car. The album without failure. Even realize there's not a year we should welcome that the licensing hell yeah nobody knew how to handle vests. Until they got to get. He's doing pretty busy here. It's a great thing. But the movie is filled the holes which was first set paddle ball. Let's hope so I think mine was clear red. Everybody Sean now. Neon green and it was Paul's boutique tape was a different color out. Yeah all of this record came out and I know I could do. Good and I think it added no one was critically liked or disliked I think the principal Reynolds off just change. Tilly who's your second record critical contender but overall I may. Yeah. And they Michael diamond. Games. I save my career rapid credit was this one down. The ice gloves at play here. It's a massive attacks if let's say drum beat these guys are pretty. Well I really familiar I've heard this on a massive attack track. I've run and I apologize. And you results. The food here but today didn't you guys. Possibly he. Keller okay or that's one of course. Couple days it is better. What's funny is we have yet to reattach it you know more up close out. We've given the boys will like her about an hour now GAAP. We actually have had to put the time to produce and you're not wrong sir that outnumbered. We barely talk back. And resume your head like this area. You know like this girl Jennifer came out. Mean really become students every day. And it was so weird like I was getting pong between like master of puppets young and Paul's boutique yup and that he listened until like. DRI. Yeah and the misfits and the February Iran and missile like to do given the blues mission. And it earlier assault let Glenn what I might. All of this is good. Like I thought you're Henderson attic yes I am Jindal Led Zeppelin and Hendrix and like Steve Winwood and then you know I don't write like. You dubbed mega death some. So far so good so what I call you out around that time I. I thought we would have been very good friend in high school my junior high hazel super has had the same kind of weird taste in music uses whatever is good but at the end of the day. Metals are favorite. Hello how was for what I think for me it was more probably what you call classic rock out and zeppelin fanatic. On even back then but I love Guns 'N Roses yet you know his request anybody's like auditors guns and resolute have you heard this because a guy like you know anything like everything but thrash metal was. Probably very we are loves had a time minor threat how men this way before forgot her cry minor threat a huge month threats. On yes and then it's based there's a fan of pretty much most of what MTV wasn't playing center and on MTV news. Dock and then the hair metal guys in the stunt guitarist and I just I cannot connect with like at all to sit out of it apart and no I didn't like this I have around. CI a Cinderella I liked. Home not enough to own albums but. I mean yeah I hear downloaded that's I didn't I didn't I couldn't go for minor threat to Paul's boutique to. You know and I mean let's Rondo and really what yes. That's a great example bristle water yeah I was just monument we confused by what was how I'm tied to the angels baby that was not cool I was not a cool kid off to. Let's do a couple of tax of two weeks ago mayor guy. I'm out. This one's a text that makes did you see that time an alliance in the Davida you we. Quote a baby did a song that's not a just hours since since nutshell. I did and I forgot about this and I kept meaning to grab it and put it up press the listened to as we all love Alice in Chains. And I love wrestling so this guy in the WBZ was a Liasson he's come light the loan. Like I camera what he's he's he's nickname is but he basically just he hears a guitar edict of Arab and kind of guides stone around it plays guitar and beat people up that is bag. So now his -- latest stake if he goes into the middle of the ring and he sings a song but he takes a song that's a popular song in changed the words. And never acknowledge like our Seattle Seahawks right. There are not knowledge is that it's an actual song he acts like as if he wrote this op did just like a CLC this time around when he was in Colorado. He decided to do an Alice in Chains saw which it was rather funny well. Well we'll leave that up to you. Smiley everybody this I would fulfill both. He drove flew and shut your mouth. I come from yeah. Film to finish. Hopefully. Jenny Jones now. It's. Live on the courtrooms are almost trying. Yeah. Through. And the. Mother right. Always tell the good thing you know. Over in his grave after that a politician. Tough tough glory grave thank you just fall into. Prison you know that's a voice now okay we haven't got it away yes happy home in no way right. I mean residents sitting here in full makeup and regalia the whole time my bad we we just went down below the line rabbit hole. You know we're gonna and it cost him and he'll get you know what I don't have Paul's boutique on CD nine to go purchase that record today not to keep on down the down the rabbit hole that is YouTube but it today is Halloween it's attrition for me put on my blog Richard on my FaceBook. I like to share on Halloween you make a TV show host pass out every Halloween the second thing now be awesome no I I like to share the greatest Halloween song of all time. Which is monster mash as performed by. Mike Tyson and Bobby Brown. It's until you haven't heard this. Oh man this is a news radio this. It's. Not happy and I like you alert in television if yeah oh yeah. I am right about nine years notice this is about to go in the archives crap he's Graham is wrong reason just through the launch in history active. Mike Tyson and Bobby Brown what is his prerogative amount. It's. The greatest thing ever. Let's put your round. And at my place is just as a vampire. You can. As my head back. The ghostly competitive but I think it's right there. Where those are not happy birthday to who the (%expletive) up you know for Mubarak the guy's crazy here. Police. Opinion. But the funny part is trying to be James brown and humorous assumed given stress is James Brown. Trying to do. This morning. It's the greatest song ever written to Tyson there there with you love you go. Awesome. Our CO2 limits could only who aren't. Those are that are. In the you're. OK I work customer service not gonna say where are obviously every single day. I have people carving in the might sort trying to buy things after hours. For example alcohol is stopped selling alcohol all commit three and screaming custody and throw yourself that you better because you're late. I don't care. That you want your alcohol I don't care a few minutes late it's my job that I risky. And that huge fine that is jail time that hasn't ever been allowed her art itself and how little personal haul ever again all because you wanna get. Including the response going to be it your alcohol on time why is that my problem. It's not. Moral of the story is mutual booze don't but the thing is before drunken they don't realize it until it's too late. Whose own time coach slick Serb whose own tab attention very good Luzon. Got to give Jewell boobs all. August an email to makes guessing she's on my arm from anonymous should restore league relief. She says that said this a few times but. All I've written anonymous emails many times but never sent it lets hope today's different I want to thank you for makes best help me to a very dark time two years in a row nice well I'm glad you're having dark times to use in a room. That's not bill passes out Arian within our entertainment. Major have a better day let your friend dragged me along I was going to overreach Monica took for modest or dramatic tie on my life. Does regularly considering taking my own change. That I discovered a musical why only in the wreckage. And I realize that my life is not nearly as bad as Wyatt so I'm. Not an adult. And yes. It's not many had never loomed. Ahead like it could that I get it takes to add some brand appointment and on the Tuesday all of unfair odd man our love you brother not a lot. I was sitting there quietly thinking man you know we've gone a whole episode without Steve's taken upon shot I want it quiet Tyrus literally they can get. It's. Our do not Eric then I discover the reason why only the wreckage which signed a beam of light across my very dark reality. Got their album and it was my goatee to keep the darkness away it's like the music knew how to make me feel strong again and yup I goof obviously. Why it's music. I mean I listen to it every time they do business you welcome to Seattle decorate. Holy smokes expert my words out album every day is for awhile fun as kick in rock and roll. But this newest record that you have a bit of they've they've tapped into that event seven fold influence at the two bit but they haven't lost that. Bond S chicken rock and roll when they do so well. But it's cool that bans a balding and and yeah I'm I'm a fan to steal their their. The great. This is as fast forward through this year bought my ticket Earl think I wanted to first copies of welcome to Seattle is exactly what my life needed I don't think I've ever loved an album so much. The song that Glenn things aren't held down heart is my spirit song ever I want to thank Glen for helping create that's on your voice is so kind and passionate. Thank without dragging this on for everything that if you saying nice things you could bring his mall you can keep I don't know I can come off. Thank you for you to refer throwing a party every year for us freaks not only did he give me something look forward to it introduced me to music that I think saved my life and for everything full. To you for that mr. anonymous. That's awesome that is we'll hang in there. Yeah that's a female that wrote guys it is house votes to hang in there unlike great it's going to be a guy. On the hang in the hunt and numb what are was going on on beacon fund. On your way through there's a song that. I was working out yesterday you know Tony it's all. Failing and it miserably but it's called holy no more often their record which. Deep it's not like it's a night that it has been one of my favorites I like the song to get to rob it. Yes they Rawls listened to those like man they're really paid attention to this audio sometimes the song hit two. Randomly you're like. Okay now this is my new favorite song that's disarm this is why only in the wreckage. Well the whole thing is that you have to. I don't know why. No one ever. This. I love your job. I'm a drummer didn't get those guys. Our heads is about maybe red Oklahoma. It's. Our bomb goes. Okay don't miss its. Got a number like it wasn't that long. You know why everything songwriter Jack dog you know won't I think he shared that's sort of the next you know they've assembled them why was the front and playing an acoustic. Yeah I they were vibe was going for like Mumford and sons all what are you walk what is the school. You know you could tell it was quiet singer songwriters alone right. Now with paving the but I think that goal originally was to make his big like I like that kind of hope you brought provide. And they don't attack them happy you did well that big things just they are finding themselves more and more and more it's really cool yeah. Refresh brand. We've been around 12 moon. Isn't she usually so good so good but we've been watching the most formidable of all right like once showed the next. Brought him one album the next from 16 month term of the next people watch these guys really a moment. Cool really cool Washington birth and then others. Dishonesty stardom on the some features I held out hard. That features Glenn cannon and I was uncles just goes really flattered basically you know why it's that either worked there it was a studio rough and it wasn't quite demo. But first to be forced to just blank he had some have not been there at all. And he said I want you to right weeks. And how much thought did well yeah I'm way into my schedule was really crazy to think it was back in August and it's still not a situation are you like holding you know what he's singing about and trying to get something we learn without or how about me personally what he was singing about but I did everything include. To not necessarily echoed his phrasing and just now it's my voice singing his melodies and parks right so I wanted to. I wanted to reference some of those militants could do something unique and that of course I went into that like you know the government choked me. Someone in with quiet and Don young men and they hadn't heard anything what I Kamal where cinema there's press record nice saying it was a little while Wikipedia how mad that we are right and easily you guys Schiller and of course I'm explaining like Hannah didn't wanna just seeing your melody sing your phrasing and write my own words I wanted to definitely make it. You're gonna feature real song I wanna make and obviously that's great that's me yeah yeah and luckily haven't gone those both loved it but I really within their life. He's your go dude that's neat what the hell you do right and only because they didn't. You know and I mean I didn't really follow the patterned sheets and boy we got our plan B is the red eye shadow OK I want Mara was in the bush is warming up so. That was group plotted. That's very off the line. You're talking about today. Stop it now right yeah I would. Thank you guys joined the Ozzie leaderboard and 470 beautiful yes you have I'm sexy. The. That's awful welcome to Seattle that was my schedule finally. Purchase I mean I've I've been straight years I've copied other you know what I gotta give money to the cause of hurdle and on iTunes available for people to buy enough. Great great great record he drives so why leave Iraqis to. On another note off. It's in my car and my sister I don't have a copy. It's funny now let's do this together dot com bowl record that was Tony's copy until just dollars and you know. I don't have this data physical copy of likely you might actually I like a visit my car yeah because they left we share vs those guys who have copies rose but I just remembered about say like. Ever listen to this with Tony had this record. I cracker. Yeah no bastard. Honestly you know mile wide and it was a good friend of whites as well and a good friend of our show Steve Shannon Yahoo! via email us at today's what do that you guys are making me specified time. Finally met CC and got a picture with thrill. I really enjoyed the wreckage but that singer in a band is a complete dec. Half past I don't know right now I'm hero that. Then bobs his normally you'll receive that. We got he kissed a. Well how. I. And then in parentheses similar to how I feel all like all of the advent and now it's much that he wasn't just pull a Steve right this time I wasn't ad living. Or as. Nobody's honest all Steve hey why it. Distribution that's mile walk at openly in the over ride this thing back there all the prime is T shirts that primus sucks I had that certain SO two I hit drivers on the Sox regular is a picture of me back my college radio days bra like you see meat from the so into the picture behind me don't work in the board and is he privacy rise primus sucks on the back of my shirt yes he says you know the singer and a bend the complete dec why because I love him. I I think loved the last of an ash now especially as they played on hard times and won a man still my favorite song but I'll amend their version mode overs of their own some one of NASA so good lies yeah. The intro to killing fields is still sick yes a great start to the set I did enjoy bruiser Brody and tried to see them but I wasn't feeling that well that night. Some forcing it on man. Are the next night ended up in the emergency room and being transferred the Swedish and Edmonds where I was diagnosed with type two diabetes okay now that is an Indy and I had my big toe amputated. Who who. Using my toes a long story which I'll tell you about some other time I type this and I mean rehabilitation center in Lynnwood until the end of an item read this email at a time otherwise. Until the end of November is gonna be an uphill battle in a completely new lifestyle I want resin price and how he dealt with this and any advice he could throw my way. Thanks and keep on rocking in the free world Stevie the Pakistan and extra. Size and listen to your nutritionists listen to your doctors get on the correct medication and you just have to listen to news that people who know all of the stuff. And absolutely. Cute those things like seriously like. Take the medication. Go for walks you pay attention to what you eat. Like I don't always eat the best but now it's trying to get back on track and that's one of this the hardest things is not just to give up if you. It is special and any sort of like die aiding and like lifestyle changes. You're gonna have some slip ups and there's going to be a time when you look at red giant you know bag of popcorn in our field all paying. Just remember that you gotta get back on track if you wanna stick around because gag you will lose more appendages. As it goes because it kills the circulation in your lower body that's. Our and Graham and I don't what would you guys have dealt with by you know I've battled with weight and I wanted to think remember right. Tom I'm hover around tool forward through three haven't been hurt that way myself a lot it's wanna see that moment where it went 99 and let's tee and now might try to build muscle so unlawful ever see that 110 this is going right but there the moment where I went away for vacation or summit it like a pagan casinos to fifteen to seventeen and there's party that wants to throw in the towel like screw it. It's going to be a long haul and I think was. You know what. Back batted again in the long has it affected your self confidence right right you've got to feel better about when you see photos of yourself instantly the one nice thing about FaceBook when we need example they don't hole but it took a semi dead dog I hate them for that yes but when they show me pictures not why it. You know at the seal like here's a picture from nine years ago and it's a picture of Lucy. I'm playing well Lucy because they are all of us that things aren't memory right now it was like a song or relatives and what is happening Zuckerberg goes and finds pieces of Utah and animals and send you. It's a very weird new feature face just what kind that they're going to use their market place is sitting in his car crying and punching the dash of their titles that night those things but then they'll also be times very ill have like a picture meet from ten years or don't know Mike. Old while I've gone even from my wedding for seven years ago it's like lol I thought I hit my ski these bandits again Hannity so. To echo what Travis saying I don't get discouraged when you fall off the wagon to quote why only in Iraq it's nice it's going to happen. Look at this way managers and it. You know as you lost your read total arm but you now know exactly what's going home with you you know what you need to do. Starters so you're a prime position Q bombed to manage this condition and and you know not not be afflicted right now have a wonderful life Eddie. Not to be completely insensitive but Stevie. Did you keep it. A whole good question because I love that music can question this thought has gone through my head because it's one of those things like chizik like when I found out that IA had type two diabetes I was in the hospital next to a guy. Who wins who had just had his late amputee arm or are you know he showed its what do honestly admitted pageant it's steered in your brain and have been always trying to avoid that sort of thing and a bad nerve damage in my legs and I've got bad circulation. But at the same point I've been able to you know stay of that stuff off. But I was also thinking if this happens would die the keep the pieces. And kind of leaning towards yes a legs a large thing to store likely that the aquarium Simpson lamp shade as you say you Columbus and Mike Leavitt depth to your own flag. If I don't. I I don't want to do it right it was an accent itself it would be kind of cool juniors are getting if globally we put your toe at night. Probably just like a big jar or something like well that's great to attract the shock GAAP. I mean we'll get a replica of the old Cody below us Stevie you know we love you. I hope no horses since this. Which is the budget idiots and I think I don't know hundreds I think listen to iPod does you know that already no offense intended or just don't know what if you glued. Wheels to your toe admittance to coach rod. That could be one of the greatest things ever and most ultimate ice breaker of all time with us that Mattel territory about it what she's already done that. Edward and I got guys I know that's wireless do you your butt tomorrow. Even rely on view it was tried by us it is. It's a long road it is it's it's a total lifestyle change in my came from you know years and drink and mountain due so as to stopping those things is the first thing to do. Well we love you brother. Okay there are some Mike was off on her own spin off eye's been on the all time OK it's still on right now they see the red light up there. Mean that's on nobody hit it good off by nick cough and it was little dog he'll be off it was already off. I think when you tapped are you with the turn the Mike off of what you've faced Paul and I did face the met several time or maybe there might view your intentions and said you know I'm turning it off to avoid any weirdness. Yet but we are the I guess it's a suggestion that a guy heal up by the it's a forty dollar microphone man I didn't do you that. Just today I Pritzker and what has really put our tornado is when he does that it's doses off over here is a stay off right now yes is offering. Outs yeah yeah it's is off no matter what. Lol well now and press the button answers on. I wanted to couple more worth both of code entered his mind Coughlin you in the middle go down that dark. That was weird. Stevie I love you man. I don't know about and how it breaks my heart and almost is laid out OK so much may he's been a guy's been on my side it has my back since the end days and I'll never forget. Still one of the coolest gifts a listener every game he was from Stevie this is many many many many years who directed the and he got me T shirt it was a rocky teacher. On the ad I'll never forget that and I don't know if he knows I remember app but it it Tibetan. That moment made Stevie what in my. Favorite favorite people because there's so thoughtful to teacher but. He knew how much I love rocky eighties went out of his way to get me Iraqi T shirt night that that was the coolest thing. So there ya let's look so I've had I've had nothing but love for Steven it does break my heart to hear that but of course I heard that look in Steve's eyes a rhino four hours from now he's illegal should send. Oh yeah I felt bad about it right now you can. The stress ball digs loves you rode my laurels is president and the press club president Dick just why did designs that you always like Arizona has a don't ask the millions I wouldn't I wouldn't do that I am I gonna do and we'll you do that we aren't you get I don't think the why it's stuff was a bit uncalled for I. He retired their buddy. Why. That's the issue your press the wrong button coming out of touch anybody. Note when you press that wind because but when you press the on and off on that oil and it's for this might write down year because they can't seem be bored go line. Why is not do that. Otherwise this is that's the one that this like well here that's your my part as you are you dumb down this is also know what are seem quite all. Okay I'm down to try different now hit a button. Yet. Oh wow yeah I've been turning up the volume on the I don't use that might live because it it has erectile dysfunction yeah. I'm always have it like couple eyes lit the fact that there is different about this once bobbled. My. Title were overthrown Hispanic. Wow I really. Now you know it. You don't vote you grip and they're caught the low sorry about the silly string. Cutler out because I understand there are. It up. Well doesn't terribly often you know I don't look at. Sterility of opened my miles and an immediate group Brody in the car every Tuesday. It also he used to yell at seven man at rock. That's right this November on I. Our November 20 we're gonna be over at studio seven now playing with a lead zeppelin yup and DOS sons of Mercury and John spokesman from ten miles line expect we got texas' holiest voice finally had a chance to listen to rivers are pretty EP simply amazing the vocals and guitars are giving me chills. And the drums aren't bad either. McDougal and yeah. I go to. Yeah. Aren't a lot more and won't call it a podcast. You know. Check this out I'm okay 8888. Animal porn or or or are last week it all right. It then ten. Yeah form I'm. Apparently ultimate joke book girls on goats dot org which is not a real website in Georgia and non profit because the dot org which is I was these kind of funny you're actually get the subtext behind that stupid highbrow joke. But I do signals on goats on word a lot it's about leaving word where we talk in final form I'm not I wouldn't be surprised if we were. I'm a little and the girls are here and it was her birthday she sensible about horse horse was not I'm running through yes there are there that yen or Saks family yeah not shocked. Salt. We're very functional and coma. And at the house goes on at an all out younger I expect that those be better. As other band was playing and when I got there are you absolutely know what this is one of the most popular situations that yeah like higher life. I'm sitting on the chaired by myself are all the other people are you know public debut at each other. I hope all of Jim beam that. Terrible by the way are also up. I tell you you say now and I look you're going to visit this and cannot like yeah other than that after. They're they're still is straight up nodding like law it's going to be your world. So we're gonna I'm sitting there myself and finally someone who had at that house. Myself. But it didn't unicorn horn. I'm allergic. Lights put on the unicorn horn that only at what that looked on line. I can't. Please tell us so they were they are I'm really freaking out about what happened to Obama so. Not talking anyone. And they put on this dvd. And it is of course unit Korn are not only the core porn. I replied with a Q what's new in England several duke. And Jenna Jamison. Has she's so that that the unicorn won't fine Cole yeah. Yeah that that's a that's a good moment upon that island alleyway day or horse with a code on it yeah. The girl yeah I was really not I would totally dying Jenna Jamison would be unicorn Alfred on. CN like I'm so I don't want us against them as a unicorn I think they'll just take her on not correct that's how you have to taker would you not. I care about where maker Penn. Had to go to the sales are you put me on this I welfare parent and beyond that's blah. I we have audio from that moment was good. Yeah there and they are out. On the back to Wendy Williams should I hope she's doing good since he started this podcast probably the only way or just the way it always reminded who. We've established just glad pay attention. All of our guys all this review really Cilic and possible terror we started that about an hour 45 minutes ago derailing the show no true. All regret any human I don't know I don't feel pretty good program until we lost a lot of listeners today but I think it's been good for a Qaeda makes with your hits from the 80s90s and Mo Ifill under every listening to The Beastie Boys I. Two years and led incidentally got your Vermont made no I mama we love you we miss you baby don't and much sought to anonymous on all yeah hang in there and runs aground July only. The wreckage for giving music which is the beauty of music in any form of entertainment. It's always been super flattering thing with our podcast as well. If you commit somebody they better that is awesome and I go to guys and person seeing the lights music may have actually. You know I saved her life so you guys put that in your pipe and smoke I guess that's pretty cool I'd imagine that that's the ultimate compliment. That anyone can receive that that their music has that kind of an impact so that's pretty damn cool. On much of the Stevie as. Hopefully the recovery is going great Yankee fans posted a stay in their man hanging tough you know one of yes man and if you ever need a pick me up. You know you're always welcome the coming on the makes guest yeah will be good food down here that day yeah on the war order cautiously to yes means for you yeah. Now for us you were you guys can eat the donuts says Steve in Iowa stick to the LS carbohydrate. Thing of our like. Speak medium rare. Of that when you do that ran the slap on demand my nose to the podcast on the loss does not speak up to keep stake I don't feel the zulus. Ghastly. Well months. Lads don't mess yet okay. They've done all moderation. After those nice words of advice read and edit death toll at my door has loads things really hate can't look no more doughnuts because at least they can. So there was a doughnut waged it was a solid although I don't yes I'll let you guess who that was was you know mountain Egypt's reject. BJ cuts don't look up like a girl. All the time all of them all of them in order not to eat the whole donut but Danny keeps going back and eating the other because it was a very small portion I don't know I probably obviously already. But that little portion probably is all about for that it was but it was quite yet basically pizza slices and don't go in heels too like he thinks that that's ridiculous mean. Welcome to our world that we can't help this guy how we show you BJ invention to resume his sunshine of intervention deaths. Enter it and we can steal the sunshine. I'm gonna curb the bill was happy to get a better world and it did each of them not just each is all it is easy and then walk an extra mile or something to Brock. Momma. Are you from the BJ intervention so that my wife Terri had happened to god. A little that in Brad Pitt upside down. During the he didn't mention that tonight we'll both of them is Paul who were already out there I try to talk. He's upset about team I don't know what. The why are you here. And I'm always. All there is always fun doing this very sketchy people ways we'll be nice magnitude. Bob the number 45 yes bruiser Brody studio seven come see us coming out we that's going to be fun. We had a lighting guy well we do know a guy who recovered what they are lighting growth. James Karl. And cool and we look cooler yeah. I mean he's gonna fire him. I don't know I think you know had a had a big forums. That this is the lighting for everyone else but us through. Hey Gabriel lighting rig and everything little box it out real cool. Sound off red Red Skelton is the second times counted down oh no not yet oh so stayed positive. And keep.