MigsCast 11/07/17 "Noop!"

Tuesday, November 7th

This week we instantly fall into another musical worm hole...before the intro even starts!  Glenn shares exciting news about Windowpane, and we chat about hot chicks...learning to play the guitar...disconnecting from cell phones...and whether or not we should moon our new co-workers.  


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Well not we call this the act of making nice but. There are several other very important differences between human beings and animals that you should know about. There works. Animals on an ass plan who the (%expletive) up. You're just don't show you never heard that the Bloodhound Gang. Always this that you when you have a bush as like I know from the drumbeat of such. Yeah it's the radio on the radio starts right there yeah yeah right we'll recording yes already going down this up. The worm hole that is a whole rock. I guess you have to keep what I said earlier that you come in after that I don't know what you're talking about being understood. But I think that's as fast as a jockey is is that radio friendly version and I know it's not know what I guess I got my resume at hand. Then I'll bet you feel loves. This comes as we have some Hebrew that you can't eat beef comes up and that I'm the worst of lyrics and assistant general. It amazes gas that I am Steve makes land here with the reverend employee yell hello I. And the man that's going to be leaving us to go on tour at some point. Why can't and a narrow idea are you scared the entire mis cast audience man oh really fight saw a couple view of what does this mean the end of one on the biggest oh no they're scheduled like. I think you. We we kind of to have over the let's test it unless you went to Montana the only other than the day that I literally couldn't get to the billing in my transmission was slit running and I was not entered an ambulance. I've only ever missed one shell is because I was literally. On an airplane at the time right yeah I I were loaded in from Washington Maryland we do that holiday show real remote and then that was actually kind of column you send that picture I was doing the show while sitting on the toilet as a junior guys left junior is news. Metallurgy urinate at one point yes I lush and that they showed up for the better down the classic once great and has so we're gonna figure now always have we don't know when I'm on the road I'm gonna cellular telephones and I've got your blood season. Yeah. We got sky for a face time whatever the one where every if you're anywhere near Wi-Fi the quality improves obviously and if not them we just do it but the phone and coastal south fight LG is wonderful honestly I'm I'm hoping if things ramp up and especially if we're able land some good towards her festivals. It will be a benefit to the program I agree because I'll be able to you know. Rolled up dates from moron Canon UNL. Did tell from the broad yeah I mean I love I want since the documentary immoral wrestler wrestling broad diaries Nicole Kabat has made that some of my favorite things this two mile. The absurd stories that you get while on the road plus a mile if if you lock him it's a pretty decent bands. I mean you regularly get squeezed them on to the podcasters while we should be pretty cool although would be even thought about doing analysis hey man I'm do the show right now coming. Or it I could middlemen I hate to run dope I guess what we're doing in sipping on some whiskey yes. And uses and he didn't act if I don't I don't or even mis cast tie. I'm not going anywhere I love and chill out and out who I love our audience and there's no way that would bail on this zone. Dot com yeah man I got a telephone loaded and policy hopefully for some good Collins and I I understand where you're willing middle and anywhere now no we won't let you you're not appreciate that at any yesterday I was it was tone row before you fire things up like a Tony Knight got away for the weekend which I haven't we hadn't got a way to get there is a couple for over a decade no kidding you over an anniversary happy anniversary thank you what when number number twelve. Number twelve a what does that in the old anniversary list I believe the doesn't. The doesn't. I don't know the dirty dozen I I'd FaceBook told me it was Paula thought I was eleventh. But I trust Facebook's math I'll do a lot did not know and Thanksgiving is I floors some thought Christmas was December 24 I really did it that's funny it's just not. December 24 Tuesday that. The tents for his birthday and that's the only candidates okay well I'll keep that in my jet steam modern twelve and ever year anniversary president is pearl so educate your wife and as promised let's. Ask. Ladies we don't like a pearl necklace. Traditionally it's soaked but that's not a sponsor there was a point when I was working at the end this is when we first heard A Tom she was just starting to be a voice on. And he had done from does that diamond the same company. And he legit had a commercial talking about ladies wouldn't you like a pearl necklace and there was always there was no sense of it really is doing us a larger and you warranty and they're doing man we were also disappointed when it switched ad campaign so I can. And I don't think it's I mean I. Bless her diamond bracelet or something along those lines. If if anything there was though a bubble bath necklace we do you think Jennifer has a giant bathtub. In that. Oh yeah I can hurt us to a cabin yet it was actually the mistress of boos. Oh our very own Jim Richards her cabin. Of new original Spain we know we Jan but yet come. This was 56 months ago on my life was beyond turbulent. And we were doing an original rehearsal and usually how are you doing him a well. Could be rendered homeless any time and I've got all this going on and meeting all that dropped the world's time yet you know people close we were like. EU okay Amy was really and again a lot of this is personal stuff that I won't go into you on the program but. Things were bad and she was ill. You need to just grab Tony and get the F out of town and I'm idea that's just not possible light my wallets empty where we are right we can. Vacation in Tacoma the mouth if you don't we get it out of the jungle the homeless again we can't even afford to go to Tacoma to vacation you know so but she offered upper cabin on Anderson island back then and of course the way. Our allies are Fuzzy five months pass by a guy so we went out there for for our anniversary which is great tip it was funny. Literally took my phone. Put on do not disturb and put it Magloire. And if we had a look at leading up or anything like that her phone was what we called the approved for your hair tests so I'm not literally but the good call I was not allowed she didn't give me my phone back and tell we had gone home and unpacked. He owns the fox here's your phone when she knows she knows how it is especially right now I've gotten we get the bruiser Brody come and show them the 25 yeah. I'm spinning like a talk with all the stuff I need to get accomplished. All on top of everything that's happening with window pane. Com so yes she just like all of you give me your phone a much I have no problem with that. Because the minute you open up your phone is going to be a million text messages can really only knows Gary million everything and Gary and I know how that is win. You don't mean to be distracted by phone but when you see the message if as you suck as and it's also met urgency hit you where you like I need to respond to this you know really need to put you side so you want to let you can't put it out of your mind. Yeah Ellison has all but yeah with the advent of the cell phones. Everything is now right here not now when I get a whole Wallace into the voicemail exactly and you know what I'm now Salman Al jedi he he. Saying that this letter envelope envelope opener I can't speak I shouldn't be allowed to that we ever cut. But failure armed Jennifer has a giant bathtub and so literally Colleen I like lit candles who let baby out. And just slid in that tub and just kind of stared each country profound you always hear this. Just hearing both of us like deflating. This is nice yeah you know how this hold your foot as it gets Brinkley it could hit an essay and at. Her and I just we did a lot of nuts then I'm just chill Jennifer had oh hole freezer full of crab hall. So Saturday to choose a please for the love of god I have more than I know what to do with. Please do me a favor yes so we had which could hit crab feed off you know strategy Yani and I have heard the end that I would have in the third row over. I don't know polished up a few of those grammys. It was nice man who it was you know what it was somebody said to her to was it was in kind of a nice feeling despite. You know are chaotic and turbulent life tends to be news. You know I realize dom. Useful of those Nicole gonna weigh in weeks that and we will find each other. Didn't need to know we were just somewhere else which was nice that it distractions were eliminated but there was no. You know didn't need to reconnect her rekindle our love or any of that stuff that all men be Disney rated PT yeah there I was out there for a while they made me realize like. I love our home I love being in our home with her eyes you know osu was it was really cool in the in wages to go like man I don't need to get away with my wife anytime I'm with her I'm getting away it was just a reminder more than a Rican kind of a cool thing that's awesome Yemen now so that that's what we've been of course say I came. Back in Monday there's a crap storm causing this is sledgehammer in their faces you know by the time I got to hold more data eight is just like you know his blood running out of my nostra hole in me I entered it because yeah exactly so. Anyway I was thinking how great you'd be become due to cast because. Monday kicked me in escrow rooms so hard that now is it a little normalcy at this there are ten years ago RIU did show I need Stephen roads and it's an early laugh when a man to death. Everytime I look forward to doing this because of that exact reason it's like I don't matter how bad things are going Mayweather the morning shows driving me nuts or work you drive me nuts or life which I mean that's I know for whatever from an hour and a half to two hours in this room. It's just laughs and it's an entity even last week I was really count like. We go too far they were brilliance in the land grab as we didn't do we go too far with all of the music you listen back to the show I did this to an end the feedback. We got so many messages from people that absolutely loved. The show every Syria and Pacifica find the 90 do you oh great show all and out the show ended every one but. Steve figured out who I was talking about it was urban dance squad yet men why and they had the song deeper shade of soul when you're famous when you're dead. Yes and that was have been worse in the guy or Charlie Brown teacher about the it was a cool senior red never seen one before. Anyway there was no one us so drill like you were trying to explain it and it wasn't how you discredited duke just something about what you were saying a Mimi think. I pays the lead that depreciate missiles on which again zest with when I was younger nor killer he's the rapper sounded just like Q tip side. More Marleau tribe called quest but he erupting behind it gives them. I've Leo you can't just. Let me remind you that you sit these guys tribal helpless and yes absolutely your mind needs it now. I remember the video they were policy Netscape hard yeah. I think you're the swimming pool here we go dog down and elegant boys she. It's just. It's funny because it's just chill at this is some of these well and I ask dad I think it was kind of a rock and yes. Famous when you're dead yet it is great that stuff. Yeah I. Glenn just. Put it in my hair like become later like you know. Totally like lose any games in sort of saying oh yeah right in front of the fire. I remember this next time my things again we hear that like outdoor festivals tribute campaign. It's on the satanic hysteria Soledad this is the song and what I was loosen back god. It was the middle of the night it was unloaded a whole handful of his stuff. They have I had the show on in my in my ear buds you know and that that. That damn land song came on. And I was straight podium Hogan PH here back into the where I haven't had put your own music I go to Atlanta one battle on a Friday night I've talked with number grind they wanted to the play by play guys we just how much some videos. Yes like that lends song and like. Did you estimate might they know what he's talking about go. Ice it a podcast where we focus specifically. On that being the best summer time a long time and inside that everything you've got to be kidding me and them what I had a very similar conversation that we had. About how much we love the one song. I wonder. She like if we reached out to their agent if we could book. You would people pay just got to be Brooklyn for weeks for me it's best forward I think three. Forward we got our man god man you know we just gotta do you get a brain wash our listeners into loving one. But most of them do select men. That's great so our own. Well here's other sung by yacht urban dance and forgot all about this country. But that's where my demo to. Well that's right they're my deadline but demo my demo my fellow thirtieth at all. Dad doesn't wanna remember Mississippi joking at all. Think early rap rock you. 1990. It's funny at the comical if you've lost the most. It now. I'm not sure I won't. About social illness come up referendums that. Sweet to me yeah. The other two who was struck it makes a lot of closure. I love LA. I'm then hey go do it. He was stuck in my head oh we. We're gonna get our senator yeah yeah probably died it was a rap rock died. But hey you know more I mean you've got to hear ladies first record heads drop. Hi literary these guys they were slightly ahead of the curve. They did tell instantly felt a little bit. Well I know we're going daughter I don't know there's a lot of we'd probably involved that the sky. Guys and maybe did you smoke themselves into oblivion hang out where I 311 back in those days are my 311. As well since it never decide if I loved or hated that band I was you know what it was a roller coaster promotions with 311 there are times or I was full on obsessed the blue record there as with all mixed up in. Down love that went in and it's slowly started annoying me yeah. I had a drummer that about my old drummer Bryan Muir really love 311 which is cool because he brought that hip hop influence in dues drumming we it is always great. When you're an Iraq project. You're not getting Tommy lead you know kind of thing and the and sorry Tommy. And I know we talked vitamin drumming why are we talking about him when he stirring the captain chip that's why how why. I don't need that visual in my brain I am Brian was always trying to get me hit the 311 and unite here one track Camilla. Get behind this that here too warm like please turn that off yeah oh yeah I couldn't get to eight days they definitely walked the line of being really cool interesting and fun to be really obnoxious and annoying after a tip that a sky the later arrows of vase Smashing Pumpkins same kind of thing it's almost like they became a caricature of themselves are like well this works. And now all of a sudden think Billy Corey doing your impression of bill Billy Corrigan singing it's night and Billy crediting him and beyond. Billy green went through the Uncle Fester face yes you she'd just Haiti put all the dark meat went real guy and then you wore that weird trench coat and he looked just exactly like a Fenner. Local faster yes and I was thinking at what point he's got a good idea you know it's. Yeah. Money singing but as what he does tech surely as a guitarists and as a songwriter arranger. Billy Collins Jeanne. Now that's really sorry that's William Patrick Corrigan gays are now he's going solo now right gap it seems to be like that looking them up online on to these are so he also all we can probably pack organs he's the owner of now NWA wrestling. NWA what I eradicate co owner like teenage at all fault or quoting now he's huge into Russell he loved wrestling oh he loves wrestling he's he's he's helped finance wrestling companies. He is now a hundred sent Mike owner of a wrestling. Yelled he's obsessive Ressa C with the thing he's wrestling I was like I guess you follow music obviously but I from the and his family and his grandparents love wrestling. Who grew up watching wrestling with his grandparents who do you want next year is easy following a similar path music wrestling yet here he is really think guys ready on a bunch of black eye shadow and start wearing a weird trench I know you have to herald originally looked like a local fast I don't do that Jessica libel no mouse if the lights out period are cognizant that there aren't driving very I found Billy Corrigan doing wrecking ball. Oh or sort William Patrick court okay offered aren't you doing here anyway Jesus I. I don't know anymore what. We're gonna crowds heading into figured the window pane is assigned a big touring series as a let's put the train back on the track are today and I don't wanna listen many Billy Corrigan OK I don't I don't. Love that we. This almost we. Watched a full court you home yet some of the order form. None of this conflict is again. Look at Malibu song in the fleet songs. Talented guy. It's like everything people either love or hate rush is they can get past Getty Lee and they love or hate the pumpkins he came to pass Billy. But Ed Balls milk is a lot of my guitar per friends at a truly respect I get an election and a Pannemon man I get is siamese dream is I mean a Jews are free so that's that's that's Italy has never forget the record QB yeah. Already all judicious yeah. This is our dish incredible what he gotta you gotta do lose the the limp biscuit thing in just if he case in his voice just try and ignore that spurs you've heard it's arsons listen to what's going on song likely would lose guitars it's it's incredible. Which is proud of. Which is funny because I remember a story about how Billy hated dig guitarist because he did you hot yet he could do the stuff that Billy really wanted him to do you know it's digitally recorded all the parts except for the drums on same restraint at all I didn't even know that we all they still. Well yeah he always disappointed in their performance so he just did he pull a Dave Grohl and they William Goldsmith I know that you're art armor now for a second record. I'm gonna go rerecord all the Yaris or top Portland is that they're now that guys mood Stu Jackson he got him. Any an incredible drummer and yen I think James. And I only need RC arson are. Darcy Gretzky Terence Trent D'Arby alum based Darcy rescue. Yes time and that is John Cougar Darcy Melanie. Yet darts good dark he Ret ski yep I can even speak to anything I gotta remember that bound knows that there are present is the United States. The John Adams. No I was the second city John Adams and John quit that Thomas Jefferson area Thomas Jefferson but I should know that quicker but I don't lose their lawn George Washington yes. Okay is who was Sam Adams I just had John Adams Adams and they ended Jefferson fourth yet there is Jefferson fourth was John Quincy Adams it was Darcy Gretzky yes yes. Ha then she was stingy and they niches and indicates that. Are so subtle volley no payments are excited sorry yeah so you guys signed the deal with a company dat an agent that books. Again. Yeah they're. There artery global the name of the company and their their little Regis the booking agency and again god bless Tracy Moody's it's part of why we keep bringing in makes aspect studio seven mean. Love that club and love Tracy in the goal yet he's he's a plot on is the bomb dot you know which is going down this rabbit hole Tracy about her upcoming touring endeavors and he literally was was doing the Wu whose book ala forum my immediate thing and mean Tony you're putting this altogether easily. Why do you not have an ancient town like. How does one go about getting an age right you know and sold Tracy helped us put the pieces together and Nam the president of artery was really excited about us. Interestingly they eat the I think we've talked about this couple months back when all this first began but they actually thought we had representation because of all the things the man's doing. And we're like no it's we're doing this we've done almost no exceeded those huge towards a few years back all knew your own yet out. And you've done this at all yeah Noah that's crazy. Well yeah we did and during weighs three but they've made us wonder how we just didn't know better. Well I think it was interesting to discover that I think a lot of people didn't approach the paint banned because they assumed. That we already had someone we're working he statutory guys had its selling records again out there I mean you have a great social media presence Celso. I mean most would assume that someone else's point oh brings. As though yeah. Yes or were Laurie Jenna got to block deeper thorough multi opened to edit it right right now get a few case it's real quick like you know I almost called long weekends I would even call for. Arm in December we're dispute now the area for a couple dates that that our guy and arteries put together forest and then I know these are submitted to us too much of the festivals for next year nice and I were already started right away low fare I'm going with the only added a muddy up artists undressed and acoustic. To kill. In addition grumpy yeah I don't know how actually oddly enough mud so blond and wispy you don't. Have to grow your girl really longer like this should cities or our vision the dignity is used to clean. Well I had you know more parents are. Still well we'll see what. Happens and he has with anything. And until we see I've been doing this so long that while we're excited we wanted to make the announcement and and get people excited obviously for the band because it's a lot has a lot to do with how the whole machine functions is. Keeping your fans involved and interested and excited about what's happening on. We'll see what happens coming into. Coming in the next year I mean we've we've got some hooks in the water from our and com through the national talent buyer AG as well have reached out to him and I'm trying to kind of work from both ends revved up the national buyer. From AG which runs both of your show boxes here uptown. Arm he's knocking on the door from one side and I'm trying to get our agent to knock on the same nor from the other side so it's like oh. You know media generates opportunities for some really I mean we don't know. What's coming home but hopefully it'll because things if they can get a south there. That's awesome in working very happy to hear it gets the one thing we've been able to show as you get the spin and from an audience you'll win them over and we win them over so if we can find the opportunities. Com to get from some audiences of any size hopefully it will just begin a snowball effect and now. How I thought the strip clubs maybe you push your kid and yes I try to got a hot chicks I will win them over with also and radars and that's why did you notice it starts at fifty cent piece that makes it right that's my window pane would do that allied presence cable modem it'll rain on the audience well it's just like anything else you can't get your first job until you have some experience PT experienced the first job. And where we missed out just because. As always we didn't know but way back when we heads self produced those tours with queen's Reich and five finger death punch we should have picked up the phone right then and said hey we're on the road with five finger death punch playing Arenas right now we just did your job we don't have any representation and they could have said oh my goodness yeah let's do that you're playing the 4005000. People might no problem guys we will have a tore waiting for use -- a Koresh we didn't know that was even an option yet. So of course now so much time has passed since those big Taurus or come back to square one. So it's gonna be a matter of getting us out and getting things rolling and then once things are rolling. Be much easier to get to go to get things wrong when I mean even here and in. In December we were looking at doing a full two weeks. But I would say there were holes we had show opportunities but it was one of those do you really want to drive all the way to Arizona for what could only be a 150 dollar guarantee don't drive to better that's not that's not our business zone from the it's don't drive hitter so no longer the Arizona aren't. Tom actually had three great shows. We are on tort queen's Reich in Arizona com. Loved it and now the big promoter dollar diabetes Oak Hill Lotus is well and easy he was playing was. Try like Charlie held scoops up and he was flying to the Playboy Mansion the next day music I would think it would be a boy international atomic didn't. We got to play like Phoenix tomorrow night music and get you back into Mike. It this way and that is crazy as their lives there or they're both light. Know as fun as this outreach as do its blah yeah I I didn't I had a feeling we weren't gonna make it to that I can guarantee you what I it's absurd to us what do that's awesome. Bob that's what's going on and it's funny also sauce on it was I warns me for the future Versa birdied a might edit further Brody was always meant to be. We do it when we can't it's never meant to be a -- house was on tour for a debut show I know not what I felt bad I gotta like we have the video. And it's not even a minute. I was serves him right for missing yeah she asked didn't care was excited Forrest was half bombed the mean Jeff was messaging on scene like then time I really wish senator I. There are less so I love this past week you know. We rehearse in the same building it's on its assessment teams is he got back we are catch an up and he's he had a really did you copy directors know. Yeah and out of the food do all you know all figure that you get when you finally play issue. Oh. Which will be playing with us on light day and he'll also be playing with those act. The studio set to die November 25 which I am so excited about I have a lot of friends at least that's the first time. That are really pumped and thought they missed on the only opportunity in my own two OW another show. This isn't you know do it there was too much excitement about it and we all enjoyed doing it so much that this is an. The end yet we didn't get together make an EPA didn't do the one show there's there's going to be more show yes communal well our music we all have enough to deal with did the fun escape Brawley etc. podcasts like the music equivalent of his pockets the chance for. Friends to get in our room. Zero stress zero pressure and just have fun together will say furlough listeners know this is still tentative date but we may have early December 30 show here yeah Seattle's well and if that comes into focus will do proper announcement but. You know right now you've got November 25 and then we might be. We will be closed out the new year. Yeah Seattle's well also you want easy ones that comes into focus woolly guys know Leo Brody is not going anywhere. Have all now are so let's say Augusta but the voice of the evils in Texas we got a lot of emails online messages a lot of voicemails so let's try and actually get some done. Or elicit a more lend song hello is that you. You've risen from three Susie I think you have to some boys girls it has. Peace negotiator and he. Art yes yes but it would. It I don't know I don't see. Bill C. Chairman sir but I. Actually had to bow and am. We're personnel. And and age you got fooled loops. Rock out to argue got it they usually. Seats at Jesse just a car will also. Sort of moral. On the drums. I mean. Heck you got white walked the last sort out what you then you've also due to guitarist got got Chris eat eat low. The Fleetwood Mac's. Yes you do it back our all our. You didn't have happen but also of of the Fleetwood Mac news comes as usual so but he dug itself. Apparently what. I learned about. What you had it any. Sort of a great people assumed editing quarterly not I don't know if if if the then he's bunch of friends got together for recruited I love this. Awful let's do it it's like the Kentucky fried movie. We've got a little Ole Ole hole is terrible love. Is there anything you don't go ladies don't shoot today. I'm glad probably knows it oh yeah. I. I mean is boom. He smoked it as like sweet Lou this is how we routers it's Ziggy and why it is it's clear all stars yeah although he. What was how he would look at our all star cast of pimp and musicians involved and that's and there are not only that song but by the I would assume Randy wrote it yet but I don't know I mean it was Luka -- from Toto he was a big yeah I got to hang out when them nice sky really in the Jaeger seek and figure out how that went wow yeah I don't remember much of anybody Jager bombs brother BS to a similar manner you know little girls and Luke right dead birds you look at her from Toto. And yet you did some clearly Guitar Center and united BS and a nice fellow there in Mexico you know I'm getting hammered with the winds out of Africa with the Luke's third down and had a nice guy and yeah out all very blurry that really sweet dude a mom really funny and we'd just talk to a pitched as. Various security and you got to ask about his recording experience but did they were bowler Randy knew and they don't make it a double. Not IRS you don't let me tell stories. However and you always creeps I am. Pretty. Back and we get a FaceBook messages are very quickly go to southern refresh project as I know both offered yet that he favors from our body Ritchie from under the slice. Brazil say he's got a thorn a quick plug for the thunder be show this Saturday at studio seven that's right it's on not. November 11 studio seven Saturday night doors at sixers at 630. I feel we just in time that's okay thank you brother or your beer. Go hybrid in time so you still me Beers nice but I yeah that's this Saturday night. Under beast making their big debut is that they debut. I think he has great. I'm on the mr. Obama Munson sweating so you have a good reason to miss regulations Munson now. In lockdown. Could be crazy as you get on primary you know my wife think look it we don't get a hotel. You prepared to drive the Jeep. Compass and I she'd ever trip in the Jeep four okay. Which is never driven it with me drunken. And she's now learned what it's like a I don't know what is fail or pass out in the passenger seat that's what's gonna be like Garrett a loud there's no there's no chance in hell when estates over for months and what good gosh now among grooms rent. Oh yes every drink it all day party after a drug by the time my wife shares up to the white. Get yourself way at least a cane or maybe some sort of stand to prop you up. Our that I guess Singapore cane I got one of those silly sword cane be run and does stay we can mistake yeah what I do Republican does take care cookies you know. Wow oh it was a one that we had a field station for forever yeah I waited and you don't actually I hit them with it that's when the kids walk through your yard become Ramallah that. And it's scary and it rolls. Aura flat I think yeah absurd on it doesn't hurt it hurt the and he would stick surprise deal about it yeah. Without a shirt that's gonna kind of it a kind of snaps into a little abuse scandal peach yeah. It's got the slats and it just like opens up when you swing and it just of crack in his. Enjoy. That we an email from Amir he says hey boys on loyalty Tony deuce and like Steve hardcore wrestling fans are right you guys see a couple things and ask questions. Bruiser Brody rocks by the way nice that was my question is yes we do. Did you insert doubters and actually lead. Bruce diverted rocked by the way I'm Kenny is not like he's on them on the east and he's on point I just insert. Things you know I would never give me a hub first of all time. First off I'm not a fan of why only in the wreckage. Away. It did not say that. I got to tell. We've been tracking how long is this episode didn't go about an hour on 34 mental Joseph we made a 34 minutes without Steve taking a pot shot at why I would like him most text messages I got a text message from him. It the Tuesday receded and I fear is that some light. And like love you at viewers something I'm. Vice is that the direct Israeli are necessary at that point I love quietness that. Literary. It goes by you for everything on the podcast today your my favorite bastard LO how. I saw. Seriously thank you for the kind words brother. And I don't go far he's that I love you. What are they gonna bring Dicks for alive day. Should he should they'll come early in the morning doesn't it might be ideal to figure all he's gonna have to like you know how to flown out finally dale vick's. And OK just change a tire here he'd just take your time it's just Winston and reuse. I Jose first of us finally gets no I appreciate you guys in the podcasts have been listening since today's US TV cast him before that they're not hot. But ever since his current incarnation started it really went to the next level ice your candor which you discuss topics along with your humor makes it feel like you just sit in a room talking in my body semester always been the whole present. My is the part we get we can hear you but if I hope that it feels like you're just. Yes he we divides are with us right. Our rap you're awesome well so why are we seriously doubt it's not the dealings with you but at the parties you guys are naturally busy. I still remember chanting puppy from him but when you want him to every Mears game a few years back and he's he's just sorry had to do it and now he's the man ground and it. I hated Glenn did not while I wasn't sure how your addition was going to be but you're at a forget mad. All thanks man and because severely because of your addition I am now a giant window pane fanned well thank you gambrel clinics added download the new remastered to avoid wearing out Stevie that's awesome. Our media makes fest was awesome you're just is genuine and nice as you seem on the cast however I caught you at a bad time so next time shots Rami. Oh cool all right man yeah I think that poll might randomly was probably a bit of a bad time. I was spinning like a top and drinking more I could so yeah Mansoor you missed two shots like a star of a country's already and and other. 25 is not very far idea I guess seriously the funniest or chosen you guys are workers there's times I'm laughing so hard people become going crazy. You guys give me an escape even if it's just for a couple hours in the crap the monotony of life and for that I appreciate you more than you could ever know. This is me inserting something we appreciate that you feel that way I'll have that and I'm lazy when it does for you re hearing those things does that for us as well. Will humbly say I've battled depression and listen you guys is guaranteed to get me to smile laugh which is truly the best medicine but my question to Glen is. I really wanna know how to learn how to play the guitar I know aspirations of being musician. But I have a creative energy I need to release and music it's always been my thing dating back to my days is a band geek in school. But I clarinet just isn't cutting it anymore at a what do you recommend as far as a decent starter guitar and so I just YouTube we're actually pay for lessons I can already read music and keep time pulp while anyways again I appreciate you guys so much and thank you probably do. If it ever op opportunity presented itself I would love to sit in on the cast if you guys like Pakistani food. Op extending food I can bring its and to Bob's or curry and some O curry are here movie you don't even yes the son yeah. You wanna come in that's cool and Dan have been nice to why it offensive line that part out and I recognize drop back laugh. Yes all of fans are rallying behind a bad it is there's a sympathetic Beebe faces and I this year at delivering the heat. Why not only is he letters of this show. A high aces every you know reduce stress and every year's game that was once that dude you're right we should do another ring year's games next season when the wind when Minor League Baseball kicked back and yeah or even asked to. This sounder so now secondary league manly to be don't know but to those games because they're gonna be down a teeny stadium as well. I'm in yeah that was all before my time ads so the raiders game was a blast I'd like to gear and on our won't do it there's a lot of fun last time the rain years let us pick the playlist that was played we meet the playlist for batting practice. Which are pretty awesome yeah now now where does this all Bloodhound Gang there was. Rob Stein and Glenn good at twister rolled it slayer and lands close I would go back to back of course I remember I was so worried about making sure every song on that playlist new cursing right. Two for one song I completely space there's a food fighters on the ball things and he was like pretenders what is it was Apollo an ethanol might. Opt. Luckily there was nobody there are a company that was it the first song and nobody was in the stadium at that point. But I still like. Armed I dodged a bullet did all that work you gave role he aft real integral role negro got old can answer this question about guitars Ol dude com. Soul you can get a decent acoustic. Error on 10050 box. Acoustic strings in the heavier gauge going to be harder on your fingertips so it's gonna hurt. It's going to be unpleasant. If you really got to squeeze them. All this like that district and it works afternoons so if you if you wanted to alms squire mixup in the college track pack. And a cult with a little old cheap can I get ill electric cardinal amp Angel told her final Stratton and those were around hotter box all day long. The elect the tar won't be as hard on your fingers but you might keep tune us. On what I would say is Nam when you for our planet's going to be painful your fingertips are gonna hurt and it's Chia up on its unpleasant. On the other hand would say is in mice to teach this is the first thing I would tell humanity or beginning students sit on my lap yes some oil I don't tell your parents. Com Eric and things I'll go back Dutch. The human hand is not designed to do what you're going to ask it to do. As a guitar player it can do it obviously. But it's not meant to. So all these weird chord shapes and you gotta press with accuracy of these random spots and it is going to be. Frustrating. As hell yeah you're literally it's going to be really just like you've got to be kidding me this is ridiculous. On the he'll watch these videos and these guys are jump record shapes. Now let's look at the but the public how's he doing that that Bassett takes me five minutes to form the shape for G chord and even then have the strings or meet execute in my fingers too. Be precise and it's really really frustrating man. So just try keep in mind that. The hand in and of itself is not designed to do what you're asking it to do that said it can very well but be patient. Trying to get frustrated because if you're really really starting now. It's gonna be frustrating you're going to be trying to make chord shapes and you know how to people do that then you get on the Internet watch people boy learned through something that you're struggling to make happen. And it'll make you wanna lose your mind so. Just be patient. Take your time bomb I would see YouTube's great fun real simple stuff mom learned some three chord songs like free fall or something. And that'll teach it. Jump through chord changes quickly took three goals are the damn man you know if you can read music you've got a leg up and publisher hurry can count so you got that over Mazda and it's our players Ina. Well he's got all the time though. Only there's also mental split Khobar blues and they can't write it down like video no soul yeah you have sat and learn how to sweep before you learn to play three chords you can't write a song what you can do a lot of keel where it. I knew a dude in high school I was use that guy like he hung out at his house all he never would go out in. You just practice to play guitar as fast as humanly possible and to do can shreds like. Remember Rihanna might play with us for a song or two and he's simply go solo says he might like I can't. Right did take off when you're doing you're in a rhythm parts that I'm not doing anything you might wind nine Vic I don't know how to play rhythm and all I can do is look at me I'll go. And it's like wow that's really cool and fast but that it's like those. All brother you've learned to the capitol lawn before you learn to crawl bright light brow. You know you've built the ceiling and no house or foundation. Hit especially. Hard players are real and real victims of that but. But anyway mile long on too much of a terror there are to see be patient on its gonna be very frustrating at first but can also be monument we rewarding. And you just throw some real basic introductory YouTube stuff arm by a one of those little for like Nan and century and little thing with a chord chart. I'm a bunch of different chords just sit there and learned to pressure fingers on those spots and it's gonna make you feel in saint. Like you'll you'll be like I don't get it I while all my hand do that and just try to remember that. Piano's laid out of innings flat your hands maybe. Catch a plane with a stranger's hand. Yet and get your hands your hand cam and do what you're asking it to do not naturally. So when you're older it's even harder. You know me I notice you have man brunt of all of these talks next. Like I don't you are learning curve as you have a person with a lot harder as the younger person so you geek I don't know why but it is maybe uses that you've defeated yourself before you give yourself a chance then wherever you're young you'll have more fearless like I don't know how to do his arms Ryan whereas you over think things as an adult so. You got to get you got to preclude our wall media just doesn't it's gonna be frustrating man and it is it's you're units from a record shaping up dead strings is gonna sound like duke you're not Preston are not what you forgot how to play free falling you boss at a campfire whom for yeah a man who who is tradition and that's going to that's still backwards is new new. You knew hey hey he's a fellow hills said to me back then I'd like hey have learned this all new and I and they get a new. You've got a let's go back. Mean you can means there and go play more than words in reverse and and now we have a message out from Mike Garrett is because of the castle a bit behind critical we keep the solid supporting the fifth if you guys had put it anywhere until you are download yet I can't seem to find anywhere you almost forget conviction and I saw that as a pretty busy this morning I saw another kind dang it. Doing it in so it's up now on the mideast cast. Page on the podcast you round download something just says mis cast song and then it just says Kobe teeth. And its option of for you to download that's that's a list Gaza that was what it was called yep I had socially for dossier is out of the title away doesn't come over the red flag and our company or something like what would it loses poop stuck to these guys don't but at the Kobe ten song is available free to download and listen to groups that these guys do if you're listening today I mean it's forgotten and that's. I uploaded an earlier this morning so the guy is it still is viewed now as well as the pins. Actually had no matter how. They get nice and saddled. New Triad or do you know now those. The warm I'm gonna come out of all trying to monetize it imagine if it took off an hope pay my bills but then. Since I used the karaoke track and just flew all the locals I would imagine no longer a lawsuit to someone who someone you have to see you here out mr. got a voice rather right now. Produce and it. Well Nicholas that are big rig years cameraman that is lovely lady does a guitar and I'm all in this. I am forever. And we. Ozzie adjusters nick was also though out of bravery he got wasted. It's one people at least Mickelson always that makes fast worlds concert now on the rear wheel around an uses I. Here's plaster. Cut yeah luck on Oslo. Read errors thank you was got kicked out. Goal and an. I commits a security guy that he wasn't on through for users had a rough day this is leaving amendment to the border gates he's got to be some water as he's like hundred values they don't so I like how are actually station she. This quiet you do not admit to being waste. Why is perfect meager amount. Aren't our Erin or Eric are you guys salute their. So armed. With a Y yes. Everybody we know that an appropriate. Use. Oh dear Tom and actually that that triggers some of you almost through the synapse is fire if you listen close on the med broken Novo person. But. In regards to window pane news from me that part of our order global announcement com we're literally throwing a signing party on December 16. At studio seven and a reason I bring that up is both so perfect and why it only and the wreckage we playing that show. Nice also we've also got the reunited kissed the donor's daughter coming down. Com and then our broad Jason Kurtz and if you're from the area. I'm he's now got a rock and it's called Jason Kurtz in three and he's gone back mourn the rock direction. Kind of seeing them all long time but yeah 700 Magid at that of those awesome we did he he was working with Davis dean for awhile and on the big debut on Aaron yes that's right yes right. Jason did a bunch of heavy stuff then you end up jam and with to the Kagan starter in the pink slips yet. That he went more kind of videos on the voice soft yeah a DD is the voicing the need he kind of a soft pop rock thing for awhile for the new. On yes and now you know he's swinging back towards rocks that the Jason Jason Kurtz and three is gonna be playing with us in the occurs when a pain and nom. Yet it's gonna be a cool show 'cause that'll definitely be some eyes on that show on the so for super effective for Wyeth for its gonna daughter for Jason. That's going to be a really. Any turns in a really cool showed there will be some some eyes and consider critical we Keith is gonna make up before he thought he toll TV outward looking at trying to fly him in these enthusiasts are obvious for more money don't mind does he ask for more money than the last of rationale and I have to supply and ice cream cake. So I'm not sure. Earlier seven Jan Cincinnati fan here I come out of a concern of cargo cakes yeah yeah how he wants a karma okay it's basically a red Solo Cup. But you know being held by you put Psycho people here. And so I had to see if the carnal people will fabricate this cake for me in there anyway I'm Hillary Jumbotron make that happen that is December 16 studio seven. You can see both of those great cancer perfect why only in the wreckage as well ask is the gunners dollar. And Jason Kurtz and three with window pane on the going to be of an important show for us so there's definitely be some eyes on the adamant so. I hope you guys can come out and very honest and support us and join the celebration. And I John the Jumbo Tron guy writes I like distance is a great email it's that the makes guest gmail.com a isn't a whole bunch of podcast mis cast he's the longest to get through. It's not because of the overall length of the cast of because of the music. You guys to play something and then I'd pull away and listen to the whole song and then a bunch of more related song I could take easily at Dana I have to get this one is that I love it. This week no exception I was home and ended up jamming for hours I sort of like going today headphones that came with my phone to the big chance to turning on the big stereo cranked it up. Good job guys detective which is what everybody to try and printed but I'd imagine it's a big stereo. Yeah that's awesome that's great man and Serb race he sparking a music I think you'll hear that tune right odd that I have awesome that's super fire he. Are any from top left TVs at the semester to open and we can do a favor how markets where he and his locomotive. To band. Having their big got topless TV shoot video released promo and try to get bands and people on the scene in the area take a quick sell the video sinking grads and a word of encouragement. Me something about the importance of the youth in the C doesn't have to be long thirty to sixty seconds or so he may be do one for me by Friday may be grabbed rev two. So I thought. Well we knew this we used to it now live on the makes capitalize on the. If a problem I had no doubt about it senate's top two more but I wish I knew the name of the song so I could say. Congratulations a locomotive there shooting the video for their new single. Blank the app there's no song title without you lie when I haven't done my video yet but it's a video release pro posted the biggest or even Don. Yeah we just don't know the name of the track what we can pretend that we do. Pretty sound guy we fly in a robot voice like now heart on gold hey guys congratulations on your future heart of gold we're really excited. Can we get like absolutely. No real opinion and then I wish I wanted to shoot that video for Andy but I didn't know the name of the track. Well so we're saying I'll learn new video we have no idea what this track is called so we're not. Daryn I want people to hear the promo and then seek out the track there's a sign of items you have the same memory Steve. Like that. I can baseline. Probably not. Why doesn't GoDaddy. Grocer your new video now he just doesn't all the my god I did it again. I thought phones offered by apple music okay well we know different local motive. Does something about. I series still could be guessing hey thank you good luck gas basins. And thanks to keep in music scene alive. Sure yeah. No we mentioned the upcoming video shoot given that we don't know the name of the track. I JJ congratulations and you new video and aria okay yeah yeah I meant yeah do it all right now we're sugar by the sausage is made saw do so he video thing as me now you guys behind me cool or with me. When we behind you got us. Oh. Without model look I don't. The NBA is blank what so well that the revenue right on the back while we are and we. When they congratulations. And thank you for keeping all the music scene going and it's nice to get that young musicians spoke in Iraq. Actor grabbed the new video guys Kelly it is the single. And if you do what you do and it's awesome man much love and support from your family at the makes cats. Eight now I take all the top. They've hoping that you never know they did he get them. Our perfect cannot conceive frankly you're not far anyway yeah you know I at local we did our job we get them well that you like any good mother tells the name of the track EA and we blew the hole you're doing what we don't know what's happening now the question senator process. This is the largest act cursing and harder to know why I know he's now our enemy why you've got got less guy. And Nash yeah. A man and his. Lane there's a Specter did okay I was a player no sentence on home. Nelson also posited the Syrian of the voicemail. IRA did murmur and their hair and and found her arm. Back. I made those years but he lives near Langley ending. I am glad I am I eight rating running him you know and man. Since extreme is burning I know our prayers I had a and I broke my arm you that it wasn't. Just a break. It I'm very detailed photos to Marie show there's yes. She's bone he shot censor list yeah right in the past oh god they're like South Florida age Hamas and then eight. They got this new ball race car that clam shell and I am only the third person in Washington that have this. Go to race to lose you go day to see you both you guys who like you Vanilla Ice he's good in the times out hard. Very it's your terrible where you probably does Andy from top left TVs you have no not blaming anybody not only could grow far better. She also don't aren't. Then hit a surgery that lack they have been you know a lot of pain and his mother came. I didn't hit ai eight they've visited there on that idea I'd love via. Sorry I couldn't get it didn't make says I want you guys. I Goodell wanted to go to that sell bad. And and I didn't get his. Anyway I love you. Bill everything can't get aren't remanded narrative. And then call burning anybody say he really had been addressed you know lie. And that's important Barack. And new numbers he's actually never call Zandi from top left TV. I'd love ES PH one and married and you have big kid. And you had a wonderful. Week in Houston yeah. All sweetheart been through all data and a get an update yeah I have meant a delayed and it's expected fourth or hop NATO rather saying hello. We text back and forth we can and it's funny too easily things are spent and for me camel is a mid shift macabre at work will call you tomorrow. Then two days later like he broke haven't forgotten you know spend working can't feel my legs how are you in LA and I think they feel that way tonight. Nine. They re he's following he's awesome he's always a good newest. I know this is only if you guys the people won the worst that staying in touch with are the people who I care the most about because they now because I have way more when I talked about but I don't have the time to talk to her about all the cool stuff I want to talk them out or. Or just the time they want to dedicate just to quality time whereas they acquaintances it's a disrespect them at their acquaintances but it took does it takes like ten seconds thirds. Are you didn't like either and it was easy I've been wanting to. There's a couple different things are needed to talk with India because we're going to be popular with it and areas popularity. As an example our pal from top left of the I would talk to you. But now we're gonna be good of a video with the top left eyes for welfare line at some point so holiness scheduled that now we're really excited and he has some great ideas. Armed despite your hatred rare. But and then he hit me up about this locomotive thing and now's a dude knows what I'll call tomorrow and then you know course a look at him to camp scheduled off at five. Winnipeg rehearsals eight I had some work to do their rooms and he'd be down their own some twenty summit that's awesome I'll be off of five. I can take care of these calls I can send these emails now. And quickly have dinner with my wife how that work out Korea food I don't work two hours late I ran actors are Brian I inhaled some teriyaki or grab solid and I ran to the Herschel space. You know I'm and that's what it's like in that's that's a murder someone I really need to get in touch with arm. You know so it is yet it makes it impossible to try. I try like hell at least once in if I can pull it off twice a week coma folks you know arm really if I cop pull that off. Man there all the way on the East Coast I'm trying to better about that myself you can't Wear it once every two weeks now say once or twice a week. Yeah did you like mean and the 3800 miles away easily need to see their. Face is on a regular natives younger yeah. And my parents have had some recent health scares Buckley V seem to be doing okay I never know my parents they are the worst at telling me because apparently my mom had cancer scare which is fine but she never told me my brother told me he calls me up in that scared me of course is that every calls motorcycle I go by the way men moms cancers in remission you're like wait what. No he was like pace she's going to get to test is a good chance to could be cancer has mom told you about this I know. No money at all until already yankees are the doubles are or Howard Stern line and kill right on her Angel just sort of got me was badly it was bothers me it's always been that way and then finally my brother muscle late in Turkish she called me. Bag right around the time we're all everything is saying look I'm Tariq and a scare you and find a lot over the. Year's same thing I think and that's because we're so far away but over the years. My parents are the same way yet now 20 larger over the years. The the keep the communications become a lot better regarding what's really going on yap are getting better critics sold after so many times is like police luck. They'll keep me in the dark we gonna worry you don't like my forty something year old man I'll let go nowadays it's it's not. You know what I mean lights. There's nothing I can do regardless but I at least like now I compare all men I. I'll do that for them to their like you know you never tell us what's going on and I'm like can only do worry you know like silent. And now right there preparing for having to war anyway its and the public think that maybe we can help you all we have that's right right there. I'm Bob Weir your parents were we so we're very. Do it's it's so funny how that is. But OK phew that its affiliate text from my mother on. And everything's okay blues look at his watch 90 lately what time is on that Pollyanna as apple I watched mantel the gas law I think was totally turned ticker pills through the big kind of a pool. She Samir picture my wife when she was a little kids are all honey she's. Iran. They're adorable out with a W there to go global McDowell oh no no low bullet. Glad we got an email and in regards to you and it's subject to says Glenn's new favorite song. A distributor had laid on me by before you send it he's it before plays is on a series simply passes on to Stevie to Pakistan Stevie went through the same thing a year ago. Rehab is a bitch says having to pay attention everything you put your mouth not yet just ask on why it's my friend now it's just ask and I'm happy I am. Democrat Al out a really good nemesis anymore. The crowd of gets easier as time goes on and decide these godmother efforts say stay positive it's it gets really easy to get absorbed in the feeling bad for yourself and when you do it makes the whole process harder. Focus on the fact that you will get better in this is a bump in the road for your match I would Stevie a little bit he told hasn't really knew and he said he did not get to keep itself. I didn't figure they let either cremated appoint the semi a message about that stunning quality no I do not get to keep itself. Yeah I don't think they're gonna down with that they don't like delay ya. Do you. That's horse crap if I lose my toe I wanna keep on its wheels like it took we have tocchet a body part like Tom Green to issue that we have there was bowl removed. And then he was Lula came mob all I wanted Elena put it Noah John MacArthur like no you all know you have your ball. As career yeah they kept his ball he running here you nuclear its own chiefs are there whether the parents say it's a group I don't know what the name of the group is that the SARS hot problems. Tom green's ball. Here it is. I can't he was hurt me it's. Like you do this and he looked on. When we go into a real housewife amber yeah. I stand back. And now. Really to me. And it's time. CNN millions. No I'm. Please go to our heart sank yet you iron and still any names. Where their mouth. Okay I realize you know it's fresh. Sorry he's a compassionate people on the road cute. Well yeah like an alien killing six slammed for being put me suing yeah. I love it Huffington Post called it doesn't worst song ever heard amp. The girl loves you yeah. I mean it proves it is terrible doesn't have a eight. Million views and they break you down oh wow one point one million views oh my god and no more than numbers erosion would you worry 600 listens she she is cute the normal ups. You know you're right you don't sorry man there's still like LA five and a half early exit as the really. Do want to that's of god blessed Tony Abreu knocked. Will he tell you. Tony was down in LA for a while palm. And they came back to Seattle and into the minds differently that went on I hate to see this on a city but. Really attractive girls seemed only appear magically when the sun comes on the downed otherwise it's a damn this this was originally a logging town and that looms overhead to this day. It's hard to find. Really like my god she's gorgeous women reinmuth conflicting have been Wikipedia some are calling the song worst and Rebecca black's Friday. I figured that loud and be a winner pyro has over thirteen million views by June of 2012. Y. And overwhelmingly negative. Ouch. But hey I like well I similar comments on YouTube border the thing is though. Who I see is the sunset in their head sometimes I I do now. But the prison's play the semi funeral no president. The club up I Bob my head as I prepare the news. I know my fear attacks this should be our National Anthem. Is really bad is that all of that is horrible. But no. Tony come back to Seattle from LA. Forget where he was what was happening but he approached some attractive girl. And she's just this. You know it is really knows the air snotty about it right and I believe views and that includes a bigger hole mayors had somewhat. Don't flatter yourself sweetheart you're about a six and Aaland. Fresh Walsh fell open and he walked away and it's true you you go to LA drug that I could go to Orlando Florida man like random barbies everywhere well not I mean yes but not always on and into the Barbie thing either but the memorial to raise sunny place go to Arizona you'll find that Scott felt gorgeous women tend to like this weird thing called the sun gas and so when you go to these southern areas North Carolina which kills me these gorgeous women with that accent off. Already drink around here on it and all the all sorts of wild eyed the cubs GM cars at the white pocket pulp poking through negotiation and eight years jealous we need somebody in the import them every spring and then export them every fall yeah. Is you'll almost wrecked your car in the summer driver on this topic are coming home. Yeah I'm sure they're always germanic word Brcko is whether we wanted to yeah reverend Ted had ten birdies and I and a beanie. Would we were in Miami just seeing chicks just walking around in bikinis yeah. Yes just going to whatever story that we are paying online. I have to say about the two hot chicks have problems to girls as. Honey knee. You guys are cute cute but I mean I wouldn't go out of my way to. Make an impression I'm naturalized and for one dance on the ground last group the Golan distant they're both cute but they're just cute. Another scene all the hospitals have problems seriously. Conceded much. Meanwhile big tribute laughing the whole time about a ridiculous like inherited. Rights. Awesome dude tough problems through the other probably really awesome and I'm a huge Dick pick up here this week is a girl and then I got great all Ballmer I usually why only iPad and look at this hour but a OK so we've establish a glimpse of pig. And hot girls have problem with this is class this. I was terrible GAAP Tara 08 capital T it's terrible losing you are you know scent that's militant. It is my new favorite in new brand. And the neighbors say thanks and yeah I wrap. Thanks of that from accidentally closed up this news they can rehash that a little pipe the sound track from Greece to into your house man. While he got to bring our priest who is his new favorite musical. Data points not heard that I'm not appreciating. It. I don't betrayed I don't know how he got. I've never seen Austin Powers either real news I've seen clips on my Comedy Central web never sat down and watch an entire iron all three all of them to you there I don't know DB there are a great time. Okay on the mend I don't want to eat okay I certainly anon you think they hold up. Yes really yes I do policy on a little guys get away Tony and I kind of rules the some of the doomed to smuggle in all with the same amateur. We lost that we put all three of them on in order. And yet they hold up with the kawaiahao yet. I think I have a I don't agree to you know watch an hour. I can't help but I saw this hey Soledad yeah. Yeah I would go over by around zero W hit today as awesome taste in music has problems do as you know I don't I'm not. And the red eyes. You're like yeah. I thought well at a marathon and I linked had to tell him that we really liked Eminem upgrade. Except TV team I would like all done is quote the movie. All the and no matter who wins. We're Cowell if there. Anybody we heat like he is currently at quoting not. I have no we weren't well here's Sarah Palin saying girl you know introduce your crystal math and she's she just. A meal Todd I just it was teams of tragedy. There have Batman who's never. Met heads have problem loans student loan which got notes she's. And that is Joey. But. Scads and stores then boiled guy guys that want virgin. That's my nitpick liquidity. Ellis saw there's like an ode to a ticket is crystal my. Yeah. This really I love this song. Call it the good record. I can't handle there's there's just chew a bubble gum. And that's talking about some messed up. Yeah I was unaware. Your earnings climbed by making it work. A diplomatic. Have been able. But this one nearest on. Only. I. Had a nine I knew that was gonna leader Hiroki remember that song. It. We're all girls again I'd walk off. I click OK Alec Lindsay guerrilla Alec really that's your ginger it's like do you can grow up. You realize. I move that's in bed. Sometimes we lie in bed and did you have an organism only in seven. Nude in a row new day of his it was kind of like company drugged corpse but. You're attractive the other thing I thought I really hot dog and a home winning who. And rumor attack 'cause there's I. I hate you know I hate the group hacks as normal as everybody that put you in on them like I'll let and Malia left for and every other day like that you. Mandate be blocked well now everybody in the group and they will be my baby blocking it now you know I'm gonna knock off a bridge I'd get another techno. Are you can't do that I mean I would be awful the C don't go to the literacy. We give that group text replied privately. Just hey that's awesome but don't reply to the group that's repeal of you'll get is. Sometimes especially bruiser Brody when really there's a lot of protection that goes on but if you need to go down a path. Just start towards white person individually and on the group to if everyone did that the group Tex would quickly die off. And so the problem it's mostly christianity the prime appreciate Christians or is increasing indiscretions that well now going to help. Output yet I what I before wineries and people filled god god didn't feel god. Sixth grade. But the problem is what analysts user group text that they don't reply individually. It then guess our south I have one does not all works out I only one rule problem as always is people. First of all if you if you're annoyed by it I what I always do is that if if a group Texas a low blow the artist. That core I just do not disturb it and I'm like you all read the group text when they need to rethink your pocket and he knew that that's I am sorry guys not disturb almost all of my group text the ones especially happen likely at night. Great cost to go to the donkeys when I love my donkeys but sometimes. These things will go on Friday I'll wake up not like 600. Mix missed. And it's just because people won't back for the crazy it's funny to read but. I don't need my phone going off all the time but what I always say is. If if not if everyone on that group text is not know each other do not some of the. Italian navy seal those issues numbers and you see so much earlier good right now please for the love of god take me off of this or Daniels who's doing what are you I hate that are you mean the deal about it in the EC moral start you've got all yeah. It's the worst it's like all of a sudden there's a war beginning because nobody knows who the F they are put on a group and I am always a given their mission and we like him as a one stop replying you'll find that it's stops and the small plot like this. Right now what the. The flight data base for this market FL. Like will you use your reply all to reply to our group. It's like the reply all on email Al got worse. After awhile you just like this topic and then but I find great humor and make some corporate guy in Kansas cities like are really where she doesn't stalk this. And then someone else right in our homes and agree with opera like my god if everyone just rolling and I don't know luck I. Anyway you know really the problem has always with all things is people down now from religion to the traffic to medical profession to Parker probably. You. Another new Pusan you can now go in with that man isn't for their bodies also was a faces as I don't do they look remarkably smoking bodies and whether this conceded we look at videos panelists agree that he's trying to inflate. We need it through this way we need answers this song if three of us doing a song called guys with huge planks have problems too it. Yeah it won't fit in ash you you won't gobble mine do death. You don't reject any Elvira in rooms in the course much like found the joke is malice or home like Billy goat's turn on any yourself. Oh my bad rep I'm sorry I do you involve even Steven nice relief. There's a huge genitalia and rabbit hole commemorative just to. Is a text it to 532714787. All these one hit wonders most memorable one probably the Verve Pipe. All. Bittersweet symphony no that's the verb there are over freshman in college guess freshman usually I'll song that. That was not ready goes my graduation like me I didn't graduate but might if I were to. That was the one that ever would played Blair because it was my very amber we've freshmen aren't under. Your version is this just reminds me of when I first moved to Seattle this is like a big hit on the yeah now I won this had a guy and night when when I worked record though her. Songs okay yeah. The wrestler records there's assault on the record cold villains which is the title track she had great success it's much he'll. It's a great laughter but yeah the one that got all the play yet it's closed it's it's. The defense normally put on different bird flu the ultimate emergence it was a little more raucous and found hungrier. They're just ideal. I'm a different animal conceit is now his villains yet aside it was pretty dope on. Again and this thing. Just eighty bit easier still to come until it's now village and he is doing so again this day and rabbit hole it's. Me and I wanna hear clumsy. Superman's dead as you want you. And we'll stereo cloning should. Yeah nice talking to my right here. It's. I and. Still laying there on the job. In the words. Oh man advantage do you sing. She's our criticism morning. Samsung well and this. So I. This song's cool it's. Guys get down man. Her right. Good stuff right there wasn't done. Was at Our Lady Peace did one more astronaut and. Was he reporter who's called Syrian fish and it's incredible. I don't know Giuliano a and M is or Superman's technically Syrian fiction clumsy. Mourners. Yet the songs are Crennel this whole record. I love her I'm all at all well Thursday were awesome. Yeah it does his record off yeah incredible album top to bottom. I didn't like Casey talked to that's a whole different had in the meantime yeah you know great song. They were very Smashing Pumpkins but what I former Bryan Singer. The radio and out. Thank god it's number one guy's gonna be like another great one hole. I I landfill I dad Joseph you'll dig up godmother of record Antonia traffic trash it is so cool. No more attacks that we got to wrap things up Bob dispersants and I hit a. Awesome on the way home tonight I called the boyfriend tell him his response was don't tell me that brother. And any hangs up again home and I come and ask. Was if the family a possum by the bridge. No was further away OK good I hope we would impart a family I've been watching. That's it no how are you is the karaoke nothing it's an I think possum the twenty minutes later arm fuming and I said OK I'm not okay. I'm I'm I'm OK not sure about the car his rise as well your vote bettered in the possum. My totally off base and being irritated. Yes. What let me just say that again. Yes. If my wife called me said I just a possum my assumption is that the car one in the ponson did not yet. And I do it cool guy that sucks or you're okay right. You're okay yeah just kind of freaked me out I did a flop on the car you heard your name PRI. You know of course it really lives just upon them it happens to one home. You know but this guy I was emotionally invested into the possible famine I may or may not have been massacred Biden there's but it's your response all right Ryder god you don't think it's that Paulson Groupon and watching the U. I don't know very warrior really tell a dialogue about a without being kind of a cold. A hole. Right worry more about your significant others. Well being the three of us are here to hold you and soap and hot tub on and we can discuss about the quality of the car and your emotional state anytime you. I didn't know that he had the moon. Brigham toady it's. Always a blue. Making Obama got a slogan. This is a very great to loan the team. Love the music patients can thank you. Yeah. Long day. We're things like sometimes abandon the high water mark right on again. And there the material school really nothing was ever school was the song you know one other song makes. Camp not really an event like when I'm awake when I'm either they dislike biggest hit the bull's eye with this it's. So yeah I don't know another song was very. A lot of there I don't know your honor I come from the water. Ironman is that a source pretty awesome I hate to even disrupt. Medical Bob nope. Now go to the mile. My ball and kingdoms yeah it can do it's it's it's my area to help others with the course comes and oh yeah oh yeah. Stop. Sorry. So nineties alt rock so yeah. Totally went down you know rather old and a good as we started off yeah. And those. Knew people better. Radio station that's joining us here because nobody talk about which station it just yet. Would be great if we just moved the ball to be here repeat it and you nor depressed bullwinkle against the glass form for for adding another station to RRR cluster. If you awesome that I can't totally get fired with we just flipped the ball right now today show welcome back at her column if it wasn't the biggest applause right everything just standing right there doing it to work yes. British prime daddy you know the Nabisco and its fuel to pull a penis and yes. Definitely fly you feel good yeah. A mixed. See you over there I know you've got a problem it's. I have to ask mom. I evil I think goes you've done it means this Saturday their video seven that's been a lot of fun stay out of big feet. Watch like I destroyed the drums also bruiser Brody spying on November 25 at studio seven windows anyway so I. Well he party December 16 expedient seven. Got some friends going to be outside busting. Don't I'll be out there are singing karaoke into the ice shelf of the other busting with you do because I felt I loved happy anniversary moved at all happy anniversary I don't a half and as always thank you for listening to the makes cats and stay positive.