MigsCast 11/15/17 "Hair Metal Wonders"

Tuesday, November 14th

Today we chat about Live Day, a one man band, and Hair Metal One Hit Wonders!


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Make as many teammates and I am here with irreverent and play out here. And remember about a half deals are right we are just a couple of days as a way to from a library if I'm dead how you doing my little. Phone 800 driver now and. And as the Paul Shaffer of life day in the home. I don't get out of school classes this year Red Hat and yes the nest egg yeah get a ball cap maybe I guess. Her participate random sentences all days are really is yeah two years that you've been wrangling all the bands and performing at live day all the musicians. A NN you can thank you I'm sure that was an undertaking because typically bands are not necessarily the most com quick to get back. Yard Ottawa at I set out one techie mail saying hey here's what you're walking into results he cancel mom. In. You know I'm very tired. Different club difference leak. Then years past armed castle Rangel all the artists are all so he hit me with a hey whose leaders who have gone amok okay cool and then a big email one off from him and our brother Jason. And then from there arrived kind of tapped and say hey guys here's what to expect right. There will be for example most sound checks of any kind of you going you flight deck is there's gonna be radio sure happening ten feet from you lives so I know you can't be a filler could doom were removed so and so removal order admitted that he's just. We shot hat yeah that's one can always be out of pocket Doleac one on the flip side for us let's go to that I was saying all wheel during a break I get out we can round up people load the LB. Callers cousins and taking calls and lied they were not taking but calls we're gonna have few audition people's faces in the audience will be our quote unquote caller some again we can solicit and and maybe make an announcement like me do you not realize that even when you're not live we are still lives so you won't really get onto a PA be like. We need collars for this because window panes plain old bar yeah or or Craig gas is doing a commercial on the voice of Alpa chino. Whatever it may be. You're not gonna have an opportunity ready that's right yeah as so it's going to be. Like these make me nervous now as a reader are you gonna hop up from your table and walk over to join us for beat megs. The theme all the crap I am missing beaten eggs. Yeah I mean it. Your honor and remember now I forgot all about it keep track and Sean Burroughs who will be inside Lewis. I was a kid just cracking up every time we were running and yeah as they're really doing this life. Always. One man. Really do in this life. Hey line. Call him the way they gave rivers where he's rather than use you feel you'll draw room. That's why. You go out and you were off. Flu that day. It's great that it doesn't merit another ugly doing really well rehearsal all right itself. It's different. I'm a large bowl with microphones shoved in my. It's that time I am glad that we decide to do that because I don't know if you've heard this yet. Our friend who just recently fresh off of their triumphant debut show I studio seven Richie in the boys and thunder beast sent me. Their version of the beaming songs all Lewis who made eleven bright room and over. Like come back a boss man who's there wouldn't rule it boots. Right like I don't know how to feel about this I got to hurry nerds listen are you ready here you have men thrash last death. Flash. Aggressively different version of the beat me theme which I absolutely love our this is thunder beast covering the beat makes some harm. It's not fly. On being is I just love looking at wave forms and stuff and normally is like an ebb and flow and it happens and Rick this is very happy about overactive crossroads. Five under par. You know replaces Phil and Texan said god did your friend Richie played the triple waves. You're always I think credible and manager are going to be very low. That's half a Alison out on Friday system for summer herded all the OK did you make any kind of announcement. During assure you just played played the original version and sit well in honor of thunder because Sotheby's is allow local band the week so we were playing their music is bumpers all right long so Mike you know. It's not often that this happens but thunder v.s in any more local band to do this when they become basic give us a gift for being the bad and the that we can the president around. They gave us a gift and that was this song and then we played it and it did to the response was just overwhelm most positive and Jack and a killer if you like outing like that sell music but I'm loving regardless. Great you know don't expect especially if you know what comes the first beat Riggs has six. 650 yeah at 6:50 AM you need it and I are sitting in your car contemplating your life decisions up to this point. They could hear her flyers. You may or may not smell of your and then spilled coffee I could get the road rage out you need that. You think you need that in an hour is the president a few cars got into accidents because of that article to article one guy that is already Wigan mad maybe you can run off the road by ambulance health plan APEC. I don't know I never comes on. Good job to have me. Oh I got a veteran here. No I don't have any money. I would now I'll. Okay they. That's killer of men that was awesome that's awesome so I mean that's really been I think all of our lives has been just prepping for lied then hopefully we will join us go to KI SW dot com. Tickets are still available if you are going. I highly encourage you to dress up like Fred Durst because Thursday kicks off the winter of biscuit. Now did he give. Figured out is that you know that X window pane is not doing limp biscuit clever Jane has figured out the music to milky okay cool yet is last I heard they were concerned about too many issues. Well they and I said let me know by Monday. That's window panes final rehearsal for live day saw and you know by Monday I never knew any human would didn't. There. That's need to happen well so we've got clover inn they're going to be kicking it off it's at some point window pane you guys are playing as well well like around 650. Yes yeah I would Purdue and obviously the to beat me eggs so that up yeah. Farm and then yes somewhere in there were planned and original cover art to won't be a case what are you doing. Oh you mean you discuss any news yet he was disclosures give those to you is as good as the case wasn't disclosure of the movie where around. Demi Moore sexually harass as Michael Douglas was. Explosion that's why I wish you'd disclose whom you are sexually harassed recently in the workplace and where you really analyze. Wallace actually it looks like you liked it I kind of I kind of liked. I'm always does me. His knee was Correll well all met at their car camera names she's like a banquet captain at this space who work out of ha and I can rally got on the subject but I was riff and about something and she jumped to mention it up yet daddy issues that. That's more like mommy issues and I'm not a good heart spank him won't sort out. It's your source. Elaine you all loud and l.'s Carolina. The enemies of sovereign. This is kind of cool icon alike. You know is being sexually harass the workplace as a producer bring you in the office were brother Peterson's third touching it that would have windmill yeah because if she had a little Illinois on down there around. It's got the sense that good guy I made up that word women have you ever sales date back. Stays still. Use your well I'm trying and see if if elicited a response to good use and yeah. Good job he's crosswind yeah sounds like this could happen on live today tomorrow or even hear the well is the first the first ever F bomb on alive way I was and it could be I still blame Ryan can I was right it was a rat by all Odyssey is trying to anchor all is definitely yeah I mean he threw me under the bus and then held in place is a rule over me bunkers and also. At 9 o'clock gays to operate on occur in the rodeo gonna performed so exciting I'm I'm looking forward to the reaction of the people that are there. They did techsters oh yeah oh god here we are the rock station and all the some we're gonna have like this. We urge. Biden weird new wave country. Artists have eaten yet seen any footage of the one man band who's also married to throughout the day you. CNN he's going to be doing is up once on our show easing credible in the way that it. How anomaly grimace on mushrooms while my out of a white man. Playing exactly where old guy and leader chosen any is a much horns and stuff strapped to his head and then his boots are strapped to a bass drum notes on his back and it's not like going to be so weird well it's castle you know his eyes lit up pleas of look at this and if you know he showed me this gamma. You're right that is incredibly which I know right you know he's all meg happy castle lighter. Look what I found. Eric Berry warrior and the one man does give Rancho mourned and stuff strapped to his head and they kill this couple. It's up. Okay not great it's not carry a one man band. We go hearing now Eric James. I'll be Seattle an hour out of what I mean being in Seattle the chaos. Yeah I heard he's going to be the end of its own honor. Yeah limit the fairest thing. This is the guy you can't rule out there to play he's going to be onstage doing I'm loads of problems. I've never done it before but some new clothes that's not the point because it's. Just a so why. That's the gnome I don't the yeah making very many members monsignor whom I you do and I'm looking up on his web page right now I'm mad and I think he's gonna be emboldened these religious. Yes he's gonna do the victory music. Did I win. He's doing simply the best Oka a simple. Smooth but it is an artist through and others that he's got going on here and is looking at is frequently asked questions. And it is your act kimonos rocket man. Are you on narcotics but. I'm not gonna need Jonas how many cuts don't really. I don't I don't look at the business because it is shaky uneasy even outlets who would not. This is immune. Farrah doing this like is he is is he like heart surgeon by day is this like a book grew bonds on situation we ever gonna. America hates. I'm a professional comedian. I specialize in shows for corporates and comedy clubs but that's not all like you. OK okay we're the cardinals tigers. No do you rate stilts. Which will be good. But there's. I'll say is this drugs are. Just to free us. I authorized are necessary sir. Wow I answered your question we're I didn't do it on the one man band to our. Low wage if she should know I don't. Yeah that that's out right to snare drum did a slam or their debug the better run with the when you miss the blown a gasket quite possible I heard it but I thought in my room squeaking here's you know that was me we had morning buffalo did today. Buffalo dip yet. Buffalo chicken that Newton. In what you've given them just zoom interruptions for six announcements next. It's the American. Would somebody maybe can always do it for eight point eight XL old from where I'm here is look at these things happen here. Throughout the years. So ask he or Strauss yeah sounds like he's this apparatus. One of the act for people who really listening. Lie videocassette you can imagination for those who mile dom Manuel now coming to witness the chaos and live. This guy is news. I am I at. It's got seventeen more strapped to his head and his rotates. His mouth around and doesn't afternoon. I'm laughing yeah. Part of me says there was LBJ that he's going to be performing Led Zeppelin until. That's my hope is that he gets deeply into PGA's global players layer behind them springer clubbing here wanted to bring your club without paying off to a holiday debt he history walked away he was not feeling the migs. I I think looking at the tracks. He's not a big time. He would rather stare into a new trash men he is captain and interact with humanity. He liked you better and you're still the producer yeah yeah I have is how. And. I love that sound to operate there are on our current president and I think toned I idiot as a drop. Act act. Actually you know allows us song and about pumping glorious in the Steve's bedroom while he's you know trying to conceive gases. He would rather told him this incident Africa at the triple threat I just cleaning crews are stuck on live engages the Foley artists and get a fully artist hang out of the closet all that reminds me I got a little bit older than that I'm really. It guarantees Foley artists adding to the context you guys. And now I'm reminded of I guess German movie big. Yeah there Intel Macs so I was at the theater watching big and there's a moment where she takes a shirt off she stand there are brought lynched turns off the light when he turns on the light and just reaches up and rests his hand on her breasts. Number that's seen. Now how many has had only lessen some big. There's anyway longtime practice that's what happens rights though you know as cheap she's wearing this like kind of white sand brought screech takes him her blouse off in the turns off the light. He promptly turned to him Steve. That wasn't me as Eric Ural lie where guys you guys that was not me. He turns the light back on. And then reaches up and in just you know puts his hand on her breast as he's yes he's like a twelve year old trapped in a man's body right just like the rest of us who. The guy and I recently had a quiet leader in right when he recently did that Allah all of that's. And no kidding. The entire theater just lost their ass for about five minutes and we keep it started quietly drew crew group. We and then hit it sure radiated out are those so well. Because of Floyd artist from the moon Rebecca. That's awesome guy did that I knew that it was most effective but it hasn't. My beads at the time joins other Blair witch pot project in the theaters Aaron Miles host the osu any savaged. And he found out moments before the film at the film was real. And you know there's a lot like. Is this really a real movie eggnog by the suspended belief that this was legitimately. Archive of video footage that our film footage and so made a movie out of an actual realized that situation. Says a credits were rolling in the beginning in the film he just goes. You know it's fake. My home. And I am. I have her booted him yeah no doubt at all times mentioned that in the rear view had. All bad some jackass you know you know which faith in for the films I know I think this guy you're gonna see that in the theater and when it. And I was under no illusions that it was read all right I just thought it was a unique take on new helmet. And when it ended the screen just goes black myself included when the theater just sat there for me down just sat there like. What. Did I just see him in slowly a little light starts to fill a room as the credits roll. I felt real article and a bit of this second paragraph is it's a fake shot an ace spoil sport and a preview screening. Low. A little interesting line in the first one of the premier who Hollywood you'll lose ball on the did in season name. Half as I. And your best is good friends ray exam actually he knows what's oh man did a movie was pretty awesome when you first. And he'll know what it was stupid know what will I don't know of one of those I have no idea what I mean for her this movie is really unique in me and weird and scary and yet by the time and ended and mean. You mean my wife and my buddy Joseph Carroll one saw the three of us ice and then people just started quietly. Walking out and almost talking. And we got outside and I think Joseph was like. Canon you do and Mike. I'm in half and current. Communities are let's go do that and that was are just yell normally talk about the movie I think that was you Tony I get across to shoot your honor you today yes Tony which is blinking you know we all this went in and sat and drank in the that was like so how's work you know what I thought we can talk about it. And it ends up so abruptly. And I mean you've got to kind of piece it together to kind of figure out really was going nobody is so intense so altered. Done. Does the best part about that was we wind's out with a bunch of friends in one of my buddies made it about and minutes and before the shaky cam made him just eat left. No Randy Howell and he had to peak annual vertigo or anything out tomorrow night and held him style just making clear that solar field movie some people yeah docs is not really enjoyed good work I do that's what my favorite movies either through loss and gas and then Mozilla revive. Another one that was along those lines are for all this took off because there's all the paranormal activity movies which gas those are good time I personally the first hole was amazed first one's really good but it's the same thing it's all along with video cameras around slowly they took the premise established rambler which in middle thing but there was a movie called. Quarantine. I still have a sixty elation and I fire station really good all if you're Dexter fanned. The chick that plays techsters sister is the main character. So I don't know that and I is uses fire station she's a TV reporter and then they get called out on call and she goes with them to this building in the next you know girl trapped in this building because it's been in but it's like that it's all hand camera stuff species was part of this TV crew filming a documentary about the fire station. And they're trapped in. It she's bad. Real grass act at this cute that's it extraordinarily appropriate. That's a liquor remake from it right there. Accurate dresses I've has become a funding to tie what we do love talking about music and we love talk about one hit wonders but. LA weekly just put together a list and I'm. I question this entire list and I'm I'm I'm ecstatic he has often reduce yellows do this the top ten greatest one hit wonders of that hair metal Ara. Now god I'm not gonna know any name the same time war are like any band let's do this little slide out through his nose did not fall there no surprise what wall. But there is one that's on unit does have a slight connection to the main makes cast slaughter now. And they were recovered to join us is so bright that I want because really damning number ten is fueled the shake by jet way. Jet boy I don't I'm not even know this song if you play a little bit. Maybe LC. Somebody CBC women's day. Yeah sorry guys you've. Disapproved. Food. Well. And off. It's a bad idea okay thanks. Yeah okay so let's hear. Yeah I'm gonna go outside a little blood vessel unmasking dad and I had this next one I have to admit I don't remember how the recording quality is remember as a young man back in 1989. I was obsessed with this bad. And one of my absolute favorite bands of that year I mean it noticed the mirror rescind ends right here that are on my faith remember the Bambang tango. Yes okay wasn't that like a new agents congress did. They have an acoustic songs. I don't know if it's true it's my jam and head bangers ball and look what they mention Underwood they love is on the way. Obama meeting with a model that is very I swear to god we're not stealing from. Like I'm Hitler rose from Saigon today. Now they're on the illness oh get out we'll move ahead. The only throws light on us we're not stealing from queen's Reich because this about it. Okay. Are you guys. And a designing cab vocal style guided. I was so far and it's Alford to our this when I have no idea reduces. This goes in 1990. Still hearts. He's he'll learn I'll never let you go song written about reverend inflated the number eight and ratings unbreakable Hartfield park maybe he'll far. He slips down and rescues of people Tacoma for economic passengers yeah. Thursdays at 8 PM on NBC guys who destroyed our anthem. What you call. Oh man who important check in with this program called for hormone use. Or Palin carried out there with the big explosion. It's it's I contacted you themselves. The group exclusion from your wife goes and. All these bears are and what shape people abortion really hot. Chicks with too much makeup on and made hair thing and and and we love this guy is and people wonder why grunge murdered this bright oh my god something real I love yeah exactly half a music I guess on who. Hates Allison James all these bad and yes it did pass well even G and 89 you got facelift and end appetite daft but even though battled a finger dropped it wasn't too I know about motor failure to put him over the top now bluff that would about. And louder mob. Was put my finger was it. Ever to figure out shine was an all. 8990 I feel like there's a 9192 yet they were you're right on the heels and they were still on louder and love that record them overseen the video for her. Our programs alive on head bangers ball way out at 1 AM the FB that was slowly murmured thinking what comic guy classic rock is coming back thank god he's amigos or he was actually a classic rock financial results and change it. Because it wasn't. That. Isn't she didn't have guidance on like yours I had to work or make up live plus this is. It did so I guess. Gosh I RS try to slow moving on moving on I do feel this is over there for great. Number sonim number seven has a weird connection to our podcast it's the band. I gave us the inspiration. For welcome to Seattle by wire only in the wreckage. Pretty boy Floyd. I prefer Ugly Kid Joe I think you have to write. The songs go rock and roll. Yeah that's why I'm. I've never heard this city there and moving northward through clothes or poison. Like they're making noises sound like horrible man Obama. Let's go. You cannot go special pair middle of the crappy Emo bands that day was for sale yeah. I wish things get ahead players they had been made. Backpack. I've felt he voices moving on perfect blend. So far we are hopeful for these are. I know this is awesome this like a total life after this totally opposite hello the truth road chew eighties bands. These guys may remember that you that that were. Sort of in the genre yet I feel. Absolutely kick ass okay there are no idea that maybe we should all trying to pick a at least not I know I didn't we're going to be like drew I've got along like dude these guys were dealt. I've got one and eight PR of such a fine line from being a part of all this crowd and you've heard of I guarantee mind you probably heard of but they weren't a huge debt. Our number third sex. Is what Raj at six. That's kicks. The go these boys are from my home town. Don't closure and I got covered lives its. Me. Axes are in that fans may wind OK I covered this with. Leon dragon boys and yes Steve whiteman all the schedule from Hagerstown so they grew up. Pretty much right on time or I grew up man. So kicks is still a big deal western Maryland and new the only band really cannot olestra Marilyn blew big Maryland minute and think guns he's clutch. Bless those who love our lives yeah and then. Thought yeah I I can't hate on six just because it's there like pretty much the same zip code. And no one gets out of what she had only has eyes clearly illustrate and so far his voice is like killing. You know. Do they have a good time keeper of I Love Lucy had a slow our own I act that is only really got another ballad. All four shame that was really cool. All they actually had a song called sex that was pretty damn funny on and I think they're intending to have fun. All cold shower was another cool kick song. Yamana amount from our kids aren't I'm not a disc kicks or will on disown one for four so far yet and all you know in western Maryland represented problem wasn't chicks man he'd come on Fella and we were one enforcer one out of five we've gotten some analysts CEO of Jolo listeners out there look up offer sheets agreed to. All right next one is number five. Let's go all the way back to 1989 again. I don't know this for me it's not helping me anyway if you get a box. Tora Tora remember I remember the Bane of your name I never orange or wasn't like World War II movie tour tour tour. Because. Adult film. Another war or terrorists or all moral or yes. They also on the scene I just want to sing well and that the label like just keep pumping this poop all people are buying it darn good quickly jumped. The next event I was also a big fan of back in the day of a bare metal. I'm all nervous about this and as well and I don't even think this is the song that I necessarily was a fan of but we'll give it a shot it's you limited in junkyard. And remove the names are written this is their song simple and. No no it's not okay. Steve you get limited standard F. It but that's also thought for a client and work and for everything Julie and you know that's when I guess my mom to two. At this moment. All my guns venturing outside of the shred guitar and playing some slide. Immediately give him props for that. All right could argue that a new Lola where things and show how great completed its armed with you know eight. And really help but pick up. OK you can moving example that's O. We're gonna have great hair metal head. There's this woman who couldn't shake my head there. But I I don't know what to turn this to me now on number three he had remembered Shakespeare know. Yeah these guys get your kids like all of mayor videos featured them racing America flights. Plus Joseph barker my summer video and there are like six. And railroad start tonight I remember this song. And like your back says no I guess now moving on. These guys put. Maybe I all right let's look. Very interesting numbers there. You read another song for you know the drama early noted that. Bottom baby. So we'll wait for you I don't remember. Million into the pages in the firm which was just the tragedy arm of the song cards etc. rip off of his dad's death a tragedy. They didn't pay my drive a lot I'm not love and respect for god affirm. It's just that tragedy now almighty god what a terrible on its okay must have been highly traveled. I'll clean stop. Definitely I there I don't know it's just give us the answer to how can people and then you want Al signing. Julia back to waterboarding please I had that was better. I don't want to all right number one. I don't know this one I know the guy I know he's a very well respected guitarist he also in my world because it's they would kiss for app the second Vinnie Vincent invasion. I remember hearing that name songs go boys are gonna. Always. It always don't come home was sent to them like we're we're the same thing about going to go away the dome home. More points right now I don't know about all right around boys go home I don't wanna go to. That didn't help Bob Collins. No matter right now. We're finally they look good about this. Good Mariah Carey couldn't shut the. This is a massive new. Moving because flat. We think I'm an awesome guitar and let's send your look at this. Here's judge doesn't find unlistenable. Narnia again. But can give amendments he picks you can tiger mother download okay. Okay. Got home now. Good good. We go from one story. Physiology from Meola I don't know right you're right as completely socks and I'm listening to it and there's nothing I can say they'll make me you guys think otherwise other than. This was when I was fourteen and finding my love for music. So let me let me see if Mike east okay. So unlike you look up. Life sex death telephone call to Jesus. No kidding. And it released to a chorus you guys can tell me if this is almost more and I haven't heard this and 25 years but I used a lot. It takes I say they did LS the are remember this band through the Stanley to lead singer. Did this there was also I thought they were to let's see if that holds up and the you're limited Stephen I might be just apologizing all over assault soon. I'm never forget thousand. That I got one after this. Are you like about it you know you've heard oh yeah. But we'll get to the course of the course being amazing. This account will work. While he's not. Screaming. Very laid back. Me. When you're that far from the of course you go to. I stand behind this film yeah our public school we didn't live in today garbage detail grab a crowd every. Really declines of how there are fully clay are now move America holds up kind damn nervous about this one because there's a solo well Molineaux porno called some. F king ass ass. I saw wrong and it is worth a listen at siren call it was just grinned as though the song call on the tank but they were really. Yes dad died that bad that's good now I'm nervous about mind. And registry editing and rural mountain getting this when I was always cool who's sack a dark vibe to it but man a male whites is completely lets you relay is older dude or roll the dice here. I now are at sea and on skip the unknown stereo. Month but the oh conference NWA cradle. Thought about it. Yeah I don't know what it's. A power plus devices there. And every night we're gonna head bangers ball around the time of all the other problems until. We stood out and yes guys I deployed all these you go okay you. I didn't witness. Okay. An American at all. Cool breeze. GM car. Okay. It's almost like the Georgia satellites with a lot more laughter. Yeah. Cincinnati back. There over the fumbled carried live off. Not a few cancer I don't think they did on the dead center right now today even really thought about doing that nobody can look upon. So why not. Yeah one court. The job very Aerosmith right here. But lovable all my mother. Yes I was trying to think his stuff racked my brain wrecked my brains and finally and here's the problem oh. I remember the name of it I don't remember the song that well so I don't we'll we will just got this day I had to either LSD even. 2159 as easily I'm not gonna tell you the name of it almost going take you guys. On the hook us up man my handwriting here right away by it. He. Just want to relish what on yeah I ask you with this and it's great white guys yes. These guys have come rock and roll on the sentencing Leggett. Cinderella had a bit they're both single moment that was so rock and roll was poor Tom Kean first killer was there were certain brands that weren't playing. And I tell these guys alone yeah. Tyler. No this is not a great wife and yeah he remembers him great like cover let's go from stables and oh my god now on MTV unplugged it blows. Incredibly are still find it looks really liked it there it's just not comfortable with a grain of salt beheaded most of the whole MTV that's been totally ask myself that looked like. Oh OK these guys are. If you guys are happening and that was the moment grass I was I I was blown away by fans you know the whole point true that. There and he knew where it was you really remarkable par putts though I think and act now they do great version braverman you really all IDR which we feel I was voice their other. Back in March. Now artists who really fit as they could shoreline garrels tavern on the golf followed girls Darrel they are not playing girls out there. I think that's the name yeah gag order of tavern is provided there's a lot of internationals playing barrels have earned their friends. The food they always stay with different monetary shall oh okay so excited to benefit immobility as a favor yeah. Big failure highs Darrow a small place do gas. TV do. Really oh my god genie on now excited I made amber bad dude you batter I don't even think this stage there's almost no PA they are in for all my god what you sign up for all know you have an innocent shoreline right. Do not know or girls talented staff yet yet destroyed right next to the Fred Meyer I don't wanna be looked nasty I might you know I would go to an acoustic set there to help our friend made it into an acoustic set. That would be about right. Okay activity I have no idea yet you know not kidding. Like you're living rooms or better game wow long story to girl's diary could be a great place to go drink I like donated during. Porcelain toilet train get a yeah. The great white gray and. A when he kicks in Davos this OK okay yeah they Royces. Penalty that I don't think trickster couldn't quite pull you saw he he know when it back bad he. Still hard for bang tango could even jet way. Believe you. Does sell. This is probation. You sound like. The last thing the the amount of Gloria Sam yeah it was the best. It was definitely. Hope you know I want your new songs ago. We have run into the and saying hey Ali how are you. It's good to that madness. It's kind of nice. We now live hopefully you can. But others are really yeah drummer is killed. We've got to find out where. Five totally down to create a public mood again that's not a game. I three divers and not sick at the last or nationality did a version which it can tickle a whole different revived because you've got to. A female singing the song. Constitutes a concern for spectators and now I can't wait this you re John do you like honesty they chaos that happened after playing mixed as to it's going to be a little bit different ball inside size of. And it's. Live. Hey hey. Now. This chlorine gas sounds almost. She's got the most amazing Royce team. Saying hey maybe I'm gonna DE yeah. It is nice young man yeah. You miss some time. You need an Atlanta. Yeah. He may even. Name you're. OK okay. I'm gonna need. You in a circle back to some fun and I got to know though it's remote for. So why okay. Here's a live performance I'm random. That's why either get yourself a microphone head here like Bob Marley cover enough posted on YouTube where they're paid for that is really cool that. Did David like a beyoncé cover I'll look at it yeah pretty long months. Yeah. To keep their music out there when there in the middle of right now yeah. Yeah she's got. Yeah as code that lets us so here's another one must see if it holds up okay lookup Disneyland after dark. And the song is called no fuel left for the pilgrims. You're the editor at it it it. Let's see if miss holds up these after. You can't go wrong with covers of beam them to leave you nuts let's see if Disneyland after dark stole news news and the concern upon here. Saw I'm really may try to do you period APD. Period. It's very busy man with two words are trying to and I YouTube. It went by the ADD AD but it was Disneyland after dark are a and then a couple songs and Arizona on no fuel left of the pilgrims are might be called Jihad. No kidding. Bounty I got it or not and I hear you know I'd say let's let's see here man. Sitting time machine the way way back. Somewhere on planet earth from. Because I felt like most of. And okay. Okay. Not a cool is that LSU. I find it bothers Disneyland. We got to go at the ultimate hook me up. You are such a part in I don't know what to say it's. Government got off. OK I. It back. It's always my favorite kind of team that wins Peter Parker almost got signed by a major. And our guy with the lead singer dot dot who went on to dominate our guys. Number. Now I'm going to Disneyland. They can have my. To Disneyland. A lot of bad crap happened film and it's okay fine this is gone it's my. We need a criminal I'm. Probably avoided this. We finally getting hurt didn't charge whose new as an answer to this. William bell. Once again we're going none of music where it's not bad music or Poland greater range of it's a voice and other amounts. I stand behind like six that's a good idea of that was I stand behind that I think of all the songs you played there's only a handful of victory or foreign. Yeah I'd have been well really didn't come or other grid you're gonna leave you answer. Our great why we will bits and I am I hate the idea circus of power devices song yeah that was cool you know there was no about it. Okay all right okay well thanks for stepping into the eighties with a Felix that you develop it's. Brand new round. Check and found did Steve this is how quickly iron. Imagine no it's not a sprint will learn the voters. There's. I think what it is. I. It's. Act act. After attempting to. Restore but it's usually life. Can you sense that this year we just say that isn't Corky up beef thought to slow court either abusive but not like I'm on. Cork in the youth. I cannot and he's made up holidays that I see all of the great buck beard so nor any. I mean really like the national drink of beer daily national call day. What. Today is national. American Teddy Kennedy decency has been legally not. Only major market though I don't really encourage today. Guys know the Vermont Teddy bear company was made me doubt in the place in Vermont that's their own a Honda now Vermont. It's crazy enemies and it's clear that a parent may or or not if you are being guarded. It's funny as he says that and I don't agree I I started on PB Jimmy whenever I do my news I. I'm like hey thanks to car Tories for our sponsor NA by the way happy. American Teddy bear today and I did it as a joke cause I'd want to news I saw something used to systems are backlash. And so I was doing for a couple of days is being I just had a Denard about it right and I kept doing I kept doing it in them like you know I'm done doing this stupid nobody complained. I stopped doing it the first yes I'm doing it detects I'm blew up demand would days today. Yeah. You. You started the things are now I have to do it every day slit your kids to Goldblum dude as a joke and now all as a grown man and still speak that way right we start as our group we start saying I know right. As a joke because there was you know some dumb ass saying it somewhere weeds or do is celtics' it's. And then now it's in my lexicon I know bridal one. I had to train myself flow and volume I'm brawl shape for all is to say how well you feel. Now is this thing and then became part of my vernacular and then there's the days when I'm working at Guitar Center this ladies and she's buying her son's first it's kids stand there by in his first guitar and case foam block. She gives me the credit Carter on the credit card comes back decline in my own card's declined she's a really you know yeah how's that make you feel. I'm happy new year. Well thought meant I just I felt. Freeze it really comes a story this is only my president's signature there are religious men her jaw fell open your eyes got big like I felt so bad. Yeah yeah. I said that right you're afraid that I hold all all in half install it on guys this through almost broke my heart you know the kids in there too well music store guys that. Did it to give the O. We got a Chris Burma taco friends citizen he not dummies guess at gmail.com while he has no alive and well but that's dad took a hiatus I'm calling in I caught a couple times but as life has it. He can always make time for heroin that's totally fair you sometimes honestly. I'd for I I just assume we played other voice mails and sometimes we get deleted or of some deluded never get to them it's nothing personal. She is definitely pregnant. And you look at someone just walk by beat yours on issues pregnant and got an out very. Aren't really random thoughts he's telling you know I know it's just like did I just miss say it's part of the conversation is tourette's selling you and I blacked out from under our god mr. I discovers it repeated how do you think she's very noon overs series. Rude rethink your position that first right into the person and generally snow okay go out while yeah right he has read and destiny of their nine months inning conceit is the key parts you will army uliassi I you don't have babies private piety can be the last. But I choose to listen I know you go to support growth fueled some cream or lotion all now. You never ask the woman in question is typically like it make one of the best and so is very crude oil and best buy it here you know like she's in great shape as anybody now. It's very Kirby. In the front and it's growing that there is growing at giant's debt. Our job here comes really nation of all your sleep and dreams. He says I care Amy drunk calls anymore Rivera was because my girlfriend is pregnant with our second shot all. And unless. I just don't that is just so weird to you on her he could have yeah. Bob our senate lovely young and having a week given the middle of the night. I would be unfair of me to have her carry him and it's really difficult to take care of him with a 2 AM paying over seven dribbled good I'm glad you eat also be great to hang out back in August I was riding on a jet plane. So obsessive eating at the hang of all I see you don't. Amnesty in rounds of Christopher that would have been the it was the door flies up so Ryan was and then as he has on the yeah acoustical quote I was with a multiples of that so it was really cool the findings I don't like he saw you at a party you like I popped up on cocaine or something that was accused bank it's also. Broaden the podcast he writes a soy may be the only one that thinks it's cool but I am always tripped up by coincidence is not exactly conspiracy theorists talk. But I manure listen I've been listening from the first available cast format works have tonight. On Tuesday opened up the app and there is just the who shares saw the cost of that's not talk on citizenship. So I was in the song sounds like awesome he made a full version man on the one that message about the lyrics that I go to our window pane in flash court and not episode. And we started talking about it and him played it I went crazy in my head. The chance that you posed that in between for me these episodes is super super low. But I've been flying through the American demand driven I attached to pick and eventually prove anything. But literally hadn't even close to cap bubble with clients armor renters stay positive cash Cassie vacated third shift housekeeper. Israel. Oh image right there. A guy is awesome that's killer. I know I'm not allowing them also like glad the Flash Gordon in the pru should Seoul have not a cent unity let's go writing really glad to hear her any good news. Solo goes like give way to sort of country music or all cruise. Nothing to do with country music Canada new. LA you know there there's always we can poke fun and there is just for having five yen the yen. Some glad that you're entertained that's the purpose we're all card carrying members of the pretty boy Floyd fan club check Davidson had a how about a lot of its. If you get your tongue twister. Pretty pretty boy Floyd I could probably drummer why only the Iraqi drawn part of that fan club. August prisons we believe in making good and long term relations and our customers and also through assault mutual understanding please contact us in a span I'll. Okay thanks what they peddle. I've no idea there's I click on the link and find out now number eight is right and got a message or like that and they were basically selling silicone palaces. Like that to me that's the war on women like didn't it's great he cares so much what your customers and this and it's actually you know read at a somebody wanted to know we've heard the I guess doctor dement of putting out a big box set M William shatters on it they said hey do you notice that William Shatner covers garbage man and number documentary so fish heads. It did help these are much fun to prosecute I shaving cream brother when I was in the document almost need to every opportunity I see we would be good friends speculating on Tony man known Brock got the kicks. And listen to doctor memento from head to my buddy he was super into demand talent and weird Al yeah in it. Ruined him for me. Why a determined there was gas all of word Els early records like mr. from from the iron Long Island and realm and it's great because he's singing this'll song is a minister from being in the hospital CMOs do read it and there's a news from being in the hospital. In this what he has to say enemies just also the. Oh. It's it's triple ripped it up in its appropriate are so weird how wanted to work and I do any of his parakeet. He wow I just do some of his original tunes. That's got to be really weird for the people who bought the tickets that's the hard core the hardcore fans yeah yeah who claim all where else can chilling out you know I think. In you don't realize that he's going to be doing that and then all of a sudden big play yet he's he's just like she. And that was our unparalleled style dragon my car around and I lost on jeopardy the all out effort here is my sister and I had his TV first first record and it was all stuff like that out. And it was you know the mr. thrush song any member review just G yes it's it's brutally brutally hilarious and so we got a clip from other William Shatner cover of the cramps garbage man not on the full summit just a couple of answers. Better yet make room. You don't call blue. I always wonder if you ever heard the original versions of these songs that he covers. I would imagine. They need to give away. An opportunity to sit in the studio as he records is the locals for anything. Dude yes that last part right there now I don't know how how did the producer keep a straight face. Do that but. I I'm sure he's been Arnold's and at least you got a straight face ago bill o's could take you wanna try to get up to the phrasing was a hero upon him or he's just sitting at the controlled ask howling with laughter GAAP net will alone he'll launches on me yeah dumbest thing you've ever done and that's saying a lot. I sale of the voicemail. Hey guys did that cut demand no I have a nice area to run. It can driving they'll. Honoree on top. Thing about my. New community wanted to have spent a little bit to have gotten do that you guys yet. An and I just moved. Yeah to some there Lou. It's a whole one mile farther from Iowa where. Except we gotta admit how hard in my years in the morning it's not too bad. And let Steve get it up. Brick in fender Bender and meditate two are clearly not my fault even that morning as you that's the white Honda Oklahoma meet our. Two are on the road. All of my god what is. Where OR rep that is out and it might need it about the pot yeah yeah now and and I'm turning into the revenue yelling at people. Well I love the new house or bedrooms I got plenty of room it's great house. She's banana put Evian I don't want it and he lamented the commute on. You out there. But I. That I didn't. And yeah traffic like if you guys do any you know what 67. It's a hell escape route honestly when I stayed I stayed late night today on the open a Billy get out of here real time benefits after 2 o'clock. I'm positive of an hour and a half to me be two hours I'm home I'm watching my buddies somewhat famous and when the afternoon man is to be easy to get all her told you guys on that. One hour and tell calmer companies we were ready gas works park basically in the name clear up too awful. And I lose a lot I I quit now aiming at the beginning of fat raise so I stayed that it was an average of an hour and a half to two hours here one way yeah. And a lot of my drive it was our misery the 60000 browsers. I can't two hours in traffic it is hand. We'll put a model the sneaky stuff for a tone and 85 in the cut over the left on the scene where a press the crosswalk button which would basically stop all traffic Aurora Malone really you know. You talk about it flipped off five days a week now in this captaincy to pull out pop up my car they're crossover but you can see him sitting travel the world like. Just do that and I usually wave hey guys. And then the lights were slaughtered to let the you know Bonnie he's just an image of the it was a Linda I'm over crossing the road. Recent uses oh I'm watching my buddy's game store for a little bit and so like on Tuesdays and Thursdays I may be will leave around for so and it's an hour and a half going went six and it didn't intended. And it's an don't have no matter what. It is you just in eyes that's brutal I just excellent and it did four of five over to get to race and no not at that point OK it's a little bit past has hostess 167 that eighteen isn't. Four of five between you know basically him. Where for a five starts in earnest and then W is just oh yeah for a fight his or even at 6 AM Jack forget it you know pat O'Neal Almon some quite elude Flores is going to be awhile and that's not a thing I learned eBay and will. Coming from Tacoma up to work in some young parents Seattle is that if I left. After her five for any reason using you know sometimes you know Biggio would be offer something on his command and yeah the clerical stuff and come back. I have to leave at a normal time and like like 3:30 in the morning is up by lead after five eights at least an hour. Usually more feel each visibly before we get all the RV sales and I'm so Madd should get at that point you an idea yeah when I get here. I'm just I'm drained Andre from yelling at. Every nothing you're doing now is I just turn it from second time at turn on the GPS. It's there was a would you like to save whatever minutes it's just he's drawn the most random backward he had. We know what excuse me on my toes so not tired I am going don't random residential street and I know it's not helping save me any time. Would be great if what Google was like Steve turn right turn left you know then out. Parker GP you'll see a scooter with the keys left and it kind of model and write down your own right are I think they'll only take the scooter seven blocks south plaza new release so great if it straight navigated you away that your car here though there's a hang glider on the roof of the gymnasium to the last. Having yeah well yes it's it's like the Mission Impossible Manila more fetuses you talk them through you know do just less tasty too. Here and I am I don't want that we download that app. More dangerous mushrooms this victory like my dad just park your car I take these veterans go to this park and wait to a person you don't know what are you had to turn right delusion job now and you're okay this is a well I'd add to all we a couple of texts ties anyway to access old makes cats as TP cats and I had not had pockets no our. Next team and not honest I don't know if there is or isn't but what was a not higher than I was when Doug Morris here if basically. Our first attempt to doing a podcast who's how to go it was right it was basically ever was you me. W are topping your copy I think it was just the flora and I enjoy and double large yeah you know I always on the on the -- each -- -- it was funnier every relapse in the podcast on the line but it was you have first attempt at podcasts so it would go about as much as expect with people who have no idea what they're doing what they're doing on the radio and depend on the day depends on the week it depends on the mood but you know Abe it was OK and then this peak as a reason diluted did I have. The first year I'll see you yeah. I have all my and it radios yes I am I I don't know what to do with them now I mean I don't have a I don't know we could put him up on the website I guess we could they when he made the switch to a different. Pop up file upload or server thing he did install it socks because I was just took him down a lot of cool stole not available anymore online like my old wrestle mania your summer slam. Radio row broadcasts I can't find those just children content boomed yet whose dispute your home it is like warned us but you know you don't really believe on gag I thought the Internet going to be alienate and so I love the Y two K shift you know I can duties are up there forever but our audio that we actually why I can't garner my dollar on the Internet but tells I can't find my interview that we try to discredit him with Adam Ross is keeps turning up. I've got just a cup because our effort under my name of the text about the Verve Pipe it dams from oh Jerry do bigness of the rate. Nice I just body says the very private dam sending me down a rabbit hole again was the week of killer ninety's music one in my other as the favorites was in the meantime MySpace holly pass. Rates are also got a record was good. I say okay. I always like totally redesigned internals Sloan did anybody dudes shout out to the opposite Justin and manage their rat and that's always. Why today. That's why the post announcement today and we lifted our hatred for white wives are friends now let's not forget. Price you know the game from top left TV Scalia stressed he's the worst. These guys a crime reported them. You know on the Chinese out. They damage they could walk. Into the across I thought Our Lady Peace if you cross the new really here tomorrow and why now. If you have an AM I'd now. From walker. Part of it is that the next two. Over 4001 of those. Yeah that's right. In the end we got a lot of. Much wrong. Video like then just performing in a room full thoroughly unimpressed drag yeah. And I actually injured Jason but I remember what I hear a drag we feel like I'm so we'll show. But hold local benefits is actually out basis fur flew to birdie Jeff Rouse him alien crisis because really from. Well the only currency debt and reduce some ways we meet because based on. And had that I. That stuff going on. There's you move. Trying to keep my nieces. Those micro many who was the Mino also knew I loved like Romania are yeah yeah god. No use in the BC CNN daily crime syndicate news him. Jeff Rouse on these mites. Wires that strike our strength and you'll Ayers on drums and the meals are all slowly Lumia anymore and I didn't runs for AB records now. A look at your yeah. Love the studio somewhere your orbit. Or forget the other new ones like we go to the guy great guy all those guys. Just for Jeff he could dead. That's beautiful. Yeah yeah. Cute. Pit calls its. Credits one. Ozzie oh yeah. It's actually got airplane and there was they were signed a V two for the out that's right. Number memorial went down. Because a lot of good I'm back here. That's awesome BCS might have Simon Chris yeah. So big Rouse started it off put it back to get a handle my flight three titles again of a resume of the old glaucoma Louie lawn it only would fire up that in CSU has grown to drag queen and I got a giant Lucy doesn't as a lifelong commitment they made it out of the box like big wow right. They were all going to show which isn't so foolish smoke machines. Amid the band members all controlled it would help us. So one. So whatever I think the court. They return on these guys who sold fly you wind the entire crowd. You can all fly him from doing its new. Yeah I thought. I notified my film. So it wasn't looking my man my way what are. The number on here. Then suddenly in the movie soundtrack and now but does create some good royalties to gel and I think that is how he was able to open studio yeah. The following that correctly. I believe the whole alien crime syndicate Duffy MacKay in loaded connection happened because Duff had this great old console was desk. Then he then got Joseph Ryan a key tees in the studio and I. Think that's how are false. On and I squires met dolphin later ended up in loaded Nellis has come up I think I think that's all I want now are sir want to duplicate all autumn that boy word and only a handoff and I'm Jeff in the middle of their friendship was blocks and it became loaded and they became loaded DA had that weird that's funny CNN haul everyone else is succeeded in this credit I don't know how to succeed and I saw Robert in each it's Denham Ed reporting on things a little hat bonuses are things -- and reporting on hope and freedom. This is. Micro many. They were soon. If there's also a mobile. Okay yeah. Casey dedicate themselves and you know that it shows. I don't. Grateful who wins you know goodness back together dad. Daddy this oh on Saturday and it was sold a toll now we're gonna go to that financially we're in China China Whelan and all we could afford to remember me Jerusalem. Still got the vital. On their little crowd funding thing and got a ticket to the show only denies it up bailing because you wanna go solo. I I couldn't get in because it was completely so well that and the passing on her ticket to one of the band members who couldn't get one of their friends that didn't Ali and yet it was track time and yeah I wish I know tiny that you routines and we just stayed on the glass muscled this we showed us market. On back anthem records killer she goodness anti unusual down up our eyewitnesses so they were great as they do members around a park. No. On this that was I remember in what I hear it. You can't not do well. And or get a big part of Indiana with a student Peter Parker had a good driver. I'll see Mayweather looked up again. It's good not good news or hand them. Man Odom was not good today. Andy's got a good did that enhance the record. Bubbles up hey guys who have been hand with the buffalo poster you guys. I have. It's got to end. In the here and Lula. I like there were just doing a podcast or is listening to songs that we like certain week sorry everyone I'm. Non. Now on the. Goodness he formally hammer box. Yeah I love iron hammer boxing's kind of moons were at the time Pearl Jam was you know. Going off like a rock at. But the previews from the hammered across campus and he would just turn out to him about shows and sit in in jam on the Torrance. If you would go bananas here for a hammer fox com. That was kind of back home. Six degrees of Kevin Bacon and sadly I'd James guitarist who's super sweet guy who passed away Eddie gossage and battered. Answer I think yeah yeah yeah real real nice guy and super talented guitarist he has his camera boxer Marie I'm a college or. No more bad feeling good yeah. And we're going on now. Out of hole. Enough of oh who was withdrawn. Truck team all signal lover dumb love birds. I represented on the and very little Lannan. It was featured on Nam the Obama still are crazy love their crazy logo please teach. Ears and butt head. Even try to put him over today he's. More car. They were the first then I saw one and moved to Seattle school seriously I've been here less than a week and I went to the color mosques and some runs off and it's. Some people more emotional and I'm really move the right town first hole I know that they were like a previously signed legendary band and music scene here was sort of dead. Herbalife choice. I would note that the first that I thought shows why don't. Personal. But hello nice yeah. Did the award. Imagine how much better be effective he's got a good record invalidating all right. But it's missing a lot of lot of man when I saw this so I was like yeah. You guys have we moved right so it's what I've always supposed to have been an old man I've got just did not know. I didn't know they can sign for the world I didn't you know not so I don't know what goes over what the hell is going wrong. Yeah it's another series of terrible life George. They grew up at the powerball ball. Stay you know all. Helmut stuck it sounds like the sun don't remember the time the biggest. But this is the biggest news record on February. Heard anything about helmet was I remember wanting to fire rains space hogs in the meantime. And then looking up on Napster. In the meantime in getting helmets in the meantime you. See you differ illegally download zeal and got a note posted by Allen like this is not these all out war. How did it maybe it was just not what I was looking for. Would've been covered unsung for a minute years. Yeah yeah I'd do would go. And then mark singer while Lazio yes. Yes man. I'm here at W its first Herbert. Better so we'll be huge compared to everything else you would mean. And really into it now so. This is the band that every label thought it was going to be the next Nirvana. Yeah they got they got in the middle huge bidding war I think at the time makes several million dollars and thrown their way flow. And it's headed did well but. It did become the next Ghana now. Now you know that helping really strong saw its own Turkey WiMax and. We recent regular roll up. I I won't. It's the next week's recess we knew the third is do we will be warm home free. That is our variety I should have but I don't get good response and empower people hated comfortable love it. I like my life Garrett. Sad and wow warm welcomes I feel like that weird little woman and then just went and tragic and yet music. Let him man let's play seventeen is to recruit one this kid with my left foot after the trial. The story of humanity. But it's still again tragic little music I. Tragically the music business didn't check who would got him for that area therefore you were back yet traffic. Yeah. It's. They have those really do appreciate you guys miss these guys that you need to do this worm hole. They have battled the Seattle rock. To helmet and principally includes queens resident who magnet because they've got a friend off Billy from all merry march. I mean he's done another weird bird and recreational pot shop my time. For temporary harmonies just. After that they are.