MigsCast 11/21/17 "Grandios Cockadoodledoos"

Tuesday, November 21st

This week Glenn talks about how his car was hit while parked...they recap Live Day...Steve shares a story about how he nearly quit social media last weekend...and The Rev talks about his Thanksgiving plans, and has a great story about a time that involved Ralphie May...and condoms!  They play back Sir Mix-A-Lot's story from Live Day about a time that he bought a Mercedes, and check the messages!


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May get my name is you make tonight here with derivative Fuego has no I can then. Hi there. There are you still super tired because. Stay out late on many nights wrestling practice less I think go to wrestling practice because I watch the Seahawks game now Mike great to see if you can can you would think that you more well rested I feel more targets and went to bed angry. The I just knew they lost all I watched. May I exactly one play. I know I loaded up I started watching her edit your expert analysis on that one player or get what I was terrible Russell Wilson getting sacks all that was terrible fumble and then that I centers like I can't watch this because it's my fault and I turned it off. And any sort coming back the look and it was colorless odor and colleagues believe. I just. I couldn't watch it I just couldn't I like dvi hard time but I was watching the game and Elvis and his big comeback was going down. And that's a play on iPhone and any sort of falling apart again and I'm like. I getting off my phone clearly that's bad luck and I don't back down and it was a big comeback and then all of a sudden it was down to the end of the game him apparently my phone powers to not help. I'm win or tie the game I am right now I watching powers didn't how it was one of those typical see our games where they look like crap in the beginning all of a sudden. Russell Wilson remembers how to be an elite cornerback consider I'm MVP of the steam and marxism down to the point where they're about ready to tie the game at the end of the game grand got a lot of issues where they should have already had the legal we'll leave that it as it was the all all ladies out there and kicker kick a field goal granted it's a far won 52 yards or 51 yards and he he kicks it. Perfectly down the middle it feels like it's going to be a tie game. All but it's one yards short of crossing over the poll intense three feet. That's all I needed you just need to be one Kevin Hart you know would have gone on rye you. Meekly I've found mom with utmost respect to both you guys I've found the regardless of what I do personally are terrible things happen to test out. Well I don't know how I I don't I didn't understand your feel guilty about your phone and you feel guilty about even turning the game on me however. Bad things happen constantly regardless of of what I do do I know why so I'm playing with my phone and I think about you I got to start thinking about you without playing a dude you need just not think about it you'll find your quality of life is exponentially greater. You know what if I'm this giant voodoo guys know your world you're no idea no no no just hit the delete key man I'm telling you imagine if everyone would be better off without me. They're glad I'm not that I had a bad night because of free can see jobs lost the game but per you have ray Glen Clark gets for Kim hit over all weekend that's ridiculous and you're stuck in traffic I. Didn't exist everyone else this morning would be one car further ahead in traffic and medicine through my theory is sound. Just to sits in the gate he instantly and white person wouldn't did did you also go right back to the Super Bowl Dayne do they caved in the entire rear end of Michael I saw. I saw the pacers are here of your nice. Old school car yet I don't muscle car 66 Pontiac on lawns basically looks at a GT go to GT au within a different engine basically and different tail light Europe and somebody while you Greta show Alec Douglas in my I'm Joseph Torre in with why only in the wreckage my voice in Jericho hill were planned IYY although that's why it's back on the F Celeste hi Andy was there too if you are signed boycott left TVs and she did you know you uniquely I find that regardless of what they do terrible things happen and I guess that's a combination the two of them should not be together. It's like fire him. Oil let Tony know how I had a great time I got there I gotta get up and sing with those guys I saw the foot the footage yeah we well I can see the footage yet but you know it was for was fawning love those guys and it was a great show and Tony and I left great mood drove home mom really close friend of mine had some pretty severe stroke a few weeks back she's. And while it was in the middle from selling his house so Tony nine on Sunday and I hooked the window ping trailer to the and we went down open get the majority of his large possessions on America's exit due to the minus five. No I don't know that it always some what he's recently suffered some kind of a massive element too dramatic or stroke or heart attack or something on those lines there's. I hate to here via NASA remind my good friend Craig Randall. I had cinematic as he. You know he finally put something up on FaceBook but he. Lost mobility in his right arm on loses his right leg it affected his speech lightly just tragedy right anyway. I get up Sunday with taunting and you know we're hopping in the van I look over my hot rod and that's when I noticed. Yet now we just like. I mean you know here's the thing I was parked in that funeral home parking lot right across from high dive and it was on people parked very oddly but there were space in the middle and what I think happened was either some loose and I even park my car away from all of their cars which are usually do a second parallel park that baby and how much I keep away from duke is -- say Alec my doors the way they are minus the dance from some more on getting out of their car that didn't care to raise their leasing and Mercedes because they're rich. That's my dad doesn't just my mom not much I Arturo you know he's handicapped and has a handicapped parking spot. It they need to have a handicap spot at the end of the parking lot from my dad congress. Let that he likes to score the weighted price people are self centered morons generally true like animal character stuff that it doesn't right doesn't affect them all Turkish stuff they just don't care. Com so anyway in my car was kind of way from all the cars and I think what happened was Somoza the trying to get into or out of the lawn and they were drawn. Because this isn't a little boom or bumped her car. They nailed it they cave the whole fender in a section several feet by several feet and I really achieved in my car on which. There's a tragedy because the cars actually what they refer to street. It's really straight it's really clean it's never been wrecked it's not will be up you know and I mean so it's right I was going to be getting in the paint in the spring and make that thing is gorgeous as possible pain yeah half the last couple Malcolm Payne all morning and I keep it hot but anyway yeah com. As a things at. It was probably someone at the show I was and I think. You know ray of Andy yes. And everyone knows everyone knows what that car looks like I mean I'll Andy's car and anyone knows what my car looks like an sad thing is I'm sure they were drawn to model my god. You know cops DUI I know churches and like brown in town that's socks okay just give me insurance commissioner called us and mommy I'm a guy that when that kid hit me. And slip me up the road sideways and cave door and knock the front on him and I know my car. I lied forum. And then allied again when is that was what would you be willing to say that he wasn't driving because he just Tebow and some of the few weeks ago when he shouldn't be behind the wheel my vehicle and I'll either. Kyle odds of that kid twice a minimum pretty easy on guys this the biggest bomber me. Is in it could have been a total stranger but most of the cars and a lot of assuming you're behind I've show. And it's like men if you had just rolled up to me and said dude I smashed your car battle took a man are you okay. He's praying for all right you're leave a note. There's a good man ball will call my number contact media and so I'm sorry your insurance is gonna take a hit yet but be accountable for a defense. What do you journalist for a very Kimmel and money on every loaf. It'll be okay I gotta pay. I had to jump through all these hoops just hours deceit can even do it hit runoff fallen police report you can't fault these four can count with SPD have to caulking county sheriff and all like god that the hoops had to jump through but my deductibles 300 in my repair limits up to ten grain and soul. Hopefully I'll get it straight is narrow but yeah that was I thought that's a bomber is suing it was a real bomber yeah I mean I drove it here today but it just. You know it's like man. I don't. Well you know I don't have much and the little but I do you have Amanda fight like hell would yet. And that car we you know we sit on flat tires under a pine tree I mean when I look at it it's not just a baucus really neat car. Do not what are we place the upper and lower a yeah bloody knuckles black hands hours alma cold and rain delay and underneath that it. I mean so it's just to see something that a port so much myself into smash up like that yamana I was a little cloudy. Could I thought I was. Pretty bombed blood homes laws like the time when I paid in my Mattel car and my dad stepped on it put him then that no other units on the political Glenn went out the woods and stop the police and set on fire drill. Off a cliff I wanna play with me where I went to my Grandpa's garage to the soldering iron to it doesn't like Sarah Palin does half half I thought they have told to bite you guys to make my dad used to race you know late model stock cars and Allman matchbox cars had windows admin Allen cool is that Soledad racecar has like -- -- so why he was using a scratch all which is basically an ice pick. Then to drive the plastic and windshields out of faults that they would look like stock cars like dad and her I had a Richard Petty beetle one aided the exact same note then in the end he did that will sell out man how look how they pose a guy gonna get in and out and a car I drove that's rational and I drove it into my thumb well like I'm Paul the fingernail on it went so deep it was ignore. Don't have pulled that baby well he was attached to some other ethnic group who couldn't think it's gonna literally and he's the more we do it you know on the course had to explain using a look who's on the food. But your show America after Genoa I don't ask going to be in my team operation replay beginning. That's how it is just easier perhaps Sharif Al man I just flip it upside upside down shake and now we know what to look availability. We got to do this we go places that didn't I live their lives brought immediately had to shake it made him paging doctor Glen you have to go into the only men how tough was your husband because significant erodes the nerd and we're gonna get through this for the and I got I got that accident just recently where that person rear ended me and Eric gan a car and a person is a terrified to zero like I'd. Just people assume that's only gonna get polls on them when you really he did damage to their car. And I want them to the guy who's thank you think he barely cracks the window down Easley. They basically amino look at please don't hurt Reese our print 4 in the morning and I probably looked angry gala panel I mean you're kind of like it gave him and so you have to. Tire iron you had your hand and may have been and that off load went tattoos Jerry Lewis slightly article I think I look when I say I'm going to kill you mother effort that's just my way of saying hi. I'd say I said that's at least thirty people in traffic just this morning right here especially carload day yeah I have as related to family members I don't know I will find your mother I will cut out her heart and say hello Eric ethically it's basically sit out we listen. So anyways Arab comic book. I toss the hey man it's all good accidents happen this is why we have insurance it's not fun just trying to lure him out of the Corsican Stanton and then I guess I have to act nobody seemed like I said certain there's little to bury the body I appreciate you for that that's what eastern Washington's war there's nothing else there all right what are my courses right wing go there just to go eat at the Red Line in Spokane back. She asked reacting to take care parental why it's fantastic are the place for us red lion hotel the national barbecue oh OK I can tell you what the red lion hotel I don't I don't bears or he's off the prostitutes in the mattresses rice confused he's got his detailed. Airline my dad the red light got tired of course lost yesterday the red I got to Vancouver has a legit Bard's ear full though. Though there's an actual red line added that terrible name because there's red there's like three red lines in Spokane rest and I hotel Roosevelt liked to drink at the hotel bar because he picks up those traveling business women's oh yes yes he gives domino like hand yeah dude in town for business our own beat and I went to do it talk radio convention in Dallas and were at the hotel and all the radio people they're too. And like. I don't know what other conventions going on here but there are some smoke shows in this lobby in the filing so poisonous. Those women know that there's a convention here so they hear their their new movie you can hire. And Mike call for a hit like immunity no bite here here I. I. Kept. Yeah is that guys have been bugging me all my good what are we talking about here. Right that second us open up from vacuum sucked the earliest execution and how much throughout much promise to take him out how much for Hummer yeah. Path a path I have ripped the radio convention apparently very different horror convention. Handed to him and it was great watching people watching because. There were many people equally as stupid as me that would just like Watson my girls being really free right it's like being looters still like he's a single hole. Radio guy or maybe married I don't know but there at the bar hot chicks talking to little Mike and then I became a fun game from Munich but see how long it takes until either the girl walks away because she realizes not gonna get any money into guys as grow. Or the guy leads to. Or the guy takes his bank account and evil we together are more heart more for the night either she left or the guy last I because radio how much trimmed its expense to company accounts in America like that a lot but it's exhilarating you have got her receipt for that indeed they even give proceeds I would I had a buddy that got in trouble got fired when his company found out that he expensive trip to brick strip club. Offering him in his can elect a client sure of course she used to do it why did it like they're. Just make him happy ask me first did you close the deal all did it and he's got crabs what we closed the equipment reverend I that's a good expense that's right all we could have expensed at that time we took Ralphie May may he rest in peace to our Rick strip club well Ali Ali paper I think to coach there's so. So that's what like ten dollar gets fed by yeah I'm dollars right. I was over Rex wants and it was my bachelor party hits and my Burroughs I was really tore up I had a very fun night remembering you frankly your bachelor party all yeah okay and more you can go to war. He had you know I was pull hunter S Thompson on my that's apparent about narrates but yeah they they are just gorgeous Brunette with these you know amazing Lee press on breasts yet. She came over and she's a thing on in magic's gorgeous girl and kind of feeling it man and I don't know what she was thinking because it's my bachelor party and I think reference to their clearer and she leaned over to me instead of your wife doesn't have he's like these. And my whole vibe flipped and Allen actually armed cars are nicer and their real and all and I excused myself from the dance oh. Yeah and she just looked at me like what the attempt and I only want you to remember Odessa where I'm sick terrible cells tackle like hey I'm about to marry this woman and I love her and I'll see she'd be cleaned him up on you she worked here so don't don't go down that road Lumia Lovie. Amy and I have a good turn on at home so thank you guys joke when you like it took a lot of time to do what would you do that in light of hearings on the wind is left wide ripped the wife with a girlfriend and things like. This is supposed to be a make believe world where the guys are single. And the women are actually going to college in this is there waiting Casey college and do not have a child. Or some kind of crazy life story in their actual existence I don't want time that's two politicos tell me all her life problems I felt kind of like a jerk back prize that you were there. Yeah she'd shortly with Tom you know office talk about this but I look I don't know Mike haight a front consider look. I'm goodness your catcher not my sweat pants and he goes I don't hear Keller if they're unable to place catches up my truck and they haven't got out at the wrong place I didn't realize I was enough. Have to listen to this girl's problems. You know what was great about that night was we all ended up. Do you know them the bachelorette in the bachelor. Group ended up at the same house party afterward all he should have brought the bachelorette still a strip club straight go all right stay probably would had a ball actually particular book temporary and yours Brey didn't kill her but and I Roland tell us what you guys get into electing Obama bodies have the big guys and what went to reds tonight Gambino and trash on my mind Emanuel and believe they got me this lab business gorge benevolent buddies are doing the dude stopped talking somewhere half and I'm thinking and you guys haven't met the woman on the marriage thinks this is great and then what was cool is I told the story. And she's a. Cool. And all like oh you're and when did you kind of pissed me off. I thought about it you know. She did bureau put me in the chest is that your dreams are as nice is mind and yeah I agree. Q he had met and that's a terrible sales for I thought adults don't what are you doing some risk of. I truly do believe I can be the John staffer strip clubs go in there and Joseph Johns Hafner hit a so called Bob Barr are rescue. He basically gets hired or communities is what's amount somebody sends the most sob story that might rub my bars about the clothes and go broke well all I need your help he goes there he read models if he fixes it up a more importantly. He breaks it down to the managers that are waiters or waitresses hostesses. And here's you're screwed up bright and like hey do you wanna make good tips but maybe you should have a smile on your face and you go take that person's order like in order gap like yeah I could be having a bad day and I can't that you hate this job but it's a service industry you'd like money in a critical group wouldn't and then if I put a smile Boogaard and then all of a sudden profits are. They're crazy we have it is usually one person that is loses their mind. Yeah arms stopped and Carrot Top and takes profited well written that nice yeah yeah it's hilarious but this guy is basically making a living going from bar to bar. And dictating. Common sense yeah but I didn't go ahead hit fallen that far dome I mean like hey man here's a thought. You're in the service industry. Behave like an adult and be nice right you want more money being nice today you'll want you you can walk in the bat Dudek when I were to GC actually I men then we called a grinder Cynthia talked about the some previous show yes amateurs but there are literally a couple of occasions and there's holes so they probably a patch them by now in the Seattle Guitar Center walls. If they say can you excuse me for one moment her. And I don't know back to punch a hole in the wall true. I go back out safe so again I just want to talk to my manager. Who are being you know nevermind that my right hand is swollen and pulsating but I just went up to a manager and honestly. That is the lowest I've gone a guitar case it's a brand new case and I spin the monitor and only as you can see this is what the store bought it for this is what it paid. To Jackie cost plus freight. Here's what we're back so I'm giving it to you are costs and people still even though I'm showing them the spring there and how to lower leg I think it could be the better deal you know and I'm like yeah. He had I was always it's. That GC I think about the other ten when you were big grandiose Kok due to do the male strip clubs that. I can't. It's like okay hold a volatility but I think because that is in amazing may well let's talk Google news or audio skyrocketed due to the big news. That has to be a strip club or at least a T shirt and I'm not big Richards also thought no. No no I l.'s Chicago doodle do is is outstanding. At. You're that the cubs fan remember the name this at some point teacher right now he's the confidant who whose dad Chris are are got to meet all of our logos can you make a grandiose constituted you're used to certain blog Cheryl. I'll make him you know as a guy that's worked in and out of the service industries on one level or another his entire damn life my mean they would never know. That I had to go in the back and knock a hole Walter K okay to keep from being arrested her fault yeah I only go to jail for assault and I need. Your money I need this sale solid on the back. A friend. Until old drywall I got really lucky I didn't hit the stud that's another copy do lose Joseph hopeful yeah I thought well this judge Dick grandiose cut could do to somber and got a no. I'm going to the stud finder room. Coming electronic stud finders of had a blind every time we need and can't be just call or something else. Kind of buddies band era I think if not all the guys in the beverage gay dudes or maybe a handful and a handful obviously there's maybe four people maybe I don't putt also sideways into your desktop I'm. I pop up their band name was stud finder which had the rain is doing and name. I think we shared a space to them for half a minute it was a us an event called the cripples its there are some. They're like it's weird like you who they all partially crippled I've eaten yeah I wish but no we never once the insert the names well does your band is actually Spiderman you know like yeah. I I got Salmonella were also pleased to meet you relive the gimmick brother. Good by the this I think of being a John tavern strip clubs would be awesome walk get a get look girls I know that you don't like talking to the customers but if you wanna make the money you gotta work the tables yet he got to walk around you gotta be nice. Yeah you probably should sit on that guy's lap and kind of sweet talk him into going to dance don't score to me like one dunes and many say no be it. A bitch about his imagine these girls really these guys are so worn either through money and he anyway. And also so you can Lee if you're selling point should not be I got my own condoms that is my favorite story my only experience that directs that same time we went with Ralphie May Allah. That's her when I was in the Rick's document and understand that they were condoms. We Wear coats and unlike you there's drummers in the bathroom McGraw and does in the men's room nobody really comment Newton chemical what you all the robbers I just idle. While I am an admitted pervert. I never thought to put a condom on and have a grow rub me through my pants until I've had my moment and yeah seems awkward I agree. You know they got to build fuel that Nassau from the bathroom that's thirty more Obama meet at what would you still I need a very hot shower and was due to the radioactive sutra the bruises scrub yet here our real like five of those dudes down here. I mean this is too much men who couldn't. We were there we whoever Ralphie May ralphie disappears he goes to the VIPs announcers read and I just hanging out send things up and and of course we did fished did blood in the water. And that's the drive and I sitting at a table with no girls on our laps of one girl goes up to the rabbit the greatest sales pitch of Walt yet I ain't got an hour I got my own condoms. Wanna dance does like a bit. Seeing that I left shortly I don't have a you know milk is a bit like. Well mom I'm not drawing this like I drive a Cadillac would you like a flight oh. A you're going to be I wouldn't have done the math and only one of the rovers for home when you say this is before they got busted gas from different portraits of war with a weather girls selling him yet all yeah this one hasn't she was saying yeah editing ran. Yeah you're right I might enable paper that's. Did your money to have sex with her good you know the nozzle that veered -- yes it was before the fear this is what I'll add a little goatee so little Tug on the and that's about it juggled the T I'm on some things are not Mack Magnum condoms. That's fantastic you wanna dance of gunmen condoms that's not fantastic for a person as awkward design because it was Lou is. No I'm good ended it was like hey Steve I gotta go I'm sorry we got a I got a thing. Every day we had to do like a holiday hangover ball out then I had to figure out a way to we did was pimps and Ho's I think it was the I thought I constant embrace you guys have been through enough to know how to do in the matter where you go you're like why. Is glad I didn't meet. Hey do you wanna drink the bar got around condoms. All that's leaving BIK ralphie where is the and then I'd go into the VIP room and I thought oh this is gonna be awkward you know because. Who knows the whole Ralph he's getting into I know I really wanted to interviewed with the champagne bottle in his rectum he wanted to see that hey you know everybody's into their own thing glad I don't need I see it it turns out. Ralphie does in this item or concerns on the air with. The day after he passed away just to kind of give you an idea what kind of person he was a he was truly the life of the party and in in it didn't matter where he was everybody wanted to talk to ralphie was that sat back kind of lovable human being. I go to the back where VIP grant high cost of a pretty penny or maybe they use just that charming there's like six strippers around him not dancing. Just listening to him tell jokes man that's awesome yeah it was so that's Brad he held court. In the VIP reload this series goes the only guy that guy was so fun you know he was a nice break on the scum bags they know and I would be surprised you floated the malls like a good amount of money I had thanks her hang in this light on just thanks for looking hot why told stories sets rad either I was lost a man whose lives they wanted to mode from Mike OK you know as is leaving an opinion believe. But that's pretty cool. And he still managed to show what to the holiday hangover ball or do you handed out. Yet just one of the hearings that will drive you over there they would problem is gone like that anyway I want to buy drinks he says that would have to pay I don't know I'm not a lot of money if something the North Carolina where I want it was about. They never had. Wow what does that mean I hadn't had their hard about how great. I live day carry the one man band words which is where that sound of my road from you. And his performance of the zeppelin song was phenomenal hilarious just great but then out you weren't there because you were prepping for the men's rooms are half of life day. Oh he had them the mega cast saying yeah I you can make is that I wanted to run a web telling us all the rock girls lining up bikini at all. Announced that lets go in there are weighing com and you may see area I just know that we didn't end up making it you Nam. Also while we were doing Dhabi Jim migs part of that you Renee we started off by Latin Eric do a song. He did the song would double her partner so when he hit that sounds. I don't think he realized how popular that drop has become everyone cheered and Smith I gotta go whoa. It's like that I do strip club in Tacoma is called I got foxes these and they got a bar right next door. Which I think is almost in people and it's called pole position it would southern a great men's review GAAP. It would be great for our studios staffed primarily with like really haggard looking overweight women with Lexus center in scars walked around three in the afternoon that is to get the I advanced disease string you know and that's the million Fox News it's brilliant. God who used to be hundreds of beautiful girls and three everyone's yeah Andrews. Hundreds of really ratchet nasty looking six and one pretty decent look at wanna put the woman who holds a hypocrite if I do forgive data jas I died I do wish her story about live de it was funny at last we had a tough time after life I'll be honest if I can just kind of went down like this dark. I depression in the sense no because of it was that were receivers it was really stressful. I think drunk and an end not only the stress of doing the show in front of a large group of people some things were working properly in my world I try to she'll never wanted the show from that but. I was get stressed out about that in on top we were playing we played really well and I heard great things that was tossed around sweet crude I was stressed about that's all this is leading up to whatever. So. You're my best to maintain my own mental state and then not and we talk a little bit about on the morning show we talked about it again and maybe I should play it'll send music to treat you know. All right that's thrown money at stack EST tell us sandstorm brought. And rocking continues punching a side of beef earlier and now okay continue she must credit. So like anyone some days you have thicker skin and other days right so I'm doing what I do on the morning show and charges have content via text. They came and during the show we think ran to the solicitor. You really want to wish him happy birthday can you wish and had a birthday but. Of course you know that's something that we did so then this is what happened on on the morning show hey I'm Bill Clinton. I got on are you doctor. Okay audience. Okay. Pretty awesome moment I fairways this guy happy birthday son and I see the guys that jumping up and down in the background you're about to do listeners on the loose and is it taking calls we had people lined up as an oppressed killer yeah right. And so next thing you know back guys on the microphone a Mike. This is great I just wished him a happy birthday on the radio and in front of all these people that came up to like there was a packed house Jim Eden and then this happened. We got shining in Tacoma it's Steve it's funny because well this is up birthday shine I sure. It's my birthday. So hogs the days you rocked this he sought thank you and I. I might just makes us a lot better than you move on something big here are hungry and he's. And wish them happy birthday I mean yeah where's the harm no Reagan around me OK sorry that I makes consumers to. I said his sons Andrew Connell and trying to out funny he brought his hammer while his hammered and trying to be funny and the whole time flipping me off. Which there's just like yeah I'm gonna be a saudis there was this I wanted to momentary Craig yes had a good story about all that. Until I do I like his face. Hot. I love you Steve that's nice all right. And British actors they have me back maybe get nervous right. And if you don't like Symbian is going a hero there's a funny part of my body and I didn't bother me Max camera. Salad mix now thinks he's talking about him yeah I would not want to yet that he heard him say mix yeah this is an exit of maids. He was on the wrong time. You just don't know that these are guys that makes you snuck I don't OK okay so it's. The dumbest and then to come see this guy your eyes. Our onstage in front of all these people on probably no sleep and weeks of preparation and juggling twenty million things. And doing all this to entertain people right. And one drunken Jack Cole can stripped all away from 200% of arable land that is so funny I love you brother I don't I thought you were fantastic online day I thought bruiser Brody crushed I thought the BJ Shea show was incredible scene rare of the town center of the room with a Mike deal with the listeners. It was brilliant John and not even to try to make you feel better I was there. It was killer doll note don't let one guy take that away from him and easy for you don't I don't pull it and I don't know and I know we got Saddam definitely art aspect I actually got old Steve after makes fest com. I was so depressed that the episode where the top of TV guys are here. When I left the station had to fight back. Tears I was that depressed I was borderline and just dark. And Allen had lunch with those guys and that helped snap out of but it took what three or four days after makes fest I was deeply deeply depressed so I get as a their lives. I got the guise of being. Platform where people are showing you so much love. That that one person has that power and it's a totally understand that then maybe people do. Because not everyone has moments for me be take your boss is saying great things in your coworkers love you but then the big boss or. Maybe even the janitor walks five days ago you're awfully your job you like I did was drawn to and I think he was trying to be funny and apparently pulled Vicky aside later it was a big move is meant to be because it hosts just joke being. Yeah like I don't know that yet you never gave me that opportunity to know that I'd and I even tried playing politics on them and then he flipped me off after are still joking with me and I thought I was okay you. Yes I legitimately went out of his way waited in line but tickets waited in line to talk. And his only agenda was to crap army and it's got a bum me out thank on the. How do I get it I again it's a here's. It's the sad part is I think there's some people also that they think what they're doing is funny and they just don't know that it's not funny. Right in and some funny run patrols could tell you I don't even make or so no object menu like my day up every day. Now that it's a completely different experience yeah. But that's not what he didn't know I. Am not NN and then this add to it so that that happened right. So I recycle one thing after another after that it was one of those days verse like okay. Maybe I need to just on a day and go home talk so we due to live here today everything's great may cast we do that in a bunch people come up twenty pictures with what we Ted and I know like eight this is awesome. Guy comes up and he's got all these like the challenge calling for a from the military all right app which is we've been lucky enough over the course of our career time have people give us those and that I -- still to this day that's one if you mean a lot of things get lost in the shuffle or don't make the cut when they move from here to there. Those are altogether and won four in my house I want never get credit to again get radical means that much for sure it's anyone's give me one. They all stay with a mean they will stay with me until the day I die I paid they mean that much that someone would. Give me something bad is it in my eyes super important and I mean sort of so these guys giving Ted some music all right this is for this and then use this once Steve and I that he may lead so that all. Like he didn't know the Dallas having grown now the good news Gilliam on behalf of his sons in the military who gave to him to give to these. What apparently would amend from guys ranked amateur quality he looks at me I know William and Harry was unlike you the other Steve. He doesn't like your shall. Far. Hala you're already like a movie or manhandled bank allies. I they think now sorry you know I love you guys might not how it's always find his wife I think she realized by. It obviously came out the wrong way yet. As they know I listen all the time about why the beat bigs and all right it's it's totally fine and the guys all the little alone guys are cool it's fine in my head I'm like oh my gosh why am he's in here feeling and he's made. You're a guy kind of revive even though it. So then. Get through the damn Mike I'm sad I get some pizza canyon pizza nice site that this is what I need some pizza and make me feel and it did for thirty seconds and if I. I get Cold War but now my social media taken alive day tags. And of course I'm reading some comments take a picture of all of us and it just goes. Yeah I used to like this Joba probable block and it's like crap some medium Vijay. And Mike. And meet up. Go to another you know I don't know why they're played and Joan why even take them. A lot of. Almost cost a lot of things I don't like I don't go out of my way to Buick you know I remember I hate talk goes in taco truck man I would hope you know I forgot about. Why would you take the time on New Year's Day do that. Everybody loves to share their opinion even if it's just a picture of almost like it would be us three smiling but sold like. Now I don't like you ever since this summer and it's like where's this guy or that and think. Might add comment on the picture I don't comment at all pay tolls where you don't like about me it didn't say that. I don't know because some nice to say right now is the thing is that means he hit it right on the head people want to share their opinion and I wrote something about a video game the other day I just asking people on FaceBook and I get a million comics I don't even know what that they'd adult comedy is trying to stop you. It's I don't pay no word has done more damage to our social structure Karl gap and I know that it and I mean it and I said it many times over the last several years social media has made us all socially awkward. Oh dude it then give me a bit like I keep saying man now everyone has a voice but no one Smart enough to know. Which ones to listen to and which ones not to. And that's why they've got people freaking out on nov life's hard enough life is truly hard enough. You don't need a way gal because Sarah likes pink sweaters in hell is wrong which he refuted. Don't know how would you day affected by this it's not it's not then just a little moment sir. Over you know. Nico saying that. Jamie looked fat. Matters yeah credit card and a president they fill it out there and they go on their day. Not realizing the damage you've wrecked somebody right and I I've said before I said time gimmick there are days where. Everything that happened that day like right now I'm laughing about it I find humor and it. This is today how you have from the day I still really hasn't gap how long might get you to get there the all pro on Friday I'm awful lot of day and spent several days to press the mean that an upset Friday I was not that upsets me Dallas Friday it was darker than Thursday Friday night I wasn't a bad spot I mean that's the dissolved addict I was about ready to just disable all my social media I just finally hit that polemic you know what technically blame me I I I I know my boss is gonna yell at me about this. So I won't know genetically dis able them but I'm gonna put up a statement in saying I'm Don and decided to be a big posts are even broke I have the full poll like in this is from Friday freeze is what I was going this is what Abumrad dissent so I've no idea for us could be very evil way are you comfortable with yeah yeah yeah it's a little music don't this the rocky mostly sorry sorry sorry she's had to get the right music there right mop bat he's making a joke atoms and pain right now since I am rubbing off on that crap are we going back to our grandiose talk. Yeah and I read you're doing a good Aaron we're going there and a couple of lakers'. And that's really well and I'll throw down to advance those ladies go and not send Elena goes out their mistake. I'm good everybody who's listening might know me too and I appreciate it without it many times for people Semih like direct messages to be like yo. I know that you're down I hope I don't mean an end they would then I mean that means the world to me but no need. I'm not looking for earth like. These super nice comments to come my way and I appreciate that they have in the past but. This is why am serious this is there is no fishing for love your does not at all and I am and a good spot no one needs to worry I'm not like I'm not done the Dow's but like everybody that licences podcast that we all look to our dark times exactly and I just want to give you guys will perspective of I never say this job is hard. But these are the moments where this job is unlike anything that. I have ever experienced before dude you're a celebrity and therefore you could at any moment and a bullseye on you for no reason oh yeah. Always the truth and an NB hated. Because of what I do for a living that's just free entertainment ya nobody is forced to listen nobody has to listen but. Yet somehow it strikes a nerve which some people. To the point where they have such vitriol turn your head man so this is what I wrote that subject of course is done with social media who I. As is I just don't have it in me anymore I don't have it in it I don't have any me to have my day ruined by the negativity and others. I did entertain on the air I love my job but there isn't enough money in the world to make you wanna mentally in during the the date of Reading the eye of the best for the crap I have to read about it. Some days of fixed in other day 36. Yeah man. We turn it up to occupy. So it started off the IR OK got it makes absolutely play man you know I don't know if I just. He like this who is some serious ass than you think a little bit wacky. To defend every hour. It's Sunday dumped next game and. Another day at some fans can try to return I think. I thought smoking for Disco version of the as a person of rocky two's version okay. Off. This is a good song. But it. Does language who's he calling up those steps towards the monument just vomiting it's. True exerted myself. People walking by and throw coins that exists in my moments and her training for the fight in my life you Colton supplier to a garbage pail cupid it's good. He got the gloves the holes are the only fingers. Abby would leave only the. Her name. That's two more movies until that happens profit. So since guard Steve strength of ours so anyways your audio fact that this sob story that it highlighted my. Ours is and I can't mentally endure another day every BSI have to read about me some days immune so didn't think and other days I'm thin skinned. I'm humanity depends on my mood defecting army do my job I am at home. And I have to do what's good for me I love the ability to in Iraq the people and share stories and jokes to people. I know the good outweighs the bad but I'm done I only post this is I don't want the good people think I'm not getting back to them on purpose. From my own sanity I'm not taking social media anymore. Maybe I'll come back to it in the future. But doubtful I never really left them. The package if you need to reach me as I know some have questions or requests to shoot me an email. NASA has got to put up there and just say die now on the walk away from her was landing about like not I I doubt I never wanna be debate post guys some storms. Here it is this is as transparent as they can be. And I can't ignore any Miami might use in the model is someone accused not to expose must all look I get it and I. Part of the inaudible and most say hey I'm taking a break from FaceBook I can't stand this guy use and bile a negativity. And then you know eight months later you'll get a friend requests as early start another small page where because they let the wrong people in the wrong things are enemy's feet of course. Give me your entertainer. Stuff everybody. Writes you know even captain number take potshots Steve today. And not realizing he thought he was being funny. Yeah he was drunk and I'm sure at the end of my day he was funny like a said it was then comes the need has gone and just get this drunken and a lot of here right and it's like I act as Simpson take a quick little funny shot night you know little silly shot of how you paid money to hate me that's great thank you for your money. But like yeah I do nothing more that I wanted to do and just completely go for the jugular. As far as assaulting wise on my that would be awkward for everybody else that's here well it's one of those things are good Obama's lead given given. An ordinary next throughout their pro life aren't dead just go away man in our it you burn your you know an outcome due from a radio personality you could've easily. And kept it fun for the shown on a but the audience erupted in cheers are Beasley said hey man luck. You know I know you think you're trying to be funny that you're not you're just a drunken eighth hole of the table here would agree but. And people would it cheered and screamed you could've destroyed that guys are awesome I respect the respect. Irish echo eternity Sean Connery has the piracy acts there restraint you've showed because when. Eight cents as you could level that guy. And every one and that audience would want. And cheered right and you could ruin that guy stable you actually took the bullet for him. Are you get in my opinion site and a lot of respect for that. And I appreciate that yeah endeavor is tough I mean honestly like it's silly. Tonight let one person get jet. But it just can't hack it out at age two that's dressed in the nerves and still nervous about it that's why when we could finally got to apply. Some people like you hit those from so horrid that Gonzales a lot makes awful recent news. A man. You you. Punish drums and I was like in the Odyssey the whole time all I was thinking about that these drums for that guy. Lindsay and our Ali is yeah building percent of those drums for that reason well let's spewed you know I got all the time you know he's good he's glad and that's why place yeah. Well I got all pool keeps me sane if I didn't have that outlet I probably wouldn't be sitting here. Yeah now I barely agree through most days as it is even when I seem chipper rom. You know I'm fighting off some really dark thoughts most of time them arm but yeah music. Music indeed that is Steve. It really does so news like you couldn't ask for a better time for us that are afflicted to jump by the army soon and we got crushed many Eagles sample of just us I've listened on lovely yes yes Sean I went home took a quick math. And he came back. It was a few guys were. You're so he heard Jackson and she's like I know you guys get into one of your own songs to ensure Dili on patent. Yeah this is us doing our father of your little sample that. Mac jacking up a big plus. I wish it did a better job of mixing it and I think until no one to blame but it's just my. Sometimes. This week to the hopefuls would be checked before allowed. It was so real life look out. You see sir mix while watching us. Craig's dad. And then you look I like. This is all on stage you have an audience Gibbons also lives through them on hair. And they look up packed room now it's like there's varying levels of holy crap this and really happening at 9:30 in the morning. There was pretty damn awesome so I'm young thug. Experienced by a wanna play a little bit of bombed our version of sex type thing yeah. I police the reason being one of Nagano site those those I will meet you guys are we in my wife brings home a lot of those like. Pop People Magazine he had put us and all those different want to chicks with weird outfits magazine dot com if it and they always have like that who wore it better. Our half. Part it's me next to Sarah Jessica Parker wearing the same course that's for sure what's good hands down looks but the setup a path so. Pull that off Marilyn Manson stop it and under the guise of her books onto a possible new lead singer yeah dude Jeff cute he's doing you know it's great mom and I listened to Wear what I know Jeff good from X-Factor it's it's like the voice. I know it's not a show I ever watch but apparently he. He won over a lot of people who are because he brought our rock vibe like whenever they did songs you would you like queen or he would do Radiohead or. Yeah I there's videos of him for many years doing Stone Temple Pilots covers and I neither rocker that got on a reality show different manner. And hasn't. Very he's similar is I know. Vocal lead to violent so anyways. Odd given you some Emmy will get some time will play in the minute but I I'd bring it up because they just recently did show. Unlike wanted to sat on satellite radio in LA OK to announce that he's new singer and they did made about forty minutes I watched no one listened causes this audio. They're set. And but maybe a biased it eight but I have to say. I feel like. We you rocked. Big game DDoS. Daily does I am. I could hear him I was standing right beside him I was through and I felt them on stage. In more ways than one way hump you know we went to a glorious cut glue reduce or. I know granted I don't know that I guess that aren't hired Joseph too bad Steve had to drag him out there. Thought I read Andrea Cabrera males attributed to. That he flew. So this is up this is more just not no disrespect to Jack this is all respect to Travis the front man for preserver teachers are destroyed yet by a man Alia. When you hear this. In chemical and play our response they are there's first citizens don't have a pilot's doing sex type thing at that this show that with their new leasing or Jeff could. I mean because. Apparently there yeah sure it's really did a good mix for. Do you are thought maybe their case basis whether there for our hearts go. They had there you can play our audio now on the stoked about. Don't let them on your definitive word on the I'm on an army tenth overall base and there may for the all base. All right so let's do little to pull off this Julio. Column you wrote home store. Says Jeff cute singing we just don't don't pilots now. And again I'm biased and of all the jobs and a thousand times more aggressive like lessons there that are overtime nerves show. Is I think Jeff is. To a degree heat trying to sound like Scott and I think that's the worst move you can never make that's part of why owner of the Dallas stuff Kamal Willie on. It makes it great it was killer because this is our new singer who is not trying to eight lane in any way shape or form then is Alice in Chains with a new singer and I love that material. And and killer and you know they thought that our sound because they're gonna have Jerry that's right Anne and Sean as well those guys and Mike yet that's well within every guy's horrible singer and I'm excited that he gets to wonderful opportunity to what I just heard there was. Dude you're actually trying to do a bit of a Scott while and things you're saying you don't do that am I bet overtime. However I hope we find his way and who knows what kind of guidance and direction he's getting. From their management with in the can't act you know zemeckis and show what it's a disputed this is really meant to like downplay what he's done it's more of now let's listen to Travis Travis to ask for Russia's Alia yes. Over the doctor. Didn't mind mixing. Right if I happen. You go right. 500 attack. Oh yeah. CAA has always the case of us headline Davis out as one uses an opportune now when I listen to the central house performance I was like really excited and I'm happy. And I can't wait for them to hit the road selfishness and you and I can jam doesn't know Jimmy did but also it's just nice to hear them playing again and but it may be really like really proud of Travis how we got a great fan Steve and you know duties killer and it's funny because he's got. Into Graham post. I posted a picture of estimates Rampage since that I'm Steve makes people wanna phony image to ramp and series AK where can I hear yourself of it is it on. Insert where all the insert audio listening service I've never heard of so I sort of like a Michael I don't know more on that Iran I to run Spotify wants out of say tough and I noticed that if you look hard enough you can find our studio versions of our songs on YouTube because it's like that auto uploading. Sot some kind of YouTube page that grabs like Britain basically gross people stop and just puts. The music up there are so you go if you look hard enough you can find our music for free axle within minutes the Gary Tibetans loved the sound bubble like there. And I went to whichever one I listed I found our music in him in check it out which it always really freaking cool. Well then that's rather that's ran mammoon kudos to a brother Brett Liasson man that our brother Ed Brooks. Brett makes it Ed mastered it and so you're hearing Grady. EP yeah like. Like you can you know I mean you know Seattle traffic aside if you can actually give you have some road where you can actually go above fifty mile an hour. It's great for drive our when a deer in Seattle you get from fourth to Fifth Avenue you can hear the entire record if I don't that was that was means when a man have a 35 minutes about a two blocks totally your problem once and and a couple songs are Alice Dixon Steve Williams and falling down on close man I was gonna get out my car than anyone who crossed my path. I was gonna wage war that movie although it does I'd fertilizer recently is more just to disband. Plastic. That's a great film. I just love because it's all these same arguments I've had it going to the extremes that I will never go to vote to put out the vote 1030 and I can't give my you know a good movie left in all right whatever it yet and hold down in the fast food joints great one of my favorites is the golf course yeah. Yeah there's. Lord he pulls this will be jobs thought that it it has a heart attack as it rolls is what's that you need to drills holes where you appeals court room with a golf cart did pass away and it's the golf growing gap it drifts away and Johnny lake is that. All. Those are your card new cards to drill. And I did our next stupid. How does that make you feel it's not like but I love you fire they read about them we had eleven some conferences since two ribbons it's true. And since then there's no no need for us. Then pulled. Dodd well again reporters that he had. Most tied for the jugular. It's a mine means. Suicide. Floating blood everywhere. The only bird won the fight. Remember it's gonna be some good drives down the river and across the street view nobody needs to take all the footage from that movie when he's having a bad damn well. That's all I must admit now would be funny every government has got a music video this guy should have made does that just taken people watch have a. How bad day you guys had I got to meet mix would you like to hear my serve makes a lot story which ties directly into you yet had a bad day oh. So I was outside what did you do it was door number 100 we don't care remember this abstract we talked about a little bit on sale I guess I didn't mention that that was the primary and like I get tired or hearing this for a walk out the door to have a smoke from. He. So I got a doer have a cigarette I walk right in the mix. And I might think and any said team and we shake hands hi Dylan doing good. And he's kind of looking around in Panama or dude you're in the right spot to write them on your name lists of door. Musical came in tanks and he's still kind of leaned in was trying to read the door don't do this where you. Oscar and with yet this is the door at fees of Joseph will have your name go ride and he's a cocaine and two seconds it took me twice as an eyebrow. Yes I got you on the dot you don't know me from Adam I look look a bit weird viking biker whatever but trust me and this is where you get like. Series like OK cool man. Is the F and threw me out of doors thirteen at which point I cracked up laughing and shook his hand hard. Which made him laugh you know that's the best slap me and dad and I howl and let you all. And so he got allow for duties that you are you real wood and so he goes past me but the doors now wedged open on stand there have in my blood and he's at the table may be as far as I am steeper pyramid but very forefront I don't page ally and a so really you know birdies came out and he is like hit. He's like hey you know Unser makes a lot meant sweet little lady she was so cool would choose at the door is like. Com your serve makes lobbies against from excellent you do the Shah. And she's like. Gee do you do you have a photo IDs so he turns and looks at the different companies look at you these why guys like duties this happening and I'm still laughing at. You I'll look you gotta like oh and so he gets ready Dell. This lady that you give is idea out and and she's like it doesn't say sir mix a lot under driver's license. And again he's not look at her he's looking at me like this really happened the story yeah Eddie wood maybe to see it like exaggerating know. Since she's like why doesn't say Acer makes a lot on your licensees will know what bomb mix sponsor looks a lot I'm here to do the program she's a but the term excellence not on the list hundred institute and this mean for your driver's licenses and on the list. At this point what he looks back at my movement and picks up. When he's so I guess we're we're three feet apart just that he's inside the door and a lot of that up whatsoever while the last few looks at me again and and I held up my right hander did just gesture like Ellis pulling the rubber glove on view and I mouth the words they're gonna glove you bro. And now he's trying not to laugh he's like yeah I'm good again and again this looking like yours Helen the only good thing underclassmen. How much do the finger he'll do in the fingers are going to grow your brother goal on the idea but I'm outta here is he's trying so hard and not to lose his ass he's trying not to crack out exist because I do I'm just riveted more hard. Finally he had this debate. With with the security girl and he'd be very cool and of course he's trying not to crackdown comes up she can't see it right and I'm really given him a hard time. So she's she's she's that was that was the story of how I met sir well I think about it guitars are museum and it wasn't nearly as fun to Gary so yeah I really gave him. A hard time. As we can you do so all our security I really enjoyed the moment and that's why I really like as per person like him it's just like what are those relay. For like you know the last you know twenty some odd years have been an institution in the Pacific northwest writing c'mon c'mon like. I feel awkward when that sort of thing happens to be more I'm going to an event in their like. You're not on the list and Mike but I I need to be over there at that booths that we can't let you went and Mike. And I get in a mall they would do you have you and you just by giving you a hard time about. Yeah I was married to someone like that. Let you know I'd look at love field into the Metallica com yeah but I'm sorry I'm I'm James hurt well I can't let you in track. Like you just if we don't have any credentials will be. But I am sure you had a good time because later I was telling Travis brought bruiser Brody spar singer that story music all me. I got him to run amok what you do and I'm paraphrasing Travis a story. But as he explained that he was sort of the corner having coffee and then mix his manager and several of the people from his camp. Became encircled almost in Travis has bubble. And we're having this conversation about you know what just happened outside and it not a bad way but they are just sorting out details on the Q do you have all your copy Padilla. But Travis was tracked he was a back into the score music dude it was like I was in their circle what wasn't in the circle and there was no way for me to politely excused myself. Without disrupting them. And I guess this woman for a couple minutes. To finally Travis Hughes what two inches taller than me right in shape direction just to master iris big do you bullying stand and Travis says. I know you may anger at god for that Cadillac commercial. I went and bought this time after hearing all of you and he said knicks get. Through the music. Thanks in Iowa I've done some other stuff to go back. I'm just like god that's awesome man hello my Cadillac do you think excuse my excuse me actually to get through. And your right now so I don't promise that story and he's Lebanese like. Dude look listen to an idea about a trio next and you could have a good public man walk everywhere one guys simulated finger blasted this guy's got a really really knows me from -- like to do with these treated everyone was -- and it -- -- I would -- X -- have a signal listener but he -- the name I don't know -- worries that finally but it was great onstage he's hilarious a lot of nice giant style whatever that that was and saying -- -- I will stand I stand by this if you ever want it to class some great storytelling. Listen this or makes a lot shouldn't worry about buying a Mercedes. And thank goodness it's. My dogs cursory and I can't even do it justice he went to one place. They've they've racially profiled him in just gave no time of day all need to know him really you haven't heard that story. You also noted you know I would take a I probably could tell a lie day yeah yeah I was probably juggling twenty other things and why mirror I was so I could go beyond that day I mean if you guys I probably could find it just off our website at me and then you're kidding I sit it is it's it's showed in the northwest even does that mean this this town is pretty. Cool right so we wonder Benz dealership. Andy as they gave him no time basically sit on the car you're looking at or even sold like basically like hey all I thought you know litigated a car that's dirty team are students have been Emmy I'll find it because. I'm striking I kind of matters are one of the last stories that he told a pitcher in some cracker in the suit the needs fired over that remind you don't care if it's mixed or not like you did what. You know for you to know that guys and CEO. Of of Expedia what are you doing out here. That's out there things that and that's one of the crazy things in like Seattle now you can't do anything that I like that that because with all like DD the tech companies and the video game companies. There are guys who wander around in cargo shorts and a T shirt and you know barrel its owners and they have so much money you can't be like. Oh we have a dress code. Why is this in this corner the country's. Army hat and black. Why late Mexican AGU. Know who you're talking Judy it doesn't matter what I ate it right I didn't but I do it doesn't. Zero reflect our world here to my car sweet I'm here facility right and you can't afford it wolf find out eventually also do not think you make this he had chances. Where. We tease them on I have to ice is something and it was all about me but I. We then I really at that time you get away with dad and I gotta talk a lot no that's happening. Good EST who's it was a great Baghdad wrestle back out one of the most generous man you ever meet you might know each ozone depleting our stuff is done but anyway. I talked to a classic and you got white that's class that the tiny head his language he Mercedes-Benz dealer had to wash your car if you. Check plus five plus one button on your story and I don't wanna name brands right now but there's a Mercedes dealer out this way but I doubt about it. I am and I like them they're cool now but back then not so much on women over the past eskolaste and they wouldn't let me look at it. Well they sent a muscle I would just put themselves like it but it was all so I believe. A Caucasian couple who met a lot of CN and hit girl's best car right you're so hot and it handles the shine tackles would you like sitting. Okay. Saul when he gives a better Mohamed hello I'm Michael he let them drive it is sad and I'd put on the feel Smart who's it was a great Baghdad wrestle back out one of the most generous man you ever meet you might. No chances of competing all the stuff he's done it anyway. I talked to a classic and you got white S class that the timing had his language in the Mercedes-Benz dealer had to wash your car if you bought it. Plywood. Just real Smart not what they're card good and I found every day and mud little I could fly. I came back out here and I thought extreme got a unanimous on not really super nice post presence even miles can see now why one. You said it was always so let's not what it's all about that lets you let it wash mine bump. Hope and malaria and and I am not I. That plays just like the nice debt and beyond what we're saying so there's no okay you know Jones back story you do don't I just. I hate that that goes on yeah add to. Wragge yeah that's so almost what is it it it's a home. Some at least eight hole in a really expensive suit. And that you walked in and just because he's a nos today he's black he's yet course you want to see any wind it's like dude. You should be fired on the spot for Latin would you ensure the dominant car while he's not commit and abide only make an assumption okay EUR. Audi right. You're out here right enjoy it crosses the sale and it just not even that and on top of you here as a lever to take you don't that's so and off. That's Sox look at how creative mr. Kelly I go washing my car and oh yeah they are there. Everybody a free haters I don't want someone else to do it. I want that guy you do don't you do not have have moment that hell yeah and all of that the store voicemails or emails and text messages. I had about. Think things couldn't get but Britney Lindsay was Layla to try to make fun of it by Jack Hanna does some unsolicited credible tip adapt it it's pretty amazing. After that. You're out of how fast I her time as the best. You it was a voicemail to you by 3271478. Have and it's also equally was a text message or you can choose an email and then speed that he doesn't believe we got one from our buddy hawk made out of nice since you guys are killing you would the last podcast I've seen every one of the bands that you've played. I'll tell her hair metal. I don't little oh wow yeah I know song kicks slayer on per us. In the mid. The lead for the kicks yeah. I'm. Not going Lucy sharp we'll look at the core resign right away if you imagine that. Her neck at. I see everyone avenger played itself. What they set down our ear holes back then now I did anyway allied window pane and bruiser Brody to my list. And see if and another twenty years if they make a list I wonder half just messing would you guys probably much luck to you and yours from Dwyane PS glad I can fix it. That we you know I've been texting actually because you know what are you worsen auto body shop yet are we such a couple friends of mine is that you're looking weird way where I got creamed. Under the so eager to see it's got happens actually and I cried because I got drug use and dad and and I'm about six and early. Where got creamed it got creamed I guess in the best possible place at home and the Briere. Yeah yeah calm you wouldn't want sites are not in the B pillar it's not into the wheel well it's it's just that big sexy. Right numbers up I'm. So I'm still probably look at the thousands of dollars. And the tube and anyway. Come on now to look at it like you said none of this has a new with cock a doodle do what's the place car grandiose cut to do zero to all your dollars hit in the right place. Creamed creed. Creamed in the rear end if man it. Then amazing. Voice and yeah. I don't think he had demand the all I do wish you all these. What a great version a momma coming home Michael retain all the kill I had got what Texas said. Usually can't hear what Ozzie is saying in the sun but I can make out what's being said in oh my god that's the depressing song could have shoulda thought he their heads into the lyrics are momma coming home we just listened to it and it's Ozzie mumble song of hope when remained that you were able to hear what Moussaoui and say they killed it that was the first song that was played that up. Don't get there was great they are on the honor muscular. I am very happy. Thanksgiving. I hope you all had no wind at four iron. And now on earth I wish that. So put it sounds right I didn't is bringing up old stuff he just loses Thanksgiving January 3 after nine yak he had yet nobody mama but they've hearings on the I and continue with its third drink it now they've been. And why I'll take you to list of Dublin condoms I got condoms might give up my god the company B fault or not. It's going to add to my iMac desktop to reduce cause you wish you all now. And now and Kobe gives him a wonderful wonderful time would guess and they. I would I intend to leave tonight it's knocking down. So my vices and bad that you I let you down but it's bad guy. You're trying goes on my mama parents who were off in December for a couple weeks that's easily by guarantees for a couple of days to say hang on spent some time with them that's to be really really cool. Odds because Thanksgiving do you know what's going on the roads were all for Thanksgiving. Q why he's upset my game but he is on a little extra cute little ball blown out of you know if you feel more entertaining that's not great so here's the deal thought circumcised I I'll appreciate it good that have happened popular. I'm never in this. I'll be seeing how we as so I told I told my sister that she was having things he means they know we're going to go to the in laws in las family. My wife's family to go do who Thanksgiving there and we're gonna defeat him a Christmas. And that was before I found out the menu for our Thanksgiving. Oh and then all of her family not all of them her mother and a couple of the other there's enough people that they're making this eight key go. Thanksgiving what's key to Quito is usually high protein low carb or zero carb diet so just gnawing on account while drinking water. Here's the thing. I have now found out that there will be yank it that. No it. No mashed potatoes all instead or having a parson net slash cauliflower or mash. Alike column. My wife makes good parts of fry is an eye on all I would say was PG you said caters precious yes. Yes toilet match from sticking minister is right and I think that's course US service and excellent yeah. Or you know what I love cauliflower crust pizza Michael flowers client I've heard that's really good idea to try to get really good. But I want mashed potatoes and gravy and I only enter rabies on the table at this point. And then I find out because I'm why we had to mention about weather people prefer mashed potatoes or stuff being. Four. Thanksgiving then 61% prefer mashed potatoes according to the survey which I think is great as it which I agree with Alex yeah I'd rather have paid all I have to have stuffy but that triggered the panic in the back of my brain. Insulate. Furiously send a message to my wife is like were having stopping right in this is an all caps because I need to know this if she was like funny that you mention that. My sister has just said that there will be no stopping. Happy Thanksgiving. Is giving her Villa diplomats box car Motorola I don't know what or half saying. I know that we're gonna have rose to Brussels sprouts which I'm all yes mostly okay way I like cross through debt yeah I kindergarten but it kind of garlic it's a lot of salt salt that I get through that. I there's not going to be any good friends are soft that's ridiculous that's ridiculous. About why are we doing this and I would look I. Jokingly. As a day so I can go to my sister's right eight Bert thank sharing non. All come on your wife loves you do you should get his troop. It's just regular everybody greatest day of the year when it comes to just eating like a pig. It's Thanksgiving and it's just but he posted Thursday. Yeah I'm in Austin yesterday it puts a lot tourism tax to delicatessen our Internet or did you right now and there's Michael do you have any indications at all averages are eating McNabb like a couple of children's tears followed by a plate of shattered dreams and he would what are we talking about here and know at this point I'm just gonna go. Minute hang out and and and eat. Whatever they have what's the difference. A knowing you wouldn't have taken reasonable oxygen and western micro anti terrorist cell that we'll lament the slow the fall but I was thinking straight out to find you dinner was at four and had to address delivered I think we were eaten and that's not just KFC shows up highs just in here. And they've got a straight up like haters can be the matrimony yeah I. OK with that. Our house are being prepared how anything else I think arrogance and for a month and I mean a lot right thing I do know that type of thoughts about. Yesterday we did do some Thanksgiving shopping because we need to get some of the food that might missiles and food prepared such like that. So make sure you got a big double box a so top which am I make this into. Commercials to look at some stuff and bring it way yes you get it took some good she did did you then right can you bring stuffing. Or is this stuffing for free I don't give us stopping freeze all ridiculous sensible way eating stuff you got plus a table with the kids and heavy stuff in Rome. I'm gonna have stuffing today. And then tomorrow for this stuff thing I noticed what I and a bag you know and related to bad they don't want stuffing so I'm keeping my stuffing home when I say bring it would Wear cargo pants. I have come up again and then we'll have all been done at my age and then during dinner to pull out of a bag full document here in front of all me like yeah this is pure. How did you know so is gonna look yummy and watch a summer make the stuff the actually like you can bring his military does love feel this is my place she she makes stuffing cupcakes. Didn't pass something that I never heard of it before but I think you'll be off a boat and noticed Thanksgiving cupcakes she put you gavel Preston a body person stuffing on they puts in Turkey has some cranberry on there called a stake. It's just nothing cupcake yeah stink was not a state because the steak is steak. Unless of course and everything ran things mr. How long. It's unlikely then that's I think they get to the whole song relentlessly units incredible vision to all god you're emotionally you know. How did better today. Come on I guess the face hitting some good doing this a lot of love yeah pedigree. So it's really nothing but wants cleanly and. Read it. Right that. I did it's my both parties is good this is your golf club sweep had nothing. Should target area there I thought in that this is on. Mostly leads his brother this is incredible is the new zone. The guys would those who don't know this is Adam Sandler and it's not great yes now for the typical or Eddie better. I'm here. I was the author of what they do better. Woke up in the morning. But on my new plastic. Shared some real heated Salisbury steak. We believe it was so nice no. No clue what does change it. Times made him. Just know everything's going fine. Beyond truly feel bad. Figure out who deliver his long time Saturday. I had no I ran. Kid. Cause my. I really had been caught me now. How where he's proud orthopedic shoe. Coincide got a bad case of big gal. He wants seconds on the corn dogs. But there's no reason dish don't. Everybody gets enough food down here in. Eighty. If you have the corn dogs that I am a queen casino with the Conosoga. And Paul might cause CJ Saturday they bring up breakfast and Mike. We years there's a whole tray of corn dogs but. It doesn't matter what time and today I'm going to have a corn dog Aniston I took a bite it was a breakfast sausage. And the corn dog batter was pancake batter. All right good Q on how to do this accident I had to home bombs have been in your mouth. You're seeing. Not for us now. Where oh. To amaze me know he's he's. Lobbied US. Go. But they still had not read read some tuna and his love. Airs coming out of my. Maybe bad your dreams come true. Don't tell me TP. Mountains beyond our shepherds yeah. Never made him. Orange do you. But don't forget to return our days and tried to weak Norma my gum disease. Come on. No those who didn't keep this game doesn't match. The courage need you now. Whole book. Eight OK okay. My view itself he's there I am sorry I can't tell me. Leave little sand where you. I made all the I've made no. Why I'm. I don't woke up to see all of that her own if he don't like her dad and me. Do we have an army served me up cold and I sat out practice match you know god who warn you told them that have come up my mama. And then started doing enough I kinda John according to push me away at all heads match. You always ask me if I didn't give me a minute it's all really enjoy lunch ladies in their godly grid thought. Yeah all this whole match days they get. What prevented green you said you better run and I've tried it my friends and don't damage or perhaps a half he said it. It's. What any championship Vijay. Can't stand please don't leave you could have. GE is you love her as she gives you look goal you're should be here. He had his thumb all purple yeah uh huh huh huh huh. The food just leave me. And we always do get a read on how rare song actually it's not gonna get. I'll let you know. OK okay I flew to write the song probably manned and we're yourself how would be happy and people who. We're only in sloppy Joseph got married. We've got six kids who were doing just fine. Now own in all. All wounds. It's. Radios got to do you. Yeah. I sellers coming to town. Yeah I can feel a greater vulnerability might become a grandiose talk Kunduz amount positive but. I don't know if he's doing some of these old hit a balance up on his album mock the slam in the rear quarter yes. We're cream on top get creamed. Hi there are gonna have to use the name of the record. For many many many years since he Turkey song ninety three pleads. Right to pick the wow look at Adam Sandler rife with six. You won't. Yeah. Not creepy sounding how Adam Sandler and special guests to Rob Schneider January when he's like not. You'll never guess the venue. No tourism no bigger Paramount bigger Key Arena and Mercer re not a big bitter royal hall. I saw a woman go ice attack. Hell look I don't charge card toward George Carlin died Carolina tar our honor and I'm just to see the prophet seemed Carlin I airlines and it was awful. Always at all because he's bad but it was great because looking back on and I got to see George Carlin before it passed away we'll towards the end you just bitter bile. Everything he was practicing for another HBO special so we went up with the music stand and notes in a notebook. And do you make eye contact. He worked out all these jokes on stage which is fine if there was very. But this is a pretty penny had paid at doron I saw him man which is insane but looking back on it. That's forgive George Karl right there are we ready would you call like Carla works up this stuff for your event you thought and the buying and George Carlin take your eyes are going to see him do stand up I don't I'm gonna watch and see him put his nose in a book you read it to us. Who you're never so I said. Still Carlin still Carlin there's still many funnies all the closets thing Karla Wright doesn't mean in this Erica but man oh man if he stood if you're still alive right now would not be speaking as kindly about that joy I get you don't mean it was like. It's downright weird because of my yeah I'm glad I saw him but I didn't see him as past George Carlin had his way with you do you really did do you can't be over for cream on the back. I can be given their greater yes. Thousands grandiose cut food do it compares to little I have no idea apparently were on the same drugs is out of salmon or any other love talk NATO led. Yeah. Wanted to do I get so they are checked I hate. People who complain about the Kardashians. How much co workers should Belichick reading posts about the Kardashians. Issued a loudly thank god who cares that the car got shipped. But like due to Beverly you are really care you're the one reading this from gourmet. I'm really I've ever elect part you do Beverly jet I don't widely recognized me after releasing their famous bad. That's thank god somebody I know she sent me a message were talking about prime rib. Oh horror for Christmas three prime rib. And her as she said that she goes. Who's who Sammy is pretty fighters on my baby daddy was listening to on the radio this morning it was that you should buy it makes for Christmas he likes prime rib. Wouldn't a Mike I don't think that's how I mean this works Ronnie. I don't know what. It's OK okay hot and. I've not really as well are you Ronnie I'm gonna buy an iPad so awesome to own backyard if that's pretty funny you like door to the prime rib thing I ate. Didn't necessarily realize that that was a Christmas thing I guess that makes sense now on my brain and analyze and look it up and everyone is that. Never had that it was always Turkey and hamper me for both Christmas and Thanksgiving as just what we did once. You're not high drop out on my own Thanksgiving and Christmas were fully mignon lobster tail. A and I would say earlier dad mile week of Christmas dinner like a toy and employment you know longitudinal where were have a racks of Alaskan crab legs and swimming you know. Or you know. And don't be like off almost why you do the opposite meanest drug purple stuff. It's more like mad because it's not ham and I am spot backwards as an act. And good and I. These cold and cold TC could reduce and a green paste and use from mortar and construct the lord's strongholds but you know I'm not. I didn't feel my father's tears through the phone never. Do you surf and turf man not just serve return but I got high as I got like fish and chips and and and popcorn shrimp. I'm not to lay mignon and lobster I'll tell soldiers sailors are two of my favorite there was an smiling today public executions were traditional in this country. We don't need to stick with his drowned out Hammond not so good bird thing yet now Tommy is made some killer Turkey towels I'll throw that out there she did you took a couple of years they were amazing. But the thing is to anything he can teach you know he hears a tradition do what you want life's hard gaff club the Sox me in my what you want. Me in my body had a tradition that we would actually go to Sherry east conflict on Thanksgiving sorry I data and you would just be because it's just. It was that they that we would do to hang out we would go to the other ones but it would be the late night because they don't have. Line or you know dinner at like two in the afternoon and or hanging out there's nothing open and on the holidays at all. Did you unspent differ shares are several Thanksgiving. Alone at subway that's a joke I go to so when you're Turkey some public good I am so much so yeah united some wayward Turkish and we spanked him. But you know so when it got to push aside now I can choose my meal yeah we're all I hear you with the cherries things and what you do Thanksgiving I'm always nice I would even say it won't be able to be doodle really but what he's always used to do sad depressing and only lonely people. We're so it's only get their own I don't think yeah they are that they can on and it was great that come with federal and I called my mall in school wind. Whenever his family to go to here and I'd have myself tonight all my friends always invite me over their families on I don't ideally your failures drama gap I would get like those. Those are told he's one dollar and pizzas though yeah and I for a home. And I just get super stone ages eel all and how would make like ice Korean army combat was quoted as committed a freezer and eat and it would mean. So my fear at times is being my dog. And just I shot she's shoot two time. There were a year of my life I took her grandmother was ill and she had to go down Oregon over the holidays to be with her her family her gram ball. And I couldn't go or didn't get to go whatever the circumstances were in my buddy Jason Adrian you play guitar and and TF and a monkey's a good cat. You know and the BS summit media interest basically dealing. Some match him be so I'll probably work on my car is Ike. And on either knew Jason came over Africa we watch you watch adult movie. And I straight made like garlic mashed potatoes and filet mignon and Jason eight is killer meal. You rose watch cable movie watchers like how great is that Christmas hole Regis yeah today. I called my bride recalled his family you know it was all cool what it was like so you you have Dick Obama would now mentally and have you know black hands and work on my car in the morning and when. Let's let's listen and we. Gap was killer and there was no there was no Dryden PM. There was new. The G node name which I wanted bridge the items in revenue I think I read various hostel life isn't Meredith knows why would you topping you like going to Thanksgiving and I'm sure it's one or you get what you unbelievably and not do what you want you. Yeah. Yeah. Cynical more where that yellow I just I'm on national news that unless other. You're all hooked and we know it's. Dead bodies. He's got the good of an audience I ever I don't know if I want to the united auto I apologize for everything you just sit there and it's always you were hoping to defend that he wanted to really do believe that we know our audience with GAAP net but I thought water Arafat our audience every shell bail him out he's a sweet guy. You know Michelle the bathtub full of stuffing in the just spoon feed you what a reward or so I know cargo pant to put that mashed potatoes and stuffing in the law and finally today it's Napoleon didn't listen that tape long enough I've seen revs. No he read Scott moves you would want that talent contest and at least on the weighted vote for Pedro it's all coming together yoga and I am in fact a lighter. I. Well load the league. Two got back from my days. Pull the as. Talk. See you always that I sock a number imclone car. Burnett who says I saw come calling him a day when they're doing and the podcasters and is dead there. Holy crap man really wrote me again after many bad totally all and got me good and then you'd. Brad sorry Bob I. Sorry NASA didn't go very excited about like today. You'd. That is totally didn't get to meet you sorry has done me and make us ask her later it now I'm in art. Believe you do that. Good. Every trying to smoke marijuana. Oh those or somebody else or even tighter controls like you're an arts. He had to polarize the wounds to the yeah I paging doctor there's a gathered at night by the dumpster Manny got lighter and it could hang as easy to burn the shot he was inside much as soon Seattle market or an F. Can't believe this is what do us today missile off on this and I cannot wait until the true rarity. So that he can we will see no early Saturday whom yes. It didn't hear how worried are the high stuff here army. Tonight but we will on Saturday to brokers call today is Saturday night studio seven bruiser Brody our second show we know my hand. All the songs you know we'll get this like your third show I mean Lionel is a show that's Gerald Astor was two song set you can put it on your world tour. I wanted to keep flying out early icing on the door wholesale. All duty there are now by that point the morning jumped couple of things that happened it'd kind of stressed me out. On Newt. It is and yeah I want by the time birdie at the stage I was really I needed yeah now I bust my wife's heart. If there was I was waiting in line. Then I saw you were getting up your drums together and course in a moment I forgot about he's doing this while advanced as yet to get back to a table and show you put us all and went. You know god dammit I don't have having time for this and I bailed out this line and ran backstage Turkey must appeal to for the Brody said oh no no super stressed to us and stuff and gone out the final sound guy I was just trying to be polite and cool and yeah he was very impolite and an uncool I've heard stories. Suit you know she's trying to make. Dude who anywhere all the details of a deal worked on the end anyway. I turn around my wife had gotten me a nice double pour whiskey. An Irish stated kind of snuck backstage terms like here and how much you have no idea what Joseph go I always say she weighed in that line bought it and then carry it all the way across the casino and issues like I know you need is here do you and I Boozer Saturday night strippers you're damn straight that's right then so this day and it got its home schooled now. There's also seeing here that's I am I'm a woman so she got a bowl it was a perfect it's the men's into the. I mean really it's only very good job yeah. I know I promise I put commented on our FaceBook wall but I lost track of the day when we were actually yes stop them yeah I'm happy belated birthday Tommy you know you're the best I was you know school elegant. Life is good money's tight in -- and something what to whom and for Herbert bench is if you look I just would come spend all the ID with you and that'll be my my birthday thing in vascular. Should really get time off together sort of Friday and spent a lot of time he had learned Yamon. You know stuff so school was good stuff but she delivered me the stress reducing beloved whiskey take the edge off men make all the sharper edges round. And it. What are we talking about. The tiny. Glands you know well. There's eight songs come. He knows what. You know the car. No way and maybe go. We'll only do. I'd tell you isn't going to stop comes on I expect someone who has thrown out then got. What I meant. I'm very OK okay yeah. All right guys is fluke it's only silver spoons. Okay nine days. Her daytime yeah. Love love love love and he loves you you and him. You've got to be. Lucky streamers. If you don't have good car good. And then on the O. Rain or shine. My dad. Casio keyboard game. There have been good. Boom boom boom that's just another head ahead and hands head shaking under your breath you Maru words. He says. So while it's so go Islam girl Mecca. All loans. Hello. Just the song you song is gutless I don't wanna I. You know religious pictures some some group reflects a doctorate in some company might just give them exactly. It's a hit and now in effect saying that the dreaded punch a wall join the club can log bad CF glorious are grandiose talk a little girls in eureka I Lamar Boyce don't get how idea it. I. Can't. You can't duck. I cover up the ball all Barbara over. Eat and we. Awesome these guys they're great guys it's always good seeing you she's a video just in put up on FaceBook goes out powerful it was incredible yeah hand I was I was filming him. Life he was four sheets to the win. Are all the contracted doubt it's incredible the yeah two they're not playing stupid guys that sounds right yeah that's well I got to see solid day low and sell albums cost onto being good receivers always species to receive into the and now and just as our right now kitty I'll. Love seeing Justin so these guys draw I guess. And out after the signing. It did it that much income. You don't need it would not. Do you guys aren't date on drug and that I didn't date on my diet play better ever I have read is a guide you'll. Multiple. And I am and days. My. So it's got up and when I'm not an order that there aren't. You know lives. I'm not our program. I know I I mean you're apart well. Okay yeah yeah they looked phenomenal shots Danny may Taylor. Lee see amber. This great conversation Daily Mirror chat in the back camera we're talking about. Mom dad say he says yeah I you know but none and we got a distributor or you're looking at she was telling me like. He's I think I was come amid a long day that conversation number ride me a new coffee whiskey coffee whiskey coffee whiskey. And that's how I get through the day already left the left there are blue suit I could prepare your tax return you know I mean but that was sought. We're chatting about that she's that's a lucky they hit us up there like there are two shifts. And I think she got like the 115 (%expletive) yeah I know I should you have no idea I was so stoked to get out of that the afternoon shift command yet there's an error. Came thank K Lee. All word the -- during shift LX 5 AM and it was Danny may and and down lazy yeah over the afternoon chip tagged it's funny your time our time when Lacey and we were having a serious heart to heart. About chocolate starfish and hot dog flavored water. Well and also when you do initially I can say. Actual launch of the service and haunt Obama water not hot enough grandpa you. Record at the winter is what is cool and out of season and you know there is better off class conflict but that's guillotine just payment made or to model it. I'm grateful will all of the morning show cast and crew. Surrounding the dude in the big white teacher to sit out eight predators that actually yeah there are very good coach is slick yeah. That's incredible don't know response from Fred Durst and him risk. It but you know what in all fairness I notice he never he does until he goes on social media a lot which I don't blame him for gets violent I don't live and yeah and I mean for me who typically in. In two ways a lot of positive against social media AI guide I definitely dwell on the negative but it's few and far between but it's enough for me to make me sad. His is probably a ridiculous amount of negativity on how I wouldn't even have social media are spread there are. Regardless of who you are now man I mean look at look at what those damn tabloid rags due to our our favorite actors and actresses zoom up it's quite an army and it's like man. I want to say any thanks for all the great films like you leave these people alone it's it's you know. CA I get that man you know more of poor Fred for all the to a Billy did a lot you there's going to be to a burden shore right man. So watch TV I liked playing music by band blew up please site could. I well do you think pictured Dalton today you're healing your child. Yeah the great comedy piece about Dodd guy -- you know somebody to pay him he's kind of like you know who's got a few Eddie he's like a guy theory some people say but he's a guy factors drive ins and diabetes long hair cooking show with the bleached blonde no sunglasses on the back was had no idea callous DC so a lot of fuel coupon and call Mikey may be -- make fun of him no different in nickel back in this comic had a great. Piece about what did I feel the average do you other then. Pursue his dream shall accomplish his dream all recognize that gun gap. Create jobs that pay better than minimum wage offer benefits to people who are relatively low paid at his leg you know he did dog what he loves the marries gay couples helps out the community. And I'm like it's like. Nickel back and doing the music is Tim if you guys from the LI Scott I don't know I've never met him right but I had anything bad to say about them personally. Com but even when get a little nickel back then when man I love the music my problem is the lyrical content much like limp biscuit for example so I just don't buy the records and you'll get online and in my mouth and by right even our own I'm sure that Mike joked privately with my friends about but I do now publicly going. I check email on FaceBook or say artist I thought hello I am tagging you see you can see yeah. Can you close up up up on the system. You do don't lose you to meet premature quarter lets it be that I had I was an iPad or looked so it's cool and mobile a woman with this MacPhail for any chocolate and I just saying patty the fumble. How meaningful. Iran 2 o'clock flight Ronald small bolt writes I can be Irish you seeing the Irish yap so if he's not at that one. Marius is a space is at a remote tech references that STS 1558. Super dimensional fortress moves secret now now people in the war sicker Coke's case Ike there. Actually it would you guys do I wanna let the club of the comic talk about guys yet he see you get an idea I Massachusetts. It really does sum it up best like how you people people crap on people do for no reason either because I don't know why do they do. Our our artery global announcement there were one or two of course are there was one on mine in particular in the there was one on a share from different Mars were summoned to street. Pot shot. All one was making name of the company itself. And then another one was making fun of our brand name on my couch if you know of course one of those things where we kind of shook off but you via David on your page straw while the shares right there shares are always those people probably a new friends of ours but. You know one of the huge bass clarinet erection was successful band these street took a pot shot at our band name LSU was because he's probably a metal fan in opus has a song called window pane. Which honestly I'm looking and approve of me like don't you check out of the trademarks this back in memory for. Yes you know whatever cool but maybe he thought we gotta be like my minivan can now we're called me in the box. Compress my only assumptions why you'd be such a warm hole and make. Let me read and they were all oh yeah. But I like this was the original neighbors of when Hitler and record home with a camera we did have some good names are I think I have got to hopefully it'll break something by playing okay. Well there are some one please explain to me. What that hill staff theory ever did tell anyone. Young liberal talking about the celebrity chef. People are mad due to all the time. And as far as I can tell all he ever did was follow history keeps. You don't understand. People are horror ball. What television personality and he didn't do anything wrong. Here's what he did to America and started a company worry hires everybody. He pays more than minimum wage gives health benefits before he has to. He has a nonprofit or gives pretzel making machines to schools so they can fund raise. I know that one sounds like I made it up but I swear to cry and such terror. He works with Special Olympics athletes Butler 'cause he asks why is on his shirt. Everybody solo artist did like he's a member of nickel back. Right away what that. Held a nickel bag camera. I think that the absence of. I there it is. The very you know let's get out of here again join us this Saturday night studios better vision of hundreds of emotion tonight that's right we have no one rehearsal it's our first rehearsal for the I didn't go well. There will be our only rehearsal yeah and if it doesn't remove returned to the scene of the crime Wednesday yeah. To reflect upon our for the so. I walk off uploaded to a bunch of obviously our sums up our EP which is available lab who's a rookie band dot com it's on iTunes to everywhere you can get stuff so pleased by our record. Streaming how do you wanna listen to it. Get familiar with the song enjoy Zacks. And share with your friends and there will be some songs that we absolutely love and sex type thing like notes analysis James thanks to Dayton Moore who knows what else. Maybe even some colts began. May even post modern heroes all throughout this wow. If I didn't get instead mediated settlement palm Parsons and Randy Howell holed. So hopefully we'll have the world it's gonna be awesome I. Think that's only been brutal world but everything else so we couldn't stand after back yeah. Which right world are you ready for this curve immensely to your home school utilities while they stay positive. I. A.