MigsCast 11/29/17 "Ricker"

Tuesday, November 28th

This week we welcome back former KISW personality, Ricker!  Ricker is now in the marijuana business as he is a part owner of WamOil. Ricker shared some great stories about his time at KISW...what he has been up to since...and also a great story about partying with the Macho Man Randy Savage!  Also joining us were our buds Billy & Mish from Mary Mart to share some of the stranger pot products they have for sale (Dope On A Rope) and other fun suggestions to help you through the holidays!  We also check the messages, and re-cap Bruiser Brody's show this past weekend!


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And he's dead many of his teammates and I am here with the reverend employee out hello I'm playing cat and know how they. Recovering from our show at studio seven bullets in my traditional good morning things are gonna forget the people generally you can hear the show until sometime in the afternoon so for a night. Yeah or tomorrow or four days later so I gotta check it as a G acclimate proof I don't even know what's going on good whatever is that you're dealing with at this very moment. How that's going to put I got here I was in the speed cloud again this morning manned. One senator says that this is going to be a lot of phone we've got our old friend our. Philly from our merry march page here associate with up on guys I gotta say I'm very disappointing in US this donor did. Starters what Powell. I've never been told have been disciplined well because it was 915 when you arrived. And I'm like what storm shows. Sterling Cooper I don't have five did you guys doughnuts and no one ate all that took the bronze goes for you are all you went after I don't know I don't I'm Gary had one on the way over so it's kind of a moment. If I feel better and bring a full. It's personal Baker's story that's a good start thing right I did hear back on the birdies on the event Akamai gossip your back and even the owner customers three left. It's. I'm sure that I would do quite a better yet some great stuff happening rattle your heart goes out and so for the guys for the holidays we get you know we're very a media were very distracted but we have to I hate to bump you right up to Geico but this is awesome I'm very excited for and against that we have in is very much a man that we love Jerry KI SW a man that I know of many people are going to be very said he hear his voice. That's the reverend in Fuego hot and I love what I felt. Mike breaker breaker what's going down honor. Hot man blows a flash look at. Are there. Food. I look. Rick every oversight on Saturday night which was awesome a bruiser Brody brought her brother thank you. Wow that was a lot of d.s does Ellison is actually that was impressive at this hour. Crews are birdie brought her brother. Yeah I like the ban a lot many young all star lineup there with obviously you on the kid and my brow ASCII Travis bronco on vocals button GT Phillips he stole my own guitar player from corny jokes. Are now dismiss some point we gotta talk about the story about how you found GT cut yes. We have we Rio we're ever in my wedding talk about it now okay well yeah. I don't we have placed our record. Billions while you're going to -- on the guitar hello -- Jeff Ross on base can't go wrong went back for plays with Duffy MacKay did use an event called alien crime sin yeah oh yeah there was some time guessing game right now by you might have -- with five he and Buckcherry. Do you Tommy Ellis and Ozzie for a while yeah just did -- Tommy Stinson sore yeah I mean that's insane and but now he's so lucky to be blessed with our present I think there's a revenue flocks involved in our games vs many of Jeff's other games we haven't told never really aren't make a wish kids but he thinks we are I finally got us. It's going to make their blood goes along my way I'm pretty sure he got a guy beset by my bedside was bro what are you need you now. But I want to government could yet I was talking we JT and now we heard Jerry mr. about how you guys first connected. And it all started with him calling the request line of KI SW according to him maybe I don't know if you remember the story but I I was laughing because I I I'm sure you like me like every radio personal we enter caused assume every young and single. Sometimes you know you try to see. Now know if there's a hot chick on the other line that you use that request points not to get laid. But the funny guitarist well I read these for everything will work and we thought our I had a organs and those stars I'm sure as well but it's a portal to the universe. I I was telling him about some of the crazy crap. We are having phone sex for listeners America at the end tomorrow at a and then we expect that at that meeting one of the girls well. Asks if you eat apples. And bad this is before the Internet you know yeah out kind of get in you don't rely on your minds apple yet he's spotted dot and I horse and the closing drive we shall remember manner. I think you should put her granddaughter on the food. It's video at that point dared doubted them upside if it was like Dara Smith video there was to be talking about Tony do you look back pedal. It has an image of Steve with a startled look on his face from the moment when he met. Democrats like I was up and it really puzzled by. A set up I got a little balcony kind of a sad fact for me again I think I really don't Steve come down here I'm okay how nice to meet you think I'm Bob comic okay insecure he talked to Mike. On the voice. Poll that I got to work that still up there not how much I am good there and I stayed up there for the entire concert. Because I was afraid to come out and I help everybody want to stick a real go getters would help strike in the PA if you step up. I exit strategy just got thrown into world that whirlwind affixed to the concert is over everyone's gone are you sure I'll do the lady Gregory still here I get a hole. Those guys are told those guys and Obama outlets from all harnessed up I'm going up we're gonna drop some light by observer America after you've got those moments to be I made that mistake early in my career like in the mid ninety's you know it's. You're doing like overnights mists and season. You sound really sexy room when he when he looked likely win. You get this full picture in your head you playing me. I get off at 6 AM let's hang out OK come on over you show the trailer park you like is this really completely in the that's. He kind of coming. Creeping up on the address you know we're in the middle of a hook right now in a quiet couple broken down tricycle hasn't front yard you know it deflated cool. Can baby poorly like. Should I go in you know. I don't know right up there Malone don't go away you're like you know this could be trumpet could be daisy duke in the trailer you don't know you take that Arenas yet though but the winners telling you that that's the only brother part of your body I think it could be good they don't code judge brown don't judge and that's a washer dryer combo with a review of the unit but I'm going and I know there are regular occurrence and it just didn't give me in the door. Yeah and any knock on the door and that's in now and again you. You don't have an exit strategy devised to get you out of their cleanly right she these kind of have to run and hope that nobody shoots you on the way out. To have her with one of those net guns did you know them you know wait up all night she feels a little bit disrespect hit it right at that but you come in my home. Just picturing you in the street would trailer park and when those nets one of those you know I don't know us a call you guys are the only guy yeah half misery. He's dragging him in size and planet of the apes. I think. An agreement could it. I think she drags you behind the horse you back in the business Taylor on going until you have no energy left a disadvantage. If you rob boyfriend now yeah. Now. I am in a column on ankles and it's all misery all her again. We learn those lessons early in our career yes. And it had the Internet that we couldn't do any background check and then you learn to use them as regular callers. Should reflect Leonard. I'll tell I don't know can they be and all due respect to the rubber chicken lady she was actually hot she was. You lose out there you all golf yeah I remember seeing pictures review and of articulating which of two events and it was like. Girls smoke shop there but a whack job just from the outside only inside and complete mystery smoke show whack job. Today for Betty yeah who yeah this Janet could never get too weird though them there. I know not she knew her ground I mean she you know she. IE and I aides say this is it sounds kind of narcissistic but she was in SaaS with me. And have done our season at all cause of that speech she always knew that she didn't have a shot. You know I. Because it was zero dollars and Q&A for amateur there was a level of I dole litre. You know feel like this drum on met when I first came out here and I got put her on such a high pedestal that it does seem like not I could do nothing that would ever be able to make. That work Zhao we've all know we've all had that out of ambition to get somebody way out of our league that we knew we couldn't get you guys heard a colorful. But you have to look at the sensual black and non consensual little mostly they got Salmonella being sent try it I would never take that you know I'm never goes there because I might ruins. The magic that we had on the air you know there ever a moment though that you may be out like a low point to wrong. Just feeling super frisky you're you're putting out feelers every booty call and nobody is getting back here did you think never won a real moment dude. That woman you're smarter man than me I probably would have. I don't mean its member I was single I made a lot of bad mistakes listen Steve. If I really needed I have always gone to a rock girl. You act shinji didn't get a repercussion G the you'll have like in the moment where his brain goes dude this doesn't end here at variety in his left eye and permanent first caller racquet or knives seat mile is a constant. Ongoing story arc of well source and do you Wear gap you know that someone who lives in the moment than some of these things down the road we ended up cousin's my don't know really know why term enemy I should read the playbook you learn that an early in radio man you can't make those mistakes when I first got here in 2002. A baby couple rock girl's didn't go over real well sergeant hair club. It's like you've got to learn to keep all of he'll definitely emotional and it'll help pond zone differences company and that's right that goes for callers to fit well. Off. The end didn't have those rules allow virgin Mary thankfully cure. Oh man I just what answers to resume his own morality Carol I was doing was there are meeting like her club Sid yeah hey Mikey got the second inning to talk to you and then there was a meeting hall tells you would have all yet compelling rove Telecom outfit PGA pitchers hit the picture brother wasn't pretty. Yeah. When it's hot brag about do I was the first of all you know her conine. We had a lot of differences in the early day I was very confrontational person because I wanted to do things my way. It was his radio station he wanted it done his way. And I you know was still in the frame of mind were hey I'm a radio star and I'm the reason why this place gets ratings united ego and which you know is is wasted time for all you people out there listening makes meetings challenging it does yeah we had to drag out you know yell at each other meetings where and yeah I actually have fired one time conquest of number record is revenge remembered tempered cats play in your return to the air shelter that was their party and morale in. It and it was because you know I was just loose cannon and I didn't really know how to put a lid on it and he was trying to tame the wild beast. And you know eventually he you don't die it's you know I compromise. And oh by the current rocker assaults I knew I had to dial well really generally alumni he reads acts but you know it's not a lot of value in every jacks couldn't come because maybe you should have been voted right after the gala that. I asked for your little ones as seen not pass Muster was mind blowing to me a look who's doing new this voting because some sort of grill that were passed on I thought we're just ridiculous while we're on that subject you know my girlfriend of almost six years tried out for rock girl didn't make the cut. That's where I met her was I interviewed her own DJ Burris. Seated and she didn't make it it's only slim it. In the days you know every is an amazing it's appropriate because as I guess so subjective there have been times writes he met girls I've. Personally said you need to audition Yuri Chou win and dating get in night I tell you so I was a shoo in a might well. The winner should we say that to dominate the southern crushing dreams left right outside her loses a no brainer and based on audience response based audience response and also how well they do and interviews but listen to your high fifth that it doesn't mean that you're dude socialize and you're actually right. And then they do the job of fighting goes that are attractive and also our great first line of defense for the radio station I give them credit like I am I I would be the worst epic Oracle's read our coaches of pitches are does that matter of the red channel Karen. Arrive within three months they're down the road she doesn't show love her gay and she thinks she owns the place and she's treating guests rocket rockaholics. Like their secondary guy you know who wants that is that something that's transpired. I think I'm sure has he solo course it has a Ballmer I haven't seen it but I'm sure that it. The way you know you you are my mistakes happen and proud like whenever you're a girl like that it doesn't want you you represented the state yeah that point on you better put us listen in the beginning castle and I would sit down and we look at the live with who who rebel hands together who's going to miss here you know. And we pick out the hottest ones and so I heart you know they've come in. They give interview miracle would say no no no Buick are all really. I was giant he's really good news to her. That's how I. Got back to our tech coverage units at a meeting today Mike I talked yeah how do you find out that you were. And a couple rock or else you. Should hate her rocker or game who can't even take. Everybody's looking at you like OK dude there's something we need to low learn here that we don't know you know you do yoga did your goal I got this figured out how to use our eight day and then it's I think it's a perk of the job. Knew it was there. And Tony Stark automatic path taken with the listen you're a new guy in a new city and there's a bevy of hot he's just. Airport NL it's like going to college and suddenly your fraternity and there's little sisters. And it's like okay well here's your kids choose frozen jobs great yet so when you're having sex in these two rock grows with the current rock rose at the same time together. Yeah another award yes do they know that both of them are getting killed a sample of the record the end. Is now an amazing I don't know what sounds awesome on paper Manuel got tough or no way I'm living vicariously through the story I mean that's I don't want to deal with the drama came from the sounds awesome mom I and I'm not a you know it sounds awesome but it turned out to be it's like. It's like Dayton more than one chick at a time you know you're like on the man I'm given the all kinds action around town border turns out to bees is more of a hassle than dwarfs. It's happen it's it's stressful man you have and a lie and cheat deceive that doesn't make you feel commitment. You today and Cindy sit in the office and M and whether sergeant Santos city it's real simple look no more rock girls that's it. Now with Santa but pretty easy and I know that's it. You have really no. I I have three hours later I. What I'm not OK okay yeah. I got a chart is like up there with the new puppy trying to pull populated from the slid a no we don't you that no we don't use a computer disk drive. How how about yeah. Right now. So I had million girlfriend. That all our overall costs have been about the derby at at at at a broad. So then we've we do we talk about all this for the women but then you find of guitarists. I have request sign who turns out to be the great JT Phillips who's been now and so many great dad were lucky Adam. Embers are very obvious he's a clover change our fight but he was twenty years old when he first met you which is seared forever ago yes no beard here. Then a club her club didn't tell me how to get rid of him. Okay. Okay okay okay okay. I've actually he did have a beer he had a goatee that went down to his nipple members as yet. But it was like it was kind of like born that way from I heard my good friends used to be I just angular straight chance originally had on the I heart. OK. Yeah now JT's and I mean he's it lifetime musician like you glad he's doing about 57 different bands. Clover Jane. Did jealous guy Jimmy knows gods shined and jar fly out exactly bruiser Brody he and I you unplug shows as he dial on the media I don't know how he. Does some projects you with though that the the rocky chiropractor in Iraq isn't on that statement yeah I've time musician and yet dedicated loved music. Yeah didn't NA you know we we record it killed Kurt for four years together end yes so he calls one day on mandatory Metallica I'm on the air. And us as well you know penalty hometown fans is a plume guitar. And I just moved to the area and I had a band in Tampa that I you know left because I got fired and got a gay guy here. I called at two brute tape. Which was where it's easier said when you guys before he died who stabs you know it is the ultimate betrayal yeah you know. And so we you know I civil dude I'm looking to put a band together and that's how it started you know and then we were sitter. He WM he really caught in a request though he's a he requested three Metallica instruments media and he's response was. No that's not how it works and I'm I'm I'm still did I miss the songs you repeat after me if you wanna be on the radio that's the only way it's going to happen. And I guess like his mind was like the loan. And his spirit was crushed that it did radio did not know look Leo Ryan right moves bring you up when the call to Lou whatever it is I got but he got a hand on 87%. And more about it and this is how it's going to work very young man welcome to the corporate world golf you can now choose one of the three following Third Eye Blind songs yeah if you only have three songs. Yeah they're all kind of the same silly that's how much Jeremy. Obviously it we share a step up yeah I Iberia and I've ordered him to cut myself and my term -- kind of life yep yep I'm that guy was a jerk by the way Steve did you think I heard that melee I heard he today GAAP. So again a lot of made up when the ninety's he seemed about as deep as the mud puddles so I had told adult that he was in all of my speech if not Al west and now. I. Well you put the man he had earned yeah and and we starting gate you know our first and it Travis focus service was in second coming at the time right I think. What about a track at this that you guys played shows with him yeah wilted that's another story Travis and I met in Tampa. Hit an art festival. That we had a three day festival every year. And second coming was on tour recently told me this story yet and that we ended up hanging out you know I was like well one of the bands you know as a I don't see how the bandit turned out to beat them. And then years later I come here and they're playing in the sky church for very first rock group gala. In a minute elevator with Travis Brock who was the singer second coming. And I go I know you'd be you don't remember me is Iowa reached in. I just got a genius Seattle. Eventually became buddies he came over my house and assure him the video that I shot that day Yelp of Hume in of them on stage in humans actually we're a little loaded. But he's kind of weeping Molly who's watching job. Our school dad that's awesome forget that travelers who wasn't even though we can go Travis it is a very easily do we tell how I met him in yet told the whole story of the you'd video and on the way to show and in the interview with Travis and you guys got to sit down somewhat settled those years later. And I became really good friends of these jeweler called us and yeah I didn't need those kind of relationships are. The lifelong because it's so happenstance the way it worked out who'd known that I was gonna come to Seattle. And and be you know significant radio personality in this city to this day people still talk about it's it's one of those things where you left such a great mark what's her name I asked. I had a lot of Ali thanks yeah. I don't know we've Iran Iraq Carlson how do stuff. Sally doesn't sound like a rock girl and how ironic is it then I end up with. Girl that China for the Broncos know this place was my. I feel yeah you know Christie Christie Jessica she's all over the Internet awesome man I've known her. Pure rebel at least he wouldn't have known you man and yes 1012 years longer than you know long time when Glenn and I we we used to share practice space that was how he and I really met it was funny for the first couple months and use Malik and I had not done the math. Oh really some closet. You know like click. Begin I think it milieu month or two before even realize. Nuclear. We don't play a couple shows together yeah man you know window pane according Joseph let her do an the second Phoenix together again yeah amendment it's a good time we. What was the reaction for the band. To look obviously that's a polarizing. Named to come up with here obviously in stone earlier Alan I was gone of those you know the thing. Thinking around it well we had a two moute are I did in Tampa and I thought or keep something along the same lines of that of as the ultimate betrayal. And somebody in the bay answered Courtney killed Kurt. Perfect it's contemporary it's Seattle it's you know. You know people love the name it never got back to Courtney. Q I. Am getting the T shirt and not having the courage to win it knew it well I didn't wanna take the flat. As I figured at some point to the dude that's not cool as a polarizing thing here yeah gaps like that I've written when the color box went under I got one of those shirts which is still plan to flame but you know some color box in the in the dates the club was open and it says F you laughing at. You can brighten and I had never worn that T shirt as an institution Italy takes one person really pay men you know and so is wait for that in my court yet he was army green with red text Jessica don't yellow text. I'll get okay yeah see you're gonna warn that car boxer at church when I play reminds worshipped him I find it went over to re impressive yeah as hell and I respect that on while marching alone or as light employing double bassist drinking wine. I he doesn't watered us down LG during her son Jesus the king met for Mandela at all this curious. I play drums and a worship and actually for real pot. I yeah and yeah. So old now. Did you you leave cast W yeah you head on over to report I'm about to begin in Portland. McKay UFO and they you know the the thinking was I loved working here meant. But I just wanted to change you know my I'm the kind of person and it just gets complacent you know the same place all the time and I thought important such a cool city are good down there and can do afternoons and be a big fish in the small pond. And did a year and a half later we ought to fire. A station one under. Yet they flip format yet just Portland even have a rocks know know her most at all to rock and I can remember some years back we domino pain and done not. Uproar we did pain in the grass out of the gorge flash cache W. The next day review an uproar and a market like. Idaho Washington border. We didn't realize is that Portland's last standing rock station and switched formats into there was no marketing promotion and all for it and I'm talking it was I think he was Alice and Jane's Addiction all Ira malware now I there was like 3200 people that they're announcing whoever the promoter was lost eight. Or chin and I'm Christina liked all guy and that was how I really can do the math on the fact that. Portland at that time on the table rock station again now we don't know men they got the alt rock station but that's a whole different animal I'm ready to LA has rock station. Normal thing or two NFL teams now for theft. They don't want to do I don't want yeah I do and only okay we're not there waiting gap and I hate to go to Portland things don't work out. And then it's easy to do travel a bunch. Guys spent five and a half years trying to find myself how's all caught up man in this persona that I created I spent twenty years in radio. And to you know I was constantly building the reeker brand had been fired five times and hired five times. And I just you know it's it it it's something we've wanted to give back to my roots you know and I grew up in in Pensacola Florida and I was just this nobody buy you kid that kind of became famous. And fame has its price released no righty does because you know every dip towns got their cut your phone number. You know plenty good people do but eventually everybody's got a piece of years and you know people like you know Britney Spears or Elton John whatever. King live like that I guess you know but I couldn't. They love them more insulated Burrell hit a team and he's only did you not yet again I mean it's a weird it's weird thing I it's it's obviously like look look what we have to do was. African amazing yes it's so much fun you get to make someone's day better while they're stuck in traffic but there are a couple. Every wants us normal cross that line of their privacy or that. Not realizing MMC were being just like you I get it's it's it's a little ridiculous are you treating or acting this way and that's why it's soul sucking. Then you feel like you've got to play a role and they've got rotten teeth and smelly breath and wanna get an inch away from you kiss she almost and that they can support we just like. I can't take it anymore and I was coming out of my skin and I was having anxiety. And I just needed to decompress man. So arm you know I spent five and a half years writing books that are not published and travel the world and trying to fears that some things out. And then on my birthday. I went to and so I wanna go to Peru too much of Picchu. I met this cat is really interest you guidance that you have to do I why Scott. So UN did DeLong so glad I did in Peru yeah in the Nassau deeper into the jungle and did it. And I hear that some very LBJ's done it I got we very currencies with other people as well that have done it in in Peru and it's. I choose a wrestler and a big fan of who. It's all part I of his career start went downhill at the WBB because they just now placed from any money yup fired. He when did I Los cut and we found himself these guys reborn Matt said though to be wrestling at the size I need to come around Indy star because of really. Whatever it is that he learned under that plan and it's different for everybody yeah. And I came out of it just thinking what what I learned from this I don't know but I do one thing I'm really interested in. This is plant based Madison they call it down there it's called medicine you drink the Mattison president of recreational like no and it can really really you know change some things there's a super high. A cure for addiction for people you know who really put themselves into it and so I came out of that he can research I lost an amazing. I came out of it not really know what I got out of it but I knew one thing that I was really interested in this plant based medicine. Walk couple months later I get a call from a buddy of mine from back in the day KI SW he actually used to call my show they they Richard this is cowboy. Cowboy. Indeed talk about the cowboys win the Seahawks were playing them you know we have little dissertation about who kicked ass who sucked. So he wasn't one of your out who's who he wasn't one of your otter pops in America yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so I declined but that's. But tell me one day I was working out a guy comes and goes are you quicker and again you have meant he was on cowboy. Oh how we hit it off we will of snowboarding turns out he was hired a macro I talked on the request that I can and nine cents a fairly good yeah. If the stuff. Let's hope he. So he calls me says pace so we had this hash oil company called wow who started his Washington alternative medicine. He says why don't you come appear run my company with and so I'll do that. But I'm an only part of the company's high invested in our won the owners of swam way. We just got nominated for for best concentrate company by the doping industry awards. And does things go really great we've been in the wreck market for six months we make super high grade. CO2 actually buy the cartridge and got a dab applicator coming out and weren't a hundred stores in the state of six months and were married mark. I'm about a sad I hope that you're also known eye socket like yeah I'm really did that yeah I would help Karrie Webb Ellis I don't know and we have actually we don't get along pretty bad timing. I really awkward and Barrymore in Tacoma on six half. Exactly and it's a great story its big they're growing Billy's like mine my number one you know go to guy who has been there he's the man didn't. In Luigi is you know the buyer there and they're just such great people when they do such great this is a beautiful clientele in the bud tenders are all fantastic. And you know it's it's one of my favorite stores and one downplay any the other stores awards are great tomorrow we're not in the studio with us right now so I guess yeah. Or donuts right every doughnuts or other fun treats me and practicing Schiavo Hutchison why am loyal to our. Yeah I go to war moral dot com and check it out and in you can vote for us for best concentrate company appreciated if you guys did that. We'll throw it up on the least guess FaceBook group page to engage you can get although that the Titanic do she's out there and pay attention and entries of Moscow has no idea Oscars for a firm for the marijuana industry here in the state of Washington which is nice and asked have you present erratic but it's really it's arm I guess if I can make it work because it's my anniversary. Our cap so it's like you can take seeing there are always ask. Forty man roster I don't know you can't deny your right it is double date very yelled yeah another fun actually but I don't think you'd wanna go to little pot. Award show being it's just Z do you know that should get a picture taken. And doesn't look great. Story that day and that's good I. I and a son Ali I do rove will spread the word in Maicer Izturis WA am oil dot com that's right it's not wham the ban them now. But now I know Haitian against wham did careless whispers all time whenever I wake you before you get out that's all arms and go go really got my okay and covered wham rap don't leave we have online delivery was left hanging Peter Parker now. I'm Carlos cover I. Willie you guys totally in tune recovered wham rap. We were heard where wrap. Mega Tori oh boy it's so bad it's OK guys against delicious you should I have a feeling it's no yeah I don't know exactly Joseph asked this isn't the cereal when amber our underwear wrapped 86 he gets enormous for cystic fibrosis is a crisis exists. A. The so that the time is right Gloria FF bombing. Do include collaborate I would be outcry even. It is better than those air bag. Okay. I didn't pick it. Understood yeah. I'm surprised she didn't you'll never easy to I have to stuff got what they hope. Honestly I don't. You remember about how we did disarm more cal well. Anyway. When camera. Okay guys from being flown for my companies yeah yeah. No. That's the tough. A lot. I'm done I'm done I'm done and we also tell me that yes you guys passed. On careless whisper in wake me up before you can a little bit about him I feel like those songs might have been taken. As a guide to go to wham cover night it doesn't matter if there it's like no we're going to do it as well. That but I didn't say it was a good idea I felt that wasn't the right version maybe it's a wham rap this one I paced others are there a real life version does it seem like take Saturday. He got to Norman's championship fashion. Very. Best rock. Now though it's not a this again is one of those head and hands moments where you just with a little words on why it's. Giant nickel metal that's what yeah. They must install equipment a couple of tough but I. Solely samples remembers ladies bans don't give him a three footer to trumpet played its. Hello George. Paragon I got about an hour I got a feeling doubt I'm was written by Andrew regionally but the other day I was. Other guy and royal yacht. And as as George sleazy like rats. Why you believe it Malone I don't know why I'm here is a good reason maybe sing over that crap and he's like John notes and all of those have been a big step at a Catholic I don't know really what is with his new position. So cram oil not WH a MW AM all I ask. Give me your take our Bellamy rabbit hole goes and Darnell path and to know where really dark grab it I'll probably got out of it quickly enough gap because typically we don't. What's the problem why am I would introduce a firearms hook and we're going to put a gun down pressure that we we got this put to good good I'm packaged in plastic explosives do this. Please call up. It's. OK okay. Pulled the trigger. This got a bedroom with students and residents. Okay. I thought I take back you can't enormous isn't out. Are distributed to categorize those really bad here. So why am oil dot com. And I and I just posted on the mis cast he's the aids single also awesome yeah everybody vote let's get the word out let's make sure you guys win. So just you know as a little note of reference we weren't medical since 2010 and we specialize in CBD strains. Which are no young projects Qassam goodies but CDs can't be the all it's like the new thing right. A lot of people claim that it kills pain. And it's. Our football players are really during the union or somebody it was in the world footballer really campaigning for like this is. This is the road we need to go as opposed to these players just popping somebody goes to handle the pain. I don't know my understanding is that not his own natural but you don't get it you know god stupid hot and it's not this idea of sorts she allow you ever plan as a 113. Active kind of annoys any giver take. And THE is one camera noise. So the plan has another 112 give or take cannon and voids in it. And research was basically illegal in prohibited for ninety years. So they don't know much about that now the finding out that these cannon and always have certain effects on the human body of human brain that are beneficial. And there's a bunch off so you know we we strive it wham well. To leave all those kind of annoyed in the products he gets such a great health and wellness feeling from a not only do you get high from the TH seed or black and teach C in the boat TH C high candlelight. Strange that we offer. But you get these health and wellness benefits from its you don't just get high. You get a really good positive almost spiritual feeling out of views and really yeah I OK I saw something appealing to me the greatest. I'm very appealing to me as well because like my that we don't need to go into the reasons how it happened but I might have followed my head recently. And my neck you've been pretty jacked because of that Saturday night was a big one I'm glad I guess I don't want to be obviously you know like. You didn't play that song right brother and exactly why our group. Nobody had heard myself and so my head's kind of a little bit now aquatic only goes so far how did you hurt yourself I might have been during wrestling Mary ago while. Well I know I got flipped over and instead of talking my neck and I just. Fully just landed on my album for the tie analog and I smoked a fat bald man walked into a truck I was gonna follow up I don't know I don't know I've already read it there's this policy Steve. Doing a wrestling wrong and you know you want to go on Israel's wrestling strange bright spot no brother say the pain and I'm going to write for yeah. The crunching is Steve makes his way down the hall yeah I don't ever in my head and pops now and by the way not good I got to throw this in there. When I lived in Tampa I was friends with Randy macho man savage Kostis and we had a great time I hear he was only. He used to come to my Saturday Night Live broadcast in the in the big east club in Tampa. Some. Harder mile later really gauger show America no way oh yeah do. So then you just kick it with him total and I heard he's like he's intense but as good of a duty as they come. That's what I've heard the best guy ever men and you little intimidating is very large yeah red faced but. That is what is the and I feel the narcotics it's difficult to say and his Czech league you know give me the you know stare up in downtown LA move. Going to be like do not look at me that way right dad did he kill didn't exactly do I don't know how you handle Hulk Hogan went Hoke also was being nice to Elizabeth you do not want to (%expletive) him off. The mega powers fell apart because there's jealousy and how we look at her she was so moved who cannot. Arm but yeah I mean great guy do we got a gal oh really yeah he's dead now so I can say that we did drugs. Other any more than any illusions that he was on straight narrow gap which must do an interview like I want Ortiz on a wonderful and get it cheaply and if you I got to five under par one of his promo is only doing all Volkswagen and half today and so I think you'll see what he's all I'm. I tell you what he was on. Slim Jim's brother and attack as a matter if it's good it. All of I don't know why Randi what do you do for a living Americans losers like after his you know career was counting Muslim Jew money where our own functional don'ts when German thrown off course yard do you then think of public opinion couple millionaire and a brilliant slim Jim geez maybe he made a killing in that. And that was a huge endorsement nobody envied as they try to Selby stakes that work for me all your trying to tell me that this guy right here. He's having a poll was on the cover with our. Rodney you three putt and hit me. And here they're thousand plus people you fortunately there and this is reputed to Reagan's people cup of coffee in the big idea. Call call your doctor because you never get closer than now. Whole deal and you're kind of little do we cupid and you are really being either because you know if we Q given viewers a little boost fuel and you don't verdict will be. Move factory yeah. You say no factor obviously he has a factor you bet he's brought unusual I would ask you just walk during their small circle looking at nothing you know command I which I've been doing for 43 years that you find this on YouTube just take him macho man Randy savage on cocaine before. How hot hot hot summer I. We're real excited doesn't even matter no because I am ready and I warmed up this opportunity slip through my fingers cookbook called three million years. Hey. It's a tough tough tough tough tough lineup the a real good runs off camera and I'm. I don't attack the chair her something some of the best times in my life. What does that seem like where you're hanging room Randy said I cannot imagine people just trying to get up on that make them rock star status brother yeah. It but you know he would look a lot of the stub wrestling guys you know they did Tampa yep it's a little the other holster lives there you know. Arm in so it wasn't that big deal you know as I go there's march America's he was seen around a lot you know. And you know hanging out with a guy like that I'm nervous I've been intimidated by a lot of people you know metal water rock stars over the years you know. But that dude I was just like in law as it was such a privilege to hang out with him in might be friends with him you know. What kind of price you know chatty in early 2000 always happen. It's. Sad he wasn't the usual walking. WW receiver. Or some crazy days and have said and I guess I said days are massive. If you play for the Seahawks you know our I just remember the first time when I first came KIW. We carried the Seahawks yeah we had Howard Stern warnings up I was actually doing night. And we had a sweep the one of those reds own suite on the field. And I remember that do you walking past is gone my guy he's a giant you know with his pads on the stuff Kerry was little boy after games and hawks have been. You know shut out 42 nothing by the surrounds are a tough time I get around during a rough out there actually but then we became friends with this your morning show yet you know and and in double our. I just saw Chad. Couple months ago did you at the parliament in Bellevue and so weird Ike enters a mere moment of I didn't. It's like old buddies catching up again but there's dilemma might just kill me which is one touch easy yeah. Monster he's a great guy Craig can also the my favorite story was we didn't absent shall we all that we saw maps and and and we high tailed it to bricks that double our path to strip club wrecks and I was dead Ted do make it to work you had a calling. Strip club and into the green fairy strip club oh my god you'd like. And I just you remember the next day talking to chat on the phone a gay behavior only M her shoes and apparently I spent about thousand dollars at the strip club guys and he goes yeah man he'd still like yeah command the Sox he was. Knob and it was awesome coming up but I don't know they've got money you may that I don't have a million dollar I don't think now all right thanks that it might be saying just drop a hundred grand my god. Hurt my wallet is a goal is good times only. What I remember yes how much do you remember what I really mean instead thousand dollars. That's her. But man am I really savage is like that diet even if you are wrestling fan he's he's an icon viewing at the Mike wrestling. Man loves hanging out with them it was called radio. Now these you know I feels I would when he died do little piece of me died within you know poses does that play heart attack. While driving while driving drove into a tree and thank you for America it was weird because we had Rima stereo on our breaks on wrestler. On a morning show. That morning and I asked them hey who would. If you got any when you go wrestle dream match who would be and he was Randy savage 100% rate in and an hour later the news community does it system is really weird take on this date that he said that that's the one guy he wished she could wrestle. I would imagine he must have been like in his limo wherever he was going after us thinking. I just talked about him and how curse him for sometime now so I'll never aspirin mystery only wants a Russell kinds of coincidence Glenn candidates. I. Hope I remember the men's room did a show on the death of Farrah Fawcett. And midway through the show they get news that Michael Jackson died writes it's like yeah happen. And it was like I mean not that you have me. I'm ready if your family Firefox you're like wow. We just have like maybe an hour of of tributes and an almost ever forgot her. Yeah I mean how do you use there's no bigger and Michael Jackson we can't as first tributes go this is crazy it was a crazy day that. Complete TDD. For now. You maybe you could remain asserted during unity said he wanted to wrestle a tag team match against Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett has been an intra gender grass is. And next you go to both the hysteria. He's the one that's killing them all. Well what I'm doing and Taliban without Billy decided obviously philly's a great friend of our show. Odd my man. What's gone on the world to marry Marc. Well you'll want to combine last week but I pulled a monsoon remove and forgot when Tuesday was so. I forgot about what I'm talk about our green Wednesday specialty used a little game got everything you Dave and is every Tuesday it's well known as if he slept in half and he can get to sleep. You know what I don't remember. Wait a second I thought oh that's very important it is so you're on today to promote please Wednesday it happened last Wednesday exactly okay that makes sense and he's Thanksgiving have to think that's this Thursday right or happy Thanksgiving area actually yeah we have. Little things giving special and that jazz bones we sponsor the show with the app remand this last weekend so it's giving overnight does jazz bones and in the shop and hung out with the crew for awhile mutual we're here. And nice and it's it. As for men is also guitar virtuoso from what I hear. OK I heard that the guy can read on the guitar and I think it's crazy I wouldn't doubt it I mean I was in kind of weird I've seen the pictures of exciting match to get to go our I don't you try and got on two ago almost stuff like that that's life it's donor response and not forgot yeah. Bullies and for the kit which is it a with a kid in the bathtub. The couple owns a lot of enrollment or whom it looked okay good question that went off and that's helped Timmy learned to swim and he'll come back I got hired a president. OK okay. That's up. Positive version of that song I don't know if you guys are that he really did because like up high needed it with a positive twist Beasley both sides became spiritually motivated. And did get to there was glaucoma all sorts itself to on my whole check that out it's actually pretty cool a bit is it as a few we'd maps. Who did that video form. But it's fill out an hour from random read maps as driven I was gonna launch a multi million dollar prize and so I got a couple and an alert. Fall clandestine it's paid off it because they ask a lot of analogy outlook has a challenge now though it's actually called. We don't need to get on Amazon.com. Advertise because they got high positive free mix very positive and it's and I guess I'm very sad about this. I was bleeding for a loan actively in the moment and ironically. I care about and should. I'm. Just as. Only slowing down their own game next yeah. I think Olympics it's. They want finally. It's. What I call. It's. OK okay. Mortgages while back is that this this is not powerful man did a positive she remakes of his because I got high song where he talks all the positive. Attributes a marijuana so they have this glaucoma and brother lets his moneymaker right there you know. I hit the positive remains because the other person was very negative. My. The guys. Cigarettes. Manila. There are things you can do you know I guess. Yeah it's. You. So it's yeah. Many news. Here there and when. This is aimed personally at me now I don't have a good looking everywhere and Jack Daniels and a cigarette hanging out my lips. Have a guy he's no matter where I move he's looking at the is at. It was not really fun to play home games it's. It's awesome Sacramento because they got hide the positive remittance. What's going on over a merry march. So hello bull dug her new location I talked the last time there's wrappers left you left talking doubled flushing them nothing new location I guess who were at that same location worship fully open now we used to just work with a third of the space above bill building okay. On networks ran and were we've got seven registers were getting ready to have our eighth register. We have those lines full seven days a week we just launched our online ordering signature of a mini mart dot com. Check our menu can actually order anything that you want on there and everybody that's ordering online December soften their first. Or another first every purchase dupers online you get 10% often use like military well he's involved that you were shipped with in the state of washing also Lisa this ordered online they come pick it up and I'll never give an owner knows like Scott how are now I'm just WX wrestling you know you get your order like health center and then. It be baggage tag and it's ready for you coming all you do is pay foreigner out the door and. Us until we were dozens of who were easily who were weeds its whom he nine million dollars each front on the corner blood count is losing its own legal library that exactly yeah. I've been on a couple overrides that definitely were part of looper weeds I'll hook up to donate I did I hit hard at it and they rarely got two star general give me and then we gill because that's stars it's five pot leafs. Look at like if you look at how we gonna drive maneuvers. And I kind of thought I could do about my exit time. Okay Hillary that is the only as the next my anxiety attacks within they have ties. Yeah. Bags. Are sorry for the. Only Murrow would be healed some drug to be doing you know large green Wednesday special to everybody for you guys some. They're different for Christmas and Monica and all that good stuff and rim have yelled and laws and every union town so. We brought you guys and stuff but either you can put into a stocking up for your friend your friends or whatever or Oscars I don't make it easy for you to do the the in laws. And everybody is okay nice industry not smell like we ran a zero we'd menorah. Is okay every great welcome to how many and I had a candidate Labrador and just how slow through time eight joints. Yeah about eight curl your rounds I think that's what we've got a week aura but the couple got here this is. This may pack right here I thought we don't our liberty miss the most is told us. Then the company is the proof of butter cookies number two Palm Pre rolled joints. It's nice little wax dip jar here and nice and fancy pass that around and really high quality stuff. Make agreement or as well so and it's. I was gonna celebrated Jewish holidays then I got tired I mean we can actually make one now I don't know what he's candles and not a lot of the talk Hossa but. Think about it tomorrow. That's one of the fun stuff doesn't want from these regards this one I think I got in late night TV shows a very liked the animal guy and he brings all the cool animals I think definitely we bring billion resolve these awesome read this. No just all excited Mike what is everybody wants all of you like to vaporize a slight got you something this is the indigo pro. Bombs so here's the better for him Rican women into go to purchase goes with it and so it's it's nice feisty new what are magnetic it's sort of like clips on there to a discrete real nice metal a batter already Italy will. I actually like until next this when you might like this is a fun one on this this week for stocking stuff response suffered his dope on a rope. This is confused so and so I don't ask don't girl and I I've heard about bonds might approach doesn't yeah yeah yeah. And so Blake you -- out of the bathroom for that bad boy I don't get it right out smoking usually don't border island library man almost make a little amount -- -- -- -- gonna try to soak in and I mean I haven't actually use this brought myself -- that includes a lot of it was kind of a novelty it's gonna fund but down we do sell some people do like to use it I think Ohio from -- I don't know get high off anything topical which is really nice and so it's just -- makes you feel good image of feeling -- when you got a shower and if I want us hope I'm Carrie at and I'm not I don't know exactly what that we also got a beard self so. Oh yes so this is although the have a beard I got to be yourself that you're somewhere. But this is an American two balls so that when you might like as well I'm this close to me issuance totaled about the testimony about the. Tough to bomb around about go see my buddy Tony Mitchell over attorney stranger were kind of a chest piece whoa whoa did you enemies tell me about and I can let yourself openness is the. Yeah so that taxes momma momma is there's SPF on there. And so it's a mainly used for -- kind of replenishing on the existing tattoos are and keeping it safe and send you for your one something. Oh yeah and I'm always interleague Seattle. But yeah I was in my life to really bright when you're riding a ten speed downhill barefoot and Hawaii Pacific can't. What what food do you have to step one and only I'll bet thanks for bringing ample time I have heard the story. You don't volumes until locals man homosexual myself I don't know why I'm running on a bicycle. But brutal goodness so if you already have I don't know if it was better putter suddenly do more president's sandals and have a guy fell off I'll man. Oh and I better put this on my feet and make you feel better. Maybe the I would say did you wind up there and all this thread here's a look at the beard celebrate here are necessarily to your twelve it's a little brushed remit the can't shave. Shaving syndicated appeared behind a yeah actually someone who gets in there with them around while he died of an Ohio at all with commissioner nice and smooth they're just floats up to the left and right well you're underwater you I don't know and I and could know what it is you get a missile barrage revel you use it yeah yeah this umbrella feeling like it. I actually have beards. If you don't use your stuff and don't have a beard but out right back and yeah so then this is kind of a fun thing I mean if not put on YouTube's. I have stopped the car American dream is the last. Yeah government happier. This knows what's up. And in the slums this might be one of the and it's not like the most visually appealing on this is up hurled 20 this is came infused water whilst take a look at that's pretty potent stuff but it's quick acting which I really like out active looks like god power aid. Don't reveal how could have been related despite better. Such trouble so I just throw that down oil and water you don't Jason saying there's no cameras flavor in it at all which is now like the biggest turn off of venables is. The came as we were itself he wouldn't put Rosemary and pound cake so. You know mixing candidates of any thing is gonna hard marry like. He's out like bring our dog and a bath. And I am not a good look out of my serve really hundred there's a huge red hand on the sentences not for kids are really added everything has to have that amount that nice because you know al-Qaeda had a handle on it and see I don't know the Google and I believe that I like your kids this and they sleep and I make money and that's what I'm doing now yes. I find children more callable at tolerable and more credible and easier to prepare win their own children my children were a little I did no pickles but then again I think he really young adults it's attended meetings kind of fall all the whole. I don't know Jeffrey Dahmer I don't know if you don't ask. It's like the hill with both the yeah I have to sit AK press checked Obama catchers who carried modernize our. And not have a I'll ask you quickly you can letters or not see that. Lawless sewed lemon lime citrus soda handcrafted really nice stuff it's like. It is tough call to socio they go into a little Giuliani last Suton who got some more and renewed immediately European laws are gonna want something that's gonna be discreet Jack electronic cigarette from my all the values come up a fund that bad boy right there and you're just a Muslim buzz. And we got another cartridge unusual for the really tasty this itself from sweet as is there mango read as a list so. On its real pure real fine on the ad Dutch are things in there natural chirping as well so you get real nice mango flavored with about one. The flavors unbelievable you know the high is nice but. Well it was even better. Miles reader doesn't open road goes juju joint where you guys are we with a huge oh yeah right and then we got slump Haiti's where is well my soul single kiddies we do these guys for three dollars down the shot so. Just want to jump on a pension when it's on the quick middle high it's blue raspberry candy some peach mango hard candies and myself and karma also who assaulted. Thirty to hasn't revealed you'll be fine in new laws are terrible and I love it. Is all about dealing really Muster I didn't really find another great actually my children are well honestly I guess these I don't know I don't I don't like better. It worked on these episodes but it the mean this is a while back you brought us in that jar of the menstrual creamed shine or my wife and I love didn't listen Greg my backs out of whack in Italy we went through that hole that sends round and I apologize we yeah we tore through that stuff that would works real well the yemenite she bought another cream somewhere else did commensurate it's not as. I don't know man crabbing and all. But another that was that was shot just appalled at Torrey. I'm Brussels proposals try and take this is almost casual work done now me I do it and I know I didn't take you Owens admitting it's the Muslim so I've come to that I don't play that just didn't I guess nobody wanted to try it. Posey was a zone also with us okay give it to the men's room Japanese. Maybe I don't we go and here we give it to Ted and I did give the miles on and now miles likes things happened now you can. You do and then. You will the other minister who brought you guys just. Humbly the half of the holidays or have a big specials going on all the time I've you'll find a league. Do you find us on my merry mart dot com nominated directors to replace her 30026. Avenue Ahmanson's coma. Around six that by the old school food co off pretty recognizable that's up for an extra from the red hot. Near ground now and I'm Mira high voltage record high voltage records don't buy records then that bold trappers sushi was Jim Bakken not 2019 do what's going back just talk around their open until late. I think it's midnight now from Norway explode also outside air to lawless mafia Don W about two weeks ago I was just oh my god is right next is an ideal I already so. So yeah. John how are an end like an hour ago with ice cream it's just the worst moments donors he organized can cones is dripping on the floor I. And I. I don't know I women or Sean McCormack hasn't woken up yet you have put Seattle puts out a photo we have never been goes as well fantastic the best thing in the world I mean if it's just a great body and mind really gonna do that'll secure your neck to Dallas so that's the most resilient to I'll walk speed really and without doing drugs. When you get in that sort of dream state when you're floating. If you've gotten there yet I have I've got a point where I thought I was just a brain in space while nightmarish out because you just sensory deprivation you have no feeling of your body on anything this. Floating and the waters the same temperature of your skin or your body so you don't feel the change of temperature. And if you could zone now and I I've never die watts who I've done hallucinogenic in the you can get to a hallucinogenic state my wife won't because he's never done that. And that's not her world with floating few nights though the body rejuvenation sir because most of this is who weightlifting and in yoga. It is actually makes it her skin feel because of all the apps and sought to 800 pounds of absent salt to your body's you know you could take a bathroom that some sort of helps you heal and that's like a bag. The small bag and a half a pound RA EA I imagine it's 800 pounds of absence all working through your system. I'll pretty awesome it's great for your hair. I agree in my beer here. Absolutely and I think there's really only got a reputation your stomach I personally obviously your hypothetical back you might drown that's OK yes. Did you take we'll lose like the some milligrams those are there you drink that what happened our freedom and flow and I mean you will and so he's he's a decision as this one serving I know I mean. If he'd find me every word you know you could. Clearly you should tell you how you can start slow yesterday and that's it miles you know pennies makes dollars and shall we start we're just a little doubt trust the top us dyslexic he Phillips at zero wanted to slam jug of a couple. The yellows and things are amazing that float on McDonald's or do that again Michael Simmons now is the best it is crazy good music 300 pounds meal to float do weight was Islamic rules feelings get cranky trend that Jack Daniels flute number that you were aware. I don't feel originally did. At all my idols are always kind of deal out pray near Odessa Daniel's father fought some things you'll cookbook yeah I would just and I look at Tony like how do you feel as of rejuvenated at all. Had to get a cigarette. But I am doing it wrong but I think you miss missed that easy as I don't job that the. But you guys as always thank you guys for coming I ever occurred of course you find I swam oil dot com at lamp oil on Twitter and on social news media as well. Meaning that final whim oil merry mart always we got guns probably seven different strains years caring Susan what's the one that you actually recommend for our people for anyone that's going to check out I highly recommend RC VD strange. We've got a Charlotte tsunami. Mary Moore I believe you are lemon remedy is coming out that's our signature street. Super high NC BB lower in TEC's you don't get all whacked out is can a nice night little coffee buzz. But all those TVDs give you a beautiful body feeling and if you've got. Lower back pay inner curve other symptoms like maybe crohn's and colitis. The arthritis mean inflammatory. Ailments CBD will just say if you're like a line. Nothing like fled the manager Glenn put them on the barbecue wanna feel like this or not I. And definitely listen I mean I just wanna say that you know I'm down here in a long time and Steve is truly. An honor and a privilege to calm and beyond year migs cast. This has been really special and and just so great just to see guys by much less to go on the air with the and Glenn and grabbed man I really miss being on the air with you guys and you know how many different career now and everything but it's a we are always great to come title and door I would love comebacks I sizes too much find. Did you got some you either way you wanna get the word out about your business great if not you just felt like you have that it's. Share some stories don't hit me up manager of this mystery is more bronze star I'll be here once a month if you want us us is just too much fun I miss it people always ask me. Do you miss Peter radio yeah yeah dumb what do you think. When I don't miss the politics get there but nice thing about this podcast no one listens to in his buildings and there's no I don't follow up. I just had a drug you take your lead man and I guess we got a good reminder Nextel I got nobody else in the whole building a walk in there and there's her climax. Can you earlier I say though were new park as we talked about she's there was a gun and that's of course. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah I help others what is real productive meetings about it. Autoworkers. And others are equally it and oh we have brand loyal dot com obligated all right Mary march. Now while we're on line say 10% in my FaceBook page Rick yeah DJ now I'm proud loaded up on adding friends stuff but don't follies on totally content and and and I know what you're really pumped to hear your voice and it got receipts on his beyond loved here not only with the listeners but with us. So it's it's it's like family coming home would. Did you need to BJ Shea. Beat Jamie show sounds so amazing these these guys sound better than ever do you have come so I'm not. We've known each other a long time about fifteen years before we are technically working got our work at the end annual access W yeah had a mutual respect for each other which is only grown in time. And anyone I laughed I remember I was I think care about radio politics never have in you wanted to see that Allison seems. Armies and all our relief which was non it was a big issue because we were another competing station and end that station got them right so because we were. In a weird way helpful in bringing back Alice in Chains together right so. Obviously not it wasn't something that anyone here and it Tom could get their foot in the door for you Libya became man and his CME in there make. Did show up I got you of course if it was never about work competing anyhow and nothing but love you end and still to this stadium. That's how it should be a 100% agree you see NFL players shaken hands probably go to dinner in the next that's a change diapers you know. Yeah exactly that's you know that's sportsmanship you know when it comes to competition we all wanna win. But it doesn't mean that you don't have respect freer. Opponent and the free use a radio personality always wanted nothing but the best for re do you know you can't see the same for any savage gonna happen. It's. Soon as its yeah that the governor talked. And Jennifer tie me all mad Jennifer I forgot all about Jennifer yeah how did did she was not as you Smart yeah Daria. She was. Our primary and pastors we are yeah the good times and that. Ability also think you should have a listen thank you guys. Thank you good to see you brother thanks for coming by and death. And it's over his emotional prima deny your god did I got a little hello I was so there's some of the Catholic avenues that mr. green like crazy. Knowing I'm setting myself up to take fire from our listeners but I'm all about it and whoever can make mail lewd. Or we got that we may grant a federal clean up the last and because I didn't Ocampo last time. Yeah to join. The token publisher of the outcomes and so it's a packet comes to joints and some central loop so you can. Nobody had a little island on us on the smoke without not to think it's good I can't help support our menstrual cream now weigh -- drew an annual financial OK okay near record user when everything hurts I mean lately it's so I had my meet her like these from now when he was that an arm developed discrete thing in both of my elbows. Ryan please help me with the THE oil I don't know man just those little holes early and that's what I heard ostensibly lights I think we're I don't know instead use that opener opening Soledad dead the dead even though you have catchers aren't technically as he's doing it protect you yeah. I mean don't we joke a lot about like you own the marijuana and it's fun you know it's supposed to be a recreational use them in record noted. Duke has got that great medical products and everything like that it works like that I had cellulose and my knee I use some bath salts the next day was gone. And animate and really let's face off who's pretty yeah some people talk about salt content of a battle follow your music that the brawl at the conflict that's definitely do good newest new and hi eating humans are appropriate hook up the. I have been twisted over the years remarkably twisted and I'm never once thought. I'll kill any dead guys and the judges haven't crossed that threshold snow. Yet. Yeah Ares I think oh Q any data animal what's the difference yamana gas in oh dad I mean you in the woods is on our girl. I don't either that's committed to is general agreement that we told you only take two minutes I know it took six or wanted to see what would happen I just wanted to it's not some things I want I popped up but why how. I have an idea as they did today they look there's if there's. Enjoy the moment enjoy all this and having Galicia is like my time at any time you know you're totally under as well yeah the ups and Mary look at the I outdoor voicemails or emails or text messages. I see you leave us a voicemail and email or text message to 532714787. Or you now. The race gas or gmail.com. Bad. That was awesome oh draw some that was an absolute treat I mean it's just the obvious like I'm being Rita said director everybody an NA billion NBC as well on his guys just like. Yet there are in their gonna tell us about what's going on their world what these kind of just. Fall in line with what we do amazingly cool yeah people could somehow somehow they follow the bouncing ball which is crazy and because we don't have any idea what was going on my car. It didn't want to its full. Send it. Oh you have good and I knew there you go yeah I don't know it's just news. God okay. It's just the economy your residents work. Yeah I mean it's like holy Grail and they do exist lives. That's it's. Just a minute now. Yeah. Holidays. After a man and an apologetic we find a surprise as this is what she's known for gas. Today Memphis. Truth is when listening to us. It's. OK okay. I wonder how much money always that was gave him. Four for for this song. When you think about it it's got over seven million views nearly eight million views and their make money off this media he asked and they probably gave them some sick amount of money just to do a new version of that song. So cool it's like there's like from there I mean I'm gonna quimica money out of this damn song guy yeah. And I just love how there's despite. I don't know why it's so surprising others like this untapped market for weed now. In finally everyone is just getting out of because I got it was it was a dude the you have to go over to house I mean seriously like I don't know expressed. And you just sit there and your honor we'd time. Because he's a guy yeah well I'll have some then and then you show up he's like Al waiting for my guy no like well when's he going to be and it's like well you know anywhere between ten and you know tomorrow gap with that that that a do how about arm. Since tomorrow we start did you hear the story that cheats and John were almost in a movie as Jimmy cheats and congress is Jason in the Friday the thirteenth sequel to part of the thirteen film I'd see our favorite I mean it. That is out there may hit it still could be made. Since John are alive. And Jason. I mean you'd you can just stick a really huge dude in a in though the one Z and I think asking your opponent and I got hotter he still alive in the morning guys have played Jason just India voted to do. Yeah X film that took place on the space station to get we don't talk about it just hold yourself together to those no no now now only old movies are terrible. A boulder there's a bit of out of your system was kind of like well. But the the 3-D one was up and try to watch that now or never that's terrible. Note like the first one is good the second one is great Manhattan was pretty cool jays yet actually that one doesn't blow a bat he had yeah. This year we used to work when a guy here as far as where in sales and he was the Stoner guy passed crash and Friday the thirteenth part three. I think it sounded a bit and yeah it was one of those ones where you which is easily checks fifth and he doesn't all those comic cons yeah they clearly like you would do I think he did like cryptic upon or some of those other wing of the horror conventions or anything or anybody who has been a part of those movies. All horror people love years when my buddies from high school huge horror movie buff like a collector he goes all those content that was a big metal had a key he still to this day you'll thank me for introducing him to Pentair leg it's kind of cool I got wind with Phil and similar came here. I got filled a sign something without him knowing it and mailed it to and it like. Using those eggs when the greasing anyone's ever done for me in my entire life of my deal to assist banks but that's oozes cool to be able to do that persona and dust and terror because of me. Armed but. He saw Mike if we. Halt what how are you French would deviate. Tax I yes are terrorist and I carry his members he's a how how are you friends that I just some comment on some gimmick. That's my coworkers want. He played Bob La in Friday the thirteenth. Is there anyway if I send you some stuff. When he signed. Sure yet David Adams who hasn't shock jock yet this donor he's got a I have deviated the pictures like I work with this guy it doesn't look like. Now. You know. Thirty years later my man like you know not long hair no stone like you look like teachings on so it's funny if there's say that they could eventually to John Jason movie. Like dead deer and I'll hit a mop. And I think this give you my address. Like how quick are you sure I mean I I went I scored them I don't know what's good I. I get a guy I think we've zone music a mil whatever they give you some elm and everything Kerry does this they loses his cool for him. So the moral of the story is you need fifteen minute pardon horror films and you get murdered by decision to retire yeah area order or at least find some easy Mitt mommy he was still work in sales are you still do and a normal day job but Abbott visited the director or producer guy he said of when they resume when they do another Jason moving your like well because we do Freddy vs Jason but at the time we think we can't do it because Freddy's and a different companies and movie wise a few from movie company and he's like. While looking over what we have in music you guys own teaching John. Why don't we do something we teach in John in incident could have been like a cameo or summit how great motivated teacher John good cricket crystal like yeah. All. Tickets go do it as did every finding hilarity ensues and they they are. I does William Paul the smoke clears we just finished smoking all that Labrador and all of moderate camp crystal and I can't we just want that lamp oil now I don't see that they'll. What effect immediately whip that's a movie that she took time aside you know what has been a great run but let's just call of the day I must admit is that Jason kill us. Also and quit the last three C of teaching song is being by the hands of Jason. Let me awesome rightly so cool. Our man Abbie great are out to some text messages are hey guys like they was amazing scene you guys plus it's an amazing he was fun to watch. Basically said here this week's mis cast though it's amazing how one or two trolls Cameroon and even the best of days am I doubt very. Quick aside and that. Thank you ever wondered obviously ask people no need to write me in check up on me but it was really nice a lot of people dead and shout out to them even. And he might evil enemy from top left TV and I. I got happens -- me some really nice everybody makes owl from not playing Steven podcasts and a lot of people really didn't go and check up on me in the you know it's it's Merv did nothing with that idea which is really up more than usual I'd ask did you every morning great and I think here's the funny part I never checked my FaceBook messages I don't know darling like I broke me soon after that. Apologizing at all. That's huge that's actually. I am I I knew an open and I decide as I I I Noah his intention was dead in. That's all I needed I don't need to be the explanation I'm likening gay like look. That's nice but you still yet he still good I still gave you an opportunity to smile and give me a thumbs up why you were doing that and you continue to press on MB a jerk. I'm not mad about it anymore I'm not bothered by it like I said you're not anything about it mania like. If he did that to you today. My mindset right now and I'm riding high on a lot of reasons beaten mainly that we now my high like us self. Confidence kinda way. That if that happened today I would just. Find it fully hilarious but now loses that day that moment like I've always said that you never know what's on going during that day it was not the day for me Vietnam but yet. Monsters short yesterday I got the successfully. Complete giving and receiving a super ex. In wrestling events did you feel better. I never felt more alive who could play SN in my car and I could even drive I was so happy now the only time that I've done as soup plaques was on my pork cousins when I was younger. And I usually on the bed and then quickly afterwards the bed would break yes and my grandma would be pissed. And so how did it work out free because used to think looking at that usually I've just imagine that you're just. Tossing a do over your shoulders and you're hoping for the best and I don't know that there's more Jill Dobson but I thought originally wave back when a person to your wrestling classes and that's why my head is in this position that it's never because I got all just on backcourt momentum will get me over and then they hold me up it's a lot. Many say wrestling today as truly is like you're both using each other. One person is is a play a base and you can get a person's planting on that base in your book using your arm strength. To make some don't like that happen but I mean I'm so sorry but that's what I did last night that that I'm a movie on vertical held it up for one there's hope for ten seconds. Our and that position. Before dropping a modest background are still at that point when it's amazing one of the deeds his upside down either you or the other what both you guys are essentially using both the your arms strings to yes. Yeah I wouldn't I wouldn't even think of that I wanna be -- obvious I I do believe in not one all the magic delegate gap but it is fully a team effort Mike it's not just like our guy on the maintain balance so you can even keep them up there and end and honestly the guy that's upside down that's about the received the impact he's doing most of the work yeah I would I would think they have to keep themselves well centered because they get on senator you can't hold a mile oh yeah you know we it's about how a -- -- it was not the whole time make women were like going through some stuff like we are working on some other planting stuff like where did you do this with the space in this is that one. Is it our relatives who talks is normally. Flashbacks of how I hope for a film myself and I'm thinking I can do in do you do guy ours our coach our diets training lasts just. Went to every little nuance and how to do it in broke it down and by atomic did it nice you know hopefully this guy up and unlike the right to it didn't like IQ my three seconds that's all they were hoping for and the guy did it with his as stud of a guy that's. A little bit ahead of a lot ahead of me he's a great guy but he Cooper. Just awesome dude and I hold them up and he's holding me in towns like this is easy because he's you know he's. Now 200 pounds but he's very light with with how we use. And Mary three or 6610 seconds on my ass and spent some 500 down a net and I don't what's going to R&R so can I do this and it took a couple moments to get it right but then I figured out how to fully plan to get my body up and move everything in. Now I'm up there for several seconds in the long story short get in my car and as they emotionally like I. The thing that was most afraid of I just accomplished and Russell how I mean as other things to obviously but I of the some of those. The basics you overcame smashing your head. Yes like getting past I'll be fine until block out that now that's a really really big stats iphones are I mean talk about a natural high. Well in this this whole time I just wanna interject like you know Steve's talking about this you know how peace government is my life it's natural high this whole. So basically he's tossing and machine being granted at the US and felt and all I wanna say your brother. There is government work out there for people don't feel there are recruitment programs with the CIA and none other unnamed agencies. And it if you are filled with this chemical and com I'm just saying and I mean the American means you. All and it's not the kind of thing you can talk about it they give him medal in the basement you need to medal home. But I'm just saying that there is a place for use brother. Two explore the artist ice and nobody in the big super million in gogel you know when I can't believe the film and can help our country and you know. I just I think there's a place for you I just haven't figured out what you would explain this whole thing and it's it's a very exciting for me to know. That you may have found your call. I am proud to be in America and good for the king miss. Our I'm ready to get over your brother some of the people you love most to us all my sponsors of this protest. You committed crimes arms duplex and you think there's some fifty caliber round hit the subjects hadn't turned into a pink mist then visibly react yeah it never felt more fulfilled data out today. I've got to get rid of ten were scum bags ominous line had good breaker it's like I gladly do for a living like clean look at you know what do you do. I'm a cleaner. That's music cleaner and oddly enough what am I wearing right now they need to clean. Can you make your shirt that says any cleaning his billionaire bought them out just just thinking they're you know that there's CIA sponsored programs you can just come find each other. And of maverick yeah. OK you can expect. There's a love bugs up. All eyes of the government and performers do they deal only out of their element in front of a bunch career drunks and you guys know that out of my pocket to all the positive listeners. I got to meet mr. Travis Brock mr. going cannon and Steve made Lee something of a little friendly. I I would do me some idea my actual pole last name you're right. It just you know man I mean you will was maybe a year ago I strait of sixty. Just hit me meekly Horry right yep but I had number five yeah and I've known you for how long dude. Arnie and what are we about like fifteen years at least I mean it was an early 30 well I like when nobody brother you know and you know Tony do you think that I'll break you and I think we can see it right half the time I know magazine and pray you a free I'll say I've read you for everybody reads it's like a soft they are brave you are okay as I'd like betray you thought you were in pretty good story right if already packed yeah. And my story. I didn't have a UCL a makes me what is the I don't believe all you got awful you for that broke up a close friend of mine and I even had to take it to. Which check on the a half ago I did such I've received about my father in law met Travis my father in law is one of our biggest supporter that's so cool thank. I think he do you have another copy of the recommend we talked to my. Think my dad gave his copy away he was just so excited to share with someone at the gym comments on the law. You tell your father anytime he gives away a copy I'll just give them another one had no problem buying more copies first for him to do that that's so cool goodies like. One of our biggest supporters you my cousin Caylee who. Does not like rock most country. Obsessive our bands a computer teacher means I got her teacher nice. Saturday's show was above or just finished his seats aren't on your home or talk about a seven day Adventist church that was awesome value as an ambassador for the straight guy really is an estimated drumming sound persona hijacked my conversation with the U. This Levin had treatment Brothers are not rocket take every Jacob and awesome meeting you. And chat with you in and talk insurance talking drumming awesome do you that as I do want to watch Saturday show senator it was so so much salary was around so yeah I'll grab and mishap how are you there is a a party I was at that I was at a apple cup game without a bunch of WSU fan all fond. That was interesting. Lot of sadness that you are out of the party ended pretty quickly by half half half hour. Hours rose. Being it was Tracy movie viewers birthday gas that party was in. Full did not stop instantly and so it was a matter of OK and need to keep my ass together long enough to play. Yeah he couldn't go to the cinema but by the time I got I'll stay within twenty minutes housing OK I need to get out of this building while I can still do and I've got to. Tomorrow might do great job he's looks like not not there mad man. I gotta get home. I can stand right now but I'm gonna come I'm really my gear here but okay the only anyhow they know. Still leaving here and I'm gonna leave you might so that night I see a biting him. Thirty minutes later this marks are glad I guess. I. Our or it could lead to make it happen but I managed to show of all of my guitars and my amplifier heads there were three of my hat on site one was Tony's but got all of that and a tall he's Volkswagen can embryo. If you talk about war games and miracles. Peachy you know give Tony was straight is narrow good gal and I determine our own merits Arab Arab and she's a drink yeah I think she expected me wanna stay in party on and we can communion us union outage is it. Yeah. So immediately yells at Y full out rescue my dumb and said I've been fairly I would pack everything that was. Expensive and small of steel left in the camp we are reading that was large and good luck of course actually the parties to use them read it well past dawn. So my equipment was more than safe and I didn't know they are preliminary and oh yeah I do they think islands are 1 in the morning and it was still going Tony left around 5 AM yeah it was still well that's the most. In the grid at the IC toll. Dalai everyone was you know just really raging it was. Are you you know a lot of perspective because like I night. I did it was like I was glad I drove delegates I got home fine you know I knew I could but in a way I think I would say did have the party boss gone because. At some point as you Tracy. And excuse being on the look you ma'am reality too heavy birthdays a year. They get a stop any excuse me like a stack of drink tickets well hi this is not the day jail. And I have done my. I did drink ran the first sauce on every directorate I got you drank no you know like houses handing out I didn't say they are essential to I was led to not spend a cent thank you to everyone and anyone that bond we drinks yeah. Arms and if you will rocket bruiser Brody shirts yup that was awesome that's got to be a tree I was packed for our sad ending a long majority of the crowd he really think was there. Put your sense Frost's eyes new movie you know the minute we staged it sees an audience was definitely there to see what we were gonna do and there are much people that we're seeing this for the first time as well. Yeah all that's got to be how experienced just to watch all of you guys because seeing an ad makes fast. I realize how good you guys gel together yeah like everybody in and you didn't. It. I know you know what Jeff stated that Jeff at that time so that Jeff is so good because it was great obviously but it was Seattle about the course that got exactly exactly did this yet of the B actual version. I estimate that was fun and there was so much fun it was funny meeting a lot of people who apparently both of us as a learn from them they all they met us at makes fast but they were very in as the mortal ties he was at yeah I may you and Glen but not neither one of you really I don't remember meeting yet. And I Don Steve and a couple of other guys that are running into it this show and my. Yeah we talked at the last show we you weren't all there like who's that there are set my gal make you have not. Not also heard yelling and zero to a hundred real quick for froehlich a mowers are all but it was one of those hey you know I'm so and so I know you don't remember me in a meet them on a much more and improbably making that face in the their base either face Leo. It was mixed estimate. And yeah Ari the senator again. Did anything to offend you yeah and got its Al Carl's party bus good car one car. Carl brother Carl rule slow first Carl. Carl is that I taught Maurice has got to come on the makes gas all he's a great top Zorro is such a loss of his party post is ridiculous foul. What is his party does look like it is a flat black converted school this along with on the couch is interact yeah I was not a Ponzi thoughts makes an Alley I spent a good amount of time on a dab part of it is not at around it's just like let's get Nora well generally it's been autograph by the majority of our guidance is yes -- you get in there and restore green the Muster yeah you know all there is you know all kinds yeah there's there's no authority says that don't add these lights would have -- TV screens appear like he's going like that kind of -- TV screens and a whole topic of possibly like me it's horrible awful. Yeah well I think he is he always ended there's not a business he doesn't do this is a busy he does does is does he likes to -- you look at the Bobby Bright lights still on the night having fun and creating great times for everybody I gotta respect that I didn't so for it was grade it was my in my blues trio palm with Parker longer and from queens are tough Parker at the show up and greater Carolina area rituals are Cassel. Got introduced her and Tony which was cool basis we are she's really Jerusalem he really is. I some they took we got a picture and bigger and Akamai wrestling buddies were ruined me I'm talking to lenders say they caught me at the even the worst time they won on a conversation with a best time they get to see their friend Steve and his eclectic group for friend drank regular you have just. All walks like Christie punk rock guys come and talk to me it's. Rachel Barley looks at a playmate you know it's. The guitarist of queen drag like there's like this constant. Flow of awesome people but no one at all alike right Randy Bennett and one of my buddies as it is like. You have friends. In all walks of life hey Mike yes I love everybody hey I don't love I love anyone who wanna be a good person yeah thanks a race into the picture of me in America. Because unfazed by the way houses that night my clinic fear of people. Dassault that chain really helped me get my start yeah market that was really cool now they are just near Houghton they're hot buries to that was fine see Mike has refunded talking. She's really cool she's a really sharp awesome you know absolutely dominant she's like she's living up here now full time that's when I was chatting with a shoes I would love to meet your wife a door. Really know only one here yet and I'm like. Thirty seconds I'd like numbers I Tawny you got to meet Rachel's I'd love to so that they treated numbers out of I know I wanna make that connection just to reach a good start to make some some good friends appeared as you know Rachel's like a good told only like. That's a problem meeting a lot of people below the girls are buried. Caddie yeah Whitney and she said a couple of stories of people that I can't please go and what how they are and I was like that's so disappointing. And I don't easily well you're smoking hot that Clinton and Rachel's we're smoking guns and cool here's number thirty hot again Arafat. Yeah let's go fight crime on the other country by Matt we all the digital you're smoking hot sugar or smoking hot list to a podcaster I've got hot mess I think is what we not so young on word here if I expect. But thanks everybody who came out of surplus are about as we go along numb. Do not respect. She found out not just in from the dust and had a possible all yeah. He. Would. Or are wholly east day I don't know when I had the same conversation probably seven time pretend that I act and it was all positive like nothing but a lot of yeah he was trying to have the same conversation with me while we were playing. Song ends I use here. Eggs. And I look over and it's wrong Justin is just like source talking might do like is like I appreciate a lot like very heartfelt com Mitt in my book coming out. I can't hear you but I got earplugs end and a wall good car and us. Now a lot of time Justin on there there are totally nude Jimmy. Powell. They are going on just a drunk dammit you know you're out of money Sarah hypocrite. You could just got a lot out higher and exactly there. It's that they got a degree at least has some levity general fund Citic comes from the heart yellow shape ups and downs no one's life is roses and helps us to know that we're all human in the middle of it. You still have find my wife has been given six months to twenty years to fight can't. Even answer you guys let me know that there are many people that also have like passing by and I'm not the only one that's having a bad day and we only to lighten up thank you from the you know I disarm the B -- to be free past. I guess you up like some pretty haunting last words of liked. I wish it wouldn't have wasted my life GAAP and I think it was an odd not to like him not being on percent so where in. That being the best person he can be insect like that's something you don't wanna and your life thinking you wanna know that you did as much she can live a full life and made people better well you get so caught up living like he tend to forget that it's not permanent state yeah. And who now. And your your wife Steffi be in my thoughts and prayers and absolute number of cell time but I didn't know we need I say I did tonight I will be praying for you man that that I hope that is the twenty years and more. While I don't think you get down and handle a lot of that even within my own family on to go the to the tumor on my mother the size of a milk carton. Are multiple cancer scare she still with us on mark harassment of Angel bass player his sister Marilyn who's amazing. Bone marrow cancer she was in wow big trouble. That's what I am and they they were able to sort her out and Maryland is in perfect health so I sought Zumaya my prayer for you bro is that you guys fight this fight and win and you win quickly meant seriously from the bottom my heart. A salute. Our Margolis is that if you allow mouse there's a solid majority of love begin makes Steve BJ revving going cannon are some of my favorite entertainers you guys are awesome and you make my work nights thank you nice thanks. That's Erica that a thanks to the pieces you guys I appreciate you guys as always I'm just tickled to be included Houston Freddie got sick a voicemail. It would show irritates me when you get an eat out and her family member light at our. Thank you it's out at me and Gatwick. How hot or oh well. You can't say it joke I elected jab you don't have to tell you have to laugh at at any time you basically it tore me to get by doing now. Now they're looking. And there hi I do apply. Sends you something that I will reply HA HA RLO while I always do or elect a little crying rolling headed mood GM and he's not one quite a bit if that's my reply if you get. AH. DH the heck. That means it wasn't good enough a full laugh or Viet god god that means you hit send before you realize that he ought to practice pacified ash and we have really had figured that's. I'm not a large homes small phone individual to Amman guy right Tom halves odds for that I mean. I also does that I'm afraid of people don't know there's some joking or not so yet you hide almost like hey I don't mean at NASDAQ com I'm opt out. I'm gonna take the careers of government hitter tough call for. Since Steve point blank and over here take a look at. Who do you ski in all remain at this. And abstract. Okay I'm homicides are for a last second of some people give Big Bang theory a hard time I hate watching sitcoms that don't have laugh tracks or my studio audience. I I know when something is funny I just like being told the window I'm pretty sure that the god JC in the holy goes to sit up there watching my life with a laugh track bill. Oh my it's a matter of in natural born killers where it's a Rodney Dangerfield being oh yeah evil like I said holy label it as like it's like you just say the worst things. With the laugh track clarity like. How my supposed to feel I help. Laughter now hotels right now he's a really bad day no sarge did it lose sight and people crap all over Big Bang theory because the last I think on the bigger financial areas here -- look forward to every week then Brad doesn't like he does not to do nerd ism it's a little bit of that it's a little bit of that and then I Jenny all watch it in like Cindy leave and go yeah asked penny. And the nanny not just can't miss it at all watching in syndication all the times Q usually while participating in and stuff that Billy from mayors ever have brought quite possibly yes and it. Oh irritate you got a look at the time. I eat yeah I had. Get a hold podcast in a laugh track without annoy people. Well sit there and North America to it's they would have to be Saturday night you include the fact that none of the ballot Hillary again if you are flying in the laugh track man we should you do whenever we see something depressing or getting to series there I was very music prostitute you moon need to bad things. High heels I was very close to Rhode. He had me on the heels so I'm trying to sterilize. Dad. Wow they're like now that I was pushing a Miller slammed citizen who. Tell us about what they weren't sure you heard it yet so it's a way homer didn't think I was that it took grenade. Think it's accurate to refer to vote and a thank you thank you can hear it I think under the voicemail. Bigger isn't easy there's still. Only talking about how. Consultant Paul and it's moving toward. The world. Just. Think about what you're saying in his applies you can drive them through you did that impress you walk people are indeed actor says he needed another terrible drivers and a. Well then it's true. Now here it is anything. Our truck he doesn't know it is easy. The FB hard. But you're saying you are you can only. So. If you're gonna Google logic go to far everything is react there do you live. Does this there's the other thing I'll do all these nice girl you won't be if you want there are still in the lower. They could be threatened the hole. He's so and so on telling us really good words of wisdom and they keep existed so boy it's almost like an NF you guys also you guys. I got to win it happens like everything has been very nice. There's already. All you can beat this yeah. Up to now they're part of the globe immediately boost he didn't. Yeah yeah. Wouldn't put the ball. With the premier who want. Is bad leaders that would wield. Our world where it is. Today. Their goal. They've bogey there and they're there. A 1000% on. All right into that a good did that touch on though it's hard to keep that in you have to literally more believe like. Either have to remind your I've been gone through that actually a lot. Let alone I don't know why but here recently at this huge mental reset or went lock. I am in a position now course and overcome a lot of really challenging stuff while back you know I have I'm really really looking in my life and for ways and it just hit Leo wants I don't know why. But kind of moved in a position of I'm a victim animal allowing myself to be evict and you know the first and I thought was due to risk nothing gay enough. If you wanna Baylor better quality you're ground was stopped always exhausted you're always broke EE you know. But you're sharp guy and your heart monitor monitoring and your Smart. And Michael if it is also here and as a result is that bad take action and turn on its ear and it means big risks it means you may not be able to pay your bills it means you might lose but you know that he lived her whole life that way. But it down and I'm in the process believe or not I'm trying to grow I'm probably really going to be turning my life on a tear and hoping it all works out because I just can't go on this way I can't. Go on most days I gagged even just getting out of bed it's a twenty minute conversation is I don't wanna get up and face another day. But down. That'll tying and everything he just said which is you have to keep that dialog going which is when I got cut you off hitters does one ever. It's like in an act for you know that guy's wife just left him and he's in that car crying. But you have to remind yourself of that it's it's not in in instinct like breathing. You have to remind yourself to Brees then you know sustain staying positive and keeping a forward mindset and focus mindset is something that takes. Aussie discipline you have no discipline yourself. Think and not be reactionary and it's challenging everything he's saying is spot on but and he said it very you know it takes energy it takes targets like you said yes it's an avatar is not easy. Well embodies there's always a way I think did the debris he give muse and Johnny from off well yeah I guess he gave me a tip. Ways it's like you don't have that when it we get overwhelmed or stressed about whatever it is I'm I'm going on your life he has the breathing exercise I tried it that. I thought it was hokey and hippie dipping. And I tried it when guys don't some and it actually did console me out it's take four seconds to prevent. Holed that for four seconds four seconds to breed doubt all that before seconds. Continue in due back in so it's like. Every step you doing four seconds it just causes slow who everything. And oddly enough it's crazy up just breathing techniques can help you. Get your mind right Furman. Well look what we're exposed to as people on a daily basis as opposed to someone from say 1956. What we. Thrown at us from every angle you know you write a division should more people in the world you know armed. It's really hard to keep her head on straight you're so. So spot now living that you kind of forget to link him you know I mean and that's. Exactly that yeah you're so I said recently like you get so caught up the fine print that you miss the library in which you stand. And that's kind of how all because it's huge it's vast he'd take a second just consider what's going on physics on alert her banner and I'm not gonna get at that moment you know I could arrange songs day don't know on. Banca familial low brow as possible because of a desperate for money who chipped the should. If the equipment and some email me. I actually have. A female listeners I care reverting it was on my I was trying to help to catch of FaceBook messenger I sort of kind of get a feel glad I went back to any message it was there were month old. Just click it and been red of course that means a person season have now read their message and a deadline. I'm sorry I was 675. Messages deep and it's like swimming in quicksand a superstar replying. Everyone starts replying in it anyway so but I found her message and who should it hit me up. Did you Lear to check could prove (%expletive) half players I think you're saying you know make it to shank to weapon might stake a disorder checked that's the curricula kind of turned and. Yeah it really almost always is. So much reaching out yes you're a 100% spot. I live like on my life. Yeah. I love it well yeah that was great actually a doozy here is it only offers I guess I'm sorry I don't know I waited well he suffered cooling going back today that it you know like the car driving and like you know taking other people's feelings into account that sort of thing. You also got to realize that people aren't. They're not out there to screw you you sure littered absence well. Lysol are like our normal things like normal every day being sure there'll be people out there that are gunning for you lay I know I Don he suckered me. Rear ended me well yeah but he wasn't trying to build a token you OK and let's go. Just really looking out for themselves and that's what everyone's doing and you just got to kind of realized that. It doesn't mean that there any less dumb when they're driving on the road but when death but you just did. Yet take that into account and that's one of the things that I've had to deal with a specially with road rage laid out there's a lot of times or I'm just. You know write their ass and might get out of the passing named sort of thing but you just watch him in just going to be like McCain. He with a person's gonna do but don't freak out Adam L for the mob while trying to to flip them off. Or if you just custom off underneath the windows yeah yeah exactly I don't know. I just got into mini major metropolis is in my life but. I find flip and some loss risky keys you'll know who's aren't absolutely and that that person may have just like the divorce lawyer just totally lost everything and then amused either kids again and now you flip him off the story any kind of put six round play. Yeah right yeah. That's Madison's. Fit. It got published compounds are about to root not right you got the story got what has had a daughter and Smith down there in the studio audience doesn't care if you sob alive day you know I can't work with an audience meant to check back. Are great the audience and drastic. Suicide an email from Stevie already I'll ask Stevie he says Leslie let you guys know I'm doing fine still in the rehabilitation center in Lynwood I stud no clue and when I'm getting out. Hopefully within two weeks and I'll be back to work soon after that Ron Amadon users on some issues with would I be diabetes and I says a picture so it looked like he was doing good good so I mean I I hope that things are going all right with him and sounds that he's getting better hit a fancy question for us to appreciate that he still. Even though he has the dealing with these elements understand that the priority still. On him furious basic questions Matta yeah yeah and now back to the only guys who can Coker token poker token token poke. Isaac if you can pick any of this odd that it happens in lieu of the currencies we have a breaker opulent any fuel celebrity to be OK ISW rock girl who would you choose. Here's my top three this is not TVs have been a mine he Stevie stepped lazy now. Jennifer Aniston. Thanks for most of bath and then Alyssa white who use of arc. An arch enemy to start move her and you'll know why. Elisa white news. See I've been on a total like comic book movie thing especially now that they're doing a lot of the the promotional shots and such for. Next avengers movie. Which really gets me excited for that so I look at the. The Olsen and Elizabeth Olsen. Is she super high. And you we've lost you I know you guys are using is looking on as hurricane season here's what she is she's from and I could turn around him. See that since then bring. Ohio all the here's a little wrong button hook up or not thanks or all of that he is it pool right yeah isn't that amazing. Thank you very. Who you. Now we lost rat Ali I heard Gary just I could I don't conversely after data base pay TV I absolutely. Could pick on that I also save maybe a Christine is caveat from what critical oil gas. If you want a better version of Evan essence check out them or rather of the lady from in this moment. Yes. Somebody else or what's had a pretty rec button that check here. In this growing analysts to waste my effort. Hairs were you are currently wears off I close this out. It's just. And here's it's global would you me. I don't know it just seems random. See Oprah I'm totally in hundred mile rose yielded all all. Always felt that as an M yours yet that one movie you know unless Rafael oh god. His chin and eternal dilemma some stuff up to three of about one now we head. And go to the high level of the teenaged and you need your own Emanuel creaky LAPD manual Lewis and manual creaky Emanuel did Daniel Day-Lewis center assists during the old Lewis Black the Emmanuel creaky. A big fan Curtis and tell just rep tells 82 years old rule a she'd make a good rocker. And Linda but Manuel prepare hard and always at the chick saw entourage. Yes holes God's own Jack are we gas she was also annual list Brazil hand. Lou it she's hot. You know Yahoo! ID I would go. Mean Jennifer Martin Lopez is always a good peck. A look just mom never. Them having a bad day that way. CB the royals are kicking in the event of a Europe whole free sun pants incident Capri and then I. Like gab Gabby. GA you can pre in the like GA VNC. GA BAM and try that something random. Here. Get cub creek event with this tell me that's her country and medium beanie can react Google leisure who came home. He reviewed the deal is and a yeah assuming she's she's ridiculous ultra videos yet as she is an adult film star oh yes he has. But she is definitely has drop dead gorgeous it's frightening. I'm Amman of course are wrestling guy I got to go with god there's couple in the NXT roster it's Peyton Royce and Billy K. Dagger. A tag team together and you definitely want them to you tag team. You guys who saw all the token poke their Steve yes that's the last I'll really do love wouldn't wrestlers wrestling attire. The TV meeting boy shorts that are different but even wrestling a tire like they made her fight attire. Q I'll what you mean Megan garments but yeah as the guard units CME he wrestled a merger of attire always wins it bounces meet talks he says its over rules dunhill get out of a letter matches over oh goodness ground lesion in my life. The hard won a little left of them like the normal I guess Billy K and then I like Pineiro patent related he looks like a great sit Ellis forty spice guy I'm NORAD motto was still my favorite spice girl Lila it's forty gallons a punch guy did. Many Jewish Kelly charisma carpenter if you guys. New but fear Angel the TV shows I don't know I don't know the name but when you said that I can see we are talking about gas yet oh we email from Shane. I this week I took embers are pretty sure studio seven just an Oregon migs fast you guys killed it. Floored by you set I got there early does that help to to get meet Steve as was Glenn M but a hot what. Lot of hard copy of the EP. Am I in an ad that rove and the bans on yes seem an awesome here's a guy that wanted to guys at Madison makes fest but we weren't there. If you know I mean she read that hasn't had a sense this time around a million as well. This is I listen today EP daily between bruise or birdie or repeated a podcast window pane here he's limited to enjoy the sixteenth in Glen thanks for sharing the tidbits. I think any. Oh yeah you know or are they wrote her yeah bridge came down all I don't condone it emerged table and we just like Barack Obama and he'll be able to mark to ten minutes. And I kind of shared them throughout the crowd as they'd escorted the Mets I through Larry's New Orleans. Like hey man that's Tim bits and I haven't got I think what is it with food debts is it to makes 22 series seven when America it disappears so it's as well they'll never got that ice cream can carry now to let's look at Merrill brown. How hard he's got the hang out talk the guy that position to angle and more outside when leaving the venue I business tax credit cycle I mean it doesn't army and I remember it was a UN remember from the picture we're proposing. I can be wrong. I don't know and I don't I don't know her I overseeing Monday it was a group shot of us from behind emerged table and leave him the only one of all I was leaning forward. And I have Garfield i.s so that I I don't remember that photo being taken but is it circulated the book of faces I was like. Cannot lie in my such a more if you could. Yeah I was obviously has blues based in mid blackout that's a pretty good photo of us that are brought much love into an awesome dieters really cool gonna toss RIA. I'm sorry. I'm channel. South to Shane he posted a bunch of cold like minute long clip from Lindsey Graham of our performance all in all go back door and let them watch some N if you anniversaries FaceBook page summary bootleg the entire set. Oh so I was pretty cool. Would I like is our our Borough Matthew Ralph. Advisory did. The only piece I think he said TT PNW rocker is his page and he just sat Indian style on my core of the stage in the audio action in doubt of course it's. Very much meat heavy because it's my rig was aimed right at the mics aren't a lot of me he and and nom but it's either you get much GT which is a bomber. But armed. I was sort of brought a video camera in the middle of the room to severely get like middle of the room sounds as severe as he puts an instant camera pretty cool yeah they sounded geared yeah it was cool really hear it in south to Karl the guy who delights for us that added so much easier though we are you watching video clips back it was like whoa these I had all the lights add so much was so cool and shut off. The other bands that play god John this from ten model miles lies crushed it and then Jimenez. Girl on a few other people did I could jam at the end of their said he did LP cover which and you realize as an LP cover until. I his girlfriend told me otherwise. Yet test is incredible too if you've never seen her do her own my gosh her voice that's incredible breezy crazy it shall be stuff for just her acoustic with a cellist. Then and beautiful voice good god it's amazing and I'm seeing that seem lineup with a drummer as well and it's just it's kill or she is what into song or yes but yes super talent really really amazed that was awesome game and tons of Mercury blew me away all your soul or easily destroyed they're doing like some crazy meeting come very obsessed. I don't mr. Crowley NI Ann and Tony from window pane jumped up on stage rocket as we brews are very teacher and I crushed to do in the Randi Rhodes guitar parts on six shots of whiskey is even informed me tell ya. That was greeted destroy it was a it was a two way down front when Tony you mister Crawley and just eaten half it was are really really some watch especially tiger before Henne made some I guess it does is not gonna go well. So I was like excited for the train wreck and then I was excited for it to perfection that was his performance it's a great like Kyle from your perfect is always tomorrow bumping into me before window pane blazing on up tonight's the night he's gonna just. Yeah heart yeah it's a great show on a much I play yeah actually I. And so again I've been really getting tired of missing out on Wall Street shot. And then off also shot to lead zeppelin which did Led Zeppelin music but they did in the style of the live performance of led to gimmicks only knew the lie own version. Brandon wisely. Used to be black diamond that's Jeff Nelson was also black diamond Brett and he looks exactly like wrecker. Jeff Nelson know this already realize they can act he looks like a high. Like a smaller. I because he's in great shape but just like. Accusing breakers either twin are slightly younger brother his stunt double just thought about like at first I'm like wow is that breaker and I turn around and then there was actual record now wait a second which one is stricker can. And I have been Mormon everything loads up on site you records yeah. Yeah my hair same kind of facial structure and. And but I believe that let me I was I usually I was I was Robert Plant that band for rob went looking was so damn busy I couldn't hang with it and that was when nine Jeff they're guitar player. Scooped up Brandon talk and numb their killer and then yell what do I what I love about them is they only do. The line versions yeah on your fairway to have an essay Adams got hurt for the first time oh yeah did you see bullet for me I Obama league's up and fanatic but for me disarming seemed new you know the live album his. New ways to experience that ban and those guys know that stuff and for Jeff to mail all that stuff. Lick for Ehrlich yet is incredible I can't imagine the time it took to studied his original tab of that out there and he sat in study and learn. All of that and knock out and crashed it MER oh yeah did I ever was phenomenal I don't remember any of their performance but fortunately I'm familiar with them from past. Nights when I couldn't I was sober and I can access that they were great and I want to stop. We get you health thank you lost hope there's a church or they're going there this obscure walk myself room somewhere permits him. Nice and yeah. Well I'll play a really good mood on the adjustment who. John and Deborah John guys that they guys Glenn as a car guy feel your pain I don't know if you're getting you're doing. Not only do I hope you in the car fixed is stress free but the shop actually has continually still buy guys see wind up with a bare minimum of Condo on it. Like US in my own wrenches into it crashed me so and that's my big body he's got a bronco. In my daily driver Miata. Few months ago I just part my Miata in the empty rove a parking lot in the end spot in part super close to the curb. So that was safe as possible some chicken Alexis says UV parked next partially in my spot and it opened her door boom right into my Miata. Cops year's surprise and I rolled on the window and asked her why she did that she giggled and mocking me said that she was sorry. I quickly through the top down poke my head up over the windshield and went all miserable megs on her ass. Well is there on failure on this and that. I let her only tour and contest. The guys did get most recently away even though he could easily kick my ass. He knew she was wrong didn't like small victory baritone James is something more sincerely apologetic cheers from John the Jumbo Tron guy yes slow. I will say John calm actually. The insurance company treated beef. Fair Lee I mean it would have been nice to get more. But on the PG be fairly and arm our boy hop NATO. Amid talk with Duane. He's been doing an auto body work and auto body paint his whole life in choosing a career guy. And nom I think it's gonna have been a blessing disguise and an update has been just these could you be all and cool and supportive and instructive. And hopefully sometime very soon I'm just can we drop on the hot rod at his shop. And it's gonna live there for awhile maybe even a month or more money insurer on what's really cool was he notes in his shop I'm gonna be able to come in their work alongside of them all cool so we're gonna do you know I only and when an amount a grand and move. You know arms even the insurance adjuster was like do this makes me sick is when you see these cars either finished. Or they're rushed. Piles of crap I have never seen one miss straight this clean room again and you know it's 66 and there's not a scratch on it. Until now known. He had Dwyane is like bro we will go after that thing we'll take it as far as we possibly can and so. Much love to hawk NATO for really come on threw for my silly ass in a mega pinch I'm always sick with worry about where I was gonna end up course the car needs subpoenaed anyway the mile pop shops along or that need to be done plenty to do in the spring. So this happening was just tragedy. And the Italian match paint on faded factory paint and hum may get you know so he had done hawk NATO straight I was like you know to reach out a couple of different to monitor in this industry. And of course hopped it was warm up on him and he came actually grow look who's organ and you here's how we're gonna do it. And yes some mad you know always mad love the hot NATO mama hop NATO if you work that goes without saying that's like breathing but yet doing is really. Really stepped up and he's gonna try and bail me out so wanted to share that you know there's almost throughout the year car sorted out. The word of the day's top NATO. And I I added I didn't really get my car sorted out very nicely so that's that's pretty cool man you know. Which I did today is down there with mama so it a little mom on the background man who'll. You know yell. So anyway that's the that's where the cars headed man it's gonna end up with one of her beloved you know friends and family members from the makes Kasten killer gonna try and make this thing right. It. That's right. Then even he was again you John down here at the shop duke is very is that Dario is tells him put him like you don't really go onto this thing where I'm gonna. Be doing some crazy stuff and put my rolled onto your can't continue. The lamb women. These gaming and you know the pinch undid John out here house all of you for that he got no comfort firmer on the Buick. On screwed music or not. Yeah I finally just. Org I'm gonna go body we we got a job for us so we you know doesn't go low block NATO man she's gonna do something here yeah man that's my Hough NATO shoot oddly enough that's a Sanjay we're surrounded by freedom could be real Georgia over you Rihanna and today did people who listen. I I came and it's funny. Indeed it is really a moment of Thanksgiving by way of doing I'm wrong super nine all right. Iran should left out. It's thankful for Christmas 2000. There are. Guys they give Chris all of those are graphic design stuff when he whipped up that conflict right dios is you put that up on the most yeah yeah. Somewhere. And that was like the next day again and look now at a grand grand I was. A fund but there are moments of just emotion enough podcasts still like I get a phone. And open up that even on a remote Jim Backus he must have just heard it end with those two designs up like that I do is no direction. Just know he's hate mail would you do this horse we really funny resist out of the blue eye open up and he now and there are these grandiose Cochran do Jews. Bob shirt designs. And I and I wrote him back in my you just made my day my own hands I was on cloud nine I sent in to you. I well I got back you know I would rather already replied yeah we just all my god that's incredible and I know some scrolling up to see what it was the rev was is yeah I'm blown. And then yet immediately mind blow to look at football well that's right and well and I almost want us to open up a store go to Paris to Miami because we have the greens logo ever before places doesn't exist we're certain kind of with a pre rehearsal Bob Rudy band meeting which is basically just like sucks let's get a drinkers quick. If cult and its d.s passing that around all of you like. He immediately a limited run assures that he's. I talk about that I receive people when I disable those and we need to do it. Seattle but that may become like you we have become use LB are all teary and take our Alter ego and you know what I'm like yes when they're playing planners are secret so right and conceived in grandiose talking deuce unless there's literally solid The Beastie Boys ray or what no RE NR Ariel was known as the he'd be ready and friends through a minus five and friends but then RB danger played once with us but they were playing bomber SuSE contractually weren't supposed to play showed that night at the crocodile. But Peter Parker so they went by the name of the fell swoopes and that was there are certain bank there's the hardy danger full on wow new money into. We have done we didn't want to show us who want to get on place looms on it we have gotten inside the weather got to us. But we had a huge show writer on the corner and the same kind of things in rehearsals we played is glacial milk. After that but that the pet. While we. Other countries. And it was at all and besides how it was packed so he's somebody like. Where's is glacial milk brand I heard their big in Norway out there not quote the it was can assure people literally were. Out west and among the band it was so packed that. There were people sort of in my bubble as I was singing and playing into your my dad out there I was there we were all too early. I really do because we're all just have been and it's odd man. That's why more boys mobile get the time here. What I need to add. Well I. And you and I added it at San like media and the they're I would need you guys won it ended or all of that. Al-Qaeda. It is on its. And that all ought to order it PHR. Eight beacon rock got hit a ain't IBM. It yet or I don't know what we expect. Really get old immediately I can't exploit it I and it according it would already I. They actually. Eating eating you. Don't see it artist create it. They are all acting at bat at 888. Add eat eat eat better running it at. Eight. Eagle what bags. Would be if it. Ain't. Did you up are at it you look old. It hurt they paint his arm hole. I hit it low it hit me how old you are. Happy or. Dole. 80. Or. It all. Ecole. Our culture has this kind of thing memorized all of us including myself at all. But none of those you know like it was lonely little two hour and a half we have people out here and that's it. All of. Anything. Okay. But. Fairly credible Brooke thank you that was not enough and got caught up while. But no I don't families in color but I guess if and I Syrian you don't one last thing he's got an email from a Wyatt consistencies are good graces now after the odds are. Off. He says I can't we all take a mother blank it's second to discuss Steve blanking migs under blanking rose drums on Saturday no sorry graft why I didn't care so. You want to do so component once again had. Do you guys are spectacular flawless even when Travis is the true front man in new defense it was fantastic he was seized more aggressive side during that said. The micro terrified me. Glad I don't remember Travis during a microphone. A blurb I thought a boom stand fell over by the guitar Iraq. He had some good and then I ask runaround right now is like there's a stand why is her stand there was no Mike back here no super confusing than it took me like have a silent. Okay gravest must have thrown hits like but I couldn't because I just don't behind me. And a look at them like to thank god didn't guitars and with women in my licks stands in front greed just fault why did well what are the math that quickly and how does Mike stand up. Yeah I remember doing at one point and landed on my drums there's a cow like hanging on my drum and I think I someone drab day and moved it I had no idea there was a lot of I knew his door microphone that's hilarious to be dead I didn't she got either. I says Glenn around the catching you move around that aggressively or smile that much during a cent a longtime look of joy in your face playing with this project warms my soul. See you guys are much more than just let's get together twice a year for a show kind of project a completely blown away by you guys easily my favorite brand brand new government favorite new band in town. Love you guys Glenn can I ask for a behind the music on a few songs on the EP. What songs are the old list what events inspired certain songs something from meeting getting to nerd out too while listening to the EP for the 500 time. Thank shell from why romance but oh all right reforming our oldest right before my eyes I had come up with that. Song. Back community must track and push site even beat myself that way but that would have been 1999. And abandons. I was in good the band kind of wasn't feeling and it didn't come together and then fast forward years later. I think we got to leave the band at that point through no longer a three piece and throughout the Aaron I don't think Tony necessarily connected with a and so got thrown back on the shelf that happens you'll have forty songs and some of the wings some don't which is totally cool. Tom and I think a few times over the years I try to look about this thing and it was kind of almost more on this thing instead you know. So just end up on the shelf farm and then finally when this project came along no worked it up and these guys were excited about it and so but it's finally got to see someone it. Slows wanted an employee. Also. The songs I wrote seventeen years be helpful as far as my favorite song on the record fine tuned and I was suddenly John is from from about ten miles wide. Advertising dude you guys blew me away loved watching you so much fun. Pick the second song you played. Without a doubt my favorite and like oh that's right before my eyes that's like that's my theory put it that song floater on the window pane for seventeen years and it just never. But never flipped the switch so craven and so people get a response you're not respond to you guys. We're excited about it no doubt you're thirsty after death and was fairly even born it was more have you and I pray that person is your enemy demo and then me. Putting drums and then being like dear guys let's go. NN Jeff comes with the most insanely simple so going. All of these baseline get close to the whole thing. And they want cyanide to. Spotify apple music used to. The quiet go to receiver Brandon dot com via physical copy back and I had a good idea to. Please help them pay it forward Jack. I don't know hole for that thanks so divided that degraded and really that's also great we just wanted to hear this music and means a lot knowing that. People like why any other people out there are emotionally and just connected to the music which is all your hope for. Flooded if we can make it happen to work schedules are crazy but there's already a bunch of more songs and a half chief Keyes contributed some stuff Jeff Rouse has contributed some stuff I wrote about are you kidding. Through a few more our through more demos of the got three more demos in the next one again was one that the most. From point ten and another song that I thought was really cool little window pane just wasn't feeling. So I threw that one in the mix this year you know we'll see if it finds swings here or not I don't know I thought I hope so. Yeah yeah I am once again I'd I thought it was a cool song but it was funny don't. At the show you know I mean claim I ever wanted to really dig you begin you always like that play well enough I was dike. Rules like down on myself for a minute like I don't know if I play that the now. Was all right Bob Bob and them watch seeing lead zeppelin and mammograms come right over thinking in my. Did this wrong Nadal now Heidi I if I got tons upon -- factor why sit now Mike Ullman and I it was fine threat yelled all right guys thanks fast they do this it and then Tony from Winnipeg comes up over Armenia's. Hey man. Great job of lining as if you love him playing with a metronome. And I was like always going to be some kind of a shot against my timing my guys I got like always he just trying to be a day there's I do know he said now Mike. Oh lean mean L make you well yeah me alone yeah. Why he was nicely it just sounds like you are so music is all old locked in like it did so you wavered one bit in my. Really good music and trust me I would not say this some kind of artistic when it comes to look up tempo and I get really I really. Over focus on that some might. Well I really needed to hear that thank you tell yeah I got. Mess that we release are beyond there was none of that speed up slow down speed up slowdown mom assessed the nonsense that can happen a lot of times in line performance some. It was all real stadium it is fun and now I think all of us played everything a little fast that night armor Travis with. There are pressures goes Brussels that I thought that filled green door it's funny both really didn't not at all the drums. Are. I guess on should be asked her personally but I thought it felt great and I think I got of course still go home and then it's on post a bootleg and now I am holding my windows metric tones but the tap are going with this could just curious I let me just see it's almost like how close hourly batter. On average we were about five beats per minute faster. That's not bad which is it bash is live adrenaline which is what I'd want ideas I think the song should be a little bit faster life I guess the energy goes up until my feeling I was young I always say I'd rather play it too fast and to soak free flow agrees to slow us. The energy out of a band like I thought our crusher felt. What are much the entire set I think was about anywhere from three to five beat Furman it's faster harder than what we do on the record would you not. That's barely any difference. But then I went to the heart precious aren't easily. I don't feel that we played that fell much faster wasn't well for the entire song we're about five beat Foreman just Assad before the end of the song. At the very and we just kind of really jamming we probably went up about fifteen beat for a ball low and our I. Went to my. Now I O'Reilly won 25 BP m.s in Eddie good around 138. So we came out of that breakdown we took off like a rocket at the end when he's just kind of going harder JT. Oh and everything you know. I definitely got I definitely lost track of them of staying in the pocket yeah like it's just on Jan normal as us he had no. But I think that's why they get through Saddam like how good we went that fast so I'm backing Mike all we didn't until the very end any back that part when. When I think the thing they're QG MAA over think these matters and who wrote and performed that song with post our heroes for a long long time. Where two to four loss to brand new soul yet Serwer up early. Oh good music. I you don't read the front are all weeded through aegis and he knows it in a way that we don't we don't rights and is just the simple so worked elect got rocked an easily rise what do you do and it doesn't feel like that that was rewarding too fast yeah. So I that totally makes cents and canceled loses he knows that's all in the wake of we'd all. Deuce is funny it's Simon and like I I like that I was really go back and I've done that before in the past on Google might got to come my flock on I got that turned aside to. On trust and I have some shaky you know that that. Film from Matthew route he's right on my side of the at this stage so any little shank you here on guitar yeah right there yeah. A couple of shaky moments but all of those things where her live show I was like OK I don't care and the audience was lol and it in the give it felt great yesterday as we miss and a note or seven to Wear a lapel rock band yeah well that's there are no rocking outcome I'm standing there staring at my hands like John for too she meant I'm up there to put on a shout as you know guys on and off. Dude I would rather us. All miss a couple of moments to have that energy that's all I needed to show that Iraq ship our next show is December 30 December 30 in the world do us some new material errors Jeff. Yes so we didn't we didn't get to four dollar Alan Kohler live at least that's the story erect before my eyes and yeah and you know I even nothing you need god. Several ballads actually that I written armed and are all really really strong and Tony has its amazing spiraling long morality was development as well also at the Thomas W of those Brody demos. A store at wal. I know Tony has that big spiraling gorgeous guitar thing he wrote and I got these other three so I just picked want. Now and it was nothing new money I'm like yeah it's don't give this one to version broad because of god. These other ones sit here and we have more mature than we know to do it and that's cool is it really you know really connect with Travis and it's really connect with early Jeanne you know they hit me up it was a coming got a can stumbles into the song wow. Just really complimentary and like for you this is just heart wrenching and you know it's it's it's cool to be able to just want got this amount what do you think of that and. And it's nice as a songwriter probably when the doesn't work out with one group. Guys that you could take you know everybody hears things differently. One is there's thirst that's a that's a thing it's not anything like all crap that there's tons of material so you throw this author has little ball that led lighting just then Tuesday he. The following Tuesday when Billick played out again you never know but you know we throw ideas around and I just happen to have a few that. But I hung on to because I thought there were really good the descend found a home so nothing else it's it's great formed a no home. You know people yeah people didn't hear it. And hopefully that yet come out I saw highway and a nine blues club highland and I'm blues club on the thirtieth of December so the eve before New Year's Eve and you can't even my understanding is it is confirmed it's gonna be Ben Shepperd in France that's Ben Shepperd from cell garden. Law Alamo hey watch. Jeff Angel walking paper all of I don't really generous guys played O'Meara Barton as you William Holden I know Sean back will be down there are so I think you gotta be kidding JT told me was confirmed Ben shepherd she sees us so bad hasty just Poodle little well dude I mean baritone and if if he ends up being aired on my favorite drummers and he's such a big guy that's going to be great deeds he's Cuba has kept playing a look at the C bear too slowly turning his head left Iraq you know. Can be the first time distance asteroids he wouldn't be the first extra stuff hurts is smelling apartment had to have a desire to grab you all right. Do better there are no money Aurora bridge you know if you decent. Now the fart yeah and I bet you're right about how far it. Nadia I don't know a little slow and I'm all that energy. Said the Ben shepherd and friends thing was ago surgeon one hell of a December 30 and not. Course that puts us on the spot Tryon crank out some serious rehearsals in the GT promptly announced this morning you'll be on the eighteenth from the 27 and only really back from tours until the sixteenth. So I don't know what exactly would we get together almost immaterial were hearse up so we don't make gas is our souls in front of Ben Shepperd friends volatile. Originally kind of down hill fast. At some point we value our guys work you have at some point it will blow up in our face mr. beat at times you don't wanna miss that the NRA I Rory to get out of here odd man has always been a lot of fun on Larry and talk about that recently how much fun. The last several shows of the newscast have been in this one is no exception. Now favorite time shout out to breaker. My record awesome have a hard gangly gangster and what am oil dot com WA am oil dot com on social media you could find him as well over couldn't DJ and spot check out these new stuff guys are part owner in the wee business that's pretty exciting good for him you know of course needs. And now Billy from merry march to merry march. Pot shop being sick a sixth avenue in Tacoma yet so we'll check them out he was telling us also how a lot of people do come and go and fly past. Multiple pot shops on the way to go around noon just to go to their shop because they're listeners of our pockets and say boy your corner to go in the mix castle thank you so cool that's so awesome so hopefully we'll bring them menopause thing for you next time. Now mental pause I need that. I had the next time I you I hope everyone has a great week guys. We love you guys and as always stay positive.