MigsCast 12/12/17 "The Gun Went Where?"

Tuesday, December 12th

This week's MigsCast might be one of the funniest ones yet...at least to us it was!  Thrill popped in for a quick hello, and ended up staying for most of the show as we discussed:  Pearl Jam, easy listening radio, giant maple bars, a politician riding a horse to vote, Kwanza, the worlds greatest episode of Greys Anatomy, and so much more!  Thanks to Carl for hanging with us and bringing donuts!



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Now. Not going to do it wrong. You're doing or all of the Mac thing. It's iMac. It's ups workbook surface but whatever you own that's expensive. OK okay did that and I think it's not a bad day welcome to the fifth. He's regretting not yet I can't go to Dallas on the podcast. That's my neighbor. You make tonight nearly president Fuego. Hello. Like panic where we're back. We are back that's right we're back for this week and then that we're gone for a couple weeks for forever Kodiak and got a good kick off for the you'll yeah yeah oh heck yeah. You can shoot sulfur is viewed on a bicycle in Hawaii we have to grow well that's what I do and I'm not on the Internet FF FF. Have to address shots from Hawaii yeah I saw you a news on a bicycle bombs down on the solar issue himself that was made I guess you're a man of courage trial inspires you find the weirdest stuff Glenn. Why I think he was the one run down the street at noon I don't know why should this Oakley in just a lot of deep balls. He's gonna get road rational on the road grading I don't know it was one of life's big questions if I eat these Dassault what will happen well now I found out what we have had to admit that I'm gonna try to ram I don't know know the half eaten their ignorance about two blocks prior I just assumed it was those who were crocodiles. And moved on. I yes or just Seattle sewer rats man I watched one climb a fence 198 hanging outside that think the central. Like literally are rat like did as well as the loop recruitment advantage yeah. You know you guys freedom or my friends out I was giving Iraq back after refiners that wrestling class and as her charities actually I think from the Maryland area. But which moved out here. As we're driving. The drop her off I saw rat. There's a whole bunch of losing a dead animal on second interactions I that battle Mike told driving so Michael don't wanna run over the cracks in season starts laughing you know might. No those were rats that received week. There's rats here in Washington. Machine yeah yeah off a good fit it ruined the wrestler drivers like where you're telling me. I don't pretend I'm gonna see some rats potentially some like she recently moved here yet and end. A puzzling is no rats and see as a giant seemed to your father is this big huge support and I you and of yet home yeah its grant city Campbell's point oh ERA strength rather than roller girls yeah and I. So Susan for rude awakening days here in my eye and I apparently she's got some got a serious phobia when it comes to Iraq it's a low. A number peaking at the central years back is copyright girl once we get there wrestler sitting at the bar and a top top of that antique glass borrowed the central. Until opinion don't. What's three feet know what's at six inches Qaeda and that acts cannot and I'll throw you ask I'm talking now this is not including the tail. This is just the body of this wrap my watch it run along the tell all of the you know unless sandwich in my aren't. You know you're you're you're down home in pioneer square manned Amaechi is part of the deal do you ever in New York seeing similar Bob rats the size of small dogs like Hulu size they missed an eight pound rat and no fear of humans like you know you are on my turf from ESI am. If you could thanks to try to keep going thank you yeah get a tiny rhetoric you're scared of almost four times the size that lets go get your ass. Perhaps today released via ansari ruin your friends and I hate us find it at terraces I was gonna of course that a player my fear pros and song. And then the two of us need look no more that's right it is a great song. Course and he did talk with you some of it's it's a Max. If there and I like your real hard time about having a maximum stupid marriage and a Microsoft surface a pro surfer is something okay. I have as a throw in maybe amateur based on how we do know another circumstance I. Yeah service and yeah I saw there was like a little handy cable symbol on the the back into the little Microsoft squares. Yeah and now working that's a math didn't like about him. I'm. I'll bet you can't hear you are you should go to career as a broadcaster can you got it sorted out how. Working with that I don't care if it's potted up over here is that it just recently worked because that whole clapping sound effects stuff was going through lower and Lerner that's a different sort he's doesn't like rats. This live. Doubted our nine. I'm not okay talk amongst yourself I got tight curl. And I did that was my thoughts it was working previously and I wanna do you know kind of throw a cross try at times photo one leniency I don't even know how do you know any more either you can or they're ready I don't know. Okay. Troubleshooting. User fees that makes cats closed my apple music saying and it's kind of like time. Seeing the full now on those is a headphone Jack plug into the field training aid it would have Max age he was an apple. It's an apple thing to appoint an area numb Syria and windows you have to hit the comment button to hear the song. I. I think pound for pound this might be my favorite pro America vs the it's the warmth of yeah I've got some kind of the two copies of a number one point compliment Tony. And he was talking about ten of course. How many do you own persons resident you don't have to do. What got whole album dribbles like basketball yet panels and I have two copies of I'll give you one night so I did and like you know next reversers and by the way. Very few small. Since it's such a great record I'm like yeah right this started this song just. Even sound like pearl came to me they do a guy who like just easing into it in my alright sweet little help him out there today. This though the album that when I got my record players like I gotta get verses on final minute. Fast forward a year after that just a towel and deep brain Diane and coming from three holes in my brain and how that easy street records a Mike. Nor I need. And April Jim's vs one final so I body. I go back to my house to put it in my vinyl collection. In the peace action in the hope program yes there vs knicks to vs an. It's you know what you're saying. Oh yeah I thought that why do. Or but you're aperture prison for the microphone and this is sad but I'm going to be hours at so common on Sunday who got to break rules and I know oil and box I saw that yeah one is and everything they wanted. What's on and everything they ever everything. Well together. Dude I don't need that's big stuff that you saw him like he's yeah he's a mile and look I knew you loved everything about it never got him. Not a rabbit to view of the biggest worry I don't can see this but this is a BS don't it is a loaf of bread I don't know what a frosty New -- I think without their lives around one of the -- on the -- -- ones next to Eminem or something odd ace yeah yeah it's I -- shoulder and -- -- there all the water that's ridiculous pay dividends sound and Karl oh you probably wrote called Brothers in studio here a lot of Fat Albert you can that I -- that these cars they're political appointees should someone directly in Europe or it's. Everybody that's that I have looked and I went man who could I don't want to even if you don't. But this is a guy named mark and Robin staggered up and all and Skoda just taking photos of the box I don't I bet I do that this is a bigger than early yeah whoa she said if you don't know with Captain Crunch I'm not saying anything. When I know I work I I cannot believe I heard her say that to him yeah I current. There's a pair them off there's a bear out Bob bear claw bear claw god donut that's bigger than of their Paul yeah I think it's ridiculous how our players are nervous around that don't remember right because he likes old every reviewed legendary donuts tonight but locations are all there's one Tacoma to yet right on six that so so Carl went and got the biggest ones they have Karl. It's like this is ridiculous. I guess that I got a bagels it is it is a loaf of bread like frosting in advance that the American people got into other you know President Obama met at at. Best part is so Bob Bob. Vicki take a picture puts up on RNC Rampage at the picture of me holding that giant Eminem. That they break if you get a bigger than his face that is reduced if you got a cast of reasons to Rampage could see it right so she posts that I get a screen shot of this from my wife saying. I hope you didn't eat the whole thing. My wounds and. Which is the God's honest truth I wrote. I need any of it as that's still they're saying don't believe he did those who believe I did any any it now that's not to say I didn't eat other don't nice. I believe I thought once wore diapers an idea what you're talking about honesty. And I think everybody that's her record part of a bit narrowed eyes I don't know man I like that you can even if you cut apple and often silly to. It's an intimate our privacy you know Jimmy eat it and I hate to name Jackman is going to be Leah. Aren't and you might not only will leave it 100 pounds soaking wet. And with sand and I'm sure if I go to lean down the river walk like arm that Spain. Yes dude we pushed her all of this floor it would take or. Eight manages to slow downs she she's doing a sheet of paper but she will eat. I mean I've just seen her Italy she needy and Campbell and. Somehow. She knows it passes or not I don't know who I'm an element probably and I'm sure he's gonna meet thank god damn thing you're the best hallmark of all this it's like who would. Caught on the kettle black you know right. This face to face only us but we missed blocks on it here about the heat and I'll maple got to decide the my flight. And you won't put a dampen your ads are the differences call crack now the page and I'm not. I'm hot hot. You have asked I get back why do you do they write it's I'll walk why chili dog got put on two pounds and I've had him inhaled drugs kids are they listening the secret to keeping weight off was cocaine. Hot kick it cocaine. And man we are similar to our own yeah we just donate Sino us they kick everybody Robert irons of my man you get. You're right. But you got to stop saying I'm I'm a Madden only now dealing blow yeah. Yeah a little portly Peters out on the court like Jorge is if you're kids bag give among cocaine and then you'll drop away now behind great debt and the hills weather at all a million Almonte unlike quit. And so do all that innovative you know the lord amazing spirit and the commitment that Ronald marital bottom 45 minutes you'll know why don't pay you. Ritalin you know which is a hardcore opera that makes them focus on what is really important what. Nearly AJ and baby stores on my hockey bodies to take ads on notice I'm incredibly out of Orlando. Those Ritalin and go right down to resort to drugs that and take my kids randomized two of them. And if you memoranda pet right you get a puppy vs the ball or kitten burst is a cat the ADHD is called being known yeah yeah yeah I'm with innocent man made design school they act like this is a thing okay. But they design school work the kids have a thirty minute class you know one. Because at that age they can't focus as long as all of o'clock class write a longer than that man they have to reset through tomorrow. Right what's the goods we. Don't don't look at that ball gets it's not the AD word of up. We have not gone up so I thought I had. He's a there is no longer is a reason why a puppy is more double uninstalled I can't figure this guy until Wednesday Hume. ABC. This call we know model. I love thank god they have this crazy it is all the hunger from the morning to you or maybe you can draw lessons until an ongoing plague did the best part about all this is a you're losing your mind while holding a giant Buddha bar on how old New York with a giant you don't have it sitting with that sugarloaf. And they're now low out there and your politicians. That were a whole host underhand and ramp up. And come may I gotta make sure and I'll put on the meat gets paid well and those who were eight men this is I think about it I. So mad. And he's got mad holding a donut that big. Somehow you manage how to re angry with the maple mark the all politicians did get a clearer than the moon walk around with a label or good job about eight to this good couldn't ask them questions as well now another installment of thrills maple bar ranch and. I know a little auto giant every time underdog would do I want to give me a big big big death maple bar. I think the site is over no football definitely yes they absolutely you podium and shoot a monthly movement on a weekly made who called the maple and number 88 did the did it now it's okay are thrilled that a real hero a man it's true no matter a bit. Jesus Christ. The lead you to Israel right or if your kid doesn't pay attention sorry regular kid right you don't moment Hamas and Kansas Christ. Didn't either drug my. This seems like it if it's close to home is this something you're dealing with the gallery did. Nothing wrong when bell who. There's still there's something I have kids that something happened yesterday that illustrated as a hero had a bad night kids are not from doing what I was my eight. People post but I will play so angry today Jesus. You don't get worked up water water bottles OK they also want brother dropped the maple top all of those building on hold lose. I. Another doughnut you reach safety. Fourteen floors you analyze it did dawn you and you're right doesn't like the thing that they extend outside of the plane to slide. You sit back and it's about the same side through the I applied to tap into they have this thing is so big. And I have a fuel baggy long and Iva Majoli I believe it. You do humans and no one else get off the plane there's a lot of the plane here the ramp not look at it but yeah it. Please don't go so bad president of the bagel it's it's heavy metal gear to burn character you actually get up to your mouth so much bread man. And if so could you sort of delicious you've exerted a lot of energy on this podcast that I have earned it Lima airport you had a bad day no really you can like it's a bad day it is because so animated he's basically not at all what those calories and we got out OK okay. He broke all those calories would now own candidate and now you need that though and these back to zero that the unit about to happen yes there's opinion a bad mood eminent. So why they go to you really have to deal people and and I might go would do more people Hough but I thought personalized for personal. Messed up you to attach or maple bar to a change where it's almost like sort of gyms and that's not locked up for a lot of passive I let my buddy Billy afraid you find these comedy we know he's praising Jesus correct he has gigantic he wears an a change I actually continue to play at Home Depot I went like a links. And at the bottom of it is not as glazed doughnut and that's like Houston bang that's kind of amazing it's pretty incredible he's a funny d.s or wrapper that comic Ira sort of like. It's tedious at least to have this hip hop amateur nights and I always had a fantasy. Role not on stage now have a change but that would be attached to a full size six foot grandfather clock. That my height man wouldn't roll out on hand truck. Are brought down creating bodies or bachelorette he's getting pulled back when you have to follow me around I felt my grandfather clock gonna light on me all that would be great Internet through your grandfather and grandmother quiet remote part of group. Kowananakoa I would just say the number one no doubt that McCain did Edgar and on the ground are all major cause of all of a whole different because my guess. It is Google going to put it to he's this rocket that glazed doughnut mum on his chest goes about it and now that I have. I don't. Gas grill because you when you walked him we're having a conversation up Pearl Jam and your car program and I content pal from town at a glance seems to agree. Providence verses their best record. I rigor that they put out ten and ten was it was kind of mind blowing boy can you pay you know it's the idea of your. All of your life to write the first out yet and -- all the life because they've been right now from a blue Obama any better comes in and when you look tonight at ten man like the music is very similar. It's Stella model Obama but did different interpretation from bettors are goes and we'll talk to lawyer Andrew Lloyd saying overdose all right I cannot be curious and went directly to you now because they wrote most of us supple he's still around when you listen to really pressure after yeah. A lot of the flourishes are really subtle or any better risks ought to give and take right southern new vs the first amended veterans they're from the beginning and in the OK this is what this band going to be. And is no question I think it's a brilliant brilliant record and some of the weird it seems like. You don't you're a fan of a Graham album has the least it is probably ever. I guess that's true role in early this is still has played that yet compared to play ten was in every goddamn thing umpire may you play and on the radio and my apologies to play the hell out of better absolutely but I think my apologies are close second it would hand yet in my. Oh yeah I guess they have gone. But I've I've found kind of from but apology on you have two or three amazing so after record and the rest it was kind of well. What is the song and that's the last song on verses to main man with I don't know. I difference the difference I love that kind of nothing to it and nothing mr. Bruins a pillar in our main assistance basics to off. And every know that every member chooses to play matters to the song you're not a myth you know shorn off. There's no big deal but Andy better says were he has to say and then they play these notes and going man that's that's what the function WMA for me is one of my all time favorite pro and. So like Charles circles back to Dave Everett sees yeah that's right that verses. Bounces in situations Dave has such a great swing and pocket media that's part of why I think has hurt my favorite has pretty much once they lost in the eighth. Amon even when Matt mats incredible but he is more of me technician yeah. And Dave had such a swing in abound that his wife has more grammys. All of lauer elegiac more whose wife. I don't know remain. I don't know I just because I do and look no offense to playing classical music and African come right. I guess it's true competitor or distraught internally without his government and you're not plan original as. Ever built and burn you when you think of right who's written and original classical song. This decade there's no mark right for a we need to bring out all right okay and good. You grant a market that's our realm where I Hillary. Oh yeah organizers are fast and apparently his wife. Huge go we talked revenues like mag truly do like Perle and James playing sound all the start of the norm amazing view is like yeah. Man my wife as site. Three grammys on fire blazed no one knows your name is like Gallup billion though a masculine. You're you're good I'm like oh really look like you played two of the biggest and declare that every human is the batter he doesn't get bags she's more respectable body back in Baltimore bunny Tony and we were you to mother love bone fan support and who would call long we'll go with the who nine the should I be day before yesterday and into perspective. He's still will not listen program. Poll for inject him I mean like brought them to come like America's rock band right into it he's still would not listen to one. Because he's mad that they're replacing Andrew put. That the logic resource and some you know a lot. How did it isn't really as they kill limit until they fire this murderer they didn't fire right reasons large go to drew a world. This in decades that effect on the forehead and I'll let you know he's a man you just want to look like I don't agree with the people were mad at Alice in Chains are continuing without lane. I think it's stupid players Elaine you can on Willie's gray the materials greatest albums are great you can choose to never listen to another house and change album just view it as just wouldn't that. It's delegate that they could you be by the club owner replaced Andrew would would someone else I can almost understand zoning out that would I I think it's stupid but I can understand the logic are very right this is a brand name or not I mean we've what they distrust of not work. In music yes it has garnered not goes to get a job at any of them they just his coloring yeah appears don't you may I call you Bob pitch count on topic and not add up. A job ironic Tony. We told captain my top from here on out there and his dorm room I kept and I can tell you I was on my home all the local landfill. How about permitted on the two athletes that don't let your popular. Why would play dead you don't Daniel Markey how did you begin within that you figured it matches him colors pants Jefferson and I literally personally thought the odd you sort of brown pants as just now taken as his matches this case. Sound man made quite an idea that I okay Obama monotone and in my phone you can edited the need to Britain and all cavs might make it. And I'm older. Hot yeah. This could have and I call him that's what it's that it doesn't matter how big holdings these moon originally an eight page Steve men the finances it is not going to be cool he mutate into a minute. I don't know I don't know I guess I have for Glenn in my iPhone and yeah. I've got a question ma'am what do why do and I think why do you have what do wife didn't like the number one men's ball is right you're yet though. Then maybe on the minds Barney and friends sort of the ball in the France. You seniors the army of Thelma and Louise did you pitch from holding hands I know fifty and Owen Daniels had IC market. I have in place it's generally now go to why did Emma and his mother of my mother hum Hummer. I feel I admit you're Jones you you've you've got a little leeway right. Yeah man says they really but that's case by case how they I don't know if you can necessarily use that story in front of everybody. I don't I think you need to bring you know all the time search I did little balls at the I could tell you what I live for. Absolutely okay that the book. I mean it's probably drills adding that there really needs her pup think it's your skin because I don't know about the thing might scare you can't I don't golf Monday. So what is the that's when he was not invited back tortured shot and I could happen. How are I gotta credit my other. Donor at sick she's. Don't let's cheeks Dick she's Bayonne. And I don't know what in your genes as severe. The riff that remains there's no for the runaround that Rahman on the line our. Yeah I'll miss precedence from Honda is bad though because now I've got that craving for the cream cheese salmon I do well for Mary Howell who deal in advance. Now picture in the name that she's what you just said because from the ball still. I'm really Luis. Also noticed among a I doubt that I can get away with bank is my field hit pitching a capacity cheese. Are. Visually and and individuals license is not what I that is really rats are just for your kids or your dinner table crying you'll eat it because that's what we yeah there. Again today and I expect I got Saturday goat cheese. Actually my bagel. Dad simply aren't aren't. Although his sexual I feel it's their job headphones Alyssa says Israel is different about the psychological thing when you put the headphones that is totally I didn't know first man. You don't cause I'm what it is and the Mike goes on if you have headphones on didn't. Yeah ovens are all of a journal learned the art of me I got some figure this out yet. And I'll and you. Happy and I have been decided they are still what was so I submitted and I won't say it but I said. And female anatomy primes was zipped Zola. And and run like. And I'm like me now or all these non-GAAP. Shut it down hard on her part I don't know who like yeah. Yeah if it. You can't you can't think not now nor with a guy won't say who was remembers bits and Walton and the guy I don't know that. I'm. One of those today was really mad a Manila in the pavement and whoever dropped as a bomb on the air might. May happen but in August because don't whenever it's like well. I didn't say the president and I said the past my. What you still can't say hate T right I like Shatner. I don't like it but it was like William Shatner but although I'm resonant Massa OK I would give me an example. That's it it's after mother earth do you feel better. The Kara. I don't look gotta love and I'll pass that. Yeah. I have to I mantown I've cools them. Dry. They have this new looks back at that that's on the camping your mother but after mile from the bugs you look. In post man whom we know it's funny nicest how right you bit of a war a country rearing and with the FCC where like I can talk we get to about William Shatner I can say. All of a man I love the music of the shack. But I can't say. That word with Abdullah and other well known that I do as well you're being a Dick yeah that's a lesson for all of your game on literally you know. He wouldn't talk much remember right very and then. It's written but the thing is in an FCC when the beauty is a level by the FCC maybe they get a member they don't commercial satellite radio like. If you can just say the words become a lose. Font yeah it was a plot to creativity. But I must say my mayonnaise cannon ball malformed drawing attention and the thing I think freshman about semi deep nobody cares about what we say right. I don't I played with it ID we remove lie there you put your main aids can and in the oyster. I was trying my my brain was actually Manning is and so I'm really upset glared at this man I think it and got enterprise it except in the slightest really bums that this has been brought up man but I guess I will let you organize early early in my career I do not know that. Isn't heard copper. ET PT EE Cooper correct our reserves already is also took cover and my boss was like hey. Did you say target normally yet. In that we can save us a way I can say this match was this when you're working on easy listening station does that apply but there is right after this there's not an easy monitored gutter man sort of like what it meant so I can say actress. But I can't I'm like three year olds say turncoat like. I know. But can't say some but I can say pass it goes yet so I somethings are recovered turned into long chopper. Pat pat he was not pleased about it why I don't know how is about I did what you said man. Ahead of the curve. I would that I had a timeout and be throwing a deck down low like parody or spoof music and amnesia about Nicholas who video series on music skits candidates gets out of it you Connie. It's got this being thinking in my head remember back in Europe and your Baltimore days you worked on an easy listening station yeah. Right that's my first gave your non Arabs easy listening so how funny would it be if like here you are doing you're an easy listening DJ and everything you do is smooth McCain won the Indy all smooth and positive aids could beautiful today it's going to be what's going on line. It. Are all back. And once doing a good time go by and a what's the might get off you just this raging a hole so you yell at everyone like went nobody wants to get the automatic. Oh that is weird I kind of like me yes. Go to war crime lords yet easy listening station I did easy listening as the opera's Kagan are so excited that I'm errands on horrible with the woman to go over my its back when companies would pay to have someone on overnight and she got breast cancer and so she was only two weeks them. And I've basically got the game because I almost want to do it some of those good but I was like OK good. And I could underwater and when a horse come on man you do everything you can. You gotta was never mouse was a distinctive W. Announcement and after like a mile from my way. I hate to share but I'll play that bridge for a pack rat. How. I don't like according morning about how I'm right here is my balls. Among Basel like did did you disclose your bets on my eyes short. Is that many can't say that my argument was always obvious like hands because judges did and but I still played the music in the thing as but the fault lines are blown public monologue last guy yeah they don't care added that it doesn't matter what I think of an hour does that you like the song you are playing well lately and -- woman and rent. And in the wrath. F bank god damn song and I was they'll be able sucks the movie came from sucked. But you bridges won here here you go you think. And editor Alan listen to you easy listening station if that was the air personality but it took me I knew it but good things. Like people on the Internet job force then we got just let us do their job Kamal. To find in really. Every lady in red. All of my Uncle Sam Belo lazy kid who ran the sudden blow you might not know what today's music sorry but if you I feel like it's whenever America. I pray to god damn well better ally. And I don't know. You know I would I would I don't we added that. That rise of India Duluth do you listen to that stage Larry the bat good today and I was good outfit to the music wonder what this guy and everything now how did you read all of a Man Ray aluminum roof they made a mistake than ever heard you're did you did you we do and that. I know that was that committed. Elizabeth drill on the hateful easy and oh yeah. Like thriller may have made your bench but we're gonna play in the demo stuff was I don't think you are wireless Allegra a day. Hughes owned and dodging and smooth it's Lamotte Rob Thomas is sad right now. That's not an eighth of breaking baseball. Every song on the album because my wife has the album is these same exact song it's. He displayed a hole leaves a great wife. You hurt your wife and daughter you're never that well I cannot you can blame a common thing needed is the berries. And I don't know obviously I know again on the all of it right so he's playing these songs and didn't get the base dad dad dad here. Decide babies. I'll let alone a man. Gaza beyond that you want is another baby is not a fair right now is garbage. All the little contrast Denver hearing there's sounds exactly. Double break in the same goes bad warcraft like looks. Enjoy that he did when our camera I would think Coney Island I'd like a sandwich place and we had a list tonight. The Z 100 new York and it was at the height of Ace of Base. And we'll bring okay. I wanted to do the most awful things that I customers who just because of this African music. This collective soul that's why he can't control. There might be good it's very good time see you in Bobby starts with collective soul every morning I'm sorry. We'll though he hasn't been an retail power is fun business match. I don't know what they. It shut out. This is horrible. And you know what it's. We recorded this song knowing the full of crap can natural bottom of the fact tragedy definitely paid. Feared it auditors are released that same. But the sudden they're young Yang received hey W ally ever got more good is that what we're individuals like yes sir. The broad though is. Usually result right when the vocal slow I mean he's a professional children's high you get paid it. And I would say yeah. I hit the post. I don't know anything on the matter and as well as no one yet nobody yet. Matt out even over mamet like Perez matter to me this is a piece of trash you just feel over the weekend few. I BMW Mitt did you like this don't. But to write a worthless but it's okay it's okay. I have to do blind people lets me this is not good for people like hey man. After I left I thought I'd let you know when I started dancing yeah yeah man I didn't comment. Fewer than half a lump removed my brother type of stuff I do like my dad without moving right through these. Strip that's that's been staying grounded didn't economy. You know the. Most are slow. All summer is about dubs. Not all of you with some of those of you listen to those alone this master made lieutenant you know straight man. Don't use base before it went in terms. The station all day long gap. But I wasn't that shot up man the jury rules you gotta have about midnight to 6 AM this group yeah bit of mean you have to choose canoeing and apply hello my god everywhere over the Christmas music station in my head of course you are. I think it adds up so much. I can't explain what they've written his leg lifts that if you think his record the thing and god damn I thought every year. And you keep buying it now I don't play every match. Next on who. All Mara. Is everyone knows only good song. Well they don't act like early notoriety worst song you've written your friends are now saying hey man this all sides believe there an art and iron to happen but you know they had been the target happen right back. You know every guy and then move the millions millions and they die because that's what we do but collectively. That's why we hate the Eagles. I found the punctuated her baby if that's true you don't wanna like get but it is I wanted dead or alive. It's. This thing that's all the way you want to love that song go ahead of karaoke favorite there. You know right karaoke as everyone else seen a lot of juicy don't have to do it doesn't matter how bad you are. Satellite disarmament and are we did this all those Eagles hits like learning. Yes I'm already on the and I got to change gel but I you know again warned all the songs I hate us. But I sure like the songs as far as along credible this is the reason why he Eagles was that song wow. I hate that song your liars LaBelle yeah I don't know I've had my own that's truly does know and I don't believe I'm on a dance as bad as I Danza I'm saying much in the bottom of my heart. I I I'm I need to I don't outing myself a lot of hotel California now everything else Eagles have ever put all makes you punch a wall temp completely the opposite hotel okay what do you think I'm okay with a lot of their other songs what ticket name right now. And all divide them you know winner yeah yeah exactly the hotel California do not like dude. But the end though Doug California. You can check out anytime we like Bridget could never leave. Then you're dorsal and it's to me that makes the song. On this I don't know why am. I know I'm I'm I'm I'm Linda and John Mulder Walsh apparently isn't slow man man man man man man man I oh. I've got a son and we can all agree on the talks apparently are younger and this is a call 900. I would try to swim. Please silence throughout your life. Yeah yeah. We've got the Mike Reid now. Hello do okay. I'm here. It wasn't their big song so I didn't what is their big song and I hope I have my my hand it's. Not my Grand Island I was okay. Oh yeah or you're. Seriously did you have these drills back. Pretty good yeah. I even thought it come about either you can deploy. Okay. You know hide if you lose all. Guys still pay and I and a fast. Behind the music was rooting the blowfish because you every behind the music has tragedy guys losing their arms and breaking up even. People dying. You know we're in the blue ridge one is an hour dummy like. A lot of money. I walked off and lot of fun one holy is a bit he's the legendary country artists now it is yeah he killed at these items tiger Whalen Doug you think that the a top cops go. But I Dag Alan freed is really good run for ride through DJ Ono area. This would be an easy listening to. Data. Are a lot. You're really have to read now night Mindy here's the beginning of the song and started doing good an active player wise there's urinating. Guess this is scrapped but there today you over a lover to lover in the meantime animals and you Metallica. And Q. I'll. Hurry that's actually used to do that man up no doubt my good who put us through your old. Thank and then replay all the stuff that pretty much everything you played as when I play yeah. One of the beauties at this time from Russian radio on nurses woman named Deborah and should call to love my voice right musician going 3 in the morning and masturbating. Right so awesome known but but he's gone through mr. speaker you know how hard it was. Well but then I give it a governing a paternal real quick and WLA a fearless and so. If that's a benefit restaurant quake I don't know rumours going around. Everything's awesome but I would I wish I thought I thought so don't lose but I think it over and. The overnight listeners for some of the dirty list. How fair apps people who I mean what our cable outlet for I am I you know there are because I did overnights at the end on the weekends when I first heard the radio. And this is a great I'm 23 years old a stop at the time the end was the hottest stationing. Which also included the hottest women. It was incredible. I mean I know from some of the ones I met weren't very hot one tonight would have a glorified but it was awesome. Do you know really serial slapper is calling the bulk idea. The worst I was against it helps you get an am I kidding of its UK through the ship there you know I mean like yeah this -- all she's masturbating clearly can. 00 I got it back Ronald time we ought Colmes CD supply. I want to grow up I can't. When did you overnight we guy eventually I would also do in the mornings eventually gave me a shift that 9 after the morning joined it I would do about two hours or an hour and a half on my own anti be in their room taking calls and you know random people walk in debt was like there's a lot door. So I'm doing when I'm due in and then not answer the phone has a go one person starts talking. So long walks and make from my staff. The girl because they don't want to talk to still wanna have you thought I might. Well I woke up. I want you would like put my trek tropical odds and Ramiro yeah it makes me like yeah what did you want. I don't. It I don't know. There must be calling for bill read I'm not sure who this this move on do think the most embarrassing basically about the overnight listeners. Showed up at night in the morning I and I know conversation at that time of the day you know there all the luck in. Then oh you're awful looking but in map moment than I do like to no one's you master of his moment or as noted it was right. It was the tank it's all the enemies overnight worthwhile and it kept me awake then protect your way I'm really thinking employee at this week. You have an exercise in seeing how all adventurous you know some program directors out there and America are. I say we basically take a couple those drops that he did yeah and put it together. As you can check yeah that and synagogues do you really good hiring gig proud brilliant idea of iron and I didn't let you do you know he's yeah dude don't political who's got a chill and syndicate know isn't that is a joke. But I wanted to do it all when you start. Yeah brilliant uranium at the walk very far we have a brand new radio station that we took over that turned out to an easy listening C limits. I really love to be on the cracked overnight dew or to do not toll was 99 mill ninety Ford camp yes managed OK one minute nine yeah I was a rock station there and other countries went away. Yet because we don't I. The country's history can be easy listening there are open up the door. Like dude you sometimes you all are on commercial really we don't go to a Marshal of this right now my trainer Larry I don't want you now tell me live and our don't know how the Iraq stations either. And endured terrible you a big number of commercial free I won't change adrenaline into a trader in a while they're allowed her clothes. Don't know what the world I could hit I have to go right now all these stations brag grammar commercial break your outlook for bridge slowing UK I'll tell us who wanted to play I NBA all big withdrawal which I. I Hillary Djokovic and I'll tell you know why. Lose your jobs aren't good that's why don't haven't talked any time they brag about commercial free public music we play do you know why. Because. New soc. Are no right to be on the air bridge then pulling goddamn cover vote tomorrow that he's recently so you know he's not dead right happy about you that aren't on the sound. I do right. Dave Matthews retired people who've been to Chicago wouldn't be different than they don't then I felt the violence during of the yeah I. I learned everything runs ads on it was a friend and thank. There would have been good at other rock stays in my guys' radio crazy busy on us a bummer I really love their deadbeat dads segment L mica. You realize. Unless I'm really sorry that water on the that this show that was competing with us is gone in your bomb that their god that was irrigated no American player at all during our guys don't like I wasn't funny. Now already and I never sort of fake bit too and I guess yes exceptionally. And look command in all our. Everyone and radio I wish locked because I Loeb what we do yes I love what we stand for but I think it's important they could try to do a good job. When I hear these cats I will Regis play music right as you saw liberalism jeepers we got there amused and his arm out and call liken it you suck on the air. And it's gorgeous shot up and that's why you play more music. That is votes through your program director knows like what you have to say and I get an up the same. And inevitably people who already made noodles of those crap we play anywhere. Anyway you put it tell you got a computer of their new club whatever tour you want to write and everyone. I'm happy about it but I. That Atlanta is a clerk my 11 o'clock since since the three new lashed out with such hatred and anyway Arnold I dedicate as a rock musician. Two radar and meet the more rock stations they're all are all their pending world more during the better she don't Glenn. Because when you're all we don't hold that and sugarloaf men have been patent it and you're gonna go ahead and that is noted that this is the right place withstood patents and yeah. A lot of us I think that's not alluded to it that's cargo and that includes at least that's another hybrid six pounds on my free him. Infighting and two other old kittens that his parents in fact there's just carry on when he flies and the I started cat. A daughter wanted to catch it's I guess you wanted to get wild cat right. She's from bug report two years about it and Matt to refer to my daughter man she's a spectacular child she's insane. But she's a very good person and so the last three years and so you know I'll think about it a judge do business in this. And I was hedging my bets that she was state are responsible will she decided to become responsible. Which sounds good a relief act doppler and anxiety get a cat but you under the black cats are about a month ago ago I. I get your black cat would again and and if she doesn't know this this is why she got to us that you would you need all black cat she was. So what Jeanette she said. If this big fish bit at an air to I had no I'll analyze the market. Were considered. Your daughters to Z and has no idea still amazed they see now as a black cat memory about a mile wide I don't know like that's my kid is Rambo genital. I is that a great thing as a stupid camera to come on now he's got. Frank from accounting no ever frank in account I had and we can't let into Karl get in the house losers last name's Apple iPhone name smarter to a test not because my also a doctor Gomez and he's trying to keep the original do that to your ball your dog like Ralph. Some out there jagr line calls speedy mobile phone overwhelmed the planet you know could you noted not gonna answer to anything nearly rice come over the most ridiculous or any matter absolutely correct. You're damn funny I care about talk about the black Pakistan remember ride this past about compliments go to our spark and was set up pumpkin picking on I kind of have and are we going to give a pig race and you live pig named after me until like all of Lucy my pigs. I go check it out that's right in front of the map. Newsman you've got to utter inability to deal with this I would say Osama. You know my my little mental gun went practically good but it's like fully loaded and unless he keeps up getting ahead by continue your Lego creator god. What you have to make them how I guess homeless woman. Fifth summit on those. I got my pigs eye on the home now. Jobs always lose it. It's its champion made the Israelis and hauled to each time a dramatic that it that it might make one a lot this year last year didn't do while they made bacon. And now this year and she doesn't know we're not block out of wow I think. Half hour we're kind of put a nice gift from what you got placebo did say the computer yeah dad 2.0 yeah I think that I gonna performers and eat you can go miglin wiggling. I think I the running game but for animals. I have to log good I thought yeah some looking years ago these pigs and then I notice that there's one name thrill. And Mike all that's awesome sucked he was terrible and I awful play is always has taken an illegal coaches trip he's on top debate over. I'm a so they right now Michael always once thrills and a point nine it's a black pay. Right now I'm having these weird moral dilemma because it's friend believes the family Marist the Marist family so that's how we know everybody in my. Wall that F funny but it's also kind of races is. Do I have an issue now with my wife's best friend and her family that they just took a racist shot and my friend corralled it and I'm like this is kind of bugging me. But I Ernie sent the text the thrill saying look there's they need to ask do you grow so throw. Real brightly back while having serious moral. I need to have a talk with seeds. Friend about this is messed up like I'm not cool with that. Most everyone goes yes man. I made I told him to be bright and didn't name a pig get treated better get a black pop pop pop pop my imaginary you won't let you did go on the war right I don't well lately not since he's a low money job I thought I griner Mike. This could come on the Watson's play burns. Brad Pitt the weight of the world to off my shoulders and I go to do you think it and then as I'm about to talk to him about the pig. Jenny my wife's friend goes. Oh yeah he had drilled made it a point that we would have to find a black weeks we have fun of black people corroborated everything Michael thank god the things that nobody is bracing I told everybody had a great sense of humor and an actually at a why I don't know the world blank page and click command of many great. So I don't like they're trying to blackmail and oil and it's going to be a picture okay. Jesus Christ separate but yeah. Okay actually founded god didn't bless me I didn't know who reflect basic thought exclusives like. The brotherhood way out of the way like all. Cookies is really who we love through we don't want to move like this big huge now I was trying to be good or really shook from six counties already I okay actually got to like this because this 151000 dollars that's definitely got it and the biggest slow is that a strip. I know why I am I. Incarnate I live well always bass isn't enough demand today it was an outrage that these races I get this really isn't. It's not a big finish last in everything. From. This is sit Mitchell at the starting line this holds a little love for the likewise norms and it was a nom and it's a thrill it's given us the finger. And I'm Canada. And why do holding a maple bar and it's gonna move he should have admitted granting. Quick note about Kwanzaa. I said this just an M show and mean as black PP eleven down. I also try to replicate most on seven they got there how are they good thing for us right by. Yet it took it if you work full time. If they're going to give you a week off it's going to be between Christmas and and that's renewed Tagalog. And then you know at the tournament the BN GQ did you do we're trying wish that all I would love to pursue what it during the attack and did you already get all for more. The black we don't want war. It's I don't know whether McNamee no way out there. So I love my closet explosive by the government I don't know. Everybody I'm not going to make big alive you're already off this week. Congratulate the business cycle get a break and I was really July pork and buck. Started Antarctic taken assuming you're a teacher reads sorry about my quads could BookMooch darn right I. But since I lost my ass yeah. There's an actual Kwanzaa playlist and apple music I'm Maliki homes or did you not see Lehman might be the last song is different. Intent dated Barbara won't want to album could Christmas. Bob finally rides Kerry and others Alter Trevor laws is often depicted. Stick to it. I'm in a death unless you know what I played more big enough Barbra Streisand went on Christmas. Do. Okay at all I retired I gotta tell our. I don't care I think Glenn you muzzle put out a gun and blow critical Phillies and white got my mom president Donald I'll call Kwanzaa via the craft. You've met Leila meat on the track where globs. Do you sisters terrorism while. Don't know look we gotta do what he has no no he's not until I had it was very easy here man let the record for some goddamn you're on the phones just want to Hall & Oates put a must catch up on NAFTA. Just take Christmas songs or replace the word Christmas and Kwanzaa right. From. For dinner Deluca allow my quads. And as always I'll take one though is the most I love you. It's gonna go to Dave Miller Dodd there we go off what we have developed over beside zoo zoo's. And and can't in members looser now Lula. I was there and promoting. He. Crayons. And and. Yeah well. Theoretically charisma a Kwanzaa yeah. Paula no we wish you a merry call I'd love to read it right let me wish you a merry Kwanzaa when he wins you have married a long enough leeway zillow merry Kwanzaa and I have made no creative. I met throughout the day of Kwanzaa to figure out the one. Trip that you know a man that would be the song did you get the right twelve main. Right great ball I don't know I don't know if I am at a time out on top guys are and it wound got a good look at the main. Lousy IR and so does the. Let's just do let's just right thank god it's a good. Is it cool athlete you and they would not pledge our single a plus here every day that demand because the relative merry crackers. But I don't I don't. I really don't sell millions he has his right. Be funny how saves you'll get more right under freedom twelve physical ones are you kidding me. Damn I was notified the five the most important one dual five golden rings he needs something bay golden guard and a grills proud thank man. Criminals not groups and so when do we get our Kelly dissing their party since five golden showers com or call oh yeah. God no thing that. You wanna sit out the last lord. Bartok neighbors say happened that happened and thank god every black dude you've been in trouble on the loose like ha Chris Brown. Bigger reception involving him punching somebody at William and what kind now Williams smacked Jesus yet dream place what hasn't can't play on the zone this a bit at a Pat Williams and deathly get at least two parts of that song he gets like nine until I I don't I don't. Follow lose your different I know the world's Sox would only news like it is by no Matt Lauer thing to mustn't teenagers something new. But I think that does not even went out dated holy crap you're cutting baseball bat isn't that what they have let him I'll open up. And as. I. Single red the next sentence that does not expect him to whip that can't wait no I'm just a you Gerri are who hasn't dot I mean because it was yesterday was mark not but Hollywood is Mariette yeah Adam RO RM with colleagues are now molest. Us and coworkers again loans coming forward. Well. Once what as pandora's box from him important is sort of well but. What was it until that morning early hours Edwin Mulitalo revolt over Maria Rivera they were paupers and molested her bathroom did you element of the mammoth waivers ever hear all the wonder and many it is true. All I pay a lot of what is unfortunately I think a lot of the summer when Steve shoved me into an elevator and open Popper is on the money this half. And you know he page my nipple kind of soft at first and hard and I Doumit I've been listening into wanted to get on the makes. Is something you want and. Half hour. Yeah. How let me feeling good hoping not hits the station. The gas them like we didn't finger rang teenage. Every few of my head once we found out. Just found out there you know I'm dame yeah hours ago it and come. And right now look if you're famous and very guide you do whatever it is your bitter about him for a right all Kevin Spacey took another big hit here recently I love demonstrations like. You're practically paid this this really satellite data is instead like a seriously though Ali Abdullah Kelly ten years ago it never came owl but everyone knew and yet they're I think Richard Simmons real you don't have to tells bro we. We don't have frankly you're SARS why they're not fully until it was it was like wasn't like underage boys but then it kept him he's been an arm and I'm like how many get a fourteen year old and toolbar I'm not coming it's different in some situations there's like he brought him back to his face got them drunk trying to do stuff. And then so did you think yeah I did that I'm not sure I did I was drunk I don't remember but hey I'm gay so annoying will be cool. It's like the war is an amateur like we're not two houses cars canceled. Brian thank god I'm a cancel he just got replaced. The following recast you can't we just the Indian recast. And he's just no longer part of the show it's amazing now a man I mean like Matt Lauer off gone cannot even if he don't like no one even. And even take the time to wonder if you might be innocent and I don't believe these guys are Hamas and apple like. Once allegations come out like please yeah we've parting company with so and so we're not gonna build that his company's absolute lead to say man. But I don't Fernando and and it's amazing is all this happens. And Alabama is still having a run for governor and yet the president is up barrel he had. Beyond my group didn't matter that he death. He has admitted that he does it and then he's you want her he's the one person. Who admitted that he does he says this you know and it's been record and have people accuse them he says are large alike yet. Which you're the only guy that said before anyone accused humid today yeah as I guess they wanted everyone else what I learned that Roy Moore you're just like Jesus Christ and they. The advantage of. I'm home hole. Odds shopping muck how creepy aren't you yeah when you don't care about them from home. And when you go to the mall as it's weird man. The typical I. That is say is something Glenn got and I got I got here all would you would look you know Bob. A think that's additionally judge Glenn Moore might have you get Ahmadabad you know it was reported it was a license. Is you go to the mall and you just hang out run around the mall and after the long go to the party that's that's kind of what went on in Cumberland Maryland because there was very little else do does send thousands virus right right drink ethics. Like old spice and write your name in the street is kind of what you had severe paranoia you know I'm fabricating a lean to you know play the I don't. A pretty darn right there's a bunch was hanging well in the mall security guy came out easily you guys only to keep moving this. So we moved a little ways members councillor chanting a group promised he won't be answered only to keep moving. So looking dead in the and just sort of like wiggling dances. And then I started to continue my conversation. And he did not find that amusing at all and he kind of grabbed me by the army took me this little room to go polaroids of me as funny meant is that they got looks bad. That he put my Polaroid overall whose sole proposal put people everywhere looks. And so I was at all and said Polaroid people. They kick my ass out the mall then allowed to come back did you know that the next week and up early blue beer bottle he was element. How likely to win a lot to me he's not put in all fairness we're glad Sergio away goes because he heard this song playing on the loudspeaker. After fifty you mention no one actually things of that. Actually do a mailer got the CD in my car right now and I I don't know what I pirate I promise of fast and think my most played song on apple means he's he's he's. You can do you pandora that. By I want to zero they take you where else I get right redneck I suggest I did I let us. Thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up to you were right Owens brought up Roy Moore did you see the latest for that guy it would she's a from the music rather secular and the senator is mourning you know that it is. Special Election Day at once this cameraman. I gets his bearings that we do expect to see. Senate candidate Roy Moore arriving by horseback. Two of the poll supporting us the panels themselves guys have been he ought not what is and they hardly anyone dude. Who was willing to make an educated there it's a video footage of him that's going to hold up that is a tough one to handicap the U while riding a hole. Am I crazy but in the ninety's was in this country and kind of sort of maybe a little bit more together. There was an all this we will NORAD mental and on various animals how we regressed into they didn't have Internet back that he wrote that normally closer media man. Dad told Julia and it's really about everything and now we make them and look at Obama this moral. Good bonus for our program. Burns whatever that guy. And every year is quote our guests and I was like hey man you know I'm in a room broke. A leg up. But I gaps after a thorough job not only did they get rid of every breath he thought I don't mean that I was about not cool to criticize. What's legitimate meridian Americans that we do like. Can't think well here's Elizabeth say cool you scored it is like oh yeah yeah Edgar is what he remand America's rev let. Modern age and why bother them a could make it a record eight. Make America great again British flavor out of they get its 2017. I never thought in my life that I would turn on the news in here this. Me of Alabama this morning you know that it is special Election Day at once this cameraman. I gets his bearings are we do expect to see senate candidate Roy Moore arriving by horseback. To uphold the voice it but it all himself geysers and all over the place and they just are. English or go make a news Canada Canada arriving on his big wheel. Always use the slide break and slid to a stop in front of the camera crew tie a goddamn horsemen who thought Gary government against him were more. Oh wow. There. You go again it's K okay. They did and that the matter regardless it's. Good they're great. Okay that doesn't get. It's. Made me. Great thank thank thank thank thank thank. The great debate that you couldn't put a hundred no. They got him the right. I love them of the matter it's. One that. Happy well. It's apple Apple's I'm a. Yeah. I'm good how are we. Yes that's the song that does not give labor the clock was set up. At my chest hurts. And he Johnny ever interlaced. This is he's unbelievably well Roy Morse Morse is a come up lame we have a lame horse. Coming out and giving its way into the finish line royal I'll shoot it and produce earnings that we do expect to see. A senate candidate Roy Moore arriving by horseback. Horseback but literally did this guy didn't win duty. Brit and I downloading today in the special election and what was accused of molesting a little girl so well in a lot of new users to give my this is the guy using items banned from the mall years ago. Guess yes thank you colonel at glory years ago like it doesn't as a patriot you know one of the country club all right excellent photo I thought I saw Roland Warren. And I looked as bond resided with you thrown me all. He was creepy forty years ago never think of his horse next on an open vote could come to pass. Think that's what we've got another Yahoo! reported our moral dolls from ABC. Today at the toughest. A nurse video camera in the course. There and it escalated to say about us and Roy Moore rides in to vote and I mean what you saw him just imagine all these European nations with their heads in their palms going to war is going on with the Merrill have their man. What he's. Going on it was them. Candidate who wants pulled out a pistol on stage to so show his support for the Second Amendment. And yeah candidates and white movie Holland drill stage is now always priceless man I wish I had that reality and in a big. I don't know usage history is you have just done. Right we discussed is the same candidate who wants pulled out of pistol on stage to so show his support for the Second Amendment bird. There is the candidate and presumably his wife behind him both paddy you know. I know. Well you know we'll see both of where all democratic opponent voted girl I find a job in the conventional way I didn't I wore anything. Shouldn't I be narrowing down Alabama. I don't I don't know what happens Carter went to while Lund then a couple of months ago ravens played Jackson all right. We're gonna harass tantrums but when I landed a month. Every person because they talk politics that are easily right. Because they're not ridiculous sorry I'm sorry I don't know to me it's not me it's not me. It's sucked because I had to convince them and eventually vigorous debate and candidate. Like everyone merit they know we are slowly just talking do you really extra slow yeah that's right it's like your four year old kid I am and that's not so. I bush went electoral college's. And that it believe it or not bad did a lot of good because really why would you vote for us we didn't. And we didn't. That's electoral college and when I explained it to me like that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard I agree yeah a 100% correct as a welcome to America wrote. Rid Electoral College so the thing is as a result of that. You don't have to be a good politician you know same team matters due to score the population basis of indecision ideology and so. I don't like gays are like Muslims have abortion or tough luck hope you gotta like I've done it all over Olympia that easy you don't have to do anything else almighty in paid if I break him back to the park sure our children is not safe around this person but. Are you going to game all it cares people pretend like they care instructor Bruce Taiwan time and again everything we say we care about we don't. Right we don't have to stop saying this is where were act but if we did about the popular vote every police force politicians have a message for everyone. Right because right now there was due room. I gonna go visit Ohio and Florida why Wii well I day. Yeah we'll get an up about Ohio floor but they they got a lot of points right so you go there to justice when your moments that William F about you. And we have to know that sort of some point hope Libby get back to hey wonders have a god damn message one you see some besides ideology. There's a lot of things really believe but we don't solely doom. In the top pragmatic it doesn't make sense in remain an nights it's funny you say 'cause I was a church is best weekend of him pastor and he was is this a one moment from my bowl and it's it's kind of finally things they talk with put in perspective if what we believe it is Jesus died persons and in Jesus died for us because he loved us humans so much that you want to die for us. We have to love other people if you want to love us the ultimate sacrifice and an end a bloody people live and die by the Bible are wanna hate because of the violence like did you miss that part of the Bible does Miss America it's always right I think that's yes mail us all get a message that area the most important message of at all it's a love everybody universal brotherhood that's actually hoopla parents often and it's just. It's stupid but it's a boy you go guys look man. You know another matter what and how we grieve but should you be in a position you can make things happen so try to take care of the people you don't like when you get a position of power and which was palms people who disagree with you than personal. Let's all if you think that and you realignment if you think that equity is unfair if you think giving everyone an Aetna. I common ground to start from then the problems with you your equity is equity you know taking fairness away from people. In my opinion as a problem. Giver because. An office and we're also earning a place I'm still gonna beat Iraq I'm also gonna will era that gives us an opportunity to get my opportunity and yeah I want to have the opportunity for me to Beecher but I'm offended by that American you several go fund recent of people raised money. Guy. He that he just produce the firearm to show his support for a second and then I just did the right and I'm at. Your doughnut and I don't know why I am fascinated with this news story about him riding a horse but now we have the AP news report we want your they had the ocean would bring in our hands. There is right the course is when cowboys price. Somewhat flat or attempt it argues yes. Obama to a really good news it's a good thing is this one the last horse might have enough. Are nice I superstitions go to court I don't you guess so we're gonna all we're gonna improve the stimulate the economy were more horses and cold. Of those women you do understand medal platform of your party is you one more. I had to boil it and the apparent evidence but no word. The CO CNN's report on this and I'm fascinated by this. I'm writing a date for divorce in. Heat president trounced candidate in Alabama's GOP's senate primary runoff last night. So the winner Roy Moore at the same guy rode up to the polling place on a lot of money on a winner today. They have a show when I guess Bluetooth he was seen as more anti establishment. Its opponent Luther strange seeing Condit. He's it was it was Doctor Strange to hear that right yeah it's just he ran against accomplished during legend Andre change we didn't he won the runoff election he could not. Eat now it's still going on it not even done today is not even done yet. As of this recording right now. And cut unbelievable he ran against a candidate mainstream. Yes Lou older children knows Doug Jones off the she's a hell of bloopers straight month in November all over Sparano are apparently doesn't another vote plus he's a range on the ballot I am voting strange how this privileged identity this story from September it was not the first time that he wrote all wars the vote. Or does it time for not and that's. She is that they are doing I don't know I'm upset I'm checking out what I'm not alone or other powerful kittens Amare pulse in the creek for look. Does it help her win last time drowning kittens and Burleigh check. Avenue a second members someone to pull out a gum probably the second member aboard two gunmen that I just. Meanwhile watching Grey's Anatomy my wife last night apparently uses during her mind was there's a girl who's trying to bring a gun to her boyfriend was in jail. It's as you put it up or who hot dog off a oh yeah old is what it renders me though like dude we've run out of ideas today. Playing one of a firearm discharge inside a vagina what season are they run into Grey's Anatomy in the senate and I think yeah yeah yeah it's like gathered there are desperate yeah they're they're testing hard. Or that said he has been at the episode I would watch I don't know flair right right right no life. You know I I would watch that you just saw the episode title point blank do nominee and you're like I'm watching this I don't watch it that is facing the director's cut. I was sitting on my couch my wife went to watch I got my time to plan my phone Czech news stories never around. All of a sudden I hear that like. He had the gun away or you die and you heard the gun was lookup pull you heard all that and how best. I read it that yeah amen I kick and it also involved. And I what happens and not it was later he gives birth to fifty cal sniper rifle and a great neighborhoods now but we named it Cowell. And make sure my little marine they show the X ray with the got to know who op each test at all yeah. It's what she's experience. But absolutely I know I am I want oh and of that caliber. Oh OK oh yeah god. What I'd love to throw a shot and that's a area. Or maybe earlier studies are done and I've suffered a Regina it's the first place for gonna look I smuggle you in this bowling ball more Bono also thought that another one bit. One must not would you in this donuts. One story says it's and Grey's Anatomy recap a gun in the oven next Wednesday guy hey yeah this guy he's kicked him talk about that I'm Diana. I'm a great guy and I mean that's. Angina as a black woman. My name is good I don't Watson and you reserve may yeah. Please we've got audio from the hot hot hot but I can't. Eighteen year old tells Daniel Gordon she collapsed in the visiting center in King County complaining of abdominal pain that this fight now I'm Danielle. Do you mind if I just got to run the music sing happy hour for a Magellan a gunshot thing what's cater to women AME through so happy. They're okay often don't know. Doctor Kevin good to see you as well as. I'm nervous jacket opened the well that's a good short Babylon it was test he's off reasonably good tomorrow. We saw was doctor arms and to name. I've been guy goes to Los been all played to draws couldn't do anything I think there's something wrong and my plan I'll just use my friend. These medical history are you taking any medications count and I look and find you. Tough additional throw I don't I don't know he's gone off yet the call. You get your article keep going to come. These just run some tests I can't do them is now again that I don't believe they're good about the older I get back there a girl and her. Oh god and I just story lines visas I think rounded team and not share on the thank you swallows some think if she was mumbling something into the prison in the first if you swallow something hang on you can let us know how to receive inferior. Very. Say hello. Hey you think guys that are I don't know I don't know. How old guy and did steel lined a sweater vest this job so if you. You want to. Unsure of JJ. Right there you guys are talking now you can let us know earned millions in theory. Very. Good let you do that best. I can't. That was my that's good. You believe. And I I'm nick yeah. It's nothing to do yeah Rupert if you don't know why do you think I I don't know a 1000009 Atlanta. You know entrance. Did you feel after a gun in your vagina and after yes real wide and we read well. For the gold nugget here. That's probably take to see why it was Ian thanks it would there's no mentions of big tour big they turned her over to checker but it's. Okay. Here. You know entrants and did you put a gun. In your vagina and hit. It it. Questions answered every day. And that's when I got sucked into that episode of Grey's. TV news I can watch that show holes did you still a shot chart. If you Baghdad and a young which I now and then and that is a good season. And episode. I felt a little political one John Nolan off the shot the guy that had been a senator it. That's manslaughter in the point of our season fourteen episode say yes that's a season fourteen episode right there until he's a bit but no I want you to do Mandalay the guy has no material and he should have gotten your vagina. Wants you as I do it. But you should as I love this story in a website that headline is Danielle did you put a gun in your desire now. Sure live at. I think Shia government. And I. Shot him. Love this plan will also go to okay I'm thinking right people who commit an easy shot. By. Well you know the Chinese 38 caliber but Josh had to go to goes home to his wife music what thank you so long you won't believe this but I got shot well I don't grow at a gun in her vagina. What are you gonna come out flat which you prosecute you doing there aren't as good or bad gonna happen that should be numerous. Don't tell you elected members to anyone how well I really did show up my have a giant didn't go at the funeral for me like I don't wanna know back mamet play in my goddamn day. Did you put a gun in your vagina. I and I didn't think it's what it's fun I'm here I'm a big cut him so I wanna be part of their writings I half. They didn't go hire anyone that's that I got an idea pink. You guys next week Q let's put a hand cannon in a senior citizens or rectum and threats coming yeah. 'cause I'm just gonna vote for Roy you're trying to. So what little he runs and underscores the gun goes off. It is core hole it's Roy Moore right now no horse has acquired at all at long jumper. Well Mike I. And just shoot is a lock his mission is like Hezbollah fire I was on hold death it's Little Falls off of her wars and they missed the election I wanted to look at this opponent Webster has the queasy feeling ready to Greece got paycheck and got these ideas all day long Hollywood and again. Craziest story line. And I flew again. God Alice adult ultra great vagina past it. Man. Tight bat and then it images here and act as I think you'll regret there's a website because there have been twelve stupidest Grey's Anatomy story line ever was that the JJ when a man man this came from 2000 in my garage they need to update yes they do. I got to add to keep him again into the Jackie episode sea biscuit we're a little out of Nazi. Sea biscuit on now big gun really was and now we always look up 45 go sighs slightly. Are you really trust a guy that's gonna realize chamber she crammed in there are counter sniper rifle. There's a potato cannon but yeah. Grenade launcher hell. That one of those riot gun did you the rotating drama in L and that we think we can't just got word of the who's admittedly. Doesn't I had that had a gun in my butt hole. Why does the ball on every guy. I can tell I don't live your bad thanks so he had one I don't know but right now RA IRA don't Majoli and a rare of their regular in my you're gonna grow but guns yeah my motto was this month. And it had to 22 rounds and it and you could shoot it once and you can rotated shooter again that was so small. Like so small and I'm like essential pull the trigger this and sleep not a minute it was. I'm something's gonna beacon it's just thought that you Cornel move could rev what do you got over there season two of Grey's Anatomy season two episode two was called the Barbie doll dude or at least that's what they called it. And it was a guy who I had ten tiny faces inside is now I. Yet. So it was something vital to this I'm done in your vagina or apart we don't read I got to have Robert on the robot and it. And Doby we're. What he's desperate for ratings are just Barbie doll heads. Bra if they can how do you follow this episode you know I've watched episode seven get a season fourteen but I would imagine it's not nearly an awesome dude it's and that's my series finale that I get mail order of July party where bobbled it's hammers and since sits down on the border and lights it's. And will be called sky rockets and flight Cuba and a I'm. I was sitting on a firework. I feel like we need to write a song about this but can some how can we work a song about the mini hip hop beat now would be the drop them because you didn't you just old thing again. I still like that I still like the name Evangeline but JJ did that Tony was smoking yes I think Glenn put out there when I say eventually changed against the it's either a rock star name or it's a sub title either or take your case she's a crime fighter man British provides crimes. And if you have a giant dudes all the liquor store he's. It runs in relation to her room. If you look up on YouTube Grey's Anatomy did you put a gun in your vagina he could find an episode or at least that seems now I'm trying to find them a move on here from the comments. This makes me laugh over and over now if my mom was watching this and I saw this park then the next person thank you for uploading. Did you again and never denied that I short dead. Incredible I mean to your reef were ranked men baby yeah. I. I. Well played sir well played ladies lady fights crime where they are and hundreds did you hit it I'm discussing a shot in the dark and. I. Lal. Yeah yeah. Even how does all of that but I think it's likely if they've gone futures due to your big war oh yeah you're. Well why did you get at the shotgun don't make as many teenage Jack guy that point two inch and they said no where you put that anywhere we have only got the road that episode Princeton I'm a bit like a here he probably pitch and I don't and finally the white are. This giant guy yeah after she gets her lines for this week showed she's like. Where you line. Would you want to check or not she's like I'm ready to us that they you don't complain that ruled does Dominic and you audition you Ronald rule you'll notice you don't to behave bad. Great news glad he got hired Doug part Grey's Anatomy future you'll know what a new cool guy here's your script like. I'm playing the woman to put a gun in my time I know. Here's your big moment. Tony and I have we we we've been watching. Movie credits for ever try and find ridiculous ones York you don't all sort of Jerry Maguire because Jerry Cantrell is Jesus of copy marked. Really oh my god that's hilarious and and that turned into us looking for just that you know Mara I'm sorry ran on ran drunk man holding feces. You know and it's like frontman holy feces Glenn cannon like a mama got a big shot. So yes she likes the JJ pistol girl I mean what are we were talking about. If I'm making an actor real of my best I was aggressive and as the vaccine armour. Good genes and gene in a jealous sounds like a samurai and them all yeah I am going China fool Darman woods which cinema. A giant. Do not I'm not good in your vagina. Sounds like our core part. It does get angina and butch man bigger and an independent request for the oyster dishes. In your vagina conflict that not to not be a make you would think Gray Davis stopped motto I'm just very pure chaos. From the moment we hit I played a real dog lucky though. I knew Mack got a pros ride I'm scared of it you know milked. Now hold the the bagel. Your claims that she's easy out there and obviously Jesus mercy law does is turn into a hubcap mine now on the Internet they are still hard to pick him around in part. It's now weapon that can store and on trying to fight grinds you might agree on and that god damn thing. If I thought oh my god it is tough if there's ever reason to watch Grey's Anatomy now hi that's still never be that good again. Do you do you think when I did the guy kept pitching this story now I know if you know Roger we're not doing the gun into the John through your we'll wait. I added something to it the gun goes off and it hit the old man sit next hour. Aren't as two and I was the big club that's got those same thing what do you yeah Redmond jittery do you get your shot to garments like okay. Your play enrollment is called live on the newscast today Leo redemption and the like. I can pass the written each day message that I. CNN here's a thing or. They'll always great tons of the stuff I looked up front I MTV FL on the episode guide for Grey's I had to back off on the episode title and it's so boring what's the name of the title come down. Come on down to my boat Bibi because apparently part of it was about a relaxing day it see how bad it just says what is moral and Maggie treat a woman who is hiding a deadly secret. LP the front of the things like you know there was that somehow it. Earlier this infection itself. Firearm. Guy named Ricky Shea got shot my woman's been too well there an actual real story it's based on a true story I figured while true star I thought that ideal date she looks like your double gunman murdered she's hot. Doubt pleased she's a hot massive promotional taught Elizabeth and I thank you and your tailor made some level you you have ago amenities. Did you know that you. And thought yeah I'll do Grey's Anatomy back next week and Grey's Anatomy of a woman should have gone. Out of her vagina and starting. And that's it good Internet and all of a sudden they look at their ratings like we are number one with tremendously. One patent. Whole demographic changes absolutely man put a gun and a woman's vagina a guy doesn't that could you imagine if I could guide focused show did that. Oh do you look at next week's episode would be like a girl gets a champagne bottle suction in yourself on a porn shoot right. We have to bring her in you know and it's collect the home pretty normal you know that's that's a good episode title for the greater good column a turnover and dog bring out how to break the bottle without damaging her get a beloved scooter and let this whole thing you'll love it you're done as you know I like the shuttle's heat. He stroked a few thrills are there really a welding mask on you know trying to drill hole in the get a bottle and maybe. And in in the course for a fact when you drill hole it black champagne. She. Pays state now that I dollar estimate how they got the one guy for the comic relief pitchers can be an enormous shouldn't use boxed wine there. Putting the ball at all that it added I met the woman down the hall can hit the path back. I don't know if you're shooting you boxed wine. After. Case pseudo. Tonight on Glenn's anatomy. Washington and can connect it the holy smokes a woman lost Bob's wife and her own rectum the teenage boy who's a rubber faced in his itself when the show goes from the Roy Moore story. To a story about a woman with a gun and her vagina only sentenced until the summer how can we connect it's not it's a totally a that's what we do on the mall additional horses who wielded handgun. That goes right to vengeful witch agent. All for a Second Amendment Rights moral Ricky Shea is broad and guide him or he. Can hold. His wife was probably packing heat. And her hot dogs yeah but. Woody back at me and I don't watch it because it could in turn at bat at a at a company like it's hot. Unbelievable well I don't you know go on. How is that I don't know I don't know what else could do at this point I don't I don't know America look for stories on previous things on the people who zionists. You know what I'm really did pretty do different episode last time subpoena cuisine you know I got the book that we we callable the extremes of rectal foreign Bonnie yeah. I'm glad you're here what is. It with you I read the book at home man our current Amazon it's its. Fall it is thrills all right it's it's on like forty pages but all these doctors Lemerre like shocked and amazed at what what the hell out. But they're prepared to back straight gonna give names of any want to slight here's the pictures and it's it's one of the funniest reads just as you look at the X ray and the like ivory tower that. But they give the excuse that a person day but I set about Wembley Pritchard lust not adolescent well what I really like Jerry wanted to million enter. The other guy with a lot of artillery shell is a guy trying to push back and Hamlet in the what with what I artillery shell specific about it is homicides that water ball seems like it. There and her daughter or they had to bring in the bomb squad yeah to pull this thing those guys corn hole. And disarm. It was a live artillery rounds they don't angry you would be then by eminent political bomb squad could you put laboratory to block and then there was one thought it would come our missions call they play full couple. On the dude has poured concrete into his. Backside and then they put ping pong balls and as well. Want to the extra the extra it was incredible because there diesel just little barks fears that release ten balls and they pulled the whole thing now without you know destroying the sport god made with a perfect. Cast of these large intestine. Why did you saw a little bit more and I'm looking all voice that I've never been so I don't know pulled concrete way. I have never been that math stuff I don't relax creative. Now I not just gone Greece is hanging on to develop what certificate there's concrete MI or body holes not enough. So let's let let me know what I have heard I felt like I please wait and not in at some point why you got another seal the well doctor Michael. This is a bad idea is Gil Killian not now estimate limits some don't love you test your limits and I got formed. You heard about the fact that. All the hospital's emergency rooms have to have a diamond studded. Or damage to drill. So they can drill in two bottles. That are stocked up there because you'd get into the pond so you got habeas got off to. Enough that yes they need one that they can make sure I'd get out the auto with a light Jesus god. Hey how about this you see bottles in your blood just feel lucky that I feel lucky that I have never looked at dean and a volatile public service announcement. Don't put a bottle in your butt like somehow we were spending you're listening to make any LIN. Those bottles idea maxim and then here comes this remember Marvin pluralism of Phil Collins. Hey kids who did the bottles are your butt holes at at at all right way we do here at the visit of rest because of some good things in certain places. Do you hear that there's like a sex between now and it it vibrates Christmas tunes. Left for what. I've heard of and then we want it Christmas song while we hair and oh what about how we feel that now what I'm gonna ask this is holds up then again feel the Christmas sung and incandescent McCain fifteen on defense. This. Isn't the magic of Christmas. It's. It's just an oil field okay Jane Wells. I don't know it's yeah. It. Siemens it. Do you remember earlier Harry Potter the it was brooms couldn list 2000. And they tell the members 2000 toy yes and it was this little plastic room and that realistic flying action. Which meant the broom vibrate it shouldn't and finally was this mother her daughter kept having sleepovers aren't and the eighty year old junior all the girls giggling young girls and she way. And to check in on them and they were taken turn our group using the members 2000 know and she went public with that and they shut that room down quit. It's a collector's item now but it's amazing it was sort of the girls figured out quickly made and you wanna come all have a Eric Patterson go work is his service 2000 is in crave the day. So it. If somebody does your company has some of the reached. If that's the 2000 review gap from Amazon hook me up revved Kamal my twelve year old daughter is a big Harry Potter fan and love the part of the members 2000 swept aside to buy her this toy I was afraid she would think he was due baby is but she all. Is that our mission is to hold the show right now how long they can just sit under a player this magic broomstick a great buy for any Harry Potter fan they have no idea got no longer available looted again regular from a bus is no longer avail I won't permit you gotta get a black market amounted to a regular you know he's gonna give you didn't have this -- in the dark out of the payment. You put him mister Johnson and if you can't yeah I could hear me I sit over here but I recently bought this for my son and he loves it the only problem is with the toys at the batteries train to fasten your sister fight them over and. Now I'm but I I want you guys loans like you probably did I play all the Jerry I don't know I think feels good up against the boys did Hillary. Yeah. What you do and out of one this is just fighting him on Robinson yeah did you bombed leave me a little digging a little I escaped. Denmark how wards off mama. I. Didn't put a. Wow. If all over the place I'm gonna speak her mind he pays his. So where we find that to a percent to that would be I haven't got a big anymore than I about the video you get your and the members know how much today for sale on eBay I wonder movement checked it out. Christmas has come and check we get any. Can you were nervous 2000 yeah now the Q what they thought they were in Kenya gave you this. Did you have gone. In your vagina I want to know I didn't have a suit. Math I thought I had her boyfriend so pistol whipped. Okay apparently you can get one for 61 dollars Compaq three dirt off pre owned. I'll print. I don't know I don't know if you didn't yet there's a couple of them right now brand new for 82 dollars that's a good deal through heat there's a good one for forty dollars and used. Of that in the back of the bus yes so I mean we're a back there Cole what's with the bromide or surgery you should ask. Yeah but it down on one of those there and yeah. Yeah I'm not gonna put that on my day he made history figuring they would come in next accumulates in the about long and the united China and and the best we can African Hassan Abdel coming Ouattara awesome. He drove it on the wheelchair he can't walk home very much united when no man gets credits. It must reads about it. All of a draped my boys ought to the left or right of the tip over to look at some kind of a weird angry Basset Hound. And had a tough hub let's see how it was fantastic my wiring visual and I was video the whole thing. While stimulating herself with a firearm and voting for Roy Moore. I think that's sort of reduce Second Amendment Abby brought everything back together I'll address just try to put go on its Christmas Mac. I just want to write quantum my photo oh look there's a vibrant quantum machine. We easily lose again. Had a good citizens and audio program you'll realize that thrilled to sit there it is important himself real slow food. There is his role later listeners out there. Move move move. This does sound like one good news. Why did everything go quietly look on the line yeah you know I'm in my. And that's as bad call there. It's still cross this grass did. But still drove us into the Kwanzaa celebration playlist of soft. Available on apple music. The first undergoes some principles second song is rise and how I got over what's happening rather through to all of you. The object now. All I live. Are you talking this morning. Other good Marvin who ate up a little hesitancy may wield in my car right now I think god yeah its record. Patrick why the bed didn't you black tape that day yard they got none Moussa yeah so are we didn't plan this NG. Admit a mistake my goodness at the end of the year when everybody started guys say about the I had this wild anyway tonight together yeah. In order to sort of realizes that Marvin gave very attentive to people is like that's on the what's going on record. Yes like to thank you what's going on and then hey what's happening brother. I want I want to protect everybody in the region the third single and I think the mother. It's out of my pay about. Tip number four is your thought okay that's. Not a movement make song African pride do you take out and hollow duke. Turn to go to Abu. Now when you hit the. How did Mariah Carey who covers the whole. Get your reaction this. Dance moves of their. Yes I am all the rest. Stuff did you see this column it was one of her body guards said that he was sexually harassed Mariah care and I'm like. And the problem is what is seven to watch you come out necklace campaigning isn't easy and stuff I'm like. Okay. Yeah I'm Khaled role I'm not sure exactly why this is bad because she's such that the human. Saturday's shooting as he does he's hot today GBG dude like he takes a bathroom and high heels on I think that's the greatest thing I now. Are still allowed dealers to England and your brother little about almost entirely on did she hurt me britney's. Beers that I don't love the chase but you know dudes. By man it is normative it is open and any and a grown ups are some may well have sector I think I. I exit and I'm not unlike actually harassment is really did you Islam I have a combative under leading into it. You've got to attend the wizards who knew my view idly as well whenever a ball one leg your teeth both from Moeller almost all west of me on my unit and I liked. And you know what I had such a little work harder. If that's whenever the Irish rapper they were tough on me every time I've heard then and he never got that email from listeners is okay you should come visit me or your birthday him. Amish stripper at deja Vu. All right what do you work because I will come today yeah I still receive worked at the FD six inches I got my whole life looks first like I am my name is a big call me Mariah I look like Mariah Carey but. Sense that I will come that I got my cop are you there yet and I'll either so I go down there. Of course yeah it was his right and that she comes out and she does look like Mariah Carey get some dances again you could. It was a weird to think he's like you could test review want to make or wherever I want to put have you washed your hands. Not months I I have I I I don't know what I did I know I did today inches they alone have you handle any money recently they got to pay to get it here to get you can't touch me. And they shoot as a weight you're a German folk that's a stripper that seems like the dumbest thing I've ever heard does she took the took money or fall. He had pure Ralph she started like sisters they pay you could you argue Missouri fold and misinterpret my defense as the worst dominate the feeling worse right now hole like. And you can. Moves out shovels full you know land slide while gel make me laugh and roll out solid as with that that'll phase that is that this is what the public just keep doing that ten minutes. Ultimate money you because this is hilarious and incredible what a bit. Will you wanna you only become another drizzle that there are people in the poll that just doesn't look good you face and I'll throw money you know it'll look I'm I don't think. You're dancing on the stage for other people are just get whatever they're getting on track hate it when I especially on that poll. And you're German fault of wrong job for you ladies right Steve comes back to remove paper Hazmat suits and. Who grew up sort of we're doing gone around the globe and New Orleans and ultimately brought to chemicals. Corporate about the close of a sudden so yeah this fit how. I get Clinton to perform no problem. Through the globe and this dude glad they did to us and I would get a want from her at that time its own slow your hand hi this is also. The more you gotta know on the line. Yeah wants romance. She did you know pulling up a boil my hands on my way to the stable I wasn't expecting that question when you're not expecting question you haven't had a chance to make up and answer. On a regular darted about my knuckles between zero. I'm not. Oh yeah at aren't things that it is our boys how very many lists of years. There will be a time we're gonna do our viewers know the emails and text messages up to you and I don't I was like an hour mildly every looking for in my house notes to these wander around the stations Nevada Arizona has home brown with a minute and a -- -- hurts my heart and I. Yeah and I'll tell you without you I don't know if you're a left right into our ability to eight which I'm happy about oh nice can call everything I had let me I got and he does this is it's from our bosses as anyone seen thrill. Now getting. Like miles shape and I know. He's actually doing isn't working or they talk I don't know I grabbed my own and so inevitably my debate right sort of my primitive as part unison you death there was Greg we do. I still need to eat you guys that sorry dude I can't wait till 2 o'clock published in the show that Iowa. Ali all like yeah just a there. It's going to be discussed then maybe what's the biggest guy they may still haven't touched the maple but you know I don't want you my my bagel for that there's there's zero doubt there aren't my very quickly I'll follow this design and gets enough for the ride home. Yeah sons of bitches on bone dog. Lisa Guerrero he uses a pillow and a leg and how this guy didn't make my head debt sent to their moving and very little Italy wiggles does go to an adolescent. Wait a little. I know some fat. My Clinton anyway don't they I think that of a mall to the fact that I have also needed to move him. Are there are hoisted girl and an awesome both the good guys. This brand sit around and check in now did Steve. Imagine no it's not a strange little islands Novartis. Yeah. That's the third part of the editor do you did you put a gun. In your vagina. Yeah at Saddam a minute 36 on the clip I've I've gone to the point now where I've memorized you know exactly flirted. Made it 36 on the Clinton could accept it to what's going on over here on Carl I mean. Did you guys are doing a show you what they think he's he's also doing something usually she's sure it's only as a guy blue John I think that's how what's going on if you could share with the class otherwise. This squirrel. Off OK this girl it's private. He's got a weird Sorenson didn't look a little gas girls out here man if I guess cinema and I gotta go for that's got you this. So you know cocaine. Be careful to say tracked random. The thing I've talked to my good friend Scott MacIntyre and had talked to a couple of years and he called me one night. M.'s England gunman Scott. What's going on how you don't buy into what in this series I. And I think this is much random people can be I don't know why I guess sum up a ungrateful. But they do now is an even gateways and in his Barneys I don't leave the gateway and it put down apart on the hasn't ms. black rule thick rubber band and things like they have. Okay. Deciding not to go home and I'll put on my unit. We'll let you know Christians a unit you know and and Abiola. And it was incredible I felt so good I'm like oh okay man basically find something in the street view. Apply it to a member that's correct takes care of himself that's correct I think calls you that's correct everything about the stories disturb the reason he called me is because after he released each. Had some difficulty getting this. What ever was anyway all joined with some butter and this side of his unit turned black. Cheney it and where he announced that dude it's black and it's more of an odd I don't know enough that you make always a but I love you. Tell me what to do. And Alex Scott you burst a blood vessel think it was a very severe bruise again back give it a week it'll go away but yet that this threat. So we'll call while I expect him to keep the and the geometry beyond flown to moved downstairs and put it whom Johnson. Yeah I splits anything in the and I am ready for it we just yeah. LSU men and you're not fit that streak this a brother need men elect Scott you're injured you're sure to pay its swollen those lump on the candidates. Like a different kind of plan are you there are going to be like a third go to loss at all for many of the cooperative hi this is what I did. I'm almighty he did his whole story would be on an episode degrees and how good he would you know male we should pitch it to them. I bet they would dive on it we'll get a check cut but it's clear that they're running out of things to talk with so close everything okay you jobs. Alas how much I broke my pink. In your vagina. I hope we get only a few minutes but osu a couple of and then we'll get an idea is worth it though after Ohio and thus there are a lot of fun that was and entertainers miss these guys they'll wait to listen I want to learn your dog one of the most fun he says he's done. Retired now photo on the first let Kwanzaa my journal and their thoughts but. And you know it was unfair part of all I think in my nobody's anatomy off and maybe that got a good politician riding a horse. That thrilled talking up all the easy listening songs always using divers tries and put out a Christmas record. And she's Jewish. It's a bridge some of these damn things I don't know if it was a Mitch Hedberg line yeah it was really I don't I. As to your voice now right now. The prospect merry mix gap and anyway I'm done I'm alive let. Canada I think the name. General. I think it Glendale and sort of like you are round but just like non parity Bob you're hadn't planned act but mine I don't know why haven't. I'm not radio print and say you know does drummer boy line. And all I can start. Don't mind them give myself punch myself in the boy aren't patent data connect international credited Greg's does it all name hello. Spirit gold glove got to love love. Wow hey guys. Diane. And the way it. I'll have a happy and warmed to the back legs and soon to know I can't little blue blue blue. Low blood. Food. Kwanzaa here's my to move on that's great it's really weird. My kids were really able I had lord and our owner Sam globe globe gold gloved lol love who loved. Gators. Smell that Brad globe logo gold glove. Okay norm norm Miller did go good move. Go. Yeah I'm just didn't see Diana had the mark but wanted to give a little concert update on. Numbers ratio is great. And straight days are gone yeah Steve that's a problem and impaired and out about all there is considered to mention the rest you know those eight you guys played out you know every hour span has come from our blood Biarritz. From the bottle that was your system is on. Maybe it is like down to Portland this last weekend in Ann right now a lot of glass so cool night PX. And then after our matters. Is stay out and again our breaking out Sammy get played. I imagine this date announcement importance that Coke came down to spend his birthday with us in Portland. I just Diana showed up elegant I looked over there at the gate playing a little you know on that point yeah I was blown away it was so cool these cats tracked down to Portland and yet Matt got up and end introduced us and did he say he's from candidates WBZ. How did our my well that can catch though in Seattle the promoter was like yeah. This is great Mike thank you present is back I got out. Great they were all below. It was an amazing start or epic weekend in Portland weird didn't do enough I'll. And a cup draw. Got to sit there had a cute sort and it's hard drive Marlins well I ate a little better now Arlen my room. Asked about it's let you guys did I ever played music Levy I. Love you brother SBA keeping playing music guide vowed that could be December 30 over racked highway in and I'm you. Usually birdied every trying to show there and we are working on for a new songs not one not two or more on top. Are fleshed out and they got the seal of approval from my wife and I say that some of the softness already on demos are rough to associate those the thumbs up I appreciate what Santa Teresa was drying dishes are who's watching them. And site metered data we that we always straight silently we put them together we check in try this state okay that works must do all right boom and then by the time we can play it once it's like a rumpled look assault on his record. You may see the demo esophagus. Okay. Around rom com do we know we knew onto the next song on the next song yeah. Frankly you're yet movement in case always gonna do it I suppose it's a Adidas and and then they just imagine Justin text me on my way into the shown to take care work hard. Our rulers said. Take care our Karl men and and a levee that's been the best they are underway and I just drinks needs to sister Rebecca. We usually just push him out the way he wanders around yet. Various players me run in my mouth with a song start. I was talking about where has already ordered half of it. This tell us about guitar players are really terrorist you're not still. Yeah. I want if it's what difference and you do. Not. Reported a bubbling through you right here. I need. It's a cell phone. Sitting on the field right now as good as it sounds better. Straightforward audio. But does a lot of her report noted that downhill exploit any more audio wave that. Look the same quality of The White Stripes record number okay. It's very. We don't play. Really a third time playing well it's back then I have been the second time I guess that the. Stevie has an idea has its bruiser Brody it's very kamikaze guide yeah I got an idea everyone. Heard the idea of those are the idea OK 123 go go. Yeah and somehow we finish the song and then we get through it it's like let's do that a few more times greatness to play in front Ali and see if they throw things and tomorrow I may you know what tomorrow and go into a studio or record all the song I'm ready to tie when you honestly I think we can pull off no Ortiz laughing about that too is like before we made any appeal to rehearsals to sort memory returned to form songs for the thirtieth and so we. Then I'll put it twice and made a record yeah. This is Alice van works we're just going to do it there's some cool about the enthusiasm of of ended the nervousness of not knowing what's gonna ask kamikaze is F it really hits it I think it adds something to the bone through the five in the spirit of the music we don't already think we don't. We don't throw stuff we have no chance to do that yeah going crank it out there is no time to analyze dry just gotta swing throw it against the law and any better stake if it doesn't wall forced to stick to stray publicize only remorse expected. Elena throw out sues you know broad tees were soon I would mini nine yet. I'll Rezko probably five months. I've somebody at least five months for even play Seattle again. Offices Zotob this is your last chance who got some really cool stuff planned for the set it is a great bill and it is our you know artery global. Signing celebration down now it's it's almost like dead of the night they can campaign breaking up an audience the boat and bull by guys right now is so what am I you know I know it's mid December under the some other cool shows happen in town that night I just from the throw out you know. We'd love daddy down there because you may not see this for awhile this is the last raw and it's it is a great Billie got super fact. Say. Is that what he wanted he wanted to take a picture and I hope that. All I thought you like gonna put this rover brand a much fifa. But yeah I gotta gotta gotta be Regina December 16 two sets zoo gratitude. Jason Kurtz and who's been on a voice in dollar cool stay Stoller Neitzel he's now got kind of a blues rock thing he's due to these great. And it's his premier used to a new day promoting that and we now is your day this dry. The guys kissing and her daughter I only get together play one or two shows a year they're coming down our bros in line only the wreckage will be there boom and then window panes it's still a business and any from Tyler and he'll be guy Donald back out of the worst people in one room ran Carl anyway Lotta love yet although I would like these problems that. But I'll married church that's in my yeah December 16 studio seven. Army if you're gonna make it out to one and I know we were just there from my special permits for that day and now hot I darn botnets fox packet over to bring your firearm in your horse in the company quantum party's best results are in the community can. Thriller eagle that comes to my show because you'll we want to party that I see how it works man. All of the studio 7 December 16 I mean it it's going to be year old special night for us we'd love to have you there and it it's going to be a minute forty cius again so please come on out I'll join us be that it's a ligament. Before drawn out hobbled maybe as a -- sometimes if it wrecked and finished wiping and I got a text message about this and I wanted to play because it's Tyson's all the problems here we come full circle from Pearl Jam at the beginning in a pod gets the program at the answer we're talking about approaching it is is that makes you have to play the eight bit version of alive by Pearl Jam for Glenn I think you get a kick out of it are already. So programs put out a video game to coincide with the documentary. Concert movie a break. Then ultimately get all the audio of that gesture when used in the Brody stuff is gone out of his mind is yet to keep watching all these different treatments of the film yet to see that milk that movie like sixth time. That's brutalized and who is out of bruiser Brody makes her when he has time he also makes stuff for pearl to that's right that's stress so. Vick protocol and a video game to coincide with that that is it's an old school each bid baseball game it's our home run derby at the end of the game when you finish. It plays an eight bit version of pearl jams alive. And I there's only going to be maybe the beginning of assign an old song the entire song is done he paid also while we out wrap things up rev how you feel on. A lot better lighter. A lot latter comment if you will finish things off with this it's a pretty awesome. And yes I Wonder Bread mix fifth. So you're playing that choice. Right however would forever be interested in coming and hang out went Tom and Meeks guest I can ask him even lower O'Leary's stories are you gonna Gamal but you know it's been. He lives outside of the city of sleep without not calm I wonder if you'd make the trip and hang out because he's got. Great story stabbing mind blowing hilarious and awesome things that the guys he's done that be so cool already love are now he wants to come in and his cast in the middle of the launchers. And. I bet you would love that I only did not man yeah well I'll treat girlfriend Knight you better. I didn't listen and also gazans I've got your ice cream cake buried in my back. You are. Did very well and believe. Moon. I heard they feel. So so after wait till the guitar solo takes its its like. I don't I don't know much about Mike McCready in his opinion towards video games but I would imagine even if he's not a video game freak. He has to be smiling let me hear you guitarists would rule of. So far are you really well it's great because sort of the guitar solo. That's the bridge. Something wrong she says. July. His pick her girls her sitting Indian style in front of my two television. Gap with my you know. Meg choice Ciara book out of beside me seconds and where the level you know strategy guide to strategy guide thank you. You know what my palms like where. Ed from having held the controller that long. And yeah just just totally matured and now. For cursing conference behalf atop my laundry room on my mother came downstairs one time. Defense. That is sponsored. I know. Some sort of hidden message and if I didn't hear anything close listen listen here to. Portraits of the original version you can do. Think he's going back. I don't like you guys he. A hearing on hearing this six guitar solo is saying. I remember my mother coming downstairs just playing Contra. And there's one thing I always hated in older video games and I called its skilled jumping. Oh we ask where you have to jump to jump to jump to this platform to jump to jump through Johjima threw a pitfall. That pitfall and there wasn't even a poor man's origin is ridiculous you know. But still jumping and Contra had a couple still jumping up and and I hate it. What a lovely day Kennedy down there on legacy before I get through this he'll jump in levels from a fall and fall and finally am downstairs and spike among them a month you know Sergey you're turning that off. But what do all of a sudden she's like. You are having a break down who would. Please I'm having fun I'm. I actually yeah. And a long. And bombs why can't save here I can't say your great. Seriously. I asked the viewers of any issue came downs off. I I don't know if I'd call out of he sure came downstairs to be like whatever you're doing you're stop doing somebody in my life right now you know my game's got to take take this might change your sister it's healthier. Then what you're doing right now. Yeah well because Gil jumped to involve the families yes my sister can't job Obama getter. Harlow got to wrap on out here I love you go to. Movies you know it way left off second I'll process. Patrick wants everybody to Andre Smith happy Monica. Happy if you celebrated in every game mastered that I is your brother Carl Carl and our. Thanks to the donuts and a good time variant of mad Max. Party bus. You can still out on sixteen. When you come to the iTunes studio seven studio seven window pane big show and flash and you see them for a while while to go see them on December 16. And that's it studio seven if you hang out with us bruiser Brody. December 30 December 30 old grand dad can be a lot of fun we have a great time it's over about a highway many nine whose club. But other than that maybe you'll get a might get them all our vacation be able to Wear those off facetime things maybe not. I don't know what's gonna happen but hey if we don't talk to you until we have a great deal we always appreciate you guys listening I think plus we want to. And stay positive. Did you put a gun. In your vagina.