Monday, September 17th


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Let me suggest my name's Steve meg giant here with the mighty reverend en Fuego. Oh I. And the newest member of the big cats are good fighting till I'm Kara. Do. The morning today. Good afternoon it depends on what you they interacted could be any time why are you still offer that could be an of people listening we don't know it's why they call me the members to hit probably a mere thirty at least. We have no idea what time you were listening but I have to say great feedback from last week's episode a lot of people love him. For Glenn cannon on the high gas. Thank you guys hopefully well well for YouTube I had got lots of great feedback lots of people enough. Friends and fans and when a panel of the country's Dutch can Elton wow some feedback and got called on some stuff Florida later though he didn't think it was brought up by those involved oh that's even better. So a guy. Who moved the story was about. They're out. Last week if you listen as you shared a great story of a way to get revenge on someone who may not really encouraging people and you're like yeah your body wanted to not to air out of the tires of his and his then girlfriend and I think tour I still together. We were all gal I'm trying to get away as little as part of the basically in in my recollection he had at some point told her that I was the one that. Made the ball moon print on the windshield right and he hit me up battle blew it religiously you know on never told that of course immediately I went. Ohno he's listening to. I don't bother about me. Apatow or anybody whether you think she'd just knew it I never told her she just knew I did not sell you open river which. There's a testament of how are you already know we have. No we exploit elaborate a little don't teller anything now mad. Odds are of your other bro you know I'll keep it an anonymous but yeah I gotta make that correction. My my brother my lifelong friend did not. So we the it's kind of relieved to find out about that though after all he's here are asked how she always thought he'd told. Fizz into my dad's done correctly we re when it comes resolution we clear out old problems. All the time. It's hard maybe just that one time is that once I'm. How we got a lot of cool stuff to get into I I spent a weekend in Minnesota I know how I wanna talk about I disorder as the boys in the dead and girl and the Guinea worm holes at that one song Minnesota which is great. American dead serious about Minnesota and you are Minnesota's fantastic governor come down record. Residue and all this crazy Pokemon stuff I definitely want to talk about did did the trials and tribulations of window pane which is something that I think will be. On a forever. Story on his pedal as. Lose cool stuff going memorial McDoogle you know foreign to him about so that's going to be some good stuff is why we got a lot of messages emails. Text messages voicemails that moved definitely get to what they wanted to start things off without so I went to a radio conference in Minnesota or Minnesota Minnesota and talk radio conclave it's a conference to do I guess in Minnesota are. Every year and it's OK my midwest Asians but they ask BJ united B speakers on a panel. Offer morning radio. Which was like wow this is pretty damn cool especially thinking about where. I was a year and a half ago I would never I mean I've been asked to be a producer panels but never to be a part of a morning show host and that's awesome god did it was so surreal because we're on a panel with. Some like the rule and Ryan's we are are a great morning show in in Houston. Awesome is surreal to be on a panel with those guys and I've always thought I've done a great job and are very cool people. Off another guy Greg thunder and we tell about going can abuse Britney dregs from you guys who during a morning certainly. Under a cannon residents parents named Mike Whittle or something. How little blunder I will hurt you got into smaller hospitals. I will ask you happy you're like that may or you can elaborate that they were gonna move the movement we weren't there if you're still where yeah. So I Yahoo!'s effort all weekend outside of course go to all the other panels and and it's fun to learn it's funny here everybody stories. And just be a part of the radio experiences exit to further inspire us and what we love to do because we're going to be going to another one in Atlanta and the couple weeks yeah I'll a couple of things that I want to address two things out walked away from Chris sometimes are Boston that was should be take away from these. These experiences which are learning experience from on the panels and from whatever it is a conclave. But first one I that this is great Dan Mason he's a guy who's done radio forever. He's also a voice on the WNBA and the like television stuff so that's kind of cool he's worked his way into the world of television. And I loved what he said and I think it's a bit at a place in music it applies to life and applies to everything should always try evolving always work hard to turtle always wins the race. Cool but it got while now so of course I post on my Twitter but I put the old turtle mode g.s over his head to. After it was gonna be the turtle you sound like right you're on the air as a comedian as a result might get Rich Little program limited athletically and I like. For every talk about it in the world of music oh yeah so true in a world of radio I always say like. Our success is because were woman be cockroaches and says yeah yeah how much I certainly you survive I survived right there's some that there's been plenty more talented people that have come and gone but they didn't wanna put in the work they don't want to deal with the heartache and wanna deal with headache. And it's no different music to Hoya. We'll lightning strikes I think for some people in any. But yes you are now. There it is it takes a long time to become an overnight sensation the shell has shattered an end here yeah exactly. Yeah ha ha yeah now. And then on the other thing that I thought was awesome and this is completely and it was funny because I put this on Twitter and you know I've once hash tag in the conclave and so everyone cycle reading I'm liking every tweeting them. So I put in this is the legit story I'm Matt wanted to panels right and there's a guy sitting next to me maybe two seats over his seat between the two of discussion on dude we can't sit next to no of course not discuss inconceivable. And I heard some dude sitting near me physically just lifted his butt and started. It's like I didn't even have an impact act and that old gift set I my hero or something like that you are hikes he was truly my radius. Or an animal he read you'll determine life Alec look you shocks is little resume resume he all he did I'm not even joke and it took me a minute to process it like. I'm seeing in the corner my nine he sit down. And he just lets half of his ass off if it's at all is near term. And then he always has backed out but his eyes never stop looking at the guy who was right concentration. Thank you don't always like hammer I think it's you make it I don't know if you got the build up and you don't necessarily want a completely. Distract from what's going nine you got to kind of be a little sly on and done that before well here's my thing no wonder what you guys think about this one's a solemn reading way to into it but that's an idea when it comes to gas generator that was he being. Was he dangerous I don't given that's kind of a guy who was that I don't know of you've ever had a situation where you've been an a public setting and you forgot that you're in a public settings. And you just let one rip I. I've forgotten before I've had moments moron disliked well you get the pressure and I hate having a pressure because I'm always afraid I gotta go pool open and I got to you know you figure out the logistics on that point in going ugly quickly realizes that we're highbrow yeah I admit it a little bit harder. I can federation sued Jackson what if the pressure building up in on this site are I just had a Birdie Putt a little bit you know and it's just like gadgets like do it I don't mean like as much as I love like party in the aisles as supermarkets. There have been times where it was like I let it go and Mike hull boots. Right yeah mission Michelle doesn't believe me any time that I do that but there are times that it legitimately obviously I'm not aware my surroundings right under a boy who cried wolf too or your boy who cut CDs thanks guys actually yes. Analysts say oops I'll feign some current illness like he makes a sound that people. We are trying to get my bottom lip to quiver bit no hold my stomach kidneys I. I cannot tell us all start cracking up to all people are actually either have a close look I want. Always laughed that off fared. Likely that's why if it's somebody else is I can't help it so I can't keep that in the facade of oh I guess I'm not feeling too good let that when you go I'm so sorry guys you might wanna leave. Call me I'll I like to oh and I worked retail I've had a couple of regional jobs but when I was woman Florida were to expire which is. I'm sure pretty grueling thing at the time of 10 my things there was someone pro audio down there and allows him to be speaking with them a married couple about a new you know holding your five channels or ounces considerable. And it's on silent and deadly and Louis media happen it would roll up. And then mid pitch I would just quickly glanced husbands like you know there. I did right let me and I yeah. Only judge was going on you she's a Weis lip curl. Into it just testing south. I didn't feel yeah I was really missions as it was. A miserable human being and all of the Florida earlier in the club and a slap on the floor. You know as brown cargo bay and it was so hot in Florida that melted all the curtains out of it's there hang in sight I. I know everyone was rich here now Rex. So I was sort of like that it was a some bitterness sold that would do things like. Pearl audio was in the back of best mine someone got something expensive yet to unlock that. And walking up to the registries say hey you know your whatever does that register for rights to what my favorite things and it was a media was the entire center of the store's appeal would be shopping immediate aid Johnson's crossed sounding entry CDs. All yamana I am very fair and right and right I did pass a month Khaled cock nestled cracked corn and just keep on wanting. Can help it man it was just hateful terrible so sorry my shot mostly Catholic god be in that thing just you know just saying the rosary in July. Can't let alone and yeah sex our fathers I had a good. You're did what to a total strangers and you know we I'd like to follow that mountainous very proud of the art car ball out of the car into the parking lot and listens actually you know she's like. You had a far and he's probably doing I don't think you blame the dog and I gave women a sales tax early nice it was a great until you start this guy's working on commission you really think he's got off our confront Hamas I don't need that line ask. Not that my wife has never done that to me and I've never blamed and it was a lot smarter and blame you don't know I mean yeah relaying something other than myself and then her being like a Monty migs 'cause the economy that's now even that be hilarious if she's just like what she got real like. Did this Stephen is lag Mon chastising that that child right but Blake and Mardy made his dislike. I'm over I am so no matter how right why we're calling me by my neck and you're not assaulting my personal look at practice piano. And saw god let's talk a little bit about I know being generous and let's stick with does this talk about intestinal distress lower lower on him while or talk about a record imminent illiterates forty people. Oh man oh yeah. No one of the things when the trick that I die and I spent identity interns that I have eight I kind of running days or something or phrase literally cents or friends. Who were just coming into maybe record something for other podcasts or south. They will get into the elevator all hopping and I will beef and then I'll hop right back out net orders closing at your brain dead yeah earlier sealing him yeah yeah basically ghosting them and then at that point you wanna play a game yet if anybody else comes in from the work on the sixteenth floor. So there's lot of stops on that potentially. So eight feet when walks into that in that elevator yeah now he's just fifty opportunities to ruin someone's day yet as a credible and that person's gonna get blamed for race passing the blame on deal deal parts right there and yet as I know you're not gonna believe this that this got up on sixty hall and voted not to yeah does that our needs one person to hit dugout and that rubber duck there are only now he's throwing a grenade did tanked yet. Fire and all examined and Arlene. Raw since we're talking and number two stuff drag you semi any amount that's a deal on assurance that makes gas and involves you in not. As you called it Pokemon yap who key mine. We win our obligatory Pokemon the conversation out to have to yes and it was a big Pokemon day for us we've played sounds easier enough cross Soriano I know my for my wife and myself included Mel you won two there is oh basically point to Feinstein in Tacoma on the big park there to have disease the requirement also just a big park and Maria ala stuff. They've got a whole bunch of pokey stops so it's like a big hub for people and there was a FaceBook eBay and that basically had like a thousand people say they're gonna go. And we can go until the afternoon but a start in the morning but there's just a ton of people all around. So we go down there and then afterwards we go and hit a Dili is Oakland to get some pizza. On because it's become their second home drew and yet we are going to go there I eyebrow into the pockets of wall talking throughout a good Saturday afternoon you know we could meet eyes on once a week insists it's so good but at the same point I basically put away a pizza myself slightly ahead looks on our little talk and I dare to their custom made you have a whole huge list of stuff of which you can pick but the best thing dues just to do chef's choice. And UB IR I don't want chef's choice and I went with the yet tenderloin I was like I just went tenderloin. On the pizza and you go figure out what else you want on the sounds awesome guy I had so would it be weird about walked into sort of on a pepperoni pizza or cheese pizza. You don't want the UU rare state pizza guy totally doing it could totally do that he'd said it had a huge ingredient list bush stuff across for the children's two year I want this guy does want to cheese and that's what do you moves in free energy Al Assad about this if you can get a cheese pizza I UB sickening at a if you really wide but that's primarily Pontiac had it going pizza I had tenderloin shoot show. Better grip must all make on it and also Apple's. Apple also asks oh god it was good guys are awesome she's all I ask something rat like mozzarella eager to pick the sauce is so I went with the garlic pesto. And it Yad like yup like reported frankly at this is the most on pizza pizza I've ever heard of but I want so what are you might have some kind of the ears and went on to sort out what a lot and that's a good thing there's a huge list of ingredients but the best thing to do is be like OK I want specific contingent in the in just chef's choice and they just keep depict what they want to go with Dayton. It works apple on a pizza yeah I know we'll play are now which like slice Yasser dinner yet it was stand. So can you make him the kind of medium rare thing you have but it was also they also had a shootout to so it was like to two different meats. Oh it was so good news so amazing. I don't hold them pizza and either small pizza is our immediate measures but yeah I totally killed it they've got super thing press it's not like the Chicago deep dish so that's kind of cool on that end. Not healthy. Yeah as a pizza can be carried out dirt here. Who could stay healthy and out of the deal you're probably tequila this today and bright and I was tequila is ago yet I guess I think that's like a non alcoholic almost then you along a wall almost 1 o'clock PX airport. So he does hope beats we'd go home. And Michelle notices that couple that Pokemon stops around our place are being lured so we can go collect more Pokemon. So she's like I wanna go out and I'm like our Iowa go for a walk that's fine so we go out to the park and were hanging out right there are few months ago this would never be a conversation at the revs which only outside go out for a walk in the thing that these video game is actually making people and telling me I've walked almost forty kilometers in the less than two weeks now Wear an American colleges kilometer yes it only a kilometer click you can easily click please click here. You know how does tend clicks it only judge it only good and it only shows you and only guys shows a decline in earnings kilometers and I don't know what the conversion it all again I'm Americans. Like the magic system everything's in ten it's hard to screw up yeah right parts of an inch finger on the. So getting GD I get confused as to get a hat and Michael Dell music yeah seven and 3117 seconds like you need a little bit bigger like an outside of that too I go I can't think. Clearly yes that 14 as it. How did on the sixteenth second still be who sixteenths but all the lines on a tape measure passed sixteen site I get the sweats out he had I had an amount she really brings Perez again you know yeah that'll tell you but I. Echo of the metric it's like coach is another division of tendon we make things simple America says the rest of the world. And that enjoy presidential. Oh yeah yeah yeah I would oh my god ya right I'm so getting back to. And then it hits me. I got to go to who. Israel is this whole wheat pizza has been stewing yeah oh yeah they're all doing and ask for some reason I thought oh I would not hasn't just doing anymore earlier today yet in its if panic mode because while I'm not super far away from the house it's about. Five blocks. And Wayne I have to go it's like. Now it's go time yet out my stomach rumbles and everything wants to escape immediately. As Avis yes yes. Listen there's the first wave the second wave in the third way when you get the third wave is so hurt in so. Over again yeah this could gather a third wave is. If I'm not on a toilet usually. Terrible things happening you should do just what like marathon runners do when they just post up but somebody's lawn in the media have you heard about like people who do long distance running. I guess it is rattles their insides yes and there's been news reports of people who've been my boss did that our runners and he's had nowhere assay can go to. Let Iran and you'll run with any thing he says what you got yeah because that's their casual. You know you're just gonna gate yet know you're just gonna get the dirty brown streak to that point towards a low literally laundry until a ruling that it should THE yeah. Yeah I guess an Emmy for extended contacted an agreement to laugh at and a half. Ed gas so. Yuck and we are you guys that you listened and taken outside guys they get those if you're eating monkeys eating pizza while listening to this podcast I was lasagna happens. Pokemon right now I'd yes so I'm like all right we gotta go so we start walking and I get jobs. Out she knew blocks and this is about wave to. And it crumbles and on my oh man. I'm gonna need to sit down somewhere in like I don't like ten feet later wave three hits. So I have to sit down on a curb. On yeah he's busy street just you basically essentially tell your stomach. Settle so you're actually you're right there I don't pay no no no no more or less reporting last thing I did try to avoid that's what it's like they're like what's that read like shut up I'm just delivering escort all the crap crap crap. Pokemon people out I'm in a parking lot or just activists were to one one of the curbs I'm just sitting on the curb basically just hoping that. This will stop anything. Because mime just your courage for stop I had to I had to stop and sit down because anymore Joaquin I this is an experience of mine having ideas are easier closed it was there's no place to go. So my wife is amazing vision that well does stand here and paying out with the end just you know just kind of chill out and I'm like all right let's love. That's in love until observe these are going to look for and around and just see secular countries like. Do you think well there's a Pokemon gym nearby I'll just pretend it you know playing on that in will be fine. So my. Sounds so I might RA about after about five minutes and might I might maybe I can make it all right so I stand out I watched a half of a block. And I have to sit back down immediately again. Now I'm just sitting there that I. I just sitting there for like I half hour Jesus are all right was he just sits next to me I wish you weren't married already costs and you can propose to her and that kind of. That's six how web app Jillian just. And he always is yeah. You're either UK's biggest leader Harry and I are. I was always in the bushes and I was going video there's a point where I was sitting there just my hands gripping the curb just just. Terrain and just me like. I love you thank you for not walking away it's really the quiver breath oh yeah yeah yeah I disagree the greatest proposal story like honesty is a lot whenever anyone says tell me your proposal stories listeners sort of it's just couldn't eat out on top of this maize meal it was just a crap my hand to decide this is the best time doing it then that's I pulled the ring out and asked him to be in my house my bride and she said yes. Where there are income and not know yet so I just ahead why there he said call me for days now I cannot. I pretend being. I had to pretend averages of their playbook you might stop and think this is a busy street I've come out and stop I think I just keep running I bet I wish I would a loss in an up when I was to like three blocks away from home I don't. I didn't like I was trying to avoid. At any point watching home more in shorts polite little Lola you know I do anything and after. Hi Janet I just don't especially nowadays where with cellphones and everyone's got a cellphone and known as an issue bring in now just showing pictures you're right you do that got yeah there's a few different kind of viral hit that guy that's just I didn't need that and I was just I was. Rain and even even after we waited about a half of an hour. And my stomach died down I thought I was gonna be safe. Getting that last like half a block it was like. That Michelle was like all look at the pop feels like trying to talk with the dog that was any yards so let's go get my backside of yeah I just I grabbed her hand out Mike we're going and I just yankees the FAA got something going on on what had happened upon us and you've gone bro I can just do right here nobody cares I don't I got a guy will just pick it up for me maybe he'll do it for YouTube. Many dogs talk I feel like they would sit etc. I there's there's a whole lot of flags during a snow man I was just. We've heard you make I did make it that's been that's great it's not a yes. Hey hey wait a draft you got to do brown ribbon to show. I bet there's. There's stuff I will tell you guys that it will not share with the world but I have had some trust. Awful it takes you down a peg is a human being I don't awful week I'm dishonest I've done and at work I've now lost the 5050 here have you heard that story you wind hold it brown and make it all the way to use so. It was it was back when we didn't play music. Bombed and so it Biggio would go super long on topics and I think it was like right wind that's sonics got sold. Yeah and it was talking about even just taking calls about people were pay is talking about all the stuff. And it went for a the topic when for about an hour and a half in between breaks and all that stuff. And as a phone screener and like the FNG I'm just sitting there like well I just gotta we gotta do it is we're getting calls who got to get all the stuff knifing pains in your abdomen and I'm just sitting in my are else like to do this and I'm fine and we had a commercial break in my. I can't I have to go. I walk about halfway down the hall and a half to again is sit down in someone's chair I'm just like hoping that it doesn't go. And I am IRA I can just make it around the corner making around the corner you know right here this is going on they have not gonna tell people can write his visit here. Halfway you know I guys in the in retrospect you Greg and I grow someone needs of so I'm John Kerry human spirit Brad and I got cheap price got you so I get around the corner right to Wear the lobby is an idol loser. Literally lose and work at work where insurance wearing shorts in front of the door way. And then make it in the lobby to get to the bathrooms and I'm literally leaving a trail. I get in there a high note on the door hideout in the bathroom etc. then it's like what am I gonna do now like I didn't have my phone so I could like text someone to be like hey guys well men here on. You know went cuckoo pants so he's in the bathroom now BJ and it's just a quick back story written around this time their right people bring their dogs to work and had to say we had a production guy what a giant dog. Superstar dog yeah I like a big dog right so. BJ walks out to go I think to the bathroom Mario game when Massoud we go to break he disappears. He comes running back into the studio. You can read the furious. Load that I know somebody's. Dog took good giant. Facts on the ground and I'm dying while it's in the yeah. I'm laughing because not just of a friend but the new guy new analyst but I hope I'm thinking oh that's awesome that dog is my new hero it's a pissing Vijay are yeah I was hoping. So this is going on in and all of a sudden everyone disappears I'm still like wow I get an arm I think our intern or somebody. Unfortunate started picking he's at all picking up another problem you deserve a job after that to what would you digit means so so it gets even worse by the way so BJ is losing his mind you're gonna share the risks are your sailor this caliber or worse after I just can't share but how sure you guys but not with the world is same points as the three of us in here so I -- all right he's my every time you're one friend that -- and I you have of the so we ga and I'm just sitting in their again I don't know what amen to deal like cancer ruined what am I gonna deal. I can hear BJ actually gloves yeah right it's selling brands on some of promotional she didn't. Well I got some road so that's we. He's Casey appropriate pants we got to cover real W black given its so it kind of weird area here. I BJ goes out to the lobbying he's just ranting and like who brings their dog he comes in the bathroom because he's following the trail of how he's got the night what is going on and I just I just from from the stall he's got an unlikely Superman shows like. Dear dates me I had some issues. And he he felt terrible at this. Oh now I'm still in the studio last does that voted last time anybody came running into the studio used his face and red. This time we come running into the studio his face is pale white yes he's an mood. And I thought he goes. GAAP it was a little brat as a Mike it was the rev YU's. That was ribs all of it man. Now I am again is dying dying his yeah yeah I come alive and then Nadal who. Oh nearly a decade ago I can laugh about it now dead but like that luckily one of the guys he worked with had an extra pair of sweatpants who would be borrow if you just like dude just wash them when you generally don't worry don't worry cleaned up as best I could. Just went home are the old audio guy came and covered their phones I took the next day off. The new prowler call an early in terms today and she. The day of reckoning and Herbie the early years in recent cool understanding regarding your humiliation. And everyone was cool nobody brought it up we I yeah I have to say from a do you. Pretty much in you know you'd know that scan how it's gonna be but at the same point. I was really happy that no one is going to be like guys like raptor fans out you know we kept a pretty internally like there wasn't a lot of people in this building that knew what happened thankfully was in the morning. But do tell fear on many years go by. And we never addressed this and they came up on this podcasts one time and answer we're talk about something you read game in his look on my group. You wanna talk about it he's like yeah I feel like I get to come at the point now where I can joke about it now I think we've shirt like this yeah third time we talked about you inserted on the right to main show which ones in the podcast once on the morning show and now here we are down for all the new fans all the window pane and Glen -- and stand there listening yes that is the reverend employee go back is. In light even people are like man I'm surprised it came back in our cycles and my job. My dream job I'm not just got to wait I just want my hand look when I was working until come on super almost all of mind tend to be hanging over related and he violently as well as cake in that was left overnight in the the breaker that's why I learned to not not at. Her around you get a good night and you can't. A candidate like yeah a little. I knew I had. You know he's just sweating alcohol. At my desk and it sounded a bit you know tried to slip one out men and that it was not a blank it out a lot more and then a bureaus are working with an awesome guy named Fred reichert came into the bathroom and can't we throw in my underwear. It is like it just cracked up left room to grow please leave your room who didn't. And I didn't let me catch a buzz out sweating on the assault and then I saw a split the office and I I'm ever going to tear completely what to bar tells Limbaugh like. You know how can sell certain movie media to abysmal biggest hole cash today. But then a one over for admired about clean drawers and there's a Nobel walks to honor with underwear and Alex. Ladylike. I don't should probably smell me from genteel Leila Ollie is dad dad dad and I guys still drawn Keith yeah. There are going to do all that and then just a box of condoms yeah. I don't go under party view when it got to me a look at it until I realized dreamlike can be important revenue. I'll give you what I will share is the really violently badly and it does also issued with party union. They don't show you that the movies they show for the rock star lifestyle. Whole truth behind the were they don't get an idea that the terrible things just unspeakable lead. Awful things happen but. There was a day my wife and I were walking down and out a beach reached a live kind of in the neighborhood we've walked all the way around from the parameter archive each and we're down rolled his mentions are sorting is weird because you think that whole area would have been developed by now but they're always going to mentions I don't know if they just turned out wants you to know I want to keep us all confused. They're always building another big house right there pointed out. And it may not just keep bill isn't gonna run out as we never run out of space you know welcome to the Twilight Zone right. But we're slowly. I am really surreal life. Man a little of them oceans receding so you keep building your house that would obstructionists wind out profit but. What I'm having a nice walk starlet knives a really nice and then you know boo them. Home or can't you do some minutes. And in one of those construction sites there was supported John anomaly paint the Indian gaming and ran to Campbell she's aren't. So why they did my thing but I knew it was my idols back miles back to our. So I'm thinking you know you wanna get really cleaned his or you're not legality clean email it to be clean and we will lead. But you don't know how walk and I understand he's important John you wanna be clean. And I looked and this was a nice like a good port A John and they had that thing and hence sanitize ice and how much so she had ties or will give things just sparkling socked with 2000. Yeah dot. And I loaded up my hand good luck. Alone and I threw it up against yield starfish moron hey dude my vision went white. Army is solid yeah. And hurt. So bad I almost passed down it was pure. I didn't realize this stuff basically just loving you yeah yeah drank a little bit to know it was yes you're gonna the end and I just thought I'd check in all my life act. You see your season at the port of pot with thumping sounds and side into the street news. And it's just it was terrible. And then finally hon you OK and I couldn't respond then girl I thought I was trying not to lose consciousness it was that extreme I was gonna all of them were passing out from the ball. I finally staggered out of her she's like you want to know. Comic on you know Ralph from walking a you know me I like to be clean and we got to walk back in needs your support of pond and so on I just through watching Hanson she's that you didn't watch here. Finally you know one time I packed my little rosebud we'll look at it. You look good and I can't figure out sick. Did you like it right. No I don't know. All madam chose to play weeklies and sweat you know we can you just feel nothing helps the mattered and cited for being here. Understandable oil from her portability and watching me nail my hand to a board like oh yeah. Did you do that for I just needed a firmer grip on the board and automate it made total sense to me that that would just be a nice comments like taken quick shower yeah I'm mount Madonna album you know do you want to just try and smell my oh man yeah yeah I saw walked super slow you know little little weird ducks get something going up there doing the icy hot and statistically there it was so bad there was so look statistically status cannot yeah pleases the Greek god of all things strong different eastern please let's. Anyway there's there's mind. Larry Holmes I think overall this year I guess a gentleman's time now and I hadn't been able to put its president articles on what I had I lost the 5050 at a wedding oh god I'm. God I girlfriends ago I tired to remember these things and count backwards by women out and see if she was always annoyed by me by everything in NA into super like you're controlling type of hope a girlfriend right. So if I was gone for any reason she got weird about it so glad the wedding and it's before the wedding actually happen night. Went to the car to go grab something in my home is outside. North an announcement pushes far now no big deal a blow holes without I real I com. Her good I was wrong war in the far in my Yorman Micah nice slacks I got a shirt and tie and now with some might fall he created on our way now might looking around my how to how little I had in the list so I go I I go right to the bathroom. Michael you lying straight to the stall shaken out and there's a guy already in the vast armies in the journal he sees rerun is coming now in near and I'm panicky Emmitt what that home I going to deal. Aussie undies and don't give direction that's always the rule. I just don't don't get a little alleged let's go underwear never remember to ask him. It did. Yeah sort. Of separate it. And Steve really excited about this wedding. More away and we need to know considering marriage salaries keep America why Powell. So I'm distressed and the guy and you're in awe of course let's have a conversation he sees me go. Do big sand. I'll I'll on the left I was glad I I was working at the end this time. My car. I he goes mad and Dick Weiss started coming up man that's going to be a good show that right. Now my. Forget everything your wife sort of take it it's got ready good throw those away can I have those undies then all of her you know I had no idea what's going novel. And I pennies they tell us how he really wants to go to showed he had Yemeni hook up to go browsers email me via ticket don't usually I don't care. That video just kick the hell out of the bathroom I need to come out of there and throw his underwear away and I didn't know toilet. Yeah I mean the toilet is a garbage can. And and yeah this is all and you can't unless you're Andes and how might just leave and he still talk Eumig Jabrel yeah I'll see outside I talked outside. Finally he leads in this is this went on like fifteen minutes is conversational. Funny how people are with that he's now personal space when their fans I'm a run and that. The central league that's old or was cut in half at one point keep our own party and in the bathroom and there. And I'd be sitting down there and people walking user you general that made what's up and I am literally shutting down growing business of gay brother. Let's go on you know on the hill but could. Should we don't people don't it's great they're excited they don't do that maybe you'd like some privacy in the restaurant. And you know I like hey if you wanna just chill outside of Madras if they come out new element to hand you drive we can have a conversation for as long as you want. That's exactly what I'm the only just get beaten halftime lead at Letterman and so finally you can use. Amid a rod quickly just I just threw it in the garbage I don't know what else to do they took a bunch of my paper towels and pot pot and on top of him like okay I'm good to Charlotte Heidi and it's you know clean up. Felix is also had a clean. Chris you don't feel so I needed to do so wet paper towels to create the end right and there's like now I'm stressing I'm sweating because I'm like it's hot summer. And I'm stressing because of like geez hurry up and clean and this is a total panic moment right deep. Ultimate panic moment it's awful. I finally get owl and of course the minute I walk out that you think it's almost like like some weird like Romeo and Juliette not whatever legs she's on top of the psych. Alchemy that hovers over the bathroom could on the first person and she's like been yelling my name yelling your name because she's like we're now is he. Bag what could I never had a chance to teller I remember cell phone text there. The yelling your name and allows 68 yeah both are Morningstar. Yeah so I finally get added that their hubs still swear I'm amassed a look up VMware view brand. My of that term. Say what. Why everybody got so long been looking all over for you. I want smoking in them and no one's looking for me assist you makes a statement tonight a look I'm sure I'll leave real well right they had to declare that oh yeah I've got Matt and I look and I go. Mark I just adds to my pants. I sat up and I Shutter Island and our payload and of course then now she's mad at me about that that's why did you do that. I meant zoo. What we'll do a lot of good save in this opry. I'm login weddings did you not read that in Cosmo that's one thing ladies out there I will promise you did it eight guy craps his pants he did not only one or two. Oh really. You don't want to bring wants to do that. That's like US me that question why did you do that I don't know I don't know how to be funny if that does that Havana now what is. It's. He's totally freaked out now and now I want my stripes against the. What are you want to remain open up a shockingly I relationship did not last much longer has that I go figure well a fumble and at war I'll. I thought it would be funny. I does sound like a good idea I was trying to make you mad I thought to be a good way to do not that I wanted to be worried and angry I'll get the ball. That's why you took your balls as well. I wish him I mean time so that it would no one around but I wish there were people around the audience is the dumbest argument hurl the shorts that are pretty yeah. So the second unit drove it. Here's this again. It's great because I'm Mike Yeo she's hovering over me yeah yeah yeah. Just like this we have power struggle like she's like just restoring her anger upon me. And I'm looking out of the princess and dying I'd pull my pads. Believe me I'm only a mortal man and make you didn't have the stars on TV it does is not on the program. All honey this. Little. Oh my god yeah. Are you be ready to jump I do want to talk but the bigger title and that's why Nevada the president nor a little loss of. The media the podcast we have no way does just casually say when we elements on the play and change topics that lingered on the outlaw yeah we really do that okay. Problem we talk about this this morning there was. It just shows how I know I'd love to hear your opinion and I loved just your insight just on on everything but I'm. And now I love that somebody quoted something that you said last week on now I go wow that is. That's a little cool when somebody will transcribe you talking about you know your your view on social media and put it into a text form I think that is dead powerful like those chemical now beyond my goose bumps when I was reading all of one of the guys I'm going to page. Just word for word quoted. There's us everyone has a voice but yeah no we're just not in light enough resume. You know race of human beings to know which was a listen to which was to ignore that's sort of the bread at all rant that that's cool should call it was quoted here and welcome to the podcast yeah yeah yeah on the I had a real like look man I'm not lightened. I've killed most of the good brain cells are an important everyone's life is a nugget that comes out yes sir I found. So we're talking this morning about that these you'd be hilarity that is. My Laney had trumped. And is a millennium on the united and I want I heard us she probably got a word for word quoted. But first ladies I beat each of us all that have you heard if they overlay them if if yeah we have that ought at all. It's saying yes crazy this morning we're talking about just an an item prefaced it on the air on my Glock. Regardless of your political beliefs and this is my problem right now it just in the world I feel like we are. We have lost all sense of humor that is really not act alone but I think in a way English cause and not break it's causing a divide. Because we've become gangs we are either left or right we are donkeys or elephants and finance. You can't even fast and functional right euphoric society or government. You can't allow admittance is the NL it's not function and thank god forbid something in your own party you are associated with does something silly and you can't laugh at it. And I think that's really scary I grew up in the in the world NASA now I think all of us have to nude in a world of Letterman a world of of Johnny Carson Leno whoever. Did he made fun of whoever was the current president and it didn't matter what the Pope and and I wonder if it's maybe not to deal with the world a social media in the world of Tex lines and that's part of what I think that's what's changed things may negatively unfortunately negative absolutely because. I grew up knowing that hey if you're president all bets are off and you're gonna get made fun of by all the late night shows your gap if your same. So unfortunately all bets are off some monster take potshots I even. There's another way of thinking it's like man you know weird I'll ever does one of my tunes you know I'm a freak who was the artist has said that nilekani Jamal we're now Reno doing her songs are all now know made it yeah yeah that's. The attitude for new laws within this great like social attitude about it. Arab boys and Harvey danger they didn't have him being here in full on to a parry but he did a pull core version of flag pole set up and did exhausts me they were like. Through the roof like a better and getting a ground. You know sure it's like a guided you know we all grew up listening to any so. I'm not a hard time with discipline remic almost done with even just reading a text line because the minute. You make fun of people that anger Hillary from Louisiana oh really the applaud her. Had to get angry and it's like you realize that. Guy why I literally like oh good I don't as an entertainer and that's the line you walk and I don't want to alienate anyone. Yeah so as far as my views who I'm voting for what I thinks cool what I think is not cool ten foot pole that's I don't want to alienate. Anybody and we had these kind of judgment on the radio shows and I guess that you're not. But I guess and I did this species they overlay it just literally word for word it's just hilarious and I would just chuckle really looks smoking hot chick. You know all right verbally beat. Is this really big deal this order any amount of outlets all I would say that's all over with mind you know ten foot pole out if that's a woman assailant let's not get mad about back at and Jameer doesn't see. Mike it's anything bad it tonight also all it feels like is hey you just pull poking fun at something that is completely hilarious because it's sort surge that. She's took somebody else's speech and. And as I. I don't it's not even make from 2000 Al yeah now its hand in the cookie jar haven't yet gotten she really I didn't know what else to do I was so on the spot there won't be like. All I think would be even more awesome. Also as you did I Matt Lauer she said only I wrote this with a little help my had a little home by six evidence that's not. I'll pay up it's a stupid speech where she took some spots and ideas from another stupid speech like art and that's where I'm Mike let's forget about the political opinion. If this wasn't a politician would you not think that it's a woman up like it Will Smith gave an Academy Award winning speech. And it turns out it was Russell Crowe's speech that he gave from six years ago. I think we can all laugh at night kind of funny right. No one's laughing now is all this has escalated into the realm of in saint I can't even imagine how we'd look as a culture. Two cultures around the world like right now I don't love like as far as patriotism in America man I love my neighbor. I won't fight dive for the person down the street I will take a bullet for total stranger not a would you crowded cancer and I probably would yeah and all of them Democrats and I was born here I I love the diversity of cultures here I mean. But. Our government. That's a whole lot of leaving and get into that I'm just gonna say like man I am unpatriotic that I love this country but I love this country for this country's people and just people of this country and that's a problem is this chaos at the selections become regardless who you plan to vote for what you believe. How that's perceived to ORC east the drama drama that is that's how our entire culture could be viewed now and dom. I care about that because this country's full of brilliant and enlightened and wonderful human beings and in all its ultimate melting pot all these cross polarization have always different cultures and it's it's an amazing place right America's an amazing place that this. This circus elephant so a lot of surrounding this election it's. Green caught up in the labels of being either Democrat or Republican and and for me I've always believed in this is how I always will be and it sometimes frustrates people listeners people I know. There are moments where I might sound like I'm a very conservative conservative human being there are also moments and I'm also a summit among liberal. I have no problem leaning left and leaning right if if my gut tells me that's the right way to say sure rational and reasonable in my opinion but man it's so disheartening when you wanna have fun and won't play the audio right now because it's thank you wanna have fun. And you wanna goof about something that I view is being silly and harmless. And it becomes a platform for people dispute this. Let's go to hot button issue it really this whole thing has escalated. Beyond their own more reasonable I think that's a yes you are seeing is. A reflection of that and that's why don't have really gotten up and arms about this whole mess and really it's like hey it's just ticket it's just an election right. We choose we know both agree with each hit some dumb stuff. This is has this happened it was crazy this chemistry takers and check we have a so called her the same country man wanna just give each other's backs and try to do what's right. And if we have a sense of humor I think we can get past all that machinery can agree to disagree on many things as always we still can still. Did you mean to disagree and still hold each other steps that's what this country I suppose I founded on May notice people be and not all reunited question that we got chains after we play the audio because we played this morning I thought it was funny. We played a different version this morning where was. We took a clip from. From Obama's speech Michelle Obama that we played the clip that sounded just like you with terrorism back and forth with the trump public mood with Milan you know trump. This one you've got to listen listen when you reference to Soviet listening in your headphones this'll make more sense but even if you're now I think you'll be able to track it. Then one channel I think a zillion either left and right you got Michelle Obama's original speech and the other channel you got money trumps speech and it is eerie how similar the two and MR. Did you learn the hard what do you look nice. The video you're gonna keep doing things you could rise saying and keep your promise. Yeah. If he's sitting in. Even though you don't know an Indian life even if you don't agree with that he's asked. We aren't so it's million initial position similar. That the only images of the currency saying this isn't Regis have you dizzying and manually in your system are. Well it's almost like somebody like her speech writer who ruled cool first lady's speech. And that's the one that they got and that's the worst part is that. Somebody else wrote this as much as he wants us as we look at bill cheated now and they don't don't don't blow all elected officials are speechwriter every one guy I mean I've watched low secular thank Kevin Spacey political show on Netflix. House of cards yes satellites are the seasons and that still I can see exactly how it goes on because and it's steel and. And mrs. trump. It is very easy and there it is again she should just be like yeah I had a little talk with my speech writer after that. And the American people as a whole really oh that's right all politicians are speechwriters and will CNN. You know it is among got fired hah hah ha and it warned of Sandra day but it seemed just like. We're bravado that you gotta be well no I don't know what you're talking about a few for even thinking that an eight digging a hole what do you mean he just again for me I thought it was a long speech there was longer than what we just listened to be like look I yeah I found some really great pearls of wisdom Obama's very movie and I repeat it would have been a great way to bridge the two parties in the sense like I found inspiration from either device but the president the United States First Lady who is a Democrat and here we are Republicans. We can see you know I mean you could. Yeah I heard sort of taking her off the hook. Obviously she's gonna have advisors she's gonna have speechwriters why are these people that are supposedly sharp people not seeing any time look. To say oh we have heard that speech that's why quoted it was a very inspirational very moving and the message stands true today just like it did then could you imagine totally off folk. Could you imagine how many mines she would have blown it she said I want to quote the First Lady. And share some of the world she said and then further extend my. Man and an island bridge some other Arab divisions that are going on right now but again that would have I'm sure somebody who's a Democrat but I have yet guys like what we're joking like how we are right now. We couldn't do on the morning show I mean we will we have. But this is the type of crap that we get and an AA in its flooding in like the vocal minority times in first Ron why are you clowns talk about the powerful speeches given instead of continuing. The liberal war on women. Parents and the war on the liberal Laura women still don't learn of that aren't I know I didn't even know that existed but okay the liberal war on them now. One of 71 but I wasn't aware that there was a liberal war on women are your color thing is is liberals generally don't sleep much so it probably is a pretty laid back or the chef. Chill war pretty straight it's emptying every element taking down a notch but you know Brett Warren. Right now until it's announced. You know table we don't put dinner just just keep to the back in my our war to finish off. The next one Steve embrace your liberal moron ism moron does that yeah I would Z. And let the listeners decides he really exciting to DES I DE pretend he gets funny side listeners dias I guess I. Europe ratings will let you know. Oh who's sick and burned if that's the case then we realize that the city of Seattle. Loves moron it's kinda okay 'cause we're doing very well and Arianna. Motorola I like we've just not now I don't know if you wanna use that as an example if ratings indicate what this talent that I would have jobs and job security broke faith love morons so O'Hare saw an. I don't think these are just a couple of the funny one but there are some people that have an annual mix. You take the time. Why keep that's what it was countless Tennessee last week is why take the time to even respond or your stuff that I disagree with. All the time you know what I do and sometimes I disagree that to my core and you know what I do. All of my day Brian Hearst bigger problems memo academy it's dead and that's a legitimate situation yeah. What are pretty Carl and I haven't signed him. I know I got this guys that it's so frustrating I get really makes me cringe because it's like. Why can't we just why can't we joke about these things the minute we stop getting so bought her I really do see. They did and it's not gonna change the world maybe not gonna change the country but I think we can actually have a battered Deng get along with each other if we can laugh at the same things and not get so consumed about local party. Asking you wanna get a bit. It's me as a person but if you wanna get into. Percent how I was raised nearly. My duty right is an American citizen Judy Judy my duty EMI do you read about chip you know we're getting the program are we know about the real remember army. When we played the the Christmas tree lighting downtown oh yeah are loading out and there was this guy across the street. The had these big signs and a born and yet brought pictures of aborted fetuses and stuff for hours at a usually hang out ethics lawyer he was screaming that's the little loading our resource and reloading Kearney was screaming at us and he was like. You know you're gonna. Vernon hill false prophet you know you're at a bar and offer your rock and Renny was screaming karamanlis yes. And I want to paint and Asa what are font what if the way I express my love for god and the universe is to play these. How do you know that that's not how on the show my love. And I'm wasn't even phenomenon going on Christian Austin blood or whatever but after I send the guy because he was a devout. Devoutly extremely religious citizen and mind you we are playing Christmas songs at this children's. Children so we are lighting of the Christmas tree and up behind the scenes music editing window Payne well yeah. As far as I'm just gonna say I just I'm gonna go that far on. What he was doing in my opinion was truly tasteless but he felt like he needed to be their so I imagine now what America's all about come on down broke. So he's there you're gonna burn in hell you're gonna burn and Alan I was like who are you to judge me who I don't think god of war you in charge of those decisions. You're gonna burn your senator your false prophet now Mike broke. And I couldn't get through and finally I just said I started yelling across this tournament I love you man yeah. I love you knew I would or died of heart and help cure for what hate you're a liar and I said I would I would take a bullet for you I would take in my free I love you brother. There's nothing I wouldn't do to protect your life I love you man and he screaming you're gonna burn and are gonna burn now okay so. No one is I feel it's my duty as an American citizen. To love my neighbor and to protect the stranger down the street to watch after their kids to. It isn't what the message yes. So I wanna say no one says I disagree with you I hate you I hate all he stand for and if you're an American should you stand angle also meant. I value your opinion I value that you can express yourself open. And if you need any media express yourself on that's part of your right. As an American you're welcome to eight you're welcome to think Imus in this party you're right people died so the could have that wreck just usually to a long masses manned. Tim mean fortunately Pokemon to bring in a sob thank god and yet I think guys like I don't know why. I bring Astoria is it's just the way I tend you disagree with me great you're you're supposed to. Somebody and I don't hate you for it tell me ambassador tell you wanna Bernal told it. I'm a false prophet that I'm stealing light from god doing what you're entitled to that its opinion just because you have an opinion. Doesn't mean no one laid out my life for you because you're an American and maxim he is what I'm proud of him that to me is what this country supposed to be all about. And that to me is what's getting lost in the midst of all the cheek regarding this. Man if if you wanna vote for trump for you wanna vote for Hillary are you wanna burn the White House now home. Com. That's your right as an American citizen and I think Daschle we have to honor and fight to fan and I don't agree with people burn flags on the that's cool but that's in my opinion. If someone wants to go do that now I think it's in terrible taste I really don't Audrey you're creating I think it's really and I just like shoot it but it's very Erin right it's in my swing make a law that says hey man you need to show more respect which I wouldn't be against that law. But it's those people's rights to express themselves so this country supposed to be about now when you get to express yourself. But what's important is after express yourself militia Kansas got a meal together let's. Let's be Americans we disagree awesome bro are the only bright but human beings that's what I would. That's when I blow this place to be in so that's how I choose to exist within. But the did that something's odd what we're not touching on is that there was even a more disturbing. Obvious form of plagiarism during her Spiegel. Feed VCR she was out clearly inspired by a certain something and we have that clip and it's not by job First Lady Obama. He wouldn't now and then he got. And most important seat he would never ever gets it done. Now you don't understand what that is. Here's proof of what she was inspired by. Why are we mad about the my most man you're crazy. It's my favorite gasoline. The more Americans need to the Pacific and anybody. Who knew we. Are not close out. He wouldn't and he got its awesome most important seat. He would never ever get T done. War. I also. Not a war on women. And on abortion women who is not a long work. What do we know. So when he had sipped on cocktails. Violent man you're a referral to Jack usually you try it song which I could hit it she called an outdoor to grab what did you think Rick. I. Good delivery you have great came against you owned peninsula you're making America wanted to include come off excellent make America. Roll again that the grits roll serves the greater. The all the other does saves if you're gonna DelHomme I was going on it and Glenn's role we were talking before we started the podcast and I'll let no one of those things amongst many including your viewpoint on just life politics everything I I I genuinely enjoy. Trouble now for everything you say. Hello all you guys I love everyone I know I'll stand by everyone and we will and maybe I should preface this because you know I think people listen our podcasts are are open minded whether or not they agree or disagree I think they like me I'll tell you they got a lot and I don't worry about attacking his with a knife in his hand I think I I I think we need to campaign primed to spew stupid and make it clear Glenn's not telling you boy your right to burn actually bar in the White House down it's more contributor of figure of speech which one of the blow up and independence to that's a good Illinois house and nobody was at the White House took its Will Smith it's fine. Well we know already the plywood and do I get the plywood and went gold looted all. The cool porches to iron roof man. Don't we are movie magic is I want some Rundle flier seats and I didn't eat again for a week my idol I watch it probably five years ago when I was like yeah he's previously upsetting me an address so he owned in Jurassic Park in the second was a nightmare but just want to delay knew that robot all to be a mathematician. It's sort chaos position and then and then you realize Matheson are totally flirt with no orderly you know. Not only is the couple water and Laura Dern author of the drama and tension within some not check numbers you're look at any unethical medical sorted out as an addition six plus nine in his unit knew how to get the odd other countries that that what I love about that. You hear is out by a pain the grass is coming up a window pane is gone and I campaign and really excited about that and I think just the trials and tribulations of what is going on in the world of window pane of Bennett's been together since go. Around when when time. It's OK LLC this version of the band on. Has been to get about ten years and then I mean you were doing this I've been doing this a long time since her for a 72 year old have been doing this are really good time and present as a as a person who just recently went through puberty. Our college I've been doing this for over ten years have been doing this off our early window painful yet and obviously you guys have had lots of highs and some of some new lows just you know in the eyes of like hey. Yeah I noticed that the battle of trying to get signed the battle trying to get your music out there are two more people which I know it's I want him if so who's never heard your new record. Puts it on I'm. Unless you don't like music you gotta love and frankly I genuinely is a phenomenal 200. A really good rock record that that sounded and sell like the materials are written now. But like it was recorded in the 1970s. And act as those of the albums that we feel are timeless but that's what we're trying to I don't know if we achieved that not a thank you that's a hell of a cult. And I'm I still at whenever I need and it's in my car and on the radio I mean it's just say can we for the vinyl to come out you know you either have to pass away I think the more vinyl. I finally got. That's those pictures didn't have pictures at current volatility that happened at all but we're talking about just the odd and right now things are exciting for window pane now only a payment grass. If you're KI SW them playing your song which has been just awesome a year I heard it this morning and I was not. Prepping for the show my solved but you're on to phase two which is are at let's get this music out to. Radio outside of Seattle move and you're you're you're you're. I mean you can explain it better. We're working with thumb. We're working within our group out Spokane called radio contraband and really really good people can come they've. Begun to push assault all. Of those kind of smaller markets are not your big cities but say like Chico California or like Yakima for example places like that. And for those that don't know I got a there's a lot that goes and gets involved in the world of getting a song on the radio safe. I'm learning so much I'm learning even deal with these guys are like old dude you thought the water was wet and Mattel consumer waters what to renew and and and and now. Water sort of a medium dry and Macau thank you guys spoke please continue your patience with me how does that mean never done anything like this before Romney and I'm learning a lot from these decent until it went in Steve if you listen and love you guys thank you so much earlier and on. I think its import and have guys that can be incensed an advocate for your band to go out there because it is I don't think it's really fair for the artist for the person who wrote the songs and then. Have to trying get it played because it it could be a demoralizing experience is just. This whole thing's a demoralizing. I. He's got me a lot of notes until you get up oh yeah and and hopefully oh Texas lead to more yes it's it's it's it's uphill all the way and I'm. You know I don't know but I would assume people that actually have phenomenal careers will tell you that the the beatings and interest. Yeah the frustration never stops that the impossibility is never stop but. If you love what you do and that I think there artists. Well I'm not gonna get that but yeah I just I have to assume it's like that for everyone at every step of the game it's like as a little kid you always want to be a surge in the neutrality can surgeon you found out what it was like to be a surgeon like her. Mean you love it and you're helping people but man this is and like I thought of one dollar and zero radio do you feel what I saw on ER you know. I did at the united to deal with a bunch of bottom left and right leaning Jack knobs on Twitter lists and it was lying just your fought for the liberal war on women that I am in a middle of a liberal warm and the little Warner graduated name of our and I heard the wonders and suicide project. This country warship women every possible way airline raw not our band when we get this band going we're gonna declare a liberal Warren what do you. Look too bad man you got your summer there's going to be a joiner are right yeah. Okay. Yeah. I'm really angry that you when I'm completely orally fixated so it's yeah. Yeah. It's mental it's. This. Yeah you're sort of group let's get your music out there are so now site OK we will work with you we are gonna help you we believe in your band what. Now it's up to you guys to figure out what song do we want to get out there today were two to the masses. Yeah so we arm and we asked them we said you tell us and then it was really cool we pulled our fans. We we basically took all the songs the fans and mentioned repeatedly. And then we told them you know hey of these three is there and wanted everyone brought opera and then man and I should the song that were cushions under foot. Which is a for some on the record but. That would came back kind of as a winner and it what we're talking about earlier is an interesting thing because there's a ballot on on the record price com. Which you played on the makes guest before and it's a great great song called the more Iran and dom. Every one has told us OK if your rock band. You don't wanna break with a ballot you have to push the rock songs 'cause if you break with your ballot then people are gonna Sunni add. You don't know Ellen of course I think about man's like stain that really broke we have much Schobel was their first single grad I remember yeah oh yeah I had a candidate and do it smoke but I remember I had a conversation just the other day about some apparently there's a huge misconception that the welcomed the jungle came after a switch Albemarle economic decay and jungles all over MTV and those who John reminds them over the top and apparently a lot of people early on I don't know it's backwards and should John mama's Guns 'N Roses for single 100 pretty girl a jungle paradise city in the sweet child mine at. Actually thinks so anyway that's something we're dealing with where. Everyone has heard some more Iran has said man that's a hip that's a single that's it that's a single one yet because of these unspoken rule we can't. Lead with that song. While we're Thomas and that's listen to a little okay where people can understand what we're talking about so that's that's so we're up against our. The moron right with beyond the awful piano that is starting well that was that was a unique thing and again I don't wanna I don't wanna mention any names but there is. An individual. Would have been sort of indirectly tied to the song home sweet home and told us that this song had too much piano on the front of it for you go to work. On one of the biggest drops a pass on what might play in a good. Home sweet and I just returned to the whiskey because there's so I don't have. Water is not wet and apparently it's sort of immediately drop the Fremont also Mahoney I know I don't you know hopefully one day will become day to remembers that and that's. One person's opinions are eight in this industry you're gonna run under tons of different opinions and especially with the Wheaties industry is now. Com there's not as much freedom to roll dice take a chance because her she is not the kind of revenue to support a potential failure. One of the things we got told. A few years were really on this huge explosion and a label really cool people are talking with a timer like hey. Love you what the band we knew one. Just to greater financial risk for us right now also so this has nothing to do with our rock and roll or bring itself to your telling you love my man you've never seen anything like your blown away waved a my what you saw a lot of you watch us win over audiences that have never heard of us in five minutes flat. And that's not something you consult with Sally Graham his job. That particular cat is not even in the industry anymore I looked him up when we got the new read on because I wanted to get to and you sweetheart of a dime a big advocate of hours yeah. And I looked him up when he's now doing some kind of Internet based in for children's programming and probably a lot happier for it yeah you know there was an awesome feeling like for I love your ban everyone with the label of your band here is where were. You know you guys are just cresting 101000 units sold independently and just to greater financial risk for us Mike and I guy if he did all the records are alternates to greater financial risk but again water apparently is not wet. And I'm sure there's someone across the street it's never heard of us and never her music that would never come with a different opinions so. You have to learn to not. I guess you can't take it personal and take it pretty understand and his dad are still manned with your shirt oh you're crushed Mel I took the since we came away from that a man things are really starter role but it's it's all been learning in. You know its intraday. We love doing this for doing this because we love doing him no matter what happens. You know no matter what happens I'll always be a musician if we campaign imploded tomorrow. You know I'd finally got it could be three and a great rhythm section register play the blues and until you know they threw her and said something about. And I know many songs about how hard it was real. You know I'll I'll. No matter what college you musician in in me and all of a solid guys and we have him do just as we love it and we do have fans will support us so absolutely gorgeous looking for that crossover. But there's a lot of great things element crossover opportunity where this is what we do for a living is right now it's a we all have two full time jobs. We all do we have to do to keep it close on the back and then we only window pane for the equal amount of time right you were really far from obvious. On and that's that's where it's challenging us or control I did some numbing when you have to constantly hear of a million different opinions that are going to be just like to you know free time. You must be thinking of your money friends because it what is this vacation speak you know I mean mom I said I'm not complain lone wolf. Love what I do I love this is great. Toss us a little bit too that the Sony did pay underfoot and yeah on our fans and that the cats over at radio contraband. Armed and we had a great off first week with a two we're up against the new pretty reckless single a couple of the singles and still managed to get out of do a couple stations and I think that first week out we we we were over a hundred spends just in this there's only 56 stations that they really sponsor the reaction was great. As far as hitting the ground running especially given that we are up against some big man's with with new singles armed they were really excited that we even got the traction we did so I think. From what they're telling us they need that things look good for the disorder in water may in fact. Be well I mean honestly until now what us playing it as a meant anything but we're gonna spin it and yeah I rush. I some you guys have been spinning words and nothing more right since January to what he's an awesome very last song on the right Africa thank you like such a rarity visas to so many bands front load their best songs well. Had a great energy to it Malays in the Aussie that's songs more prepared a city it's it's almost five minutes long the entire back caps guitar solos but the Cassel was the one that made that decision and a couple of the people around and John Paul Ryan castle on just the songs and blow torch from picking it for its energy and Allen and armed even now there was nothing no radio contraband in down in Vegas where we had that. That sort of a taste testing we play that song for much people in the industry. And then they could anonymously say what they wanted to say without you know because it's anonymous is no gravity assigned to it. And we got great results there in other bunch of the like I would add the song right away it's killer as Austin of course it would matter which is what an anonymous and call to be like yeah. Calling everybody I know you all don't give you regional and mean things are very proud I am the wonders of the bad things they did and I am the one that really hated you as usual cool can we still be friends probably not well. Our there's got underfoot right now. Vijay is out there that when he's my softly it's not just decades 75 degrees outside a reported 8 o'clock right now everybody's time and a great day at the weekend is almost dare. Returns. You know I love superstar. They examined the bat from Seattle it's a window okay. Go to like a lucky we were really got for reasons that's been the radio music home post those moments so here it is hit the post. Nationwide singles KI SW played. Parred the first single was worth and more. Brad that this is the the song we're pushing into America where that's exciting and yet cage did you offer fans can pick in this one up. It's cool all the stations scarcity in case secure. The only media is reporting stations all the other ones I don't think reports of the actual charts. Okay are those guys understand that what does that mean. Com so your active rock radio charts and not all stations apparently this this need to know a little bit and a model stations report that information. So big stations in big markets like you know Spokane or Seattle. Like cats and its cage Q right not KT HUGHTQ. I have no idea. I was sorry that he got up and I am pretty sure caged you for messing that up I'm sorry I'm from Seattle and I. A total of my best brain cells anyway. Com they actually report to the charts when you see number seven or number 122 or number 76 only after rough charge it's because these big stations report good thing called media days. The spins and the movement of Obama's own. Where armed all of these smaller markets that we're going after don't actually send that women don't report. Do you like the company will work in less for our records so we know what Marcus really striking gold and what we're we give me good response but it doesn't go out to that national chart track don't have. Very cool thing yeah. Please I learned this last week so particularly that we could have an all know and I'm fresh air shall we at water's not what I still needs and obviously in over your head match. President and write songs and sing songs in essence what levee and are worth just weird crossroads where I think we've. John this place where we really shouldn't be representing ourselves anymore. Right foot we haven't been able to obtain any great representation. So it's it's I don't wanna go with somebody's girlfriend and extra it's just a unique position because we expect you'll know what we're doing his darnedest thing is grown. You know perhaps say our capacity to effectively manage it so really everything total trial by fire. Total I don't know let's try it oops that was a mistake could cost you Randall that's OK I can some other kidney and keep going and get it to literally cannot rely on that now. But that we're graduate Todd talking without cat now that's that's really easy and honest that totally gives we're all about looks very exciting. Com and he does work in the management capacity he's kind of got his plate full. But. He's gonna take some more stuff and see what happens with a and I got a feeling we get some traction. That are on board so that's really exciting can have our fingers crossed the. Moon. I love that song guys thanks a million U na. Thanks guys miss there's a lot of great songs American is his call window pane so anyone hasn't picked it up yet do so if you go to Paymah grass make sure you go see these guys live is gonna be awesome will be there. We joking about discontinuing the liberal war on women. I wanna go to something. I went to every be a convention and dot com click conclave rightly view I was getting it. Angels and demons we see angels and demons and then Tom Hanks film. Bates Tom Hanks and I haven't it's an Graham Norton and guess what the Da Vinci code one of the that's the sequel to that area fantastic but every time we say conclave actually picturing all you guys in roads get blocked in that room to decide who the Pope is well let's us know what went on Barack Obama I wanna. So look at the moment the black smokers welcome back I'm not a I met both female radio personality and shear or them now I am no but a listener apparently is at love with our. She was sharing a story about a certain listener that will not. Get the hint the owner of the others and I just stalker I feel bad for like the big keys of the gross errors I mean I'll watch Mickey sleep I mean now that's weird. And I'm already he had no idea of the female personalities are new Alyssa downstairs that destroyed join the N news or sweethearts who that conclave as well. Super crew cool lady. But some guys really do not get their hands now and she sent a screen shot that goes firm known. For. Oh geez it starts in November. Of 2015. And goes all the way through to march of this year huts on. Of an endless amount of FaceBook messages. Personal matters like direct messages not by for anyone else has seen him there in the end from this guy who's obsessed with her name's Lindsay and he. She is never once written him back. Only just keep sending the messages and I have pages on time flight to a couple via musician because that is the level of dedication takes from. This guy shouldn't record this dramatic but it sure does and I did I think. He should they are saying just relentless heat doesn't take radio silence for an answer. Let me read this stuff yeah so odd November 26 Lindsay happy Turkey day marriage detonator on that day Lindsay you are sexy woman. Next on three days later still no response Lindsay your profile pic is so sexy darling. And next one. It darling of the jeered Garland has allowed Allen appellation American NightCall people don't know all the time with Agee with the GOK see the difference between other Miller left and right is upon. Us Ramallah to people like it was so mama I don't know and and that's just because I'm an appellation America. It does I don't even need to be condescending you know an immediate term of endearment. So long as you say when it's not spelled properly vet seems to be okay you should be OK okay at least you can blame it on slang right now that's right. But darling with the G kinda creepy so now the that six days later sweetness you look beautiful with blond hair. Tees this is Rosie had to stop yes I had a public collect himself Greg comes up until now she he seems like. Weird but now it's being complementary. I would have loved to taster sweat after worked out baby. World news online has been drawn right. She's jumped over still nothing next day Simmons he looks sexy in the bond. Back to that I now can't stop masturbating since you're praying for eleven days latest Doug our response this guy does Lindsay need me. New caught on your profile pic I want to kiss your feet. I'll see little usually just a little political dissidents for this isn't clear example of the liberal war on women rights. That's what it looks like there are six feet Bo do he's got a mustache he's got the pedestal actually you know swim like a pedophile a preschool he's got the pit the Petit stash. See you then Ali. Twelve days later in Merry Christmas. It's just. Three days later happy new year darling with the gene called into the east room yeah. The next one now we go about a month later he started his backing off a bit baby you're so hot now black dress you have sexy body. You had a sixty on right. Fantastic east threaten to do just North Africa. Pictures OK it's OK yeah music there's miss spelling which means he's probably typing with one hand at this point hot left every time messages or is that. Actually ahead of his unit to match achieve. So he says look at the last one they call it sat tight. Exactly and not let the hate echo words electric and yet he accidentally hit the anarchy in between sexy and body right it's on already that was he'd reached his moment right there and yes good center. But yeah I just entered I. I returned the next one now January 24 did a couple messages oh Lindsay you were Heidi BV and soon after that will you be my girlfriend now. We can she picture. Column out of pull up a Mike decides she's. Yeah I'd have some fun senate she's very attractive next one is very beautiful woman next day two days later you have beautiful black babies. Now we skip forward a month and actually take some time all's you were the most beautiful woman in the world darling with the jeans and a Lindsay you have the sexiest voice in the radio. All right tonight that let you tattoos unsatisfied by these beautiful woman. You you're on the matter what you Wear your beautiful lies you are hot baby you are very nice person hum none of these got a response and he's still going a very nice guy. And it's almost each and take it back a notch like gee I wonder for a creature around right you know I mean hundred million shall forget all the other messages I would say he might. And my wife is donors whereas but what really hey hello imagine this tumor talking to Mohammed NATO among my wife really check this out potential to show me a message you received in a slew of photo of some dudes unit. Gas at Hollywood really cheesy yet this guy's offering me 15100 bucks to have sex brat I voted to stop doing I am I huge machine. It does look a lot like direct if you put it that so this is sort of tame compared to some of the stuff that I see and I got a feeling. Yeah now. Obviously knowledge I don't know I think just from a lot of girls and how this happened to him as a result of social media and I just Maceo liked the guys out there off. Did stuck don't do it won't enjoy mass hearing warning you that know and. Right I've done an hour range and once I I've shared an unsolicited Dietrich once. Because I thought that we are at that point. All you sir deep kick and she was a bro she said thank you for the. The agreement she heard you good at it and lazy and grace than Seles requests the Atlanta send me a photo of your unit. Maybe owlen caps even then even then reply with are you sure I always knew today cell phone with a camera if I don't know if you already have the photos I heard everybody was still an. I've Leo why not go more wedding is immune that's nice went click click on to say that for the next time you know Lindsay the right at that Lindsay may you know may. It's a thank you. Thank you the relationship to continue to if decade old cold we never holds up. No home but it was then says yeah other goods and decided not to shop at that store. I eat on how to dance and it's got to run opponents find out why the heck if not years later. Hey remember me from I. Otherwise he seems really nice is that Hillary I oral. Now an MRI. You know I I animation oh sorry I meant I bet after the factually. Oh no phone no oh no it's that moment when you think this is going to be awesome and you find out rather quickly this is not a tossup I've been a big mistake. Maybe a little mistake. While I have before and after the lunacy can do that it's remote camera grew overnight show rather the bull. Hello little it was a picture of reference that's awesome shoes always set the reverence fixated on this guy might just mustache I just I don't feel like it's Afghanistan. Yeah I don't feel that. People should have mustache is it not that kind I. Only bought candy from that dude out of the side and I. And in it and using it legit they were tall groans it was delicious Little League and we didn't seem to be charged and everybody I don't know I got away my goodness. He kind of looks like was it up from office space Milton. GE at all. Eager to get that my stabler who go to consuming music it was even though you presume to judge deter pirates deeper into. I've arrested before implementing this difference between two important to reasonably well and. I'm recently few days and he says the Merry Christmas went two days after Christmas by the way right isn't hitting anyway he gonna get some sort of response sort of a boxing guys slash Max. After they get then god help me going up for a year and a half this year has yet to reply. Huge might do you know her well now so yeah this is fascinating to me because did you centered deep picker sometimes it isn't yeah. He met a girl in Minnesota Minnesota said by the way I'm being got to stock here the screen shots she shared a lot of this trouble oh she sure did call RR OK and today she sent it to everybody. Off on FaceBook 01 it was like I heard Steve less people for money maybe I'll share this with families from New York home. What do I need to send my dear to yeah big thick collar megs in the back to you know I. The poorer in Seattle he sauls quote some problems in the regular kneecap. We might die wrong you know what I did not and monies that quotes favors a good price estimates that they. That next time you Texan and say I'm in the middle of a liberal war on women I have women's back. Among the use my arm as a weapon against this guy. Transcripts senator deep so she can start sending it is a response to hear a lot like Milton there's something you should mount I when insinuate picture in my private just. Just don't match up just a really weirdly be to create an IQ how are apps. Is could you imagine thank you viewed as God's biggest problem lol I don't know why aren't women doing Mac. I don't know. Babysitters idea when a guy does that send him deep kicks right to say hey cinema deep kick in response it it would shot me down her eat regular book. Opt out more on who can you picture in my private but I do have to promise me you won't job it is really getting oh my god that super hot thing you like you're going to be like oh that's incredible that she's a great now I get an ERA that's a good point yeah yes. Knowing if I really miss flyer this schedule only kissed me and drinks why he probably will be okay woodland he's strong as a goddess gunboats and Rosie O of the dog would work on. Okay and Lindsey's done this afternoon. Masters that's not a good store voicemails or emails and I I just things that are really weird solid base cast. Yes well maybe. Question Uruguay. Or get a Pat O'Brien idea yesterday. Are you OK and we put those things meant battery acid but I don't I just took a swig of the these intricate double time all top ingrained fusion I nobody hadn't for a minute Mexico sway them it might celery glands and overdrive and so aren't everywhere now I can see my pulse in my eyes I. Our energy water and I did have a lot of coffee before I came here to that mine which is why now I want to let myself an elevator I got Miller the total stranger. How would break the incident he was looked at me like he was to me like I know this guy is about to urinate in his pants spinning and it was a straight rounds bullion and let get out of the elevator and I think. Let's torrone company news. Show I don't go to bat Thurman just goes in my mobile or go to small I'm sure my eyes were why ask those doors opened wide in halo have been funny if you do like a damn site and easily when you think you're crazy and you finish in each country and I got to try and go your move. You feel like him the ball like a break dancing more we're pretty awful. It opens up just stand there the elevator door this do you street you in the head spin on crime in the corner. Just like what's up man and I just quietly say at all could be. Why is he doing away knowing you have you're already a song if I could have served under certain hormones to set me straight home. I wanted to throw something that you have to you about last night and you can feel free to say now it would involve your band. Okay I was thinking because you know we do beat megs and one on my day you were the mastermind behind all the music cue assembled all the bands. Which in turn also meant that we were performing everything lives including the B leagues intro yeah how crazy of an idea would this be if we just say at Pitt and and ditch the the poorly version of me singing over a song in areas leery some locals on which approach and sonic reducer and have their cover of the dead boys classic. We go into a studio. And we re record whole cadre yeah song immediately so half the forty fitness is this idea was still so cool and I think there should be almost like it's almost a good duet so it has like Glenn singing some of the parts. You know yeah and and of course that would sound awesome looking youth through the glass who. And I can't. Act as Steve Brown's and we are things that we could they were kind of move impasse the powers that be may sum up the producer recent like kind of like come up with a new line yet okay I think we've kind of beaten that dead or sound like. Maybe take a call response like the remains to be O loser and then Abby news say that now VIP migs. You're news. That kind but I think of you really can't not a man who sold another guzzling did win the idea now it's gonna find a studio and all of a steroid and but banging out innocent Katzman of do we call model here now doesn't have to see how we gamble our boy Jesse oh boy just methadone were read studio mad. No pressure Jesse from Herbie was clearly our lives each sentence were costing him money you know I didn't come off the record for free free free or you create an inter. UMBERBAATV. Studios in Hollywood on us and what its local TO he'll live to take on like hit a brick. Yeah it has got to sharing all around and had a fast court and ordered ahead opener yeah. What a great studio is killer he's got a beautiful facility it's awesome great practice spaces I know we have a lot of local musician tad listen to the podcast bomb. You know I wasn't implying on doing it comes to turn out there. That's awesome and we love Jesse Jesse Smith he's also an audience any project he's got a great band on Wednesday journey tribute band got an amazing drummer. Great dude we love home and we have a studio isn't even if he can make that happen that's only five we just. But you should make it happen Jesse. All I want to about a local band that's not window pane and only give them love Lisa good idea yeah. So it'll be right tonight why is only on the podcast a further his bat and who could not have. Castles there with a virus level league. It may plain crazy train by our. I mean radio yeah yeah it is a little gas is there with a virus Lebanese huge grin man. I shoot a video that sorry guys anyway. I wanna give some love to our band debt I absolutely love and I think they've put out a great new record. Any guesses we think I'm talking about. Ten miles a lot of you are correct sir and it is killer did the other killer there album band camp and you can buy it or you can just listen to it which is really cool them but I think he pays put dole couple bucks in their pocket don't notice or rich at the streets in the game Omnia. Our board now is it. I can remember which went the first I grabbed two with the songs but I I am a firm believer and then we talk of this before and are you know underfoot is a great example of that that you should. As a band that's your first impression to the audience has never heard your record and you should come out swinging. And they did on their new record which is called the gross ya and I think the song is called. Is it back burner got to go that. If your I have both. I think tracks three skull pick me up on it's it it steady and in the Solomon grosses and colonel it's funny because those guys slip me and advanced version of the record so I got to via Dropbox right and I am listen to it. Nonstop for a minute and alimony a song titles because of the way I got it right it's just I don't like seven you know yeah that's it they're all you know it's one brawl but it's a Q Hiller record yes. We thought let's try. Check back burner and I'll know right off the bat if it's the first hour. Yes it is since the first song dance Zorn wanted to fight. So the band has got ten miles wide you right know more about the best idea originally thought the mother ship. Yeah well that's that's. John Beckman Palmer here's what John just run up. Future fossils younger than she Jack also they were killer. Future fossils went on to become the mother ship whose members of future fossils and the band vibrant society formed the mother ship a while. And and the mother ship hull lost one of their members are going to be called who's one of the one of the songwriting team enemy picked up. Thomas tremendous guitar player another ten miles wide and it's funny because that is song when they're in a mother ship called ten miles wide. Oh they did a pretty sure if I remember I don't know maybe I'm wrong and I'm sorry on the right side and his mother ship records another one of us I know why. Hard technically you're singing a song title and I believe there's some amid some calls the mother ship. You might be right I don't at. If I could be wrong maybe and maybe some of my head but it databases and I think I'm a genius but if I didn't think it's. Clears up a taste among ten miles wide. And it recorded this without Jack it's. That's a wide hole from. And news. I'm a drummer American will manager saw Willis to see see the guy is a machine on the Shiite bad after a couple spinoff projects that I definitely will land that god who's the crazy thing the Marshall profits pools are drummer and that man hit a couple who shows it's. Just understand OK. Now comes the choruses. A young man. I'll I'll help him. Unedited copy and. Again fall the Lima with your fellow your fans sounds very. But the production of ending the day and Dino it's got that law. Seven these five warm to it better. Just sounds so good. We are delicacies such a freaking awesome drummer he's now listed as usual. The last piece all the things you're used to seeing like a lot of drummer and Ayman drum freak I can write more like an enemy end. But will's a lefty so you watch and everything's backwards yeah so watch him play is even more like what. You know we got guys in animal he's incredible. I mean he's this is still an an easel ever wants only gives acumen and keeping the beat keeps serving the song about like to. And don't quite like I'm. Really have been awesome drummer and I looked up checking out I mean they've worked so well what he saw. To show so guess. I'll while vacuuming cleaning. Scrubbing toilets in my house this killer and I do its doors flew by and I was like wow these guys are really firing on all cylinders. Great fit to bring congratulates much when you give some love to a local Bandelier you know we do have time to time Maria what could jam of the week and this is definitely a song I wanted to jam on. Is that there's a. If it wasn't sold out of. See I saw the life and. We live stream didn't think there was there were about a thousand people on the on me was the shows the tremendous success it was them. Van Epps and doubles army down. All three great fans we go on for an hour amount amount of red banner ads on our pocket for an oil reserves are there are new records chum and and it's Kennedy's killer. I just got the doubles coming down record you know those guys all of a sudden there's a meeting and we're excited I can't on gas and yet it you know there's. It for awhile anyway it felt like things and really dipped into we'll there's not a lot of really. You know cool stuff going on out there. In the scene and it just seems in the past. Years so calm I become aware many bands that have been around forever maybe they're just now starting to pop but I like you bring up killer bands because I've killer. Chiller Manny Ramirez and playing in Seattle music scene since 97 and obviously very hot very often mask on in more off but you know I still young pay attention. And I felt like you know there's. They we went through a little bit of a phase there wasn't a bad faith I still like some of the damage to the quirky indie rock and the super heavy light. It's mental. And and that's all I don't know what kind of like. Really kind of powered through like a lot. And you shallow graphically if you wanted to certain kind of music you want to belt town a few at a certain kind of music you want to pioneer square surrender certain kind of music. You you know you gotta go up to you know in the Ballard area into check out. A you know and even for Wallach to call it became sort of a pseudo metal hub oh yes you wanna rock you have to get. It was really spread around the edges I think there were a lot of bands too as. A lot of the clubs are really doing well either changed formats or went under or were mismanaged and got such a bad rap that people want to stop playing man. I think was trying to see now in the last several years 34 years. Obviously join you guys and to listen to and ten miles I men absent and not other great bands have been doing what they're doing. Are we to burn as well it just seems that we found like some really interesting. Solid. Rock can tell you I mean myself a band called. Up well I'm just just within denuded their record to that was why and also why it's banned all white Iowa was only the wreckage sell my goodness I did I say Iraq like on the label like Leonard Skinner didn't change or something I a lot of it. Yeah why access and then their record sounds crazy. You have the record elicited quite a bit and wholeness you know the ten miles records and this god. Would sheds new records coming I'm gonna sneak peak it hit its killer over. Are there we're gonna those guys and I think and if you saw I was. A lot of our great fans and in great degree local records and someone Dropbox meet the new black beat blue album which is killer. This great about it I love this record really glad man have you heard this yet and I get. Free record isn't. It that if we still like a big stress and just have all the bad we've been. It's actually sure Dan could have just makes itself right there expressed. Don't don't don't don't let them at all only fruit of the girls stuff that's based Obama pig. We have a pig's feast at a migs are ST yeah and a business outlook. All right where we do this. We got a fireplace it'll do all ages and a cool way and a place it'll facilitates the eight attendance figures video all day until now what do you think you want one and six days and handful I think that army five or six Bentley five or six bands. May express and all Angeles doing to beat the producer beat me song at the end it's his thinking how you are. And that means that I was a big up front window pane which items signing up for that. Right now how easy would OK you don't got an eight minute version of that is that you provided any batters. Airway and that's where we filmed a music live over the feet Max for all of yeah I think I fought breakdown we're like another drums and comes up like gods it's good and I'm just war I I do poorly trying to keep up no. I cannot and I pretend that I'm drumming along with your drummer Sean behind the scenes Willis doing a number Centennial I am tired back. I've got to mix are really killer on the. I'm really just that the whole Tommy Lee think respond by a buddy rich thing but they would put his kid on like a pilot. Against the Kurt and then behind the curtain they had a forklift. To buddy we're just doing his part. And then they won't rage got Steve on a fork people get hurt it's gonna. All I panicked crowds all. Two deficit leagues to sleep you've observed on May again yeah I Salmonella. We ate them in the forklift tips and simply don't. Remarkably nobody got to tell by a forklift and jetBlue it stakes in next year's big that's going to be more destructive. And I'm and well. You you would have made migs yeah I did all totally hope someone I did a really lot of fun ya know it's a bizarre but fun. Children are going to be great band bands that have been featured on the podcasts so obviously an NN and other bands that hopefully in the future will be featured on the podcast you butcher I do this this year. We're doing tomorrow. I. Metal work hard but I got facts aren't. Happening after that. I don't care webtalk let's let's let's talk venues like I know who bombed. Preparations well I just as a matter early show fox and shoebox markets booked through. We were talking to them about doing our follow up showed a pain in the grass and now we have a great relationship they treat us like gold over there and his back early man. In London October musical take it and then in this I hit send ticket and they don't email came as a deadly just went all. In the final and then we've got 1223 you question my question market like we'll see you guys in the split between 76 from LA I'm so sorry glad they're like we don't know why but our fall is just on fire good friends I know it's great it's great so wet that the reason I bring that up is that wonder how far is to this present a window panes but 12017 not we would play makes fast but yet he wanted to be gleaming behind her all the way out and we're you know we're talking about pigs who went to pay now we're looking kind of February. At least in the Seattle market yeah on February of Tony seventy this could be so final tonight and find this is and you. And you know another huge guys all the bands we just pro lost learn. And when fun place just all ages I think would be cool right. And arm won't talk a little. We have video crew and you gotta we gotta do be if you and is ideal for a camera to be makes aren't they found out so that right now are we do like the big four at the end of the bat sat you know memory in the big for a bunch of the guys at all jump onstage differ members of anthrax different members of slash. Do we brings us every member of all the bands up for that version of beat me she yes. God he's so cool. And then that's the music video highly active live nuns are bad we have 46 member. She wanted to be great is all these people whole round mine Mike's you know singing the song. But every time migs trezeguet in the Mike you were all the old whalers kill my god yeah he's he's onstage not able to sing is a some good ones. When Todd in his life and yes it's got to be amazing. Or maybe the video just before minutes of you like crying and for the wills drum set and simple yeah. Why do you some good swelled up. Stop the magic a sledgehammer and any arm is good for. He's still a better drummer we've got our bigs the back has time to play Def Leppard effort will all of I guess they call the facelift challenge to your kitty can do it you can't choose. I love the migs does is turn into the iconic scene from the movie misery it's. Some variety Kaka and so we call full Andrews who continue to play anyway and who still did better parody only megs that's a good one arm. Wow Hartford for non drummers out their paired it'll is not a sex thing. It's nice to drum pattern where USC you know you'll have read did goals are yet. Left right left left you know I just hit my right hand when I sent my third Jersey drinking it's falling downstairs yeah yeah there's ups cargo like it looked as you get that it it's and it's a it's a cool rom. Filled you can lose my only response was calling no sir gallon announcers cardinals are owned Paramount. Back. Wow read this could be awesome job I'm stoked for this residency just what America beyond that I have a monocle and a half hour. I got other Monaco and yeah I guess you're my wedding suit this that's sort of the staff but what I loved the new ideas that I thrive on and and live for abuse of office that it just like his music does not wise I going to express but the idea of doing a makes us will be phenomenal the big. Jump on it because of the promotional that old commercial angles there yeah and then any venues gonna go beyond that the site free do it because with a great lineup and in the promotional angle it's like. If you're if you're in business to make money you're gonna wanna go ahead and have makes us. Finally I think we'd like. I mean shoebox if I get scared I think we can I am sure we can sell it but I was six and isn't it promotion sure app and just the trust me it can be doesn't know that I I. I don't act. I will figure this out of sin we even exist if you use some before December. A pretty fun a venue that has the room available so there are right aren't totally I had a venue. Secrets it's at your house brought yeah asset backyard and throughout the dog park in my development where your wife is about to. Three hours and I'm well I mean I've been a backyard that doesn't quite I mean you could fit abandoned since. I think you know how do you approach men or whatever group here a month show the absolute war budget we're opening shows sold well I mean all watching the show little or Smartphones with the show. Seoul jets basically are you have to do as you find a place that is close to a a pokey stop in the Neeson allure. And it's supposed to just Lou we're Pokemon but it lowers people's well. Because he'll just sit there I was at a bar. And there was a lower set up and there was twenty people just sitting in the bar looking at their phones. And Wendy it is really confusing minister a result girls all our local musician friends like. Tonight there is no I got a big stress we have a point com or the other it's not a bad idea and strippers. Here is that not the pokey little foot putt I don't. My daughter Audrey. When we are completely strategize and come up with an idea during our emails voice and yeah I guess I guess we have yet to read a single boy demoralize the segment right after fifth. Well and other meg sorry everyone its and that's what happened figuring out migs fest way more important are all that he'll ever get it done that's how it is that's why a lot about the dodgers' regular talk about that last week how. You know we did like two hours and it felt like we are only talking for an hour yes. And Adam Serwer close to two hours jag yet we're ten mention right now. TVs because he's a guy who left us the voicemail last week and cut out though he was like Glenn you can find free money it's. And whenever I yeah. Up buried treasure actually think I think. It should now welcome Tim makes cats gone and get a Twitter account please but purity have one now and tall window pane has a Twitter calm I'd still if he's right I don't have a Twitter and and this. Probably sounds crappy bit. I don't think I can keep up with the my between just emails and texts on my phone goes bonkers all they and I can't imagine having tourists and I would feel bad I would feel as opposed neglecting my Twitter account. Because. I can imagine getting tweets and I just. I don't I don't know if I have time. It's if you have enough time for a chat room you have enough time for Twitter I Zastudil essentially what it is and yet you don't it gets shot down yet and our man I. I am on the go all day every day when I'm not working. You know. I'm I'm on the move constantly. Right in now on so I had there's a jig I work with it's kind of a Twitter addict and he's always got this is head buried in his phone would you be challenging in the work place is cool a lovely guy and it. Yeah I just I don't have. Taylor only to pick and becomes my full time gig helped totally fire between poetry like a month or so have the time I feel it and just be something that. Makes couldn't keep up with it I can barely keep up with FaceBook for God's sake you know and it's pretty looming and it. It's so I he said I've been taking ideas from Steve writing things down and analyzing them and so just posting them on social media and he also wanted to ask you go I'm. When you write do you write what you feel or do you write to rhyme when coming up for lyrics I'm not a musician but sometimes I write and I feel it's a release. Com. I definitely write what I feel calm. In the context of a song he can really kind of get away with murder doesn't always have to Iran. But arm mean to beat makes on time adversary I don't I always have to run off she put that's true that's you know. But doesn't always after I don't legislate that sometimes if if everything rides you end up you know Tony I can assure what I call the cheddar factor. Like it straight every word rhymes did it you know really do appreciate it alone or gender factor going on dot com. A lot of times what I'll do is its each sentence will have its own meaning to me in if I can tie several writers sometimes. You have line one and then line for Islamic finally Bryant rhymes with won one but I usually write what I feel. We in the context of trying to make it functional. You know an assault right but it'll end in a lot of times and in songs you know first want to completely different meaning to meet personally inverse to. Or a sitters for lines in verse one each one of those could have a completely uniquely different meaning to media is the author. Armed what was what was important to me is that the stuff is. For a listener accessible not necessarily ambiguous but it's important that is a a listener can attach their own meaning. To what they're hearing because that's that's that's when you connect with a song. On a personal level even if it's a very direct story like seeing Jeremy right by pro jams a very direct story but if you can attach yourself any of those emotions or feelings. Then that's a very successful. You say that I guess that was really like I've always talked and this and instantly on the podcast of every once log on maelstrom the pockets of a little bit of a monologue from feeling something serious right. Where it's gonna go on a tangent but underneath them always using a music the intro of a Pearl Jam song that connects to it because. No matter what I'm going through I can find a Pearl Jam song of all bands. And that's fine if I don't like are so good yet that's part of why they're so good at what they do daughter why Eddie's obviously such a talented guy would all like heat in the world Love Boat captain became that songs were meant when I was dealing with all the insecurity of changing my name on the area and in the Austin says happened. Present tense it was a song that and that sums always been my all time favorite but it's like I can at. I can find a protest song that feeds and emotion and I think that's why they're my all time favorite fans why they're there and it's Iran dream and years later that hasn't the fan base that loves music and it's all about connecting and speed US Seattle bands and he also wanted to say real quick got a house to change hitters screw you if you don't like hello this. Callista in the crazy town. She. Our. So we brilliant how what's Glenn's thought some mega that's since rev dislikes Dave I don't know what makes opinion what I like mega that I'm not a huge mega fan but do you. Show us and things not a huge for me man Saddam. Well the last one I ball which really puts me in on category is a lot of my friends almost we picked up where I left often and I'm gonna be hooked up at some point is apparently I missed some awesome stuff. But our source are good so what was last may get a record I'd get off that one MP so Bynum says so it was killing my business peace sells so fortunate so water and then at that point that's when I I changed from two years and it just kind of quick listen to now when I hear anything over peace cells still huge won't face to just an incredible record. But I've got friends that talk about prom. Symphony I don't know the titles yet yeah but the albums that followed bomb scene and they were just just killer so. I'm probably missing out on some greats of the luckily I got bros and he really is made up records and numb I'm sitting on is that it's OK Tony and Sean. From window pane both vamp heavily on. The record hangar eighteen is on what's at record call. Obama and I think when I think another one banana republic and show certainly the beat Tony Taylor Griffin like army does go to tournaments and Elena. Guys are hitting just some of the amazing that these big smiles and I'm like I'm Adam and expose them material. And they both go oh dude get to that that's great record so you know these are guys obviously I'd love and respect so. Diggs I get asked all not a huge fan more of a legacy material fan that said I feel like there's some stuff I need to check opera. And we've learned that out the best way to do them a date mistaken impression is is to keep our clothes and our. We're not on so tell me it's again banana and listen to steal one from my past abandoned the car keys are the result and it I just look at Shane Tony and I had. That's our site hey that was what do you really need I hated that song. Hangar eighteen was rest in peace there and she still Stevie drove up awful dilemma that he's putting in my hands I was as a pro gym open for gene are would you skip your radio conference ago just the thought. That answer. I might. Yeah I think conclave so they change the door until a decision as anybody can't help to get home we can't play this on his boot camp. You know why would you volunteer for a while there has already ratio of campus not real boot camp and other negative push ups and scream that you know if you see the people I go they ought to put. This I am. Does the same week and his team are here in Seattle maybe Atlanta I did say though Stevie free if if Stephen Adler becomes. A prominent member again heard that he was going to be what's the story elements and cut yuck he's had a couple he's done some shows with the murder put a couple of really really really I didn't know the it's a do it makes me so I've become a Stephen Haller is my drumming I swaying on appetites part and not that I dislike sore I'm I'm I'm a big fan of no later in his pocket in his feline appetites part of what makes that records are magic and was my favorite song off for the usually Asian records. Civil war what's the one saw that that Adler on still at that Trinidad and it's kind of funny I didn't realize that until after the fact on Mike wolf. There's something special about how he plays out of pocket and a swing to his plane yeah as a loosening its net and I was really tired earned him the way actually drums is very similar in that you know I'm not up I'm not a technical master. And now that he would say that he is although I think he held back on some of these skills because he served the song everything needed was a 100% appropriate for that material right and I just like any rock be callow like none other thing I'm. I like this one and job maybe even after that will maybe do a couple voicemails and their call obviously between Biden just didn't. And on another person I enjoyed having Glen on the podcast and he's. Please play Glenn said Jerry Cantrell hand story in super slow voice flat tax would be funny high. We sometimes it's on the tomahawk NATO's a guy who had a student who says if you listen to your podcasts on half speed like on iTunes you have that option when you can listen either. Double speed or Ashby who's written who's the mood should do. Right you sound like this. Here landed at cadences to meet cherries a sweetheart of a guy who we know. Unknown national jammed together on various teams pay a paragon. Punk you out. That's how it's on every Saturday night after 10:30 PM yeah. This seriously have you brought an immediate studio seven my favorite rock club this entire city that's how I always and maybe that's what makes it that yeah. I Detroit this year its glow and moos. The problem with that for me is. Irony slur my ball mark my words slurred silver but I gonna speaking normal speed you don't really notice that must attend listen you like make you sound like you're drunk. I am right but when you slow my voice down it's a lot more pronounced. It's hilarious. In the oh we're kind of in town machine adding musical one on Maynor Clinton and his in laws and play a bunch of years stuff I can't really do that. Now you'd like. Okay. I worry about. Don't want to hold the. You wanna do. I'm happy I got out and jammed together but. Quotes it's if you remember Royce oh. Wow. Used to as we did Roos were read. He did. The overall there anyway she hasn't she shoulder. Surgery at the time so he wasn't playing guitar. Almost the songs I displayed in years sat there and snagged. Why is Steve not to do it at all. Man oh man regular that's incredible rap for we should just all Paulson the show like that. That's the only version available which there report to assure you you lose she poor shoe rules weren't huge hero or use armed. True true. Fun shows what we don't have a full two hours dedicated my guess we don't have an hour this. Slowdowns writer advises slow it down I was dead literally the only way we do every unified our podcast what they're talking about a photo just don't do whatever O on down all. Was loomed go home and booted a curfew here. And are just that's awesome little local stories LO. Just a couple of the suitable voicemails no pop out of here. What I object Derrick hoosiers. They edit as well election or enjoy hearing Omar you know every week she you're a student who does my Denmark Romo. Lola. There are very are over there are no longer and all of our Buick. Sort of market are Sydor apart terrorist into your order on aug thirtieth sirte now familiar she is pictures in the dark of the global downturn put. Eat our editors let me know Astaro verdict. If you cannot I don't remember seeing it sometimes things get lost in the in the spam. My world I'm reminds. I if I don't check my email every thirty minutes I come back to a hundred missed emails. And 99 of them are spam and so a lot of times on this kind of highlight a whole bunch and I'll do it Hathaway or delete and unfortunate miss out on some of those things so if you haven't heard back from me about a city in just re email me and it sounds like if you senator migs a case to be dot com I don't think that's my email. It's just Steven KS AB dot com or the means tested team and our economy can send it to sell video. And I agree. I've played back mama hawk NATO to my wife. And 60000 your mom. I think tonight tomorrow being five term just so happy I mean you know it's the least she's Thomas up going nine yes still upbeat ness to it I NG treated I saw some people are treating her. And she said she's doing better that's that's always as he's not they weren't exactly the picture's not that I know I'll seizures. It is such a sweet temperament about I stopped I stopped off here now senator deep pit Smith and yet he's. There's got another who is now. Okay yeah. I'd if you can call because I can't people can try to do more benefit terrible driver you want or even steal he doesn't put on how he liked the brakes and the black and how we look down to a one cart family you can open might occur. I won't get good lie all the time not really. I think not expect I'm just critic because like Felix ego wrecking the car and well you break FedEx. I don't wanna beat that nagging. Aches. And I and I don't really know what else to do extra could've broken them and I read the entire time in our opinion I don't I. Panama anybody read exhibit Tomas is supposed to sit in my new place T. You will find many is still thinks a deal on spoke at what these days she's gonna have. Meat eating dinner. If you lose who dropped a four and you're gonna X boom and he won't understand why my advice Saddam they may have. I love you with all my heart I respect you I cherish and he's cubicle okay what's coming. And then just hit them be like listen. You're born in the breaks my car you tailgate you're terrible this isn't Los Angeles and I promise you destination still going to be there when you Iran and in Q please take you down not just just trying to talk to unharmed. Just trying to talk to on her does make him sit in the backseat or just say you know that supports like look I'm tired you be using the vehicle were gonna get you something else and you going to be is that there's a go cart but I would say talk to them because I can hear your voice you are federal reading a book praying for NASA are praying for not left or whatever but. Yeah now I would talk about hunt as much admits for what it's worth and Houston next which talked about an hour divorce wearing recollect killing you. I say give you some broad action now calm him down but then again I'm I'm I'm continuing to literally you let us what you wanna do that and I yeah I do know. Okay this is part of my war against women act as a liberal as a liberal as a liberal aren't there and the war is now. Trying to help people still talk about a match. Why does my grandma insist on having a landmark golf. The key receipt she complains like why case. No one calls or landline anymore. Are only like telemarketers that budget that's pointless why do you have borne children so far I got herself well. She and sister and I ordered Warren insists on wasting money almost Maureen sixteen people still use land lines of why. I have no idea lieutenants say well if she's a girl that's always just like pointless relics like a dinosaur I don't know I get Margaret moth to move our. But what she always broad action. Best advice ever lose. You know what she knows and it's probably a comfort factor of his cell phones drop out in foul up the batteries dying that that little on batters never gonna notch. I get would you say a man like but the thing isn't it makes her happy. You know if my my grandparents are gone out of Bagram I want to pander so blue lagoon Billy's sister does this I mean that's when avatar I mean my. John he's trying to like man she spend thirty bucks a month on the slam on the phone calls on it I get a amendment. Yet now if that's what she center is doing a tank and you can you do brother. Remove the boys memory is and I have a couple more then we moved back amount. Of is that why aren't there we go. So wind up where it Seattle in seeing today you can just. Pedestrians. Can just crossed whenever there. Where ever. You want without any work hard for your safety. I'm seeing it here I got big broad else IR crop walk and you're hysteria here so they are some little crisis teacup but not gonna get hit by a fast car. Well you're gonna cut that exit or you're forty yourself cool yeah. And I mean. Just let it not and secret. Is he admitted to go apart from this article all. We're addressed the matter reasonable as he's walking the street. I saw him doing that I'm really do hope crosswalk. There walking again. The blog traffic until it went well and doesn't. Work. And our Cody cry it it. Wouldn't you are actually for me you're waiting. You guys both little little originally or you weren't so broadly walk knew her the Aurora if it's very easy thing well. So in New York like DC Baltimore new York stock from a car that's cold sore so yes and even if you are decried the white wanna move your the first time and haven't I locked up my brakes worn stepped onto my vehicle with a baby stroller go got a lot to leverage is this thing called the pedestrian right of way long yes has has made people in this part of the world are used to that law you can do that in Baltimore you get run over the consulate he must have been depressed. I see right. I can go out on a visit and that was the thing I was like why are people allowed to do it. Tony you and into the one that this is me opera to people who'll go light a mile and ours that are just walking as slow as possible our law area I hate dead heat and it's just like dude I don't care if you're crossing the road just don't cute and I. I run. I will gesture to the driver like ahead Snooki it's there's folks dispute people are really pretty cool actually I think it's part of the deal. But the like normal you can go on my drive. Health carrier's three lanes get up don't I'm good I'm gonna go watch them from buying programme guide don't want to lose a super polite in Vietnam. Pedestrian right away long instills would probably go to Europe and flattened physicists like what you want to cost us. Yeah I have people like them. Might legit give me a stare down like they stop people slept a little color and it's like you are. A 180 pounds in my car is about 2000 pounds I am no mathematician I don't know Jeff Goldblum but it's not alive not after chaos dish yeah right -- I have much justice and when I believe that I will win this battle if we were actually going to play chicken. Which rules. Wherever heaviest has a right away I mean that's just how I learned like things big and can kill me I'll yield the right yeah now. I really all weighed in and that was the time now is that order and that your understand dead on I I guess I could hear the frustration I didn't hear less than a month now locked up the brakes on my man and it was a lady with a baby in a stroller and I was doing about forty. And I know she saw me and she. And I locked up the windshield to me like you know how they're you know look and Ehrlich are you all of your money. And that was one night and I began the acclamation process have been here long enough that I'm used to it now that you're eighteen years this is home. I hate when the people like DC that you're trying to term and Nigeria where it in the lights limited but again you've given them the right of way that decision stroll. When I'm walking I'm power walking if I see. Are raw and Irene and I'll do I have job shall I. Does that core smokers every seven walks you know we north what do you and so looks for the if you hold up that one car treasured illegally enter the intersection downtown yeah. That's gridlock. As what we had a wish to see he had either pedestrian overpasses or underpass its new session now that was hidden tunnel minimize my thing was viewed make him a medal they can pretty Decker to make you want to model and small amount will do overpasses and be less expensive. But they're did you know it's especially statistically proven that it's going to be 15% permanent increase in traffic. When eliminate the buy it. On the totals premiere ball below what remedy we know that we know of that gym and rural west Seattle guy though I'm an unknown even further shopping yet right. It's one of those things right just think that downtown Seattle could use pedestrian overpasses and it would eliminate. You guys don't talk really trying to drive out of the serious subjects clock to our I have try to get this over you can't do after 2 o'clock that's from the traffic's guys the mayflower park hotel yesterday for work Kyra body we love either. From work to lower the okay. It was 530 I got back to our shop which is just south of Seattle by a hair clover hill business park. At 7 o'clock to meet hour and a half. But I swear what was going almost pedestrians. The intersections all foot traffic. Brutal yet yeah we've what two more voice fills I think you do more that's from you yet time and are less don't. I don't wanna pay. God NRA board computer. I can ride down mountain they can then give them wherever I am I and then it's a new add some advice that put in his guy. You don't go around B if you did don't put on the Internet and other than I. Let it down then you don't have to worry about people think it will probably be in collusion it's okay and I think you are polluted I can. Senate anyway is so bad that armed yeah snow we are excited that I can use a bad mood and my little puppy dog that you it is not known that really made very. And I I moved eleven years ago what he did then I may be noted like. Real navy and they only do so and none were out of thin and I got to live by another one. It's always it's really hard because what I want you get real time you want and then at full blown lonely be like him yeah. Live primetime on public I've been there at little ladies and if they have them they want so much money his Emmy begging and I. I Don did a good man. Received turn anybody out there know of anybody got more honor that I don't give back the Murray gave up I have to add warnings small it's your wallet. Feel. And that. I. This year's event on me show you I was going to. Though it's got yeah I would luster and I don't know why that everybody got cut off I remember when I was loading it. Totally like to Weill was her grade like you're saying Brussels Griffin do it legally he walks on doesn't call it's really cool. Pace of anyone a minute and of the Titanic users' noses some and I could donate. Hormone all the good shelter that would have yeah on animals looking for homes that. That song in my current cap I mean she was basically headed to be euthanized yeah no you don't think it's my child my dad is my child and so again. So or sorry to hear that news mama that's I'm really sorry to hear the lose and a family member. You can play the best way to do things I know from me when I'm when Lucy past Rangers only seven. When she got luckily we had Lulu. But yes Lucy lose and you know he had. Hey MA could be grieving process so much better and also a lot of like you know characteristics and Lucy had Lulu picked up on just like she still lives with us but I always said I give. God you're just gonna come a point where Luzon to do with us and all mealy wanna get another dog is not replacing it says no not at all it's just it is just grabbing their companion write something about house with a I was an animal whether it be a cat dog ferret I don't know what you got but. Without one people we send her up to getting to the rumor. Manor house just feel so empty and just so empty so if anyone can help her. Mama hawk you know either email us or finder on Twitter. And let's get our new puppy totally yup. The awesome NBA era it's not replacing and all and even. Part of the thing is there's lots of animals out of the need home you have and so really it's. You know you're just adopting another child. On a losing a pet is a total tragedy it's a family member there's a lot of people that I think they're just not animal lovers to line. They don't get that may and your dog or your cat and it's failing had I had a count of fifteen years got out of my apartment building and never saw or are high and I search for for two months. 200 flyers I mean I call everything within a sixty mares I was up their rain snow middle of the night looking for can only hope crawled under a building you want us there crawled I mean I crawled like 250 yards. Yeah in a crawl space you don't wanna be in trying to find your. On the right ultimatum saying our kid I didn't have vomit once or twice down there are no joke but I would have done anything elicit a someone fired a fun cat that said. A month which episode it was buying a buddy monthly hey this animal's been bounced from house to house to house to house I'm allergic Ivan watchman at this point she's headed for such and such and if they don't adopt her out after two inching its euthanize a submission doesn't just bring her here. And that cat. Now has SCSI. Devastated me no joke it devastated when I lost my caddie crushed. Yeah armed she was everything to me and we had such a kinship in such a bond and I was devastated in this cat literally filled that hole. Yeah that was left not a replacement. It anyway but it fills the holes C I'm really sorry to hear about your dog pass him yet. Any anyone out there manned shuttle enters the Los animals these homes and I'm gonna there are plenty of pocket poppies that. You know I believe they are the little pocket first easy out puppy yeah I want. Well regardless. And on we go into that segment did happen Dario while more boys now and let's see who it is. Up Nugent and they're great Glen. Awesome addition to a larger. You're judged a number of eighty mile an interview broadcast meant but yes there are pit earlier are there meant here we're geared to joke I realized I. It's monologue has it or send an email love you don't miss. Window open. All you're paying back. The senator makes cats at gmail.com mail makes Castro everything I set I wouldn't get with I'd I'd be more than happy to relevant media anyway but you know this guy armed. It's it's one of the stupid things like you want her rough time getting into a couple shows for free. Isn't. That big a deal but that's electing devious sub idea of beer and they give you take you Becker we have chicken fights the cops on the street. Odd man out it's a plot against his. Crazy I. Article I think adds everything Manning on outstanding Reggie good and I won a world now you gave him for Pokemon but I had I had trying to avoid the kooky mind that proved to mine glad you got out couple things coming up of course company in the grass the event joined the crocodile before it. Yeah I know the next the next one coming up is rock out mail last week next weekend that is the thirty X oh wow who Iran's yes so that's that's a big show up at a place called vessel wines and hails a really cool place the plate and do it outside. Even if it's rain on the to do it inside it's a really neat cool and you where is that. It's open wouldn't say oh okay. I. Country yeah I'm anyway. Bunch of the budget great bands and an amazing cause you know it's it's all frail so. Come after the show if you can on the thirtieth if even if for another reason to support a fantastic cause and it's window pane dot net do you buy get all the information over there right there are Facebook's which Ahmanson and of course we get the migs fast yeah. Ask John yeah. Really what do we rewritten chicken fighting and all kinds of you know that he's not Shannon and you can contest so we are we gonna see who could provide the best speed channel op well well well well like get not bad but she was like you realize that's my initials right fifty. The home audience. Thank you that's my initials. We can't have that now we got to do you see you immerses you gentry answer my suite where she believes he can enjoy our children and which came first. I'll discuss it whether immediately helped document the discussion and now we can play slow Obama's win another annual. Polish forward proved it. Her old please look you've. We are at all are your middle name now hold hopefully a small window do you think. Our rapid but can that it is live another great job man you guys pod thank you so much for being a part of these guys drive as always. You may download ELB dash assumes that it's okay. Bobby certainly hit us up by he's now the makes Jesse gmail.com. Draws on Twitter at the newscast but it's one of those ones that big guns on and I forget to check it all the time that happens okay. Like everyone every couple weeks executive night favorite people don't see every day granite like that when they're ready for a moment when you're this you're. Okay that's tonight. Although we are available via text and voice vote 253271. 4787. Thank you for listening we really do appreciate it. We'll be back next week stayed positive.