Monday, February 13th

Metallica 1

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Hey it's Larson Taloqan here and we only four days away. From the release of the new album hard wired self destruct. I was going on strike Cassel had the pleasure. Of hanging out with the talent electric lady studios in New York a few weeks ago. In anticipation of the release of the new album hard wired to self destruct that comes out this Friday in just a few short days as we just heard. Over the next few days here in my blog and a feature excerpts of that conversation. A with members of Metallica OP enjoy it let's start at the beginning with James talk a little bit if you will about the transition. From Monday misting into Kirk Hammett. He had kill them all days. It was can pretty much a blur and I'm sure was for both of them as well. I remember rehearsing that gay was gay event or or the day before with Dave and you know we had made the decision and it was it was it was a working unit in hedge change in net. We had had Kirk in our minds for a little while. And he he pretty much came out the same David Dave left so there wasn't any real gap in any time. Com. It was kind of a no brainer we knew it had to be done. The first difficult goes. I remember Larson are walking around. New York City just wondering if you know wow is this the right movies is not the right move and just kind of taken Dade between guitar players there'd. If I guess reflect on life. And what might happen but I you know. It was it was already meant to be end as soon as curt came in and started ripping we knew it was a right decision. Her to remove the first so he recorded for the abandoned and did you go through and an after rework called the stuff that David already written it would be. The middle solo in the four horsemen which was a part that was created. A once I joined the band. And you know I didn't really re work his solos. For the record I took couldn't move though the opening bars and just played that too that that that there was some sort of recognition. Most of the time though IE either would take it somewhere completely different. Or I would improve on it make it more suitable to the song so fast toward a couple years and you're gonna record red light and now Kirk is the band of course cliff is in the band with different dynamic to the two of them. Bring to the process. When you record redlining. Are on they just added additional players and and elements. Of both cliff and Kirk. Came from slightly different musical backgrounds and James and I. And so when they started writing would listen just broaden our horizons. Broadened our on our our kind of musical. Language. A cliff was classically trained and Kirk who upon. A lot of more. Sort of seventies rock and you know Santana down a lot of stuff that was West Coast so he had a whole different thing also so between the two of these different added additional layers to Metallica. And Robert how well plain cliff Burton's parts. Cliff Burton's style of music always. It was a challenge for me and in learning the the the older material. Metallica songs in the classics. He just has such pure. Sincere. Aggressive attack when he hits the strings it's it's. It's nothing but attitude so you gotta play harder and I I play hard of course with that with suicidal tendencies. There was some of that aggression but could kind of takes it to another level the word it's almost like slapping like percussive. And obviously the rear Cam Barker has a unique sound in itself. So. You know to find that punch and really get the the clarity of the punch it severe it's a challenge you know. And it's something that that I've had to sort of work on and of course. At the same time you wanna have your own style and and in you have your own technique. I have my own techniques so finding the balance between what cliff brings in what I try to bring is is definitely a challenge. And but it's been a lot of fun to. To try to dissect. A lot of way he did. In the best way that I can and bringing the fire in the energy what he would he brought which is kind of untouchable super. Super complicated and hard to do but if you can capture the spirit. And do the best you can I think cliff would appreciate that in the end. Hardline self destruct is out on Friday Texas tomorrow talk master of public.