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This is BJ faceless into our show's podcast if you're a fan of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at Vijay deacon nation dot. Tom the driver's license is important city get back and forth to work get your kids to school and back and forth to daycare who delights as has been suspended because you can get your tickets you can do any of those things let's talk about chapter thirteen bankruptcy you may have heard the tickets and I'd be discharged that they can be dealt with the new chapter thirteen case when I come in for free consultation. Jack do you choose to make all the difference you're getting back are we going on the road and that's as unemployment attitude to restore your license and media. I'm attorney journalist Daniel please contact me today choose the right chapter dot com. Choose the right chapter dot com. And 99.9 hey I SWA Rocco Seattle and we're close man just a couple days away. The latest on best in gaming technology robotics virtual reality imports G two this Saturday and Sunday. Join us off man is going to be awesome essentially field events senator. Bring your kids to G two because kids six and up we're gonna have fun they can play unreleased video games dodge ball and experience virtual reality. Lots a hands on fun for your kids are great winter break activity also bring a wedding or holiday gift ideas a lot of stuff you can see that the kids might dig. I know a lot of weight on my buddies and board game world they've got new games are gonna be showing off and I aid probably will be by some of those. I can't wait to drum races in the virtual reality stuff. And in some laser tag that's all that's going on all in one place for one ticket. Which you can get a GE two dot live a letter G the letter either number two GE T dot liven. These tickets are a lot cheaper than he tried to all these things on your own and it's all in one place it's pretty sweet. And of course a buffer averaging two tickets sold benefits extra life partner of children's miracle network hospitals love that all the employed GE two dot lives. You can resist the KI SW financial advisor appeared. God I invented numbers so I know how this stuff works each. He's back for a moment there. And the right time this season man I mean this is so hard you'll. Way. The biggest ticket that we have to invest in us financially and that of course is the holidays and if you have a question for Todd to 06421 rock rock is 7625. Texas 77999. Of course Dodds got 25 years of experience the financial services industry. Lots of different positions in both consumer and business lending and he works that great joint known as DEC. You know. And it's a great credit union credit unions heard. Great alternative to your traditional bank first of all when you get to be a member second of all they will not be in the news for all sorts of things that some banks are in the news for because well. Why take advantage of people when you are the people write in a place all of us are BC EU. A bomb and if you live work or attend school in Washington State bomb. That's all still be a beat ECU member that's it you know so it's not just for Boeing anymore it's for all of us pretty much the turn you want more info go to BE CU dot org. Todd happy holidays body you two BJ. It's kind of giving isn't it it's a time giving. I have had in Scott Todd it's Friday lifted in the car of their time about getting spot because for me if titles received. Never mind I say that you are receiver you really should say that not a time receiving in the midst counsel I we have we have cut him April on the line to a 6421 rock rocket 7625. April in Seattle you Robert Todd Pete from BEC you go ahead. Tried it I it's hi April. I don't know how many are in 2012. Lost my hall not locked my bad match. Arm and then slowly taking care of that I did not file bankruptcy brings trying to do it. You know paying a little bit here Taylor that there forget that bill taking care and all that stuff. I'm not got one bill that have. It started out there 111000. Sky 125000. And seek balance and around and bouncing around. I'm but there's no way I can like take care of it like outright it's Newton and every time I am like. Try to get you know of that building care warranty get bad ones. Little bit more added to it. That about it around again so yeah. What kind of build this and April that goes from eleven to 25. It was a credit car at one point and time now expect a collection agency a little round and round and round and I have a question for you to and it because nobody wants to go bankrupt but is there a time because I mean April it sounds like with her situation. Maybe item on the you know it would have been worth having a conversation because sometimes bankruptcy is is the best thing for people it's how they have that conversation haute they talk to to get the right kind of advice about I always referred to. Refer people to the national foundation for credit counselors these are nonprofit agencies. On that are gonna acting your best interest out and and that's what I'm and re re recommend for you April as well as to give them a call. I'm talking about it there is in these. Collection agencies they may settle with you need and that's something that's a discussion you're gonna wanna have. I'm with with with the national foundation with one of the nonprofits there is sent several unclear point America. American financial solutions here but go to an FCC dot org or go to BJ's page and you'll see link on there. On the if you have you know any other questions in a sense certainly email me. On that it shouldn't be jumping around from eleven to 25 year you're in a penalty you're getting interest here. So it's that the sooner you get on top of the better thanks for the call April and again what's that site on it's an FCC dot org okay and like Todd said if you go to the beach Jamie's page of KI SW dot com just click on the finances or before you click on a banner that has you know Todd and I and it would Todd smiling face. There's a great page of resources will all sorts of info about many different financial questions you may have. You know Todd got a really good do could very rarely are people too impatient with you smiling. That is so true asset to tide you know he was forced to he had to he goes for the greater good. Very important text message question all right here we go outside of envy I tell you love these text message me every 7799. And I say it takes into us. I hello lecture cash for Christmas guess my kid wants one of those dumb tax malls so I drop a couple hundred bucks now. On eBay or should I disappoint my kid in had to wait until the stores and back in stock. Look this a tough one them. A city Christmas is a tough one Todd because they you know. You know we have many financial decisions to make him as I Democrats and my childhood and I got other stuff you know I really didn't need right. Really in the at the end of the day are you telling him not to get it I mean crazy nice sand delay gratification so that that's where I continue to say as they grow. And then the. Little kids would be disappointed that little kid man and then get a parent that has to be like around that little kid and you get another example iPods in good financial shape and I'm a financial mess because I'm thinking by the damn thing is that your kid will be the coolest kid in school yet that's what you have put a price unpopularity Kenyan boys. Actually you can and it's called it gets caught going broke yeah this really what it is. Valued at that. The tough thing in this is a tough time here. A let's go to Jeff from local CO2 06421 rock rock is 7625. Jeff you are Robert Todd from BEC dot org go ahead. Failed to go and it actually jetBlue would have been all Jeb Bush the devil you know well Larry wanted to thank our cost him around like he's in the year and declined himself glad you're a millionaire he snapped the call and I oh no he's jail on Larry are some of jesus' day first thing you know it's a millionaire and I had about I don't hear my dad if you remember was the guy that couldn't get to be president if I'm not mistaken idea he really got a job here drugs or doesn't billionaires while you're right. So what you got forced Jeb. It is the question here for god and god. The number of of credit cards and trying to consolidate the debt. And I have. I've tried to. Can go through the I guess non conventional mailer way to do you get that donation. And I am I'm opening your your credit union and I just. I've been denied decked consolidation before because my you know a total of all indebted to hi I'm trying to figure out of the best way to kind of tackle that. How damned news suit again of the question with the high not too highly debt for debt consolidation that puts in a different world and it's time. It it it doesn't have problem is he had no collateral like with your home for example or car. In other taken at its collateral with what I had to rest he's gonna think he's good at that hatch and intestinal I don't write us honey bear out there area. That Jeb have you do you know what your credit score is. And number around like seven and OK I mean that's not horrible it's not horrible amount yeah meets Jesus our lives on the world you know it how about your income only news. I might might income yeah I just feel like I'm paying. You know I I and I'm getting around 48. Year but I'm just paying a lot into. You know all of these that these credit lines I just got on it. I got a one and able chewed. Rounded up and you know make him make one lump Pima County things though he had do you own a home or anything I I do not untrue granting OK on. I mean the best advice thinking give used that line them up and and paid a one with the highest interest rates first. On Brett and and that's again to be your best strategy and and there's really no other way or any habit that it's there. Consolidating it to a lower interest rate is only gonna happen when you get that paid down. I'm in here and you get your credit score may be just a little bit is there and Jeff are you also are you able to pay some principal off or you just paying are all you're doing is paying the interest that's another quest like I mean do you see a light at the end of the tunnel with what you'll be able able to me I didn't. I mean I am paying down some of so many interest in the same time assist. You know I got a feel like Immelman cancer real good point and I yeah that is a that's so I yelled how to bring that up and the reason I bring up Jeb is that again that's a cop a conversation needs to be had because if you're not being able to pay debts down. And you don't see something that future Todd that's when you've got a call those credit counselor folks right yeah I mean it's and it's a great strategy great Rick great way to go. It Jeb I would say you know again lined him up find out what interest rate you're paying on each of those. On capped you know tackle the ones with the highest rate work on getting your credit score up and and you might be able to in May not consolidate them all the navy. Roll it over to another another financial institution has a better rate it's gonna keep keep you going on net so I appreciate the call to thank a man. We get Tom Olympia Tom you're on the rockets out from BC dot org or had Tom. All the time you can't speak and I don't engage the phone line now you're on with Todd go ahead on. All right a good morning guys at a civil question that got a oral and gained from an employer. A long time at a or okay side at all our money and I am trying to lay out the option between. Rolling over into may erupt IRA or a traditional IRA. I know the differences between the two bit just give them. I guess. Maybe some high level guidelines that what what to think about when making their decision. Inside Todd for fear of folks who don't know what is Doocy a regular Rothenberg CNN Roth IRA will your traditional writer irony of your putting money in. And that you're not paying taxes on that that's just a regular irate here irate at your race your 401K that sounds like. Sounds like comment on with a rock fire eight year year paying taxes today so it's after tax income but you're putting an end there and that's gonna grow tax free. So if you put it. He put 5000 and today and it's 100000 when you retire. Pay no taxes on that 95000 dollar gain their awesome especially for it for the younger and younger generation. So as far as what you should do here are some options. I'm with your 401K I do like the idea rolling it over somewhere that you do have. A lot more on the of the universe open tee is from an investment perspective and you get some lower cost funds potentially that Tom might have. On that they one of the challenges is when you do if you do roll that over and converted to a rock you are gonna pay taxes on that day so. Anti how old Todd how many years did you keep it in a Roth for that to make sense eight elegant people if you only do five years is it makes sense then wanted to do something. That yet to pay taxes on as opposed you like a traditional east don't pay taxes throat and if you like even if for five years and Roth is that that helpful to the net not not necessarily I mean if when you say five years why would you won't want only keep it for five years let's say you're like sixty. Or steal whatever I say to say you know you're gonna need the money can't do that is is that a difference between Roth and a and a treat it like why would anybody do a traditional IRA. If you don't unless it's a time thing nor are my wrong about that bunt with two Beers traditionally when you're younger you definitely want to do Iraq when your income is lower right yeah when you're junior in lower tax bracket when you get older it could be that you have a strategy he went on the that your -- for example maybe there's part of that you wanna leave say it's maybe it's not going to be five years that you believe that and it's going to be tax free two years so our strategy so it does I was mostly there is no age but definitely. As you get older date it becomes less. Less that's other option for you unless that is part of the strategy that but I would definitely look at you know maybe part of it into a Roth. I would sit down talk to somebody. You know look at your whole picture in and see what's happened we can certainly hooking up with somebody if you want what their via probably a link somewhere on that page we talk about it has all those links. To give you information about 401 k.s and investing your money like. Not specific advice that to those Bennett that I don't know I have anything -- I do so we and he had no matter I don't know if I have anything out there that bit topsy you know about the difference between between Iraq and the tree Shuler a bit for the younger generation out there. If you're not part of Iraq definitely looking to. 206421 rock rock is 7625. Texas at 77999. Let's go to Sharon Sharon I think people you may be the last one and if you look at very you know very Sharon amiga but you always email Todd and again. Just go excessively dot com scrawled on the see the white panel with Todd nine and it's odd smile and pretend Heisman. Sharon your other odd piece from BEC dot org. IRL. Agent manager which got. Opera so I want and I'm relaxed and I received a settlement of about 24000 dollars. And my question can have a two part question guy I'll at a state dinner with you that sense yeah. Honesty here agree don't have a lot yeah I was there admirals he says do it and had some rules you agreed advancement of entertainment command that not all anti smoking in center. It's. If I took out a dollar and Ira outcrop I guess it would be but I. How much but it it easy now by the time he retired at much like yell at somebody and it lets my best. I am but there. Yeah well I guess a couple of things it is your son have earned income. Hello at higher authority. And so if he had this he had a part time job or anything we as a Jack. So that that pattern that's earned income so he's getting some income right. And so are so you can contribute up to his earnings come up to the 5000 dollar limit so it just long he made a thousand dollars you can put that in in there. As far as what that thousand will grow to I have to do the math but I can tell you it's it's quite a bit how how it has ZX 1716. 1818. What is just over 2000 dollars and for forty something or radio personality who got okay I. That'll grow significantly await you now won't let you know I share and I love that if he is you know again you you wanna look out for your own retirement in your own first you gotta protect yourself first that. But you know if you can it's. You know maybe this is part of a Christmas gift I love gift giving roster as you know I have appreciated. I'll share Todd that is so as Estes an important thing to say to a lot of folks who are parents because I have my mother in law she's saving money for us. And I teller you know I mean it's like you don't need to we've got our things yelled at put towards yourself push towards yourself it's so hard to tell parents is the age. You know that in me maybe maybe sometimes or kids may be needed but you know if you have. If you don't it's ER EI think of yourself first because. You're there was going to be supported when you're like 65 semi semi five years old who knows when your kid is in his thirties forties if you'll be able to help you out in LA CL I. And with college Nokia Mick parents wanna have their kids go to the latest greatest you know the best colleges and she's so they net you know sometimes going in debt to pay for that themselves and then. When they're retired who's gonna take care of them right so take care of yourself first and then you can actually say any airlines in a pitcher oxygen masks on first and help others say it's it's it. So great about BC because of the fiscal knowledge financial knowledge is so so helpful and life and a lot of us just never got it still don't get it. Which is why if you go to BE CU dot org I mean it's a great credit union plus they offer so much more than just you know how to manage your money. And that laugh like I said man Tosca that page on KI SW dot com if you just scroll down to see the banner heals you'll be able clips of that page. And he will answer all your emails eating its on the phone line Todd is good like that. Again man if you wanna be part of VCU it's a great way to handle your money in all you gotta do is live work or attend school in Washington State. Credit unions are pretty awesome go to beat ECU dot org Todd had some good holiday season my friend UTU BJ banks it is the best that we can do for 2016. And one of the best calls of the year and bald man. Betty this is all the gold. Yes how is this idea Logan's idea you'll hear it 88 seized on Iraq. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI DSW. And that's why not can I ask them the rock Seattle it's almost here G tune. Ball great gaming technology robotics virtual reality it is going to be awesome this Saturday and Sunday will be a century link field events center. You save a lot of Dillard Shih Tzu because you can play video games soft hands on you can do a lot of stuff man. You get to play video games laser tag dodge ball this is all one low price. Expensive activities like drone racing simulation and virtual reality are included but again it's all in the costs and a fraction of what you paid yearly individually. Technology to the tickets until now a GP two dot lie the liturgy letter either number two GE two dot live. And it's also good because you could have fought for every ticket sold benefits extra life partner of children's miracle network. It's going to be fun man all might be there all week and having a blast G two GE two dot lives. It is the best that we can do for 2016. And back in June Kenny called in and he shared with us how he somehow. Is his own uncle. The skin and is the number to call of the year they are very easy jump analyze Steve hope boys who blew my. Alright famous Cheney. Jenny are on the rocks yes I am I a local. I didn't realize how hello Steve this is your call on you hear anything else that is made my entire week I Jenny how. All are you your own uncle. OK so my sister and see near that baby named in junior. Then they got Mariane. Then they under Boris so my mom Marian senior. Paul don't know and you hear lie you have to yes. So now viewing here is my stepbrother and so my stepbrother so Opel. Would be my own goal. So IAM yeah yeah hole. So I am but I don't go. That I need I deadliest flow chart to follow that but but it's you know what it's crazy it's it sounds crazy enough to be true it makes my brain hurt and Ed didn't they use it lurch. Wow why. You're missing your mother marries somebody your sister did. Yeah yeah yeah I'm like I'm holding weddings mean me and my wife wearable weddings that's an example how old were you when you realize when you comment that you were your own uncle Chris O Ronald junior and I guess about seventeen magazines and I I don't even in Seoul are never shocking story I like to tell everyone what this is not a shocking story using a Morse I don't know no I tell people there are used to get molested at a charter holder here and and my uncles. I don't know I thought OK guys it doesn't really weird really weird. You saw the man that's OK okay if you disagree just all I got to tell yeah. Normally I'd go deduced that that's pretty funny that's I have to say I can Muster or have to buy you a beer after that because. Alia is your brand around the room we're gonna live this guy knows you talk about molestation we just wanna have a good time. And you go yeah I don't know I'll go. All right you know I'm yeah it's always the hard dude I'd buy you dear about one that was doing what's Thanksgiving like your households. Two and it's well. What are we bring don't extremely creative you don't look so it extremely treaty would just bring out GO Olympics Larry it's just a bunch circles but there are no men and I have to tell you but that's less closely than it is West Coast Louisiana does everybody get along are they also like gable I guess I can make due to a Stanley function and not might wanna kill each other. All we know absolutely not so mom and assists and the dude. That's triangles cool each other. Well. That's a whole other. They're. I do appreciate the call Kenny I agree with attacks is Amber's now I can say is the process you're home video we weren't good. Homer and that seems like a lot of work. She's on she used that in a point nine KI SW the rock of C at all. My head still hurts from that whole thing. Yeah I I I I lose that over and over and I still really can't do the math on it I'd say you know what I'm gonna accept what he said is as truths we here's a stretch. Very bizarre. Makes you appreciate him in just a little bit more right the drama in our household is not nearly anywhere near that nobody is. Nobody in their relationship and a mom comes and swoops in and then marries the guy you were one to it that said that's West Coast lemon right there for him. Best that we do over 2016. This one almost cracked the top five for best segment back in June we learned that Google was working on a project where a computer can compose music. Which led to a listeners sending us a funny song that computer wrote about us we get a text at 779 and nicest guys I email a Jewish song Bennett put together. Heard you talk about how serious should sing for that Google computer song so I was inspired by you guys and a funny bit that Jimmy Fallon did last night I hope you guys enjoy it. And I regret regret that are okay so well an era we were talking about Google's got this new artificial intelligence project at learn how to compose music. It's called project magenta. And what they did is they just took a lot of existing songs Dedham into the computer let the computer go. Analyze and and then the what the computer could then here are no and predict which you know should come next so basically the computer composed a song they're saying. It's the first time in history that a machine has created a song with no assistance from human none whatsoever. And here's a little bit and that's. Something that song used for commercial from a summer. And this is so nothing. Did this only a few composes the computers like our here's how she goes yeah well so I'll let you text or mention NATO Jimmy John Henson from a design last night on the Tonight Show Google's. New artificial intelligence project just released its first ever sung created entirely by computer. So no humans were involved in making this up. Present and I love how long after magenta and created some lyrics yeah I love you. I'll show you good. And squeezed my pro. Yes and computers. She's my car. A chest. Well it's nice to know that the computers inspired by you know. True human passion. Rocks so I of course the listener Josh made us a song out preaching project magenta with series season as you suggested. Pace Syria's got a one B the vocalist and as you gonna create Danielle I series sang and so Josh Jessie Mae this all happened for us. I'm receiving. I don't know yeah. Pitches yeah he's with his son singing. It's. Decent agencies find out. And I. Components harshly and I. I see and his hard and hate and Holler and you want to call we have done and everything else is smiles was funded them that was really. Well bulldogs this he's. It's well all right and. I point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle. As free well because that was back in June when we heard about this being done. And then who have recently a computer at the University of Toronto not to be outdone wrote and performed its own Christmas Carol I feel like Toronto stepped it up there is stepping up there wasn't just music but it is also we are stale idea CNN ended did it by analyzing other Christmas music and if you haven't heard this it's not really good except the fact that. A computer did this I mean this is all done by computer no human health this computer right this Christmas degrees 'cause I'm very give or in a place like. Hear this case terrible try it out eight but it is but again. Just like yeah it's interesting this was not done by human a computer decided this is what I think a Christmas song should be. I have to. The mysteries of. You. Saying. Yeah eighteen and and I seen. And then I. CNBC. This must. It's. Toys you went. A decent is bad. There's awesome you those great yeah for US will friends let me just say this up Arnold's got a lot of work to do to get this computer conscious assault from a set this whole lot more to do that sort out his computer really figure out how to reconcile met meet some place. And Anthony Houston sang some strange things over the years for the cherry peppers I don't know your writing computer really it is seated here the good UW go work eventually Trevor is no doubt about it. I well you know we decided look man. We wanna song about us you know lawyer we want to keep the university Charles of the uterus on the bus that's exactly what did. We got the software and we put it on our computer. And they did great if we did and our our computer made a a song. Based on our web history of so this is a lovely song about us. By computer based on our web history take it away. Oh hi Christmas tree line and DJ and makes computer. Looking up there web history. Mean. Steve likes some things called Milf hunters and you know like Christmas tree so I don't I don't. I'm talking about fifteen home health cone has no tightness in the street and I think the red just hearted. Thank god I can't smell. So like Christmas tree why is their new guide Danny GE wearing nail polish and I whiner. Oh hi Christmas tree deer BJ's kids go to find a job and stop taking money from your father and high Christmas tree. Even as a robots I can tell all of you on BJ and mixed are really strange Merry Christmas you dumb ass mother. So. They hazy there they go that Briere go computer. BS in bus there now in the family over toughness I think you should let him know that you know what his son was especially written for me. We got married guys I think Carrie Underwood Christmas record I've got something even better. Yeah exactly. Man. Why does the best that we do between sixteen and this came in at number two FaceBook drama of the year. This won't happen a couple weeks ago during lied day haul and it features are buddy comedian Craig gas showing off his celebrity impressions Steve I'll let you take you how we chose to Israel as we had to do. Lives and I don't know maybe the band has something go unsold. And now we. And Great Britain do you need to look at it I'm not just through FaceBook. The drum up. No that's right Jason trauma. Once again this is our opportunity to point out the dumb people that are on FaceBook it's an actual FaceBook posts and drama unfolds as acted out by. Craig gas gas we changed the names of protecting innocent amnesty a bit and this time around the original poster its name is Tracy. So that role we play by Tracy Morgan's all year and it's crazy. Adam will be played by Adam Sandler I ended June. Chris will be played by Christopher Walken cops are praising. Oddly enough gene will be played by Gene Simmons from deuce. Yeah Sam will be played by Sam Kennison and I'm the guy who could get you plug your first sold cocaine to. So you as a Jewish or she's been a senate Lisa every sorry it's. Obama. Earlier in the post once again it's Tracy so I Tracy Morgan please take it away. Oh how convenient she came garment back tomorrow but yeah it's and she's invited to Thanksgiving she's dumber than I thought it. Boy I bet that they're back together. Neutral or not he's always she's Barbara in my house again pastor and that be true Thanksgiving. How seriously nervousness. You're airing our dirty laundry on FaceBook and what their past. What is wrong with you and I love Janet and if she's not invited to Thanksgiving but none of us are coming. Did you love Janet when she's banging your friend Al behind your back and love her last year at Thanksgiving wouldn't she want to do I'll start with mark cousins sectional is yeah yeah. On average Smart cards assuring an awful awful sorry yeah Arnold consult Paris time she's not invited. That's foreign. Camara who skirted. Dragging. You guys don't know what happens when I get drunk are determined. I'm here in court. The only. I'm suddenly now. Lamar Butler and these can we are that he's not high maintenance McQueen did have a girlfriend and she's not welcome in my home. How listen guys it's Thanksgiving how about you open your heart in your home and I don't believe. Anybody can give you second she did she beat you keep all. Don't tell me what to do with how about our come over to your house and home mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce all of you old wall it's. It's hard to get down mashed potatoes and out of them even. This Gene Simmons. From just a and let your brother bring her over and here's what to do you charge admission from the rest of us it. To come watch the final I'd pay good money via your things can. 000. Sure. Gee you haven't shown up on make conclusions from this small views jackass hash tag to turn you we didn't Jesus. Yeah it's it's just reading this thread is like reading them plus join Gerri. Oh. Yeah show. And who's. I was magic. Calling them the best in 2016. All man. Would be used stretch. In case. Now nine point nine KI SLU Morocco Seattle yesterday here's what we learned we learned that Steve only knows the name of one. All of the Great Lakes. Which of these Great Lakes is the only ones located entirely within the U glass to make eerie to know Drake there's there is no. Mean it's okay. No taste yeah. Our group. Inclusion descendants from late fusion does not only down I forget it borders Canada yeah. It's very close a Lake Michigan which was the answer we'll or. You are shot against says the eighty got 206421. Rock rocky is 7625. Wanna play Pete makes it 849. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney and here's another question from a listener and how long is that bankruptcy going to affect my credit rating. Of course most of the time. We're we're talking about filing a bankruptcy their credit has Harley Shaiken a huge head coach after Simon's going to factor more negatively than chapter thirteen. Chapter seven stays on your credit report for ten years from the time you finally usually takes seven or eight years for your credit. Scores to get back into the normal ranges chapter seven case cover your criminal start to recover even in chapter seven after about a year. Com you'll be able to get credit again rendering usually before how I extra cases even over. I'm chapter thirteen stays on your credit report for seven years and usually takes about 33 now. Fears for your credit to get back in the normal range of chapters thirteen looming your credit gets better and much more rapidly. Thanks travesty if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime head choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.