Psychic readings with Rebecca Foster & Matthew Ryan - gamma wave healing

Saturday, July 14th

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson feature psychic readings with Rebecca Foster in the first part of the program and then the founder of gamma wave healing joins the program - Matthew Ryan. 7/13/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson


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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's there is now last Friday at least many start somewhere in between what can we honor rally review myself just analysis the only zone. Some TVs are so I'm still stuck in between trying to decide whether I wanna get horns in planted or my ears taken off or motif roofed. Well I mean after our night trying to connect at all. So I think it has happened before spent I spent with them replaced. That would of course are making a reference in a joking when it then and I don't mean to make light of if we had a conversation last night. With about body modification with the dragon lady who's done an unbelievable number of things to her body. In body modification I did some thinking about it all day in every time I you know walking on the street SE people of Pearson's and stuff like that and I think. I think about it just reminded me of an all day long. Well and that's why you gotten a into yeah why are you have a serious that was easy and I can cover that when they need to do so but you choose choose to all night not for you now. She. Going to be under the radio everybody it's she's Muslim GG Johnson if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook pace tourist. And had to be under really radio dot com we can find all the station to air and across country. You can also download free iPhone and android separate there. To listen lifers from the website so much more. I do wanna give a shadow tonight and it's my mom's seventieth birthday so happy birthday to my mother Pam will be happy birthday you know and your mom she's relating. So and so definitely big shout out to her her on the the Ngo and this is so. I write books on Twitter earlier and all the sudden realize there was only 40000 followers. I saw that they've been doing some kind of purge it's almost eight million. Accounts while Twitter has removed. I guess like even the president's town 400000. No action just saw Obama's down 400000. Trump is down a 100000. No ice trump was down like three million a last I looked images and saw a headline you you know. She is so that's insane so this year Twitter followers fall off million old two step commission moved atomic accounts not fake accounts and just. Accounts or some of them are fake some of them are. Now counselor or set up that really is a yes or just trying to clean out through their servers systems. Yeah I I I don't know what the criteria they're using they have been saying they're getting to fake accounts but I do know who might be fake and then also inactive I'm not sure exactly what design. But you know social media needs to clean up every once and while there are a lot of is a lot of fake stuff out there I mean I don't I don't know about you but I get these friend requests on FaceBook frequently and you know some somebody you know I don't know some. Tends to be a lady. And I looked and they'd like to friends and my this is an a real thing this is a safe thing and I don't know what happens if you actually accept them as I never do. But I know they're setting you up for something. Or remember that thing at its entry in the past I get a request on FaceBook from myself. At a how does that go where I know I know they can't be true peace you'd never make friends of yourself and it's that you would never camera like my own worst enemy but and I guess so I got an email RM a sendoff to you to be I think I think. The amazing hockey might be calling us tonight. Dave was talking about howl he had he's he was out of it for a while doing so soft and he is gonna call in he wasn't sure which time because east now this is where it or confusion. But these two hours and fifteen minutes behind us. And please get his own time zone is that that's what I was trying to figure out how might well you get eastern and Central Asia mountain yeah specific. Restores fifteen months two hours and fifteen minutes has been somewhere west of Denver I would guess. Here's how he's more itemized bills that may be like you know an hour and a half maybe two hours with instant death for you know office or something like that cheese and I'm so confused but we do have a great show tonight we're going to be head it off first are gonna be doing readings with Rebecca and everybody else they're really. Seems a lot Rebecca she's great we do we enjoy having her on the show. State on the numbers though because I made sense to get busy here it's 8446877669. Dental freed 844. 6877669. Security and start calling if you wanna get a free reading with Rebecca Foster who's just phenomenal individual. The second hour in talking with Matthew Ryan. Developer of Gamal wave healing and we'll be discussing how law. Ryan came to develop Kimmel wage healing at current reflections on the ascension energies holographic DNA and so much more so registered to agree shall plant them. Yet it's going to be great stuff and again if you wanna get in on the readings with her back of course this drug is something that we tend to do on the first Thursday of each month. But because that was a holiday for us it was a day after. Fourth of July. How we've moved it this week so if you wanna get in on the psychic readings and Rebecca Foster now she time to do it at 8446877669. All right so where to take a quick break a lot more columns are calling them he'll listen Jason TV Dioner Elena. To show. Jason and Jason got her very special night tonight it's our greetings with a back tonight normally the first Thursday of the month but because of the fourth of July holiday were doing that tonight and then later in the program Matthew Ryan will join us. He is the developer of gamma waves healing will be talking about how. He came to developed this healing system again called gamma waves healing and also talk about current reflections on the ascension energies and holographic DNA. Let me just say 19 Banco like as has always been just phenomenal song I love it and I loved it's it's a secure. It is a great song and and one thing that makes it even better for me is that. The singer of that sound it was for a musical. And known as chest which actually chat and I don't mean to go too much it has been chest the music fortress was written by. The two guys from Alba. And the guy there at the lyrics was Tim Rice who wrote the lyrics for things like Jesus Christ superstar and some really really popular. Musicals but the guys that sang it. Is Marie head who also saying the role of Judas in the original Jesus Christ superstar which is when my favorite so there's a little bit of background about. She won that bet I just I just liked the song I didn't I didn't know any kids are well we get a full foam mind by the ways if you're trying to get through fort readings with Rebecca Rebecca Foster I keep trying as we take these calls the full mines will free up. And you get your chance in the numbers 8446877669. Rebecca I I'm a basin got a breath from speaking so much so welcome to the show. I think a lot I think appreciated. Lull or you would do great W. That they. I would even bother asking you what you been up to because you're all over the place doing all sorts of things so I know you've been very very busy how about we get right to these phone calls. All right let's go to do niece who's calling in from Kansas hi Denise welcome to the show. And I think you're. Speaking if her learn. To. Okay dole for you kidneys. What I read this you know richer diet it's got its spirit its giving you the message and it's really quick information now. I'm the first thing that I see for unit believe that they Shelby is that you're standing in what looks like a raincoat. And here I thought ground which has cut which means securing control things straight now I know what you mean I feel like it he may feel like. It is happening around you however it's caused well gosh you are standing in these little rubber boot. And you're in the I hadn't achieved Gupta put pulled up I mean it's really not as bad as that sounds it's just that. What they're trying to explain this that you may you that you're in control of things and I use that lightly because control only means that you feel like political your way. And the fact that you are wearing these boots misrepresent that you like he's killing held back feeling as if somebody is. Think she's in any heated. You'd you're really should be doing this are you streamlined this and you'd be have you got a perspective that you're being restricted or how to act moving forward. Sorry Erica okay it's really not as saying that right now it just the kind that things are kind of moving along on their own pace. And we need to just sit back relax don't try to make anything happen right now because. Although you you know you might. And I don't contradicting you may feel like you're in control everything is kind of just going the way it's supposed to like pulling out and so. Don't try to convince anybody of anything right now don't try to make everything happen don't look at the been negative since they collect ash. These are going poorly it's not it's just it's all kind of Lucent tying opry right now feel pitcher entered by the probably get like port of IDs. You'll start to see some clarity and and and and at all feel like I'm looking at a decried it as well he made their outlook for the new situation and you'll hold or new perspective. It's like that on the earthly level as well coming up forty. So I can affect significantly improve you and it's definitely you're looking at a different horizon. At all right thank you Denise and sounds like yet to go take care somebody there whose junior RO theft let's go to Susan and calling in from Kansas City Susan welcome to the show you're on with Rebecca Foster. Hi it's in particular call I I want her I can just get a general operating under green might be able achieve our pact that. Absolutely. Well the first thing that comes through for you. And I know endless time they feel package tenement command energy and this film more like. Become a father figure that comes through. It feels as if these circuit at. I think I was secure only because that's working its arms and they look I think we have some age spots on them. As they even be like grandfatherly that this skin is actually a little more creepy. Longer arms though it public like he handles fingers on this person like it would be musical or that they they want me to conveyed that they would be artistic in a way. And and it. Eric I get sick of the word on coming up with so somebody is. He left and the timing and they explain how a clock if any kind of an individual to please let's talk a lot. Educate people. Coming through and the end comes up from behind you put our arms around it. Hundred view from behind. Sutton cook actually feeling that right now but it even if you got any tingle on you anything like that that very well could be it. And it and LL. I think would come through and it'll. Look. I couldn't hear it they do near homes on a remote so could be OK but. They think it has helped found and I would want com. I didn't get above the law or your Lawrence O Leary or something for some reason. But I think it did it go rearing and and it's funny because the train back away from it is something else and they're keeping me very focused on the what appears to be a way to church that is buttoned up. It would be it color individual. Looks like brown flax a brand handset. Would be back here. Putt at it he ignored home. Stay home all going home called. And it's interesting it's just I can't even backup from the person trying to argue that you're facing the water. Which means that you are. Dealing with or hoping for positive change to happen in your life and you're looking for answers that I and and it. Both answers are gonna come from your car from within I'd like got to try to tell me to tell you. Status he will be seeking hopefully directly cheese so listen don't think it's just used talking. As you've got this gentleman is cranking again it's like a proper energy and then you've got spirit who is also trying to tell you that you're going to be getting your answers. Directly from so it's basically when you ask a question out loud make sure you listen to it and I get. Everybody should do that everybody should listen to advice however this is specifically being told for you right now. And that year. You're not wrong crystal study you're not wrong. That. Looking out onto the water and want it's it's almost like you're contemplating your your. Your question you're skeptical over processing your mind like a different step forward has to like what. How to discolored fiscal OK it's like you're trying to. Work something out in your mind if you're looking out of the water and and it almost looks like two beating yourself up away in a bit. Trying to figure out the best thing to do something or how to handle it and I and I just hearing that you're not wrong and that. You'll begin a confirmation that spirit. Men. Makes a lot of go to him glad yeah except you. Her tape. I'm glad there are dynamic as you. Susan thank you so much for the phone call by the way if you're trying to get through the phone numbers 446877669. And as we take these calls phone lines will free up we're gonna try to see it one more in here we only have a couple minutes Rebecca system has become a quick this is a list. Elizabeth from Kansas City Elizabeth around the back of Foster. I apologize that you write Canadian trying to get it right through Larry and Ellis NT every night. How well thank you very much. Should it. That would let her religion and over here. And we we have we have a couple listeners out there about. Like one or 28. Like I heard Chad you know gas and the great Bob talent you know formed. OK so what this is the first thing that they show is that you're on a treadmill. And you are you'll running depending if the top speed it. It is an incline and you're running and you're that the entire really ever make it differently now because that suit what you are doing. The one thing that they want me you know acknowledges pitcher wearing what look like both. When people this stress test they put oxygen mask on and they're just running in mid cap that extra flow of oxygen. So basically what I'm being told to tie you right now is that you may feel like that you may feel like you are. Non stop running uphill. And regardless if you prepare for it or not it's six it is showing that you're atrocity is also saying that you don't have to fully rely on yourself right now. That it's okay if stop and go I can't I can't do this anymore I don't have the energy and to look up. Spirit up there you know look up to what you pray to and just say I need. I need some help here I don't have the strength to do this and I mean. I'm strong at all but I still need a little bit of how appear. And of course you're going to be given that energy so it's basically saying there's a lot that you're doing yet there's a lot to com. And to let you know under reassure is that you have this strange. And the energy in the support both physically and spiritually mentally to be able to get through what you need to get through. Without having to sacrifice efficiencies that patients are type a personalities and used to and it L looks like it. I I would think bashing a break from watching you running pictures like hundred mile an hour running on this thing. And and people that much election Chicago Kyle currently nearly suing people away. And so it's kind they think that you just kind of give it and ask for help a lot of people to help and let people step and slowdowns take it and that's really in the short amount of time actually what they're saying is you don't have to keep is this. You can put on and still make things positively happens. Not really well and I locked me has been a month ago and I you know I've always been here if we get there. In. I can't talk but your idea what killed. Going on your running at and maybe that's partially what you're saying is that it's okay don't just let go right now that's located just. Slowdown and allow that Q melt through you allowed in the spirit is letting you know that I I will keep it the energy and strength to get through this. And actually downtown it's gonna be okay. Elizabeth thank you so much for the phone com or search for your loss again the phone number is 8446877669. We're gonna go to break immoral have more of your phone calls and more to Rebecca Foster when we come back a lot more a comment that you listen Jason TV via an island. 446877669. That's the number ones are all busy right now. Continue to try. As we take these calls for our guest Rebecca Foster and she does the readings that free of phone lines you'll get a chance to get through hopefully. Again Rebecca thanks for being here I didn't wanna give you a second though before searching calls again. Let people know where you're how to get to your website and maybe we've got coming up quickly here. Sure people can go to Rebecca faltered not hold its CEO I'd like you to deduct kind of take it to designed place which is not me. And so we're back faster not cold. And that was pretty much all of my offense that are coming up and taking part in a personal reading it if people want them like that anybody can only to find me on YouTube FaceBook look. Twitter and got off lightly access to those web sites. And you can message me if I'm not like I said before they make fun of me from athlete he could. How you can do a lot of lives YouTube steps to you do gallery readings if that's the way to call it on on YouTube and certainly down. You do them in a civil somewhat of an irregular schedule as you can do that right. I do yeah I brought out there when my schedule permits and if there's so much fun they really are because you're right everybody here really get on and then. They don't know each up her other listeners know each other so there's this huge jamboree going on and I pretty much trying to ignore hook up all of it. And it can get funny an indication it distracting and I try to stay away from the chat as much as possible and but it's a lot of fun it and they are good time there are definitely. They're fine and Eric you know I read it many people as I can. Beyond reality radio at least agree community of people Adam and we have a lot of fun and I've never heard us refer to is a Jambo read before but that's kind of clicks. Colonel retired I was Pontchartrain other things so earlier earlier in the program we mentioned to Denver win we talked about hockey being a tomb hours and fifteen minutes behind it to last summer to ask because it makes no sense so our next caller Marius calling in from Denver he merry welcome to the program you're on with Rebecca Foster. Attorney we have an extra fifteen minutes. Mary. Hi Jerry how are you in that area as the first thing that I see we keep that in the first and it comes through is the big dark like a big dog. Comes through right away. The blatantly don't have. Like right in my face like a big dog knows if if if that alone right in my face. Some that your physical living at caller of the one that has passed over but it feels like just a big and it and it's like a fish bowl right in my face the toxic. Would that lightened from the December I don't mastermind it like at Saint Bernard looking for at least taste or something but Tom. Did you see but he thought he faced constant acknowledges that if he is our act around you as well. That case found her Fiore K. And spoke to tell you that rail a couple of things they don't let me go beyond I don't acknowledged and and then also something about. Help from me told C mentioning about it looks like. And he's facing you look it's my Great Lakes some wondering if the app and I'm feeling out of writes I worry pictures actually two left them facing new. But until it. It feels like it's a lower my ankle area. I'm not sure if you. Hurt export he sprained it but I'm being told to mention something about you are lower leg and I am thinking. I'm feeling it on their rights side but could be and I am looking. Stand next yet to be. Feel it on the left like I feel that my rights to be careful if you haven't done anything to carefully walking. We if you are. We your ankle issue like don't let that kind of thing. And and that you you know you have pat and before we kill you have a really cool energy around it almost reminds me is somebody who is. Aryan to have a clairvoyant. And so and everything that is because it have a lot of them. Your energy is almost. The waits for crowd around you is if it and became an Angel and nobody had energy come upon however I'm supposed to Kelly you. Bet you have been. All right Felix. This crazy energy debt. Attracts a lot of things Kate is so within the home where you go. That sort of thing and and listen to that if you can really hone in on it and it is something that you can shock and and actually is and maybe be more like. But an aunt passed where I actually eventually passed on messages so if you haven't already opened up to that and you see 1111 a lot of times in just. Start paying attention to what I injure industry trying to figure that. I feel like we goat to train it by on capitol experiences. But you know I eat I don't want in Italy court TV and Ellen and then managed. Let me WR and a couple local early Q you know how to practice quoting now. Absolutely you with. Thank you can get out. Join us is in the instant referral to the. No that's good Jessica writes the web site message mean I'll handle it from there. Okay thank you Mary thanks phone call Ari let's go to this is junior. In New Orleans junior welcome to the show. All out war. Great goodwill from the show. I. OK so for you junior the first thing that I'm saying is that you are hit it. Iran solid grounds your on your speech and they actually puts you out onto like a little bit of a peninsula. And you are it says sun has set and the ground it's there it's kind of like rocky. And so it's you're you're an extra your footing as. Salad when you take steps you wanna make sure you're not unlike an angle or something sharp a year is what default so basically you're on solid ground. You can refer back to previous experience right now. And we know hot and make or handle current situation that would mean that is fixing church different Q. That you can go all right and do this before I purpose of life experiences before and you'll know how to handle that situation he'll also don't know what to walk away from. Because right now your creditors saying and pockets of hope and his opinion spectacle where I can say is that right now with the time that. You don't want to get involved verbally with anyone you don't want to stand there and and try to it to be family friends coworkers as Blake whoever their right now. You may be really fueled by I am. As an eclectic conversations have something that you know lot about you're gonna be up against somebody who's gonna care not gonna listen. And that's what they're saying is just putting it in your pocket which back straight your shoulder you know your chin up and then just walk away it's kind of just. There's like ideally that is if major character growth and maturity that comes. In fact that they're saying it's gonna require a lot Leonhard we show up I'm not hiring milk so I know what to try to tell you. But and the other thing is that you were standing out on the on the peninsula and that there's saying that the flooding. They it's difficult to step on that you and it's dark so there's a lot of safety you're gonna have to use right now as you're walking out. Toward the water's edge and you don't wanna get in the water you don't want to fall in the water being in the water is bad. The what they're saying it again they were kind of confirming what they just had it. You want to walk with eight right now. And you wanna make sure that even if you don't at all you know all along what the outcome is that you feel it in your heart that you have to collect certainly they have pulled out. And trusted go that direction. It's it's. I guess just compared it to that yeah you. You don't follow the water. Looking to see what is beyond that when it's dark so I can't and it and it you'll have to be. Watch like in any candidate Jerry to red tape look at the fine print. Listen to it that he killed don't child into anything right now they you don't. Know or understand fully and that's exactly the same thing with out of that conversation where somebody talking and you know they'll the end sorry don't get involved that kind of thing if it's just it's it's interesting that so much going on around you that. It really comes down you walking something that won't trusting having safe and again until it's anybody's super important. I'd stay out and it kind of business do right now and wait for like a week and a half a week to week and have to get involved at any kind of contact anything that you would. The purchase. Order. Just be Smart again so politically it's very important. Junior thank you very much for the phone call again the phone numbers 8446877669. We've got full full Monty continue to try as we free of phone lines as we take these calls. This is Tammy in Canada he Tammy your on with a record Foster. Tammy how are you. Timmy do we have determining who the stress this is this Jim and Tammy. I'll OK you got to be running the show. I can't meet. Right can't wean itself for you the first thing that you're right they're showing you is that ears kind of you're barefoot you have a long skirt on. You have your purchase kind of lifted up to have a little bit you're standing in the water at the just about right above your ankle is not deep. You're still standing in the water and you're barefoot. The defense theory risky and have seen all of the same time like your tempting fate right now it's a little bit risky and that skirt but it's totally at stake if not tight fitting that this misrepresenting. That you really don't have any personal fear holding you back right now. It's basically also saying that you are standing in the water. And what you get in the water it can make you feel what the food and water that you are in my case has taught me that. It's more have controlled that you'd feel like it is handling his or giving you treating you. And you're standing there and a lottery you're giggling Dubuque airport and nothing holding you back right now you have no personal spiritual but that skirt. So basically. You could just jump in the water you want to put my I think not cute my advice to you is to kind of wait don't. You don't approve anything to anybody you don't have to show somebody that you're capable of anything that would that you can be difficult for both politically and employers. You don't have to do anything out of your comfort zone right now because you're correct I mean I think hoping you could really do anything you want. And I'll look at least person that you need a week in your career already have to global water. But it's almost like looking at someone and golly I can just get me just absolutely get weighted to family and and it and you don't want to spite yourself you don't want to do anything that's going to hurt or harm yourself. She tried to show somebody. Something. And so what they're saying it. Which can skirt down. Out of the water and use the power they have right now and the resource is if say you know. Have to do that. I'm sorry that I have politics here right here so I'm gonna go and deal with this instead and and shut the water act you know let them be the ones tactical in the water it it. It basically is. Not allowing someone to control you. I I'm putting you making you feel it certainly you don't allow other people can make it like don't and I panic and cash. Basically don't allow others to decide how you feel a what you deal he'll make sure that right now you are controlling all things. And you have so much right now happening that's positive for you already licking your craft. You don't have to seek it elsewhere I would tell you. Don't change anything right now just stick with what you know stick right now with what you're. No I didn't like clay and it's in bad outbreak nod. I don't have a line itself. Okay that's not gonna say that's totally feel like employment so basically you don't have to go out and go killing yourself hitting the pavement searching for. Something they've already done something that's already within your resources as far as the person or connection. That's what's gonna open the door for appointment for you you don't have to do anything so if somebody's. Coating Neal are trying to get heated give something like you know what to every outlet do it no adult you don't have to go out of your comfort right now. To do anything or make that happen it's all within your grasp right now. I think we already had a and you really I think last week sometime and we want apple and start to roll in like five days before wolf practicing manifestation of things. And so I would say by the next formally you'll have had a full color that connection it's gonna lead GG and you chop. Right okay tap Tammy thank you so much for the phone call we've got to go to break we're gonna take more of your phone calls on the other side with the back of Foster. Her phone numbers 8446877669. Until freed 844687. 7669. Listen adjacency. It's just be patient in what we're gonna do because certainly. And through the wreck his general the first hour of the program. But we're gonna keep Rebecca over the top of the hour and take the first segment of the second hour so that we can get to the rest of the calls that are on holes. That's a great idea it's a fair idea that's where everybody calling him and those waiting on hold can albeit a panel all have their chance that's an OK Rebecca. And that's perfectly fine with me. Our great let's go to trend net are calling from Missouri hatred that a welcome you're on with Rebecca Foster. You don't match I am so honored to be in the presence. Against at all three of you have reasonable longtime fan of goes under and I'm just so excited. Well thank you very much a welcome to the show. And it howry you. I am pretty ignoring you for listening. Okay. So the first thing that I get free without actually kind of walking next fuel which is odd has that ever really happened but. That you're walking. And down just it can't dirt road. And Knight is happy locking. Q and it's almost it's a little chilly nights where both wearing well you're wearing pants that's a like camp wearing pants for the first time. And a longtime and well. OK so you're wearing pants and you have a little jacket. You're kind of on the a couple of that you could cross your arms. And it's funny because I'm watch I'm looking around us so I really can't see anything beyond it's not font. I can't really see beyond the pathway to basically the message for you is that. Well there's several things here. The fact that your bundled up that it's like up protection there's like a bit of both emotionally psychic protection that you are. Using right now will performed for yourself and I think he could saying basically show a picture trying to address. And healed from paints a lot of that you suffered. It also showed right now you feel like it would be walking alone going through something along maybe people don't understand around you. And they are not sure yet which direction to go that they eat there. You're basically just going forwards are doing what is supposed to do your moving forward. You're not sitting down you're not taking a break you're not you're just. You are just following your camp kind of collecting your day you know people have how do you daily thoughts Scotland I'm good I'm just over the long. Really nothing that you're doing that extraordinary. Your kid is it almost felt like you're basically just doing things to try killed. Both candidate get by and again this feels like it's hard to buy pain or suffering from the loss. And an alto fooling around. I'm sorry little absolutely and yes I'm all right good to talk to talk here about fun and unique and just supposed to tell you. That. There's like a little of light around him and the tradition that the deal flipping fun. And I'm supposed to tell is that you'll you know you're not the only one that's worried or stressed out and you're supposed to just you're supposed to build that. Did a lot of guidance around him right now and also helping you and I I'm. Aren't can be little bringing children that it would be my turn you see you were asked yes duke north. And there's political light around him and I am telling you it's supposed to tell you is that. And he's got a lot of angels around him that a lot of heavenly light. A lot and that he's OK that is that he's looking forward and a custom look him thinking he would be living if that's the cases didn't find it did pass over. And I'm I mean Il he looks he looks living which means he may very well be around you honest to mention. It impact it has app I'm looking chemical and even and I like that happening to become dealt differently it looked differently. So if that's the case saying he was he might even be around you but if you've made us feel them all the time. Because of what you're going through. They will be a little bit further away because the public should pick up on and it causes more pain it we recognize their energy and we begin to feel like oh my god I know that energy I recognize that and it can cause that's what pains so if you're still. Suffering from something and they will stay a little bit further weight watch from a distance but I get the main point of functionality that at this. Individuals around you and that it's recognize what you going through by upstairs to that you're not alone. Now. I. Yesterday and thank you so much for your phone call. We don't have time to take a call right now Rebecca so once again get your web site out and we're couldn't go to find out how to contact you. Plus keep tabs on where you're going to be. Yep okay so they gossip and I let's say it's easy to attack Foster dot Coke C a little. And my event cages they can look at all the things that I'm doing at an event tomorrow night with confidence you learn Wisconsin. And the nominee solved next week Albion Iowa and Fort Dodge. At the house and if I don't there's all sorts of things coming out so it's it's bouncing around. And and not at Serbian Virginia again so there's just a lot of things happening and must say I kind of like FaceBook everything people can click right on the air bring him to YouTube. And again like it said before the YouTube gallery they do are usually the evening and they are sporadic I do not have a set time on that because like just. Parliament on my calendar that. So if you subscribe to my YouTube that you like it it will notify as soon as they put something out there. Greece Arie if you're on hold stay on hold because we're in me taking your calls when we come back after this break. Right in the got four numbers 84468776698446877669. Nelson Jason GPB I'm really radio that. On the west side. It's been used to it's it's. Review myself just an hour's news Austin chase each. Ariza were on a kind of a tight schedule here we've got a few more phone calls to get to what we have for a Rebecca Foster who's our first guest as we do. Readings with Rebecca and we have Matthew Ryan joining us after that after the break he'll be talking about tagged him away fueling its system that he developed. No discuss how we came up within. And also talk about current reflections on the ascension energies and whole aggressive DNA. Came away feeling was not good for David. David banner began reviewing Bruce Banner girls. Only know yes extra. The whole protest aspect but it. What was his name is a David is a might look at it through some Brad Tom and Arnold denials in as quick so skip back to the phone calls we've got Rebecca Foster with a list of course. And let's go to Susan in Kansas City Susan you're on Wii is Rebecca. And everybody. Tight you know. IR. And it's an external cut anybody off are right so Britain and then let me see here. Yeah a lot going on yeah they're bouncing you actually all over your speech which you cut it means that your grounded that your safety feature here in a good place for how to handle things. It just took little. Other than decision it's diet showing that there's a lot of help working a lot of help prepare going on right now meaning that you are working right now to improve yourself. Either finally take time to take care of the U. You know. Women especially push a lot of things off and we put a lot of things off we take care or anybody else. And we feel to really address our own needs and they're saying that you are doing that now that your. Finally setting some stuff up to take care of yourself and to say yes rebuke. There is the part there is a force ever present scenario past. That you keep tapping on and that he pounds the weight permit any handle over here you go to your teaching anything in limiting the picture out W. And all of these other like that stuff that the couple. Things can also how he'll he's spiritually mentally I can go to the facts that kind of thing however. The former interprets and then narrow path. That is just a giant forest of trees it's really dark the only light that comes through it from the canopy above advocate dark hued green. And it's been narrow path which is very typical it just basically saying it's a tough road to pass happy and squeeze that a lot of pressure here. You go through and and that could definitely an area they like it's not enough time for this I have to I have to do that I have to do that so basically it's one we walked in there we are looking at has something going. Different what I like about myself this is what I love if they don't like typically need to change this is what I hate. And if it can become a depressing cast because we see all of these have become very aware of the things that we need to fix. The people we need to let go out that are toxic or that we've outgrown and it can become a very difficult past. But it's something it's a claim to being passed because that helped us to grow again relic we need be on our knees by the time we get now. But we are so strong and we look back we think will what I did I look at who I am now this is how it changed. And this in the past beta I'm being told Heidi you're going to have to take the time to do to let go of toxic people to let cool. And negative articles that you now grown to really look within and to gulf and the caterpillar to the butterfly allowing yourself to transform and transitions. And it also means that should be letting go of anything Matt. Again you now grown and we become you know of things we're grown to love. They can become had a tool but they can become just a part of our life that. It because it eats people so it's it's time for you to take the difficult flock of letting go of things. And it's going to be super healthy for you you're gonna just you're gonna feel. Like she just went through a massive cleansing diet it's going to make you feel energized. And feel very proud of yourself to say I capped it off my chest I talk this out and moved through this Serbs however it is but it's sad it's set. If you're going to address the physical aspects and you wanna let justice spiritual or does well letting goal things that you cannot change. I kept serenity prayer pull it up online and look at that. And I made at a part of your mission like the next couple months. Thanks for the call Susan we appreciate you have to go through these yet we're gonna go through these kind of quickly here. This is Veronica and Maryland hey Veronica thanks for holding on your on with Rebecca. I remember and I Betty hi. I can't catch Harry it's up the gun like I before you get okay Perry at a company you are. You'll walking up steps there are three steps hearing eel and a skirt okay cannot be afraid if there's a promotion if there's something coming up that you really really want. Go for it do not hesitate goat you know if you come up with the idea. And so basically the idea we project and boom you're competent popped like it cannot be afraid to put your name on something in Charlotte. The three being the third of the month three days three weeks. It's showing that disk are being extra tight. Is stacked you would be black like a lack of self confidence and something but don't be because the stocks have been put therefore you decline. Also they shouldn't be wearing that would feel that represented the feeling out. Reception that you're being restricted to hold back and apple need it it's usually an external. Saint but I'm looking thinking OK look really great in the outfit so I don't I'm not commit discount issues right now seriously just like no it's. But the self confident. That you need to just. You know throw on a feeling that cover your eyes get the confidence Scully can't see anybody your credit is if we all know here to climb the ladder climbed the steps. And and go for a what is it that you want to do not be afraid if it. Actually don't be afraid that that is your massacring now just a picnic have to walk up the steps sideways at that they skirt high heels just do it. It. Product that they report yet thank you for the phone call Veronica let's go to Cindy. For our final call Rebecca this is against Indian South Carolina. I me. Cindy. Right off of that before. Any things you'll you'll have a lot of people coming through who passed over like a lot of people I'm looking at. A crowd behind you but it looks like you've got to limit in front of the man in front. And and it looks like a man. Was stock your putting it behind you a little bit further effort to all but does the fact that you got all the people coming true. They obviously are wanting to see how low and I have asked me acknowledge them and am looking picking. The people women feel more like at. External family or friends so I would and I can't and a friend to that kind of content and different. And they and also he feels. External so I feel I could get like an uncle. And I and I think he'll repeat father's side. Attend. Also the ones who put Italian people who comes something we are at all. Overcome something and the ceiling around you. Or that it already happened something that you would have overcome. An illness a sickness something that would have and it's funny because I am almost liken it to. Effective approaches so close to the light with between. Those that are in front of you and some that are behind you epic somewhat that that you get from point your life touched that side or come close to seeing it are feeling I don't get ever. Then ill or experienced something but the fact that they're showing you that. Tell me that when you're when you're living in your horn and you experience something either as an incentive. Or as an adult any time in your life that they re opened and re engages acknowledge that you had that connection is Reid opened. And so you would be very tight spirit. And strip died and so make sure that you are listening in using match. And trusting that it when you're sitting across different area at all percentage. You'd hear like Mary needs to the doctor for her eyes there's something you saying very little bit what I'm hearing from me period prosecuted and Mary made a couple of cracks. It can't pay back eighty that you don't I need to going to get paid sick differently that you would think. And so actually I feel lucky because I had such a sailor that I didn't even off at that that body not a word right there but. Very important that you trust and listen to. What you're hearing and then. Tell people what you're hearing because if you re connected spiritually. There's a reason for that. There's a reason that you had been reopened to that ability or two. Other acknowledged that out out of this world supernatural how much. I'm matchup that makes sense to you right now. The. There aren't real. A Rebecca. We we went a little bit overtime here to thank you so much for being with us of course the readings with Rebecca feature around beyond reality radio generally the first Thursday of every month put it in your calendar and are you having yours Rebecca but everybody listening to put it in theirs. Apple thanks so much Jason JB Eddie thanks for scheduling each night and I had a great time and as always thank you very much and everybody thank you for listening won't be made later. All right thank you on we'll talk to you again soon. Are it's we're gonna take a break and get our next guest Matthew Ryan developer Jim always healing on he'll listen Jason Teague. I think so yeah. Foster. Going a little bit over time there we appreciate it though readings with her back to the first Thursday of every month going to be on reality radio. There and we you and I eventually. Yeah we should do that some touches everybody else does which is the and next. We'll make that when the three hour show. Our next guest is Matthew Ryan he's a developer of gamble weeks healing his website is gamma waves healing dot com Matthew welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on. Hey guys thanks for having me on a really glad be here with yeah. Obvious from an honor so the very first question is what is gamma waves humanly. Well don't wait feeling his and energetic healing modality that I've developed. Over the air over the years and content. Basically you know than the name you know people probably could figure out you know the name implies that. In this healing modality were were working where it struck frequencies associated with the kids on the stage with again the brain waves. Kind of long and short of you know how that that name came about actually said that in the working with feel like slightly spiritual side in doing issuing work that I do in the edit. At a certain point you know why I was doing this healing modality you know practicing Yu Ling and doing readings for people and didn't have a name for what I was doing and and at one point I was so it was so instead of discussions with the guys denied that you know what I like call. The thing that I'm doing you know I eventually a Pollyanna. Need to have a name for whatever is that I'm doing and and I was told you know that I can call it Gamal weeks healing because like going to get my brain wave state and about six months after I got that information. What has an opportunity you get hooked up hum unsung bring state technology and and I take. Did healing for myself I was just like chicken and then. Clearing some things and in it was measuring great I cannot. Activity campus state activities so. And yes I I was like OK well you know there you truly get the name will stick around but. You know as far as lord it is the modality at the you know several different. And the modalities under one umbrella on primarily. Checking in knocking on people's energetic field I don't also were you know accessing their holographic DNA. You know clearing different types of distortions as well as also doing channel greetings for people. In a meth you'll the word healing can be used in a lot of different ways and we've had all a lot of guests on the program who use it in different ways so in terms of human error when it comes to gamma waves killing. What are we talking about are we talking about. Human disease are we talking about human emotionally we don't know all of the above. You know on a lot of different people will I mean there's as many people think Ito called me her first sessions or come in Simi. I'm you know we have different things that that we work which I'm. There there may be people that are experiencing you know physical manifestations like different types of diseased or different. You know diagnosed. Conditions song you know could be. You know anything's wrong from the you know she's entered to move fibromyalgia. To you know. Rheumatoid arthritis to you know be into things they get more esoteric like. I recently had a you know had a couple clients rather than working with what more gallons and you know no most of the people. Are approaching you know are on the are really kind of drawn to working in order to. Identify IA hadn't done you know kind of work with different types of you know either energetic more emotional work. Mental patterns that are interfering with their ability to. You know either become the most authentic. You know human being that they can be EU war you know may be interfering with their ability to. Manifest. They're there. You know there're abilities are there are special just sort of you know help them to. Identifying who you know whether or not they're they're about their rights. Most authentic I just pass you know so armed a lot of different people you know can approach with a lot of difference. Seeing is that they're experiencing but they're really kind of bit my underlying. Up. Q helped send to identify wiped. Played them you know distortions are primarily energetically look and the distortions are are expressing themselves through their lives than during creating. The whatever the situation is that they they want help to build a nuclear. Well Matthew let me ask this of those that come to you with a physical ailment or some sort of sickness due also recommend that the he seeks some a medical professional to to look at what's going on them as well. You know most of the time you know that that's totally something that I action at Catholic on my intake form. You know when people register appointment lying there like there's an intake form but I have that they. They go through May answer some questions and I'm. One of the things that's on there as you know are you currently under you know the chair of the licensed physician order you know circus or doctor. And so you know that that's. The candidate that the entry point into identifying. You know where that are out within their medical process and so then when when we begin the work. And together. You know they're they're definitely hear things that Bob. That need to be addressed the medical level you know and then there. A lot of people want to. You don't supplements that there in their care you know under position that they have something medically that's going on but. You know a lot of other people blow release. Want to take an approach where there are bigger they believe that are the things that are kind of giving rise to their. They're illness or. There's there's political situation you know that these these are things maybe that have source that. Are going to be has effectively addressed through an telepathic approach and so. You know for those people especially I think you know coming in and approaching. Things from an energetic level. You know that that kind of the right and some of the working of the unable to help them. We're talking with Matthew Ryan he's a developer of gamma waves healing you can find out more about and it Gamal wave healing dot com we're gonna continue our conversation after the break. Aren't following numbers 8446877669. Head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality review elect FaceBook page forest. Then had to be under really radio dot com find all the stations we are on across the country also download free ice when an injury and a printer or listen live in the ninth. There were alive for a from the website and clicking the listen live chat. A lot more to come. Appreciated our guest is Matthew Ryan he's the developer of gamma waves healing his website is gamma waves healing dot com and Matthew. Tires is we kind of have an abbreviated night here we if you wanna get to do discuss how this. Method developed with fewer mean you have one point during your life you recognize that you had. The sensitivity your disability. How that developed for. I'm well yet heard the literature spring situation I mean I think like maybe like a lot of people that are involved in it and you know an energetic work more and you know other types of pop you know holistic healing may be on the liking min which it. Certain abilities let's say that the you don't have a child. Not having experiences that we're probably not you know in in the ordinary realm like you know I would have. I would have dreamed that would come true you know and elected HR group that like. It would last for a minute you know and and that this was like really frequent you know dreams but like I couldn't changer altered the outcome you know of that green and you know out of body experiences at different points on. You know have several instances look like communication directly with animal you know like wild animals like Welker you know other animals and so I'm. You know there there were a lot of things that probably we're. Yeah maybe kind of like pardon the pulpit if you will for me to. To get into the does work but you know I eventually had just kind of I had a very normal. You know childhood you know played sport and nor even went on in the collagen prequel called small university and you know at a very abnormal periods. You know around the time I was nineteen and again having a series of. Experiences I cannot Lee range young to more a spiritual past and I'm began getting adjusted and kind of you know esoteric sent. Chong in his term and not as an accent dark star beings and you know different things but not really all of that as far as you know where it stands right now you know they've become a culmination point. I'm happened in 2003. On April 12 of the two terms or 2004. It will talk to 2004 and down. You know I'd move to New Mexico. From Los Angeles in 2003 and in not in April and 2004. I was actually hiking alone in the mountains here. Behind. How term is living in house in Mexico and that was up in the national forest. And while I was up there hiking alone you had a close encounter with UFO. I'm which was not necessarily expected it you know and that. That moment on but I yet ID a craft you know came down like red how to describe probably portal and or something and dropped down right above me and it was hovering like directly above me about the treetops and we're you know you knitting her emanating that the lowest frequency that I had ever been exposed to just like really. A war war war Mino. Paul seeding. Intense waves of energy coming off of this thing and I'm. And I kind of stood there in not you know and it a little bit like shock and disbelief knucklehead. I I I realized you know pretty quickly that like I wasn't gonna get taken but that they were actually talking to mere communicating with me in some way. And so I'm you know it's kind of stood there for about thirty seconds while this craft hovered over me. And and it rotated and as it flew on a way you know kind of wait for meat and eventually then you know the experience of Cooper and that is like comic guy actually you know what just happened and you know that this was something that. There wasn't a total shock to me like I believe you know pretty much all of my life you know that says I believe that extraterrestrials you know that that was a real. Phenomenon you know the real situation. And after that you know after that experience that again. You know being kind of guided towards. Really doing energetic healing and drum. You know I began can practicing. You don't modality that I'd learned didn't. I don't techniques. Began developing in kind of unfolding through meat but then. I'm eventually like years later in about 2004 and in 2009. I hate began doing some regression work now with a good friend of mine's easy. The list cheers also win in taos and duck. The very gifted regression therapist and she was able to guide me back into that experience so like under hypnosis you know the repression we. Went back here in the end glove. I learned that disarm beings that were on board that space craft fair to them. And that they had essentially. This is like an arrangement you know they hit column and don't mean. I'm on purpose and the activated my DNA in a very specific way and then once sat activation occurred. They last and so I'll be what I my understanding of what had happened and after that beginning in 2004 and you know continue continuing to disdain with many other types of activation does that. You know that's the activation that they facilitated within my DNA has unfolded it and done need to begin granting me. Particular kind of access to be able to help facilitate healing with people so. You know that that experience were that close encounter really become the pivotal moment. We launched missile going forward for me and you know like symptoms but their Ben. Many other experiences. You know that would would also contributes to that is developing you know what I. What I've come to do and where I'm standing right now. And in addition to actually performing these healing sessions with people you also I do some instruction and how people can kind of internalized this and and do some of it themselves. Yeah absolutely yeah I mean I I do you know like I do a lot of obsessions for people and helping them me you know and helping kind of shift their situation but what I've really actually enjoy is I really enjoy teaching and and sharing and and lecturing me and done. So there there have been a series of workshops and I've developed into the kind of board organically developed based on. Client of mine that wanted me to from the I work with and there are and there are people in other students that are healing center. And so let it be enough fight. First one the idea it was not the first workshop today which I was actually over in Sweden. I'm sorry I had good friend and client over there and she brought Leo virtue. Let me begin working with her people and her students and strands and so we you know over the over the course of the last several years there's been a series of workshops that I developed and I really I really enjoy that and I think it's extremely important forest Q. I'm you know to be able to. Practice. These these techniques to be able to help ourselves you know like I conceptually I can help people. Armed you know and then maybe achieves certain things activation GR helped them and their their own self healing but what I really enjoys being able to share. With people so that you know maybe I can facilitate. A type of energetic activation for them and share technique that I. Has found to be effective for me. But then they can they can walk away and they can use these techniques. You can't help themselves helped their Stanley. You know there are a lot of the workshops and let them teaching recently maybe not not as much on the techniques like energetic healing techniques to more. Activation guided meditations as that are up. That are helping people to. Really tuning. In different ways so that they themselves can. And access. Are these higher frequencies that they can access it the other. A straight answer other flows of of information you know for their own Ewing and you know just understand them more accurately what is going on in the world these days. So Matthew we've got just a minute or so here left and it's a short never gonna have to have you back on to go once more detail but let people know if there Tracinda finding out more about how do what we. Consult with few usury services learn more about what you do what's the best way we've given the website but given again and let people know what they can get. Yeah absolutely hound you know my web site is that gamble weeks healing dot com on. And now when you go on to the web site there is value. Now there's a bunch of information on there they're even not are some links you know it's to some different blogs that that Britain different. You know videos. You know podcasting like that you know the time I've either been interviewed in her. That's produced and done there's also you know right up front there. When you want the web site you can answering your email address and my mailing list and you'll get a free ebooks download. Witches. A pretty big you know kind of transmission around holographic you know name which is. They can wanted to foundational. In principle with the work that idea was working with Serbia energetic DNA error holographic DNA. I'm so there's a free download an e-book therefore UN and as well you can book appointments. And they you know appointments usually range anywhere from thirty to ninety minutes. As well you know there are different you know what I have a schedule of events going on with the upcoming events there are no workshops that teach found I'm going to be presenting at a conference. I'm really excited about not coming up in the beginning of August at the east said he residential Wear jeans killer Lance yeah. Has the city Rancho no and he wound. That's called full tack. They understood the media joined there by a bunch of really amazing it via press centres in. Speakers and healers and so you know players. Information I believe on the whereabouts whole package and our community presenting its old tacky and that the you know after that as well in others decide got some upcoming trips although I don't think there. Get told quite yet but I'll be going you know teaching and piano I'm teaching in New Mexico and has. Roosevelt will be put into web sites of people define it all there. Yeah yeah I should yeah upcoming I did date Fontana future schedule rather than sole attacker or a tentative right now so I don't have those laid out but. The other night mostly and shipped to Canada actually came as a result of an interview I had done on. And somebody was listening you know to the radio show for the interview and he lived in Calgary and you ask me I'd be willing to come impeached. And absolutely silly string to people are interested they're more than welcome to to NASA engineers sent an email through my. A contact form and I would be happy to entertain any any opportunities come and share what I've. Learn Herrera and while we get a handle it to go run out of time here but thank you very much coming on we'll talk to you again and again it's gamma waves healing dot com we're gonna take a break we'll react to Simone it's. Spent every intersection yet it's been good and come and it's about to get even better because it's been more interest nor more interest again I you can look at it either way but to aren't next caller is somebody that he's calling program all the time we have no idea what happened to him. But they tell yourself the face of the map for a while yeah and some woods who would think that that was not a social affairs would. Miss something I guess and it pays my approach would probably more people fall on that first point but either way the amazing funky. I used to call and all the time and we've got to do with us here tonight welcome funky good to have you on the show again. I think chasing his condition like usual we can answer so we can always serious story event. I don't know and busy doing a lot of different things have been listening to show animation that you basically keeping them at higher and one I think he should be and last night was a very interesting show when you're talking to the person who modified himself from Iraq tile into human. We got part of that rate jockeys because backers are via a it was Tia Matt legion Medusa and he'd. Modified himself into machines and into a half human half reptiles rep toy so went from human to wrap tolerant to it. So welcome back how's things are going. Things having going phenomenal when he. Let's just say and they eating and as soon as I listened last night with a hole. And I am planning my vacation weekend feeling from him he's human I decided. That I know I can stand similar things I had on hand parental notifications. And and we don't really talk about it. Bringing modification. Is that a sign I I can say that I can appreciate what he thinks it. Why just I'm trying to figure out is that something that you physically. Had surgery done on your brain to modify it errors are we talking about something else. Now there's nobody who can touch this harder to want to touch screen in his perfect elitist but the fact of the matter eats. My greens and I'm excited to the point where I need to think you all these and he's seeing things that make me amazing hunky. In a very hit it perfect can broker a pretty pertinent and I want to give people the ash content to learn and try. Well we were not gonna argue that you have the unique. Brain only has great personality. Now hunting goes very well that out so were these modifications done by yourself did you self modifying or did you have were you influenced by somebody else. Well now he was a product of my mom and nice to have. And when they think they're saying they need my knife I bring do we dare ask what that thing once you know I don't normally questions at least a little. It we're not that's an equity focus of what you're saying here sake is that. You've modified or you have a modified brain in your head now reaching out to people to offer them the opportunity to learn how to modify their plane. Students and I wanted to culinary heat shield because by doing Italy and we usually do it and just to reach out and then silly. Sometimes they can be can be scary for people to all the sudden it hit I just last super abilities coming up for myself. Especially if there's an image involved and I'm sure they greatly appreciate you on just the invading their mind so somebody what I wanted to take you up on this offer to modify their brains how would they do it. Well they have pushed me up on FaceBook is amazing hockey and back. I honestly I was debating her selling selling the Yankee for a 2999. Let me just kind of iron just think it's my so I went in eaten there he challenged. And if people wanna do it. If it works then great if it doesn't work for them well. See that that's their fault not mine house government nothing kitten at 129. OK so it's out of brilliant money packets are. Twice the money spent raises might just answer Macedonia. Pastor at that distract us pelican island because again and my brain works perfectly fine and it's just because my brain cells. And if there's doesn't have the ability to excel like mine. I'm mindful that scarce and it's a product that. Parent iron and then comment that you in this thing that created every does this rain modification are few the opportunity to forget things forget. Bad experiences in May be bad people in your life or does it give you additional abilities what is the effect of the brain modification that your appear proponent of here well yeah so he should eat that he's. Perfect example because I've forgotten so much of my past I barely remember anything. And my brain my application fortunately so I'm sure that it'll probably recently written any others and they'll be able to push out all that stuff round. That they that they yelling at all and just depend Saturday so they can add things that they don't know how unique things that they do. Instead of things that they didn't OK now I'm confused but what you're saying is that you can forget stuff that's one of the things that this'll do for you right up until he like. Sadness that he I forget even when I called into. Sell its army men and killing for I think like 56 minutes and let it could be armed. Texas that's pretty close. That's ridiculous all right club signed me up about I'll take one of take one you can say is ship into the studio talking to end in G Jason would you like when as well. Hum yeah yeah I'm I'm might forget that I totally ask you some in London I'm more than willing to to try it out for about that. Do you care I just incredible incredible people and that one day reality TV aren't actually in the present person and we had such increase tying a. OK well just the suit them enough warning in advance that we can make sure we have something else going on BI she needed making even just missed you at ten. Aren't so yeah like me on FaceBook back on the committee meeting hockey and remember that first hit will be thirty calories eaten. And if it works great if it doesn't ask you another one for reduced cost between nineteen. Eat your life your life changed for. At fare well he'll be some thirty or sixty dollars support torture 5999 FF and remember it to look up sake it's FA KI ED amazing hockey or thank you guys and I look forward to contact either as they can when needed. Yeah just passing the word and all the great things I'm working on that isn't that great things coming up that campaign yet. Are well that's gonna bring as much the engine yeah so thanks our guests were I'm paying an Elvis and I didn't do what they do into my guess. Thanks for the amazing hockey for finally calling in and letting us know this piece he still trust still a lot of pick and around and still taken around and may she tune in and we get some great upcoming shows you listen Jason GD beyond really real have a great night. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced my child Susan Johnson insisted. So can only be on the radio's so good. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason knows all and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.