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Tuesday, August 9th

Radio Loaded New Year's Special Seg. 1


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This is radio loaded I guess you can do is show looking back at the last few years without talking about the recession. You know what I've found recently is recession proof. Toothpaste now my daughters left Charlie Seabrook governor torn it down our throats is all right. So I get and it's it's has gee it's a small sized in our house. We have that group. It they've out grown and obviously grasses are two billion threatened to throw our usual having your teenage third. Go to the bathroom moments Childs what trainer party favorite Arab weird stuff in the trainer body shots and my first body. They're smaller I don't know and I college kids out of him out of thrown command from not a mansion Elvis wanna died on the toilet whose British. Cut us I've snuck away and got over there Gupta is there but I've. So the plumbing supply may I looked on the Internet order piracy are prominent plumbing supply. And the alliance and supply had to wait a 45 minutes we'll get him I took a number. Definitely I've no idea to exhibit number thing might have been Delhi yep and I said hey America finally got a serve to help. And says yeah as a recession proof hundred I mean obviously. If you up and took pipes break down the pipe breaks you have a choice but thinks it can you do I mean if you broke you still left and that's an idiot out and cast your suit and fight for the Oilers. Sort of I don't. Do you hate freedom because I'm actually a Canadian off. So much for your funnier than Americans comprise or use seuss' a statistically funnier than Americans the American you know now from ever because yeah I wouldn't even admit that last hour he should be cute we can edit that Ari did report to Mets just. Street it's embarrassing. Come on it's not that at all only worse were to grow up. Bring here to read I don't. Ran out. To make a little bit so I can. Outer limits are you're busted a horse I could've been a deficit can't well that's the Gator that's the Jeter highway. The heat here you know if you wanted to get a deal or stay up like nine days and get a little bit you know anyway if you wanna stay up and give some that was me in the bathtub by its. In you know that's the place to be their their belief. I wouldn't know these things are just have some friends that but would know these things and no one of them you know the sad part is one other Norma buddy's teeth turn the glue. They have return and there she turned gluten from doodle that he's eager. The teeth fell out or they just turn it gluten dislike Gibbs has melted out of his head from there and through from the other doodle that bathtub. Why is that and is it sometimes does not allowing a natural thing in it whatsoever is that the drug that does letters and thank these stay up for four days and just not to carry your mouth. It's the drug in the pro Israeli and and you're like chewing on her own face fits in Australia Alexander. Eating an invisible send to ensure. A tough tough tough tough. I whatever the good she karate streak sleet and you know I don't slip by just lay here what are these show are that invisible sandwich and died like mama Cass and that would be awesome. And so bad for your family. Yeah. Hello I'm happy bomber rock beautiful GB up there on the leader of the group saw me and all the as the leader of the here made simple enough and I.