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Tuesday, August 9th

Radio Loaded New Year's Special Seg. 2



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Radio load. Did I tell you about the beaver show an average. Beaver Brothers forever know that they're stomping grounds yeah I know you're there ever a Everett and the other and so that first row. Of the seats. My right to the right at the stage for Israelis and one girl hadn't had a broken mindlessly at the prisoner of the seats. And in the end so UCL appeal sit there rightfully are standing military and lose an end to the Bieber cars and there was a there was a mom. Whether. Thirteen year old daughter and her current you know daughter's friends. And a mom. Wasn't. Fall. And early college in north port up. She full line of Florida for Bieber as she kept going get my Mike's Hard Lemonade to handle our suite to bring our nation's energy drink it like it between your big. The Chile to Mike's hardly crammed in between and they drink and it out of there and order time put murdered her receipt and deflation had a camera up and maritime and what is his junior's old. My kind of girl that obviously for maverick I thought I thought I feel that if convicted they could have been Marysville to beavers can plug it. I'd be freaking out here we are talking Cindy urine Presley music she played stuff is really good. We'll check it out like I was 'cause I have two dollars I've seen Jonas Brothers you know I was in Hamilton. President Taylor Swift and Katy Perry was great so I once in awhile Aussie show that they actually play the Katy Perry and ram killer who really good yeah. But it may be issue sort of a relief because. Jonas Brothers tape. Counts and it's tape. Tennis or tape. News with tape and another Taylor Swift actually know how to play when she was one of the few people don't read music that actually plays and I think there's so freaked out about. Screw enough. And it's so. So easy to do that now that that it Benson can really people that are really complaint and a negative mean we both know people. You know people like us that don't do we don't know but there's people are so how. Could. Use. Some of that trick pretty. There are sharper like rock fans and support horn would you do that. Probably backing tapes and so all sorts of stuff going on in the locals and all sorts of that he would never know whimsical why would you do that you know. It's it's it's so easy and so normal off. So you see so go through those shows and I'll certainly suggest some viewer who's. Actually singing my my my daughters can tell stuff that's on tape which had what they do that Whitewater real incumbency yourself by being very he brought it Manny got played the drums and everything his way. Beavers got jobs people. Straight from the ups mouth Cha Chung can fit yeah governor what you for the B or losers you watch rumored the moms especially. Baku electric cougar mom in France. It was insane watching her every time we checked. Although many girls rather has the air whenever she'd be like okay it's me or that. Nice grand garden vague boob jobs yet the whole thing go really capture more light blue loosen up. Telling when there's only want to eliminate oil at the top of them really they're all shiny slick it's about what it would. Really shine among top of that because look right now but I mean in the reverend obviously got a map their video and you really get a leg and put some turtle wax or I didn't notice look right to go live occurred near buffalo our police what are you looking at these four look at me years. You mean the Isaac but we look at these two you know will pay attention mean when she got copies yeah I'd give boobs. The chicken be approved. A pretty Letterman if I wasn't it Duma moves or get him blown apart when did we don't freakish bigger than my head one had always gets weird that didn't like. That's no get a Pineiro gets a little we'd like doing them from each group is bigger than the head he disturbed looking a little freakish at that point for the there's a lot of that someone give it a little too much I kissed a girl what ascertain and that's about as far as I gotten that's a catch up and I got into the rock sings it would pay operators like you know sector of Carlton non tournament for me nothing. It could be might get awesome personality you pleasant disposition might get away with the fifth that could be out of my head is like Canada and resource. But I and a size of a cinder block I'm surprised they got to the door with the sanctions.