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Tuesday, August 9th

Radio Loaded New Year's Special Seg. 3


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Radio load. So you give fans something for the next decade what would it be different people but you like the brand stupid people. I would like the parent through people's I don't know how would you go about the movement. And blow me personally I would do I would sit out at a gate. An hour after answers to questions and hear that there are stupor not Nestor aren't. OK well give me three of the questions that you would ask define out of somebody's stupid. The first or just the person who populate in your head OJ. And you don't have this reversed. If you assert passing judgment on people you should be heavier you should have looked a little more to get there on your and that would be my advice but you know we're relying on disarmament gallery. You've had a couple of cocktails and in some sort of dumber and c'mon we all have. Beyond denying guys not do that and figure out why. They would get a lead regularly did he get you gotta get closer to the phone we can't hear you are factored Jim can I got to figure out my partner you and DuBois. On Halloween we got a guy. Do you really drunk I mean so yeah hallelujah good excuse. Not England around. It is jump start some of those zombie about it. On the back door man all of this tents and everything else where it is one teacher on or around. And I gained on the fence and then trying to find it back on. And so it is true there limit of Israelis Dresden is army any loses his close election we've all done that all right well thanks for Colin. We're we're gonna we're gonna have we're gonna Jagger gonna figure out here of all the dumb people that we'll get back. Let's call largely political war and scholars are left something in a road case in the nineties did you with him or you'd have been. Now we knew I would you ever on tour early Mars. Deep on the front of large. Here. A large as dobbs what Sean we're regard feel it. We're doing a radio show here cans W. You know we're just roll in through were destroyed and up or antibodies column likes the celebrity Rourke friends through me to look more important show car crucial port elbow where terrific. Cultural when he actually called and where we're at Al's obviously loans. And I'm. Or law all mark. What shall all like oh scared like what's all white ink like we're. We're all quite creative. Things go with it is quite yet for the sport can't see guys could do it. We're not we're not quite sure you know I mean we're just sort of drumming up stories from. Eighty's and ninety's and and now and I'm memorized hang out a bunch of do you bars that are on early ninety's. I've actually got so. And that kind of a funny story about that actually like our York golf article you know display excuse stole cool premiere. And we can't look. Yeah steel co crumble. From golf all the time off into whatever golf would. Not be paying attention and always make sure that he would always easy to steal from current income. And show and Mexico are very funny story about YouTube and now. I feel look I used to feel I hope for me back in the day. What you you know we've been bros short term. Know what it looked funny story because it shock I actually polish born Robert brother are used to I used to steal hope from him. And we'll take Ariel I gotta get go because. I just noted that why assistant to look upon old globe become pure political deal. I grew up a walk up I don't ours. Most large. This is Sean Kinney then. Donna McKay and pay Christopher. Workable musicians who have gone from 00. With pictures around here there are you guys anyway where we actually don't deliver pizza Bernard and large these troops and or a lot okay.