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Tuesday, August 9th

Radio Loaded New Year's Special Seg. 4


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Assists. Just a business together with business school and smarter than your school your the field college does. Get a degree you know I was telling you you got. To own school Arne arcs. The Mervyn. From where he'd remember remember Renton and Warren Palmer and huge chance right there off her back answer falling off of them fervent but you got. You're it's your College Board. Reading your book or but I think that's cool you know to play the peace and stuff that I know get this way cooler near. I mean and under that we're broke subtlety of well but it Gene Simmons is probably way better in business and base menu. Because he's been around longer and more records and he's got cooler hair obviously than anyone. GB up there. Our commuter determine. The death Jeanne Jeanne have you ever meet Duff. Go to the Kagan of course obviously. Devalued and haven't seen you for awhile there I say to movies you there was no life. Couple you know we'll go to great output you I can read to you why I love to locate him operate like a lot of people. Feel compete. And you know it I know everybody feels compared and it's okay. As long as you do something you liquidate. And what they'll make Kagan has done. If you go from kid but he said look I'm gonna put my old their bark. And that's why you should be proud duck. Well I'm not sure blood which aren't you doing as I still champions. Pollution but if you look through all of built strong you can map showed up everything he's doing right now with a loaded everything economic social or if everything he's done with Guns 'N Roses you can almost. Match it perfectly to the cute catalog. Of public health you are giving you are a good golf shots. Pardon or else you're what Leo W audio favorite songs you have written so we're strong that you're most proud of that you wrote go to. OK I don't know let's say of simple ones welcome the jungle. Welcome to the jumble great along tune in radio people it but I liked it a lot better the first drug minority that. What it was called I love that blouse thank you. There. Are. Gee I guess he got me learning. You know alert shouldn't just marry I want to mention. And I would imagine something like I don't wanna take away commercial because I know it's going to be a huge radio show I just want to mention the cute show floor is starting. As PD. In the summer of 2011 it's our farewell tour and we're doing it for the tranche this is all about the fans and the terms of outscored. So we're going on tour and it's going to be our farewell tour for the. G have a cushion. I I was on a farewell tour with you ninety's. What was the last shows we played. Before rebuke coming. This whole thing propaganda and that was actually you know every region all the listened to you and ask us to do because it was gonna come back farewell like you're never gonna do to guaranteeing that was so it was like 96 or so dead I was I was I was fourteen years ago. So our image and. But jogged affair of people up control. Sean you've got to start thinking from a business standpoint that they're as a kid in Yakima Washington. Who has fifty dollars in his pocket and you want to seek care. Our little slider which sells a little head off a firecracker. And I'm taken attribute all of us. Short of the adult thank you very much for its arm remember if you wanna get a hold me to see we only had to come under a program. Thanks G see all believe it would control me and all is the leader of the pew navy patrol. Yeah. It's well.