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Tuesday, August 9th

Radio Loaded New Year's Special Seg. 5


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CEO load. Happy new year everybody welcomed the radio loaded New Year's special. You know this is out there and I got this number. From. And I can't tell you are a former miss the real deal proved. Christopher Walken Chris Rwanda and I you know Chris Rourke and again his phone number banners and I think I think. You know one at this cold cold calls the guy who just told goalie guy on the radio conceive we you're receiving aid as the number work. I'm not I'm not sure I'd ask him. This column I hear he likes to answer is familiar enemy is gonna see some abound zoomed I don't know what you say about dancing granola Vincent. Let's call. There's a cold hearted pro. Why is this if there Crist they're Christopher Walken. Or good. This is I Shaun king. And Duffy MacKay and pay Christopher. We're coming musicians were drawn from Seattle. You know the pictures around here there and are you guys are doing way. We I don't know if you Curtis were on our radio show you know. Seattle Washington and and the British got this number and so we just call an industry drill our honor and a big fan of all your work didn't there and you know I don't I really didn't expect you to answer. Bernard drew large speak truth and Libor OIR who I was scared. We look eyeball to carry what is it true in Washington Chris. Chris Christopher. Who where we actually don't deliver pizza where Sean from Bangkok thousand Jason he's got done. The big to earth led the garden near normal don't. I was young Guns 'N Roses and Velvet Revolver so we're not delivering pizzas and Marquardt were Conway a radio show here in Seattle cares W. Well I'm glad to hear from their cars I don't know if you very slow but I actually. I shortly in the war could jubilant. You know none of which which one. I'm graduate writes I served in the great battle to a very good lately Eddie Patrick. Which was between black and gritty polarity. Four people died at war. But I'll. No I think everybody here that I was probably before the Internet age so you didn't if he shouldn't. That it idea screw you validity and well. Well next time you guys are important call me up don't come your gig you wouldn't dolphin meat in my ball but I'll show up and we'll have fun. So I. Yeah thanks from the Germans it was real honor to if you like your problem and it was great to talk it through. You're listening to radio loaded.