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Tuesday, August 9th

Radio Loaded New Year's Special Seg. 6



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She faced John what's your idea of a good New Year's Day tally to go up front yard for the road was open and shoot a shot you know and that's. Straight up did that you know there was on the front yard with the with the with a robe on nothing on underneath it got a wine stains on the has a white robe probably took it from a hotel you know one of those you know need to stay a bit big. It's pretty certain area Georgie billion dollars four seasons for the Reuben you know you don't know care to just don't care. And so some. I don't know what's going on here but I'm on the front yard I've gone out of the house of a release myself from the inner part of the house and I'm bodyguards. I've got destroyed I got the robot and I've been. I've been thinking I got it went on your methods you know forbid do you know broad elect drink a lot of booze you know. The duo of the blues singer during the wind oh yeah there I would want failure got the wine fridge to hold it. Lemon drink the wine it's better for me than a gallon of what do really you know I'm doing here. So drink the wine probably better our tapered off it's just taken off. And some words early years its music academy of elect elect elect feels OK for a minute so don't listen it was and so long ago. It was you know. But the old wine taper off how many bottles are one I was probably less than those pro MI six bottle then an option is probably about there's probably discussion on party or. Castro is true we. Eight ADM. Yeah you know when I trinkets in over all night and anger and have a number. So as six bottles of wine since well since scientists it's the night before. That and so if I had phase I end up in the front yard white robe the wine stains all over it cars so what's a blood. And you get that cool thing to as you know. I'm a classy guy you know this disarm drink a metal bottle. And and I got the wind lip you know can only could lead to more lipstick of this dried up crusty blind live. And I think it's a pretty hilarious and great idea to take it a shot yet and and get out in the yard and and blast the sing off you know hunting and it's not it's just pretty good idea for some reason I'm think it is a great idea so I'm there. At and which you know the plea should open. When you know that they actually you know somebody calls feminists. Show up on top of it I have the whining and I mean though rove is like you know little tie is c'mon done and I'm free Monica my dog out. Some are open dawn is out. I have a shot and the wind Lipton sitting in here comes the cops you know to negate Asia are mentally do you your you should you know lighting to ressam learned. That you know put to get annoying don't reduce their units that go back in my house miles. And I got arrested one time I got a row I actually got arrested in Chicago we are. Living there for summer writing easier illusions reckon I don't think ever told this stuff. So there was church across street from our Condo. Downtown Chicago here and a and I I'd go out there sometimes and there'd be kids out their plan had so we'll follow them whatever didn't like little kids. And a so one day I was out there was like I don't eleven monitor your beer. On the ball to skid their parents are there and really all of a sudden. Three unmarked. Police cars just come flying down the street now like pull up on the sidewalk. Parked askew. And they got me. And I you know I'd open container and does this pretty extreme for a Chicago. Right and really yeah outside that this kind of extreme birds and opened container and a look at that I didn't have assured on. And a look at it might tattoos and they and they put handcuffs on me. You're under arrest. All right. They put in the back of her car we're driving down the station they kept looking in my tests there what do what do you is looking for apparently there was a child molester in that net that neighborhood but long blond hair and tattoos but. Mine worthwhile. So once they serotonin is in the car. Andy they realized. At some point Muster realize they're on the radio on whatever and we're driving the station and they realize it wasn't me and I started become kind of irate when Mays told me what they overestimate part. I don't know why you'd be upset that they won't hurt saying claiming that your child away Durban the second for a child molester because I haven't yeah I did and I got mistaken for a job now once I haven't yeah. Yet but then they they would like take me down there once apria wasn't me in the car and we're now like. I'm Colin how are two miles from my conduct these good news. I think it's perfect if you are actually playing football with children and how tough tough talk about what a beer and fear at 11 o'clock in the morning when they're assured players did not already explained that no sure thing.