Rod Pyle discusses the new age of space exploration

Tuesday, August 21st

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Rod Pyle about the new age of space exploration. Mars, the moon, andother destinations are now in sight. 8/21/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV johnson


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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. Our opponents and I don't know what we're doing channel Johnson Jason is off tonight but we have the great. Program lined up for you we haven't talked about space exploration and awhile. But we have had our guest tonight on in the past rod Pyle will be joining us we've talked about many many things with him gonna continue that. Discussion we're gonna talk about town Mars the moon what NASA is up to what the private. Space companies like SpaceX are to all of that is ahead on the program tonight. Just what you know what we've got coming up in the coming days because that's always important tomorrow right Peter look vendor who is an author and historian will join us to talk about his recently public published novel called on which which is the second volume. In a trilogy that began with the love Kraft code we've had him on before we spoke about the love Kraft code. On and we'll also talking about some of his work he's written many many books including rat line. Which investigates what actually happened. To Adolf Hitler after World War II. Of course you've seen or you've heard of or maybe haven't. Most people of heard of the program on the History Channel hunting Hitler. Where they speculate and they re search in the investigate. The possibly be that Hitler escaped and after world war two and was not. One of the two corpses that were found outside of the bunker in Berlin burned. It's almost well beyond recognition anyway and certainly at the time there's no DNA or anything like that to be able to verify. Identity. But more more people speculate that's what happened and actually there are some CIA documentation that that may be what happened that he escaped to South America but we'll have Peter Le bend on tomorrow night's talk about that and of course is book. Done which then Wednesday night a couple of guests for you including David REIS who's a comedian any paranormal show host will be talking about his podcast called. Comedians talking about bigfoot. Yeah. That's going to be an interesting thing it also turned into a development deal on for television. Also talk with them on Strauss and talk about his show monstrosity with David race. And a bunch of other things that's the first guest for Wednesday night and then on Tuesday an Arab the second guessed for Wednesday night will be John. I can tell he's an author of paranormal and encrypted investigator will be talking about his new book it's the assess collect files are made a number one. New release on Amazon. He's got a quite a colonel background will be talking about that with him so it's going to be some big click talk and some of the things on Wednesday night and then Thursday Steve Asher. Who is an author and research will be talking about his books including haunt teams of the Kentucky State penitentiary. And Hartings of the western lunatic asylum. Lot of stuff coming up this week and beyond reality radio. Just take a second here it is thank all the folks that came out to visit when I was so at Pinehurst asylum over the weekend and spring city Pennsylvania that was pat Hearst Tara Conner it was a great weekend. A lot of fun lot of great people there was a little hot. I will admit Saturday it was back a bit grueling. Could be the that was outside under tents India in the courtyard of the tenor sound which is just an amazing place. I don't know how many buildings that are in total may be maybe ten or so total buildings on the property pump all gorgeous. Construction some of them are beyond repair and I am told they're going to be torn down but many of them are in the process of being saved. And restored. And and made available for people to visit and investigate. From the paranormal perspective on pay respects. Beckons and look at it from historical perspective it's really really fascinating place. And I had a great time Newsweek and thinking about Christopher who organized the event I'm looking forward to be being part of it again. When they have the next one and another talking about that solely you know what happens there. And the other thing I like to mention a scare kind planning is going very very well if you like to go to events particularly horror conventions or are comic con type convention scare con is coming up in October October 26 in the 28 that's the weekend right before Halloween so it makes perfect time. Lot of great celebrity guests from my paranormal and horror entertainment. And if you wanna find out what's going on there or via information is being put up on the web sites scary con dot com. It's a it's it is easy to navigate the web Sadie to figure out what's going on. And that's stuff will be continually updated as more things sketch whole film festival. Schedule is being created so the beat films showing all the time. Three or four to choose from and any given moment. And panel discussions question and answer sessions with celebrities. Parties are great and very unique vendors. And is discrete time scare conduct comes the website to check for that. OK so we've got a lot to talk about tonight with our guest rod piles are gonna take a break and when we come back we will begin that discussion don't forget the phone number if we saw you wanna call and and join the discussion later when we open the phone lines. Is 84468776. Attacks on. I. With returning guest rod pile we're going to be talking about horse all sorts of things space exploration. And Ron welcome to the program is great to have you back my friend. I'm doing well I have to admit. I'm a little bit I'm well you can probably hear my voice or get a little grass going on among little means and not as well rested may be is they should be I was at a paranormal convention over the weekend. Rudd you know what do you know what those things are like you don't get a whole lot of sleep at those thanks. No you know the trick your smoke more cigars. You know I was just figured it may be the one I did smoke which I don't normally do might be the culprit here I don't know. One of those great guys that are built. Oh gosh no no no no no no no I can barely I Kimberly take. What I do and I just you know I just would do little puff thing just to going to be part of the group liked and enjoyed a lot of and I don't do it very often. And I definitely don't inhale so even up to since been on the program last. Here I have for us to show. In 29 in total robbery aren't so I didn't have regret those which is nice but or new. And they range from. Look at the newspaper did you honestly thought so or. The I ever expect to call it. And another one about. The planetary exploration well. To be in a year or they saw what. I mean releasing one. Book any year is biz is big big big time you've got six did you say. Well our one and yeah when you speak great frame that don't wanna go back but yeah. Marketplace we pride ourselves in a. All right ray B still gotta be gotta do promotion gonna come on chills like this and talk about them. That's a lot of work but good for you. On board at the art. Are you guys great if it work. Aid in we're very talking about some of the books it is you've got coming out plus some of the stuff that you already have out so we've got to a form of conversation going I wanna. Ask you about something that's maybe kind of apart from your your books first though and I know that you keep track of what's going on with. Men's exploration or man's work as as it relates to going to space or exploring space are landing on the moon whatever happens to be but do you also keep denied the sky and kind of watch celestial events or. Other type of space. And astronomical events. I do what is right partners are so crashed out of the capital limited that just earlier year got a Saunders. Which are sold out here and local city what are with a big meteor showers each year we just had one person at a week ago. I wouldn't they at this time but you'll probably here and occasionally I'll go to the oratory or they're in LA and we'll go there and there's specific large cap or something really get all your hours. Hit 61 a little hit my six. Without the back yard. Pass in one. I used a trick up their disturb the sky and there are. That was the year that you are in April. Chip it not every every reader so that first and as you know meteor showers or that your goes. The courts or crop the real comment there's a lot of degree joke obviously aren't they took a shot. Well first that you're activity. What. About in the morning it was like start to dump salt shaker got an exhilarating terrifying that they've hit. And I was dumb struck a red oh my parents so that might actually. Watched that that. Well. You poke. The guy. It is spectacular and that's what I was going to ask you about I mean in the last four or five weeks who says we've had some pretty spectacular events including the pursued meteor shower. But also the blood moon and Mars is just been spectacular to look at as well. And approachable march are great they're every time. C stepped in and that's saying mark can be an old and all that and I. I wish I mean that in the case would know their work out there lodged in the library but. So as you point tense and regret very right. Great well object one but you don't just get somewhere we're able to arc. It's really just yet complete because right by the right here sent aspect. Yeah and disappointing glioma I went out every night over the a few nights for. The proceed meteor shower and I had cloudy skies every night I didn't get a good anything it was really really disappointing this time around. That is sort of your own story. I I live in the suburbs well so I've found that part of it we're gonna get a good view of the court he's a water. From. Go like broke out as part structure is very top level. I collect our. Share certain people looked real Oprah took it at our usual. And this Ellie just becomes so why are you about twelve hours. Completely burned out. And they're probably about our. That. Yeah that's that's that is said part about being in any kind of metropolitan area anymore it's very very difficult to see. But speaking of Mars there's been a lot of talk recently about its getting there. First of all can we get there is that is that within our capabilities at this point. Yes an asterisk asterisk is. A lot of money a lot of effort. Com and we look you're going to Marcus order many decades the first period publication are really. Was probably our book back late forties early fifties. Called art project that it would stick it big because you're on. Ability Saturn five rocket you name it despite the beat Germany during torture would support. And you could this really is great goal you know them woods was born ready that it is critical at Mars in Britain. Read a double construction in the forties or corporate jets after it US. Coal. Mark scientific. Adolor scientific answers some odd at all unpublished or and and the publishers. And that. Cut these are brought a pitcher. And by that like well. All the numbers. Eight impetus that is so you worked in generic so public that it separately. That they want to actually vote and that kind of laid out. First look at you know obviously the ten ships it would take 900 flights and there's little we get space shuttle they're assembled in Portland this expedition out there. What worked I didn't know much Mars then. We redesigning only percent. And up through. They get shot urgent eleven massacre at five of these major design study each one had a little bit more. Herbal let's mass into less money but let's risk. And that's kind of what we've been operating on the only one must propped up that now I'm just gonna go aboriginal war. And soldier looked very different and using me go. Russell. Secretary and people here are some are treated under the sport and you open and twenty miles from my house probably LA or. So. Yeah I think we'll all. It's always harder than you think a lot of stock goes wrong it's based Campbell we use. The so the massacre at stake. It tests on the ground here are to put up stakes for. Radiation in order. To condition with the last two weeks now and caught out they've got to redesign. A lot of work on earth orbit are practically a pitcher. Ten years what's do we do we completely understand the human component here what the effects of that kind of space travel would do to people. I mean we came upon I don't know that yet right. Psychological factors and it all worked up as we got. What seven years eight air here of and being a submarine. Early twentieth century onward. So a lot of data on submarine are extremely old and Antarctic research base and things like that. We don't know aren't directly state and then I think more to talk about the other factors that religion. Which is the big big problem space so a lot nastier we thought it would that is. And he did an excellent so we just saw that summit that we got Kelly came back in the Chengdu political recruit them. At your eyesight. It may. Impact your heart function seems like there's a little bit or something that comes on like the projector. Is that yours not a Mountain States or Europe after many years space. That all the research reported lower orbit so it up the space station but it within. Protective magnetosphere if you look at what you are Apollo astronauts that only a couple of weeks. Talk about being up into space between planets. For your time coming and going all in an article or all day so there's a lot of work. Going into a money being spent on how to mitigate the effects of that. Mechanical. It's pharmaceuticals. The electronic. And that that's really the big is the extent that like support and a beta radiation problem. We're talking with rod pile by the way should visit the website rod piles and piles filled with a YA rod piled books dot com rod has authored fourteen books on SpaceX exploration. I he's got a book coming out next year when he nineteen called space 2.0 it's one of six books to be released. For him I and we'll continue our conversation took a Mars right now. We're to continue that discussion on the other side of the break it's beyond reality radio on June. We've got a great show and we were talking with a broad. Piles lot of horses an author and journalist in fact based space author and his space journalist his website is rod pile books dot com fourteen books on space exploration. To his credit a bunch of books coming out next year. We the truck on Mars. And the idea which seems to be discussed more and more frequently and more more realistically I would say these days of heading to Mars. And rob we know. It's a dangerous anytime we we leave Ers in that fashion it's a dangerous mission. We know it's gonna be expensive. We know we have ways to go to get there so the question begs. Why do it what do we what do we achieve if we actually get there. Or it. Of course it's certainly Brackett and and people ask that bird honestly and with that that attention. And you've got a lot of answers. They're philosophers say we go there as humanity or we must continue to expand or just so short. All good answers are out there with them but I think they're unconvincing. That some folks who took it to drain their wallet. Which it really isn't there in the way it used to be Apollo. He could about 5% in the national budget little less Lynette. Asked about everything that now which is probably quite as much they're doing back then for one half of 1% of the budget. And whatever and create old picnic like 20%. In the I mean compared to defense spending it's the ministry also. It's really small amount of money so so there are those sort out. There are increasingly excited by eight hours or you're on most Jeff Bezos and Amazon saying look all Arctic cold blue origin. And they all feel that it's important to kind of have very carbon copy of humanity is a planet in most case he scenes. Worse this kind of backup drive so we got wiped out like I mean quite mediocre. We still exist somewhere away that popular eight worked up numbers that people would take adult Bible and pull all that. I didn't pose a little more. Organic granola. Six. And his ceiling is still get heavy industry and polluting industry in the thing to renew our planet off the year we've there's this pristine park. And then people wanna space saying. That period or industrial or other activities will be able to as long that what these guys that the comment is we price down at Bristol very expensive. Checklist to watch on that mature in the state this is about. Apart numbers it 500 to 8000 dollars and meet the template that it really look so you can do. Are there are also a lot of other resource are the ones there's more resource and source system. That humanity could the next. Many on. Earth including where battles that we now have to buy China that very credit crisis. And there is solar energy out there which freed but that being backed down there are no longer burning all tools. Also industrialist like it's a very good good deal for the people that you're so the composition of audit audit. A lot of what they are focused talk about that discussion. But there's a whole bunch. The mood is that the first step. Torre did do this and mark really the first planet at that makes sense Ali there's also a lot separate colonies in states. There's a viable. Effort to get to Mars require some type of lunar base or some some use of the moon. Come as a staging point. You've. Could hold on light was questioned because biggest argument based. I'm. Oh there there's just let a lot of people feel like it's going to be yet and that's insert the Kurt should go straight hours at the real planet. In just a rock there's a lot of people I think this especially with then. The part that's what it's talking about it. Publicly. Feel the moon has liquid staging ground. Space station what is really the first. Major outpost straight we're gonna quote conduct a lot of research on living and working in space. Moon makes not a lot of sense next PlayStation because you get there are three days or three days you get overture traders. There's a problem. Stoxx six or nine months away hurt. And at present all challengers remote part of a place like ours does except distance. Saying the move the moon and Mars and urge comedy is. They have stuck their that we use they all here to have public water ice. Where you got water. Ricky Moore you are suggesting that the rocket fuel. And so you can start using these resource that they're at the regular briefings every and it. Know what you were structure and that argued they like opening the west the United States so that the outcome of the next six. In its interest in you you mentioned. Things like technology and resources I think one of the key components to all of this to people often it's it's one of these kind of hard to quantify. Items on the bullet list of reasons to continue this type of work. The technologies that we developed just to get to Mars say. Also have other uses that seem to benefit mankind we saw that with the effort to get to the moon a lot of things came out of that program that we take for granted today an airedale realize is that true. Yeah absolutely great striker. Human benefiting technologies. Other possibly. Military superiors so I say that that statement with. A bit cautious obviously military ever so very destructive but war is in Tel incredible driver technology. Flight also credible or technology. It. Or arguably all columns and when you look at just what happened. Apollo program in terms of the first ball at our computer. Already capability. Like support systems they Lou the same they had design. The material that had the worked up in terms of metallurgy and so forth it's a huge victory gives the attack giving. And it did try to Parse out the numbers sir explain that. And you can make arguments are accurate as art but one thing that is clear. When you look at any of those studies that. That benefits have just been huge especially united state to some extent Russia but they are in the same and we were beginning the space race. And don't. They took that thing to keep thing that we wouldn't have. For action at the technology. We have now especially consumer market that we Google what was based program. Is colonization. A real option we know that Elon Musk has talked about that. That seems to be something that would require far more. In in terms of technology and resources then simply visiting in walking around in jumping back and a module and getting back to earth. A couple of facts answer one at that you don't show its second on the technical side. It would mean there are still many are worked out and they acknowledged to be developed. By. There's no gain in ending problem here. That. Can't be surrounded with an extension of the technology we have now been part. There and play at those sentences aren't source about their humans Oak Ridge and if you're gonna go to Mars. Wanna carry all rock out there need to get back. What are the narrow. Liquids larger liquid oxygen rocket. Don't mind that on the planet and humanity actor there and that both NASA and must and others have been advocating on trying to. Fact the march 20 global watch 20/20. Looks like curiosity and outlook expert on the front court moxie that's gonna sock in some martian air. Internet and they breed more oxygen in party now. But it's an experiment we know notre wanna make sure it works on bars. That's the case there are bedraggled or not it does make what you get there early this solar power nuclear reactor. I recently then ever now for a at this point matter of commitment. What are the things it's always. Confuse me against. Technology has advanced so far sense the Apollo missions. Not just computer technology but almost all technology and it seemed as though who be. Not necessarily easy but certainly a lot easier for us to get back to the moon. Armed. Planet mission to Mars just explore space in general. I assume the answer is yes it is. Easier. But not easy enough right is that or we are. Yeah I regret that I actually really quickly get it it's it's got caught in a space look like human beings are extremely popular tourist. Lectures the vacuum radiation. But if they Apollo program. From. The audit bureau today you're welcome it's something that was the first set sucking up 5% of the total budget. 400000. Work on these people working in many cases triple ships. Two pure auction a lot of bear broke up. A lot of families suffered a really old pro or amateur. In terms of the way it was approach and that's what it. They've got much time your budget. And that we know Apollo anyways Joseph Porter to a political issue. Kennedy was all that and he's got to try it. It was a way to catch up with suppressed the Russian space the only thing you can pick up complex about. That we might you look for them. But not so complex it. Accomplish a credit in the decade and that it was a close it was quicker only a month or at. Least by the way he was calculating. So. It's just import it comes down to commitment I mean we're working on DSL which is the space system NASA in Iraq. Forward depending I look at everything between ten to fifteen years. Saturn are scratch and about our. And it looked fine people but not on there for a launch so. Those aren't your port hearing much more at risk but we are now. Or also look at stake in wonderful shape expedition define what's corporate state court but it still caught it'd been that productive. The entire species not just expiration. Nationalism. And greatness but took a lot and really exists in the solar system. Much taller order a heart that that slowed quite. There's one other components all of this that I think it's often overlooked and in medium romanticizing it a bit. But. I know there was an effort and there was a cultural. Consequence to the space race in the United States. You know the the federal government the president will call for young people to get into science and engineering and and they you know people wanted to you know they did that it's a kind of a cliche at this point what you wanna be wanna grow grow up owner be an astronaut. Are but it's it it it's kind of a provided a motivation and and a reason for kids to excel in school. And something to aim for is that being in my being little romantic about that or did that really happened. You're dead right I spent a lot of time. A nationalist West Coast facility and the California which just vote rhetorically. Or their contracts per year. And I know what I Q so I talk people and the question to ask. Even wrote the article and that's what country and that there's this so Auckland. It is entirely either Apollo program worked very little shuttle program. Order star tracker here are wars. Of the water. A true sections and those things are incredibly inspired those people and is part of the rest the world and what to Japan and about fifteen years ago. Talk you talk to people they're about Apollo program a lot of young people do all our. Then folks here because they realized what an amazing undertake an accomplishment was practically got complacent. So stoked there firing and and argue talks a lot of groups talked on people up to two months ago. I would open by saying. The news they say global here really close. And wouldn't you know it can be right around the corner and then you're quite a great job you want aerospace technology that could support. I think that the wants the opportunity assuming that that keeps flying network is quote the first time here. You know what's happening right now seen it with it's going into school going to stem steam programs that stuff. They're motivated excited. Not just America at all over the world in China that their program that really robust. They're planning. Human anabolic are ending their planning it will mark plantings. Planning all this stuff apple Google Earth orbit and secret source of them and they're putting a lot of money and commitment to a kind of like it during straight straight so. They're probably the next big contenders at the art in a little one. The watch. Okay we're gonna go to break here and when we come back we'll continue our conversation with rod pile again check out his website rod pile books dot com. We've got a lot more to talk about it's beyond reality radio and T. Kasey talk tonight we got a runner prior. Heard this week I'm talking about go in getting to martz the next step. I guess in space exploration rod before I went to break you mentioned China becoming the player. We know Russia is a player. Does it matter who. Gets to Mars first or does it matter who gets back to the moon. At 10 o'clock here at the at this in which probably. What happened. A little bit. Peace that on the floor of the senate or. You know one day at 82023. Chinese delegation walks up the podium. And says 08 that's on the hands back like Apollo eleven. And there ultimately enjoyed visiting their. Iran. Thought to be quite. A large. Population. Who has circled the speaker look at it doesn't really matter who gets back to call it needs to be the go to third but he orchard a good nobody. But every idea during the great race which some very nationalistic undertaking obviously. Certainly a big part of that I'd like this estate very strong in its expiration. But at advocate. For a long commitment abortion program. Under. Increasing budget and increasing pressure for decades of not doing well. And when we stop right now weekly domestic at 84 billion dollars Percy. Why ask you about the space station that we hate most of which are covered cursing. All the budget vote at about two billion dollars a year hours 2019. So when we stopped flying Russian spacecraft they're going to be strapped or they are so the record and their player. China and India also work with the big economic powers I think it is just announced that they does that they've been sort of around what. With human K spacecraft were about a decade date they were so it'll. My couple won a few years ago or trying to end the orbiter Mars they're the first. People that the US to have instant success at first light so. They're they're something certainly be to be looked at very very optimistically at this point. So. Specter questioned no I don't think it's important those but I sure as if they're part of it and and they note on the discussion which we can talk about later at a time that the military aspect there's a lot of concern increasing concern about that. As Russia and China one place they are a lot of money and have success. Russian program. Is on figuring out what age you disable edit pinned on. Satellite or asset that's something we depend on very able people well so that concern too. Yet you action that was going to be my follow up question we're gonna hold more discussion a man to the other side of the top of the or break this is our break we have to take we're talking with rod pile. Again check out the website it's rod piled books dot com. Ron has fourteen books on space exploration next year's a big year for rod with six books being released including. A book called the space 2.0 we're going to mean to those details when we come back it's. Eon reality really on TV just. Beyond reality radio and TV Johnson Jason is off tonight her hurry hurt her with our guest rod pile we'll continue our discussion with him. It just few moments one almighty tomorrow night we've got Peter loaves and who is an author and historian joining us. To talk about a recently published novel of his cold done which which is the second volume. In a trilogy that began with the love Kraft code. We had Peter I'm talking about the love Kraft code last year believe it was. Ralston talked about some of the work he's done. For several books including one called rat line. Which discusses. The belief and it's becoming more and more. Except that I guess belief that if he would did not. Commit suicide. In the bunker in Berlin in the final days of World War II. Though the his corpse was not among the two corpses found in the shallow pit outside the entrance to the bunker I'm burned beyond recognition. Many people are starting to believe that he escaped and there's actually a television show on the History Channel. Calls on teen Hitler that X than it has been exploring that and for several seasons and they've shown some pretty compelling evidence that Saddam may indeed support the case. That Adolf Hitler escaped Nazi Germany in the final days of World War II. Well Peter look vendors don't wanna work on that as well. He's written several books on the topic including rat lines so we will talk about that with Peter tomorrow night. Wednesday we've got to guess for you in the first hour David races a comedian Andy Peron on talk show host. That is going to be an interesting combination and conversation will be talking about his podcasts which is called comedians talking about big foot. That's tomorrow night's very soon he wins and in the in the first over the program the second hour John. I can tell all who is an author a paranormal encrypted investigator will talk about his new book called says squat files so it's a night of big foot conversations Wednesday night. And then Thursday Steve Asher an author Andy researcher would be talking about his books including on teams of the Kentucky State here. Penitentiary. And hung things of the western lunatic asylum so great week of programs of course front and it is always a best of on beyond reality radio but tonight we're talking about space exploration. With rod pile rod as a returning guest to be on reality radio. And his website is rod pile books dot com if you wanna learn about. All of this work he's got fourteen different books and space exploration and brought again thanks for being here with us before the break we were talking about. If the consequence of another nation. Going they're making it to Morris before the United States or making it back to the moon before the United States gets back there. Honestly it almost seems as though it would require. To have a successful. Mission to Mars it almost would require some multinational cooperation is that even possible these days could we work with the Chinese say. For the Russians say and coordinated effort so that we can get to them on Mars or back to the moon for the benefit of all. We're in the space of the convoluted history that started. On the space station International Space Station that we're pretty well. There are some people would tell you we didn't say much money there are others. That we save a lot of money but one where are political jester surge successful. And even Earl Robert Ukraine a couple of years ago. Thing with the space station between NASA and trust their basically they were going fine. Little stressed but we didn't work and your quote does not level between that and the politics on the ground. That started back in the six there were some very tentative exchange integration. Planetary science side between the two programs US Russia. Soviet Union that works for a moon and an. Open and bars. So unit pace in the bars RK successfully. And so another one of those hot topics. Should you can't wait. Can't wait probably. We we have a lot of political issue now especially with the Chinese it's late. Russian law sort of on stage programs. There's in both the good that. And we kind of understand that the Chinese and the new players block. They're moving along very quickly. Other human program so far based at least are getting people in the states already spacecraft that license the Russians. The same ones that are the same chip there like it was equation now. Quite a bit but they haven't. Built at ground up and take spacecraft yet they did build their own space stations to look on getting ready to go third they won. So. Clearly they're they're coming power. We have a lot of weight including legal restrictions there's posters almost call it art. Which are made to sort it and I intellectual property is considered sensitive. From leading US or a foreign and it works most that are not all the time there's a lot of it all that. So that the big problem we're back now a lot of Smart people including global. Feel the international on the Internet international relief. We have to figure out. Political divides her well we in important states. And I think you YouTube. Mentioned the what I call the dirty word prior to the break. You know the military component of all this is probably. The biggest factor. And when I say that I mean obviously there has to be some additional advances in technology. To make all of this happened in those advances in technology could. In some ways to be used for military purposes and they would be cutting edge technology and I would imagine we'd be very very hesitant to share any of that. Out there that Greenberg the militarization of those things so would you start talking about being in power. Created in orbit from sub out current. Talk about. Powerful beings coming down to transfer the energy doubt there are certain to be used Oprah who's. General use or nefarious arkansas' weather conditions probably. Talk about high energy it's those things can be weaponized. At this point. Virtually everything we do it daily basis parched by eight. Based activities somewhere. Yeah bank transfers. Of work off timing clock our satellite. GPS works out as satellites a lot of things we like about as much work out. A satellite orbiting technologies. All are in no. How many shoppers were part on Black Friday date they've vice satellite that is that. So that stops that Google corporate corporate espionage. So they're all cart stock epic now are under our economy increasingly want it. Certainly that blacked out. Really bad day which is why there's torture something like that North Korea and sending up. As small nuclear device that would cause electromagnetic pulse you probably talked about that show the boys are our three years so. Yeah ought to hear about that and that's another technology right. I'll political won the support you're here conversation about things but as they orders. And the airport are then more space to assist and they have huge budget special part of books. No black budget is that there's a lot of money based technology. Activities that are very active. Now we're talking about art that ridge military is quite sure on come from we'll come by the defense programs are older patients. But that's definitely something that they look that urge seriously now. Is that mandated fact. And when I first talked about it because there's no fighter aces like rather. By Battlestar Galactica. Or the other out of orbit. For a long time it'll be what it is now robotics and remote control. Of weapons that observation systems. You know both the Russians and the Chinese have got. Sophisticated about wearing the box satellite or. Learning how to. Want to quit going out there are so that people you're hurt or. So in not to get political we do not wanna go down that wrote it all on this program but term we have to acknowledge that president trump has set a lot of things and some of them serious some of them not. Is the space force talks serious. Yeah you're at your cohorts are what is sort. Of a little bit that I know that it already is. That says it is moving forward and being taken very seriously and there's money being spent lenders are. Legal documents being crafted little support that's. Component that is beyond or there. Which is now we're looking at. Huge. Part for girl's sector being act the statesman. In the US right now but a lot more you're going to be China and India and Russia like. We're talking about. Not just satellite observations or Robert we're going mining or having. It meant short tankers and order where you go to our doctors or off the mark. And everybody. On pastor urged other bodies including the movie. Work out a law that somebody attacked the trade the Coast Guard has (%expletive) so maybe by extension. So that part street or do or at least as sort of foresee this protect that infrastructure. So people can do that this is not just protecting American interest small comers it's. Hopefully international community get your degree much as they broke acres. Watching each other like to order a number worsening shipped across to deliver. Our approach to. Country may not be our most favored nation blessed. And I'm you know somebody got to keep watch that so that's also straight force. We have to take a break you're just a minute but don't ask one more question before we do and don't come back a really wanna get into your space 2.0 book because you talked about the commercialism the that we have private companies now. Designing building. Methods and actually establishing the vision for space travel in the coming years but we're not when we talk about this and we talk about. Going to Morrison we talk about building. Either colonies or mining colonies or whatever happens to be. Do you ever get concerned and we do on this program as we talk about a lot but do you ever get concerned about what's Stephen Hawking said. Shortly before he passed away is that we have to be really careful about letting her letting the outside universe. Know that were here. It's an important conversation actual are divided about. Sending out electric magnetic signal will we know he says. The turn of the twentieth century both radio and television. And their people and other sergeants and torturing a little Lucy and improved some of those awful on it. But they they covered so. The cat kind of out of the bag that term what talked about it like I highly energetic focus on ways are being radio. Edit the specific target. That might be inhabited. And you know somebody that smarts something like that it's it's that you don't want somebody orange ten years. Yeah exactly that it would be the fear okay. Take a break when we come back we're gonna start talking about state space 2.0 that's a book that our guest rod Pyle will be releasing next year. And we've seen a very very quick. And what might be a more full revolution in the effort to explore space in the advent of private companies that are actually providing the way to do that. It's beyond reality Radio One GB Johnson a lot. Johnson juicy news after talking with her ride her either. Ron's new book coming up coming out next year called space 2.0. And runner got to say. We have a new space age daunting as what so we've been talking about and your book addresses. That so if you had to define it. And NTELOS what did what this new space ages and why it's important how would you do that. We're going back Tuesday. We've taken these. Expects portrait worried that there aren't that overtime. Export area the size small Alec came home. And there were a lot of interest to do the same the bars that politics that's what were that aren't. At that I'll although there'll probably be an expeditionary raised to Mars exploration that the goal really if there's commercial side. Is partly a lot a way to what are they won't ultimately proper also sensitive talked to expand what you're on must. Direct. That it. Quick shot blows it up socially awkward and it Jesus grip part one. Run players. Their program and I said if you guys could trigger the close it is and it's on March but it seems very inspirational. This year that we think we you know we can. Jet fuel from Mars possibly from the moon so that our whole although we're a lot of the one time. And find Parker will help is built infrastructure there. We think we can make goal could actually make a so that she could be what works so well in the west especially US over the last years seems to be what is going to open space at this. Big commercial orbiter. When we talk about a private company actually. Being the force behind this type of effort. Are we giving up some things. From a strategic standpoint. Or will this be highly monitored and regulated by NASA or some other government agency. Through that it was just I think you're Apatow as tropical and expressed the it was trying to apply the first and still has ratified by the first. Prior Croat the moon Lander. Casks to local partner and work and eventually start setting mining machine out there. They edit your look at it as to get room. Backyard. Or got to go to civilian airspace. And no private company relate to that or at least not the way they were gonna do it. Watch their artwork that it. Whenever it at that net result that some streamlining the process unfortunately edit their credit during that. What the first thing talked about in the new National Space Council met last year. This group was formed. The trop administration that's been around it in in government before a couple of times has been active in many many years. So they they react this group and its advisory group industry government people. How that larger national goals for straight slight space exploration and commerce so or. One that first thing they did it was an invite the architect in the say what you need to make the worker or is that streamlined regulation. Open up five times. Acrobat. The thing that they're more worried about they know how to build machines are creatures that are bigger goal that you have partner. The company he got money make it successful at least booklet they want to. Also technically legal her well waste that can move it quick and efficient fashion. So out of anything epic game and something which new understanding of a work in. We do the same thing in Kirkwood navigation and commerce back in the last couple centuries. The trickle B I think what we work it out it. US that extend that international sectors that are but he agrees. Okay this is where this is how we get there is Barry can proceed but hey what they're the ones that are that big model at least on the ground. OK hold that thought hold that thought are uncertain about burst in there we've got to take a break this is hard break we'll be right back. Neither cast his rod Kyle. We're talking about his book that will be forthcoming space 2.0 check out all of his work. As web site rod pile books dot com rod is that the best place for people to go. Everything's an ams and everything is on m.s and we have to support is caused only at the. I applaud our mobile that a bit and probably do it and have all the air. I tell you what it's it's so easy it's hard to not do it and we preach all the time go support your local retailers go right you know we do all the time but. But you know it's almost it's so I don't know I don't know it's it's almost this a good thing going on where it's it's it's easy and it's convenient but what's happening is in the retailers are. That I have started evaporated long ago so he of this election isn't there too so it's almost self fulfilling I don't know but. You know anytime you can sport local retailer we encourage. But let's. And but I tell you didn't have a liking to hang in your. Front door the next. And now. I believe now they do I don't know how they do it and you did there it's cheaper yet they get and they delivered to you basically overnight it's unbelievable. Anyways so the book and we look at space 2.0 we look at the dawning of a new species to mean surgery recently not only was the president talking about a space force. But the president was talked about getting back to the moon there's like this chatter that's developing. That we haven't had in decades. That's got to be encouraging for people like you who watch this stuff all the time. Or people like you know the scientists that are working on these things I mean it really has to be bit invigorating. Then there's the not spaceflight side the strike two. Oakland and so there's some of the moons the outer solar system where we kicked in my life in the ocean under the crossed. So there's there's a lot of divided interest but. It is heartening to hear this in bigger bigger conversation about getting around. Doing it because remember yours now we're talking about that your Mars where it is kind of they planet sometime in the weekly 38 Matt Ryan and so let's are being built or. Early in the final stop to talk about they have watched state at that point about. You know setting or orbit and probably. What we do there or talk about our exploration around the globe all the so at least we got destinations. And a you know regardless torture political feelings are. Try upsets some odd things sometimes occasionally. You know whether the military people have been asked people spent studying next sort of make our racial a look at a bike and what it says. But it's OK. At night that the utility announced that it but I think there're few people in the know. There were certain shot at bats but but it forced ago so this can be. I think that got into this momentum behind which is exactly what the Chinese are doing it I'd say that 1040 years they had they can't patent politically. Of it is incredible. We if you look at companies like SpaceX and I want you in a moment just tell us what SpaceX has done for this effort because I know that their Q key player in all of this but. Ilan mosque I think he's worth about ten billion dollars of if I remember correctly. It's gonna take a lot more than ten billion dollars to get to Mars and did so workers' all the additional money come from. Well they talked a lot to answer they are. Contract or great passer as you note so ought just cannot stay International Space Station. They're watching supplies and cargo there auto already. So they have that agreement seems working very well and they're quite it and our partnership to go to the mode format okay. What kind of chaos that might be ready you're still open question. Just as Smart or or the mosque is that most of all that money out straight. You already said billion dollars of management it'll do that to our stock here at the pundits as. It's. But I'm it is but I also talking. Quietly. More conservative way. What about you know working with NASA. Because it's been made clear by an internal study it's much much cheaper. To do this with the new private vendors is very people our vendors and it is to go about business where they have been. Or being the proceeding sixty years so. The falcon nine cents which is most well course rocket for SpaceX. It's hard well cost something depending on numbers or gap between a bit from the tent at a cost to put the traditional fashion. Yes it was doing before. They let us. So without that kind of benchmark it's preliminary but with that kind of benchmark you can see there's a lot of the alleged. Sure guys are willing to put up borrow money that preliminary work. Yet that that's certainly something that to Abu you're obviously if it's at all government money we don't get that benefit at all. What happens. In this new space age where we have private companies putting rockets on launch pads and sending them off when we have. Something in the god forbid but it it's it's very possible the we have something like a challenger disaster or a you don't apologies Astor mean. There have been people that have been you know have lost their lives in this effort what happens when it on a private company is responsible for that. I don't ruling now. They're trying to figure that out. And I'd say I mean as a government and the companies they are certainly. They've been companies certainly restrict first but they are. Moving faster and working shortly after that so back to the space race age or build better lives. They knew were the medal for that turbine blade and enjoy it was mind that you smell that though it was well in order they do or component. Everything was test that you had supply line from literally ground. That apple might all the way rocket. Kerry spent that way but that was part or Germany ended in generic. Product and or Portugal. At this carefully this site is possible. But do that anymore at least on the private side will be very powerful but nobody afford that so. You know the question is how much risk except now the other side you'll look at the Russian. They're straight technology is ready the most expensive. We will look fine. But it didn't work in pursuit Nicklaus here it sort of is capsule is incredibly. All that very trick I'll be associated with a girl go. It clear that can be done if you're careful. But to get back question if something happens. I don't really you know obviously that's apartment shut down there'd be a big investigation. When that happens with NASA that did that challenger. The gates is going to be at. Did anyway is also I've come back. If that happens with our company and they survive that with all the service contracts I don't know that there are guest. So we've kind of skirted around this a little bit. But more directly what is next for NASA how does NASA. Operate in a a world where private companies are actually doing the things they used to do is have more of an oversight role or strategic vision role what is NASA's role. Both strategically it's a tough one because you want most centers. LC I wanted to urge people to Mars Accenture on the way back. Does NASA have the right oh hey wait at that because we protect whatever microbial critters might be there all the germs faster not to take up. Where they deny it access certain. In the big picture what NASA and they want. They're being urged to do body the government State Council. Is to take that larger or are old or younger or a lot explore. And be. The back what kind of work it has been done when you're going to new territories. And the marshals based clinical routine quite so orbit. Once on the moon supplying the mood saying sir will be orbiting station. Ferry back port because it is so that Bert well why. Most railroads except Amtrak run by private companies trucking companies are private concerns. That do. So this year. Are gonna really make Coke this makes up what it sent the private insurance to update your best. Asset to what they depressed which is to. Historically. Explorer and push the boundaries and develop the new incredibly intriguing. Technology that work. If size if you on my Estes gets to the point where he can send. Something. Whether it's passengers or cargo or one or by the explorers to Mars. And NASA or the US government says no you can't do it could Ilan mosque just build a launch pad in and no say the in a picket country doesn't matter where it yeah no matter where could he build their and then just do it anyway. Well I think you can go watch that there be repercussions. Audit business dealings here cerebral lips would move the whole operation there and I can be pretty challenging. Of course that's really been fully fleshed out nasty they're very they're all. People sick to care or protecting the planet called creditor protection. Protecting planets from us persons. That your debt which are technical or asteroids and some things like that the multiple conversations but Roger protection. For example is secure the ports or more hours right now. That will set up there with popular approach any source of liquid water. That's one thing we've done that before the liquid might be. There we don't want a jury later or rebel. Urging that that water and possibly contaminating. The vote quite micro across the planet external outlook work. There are people who say you know such a hostile environments. Reaching coal Speight an indication. All the extreme conditions. We just don't say anything as a little while but it will Kirch a bigger problem. Coming on board conversation we talked about private industry. It's something I have not satisfactory. Satisfactory answer or are. We're gonna we're at a time quickly in the questions the list of questions is still quite long. But I do when I mean she is. No god no no you can't because you in order to answer you have to do that. But. We I do I wanna make sure we get a few things in your one is I know that you're involved. With the national space society and there are some events are some things coming up that you are part of and if I'm reading this correctly. A magazine called Astro they do they eighties and I'm senior editor that are put that together recorder. A firm in outreach our membership and a few months or going to be doing addition all local arts are at it ever read it. So we're try to expand that reach out that. Will be one of the international belt conference around the country in LA. A couple of months ago and that's generally. Well under which under tortured people. Of all stripes that are rocket arch is the most part are speakers are the people who can't art everybody. There family and I'll slide forward students Americans students. Some little kids. The course like Brussels based people who come together to boost the talks. And should bruised and chat and network and just sort share each others company has. It's not in the room walked into. The budget people would have. Deeply rooted interest Sosa warriors so that's a wonderful event that will be. I would. In 2019. May have been in May we have another part of space opera which is coming up November by invitation at that. Expensive it's much smaller and it's really designed to get top minds in that state settlement together trap them talk to each other. And occurred motivated professional group of people. In Iraq. Them yet here is to really find. What we're talking about getting people also for this space what you're talking about. Report or courage points which of these stable or it's out in space between bodies or on the planets what do we talked. We're gonna get we're what are we gonna to want to order to make that work or actually stop and talk about it. The two main events than their all kinds of the chapter based organization all the oral. A lot of local as well as they do respect education. And outreach and so forth so wonderful verdict there aren't the organization. Fraser asked this question of view. If if SpaceX. Hold you tomorrow and said rod we want you to be walked on one of our missions were what were we were written where we've got to on the launch pad ready to go one is going to the moon. One is going to Mars which one would you wanna be you know. Well I watched and smaller men and place or broke the big dude that's. I'd probably pick the moon for a couple of reasons. One fairly early. It and so early Mars like they're a little bit. Too it is just me personally. Our guys that with the elevator between horse slowed down too much sort of let. No I don't think I'd do well blocked the capsule sat a couple of space capsules and one. Included. The dike or are attached so we thank goodness that editor. Albeit. But that's size you know if it was just an adventure of it I love the art but it would be much waste. The short trip. And it it would go every at a C essence I was six years old. Just adding that an export place you know that going thirty feet or spacecraft realizing that no living thing that ever stood there. In the entire history of humanity. Is just my two I would love to do about which what which future. Ha ha you know has turned the questions around on me. Yeah I tell yeah I mean at. He's just given the the commitment. To going to Mars what it's a six months trip right as of the estimates are six months to there. And then it's longer to get back right in my mind right and then. About the same so Utah are at least a year of your life. Yeah I have I have looked a little trouble with that. But I'll tell you what I did say is setting foot on a new planet. A planet that like you said no no one has ever set foot on. That's pretty exciting I'm in the moon it's it's it's kind of old news isn't just kidding it's not but. So there are Gardner have you seen it all all astronaut really well and that's recently came back became a very. Accomplished our question one okay. It gearing up for. Right there of course you are practically wetting my about so excited to talk these guys and I said what it's like to walk. That await the latter. Are looking at this crater that no living thing could a person as our you know the history of the purse. And so many of the book. I support. A oh we have we have yet we've got about a minute left here. I know that as we opened up our conversation you said you've got six books being released two of those were reissues. As for our new books one of them will those is space 2.0 so it seems awfully silly to ask this question but what I'll see you working on. I'd just finished a book. Called first on the moon which of the Apollo eleven's direct respective. And I just finished the Coke and a planetary robots which is about the exploration source of them by. Machines and I guess starting a book called Europa the state today which is sure exactly what it sounds like. Heroes both commonly known many don't work space we heard much about. To get angered do so that's that's the stop work on now it's really just collapsed. And once again the web site is. A great place for people to grow also Amazon just give out you web address again. They want as our outlooks. Where elite dot com and that he urged that the nationals base party's web site is based stuck in SS dot org orgy. Is that an organization that anybody can belong to. And fairly expensive I think introductory first you're racist when he barked out so it. It's a great outfit wake up with that you'll get one magazine. Terrific rod thanks so much for being here with us again we appreciate that. And hope you'll continue to be a good friend of the program and come back sometime soon. Anytime thank spurred much. All right we're gonna take a break and when we come back we're gonna wrap things up it's beyond reality radio and TV Johnson don't. Joining us offering scores are gonna talk about his new novel called it done which were also talked about rat line of book you wrote about Hitler's. What is now being considered escaped from a Nazi Germany at the closing days of World War II very very controversial topic. But also very very interesting that's all coming happen tomorrow night's program don't forget to stop by rod piles website. It's couple different addresses rod pile books dot com or piled books dot com pile of spelled PY. LP to be on reality radeon Jimmie Johnson Jason back with us tomorrow night make sure you join us again it's Peter look and a but tomorrow night on the program have a great netbook talked to next time. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced my child Susan Johnson insisted. So can only be on the radios distribute and yeah. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello and Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason no smoke and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.