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Wednesday, March 29th

Ryan Castle and Corey Taylor

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Well hello and there. So guys before him and our you know he had me in the car and backed my house or. I don't know if I don't even know if this place is still there but I used to live in that. Apartment building next door to the old safari club to point Europe foot tall dark. Yeah he succumbed yeah right yeah I do actually hit that everybody late ninety's he succumbed on a few slip up play at the safari club. Oh yeah you have back on or clone owned yet that's exactly what it was Fiat and yeah for anyone listening this interview you picture like. Nine dudes plus two empty beer kegs on stage the size of the kitchen table mystery while. Are you out there who postage stamp man it was horrible. You know do. Made for the show you know. Yeah the energy level was high and that was actually saw the hottest concert in my life than a minute with. It was reverend Horton heat in the dead of summer at some point must've been a hybrid car here that plays I don't know if you rout that she's fun. Oh I think I might have been I was I used to run the store there like before it would go to my other gig. And thanks our number. Ample time to remember quote he came through. Steer came through win oh lead being so have long red hair it was very weird. I mean it was awesome show that was like we think has quit here where my singing right now like. But they're there are some really great like I work it will Wesley Willis they're like it was a whole. Olympic cup sponsor great shows that went down on the apple list. Yeah is simply still there I mean these though these shows. It until they're going to base you have it it's changed it's changed and like 45 irons. And it's they're just now starting to do live music again. For a while it was they'd they eat they didn't do music it was an Irish folk. Connected you know it's right around the corner from Drake right so Sawyer college college for. But now they it's it's changed and again and and yeah actually I think it cope luckiest. And now. And they're doing that do live music again which scared. In most towns have one of those places that you know million fans come through here it was there was a place called the off ramp for a lot of years and that's where you know like. It's our guard and Alice in Chains and cats like that got their starts to let that be a lesson to you kids you know go see local gas play in the clubs you never know right. Exactly that was that was that place was that the same places deviate from what we political called NB ATV it was a day we're thought. These are different spark out here yet you know and it's it's a shame. So. The offer up the building is still there they feel these shows there it's called L core zone now but you know there was a couple of the places like deviate. A place called brought candy that was here please call sit spoke there there's like three other places that really big for for music in the in the early to late ninety's on the don't exist anymore unfortunately all right our. So quarries the new album hydrographic can only assume that this is a and on top man perhaps. Also what I mean you know me so well you know I'm I'm a huge sand attitude in Orange and green of course. Ballots. Yeah I don't go ahead. I was just gonna thought like you guys just finish this up didn't she like recently. Yeah now we're just we're still we're still were so sushi at the mixes right now yeah it's. It's all done so accorded Maria noticed we are probably two songs which in the final mix being done enough. And you know working on a plan to it you know release some new music yeah. Does having out of the corn tour these guys are get ready to take off fog coming up having that deadline does that help viewers that hinder you. No Amanda I was Blake a boost for us because we've what I mean we came into this sort of routine. That it was almost flake you know there and we had time to kind of structure legs a little bit and really make sure that everything was Dolan. On the court tour came right. At the right time we're like that is perfect you know it was almost like like all these perfect little pieces are soaring because all in the place. And so roll out to be really really easy arrests were in a show out and hopefully and not look too ugly but you know rocker you know rocker well you don't you know. And the idea Helms both beyond June the core two starts in June as well write the perfect time yeah. Yeah yeah that's that the plan I've got two different date. That within a week of each other so we're trying to we're trying to Tenet should that window com. But yeah I mean that this sort of done mixes done our work done were just you know Tressel would surely can have moving all these pieces toward each other. Would you I mean are you guys that would work on some thing. To death is given the opportunity like is it hard for you to to finish something like this have heard that that term. Snake eating its own tail before they can just go round and round of rise or. Sometimes I mean if I am I'm actually. I'm more more of a believer in the adage that. You know albums charts are never finished urged kind of abandoned. Forgive you run out of time now on. But sometimes you use you get a little bit. Yeah a little bit more ahead of the game and can you take a listen back to it Buick in all I had it to do I think people over thanks to death. And the net value end up. Sucking the energy and no ice out of other out of a record you know especially when you do it right away. Absolutely it just it is get the pole a point where it just it also announced processed sound compared to some computerized. Near display. Well it was a good album. You know I you get to the point where you're like all crap or what now it also. So what what were I mean we're really lucky man like economic captured lightning in a bottle and we've. We've been hands off that percent it's like we're we're we're cheapened it's that the mix is really lives and you know the overall energy itself is really shine in their honor and so I know I mean on armed. Nowhere near as weird as it used to be when it came Billick construction site that they've sort discount that once it's good Mikey knew what it. I'm getting now away from this is actually where needs to be. I asked to imagine. You being a guy that pays attention to what's going on the world's you know some of the writing for this album happened. During the election did any of that stuff in full three year your psyche when you're writing and end up and up on this new album. Honestly no. Just for the fact that it all ended up in my book. I LA as our Israeli and yeah I was rise certain book them for Wallace was happening so that's all yeah all those social political. I was is raging about fear has ended up in in the book America 61. Not to say that there isn't some you know like in sort of plate. The social climate you know Canada and I've always try to pull a little bit of that stuff and there it's. Gotta be around with it I'm sure it's top of mind all the time right. Always in and when you're just beat over the head with everywhere not just on. The regular media but in social media I mean its site and you can't help but not. At least sort of form an opinion about certain things even you know for people who. Like like myself try to stay as informed as possible you know not just jumping to conclusions based on. Headlines or hot button topic he's trying to get the exactly I mean you. You would like to read something like oh hold on a second before pissed about this summer research and make sure that this is actually act. And then sometime in or have to time it is have to time it doesn't mean you can go there but most people. They also electronically stay there we'll jump right to it. Instead of you know stopping in educating themselves you know and that thing that I've noticed is. You know most people. Who are a little more in and I don't wanna pay anybody a different way but. People who are little more educated than most tend to be the ones who do the most researched him and then funnel back it's the people who would rather just react because they've really don't have that background in checking to make sure things are. On the up and up those the ones who attended picked up. You know the quote unquote they use whatever and kind of runway that so. It's frustrating and it makes it really hard to kind of wade do to get off white noise goes on social media but. You know at the same time it people with Pete people at Lincoln people talk and that's kind of what this is supposed to be about you know the political process. Sir you mention your your fourth book when you're working the door back its safari club back in the day you know did you did you think you would be a writer did you aspirations could unearth this August oh in the discounting Ohio. I would I would have been stoked just do better regional brand that Japan is bill you know later that. It was you know all of this stuff was a million miles away so. I'd everything after being side has just been a guest you know I mean it's it's stuff that you hoped to do you know he you. You know you sit back and you look at the people who you know looked up to. From a musical standpoint you see them. Make it now and succeed Ambien and movies you see them write books and you're like god you know it be cool. But you know you never allow yourself to you know to trying to go down that worm hole. On everything that I've been able to do people come to me or I haven't like necessarily chased it down so it's been to me that that it's just been aghast you know. Are there people in the industry you look to for advice when it comes to stuff like this like I know. And only Q and Duff McCain in our bodies and he's he's asked for rider no doubt I mean is there somebody turned to a came in I'm thinking about doing this thing when you think. Doesn't always been a really great touch stone for me you know like I've been very lucky call him a friend for awhile and you know our age you know we've we talked about stuff like this you know in the end. And we haven't talked and and you know and a little bit I just relax and you know he's been in middle there was this stuff what is that off them. But yeah man you know there's a handful of people that I talked to our talk and get so as Scott Ian grant Berkshire. Or speech he's big he's a guy who not only loves to make music but also what to do it a million to project. And that thing that all of these people haven't commas are also family people noticed family men and that for me is. They got the best advice second ever try to reach or to some consulate trying to balance all of this while also being united dad I was being an all out you know. Are these are these people they he'll be interviewing or have interviewed for your new podcast a series of bleach with Corey Taylor. I'm working on it I hit that fat but. You know I I. Definitely wanted to get Scott Duff on. At some point and and that he would kind of you know. But it mischief we can get duke is armed you know I'd be basically I would just put the Mike and sort of damages until millions story that's worked all about you know. Poem but yeah I mean definitely. Ever since I you know started the show. Arm but you know I've read you know better enforcement on put you know it's. You know we all have the same problem were also people busy so trying to get the schedules to line up has been. Been a little bit of a process. It's something you're gonna try and maintain earlier on tour you know did I miss and I got my I have my portable recording rig which essentially Xoom with a microphone but thought you know like the fuel for track cassette recorder you know oh god how rabbit that it is like an old that it hasn't authentic sound. At its debt it keeps fit you know if it keeps me in with these register people sitter whatever the hell that means you know that the the coal police. The tip of the yeah. I mentioned. Opera man earlier and it says that stuff windy think it happened. In cult when did geek culture become pop culture late used to be. You know being a geek was was you know you know that that something you would say to somebody to insult them now it's sort of a badge of honor. You know when yeah when you I'm not out here. I was sure but I wish it would have happened a little earlier sort statement also master whatever you know like it's in danger. Our man wolf I mean about Osama as a teenager I could stick up for myself when I was younger like younger younger. That's what I really got you know that the paste kicked out of me it's like say that it is you know and then you turn around and all of a sudden. You've got these these. These peace album Klein models turner on going on the geek a metabolic you know I'd hear shell of that straight up it is you didn't earn. You know the dumb but amateur so I don't listen. I appreciate that man I'm right there with that. Right I mean it but you didn't you know every stars from the united come up expander or banner music standards this standard that stands like did this there is no. Is there a certain degree of that lake when you see. You know someone who might be a jock are early your early it slipped not shows or something like that like this is supposed to be for you you're the I'm talking about. I know a lot of people they get they get a little bit bent out of shape about that VI I don't to be honest. For me it's I've never. Tried to limit my message. Whatever the messages and what whatever Sally whatever song that happens to have that message it's to me it's all it's been more about just trying to get it out people. In general you know I got I've never been that. Pretentious enough to sink at them and a carve up my. My my audience and and only. Only allows certain people I mean at that point its slate world you know why did you leave the basement and you know what why did you leave the club slated you do this and that and for me it's more about bringing people together than it is rough cut people up you know at this spurs like. You know spic and people in different groups and different clicks in in more and whatever. For me it's more about you know trying to get that jocks to understand. And empathize with that kid that maybe he wanted to turn around it make on out. But now they share a common bond when it comes to the music maybe that'll that make him go oh wait they've yet more common. And we realized. You know so and static sudden you know status sort of pulled people talk incredibly gather I don't know I do a very good job of it. On but I can only do I do you know. Last question Corey what was the last band you saw that blue your mind. Well god you know com. Where. You know I don't tough coach who has brought so any tell might do. I it's it's gonna be agreed show it was cooler there. It's always the there but it gave one of my favorite Liberia pledged in IR wolf goes either him if I have the time air everywhere I don't know how to. Happened but I completely missed the video for prudent thing boomerang until yesterday. Oh. Absolutely fantastic. I tell you what man this new problem or the bar really really gave it musically it's it's. I think it's it's pushed a lot of boundaries for them you know and that saved up and do that that's going into really really tell yet. I think people other people were given enough credit for B you know I'm in a game it you know the steel panther thing but I don't think they get enough credit like those guys. Really really really good assistant. There are amazingly good yeah and their songs. You know I mean from an account that the lyrical content one you can say whatever that musically and that does well. Really really good so yeah it. You know. I I you know seal to address so I sort corn. Not too long ago there always get to see. Before that match so anyway I. It was lucky enough to pitch. The second Guns 'N Roses show in Vegas for that really took off. All the wound and resolve I was there the first night. Take that you are we here at the troubadour on notice and I didn't like the troubadour may be on the the T-Mobile arena shows the first T-Mobile always very. Are located ago yes three yes sir you by the time so you saw him. The first that we saw on the second I would by the time we had a goal. Yes. Yes yeah yeah that they were when I I'm I'm I'm happy to say that we we helped procure for him on the Villa that was that does. Pretty cool LP mortgage they they have some sort of technical problem and we got into the arena at like 8 o'clock I think the band finally won on like ten theory there was a point. There was a point where people were starting to get a lot but he like OK here we go again with the guns and roomy area but the they came out. Our upper west timing it was late and I had a lot to drink at that point but like all was forgiven because they were so. Awesome. All of them do their opera hooked it there are so good. I was I'd you know I was expecting the same thing. The second night and Dave would they say I would outside. When it's so we'd be kicked Donna we're like arts or are we got to Indian side. I'd like you gotta be kidding me like I was it was awesome though like they were so good. Yeah I. It's it's been really it's been really really satisfying too to see double income together. When acorn it's always good to talk she rather new album is out it's in June we're supposed to get new music from what I understand like in the next couple weeks in April from what it felt like. I yeah that the way if they're directly it doesn't do I'm gonna leak so yes you're beard something you know refinement. You back to you guys on June 24 that where French theatre and grass with the corn and maybe medal and everybody else court's pleasure to you know season. Art to document dated.