Sarah Colonna & JohnRyan 06-16-17

Friday, June 16th

Sarah Colonna and Jon Ryan join us live in studio promoting there stand up at The Triple Door.


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Jim always says that our next guests on now that Mary Taylor turned on Billy are divorcing I vote that our next guests are Seattle's new power couple. Please welcome to the shows are Obama and John Ryan. There's the cops. No they definitely out there to help out there you can't. They were little they know there were little weary way I didn't know the Americana let's her know that she's from Seattle now that I'm not always good news I didn't realize that was the Seattle okay and you're behind them for power couple not anymore not anymore. These guys are together enough or either. Rim. I'll I I I am I have no idea shots fired yeah I thought we should do like they can the celebrity death match with them and that's. That's not a bad idea that act back. So of course Aaron John or Tom Wyatt while they're doing stuff together which I think is really awesome together on the same stage we've already sold out the first show. And now only 1 show available 10 o'clock tonight at the triple door go to triple door dot net I should say he's not triple door dot net. And that's we get tickets for this this is is this the first time you guys are gonna stay shedding other at least as far as I know. Yap yap for sure are I mean I believe it came congress is like OBO is through the triple door and they're like north in Seattle so. We just thought I'll be fighting is like hosting or something we now and then it turned into elect John. Philip from hosting to needed a little bit a stand up. A OK so is that you don't stand up tonight the when a truck that suits our business owners I know it's not an ever want to do this 21 night only woeful one labeled McKnight it's a punt on next month next Intel and yeah I was I think he ditched the tee and you have to be the holder yeah house and you don't that's that's does it not affect. Every every hour or yeah you just stand there because he's most acute himself but you know like you just stand there with a blown them I don't give my hand Manning had to say and I don't know if you get caught by the bug you just don't know I mean when it was over the Connors and in the common because there's a Pat McAfee yeah it is his he's still oh. There were it is if you. Yeah I don't know I think you've got to do in his career or not they understood that bird atlas that one medal. You're gonna retire right after right after the that's a bad way to go then and that that way you can get some sympathy laughs they. Take my 25 dollars opinion walk of the dollar contract at all right so that this is something and Sarah have you decided is the opening or closing the shields and I yeah. This is a tough decision. I think definitely opening and then then they'll bring up. So as a host your duty is yet to bring on oh wouldn't that opener a integrated feature and mean yeah. And then you get to close out at the thing denying he knows he's tended Weytman economies has now. Also your hope also your hosting young that's just not an easy job man they're really really his words to yell yes and no I. I guess that's good times I got I didn't expect it will give I I didn't out her awhile and boy oh boy that was not an easy job yeah I know it is there because it's like you're just you know you have to warm everyone up and everything and then it's south. Anyway but it's fun. It's going to be great job will not have self esteem issues in need therapy you'll not after this I thought people besides that it does here anyway is now. So I just how. If there's symmetry laugh eco last I'll take them all than I ever and every as guys are you guys Sarah I take my hat off to you because I you know it's not everybody who would like I commend my spouse yeah involved in my in my where my work I don't need this yeah I know I I just think it'll be fine Emmy goes to so many shows with me when I like and Nazis and and staffs now. Winnick at an artist that will be fun enemy always makes last who. On one person left him except I. I'll be up the side. But I'm proud guy you know. Yeah is that now I just think it would be fine yeah Jon that's not easy to make a comic laugh. I mean really they are the most jaded and rituals on the face of the earth and that's why they call comics comic like a special comic if you can make other comedians laughed. That means something that's you might be one of you and you might be like Lenny Bruce got a guy where you've got your own flavor and only comedians wanna go see if maybe the underground comic book stars. That's our message that John is gonna look into you traveling got a lot of their shows and there's always strange things that happened a comedy show is what's been run remorse. Odd experiences for you while you're there. That there's always stuff going on the crowd without a tough fight a few weeks a months back and fight. There in the middle of the show. As very intoxicated and yeah bouquet and oh yeah and that wasn't spoken for oh yeah guard spots yeah Ariana. They got had a heart attack before so we'll all that's right. I am I gonna last yet I was in on Richmond yes on out of bounds and dish out the pack completely forgotten about why does the right yeah he'd eat well I think south. I don't know if he can't he get visas. Don't you get there how young did you seek every Wednesday to that you could say I truly did kill it when I look at. Yeah I. That is the Dow was one of those instances where I really thought about for the host. So I actually went up in people hard at that yeah yeah. It was right before the show I ninety came and they take him out on a stretcher everybody an obvious and people were like obviously really freaked out. So I despite Obama's stars like Argo say something yeah work as I like a new -- though I mean most of his eighteen other new usually newer comics that are disliked. No I didn't let up instead everywhere and make OK he's fine night in him and wasn't even sure about its troops as a good thing to say yeah I yeah so this is nice. You because I know a lot of headliners like Al care I'm not gonna be part of this you Gordon figured out by atomic get on hopefully they're in good shape yeah I kinda like them at this for a guy here is Sheila tore fights I'm that would be horrified the and that wins for the weirdest thing that that to happen to hear them. I forgot the black and out yeah that's your call. Let's go to block it out and of course us our Cologne John Ryan. Tonight to triple door the first show was sold out but you can't seem at 10 PM tonight tickets and info just go to the triple door dot net. The triple door dot net. And it is it is still I mean it is still quite a couple I it's just fascinates me. The tour view standup comic punter for the Seattle Seahawks it's an unlikely sort of Romeo Juliet kind of story. It is it's the way more likely than Mary K let's turn now and her student thirteen zero yeah that's the other end there's an age difference between John and I'm so. Then yeah not the Obama yeah and also not illegal. As far as we know it's hard I don't know the laws in Canada John. Very lenient OK okay. Yeah now and and and so I I just think it's it's a fascinating to you at the Hollywood lifestyle and by the way congratulations ice here you are going to be aid TV star for at least once season on net. Yes Netflix just picked up a show called insatiable that our hands there's regular and so early that I don't yeah yeah we'll start shooting at some point in the far I don't know exactly when but. That's not a bad network to be a part of these are not just weeks and see yeah a little interesting is we shot for the CW that's about it and now the really cool show if you look it up and it's about the think about is the southern lawyer slash. Beauty pageant. Coach flew and it's based on like a real guy but then it's completely twisted and it's crazy. So yeah we are cut about mansi Devi said. We just don't have a place for it in the schedule and then. That's the Soviet superpower you can be happy superpowers they can run real fast I was at yeah announced that that's why there's no room for that and anybody shoot any arrows in the mountain yes he does that report. I know they did they really enjoy their superhero and there you know a young I do league girl that's playing on my daughter on. Allows you Dian. Yeah is she now she's all she's 23 but she's playing like an Evan you're eighteen year old still I can hear you say like I'm not old enough to have an eighteen year old yet now. Luckily they get in the script they're like oh she got knocked up early in life and am like OK so how does remind everyone that a few times during this out bread and credit to not get up early I viewers sixteen know when you have the right that's exactly yes. Now have guys but I think I I yeah. Arizona have you always hear these stories of people like if you have enough seasons like that person kind of becomes their TV bomber in a TV dad yeah your responsibility of being that person's mom. Yeah. Well that's true I can get to give good advice yeah. I don't think she doesn't mountain handicap DDoS and actually gonna study ranchers on the ticket she was a big Disney star for a long time. Who that's not bad yes good following our studies found assets of the as the those disease fans are loyal yeah they are singing I'm a really loyal fan base and she's like the sweetest of them when we're filming her phone in Atlanta and she would people were. In these young kids are like find out where were phoning in early tweeting afterwards to and she got to meet all of them and take pictures with them she's really sweet little what is now becoming a place for people film has with a do the Walking Dead Atlanta's become a hot that a film and it's. It's everything it's they get such a huge task tax break their hands and any yet they made it even bigger this year. So everyone I mean they were saying heck out of production and stuff now as they're filming like yeah we year never hurt for works that's great for. Hey if you guys like -- to me given you know cranky guys walk on let me know how I am loving her aunt is divorced for that so I don't. How old sir yeah underneath somebody who's like Fred who's close at death's door I'm your guy got it I've though I'm an out and out the rhetoric that an invite doubting commodity invoke a margin needed to sign and I I lookalike make a lot of people look younger released annex the mix and that's another thing you might wanna you know. I noticed when you've done in Savannah strip photo of us a lot of people's that you and I look related to him really don't mean that is a play results a year nothing. I'll tell you really are those people that's not out there like you guys look like you be related to maybe even make cranky older brother okay. I think people might even be able set to be your father at this point I think he did so in that town thinks though now it's I tried and I really try to make them whatever I can do you get on TV this is the cranky guy the number I have to really have much arranged yeah I don't look at a classic has been me it. And John are you back on Twitter. I am that I swear to god and Eddie House. It's got a lot of talk about gun taken it would Johnny Greg is an awesome odd at all. Thank you for listening yet kid with doniger regular podcast that's pretty exposed the auctions usually every Tuesday through this season becomes a lead of some of those are known to the little about it. That's also the hawks like race it and and periodic SE under Clinton softened up pretty good. Is that because of the questionable content from times of my knee out though when I say anything yet there's they have to do because telling you just knowing you know god I learned chronic another started be like we do like. Fifty minutes that kind of like 35 minute where's the whole podcast. Now the likely candidates. Well I. How I think you wanna talk about. Yeah. I remember where would they cut we don't we are on a night I was on a Wentz and asked him if include. Anyone ever got an erection running out this feels like it tough questions. I don't know hard hitting questions sir hello and emphasis on our it was. They kind of came out of nowhere and and I was like yes and I just looked over at the data is running and yet that's not an that's not gonna make it happen that kids listen to Canada. They're tied at that they've they've they produce and make him and we got to talking about what you're talking about on the podcast. Yeah. And admitted he's just coming up and they talked me out there but it's then. I mean half the team if you ever. Paid for the warm embrace spoke of a woman I. Yeah. And they say it went about well that's why we can't now why not to have dignity and I want to know. I would estimate and always against her and then we'll both he had been relatively warm embrace. I am alone well I mean you could argue that you know what there's a lot of people there to be paying for the warm embrace for a woman you know with it just do it legally it's called marriage yeah. I can't quite sometime and vice Versa. Man oh man it's. And John I have to ask is because you're gonna ask you how are things with the whole team I mean you know it's like attorneys to there it didn't make like the real housewives I don't know I don't understand that does. What are you guys got to do besides put together like you know you play up the theory CDC's seasons in a row I got no complaints with the team yeah I think I read that he has been an article that Richard Sherman he strangers not like what I've noticed that about I I I. I like everybody a minute that things are that the integrator on the team I think the guys that he's the kind of things that I should bring a team together in all of us all the talk you know some people think we're kind of over the the prime. Of our career is a prime when we're gonna win games and people are star and talk the other's problems in the locker room and on it all all this stuff and I think that's his you know we we. The way this team is born with Monty got ships on the shoulders but together. Angry and then in the third poke them a little bit and interest and of ignite the fire even more in my opinion. This will be a dumb question or was it like. But now article came out and everyone's talking about it and making a big deal out of it what was the next day like was it was there any kind of weirdness or was it just like urologists agree that this is stupid article. They there was kind of laughed at it the other there was something that had a little bit of truth to them and with all like old news literally old news things that where that happened a long time ago that. We weren't even not be ideal time now now that someone off the read about and talked about it two years later it is because. You know didn't think much of it. Did you get a guy that had brought it written it was only like an only into the stadium and into the that this year city even like once or something we I think he came. It twice when LSI's Potomac outing of the guys. Uh huh yeah. I don't rarely does this go our locker like who is this like he's been our locker room for two to lunch breaks over the last however long I'm like what whatever you know it. And any kind of took stories that were from you know part two or three years and not altogether as if it happened last night. If John and I you know what I'm Melissa I'm gonna have to put this on the table because it's been out there but what is that would about the rumor that Sarah Cologne is the Yoko Ono of the CR Sloc. How about that I mean I am not as true yeah how monetary. And is surging weird performance are just screaming yeah because that's gonna break up the band yeah. That's what happens yeah it doesn't like you know what I don't need a team items and on the field by myself to get it done. Now if anything bad happens is definitely the earth I'll. With a fusillade of lame right on there yeah Takenaka that you I have to deflecting her now that's a good call by the way out off. Oh the Christmas dinner real ought yeah now Vichy acts. Honestly she would probably bring like I think that she is such a make good energy in deadlock and likely put her life coming Nancy brings good lacks a pro at Hollywood penal and the public but so far so bad I haven't done any thing. Yeah her well we have we wish and yelling hey listen nudge you know John that if we just keep her from doing anything but taking the ball you know that have been nice Jack it meant that key commodity mount and hospital that international agreements and a half that. I don't think we can expect that well I think that if anything I think Pete lice people who think. Hey we got we got this punter he can do anything right he might step be OK so don't you can't prepare for this is the world did it. And it's not equipped and age I think that's the food that they serve over at. The triple car and that's fantastic but if I am yeah tonight that's where you can see these two Sarah Clark John Ryan is actually hosting this event. We're gonna see some chuckles at some jokes and John. Tonight's triple door the first show is already sold out but you still get tickets in the second show 10 PM show tickets and info at the triple door dot net. And the and you guys are still together you look at me I heard about everywhere they learn I thought I mean I've been as a brake early or debit cards I. Steve and I had an over under and so for I've lost so I was disappointed it now you can't break up because if you'll makes people wonder if you do and happened sorry Steve. Just we just can't see this happening. And dom and I feel like you know listen YouTube performing together that's the test of any relationship you're working together yeah. I want to sort of asking about any of your teammates are gonna come out support tonight. I think a few of them might. I'm not going to be fighting in the locker room and then they got no other to visit by the locker help each other yeah copping a feel that we're talking a coming out as well I think. Pete was talking a communal wealth always actually pressure on you. Now why I don't why it tells you that our coaches I don't know whether you like encouraging like trying to race play a federal judge me to attract dividend. I know I gotta get on Gloria. You remember the joke yeah I like death that it Arnold. I don't either tonight come what's the triple booked on here than it why can't they and the other Pete Carroll inspired joked that'll be great weekend I can't imagine it be like you when you can like Margaret if you went that her Butler now at delicate thing then think about that probably Wear sunglasses elect you know yeah I got nobody and I tell him Alison yeah. That put like I had on and a mustache and a half yeah I don't wreck now look the for the huge white ear monarch that I was with him. It I viewers non whites here's a fine I know will recognize. And that is our cap that opulence that. Bigs morning it's. Yeah. I just helps you.