Shawn Wayans 10-06-17

Friday, October 6th

Shawn Wayans joins us live in studio promoting his stand up at The Tacoma Comedy Club!


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A tribute generalized jazz it you all he's an actor he's a stand up comic he's a maker agreed children's show in other words our next guest makes up for the lack of talent in this room yeah please welcome themselves shall I humbling and very humbling you got nice guys doing the shocking to have you back man good to be back could drag you know what I love I don't know if this is like a cycle you know how sometimes women when they were together and had the same cycle. I don't yeah Wayne's family -- on the same cycle where there just aren't all on the same cycle I I like I think near mall and in Damon on the same cycle again or crazy here at the ferret and we just talked here a few but I'll always just yeah yeah yeah what prayer. Does the Washington state fair all cool that's also user for stones and LT years and while I'm priced at the summit a lot of junk food gray area yeah. And you know hey like seven pounds and well days that's another thing you guys have in common because we we mentioned some of that their food to Marlon in my on the site I am I I Hughes can't go later diabetic shock just here on our blog I'd be my mom is diabetic so we we watch what we eat. Wow poster you learn that nothing really learn to watch that we know we wanna catch that was white and I get to act as I watched my parents even go crazy and I went the other way you hope don't you kidding me here Janine enjoy the idea are they exactly now you actually appearances six who are you well I mean they're not with me but when mom's side and I bet that's as well. But I am I mean still niceties that doesn't change in Zagreb sorry you hear that yeah I'd say about a guy that's LA got. How long ago fifteen years I'm in nine guests are yeah it hit our outside outside with say they have may have taxis so I know you're already this right. Love ray you know I don't just say that as the funny thing about Leno those situations it. I it time would have appreciated you come by the funeral honestly don't memorize the fifteen year old Timmy would like. Hey man does not see you thank you it does now I don't know you are I don't know if you ever have a career I think you nonlethal crying and you. Come out of we wish you play a white chick up there. Yeah I. I always said you're are you say you're sorry rim I. Shot Wayne's new sitcom comedy club tonight tomorrow and Sunday Friday through Saturday yes 7301030. Shows Sunday it's an 8 o'clock Josie gets to shows on Friday and Saturday one on Sunday you want all the info you got to see the show I mean an end to Sean does a great job Tacoma comedy club dot com. And it's good to have you back because ma'am we have great conversations we saw the world's problems when you guys are we do I'm the guy on the king of solving all problems there and I'm that guy. I know I'm not this be a sarcastic. But I like your approach because demand that you outdated and everybody is really serious about stuff that's going on and look it's been a tough week and it's been maybe a tough year has been a tough JFK have been tough it's tough but I doubt that's why you know you gotta keep the comedy. Keep going keep the balance the amount and is unity there because mail a lot of stuff that you talk about is very relatable to all of us and so while I laugh and we're realized you know our eleven that this 'cause we all kind of relate this doesn't matter what walk of life ethnicity. You just figure it out and we end so you should basically I'm saying there's Gandhi. And there should Bengie. I don't know how I yeah. Are you just put that all on Mir I sure didn't on the initial well I mean at the end of the day I'm real comedy is just us. You know we're we're reporting the news. What everybody else is thinking but. This stuck in their head. You know we're we're reporting all the stuff that you guys think about and noticed send. But we say it first and we get to it and we explored and we put it out there for you guys to enjoy. Yeah and I. I think that's and that's a great thinkers of the important things we are thinking about yeah you know I I like French is what what comes to politics. Politics or the plumbers of our country I mean we really we think about what the plumbers do but we definitely need him to do what they do. How did become rock stars they're just basically keeping the plumbing of your life in my life together. Television makes rock star that everybody. So you get a diploma on TV the image out of the all star device to apply this to do was squeeze and do a lot of toilets and now. Now he's our girls Jason's room because everybody knows that he squeezed due to out of toilet that's Rihanna every plumbers does this guy squeezed due out of total 1960 publicized because they've got who drives that duty truck. All decide to give you guys are old man that's a rough indeed nobody ever likes him. I like them I just feel sorry for home ice more than a billion I don't know I don't face Celia like. Interface on the outside because I do smells of bad all Baylor are you now can we do you know work. It is jobs thinks that's the if you separate truck drivers always scare me though there's a you to dig into an accident all you imagine how bad they spend the whole time just apologize themselves are broadly. No for real side made I do they give you know when you. Restaurant tonight a bread truck getting tipped over the air bread truck is different but the that truck right there a lot of what MS is sometimes those tankers took over the coming animal parts eminently you hear about new comers the whole freeway and he just like. Hi I know this guy he got driver and he asked that cal for all that stuff to say they'd give the reindeer believe the second half Papa. The raccoon city hello I got to do inventory or miss my boss is going to be on me back he does not cover. I but I really have. Which makes you wonder what OK so where that don't. Where the way we like you who took the reindeer moody if you don't got an all right are exactly OK so wait a minute guys if very green did we has been missing definitely know we we got a hold you accountable. It's always go liver Rudolph -- yeah do well not me who I say no not as good drive of which I'm glad and I knew because we never really seen you would any of these do you never seen me win no reindeer run he can admit there is that room when your house that we're not allowed to go we do well we know that that's for only knew the guy who drives did you ever do you have your personal he's allowed to go check that the woke up this morning and in not known to use the phrase do you chart I don't know live our roads is one of those days I think it's a rehash -- I had today went through church I think I got close always passed debut trip actually Europe. Well I don't wanna say we have that we'll keep talking. I don't know what's going on I stated if you if you know. I don't know it's it's a little harder segment I wanna hear and know alert and I know you do the same way onstage or even edit office stays as well now it's out of my head are you had gone it's gone I'll knows dark places and everybody who's really out of one of breed they're here yeah I'll play and yes I don't blame you because you know life. When you're young man. You don't have them voice Tony not to say that no you don't play you kind of kill let you you could kill that voice your dad's voice and they backwards Indonesia you exactly yeah. Now now now I think a little bit and a great to have that idea and you know I mean as a man I don't know what it is maybe all that energy just. Are all big yet Kate yeah if although you people look at that first you kind of know if folly in the room. Can you block that out and he gives Bobby now. And then I certainly you that you dead and after you've lived a little bit life that it is in particular a couple of direction you have no. Maybe I'll let dad have a seat and yes he's unit. I mean I wasn't lucky enough. You know because I mean I was like most kids eyes were very rebellious and my dad knew nothing right and you know he passed away and it wasn't until after I started like I never got to realize. I think this dude dude was talking about what you find it yeah that is probably one of the smartest guys ever walking the planet NASA I realize Bob might notice that when I get owner recognized at my my my some my friends my dad would always get mad when he come on one of mr. sitting in his lazy boy they that would that would make that would set him off take his night without really treat. Even if he saw an inference of an ass in that seat that was that was this treat that was this thing that was his men that was his sting that. To wind down. Mill members cannot that's a ridiculous how stupid like once a video and then as an adult now and I don't go over to my house and they should not. Cited a constant hazard the long par regular my legs are yeah. I can't I catch that save your lazy boy are there yeah there's a thing that most men don't realize and Sean I don't know official case it is obvious you've had a great career so sometimes you know you get to have a little bit of a better living space but I don't know. The most men realize that actually the best time of their life as when they got their own room in their house that they were lucky enough and I know you grew up with ten people in the house yeah. But that actually was the best thing ever have did you feel you move out and you get married I'm ready in my own house not you don't realize it got lazy boys the only piece of real estate you get a don't that's that's sit there than the rest is your White House is this afternoon. Yeah I feel it's like I've really had a better time in my own room growing up in my father's in my house. Yes you did he gave you that he had more of your own space and he tells you that nobody here that no clue why Kenya Paula tell yet. That's a valid well and that's that's that's some mid gadget that told us is that like sirens it's never gonna get any better than this sickness affect. You can watch games. You know let me in his room you gotta tell you only get your share and it would all lead but you know what he's still we better much gonna get exactly you think one they you have your own million please try to free your go to mom and tell her that you talk and said that in the next you know he's like what Kelly Dylan Todd yeah I don't view of all the goods yeah as a mom doesn't want to think that she's running that kind of -- -- kind of country. Your dad yeah. Your mother who never admitted dugout did you dictatorship but they wanna know I don't know good he had but it disguised as you know not volume and that's it I just suggested it yeah my I. I suggested that you put your Mae and couch and bad guys and we all mosquito that is just that's just a suggestion. It was one of those it was one those Marlon Brando's godfather suggestions. Feel like you better doing this if you wanna live. Have them on the make you an awful yeah they you you can't refuse I had to go back to did you chuckle just got a text message. What sounded a guy who drives the do drug fight you I don't know what's on the road and don't take get scared off the road to text while you are men do drug led Illinois residents. I tried to do do document resilience they discuss. Because it's Ross next they say so were my uncle pumping septic tanks move and once I fell not a dirty ER to get shots and it's enabled on antibiotics just to be safe it was definitely out crappy. Syrians know our homes they're calling in I don't know whether to laugh or feel sorry for you do you ever will laugh or cry first followed the article bring you into the do business this piece not a good awful like. Hey junior you know like you've got a lot of potential. Yeah I went out and walked in the aftermath do you there. And all I know that you got it in you'd be out to drive these do chuck and it's a lot mama teach you and I know is that when you look at Missouri go through kingdom MB of failure big big idea you know them we almost saves you made a mistake you can you know you is heading in the wrong direction at first. A mutual life to get up put you on track. To be that dude do you know what you know you like you notice due date to be is she yeah. And they're not well liked Charlie and sons septic tank battery battery failures on trying to bring it into that world I caught a guy or he's gonna leave this to his son like you know sons when they get a it'll be aware of they're all there and B yeah. 30 god allow them. And yeah. Girls got a ways to come a comical tonight tomorrow and Sunday. 730 and 1035. Shows on now Friday and Saturday also Sunday at 8 PM you wiped out more info you go to Tacoma comical dike. I'm also I'm I'm bringing back our kids cartoon that I I about created that call yeah new crew the blue crew I heard Bob Dylan bringing these back if basically facilities that don't know since Charlie Brown meets fallow and hip hop twisted. To show highly and that's and it's I just don't adults and Ed stone adults yes this kind of partisan while kids kind of fade. And it's output output on YouTube the first specials on YouTube right now did you go to the YouTube by the blue crew TV. You watched the first special and important Christmas one up on our around Christmas time and more pro third special right now. You can follow us on instead Graham at the boo crew official and you can read comic strips and other funny stuff and updates on where we had put this thing the next best and that's that's co. All now did you edit its agencies and now the motivation. 'cause I I remember growing up where you can watch cartoons and with your kids I'll take it while the parents watching me and there was stuff for the parents Jeff is Stephanie kids because I would watch some of those old Warner Bros. joined. Okay that joke I did not get back NBA Ellen yeah they were right stuff from my father or mother while. So I like they'd put that it does dad and mom could watch cartoons yes it sucked up kind of trying to bring that back a little bit you know so that's really cool I'm not. Not so it's over. Crazy because I want kids do it and wanna teach them life lessons but I want the parents to be able to sit there and enjoy it too and not that turn this off a give me a headache. I gotta tell you you know some Sean I love that because I think you know if you can teach kids life lessons and they don't know they're learning because they're enjoying what you're watching Zach Duke humor and music he's steady you know Fat Albert taught me a lot of stuff meant I learned a lot of stuff from Fat Albert so we know that was a very important show for me and I learned a lot of stuff from from peanuts Charlie Brown Charlie Brown yeah Ireland because men identify what Charlie Brown I mean now I was like that is media ask you know loser use tools and yeah one guy he had and I learned can how to kick a football from Charlie Brown how. Good to do everything in my life was like all right I'll make you try you know shows did you today if Charlie Brown Fat Albert told me pretty much everything I need to know I was a kid. You know that's gonna be cool and never give up billions Fat Albert was just like you don't watch the fringe you hang out with. Watch the people you have around you know just all comedies these little. These new gyms within like GI general arson judge Joseph cartoons of the new shows are a little PSA SAT SA OK our shot everybody I. No kid. You know every kill people for fun but you know I didn't get anything could put windows plug your brush your teeth is not a big back and let. I. We got a text about septic tanks and stuff aircraft owners and I driver do you try to him in Seattle right now pump and turns although I'm very happy jobs hey guys listed they'll get offended by around on this plane I'm who's doing jokes many real deal they must Amish live in a plane around that we I don't know how to yeah download and normally that's less definitive textures and our company recently demolished a home of Amanda had drowned him passed away from falling in the south. Oh my whole. One on our way to call what a way to guy and I kind of you know I know I'm gonna go that might be where I wanna go to semi Demi is downtown and share that story to rest a while I am imagine you like the funeral nobody's in that nobody's alarm a body all yeah hop in and say close cats. Let's get closed casket closed fuel yeah. Don't vision and the people outside watch it. Or not Skype yeah. Yeah I'm saying cremation on that I ever get your got a tremendous assume we'll pitcher on W earned let's do you have a solid good on an autographed and you don't wanna be different cremation did you wanna smell let all know is you get is like Pharmacia. Miss very. The thoughts and cal does Jon what is Tacoma companies go on tonight tomorrow is Sunday. Two shows on Friday and Saturday it's a nine to march 7 7301030. And why show on Sunday you've got to see the show to come comedy club dot com and if you want it's we Sean add Sean underscore away and is passionate view truck. Hash tag hadn't heard. And then later said. Affordable cruise at the blue Kool official. And it's a grim and you can watch the specials on the brew crew TV again to climb so I'm I'm I'm excited because I just love good good kid programming and and then get we need more to it and listen Summers got talent comedy that's what we need also as we we need some funny this out there and what would like with a good message we have we truly trying people we try and we try to well session again thanks for coming in thanks again not thank you for having me. The next morning it's. Yeah. I guess helps you.