Sidecar Tommy From Beats Antique

Wednesday, May 16th

Thee Ted Smith and Steve Migs chatted with Tommy Cappel (AKA Sidecar Tommy) from Beats Antique. Beats Antique are playing the Summer Meltdown festival in Darrington, which is happening August 2nd-5th.  Get tickets and info at

This is a fun chat about playing festivals, the interesting things you will see at festivals, and the importance of having an inflatible Golden Swan at festivals.


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So hey Tommy. Yeah Tommy assess Steven Ted from KSW in Seattle. Well Don we're doing great I don't managed. Your world so we're excited to get to chat with you I was I would ten I've never seen beats antique lives in my first time at some amount down in in August. Tennessee knew a couple of times already yet Tom NASA you guys a few years ago we can appear garner Michael Friday night and isolate two years ago Thursday night kicking it off. Yeah we've played Walt Walt good at all. Yeah I mean it's a great line and Thursday used to be kind of a quiet nights that years did you guys in there on Thursday we were all like all man this and we hell you are. Well pop up or are allowed well. Technical support or did the little X or YOU. There was this is like for you guys into being an artist is different than thoracic being campers you know we're going around observing everything you guys have a chance to enjoy the festival wife while doing festival shows. Yeah I didn't like is obviously not though is that result the robot arm depending you're really depend the like besides the comfortable that the big. If you're the big credit commercial but below it's really fun to be in the background of all that up you know and there's a lot of stuff going on back there we're. You know out of smaller deductible the smaller backstage area you know others. There is not a black isolated from you know people like. Took a lot more shot at the smaller ones to go wander around ought to just I don't know if more intimate settings such as culture that you know what your. We you're not like of a bigger unnamed festival may be it's about us on the walker out of the people that this. You say our I got to ask you guys have played a couple times have you made it down the river like the on the day that you're not playing many of you yet now. Our. I got her shirt yeah I would agree we love to find any of that nature spots around any in the leadership or whether it reply to the road or you know out of possible. You can your murder Morgan hang out us write our golden swan inflatable floating if you ever want to that you're golden on a little closer look at somebody Ebert can't yes. I think it'll pick you up on the social. And I are good employers are are like our community thought bubbles that are held water involved we bought many different are. Our play towards floated politically closed. All little that we had to actually reached out like buried deep in our media. The American turn charge leader to the next just more like so big that we don't need this huge raft. Her head Korea means it's time to promote you floating this time I got exactly. How would be great 00 a lot of the I'm on the lookout for one today Mexicans go to a late this weekend in my wife's legal grab a couple float he's gimme a pretty when I'm like I'll get you pretty one I'm going to find out tomorrow and see that the outlook you know. They didn't and I just seen them at the airport they have all of you know those Bluetooth speakers. You can get out of our troop emerging Bluetooth speaker circuit GAAP fighter wrapped. Your pal one of us. That's a dude that's a good option solid round did you feel like for real like this obviously yes. Extra. Or intensely played bad music does the crowd abuse music I asked the hundred and minus the yeah yeah they're good to go. They don't regard you're a lot of what we got that little thing came out a little sloppy. I'm Becky and he said back well I doesn't see the other thing about the flowed easily. Every year and that's you know I'm a chilly Gavin I'm always like look there's a doughnut looks there's a the blog this week so. There's every kind of food now the blood so one. I'm really get on the kind of each person that likes that some live on the water and what are on the beach and like watching everyone else metal rear. Yeah I'm I'm a little bit more about our. I gave them. Are you shooting great and our party genital on the river. Hello hello how I think they're pulling the stimulus that swim everybody else it on the sideline after. Luckily golden loss at roughly eight I don't feel an American murder one but I could be wrong content I. Hey look you know don't look at yourself open duster to create. Yet the goldmans I'm and then it's like Mike and Ike just let him look good for Stephen today. This is Dick costumes and Mike and ice but it's our face is not enough weight Tommy can find all the way. I feel shape. Tommy writ so I grew up PG county senior from DC correct. Yeah our Northern Virginia I know my Brothers it was over and turned and so. Steve Reese we were talking earlier he used Tommy's actually afraid of that music you're always talking about public I'll go though we use our debt pressure. Sure you do you say do you take some of that influence in your stuff now. I definitely I mean a bit but they know I loved about go go music so much and I've drawn up woods it will loads. They could collect DC's music sort of people. It out and I think that perhaps are not sort of what I've always err I mean it implies to me and aware of site being like. Like Europe wherever I would let. Darkest little bots that are living in New York current Colorado it gave the glitch fired in what is the people's music wherever I doubt that's like what I wanna know about you know so. In a lot of sense to speculate. On the beat Turkey cute influenced is that declared Waterloo. What's the musical of the people in all contracts. You know just not necessarily like most popular bird like. What are. Cultural we like where where do people find themselves gallery together and what do they listen to what they debt secured border they're like. You know Kelly Clarkson stuff yeah. Like you know growing up in that area clearly you know I'll still ventured down south into the mountains and into the Appalachian region. And highly doubt music and all of our generic quick. To me it's it's the never ending and goto is just one of those then that is it sort of reminds me out. You know. The Orleans music secular music group of all the people on stage at this stage or just outside it's just a group of people jam and you know. All. But it there's there's like not only has to sit it live and rhythmic structure around it but there's like. The way that you do it the way that it doubtless now would you spin it in Puget it it's one of those local music. Of course I was informed by hold it plus it had like you you know at any given time like ten drummers that bought the I was happy Latin. Almost all of a fellow dumber I dived pledge straightforward basic rock Graham and sometimes I get easily distracted by some gets going on the crowd and you have so much stuff going on stage in addition a year playing insisted that the visuals and an extra precaution and then also claim the festival shows. They tend to be a lot of interesting stuff that's going on in the crowd have you ever been so distracted you've lost place and what you were doing in a song. What. Oh. Yes. I don't and I'm. Well Marge out there I mean whether it's. You know I mean I've my favorite thing to do on live to see all the trade do you like totem pole people have oh yeah you know like they get there it's. So hilarious and so creative what they're people are doing. And to figure out there at like. A cross between India where an expression of themselves look really it to their other strand can find them in a few particularly if it. It's awesome I love doing that that distract added they're distracting and when it's. And I you're out of the ball. You know click lol what what's the state of the audio to brain I mean. When you're playing. When you're playing like the last night that I was at a more like gratitude kind of got double the people are very edgy and very very day. Well the fact you're blood it's a great way to put it. Yeah I don't wanna you know auto auto implicated you want but it's. When you. And as good as brigades there I I like to look over the audience he would have deal unless. And all you know so for instance like we played a really plunge Paul. In Florida are who we and it would like ourself. We've just hilarious I mean it was full raising a child there and the people have been Merrill we gather there was sort. It was just it yeah there's nothing that you can change the stride that you just have to deal and be there are certain yeah I get very distracted by the idea. Hopefully I believe it too many mistakes but if you're it's well worth their. That could be here because I have. I have definitely been what are your shows and just to make that is really intense right now there. So don't concentrate watching you can I ask. This can be very. Like the belly I think that the answer is so attractive. There is out there there is like what they're doing quite huge inflatable thing agents went up from what is this supposed to believe you and ultimately they're there and do what. What are they doing flyers say why did they won't. I. Well fox. They did they go last year with the mother for the first time which item we've had a great afternoon or in the beer garden in the Whalen implying yep Bob Marley Spain right. Trillions and like his music is way too intense right now for you and I. A bald man they consider intense the whalers would not be one of the past. Joseph I was cool vibes didn't. I know a guy who aren't guys won't. Sure they're supposed to bring it yeah I can bring out that that Gabriel you also advised. These Azerbaijan too aggressive from the right now I know I can't. You're getting your and play at a ball long armed and took a little little. We need to put it also want to advocate a lot to do with what we are what's printed or written. So when we didn't go about with the music do you have a lot of citadel individuals' lives welcome that's what I love about the video that wise that's why can't wait to see US summer melt down his sister. The visuals with the music just adds so much of such a fan of a great lighting great visuals great. Steve set up an end and that's that's what beats antique is to me at least from what I've seen it. I mean every every show every showed a little bit different pars like what we can bring you her you know depending on how we're getting where what shows are going Bob sent sure all the production up. But generally what you can always rely on without it's there's just so solid arm. The former cart element along with the music on whether or not. You do your engineer O war. You know dynamic lighting and or actual gym instruction or and then all get you to install and choreography and danced you know and the confidence and so that go along with. You know there's always just something else and I. I think all he got sort of an hour. And out you know BP. We sort of damn bowl. Been maligned perception sometimes you know I think that's what makes such as usual on the bench staying in. An open to a lot of people you know are the I think a lot of people come through our show here Obama now you know their friend the ground or. Or they're waiting for the next dam to go on them. They just see bill like whoa what is that you know I'm yeah the attention won't. But. What it says. This it does stick to people on the kind of it's kind of a thing in that slot duplicate its function can be a part of its punched it straighter and yet we all. We all three of us me David's very all. You know somewhat of the same a lot of the men and we it's everything you're not. Obviously he's very take care like their choreography and and you know singled out of the performance nature and then we we take care of the music side but. At the same time it's a fully collaborative effort of reduce try to go to our best chance preached saying here. All of my yet give them the visual element is definitely a part of that. Nice well and the other thing too is like I use you guys almost is like my baseline for like people that say they go to festivals or whatever they're like what kind of music usually you know beating antique. And like going back tutors say about go go in the music of the people I feel like you might need another person knows your brain and his senior brand like we're gonna get alarm. I'll do we lose them. Now. How Ted write you (%expletive) them off man hole sorry. Every there was going good it was I trying to get a serious questioning at the hands going it's going back. An easy along. I. Sox is you're just as awesome yeah. Come October I talk he's cool yes we have legal we sort of on the record so do you. Don't. There are days I somehow we lost Jeff. Yeah I lost looked both like yeah well like we're just in the middle of it that incidentally. I'll eat. I don't I don't dead tissue off and yeah it really know Ted asking hard hitting questions now we're never gonna get to talk to Tommy again yeah oh whoa what are also quite. What do it all the path I've got all look. I would just say it late late Asian guys who like my baseline DD nobody beats antique ABC you know men that I see those people we come friends I feel like. Are your saying for go go like you guys death we have music it's for the people and if I mean another fellow fan that it's like an instant bond. Yeah I think there and I think that you know amid. It's funny because Donna technology and all this these these changes with a bomb on a lot. It's still hearkens back to community and what you're what you're up to what you like you know I mean. I I find all of I've got a lot of back small you know there's and that these are really connected and to graduate school and I think that is. It's even more possible now is that all the technology we have got. Since it's on the multiple and it's wrong you are and see what we can come up more to engage people who the more yeah. And get the get I really like the idea of the ban. Getting there. Those fans to enjoy each other. You know all. We try to do so without the student. I I think it's just a good opportunity to who are. Connected and then make you brag and be cleared him yeah all that stuff. The other guy wants an interview with you were you mentioned that you went to college I think Berkeley with guys and then am I this and they're also be playing over its arm out downsides kind of morals you have sold your old college buddies playing music at a festival with you as well. Totally and it and it's really cool to see how those guys are still together as a ball and you know. We we get to these are all the time and you're you're more comfortable together and and in Tampa day you know like you did. It is still cold like it's funny because I didn't see them to like ten years and man all the side and our. Adam I started plant a tree lights. And on jobs and so mean and then move we did our movie we are you always taking all my all the things that I wanted to do yeah. They're more you know more popular or whatever and side feels that the guy is like. Are you better than me but I think it started he started pleasant realised them one night. Actually end end Richmond Virginia there are so promoters the local promoters has two different promoters that. Sometimes what they would do it this is that this Specter had a show. They would vote pretty light of the other day and you are and can cheat and so. You're now which now is totally weird in my apple. But so what what Derek and Lauren did was they decided they were all. They would do guest appearances on each other shows. Laurinaitis. Yeah bigger than that same fan bases and stuff like that it was kind of like one of those. Always like target market promoters looking like why are you separating these people you know so. We were opening up for days worked there in Richmond mayor David word. We're all we're doing or do you just go out and Derek from realized came over to our play after us in before. Before Lawrence came back and I'm actually standing there and I'm like wait a second all got no. Word what club now. Let alone tiger we just gotta have this mama world. You know we realized that bothers you is loose on him and we just started seeing all the time we have got to do we do that hole though. We have less. All. All. And an LA long time and Nokia either and like. You know we have we have got a little bit trumps all in all we had to leave the side intrusion songs together didn't double drums and loud super bomb. Are that you don't global hot. I I've person get whereas things do we who maybe we can invite Adam to our goal and strong because there's some issues you know or not. Even when I'm outta the house and welcome to applaud style. How I don't hold any you know I don't expect this I am most read three different has done a Paulson Paulson and she'd like war. Join into the slaw and right now I'm. All not good to keep in mind to invite someone seeing but I definitely appreciate all the holes are a good. I don't know like him and you guys you guys seem pretty. Well so. Well I yeah start this this deep and I we have a group of flake 45 of our 4500 people that are now there. Arizona Medicare's total worry top you'll be fine and watch Tim Miller of your group are K app asks. All of golf. Left here on Saturday we ran like a little yeah we ran a campaign rally corporate box to get a they are only suitable boot. We just you'll never liked the old school late 1920s kind of campaign rallies so lake one couple always goes to happy hour on Friday afternoon high so our buddy he's. With Steve shows up public we just got to keep our buddy Joseph busy you need to get back. It's red white and blue everywhere we've got like posters up like vote for general Stanley people thought he was the jet running for something. Welcome to our. You smoke duplicate all the crude I think have these running unopposed but we have a campaign I don't Don it's no big deal with a goal and swan is a good balance. Only good. Not bad and it got that great there that just examples shows you exactly what. The does as an artist you like the deal because it is it's like OK you can go to a show on play Asia you can go to hood. All of the board to go to the Sousa marches and hang out his brand of all I'd have a blast. Or you can get create an alternative reality is that like you guys have a quick to follow yeah although I don't really care anyone's guess there's an honesty most the time. It's like nobody else gonna get old when that's fine. You know I mean I'll say I'm a power showed up like if you get it cool you should tell us what we haven't seen what it's. Yeah you could tell you go because he can it doesn't matter of if you admitted your hope people come over. To come along for the ride but if they don't that's okay. Yeah yeah there's nothing wrong I mean we you know. Celebrated everywhere and as well not a well. The time we may need to tell you about our latest idea brings an easy bake oven to use the river and then selling cupcakes it's my selling skimming Roy for free. Right selling them for all you know you can build partisan what you need any. A bad call yeah did that what what do we know he does that put on the beach we might just need hugs cupcakes for huh huh. Obama will be a little weird though if you just put it out there that's your call it recess make it yeah. At all. Did you get in the dude who is simple where you're like god well. How come then maybe this time go to the cup gate slow law and do it happens it. On a muggy. They just wanna give a little heart symbol with their hands together that's even better then you can put a cupcake inside there and then you can view on the war. Cupcakes for love I'm glad that we work this thing sank into this chat with you Tommy I appreciate that all. Momentum is hot water in my guaranteed. Them are small the ballot should bomb them. Okay. This. Oh huge huge crush jokes involving sudden heart Tommy and I hate that I did it I expect all all all. You know albeit controlled situation. Oh yeah idiots out if all if it. Wants I'm gonna stay at duke he had no idea we set up the hole played. So that he was kind of tripping out by the end in Vegas he's like my face is everywhere here. Right so we were all they're talking about your channel yes. We've always remain a blanket and we don't treat plumbers there is little more than that we're gonna go laughter. August oh. Everybody loses it at thirty minutes. Breach schacknow right okay good behavior of the two minutes on good luck he would ever meltdown in law didn't you have a min then Brett okay you have welcomes the next flawed. Over one -- things out because we do have a lot of you listen Ned battalions of their planning on going to melt down for their first time job what advice do you have for us to someone that's going to a festival show off a desolate spiritually campaign. Music the river all that kind of stuff will be a good word of wisdom for somebody is gonna be doing it for their first time. Ball. In the form. All of. I would say definitely bring son than an. What I just inflate. You don't forget about the actual things like water. Yeah and like. And like taking care of yourself when eating food and being nice sand. Making sure that you don't chair. Where you end up when you end up there you just there. I mean I think that the most important thing out of that the boy is. Is Colette the festival guide you instead has you guiding the festival. Because you kept. The time you're gonna have. Happens to do it then turned me I love just like not knowing it is flying and wandering around the NBA people that have those people that I connecting it. Tell me what their mom to see it all now live on. You know albeit some of the does not give a damn good breaks nominee Eric ping pong ball. You know actually it's really not. It's not just about used well you know you have to take yourself out of the equation and and find out what the court didn't do it and then you. You know does seek other then I think I think I learned in place to experiment or other ways to beat it at all. You know it just got out of your daily life soon and get results on all different purposes you know. It's funny I excessive dues. One of venues at some amount down wanted to spot we could take out some music is in the woods and I just don't know the -- did did the acoustics to view the viva just. Everything about as I wanna go back there and every once lodged pop back in just to see what kind of music was going on you're absolutely right man like I was. Where the biggest takeaways I had after my first meltdown was just. Kind of throw away the playbook in just being in just kind of go with the flow owning and enjoy the experience. Exactly exactly and I think that that. That's the and that's not what most people left the natural tended to put out the same time that the somebody responsible then. Maybe they're not most people you know maybe they're maybe their time is all their parents saw it it always did the first time virtual hold. To try to hook up the small timers you know to see you won't. Does he won't look dialogue that was going to be announced that it. Without the world there's Waldman. There's nobody knows about it whatever I don't know because you'd think god loved us wolf it's only as you saw it all and south. Like Daft Punk India trash cans. Exactly exactly. Yeah actually wanted to do all only George all it's Walsh won't sort of elections there. We're really good it's good. Good out in the US like. Look like they're all we are all simple blood flying it just it's like it's. Let alone are not Simone the one million nickel Gillibrand and it would be to get to charge them tonight. Wal-Mart. Call. The main big ball well you know. You're. A you'd all of it I don't know if I'm gonna go. It's sent huge huge or 80. I never made out. I'm not there. And I actually have gone out there employed at all there's nobody more. Like I walked around when he deep fly have opaque and ever made it all the way to the Fed's. It is not it is not a responded you sound. Very long Leah Ben can you know can lead to RJ. Tom I'd have to say it just our group honestly like we don't forever. And I sat dormant melt down and hooked up with a bunch of older dudes are mayor that helped us out but I would just be remiss in it and say everybody in our crew which they they love VM there's they're pumped to see yet. Or work cited did I'm about I think. Bob my near go to. Daryn before he says he called the yard dogs road show played years ago. All about it it's include near the beginning of August started the bench and all it. It's always a really neat. Place you know the plays itself is smooth beautiful it and it's like. Perfect elemental you know once you leave this city does you get up into wall all. You know just with the paparazzi yet. It's so beautiful and so perfect and I and I think that's probably my favorite. Then a ball and also liked I've been onstage and played ball was like the full moons. So it's just sort of core it's like. We'll outline of all the trees install I mean. It's beautiful it's cool then and being there and just but it'll be a real interest in one would ever want to put a little bit but just trying to pull the crawl is no interest in tool. So all. Q there are local postal code trial people all fall. It can't wait man bogeyed thanks again to take some time out an absolute. Blast in the chat with you and looking forward to seeing you red summer melt down again how people are good too. Some amount down fest dot com to get more information and not take up beats antique it's going to be a great time thank you Tommy. You don't Logan on I saw little golden ball that's at least a bit. Bring some love for those cupcakes if you walk all the little guys are considered good zip ball. That's awesome right.