Steve Lemme and Erik Stolhanske 03-22-18

Thursday, March 22nd

Steve Lemme and Erik Stolhanske joins us live in studio promoting Super Troopers 2.


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These episodes at our next guests on on April 20 that's right. Porch watching our neighbors as a bringing it back when super troopers to please welcome the show Steve lobbyists are still times. Ask. Thanks premise a guy does a dawn all seems good to have you back Eric I think a first time we view it does feels good yeah so is not a really good does feel great to have them here yeah it does it feels great for me to have its. Yeah music here with Kevin yeah you're gonna happen academy who cares and I don't care how we don't have. Just so I'll tell us I always lost to Muster a bill happier. I feel fantastic but I because it's just it's a week off my shoulders all hey dad hey you know what I didn't you mean like that but I'm glad you take it I do what I wanna go to low ball I don't know where I'm going miss a lot of rim that's a lot of way. He earlier you must be I mean semi sick of him because you guys around a lot I'm more than semi sick and I know I'm just sick of them act I. There's you know but but but but and the can make their mink we can't make because he's sexy and hard slides under her attempt and it turns. That is an that that was not a nickname that I would throw there's a lot of nicknames I hate unions that wasn't going to be the first one. Well Larry ten years ago Erik did a thing where he suggested his own nickname the ceremony just coming mink I mean because I'm I'm sexy and our entertainment this new the new tag ministry next who has a slice slender and are detained sly slender and heart attendant first do you consider low whisper some had to be. And no one answered anybody elicits a similar as a whisper but he really tough and like lake sporting event. Shot. Pocket Caylee really hey Eric paired and he just wouldn't McKee and trying to be like how. And he turned Iran it's a few years yeah but that's the way to do it then we just are calling mainly. Here are torn is there generous as America's. He actually go to the bank can you rate hero doctor October doctor nifty when he got on the checkbook out. So he was signing his checks technically officially as doctor nifty. We had no call it. Did you have like a certain thing where he wanted to be a doctor. And I think you dislike the third nickname here is one nickname okay. And it just never view it stick miss that I but I need to nicknamed the stick to hear ya hear air till he shows some nickname step he chose mink doubt yeah. He was steam wheels doctor to doctor told her any ice tour itself nickname but narrower it sounds like James Bond villain is putting his own car. Yeah yeah and doctor nifty how optimistic we'll see now how like Stephen wheels. Another resident Judith from deserts have. Saul on this here anyway together I'll sit I was real problem I would columns Dean Wilson tells everything else that's what else it's from Christy man driven by the way he was. My wheels because he's claimed to be so fast but I've beaten him in a sprint. And I'm more wheels and here you have meals at fast and could she won a neighborhood if race played with suburban parents. He's done so I ask her. Our our heads into neighborhoods are racing wheels now yeah yeah but he's not wheels he's not a house. I liked Erica like that you got out in front of the big name game you know before anybody gives you one. I'm getting my I'm giving myself onto a subtle name it yeah I like guys because that they you know what then at that point the whole torment game you take it away from them. Get some good yeah right yeah and then they don't feel good about it because you know the whole idea of a nickname is somebody's tormenting you it's that power thing you I'm really on them out if Kansas torment me it's me. I got just yeah like this yeah like Kevin I mean he's not he ever has an economist queen. Oh really we come clean but that's because like oh where college. You know we in our fraternity we had and I gang showers. And he was show up and he had this royal blue towel that you Wear above is in the polls. And then his hair a little bit longer and kind of pro cup size just like queen of England. And so we started calling queen he tried to fight it and that just stuck with stuck yeah we're just. I would bet audio earlier about Charlie day it was on nodded Kimmel and talk about college franks now than when news of roomy and into warming related to talk about cutting the that they currently so is only like from basically you'd see everything from two sets down do you guys have any favorite pranks -- you plan each other back in the college days. But Eric is a master prankster. It's a master proud I want you can tell a much pranks he calls. Mr. not to dwell on Taylor a funny story in college I don't know if we always put frank since there is certainly but I have a prosthetic leg thought I guy had a wooden leg. And and became a singing college where they like to drink out of my leg semi wouldn't like it became missing because he would offer up after dinner now out of games they do they pay it leg jobs. After that I let. I began there was an original DOS boot yes that's dad from originally so wow that's a and so people start getting Inouye and then eventually I'd have to wake up for class and I go to for my leg on going to be gone. And it wouldn't she. He's just next to my bed where nor movies than have to go try to find it that is an exploration of cruise around trying to figure out who had stolen it and digging under couch cushions and stuff turned. I'm just given you do things like like Emeril on time our sophomore year she and are actually living together. We are roommates then we were going to charity does that sort of remains still don't send it straight yeah. And somebody came in and and he is towel wrapped around his waist and leg looked really good is this a little slightly off collar and and the skies a sensitive guy. He is on the AM on the men's singing group. He's mincing your body and he he was like. Is your leg okay. English who own strange to end and Erica just went up and kicks the porcelain wall with his bare foot so hard. And in the skins is vomit all over the place he's got sick from no real. Seoul South Korea that is awesome actually let's say Clinton was that game was that sense of singer Michael Jackson's. And a lot like it was I tax you saw how well you guys went to college with them yet but he's really rich the how do you not have a nickname lake Jagger that's what I don't understand that's and that's a nickname right there because they cut underwritten it's just cooler yeah. The leg Shatner. Many lay charter that's only agree radio show I think we're change in the late jagr in my leg charter elementary and make good overview we mention he has really come on somebody sent Polanco when you were on nob. They made a point and on he says one leg. Yeah well Risley a videos or just jinx on nurtured Simmons like extreme thinnest and exist so I was in the test group and our guys and take like these K should be as mentally Coolio what you do an extremist. Hopefully this. So I agreed to do it open it might get some people off the couch. Novelist people are like wait a minute let's say they can't put two and two together that's like the guy and super troopers and the like. Exercise video gets its second answer is always talking yet he's doing things than just being super tour and the thing the funny thing is some people think I went and I was an acting like that in addition for which it was not there wasn't. It wasn't guessing don't think exactly. So we are talking to see let me and many and I think an hour or so has he wide because super troopers who was coming on April 20. There's so much so I I just always seems to trailer and there's just so much happiness in my soul from. Because there everybody and it edited lightly besides you guys of course John you've got a great cast for this movie like I can't wait to see it. I mean first a Lynda Carter forget about you just gonna go see the movie Lynda Carter isn't it then it's a movie okay you're Linda cart path once now and she's semi she's old school royalty they usually I Wonder Woman. And if regal royalty and I mean hot but also regal life. She's got. Hi James said. You know you better be respectful to. Or she will kick your she's anti U yes and make you tell the truth yeah that's obviously recently in the leg earlier that kind of along what what was what were you then boom. None of because I guy well we have Rob Lowe in the moving him and my idol and he's really got to have dropped Lois. Yeah and that's legit as well I mean Rob Lowe is so great comedies I love Rob Lowe he's a risk an extra can or Maria next I mean he in the nick Harvey stand side by side they kind of look exactly alike thanks. They've got every voter in beautiful design. Features. Beautiful blue eyes as if true yet but he's he's funny I mean he was really funny. Yeah think she's he's funnier than you think he's going to be. But he sort of comedy royalty to it Austin Powers Tommy Boy a Wayne's world moves my kind of common reason you have to forget about that. He was he was also a matter very obscure remove a lot of people don't know but I love there was a superhero movie back when nor was doing them but it was more about like there was like they're real housewives superhero movie called the specials and he was and it. Along Jamie Kennedy and yet he was very funny and now because if he wasn't it was about a superhero team you never Sunday superheroes who is about all the drama they had in between sites. And actually he did and and rob looks that great job and that it was a comedy and you're right he was unexpected. But then of course I see him and other stuff since and Mike you guys just mentioned. A guy in their who I loved a lot of them don't know about but if his names and I'll watch it Tyler Levine I love that dude he's so good. Strait yeah yeah he's awesome and he plays on the Canadian mounties. Then he's actually Canadians like we we make fun of the Canadians a lot as Justin didn't put toothpaste from the trailer sites like just a bit yeah we do I mean you know two we're also kind of poking fun at Americans you know I I would say action super troopers. Very much represent the ugly Americans. And Pakistan we go in there and we have our own in a preconceived notions and we're kind of just making fun of Canadians are doing they say Soria all the time. And so eat you know everywhere in the movie would play a little limb and occupying force. 'cause the plot of the movie is that. There's been some border reassessment and discovered that Canada actually owes us a couple of miles at the top of Vermont odds of any you know they need some troopers to go to patrol area so we go in there and and there's a Canadian town. That because of the border John. Is now gonna wind up becoming Americans. And so they're not happy together or not that's psyched about that. Sort kind of an occupying force and we're kind of like you know we're changing everything from metric to American. I talk to a McCray yeah Chen ya guys. Sparks sparks fly. Diet that is that is awesome we'll SaaS social justice from right all order Cecil yeah make cougar very funny guy yeah that's right for guys he's he can. I EL is a great great cast and again it's been what 171617. Years since the first one right at 2002 is when it came out. While he yeah it's been a while John death and really good he asked tonight younger. Efficient cleaner that's O Linda and Eric Eric who is really good and the new moon there's gotta love sin in the new you do already knew Ilan flesh. Twice on flush flush with bush assured us yeah without Sloan from entourage. Yeah and all that's rarely are cheesy or who that's writes the Canadian. She's in that we have a few cameos of Kelly he's an. Also Canadian all the so why does say some of the folksy way use of all of the guys you know folks you mention that I did not realize that all those folks were Canadian so. Was that important seemed to get some Canadian patches for the for this movie up. Yeah we wanna Castro Canadians so that they would have bring you know them authenticity to it ends well they're gonna make fun of themselves a lot. And so is is easier for us we really Canadians is now Mike doesn't matter database has been like we got the Canadian Sadat. Gotten yeah like there and will SaaS so he he finally SaaS so on and Tyler. They were excited to make fun of Canadians think they're pure Canadian like oh my god where Kenny is the most annoying people we can't wait to rip this country to shreds. And their Canadians. Oh wow so they did not end at lake in a positive way heavier than Canada. I can't and I haven't found Amazon knowing is apparently. Good that there will Sasser when Tyler finds my I used to live in and Rochus yours I want to Toronto a lot. Right never and of course we had here with BC. I never found among the overly annoying but then again I'm an American I feel like I'm originally from Boston where I think we are probably the most annoying people I don't agree with that death. That's the issue is that I know hot liquids and going so I don't think anybody's annoying yeah I know you are at Boston I mean that's the number one annoying. I feel they can't Guerrero. Super cool but I I went to college of Plattsburgh ratify an on ramp went to Montreal I meant they were not very nice to anyone that didn't speak French yes true yeah I've said time make over trump and I love the cities they got their lives there are I think it's awesome if they're the end that I had no. Are yeah. And that was the that was and I'd like when we we made efforts we call upon occurs there yet and right after we finish that we went to buddies have us do that he had a house sparrow on the border Vermont in Canada and that became the initial inspiration for super cherishes that location yeah. But we're really used in a five minutes and you're there on the border and you go over the border into French Canada. And they would only speak French you going to get the protein shops Dominica it's a protein than their legs don't speak English. And you like. And it was kinda one COLT easier like. OK I get that were in their country but also from a business standpoint. East you know he you know how to speak English guys out like messing around them listen French Fries and green yeah I want to franchising greater real call through to another good we were the comical gravy Fries how congressman gravy Fries are delicious I read a club when you connect durst. And put an inbred in Vermont yet far away as he went to Burlington. Yeah while Erica yeah that's connectors where obsession yeah yeah yeah we went there that we we didn't. After a show we did show higher grounds and then when the higher rounds here we were never an activist yes so they give greater strides there gravy Fries and yet they're really just awfully they look at television series are you over the border and and the French Canadians of all solitaire. Because they insist on not speaking English just because they're making it a point tonight he's still not just that's a stupid yeah and that. Then he had that that part of Canada you're absolutely right that's an annoying part of Canada there is good yeah and and I and I was there once and that was it I was like you know I hate it again they you know wondering if you wanna do business because I just don't speak another language. Okay I'll spend my money elsewhere I don't need this. Yeah I love Canada don't get me wrong I love Kenneth Kim is a great place Canadians are great people the Canadians. Think those guys are just so annoyed I don't know why they're so annoyed by Canada but they just they could which take the (%expletive) out of it like guy and. It's a super troopers again as a local guys against toilet paper on the shoe and he's actually from Vancouver and he also he's big conservative right so he rips I can a little bit for being overly socialist. Yeah I can understand that. Yeah because I I I can I've seen of Europe if you're slightly conservative yet you could be irritated with country I get death yet but you know let's just as Americans or try a little more annoying. You know like Canadians or Americans without the hang ups. And attitude that's asks him richer resolve that is that we go in there and where are the ones are kind of the jerks. And and these guys that play any more things to rag on us then we sank. Yeah that's let's just let's an underlying plot line that goes on. And yellow with super to pursue just the amount of us and support to talk to all the crowd funding including when we got to techsters that I contributed to this controversy crowd from the campaign and system that it's almost your big fan misdemeanor and Arthel I mean and then last night you guys had the screening and it was cool to medical buddies that way they knew you guys are gonna be there how well their minds and like my great dad and another guy Mohammed participation that is like I didn't know that these guys are coming I was excited to see the movie some has been kind of a fun experience to see. That no genuine reaction from your fan base for the screening. Yes awesome I mean that they need go campaign. You know it's it's really crazy because like. You know the studio wasn't gonna give us the money to make the movie this and you will release set. Think contractually they had a certain amount screens but then they sent by you have to raise the money for an and so. You know we tried to raise the money we're having difficult time I think a lot of people including the studio didn't think the fans are still out there. And so when we did the crowd funding campaign and and people showed up immediately I think we raised two million dollars in the first swing for hours. That also helped feed the studio she knows the fans are still out there and kind of was a relief to us those very humbling. And so he meet yearly screenings there for the Indy go backers and you meet these people here really you're looking people in the I'd seen such right. At first we're looking people in the you actually. Gave their money. Not a lot of money more than a movie tickets to help you get your movie made in and and you and you realize that you have a connection with all these people and so like. You know you'll be around them everywhere make you can wherever you are some real caught doing okay. I contributed and your ear compelling this hug them immediately be they really did something great for you it's called it's amazing death medicine that is an. Cool concept that just wasn't even around when you guys to super troopers at the idea that you don't need to be beholden to somebody would big pockets to get something done on now on this level and you know it's one thing if you make him like like you say your for your first movie whenever shore but. You know to make to get super troopers to you would basically need the studio to help or you couldn't do it. And this whole Indy gogel thing. And what a great way for you guys think connect with the people that really do care I I think it's awesome to other units that don't. You know the crowd funding sometimes stimulant and a pain in the neck but boy in this particular instance it's exactly what it's supposed to be a letting letting guys like you do what the customer wants and then you get to go on basically reward them by. By showing up to the screenings I think that's awesome. We wanna give good purse but they also got command sets who are shooting and you be there with the people involved and help make your movie. You come out to lunch in their B 15100 people hang and now we are once together Rob Lowe come over and hang out so that's also they got to like watch how the movie was made anyone trying to awesome guy hey I think he had to do this differently or had no concept I don't like this my chance to get director. We'll have to literate fans are like are you guys made Siegal lucky better not. We eat that Kate we want to store owners back from the Pena telling the local cops back and you have to polo towers and the guy you know you wanted amassing again the end and then let the dogs became he's seen movies know that's that's the sex. Could join us and I guess I do yes I do everything exactly well welcome to a friend I'm until you have man oh man so you you know what the Star Wars people go through a little bit with don't make the same old women don't make it that promote. The out of my body review we've posted a picture of you guys on his chase for visas or summit clapped at the end of the movie didn't feel like a dork about it so surprises you guys that the screening a lot of awesome out. Yet the movies turned out well for them it's turn I was very great performances great Kenny is it the Eagles of death metal to the music. And yet then those guys are awesome the were question and yeah I mean it sets our highest testing movie that we government. And a net and believe it or not we actually finally made a movie that appeals to women the oh really we're testing highest in the female demographic that we never tested. Is it isn't gonna skin on skin well yes yeah fiesta goes full frontal postal that's oil as it's MI how. Oh has improved the you know we've been talking about there for years and you've been resistance. That's funny that he's got to take some guys eleven broken lizard guys and Steve Russo fortune hot don't talk about that I'm talking about you know Larry I now see I love Seattle I can't decide which is more beautiful in the city. Sports people. I cannot thank you. Thank you. We don't often see a lot of people on the Texas that I you know you've accomplished super jurors do now a sudden you're gonna have on if you like what about putts that's what every day well that's the thing that's like he announced a one glitch taken as they say ten years at this move may appear like they're really seen yet I don't have a pot that's. I I think the doubt that that's that's just that is America that is some you can make fun of you haven't even you we have even seen the latest and we don't care we want something you give me. Give me yeah gimme it's always gimme gimme gimme I'll tell you what this if people show up and we do well opening weekend then we will definitely have the conversation of pop fest that was Warner Bros. and a house or cancer pitcher for stern. Also there at all Jason you're drama three out there now this is it just think we have any would seem to write and you throw on the three out there that's. Let's all live out there yeah. Just give three yards so I had seven all of a sudden one's full frontal scene and the man now is just like already are wanted to close wait until you see the full frontal saints OK yes you guys like marvel not even your next ten movies plant that was going on or you're talking did you under a new sort twenty. For twenty for twenties are contingent on the weekend we are able to see it in the hope we make more. Well a super troopers who I write April 20 if you haven't seen beyond media around the trailer go to Steve's super troopers who trailed check him out it is real I mean you're. Plus if you love super troopers this trailer is gonna bring Braxton. Yeah Canadians Canadians are especially people. Now another great they're great fans are awesome. And if you wanna treat these guys that Steve let me are at Eric so has. EO Steve it's always great seeing you and and temple you thank you for getting up early and being on the show where we we just love what you guys always great seeing Eric to now you know your first time focused on nice the last it's always is and you guys Saddam yes yes yes especially in your new office I mean what do you view we have we got some New Zealand you know what we rolled out the clouds Soria let's go to London and I appreciate tests normally we wanted to have the quintessential Seattle experienced and I got -- Janet I appreciate it so super troopers to April 20 420 make sure you're out you watch this movie you are gonna laugh it is everything you expect from a broken lizard -- guys throughout you know you're gonna love this. Hey guys Steve Perry thanks so much for coming and thank you guys. The next morning and now I'm 49 KI guess stuff here.