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Monday, March 27th


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Rockaholic that steering daily with KI SW and I am joined on the phone by Taylor moms and from the pretty reckless Taylor how are you today. And they earn moderately you guys out well here Seattle or actually experiencing. What we call sunshine and that today's media really good day around these parts my rare and very rare but you know it gives us even more excited for. Outdoor concerts and all the great shows that are coming to. At this neck of the woods in the summertime and we actually just found out that the pretty reckless is going to be playing. Pain in the grass Tony seventeen that's happening Saturday June 24 out white river amphitheater. We are looking forward to is super I'm lucky out on my favorite places where there's. Actually bought mine lead guitar and piano lush and where there. Is that when you guys played shoebox so. Yes I think dump sand and relax and we're there yet you produce here and actually I got. Say thank you guys on releasing always naked to Seattle whenever your touring and it seems like you've been doing. Nothing but during these past few years we got to see you guys at Al cores on a just couple years back and then this past December at shoebox photos so how'd you guys back. In the summer time at a big festivals wedding is kind of a dream come true for us. It's a dream come Lieberman. All right on and I don't you area in new Yorker now be your originally from Saint Louis and I just wanted to say that I feeling Kirkwood in I have visited Saint Louis many many times over the years. Wow it's called yes Obama down. He added I mean I moved there moved away from our. Most young I've but it when Aaron I'd still have fond memories dot Chuck Berry and conflict Iverson exit blueberry hill. On the loop which is pretty amazing. That is amazing. You mean you only draws an influence from. You obviously I'm I'm I'm assuming truck there he is well but I know you've done influence from a lot like you know sixties and seventies music and I think you can definitely hear it on especially. It in your latest record I mean take me down. It that to me just was what had just this great how old time feel to it can you you know walking through a little bit about writing in and producing that song. That I'm in particular. Became a little bit later. I'm a little later on the record. How to how to explain well I guess we brought and other conditions. I'm about the first Lagarde and drew back a check. So that was really underrated I got this thing with them and they're legends and his generals and Dartmouth. Jenny Douglas slam. And as we are Ramos and they were made me. So much fun I'm not so much life and energy into the studio that was really cool experience. Strangely the actual in the vocal styles. And and guitar funding rebounds as the scratch cake. We try to beat it and couldn't there was something magical that the first time. As the result on story. What that song has just I mean it's exploded on our way you are on our airwaves your guys W in that people just eat a song that and we still I mean it's in. Super heavy rotation because everybody wants to hear and now we've. Also started playing oh my god offer the latest album who are you selling for. As a thanks for bringing great music to Seattle receiver excited about it Ross thank you are planned out really we will continue to use our now are you were wrapped up the month of march obviously and this is national women's month. And as of it's it's very awesome to be celebrating you know women all over them. You know the world past present future and especially musicians. In our world so I just got wanted to know as far as. Your biggest female influences people inside and outside of the world music who would they be. Me. It's a good question. And arming and you can and a sound parallel that women Bob but I and honesty my eyes and was. Implemented by its you know as The Beatles who lugged up Clinton who would be buoyed. As far as women go and I logged in Joplin. Sheryl crow's amazing. And garbage it's really cool. Who out. Would it Blondie obviously in the area and young Jack gray had claimed that her she's typical. There's a CM. That's awesome my age you obviously had music as a part of your life since you were looked a little girl I mean you literally been writing recording creating music. And since your very small is this what you always wanted to do. I area 1000%. And never thought twice about it. And I know you can get a bit of a guitar and and and Gemma the best of them but what instrument would you maybe wanna try there was something you'd like to maybe take on in the coming years. Not I don't have a little bit of everything not and it's below piano I play drums equipment hammering well harmonica. I did with that I'd like you get it better like Qatar and militia and that I am deterrent and guitar players that much magic eighty dollars and cents. And it's gonna keep working on my. But we love seeing you up there but locals guitar it's very sexy is that thank you refer not always wowing us noise putting on a great show. Again were bringing guys to gain in the grass is here in. It's honestly the biggest rock party in this area every single summer so having a pretty reckless apart that is very special Saturday June 24. White river and the theater and and you as odd and an opportunity to tour at a time of phenomenal man. This time grammar and have corn stone sour baby metal going to be crazy. And to this date you would you say has been your. On maybe like a bucket list artists that you got to perform with that just totally knock your socks off. Sound garden. And and that we played it from one point to back in our story and so it's and they're one of my favorite band of all time. Now I am cheaper excited about got. Yup that's in Gaza Chris Cornell actually came and visited us and just about a year ago here in the studio. And Brad were you doing some some more on his solo work. And I was so nervous line that and that I think I just said I don't even I mean words I think it was just straight gibberish I was speaking in tongues it was a total nightmare so tight. Ever get the chance to meet him again I'll have to apologize for sounding like a total fool. Credit underwater but it by the god is so phenomenal. Actually now you mentioned Don Arden and we're doing this thing at the highest W right now called the Seattle rock crumble. I that he never filled out like a bracket for a joke the college basketball turn and it's kind of like that where were putting. All of the Seattle artists you know yesterday and today had against each other and we're gonna crown one. The greatest of all time from Seattle and rob and all the listeners vote on that. A top form back it's ridiculous I mean I I didn't let it down. I was one I mean obviously loves sound card and do you think that they might have what it takes to win the whole thing or. Yeah I admit they're not gonna when you could knock them off do you think. I mean I vote for our garden. Pneumonic might take some distance you know Nirvana. Alli Alli well aren't you in the up Pearl Jam yeah. Ballot came I used to that any. And Jimi Hendrix is Cali you know the godfathers so yeah I party did so many different ways that I I double dribble Garcon Gardner's ball. I don't meandered through that not have you mart I picked I love it we need the listeners do and what we want no part of that unit has figured out so well yeah the exciting right. More report that he'll let you know who ends up taken that top spot now I guess he hasn't been destroyed like crazy. You know who do you actually any Animal Planet I'm on a crazy dog lady and then I am a crazy chicken lady. But I promised my dogs I go to work do you ever in a DS contacts that you can't take on the road to say a home you may be like get the photos ever wish you get text of them. Do I have I'm a little Maltese. And I mr. Madly on the door but not you I used to bring her correct but she's getting older now on that's just it's too hectic too many people on the bus she too small. You have an hour Ashe yet they own Bada. She's just stole all the hoopla battled on. I would surname. Panel had a lot of old girl what would you say is petals favorite bands. As she wants not what I leave the house I have to put on our records big machine which years Playboy issue won't bark all. Bells are bad. And money soothing moments I love the yeah. Well would you let them eat and beat on the road so much besides you know maybe a hometown show here and there. What city has kind of become a home away from homer gives you kind of same hometown welcome that you love so much. Yeah and that's a good question. Street in London and become. The London. I note in the town I would and they are so many times. I'm Scott and I know the area where we stay in Atlanta actually is articulate a public mom and it's completely different country. That's fantastic I love hearing that. One last idols back now I buy it I actually never been to Europe so maybe I'll have to put that on my list of places to go because Taylor moms and dads. I doubt on the and amazing parents block some. That'd be your problem. Well and we are side daddy back in Seattle did Dana grass and and we just announced dead it's gonna be monstrous. Saturday. June 24 at Wye River into the air what can the rockaholics expect from you guys coming out and playing in such a Austin festival setting this year we have what treats a numbering for us. We're gonna bring some really loud. But is he rock and roll and it is a good time. Yeah. Well I can't wait I don't want my favorite memories of seeing you guys as being backstage and on I was mark that gave me one of your lighters and I still have it. And out of that coming I treasure very dearly silent board to see you guys and checking out all the merged. How white river for pains going seventeen. Yeah probably is amnesia right. As Taylor will thank you so much for making some time Boris today out we will see you in just a couple months and have a great time on the act. And Patrick thank you so much taken time then I wrote he's in our I have not lie. Later.