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Monday, September 17th


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Let's do it. Dating you log into it podcasts that this isn't just any I guess just any pod cast couldn't do this. This is. Starting deep stuff and these are starting these senseless and com. You'll let her Wear a helmet and. These broadcasts with up to avoid these days it will be about this here podcast. The red hot gas and all the way all the way. They'll activate my burner body by good Freddy go here let's go through we'll somewhere in southeast Asia could rename a cop. Have a thought on this Wall Street rose today on reports of strengthening Petro dollar and concede government spending in Syria just these podcasts are down but closely with nearly twelve and a half point gain as the bad boys of summer got back in the swing of things that they cast last week. Anyway there's one wall. Back there on the Wii of this deal getting enough that our water ice cold like temperatures out there Hollywood Allen thirty year old male new they match counterfeiters are MC TP for. With a mandate Ted and you'll man. Awesome. We're off. It's funny so obviously since he's been off Matt had his birthday. Shout out everybody down with the podcast again met the party tractor that's cool great time. So I have that Friday off tonight before. The it got his jacket and but really speaking of jackets. We're just down on the deck I this jacket that had her probably for years right that is you know like a pretty heavy duty snowboarding jacket from out to research but it's been like five years. It's a great coach right. And I got like half off with somebody and you had a deal. So we're out on the deck it is freezing. And make every right to my hand on my pocket I realize how cold is and I literally make a statement this thing is unbelievable thing I mean I'm my own little snow globe it's so warm in here. Right and then as I walked game. Because at the puffy jacket. It snagged on a hook and then back a backpack it's a small player. Right on the scene Reverend Billy by I also look up Copley journalists seemed to sell them back together and went right to that I'm gonna do that. Oh yeah I mean you have some reduce but it was not funny and then. Life to slap in the face like you know it's nice to call him here enough humble life and move the humble is upon you that's like a really you that warm. I mean I was brag I'm just very like I guess the greens close it was borderline that the Republicans borderline. But paid the price correctly it. Right so we have Matt's birthday party and tonight before I go back cult in Amber's here to be done it again. Subsites despite the jacket than the obviously with the war there back. What should you are now we hear a audit. Your message that you tried to instill it is still god Allah and now that I do swallowed really loud later on the nerves are. Five that's what he's to have. I sit though so Thursday night that it just set the attacks that was like a man. While offering get dinner tomorrow. Which is getting a call whatever thousand cool next get up at the four in the afternoon Arafat call my putting feels like my bad I don't even call you that night and whatever a but EMS are talking in and it's funny to my turn thirty. Music yeah I think it was used said this would think you'd you'd think about it and then Teddy turned thirty years wake up and it's like. Now thirty. The other day before turning thirty ms. was reared. A little bit they would have access to so stoked about the show but he and others to times is that man. Thirty years. That's crazy. Eddie had such stressful Brett just I don't know what it is death on melancholy. I know you're not thirty. Correct right each and 31 month. And you are you know it's they don't hold off let's see if congress via. A I'm sure I'll be drill hole you know cut their emotions about it that midnight. Writes I think the day before any birthdays. Google time for reflection and contemplation in general but it. Yeah it's number like thirty it's a little bit more. McGrath the accurate gap yet. A new decade but it's weird. Because it's only use the really thinks about it and then I told him I thought my brother Christmas stamp the yes on thirty young children. Pregnancy even as are telling you that you probably do the same emotions just weird thing. You wake up and you realize lake while it is a big milestone in the daily you have pitching by you there's things you've changed its do you now you're just there. It's also one of those things that everyone experiences that no one experiences together. I'm not Boy. Scouts on them and you guys are close to their what are your. Yeah there. Pretty could call that. It is never people there anyway you know in if they are all Annan has gone terribly now. Yeah issue yet. Now my math. I thought I'd really more than that as a journalist or the economy turned thirty yet again to build it up with doctor Sanjay you're zoo zoo and telesystems. What do the twenties XTO. We cannot I miss them I forget. Palm trees voice. White man's beautiful women in Britain's hard bodies. Our bodies late nights consequences not a bad decisions that kid know we're assessments that this. Tony's agree loyalists. Who cannot believe it if I told you turned the corner I didn't I know him is crazy I hear it's a year survey. That. He has. Yeah so anyhow I thought that was a funny call. We did governs the tractors so here's having to you don't slow Mo sealant in Seattle area if you don't. Friday. Which just kinda. Pissed and train and play it was just your standard and a winter Seattle today and it got a little bit colder. So lake we had all these plans lake Brad was coming down Gaza meet up with him for lines in this and that. So that they slowly just tear it I got talked to press ahead in the decider I five is the car you drive and ran out of gas. Did have a working gas gauge Coca and his defense path. And then and then Biggs was governor to meet me he shows up again our light music do it traffic is so brutal health care. So they average they really go edit ballot to meet up with Matt thousand Matt just go to about like what makes gets here he's gonna get out of his car resume goes somewhere around here and we want to watch that policy. Yes any front act like I wanna. Friday was just that night it'd be all right later it's operated as much in but for the commute and look it rains all the time it's now I know how to explain them. What does this strain in its wintertime. It's a Friday commute is just are proof that sometimes it can get checked for sure and suits come from Puyallup due to break his colleagues. Late break out of our buddy Josh we're still together and they are coming down and mean Steve walk around belt town. And every block is a parking lot. You know you like were you turn just roll cars here broke I was like dude. Don't even bother ya this gridlock in either direction and that I didn't really take into account that obviously the healthy amien on pac twelve championship. Plus you know happy hour is not my Forte so point being you can't just the game kicks off at six. You can't just roll toolbar 515. Pitcher on spot. It was it was tough to say the least. Yeah outlets that's one thing that actually was it was nice about Seattle that's changed now I prefer having Mike. You know bars are full of sports fans on college football Saturday answer on Sunday you know but one thing though is nice is like. I feel like since Sony he'll move from out of town and a lot of the other cities are much bigger for both college and pro sports I've noticed that major uptick. In the number of sports bars and a number of people out sports bars so I feel like. You know maybe you're thinking of a couple like ten years ago or remind you first moved here nine years ago. Now you can just hot kid who has boards by memory like six people were watching the caps game you know ever purses now. I was think about that out of the coaches thing in my. It's 515 how crowd can be. I I just to me like there's there's a whole happy our culture lately but all of our like you you probably need to hit it once a while but Matt and I schedules late. It is one but it just I'm not complaining received happy hours on the few things that I don't partake in south lake. You know it's Friday afternoon 515 like a credit to the bars me. Preliminary blanket like everything else amidst you have ours I don't get the chance yet has just okay airline flights you've beaten them. And and opiates they're very. You have random like as far as called Cisco I love that college football. Bar culture it's cool like logging into has some random bar and ends of being right you know. A hundred drug Michigan fans there you go suck 1800 from Michigan State fans what do you people have been doing now. Yeah screws it. Just added Buckley and there's a period out of they still do it over the West Virginia fans have been there. Right to the West Virginia fan group is not a large group if you ever been a Buckley is on Saturday you know that's a Michigan car. So. So the West Virginia fans just tablet that one section and a and that front window. So and this is actually my brother was in town of coach Brady and again did you think about it spoke how Blair in Maryland here Chris is where in Maryland here Richards could raise from the South Carolina here. So we ought to Buckley's and there's one table right. Over there so we sit down. And Mike again. Not not in pay attention at a Malin scores and I cheer and you know like when you hear what you feel eyes on you. But I turn around like Madison West Virginia fans like you turn him. Let's thinking that the pol. We look like we purposely walked in here and sat next action. I don't have next door for other. I think you know me because I was like huh I think at one point I want a week. We didn't we can now we gonna watch the game and her her great. I cannot in my ear just to spite. At a point though it's almost useless to send me an out. Right here. Who would believe it you have to sort of saying yard we can now play yet dude c'mon I played all the missed inventive meet up like he didn't know going to pay primaries and you know right ankle. If it's like it's getting other guys around. I was having to is that like my back is to them so when I walked into the room equipment my eye skin passed them all. But I wanna be just didn't dawn process at her what's Virginia. Doesn't need inside offense it is Seattle I don't think I should be on the look out for West Virginia fans and playing in Maryland that's there. This. And it just seems silly to me though like the first thing you notice them was when you're like about it. I mean look at reason a lot about the story but it does appear that right up polish. But I think they probably of their problems they'll tell a story to this day and welcome you to beat us. We have that idiot Maryland fans that came in and we really know we are here her hand and anyhow the barge or packed. We finally make it sort of Ballard the tractor rig go celebrate Matt's birthday. But to local bands are there. That tell me take me through your day is when I showed up you are as some would say it Fuego. Oh yeah her so. Hello. And my girlfriend came over she got off or get one vote was like. Yeah I can't be your house still for some thing lay. All right that's weird something's up and others have found out about all about. But so then we move. Hi out went out to Ted that type are going to sushi so I want it sushi before the show so I did Billy beached in Ballard right next door. And got some happy hour sushi and ironically and is amazing. And then headed over the tractor. And it the show which it is already set up and there's already you know 5060 people in there probably and all the bands and everything and it was just like. This is cool I had some some stuff to take care of pets talked with sound guy and then. You know get that hit the Kansas on the posters who have docs office in Iraq and I do. Do some stuff coups like my things so got to run around a little bit before hand might well. All right cool gate get all your stuff handles you can enjoy yourself and you know figure out what I was gonna be doing and stuff so. Got an all situated just tons the hugs and familiar phases. That loves so much and always just say. Wow this is happening is is super cool parents showed up. Then they left to go it dinner. Sedan that listen woodshed and yeah I was I was didn't getting warmed up Brett only jet came on. Under there there's singer and guitarist is odd talk to me. A few weeks back it doubles let me down show as I hate mail what you want us to play how do you want our set was to go out like on there. So big responsibility man. And so. I hadn't played Tucson that I missed less on a Jane MCI kicked out for being too loud rock. Which is as good great advice follow him on the ear plugs via my rarely bring earplugs to Michelle and I was so happy via. The outgrown it's like out in the crowd so loud. I know where it was an entire night Myers restoring. To me I got earplugs from my birthday you gotta keep in mind she was next on the storage site when I get there right I've missed the first Albanians. So he's in the front right corner you airman in the tractor you've ever been any ship right. These in the front and corner and doubles like L legend. Like I get there right now in this you know. The first smaller slate I couldn't believe how many people from a meltdown crew does so awesome rightly so loss no made out like that but most of the crews Ayers you're talking to them. But I was there's some Harper's there just got some local bands and the gas and devils coming down already done. So just BS the with a bit of Tonya Mexico legend is just like duties up front right corner in the manner that policy guys in the world and I. I hear that he's up there. I have not seen her. It's not in another spot up the entire show. And so you established a presence up near a stage big time. Big time let me say so. Here's a thing and I certainly is kind of like yeah mats up there blob of right about this point right the shows have falsely thank people like I get there. I'm doing all right but you get there at the local Roxy who tells the B will be there early and been drinking tough. So it's actually I've been drinking tough ms. Franklin efforts and out of the water but what like I've entered it needs help you put up there in a bid drinking while. That was me state I think before I got there yet. Since I hope. And that I think it was somebody from which candidate shout at you with them. You like some of that back right finale of this Tuesday's practice of talking a few people. I haven't seen Matt right in the eye can't fight my way up or micro. So as soon as that the band's about to go off and make sure to position myself close towards the back Alley go off there right let's take a couple minutes after they go off and as I'm walking up. Matt disappears. Into the backstage area right. Some like. Biggie it's attract there. I'll be all right. Wrong guys not have and it Alec will easily who's met as a birthday guy yeah he's back but my workload over the patiently easily yeah I'd. Site. Just. Writes it's terrible dude I've manipulate the guy that the gimmick girlfriends back. Looking around their bring adequately to keep swing in the door like given the media arm like out of the way so that mentality of a window pane walks by like. He Tony means that. Dude who like. Kean junior can you tell me that I'm out here whatever it easily. It's okay did you go back with it yeah I. It is a given that's left. There we go back there are some of them with a everybody. And every those great ago I couldn't give back your other all right it's not a member of an imminent clearly not cool enough heck that got a big lead by men elect. I didn't did I. Oh okay that decision but it was so horrible two's I feel like. Blake is often times late enough in Iraq show and I have a good path. But I forgot that horrible feeling of lake senior friendly you know and get you back there just watching it like walk away like that I think anybody that. It's ridiculously out of and I think our governor of Argo and you need to it's like yeah like you can't get back there and other I thought I. Right. So fights that night trying to be able that they just laughed like pieces of it. Yeah I'm I'm a few thoughts fat fat and I put him out maps that I don't like don't Letterman I hadn't. But weird zone two of like I can't go back to the group because I've I've. Maybe my present is no hearted yeah I'm leaving I have to go find back. But I was still like to go back to the group two week year but the thing like that (%expletive) Menard I really like Tony and in window pane but thank you to help. He the X until you know until you liked my amount. Does this period of the guys would. Letterman. At. A news out. And now it is his time. You get one split from the back out the front and the hectic. Thank you zeal later this. Yes it was it was unreal man. Dissed every band was so god DM did. Odds on same wage dead. Leg. They have a song called hands in the sky that that contract dropped out its last signs eleven and a half minutes I think it here when I saw last time it's all about. The world ending around us now is like dude you know I'll listen that song and I think about the the condition at the worlds and. And you know it's like it's just a really good song. And it it comforts me it it makes me realize that like how much I loved his music and the beast people in this stuff and Ike. You know I I approach it from a sense of gratitude at being out of your really cool way to kick off the night big gap it's. We're here we're gonna have a great time and so that's who we started with then went in the swatch then they finished with Lloyd she said. Jake had a bid to drum solo and just killed it. Spot and then you're the cobra came on and is that not a barrel of his. So our guys pretty stressed. The tractor is not usually have big rock shows especially down six bands that's it's a lot of changeover allotted here and stuff news. Here's a stressed that man all the bands. Came together and made all the changeover so smooth there I'll help each other what 91 night it was gonna do seem yet because all the bands were just still helpful to one another and they're all news. Does my favorite things is seeing how stoked all of the members of the other bands where. For for the other bands for not their rather art you know John and Amy from your uncle or so let's go to BC window pane and ten miles wide seven it was just. Blown away while the other bands of watching them all. Interact and all those you know connections being strengthened. On a night that I helped put together legislator really cool feeling and see in the mall you know how's that working together to make it runs smoothly. We just like. Hell yeah man so. It was super cool is a utility which you where. I was with Hank. These sweat pants meant baggy Jordan sweat pants as you know what I you know at the knees and my tapes out. It says. I'm gonna wash your face which is a follow on funk there and then I had. Of poetry and Anna Burger King crown on. Especially you or rocket like a thick gold chain with a plate all of that rocked the hole by well. Light of the real fact are okay my ice it ice over as yeah Vatican where most nights and so. Damn heavy and sharp and that'll link. Plane I iced out. Right but it was a foot on the luddites out mrs. bush and got outside. I just take me labeling you know it's like platinum does not know what we will do business plague gold or silver. These guys are Naomi out of technicalities. Will probably thank you all well known as the play is gold now knows well outlets over thanks DO. So. Jacob from which it made us that woods on and there are ID card with the chain saws he brought them. And Nate from woods said not to be outdone he works on cars and stuff works and liked steel manufacturing or whatever so he. Put it like. The that it is engaged chain link fence. Imaginable and use that chain and then just like this giant. Pieces steel with sharp bats edges and corners. And like engraved MC TP on it. It's cool it's Austin is an enormous. Not super practical. Fascia but yet I'm still to have it but I'll certainly that everywhere it during when during a banned from jumping around and stuff. But yeah it's it's pretty sweet it's just very heavy duty and uncomfortable. But I I don't know labs and uses several privacy woodshed. IRS like that nowhere that's I think your rocket the whole time no not Thomas like you let when they violently backstage right. And I finally elect backstage that he has this giant piece of blame on Michael Zalmay. I don't know I. I thought over the fact that a Phillies beat me out there. I appreciative backer of a growing each side some news feed them grapes just winds set out. None of these phantom Dan a tad that's. Measles skis. There's Heath. Their opinions exceeds its not that I love these I haven't backed out of the you know like a regular government. There's just on the big item into the technical literally the people carrier. That they're up. It felt like you Dan. This is like yeah. The guy ever is man I was flying so high and I will say this too I was pretty impressed with the but he. Some that it. As Jeffrey is this something that some of them. Somebody here who work with like yeah I got an email from one of the guys on local bands won't say which one that viciously. So the person your work and remembered trying to buy this and beer and the emails late thanks your driving behind me that beer they are the cup mega ball. I had her come into play ET the I was like that's good work. Play is that you still got tonight enroll yet. Yeah and it's brutal to Hanley I found out that Blake Blake detractors show box that they've let you run for awhile and that in the duke cut jobs and removed giant x.s and hail. That's funny yeah. That's I mean I don't know who that was. A look at it and I that's pretty debate reaction my thought that they are members there now. I'll tell you who it was from here aka. That's funny yeah so though I mean man. I was I've never been that happy on our road outing anyone on the planet's ever been that happy. Night or I never been happier than say is it's not as uncharted territory and unite. In his leg in the Lebanese army during grids Cobb. Like that but for six straight hours I'll nuance it was unbelievable and but people's that a lot of really nice things about being mainly fielded it and liked it. So many so many friends for so many different. Lots of life throughout throughout the years that just randomly showed up like oh my god you came out as so tight like. Our meltdown crew is back there having a great time as glances first metal show. And you know is clearly a change of pace and Acker yeah yeah I think Joseph said the tires and the Israel more punk rock than that he had toughness a couple of but the and and yeah it was so cool man and like. Just just have in my girlfriend to leg. Oh did we we. Please so we're so diverse together right sheet we we she's fits in that with all these pockets in my life you know like with the meltdown crew that festival. But she's also like. Front row head banging just as hard as me saying in the the words right in each other space is old values is. So so amazing to it to have her be part of it and then at the end. After window pane. She. Surprised me with two boxes of legendary donuts and a gigantic. By doughnut birthday cake two tiered donut birthday cake. At the end I came out of onstage it was this site. Man the the entire night. I redefined the term white hot Cobb your favorite term like he's got paradise isn't just like you know. Serious weight so. I asked the question that's on everybody's mind. The donut. Birthday cake. Was it a birthday cake doughnuts or a cake. Shaped like a donut it was her birthday K go that. Birthday cake donut it was that giant donut. Birthday cake like the crispy cream birthday cake now on our birthday cake isn't just like a Donovan looks like Bertuzzi at the picture. I saw the picture didn't get to see the inside. Yet you there's no cross and I don't wedding photo thought so it was not my favorite donut guy you're you're a maple bar got that's your measuring stick when you don't place for me it's it. Set for the launch of us it's something that's and I just finished one and out. And now I'm I'm with Thea. But my my go to is like iced with sprinkles this is a gigantic donuts this big. Chocolate with talk and I think in spring as a sprinkles the gap so ill as it was incredible ought to a lot of work. Took falloff logistically that's why she's running around that I otherwise I'll see you for Robert what the hell. And that's issues or Austrian had a drive down a federal way to pick them up and then drive the tractor to given to Josh from other prone. By party preference how bad traffic across that gap if it is the I appreciate all the effort and man speaking to Josh from other from Mac guy work so hard to have to put this together. And who is really ramp point on things band. Freed me up to just have a great time he he recorded the whole thing. Was there early set not go pros around the place I mean right. It's all documented and he helped so much him and Glenn and Tony from window pane and wealth and ten miles wide group right. Forty's that could not done now without and it it meant the world to me and Mike the night. With a smashing success and implement so great was just. Knowing that all these people that love so much were all having. The end there is good at times and again out out again don't quite in my level but people are having a great time enjoying music that they aren't a lot of mark privy to my parents and loved years ago Rendell let me down. Mother prone scare him off which I predicted. They got right in left and that I will say funny owner monochrome and I think your mom like loud enough for you she's a lot of the extremely loud enough mortgages. Scuff up up up up up up. Yes of us and if you haven't had a great time and you know it was Doug just the whole night went off without a hitch and news is really special that it to beat Senegal and yeah. Yeah so it's all it's fun to Aaron and our terrorism there with mr. window pane and just we ill intended up. All big time series run and why pot is well let's let's give her credit she uses. Online which is awesome it's Alice to fifth. Yeah. Acts. Was it say Steven donuts W brought into them don't want to quit on a break. Idiot don't talk right. Just plain regular blow caught it when I'm away here and well I don't care. You are Mohamad Stella does actually different Mohammed follow them. Well hall regular Mohammed is not here so his his body weight there's more than one Mohammed his two boys and in his most. They won't I'll let you call a book about it but Jesus in now I'm new ones like the super skinny guys soccer player vomit them and on this other one. Yes he. He said Mohamed and he says lessons Ali I don't know if his joking or not. But and I gave him down. I don't know if it has seriously don't know me. Yeah they're both mouthful don't. If you don't know why haven't that I pass the Mike back to you. I'm there I'm right we'll still handled better the cornerstone. Throwing your battle back but that's donuts. I know what you're doing it looked like I've seen that giant donut from legendary. So it's like that was sprinkles and where is that why they're colas very donuts is because of one big donor to that you all they're done its massive. Pollard on some other guys are pretty massive grid to detonated two dozen of them there are all these weird different varieties that are wants sixth street. In Tacoma then probably they have a few they're also out there all throughout that does have glass in Tacoma and I've probably had no idea com. Yeah they're they're real geared. How they compare to Henry's. I am having crews from them. You know it's it's a different different comparison did Al voucher legendary. I had a different kinds of donuts. So you're right a magic ruler but the legendary don't enter our our super yeah and that's Hodges is like network or station their Austria earlier yards to the legendary Darth I don't have ever had a full donut from them. Every down as they go right I'll get a knife and not even feel an ounce of shame or guilt played on there are massive and like rich. And covered in amazing topics. Did I just love that. There's so many good donut places proliferating right now is there's a stretch enact that when I was a kid there is turning Owens and there's all stretch now and were now a lot of good on them places active. About a comment you on my com. All those tunnels school chain ones close down Mike wind chills and all that there is like a drive period in the don't know world for a walk. Ya but some people ever stop liking him that's right. The others weren't a lot of chains you know that's why they were such a big gap when top pot Cameron overnight. Fifteen stores or whatever Stewart who just weren't neighborhood donuts by. Yeah. Two and Evian helps too that likely places they're trying to beat specifically to. You know I mean remain. Like you they're not just opening up an election change in a Krispy Kreme Krispy Kreme if you open have a place it was like allow likely Krispy Kreme out of work. Yeah crispy cream failed in Boston. Yes both like that in Duncan territory and Dunkin' Donuts spelled out of love that place yet. And others like us about it and I'll never understand that you like top pot that legendary donuts. Technically got that there's a lot of don't have places to Bentley. Voodoo blue start on Portland yell at you gotta be kind of artists in league very specific small shops lately put in time. Yeah you know I mean Erica and ourselves. First is like Henry's in Everett is also right but Henry you details in there forever and has been and right so when it went debate dip had Henry's probably survive. Oh yeah that's I'm saying is that you can't just start of run of the mill contrast don't yet now he got out like old school Cambodian Asian don't have players that's been around forever and they two on and arrest beast now. Or you have like one of the new players in the game and charged a little more when tomorrow for premium handcrafted higher quality down. Yeah I want to of that stuff changed. You know because so many years is all about fancy stuff and now all about like doughnuts at meet. He loves hi Aaron out I think legal cooled off from for a minute there was he was pretty. I'm a note that yeah I'm in need of sliders. Kind of stuff. Oh yeah I'd visited tease me love sliders. It. Well items for the one it just kills me east lake but now it's like home cooking my mom aid for. You go sliders like I wanna go to arrest company when he box for a piece of meat. Man whose charge you twenty bucks for peace meatloaf. When you've. I don't know what do I pay. A paid fourteen dollars before tip for some cauliflower. This week war how innocent. And I have no regrets the that is probably since it was phenomenal. Like Miley issued grad. I just ended up president of Sinn in the clay thing in their prices are on their menu admit it's ethical apprised her to bed I mean the food was. Deserving of of a high price tag at no anchor. I think it's called right no later beer bar right there we're there for Jesse's. From melt down Bloomberg friends and his birthday. And I was between jobs run and over the years from the gym and stop I was pretty hungry gather at the menu right. To all this kind of written crafted. PNC look and stuff and I was like ten for some reason call our common name. And man all the stuff those servant and glazed is this like dude I needed gigantic play in this and there was gigantic serving booze. Totally worth it didn't fill you up. See that's always my issue with the like super fruity places that'll give you like you know because single obscure leaf on a white plate in the is. I'm told are finally paying more for great quality food. If I leave full I hate just to drop a hundred dollars on dinner for two and walk out I'm still hungry and sent. I left as a full brunt lefties but satisfied bill last strike an hour. Duca whose leg senator of Iowa was they just under and when I Oz serving of vegetables salads and appetizers incidents there yeah. Yep I'm with you haven't liked the name of the restaurant on Capitol Hill but this is over the summer. It was like really good it was a group like five of us so we got up on Chile visionary as was like topless or in some of the dishes were super good but it. Yeah I think I have a night out they don't come hungry. Yes. Did they give me 50% more cough borrowed and even mention the price. But I don't pricey single Arnold like I you know let's try pretty good Jesse's saying everything here is dead you know so I'm excited. And then the series have like fourteen bucks. All right better begin to imagine that I'll strength. All right well played guys. We are clear and like call Florence cheap for them so I never understand why don't just loaded up on your nausea or a sense and yet I can't imagine any of that just like their size this week. Yeah could you for their appetizers. But it. Came time who. It's an in depth. My. Time do we have a few. Yet we have much awaited for eighteen sorry I do have one more feeling of about MLS cup this area. So. Here's I think you guys are both sports fans you liked big games. Do you think it's better to watching game of that magnitude in a bar with a bunch of people are watching late summer smaller can actually watch the game bar. You say bar I saved it has to be a light a soccer bar or pub you know more people are watching the game. But it's way better watch for the big crowd as long as you know your we will see the games are like market arms or what's or other place in the let him crossing and went across as good but not on Fremont. George dragon now Atlantic crossings good tire development feet by even at temple that was as anywhere Dauman stadiums to were people are there for the game I think will be a loss. Yeah unless I'm with the on Allen. Lives. But when the king's line it is over in Seattle and I've NHL's. Sent our Internet so it's I'd ever I didn't. I don't watch a ton of the kings games and it bars with fellow kings fan. Beebe says the second time they wanna spend three games with the Seattle king screw and they lost all three in the sharks that come back with seven to win. So now is say I was like I can't kinky coming watches as he got it they're they're good or downgraded I think I got stuck and I say don't and they wanted to stand on a template and how they. I watch this play out from the myself from my house and that's what I did in the one a couple worked out bravura some superstition like that. It it's going to be more fun with he'll have a little like minded. Fair and so unhappy with his Buckley's. That watch us lose an open up there and I watch USA get knocked anger caterpillar about the only to knock on I don't watch them win any major games there. He's also just go to Butler is a lot for soccer not that I remember. I don't know about yet please let us say hello to Sarah wasn't just a perception analyzer hearing next door bread and butter yet CIA it is the big event in Ottawa wants thing about go at present for the ball you know but I think about going Blake Blake sluggers are some of the stadium or using hang out stuff for them like. There's part of me that obviously lake I wanna watch what I have invested so much cavium time in nine years in real lot of distractions right I wanna BOC to TV. I think there are sports bars from both those goals are possible. To see I have no idea around people like I didn't like that pinned some of those bars like the soccer Margie mention. For like big events for like US so there USC games so we national team games I've left at halftime every time. I wanted to hear the announcers fairway and just these two crown it with your Idaho who crowd. There aren't going to be too crowded I'm I'm. I I I tell you last year you guys show up and make sure you got a spot preconceived TV out of Tyler and soon. Carve out your spotted the borrow a couple friends and IK. We're here chaos around Dallas Austin this. We got the TV ten feet directly in front of us we can have. All right so lets you go out that laser there early. I don't know I'm I think I'm leading towards watching it at home I still is just a different environment a watch you know all those cells are you ready answer your own question yet not washing your house some snacks aren't gonna watch them into cells are now somebody get call your friends come over Lester did well. Steve mink stole my plan today Brad ends. Whoa. He's already said it's only you know jinx it if I bring it up here. But the hole I can't buy it I just. Pace of luck if they actually win and a loss cup. But given everybody in my house they jeeps undershirt Erma my old jerseys. I'm going down to the bodega mine champagne or go in the Alley spree took him. I have always wanted to do it outside when the foods ball game once in your PA with nobody Turkey we did it. Inside the real living room they were dressed in a I never got to do it out like this the jets right. Now it just caught now here. The news outlets are we gonna I unit its campaign after. If they land right because you I I think if you a lot of glory and that feels like he could jinx it. Yeah and I trustee on election night I've seen people with their campaigns think that I got back I am now since I buy it before and I'm not saying. Laid out of sailing out. Ill come together quickly but that's an idea they would it and it's like let's spray champagne and then at that point where it every bar. When I when you'd had a pioneer square terror applicants per year post normal game. But I tell you right now if you can hear this if you're in the Seattle area if this founders Linda at LS cup I will be its logs. Which I'm okay. Good cause I didn't it is about today people will be do. You think things out. And don't be down their cell brain. Yeah. Later ago I have you wanted to go into at the heart than the chaos after you got through what would be celebrating. I don't know is it's soccer. Yeah soccer is a bike a lot of the fans to for the Sadr City east siders it's sort of more spotty you really need a soccer bar around which century now. There's no that's always nominations with Seattle in general but Cyrus specifically is there's no central gathering point in the city. It's kind of Westlake but people are really shares and has Capitol Hill Saitama stadium is there's no thing looks like. The place where and a lot of other cities there are with soccer. It even more spread out than you know Seahawks terrorist celebrations in four or five different major intersections throughout the city. Sanders will be even less focus than that. You're right you're right that either there's a ton of people out bureaucrat. Well despite Beers you drink human history at that any bit that's your best. Best bet to go find people who celebrate right that's my help either I was thinking about that my whole idea is just like look if they win. How immediately we should they sluggers is always are posting please lately. And I and it's called slugs like that like we got it slugs they haven't got all the Behar is used to go to lake we go we pregame and hawks' nest. But it ox that's going to be here there let's go in the region your view let's go to king street you know beer. You know Lynette aspects and you know I and it's like yeah again if they are easy uneasy now they lose if I am I just a reference to go. Try to remedy out right. Let's put into coming. Kinda it's been a lot closing door number Olin splits what times the games start on Saturday. Coverage I think the game kicks off at like five for us I have historically for Mallorca. Now. Yeah it'll be interesting. Yeah bits of the other hello Los yet though he's only get to bar too early that frankly think. I don't get too drunk to. I consider it home like make food might prepare for the game and everybody show panera for kicks. But outpost of a bar appearance for him out of economic welcoming incomes of boy yeah. Lost up to pace yourself. Well just Israel Barnett noted and adults the. Are you sort of sentence I thought that's what don't question it and you're gonna watch it home. Prayer Cortes let's celebrate and then they have the best. Walked him our would you locked pioneer square walk through the city and and just so solid. No shopping cart. And they are bad experience now they just sounds like one of those things slate did slipped on Danny on this flight but it just I've I've those days are behind me. I've got remember where where Matt I have 3030 plot I answer I'm not thirty on a break to have we're grownups. It and it did tell lifted it up Matt who. He'd ever lifted. It got dude are we get emails are way come aren't you know waiting for how long side voice in him today. Instead of trying to get this to be cast but him and having no luck getting a sense summaries and keep passes on account please. Hey boys just wanted to drop could climb the greatest podcast all the land all of land cost my son get cut as a baby in this Gartman of the core. He's tired of the pilots are decision yet. Not settling these babies the game is so ironic given a chance of career I would never do it again somebody about watching his ordeal. Jesus. So we about watching his skin being stretched armed Taliban cut office too much to handle. Also doctor botched it and the whole ordeal is too much mean handle it the screaming and everything. Feel bad I never did it. Doesn't of that topic brought him back to. It's that are. Brought back to that room fast and hard as I pulled an act and had to pull over immediately. If I was giving unsolicited advice I'd say I don't do it it doesn't matter while the show mark bond Brad from Algiers. AK AB god AK BZ AKA. Red neck be. Now I took six months from the get that the town has really fired up for that response. Do you have to watch. Woods we talk about foreign pounding them mice run it we're talking about enabling a little chair and he strapped the baby too and there's like. That's an awful mean to pry it out and I don't watch that I don't know I don't feel like out as mandatory viewing. But it you're gonna put your son through I think you probably watch it really can't hear it lets me go through that hire some data come my cubs cannot do messages right that's pretty. We've barbaric you really think about it aren't you a box and that's both some of it is like tick me off and a doctor did that parents you know I've just shown in the rumors and that even getting like a scalpel closed. Right now scary thought and I I am happy. I think the funny part is doing well they don't feel that yes they do they just don't know words they can't say hey that really hurt he's got up in the to this woman and the thing about a lot lately like obviously the key is tremendous pain span. When people's conscious memories start. You know like to think about your earliest memory right maybe it's around like three years old five years old whatever I don't have super early memories. There are some Childs of bonds who claim they remember being born. I wouldn't shock me you know it's crazy names like identified things in the room Mike what color mask the doctor was wearing either close or whatever. I'm from memory and it's a psych. So crazy to think about when you're registering things subconsciously. And then when you're actually registering them consciously or you can remember them you know. Retrieve them. I. Nor has Wonderwall and probably pretty edit I got up and and for some reason this never went through a yell. Was there since day one the first email currently living in Southern California and went to catch gray is a few weeks ago Chris on the recommendation. Best show I've been to in my life hands down while. The motions election touch truck stop. I think for the right moment deep I don't I'm not absolutely 153 was it. Reason being is the first time I've heard any reference of the show being called to Comcast and I was going to email that background episode 50 well no hard feelings Ted. I mean only reason I knew about Cassidy because of you in the men's room. Look forward to show every week you guys provide awesome entertainment and tons of misinformation. I passed on France's facts. I. PS. I. Will city pimp are making an appearance on the cast Jonathan AKA the Mexicali AK IPA very dead dedicated. Men's room rules holder of the show are on. Asset account that was right after that was just that chip and a cheap rip off hostile Chappelle's. Period that we have the data out this. Messed us up real last up two hours the real I had a lot of stuff that's tourism is that it. Men actually you know SP you have doctors they got the outward back and that investigation. And today. Yes you do is read about the details of that at all no dot Sosa money. The ducks have some money and the main if the manufacturer at warned him of the so what happened is the old and I crashed into the ducks of the amphibious vehicles that they take the tour is an analog mixed whose US. Called the Duck Tour. These amphibious vehicles ostensibly from World War II Osama marks a brand new copies of that. And casing on the I think those are on the somewhere near the cranks after the arch I am not sure exactly cracked. And the duck veered off in the other lane an oncoming traffic in about skills I don't know 3250 people on line at. Killed a direct argue it turns but yet thirty or so or eleven injured it was like around ten. I've I thought nine. An annual yeah yeah we found out today had been because of some deferred maintenance and some stuff and they didn't do that there's posters so I'll. Oh million bucks but they'll have to pay half of it yes don't companion violations Mike and oh. And down. Realize brought dogs yeah I thought that how you gotta tie that into the realized. While. I hear about the abduct or tilt the scale money that's real life it's as ruthless and that is pretty real. And two isn't so fouls. And no I was an integrated so I was saying to goes I assume I can. There is no it hasn't had an industrial. It's up fellows there. Actually subside as UH it's up so. So fells who agreed to back this week noble firs of the spear treat you nice to leave enough for him on the branches to handle ornaments. To handle ornaments. I don't shed as much used so Christmas trees or fund raisers some kind of an authority on the issue. Plus noble for some sweet name regards noble and can't the tree dealer AKA the incorrect graver. Hash tag never spruce hash tag I'm fur. On what. PS Cobb I never had I met the girls are told middle of the election party. I met the man night but we did leave decree more properly at a bar. Nice but you know. Think serve to read more. As a as quick if you love you guys one minute timeout quantum mechanics Nasser biology and literally the next line of thought becomes. Look at how you got it out sir on. Classic V podcast sensitive. I don't we are gonna actually answer. I'm hard they try and that was my behavior vulture. Now what. I don't sounds weird or wonders journalist and I think I think it's all good men went what's the harm in it now Jose. I know they might turn gave they hug you know I was late today link on the mend your mind the whole thing about hot tubs. Miles like I walk by the top of store all the time they should sell sex toys in the hot tub Wellesley. LA plotters natural lubricant man that first of all right you are small science. I scouts that it. Right exactly what I thought things up accurately. Implicitly we could we've been out here that the over the Buick you know what sex and hot tub right like it's gonna hurt she's. I'd say but it's going to be tri. So the output which I didn't make it's like look I love my hot tub copier and add hot covered Matt your October yeah. Well hot tubs of place I made the point of things at times can be sensual. It doesn't mean that it's all we sexual like there's a lot of the people should use apt of having all the time. Minus just warming up a chicken to go you know what rob was in the with a chick I got late true that you thing I've never use my thoughts of the late but the point thinking it's like. There's more to the hot like it it I agree you can sit in there with your body and be fine like we're saying here you get out your buddies surely thank but it turn gay. Yeah not a thing wrong course. Now I don't know what they do what the issue is with. People worried about people hugging. He was an interactive worry about it they would like to another bike to six in bikinis right Enron's out. The real sense that depth you can bet that the different art. And it. Bull apples and oranges here cop yeah are. Boys aged oil over instead tickle fight I would be like all right it's gotten we are we were have a pillow fight you like first are gonna shipped on or boxers have been like this is different fine for women not for a we pillow fight that close on the net. No way you I totally. I mean but just this once. I would voice that bonus with. I never wanna hear you Alley cats blame ourselves for this so those 2016. You've been a big lie in the stormy year. You know what this here is the best Jeff had personally I started new job and an industry that I absolutely love your podcasts have given me hours of hilarious stuffed clothes into. And it will put my nose Democrats are finish up my degree in biology you down with your podcast of the soundtrack Hollis. 2016 has toll the year of you do you boo boo I did me did you guys do you. Boo and sixty more Chris and succeed or. That's lasers CNN's overrun. Still birthday month so it Ali we're out of 2006 an audience why me did. Dylan and we got donuts do we have cast don't Ilya. Everything's headed up until Iraq until nine. That is awesome. You always start with the science joke he's mechanical engineers are joke teller that overtime out what you its online turns office and I met bill mine who is also a client. Because him. Finally broke Bible today had holes section on bill on meeting bill what's related there was already conversation when I Sosa did. And coaches that he's in castle 10 and I apparently he is mean to children. Seems. I'd to have British last week when you brought him up was like dude I've not heard that he is the nicest person in the world. And it literally today broke Havel had a whole. America like his it was like people on bread and I think talking about meeting celebrities. It's somebody brought up meeting bill Nye in it turn into a whole threat of people dispute. Yeah I'm Adam yeah I'm Adam and none of it has all made of stories. Yeah. While I couldn't remember who I was having that conversation. That I said the mildly and so he just told me they wanted to meet him a big deal. Time port so wanna meet a man elected treasurer for myself you know. But that's not a good targets to her and her not to get started bill you and we're yeah. Speak like I mean ultimately I got attach some in and out of herself by. How many people would forums com. Dude it's the right so you're if you're saying you got talked somebody figured out for yourself but on the same token my sorry that does it make your reputation. Like willing to give enough people say hey I met bill Heinz he's not a nice person like I don't need to meet him personally again. Like a for years in the radio industry ever mythical time but it was everybody says that about Lance Armstrong he's not a nice person he's complete A hole when you talk tool. This an athlete I never had to meet him for personal experience and I think for some people that are asked honey it's much easier. For here in the air Teva one on one experience that make you liked them. But at a certain point I think you've got to take into account everybody else's thoughts. Is that 99% of the world that you're in a hole into circles buddies say they don't know you sock yearning. If I think use. Have to take into account but he can't go based only now you know I need like some sort of empirical evidence. I like to give everybody a fresh and clean slaves he was there about. You know whether out of chance to them or not I don't know but he's a man and I'm San. Don't force it through to. He's so white space off. The whoever it is normal life yeah. I think Theo pose a measure. Legal all of that stature on that that's all Suzanne avoid the eyes and he makes I got tired of me in the hallways avoid looked down into the right editor Dick Sheridan broke liable now not even acknowledge him I think his lieutenants omitted their. Yeah has your move yeah. It's pulled happening. She got to see something what is a realistic chances of you running into him in the hall. Hi Ted got. I mean over the course of them do recruit the next twenty years you're. I don't know good luck America go for it. Odd no good crush your childhood. Did he is gonna have a meant big bill Flanagan be hanging out haven't pines to join the big crazy cyber crowned. Mobile neck and now I'll be at hello. The joints delicious treats. Or metric maples. I think OK. You can always start with the science joke. He's a mechanical engineers had joked Taylor that way because it's him IE me know about quantum mechanics the most mechanical engineers don't have to line too much about that their degree. With respect to the Astro biologist with the way you're talk tiger about Astrid sounds more like. Our focus is on chemistry geology and biology but who might talk. I have a degree in math. I know about chemistry and marine science. Yes she does. Research for power outages at a time geologist as they research for oil companies to see where it deep. DC Joan should happen where there's likely to be oil briskly before they go and actually do walls and stuff. Does Ali really need job about the fur again my daddy's go out and get a fur tree every year we lived in the words the response to choose from. Also does another Douglas fir is not a true fir tree. For trees have caused the stick up in sync fact that it asked because it's come. On fat. Like that people are gonna prove that they yet and it went content is cut right back into the the fifth. Yeah there's leg applause and and then as the leader aren't or vaknin. At Mina blues on the same subject and I know you're right whose age is well that was funny. Now we've talked about it's awkward I let's see what's it. But yeah. Yeah doesn't it matter Cobb freely and done that numerous segment Leno back and enjoy going around talking with that I realized and I was gonna do that I just missed my chance near reading emails so that's not a day to him earlier to. He's got a pressured him talking for a while all of you today but things are right fair's fair. So that the classic to stall and then this. And so yeah obviously Friday night was not thirtieth birthday at the tractor. Who is the best I in my life. Think he's so much to all the and Melissa came out first of law and also to on the band's. New news just been an incredible and I got to get onstage Dell's coming down on lead to chant sky island. And you know Glenn had a lot of really nice things day to me on stage raise some money for standing rock and worked her. Or for rain stone who's gonna bring it out there. And you know it's just top to bottom an incredible night with a lot of love and positively and you know. Is is it would be to be a part of it that this and then something that silly people had this great time Matt. So that was just incredible odds line Kyle we can and after that. Abbas is Saturday. What that was my next door. Usually I don't see anyone of those six bands in and night and that's the man that I might upfront had gained four. Big business like all six of them in a row in my neck is not condition for pat. Neither my ears so why woke up Saturday. And had a couples the size class schedules. Irons so I'll move Boller. Thoughts at Dallas Austin. And and is down and pioneer square what do Tyler's friends from our California is. Stinnett comedian who is performing blue come the underground which is right next story today DOC you're in the size class was. So who we got out of the massage class did some time to kill before the comedy shows. And it was one of the best analysis and arsenal my entire life just coming through this place that's like this little. Almost like indoor sort of strip mall thing there is the same ability to come the underground dom but on the other side manner from first. And right where the hell is that smell coming from so there's little Italian joint in the in that building. Who either heard of Shays to roster rock we've been there yes and you alone one yes the line Luigi. Yeah who Ricci was in there he met him now. Dude so this guy is straight out of Italy and he he grew up in nearly bit so has the accident. Poorly older do with them like. It is his mustache game might be stronger than Lance. All right. Gut says silver silver mustache got the beret I got the suspenders on got the accident. Got the hospitality. Like you walked in your felt like your family you felt like you're in Italy that the core and viva the place is just incredible. Everything's been made in the kitchen the back. Found out. Through seductive reasoning that what we smelt. Was likely the special it was this pork shoulder wrapped in c.'s Mary berg. And Rosemary sage and garlic. And. Those submitted the best I mean ever had is that in this. Top to bottom this place just blew me away it was between Luigi how you how he treated us and how good food was. Is the the best time that I ever had in Seattle by a vial long shots owners and entire square checked out that she is awesome was called. Chase is chase the roster rotten affect change. Sarah Sarah. But that's to their client and then I realized with products that in greater trekked to me cell. Oh yeah he's he's still classy and distinguish that be it through hook. Yes that does though inside comedy show and lead the headliners I'm with pat. Or sheer. Really you've really funny Monica who went to see Taj that is really great to that is pack out just had. I would know wanna be that guy. Is his observations on the world while very accurate. Bike it if if I was go about thinking that ballot time no Leahy he wouldn't you know came across on stage it seems like. It's kind and driving him crazy in the way he works it out is by turning it in the comedy. Really good comedy that makes you think it might look at society but account but it was also like dude I know how and wanna living your brain earthquake. I'm unhappy to laugh at your jokes the very funny and you know our guys that is nuts and after the showed just like straight up I thought I'd log out of like. 2000 really go and I had a great time think you I would not wanna be you but it's good to see is like. Bit the head space here and get that kind of material. Pat has the dark music you're exactly right things are coming out and I thought. I don't know what else is safe here and here is his. Brutal honesty. Cut but great town that night. And then Sunday. At Friday it shows. It's the receiver and our listeners brought me a bunch of that is in the and under made Venice then but some of those ground and is then so. And for the hawks game I made some that is in birders. And dear never had and as emperor I was it is that it was so it was so that is hostage I've never. Had her cook minutes then and gourmet burgers inside of oil a grilled burgers on grills is my first time make numbers honest though. And it can and it's my first time cooking venison and I got a right Jones and his lovely girlfriend over. So like it was kind of stressful I was making out of breath knowing Nowak grew around it add. I think he'll come out good though as though you know. Gay and defrag your yeah I outside until so give give the old college try and they came out. Ripken awesome man who is so cool and yeah we are great Tom Watson a hot name. Of course today's date it's more on Sunday nights ago. Acts yeah knows I mean Myers at the whole the whole weekend might. Perfectly times his size class some of the leg stumbling into and discovering the best Italian we have had in the city I it is. Authentic leaders walked by and smelly Iraq that's Hillary go and got a Chandler's get curry go to our scope. And as like you know when dollar Mary snow that yet that it and went in like. Five star service five star food five stars I. I I said ties right hand as one dollar and hearing good this plays five star reviews everywhere about feel bad that even other places five star reviews before because it's just like. Reset the bar itself. And as is this what thirties like. Thirties didn't treat me real good sounds I'll sit out any eggs file a another shows and he found it yeah. It found media that smell as soon it ought though does I will. What is that I need that. Yeah and the Italians two groupings of pork yeah the hours like this that he gays and wheelock and we geez docking about the this national. Intel's about it and I was like these and that's what we smell these came IOC's I. Yeah probably edit in those big boom that's who we're didn't. It trash cheered Chester pork with the Italians you land with the Greeks they got and then me he's red meat the states. You guys in the call now and he recommended liked and appetizers and garlic bread in this site. Puerto Belo mozzarella. Tomato thing with that pesto on there was Tuesday. In the league the when he mentioned though that lake yes yes they because he had just sold me on the place in his existence so much today it. Night I didn't even think it's if you see he recommended snapped houses like gun rights out of via. The one of the best dining experiences about life. And certainly. The best time for another and the city. Now we've been. Boson trying to figure out of which are simply as you demise of the corner of first and cherry first in union. First it union. It's kitty corner to the union gospel mission. If you look out into the intersection. Of minority and Maia on the corner there now brick building. I'm not sure that's the same family or not. I don't Luigi owns I think for different place look at and then it would be likely him as one family to have like the place it was that one yes they're way and then at. The fur like. First and cherry it did to plays a person cherry. I know of any treatment. Yeah but I looked out a pilot that having Aggies he's got I think four restaurants and pioneers and aren't there yeah there on pioneer square I was like. Man but that's awesome good for him I want 'cause other places but I relax its Ross raw and as I know where he's going to be. You know coming out of the aisle on Luigi serve me every time so part of me out. Yeah so I met near samarra time I just have to go down a pioneer square Pope has an all the way Louisiana exactly and I don't know his name is leaching into that end. So like we have this whole amazing dinner great to core he's his with the best guys that are certainly food ever. And then at the end you know I came as one I think he is is was is the most amazing dining experience lightly. You made me feel like family the food was phenomenal thank you so much switching Iranians they. We see I might. Say Q right now. Gotta Oslo death. That's a good weekend Jeff good weekend and Saturday that got us I get a live up to. Variant of that girlfriend her that kinda whose I I'm not Kenya don't I can't. Now. Next week at Putnam we have two episodes left to formally done for Christmas. Next week hope we will have drew in year. Aaron. But I forgot to bring this up for the cast we got to figure out if he can't cast Tuesday. Now and now but we got a week to figure out so hopefully I mean get him in one random day here or something and if not either way I began their drew slightly gain if he'd ever seen drew fight really fighting on the seventeenth that the emerald queen casino. His good friend of the cast were different bars to be eco main event down there for each sport Emmitt Macy when I check that out. That man two weeks left so Christmas. You know what is it goes over yet have fun it's birthday month it's almost Christmas and hate. You know as you approach the holidays and some of the people you don't want to spend Christmas Day with an out of them now. Did get out of the way he thought I honestly don't I don't care what's that argument you're on you know again the argument either don't get sucked into order have your facts straight. There's no middle ground rule come of the faction like George there he can't tiptoe and in all our pod. I did think George does that thing went Tyler's showed up George got me she prods me and Jordan got me pucks I'm Drew Doughty from the king's driver that nice yeah tolerant. Classy stand that do bad guys that acts. He has. I we got to stop we have ballerina due to that and so 159 Korea also to 160. It seems that a big deal. Puddles. We're kind of preempt them. Oh my god. Yeah I told mathematical and guys who don't remember analyst Laurie showdown. The David I was but it meant that to an LA it's been an. But finally got to look at it like trying to wrap but Utley we don't live a normal guys be good enough. Oh you were knighted so Louisiana called I. It was all right let's have a sort of objective died we'll see you next week maybe we drew. Maybe announcement Fred GDP for of the did Smith is the pot here.