Thee Podcast Episode 172

Thursday, March 23rd

This week we get stoked for TheeMigsMega Party this Saturday at Virtual Sports in Tukwila at 3pm!


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Our guess keep cancel monus. Women guests keeps canceling on us. Yeah one guest. Please let us judges come the competition that took lets the prop. If he didn't make Tyler he'd be different when I'm like I like to isolate him perhaps there less lassie got canceled on him a horrible it was like a fly virgin here. When you look at the same time realistic chance to pimp your comic on death and other times like hey yeah like yeah does need to go for tablets like right. He's a yet what fiber come in and and I commend Exley cool. This afternoon that he would do something tells we'll figure it out and we now we got to get him in your suit with a name contest which is April 2 in a parlor. They've been held a stick out there what. A Hobbs and he does what else is that I come on people. I'm always Islam Tuesday and do this for years. They can receive. The like yeah. If you take anything and I get a W or probably just trying to make conversations like. Yeah but it's Tuesday with its been four years now the we've taped this meeting on Tuesday even four years that are pretty sure Eudora revealed Tuesday right here. Dana you auditing podcaster at this isn't just any I guess just any pod cast couldn't do this. This is. Starting these start. The starting these tents with at all. Fueled underwear I don't know. These podcasts and so once that is filled with overjoyed because it over the posted here podcaster is about Stephanopoulos although. Let's elect and of course my burner buddy he's always hear what he's somewhere in southeast danger left or about a fifth or Texas. I think he's at Tennessee right now in Nashville how big daddy yeah it's outside here we have the cob updates coming up. So we'll get to the head during the podcast. Back there on the Wii isn't steals in the studio set up and go close once again this week mat counter the producer MC TP. What's up Matt you're my best record impression but the bet here. That we might I know this. In that we're not thinking I'm in the best mood. And appeared we'd you know Kyle went jobless attorney try to stay positive. They did a factor of like when I got so mad Texan feeling midnight music just seems weird dobbs and the back of the attitude I am really just say it sucks. Brightly obviously the podcast is super important to us but also this is frankly just sucks. Yeah we get to hang out and outside of here. And I think of how awesome he sounds on here hanging out with him in outside of the broadcast environment. Just is cool sometimes cooler depending on where we're out lower doing and you know Dow is up in up in the air so yeah has had bomber. So I still don't know what his permanent locations are going to be but I do know he'll be back if found please I wake up Wednesday morning. And well first of all I just felt better. And I have like to tax one is from an old friend Leo mr. probably good news I'll be back in two weeks at least for the summer. Thousand all right the boys of summer got one last ride and yes right like how can I dammit I'll take. I'll take it does my thought exactly. I have similar that I got that same text 10 up access or more on Tuesday night executing and you don't have before you you know bad but man that's. Yeah you'll be mister remembering his I got their bench for the sentiment but I'll be back through August and thank god. It's yeah definitely. We are talking about Tyler Smith of the beginning there. Within amien the dope invitation to Dover invitational you're invited that's April 2 over the parlor I'll be one of the judges along with Matt. So probably you know it will then honestly we got to get Tyler next week yeah passive at a local attorney attorney is a native American it has lots of the standing rock and trying to get give him in here to do an interview. So probably seek to have him in here a couple weeks cool we'll get we'll get Tyler Smith back in here. He was he when the dope show productions. This kind of his his first annual. Comedy contest. Yes and I believe the comedians are don't have to be stoned acted to do it. Right now it is a jet ski a thousand dollars on a lot on the line yet I love that still jet ski so random yet. And so not practical for comedians. What are they gonna story how they're gonna get it to the water or re having a talk with fiber on the outer Barbara are off the cast and writers just really are that ours is a couple times in print prefer it would. What is this local comedian he knew trying to make his way it has room to stored idea jett's death when he just doesn't happen. A great now Steve Cobb. I finally watched the partner on CNBC. That is you that don't know. That is cop cop is on me out reality show we don't know how it ends it is it's reality show and he he was pretty up front for plate and it cop he's gonna tell us too much. But I was asking me today like what's he doing this and that is that. Like number one packing it's in those you questioned the two camps to. Yeah it's not like order. Willfully withholding information. It's their hogs that mysterious and real fault so. So it's on CNBC its top partner. I forget the main guy Sidney Marcus we don't use the onus right illness if you ever seen Mike got shark tank he was always when the judge or the one of the guys on shark tank he was on the airline. I didn't make any markets was in the when I solved the homing in on death. But. How much you met eat it's surreal watching Cobb. On a reality show very surgery it's weird very through he's the same guy he is on the podcast yeah just in this life. What it collar entrepreneurial Hunger Games. Yes we're right back yeah it's crazy what's weird too late did the guy and argued that markets credit he put together like it very diverse group of people via my attic. Other than they were all onto yours I don't know if there was one. Common thread I mean I don't see it's not race but gender gap but there's really nothing Bonnie. Column Steve like the youngest do you bear new and back kind of funny how does it seem the most impressive remark is that bias. All right so here's my question I think he's the most impressive. But I found it funny when markets is like yeah he's pretty confident yeah I got a knock that chip off the shoulder. So then it was like I'll copy is and how he interacts with people some like are we just seen clips or he. Liked east talk in first or something like any trying to make him senior. Framing it because there's a Lotta editing in these shows is my understanding. And you know cod just goes out there and do it does is vests and then. Someone else and it's all that footage would cameras Rodham for movies like fifteen hours a day or something. And he's guy you know. Five's ten minutes of airtime in and the first episode masks. I think good though because survive in the first when I assume. They cut the field in half you know in the I don't know how far after the first though probably the first cut. So now that there's only five contestants a price of more screen time but still not even close to the amount of footage that they had that they might. Portray him in a different light with good is the I mean I don't. I know he's just the museum's. He did seem confident but not like cocky. At all is he always that confidence and made it look cocky and we don't knows were his body. I think. Well I think he's in an arena where he would he can be confident leg we see a little bit of like the way they he approaches other things outside of business. And perhaps you don't see that same level of confidence that he has every reason to be super confident going into the this sort of competition short and so yeah I think in here is deadly to loosen ist at not having fun cracking jokes tonight. Not not Sue Bird intimidated by markets at that one guy. Didn't make the cut and I felt bad for. A cup cup opera. This car because well I know there's one guy freedom like the white dude quicker. Yeah I mean not the military guys they're not a military guy right. But this guy right. I just watch us late starter he is so nervous it's like uncomfortable. How nervous he is and then Mike. His voice betrays. A prop pos owner like he was late. Yeah and their public. Come from Accra and how you voiced the league really offend all the suddenly beat the do you bats scare. Yeah then I enjoyed that and the guys felt real bad path. I also found it funny now I don't know these are questions last come later but the way the shows that operate is it's the first day. So they all get in there. The same with up to each other this and that. And then they need the markets guy. And then it seems like it's either that night or the next day they he's cut five people yeah. In this is over I and then I saw with someone got cut their totals like emotionally their Levy and like hugging each other and I'm like yeah. Freed today record is now I know offensive night for the producers don't do that I was wondered. Yeah Vatican that's where you secede on those shows. Yeah at least those are they like egg them on my act like it's a bigger deal that is bad sagged in professional show shake hands and you know. Get on with the show yet is Eva got markets to your your your vying for his job. Even need a couple times like I didn't really expect in the bum rushing Ian and hugged me. I thought I thought yes I think they're really playing a real fast and how you know that Jolie too obvious to the top it's back here would keep ten. But I have to think maybe can answer that much to the whole air I think we're going to be talking about it in the item is maybe the most we get to talk about it because he's not an in room. Yeah out imagines thigh and all sorts of you know NBA's and stuff like that yet in our imagine. NBC universal that's quite a legal team. Oh yeah I do this is a big hit very sensible recording yet but I don't Wear it brought talk about it I would ask that lake out is that when asked if he wins or who wins but I would. My question he has speculate how much of that stuff his speech right. You know and then my right to you AM on those reactions plus that markets guy like one question yeah system. Was like college is doing what is normal cop thing like I I got this offer reject the offer from easily Goldman. And minutes late but I didn't take gate is that you know had a choice you're running with but. I know that story in at very rarely have ever heard Cobb drop the name of the banker and made it seem like they were like peppering him from her. Nation yeah I know it is always coached up and it there's a wait and edit it here's the odds and seeing is not his call Beth is I'm used to and I feel likelihood that the guarantee me you need to be really excitable. And like yeah just like his excitement about a lot of things like armed ponson stuff on the site. I've seen him do that stuff when he's really fired up about something in here and outside of here. And it it's a little different right thumb and their moments in my consulate for the cameras and I don't think it's. It's please service to hell yeah zero is going to be a little more in doubt via II just got the feeling that big news definitely encouraged him to be a little more excited excitable. By the by the producers. While also laughed do you think your hand talk around him talk that maybe we just never notice it doesn't work. That's your we're kind of loud yeah I mean. Right off but it that he stock like that all the time because he's not as dramatic as those two minutes. I left leisure like it doubled as they do you believe because they've bottoming out about on FaceBook videos. Talk yeah yeah yeah I don't know I'm not I'm gonna focus I sure I'm not I assure you on up paying attention to the the gap so I've I wanna watch episode to like not I'm pretty intrigued. And yet I think Cobb looks great Luther that's done. It's just so cool to watch you know that guy. And I think. You know I while I was in the first episode so. And I'm just excited to see how his youth and his attitude affect him you know like oh the way the contestants. View him and markets as well obviously. It's. I told myself well there are gonna watch it or pay attention into Beck Heyman Leo talked about it at some point when it's all said and done. Yeah I'm I'm kinda getting sucked in thanks seeing on TV was so self and cool. I mean I have like peak here no that is going to be odd for the next however many weeks and not team and so I just started DVR yeah. Then last laugh I was like I should watch one night talk about it via good call yeah. Yeah and it's cops UN and etc. from everything he's it's a quite a body with possibly I don't know. Idol would act in a match right all right a cleaver told that's written with this lady was. Usually get right entrepreneur boot camp from Korea or hundred. Yeah net. Yeah that's it's instinct showed a man you need to be on reality show was that. Not a reality she had a dual reality show. Dvd do a reality competition. Rule. Depends on what it's about. You know and I hated I would have fun with that for sure I don't know that could win one might be fan favorite. I think. But you know maybe not may not be our final episode. Wasn't called back on you've got voted off. I'll be a fan favorite and Joseph McGill is a did they had a competition show over his late hanging out by the river we can dominate that like to I don't know. Plague that serve their doing this and that the ten it's kind of funny EUI com I'm Brian stack in rock and approach sizzled like yeah. They're gonna get a lot of screen time with their sheer toughness to you. Alia right out fast did not and I pale astle. And blind the camera. That would be a fun opportunity to readjust the I don't events I don't watch a show or like it who's that guy. Is deeply dug I might like who are we trying to impress you this guys is like a party go a lot of rivers are not festivals. And invest profitably river hopefuls Steve McMahon Iowa and I'm at a got a first year military terrorist named but we did go walk. Doing the walk back from big competes together made a point bigger points are yes it was making bets and given their due respect as I BearingPoint. The bacon bacon guys its name it. But do we are we did that walked back together and just had a great great tock I can't remember his name. And he he was I he's traveling he's from Italy and Knight has been a festivals all over North America has been traveling. And to my knowledge. Is just thank you lose super good looking and even my friend. Whitney he met that year. Was like I'm pretty sure he's just finding girls this sleepover with. Every now goes like he is active looking kind and the way he was talking made a bad but Hewitt Hewitt bunch of festivals like. So I feel like he'd he'd be good good guide to impress our remembers the am name and tracked him down here is that. These what they're called. Big river experts could if festival expert but a tumbleweed blowing in the wind it looked tracked him down. Yeah at that point knew how old. My twenties my age we're talking about how like you know. We need to be more cognizant of the fact that this is our prime. That we were in our prime knowing David as always feel like it but when I'm mid twenty's walking down the river at the best place on earth right. Where and so it's cool like having that that shared realization. That this is one of the greatest moments imaginable. And that that and I asked a lot of pressure on us you know play. I really enjoy the out of this right now. And we get so used to record going. I forget we started talking about the giant has and like a lot of motto I just really raunchy stuff now Whitney kind of like. It hung back commitments in new threatened to let us go wallet card grotesque discussion. That's always devolved to vagina jokes at me. That's so is another thing to know people talk about their primes any depends on what. Which you want. Now maybe they somebody bold who their prime was probably playing a sport high school you know write and write your tamale right Richard when there. That's weird went. It and it felt like the prime which. If you really think about it your prime is just based on the time that you patent up until that point. So you can keep just does it feel is your prime right then. You can still improve on that Alice that happened out at them extending my prime you know pins are still real good at thirty sell. You know hopefully the united keep that streak going because we know we dozen people dead are still thrive and and into their 40s50s. All that's flat that's library and up plea 36 announce it is my prime now are you know like the plate right but it like I loved my I was considered 28 your prime mere 28. Yeah exact problem I was as in dot com women and as my perhaps around saying that's it that's the way you wanna beat. All right so we're doing it where I worry we're doing it right out of that moment houses like. This pride. Pick this is pure as it gets and we got a really appreciate this and via the aren't you rank. Hit the picket picket that and talk to enhance. The everybody stuck with their hands the whole thing that happened everybody. All right let's a couple things virtual sports this Saturday on it's going to be fun three to 5 PM end. The podcast makes cast may cast. Repeat after a still send our threesome a little bit Bernanke though in the third when there is makes gasoline botnets they're ydstie Marty and yeah Stephen I like it. It's about a refined virtual sports. Yet please come on out man. They have virtual reality stuff that laser tag is all some. If you're extend to beverage they got a beer and wine bar there he. They have other games they are to be up. An arcade games yet another arcade games and stuff but either way they're going to be a fun afternoon come down and hang out Clinton like minded individuals yes they go to Mac says hello to Steve. He's Glenn Cameron I don't know quite also busiest. You know busy but revel be there. What I what I like about these events and die in the past is that light is always cool people from all over the day sound area. That a lot of them don't know which other summed up way deal but. Where were the tie that bonds them. That's that's a pretty cool feeling B says. We've got some really really cool listeners that I've met everywhere Amanda listen the podcast it's like super cool. You did you did Tony v.s on Friday Dartmouth patent what's that little bit more black players named his. We spoke to an entire point together play yeah. That was also thought. Yeah about a way shot opportunities and Tony himself man Matt bring this up in with the actual yet Tony's also mean he's. As it is for he's always treated me also on the U you know back in the name is Tony these projects it's good to see him have that whole space into wealth in the north in Everett in Everett. Yeah yeah and it's great that a lot of talented bands of north and at school they have a place close to home. You know ethic that's kind of that go home base that number went up north. George was out he had Georgia and his body nick got a document I magnet nick super cool tea and Diaz great see them. Stephen was there again those as a top fund that. Yeah Alex even though and I saw it everywhere I've met the leg was that the podcast is like someone's super cool and the fact that we get a point to whom in one room together. And where the thing with bringing all this Austin has togethers like a really really cool feelings are always really injuries events did that's a great point. I feel bad for the biggest names Aaliyah hit sort of a fly out of Isaiah rider Rosie got like that you know is named as they dude. Beef please vote at three person one leg and you tapped out about halfway through ride to finish the second half mobile maybe the last third of a blind. Would two people like. That's. And you is that we are members something that happened during that some. Well policy in my defense tapping now but I was also blues was it brave. Would eat there is definitely not an external hard drive that yeah I also think team that it was late. It's definitely a broad for us the smoke area. I can't expect that you probably leaders though you're so excited I was sort. It out about leavenworth while we're gonna roll our first blind and forever together we didn't we didn't. It's only got out for one Robert Geathers they have to wait if that's the producer. On Syria now as doubt upon yet wasn't as well that's easily. The victory in aggregate time champ everybody and that it was late is it on his blunt is perfect. Indeed it is no way to I'd need a but I definitely one. It's much like drop on the ground Parma and yet the right stepped on he stepped up at the drop a ball fired about the blunt he actively to hit the upright. And literally dropping on the ground it's the apple. Oh I forgot. Don't want to durable they were just horrible split both Wenzel papers. The well and blunt guy nice. Nice respect and that was well ruled blunt Barry well rule I said dude it's. This feels and looks like swisher straight out of the pack. Yes it was amazing and it survived meet the owner of the west advertisement on the news is an author and boy though. Yeah really played a few outside of him about it. I a couple of moments Friday and there are recognized nationally Tony comes up right now. I've seen Tony probably two years. You know like it's just getting. Up. To tell the stories out there and how fast it. Yeah it's been. Well let her talk and got Friday night is kind of fun. And but hey I guess history and started Friday afternoon at lunch with Leonard again modify and you did yeah. We're just go this good apart the end aren't west Seattle as right of Putin's house cool little place. Good diverse menu. And so you know don't fix what's not not broken. But that's less then did he went to eat at 7-Eleven no not I sadness sad news content just go to you were. Two at a park. You got what he always gets eight Ed ham and cheese omelet. And I see I gotta be honest I respect as respectable and each guy talk me to Denver gets peppers and onions and now. Now. Maybe next time BI is not it is not known for is that I got this news came out of our mouth plate. He is who we've we've heard about what he eats a lot from the station of refutes. I'll eat it it. So that's always a treat seeing him. And then my at a gas we got to Towson. The seller soured. Ari you know slow yourself why each is wearied by it why gas pump with a modest reckless choice yeah. Has frowned and omelets and Howard out of me at times pretty at all. Yeah and doubt as it would spend 1000 I'd get it but you. The and even remember I got our guys lawful and bacon I. And I am one scrambled. As it came with the awful special summit that when he we got to go out specifically yet we've as such who. That's sounds good you know pleased as I rogue elements I don't know I don't know why just for some reason when I said would you guess I was a did you get labeled a just popped in my head all right. We can do that among. We. It's a matter it's great. When Arthur and sir if I ever had a fractured. I mean it's the best of both world rightly eggs being Mr. T is. I've had a lot of breakfast burritos. Aren't I've gotten we've both French heroes. In the first I had it was in snohomish a collector's choice Polaroid and yet. And be out I don't know it just seems like lake. Like you're gonna finish a story about Friday when we get next or merely a Friday night like that like that should be or things like. That idea well right you grow from saint you to make it about that or even better. Barack go home right there ready to play us. Yes I love it. Well the thing is breakfast menus. Are always so good and so big. And there's so many choices. Dead. I hit irony can't decide between the stuff that I A Noll what is I've tried in our life. So. That Donovan venturing out into new territory. When there is a gigantic breakfast menu because this stuff on it is always kinda like. It's it just seems a little risky now a lot of times with great risk. Confident are Wharton and so become something something to keep my next and the best. Yellow hit out with a breakfast and he breaks down a couple ways right like my getting aches rights of I'm just about this if it's. Monday through Saturday from getting breakfast almost every time yet. Guarantee right. Now it's Saturday morning and they go to waffle they don't want French toast not get pancakes and tea and I couldn't. But then also if it's a brunch I'm almost go we're always going to eggs Benedict and different choices heard Betty good data with data week his meals at spirit. The other thirteen going to eggs Benedict. So far ahead bunkers throw yet they have almond trees and it's pretty really via. A freer when I was gonna get one time member of the guys like you gotta you gotta get our and better and argued in night. He used you know sometimes the waiters and Bo riches make suggestions. And I ethics mystical. And sometimes of artists and in my decision bats like tennis person really convincing in their trip that he's got to listen to that at that point that's. That's let's with the way those French air relate this all so not collector's choice even snohomish it's a freestanding. Bar and restaurant. But he used to be in the bottom of the antique mall it's been home much. So I would go in there this girl I was dating to one heights arsenal matches of all the old people. Now's their higher average Arabs and they had that. She's at Mexican genes that you should really get it. And then think that the later behind that was like the bartender was like actually the cooks me a really good you should try it's alright but now. Cool you got to listen to him to death there aren't so you read that letter. Yeah house great. And not the best honestly schedule you know to west Seattle right to but. You know and he's got a bunch arrest for him. Yeah exactly right. Says van. After that. On the girlfriend comes over air we head up north to the ranch which is what we call our friends Kath and Sophia is house. And it's. There is our frank cast is thirtieth birthday yup so we all met at the ranch in preformed a little bit. And then headed out to Tony VCR boy Iran Jones in the way. And and that doesn't others which raising down both awesome performances so much fun. And yet there's I got multiple are ponds we you know we spoke bluntly it and I'm a calm waited. If a Democrat hopes that right. And then yeah I was roses super great and I. I audience that's Brothers in over a year now is. There's Soviet ally heiress to the bunch times always so beard and he knows it I love it yet up on. Yeah aegis yeah late the amount have. Confident that he has on stages is kinda rare pleasure it he's still a lot of fun on stage. You a lot of people and they haven't thought and I do an impressive stuff. But as far as like. Doing oppressive stuff pat and knowing it and like having fun. Just basking. In his glory now sometimes by gets beat on at this too much time sometimes. He does that that show we stuff. To kinda show law. Which is fine yeah it's fun to watch but I'd better than moments where he's just asking and it and just let it blow. And it looks very similar the two things but sometimes I can just tell like. Dudes in it right now yes and it's beautiful. So. Yet take out there on a case yet and I guys super cool and then. Also a mention though Matt left this out. So the birthday party right there are a limo coming down from them from the ring. Now that he needs to think Patrick Ollie asks if everybody's gonna Wear goal instead of just wearing green they're still green involved but. IG had written up with parents that way it timed out terror and I got their first. Something wearing a gold LeMay jacket shout out thank you Brian Thorpe will be bored of it. And we want to terrorize her like a gold necklace or got a couple gold chains like these gold cat ears but only walking and she's got a jacket reaction isn't her gold guy right. That's one globe guy and that's you expect doesn't have a point. Like I he delivers it to be their notice Terry and I. Yeah I was just go Gadzuric and Tony came up things like merger year and a half on a gold jacket. Yep yep good seed Jennifer. No party there on the later however Ali you know me I quickly said there's a whole little group of America played by the entrance so they can and I can be read faculty attend regular guy when I'm up been out right. Man dead is that it is the as NATO and have a jacket being the only guy there and and gold and it's on super loud gold jacket. As I you know while Padraig you're too. Like you to say about Iran right so sometimes he's up there performing you know him well enough to give me my only show went off or just really basking in the moment. No when he knows me. Other Allopod gadgets like the hurts that's that's not where it got to a gold jacket. But it doesn't say hey hey look at me right out oh there's the radio yeah. The the Dow is without really fun. And just not been in the gold thing is fine in Ireland. Was like well you know I did see people and an 80 you're at the gold grew up again so I had time. Gold Elvis sunglasses. On the school that. And black had been them wearing and a gold top hat over it and was it the sunglasses that and big sideburns yes and Elvis wants to admit I'm and I told you but that's it may be out of gray. That I won and now that was Seidenberg thought oh I know are there as fast as we get that a minute. I was tees. Sama drama. So and but still with the glasses and that they had been in the hat on. I was kind of recognizable unrecognizable. So. I kept seeing people that I knew and I do it's up like this on premier honor Iran's girlfriend and there and I design is very people have it hey what's up today. In new. And that they've got it's that she. Did it. Matter that there were times that now it is that also. Definitely came back and in this stretch Hummer limo with shoes off than. I was pretty tired bat boy than a long week and didn't sleep much Friday except once and then. Came back and managed to stay at 9:30 in the morning. There's a creative powerhouse now we karaoke game starts like four I guess to a beautiful people too much energy yeah just can't can't sleep it's not not a real or other people had even been to the show now. They've been to a show in Seattle their pop about a 32 AM Josh to our buddy Josh who's isn't goblins and they were players Joseph he showed up on his own to the mayor showed on a mayor was at that. Was pulled out and I yeah I think nectar yeah. And the gas so there was. Whole bunch of us for a lot of hours wide. Lot of Conway a lot of laugh in las splits. Some karaoke which I didn't partake in. And so. Yes I do I seawolf that weird. It sounds like what we are at a dog would say all right it's one of those there's a dog that lives in the house that I thought kind of look like a wolf. But sentiments are busting your balls about Colorado loft yet. The gap closing minutes of throws things that I I see god that I never stopped you made any of those things right shepherd and a team but don't words are just a dagger as I can pick up what your putting down. It is happening around you you're you're saying and I'm like. It should be both. That's that's that's that's that's. He had just suited judge should stop you on now on a 100% in that's funny so yeah that was great. And so much fun and seeing everybody. Yeah I just what they get into like if you're in the north and if there's a show you wanna go to literally go. Most of the time until eighties it's great yeah great spot and so let's see what else happened that night just how a lot of fun yeah. And then. Saturday sucked Saturday I slipped to 7 PM. So I didn't negative vibrancy if he record fifth. Good us at 70 gov and I look if you are caught on military time. And usually that's fine but you've been up for as long as I was and reduced and they will I don't know not as long as the her cast right. Probably eighteen hours or so that's a long time and I got like four hours asleep before that. Are we to is like after a crew laundries we've run back and forth between here in the gym and just yet where a worker or works with a survivor understood yeah he did was done Saturday night later so. Are still laid up to Seattle Saturday night noted that in kind of rallied. Are we need ten miles wide it was starting at 07925. Are we stopped on the way down at chick filet and when word that I quote there's one in Lynnwood man did not know man did not know on down south somewhere too but there's Bellevue Lynnwood and Tacoma news though. It was great. And then went inside ten miles lied. There are enough for second coming down studio seven. And there are just the coolest man two days and so good will always planned their play great company sun's out one of whom I. Will who's won most amazing drummers I've seen. To get to a whole new level like for him I houses site I stopped rocking out to state stood completely still in disbelief late. What is he doing there. So it was awesome. Scream in all the lyrics the whole time. Didn't drink any water during their whole set. And then at the very end. At the end of dropping out at Ryan calls me up on stage. To seeing the end of it. Which is payback for me now Harvey karaoke with like. Twelve of my friends that I've afar now I gotta get up onstage or no voice Tryon thing it John Beckman things president credible voice. To a packed house of like old reporter people. And a lot of tough I did not sound good I don't think that I had it's so much fun and I throughout updated do you like I got up there and I was like holy. I can't sing this I couldn't seem as if I had been drinking. Honey NT for the last hour and not and whispering you know that I've been screaming with cotton mouth. After like three splits an hour before hand yeah and so. That went through my mind. Look at all people now's site. Well big call me up here to sound good. Mike obviously we're there's people what stage all the time would you like but I want to we don't seem well it's eggs on grass because IK let's have some fun with it. And bullied did I it's so cool man right leg. This did you volatile of that band doughnut favorite bands on the planet and to get elected get up on stage of them and sit and that's leg. Beyond your wildest dreams stuff. So I mean I was just electrified. I do that and it was so fun and then after words. John Beckman the singer Tim provide. Does. You love sunglasses. AA does a spot on incredible Elvis impression. All right so I gave him those glasses makes sense and he loved him nice and so what you were secure where to begin on Saturday. Yeah out loud I realize and you begin to John right before it does it isn't that dunks I've given. That suit Josh is wearing there yet he saw my. Chain my gold chains that Disco on it and I was in Louisiana how right. Mary where did you get that now I'd be greatly this this suit you know I only this series dug out merriment and I was like I'm never gonna Wear this thing again and gave it to him. You know so it's like cool this thing that I bought just this party will get some use after this. I'm not God's gonna clutter up my closet. And hopes that I ran and we need to gold Disco necklace. If I do their four bots know fund yeah and then taping with the glasses I was like John's gonna get away more you Saturdays and I am. Yeah so give an attempt. Had a great neither so many people there man on. Offer get a bunch of them but you know Sony view from the scene so it's really cool to have. Friday night such an awesome night with the meltdown people. And then Saturday and I have such an awesome night with all of the local rock for ME ST a seven. On just what I needed after the week I had. I hope Sundays left side as slaps that woke up and went to the gym and dead lifted for fifteen for the first though the gap. So. Actually Wednesday morning thanks to your corners on Tuesday message you found out. The uncertainty around Cobb which I turned into the worst case scenario in my head yeah honors in the our own so. That's not the case but you know that's. That's where it was unlikely that I'm the only one here in the middle of the night at seven dollars and just Myanmar and I'd say don't be too rough on yourself like a Tuesday night when I went to bed. That was the only option that we receive for awhile now so. That really had me just kind of in a weird funky mood register. I would call it angry. You know it's kind bombed out now and like yeah I'm but obviously happy form like. Wherever he does is going to be best for him and he knows that now and making those decisions independent of what I want because I'm just gonna want selfish thing to see him as much as possible. So. It's weird with buddy steal they got it's not a relationship right in late he can't say hate don't move stay here with me we can both be there every night. It's kind of like breaking up with some lakes and neither of you really wanna break. Yeah yeah great point and though he does some good you are so easily phone call way they edited today in just like trying to measurements of not really working. On so come Wednesday morning I just had a lot of light. Anxiety and emotion and frustration to get out as so. I just went dim and you know as deadliest thing. And that I realize that 395 on merit that's got I'd throw weight on and they'll only pay attention to numbers just like to. Is based on how feelings kind of go for it. And then I have loaded up the way has got to deal like these are this is my heavy set so as I got glued to his gophers you know as in everything yet. And the next candidate the way before I went and picking up sounds like. That's 395. Son of bitch but just shy of 400. Bell is about to go tickets to a math. That's just got to do that memo read the Claire's son now is I had set myself up about it is that a quick little bit of math right. Command I got a son. So I got it what I got to had a 5 twice Wednesday morning rounds that I can break four under I can I comfortably on him need to use the two and a half the get myself to 400 level. So send out so fired up from getting called up on stage at ten miles why plate. I can't put into words how incredible analysts' mean if you look at the picture I said it it's a cover photo on my FaceBook page. And pays about concepts Madcast W and I said on the caps on the L record I looked and felt like I just won the Super Bowl. And iron Mike got that picture. Iron my got a picture of me up on stage. Bask in it it's that or clueless so. I felt great and so is cool though like hit 415. In had great news not 395 to get my frustrations out the gas though. Yeah pretty added that I don't I don't really you know deadly for PR isn't and big numbers down off then. I won't be accurate but it's cool to be that guy I have 415 now just go about it. Do my usual amount of reps and you know whatever awaits them feel so. Lincoln and yeah. It was a fun month. I. Terence also out tonight so have Kevin come into the topic I got two emails first cool so I think is an emails to me oriented and a match. Not positive with all the armed with be Baidu has that come. But either way it's set embody Ted Smith cast W ormat Castaneda. All right does lets see this one from Nicholas hey guys great cast fiber was also some great stories my friend and I had nicknamed spec in college years ago. Your friends for a long time but never knew everyone's may turn out. We hit several duplicate real makes clear there is three James is to Nicholas's we just easier to go by nicknames we had a duplicates. And who's going to guys that had. Nicknames though this is. Caesar's and to put it was only the guys that had nicknames though this was amends the mentoring thing but I didn't know. I'm confused there. This is a major thing but I didn't know ten plays cricket pitch and play tributes from I don't think in nine years old history you know Flickr which helped out on the that's funny about professional life I've met him yeah ever and actors all out on the talk trash like that part of the talk trash that and they love cricketer and a lease the aircraft pops up the side of the blow to play a game for about 34 or five minutes. Them when and then we pull up the pots the crap put the crabs and cooking pot we had them. Banana a stove on the boat that's a visit they played critics when it caught crabs. Boiled and then eight. Wow odds let's give way to spend a Saturday feel like as a guy that has never been crowd and never played credits like. If you enjoy those things that's that's pretty solid manages to hang out relax and an evening. The freshest crabby can imagine raggedy staff. My favorites are he's gone back to an older cop Toppert terror topic. My favorite song is. Taken up by a staff EU court. Bob on and walk by Pink Floyd. Step. In that second the last line. Does that take up thy stethoscope and walked out the scope yeah ranked none of undersea network are now heard it yeah. Doctors have to have I like that all the bizarre nature of original Pink Floyd before they came into we knew and know them today. Yeah out I don't Ramos put on there's actually by ping putter into doubt with the Mets time. Largely because. Quesada. At desert strip. You know I was gist. It uses it I reserved my dad that sounds off about you know comment. My life passing you by a little bit my data just hit six the army that's not hits it the I'd just as about to hit thirty you know so gorgeous in my different phases of our lives now. And. You know those just say. The songs are about lights in their Obama not about does not make him the most out of your time here and that's exactly what I was doing with my dad. You know standing in a giant field watching Roger Waters live and I was like. Man I'm just like. Live in the message of this song but the message is this song has also really like hidden knee deep right now who sell every diverted since then has just been like. Takes you right back there makes you think about everything and I just turn it. Rights. This would says they excel and first off. Thanks boys for the greatest podcasts and all the land all the Lance now's a lifelong donut fan I thought I knew them well but after listen you guys are realize that not ventured far enough in that world. After hearing much talk about. Bout them finally trying to French first French ruler and must did not realize that a missing out on the last 27 years. Thank you boys were opening up my opening my world to these delicious treats. From GA. The overweight. Bald freakish we hairy mean Tacoma. Overweight and eats all of it here that about that occurred when and was it tough like. Earlier tonight pierced with a figures a year a whip type of French cooler he got me into flavors and be wearing out front. There's just the standard one right. French ruler because there's like a valid chocolate but the standard wanted to maple. Strawberry right but that the standard one just kind of has like a glaze over a guy like there's the old fashioned manners at maple fashion out there. Mean I snapped to miles and in the studio put up a list of donut places he has not been a French rulers and ago. It was wrong with that old fashion. Had a spat. That's why did I thought top pots and pitching the other David the morning old fashions or anything with sprinkled by Sonnen. And apartheid I realize. If we talked about donuts halide donuts just pop up in your life randomly that brings him to wherever. And yeah that's going to be and I can be bag rough on your on your fitness goals this doesn't work on radio and they're here who I play all the feels like yet. So minor thing is they've days over the kitchen. A boy and some with sprinkles on. Are you backing down from that you'll never say nude or free down the app to see how it's much easier for cops sitting here and say that brags it was a radio in radio very free doughnuts constantly yeah yeah. Yes so. For me at thank Heyman. And the I know don't answer are like not great for me not an hour about them putting weight on the expecting keep weight on you know but like. I I just know they're not great for my insides and how I feel overall and so it is going to be worth it to have some and sprinkles on that that's I gotta say now all still on my way to get donuts. Whenever it whenever that bird strikes really heavily. Bomb but as far as all the free doughnuts gathers to many around here and I'm not gonna settle not gonna settle for a don't think that there. And excitement Friday night for the may castrate far came up there when every Key Arena. And makes and I interviewed Chad Smith and the drummer yeah chili peppers out of the full one of the up on the may cast this week. So it is out now yeah bright idea here in this let me can I answer. The backstage rightly we're way to get to talk to chat like it is like warm up room. So late you know they have a catering back there and tubular eating and it's silly walk through with like six dozen. Like top pots. And I kind of went to accumulate. It's like there's all this food music that's for the whatever crew who feed them when needed depth. Ha ha ha they orbit. Sport bastards are working all day their principal spread to a brighter room. Qassam donut that's that's the death toll and it other that road crew mainly those guys and they wanna try to stay healthy late throwing with a Eaton Asia's. But two pizzas and a budget don't area. Very easy. Yet and it's it's a win win. There you you need very few people who don't like either those things happen and that's an active enough jobs to minder portions that we fund. Did you look great I heard her insides are bad we that we've been beaten up pizza donuts for a year and a set of these barriers every now he can provide these Arenas and I'm a joke Kerry and stuff out it's like a loaded caring and in act indecent corals are that of a feel like it's grads it's ancient island. Also I don't know it's it means we'll tell this story and the camp out there there is night. When we were walking out into in the interview. Would suggest that meant. I meant from pro there yet death he like walks by and by eight. My point is Biggs is such a cool dude and everything and he's single what's up Steve book Volvo I thought it was super cool. Amnesty would tell that story of reality necessary right now just like who's that guy exit with stuff from pearl. OK wow lovely. It was because of that tight yeah that's really cool. I'm a spends a means to just goes out so much. They luck out there are so much they're so legendary and it just like. Have them recognize your first name bears this has been such a trip you up I thought it was just to gather were backstage it was buddy leg of their body chat. Our idea Ciba stopped because Steve is gonna use others to. Nothing reviews Chen kind of like I just. I just interviewed Chad Smith so feel pretty confident Iowa stopped them thank god I did not act as dozens of this DTE. And the like error in the record label guys that receives a dynasty he's got to talk to everybody right and I never talked people. I don't know how lovely new laws I am so happy. I don't care of his bonus like stopped in their longer holiday. You wanna talk to Steve Bell wanna talk Steve (%expletive) and her backpack back. Rotates. Also it's again virtual sports this Saturday three to 5 PM all be down there cabin. What's up man well I years of course well over the years you know from from which might mean on the radio station I hear. Then also metal shop in mountain local. Devin you have a cat a topic for us yet. Well I thought it was appropriate because we're doing the Seattle rock day coming up here. And I do already a Seattle rock rumble Q I as the lead up calmer now there's a great ticket but if you win. Exactly I Carolina rebellion yet that is the events and sound garden into office on. I found god has amassed on open for sound aren't the gorge going year. Bomb. Now is cool million and then that is an awesome show I would effectively mean that in queens of the stone it's as. And saying. I I don't wanna brag I miss that sound Garden Show. But I was throwing out the first pitch and knock it around and it's not so very cool it was actually fun it. My question for you my. Kevin topic at the top candidate. Well. The into. Sure I can't adopt any day is stupid thanks and I bought it. What are your two. Not just one but your two favorite Seattle bands of all time all time got to make peace activists do you wanted to give mine yes I thought it. Are so I was thinking long and hard I was like you know there's an obvious ones of Nirvana and Pearl Jam and als changed somewhere and then those bins you know they definitely influenced me. But I'd say my favorite of all time. Are as a vehicle the mercy doubles now this brand. I kinda like they were formative in like what I was like starting to get into punk rock. They were just like an awesome day and they had they played organs. And they were just so weird and out there they're actually back together now. And they used to play their song. What was it called. We want a lot now so come on on 99.9. Browse grown up and just blew my mind. Mean they when you would assume line they would set their drums on fire so it's like super crazy. Murder city doubles and then is being called seaweed. They're from Tacoma in seaweed is just incredible B and they were kind of like a melodic punk band. You could love and I guess in with grunge they were on sub pop records are they were more like. Melodic punk so but CC lead to murder city devils are my top two. It was Seattle bands of all time though there's so many good ones I mean obviously. If you have local soil and exposed to all the Seattle than a year old wade deeper that I be out well I mean you know. So I'm exposed to a lot of the you know but died I was gonna say I got a special place in my heart. But those TBN's. Another. One that was just like almost there was vehicle that gets. There are incredible band they're also pumping and but I first heard he gets around their singer music potter was raped and murdered when she was. Yes actually I know that story yes she was at the comic tavern she was coming home from in like 1992. And she was followed home and murdered in it was a cold case for the longest time. Obviously. It's not a more they they found the murder but I was exposed to that the end because my drama teacher and in high school she was. Really good friends with music product. So she turned me on to begin its end that was a form of infamy to. Night Matt pulled. Hand. Love the bigger ones. Might Q are usually sound garden and heart Ali and Alice entertains them and close third. I just saw in Wilson and I got to you see those rentable she's got the in Wilson from heart she just us who her voice has interviewed onstage a thousand chains couple times in the last like ten years or so and it's like wow she hasn't missed a beat analogy doing to keep her voice in that kind of shape. Jesus and I credible vocalist and visited early awesome bullies via yes super cool. Those are my usual ones for the big lions. But man it's it's all about today I mean today's local scene has. Movement. Probably. Seven to eight of my favorite bands of all time. Nine period idea there's so much cool stuff coming out I get to experience it all live. When it's it's always way better get on stage and sing along if you go to a full up in the air so arrogant and OJR yeah. I had to put a drunken fool. We have a good to have suitors Brian I help run a couple of little more confident sees your voice the so. I've got to go with. Ten miles wide gap and our man. Picking between window pane Dell's coming down right now news is just tearing her heart out. Man. Hot hot hot I don't know at devils are right I got a EP three and a brazen media is bread is comes out April 28 the CD release show at the height also with woodshed. Yeah and year of the cobra. And. He gives no he's he's from on this one on all of us you can already dead goat and it from Saturday at all right now we're here forget about our our party on Saturday at one of our human. I'll give I wanna give some love the jets that he fix I was at a night. But for me it's simple it's mother low vote in the ass mother lover are really never knew I moved here shared housing jeans and you like rooster in maybe one other song. But wasn't I moved here that I fell love with dirt. And then start it was an album so I would always pick those two yeah but. Mother love bone probably the band this out in the post to the most hello old school sound garden league slaves and bulldozers. But. I don't listen to enough senator your big down sex. Or out of him that's ago and yet on Mars it's two hours gray. Bertha ritual that's a deep one that was on the singles soundtrack that argument favorite yeah there's a lot of that on an enemy that's old school like. Any any campaigns start out earlier it's always a little more excited it's her. And I admits he is something without that the first time I ever heard Alice in Chains was on pro wrestling. Roy yeah. I was surprised they program from the East Coast called ECW itching to be depressed and they used to it will they were. Later bought by get WE a lot of wrestlers went to go do big things but Japanese the first watch. On VHS and like trade through like AOL chat rooms and stuff so my friend would get these VHS is from the East Coast. And they were super under the radar so they would use all like trademark music. So are viti would come out Rabin game until that opinion Taro walk. He. New Jack would come out to. What does that song to Dubya to listen to came open sect ice Q2 out two of America's Most Wanted. EA yet that's on. And in Tommy dreamer came out to Maine in the box. And by out into nonsense and when I wouldn't it blew my mind is a kid it was just like super into you know just like mainstream rock and also that. You know pro wrestling I got me a rocket were all totally weird without chains news. You know everybody has lead singer Layne Staley died from drugs via but obviously my favorite song is probably junket. Which isn't a super clinic up with Steve O positive is dire outlook early is on Ireland you know I go through that door and it's so. It. You know I like it wouldn't have it wouldn't have been when it wasn't it wasn't for heroin. When I am also took away from us so it's yeah this Sandra I know I shouldn't is that it. Not a great it's got to look out in the drugs but that's that's for a Lotta their songs do go Soviet check out loud outs James but I hate the lanes Daly got a heroin Mallard through my favorite Allison chainsaw can't be about Maryland Femi so many of the fans like sublime one of my favorite song was sublime rally Knoll is clear excellent one day I'm gonna lose control. Any guy dislike it's sad hearing that EME you'll you'll sing along to in the car and annual. When realize what you're seeing on. At the bomber yeah it sucks. I it's on that note that. Alan got to have an above are pleased about Saturday doing it virtual sports three to 5 PM. We'll talk more about it on drug may cast that'd be good time during the afternoon again how their party at the hard rock which. All ages to bring the kids. I guess that they can hang out they get sheets and you know and laser tag you and have a beer. That all of us will be there hanging out Matt I'll be there from the podcast migs ransom to be good time three to 5 PM virtual sports. I today yup. So that episode 172. We'll be back next week hopefully the body Tyler Smith. And then again and eventually cobble. He'll return. When you least expect him heights that he you don't expect him will come back quicker it from fat. But he did Smith is the podcast years.